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The Phantomhive Chronicles

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"Mother! Father!" Ciel cries out as he runs throughout the mansion looking for his parents and his brother. But they are nowhere to be found. Someone has broken into their home and is killing all of the servants. He even found their dog Sebastian dead. "Mother! Father!"

He enters the study where they would usually be. The moment he opens the door, his eyes widen upon seeing a man aiming a gun at his father's face. He can't see his father because of the shadows obscuring his face. The only thing he can see are the brown leather gloves he's wearing. But he can see the fear in his father's eyes clear as day. Vincent is standing in front of Rachel, shielding her from the intruder. Ciel tempts into entering the study to put a stop to it but his mother quickly sees him and shakes her head. Tears fill his eyes. He watches his father trying to talk reason with the intruder, telling him to put the gun down so they can talk more civilized.

Ciel gasps when the intruder pulls the trigger. Blood and brain matter burst from Vincent's head, splattering on Rachel's face and dress. Rachel lets out a blood-curling scream at the sight of her husband's body dropping dead to the floor. Ciel tries to call out for his mother but she gets shot in the head as well and she drops dead besides Vincent. Ciel stares in complete shock. Both of his parents are dead. Once he is finally able to process to what just happened, he shrieks in terror and sorrow.

The intruder immediately spots Ciel and aimed the gun at him. That's when Ciel bolts out of there as the intruder pulls the trigger and the bullet strikes the door, sending splintering wood flying.

Ciel runs down the corridors in search for his brother and Tanaka. The murderers could still be inside the house and they need to get out as soon as possible.

"Tanaka!" Ciel yells as he runs desperately through the hallways. His nostrils quickly catch the smell of smoke and the hallways are beginning to fill with hot black fog which causes Ciel to cough profusely and his eyes to water and blur.

He stops when he turns a corner a finds the rest of the hallway engulfed in raging flames, covering the walls, eating away the drapes and reaching the ceiling above him.

He finds Tanaka on the floor near the fire, lying face down like his parents and with a bloody stab wound on his back. Ciel almost went into complete his hysteria when he sees Tanaka coughing. He's still alive. Ciel calls out for his brother but it looks like he is nowhere to be found. Did the intruders get him? Is he dead like Mother and Father?

Ciel runs to Tanaka's side and shakes. "Wake up! Tanaka, wake up!"

Ciel looks up as he hears roaring and creaking. The flames are above them, threatening to bring the second floor down to the ground.

Knowing that there's no time to waste and can't leave Tanaka here to be eaten by the fire while he looks aimlessly for his brother. With very little strength he has, he grabs Tanaka under the arms and starts dragging away from the fire, dragging the unconscious body through the carpeted floor. For an old man, Tanaka is heavier than he thought.

Ciel stumbles back and falls back with Tanaka heavy body on top of him.

He calls his brother again. To his relief, he reappears through the smoke, coughing and looking just as horrified as he is.

"We have to leave! Or the fire will kill us all!" he shouts.

"Tanaka is still alive, we can't just leave him!" Ciel shouts back.

His brother pushes Tanaka's upper half up to allow Ciel to get up from the floor. He has always been stronger than him. "I have his arms! You grabs his legs!"

Ciel does as his brother says and takes Tanaka by the legs while his brother grabs him under the arms just as he did before. Together, they lift Tanaka and carry him away from the fire and out of the mansion. Ciel feels sick and selfish for leaving their parents' bodies to be devoured by the fire that is now destroying their beloved home and everyone in it. But he and his brother don't have a choice. It's live or die.

Once outside, the two brothers watch their home become completely engulfed in flames that are now bursting through the windows.

"We need to take Tanaka to a hospital," Ciel says while holding the old man's hand in his own while checking his heart beat with the other hand.

"Where are Mother and Father!?" he brother says while looking around.

Tears stream down Ciel's cheeks and his voice cracked. "They're dead."

His brother stares at him in complete shock and disbelief. His face turns ghost-white and tears fill his eyes. "We need to go and report to Scotland Yard."

"But Tanaka is hurt. He's going to die -."

His brother quickly becomes snatched before Ciel can even finish. He screams as he watches his brother get dragged away by one of the men. "No! No, let him go!"

Ciel then gets snatched by another man, one wearing brown gloves. Ciel kicks and screams as the two are being taken away from their burning home and leaving Tanaka there to bleed out. "Tanaka!" The two boys continued screaming for help as they are taken away, taken to a fate worse than death, a fate that led Ciel to make the worse decision of his life.

He tolerated many months of torture and abuse. All of their disgusting hands and bodies touching him. But seeing his brother being stabbed to death at the altar was the final straw. He just wants them all dead. He wants them all to suffer a painful death. And he finally gets his wish in the form of a demon emerging from his brother spilled blood. The demon's shape takes many forms (a wolf, a large snake, a goat and finally a creature with sharp teeth and curved horns), all of them covered in his brother's read blood. Ciel starts at it in terror and disbelief. That thing is real. And he looks pissed. It turns into a large red snake and kills a few of the bastards nearby.

Ciel curls up in the corner of the cage when it slithers over to him and hisses, bearing its fangs at him.

"You," it hisses in a whispers, "Your anger and hatred is...delicious. I heard you...calling to me. And I came. Tell me, what is it that you want?"

"...I...I don't know what I want..."

"I see. You are still young. You do not understand." It takes the form of the creature with horns and sharp teeth. "But you will soon. I am here because you called to me and I am here to fulfill your wish. Say it and I will grant you any wish you like. All desires come with a price though. I can never change. And no sacrifice shall ever be regained." The creature reaches out its sharp bloodied hand towards Ciel. The boy simply stares at the hand with wide eyes, frozen in fear. "So choose wisely."

Ciel looks at his dead brother on the altar and then at the rest of the murderers surrounding them. His fear is soon replaced with boiling rage and he grits his teeth before firmly grabbing the demon's hand.

"Kill them!"

3 years later...

Ciel is sleeping in his chamber curled up in a fetal position and wrapped in heavy blankets. The eye patch he wears today is lying on the nightstand next to his bed. He was exhausted from all the work he had today and needed rest for tomorrow. They have a guest in the afternoon.

"...Wake up," a familiar voice whispers his name. It also sounds foreign to his ears, like a whispering echo. Ciel moans lowly buts ignores the voice calling, trying to get some sleep. Why must Sebastian wake me at such early hours? "Wake up... You need to wake. Or do you really want to die again?"

Ciel's eyes open, the pentagram marking his right eye glowing a dull purple, and they widen when he sees his brother standing next to his bed with blood staining his nightshirt and trickling down his mouth and his eyes glassy and lifeless. He tries to sit up but his body remains frozen in the bed. Trapped. He can't move. His breathing shifts heavily as he panics as he continues to struggling to move, his chest heaving and letting out muffled screams between his lips, his fingers twitching slightly. He wants to call out for Sebastian or anyone in the house that can hear him but all he can do is lie there frozen and panicking at the sight of his bloody brother.

His brother leans over him until his face is close to his and smiles a bloody grin at Ciel. "Its time for you to wake up."

He curls his toes. That seems to work because Ciel finally regains his movement and sits up from his bed gasping. The moment he does this, it seems that his brother has disappeared from sight. Ciel pants heavily and looks around, his own nightshirt drenched in perspiration. But that doesn't stop him from letting out a raspy scream.

He continues to scream until the door bursts open and Sebastian quickly enters the bedroom. "Master!" He quickly grabs hold of Ciel's wrist to keep him hurting himself and starts shaking. "Master, snap out of it. It was just a dream."

Ciel stops screaming and struggling, simply sits there shaking in shock and terror. "...It wasn't a dream...It was a nightmare...He was here."

"Master, there is nothing here."

Ciel looks around, still shaking. He realizes that Sebastian is right. There is no one here. And probably never was.

"Did you have another episode, my lord?" the butler asks, "Moments like that tend to make you hallucinate, remember?"

Ciel nods his head. Yes, it must be that. Nothing more. He takes deep breaths and manages to calm his heart and breathing. It was just my imagination.

"Do you wish for me to call your aunt and tell her to come and see you?" Sebastian asks.

Ciel immediately shakes his head. "No, I rather not. Besides, we all have a busy schedule tomorrow. I prefer not to disturb her with my problems."

"Very well, sir. Would you like for me to make warm milk and honey, to help you go back to sleep?" he asks.

Ciel is tempted to say yes as milk and honey always made him feel better but Tanaka always said that too much sweets are bad for your teeth.

"No, not tonight."

Sebastian gives him a strange look as this is the first time he has rejected sweets. "Are you sure you're all right, young master?"

Ciel doesn't answer his question. Instead, he instructs him to make sure tomorrow's evening dinner is done well. No screw ups.

"I'm going back to sleep," he says as he turns his back to the butler and wraps his body and head with the duvet. He doesn't close his eyes yet though.

"Very well, my young lord," Sebastian says.

Ciel doesn't come out from the duvet until he hears the door shut and the footsteps die out.

He sits up from the bed again and looks around his chamber once more, making sure no one is watching him, before reaching for the nightstand next to his bed and opening the drawer. He takes out a photograph in a square golden frame that has burnt areas. A picture of him, his father Vincent, his mother Rachel, his brother and their dog Sebastian.

Tears filling his eyes, he holds the picture frame in a tight embrace.

It's nine o' clock in the morning. Breakfast time. The daily routine has begun. Mey-Rin Fan only has one job in the morning. Enter the master's chamber, put the tray of breakfast on his nightstand but don't fill his teacup. That's Sebastian's job. Open the window curtains but don't wake the master in the process. It's Sebastian's job to wake Master Phantomhive, not hers. Do this and walk quietly out of the bedroom and continue her daily routine of cleaning the house and help Klaus cook lunch. She would do this without complain or questioning.

She dresses up in her daily black pinafore, ties her dark red hair back in a bun and puts on the white bonnet before slipping on her round-framed glasses, the glasses Master Phantomhive had made for her. She never takes it off, not even when they crack. The young lord's cousin Elizabeth had tried to force the glasses out of her. Luckily the young lord stopped her.

Sebastian already has Ciel Phantomhive's breakfast made. The only thing she needs to do is take the tray upstairs, without tripping on her own two feet, and set it on the nightstand.

Mey-Rin takes note of the contents on the silver tray. A cheesecake with strawberries on top, a bowl of apples and grapes, and cambric tea. Cheesecake in the morning. Not very good for a boy his age to be eating sweets this early in the morning. However, this is the young lord's house so it's his rules.

She's about to enter the master's chambers when the door opens and she nearly crashes into Sebastian. The tray almost slips from her hands but the butler catches it in time.

"Oh, um, forgive me, Sebastian," she apologizes awkwardly while fixing her glasses, "I didn't see you. I really need to have these glasses fixed."

"Are you sure you don't want a new pair-?"

"Oh no, it's quite all right. I can fix them."

Sebastian sighs and gives her back the tray. "Very well then. Listen, Mey-Rin, I'll be heading out for the day to purchase the ingredients for dinner and I'm afraid I cannot attend my master today. Would you be so kind to look after him while I'm gone?"

Mey-Rin's eyes widen in surprise. What? "Wait, you're leaving me with him? I - I thought taking care of him was your job."

"I won't be long. Besides, he must learn on his own that I can't be around him all the time. I'm sure you can handle it while I'm gone."

A lot of things can happen if Mey-Rin is left alone with the master. As many have noticed, Ciel Phantomhive is unpredictable. He even threw a dart at Finnian. There's no telling what could happen if she's left alone with him.

Mey-Rin sighs in defeat and bows her head. "Very well, Sebastian."

He gives her his usual charming smile. "I shall return before lunch."

Sebastian leaves. That means she truly is left alone to attend the young lord herself. Perfect.

Mey-Rin enters the bedroom. The master is still sleeping. If he wakes up and sees her instead of Sebastian, what will happen? He will probably start ranting. She quietly sets the tray down on the nightstand and serves his tea, not wanting to disturb his slumber. At least when he wakes and sees everything prepared for him, he won't be entirely irritated.

The young lord starts to turn in his bed, moaning lowly. He must be dreaming, Mey-Rin assumes. However, his dreams are never good ones. They're bad dreams. Ever since his parents died in the fire, he has been heard screaming in the middle of the night. Sebastian told Mey-Rin and the others not to worry. It will pass, he said. But Mey-Rin is not entirely convinced.

When she sees the young lord thrashing and crying out, she takes action and tries to wake the young lord by shaking him.

"It's just a nightmare, young lord."

Ciel sits up from his bed, opening his one blue eye. When he sees Mey-Rin standing next to his bed, he quickly pushes her away harshly, clearly startled by her unexpected presence. Mey-Rin stumbles and falls to the ground.

She immediately stands up and bows her head in shame. "Forgive me, my lord."

"What are you doing in here?" he snaps at her sternly.

"I, um, you were screaming in your sleep," she says meekly.

"Where's Sebastian?"

"He said something about heading to town and purchase the last ingredients for tonight's dinner with Lord Damiano," she tells him. She may not be the smartest person in the house but know the names of the people that come here and what they work for. Lord Damiano, for one, is the head of the Poseidon Company and is investing in the Funtom Corporation. The Funtom Corporation is the toy manufactory company Lord Phantomhive owns. Despite not being near the company for a while, he's still in charge. Lord Damiano is coming to Phantomhive Manor to discuss about the company every month. Angelina Dalles, also known as Madam Red, works at the Royal London Hospital. Lau is the president of the British Branch of a Chinese trading company known as Kong-Rong. That said, Mey-Rin basically knows everyone who enters the manor. "Sebastian left me in charge of you while he's gone."

"He left me with you?"

Mey-Rin nods. That's the same question she's been asking herself since this morning. "I already have your breakfast ready. Today we have cambric tea, a raspberry cheesecake Baldroy made for you and a bowl of sliced apples."

The young lord lets out a deep sigh. Mey-Rin can't tell if it's a sigh of annoyance or disappointment. He removes the covers from his body and swings his thing legs over the edge of the large bed, big enough to fit four people. His other eye is still closed. Apparently Ciel lost his right eye the day his parents died which explains why he's always wearing an eyepatch. It's still lying there on the nightstand waiting to be picked up.

Ciel takes the delft cup in his hands and takes a whiff of it. Mey-Rin remains watching silently as the young lord drinks his tea.

"Do you wish for me to help you into your clothing?" she asks once he finishes his tea. Ciel nods in confirmation and she walks over to his wardrobe.

"After this, I want you and the others to be ready for when Lord Damiano arrives," he says, "Has Finnian planted the roses his morning?"

"Not quite," she says, "He's still trying to kill the weed-grass with herbicide but I'm afraid he might end up killing the flowers instead."

"Tell Finnian to stop worrying about the grass and focus on finishing planting the white roses before this afternoon. Has Baldroy prepared the meals?"

"Sebastian took care of that earlier and Baldroy is helping Finnian in the garden."

"And Tanaka?"

"Same as always." Tanaka, the man who witnessed the murders of Rachel and Vincent Phantomhive, and the kidnapping of Ciel Phantomhive but was stabbed in the back before he could do anything and hasn't been the same since. He's in his wheelchair now. Mey-Rin has taken care of that. She gave him his medication this morning as well as a bath. Baldroy brought his breakfast early in the morning.

Ciel doesn't ask anything else and starts eating his cheesecake. Mey-Rin searches for clothing for the young lord to wear. Most of his clothing are in black or dark grey. She finds a few frocks that are green and blue but she's unsure if he's willing to wear them this afternoon.

"For our guest's visit, which colour do you prefer? Green? Or blue?"

"Neither," he answers with his mouth full, "I'm not in a festive mood so black would be a suitable for today's evening. However, I should impress our guest by pretending to be festive. The dark green one will have to do."

With all honesty, the young lord never cared for his guests, let alone being presentable for them, even if it is Lord Damiano. What made him change his mind?

Once he finishes breakfast, he allows Mey-Rin to dress him. She feels uncomfortable having to do so. Since the young lord doesn't know how to dress on his own, he needs help, but Mey-Rin is uncomfortable because she's seeing his penis while helping him put on his trousers. Why did Sebastian make me do this? Her face nearly turns red in embarrassment. Once putting on his trousers, she proceeds helping him put on the rest of his clothing. A white button-down shirt with a cravat neckband and ruffles at the sleeve cuffs. She then helps him slip on the dark green frock and buttons it up for him. Lastly, she puts the shoes on his feet. He doesn't know how to put on shoes either. Can't he do anything on his own?

"Can you pass me the eyepatch?" he asks.

The patch that conceals the missing eye. She takes it in her hands and gives it to him, His fingers brush against hers as he takes the eyepatch. His fingers are nearly ice. He puts on his eyepatch and closes his one good eye.

"That will be all, Mey-Rin," he says, "Get back to your duties."

She nods and swiftly leaves the bedroom, feeling lucky that the young lord didn't decide to throw a dart at her on the way out.

"So, Sebastian left you in charge of the young lord while he's gone," Baldroy laughs while washing the dishes. Mey-Rin is mopping the floor, making sure that everything is clean and spotless. "That must have been a nightmare."

Mey-Rin nods. However, she wasn't the one having a nightmare this morning. "It was actually quite intimidating."

"At least he didn't throw a dart at you like he did to Finny."

Poor Finnian.

"He wasn't really happy about Sebastian being absent," Mey-Rin tells him.

Ciel Phantomhive seems very dependent on Sebastian Michaelis. It's understandable. He was the one who brought Ciel home after the death of Rachel and Vincent Phantomhive. But it's something else. Something more.

"He's always unhappy," Baldroy says.

"Now, we both know that's not true. The young master does smile everyone once in awhile."

"Yeah, when he's making other people miserable."

She snaps at him. "Baldroy! Watch your mouth."

"What? It's true. And Sebastian seems to enjoy it as well. Also, don't you think it's odd how Sebastian simply appears after the deaths of Lord and Lady Phantomhive's death?" Baldroy asks.

"We were all hired after the Phantomhive parents' death and we didn't seem to question each other," she says.

"But we've been getting to know each other for a long time. We know Finny and we know Tanaka. We know where we come from. What about Sebastian? What do we know about him?"

Mey-Rin frowns before walking over to Baldroy and punches him in the shoulders sharply. Baldroy cries out in pain and rubs his aching shoulder. For a girl he height, Mey-Rin sure knows how to deliver a punch.

"If the master hears you talking like that, you'll get us both in trouble," she says harshly.

Baldroy sighs. "I'm just saying. Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive know everything about us but we don't know anything about them. Don't you think that's a bit unfair?"

As a matter of fact, it is unfair. Baldroy is right. Sebastian and the young lord know everything about her, Baldroy and Finnian but they don't know the people that picked them out from the streets. Baldroy came from America after escaping a terrible war that nearly killed him, Finnian was brought from Germany after being experimented on by some mad scientists and Mey-Rin...Well, Mey-Rin has a unique history of her own where she was an assassin and shot people for a living before being found Sebastian. She came to London with the next mission to shoot her next assigned target when Sebastian Michaelis stopped her and offered her a better job that didn't involve killing innocent people. Now she's a maid and does not regret it. She's happier as a maid. Yet still, Baldroy is right. She doesn't know Sebastian or the young master. Who are they exactly?

"Oh Mey-Rin," Finnian comes into the kitchen, looking a little dirty from all the gardening. Did he dig a hole to the other side of the world or something? "The delivery boy left a package at our doorstep. It's for the young master from the Royal Hospital."

Mey-Rin nods and takes the package outside to open it, just in case it's an explosive to kill the young master. However, when she opens the box, there's simply small bottles of blood-coloured liquid. What on earth is this? There were at least twelve of these bottles. And there is a note attached to the box's lid. Remember to take them every week, Lord Phantomhive.

She reenters the kitchen and shows them the packet. "It's just some bottles. I think the master is supposed to take these."

A bell rings in the kitchen, a sign that Ciel Phantomhive is calling. They have a few bells installed, hanging from the ceiling with labels on it. The bell labelled STUDY is ringing. Ciel Phantomhive is calling from his study. So much to do for this evening and he's calling now?

Baldroy sighs in annoyance. "Sebastian left you in charge of him. He's your problem now."

Mey-Rin sighs as well. This is going to be a long day. It will all be over once Sebastian returns from town.

Mey-Rin enters the study with the package in her hands and shuts the door behind her. Ciel is sitting behind his desk, looking through a few documents. "This package is for you, my lord. They're a bunch of bottles delivered from the Royal Hospital."

Ciel looks up for a moment to look at the package in her hands. "They're my monthly medicine. Put them on the desk. And be careful you don't break them. Is that understood?"

She nods and carefully walks over to the desk, putting the package down on the wooden surface.

"Is there a reason why you called me, master?"

"I need the board game from the top shelf of the bookcase," he says without looking up from his work. "I decided that if Lord Damiano is going to stay with us this evening, I should at least entertain him with a little game."

Mey-Rin nods and climbs up the ladder to the bookcase's top shelf where a flat rectangular box lays covered in a light sheen of dust. It's a very gruesome and malevolent board game the young lord likes to play with the guests, sometimes to scare them. It's the master's twisted way of having fun. She takes the board game in her hands and carefully climbs down the ladder since her small clumsy feet can throw her off balance. Her feet and short sight make her clumsy. Her feet...In China, it has been a tradition for girl's feet to be bound and folded to keep them from growing any bigger, apparently small feet makes the girl more attractive in China. Mey-Rin doesn't blame her mother for binding her feet. She blames the naivety of those who didn't understand that binding a person's foot can cause more harm than good. May-Rin stopped having her feet bound when she came to England, but her feet are now crooked and somewhat deformed because of binding. They hurt a lot and she must take her shoes off every now and then to massage them and allow her big toe to crack. She once tried to separate the rest of her toes from the soles of her feet, but they're left in a permanent bend. No one has seen her walking barefoot and prefers to keep it that way. It's shameful to her.

She gives Ciel Phantomhive the board game without question. As usual, no thank you.

"That will be all, Mey-Rin," he says.

She then remembers the conversation she and Baldroy were having in the kitchen earlier. "Do you have a favourite colour, my lord?"

Ciel looks up from his work and frowns at her. "Pardon me?"

"A colour. Do you have a favourite?" she asks.

"Why are you asking such tedious question?"

"Well, since you know everything about us, I'd thought it would be fair if we got to know you," she says awkwardly.

"...Has Baldroy been talking again?"

Mey-Rin's face falls when the young lord said this...How did he know? "Yes, my lord," she sighs in defeat.

Ciel taps the side of his chin while staring at her blankly with his icy blue eye. "Tell Baldroy that he's fired. Tell him to pack up his things and get out."

"What? No! Please, Lord Ciel, don't fire Baldroy," she pleads, "You know he doesn't mean the things he says."

Ciel simply laughs at her panicked state. "I know. It was merely a joke, not a very good one, I believe."

"Oh." She now feels very stupid for taking everything so seriously.

"With all seriousness, Mey-Rin, make sure Baldroy minds his tongue if he wishes to maintain his job."

"Yes, sir."

"As for your question, would you like to guess what my favourite colour is?"

"Blue?" she guesses though she's not really sure since he's always wearing black.

The young lord chuckles in amusement. "It is. What's yours?"

"Master, you clearly know what my favourite colour is. Sebastian probably told you."

"I want to hear it from you, not Sebastian."

"...It's pink." A lot of girls like pink. Apparently pink is more feminine but that's not the reason why she likes pink. It's warmer and livelier.

"I would have guessed red, the traditional colours of China," he smirks.

"But your aunt likes red."

"True," he says and he continues his work, "I need everything to be perfect this evening. That means no messing up, am I clear?"

"Yes, young lord."

"And wear something presentable. That goes for Baldroy and Finnian as well," he orders, "I hate the sight of you three in the presence of our guests covered in dust, grass and kitchen grease. Last time Lau told me he could smell it from the recreational room."

Mey-Rin nods in agreement. "My apologies. I'll notify the others and we'll be ready for tonight."

"Good. You may proceed with your duties as usual."

"Yes, Lord Phantomhive," she says before turning to leave, only to squeal with a startle at the sudden sight of Sebastian Michaelis standing in front of her. When did he return? She didn't even hear the library door open. She didn't hear him enter. "Pardon me, Sebastian."

Sebastian steps aside. "Watch your step, Mey-Rin."

She nods once more before finally leaving the study.

Arranging for dinner for Lord Damiano was a disaster, however. As predicted, Finnian killed the flowers along with the grass with herbicide, Baldroy tried to cook the food with a flamethrower and accidentally burned everything that would be served for dinner and Mey-Rin tried to reach for the new tea seat on top of the cabinet but her feet made her fall off balance and caused the cabinet to crash along with the tea set. As usual, Sebastian has everything fixed before the evening by rearranging the yard into a Japanese rock garden and having Baldroy make beef donburi.

Mey-Rin takes a cold bath since she doesn't have enough time to heat up the water for a hot bath. They only have an hour left before Lord Damiano arrives. Afterwards, she dresses up in a plain white ruqun with those dreadful lotus shoes she hates so much. She loves lotus flower but despises lotus shoes. She remembers having to wear those infernal torture devices (that resembled a lotus bud) to her once bound feet. They still fit. However, they're tight since she stopped binding them and allowed them to grow so they'll probably start hurting later on. She wiggles her stiff toes.

This is going to be a tiring evening indeed.

The moment Lord Damiano entered Phantomhive Manor, he is completely awestruck by the Japanese rock garden set in the yard. Sebastian indeed did a wonderful job with the yard. Ciel Phantomhive and Lord Damiano greet each other with a handshake and introduces the house staff.

"Good evening, Lord Damiano," he says, "I welcome you to our Phantomhive household. This is the rest of my staff. Sebastian Michaelis, my butler. Baldroy, the cook. Finnian, our gardener. And finally, my maid, Mey-Rin."

The moment Lord Damiano sees her, Mey-Rin immediately became uneasy. She's had a few gents stare at her but never that way. She's not even wearing anything provocative, just the plain ruqun dress that covers most of her, minus her hands and face. There should be no reason for the lord to stare at her the way he sees an appetizing meal. He's the owner of the Poseidon Company's Indian Factory and Lord Phantomhive's guest so she can't complain.

During dinner, Ciel and his guest eat the beef donburi. Mey-Rin tries to serve the wine but with Sebastian and Lord Damiano watching her every move, she gets nervous and accidentally spills the wine on the white tablecloth. Luckily, Sebastian is able to remove the cloth in a swift move before Lord Damiano could notice. Such a clever butler, he is.

After dinner, Sebastian rewards the staff with a lemon meringue pie. Mey-Rin, however, is not hungry. Her stomach is still on knots, embarrassed for spilling the wine and unease by Lord Damiano's staring.

Ciel Phantomhive and Lord Damiano talk in the library while playing the grim board game he asked Mey-Rin to bring. Ciel moves his gargoyle piece twice.

"The progress we've been making with the East India Factory is quite astonishing," Lord Damiano says. "We already have the makings of a top-notch staff ─."

"Bewitched by the eyes of the dead," Ciel interrupts Lord Damiano, clearly more interested in the game more than the man's words, "What terrible luck! It appears I lose a turn."

Lord Damiano chuckles in amusement. However, he still wants to talk about the company, "Right now it's the perfect time. We should begin expanding the company and building a strong labor force -."

"Go on, it's your turn," Ciel interrupts him once more, his tone full of boredom.

Mey-Rin doesn't understand. Lord Damiano is simply talking important business involving Ciel's company. Why is the young lord interrupting him so much? Why he is not interested in hearing him out?

Lord Damiano lets out a sigh. "Oh yes...I just spin this then?" He spins the blue top with numbers on it. It stops to a 5. He needs to move five spaces. Mey-Rin knows this as she has watched the young lord play this game with his aunt. She may not be intelligent, but she is observant. "I move five paces then. Now what I wanted to ask you, perhaps you can contribute another 12,000 pounds to support our expansion." Ciel remains staring at him sternly. "I believe it will be quite a profitable venture for you, my lord, to help expand the Funtom Company ─."

"You lose a leg in the enchanted forest," Ciel says.


"And it's your turn again. I lost a turn, remember?"

"Oh, I see," Lord Damiano says, feeling uncomfortable right now. He moves the blue top again. It stops spinning. "Right, I move 6 spaces."

"You don't," Ciel says, "That's three."

"What?" he asks in confusion.

"You lost a leg, if I recall. Now you only move half the number of spaces." Lord Damiano stares at Ciel in shock as he says this.

"Oh my," he chuckles but it's an uncomfortable laugh. "This is a gruesome board game, isn't it? Is there no way to restore my leg then?"

"I'm afraid once something is truly lost, sir, one can never get it back," Ciel says, his tone turning cold. And Mey-Rin hates to admit but it's quite scary. Ciel leans forward and snatches Lord Damiano's gargoyle piece away, much to the man's bewilderment. "Your body is burned by raging flames."

One of the images in the board game shows a man being burned alive at the stake while surrounded by crosses. Mey-Rin can actually hear that poor man screaming in her head, as if the man burning at the stake is real.

"Are you sure we should be talking business in the presence of the servants?" Lord Damiano asks.

"Sebastian and Mey-Rin are one of my most loyal servants. Nothing that we say in this room comes out of their mouths," Ciel says sternly.

Lord Damiano continues watching Mey-Rin, his eyes following her moves as she cleans up the bookcases with the feather duster. Ciel notices this and glares at him. However, Lord Damiano doesn't seem to notice, too distracted by the pretty maiden in glasses.

"Where did you find that girl?" he asks with a sort of glee in his eyes.

"Sebastian found her for me," Ciel says, "When my parents died, most of the servants perished in the fire. The surviving staff left. Tanaka was the only ones who remained by my side. However, it still wasn't enough. I was still short on staff. So, I had Sebastian hire Mey-Rin, Baldroy and Finnian. Finnian is from Germany. Baldroy is from America. And Mey-Rin is from China."

"China, you say? How lovely!" he says, "Does she understand English?"

"She understands and speaks English quite well," Ciel says, "She knew English even before Sebastian found her. She is quite fluent at it, actually. So, I would proceed with caution when talking about her."

"Did she have a tutor? Did a family member teach her, perhaps?"

Ciel looks over at Mey-Rin. She doesn't make eye contact with him. She simply sighs and continues dusting the cases.

"Mey-Rin doesn't like talking about it. And even if I'm allowed to tell, it would be disrespectful, so I wouldn't dare pry, Lord Damiano." At least he's sparing her from telling her story. "She may be the maid of the house but even maids prefer to keep their lives private.

"Yes, of course." Lord Damiano is about to stand up from his chair. "Now about the contract -."

"Before we discuss that, we must finish the game," Ciel says, just as cold as ever.

"Yes, of course," Lord Damiano sits down on his seat again, "I do have a pressing appointment. Perhaps another time -."

"Children can be very demanding with their games. Surely you don't want me to get upset," Ciel smiles this time. The first time Mey-Rin has ever seen him smile. It's not a real smile though. It's more like a smirk.

"No. No, of course not," Lord Damiano says, "Perhaps you will permit me to use your telephone."

"Of course."

Lord Damiano gets up from his seat and leaves the library.

That was strange, Mey-Rin thinks as she pours the young lord a fresh cup of tea. Ciel takes the cup to his lips but does not drink it. He sniffs it and makes a disgusted face.

"What is this?" he asks. "It smells terribly weak."

Mey-Rin looks at Sebastian, hoping she answers the young lord's question for her. She doesn't know what tea she's serving him. She's just following orders in pouring the tea, nothing more.

"Out of consideration for our guest, I brought some Italian tea," Sebastian answers.


"Italians drink more coffee than tea, sir. So, finding high-quality Italian tea can be difficult. This particular selection is not to your liking, master?"

Ciel glares at the tea coldly. "No. It is not. I don't like it at all."

"I'll see to the dessert preparation," Sebastian bows his head. Ciel nods in return.

"Good. We must show Lord Damiano every available hospitality," he smirks once more. "The Phantomhives family is known for its curtesy."

"Yes, my young lord."

Ciel then turns his attention to Mey-Rin. "Bring me some Earl grey tea. I want to wash this bad taste from my mouth."

"Yes, master," Mey-Rin bows her head before leaving the library herself.

That was the most uncomfortable situation she had ever witnessed in her entire life though it wasn't the first time she was in a situation she did not like being in. Thankfully, Sebastian and Ciel got her out of that.

Mey-Rin decides to head to bed for tonight after cleaning up the dining table and bringing the Earl Grey tea he requested. Baldroy wanted to do the dishes but he's already exhausted. So Mey-Rin volunteered on doing the dishes tomorrow. But wants to sleep first. Tonight's dinner was good even though embarrassing. At least Lord Damiano is pleased. And Ciel and Sebastian are glad of that.

As she walks down the corridor, she suddenly starts to hear talking in one of the rooms nearby. The telephone room.

Mey-Rin doesn't have intention to eavesdrop but just by the accent, she can tell that it's Lord Damiano talking on the phone.

"I am tired of babysitting this child earl...Yes, I've already sold off the factory...Now all is left is to pocket the extra cash and try to squeeze more out of the brat right now...The employees? Who cares about them?"

Mey-Rin puts a hand over her mouth to hold back a gasp. Lord Damiano sold Ciel's factory in India. He was lying. And now plans to steal money from him. She needs to tell Ciel immediately before he gets deceived by this con artist.

She quietly walks past the telephone room. She doesn't want to be heard by Lord Damiano. However, one of her feet throws her off balance again and she nearly falls to the side if she hadn't held on to one of the tables that decorate the side of the corridor. This cause a vase to fall. Mey-Rin tries to quickly catch it but it falls to the floor and shatters with a loud crash.

Oh my God, no.

She immediately turns around to see Lord Damiano come out of the telephone room. They both stare at each other for moment, Mey-Rin's eyes wide in fear and Lord Damiano's in shock.

She turns and makes a run for it. Lord Damiano runs after her. Unfortunately, Mey-Rin isn't fast enough. Lord Damiano grabs her by the upper arm, stopping her from running any further. He slams her against the wall and grabs her by the throat in a tight squeeze.

"How much did you hear!?" he snaps at her.

Mey-Rin shakes her head in panic. "I didn't hear anything, honest."

"Liar!" He slams her against the wall once more. "I'm going to make sure you stay quiet, girl!"

Lin Yun screams as she tries to fight Lord Damiano off. Lord Damiano puts a hand over her mouth and squeezes her throat tighter, choking her.

In order to free herself, she kicks Lord Damiano in the crotch.

Lord Damiano cries out and lets go of her.

Mey-Rin runs again.

She then bumps into Sebastian who is now staring down at her in surprise. Mey-Rin responds by putting her arms around his waist in a tight embrace and sobs against his chest.

"Mey-Rin, what happened?"

"What is going on here!?" Ciel shouts as he appears in the hallway quite displeased from the commotion. He is surprised to see Mey-Rin hugging Sebastian and sobbing, and Lord Damiano getting up from the floor, holding himself in pain.

"Don't believe anything that wretched girl says!" Lord Damiano snaps angrily, "She attacked me!"

"I'm sorry, young lord!" Mey-Rin cries. "He sold your company and wants to rob you by asking for more money!"

"She's lying!"

"That's enough!" Ciel yells angrily before turning to Sebastian, "Get her out of here. Now!"

Sebastian bows his head. "Yes, my lord. Come along, dear." He guides a crying Mey-Rin away from the corridors, leaving Ciel alone with the bastard Lord Damiano.

"This is my house, Lord Damiano," Ciel says firmly, "I will not allow you to threaten my staff. I'd tell you to leave but it's the middle of the night and as a Phantomhive, I'm giving you the opportunity to stay for the night. But you will get out of my home once dawn breaks and you don't come back. Are we clear?"

Lord Damiano glares at Ciel but sighs and bows his head. "Yes."

Sebastian presses a damp cloth to Mey-Rin's already bruised neck, purple blotches decorating her pale neck. She may have been emotionally weak, but she was at least physically strong enough to incapacitate Lord Damiano by kicking him in the crotch, and that impresses Sebastian a lot.

"You should be more careful, Mey," he says, "If he ever comes near you again, call me."

"Forgive me, Sebastian," she says and hisses as the cloth touches her next again.

"What else did you hear from Lord Damiano?" he asks.

"Nothing else much. He simply said he sold Lord Ciel's company and planned to steal from him by asking for more money," she says, "I was going to tell the young lord when Lord Damiano caught me and attacked me."

"Well, you don't have to worry. Young master will have a strict talk with Lord Damiano and you won't have to see him ever again."

"I worry for the young lord, Sebastian."

"I'm sure the young lord can take care of himself," he assures her.

Mey-Rin smiles. "I'm sure he can. But that's not what I mean. When you took me in, I promised to protect the Phantomhive Manor."

"You've done a good job so far," he compliments

"...Thank you, Sebastian," she says with a smile, taking his hand in hers. Sebastian frowns at this sudden gesture of gratitude. He's not very used to kind gestures, so he retracts his hand and bows his head before leaving her bedroom.

Mey-Rin's smiles slowly leaves her face. She takes off her glasses, her pupils growing bigger, and puts them on the nightstand before curling up in her bed in fetal position. She knows that Sebastian will never respond to her form of gratitude and neither will Ciel. Never a thank you, please or you're welcome. That's much she knows about them.

She wakes up the next morning, dresses up in her uniform and immediately gets to work. Ciel Phantomhive gave her instant orders to tidy up Lord Damiano's bedroom. After what happened last night, she hesitates at first, but she obeys her young lord's orders. It's his manor.

Luckily for her, Lord Damiano is nowhere to be seen once she enters the bedroom. She lets out a sigh of relief before getting to work. She makes the bed though there isn't much to make. It doesn't look like he slept on the bed last night at all. That's odd. If he left Phantomhive Manor, then good riddance. She prefers to never see that man again for as long as she lives. She wipes off the dust from the dresser with a damp cloth and sweeps the floor with a broomstick.

After cleaning the guest bedroom, she heads downstairs and goes to the kitchen to help Baldroy clean the dishes. He's already occupied cooking breakfast and lunch for the young lord, might as well do him a small favour.

He's making scrambled eggs and his apron are covered in grease stains. He greets her with a smile upon seeing her walk into the kitchen.


"Morning, Baldroy," she smiles back as she heads over to the sink to wash the dishes, only to find the sink empty and the dishes set on the drying rack already clean from any food spots. She looks at Baldroy with a surprised expression. "Did you do the dishes this morning?"


"Baldroy, I said I was going to do it this morning," she protests.

"Well, after what happened last night with Lord Damiano, I thought it be best not to overwork yourself," Baldroy says, "I swear, if I see that bastard go anywhere near you again, I'll grab this butcher knife and chop his wanker off."

Mey-Rin smiles softly. She knows that Baldroy has always looked after her. He acts like an older brother towards her. He's always trying to make sure nothing bad happens to her or Finnian. But sometimes he can get a little overprotective. Chopping off Lord Damiano's cock seems like a suitable punishment but it would be too much, and the young lord would never allow such thing.

"After what happened last night, I needed a distraction and you ruined it," she smiles, "Now I have to find something else to distract me."

Finnian enters the kitchen wearing strong canvas gloves and a straw hat on his head. "Hey, guys, I need to trim the hedges and I can't seem to find my shears."

"Didn't you leave that thing in the tool-shed yesterday?" Baldroy asks.

"I did, but now it's gone," Finnian winces, "Master will be so disappointed if I don't get those hedges done by this afternoon."

There's a distraction for her. "I'll look in the garden and see if you left it somewhere in a tree or something."

"Are you sure about that, Mey?" Baldroy asks, his face expressing concern.

Mey-Rin nods though she can't say she's sure herself. The guest room for Lord Damiano looked empty but that doesn't guarantee that he's no longer in Phantomhive Manor. She hopes not. She's praying hard not to encounter the man while looking for Finnian's shears.

"Yes, I'm sure. Don't worry about it," she tells him. If anything happens, she'll follow Baldroy's advice and chop his cock off. She'll probably use Finnian's shears, if she manages to find them, that is.

Mey-Rin leaves the kitchen through the backdoor than leads to the open garden the young lord has. The grass green and trimmed down to perfection with pretty red poppies blooming. Tall trees perfectly aligned, even heightened and surrounding the garden in a neat square shape. There's also a beautiful cherry blossom tree growing, its delicate pink petals falling from the branches one by one like snow. Mey-Rin has always liked cherry blossoms but her favourite will always be the lotus flower. The garden has a pond that has white water lilies that resemble the lotus flower but not quite. Tables are set around the pond just case someone would like a cup of tea in the garden and what better way to enjoy it than sitting near a pond with beautiful water lilies, at least that's how Mey-Rin thinks. There are stone paths that lead to certain area of Phantomhive Manor, including a path Sebastian forbids them to go. A path that leads out of the garden and into the forest.

Apparently, that is where the original Phantomhive Manor used to be...Mey-Rin can't tell which it was though. But one thing is for sure, Ciel is the only person who goes there (accompanied by his butler, of course), and no one else is allowed to go down there. Many stop to look at the forbidden path but never dare to walk into the forest, for the fear of angering Ciel or the fear of encountering something they're not supposed to see. No one, not even Finnian, has dared to enter the forest through the forbidden path.

Mey-Rin walks past it without a second glance. She prefers to look for Finnian's shield than letting curiosity kill her. She searches through the toolshed where Finnian said he left it yesterday. She finds a lot of things there. A rake. A few old cracked flower pots. Herbicide. But no garden shears. If they're not in the tool-shed, then where in the bloody hell are there?

She leaves the tool-shed and searches the red of the garden, behind the hedges Finnian is supposed to trim, behind the blossom tree or even under the tables near the pond. She even looks down in the pond to see if Finnian might have dropped in the pond. Nothing. Just the pretty water lilies blooming bright, clean and white, just like the lotus flowers do.

"Finny, where on earth did you misplace those bloody things?" she mutters to herself as she looks around. They can be anywhere.

The she looks towards the path that leads to the forest where no one is allowed to go. Finnian couldn't have possibly left them there. He would never disobey the young lord by entering the forest when Ciel strictly forbade it. Still, it wouldn't hurt to check. And yet, she'll be disobeying herself, and that's not good. She has never been disobedient to the young lord.

It will just be a quick look though. 5 minutes at least. If they're not there, Mey-Rin will leave the forest immediately. Who knows? Maybe neither the young lord nor Sebastian will notice.

Heart racing in fear, she walks down the forbidden path, having invisible ropes around her waist trying to pull her back. Trying to keep her from entering the forest. However, when she enters the forest, those invisible ropes are gone.

The forest here feels eerie and less colourful than the gardens. The trees completely grey and lifeless. It still has leafy branches creating a large canopy over her head, but those leaves look dry and dead, not green or orange or any type of colour. This part of the forest is dead. Mey-Rin can see many reasons why not to enter the forest. It's depressing. It makes her wonder why the young lord comes here every week. She also sees stone structures ahead, just a few feet away from her behind the trees. Could that be the Phantomhive Manor?

This area where Mey-Rin is standing looks like an old courtyard. There are pieces of stone floors on the earthy ground, buried by dirt and with grass poking out between the spaces. Most of them are broken but still withstanding.

She then remembers that she needs to find Finnian's garden shears. She's not supposed to be here in the first place. If Sebastian and/or Ciel find her here, she'll be in enormous trouble.

That's when she spots them.

Finnian's garden shears. Sticking out behind a few dry shrubs.

"There you are," she says as she hurriedly walks over to where the shears are, only to take an immediate step back and scream in horror before running back to Phantomhive Manor.

Behind the shrubs is the body of Lord Damiano, burned to a crisp, his leg twisted, his mouth open in mid-scream, his stomach gutted and Finnian's garden shears stabbed through his throat.


First chapter for The Lotus Flower is done. Yeah, I don't know if it's good. It probably sucks.