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Glitter Isn’t Edible (Except When It Is)

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"Non, non, non!" Aoyama's shrieking voice carried throughout the bakery, and Izuku found himself thankful that it was too early for any customers to hear. He gave an exasperated sigh--really, it was almost opening time--and pulled halfheartedly at the display plate. On the aforementioned plate sat a beautiful cake, decorated with roses and edible glitter. Any baker would be pleased to sell such a beauty.

Any baker, that is, except Aoyama. He was an extremely talented decorator, that was for sure, but sometimes his primadonna nature made him too much to deal with. Especially this early in the morning.

"Aoyama, please, why can't we just sell the cake?"

The cake decorator looked affronted at the very prospect. "To sell such a beautiful creation to simply anyone who would happen to walk by our establishment? Monsieur Midoriya, I cannot believe you would even suggest something like that? This belongs only with somebody who could truly appreciate its beauty, who would savor every aspect of-"

As Aoyama's spiel grew increasingly emotional, his hands began violently gesturing, allowing Izuku an opportunity to snatch away the cake. "Aoyama," Izuku began, batting away Aoyama's hands (Aoyama's height was nothing compared to Izuku's determination), "If we refused to sell every cake you liked, we'd go out of business. Besides, just imagine how much it'll brighten up someone's day to buy such a beautiful cake!"

Aoyama pondered Izuku's words and finally relented. "Well, if you insist, perhaps I would be willing to share some of the beauty of my creation with the world--for the good of our customers."

Izuku sighed in relief and left the kitchen to place Aoyama's cake in the display case. It was going to be a long day.