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Got to Get You Out of This Bag

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John walks into 2-2-1-B
He doesn’t know what he will find there
There is a gym bag he can see
Standing up straight and not reclined there

Ooh, and it suddenly wobbles
Ooh, and it wiggles and bobbles
Tips itself right over on its side

Turns out there is Sherlock inside
(Do do do do duh do; do do do do duh do)

Sherlock is folded clean in half
He has his head between his knees there
And John is trying not to laugh
At what a silly sight he sees there

Ooh, and they’re suddenly giggling
Ooh, and they’re clutching and wriggling
Rolling ‘round together on the floor

Kisses turning to something more
(Do do do do duh do; do do do do duh do)