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Roy Mustang x Ed Elric both get stood up at the same restaurant and they end up being each other's date. SUPER FLUFF PLS ❤❤❤❤


((Ed’s going to be in his 20s in this and the age difference is going to be shortened to 10 years instead of 15. Also, sorry if they’re a bit OOC but I wanted to keep the humor between them.))

After the forty-five minute mark, Mustang figured his date wasn’t coming. He huffed in annoyance, he was sure he was going to charm the pants off this woman tonight. He swirled the wine around in his cup, contemplating whether he should eat by himself or leave the restaurant. After seeing the same waiter give him the same sorry expression, he decided it was time to leave. On his way out, he spotted a young man who looked like he was in the same predicament as himself. His golden eyes were cast downward at the plate whose rim he was tracing with his finger. The young man wasn’t unattractive; he had blond hair that was in a braid that fell just past his shoulder blades. He was lithe but Mustang knew he had some muscle underneath his fancy clothes. Smirking to himself, Mustang sat in the chair across from the young man and requested a cup of wine from a passing waitress.

Finally, the young man looked up and his eyes widened in recognition. “Mustang? What are you doing here?”

“Same reason as you, Elric, getting stood up by my date. Now,” he holds out the roses he was going to give to his previous date and lays down as much charm as he can into his voice, “would you care to have dinner with me?”

Edward stares at him for a long moment with a shocked expression on his face. The silence was so long, Mustang’s smirk widened and he thought to himself, ‘I got this in the b-’

“No. What do you think I am, crazy?! I’m not one of those girls that you can charm with a few words, ya know!”

“No?!” Mustang bangs his hands on the table and stands up. “What do you mean-?!” noticing how he was getting a lot of angry glares- much to Edward’s satisfaction- Mustang sat down and cleared his throat before continuing in a quieter but none less harsh tone. “No? Are you just going to spend the rest of your night looking pitiful? I’m the best shot you have! And you should be honored I want to go on a date with you!”

Edward coughs awkwardly and looks away, a slight blush dusting his cheeks. “Lucky, huh? As if. But I guess I have nothing better to do.”

It wasn’t all that bad, being on a date with Mustang. There’s no doubt he has lots of charm, whether he’s doing it on purpose or not. Edward couldn’t help but chuckle and even downright laugh at the things Mustang said and his focus was almost always on the man in front of him (any other time it was on his food). He didn’t care if the women around them were jealous that he was on a date with the Flame Alchemist, all that matters was that Mustang’s attention was on him and no one else, for once. With one of the spare glasses on the table, Edward has transmuted a vase to hold his flowers in. As the date was coming to a close, Ed started to panic. He saw him often at Central but it would be strange for the two of them starting to act a little more than friendly toward each other after always being known for fighting.

Mustang must’ve sense Edward’s growing panic, for he stopped reaching for the correct amount of money he needed to pay for their meal and reached over and tucked a strand of loose hair behind Edward’s ear.

“Is everything okay?” Edward looked up at the older man through his eyelashes and could hear the sharp inhale of breath he drew.

“Will this be the only date we go on? I mean, we just can’t suddenly be nice to each other at Central, you know?“
“I do suppose that’ll be a problem.” he throws down the money on the table and grabs Edward’s hand and leads him outside. Edward had the sense to grab the vase of flowers before leaving the table.

Mustang takes them a few blocks away from the restaurant before stopping. It takes the blond alchemist to realize they were standing in front of his home.

“Don’t worry about the other dates.” Mustang, no, Roy says in a soft voice. He tightens his grip on Edward’s hand and brings the other one to the younger man’s face, pulling him closer. “The only thing that matters is you“, closer, “and me.”
The distance between the two closes and they don’t even think about the dates that stood them up earlier.