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A week later

Jon Snow finds himself tired from all the paper work he had to finish. Since Jaime stepped down, All Aurors at his level are given the work till the promotion is made. He's talked to Harry Potter once, he's too embarrassed as the man probably saw him crying over the Unspeakable. Harry probably knows what Ghost really looks likes, trust the Chosen One to know everything. He arrives at his floor, choosing to live in a Muggle community is so much better.

A white piece of paper on the floor, he picks it up and reads the scribble.

Godric's Hollow. Cemetery. Now.

He looks around, trying to trace any magical residue but nothing comes up. He's curious to know who this is from or what this means. Jon goes down again and leaves the complex, to a space where he can Apparate. Godric's Hollow is a popular spot, home to a History that Wizards celebrate. Cemetery? He prepares himself for the worst. Let him be alive. It doesn't matter if he can't be with Ghost anymore, as long as he lives a happy life, then he's good. The Man deserves to live a full life, see the world and be his true self.

His feet leads him to the dreary cemetery, looking out, seeing if anything stands out. The tombstones scattered, trying to read the names if anything seems familiar. A lone figure stands all alone in the distance, wearing a cloak. Maybe he should call back up but decides against it. Nearing the figure he stands behind it and looks over the tombstone it's looking at- NED STARK.

" Robb- " He says carefully and the figure turns it's head. Robb Stark. It's still there, all the things he loved about him, his eyes, the same unearthly shade. He's grown up well and Jon can't help but smile, his head can't make sense of it all but he reaches out, " It's nice to see you again Captain. "

Robb looks forlorn as he takes his hand for a handshake, that small touch- he knows. That same warmth he longed for, reducing him to clenching his fists at times, wanting to feel something.

" It's you. " Jon says and he stops himself from pulling Robb in for a kiss.

" You knew, that first time. I had a feeling you would know, Jon, "

" What happened to you? All those years ago? "

" It's a long story , here- " Robb hands him something, A vial, A Pensieve " I made this for myself, so I can remember. But I want you to see. "

Jon takes it in his hand and keeps it close to his heart. Does it really matter what happened in those years? His mind goes back to the days he spent with Ghost, falling hard so quickly, like he knew him all his life.

" Thank you for trusting me with this. " He says, moving closer and looking up at him. He'll wait, wait for Robb to make the move. " What happens now? "

" I go to Paris for work. It will be hell in England once the news is out that I'm actually alive. "

" Who else knows? "

" Just the family, and Harry. "

" I think he sent me the tip to go here. " Jon replies, feeling thankful for the man- granting him this truth.

" He saw us that night in the Atrium, he's been bugging me ever since to ask you out. "

Robb smirks, that same one he does when he knows they are going to win the match. Jon feels the drops of rain against his skin, trust the weather to make this night colder than it should be.

" Will you? "

" That's an understatement. " Robb tells him, taking of his cloak and putting it over Jon. " Yes, I want to ask you out. Hell, I want you to come to Paris with me. I wanted you, back when we were kids- but I couldn't. I was too stupid. Then you came back to me, and you just made me want things I never did. I want a life with you Jon. If you would have me. "

His ears are ringing, like the words are too hard to process. All he can see now is Robb standing before him in the rain. The man he has always loved, asking him to start a new life. This is what he wanted, not the Curse breaking in different countries. Not the job of an Auror or anything else that he thought made sense. The missing piece, slotting in place as it clicks in his heart.

" I'll have to settle things here before I elope with you. " Jon answers,

" You can keep your Job, Harry will kill me, He wants you as Chief Auror. " Robb says, smiling at him, like he can't believe that this is happening too. " You are good at it, the Department needs you. But you will come home to me. "

" Yes. My answer is Yes, we'll figure it out. But- "

Robb cuts him off with a kiss, wet, as the rain is soaking them both. It's a promise of the things yet to come, their dreams coming true. Jon Snow has seen much in his life, both the good and the bad. Promises broken and Happy memories made, right now he's standing here in the rain, ready to face a new life. It will be a headache inducing next few weeks, big decisions to be made and changes to endure. Then he looks at this man in front of him and he knows it all comes down to this. Fate has brought Robb back to him, He's never letting go.