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“Almost there…c’mon!” Hoseok went on his tippy toes the highest he could, still failing to reach for his objective, feeling frustrated. Curse him and his height! Never did he asked to be short in all the years he has breathed. He whines, now instead the initiative to jump in order to grab it again (still with no progress). “Haaa,” he sighs. This was going nowhere at all for him. “I’ll never get it at this point…”


It was only a book. One he’s been wanting to read for awhile now. Because everytime when Hoseok thought he had a chance, it was checked out. But finally, it’s placed peacefully on the shelves - which he can’t in a million years reach.


Maybe I should…no, I’d interrupt someone. Climb? That’d just get me broken bones. Goodness Hoseok get it together! Getting a book isn’t that hard! Gosh darn it!


Large tears brim his eyes, lip quivering in shame he can’t do such a simple task. Hoseok begins to cry, tears trickling down his cheeks. And just as Hoseok about to full on sob, a hand brushes against his with the book he’s been trying to get for the past ten minutes. His eyes snap wide open at the suspect. The person, a pale (handsome) man with black locks, dark brown orbs staring at him, hands it in Hoseok’s direction. “Here,” says the mystery man suddenly looking away. “Saw you struggling to get this thing.”


Hoseok glances back and forth from the book to the latter, shrinking a bit yet retrieving it from the man’s grip. He wipes his eyes with his wrists, giving him a small smile. “…k…yo…” Hoseok mumbles so quiet, not even in the library a single person could understand what he had just said. The other leans in furrowing his brows. “I’m sorry, what?” He asks confused. Hoseok blushed a dark shade, shutting his eyes tight holding the book to his chest. “T–Thank you!” He squeaks, audible enough to make out within hearing. “I apologize if I took a–any precious time a–away. I’m rather sensitive person too, I guess. Sorry…” He looks down at the floor with lips forming into a pout. “It’s not a problem. Didn’t really have anything to do anyway.” He replies cooly.


They both slip into a short, awkward silence, Hoseok breaking the ice. “I–I think I better go now…uh, b–bye!” He turns around dashing away (too shy to stay there longer with the cute boy).






Min Yoongi wasn’t the type to care whatever the hell you were doing. He was a cruel, selfish man. In fact, he’d probably ignore you if you so desperately asked for help, as much of a dick move that would be (except for his friend Namjoon, he’d help the clumsy guy if he felt like it). He has a reputation in the school: Cocky, playboy genius. All the ladies and gentlemen come running to him one by one, his popularity growing each year since freshman. Remixes some pretty lit tracks, nice hook-ups, all that good shit. It was fan-fucking-tastic.


Until he stumbled upon him.


Yoongi of all places was at a library (ew) and needed, forced to really, get a book for class. “Independent reading bull” as he recalls it in his own words (ha! Like he was actually going to read the thing anyways). And walking near of one of the many aisles, he turns to see a small boy (does he even go to this school? Yoongi has never seen him before), trying to get ahold of a specific book, reaching on his tippy toes, jumping. He laughs inwardly at how someone so tiny and male be so cute. He wants to shrink the stranger, carry him around in the breast pocket of his leather jacket.


Thinking this, out of nowhere the boy starts to cry, Yoongi guessing he’s feeling sad he can’t get the piece of literature fromt he tries he’s made. The stress on his face doesn’t suit him in Yoongi’s opinion, so he acts kind enough to reach the book unnoticed, handing it in the sunshine’s (that’s what he’ll call him for now) direction. He sees sunshine’s eyes snap open, looking at him so innocently, those cute doe eyes secretly already making him weak (secretly). “Here,” he says looking the other direction to not melt from those chocolate orbs. “Saw you struggling to get this thing.” Keep it chill, Yoongi. Just a book he needed…very much. 


Sunshine is seen glancing back and forth from the book and Yoongi. He shrinks slightly grabbing the book from Yoongi’s hand. Sunshine wipes his eyes with his wrists, giving a small smile that makes Yoongi want to cry. “…k…yo…” Yoongi barely hears what the other said, leaning in furrowing his brows. “I’m sorry, what?” He notices sunshine blush hard, eyes shut tight holding the book to his chest. “T–Thank you!” He squeaks, audible enough for Yoongi to make out. “I apologize if I took a–any precious time a–away. I’m rather sensitive person too, I guess. Sorry…” Sunshine looks down at the floor pouting adorably. Think quick idiot, say something. Yoongi thinks harshly. “It’s not a problem. Didn’t really have anything to do anyway.” He replies the best he could in a cool attitude.


Both slip into a short, awkward silence. Yoongi really wants to say something like Wanna bang? or Let’s fuck which is something he can never do in front of the pure boy in front of him. Yoongi’s mind swirls. Fuck, I don’t even know his age.


The silence must’ve been too much, because sunshine is the first cut loose. “I–I think I better go now…uh, b–bye!” Sunshine turns around dashing the opposite direction. The other’s reflexes are too slow, because he actually wanted to get to know Hoseok more. He has too! Yoongi never met such a person being able to attract him with very few words. “W–Wait, hold on—”


Too late - Sunshine had already turned out of sight.

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Hoseok wiggles his friend’s sheets flustered head to toe, wrapping himself in a burrito with the white comforter. “Uhhhn~ W–Why can’t I stop thinking about him!” He complains, covering his face with his hands. On the opposite side of the bed, cuddled his (coupled) besties Taehyung (Taetae) and Jimin (Jiminie). “Maybe because you like him?” Jimin questioned. Taehyung rolls his eyes. “We all know what happened last ti—” He’s elbowed roughly by his partner before he could finish, scowling. “Don’t bring that biiickering jerk? Up.” Hoseok cutely cocked his head to the side, slightly confused his friend chose to hold out the term he describe his ex. (He was about to say bitch, yet Jimin was strict on keeping Hoseok as innocent as he could. The whole world is nasty, and he wants to save his baby from that. They still swore, though trying to keep it at a minimum.) “Yeah, yeah, what he said. Bickering jerk.” 


Jimin took his turn rolling his eyes, shifting over to Hoseok, unwrapping him from the comforter to pull him onto his lap, nuzzling into his neck, holding him close. “Jiminie~!” Hoseok whined. Taehyung pouts a hey, wanting Jimin to cuddle him again. “Yah, you both aren’t helping, at all! I’m having a crisis! I’m still older than you FYI.” Jimin gives a quick peck on the forehead. “I know, Seokie. It’s just…after Coconut Headass did that to you, I can’t help but protect my precious pea~” Hoseok leans in the embrace sighing, nodding to Jimin’s words. The fact he still has people protective over him slightly irritating, especially at his age, he can’t help letting it happen (not to mention, the attention was nice to have sometimes). “T–Thank you. I’m v–very grateful to h–have you as friends.” He confesses red. “Awww, Seokie!” Taehyung coos. Hoseok hides in Jimin’s chest shyer. “Seriously though,” he continues. “If you do need help trying to know the dude more, come to us. We’ll help you. But that doesn’t mean we’ll beat him to the pulp.” Jimin goes agreeing, Hoseok himself now beginning to feel tired already.


“M’ tired. Wanna sleep…” Jimin and Taehyung merely comply, lying him down gently, pulling the covers over to allow him to rest. It was his first day, so rest is important.


Maybe he’ll run into the cute boy again. Right now, he’d rather rest in the warm safety of his friend’s arms.





“Then he stood there before running away! I really wish I got his name. Shit, that gets me fired up I didn’t!” Yoongi laid back, hands behind his head. Namjoon on the other hand listened to his friend rant for the 13th time (yes, exactly 13 times). He, had a blank face. “You like him, don’t lie to me!” He accuses. Yoongi is baffled by Namjoon’s honesty, hiding his emotions terrible (around him at least). “Whaaat? Me? Liking a pipsqueak? No, you’re wrong…I mean, it’d be chill to hold his lil’ hands, kiss n’ and get to know him more…but not date him! You’re crazy for thinking that! Hahahaha!” Yoongi swears he’s going hysteric over this boy.


“Please Yoon, you blabber all day about this ‘super fucking small cutie’ everytime we come back from school. I’m telling you, ya’ll W-H-I-P-P-E-D whipped for him.” Yoongi shakes his head, keeping his pride. In the boy’s mind, presenting a soft side is equivalent to showing your weakness. Namjoon found it sort of dumb of course. “Whatever,” Yoongi turns the opposite direction.. “I’m tired, late as fuck, and there’s school tomorrow. G’night bitch.” Namjoon frowns at that. Not wanting to deal with Yoongi’s shit again, crashes in for the night. “G’night emo shit.”





Yoongi wouldn’t say it, but he maybe had found himself disappointed he didn’t see Sunshine today. The thought of catching the angel made his stomach flip. Man, if only
Now Yoongi was walking around, buying shit Namjoon needed, also claiming he needed “fresh air” (which was sounded pathetic). What can he do. He thought grumpily. Walking down the aisles, he glanced ‘round the area, looking at what sold what. Then, crossing his path, found himself staring at the section selling jewelry, purses, accessories etc. Taking note of a rather familiar voice nearby.


“Which one should I get? They’re both so cute! Okay…hhnnn…”


Yoongi’s eyes nearly pop out of his skull. Sunshine?! Oh my, those curves, that a—WOAH, OKAY YOONGI. Chill the FUCK out before you lose your shit. That isn’t the only thing grabbing his attention. His outfit. Even contemplating makes him super adorable. Should I say hi? Should I leave, make a move? Fuck it.


Sunshine even hadn’t noticed the presence of his secret (not really) admirer walk his way until Yoongi purposely coughed, scaring the poor. “Gah!” He yelps, nearly tripping on his feet. Yoongi immediately began apologizing in embarrassment from scary his “Oh shit, I mean fuck. Sorry I was going to say hi and then I saw you and damn you just look so fine I want to cry but I’m a professional at repressing my emotions, haha I hope you don’t mind but I kinda wanna die so, uh―”


“Y–Your book boy!” He interrupts. Yoongi blinks two times, taking in what Sunshine had just said. “I’m who now?” The look on his face scares him, anxiety creeping up the other’s skin. He holds his cheeks shaking his head vigorously. “OhmygodpleaseignoremeactlikeIneverexistedgollyendmylife…” Yoongi can tell Sunshine’s stress, easily washing him off kindly. “Nonono, it’s my fault! I didn’t to scare such a cutie like you…not that I’m a stalker, that’s crazy! Crazy, right?” Yoongi hates himself for not getting his shit together around this sweet cinnamon roll. Sunshine looks away, skittish in making eye contact. “Y–Yeah. That would be crazy.” The atmosphere became awkward, neither coming back to the same conclusion on not know what to say. “I better go now,” Yoongi says turning away. Taking merely a step or two, Sunshine grips the sleeve of his jackets, whipping his head opposite direction the moment Yoongi turns around. “D–Don’t go…p–please. You seem v–very cool n’ stuff. It’d,” Hoseok face flushes intensely. “It’d be great... if you could remember me, even for a bit...” He ends in a hopeful yet demure tone. Something Yoongi couldn’t resist paying attention to.


“Sure!” Yoongi responds quickly. “Yep, yeah. Awesome, coolio. O–On board,” He rambles. And of course he hadn’t even introduced himself. He palms his forehead. “Shi–Fu–Shoot. I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Min Yoongi, pleasure is mine,” He bows respectfully (since when did he do that?). “Um, Senior in high school?” He adds unsure. Hoseok gasps, completed awed by such simple information. “Such a nice name…and you’re my hyung! I never really had one other than in my family. That’s so exciting.” Hoseok sounds ‘bored’ saying it, but it’s just his voice is so soft.  Much like of a hushed child. Very charming. “I’m Jung Hoseok. Junior.” He bows as well. Hoseok seems to contemplate for a minute without saying anything, to then hold his hands, light, rosy shades appearing on his cheekbones.


“I can put my number in your phone, so we can keep i–in touch…o–only if you want to! It’s fine if you don’t want to!” He immediately flurries after. Yoongi gives Hoseok (just as cute as being called Sunshine) a small smile, which is very unusual if any other person in their school saw him do that. “It’s not a prob. Here ya go sunnycakes.” The pet name slips out of his mouth without thinking as he hands him his phone. Somebody tie me up and throw me off a building! Hoseok merely shies away more, rapidly punching in his number, handing Yoongi’s phone back.


“T–There y–you go.” Yoongi nods, sliding the device back in his pocket. “Thanks.”




“I better go soon,” Hoseok pipes up after a moment. “Jinnie hyung isn’t going to be happy if I don’t come home soon. He gets rather…protective.” He turns back, grabbing the navy starred purse to purchase, making up his mind. He turns back at Yoongi one last time, hugging his torso tightly for a split second. “Hope to see you soon Yoongi-hyung! Bye bye~!” He farewells lastly in English. Yoongi waves, not having the capability to comprehend what just happened.


I met Sunshine. I have his number. And he hugged me.




“Help me,” Yoongi prays. “Dear god, help me.”

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Jin didn't consider himself too overprotective of Hoseok. More so...wary, around the people he hangs out with. Of course, that was blatant lie. Though he trusts Jimin and Taehyung.


(Their first time meeting had been absolute hell. He nearly assassinated both of them, especially Taehyung when he clearly squeezed. 


Ending up in Jin snatching his blaze torch, Tae running for his life, Jimin screaming and Hoseok crying from all the chaos.


Don't even let him start on Jungkook. That's a wholenother story.)


But now...the game changes. 


He knew one day it would happen, and he wants to be as supportive as he can. Yet he still couldn't be prepared for it to finally come.


"Who are you texting sunshine?" Jin asked curiously, eyes darting between dinner and Hoseok typing away on his cell. He seems to not hear him, so Jin tried again, louder. "Hoseok." He says more sternly. 


For the good, he for certain grappled his baby brother's attention. Hoseok looks up, gasping instantly placing his phone face down. "S–Sorry hyungie...I didn't mean to ignore you, I–I promise! You're important to me! You know that, right?" He blurts with panicky eyes.


Cute. Jin sighs mentally with adoration. Even over the smallest things he worries.


"Shh, it's okay Hobi. I'm not mad...just, curious on who you're talking to. Don't want you talking to strangers. They could be a big, greasy forty-five year old man—"


"Hyungiee..." Hoseok eyes furrow lightly. His voice goes softer and softer by the time he finishes a sentence. "I promise it's not like that. I'm not talking to a mean stranger or anything of the sort. Just a new friend..."


It was Jin's own turn to raise suspicion again. "Just a new 'friend'?" He repeats, obvious doubt in his voice. "Hoseok, don't you think you shouldn't involve yourself with that boy? Isn't he being pushy?" 


(Lies. He knows he ain't pushy but Jin just wants to protect his smol little nugget from any thirsty ass teens.)


Hoseok puffs his cheeks, crossing his arms "mad" (he's too cute to look generally mad). "Pushy? No no hyungie! Yoon-Yoon is a nice person. He doesn't bother Seokie at all!" Hoseok exclaims. 



And I really like him. 



Of course he doesn't say that out loud, but theres no denying his own feelings! Seokjin gives his little brother one last look before sighing and lets it go for now. "If you say so."










The next day, Yoongi met Hoseok again during lunch hour in the school café. He sat with two other people, who seemed to be doting the smaller one while in between.



"Have I told you how cute you look in oversized clothing? I should let you borrow my clothes more often. Or Tae's." He leans in to whisper. "He has some gucci if you want to feel fancy." 



Hoseok blushes, the sleeves of his oversized, pastel purple sweater flooding his hands making cute sweater paws. "B-But I have my own clothes." He argues. Taehyung moves Hoseok's chin his direction, lifting it up to make eye contact using his index finger. 



"What's yours is ours." He says. "You know, sometimes I like to think you as my innocent, wholesome baby boy from another dimension-" Taehyung is interrupted by a cough. The three turns over to see Yoongi standing there a little awkwardly yet smiles seeing Hoseok. "Hey Sunshine-"



"Hyungie!" Yoongi isn't given the chance to finish when Hoseok breaks free from his friends to hug the male. "I missed you..." Hoseok suddenly realized what's hes done and pulls away. "Ah, I'm so sorry!" He covers his face with his cute sweaterpaws, his eyes peeking through. "I-I really like hugs." And sometimes kissies on the cheek, he thinks to himself. 


Yoongi was surprisingly okay about it, which was odd, considering he wasn't someone who's very fond towards physical affection. Especially off guard. "It's okay...w-when they're from you I guess." Trying to find a correct way to word his thoughts. 


On the other hand, Hoseok two friends continued to give intense glares, leaving Yoongi a bit more uncomfortable than before. But the looks disappeared the moment Hoseok looked their way. "Taetae, everything okay?" Hoseok moves closer to the due possessing a worried expression. 


"No everything is fine. Both of us. I promise, little deer." He assures him. A wave of relief hits Hoseok while he flusters over the nickname. "Huu...that makes me feel happy." After those words he gasps as he checks the time on Taehyung's watch from a glance. "Oh no! I'm gonna be late. Bye Taetae, Jiminie..."


He gathers his things, looking at Yoongi one last time before leaving, and in addition, a peck on the check. "Bye bye Hyungie! See you later!" The boy waves with a bright smile, exiting the café. 


Yoongie gently touches his cheek with them heating up a bit. Namjoon is right. He really is whipped for the boy. Not to mention he has a nice view from the back-


"Don't you dare keep on thinking what I know you're thinking." Jimin hisses suddenly. "Personally, I couldn't give a single fuck on why you like him because everyone does. Who wouldn't?" This time he gets up from his seat closing the space between them. Jimin may shorter in height, but he damn well can knock your teeth out. 


"But you better now lay a single hand on my precious Hobi because I swear, if I ever see him disheveled with it being from the likes of you I'm gonna—" Jimin is cut off, his boyfriend gently guides Jimin aside, butting heads with Yoongi. 


"I'll nico nico break your kneecaps." Taehyung growls. 


Jimin nods with crossed arms. "And let me tell you, he's good with his hands." Yoongi sweats, yet holds his ground. Like hell he's giving up. "So? You got a problem? You don't own Hoseok. If you really were then you'd let him hang out with whoever he wants." He snaps back. This time, pushing Taehyung back roughly. "I understand if you're protective, but seriously? He can make his own decisions. Christ, how can you be so ignorant especially your boyfri—" 


It's a punch in the jaw that cuts Yoongi off emitting a groan of pain from his lips. "Shit..." 


"Don't you every talk about Jimin or Hobi again. You don't deserve to." Taehyung didn't care if he was going to get in trouble. All he wants is to take this chance to beat Yoongi's ass that he knows he probably won't get again. 


"Okay, yeah, I get it. You hate my guts. At the same time," Yoongi sits up. "I'm not fighting. Honestly…you both can't get anymore immature, can you?" Taehyung and Jimin in their opinion, have no rationality with Yoongi for reasons better left unsaid. 


"You sonuvabitch—" Taehyung grabs him by the collar ready to give another swing when, 


"Taetae?" A voice although soft, is still from afar heard from afar. And that voice could only be held recognizable towards one person. The three looks and see a small figure showing emotions of shock and despair. Taehyung lets go of Yoongi with an anxious gulp.