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Of tattoos and lazy days

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                                     "So, what do you want to do today Mērā pyāra?" Raj asked quietly from his position on the couch, "We have the whole day off." 

Sheldon grumbled sleepily from the other side of the room. He was still upset that Raj had forced him to take the day off, and that Raj had managed to get him hooked on some new Indian tea that he now needed in order to wake up in the morning. Raj chuckled at his boyfriend’s antics and walked across the room to wrap him in a hug.

"I know you wanted to go to work but we both need a day to just be together, you know? The others agreed to leave us alone so we could have a lazy day." He nuzzled his head into the taller mans shoulder and Sheldon sighed in defeat.

"Okay, we can have a lazy day." 

"See, it's nice when you let me have my way, now go sit on the couch and put on Doctor Who, I’ll bring you your tea." Sheldon nodded and walked over to his spot then slumped down into it. 

"Do you want me to go on netflix or just watch whatever's on? " he asked. Raj shrugged.

"Let's watch whatever's on, I don't feel like deciding on an episode."

Five minutes later the boys were seated on the couch, Raj in between Sheldons legs, laying back against his chest, with tea and Doctor Who.  

"Sheldon can you grab a blanket, I'm cold," Raj whined. Seldon rolled his eyes from behind his mug but still used an ice blue tentacle to grab a quilt from the closet.

"You know these things are very useful, everyone should get a pair," Rah mused 

"Yes they should now hush, The Doctor is on." He said as he wrapped his arm around Raj.

They sat like that for hours, Sheldon sipping his tea and rifilling it as needed and Raj tracing patterns across his arms.

"Sheldon what is this thing moving around on your arm?" Raj asked, pointing to the small black line that were slugishly moving down the Nightvaleans forearm.

"Those would be my tattoos love, I think they like you." Sheldon said offhandedly.

"Really? How do you have sentient tatoos? Were you born with them or did they become that way after you got them? Does this only happen in Nightvale or can i get some? Are they just black lines or do you have different one?"

Sheldon chuckled, "Slow down there Raj i'll tell you. The tattoos come at important parts of my life and they have always been sentient, yes it only happens in Nightvale as it is a trait that stays witin my family and my family only and these arent't just black lines, i had to shrink them down otherwise i'd be covered in them."

"Ooh can you expand them for me I want to see." Raj asked.

Sheldon slid out from underneath Raj and took his pajama shirt off. Slowly his tattoos expanded across his body. They were equations and numbers and stars all spiraling across his skin in intricate fractals. When they were done his entire body was covered in numbers.

"Pi was my first tattoo," Sheldon said, pointing to the numbers circling around his left wrist, "The Golden Ratio was my second and after that they just started piling on." 

Raj stared at his tattoos in awe. He traced his hand up an equation that stopped at a nebula over his heart.

"Whats this one?" he asked.

"It's new, it appeared shortly after we started dating."

"Oh wow. It's beautiful."

"I think so too, now let's finish Doctor Who." Sheldon said.

He dragged them back onto the sofa and they spent the rest of the day watching Doctor Who and cuddling.