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Beauty In Thirds

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Skywarp was often stuck between rocks and hard places, and it wasn't always because of a miscalculation in his warp jumps.

Thundercracker and Starscream were good mates to have, smart, and protective in their own ways. But by Primus did they argue. Starscream was too obnoxious and Thundercracker was too mellow and Skywarp had always felt, rather guiltily, that there was an element missing to their trine.

Which was probably why he was always so happy to be called on by Megatron.

Skywarp liked their esteemed leader. Not just aesthetically either. Megatron was a surprisingly diligent lover. Nights spent with him were un-pressured, but passionate. A nice contrast to Starscream's selfishness, Thundercracker's indifference.

It was a good arrangement they had. Megatron liked loyal subordinates only too happy to offline their weapons and bend over his throne, and Skywarp liked the attention. He liked that he could kiss the scowl from his leader's stern face. He liked that he could make such a battle scarred warrior so happy with little more than casual tactility.

Or so he had thought it was casual.

"Bond?" He blurted, confused beyond measure.

Megatron was hovering over him, spark chamber exposed, bathing Skywarp in ethereal light. They were in his berthroom, the Command Chambers, like they had been every night for the past month or so.

It took Skywarp a moment to force his optics back to a normal size. "What- right now?"

Megatron's frown deepened, he drew back, sensing Skywarp's hesitation and surprise, and misunderstanding it. He was sensitive, more so than he would ever let on. Skywarp knew. He couldn't forget the promises whispered during their intimacy, the little messages he would be sent the next morning -almost too poetic for Skywarp to think of them as just a kudos for the good lay.

"You do not want to..." Megatron murmured, sounding so defeated, and unsure, optics glancing aside.

Skywarp couldn't bear that look. He reached up and caught his leader around the neck, yanking him back down into a hurried kiss, long and deep because he needed time to think, and think fast. But Megatron was already trying to draw away and-

"I do want to!" He gasped in a rush, servos scrambling to keep Megatron close. He could figure out the finer points later. "I want to, please-"

And Megatron was kissing him again. Skywarp could feel his leader's smile in it, his lips curving at the corner. Big servos gripped him, held him close, safe and warm and Skywarp found himself thinking -ah, screw the consequences.

His cockpit drew back, and the spark he'd only ever exposed to Starscream and Thundercracker was singing in excitement at the prospect of meeting another. It bathed Megatron in blinding blue light as the warlord leant closer, apprehensive.


Skywarp nodded frantically, only half listening. Megatron's plates were drawing open again, revealing a spark larger and warmer than either of his trine's.

He'd almost forgotten what bonding felt like. He merged with his trine often, but it wasn't the same as solidifying a bond. Megatron spark was strong, overwhelming, demanding like Starscream, but as gentle as Thundercracker.

His optics offlined as their cores combined and information began to download and upload between them faster than the speed of light. Somewhere in the deep recesses of his spark, behind Megatron, he could feel his trine. He could feel their shock, their confusion- Starscream's unadulterated fury.

He didn't have time to dwell on them though. Megatron was on, in, and all around him, fierce and intense and protective.

Then everything felt so pleasantly warm and tingly. Skywarp bit into his lip and felt himself throb in excitement as he heard his leader moan low, long and thickly. They rocked together, spark's pulsing as the bond formed. Before long Skywarp was arching up, gasping as Megatron lifted his hips and slid inside him for the second time that night.

Their overloads were intensified by the spark merge, the light of them growing to an optic searing brightness. Skywarp held Megatron to his chest, vents roaring as they cycled air. As their sparks dimmed and finally receded, their chambers began to close.

Megatron shifted to free his de-pressurising spike but remained in Skywarp's arms long enough to lean down and nuzzle at his cheek with an affection that should have felt foreign coming from someone like Megatron, but didn't.

The older mech flopped to the side of Skywarp, huffing tiredly. His optics were already drifting offline, the fog of recharge beginning to creep in. Skywarp didn't feel particularly energetic himself, limbs loose and weak. They could have curled up together and slept, but there was something he had to take care of first.

"Hey, there's something I forgot to tell you." He said as carefully casual as he could possibly manage. He didn't need Megatron freaking out.

The mech in question was hardly awake enough to respond. He grunted though, so he must have been listening at least a little.

It was always best to break bad news quickly. Or maybe it wouldn't be bad news? Maybe Megatron would be happy? Skywarp swallowed, and just went for it.

"I'm kinda- I'm already bonded."

His leader didn't move. For a moment Skywarp thought his new mate had fallen asleep and he wasn't going to have to deal with this till the morning.

But then, Megatron turned, slowly, dark red optics boring into Skywarp's own.

He shrunk away from the look, "Um-?

"No," Was all Megatron said, firmly shaking his helm. Like he could just demand the concept away. "No."

Skywarp blinked. Was this denial?

"Well see the thing is," he began again, thinking his leader may have misheard. "Me and Thundercracker and Star-"

"No!" Megatron was upright in the berth so fast it was as if someone had hit him with a stun gun. His expression was wrought with dread, and Skywarp realised, with a sinking feeling, that perhaps his leader could have dealt with hearing he was bonded to Thundercracker. But not to Starscream.

He held up his servos in a helpless gesture, "We're a trine! That's how it works! I thought you knew-"

But Megatron looked... betrayed.

"All this time- You played me..." He hissed, glaring at the berth, as if he couldn't bear to look at Skywarp, "For a fool."

"I was gonna explain!"

"You tricked me!" Megatron bellowed.

The idea that he could trick anyone was slightly ridiculous.

"Nuh uh!" He held his servos out and waved them so fast they were nothing but black blurs, "You just surprised me! I didn't have time to mention it before-!"

"Didn't have time?" Megatron sounded incredulous. "Six orns! Six orns wasn't enough time to consider mentioning you were already in a committed relationship? With Starscream!?"

Skywarp hadn't realised exclusivity had ever been a part of this deal.

"...ah- and Thundercracker." He reminded him quietly, instead of starting an argument about the nature of their not-so-casual relationship.

Megatron slammed a fist into the berth top. It's plush covering absorbed the blow and bounced right back. Skywarp once again appreciated it's quality. Maybe if he didn't end up being banished from the base he and his trine could move into their leader's quarters and enjoy it on a more permanent basis.

He ran his fingers over it, wondering, "If I had mentioned it, would you have still bonded with me?"

He expected an immediate denial, but Megatron was quiet, considering. It eased the tightening knot in Skywarp's tank.

When his leader finally did answer, Skywarp had never heard anyone sound so defeated.

"Ah Primus," he grumbled, rubbing a servo down his face, shoulders finally slumping out of their tense position. It was all the prompting Skywarp needed to shuffle closer, tucking close to the bigger mech's side.

"It's okay," he said with a kiss to his cheek. "Don't worry. It's gonna be okay."

"So," his leader said darkly, ignoring the indulgent affections of his newly-bonded. "This means I have to share you?"

Skywarp bit the meshy inside of his cheek and shook his helm, "Well... Kinda?"

Megatron arched an dark brow questioningly.

"It's like-" Skywarp wondered how long he could dance around this for. "It's sorta... Um..."


"Well, they're your mates now too." He blurted. "You're in a four-way bond. Surprise?"

Megatron's optics shuttered and slowly he lifted his servos to his face. He didn't say anything for a very long time. Skywarp fidgeted next to him and tried to think of a positive spin on this.

"Think of it this way," he smiled reassuringly, even though Megatron wasn't looking at him and probably never would again. "At least now Starscream can't kill you?"