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The Palm Of His Hand

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Josh was on his way to school, backpack in tow. He walked down the street in slightly beat up shoes, ragged shirt and ripped pants. He was happy though, seeing as today was his birthday.

Sure he was most likely going to get nothing for it but the congratulations from his family and hugs but that's all he needed, he was okay with that.

He smiled brightly and gripped his backpack tighter and rushed the rest of the way to school.


Josh was happy with the small gifts his acquaintances got him, he stored them in  his locker and headed to the cafeteria.

He sat down at an empty lunch table and pulled off his backpack, not being able afford to pay for school lunch, he pulled out a pop-tart and a juice box and began to eat. He wasn't really hungry so a big lunch wasn't necessary, he opened the pack and took bite out of the snack.

He looked around and observed people as he ate, one person that caught his eye was Tyler Joseph.

He was a jock, the most popular kid in school, he had many friends. Though most of them used him for his wealthiness, only few that could have been his real friends but Josh highly doubted that.

Tyler was surrounded by other jocks and cheerleaders, they were laughing at something most likely something stupid.

Josh couldn't say he hated Tyler but he certainly didn't like the idea of him, he heard that Tyler was a party animal, fuckboy and much more, Josh didn't want to associate with at all so he kept to himself.

Tyler must have saw Josh staring because he smirked and turned to his friends and said something, they all laughed and nodded and looked back at Josh.

Josh rolled his eyes and went back to observing people, not having the nerves to deal with anyone to put is mood down.


The school bell rang and the halls were flooded with anxious teenagers, they probably had things to do considering it was Friday.

Josh heard mentions of some kind of party, he had a feeling it was a Tyler Joseph party seeing as almost everyone was excited for it.

He put his books in his locker and examined his gifts he got from his friends, he smiled at them, he was sincerely grateful for them even though it wasn't much.

Suddenly, his locker was being slammed close, behind it stood Tyler Joseph, wearing the fakest smile Josh had ever seen.

"Hey! If it isn't Jake Doom!" Tyler smirked, Josh sighed and rolled his eyes.

"It isn't. It's not Jake Doom but assume you know that because i've heard you say it once in band class, another time in english and math class, i also assume you just wanted to call me that to uphold your 'superior' status that you think you have over me and belittle me to make yourself feel better because you somehow feel the need to make people feel smaller than they actually are so you could think about their pain instead of the massive amount of people that are using you for your money and popularity, your parents hardly ever being home and the increasing loneliness you feel because you know, deep down, that you don't actually have anyone you could actually talk to and no one to actually care about the things you're actually interested in because i know that you don't really care about all the money you have or all the people that surround you. But i'm just assuming."

Josh saw the brief look of... something on Tyler's face before he brushed it off.

"Anyway, if you're done with whatever that was, i'm throwing a party, everyone's invited." Tyler hinted, Josh knew what he was getting at but he didn't care what Tyler offering.

"Cool. Hope everyone has fun." Josh replied boredly, Tyler looked at him with an unamused glare.

"No, i mean you can come. To my party. Exciting right? You get to go to one of my amazing parties! I know i'm awesome. No need to thank me." Tyler smiled as he praised himself, Josh snorted.

"Yeah, i won't thank you because you've done nothing for me to appreciate. But i what i would appreciate it if you go away and let me enjoy the rest of my birthday." Josh insisted and began to walk away but Tyler scoffed and pushed him back into the lockers, it wasn't hard, more like guiding him back into the lockers slightly harshly.

Josh growled and held Tyler against the locker and loomed over him, there was a slight height difference.

"Listen here, Joseph, i don't know what your problem is but i don't fucking care. You can push around all these other people but i fucking dare you to push me again. I don't fuck around with bullies." Josh explained harshly, Tyler squinted at him he stood slightly on his tiptoes and challenged Josh.

"You aren't going to do anything to me, you're all talk. All bark but no bite." Tyler hissed cockily, he stood normally and pulled away from Josh's grip and walked away.

Josh shook his head and hooked his backpack around his shoulders and headed towards the door and to home.


Josh had made it home, he was laying on his bed enjoying his time doing absolutely nothing when his phone went off.

With a heavy sigh he grabbed it off the edge of the bed and answered it without looking at it, he hadn't need to because only one person called him.

"I don't want to go to a party, Brendon. I don't care if it's my birthday, i don't care if it's what teenagers do and no, i don't care Beebo." Josh greeted, his friend on the other end laughed.

"Hello to you too, buddy. But Josh, before you officially shut it down, please go with me! Dallon's going to be there and i've finally found the courage to talk to him but i need you!" Brendon whined, Josh rolled his eyes for maybe the tenth time that day.

"Bren, why do you need me to help you get a quick fuck? You can do that on your own." Josh clarified, Brendon groaned exaggeratedly.

"For moral support, Josh! Jesus fuck, just come! I need you there with me, i really like him. And, god, he's not a quick fuck. I really want to get to know this one, like for real." Brendon confessed, Josh felt kinda bad for not giving it  chance.

"Fine, B. What time, send directions." Josh gave in, Brendon cheered on the other end.

"Okay thank you, Josh! See you in a bit, bro!" Brendon shouted before hanging up happily.

It didn't register to Josh that it was a major possibility that it could have been Tyler's house.

"Guess i'm going to a party. This is a new low for me." Josh frowned and began getting ready once Brendon texted him the details.

He went for a black muscle tee with low cut side, black skinny jeans that he ripped himself, a pair of old combat boots. He placed a grey and red snapback over his bright red hair and began his walk to where the party was being held.