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How to Care for Your Squip

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Part One: The basics

•Do not hECK the Squip

•don't get food
Squip don't need food
Squip eats ur self esteem for breakfast

•don't buy a bed
squip does not sleep because it's a computer.

•don't leave Squip unsupervised
It will get into all sorts of trouble like trying to brainwash everyone and maybe take over the world. If you must, turn Squip into sleep mode so it does not take over the world

•buy a bed for Squip
Squip needs a place to sleep

Part Two: Behavior

• if you notice your Squip is being overly sassy, condescending, and egotistical:
- argue with it
- sass it back (warning: may result in a full blown sass war)
- call it something like "Windows 97" or "floppy drive" or "Cortana", this will hurt its feelings to much for it to continue sassing

Part Three: shock zap

• don't let your Squip shock zap anyone
bad for the people who get shock zapped
Teaches bad manners to Squip

Follow these steps and Squip will grow up strong and polite

Disclaimer: (it won't)