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Of Gods and Dragons

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It's time.

The horns begin to blow, signaling their approach. They can hear Viserion's cries and the footsteps of the dead as they slowly advance.

Rhaegal and Drogon keen in grief but do not move from their positions on the ground. Dany tries to comfort them and remind them what they must do. Jon currently on the ground to fight before he's needed in the air with Daenerys.

After working tirelessly with Rhaegal he feels his connection is strong enough where he can call him if necessary. But Longclaw is needed to help destroy the walkers while Rhaegal is needed to cover Drogon in the air. Should Daenerys need him, he will pass Longclaw off Ser Jorah and join her above.

The dozen catapults they have are lined strategically in preparation of an aerial attack. Barrels and barrels of oil ready to be lit and launched.

They see the dark horde of the dead cresting over the hill.

Once Daenerys calms the dragons down, she turns towards the men and sees them begin to cower. The fear is a tangible thing that almost over powers her.

"Westeros!," she shouts. The fighters all turn towards her with wide eyes. "Do not let this enemy cow you into terror! Remember what they have to do! They have come to destroy humanity. They think we are weak, easy kills that they can step over and take what is ours as though we are mice!" She sees all eyes are on her, completely focused on what she is saying.

"And they. Are. Wrong! They are about to see what a force they have dared to reckon with. They will face the behemoth they have woken from the deep! The men and women they have brought together from every corner of this vast world. They will remember that we came to them with fire and blood! They will hear our roars and howls. They say the North remembers! I say it is they who will remember not only the North! But also the South and East and West!"

Jon can feel the change in the air as she continues her speech. And can't help but also feel bolstered as the others begin to bang their spears and shields into the grounds, stomping their feet and swinging their axes and swords.

"All men must die. We must all meet our end and travel from this world's existence to the next. But if our end is today then I would have you make it such a glorious end that it lights up the world in a way that will forever be remembered!"

The roar of their cries is deafening and reverberates through their bodies and seeps into their bones.

Dany and the dragons take to the sky and position themselves where they must light their first line of defense.

As soon as the dead are close enough, the line is lit. The dragons immediately fall back and go higher into the air, avoiding the ice spears that the walkers carry.

The dead begin to fall as they become alight with fire but the ones behind simply crawl over them and continue on.

Again, the dragons quickly fly down low enough to light as many as the can and are gone just as fast.

Shields are brought down and dragonglass spears are out.

Jon can hear Jamie Lannister yelling as he gallops up and down the lines.


Archers are lighting the tips of their arrows on fire and aiming towards the sky.


They pull back and for a second, they are all quiet as the dead come closer.



Thousands of arrows light the dark horizon above and it is as though the world is only flame and shadow.

And then they find their marks. They watch as now the ground becomes littered with beacons of fire. Watch as the dead on fire drop and become still.

But they keep coming.

"Brace yourselves!," Jon shouts. "Shields up!" Those behind the front line of shields raise their own over head and cover themselves.

Then they collide.

Bodies smash into the shield and run straight into spears. Drop and stay down.

The amount is too much though and they surge forward and over. Crawling on to top of each other to get to the living. Falling into the gaps of the shields and attacking.

Screams of the dead mix with screams of the living as the two forces finally clash. Fire balls are launched into the air in rapid succession.

All the fighters with Valryian steel are tasked with getting to the walkers. Those around them help keep the dead away when they happen upon a White Walker and try to clear the way for them.

"Make paths to the walkers! Find the walkers!," Jon yells as he takes his dragonglass blades and runs through the skeletal throat of a wight and removes its head.

Arya is next to him, spinning in a circle and takes out several wights in one fluid motion.

Gendry is right behind her, smashing his war hammer that he managed to add dragonglass to the pointed side of the hammer again and again.

The dead are now where they need to be in order for the Dothraki and the other soldiers on horseback as they begin to flood in from both sides. Their horses breaking apart their skeletal bodies and breaking them apart under their hooves. The Dothraki swing their weapons with ease and shoot down wights with their dragonglass arrow heads.

The Unsullied stab through dozens of wights and are in tight circle formations as they hold their positions.

Suddenly, amidst all the fighting, there is a long howl that can be heard above the noise. It's quickly joined by more until the world is only howls. The men can feel themselves become surrounded by predators just as vicious as the dead.

Jon spins around, trying to locate Ghost. He finally sees him running towards the trees with his ears pricked all the way forward.

All of the horses that aren't under Dothraki begin to panic even more than they already have been and shy away from the forest. And It's a quick observation that makes Jon understand further why they are the horse lords.

Eyes can be seen as they emerge through the tree line. They move silent as fog and just as relentless. At least a hundred of them are now steadily making their way towards the battle.

The wolves have come.

He turns when he hears Arya gasp and follows where her eyes are staring at with wide eyed disbelief. His jaw drops when he sees a grey direwolf only an inch or two smaller than Ghost currently rubbing against his direwolf and licking Ghost's jaw before its gaze turns directly to them.

"Is that...?" He can't even finish the question as he turns back to his sister.

"Nymeria," she confirms for him in a wistfully hopeful tone. Her eyes never leaving the grey she wolf as though afraid it is just her imagination.

But then she tips her head and releases another long howl.

And suddenly they're running. Past the horses. Past the men. Straight to the dead.

Dodging between bodies and grabbing at legs and arms all while they continue to move. Never stopping long enough to be caught by the skeletal fingers.

Nymeria and Ghost begin circling around a half decomposed mammoth that has come barreling through the dead men swinging its giant tusks at any who cross its path. Other wolves join too and soon they are on the mammoth. Biting at its legs and jumping on its haunches, sinking their teeth deep into the rotten flesh. Then Nymeria jumps onto the shoulder that isn't bone and the mammoth buckles under the weight.

Jon sees the opportunity they're being given. "Fire your bows at the mammoth! Now!," he screams at the archers around him. They quickly light their oil tipped arrow heads and take aim.

The first goes straight into the gaping hole that used to be its face. The second and third hit it in the chest. Then the last hits it right where it's heart would be.

The wolves unlatch themselves from the beast and move quickly away as the now alight mammoth tries to take off running. It only makes it a few steps before the dragonglass and fire have taken effect causing it to collapse on several other wights who are crushed by the weight.

They continue on. The wolves herd and bring down the larger wights where the archers then light them up with their fire tipped arrows or are slashed with the dragonglass daggers and stabbed with the dragonglass spears.

Jon sees Brienne making her way towards a walker to the far left of the field. Tormund is front of her swinging his great axe in one hand and slashing through with his dragonglass blade in the other. Podrick behind her. The Hound and Beric's group far to the right.

"Jon!," Arya calls from behind him. He bows down to the left to avoid a rusted, broken blade. He pulls his torso back and uses the momentum to stab up through the bottom of the wight's jaw.

"Jon, straight ahead!," Arya calls again as she avoids a bite to the shoulder from her attacking wight and dips down to slash through its rotted thigh.

He sees the walker she's talking about straight ahead. "Forward!," he shouts to those around him.

He then hears the shrill screech of Viserion and sees the blue engulf the catapults at their backs. The men who got caught in the flames scream and flail before they lie still.

The Night King comes back around and begins to scorch them again when a scream emanates the air and Rhaegal comes down to fly straight over Jon, ending up right in front of the Night King and shoots a bout of his orange and yellow flame straight at him. He's forced to turn at the last minute and heads back up to gain altitude, Rhaegal right behind him.

Then the sky grows even darker above them for a moment, sending them all into total blackness, as a roar is released into the air that shakes the ground beneath them and he knows that Drogon has joined the chase. He glances up to see the Winged Shadow dive down straight towards the other two dragons. With Drogon coming at the Night King from the side and Rhaegal coming at him from behind, he has no where to go but back up into the clouds.

With the air now clear for them, Jon and his group continue to make their way towards the walker. Ghost and Nymeria come back towards and flanking them, grabbing wights by the head and crushing the skulls between their teeth.

He hears a sound that reminds him of steel breaking and turns his head to see Brienne and the few men left alive around have managed to attack their White Walker, her blade ripping through its abdomen and then watches as a few dozen eights turn to dust. Then their group continues on as more barrels are launched through the air. He can no longer see Jaime Lannister but can hear his voice begin to fade as he continues shouting orders and running down the lines to keep aiming towards wights that are around the White Walkers.

Jon and his group keep moving forward and are finally on the White Walker. Ice and steel begin to clash as they continue to block each other from the object they wish to sink into.