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Jesus, I'm Gonna Need That Wheel Back

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He felt his gut flip as he pressed his finger into the doorbell. The loud ding-dong made him huddle his daughter closer to his body. Oh god this was a mistake… a huge f-

“Hello- oh, hi Erik, Nina.” The man answered with a lazy smile. Erik opened his mouth, then closed it as his daughter leaped into the brunet’s arms. Erik shoved his hands into his pockets, looking anywhere other than his ex-husbands eyes. He hated that he had to do this.

“Erik, I said hello.” Sebastian looked to his daughter, whom had her arms around his neck.

“Is your Papa always so rude?” He pouted. Erik rolled his eyes.

“Only when he’s nervous…” Nina giggled into her father’s neck.

“Why would he be nervous?” The other man’s eyes narrowed at Erik.

“He has a date!” Nina cheered gleefully. Erik blushed. No, it wasn’t… a date per say…

“Erik, I’m shocked! I didn’t think you’d be able to move on so quickly...” Sebastian gave a fake look of hurt. Neither did Erik, which is why what he was doing after he dropped of Nina was NOT a date. He wasn’t ready for another relationship, especially because, it had only been three weeks since Sebastian’s and his divorce was finalised. He was simply inviting a bloke over to let off some steam. Of course, when he tried to explain this to Nina, being as though she is only five years old, it was not surprising that she took it as a ‘date’. He didn’t feel like saying this to Sebastian, so he went with it.

“You get to spend time with Nina and, that’s what you want, is it not?” Now it was Sebastian’s turn to roll his eyes.

“I would enjoy it more if it wasn't like pulling teeth with you when it comes to seeing my daughter.”

“Well, if you weren’t such a lying, cheating bastard when we were married, then you’d get to see her every day.” Erik finally looked Sebastian right in the eye, giving him a sour smile.

“Ich hoffe, dass du ein wonderbare zeit auf deinem datum hast.” Sebastian switched over to German, which he and Erik did quite often when one was being less than pleasant or they were fighting. Erik remembered when a neighbor had stopped by when they were in a heated argument about Sebastian’s drinking habits. The poor woman looked as though she had just walked in on a ww3 reenactment.

There were sometimes when the language was used for comfort and it was always used in the bedroom. Though, a year after they adopted Nina… they grew apart and the bedroom just became another battle field.

“Ich auch.” Erik smirked, kissed Nina on the head and told her how much he loved her. It killed him when he had to leave, to walk back to his car. He stopped half way, when Sebastian called his name.

“Oh, and Erik?”


“Vergiss nicht ein kondom benutzen!” The brunet laughed, walking into his house with the best thing that had ever happened to Erik. He cursed the judge who made it mandatory for Nina to have to see Sebastian ever the weekends. He told himself to take a deep breath. He’d have her back in his safety tomorrow.


Charles was lonely... very lonely. He didn't have many friends, the ones he did were from work, since he had only moved into town a couple weeks ago. He wished he could go out and meet somebody but, he was far to busy for a relationship. He had his new job to get adjusted to and needed to find a place to live. He was currently living with his sister, Raven, in her apartment.

So, being as though he hated bars and clubs he chose a... different way of meeting a companion for the night. Ah, yes, Grindr- pathetic but resourceful for his situation.

He pulled out his mobile, opening the app. He bit his lip as he scrolled through his matches. None looked... well like people to be honest. It was all torsos. Not, that Charles didn't love a good torso but, he'd like to see the face of the person he'd be fucking.

He started to give up, but then, he saw a man that couldn't help catch his eye. Finally, it was a man that had a picture with his face in it and he wasn't in his bathroom with some immature snapchat filter. The picture showed him sitting in a chair, legs crossed reading a book. God, did that warm Charles' heart. The book was lowered just so that he could see the happy smile on the other man's lips as he read. His features were stern but the joy on his face made them look softer. Charles only wished he could see the other man's eyes.

"Well, Erik Lehnsherr, I will see you in a couple hours." Charles said to himself, typing a message to the other man.


Erik scrambled to clean his flat, which he had to move into after Sebastian claimed the house. Not that he paid for it of course.

Nina wasn't a messy kid, thank god. But, just like any kid, things were left around, like a stuff animal on the couch that she had cuddled with the night before when they watched frozen, for the five hundredth time. Also, he still had her Disney princess plates, from breakfast, still in the sink. He didn't want his 'date' to feel uncomfortable because everywhere he turned there was a flashing sign that a child lived there.

He was drying the last dish when the doorbell rung. He quickly put it away, scanned around the flat as he walked to the door.

"Hello." He greeted once he opened the door.

"Hello." The other man answered. Erik felt his anxiety spark. The man was even more beautiful in person, with his cherry lips and light blue eyes. Oh god, and his milky skin...

"May I come in?" Charles asked. Erik snapped himself out of his head, opening the door wider.

"Of course, of course." Erik murmured. He nervously crossed his arms as he watched Charles look around at his flat. His eyes darted to the copy of frozen that he had forgotten to put up. Shit. Charles didn't seem to noticed, which made air come back into Erik's lungs.

"So, um." Erik cleared his threat, trying to think of what to say. Hey, wanna get to shagging now? God, god, god...

"You have a lovely home." Charles smiled, his eyes sparkling. Erik nodded a small grin on his face. He's been out of the game for too long.

"Thank you."

"And that accent, it's so..."

"Stupid?" Erik answered. He was always insecure about how differently he talked. Sebastian could speak English perfectly... and then there was Erik who constantly pronounced things wrong and forgot words. For Christ's sake, Nina spoke better English than he did.

"I was going to say sexy." Charles smirked, walking closer.

"No, no." Erik shook his head. "Your accent is sexy." Charles didn't responded, just taking the complement. He tilted his head, looking as though he was in deep thought.

"I want you to speak German whilst you fuck me." Charles announced causing Erik's eyes to widen. Well, that was straight to the point. His mouth fell open as he tried to find words to express his reaction. Before the "hell yes!" Could escape his lips, Charles was on them.

Charles attacked the other man's lips once the cutest noise a person could make left them. It was like an adorable yelp of surprise.It got him harder than water in a freezer.


They slowly and recklessly made it to Erik’s bedroom, falling on to the bed after Erik had spent more time that he should have trying to find the light switch, still sucking Charle’s face off. He hadn’t had sex in what felt like forever. Sure, he and Sebastian only separated a few weeks ago, but their marriage was barren in the ‘romance’ section longer than that. Well, however long Sebastian was going out and fucking other people. Erik held back a cringe as he fiddled with Charle’s zip. He mustn’t think of Sebastian right now.

Charles smiled hazily as he watched Erik pull down his pants, giving him some small kisses on his hip bone. He let his body fall back on the bed as he felt Erik’s cold hands on his cock. He stared up at the ceiling, which had the glow-in-the-dark star stickers from the commercials. He wondered why a man like Erik, who seem quite mature would have them. Before he could ponder further, Erik’s mouth was on him. He quickly grabbed the other man’s short, brown hair, gluing him in place. Erik took it exceptionally well, not gagging much or pulling away.

Erik felt himself through his trousers, moaning around the other man’s dick, resisting the urge to smile as Charles bucked into him. Erik was always good at giving head, it was his specialty. He was a descent kisser, okay when it came to fucking but oral sex… that was his forte.

He finally came up and started sucking on Charles’ creamy, white neck, a bruise showing almost instantly. Erik’s stopped immediately when he saw it. Charles never clarified…

“It’s fine.” Charles said, almost as if he had read Erik’s mind. “Where are the condoms? Lube?”

“Drawer.” Erik answered. Charles nodded, reaching over to the nightstand to his right, opening the first drawer. He furrowed his eyebrows. The was only a stuffed rabbit and a children’s book… Alles Meine Farben? Erik realised his mistake, blushing as he corrected himself.

“Second drawer.” He said with a small frown. Charles shrugged it off. Not that far fetched that the other man would have a kid. He looked to be early to mid thirties, lots of people had kids by then. Of course, Charles couldn’t help but wonder if Erik had a wife too… if he was cheating on her with Charles… if Charles was ruining a family.

“Everything-“ Erik started but was cut off by his phone ringing. “Scheisse.” He muttered as he pulled his mobile out. His expression grew hard as he saw the caller identification. He was going to fucking murder Sebastian.