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Lone Wolf

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Nicole planted her body firmly, her paws digging into the frozen ground as she lifted her head. Fresh, warm blood dripped from her muzzle to land steaming in the cold air. She hunched over her kill desperately as she heard the sounds of multiple bodies racing through the woods towards her.

Her hackles rose, a warning growl quivering unvoiced upon her lips as she strained her senses, trying to get a fix on how many were coming and if there were any more blocking her escape route.

Even though she had expected it, her body still started as a smaller wolf suddenly burst through the trees into the clearing right in front of her and skidded to a halt before her.

She was… beautiful. All sleek lines and rippling muscles beneath her thick, shining coat of brunette and dark blonde. Hazel eyes peered at her from a delicate face. Startled wide at first, they grew lidded as the wolf stretched out, tilting her head delicately as she scented the air.

Suddenly growing self-conscious at the blood on her face, Nicole took a half step back towards cover even though she’d already caught the delicious scent of the wolf and knew she wasn’t as high up on the pecking order as herself. Or as high as she might have been considered if she had a pack.

Nicole was an Alpha but she was an Alpha on her own. A lone wolf with no one to fight against to see if she was pack leader or somewhere lower in the ranks. And Nicole liked it that way… at least that was what she told herself.

The wolf before her was an Omega. That could mean many different things from pack to pack but generally they were thought of as being lower and not important. Which to Nicole was utter bull.

Knowing there was no way a pack worth its title would let such a beauty out unguarded, Nicole lowered her head to pick up her kill and beat a hasty retreat. Before she could close her teeth upon it, she found her vision filled with hazel eyes as the Omega darted closer and touched her nose to hers in a far too friendly greeting given that she had just been threatened.

Before Nicole could even think how to respond three more wolves, a female and two males, burst into the clearing. The female was all piercing blue eyes and wild brunette hair that was darker than the Omegas. Both males were dark, almost black, but one was thickly muscled while the other was a more slender build and was slightly older with hints of grey running across his muzzle and over his neck.

Nicole could tell by their scents as they surrounded her that they were all Alpha’s. They came at her, jaws snapping in warning as they bullied her away from her kill and the Omega.

The dominant side of Nicole didn’t want to back down but, even though she was bigger than them, she was outnumbered, outmanoeuvred and hunting on the land of a strange pack. That could be a death sentence for a lone wolf such as herself even amongst the most civilized of packs.

Backing away, she made herself small and reluctantly submitted to them. Doing anything else right then, with the numbers against her, would have led more than likely to her ending up dead and she was loath to start anything with the Omega there. So she was forced to watch with the male wolves’ breaths rustling her fur and teeth snapping close to her spine in warning as the Alpha female snarled in her face, blue eyes shining in triumph as she turned and picked up Nicole’s kill for herself.

The hazel-eyed beauty filled her sight again and Nicole felt her heart lifting as she rubbed her face against hers. Her breath against Nicole’s ear was a gentle huff that set Nicole’s twitching in response. Her head pressed against the thicker fur around the nape of Nicole’s neck, nearly having to put her paws on her to reach, and still, Nicole couldn’t find it in herself to protest at being scent marked by an Omega in such a blatantly possessive way.

The Alpha female bounded back, dark brunette fur bristled in anger as she bullied into the young Omega. Finding her voice, her Alpha taking offence, Nicole bared her teeth and sprung between them snapping at the Alpha in defence of the Omega.

They were a pack, she was a lone wolf that had no reason or right to interfere in their business. They all knew it and Nicole was confused by her own actions when the Alpha had only been telling the Omega off. Once she had placed herself between them though, Nicole couldn’t seem to uncoil and calm herself even as the males flanked the other Alpha and backed her up.

A touch came to Nicole’s side, the glide of a body against her own as the Omega rubbed against her, leaning her weight into her with the gentle nudge of shoulder and hip. It was a simple touch that shouldn’t have affected Nicole as much as it did. But coupled with the scent that was her… Nicole felt herself calming. Her head butted up against hers and the scent increased as Nicole found herself being marked by the Omega again despite the obvious disquiet of the other wolves.

With one last swish of her bushy tail that tickled around Nicole’s neck and jaw, the Omega slowly walked towards the other three wolves with a provocative sway to her hips and gave them all withering glares that had them hastily stepping aside.

Nicole couldn’t deny that it kind of made her feel somewhat better about losing her meal to know she wasn’t the only one the Omega could confuse. It didn’t make her want to linger any longer in case they turned on her again though. So, not for the first time in her life, Nicole slipped back out of sight and made good her escape.

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Wynonna stared at her little sister in exasperation. “You’re supposed to be the smart one! What in the hell were you thinking, Waverly?” She raked a hand through her hair, huffing out a sigh as Waverly ignored her in favour of staring out of her bedroom window into the night, her mind a million miles away.

Or more precisely, her mind was back in the wood enraptured by the big Alpha she had been rubbing up on.


“What, ‘Nonna?” Letting the curtain she had eased aside to expose the view of the towering pines and poplars that lay beyond the Homestead slip from between her fingers, Waverly dragged her eyes from the bleak wintery landscape she hadn’t even really been looking at and turned to face her big sister.

Waverly hadn’t even heard her come into her bedroom, not that Wynonna was one to bother with the niceties like knocking to announce herself most of the time anyway. But one glance into those blue eyes burning with challenge, frustration and concern, and she knew exactly what she was so wound up about.

“I was just being friendly, Wynonna,” she smiled unconsciously as her mind drifted back to the stunningly beautiful, female wolf. Butterflies took flight within her, their wings setting off explosions within her that sparked off every nerve ending and flooded her with excitement.

“Friendly? Friendly!?” Wynonna threw up her hands in exasperation. “Waverly! You were staking a claim on an Alpha! One none of us have ever seen before at that!” Wynonna paced back and forth in agitation as Waverly continued to gaze off to the side with a wistful smile on her face. Grabbing Waverly by the shoulders, Wynonna barely resisted the urge to shake some sense into her. “Have you any idea how dangerous that could have been if we weren’t there, Babygirl?”

Waverly did, of course she did, but she had the feeling she was going to hear all about it anyway. All she could think of though was the Alpha and how good it had felt to rub against her shining red coat and feel the muscles beneath. And oh, those brown eyes! So fierce and protective, and so warm when she had touched her.

“Earth to Waverly! Come in, Waverly!” Wynonna tightened her grip slightly.

“I wonder what her name is? Her hair was so red… have you seen anyone in town with hair that colour? I wonder which pack she’s with? They’re not feeding her right though, she was too thin, don’t you think? That was very mean of you taking her food like that!”

Wynonna blinked, her hands dropping from where they rested against Waverly as she tried to keep up with the rapid-fire questions coming from Waverly as she started to pace around. Back and forth. Back and forth. Each spin on her heels punctuating each question. Suddenly she found herself backing up at the fierce poke of her finger as Waverly turned on her for taking back food killed on their land.

Their land!

“She was poaching in pack territory, Waverly!” Wynonna found herself defending her actions.

“It was still mean! You could have just talked to her but no! You had to all blunder in, snapping and snarling when maybe she needed help! Oh god, she needed help!”

“We ‘blundered in’,” Wynonna sharply air quoted around the words, “because we could smell your fear.” And that worried her because… “We never even knew it was a wolf causing that it until we saw her and how close she was to you,” she admitted, a frown creasing her brow.

Their scents were unique to each wolf, only changing on the rare occasions when a wolf found their true mate… their soulmate. Wynonna knew that but she had never known a wolf to be able to hide their scent to that extent before.

“I touched her first,” Waverly admitted with a shy smile, ducking her head under the waves of pleasure running through her at the memory of how good and right it had felt when she had. “I just had to, ‘Nonna. And she smelled so good,” she purred.

“She…” frowning, Wynonna grabbed Waverly by the shoulders again, holding her still before she could start pacing again while she ran her nose along Waverly’s throat. “Listen to me, Babygirl. We couldn’t smell her not even a little bit. Have you any idea how powerful an Alpha would have to be to hide their scent that completely? How rare it is even to be able to dampen it?”

Wynonna could smell her now though where it clung to Waverly. Vanilla with a hint of a light, warm, musk and maybe a hint of coffee… All mingled with the familiar lavender scent of her sister.

“Mmm, vanilla dipped doughnuts,” Waverly purred. “They’re my favourite.” Wrapping her arms around herself, she held onto the warm memories.

Wynonna rubbed a hand over her face in exasperation. “Tell me you did not rub on a strange Alpha just because they smell of your favourite dessert?”

“Of course not, Wynonna,” Waverly huffed in exasperation. Turning away from her sister, she marched over to the window again and pushed back the edge of the curtain once more. She stared out of the window, wondering if the red wolf was thinking about her as much as Waverly was thinking about her?

“I did it ‘cause she’s mine,” she whispered resolutely.

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Wynonna froze, her body coming to a complete halt on the threshold of Waverly’s bedroom for a moment as Waverly’s whisper reached her ears. Glancing back over her shoulder, she saw Waverly once more lost in whatever it was going on in her mind as she looked out of the window.

Shaking her head in concern, her breath leaving as a sigh, Wynonna closed the bedroom door behind her with a quiet click. If not for the fact that it wouldn’t contain her no matter what she tried, Wynonna was tempted to lock the door on Waverly and nail it shut.

The best she could do though was trust, Waverly… and make sure the rest of the pack was looking out for her. As well as keeping their eyes peeled for any new wolf roaming around.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Grinding her teeth, Wynonna made her way down the old wooden stairs, her booted feet thudding hollowly against each tread and every floorboard.

The dining chair creaked in subtle protest as Doc leaned his weight back against it. Knowing the state of his mate just by her walk, Doc prepared for whatever storm was heading his way by pouring several fingers worth of whiskey into a glass and pushing it forward across the table in silent offering as she stormed into the kitchen with a glower furrowing her beautiful face.

“How is Miss Waverly?”

Wynonna threw herself down in a chair opposite Doc at the kitchen table and flopped forwards to prop her chin on her folded arms. Huffing softly in thanks, she reached out and turned the glass, watching the harsh kitchen light dancing in the amber whiskey for a moment before she downed it in one long swallow.

“Waverly is… Waverly,” she grunted. “Which right now seems to include being more than a little interested in that red Alpha we had a run in with.”

“Hmm,” Doc stroked a finger over his moustache. He had been thinking about their red visitor. With the climate how it was in Purgatory their reaction had not been too over the top but, he had the feeling that Wynonna’s problem with the stranger had been more to do with Waverly than the other Alpha. “well, while I am sure you want to hear this, your little sister is not so little anymore, Wynonna. She is a grown woman with a grown woman’s needs.”

“She’s my kid sister Doc. Technically she’s not allowed to grow up. Especially not after that piss-poor excuse for a boy-man she was with before. We should just lock her ass up!”


“From Champ to this? Obviously, she should be locked up.” Wynonna huffed again and flopped facefirst to the table again at the look that was part sympathy and part incredulous, that Doc was throwing her. “Why did she have to go and pick a stranger to get all possessive over?” she whined pitifully.

“Possessive?” Young Waverly had been strangely touchy with the stranger with how she had broken all normal rules governing pack and society rules with how she had scent marked the Alpha how she had but he wondered what she had done since then that had Wynonna all riled up?

“Oh yeah,” Wynonna snorted. “I just left her upstairs, gazing out of her window all lovelorn and angsty as shit, muttering about red being ‘hers’.” Huffing again, Wynonna snatched up the bottle of whiskey and decided to forgo the niceties of a glass in favour of swigging a mouthful straight from it. “What the hell was she thinking, Doc? Omega’s don’t claim Alpha’s!”

“Alphas also do not do what we all did, Wynonna,” he pointed out gently but firmly. “Waverly is an Earp more than she is an Omega though. That tends to add a little to the mix.”

“You trying to say we’re bossy, Doc? Help me out here, Xavier,” she pleaded as he entered the kitchen, carrying with him an air of peace and calm that was a balm to her stormy emotions.

“Wynonna, as Doc as already pointed out, instead of doing the Alpha thing and picking just one of us or finding an Omega or someone else just to avoid the whole ‘pesky soulmate thing’,” she huffed at the reminder of how she had complained and bitched about that feeling it was more of a curse than a blessing. “You picked not one but two Alphas to mate to. You picked us. Bossy doesn’t even come close to describing you Earp’s.”

Raising her chin she glared fondly at Xavier as he sat down next to Doc and tilted the older man’s chin for a deeply passionate kiss that was all teeth and tongue and had her squirming eagerly in her chair as they both moaned into it and each other.

That was most definitely not playing fair!

They both knew she loved to see them together just as much as she loved being between them in bed.

“Bad!” gorgeous and sexy as fuck, but bad. “I’m supposed to be working out what to do with Waverly not watching you two fuck!” She could see their smiles but apart from that acknowledgement that she had spoken or was even there they ignored her and kept kissing until Xavier trailed his mouth down Doc’s throat and bit into him just enough to make him, and Wynonna, shudder in response before they pulled away from each other.

“Duh-“ swallowing heavily, her body throbbing with every languid beat of her heart, Wynonna tried again to reel her tongue back into her mouth and actually get something intelligent out past the ‘FUCK ME NOW!’ that was screaming through her head. “Do either of you guys know of a pack that red might have come from?”

“Hmm,” leaning back in his chair, not so subtly steading his legs to assuage the throbbing between them, Xavier reluctantly turned his mind around to the task at hand. There were much better things he would rather be doing but, he knew Wynonna, she wasn’t one to be distracted for long. So rather than fight the inevitable, he thought about the huge red wolf, bringing to mind every detail he could remember of her and their brief meeting.

“There was a pack of reds down south once… Georgia I think it was. Very old and very powerful to the point they were considered close to royalty by some, gods by others, devils by most. And they were very capable of hiding their scent.”

“I remember hearing about them too,” Doc added. “They were very aggressive, especially the Alphas. I believe their last Alpha was particularly brutal?”

“Yeah, Bulshar I think his name was. In the end though, the other packs in the area rose up and they got wiped out over twenty years ago. I mean, seriously wiped out. It was the pack equivalent of genocide. Everyone loyal to them was butchered. Even the children of the Alpha’s met the same fate. They were so desperate to make sure they couldn’t breed again that many humans in the area with red hair were slaughtered just in case they were related.”

“Jesus, not a good place to be a ginger then. Do you think, red could be one of them?”

“She would have been a baby when that happened and no one for hundreds of miles would have helped a pup with her colouring. It is more likely that she has just left her pack to wander for a while.”

“Red was able to hide her scent from us though, that is one fucking seriously powerful Alpha to be wandering around alone. Well, actually, Waverly could smell her so if you find anyone smelling of vanilla dipped doughnuts and coffee…”

“Isn’t that Miss Waverly’s favourite—?”

“Yes!” Wynonna bit out angrily, cutting Doc off. Doughnuts were supposed to be her thing… but at least it explained why all the vanilla ones kept vanishing.

“Okay.” Doc tried to hide his smile but apparently, not even the bushyness of his moustache helped if Wynonna’s glower and deep sigh was any indication. “I know you worry about your sister, Wynonna. We all do. She is a big girl though, one that has apparently—”

“Don’t say it!”

“Picked a bond mate,” Xavier finished for the other man.

“I don’t think any of us expected to be in the relationship we are Wynonna. As soon as I met you and Doc though, I couldn’t see anything other than us all together.” He reached across the table and took Wynonna’s hand as he felt Doc’s cover his. “I am glad you picked us both.”

“We will protect Waverly with our lives, you know that, but you need to let her find the same happiness as we have. Now,” Doc husked, “unless there is anything else that needs our attention, our run earlier. And our kiss,” running a hand along thick strength of Xavier’s thigh, he easily found the thick length of his cock trapped within his pants and gave it a squeeze that ripped a moan from his mouth and had a dark wet stain spreading through the fabric. “It has left me sorely in need of some attention.”

Rising from his chair, Doc growled in satisfaction at the heated looks in his lovers’ eyes as they saw the bulge in his jeans. “Now, if you would care to join me?”

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Long after she had raced away from the three Alpha’s, and the beautiful Omega that had confused her senses, Nicole kept running, her long legs eating up the ground with ease even though she couldn’t hear any indication that they were even chasing after her or trying to track her down.

It was those confused senses but mostly the Omega’s floral but sweet scent of lavender with a citrusy hint of lime that clung to her body and invaded her nose and soul that Nicole was running away from though.

And they were not so quick to let her get away.

Slipping around trees and bushes with powerful but fluid ease, her body shifting and twisting, Nicole’s muscles coiled and bunch as she pushed up from the snow-encased ground, and snatched her backpack out from the fork of a branch, high up in a tree where she had left it in.

Hunger gnawed at her insides as she nudged a side pocket open and snatched up the last of her energy bars. With a nimble rip of teeth, she managed to unwrap it and devoured it in one bite.

Although cities were big enough to get lost in, Nicole had been avoiding them as much as possible as being in them meant more people, more possibility of getting spotted, and also using the money she was trying to save on shelter and food.

Which was why she had decided to go cross country and lose herself in the open spaces between packs instead of flying. It was only two weeks by foot, or paw trip to reach Purgatory which was easy for her. But it was two weeks in weather that had suddenly gone from chilly to hell frozen over, overnight barely a week into her journey.

She would never have agreed to go to that wedding if she’d known her posting was coming in so soon or if she had known the weather was going to turn so bad. But she had had word that a pack was growing restless and without the Academy walls to hide behind once she had graduated, she had needed to get away and a wedding several states away had been ideal.

That unusually atrocious winter weather on her journey to Purgatory had made hunting dangerous and mostly a waste of time and effort as everything with enough sense… which meant everything but herself… had holed themselves up out of the weather. And the one time she actually got some luck since crossing back into Canada, it had gotten taken away before she’d managed to do more than get her mouth wet with blood.

Sighing, Nicole flopped down in the snow and considered her options for the night. Which, given that most of the prey animals she could take down alone were still holed up in burrows deep underground, left staying in wolf form and finding shelter for the night or going human and playing slip-n-slide through the snow while trying to find shelter.

Nicole had endured worse. Much worse. And probably would again. But she had grown soft with her time in the Academy where meals were provided for her regularly but that made the lack of food feel ten times worse.

Huffing out a breath, Nicole watched the fog of it rising into the dark as she struggled with the straps of her backpack until it was over her back. The weight of it was no problem, even in human form she had the strength to flip cars with ease. Backpacks were made for humans, not massive wolves. What felt almost comfortable normally, shifted wrong with her gait when she was on four paws and ended up making her feel like some bizarre form of a pack animal.

A much easier option would have shifted into her full moon form but a wolf carrying a backpack would cause less of a stir than that as there was no full moon and seeing one outside of that was unheard of.

Although Werewolves had been around as long as normal humans, they had stayed hidden, consigning themselves to the realm of myths and legends along with many other being and creatures that fell under the banner term of supernatural.

Like many supernatural beings though, stories were told and past around by word of mouth, parchment and books and finally in movies where Hollywood had depicted Werewolves as monstrous misshapen creatures stuck between man and beast that were created by a bite… a disease.

There was no disease past along by bites or scratches. The truth was that they were born. The ‘man-beast’ was the form they could take during a full moon and instead of being a salivating, mindless, monster, they were perfectly civilized in that form. And they didn’t even have to change if they didn’t want to outside of the first time it happened. And on any day or night, they could take the form of a wolf… albeit a much bigger wolf than a proper wolf.

Nicole was different though, a myth even to her own kind thanks to her heritage as she could take the form of her full moon wolf at any time of any day.

Showing that part of herself too often though caused almost as much of a stir as when the first wolves to grow sick of the way Hollywood portrayed them, had stepped up and revealed themselves. Which had proved to be brave and stupid as people weren’t so willing to listen to the truth and many prejudices still persisted that, even though the law said it was wrong, people could be refused jobs just because a blood test came back saying what they were.

Did human rights exist if your blood said you weren’t quite human enough?

The answer to that far too many times over the years had been a resounding, no.

Because of that, even now, packs kept themselves pretty much to themselves. Which was even truer for herself only she had to stay away from packs too. There had only been a handful of times over the years where she had been a part of a pack and that had been before she had matured enough to show her Alpha side and just the colour of her hair had drawn questions about where she was from.

Now she was welcome nowhere.

Nicole had been hoping for a fresh start in Purgatory but she hadn’t even started her new job and had already had a run in with some of the areas Alphas. Alphas that her new boss had never mentioned been there. Not that she had thought to ask but people were usually all too quick to mention something like that.

Discriminating based on species wasn’t allowed… but it still happened. Just to get into the Academy, Nicole had had to provide a blood sample. Everyone had to. But as well as looking for drugs, Nicole knew they were looked for any ‘genetic’ abnormalities. And while they weren’t allowed to refuse entry, it didn’t mean they had to pass her.

If they found out.

But even that wasn’t so easy with her. As well as being able to hide her scent, she could hide that part of her blood. Not intentionally. Nicole hadn’t even known it was possible until the results of a blood test had come back like that of a normal human. Nicole didn’t understand it but it had come in useful in getting her what she had hoped was a new start in life.

On the plus side, if she played her cards right and kept a low profile with her wolf side she could still fly below the radar and would only be hated in the small town of Purgatory for liking girls and her job as a cop and not the colour of her coat.

Uggh! She should not have thought about girls!

It made the scent rise up from her coat once more, teasing across her senses to make her heart quicken and her body ache. What had possessed her to scent mark her like that? And why hadn’t she tried harder to stop it? She felt like it was a part of her skin, soaked in through all the layers until the Omega was a part of her soul.

Stopping, Nicole lowered her head and tried to calm the strange thoughts but all she could see seared into her memory was those hazel eyes set in a stunningly beautiful face that made Nicole wonder what she would look like in her human form.

The wolf was beautiful. Nicole knew that much.

Nicole’s wolf made her want to nuzzle her nose into every nook and cranny and breathe in her scent.

Her wolf made her want to lick and bite, bury her tongue into her sweet juices, grab her by the back of her neck and make her submit while she wrapped her legs around her waist and took what was hers!

Breathing hard, Nicole buried her head in the neared pile of snow and muffled her whimper of disgust as her hips twitched in need.

What was she thinking?! Hers?

It sickened her to feel out of control in case they were right and she had a violent side like her family. Nicole had heard the whispers and not so quiet mutterings about the red wolves. What was believed and rumoured about what they had done. What they feared she would do once she had become Alpha.

She could barely remember them but she knew enough to know that the rumours didn’t even come close to how terrible they had been.

Nicole kept herself locked up tight and considered herself in control of her emotions. And then in the space of a couple of hours, she had damn near attacked three Alpha’s because they had put a brazen young Omega in her place and had sexual fantasies about making her submit whether she wanted to or not.

That was not the Alpha she wanted to be.

That was not the Alpha she was!

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Soft country music flowed from the tinny speakers of the old-fashioned jukebox standing almost forgotten in the corner of the bar. The twang of electric guitar and crooning southern drawl of the singer was barely audible over even the low level of chatter coming from the patrons, the most hardened and cynical of drinkers that Purgatory had to offer, that were scattered around either sitting on stools and leaning heavily against the worn wood of the bar that had seen better days over a hundred years before, or slumped around one of the tables. All of them hiding from the fact that the sun, such as it was at that time of year, was still up.

Thin beams of wintery sun wormed its way in, leaking in around the edges of the windows. Motes of dust danced and spun within them.

Waverly ran her fingers across the top of the bar where one of the beams fell upon it. She was there, working her usual shift in Shorty’s Bar, surrounded by people she had known all her life. But her mind was a million miles away.

Or, more precisely, her mind was locked in the past, twelve long hours before, right on the outskirts of their territory, aching and yearning for the big, red Alpha wolf and her vanilla dipped doughnut scent.

Waverly wanted, needed to see her again. To touch her and feel her touch upon her. She wanted to feel her teeth clamping down upon her throat, piercing her skin to seal a bond between them. She wanted it more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.


There was no way of knowing if she would ever see her again.

Purgatory was just a small town that was barely even marked on the maps. What if the red wolf was just passing by on her way somewhere else, somewhere better? Somewhere where Waverly would never be able to find her or see her again?

No! Waverly refused, despite all evidence to the contrary, to believe that fate could be so cruel as to offer her only a glimpse of her soulmate and then snatch her way?

Biting back a whimper, Waverly looked up, her eyes going to the windows of the bar. The panes were obscured by decals and flyers in an attempt to give the early barflies a sense of privacy while they drank but Waverly could just about make out the outline of a truck pulling up outside. Which wasn’t unusual, given the long winters and the number of ranches that made trucks the vehicle of choice in Purgatory. They were big and solid enough to make it over the harsh land and through the harsher weather that Calgary threw at them.

What was unusual about this truck was that it, above all the others that had gone by that day and even those that had stopped… this one had drawn her eye in the first place.

Anticipation coiled through her as she heard a door slamming closed on the truck and saw it drive away moments later. A figure moved past the window and even through the obscured glass, Waverly could tell that whoever it was, was tall and willowy… and there was just something about them that made her label the person as feminine.

The anticipation coiled tighter as ‘she’ neared the door to the bar and Waverly gripped the edge of the bar tightly as her legs started to jitter nervously, setting her bouncing up and down with the urge to rush across the room and open the damn door herself!

What was taking so long?!

When the door finally opened and four regulars spilled in, Waverly growled in frustration and had to cover it with a cough as Shorty paused in wiping down a glass to look at her questioningly. Waverly glanced down, slightly embarrassed at her outburst and yet still wondering if it would be too unseemly if she hurdled the bar and ran out to see who it had been.

“A stranger! Welcome to Purgatory and to Shorty’s… What can I get for you?”

The scent of vanilla wrapped itself around Waverly, setting her body on fire as she followed the scent to the far end of the bar and a figure was perched upon the barstool at the furthest away from everyone.

It was her!

Using her position to her advantage, Waverly studied her Alpha. Just thinking it had need rising through her as she took in the delicate, perfectly sculptured, lines of her face, the soft curve of her lips, the flash of pearly white teeth as she bit her lip in thought. Her hair, every strand of it, was covered by a dark blue beanie that made Waverly’s fingers itch to snatch it off to see if her hair was a red as her wolf’s.

“Just a coffee please, black.”

Her soft voice sent a southern drawl stoked tingle straight to her core. “I’ll get this, Shorty,” Waverly offered brightly in anticipation.

“Okay, well I guess, Waverly will be taking care of you now.”

Oh, you have no idea, Waverly smirked to herself at the thought. “Hi, I’m Waverly,” she held out a hand and kept it there until the Alpha finally took the hint and took it with a firm but not too strong grip, her long, elegant fingers brushing against the pulse at her wrist as wide brown eyes met her gaze.

“Pleased to meet you. Name’s, Nicole.” She schooled her face and tried to resist the urge to bolt as a fresh wave of the Omega’s scent wrapped around her. Nicole had caught her alluring scent even before the door to the bar had opened. The only thing that had had her stepping through was the need to get something warm inside her and that she was sure she could hide her nature from anyone and make her escape when the Sheriff came to meet her as they had arranged weeks before.

“Nicole,” she delighted in the way her name felt upon her tongue and had to resist the urge to keep saying it so she could taste it some more and make it like the woman it belonged to… hers. “Would you like anything to eat to go with your coffee?” The Alpha’s stomach gave a loud growl but the woman herself shook her head, a faint blush colouring her cheekbones at the sound.

“No, that’s okay, just the coffee will be fine.” Truthfully, coffee was all she had the money for until she found where the hell her bank card was and found an AMT that would even accept it… according to her lift into town, Purgatory’s one working AMT had been ripped from the wall by thieves the week before and they were waiting for whoever was in charge of such things to decide if Purgatory was really worth replacing it.

That left Nicole with limited options according to him. She could use credit cards… which Nicole didn’t have. Draw money from the bank… which Nicole didn’t have an account with. Another option was using an ATM in the Big City… which meant catching the unreliable Bluntline Express coach or misappropriating the police cruiser she hadn’t even been assigned yet. Or she could just wait until she got her first paycheck.

“I’ll be right back,” Waverly gave Nicole’s elegant fingers an extra squeeze before reluctantly releasing them and turning to go fix her a coffee. She didn’t let it stop her from glancing Nicole’s way though. Taking in every move and shift of her body as she looked around the bar with barely perceptible glances and a subtle tilt of her head that screamed scenting to Waverly.

The light caught the jut of Nicole’s cheekbones and the slightly sunken look of her cheeks, and Waverly frowned at the sight, her teeth gritting to hold back a growl as she recalled all too clearly how Wynonna had taken her kill off her and the violent growl of the Alpha’s stomach.

“Here you go.”

Nicole glanced back from her careful study of the bar and the patrons. Her mouth watered at the sight of the doughnut Waverly had set upon the bar along with the black coffee she had ordered. She reared back as her Alpha wanted to lunge forward and devour the sweet treat. “I didn’t—”

Waverly ran her hand along Nicole’s, gently squeezing her wrist to still her as she went to push the plate away. “My treat… the coffee too.” Startling herself with her actions, Waverly picked the doughnut up off the plate and leaned across the bar. She held it out to Nicole, nearly brushing her Alpha’s lips with the vanilla dipped doughnut. “Try it, please?”

Her dominant side rebelled at the notion but Nicole felt herself soften at the softly husked ‘please’ that fell from Waverly’s lips. Closing the gap, what little there was, she opened her mouth and let the Omega feed her the glazed doughnut a bite at a time until Waverly’s fingers brushed across her lips.

Waverly let her fingers linger upon the full curve of her lips. She could feel Nicole’s breath puffing warmly against the tips of her fingers. Her eyes darted between Nicole’s lips and the soft brown of her eyes. Back and forth. Back and forth. The need to close the gap and taste from her lips creating a white noise in Waverly’s head and a burning ache between her thighs that refused to be denied.

Her Alpha.

Her mate.


Chapter Text

Waverly blinked in utter bemusement as she looked at the now empty space before her where Nicole had been sitting seconds before. If not for the lingering feeling of how her hand and lip had felt beneath her touch and the fresh scent of her still flooding her senses, Waverly would have wondered if it was all a dream or hallucination.

Letting her hand drop back to the bar, Waverly tapped her neatly trimmed nails against the ancient, beer stained wood and looked at the restroom door as it closed on Nicole’s retreating form. “Oh, you did not just do that!” she growled, her eyes narrowing as she tried to work out if she should be amused or offended that Nicole had felt the need to run and hide from her… though, right at that second, she was leaning towards offended.

Thinking clearly enough to snatch the ‘out of order’ sign out from the shelf under the bar, Waverly stalked across the bar and hung it from the door to the restroom. Opening the door quietly, she took one last look around the bar to make sure no one was paying too much attention before slipping inside and locking it behind her.

Waverly stood there for a moment, her eyes checking the room for anyone else, before locking on to Nicole. Her nostrils flared, her anger bleeding away under her vanilla scent to be replaced by need.

Wide brown eyes met hers in the bathroom mirror as Nicole straightened up from where she had been bent over one of the sinks. Water spilled forgotten from her cupped hands as she turned and pressed herself back against the edge of the sink nervously as she moved closer.

Nicole rubbed her hands down her pants, drying them against the fabric as she glanced nervously at the young woman stalking towards her with intent of something clear in her eyes. “Waverly… what are you doing?”

“Shhh,” reaching up, Waverly smiled as she ran her fingers through the tumble of bright red hair, the exact same shade she had been thinking about since seeing her in the clearing, finally revealed to her hungry eyes as she plucked the beanie off Nicole’s head. Waverly could see Nicole’s disquiet and instinct to protest her move peeked out from behind brown eyes. She was clearly offended at her brazen actions but raising up on tiptoes, Waverly derailed her protests by rubbing her face against Nicole’s neck.

Warm and sweet, the scent of vanilla rose up, filling her as she basked in it and the contact of skin upon skin. Waverly could feel Nicole’s shuddered gasp as Nicole’s hands slid to her waist, her fingers fluttering and tightening slightly as Waverly ghosted her lips across the thrumming pulse and the line of her jaw. She was so close to the strongest sourse of her sweet scent she could almost taste it with each breath.

Just thinking about it had Waverly’s jaw aching with the need to sink her teeth in if Nicole would only allow it.

Would she?

Surely she felt it too how they were made for each other?

“Waverly… this is… Mmmhmm,” Nicole’s protests were cut off by warm, soft lips slanting over hers in a kiss that stole Nicole’s breath and ability to think with how right it felt, how perfectly they moved together with no awkwardness of clashes of heads or noses. A moan fell from her lips, wrenched from deep within her by the soft tease of the tip of Waverly’s tongue meeting her own.

“Mmmm, you taste as good as you smell.”

Using every ounce of restraint she could muster, Nicole pushed down the side of her that was demanding she put the young Omega in her place… which right then, Nicole was convinced was under, her in bed, on the floor or pressed against the wall! Anywhere… and levered their hips apart as she took in what had been said and struggled to think. “Wait! You- you can smell me?”

Gripping the collar of Nicole’s shirt tightly, Waverly tried to bring the taller Alpha back down for another kiss but she was being frustratingly stubborn. “Of course I can… just as I did last night.” Taking shameless advantage as Nicole sagged in shock, Waverly reached back up and nipped at the silky soft flesh along the side of Nicole’s throat. “My Alpha.”

Waverly wondered what her Alpha would think or do if she knew how much she wanted to sink her teeth in and mark her up so everyone would know whose she was. It would stand out so well upon all that delicate pale skin too.

Feeling the brush of teeth, Nicole scrambled backwards, nearly falling ass first into the sink in an attempt to escape the threat and allure of Waverly. Grabbing her hands, Nicole spun her around and pinned them behind her back as she trapped the girl between herself and the sink. Not that that seemed to put Waverly off as she just started grinding her far too perfectly perky ass back against her and Nicole felt herself start to sag as need burned like a wildfire between her thighs. Pressing closer, Nicole managed to still the wiggling but the extra pressure did nothing for her ability to think… especially not when Waverly managed to twist her hand in her grip and cupped her right between the thighs. “Sweet Jesus, are you in heat?”

“Hmm,” meeting Nicole’s gaze in the mirror, Waverly flexed her hand and purred with pleasure as Nicole’s jaw slackened in pleasure and her eyes grew darker. “Nope. I just want what’s mine.”

“S’posed to be… Alpha that does the claiming,” she somehow managed to growl out past a tongue that felt unwilling to give voice to any kind of protests when it could be kissing and tasting Waverly.

As far as Waverly was concerned there was a perfectly logical conclusion to it all. “Then, claim me already.”

Forehead dropping to Waverly’s shoulder, Nicole fought against her baser desires and the lure of Waverly’s body and flexing hand upon her jean covered sex. Every breath she took pulled in the scent of her body and their arousal and made Nicole ache to sink her teeth into the tanned flesh exposed by her top.

“No… no! I- I don’t- No! Waverly, stop… I’m not interested in anything like that.” Hearing the plea in her voice, Nicole wasn’t sure who she was trying to convince more that was the truth. Waverly certainly didn’t seem convinced.

“No?” Squeezing her hand, Waverly drew Nicole’s attention to the dampness there and called Nicole a liar.

“Look, you’re… well… sexy,” ‘Gorgeous! Beautiful! Stunning!’ Nicole’s brain shouted back unhelpfully, “and I haven’t been with anyone in a while… but I don’t do wolves, okay! When I need to scratch that itch I go out with normal human women… one night only, no settling, no ties!”

Nicole hated herself, hated the words she was throwing at Waverly. Hated the truth in them even if she was making what was actually a rarity sound like something she did often. Rare as it was though, it was the truth of how she had been forced to treat any sexual encounters in order to protect herself… up till now, ‘shut up brain!’

She needed to push the Omega away for both their sakes! She couldn’t give her what she was after. Couldn’t risk her pack turning on Waverly and punishing her if they found out who she was.

The words stung… until Waverly caught the regret in Nicole’s eyes. “Really? I never thought of doing that… I should give it a try, don’t you think, Nicole? Get it all out of my system, sow some wild oats before I settle down with my ex, Champ?” She threw the words challengingly, demanding that Nicole respond. And boy, did she ever!

The effect of her words upon Nicole was instant. Brown eyes narrowed as a possessive expression settled over her face like her calm exterior had been peeled aside to reveal a wild beast snapping and snarling inside eager to be unchained to unleash all its passion on her. A split second later arms wrapped like bands of steel around her, pulling her closer and cinching in with tender passion, just enough to hold her captive against the tightly coiled muscles she could feel even though Nicole’s clothes.

It was thrilling and perfect. And not once, not even as she felt the press of white teeth against where they scraped over her neck ready to sink in and bond them, did Waverly feel threatened by Nicole or like she couldn’t escape of even just utter a word that would have had Nicole release her. Instead she pushed back, eager to feel her mates claiming bite. “Yes,” she purred thickly in anticipation.

Nicole nearly did it. Despite the realisation that she had been flat out manipulated by Waverly, she pressed her teeth deeper, feeling the resistance of her firm flesh and the increase of her scent coating her tongue. Waverly’s soft panting and whimpering as she pushed back against her teeth and body filled her ears urging her on.

She froze, a growl rising through her body as the strong scent of Alpha’s burst through the door of the bar. It was the same three as from the night before. Really, given that she had met the Omega again so quickly, Nicole berated herself for not entertaining the thought that they might be close and would turn up but she had let the seductive, beguiling and very bad Omega distract her.


“I have to leave. Your Alpha’s are looking for you,” she clarified as she held Waverly firmly at bay.

“Oh,” impressed with the range of Nicole’s abilities, Waverly scented the air for herself, “that’s my sister.”

Great! A sister?! Alphas were protective at the best of times but it was going to make what they were doing in the restroom so much worse if their sister found them! Hi, yeah, we kind of met last night when you stole my kill and threatened me... and oh, by the way, I nearly just claimed and fucked your sister in the restroom of the local dive bar.

Nicole dragged a hand over her face. Purgatory was supposed to be a fresh start for her. Small town. New job. Thousands of miles of untamed wilderness to explore. And hours in, it was already all kinds of complicated thanks to Waverly being able to actually smell her scent.

“Can they smell my scent too?”

“What? Oh, no… well, only when it was on me. Wynonna said until they hit the clearing, they had no idea you were there. Why?”

“Could I ask a favour of you?” getting an adorable, cautious nod, Nicole continued. “Don’t tell anyone who I am, what I am? It’s important else I wouldn’t ask. Please?”

“Probably should have asked this sooner but… You’re not a serial killer are you?”

“No,” Nicole chuckled.

“Then okay… I’ll keep your secret.” The dimpled smile that lit up Nicole’s face at her agreement left Waverly staggering back against the sink for support. Damn! That was a smile that needed to come with a health warning!

Before she could recover enough to grab another kiss or drag Nicole to the floor, Nicole had pulled on her hat, jumped up to grab the edge of the small window above the sinks and was pulling herself through. “Hey!”

“See you around, Waverly.”

The window closed gently and Waverly ducked her head, smiling under the weight of those dimples coupled with a wink. Seeing Nicole… seeing much more of Nicole was definitely on the top of her ‘to do’ list.

“Waves! Are you in there? Out of order? Waverly Earp!”

“I’m coming,” unlocking the door, Waverly stepped back as Wynonna breezed riding a wave of whiskey and honey scent. “Jeeze… I just needed a moment alone.”

Taking one sniff at the air, Wynonna pushed open the doors to all the stalls and looked around. “You smell of…” no, she cut herself off, she didn’t want to think of that part. “Waverly, why do you smell like you rolled in vanilla dipped doughnuts?” and sex! But don’t say sex!

“’Cause I just had one to eat?!”

“Mmmhmm! And you needed to do it in here?” she waved a hand around to encompass the less than ideal setting provided by ladies restroom. “And I didn’t know they excited you that much, sis,” she gave her a pointed look, letting her know just what else she had smelled on her.

“Told you, they’re my favourite.”


Wynonna took another glance around as Waverly bounced back out through the door to the bar with her hair flying behind her. She wasn’t quite running but she was obviously in a hurry to get out of there and nearly ploughed right over Pete to do it. Going by the way the smell of vanilla left with Waverly, Wynonna was thinking she needed to watch her even closer if red had made it to town.

There was something more going on though, she knew there was… with how sure of herself and possessive Waverly had been, her Alpha being in town should have had her sister crowing from the rooftops. No, she could tell when Waverly was hiding something… Basically, because her little sister sucked at keeping things to herself. But until she could guilt her into an admission as to what was going on… or hold her down and try the grape soda torture that had worked when they were kids, Wynonna knew Waverly would try to hold on to her secret.

Sitting herself down on her favourite bar stool, only having to glower at Pete twice to get him to move, Wynonna watched Waverly closely as she poured her a drink and saw to the drinking needs of other customers. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Xavier and Doc playing a not altogether friendly game of pool with a couple of locals. She shivered in longing as she saw Doc surreptitiously run a hand over Xavier’s ass as he bent over to line a shot up. It was distractingly like the caress he had placed upon him at some point during the night right before he had eased his cock into Xavier’s ass and fucked him with long slow strokes that had had all of them whimpering. God! She loved to see them fuck like that.

“Distracted there, sis?”

“No idea what you mean,” Wynonna smirked into her shot glass.

“Ha! The walls of the Homestead aren’t very thick you know. Seriously thinking of asking Shorty if I can have my old room here back so I can get some sleep.”

With red in town? That was not happening. No way. No how! “Nope… we’ll get you some earplugs.”

“I had my ‘my sister’s a screamer’ playlist on full blast,” she teased. “Now, want me to save some time and just leave you this so I can serve some customers?” She waggled the whiskey bottle in front of Wynonna’s eyes.

“Trying to get me drunk so you can sneak off later?”

“’Nonna, you’re an Alpha, getting you past buzzed would take three bottles.”

“Only cause Shorty waters it down,” she stage-whispered as Shorty walked by.

“I do no such thing, Earp! Hey there, Sheriff. You’re a bit early for happy hour!”

“Just come to collect something Shorty… I believe a young lady left her bag? Got it back there at all?”

“Yeah, got it right here.”

All too aware that Wynonna was watching her every move, Waverly desperately tried to balance interest and flat-out staring as Shorty handed Nicole’s backpack over to the Sheriff.

“Someone in trouble so early, Nedley?”

“That falls under the banner of ‘none of your business’, Earp.”

“It is if it’s pack business.”

“Then, lucky me, I get to say it twice, ‘none of your business’. Owner of this isn’t local so… not pack business. See you later, Shorty… Waverly… Earp!” He all but growled the ‘Earp’ at her. Warning the troublesome burr in his butt Alpha to stay out of his business for once.

Peering through the decals on the window, Waverly felt her heart trip as she saw Sheriff Nedley escorting a familiar figure across the road towards the station with his hand on her shoulder.

“Might not be local or pack business but Nedley is going to be even more pissed than usual having to fill in arrest forms so early,” Wynonna chuckled, loving the thought of the Sheriff being put out even if she wasn’t the one doing it for a change.

Waverly glowered at Wynonna as she took another shot of whiskey and started singing ‘bad boys, bad boys,’ under her breath between shots.


Chapter Text

Wrapping her extra-long, extra-thick scarf up around her neck in a vain attempt to keep out the cold and the doubts, Waverly barely even looked to see if anything was coming before storming across the road towards the building that held Purgatory’s woefully understaffed Sheriff’s Department. She could almost feel sorry for them having to deal with all the B.S. that went with having a larger than normal werewolf population… if they weren’t holding her Alpha!

She had held off from action for as long as she could even though everything within her had demanded that she should just march her ass on over and find out what was happening. She had done it though. She had made it through her shift even though Shorty had begged her to leave when her fierce growls had started to scare people away from the bar without getting their drinks.

Her feet crunched determinedly through the layer of freshly fallen snow that blanketed the small parking area, the one bare spot upon the ground laying where the Sheriff’s S.U.V. usually stood.

How dare he leave Nicole there alone!

She had a good mind to storm on over to his house and give him a piece of her mind!

Ever polite though, she stomped her feet to remove the excess snow from her boots before stepping inside and making her way down the corridor to the reception desk. As she had suspected from the empty parking space, Nedley’s office was in darkness and the place looked to be deserted.

Waverly glanced around wondering what she should do to get the attention of whoever should be on duty, which was Lonnie… it had to be, he was the only other Officer working there even though working was a word used very loosely when it came to Lonnie. He was a nice man but not exactly cut out for the job. Which proved how inadequate her ex-boyfriend Champ had been as he had tried out at the same time as Lonnie and had been turned down.

Giving it a glower, Waverly finally decided to save her voice for a good old shout when it didn’t work. Stripping off her knitted gloves, she rang the ridiculously useless looking hotel bell on the reception desk. “For god’s sake! Why haven’t they gotten anything more modern!?” she grouched under her breath as it let out a pathetic DING at even her hardest slap.

“Sheriff Nedley says it’s ‘quirky’.”

Waverly had been so distracted by her building anger and concern that it was only then that the delicious scent hit her in a body aching rush. Jaw dropping, Waverly spun back around and blinked in shock as she took in Nicole.

Standing there.

Not locked up.

And wearing… wearing a P.S.D. uniform!?

Wearing it very well too.

“Wait…! I came to…! You’re not…! Did you break out? Oh my god… did you kill Sheriff Nedley?!”

Nicole blinked in bemusement as Waverly pushed open the barely even waist high swing gate and bustled through to her side of the long reception desk that stood between the public and the bullpen. A slender but surprisingly strong hand grabbed her wrist and started trying to drag her back through the gate, catching Nicole so unawares that she took a couple of steps before she even thought to resist.

“Waverly? What are you doing? Kill…? No, god no! This is my uniform. Ow!” Nicole rubbed her stinging shoulder and hastily held up a hand to ward off any more attacks. “Really, Waverly! Assaulting an officer?”

“Assaulting? Assaulting a… a butthead maybe! I thought you’d been arrested and came to bail you out! And ask if there was such a thing as conjugal visits if I couldn’t. Why didn’t you say something, you… butt!?”

“You can say ass you know. Ow! Well, I might but you were too busy trying to get in my clothes. And stop hitting me or I’ll have to cuff you! No, Waverly…” Nicole backed up, her hands raised in an attempt to ward Waverly off at the spark of interest in her eyes at that. Oh my god! Had she really said conjugal visits? “Behave or I will cuff you and call your sister!”

“No you won’t,” backing Nicole up, Waverly ran her fingers down across the buttons of her dark blue uniform shirt. Lifting the name tag pinned to it above Nicole’s right breast with the tip of a finger, Waverly let her fingers linger upon the tempting swell of her breast a moment, or twenty, longer than absolutely necessary as she read her Alpha’s surname.

“Haught, huh? Of course,” she smiled. It was the last name she would ever have thought of for anyone and yet it was totally appropriate for the redhead. There was only one thing wrong with it, “Wynonna is going to have too much fun with your name.”

“Don’t worry I’ve heard them all before… police cadets can be very inventive. As for your sister, Nedley’s already warned me to steer clear of that branch of the Earp family tree.”

“They do have something of a love, hate relationship going… in that they love to hate each other,” she smiled ruefully. “He didn’t warn you about this branch though?” Waverly pointed to herself.

Pleased that Waverly had, apparently, been side-tracked, Nicole tried to put some distance between them but Waverly just followed her, keeping the same lack of personal space between them. “Apparently I would do well to have you as a friend so I’ll take that to mean you don’t make a habit of cornering people in public restrooms too often?”

“Nope, you were my first.”

“Well don’t do it again.” Bending down instinctively, Nicole reached for a pen that had rolled to the floor.

“Don’t worry, Officer Haught… I’ll restrain myself to only doing that with you.”

Nicole straightened up abruptly at the dreamy tone of Waverly’s voice and the glimpse of where she was looking caught out of the corner of her eye. “Waverly,” she warned softly, “I have a Taser, don’t you make me use it.”

“From cuffs straight to Taser… do I make you that nervous, Nicole?”

“Which answer would make you behave, yes or no?”

“I once got hit with a tranquiliser dart and still made band practice so… neither.”

Nicole blinked as she absorbed that. Anyone else she might have accused them of spinning a tall story but there was just honesty in Waverly’s hazel eyes and, seriously, who would come up with something like that? “I’m not sure if I should admire or be terrified by your determination or ask who shot you and what instrument you play?”

“I play guitar but I was there as head cheerleader. Not sure. And yes.” Waverly grinned at the confusion on Nicole’s face as she tried to put answers and questions together. There was just something so adorable and sexy about the way her mouth softened and her eyes flickered to the left, while her brow creased ever so slightly when she was confused.

And she tended to go still, which made her easier to catch hold of. She wanted to launch herself into Nicole’s arms and taste her mouth again but, showing restraint, Waverly moved her hands gently over Nicole’s forearms instead. Each brush moving slightly higher as she felt the flex of strong muscles beneath the poorly fitting shirt. Brown eyes watched her warily but her gentleness worked in that Nicole didn’t try to hold her back even when they were so close that Waverly could feel the rise and fall of her body as Nicole breathed.

“Why didn’t you claim me earlier?”


“I know you wanted to… Still do?”

“I don’t—”

“You’re staring at my neck, Nicole. Right here, at my pulse.” She tapped the area and felt a growl rumble through Nicole’s body and vibrate against her at being caught out. “So… why won’t you?”

“Because it would be wrong! Because you deserve better than a wolf like me! Because I don’t want you! Just pick one, Waverly… please?”

Nicole had thought… hoped? That it would work but instead of storming off or slapping her, Waverly’s arms slid around her waist, pulling her closer and Nicole felt herself sag into her. “You are a very bad for an Omega, you know that right?”

“Why? Because I want to be claimed by my Alpha? Because, maybe, I’m exactly the Omega my Alpha needs me to be? And yes, you are mine, Nicole. Go on, take in my scent and tell me you don’t feel our connection.”

“It won’t change my mind about claiming you,” Nicole stated with more determination than she felt. But not even that seemed to quell Waverly’s determination to get her way. In fact, whatever she had heard in her voice beyond her words seemed to just make her look even more sure of herself.

“Just take in my scent before I handcuff you. And don’t think I won’t… I’m super bendy and I will get to them before you. Yep… supersuper… bendy,” she whispered seductively against the silky skin of Nicole’s throat.

“More like, super, super naughty. Fine… okay,” Nicole rolled her eyes at Waverly’s pointed look and pressed her nose where she was pointing. Not that she needed to be that close or even to do it at all as she already knew Waverly’s scent and what it did to her.

From the moment she had caught it across the clearing it had been like something had clicked within her. From that second she had just known that lavender and lime had been a part of her soul that had been missing until that moment.

It didn’t change anything though. She just needed to take it in again and walk away. Maybe then, Waverly would give up and let herself fall for someone more deserving of her love and affection.

Strengthening her resolve, Nicole took a deep breath… that she released with a plaintive whimper as Waverly’s scent filled every part of her being, making her feel whole even as it weakened her knees.

And the sneaky Omega rubbed against her, scent marking her again.

Chapter Text

Snow and ice crunched beneath Waverly’s paws as she padding through the snow. Pausing often she carefully scented the air around her to make sure she hadn’t been followed by her sister or any of the pack. She knew that Wynonna had asked them to all keep an extra careful eye on her when they had the chance so she had been careful to keep looping around, making her journey seem aimless so she could catch the slightest change in direction of the light breeze.

Appearing aimless and being aimless were two entirely different things though and as the pretty but weathered house, she now knew Nicole called home came into view, Waverly sank down into the snow out of sight and waited. Waited to see if she had been spotted or if she had managed to finally catch her up with her Alpha again.

Two weeks had gone by since that evening at the Station when she had ‘persuaded’ Nicole to take in her scent.

Two weeks since Nicole had turned into her touch and kissed her so deeply and hungrily without Waverly having to initiate, or ‘jump her’ as Nicole put it.

Two weeks in which Nicole had seemingly done everything in her power to stay at least ten steps ahead of wherever Waverly looked for her and had exchanged only quick glances and hurried greetings when forced to acknowledge her.

A lesser person might have gotten discouraged and cut their losses at being ghosted. But Waverly was determined and if it took creeping up on Nicole’s house mentally humming the theme to Mission Impossible just to catch a glimpse of her through a window… so be it!

Keeping Nicole’s police cruiser between herself and the house, Waverly scented along the edge of the door. Inhaling the scent of her, filling her lungs with the sweet vanilla scent, she caught the scent of another wolf that made her skin crawl… Bobo Del Rey, leader of the Revenant pack that owned territory in the far north of the Triangle.

Wynonna’s pack integrated themselves into life in Purgatory as much as possible but Bobo’s kept themselves apart, shunning contact with everyone outside of their pack and liked to cause as much trouble as possible. Stealing, cattle rustling, drugs, to name just a few of the things they were known for. For his scent to be there, Nicole must have had to go onto their land to deal with something they had gotten into that had finally required Sheriff Nedley to do act and not just turn a blind eye.

Reaching the porch that wrapped around the house, Waverly was grateful to see that it had been swept clear of snow so she didn’t have to worry about tell-tale paw prints. Though, with Nicole’s powerful senses, Waverly somehow doubted her Alpha wouldn’t know in an instant that she had been there.

A fact that made Waverly question her decision to be there. But, maybe it would work in her favour if only to get Nicole to confront her and what some might misconstrued as stalking?

She hoped it wouldn’t get her locked up or shouted at but at least it would mean that Nicole would actually have to talk to her.

Edging quietly closer, her body pressed into the shadows, Waverly peered in around the edge of the closed curtains and took in her first glimpse of Nicole’s home. There was furniture there but it was all old and mismatched and, even though she didn’t really know Nicole well yet, it didn’t quite match her idea of what Nicole would like. And even through the closed window, she could tell that it didn’t smell of her either.

Even though Nicole hadn’t been living there long it made Waverly ache that it didn’t smell of her Alpha… No, that it didn’t smell of ‘them’. She wanted to put her mark on a place that belonged to them both as much as the woman herself.

Waverly hunkered down a little more, keeping her body out of any stray beams of light that might expose her as the light went off where she assumed the kitchen must be. Not even a second later Nicole strode into the living room. She was still dressed in her uniform but her shirt sleeves were folded and pushed back to expose her forearms and the clunky shoes had been put aside, leaving her feet covered by a pair of black socks. With her gorgeous long hair free from the confines of its usual neat French braid and falling around her face and shoulders in sleek waves she looked softer, more approachable.

As she walked around the end of the couch, Waverly saw that she was carrying a plate with a couple of sandwiches on it and another with… a doughnut on it. At the sight of it, Waverly couldn’t help but smile and hoped that when Nicole bit into it she did so remembering how she had held it for her.

Nicole lowered herself down onto the comfy but slightly ratty looking couch, long legs sprawling out as she studied a file of papers and jotted down notes in a legal notepad while nibbling on her food. Waverly studied her far too serious profile and ached to see those gorgeous dimples again. With the last of her sandwiches finished, Nicole picked up the doughnut, Waverly grinned as her Alpha sat back, putting aside whatever she had been working on as she turned the doughnut between her fingers like she was looking to the answer to life itself. She sniffed it. Smiling softly and shaking her head as she did so before closing her eyes and taking a bite.

Through the window, Waverly heard her moan softly. Either it was the best-damned doughnut in the world or Nicole was thinking about something else while eating it.

Seeing a stillness come over Nicole, Waverly edged back out of sight as her Alpha lifted her head and scented the air. As she rose, Waverly quietly padded around the corner and watched as a patch of light stretched out across the porch as Nicole parted the curtains and looked outside. She’d scented her, she knew! And yet Waverly couldn’t leave.

The strip of light left the porch but Waverly stayed put in case her Alpha was testing her. Only when the living room light went out and one upstairs came on to cast a yellow glow in the show further out from the house, did Waverly move. Looking around she found a safe route up that looked like it wouldn’t make too much noise. She leapt and climbed, moving agilely, silently, keeping as best as she could to the clear areas until she was under Nicole’s bedroom window.

She called herself all kinds of a fool. Questioning her own sanity and judgement. But she stayed, just needing one more glimpse.

The curtains were open, the main light in the room off. The glow edging across the roof and falling upon the ground below was coming from the bathroom. Hearing the sound of a shower running, Waverly bit back a whimper at the thought of all that lucky, lucky, water getting to touch and caress Nicole’s lithe naked body.

She really should go!

The bathroom light suddenly went off before Waverly could move and Nicole’s bedroom was lit only by the glow of the moon pouring in through the window as she stepped from the bathroom with a towel in her hands. Waverly’s mouth went dry and drooled excessively all at the same time leaving her choking on her breath and desire to throw herself through the window at the same time. Every inch of her that Waverly had seen in the one glimpse was a delight of pale perfection.

And it was all hers.

Waverly’s whole body felt alive with desire from deep inside to the tip of every hair on her body. It was torture to do so but she held herself in check and sat out of sight, contenting herself with the fleeting scent of Nicole’s body drifting to her through the window as her Alpha prepared for bed.

Once she was settled… once she was asleep… then it would be safe to move.

As Nicole’s breathing evened out, Waverly dared herself to look back through the window. She had to bite back another whimper at the sight that awaited her. With an arm and leg thrown over a full-length body pillow, she was sprawled face down on the bed with a thin sheet pooled around her waist.

Waverly wasn’t sure whether she wanted to sing the praises of whatever god of genetics it was that had made Nicole hot-blooded enough to be able to lay out in the open like that or be horrified that she didn’t need four or five blankets most of the year round like she did.

Nicole’s face was turned away from the window but Waverly could see her reflection in the mirror she was facing. Sleep and the halo of long red hair loose and spread across her pillow softened the lines of her face. Her soft lips were parted. Her brown eyes curtained behind a veil of long, thick lashes.

Unwilling to do what she should, and unable to do what she wanted, not without risking the wrath of Alpha or cop for breaking and entering, Waverly curled up beneath the edge of Nicole’s bedroom window. Curling the thick brush of her tail around, she covered her nose against the cold.

With Nicole’s quiet breathing and soft scent reaching her through the window, Waverly felt relaxed and at peace. She wanted, needed, to cling to that to help hold back the self-doubt that would start to creep in when she left.

Only it wouldn’t creep, it would storm in, pushing aside the bravado that had gotten her there. She knew that she and Nicole were soulmates and meant to be together but that didn’t mean Nicole had to agree to anything. And that made Waverly’s heart ache as, even without them being soulmates, she wanted Nicole.

Whining softly, barely able to bite it back, Waverly lifted her head briefly and calmed herself with Nicole’s scent.

Chapter Text

A thick lusty moan caught the air and had Waverly stirring from the sleep she had started to slip into and lifting her head. Ears twitching in confusion, she scented the air. She could feel the thickness of Nicole’s scent like a weight settling around her to set her spine writhing and her hips moving needily of their own volition.

Cautiously, Waverly edged back to where she could look back through the window. At first glance, Nicole looked like she had barely even moved. She must have done so though as the sheet was now pushed almost all the way off her body and Waverly nearly had to bite herself… which seemed counterproductive as she was trying not to make a noise that might alert Nicole that she was there and have her covering the lines of taught ass and muscled thighs that were on display.

It was a sight that made her want to bite again, only something far tastier than herself. Especially once she realised that Nicole’s hips were moving ever so slightly, the muscles in her ass, back and thighs flexing and tightening, in time with the soft panting moans spilling from her parted lips.

Apparently as well as shower water, body pillows were something else Waverly needed to add to her growing ‘envy list’ as Nicole was gently grinding on hers in her sleep. She checked again after a whimper escaped her mouth, eyes darting to find Nicole’s in the mirror but despite their fluttering, the shutter of her lashes was still in place.

Waverly tried to step away, she really did, catching a glimpse of Nicole naked coming out of the bathroom had been a delightful accident but watching while she had a quite obviously erotic dream was wrong.

So, so wrong!

But that coiling scent of her Alpha and the soft moans teasing her ears held her captive despite her best intentions.

Breathing hard, Waverly closed her eyes, head dropping as she listened to the soft sounds of pleasure. The sound of her name, breathy and light, dipped in southern honey, zinged down Waverly’s spine and had her eyes darting back towards the bed and the mirror beyond.

Surely she had only imagined that Nicole had said her name?

Nicole’s movements were more frantic, her breathing still indicative of sleep but more ragged, fighting towards wakefulness when she moved too much. A fine layer of perspiration shone in the moonlight as her body writhed and thrust against the pillow beneath her.

She was so breathtakingly beautiful that Waverly ached just watching her.

Nicole’s body bowed, a cry breaking from lips as her body shuddered in release over and over until she collapsed back to the bed with a soft drawn out moan…


Waverly pressed herself back against the wall beside the window, her breath leaving her lungs in ragged pants as the bed creaked as Nicole moved and got up. She’d convinced herself that she had imagined her name being spoken before but there had been no mistake with that last one. Just remembering it made her ache knowing that her Alpha had been dreaming about her… About making love to her.

Waverly didn’t realise how long she had been standing there, frozen in place instead of getting out of Dodge, until she heard Nicole coming out of the bathroom again. Waverly bit her lip nervously. If Nicole knew what she had seen she had no illusions that it wouldn’t go down well at all!

“The window is open, Waverly. You can come in if you want.”

Waverly felt sure her eyes were going to bug right out of her head. Only the fact that Nicole’s voice was light and gentle and held not one trace of accusation or revulsion had her daring a look back inside to take in the sight of Nicole standing there, wearing a pair of worn pyjama bottoms and a soft grey t-shirt with her police academy logo on it.

“Come on, I won’t bite.”

More’s the pity, Waverly thought as she nudged the window open and hopped down cautiously into Nicole’s bedroom, her head hanging in shame as she stood before Nicole. She glanced up, forcing herself to meet her gaze and was once again surprised to see that the look in her eyes was as gentle as her voice.

“Go on,” Nicole nodded towards the open door of the bathroom. “There are some clothes in the bathroom you can use… no, make that, you will use,” she stated more firmly, wanting there to be no wiggle room. “Come out naked and I’ll throw you into a pile of snow quicker than you can change.”

Waverly scampered across the room before Nicole could rescind what she was very much hoping was an invitation to stay that it sounded like. A quick glance over her shoulder revealed a soft smirk on Nicole’s face before she darted into the bathroom and changed into her human form.



“How did you know I was out there?”

“You mean apart from how loud you were breathing and how much scent you were throwing off?” Nicole chuckled lightly. “I knew you were lurking around the moment you stepped onto my land Waverly.” Actually, she had known even before then but she didn’t want to give away everything too soon.

Waverly froze, balanced on one leg as she pulled on the soft, worn-in sweatpants Nicole had left for her. “Why didn’t you say something?”

“’Cause I’m an idiot. And I wanted to see what you would do… especially when I came to bed. Such a naughty, Omega,” she purred softly, letting Waverly hear in her voice that there was no anger in her words. Not that she had been much better, Nicole knew, not with how she had teased Waverly like that. She had just been unable to help herself.

Waverly poked her head around the edge of the bathroom door as she smoothed down the hem of the shirt that was just a little bit too big on her. She took in how worn Nicole’s clothes were, clothes that looked well slept in. And that look on her face, the soft smirk as she waited. “You knew I was outside your window? Then… you weren’t asleep when…?”

“Yes and nope. Now come on, get into bed… no touching though, you got all you’re going to.” Nicole smiled as Waverly leapt into her bed and snuggled down under the covers until there was only her hair spreading out across the pillow and hazel eyes to see. Switching off the light, Nicole closed the curtains and climbed into bed herself.

Turning over, Waverly faced her Alpha. They were so close they were sharing the same pillow but Nicole made no comment and no move to put distance between them. “I’ve missed you,” she whispered softly, her heart aching with the need to close the last bit of gap remaining between them.

“Missed you too, Waves,” Nicole admitted, the nickname flowing from her mouth as eagerly as her soft smile as she pulled Waverly closer. She lay her chin on the crown of Waverly’s head and breathed in the scent of her as Waverly’s soft breath warmed her skin. “I thought I could do the right thing and stay away but it just made me miserable,” she admitted after a while.

“Me too… the miserable part that is. I shouldn’t have spied on you like that though.”

“No… you shouldn’t,” Nicole softened her rebuke with a gentle nuzzle of her chin into the softness of Waverly’s hair. “I’ve no experience with bonds though, never thought I would ever feel one until now,” Nicole felt Waverly shift against her as she admitted that. “I’ve seen how it’s affected others though. How it hurts them to be apart. I shouldn’t have put you through that.”

“Then you’ll mark me?” Waverly held her breath in anticipation at the thought of being with Nicole, of feeling her teeth against her flesh bonding them together.


“Nicole!” Lifting her head, Waverly shot her stubborn Alpha a glower.

“Waverly—” Looking into Waverly’s eyes, Nicole felt pain roll through her as the confusion and hurt there. “It’s complicated, okay…”

“Then tell me, help me to understand why?” Waverly demanded urgently as she blinked away the tears pricking at the back of her eyes.

“There are things you need to know about me. Things I need you to know, but… can’t we just have this for tonight, please? I swear to you, I won’t push you away anymore but I’m not going to take it further until you know everything.” After that, Nicole felt sure that Waverly would want no part of her and once her sister and the rest of the pack found out who she was, she would have to leave and resign herself to a life alone once more.

“Okay… I’ll wait.” Waverly settled back down into the heat of Nicole’s body and tried not to purr as her heat and scent seeped into her. “I’ll be patient… for now… not going to stop me from asking though,” she warned sleepily.

“I wouldn’t expect anything else from my naughty Omega.” Smiling sleepily, Nicole closed her eyes, falling into the soft scent of lavender and lime mingling with her own vanilla tone as she relaxed completely for the first time… ever. The one thought on her mind as she drifted towards sleep was that in Waverly’s arms, she was home.


Chapter Text

Lavender and vanilla.

Nicole sleepily followed the delicious scent and buried her nose into it. She breathed in deeply. Nuzzling her nose into it as she sucked in lungfuls of the warmth that filled her nose, heart and soul with their joined scents… as well as the tickle of long hair. Snorting, she blew it away from her face and nose and felt her body shake and ears fill with the soft, musical chuckle of the woman in her arms.

Refusing to open her eyes, Nicole murmured softly in protest and tightened her arms around the warmth of Waverly’s body, pulling her closer until their bodies were entwined as much as they could be with only the fabric of the clothes they had slept in between them.

Nicole had never shared a bed with anyone before, not for the whole night. And on the very rare occasions when she had been with anyone, which were rarer than she had tried to have Waverly believe to frighten her away, she skipped out of the encounter quickly, no exchange of numbers, sometimes without even knowing their name to save them and herself.

Sleeping with Waverly, waking with her in her bed and in her arms, just felt right though. They fit together, two pieces of the same puzzle. And whilst Nicole had never thought herself as much of a hugger, she knew that in the end, she had been the one to pull her Omega in closer as they drifted off to sleep.

“Waverly,” Nicole growled sleepily, “hands need to be behavin’.” She rewarded Waverly with a soft kiss as her warm hands pulled slowly out of the back of her pants, her blunt nails dragging against her flesh. “Good girl,” she managed to choke out just a touch more shakily than she would have liked.

“Spoilsport,” Waverly mumbled against her sweetly scented pillow of Nicole’s breasts. Her Alpha was delightfully snuggly and Waverly was sure she had never felt so secure and loved in her life.


Waverly chewed her lip a little, biting back the urge to blurt it out. With how Nicole was holding back and had been so strangely reluctant to complete their bond, Waverly was pretty sure that her declaration of love wouldn’t go down too well with the Alpha and Waverly wanted to hold on to what they had right then for as long as she could rather than speak it and have Nicole reject the word and her.

“What are you thinking about?” Nicole tried to angle her head for a better look of Waverly’s face but she was tucked in tightly and moving enough to see meant losing contact.

“That I wish we could stay like this forever.”

“Mmmm,” nuzzling her nose against Waverly again, Nicole couldn’t help but want the same. “That would be nice,” she purred, “but… I’m on duty today,” she sighed wistfully.

“How long have we got?” Waverly asked hopefully.

The tone of Waverly’s voice, the little wiggle in her hips, had Nicole cracking open an eye again. “Not long enough for you to be getting the ideas you’re getting.”

“Oh, I’m already brimming with ideas,” Waverly teased, running a finger back inside the waist of Nicole’s pyjama bottoms as she nipped at the flesh unfortunately covered by her shirt.

Leaning back, Nicole gently restrained Waverly, hooking a finger under her chin to lift her beautiful face. “Are you always this playful in the morning?” she chuckled breathlessly.

Sliding her fingers along Nicole’s throat and jaw, Waverly tucked a fiery strand of red hair back behind her ear before burrowing them into the warmth at the nape of her neck. “That, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.” Waverly held her breath, waiting to see what Nicole’s response would be.

Waverly’s breath was stolen from her lungs as Nicole’s response came in a dazzling display of dimples followed by an intense look as her brown eyes dropped to Waverly’s lips. The look was heated and made her lips tingle in anticipation for the soft brush of Nicole’s as she leaned in and closed the distance between their mouths.

Nicole’s kisses were a soft and gentle torment of light, soul-stirring kisses and fleeting, electrifying caresses of her tongue. Waverly loved every second of them even if, or maybe because, they had her writhing against Nicole’s gentle restraint, eager for more as the heady scent of her Alpha crawled inside her, permeating her soul and filling every inch of her.

Breathing heavily, Nicole pulled back from Waverly’s lips, a soft growl vibrating against her neck, wrenching a whine from her as Nicole set her teeth into her pulse and lashed at her trapped flesh with broad swipes of her tongue.

It took every ounce of self-control within Nicole to unlock her jaw and pull back. Untangling Waverly’s hands from her hair, she kissed the palms of her Omega’s hands and rested their foreheads together while she tried to compose herself.

“You didn’t have to stop… I didn’t want you to.”

“I know… and believe me, that’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” Nicole chuckled wryly as she flopped over on to her back.

“Ahh, behave,” she wagged a finger at Waverly as she moved to roll on top of her. “We do this my way or not at all,” she warned.

Softening her rejection, and being unable to resist, Nicole brushed a soft kiss across Waverly’s mouth. “Now, I haven’t really got much of anything in to eat, so how about joining me in town for some breakfast before my shift… unless you need to head home?”

“I want to stay with you but… Well, I kind of haven’t got any clothes.”

“I would take you home but I don’t think that would go down to well with your sister. So. your choice then, Waves. You’re more than welcome to borrow some of mine or you can run home and meet me in town… only if you want to that is?”

Wiggling at the thought, Waverly slipped Nicole’s control and sprawled on top of her. “Then I want to steal… erm, borrow some of your clothes.”

“Okay, well you go grab a shower first and pick out whatever you want. I’ll go get my papers together and shower after you.”

“Or, we could save water and shower together?” Waverly offered enticingly… hopeful that she might get Nicole to relent a little more than she already had.

“Go,” Nicole chuckled as she reluctantly peeled herself from the temptation of Waverly’s body and climbed from the bed. She watched as Waverly made her way towards the bathroom.

Nicole’s breath hitched and she nearly ran into the door as, with one last torment to her senses, Waverly let her borrowed sweatpants drop to the floor in clear sight of her to reveal the toned temptation of her slight but surprisingly muscular in all the most perfect of ways, body.

Chapter Text

Waverly sat on the edge of the bed while she waited for Nicole to finish her shower. She could have gone down to the living room once she’d dressed, probably should have for the sake of her sanity.

After she had finished with hers and left the bathroom to pick out some clothes, that had been her intention. But the whimper on Nicole’s lips and the appreciation in her eyes as she had tried not to look at her wrapped up in one of her towels, smelling of her body wash, had made Waverly just itch to drop the towel like she had the clothes… but this time with them face to face.

Nicole must have sensed her intention though as she had quickly dodged around her and put the bathroom door between them.

And then… she had drawn the bolt on the door.

Chuckling softly at the last glance of Nicole’s eyes sweeping up and down her body and the way they had lingered where the towel didn’t cover, Waverly had made her way into the walk-in closet to see what it had to offer.

There wasn’t a huge amount, and very little in Waverly’s usual style. But what struck Waverly the most was the scent of Nicole that she could smell lingering in the air. She knew that Wynonna and the others couldn’t smell Nicole but she could. And it had her wanting to rip everything off their hangers, make a pile of them and just roll on them until they carried both their scents.

Waverly had never had such a strong urge to scent things as she did right then. And she knew it was because they were meant to be together. But it was so primal and so unlike her that it made Waverly take a step back in shock.

Even in the early days of her relationship with Champ Hardy when she had just assumed that the limited dating options in Purgatory would have her settling and giving up on what he saw as her ‘fanciful’ idea of finding her mate, she had never wanted to wear his jackets or borrow any of his clothes.

But with Nicole, she wanted to just immerse herself in her.

Waverly was able to resist the urge to roll in a pile of Nicole’s clothes… barely. But she touched every item of clothing hanging there, running her eyes and fingers over everything as she imagined how they would look on Nicole’s tall, slender frame.

Picturing her dressed served to make Waverly think about her naked and had the sound of the water splashing against Nicole’s body growing louder within the confines of the room and had the scent of her drifting through the bathroom door to grab at her senses. It had her feverish imagination filling in the gaps and proved to be a temptation she was finding increasingly difficult to resist.

A temptation that had Waverly quickly pulling on what she had picked out and leaving the walk-in closet before she realised she was moving. And it forced her to literally sit on her hands to stop herself from busting the lock on the bathroom door and joining her Alpha in the shower. She pursed her lips at the thought of Nicole locking the door, like it or even the door itself would really have helped against her strength and they both knew it.

The sound of it drawing across though had been slow and full of ‘don’t even think of it’.

The sound of it being pulled back after the shower was shut off, was like a bow being drawn across tightly strung nerves and made Waverly physically ache in anticipation and pulled a whine from deep within her.

The sight of her Alpha stepping out of the steam filled bathroom, water beading her skin where the towel wrapped around her didn’t touch made Waverly whimper. Her eyes hungrily followed a drop of water as it slid across Nicole’s collarbone and rolled across pale skin to soak into her towel where it cut across the swell of her breasts. It made her ache to follow the track of it with fingers and tongue and taste the skin beneath.

“You should go downstairs now, Waverly,” Nicole growled thickly. If she didn’t, Nicole was very much afraid that she was going to just throw all her good intentions right out the window along with her towel and take what Waverly was offering her with the heated scent of arousal and need pouring from her with every hungry look that felt like it was trying to burn the towel from her body.

MINE!’ Nicole bit back on growling the possessive word… barely. But she could feel it hanging in the air between them unspoken by either of them.

“I wanted to make sure what I was wearing was okay… Is it?” Standing up, Waverly turned slowly. The look in Nicole’s eyes as she met them again was dark and sultry and possessive as hell as she took in her clothes on her. It was a look that emboldened Waverly further. “’Cause if it’s not I can just change again…” grasping the edge of her borrowed shirt she started to lift it, exposing her abdomen to a sound from Nicole that was part whimper, part throaty growl, and all needy Alpha.

Breathing heavily, Nicole grabbed Waverly’s hands, reluctantly stilling her movements. The move nearly cost her, her towel as the heavy breathing and a fingertip tug from Waverly as she got too close loosened it and had her quickly tightening it again. Throwing back her head, Nicole struggled to regain some composure. “You…”

“What?” Waverly asked with false innocence as she watched Nicole trying not to come undone in more ways than one. She loved that she had such an effect on her Alpha’s control.

“Oh, you are so bad, Waverly Earp,” leaning in, Nicole pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You look amazing, now get on downstairs so I can put my clothes on.” Turning her around, Nicole gave her ass a quick pop as she steered her towards the door. “Oh, and Waverly?”

“Yes, Nicole?”

Nicole held out her hand expectantly.

“I’ll have my towel back before you go.”

Chapter Text

Xavier looked down at the phone in his hand in disbelief as to what he had just heard. Lifting her head he glanced across the kitchen to where Wynonna was wearing a groove in the floor with her restless pacing. “Well… good news… Waverly was just spotted…”

Wynonna froze as she tried to work out just what kind of tone was in Xavier’s voice. She wasn’t sure what had been said to him on the phone but he sounded anxious, disbelieving… but at least he didn’t sound like he was building up towards terrible news. “Well, where in the hell is my baby sister?” she growled.

“Heading into town… in a Police car.” He held his breath, waiting for the inevitable explosion.

“What? Are they sure it was Waverly? Our, Waverly? Yay high? Voted the nicest girl in Purgatory?”

“Yes, our… Waverly.” Before he could even finish, Xavier was brushed aside by a whirlwind of hair and cuss words about shit eating police as Wynonna stormed out of the door. “Doc!!! Wynonna, wait!” he chased after her, hoping he could delay any rash actions long enough for their third to join them but she was already in her truck and heading towards the Homestead lynch gate in a shower of snow, dirt and exhaust fumes.

Bursting out of the house, Doc skidded to a halt at Xavier’s side, guns drawn as he looked around for trouble. “Xavier! What is wrong?” Squinting into the morning sun he frowned at the sight of Wynonna’s beloved blue Ford F-150 truck barrelling down the road. “Where in the devil is Wynonna going in such a hellfire hurry?”

Xavier grabbed Doc and pushed him towards his S.U.V. “Apparently, Waverly has been arrested.”

“Our Waverly?” Doc stared at Xavier is disbelief. Yeah, Waverly had an Earp streak a mile wide when the mood struck but the youngest Earp had even managed to talk herself out of anything worse than a finger-wagging from the police and that was for firing off two shots from a shotgun… inside ‘Shorty’s Saloon’. That Waverly would find herself being arrested was… Well, it was just so much more of a Wynonna thing that it was inconceivable.

“Yes, our Waverly!” Xavier rolled his eyes at the déjà vu conversation. How many Waverly’s did they all think he knew anyway? “Now get in so we can stop Wynonna before she goes off on them!”

Gathering himself, Doc threw himself into the vehicle and slammed the door just as Xavier started it rolling. He couldn’t imagine how their Waverly could ever be in trouble but he knew with Wynonna’s fractious relationship with the police it wouldn’t end well if they couldn’t get to her before she either caught up to the cop or made it to the police station. The last thing they needed was for their pack leader to end up in jail… again.

Thankfully, Wynonna had taken her truck which lacked in power a little compared to the S.U.V. and they soon caught up and, much to Wynonna’s chagrin if her expression was anything to go by, they managed to pass her as they flew over the railway crossing into town and pulled up outside of the Sheriff’s Department.

“Now, hold on there, darlin’.” Doc tried valiantly to block Wynonna’s way long enough to get her to see reason. “If you go in there all fired up you might only make things worse for your sister.”

“Worse? Oh, I’ll show you worse if you don’t move! Waverly too if she was out trying to track down that damn Alpha of hers. Hers?!” she snorted.

“And if she was? Why is it so wrong for Waverly to follow her heart? I seem to remember an Alpha not too long ago that for the life of her could not make up her mind and ended up bonded to two mates.”

“Not in the mood for logic right now, boys!” Spinning around Xavier and Doc, Wynonna pushed open the doors to the P.S.D. “Nedley!!!”

“Ohhh boy!” grabbing Nicole, Waverly dragged her back into Shorty’s as she heard Wynonna’s bellowing down the street. “You were right,” she hissed, “that was someone watching on the edge of town. Wynonna and the guys are here… and heading into P.S.D.”

“So I hear,” Nicole winced on behalf of the Sheriff and hoped he hadn’t turned up early for work in time to deal with a rampaging Alpha. She wasn’t sure if she was glad or not that she had suggested that Waverly should change into the spare clothes she admitted keeping at the bar. On the plus side, Wynonna wouldn’t see her wearing her clothes but it also meant they wouldn’t be able to have breakfast together. “You should probably go to her.” The possessive, Alpha side of Nicole hated that idea and screamed that Waverly was her Omega now.

“Or,” stepping into the cradle of Nicole’s body, Waverly wrapped her arms around her slender waist and pressed her nose into the warm skin at the base of Nicole’s throat. “We can head on back to my old room and spend some time together before your shift starts?” Sweetening the offer, she lapped where her nose had pressed and delighted in the taste and the way Nicole’s fingers fluttered against her hips as her breathing hitched and released on a moan.

“Ya know what I’m going to say, right?”

“Naughty Omega?”

“Tempting.” Nicole smiled at the pout on Waverly’s face and kissed her softly. “You really should go though. Before your sister gets too worried and tears the town up looking for you and I have to arrest her ass.”

“I guess,” Waverly sighed but rather than break contact she pressed herself closer.

“Waves… don’t tell her about me being a wolf… please?”

Leaning back, Waverly looked into Nicole’s downcast eyes. “What is it you’re so afraid of, Nicole?”

Nicole bit her lip. She was scared. More scared of anything she’s known before that once she heard, Waverly would reject her. But if she did… wouldn’t it be better to get it over with sooner than fall even deeper for her and have her heart ripped apart then? She couldn’t do it though, not there, not then. It was probably selfish but she needed that time with Waverly before everything fell apart. “I will explain, I swear to you.”


“I promise.”

Running her fingers along Nicole’s face, Waverly wished she could take away whatever was troubling her and see her dimples shine again. “Can we run together tonight?”

“I’d like that.”

“And maybe we could meet up for lunch later? Or coffee when you get a break? Both?”

Nicole couldn’t help but smile. Capturing Waverly’s chin, Nicole tilted her face up for a kiss. “Whatever you want, Waves.”



“Sex it is then.” Winking at Nicole, Waverly darted out of the door before she could say anything.

Chapter Text

“So, Haught!”

Nicole straightened up and looked back over her shoulder at Wynonna and the two male Alphas with her. “I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve been introduced, but if you’re coming on to me… I’m afraid you’re just not my type.” Whistling under her breath, Nicole picked up her shopping basket and left Wynonna opening and closing her mouth in shock as the men’s rich chuckles followed her as she quickly made her way around to another aisle.

Wynonna was getting more and more difficult to shake off as the day went on. And while Nicole knew it was only a matter of time before Wynonna worked out that she and Waverly were an item, especially as Waverly kept finding any excuse to be with her despite the ever-present threat of her sister… and Nicole could never seem to think of anything she would rather have than Waverly spending time with her.

A coffee here, a touch there, a stolen conversation while she left the station. A lingering lunch and even flat out just strolling in and sitting on her desk while she did paperwork. Luckily the Sheriff just glanced at them and muttered something about Wynonna and left for ‘happy hour’ at Shorty’s.

It wasn’t the first time he had grumbled about Wynonna that day. When Nicole had arrived at the station he had been trying to gruffly console a sobbing Lonnie who Wynonna had apparently threatened to rip limb from limb if he didn’t release Waverly from the cells.

Shooting a smirking Doc and Xavier a glare, Wynonna gathered her composure and set off after the Officer. “Wait a minute there, Red!”


“You’ve been hanging around my sister a lot today and… what’s that?”

“Hair dye?” Nicole held up the box of dye she’d managed to grab off the shelf just before Wynonna had rounded the corner and locked her sights on her again. Luckily it actually came close to matching the colour of her natural hair.

Wynonna looked back and forth between the box of dye and Nicole’s hair. “Wait… then that’s not your natural colour?”

“Naw, I just like to stand out,” she smiled as innocently as she could manage with the Alpha’s piercing blue eyes fixed upon her. Nicole could see that it had thrown Wynonna… just as she had hoped. But then this was a game she had played many times, though, granted, not with the sister of an Omega implanted in her heart.

Hair dye always threw off an over-curious wolf though as it just didn’t work on wolves. Didn’t matter how fancy a dye job it was, one change and it stripped it all out and left the wolf the colour of their natural hair.

“You were saying something about your sister?”

“Yeah, Waverly…”

“Oh, you must by Wynonna,” rather than sticking out a hand, Nicole nodded at her and the two men as they finally made their way around to join them. She could see them scenting the air, trying to get a read on her, but she knew that mostly they would get nothing… or maybe a touch of Waverly and the donuts she had already placed in her basket to act as a decoy. “Waverly’s been kind enough to show me around town today, get me used to the layout, introduced me to some people and all. Very helpful.”

“Yeah,” Wynonna muttered, “she’s like that.”

“Sure is… well, if y’all excuse me, I need to get this finished, not much time left on my break,” Nicole threw in a little ‘you know how it is,’ grimace. “Gentlemen,” she gave them a nod as she brushed past them and moved towards the checkout.

“I must admit that I like her,” Doc decided as he tried not to chuckle at the utterly bemused expression that trying to pin down the Officer had left on Wynonna’s face.

“You’re not buying that are you, Doc?”

“Of course not, Xavier. I do not think any of us are but look at the facts and what you have seen of Officer Haught… and how she treats our young Waverly.” He nodded to the shop window to where the youngest Earp was sidling up to the Officer as she packed her bag of groceries in the car and gave her a little bump with her hip. “She was not shy about admitting her attraction to our elusive red visitor. Then after two weeks of moping around, she is all over Sheriff Nedley’s shiny new Deputy there and once more looking like she wants to be more than just friendly.”

“Then how do we prove it?” Wynonna growled. She’d felt sure they’d got her and then she’d pulled out the doe-eyed expression and doubled down with the box of hair dye.

“Are you really worried because of her colour?”

“No, I’m worried because she’s my baby sister, Xavier. As for the red wolf, to be honest I kind of feel sorry for her if she did manage to escape the shit show that went down in Georgia or if she was just caught up in the prejudice because of her colour. Messing with my sister though… that makes her my business.”

“Our business,” Doc clarified. “To be fair though, Waverly did try to claim her first.”

“Not helping, Doc!”

Chapter Text

Taking a breath, Nicole looked towards the road as headlights came down her lonely stretch of road and a red Jeep Wrangler pulled up behind her police cruiser. There was no curiosity or wariness in her at a stranger arriving. There was only anticipation at the tug on something deep inside of her and a feeling of completeness as the smell of lavender and lime increased as the driver’s door opened and Waverly stepped out.

A whimper of need curled up from within Nicole as she saw Waverly bouncing towards her with a bright smile on her face that made her nose and eyes crinkle adorably. Waverly’s steps slowed, a shyness coming over her as she dipped her chin just a little and looked up at her from under thick lashes.

Waverly could feel the quiver running through Nicole body as she stepped closer and ran her hands up along her Alpha’s sides, sweeping across the tense muscles of her arms and shoulders until her fingers found the nape of her neck. Nicole’s wolf was so close to the surface, her eyes starting to fill with colour, the whites been pushed aside as they became solid brown as she dipped her head and scented along her pulse.

Burying her nose against Nicole, Waverly delighted in the feel of her soft hair wrapping around her. A canting whine rose through her as she felt Nicole’s hands holding her back still. “Nicole,” she protested at the gentle restraint.

“Run first.”

The gravel in her voice had Waverly’s wolf wanting out so she could play with her Alpha. Her words had heat exploding through her in anticipation. First!

“Go change.” Placing a hand on the small of Waverly’s back, Nicole guided her towards the door.

Waverly froze on the doorstep as she realised that Nicole was just standing there, watching her with hungry eyes. “Not coming with me?”

“Not yet,” Nicole grinned wolfishly as her Omega almost tripped over her own feet. After being teased and tormented for, what felt like forever, it felt good to be able to throw Waverly off balance for a change.

Nicole listened as Waverly ran up the stair and knew she was changing in her bedroom. ‘Their bedroom!’ She could almost hear every item of clothing being removed and could smell the increase of her scent without fabric to hold it back.

Turning her senses outwards, Nicole scoured the darkened landscape with eyes, nose, and ears, looking for the slightest hint that her house was being watched. It all looked clear as far as she could tell. After her run-in with Wynonna earlier what they had planned was probably not the most sensible thing to do even if her home was on the opposite side of Purgatory to the Earp’s. Her Omega wanted to run with her though and Nicole wanted the same.

Hearing Waverly closing the bedroom door, Nicole stepped back inside her home and turned off the porch lights as she closed the door. Footsteps on the stairs drew her gaze and ripped a thick moan from her as Waverly walked down them, beautifully, stunningly, unashamedly, naked. Nicole had caught glimpses thanks to her sweatpants drop earlier and had felt her body curled into hers all night but nothing compared to what she was seeing right then.

Seeing the effect she was having on Nicole in her ragged breathing and heated gaze, Waverly put a little extra into her hips as she walked across to her Alpha. Nicole’s growl was throaty and pure animal as Waverly ran her hands up to her shoulders and pressed closer. Eye to eye, hazel to brown, Waverly let her wolf out.

Smiling, Nicole ran her fingers through the thicker hair around Waverly’s neck as her cold, wet nose and hot tongue swiped up her throat. “Beautiful.”

Sitting back on her haunches, Waverly gave Nicole a pointed stare and whined. Her Alpha was far too overdressed.

Nicole stripped, tossing her clothing on to the couch. “Behave,” she growled softly as Waverly’s tail started wagging and her eyes sparkled in mischief. Taking a step, she changed. That was another thing that the old Hollywood movies had always gotten wrong. There was no painful or messy transition from human to wolf, not unless there was something wrong. It just simply happened.

Dropping to all fours, Nicole shook out her fur and found herself nearly barrelled over as Waverly pushed against her and started nuzzling her all over excitedly as she scent marked her like she hadn’t seen her for months. And Nicole simply allowed it. Revelled in it.

It felt good to touch another wolf, her mate, and not be feared.

Leading the way through the kitchen, Nicole paused by the door. At her side, Waverly grew just as quiet, letting her take the lead. Opening the door a crack using her nose, Nicole scented the air again. With the direction of the wind, she could tell that nothing lay in the direction of the path she had chosen.

With the lay of the land, the kitchen door was sheltered from the road as it sloped away down towards a small stream and some woods beyond where they could run freely. Before they left the house, Nicole turned and rubbed her cheek against Waverly, breathing in their scent before giving one perfect softly furred ear a teasing nip.

Waverly watched as Nicole pulled the door closed behind them. Her Alpha was so beautiful, so much more at ease and confident than that first night. Her red coat shone in the moonlight as they stretched their legs, Nicole’s longer ones capable of covering the ground faster than the pace she kept so they could run side by side as they splashed through the stream and disappeared into the trees beyond.

Chapter Text

Waverly felt like she could have run forever with Nicole at her side and she never wanted any of it to end… the run or their time together. The sight of Nicole’s house coming into view though had nervous anticipation running through her, each step a step closer to what she wanted. Her pulse raced, her blood thickening until she could feel every beat of her heart thudding through her being.

Her steps slowed, fear running through her that once they were inside, Nicole would reject her again. A soft whimper reached her ears and Waverly realised it was her own as Nicole turned and looked at her quizzically.

As attentive and in tune with her needs as she had been their whole run, Nicole’s face slid across hers, spreading their scent, and that of the winter sky and frosted woods into her. A bushy tail slapped teasingly across her nose, eliciting a huff that turned into a whimpered moan as Nicole gave a gentle, possessive, nip to her hindquarters that made her feel weak and even more needy from desire and the implication of Nicole’s actions. Surely she wouldn’t make her feel like this and then pull away?

But she kept moving, calming and exciting in equal measure. And by the time Nicole was face to face with her, Waverly felt like a quivering mess from the heady scent rising between them of their scent and arousal. The gentle nips her Alpha had bestowed upon her back, sides and especially the ones to the back of her neck that made her hips twitch with the need to submit to her Alpha.

Nicole’s eyes were dark and hungry but each touch and every move had been so restrained and gentle. Even the tilt of her head towards her house was a question, not a demand, letting Waverly know that Nicole wasn’t like other Alpha’s, she wouldn’t force her to bend and just take what she wanted. And she was wanted, Waverly could see it writ across every tense line of Nicole’s quivering body and see it in her eyes, but consent was Waverly’s to give and there was no pressure on her to do anything she wasn’t ready for or didn’t want to do.

Pressing her body to Nicole’s side, Waverly gave the tip of a silky soft ear a tug with her teeth and led the way to the door. As they stepped inside, Waverly changed and put a hand on Nicole’s furred shoulder. “Don’t change just yet,” she begged gently. Nicole’s solid brown eyes looked at her questioningly but she made a soft noise of assent and walked beside her as she led the way to the bedroom.

“I hope this doesn’t seem too strange… you’re just so beautiful and… I wanted to feel you with these hands before you change back.” Kneeling down, Waverly ran her hands over her Alpha’s body as it towered over her still. She delighted in the feel of her as she tunnelled her fingers deep into her thick coat, feeling the warmth and solid muscle beneath. Leaning into her, Waverly rubbed her face against Nicole’s neck and shoulder as she wrapped her arms around her.

As she changed, Nicole wrapped her arms around Waverly’s waist and rose to her feet, lifting the smaller woman with her. Her breath caught on a moan as Waverly’s strong legs wrapped around her waist and hazel eyes twinkled down into hers knowingly as she felt the slick heat of her arousal against her skin.

“Waverly, are you sure?”

“Yes, very.”

The words had desire slamming through Nicole but she held herself in check. Even though it was Waverly that had been tormenting and trying to seduce her, Nicole was almost afraid that if she relaxed it even for a moment that she might scare her Omega.

Delicate hands cupped her face, a curtain of fragrant hair tumbling around them as Waverly let her lips pause a hairs breath away from her own. Nicole could have reached for them, closed the gap with her own, but she let Waverly dictate the pace even though it killed her and left her whimpering to be denied the softness of her Omega’s lips even for a second.

They had kissed before but there was a weight and newness to it as Waverly skimmed their lips together in a kiss as soft as a butterfly’s wing that had Nicole’s lashes fluttering shut. Emboldened by Nicole’s response and the fluttering of her hands, Waverly deepened their kiss, wringing soft moans from the redhead as she swiped her tongue across her lips as she tested the limits of her Alpha’s control with hungrier and deeper kisses.

“Nicole, my Alpha, please?”

The eyes that met Waverly’s as she pulled back at the heated growl shook loose by her plea, were nearly black pools of hunger. Nicole’s body shifted between her thighs, making Waverly whimper as her long legs ate up the distance to the bed. Her strength as she lowered them both to the mattress was breath-taking and beautiful.

The weight of Nicole’s body settling between her thighs, her teeth nipping gently upon sensitive flesh, had Waverly setting her nails into Nicole’s back and shoulders. She was everywhere, setting Waverly’s body spiralling out of control as she wrung gasps and moans from deep within her with a lick, a bite, a caress of fingers.

Long and agile, those fingers alone were a torment to Waverly’s senses as the sought out and danced lines of fire across sensitive nerves Waverly never knew existed. She felt swollen and alive with need, just the gentle press of her hand upon her abdomen making Waverly feel like she would burst.

Nicole’s nimble, knowing mouth sent her higher, teeth nipping, her tongue painting swirls around her breasts and lathing her nipples as her fingers dipped between her thighs and ran between wet folds. Waverly’s hips bucked up, her head thrashing upon the pillow as her Alpha suckled deeply upon her sensitive, swollen nipples, humming deeply as she strummed her clit with her thumb.

“Nicole! Please… oh god! Need to come!”

“No! Not yet, Baby. Don’t you dare!” Pulling back with mouth and fingers, Nicole waited until Waverly’s blown wide hazel eyes met hers. Lifting wet fingers to her lips, she rode the bucking of Waverly’s hips as her Omega watched her lick her sweet juices off her fingers. “You don’t get to come until I say… understand?”

Waverly bit her lip, fighting down the need to fall apart before her Alpha was ready. “Y-yes, Nicole.”

“Don’t worry… I won’t make you wait too long… not this time,” she chuckled as Waverly whined and wiggled beneath her. “You taste so good, Waves, my sweet naughty Omega… I think this first time I want you to come in my mouth.”

Chapter Text

Nicole pinned Waverly’s hips down as they came off the bed at her words. “Shhh, I’ve got you Waves,” lulling gently she watched intently as Waverly struggled to regain control over herself. Her breathing was ragged, a blush spreading across the tops of her full breasts that had Nicole wanting to feast upon them again.

“Gonna be a good girl for your Alpha?” She chuckled as Waverly managed to pull off a glower and a needy whimper at the same time. “You better be good, Baby else you won’t get to feel this,” Nicole wiggled her tongue teasingly and watched as Waverly clutched at the covers and rolled her head on the pillow.

“God, you are so beautiful, Waverly.” Throwing a leg over Waverly’s thighs, Nicole kept her pinned. Capturing her Omega’s hands, she pinned them too, gently but firmly above her head with one hand and gently ran her free hand down Waverly’s arms and sides. “Calm… else I’ll get the cuffs.”

“I will get you back for this, Nicole Haught,” Waverly panted, glaring into Nicole’s dark brown eyes as she struggled against herself and the new delicious feelings Nicole was evoking with each word and the lightest of touches.

“Looking forward to it,” Nicole grinned wolfishly. “My turn now though.”

Dipping her head, Nicole kept a firm grip on Waverly’s hands as she kissed and nuzzled her way down. She wanted to take it slow, draw it out, but she knew that her Omega was already nearing the breaking point. As was she. That didn’t stop her from paying extra attention to the well-defined outline of her abdominal muscles though. Her Omega was strong in so many ways… right then though it was her abs that had her lips and tongue tracing every dip and curve and set her teeth nipping as she moved lower and lower.

The scent of Waverly’s arousal was intoxicating and made Nicole growl from the desire to just bury herself in it. “Mine!” Releasing her hold on Waverly’s hands, Nicole gently parted Waverly’s thighs with trembling hands. The slick wetness dampening her thighs made Nicole whimper, her body shuddering in anticipation. Crawling closer, feeling suddenly unworthy of such an offering, Nicole nuzzled her nose and lips against Waverly’s thighs, tasting the sweet essence that had spilt for her. “Mine!”

Fingers tangled in her hair and flexed against her scalp. Glancing up she saw how needy Waverly was, her body bucking and straining as she waited for her touch.

“Please… please…! Can’t…! Oh god…! Nicole, please…!”

Parting her slick folds, Nicole breathed in the sight and scent of her. “Look at me,” Nicole waited until Waverly’s eyes flickered open, all dazed and needy as they met hers. “Keep your eyes on me. Watch me eat your pussy, and come only when I tell you. Do you understand? Can you do that for your Alpha?”


“Good girl.” Tongue dipping, she dragged it through the sweetly scented delight before her. The flavour of her Omega exploded through her, setting her hips grinding against the mattress. Above her she heard Waverly cry out, her hands pulling her closer. Nicole followed her urgings willingly, licking and sucking up all the sweet juices flowing from her, urging more to come as she chased her higher and higher until she could tell it was close to hurting to hold back.

Reaching out, she laced their fingers together, feeling the bite of nails into the back of her hand. “Come for me, Baby. Let me have it all.”

Sealing her mouth over her, Nicole drank Waverly down as she fell apart with a long drawn out scream. Only when she started to go limp and sag back to the mattress did Nicole slow her ministrations long enough to unwrap Waverly’s thighs from around her head.

Kissing her way back up Waverly’s quivering body, Nicole wrapped her up in her arms, soothing her with gentle touches and words as she came back to herself. “Shhh, it’s okay, relax now. I’ve got you, Waves.”

Chapter Text

“Wow,” feeling more than a little drunk on love, Waverly giggled and pushed her hair back off her face with a trembling hand. Hand? Hell her whole body was trembling thanks to the woman smiling down at her looking thoroughly pleased with herself. Cupping the back of Nicole’s neck, Waverly pulled her closer into a kiss.

The taste of her essence on Nicole’s lips and tongue made Waverly moan into the softness of her Alpha’s mouth and set her womb clenching again not so much renewed desire as fanning the flames higher. The gentle control her Alpha had used to bring her to such heights with essentially just her voice before using her mouth, had been more amazing and thrilling than Waverly could ever have imagined.

Nicole’s breath caught in her throat at the flare of heat in Waverly’s eyes as she shifted against her, her perfectly muscled thigh sliding between her own to press into needy flesh. “Waves, god, Baby.” Her body bucked, making her frantically aware of just how much she wanted her Omega still.

All Waverly could think about was having Nicole come undone at her hands. She could smell the heat of her and knew how close she was just from seeing to her needs above her own.

“You don’t have to,” Nicole mumbled brokenly, needing Waverly to know that it wasn’t expected.

“I want to. I want to feel you come on me. Want you to use me.” Biting her lip, Waverly ate up the sight of her Alpha’s head falling back at her words, her head tossing from side to side as Waverly stripped control from her. A thick moan escaping past swollen lips, as Waverly flexed her thigh up into her again, pushing her higher with each movement.

Nicole was so slick and wet, Waverly could smell it and feel it hot against her as Nicole’s hips started moving in time with her rocking. “God, Nic, you’re so beautiful.” Nicole’s body moved faster, her eyes rolling back as Waverly dug her fingers into her hip and ass, pulling her closer. “That’s it, use my thigh, come all over your Omega.”

Waverly pushed up with her whole body as Nicole cried out and latched on to the pale expanse of her neck with her mouth as her Alpha’s head arched back in pleasure. She wanted so badly to sink her teeth deep, to mark Nicole up as hers so that everyone would know see and who she belonged to, but she sucked hard, raising the blood her teeth ached to find to the surface of her skin. Nicole cried out again, hands tangling in her hair, pulling her closer as her hips danced frantically.

The sight of the bruise she had left behind filled Waverly with contentment… a feeling she tried in vain to hide as Nicole dabbed her fingers to the area to check for blood. “You didn’t say I couldn’t mark you,” she pointed out with a grin that was tinged with sadness.

“No, no I didn’t… next time though, you might want to try biting instead of sucking. Not that I mind either way.”

Pushing against Nicole’s shoulder, Waverly rolled her on to her back and sat on her, straddling her waist. “You- you would let me do that?”


“You would bind yourself to me but you still won’t mark me? Why?”

“I already know what I’m getting with you, Waverly Earp. I would be… more than happy, to have your mark upon me but… I won’t mark you until we’ve talked.”

Planting her hands on her hips, Waverly pouted down at the woman beneath her. She loved that her Alpha was so willing to take her bite first, to be marked so that any wolf would be able to see and smell who she belonged to but… “Stubborn.”

“I’m… protecting you.” Nicole glanced to the side but Waverly grabbed her chin, forcing her eyes back to hers and refusing to let her fall into whatever dark memories were trying to take hold.

“I don’t know what you think you’re protecting me from but we belong together. With or without a mark, nothing changes that. I felt it from the moment I saw you and I know you felt the same. So… until we get around to that talk you’re so scared of… I will just keep on hickying the hell out of you ‘cause when you mark me, and you will, that is when I want to sink my teeth into you too. Got it?”

“Yes, ma'am. Whatever you want, Waverly.”

That beautiful dimpled smile flashed up at her, making Waverly wiggle and become very aware of the fact that she was sitting on her Alpha and that, going by the way her long fingers were moving and pressing into her thighs and hips, her Alpha was happy to have her there. “Whatever I want, huh?”

Waverly grinned as her Alpha’s brow furrowed slightly and her brown eyes flickered nervously. Leaning forwards, pressing her breasts into Nicole, Waverly played dirty and derailed Nicole’s thoughts with a deep kiss and a brush of thumbs across hardened nipples. “Well?”

“Yes, fuck,” she moaned as fingers pinched and rolled sending sparks straight down to her needy womb, “anything,” she whined. Her whine turned to a whimper as Waverly’s body moved off of hers.

“Then…” she patted the mattress, “get on your knees for me… please?” she quickly added as her Alpha sucked in a breath at the thought of kneeling. Many Alpha’s would refuse such a request from anyone, even another Alpha, as it was seen as a submissive position. Her Alpha though, simply rolled on to her knees where she had patted the mattress and looked over her shoulder at her.

Running her hand up the length of Nicole’s back, Waverly delighted in the softness of her skin stretched over muscles that twitched under her touch as she moved closer until she was kneeling between Nicole’s legs, her hand the only point of contact. “Is this okay?”

Nicole nodded. It was all she could manage. She could feel her instincts rolling beneath the surface at being placed in such a submissive position that would have usually meant a fight. But the part of her that loved, cared and belonged to her Omega was very happy to feel her perfect naked body pressing into hers.

Very happy to feel Waverly’s breasts pressing into her back as an arm slid around her waist to play with her swollen breasts. Very, very happy to feel Waverly’s thighs nudging hers apart, exposing her core to the cooler air in the bedroom and the nimble press of fingers as she spread her legs wider.

Body shuddering, Nicole tried to curl around the pleasure but her Omega pulled her back, holding her open and exposed as she latched her mouth into the curve of her neck and drew on her flesh as her fingers danced and teased, sending Nicole spiralling higher and higher until she fell apart and found herself caught in her Omega’s strong arms.

Chapter Text

With eyes still more shut than open, Waverly followed the aroma of freshly brewed coffee downstairs and shuffled into the kitchen. Wrapping her arms around Nicole’s trim waist, she sagged into the warmth of her Alpha’s back with a soft moan.

Her body ached in ways she never thought possible and didn’t want to dwell upon too much. Every time she did, a memory came back. A sigh, a moan. A taste, a smell. The feel of her redheaded tormenter on her, under her, in her, their bodies entwining over and over again until exhaustion claimed them as night started to lose its grip to the rising sun. And every time those thoughts came back it made her exhausted body spasm again.

Moaning, Waverly rode out the spasms and a fresh rush of wetness between her thighs at the delicious memories. She had never been so satisfied and yet so perpetually turned on before. “How are you even standing, let alone making coffee right now,” she whined against Nicole’s spine.

Running her hands across Waverly’s arms where they lay across her waist, Nicole chuckled as she pulled her Omega closer. “Morning, cutie. And the answer is sheer bloody-minded determination and the need for caffeine. You should have stayed in bed, Baby. I was just coming back up with a drink for you.”

“Mmmm, I could go for a tall glass of Alpha. I was missing your warmth.” Lifting the hem of Nicole’s top, Waverly slipped her hands beneath, seeking out the heat of her flesh and the fullness of her breasts. The hiss of Nicole’s breath as her fingers skimmed tender nipples had Waverly hiding a grin against her back.

“Upstairs… go.” Turning Waverly around, Nicole gave her taut ass a swat to get her moving. “Oh, I still haven’t got much in to eat… will donuts do for breakfast for now?”

“Donuts? Really? I thought you were going shopping yesterday?”

“I tried that,” Nicole grimaced. “Soon as I got in the store I saw your sister and those two guys heading my way just full of questions.”

“They did what!”

“Yeah. In the end, I grabbed donuts and hair dye and got the hell out.”

“Hair dye?”

Nicole chuckled and tossed the pack of donuts to her. “Go, I’ll explain once I’ve got some caffeine and sugar in me… or maybe a lot later,” Nicole finished on a whisper as she leaned around the arch between kitchen and living room and followed the sway of Waverly’s hips as she walked up the stairs. “Damn.”

Leaning back down, Waverly smirked at the dazed expression on Nicole’s face. “Well, hurry up!”

“Yes, ma’am,” grinning, Nicole grabbed up their coffee and hurried to join Waverly. As quick as she was, Waverly was already gloriously naked again as she stepped into the bedroom and Nicole rushed to set the mugs down as her hands started to tremble at the sight. The knowing smirk on Waverly’s face fell to hunger as Nicole slowly, deliberately stripped out of her sweatpants and top and crawled on to the bed and knelt above her. Tracing the line of Waverly’s collarbone with her tongue, Nicole gently sank her teeth into the muscle at the curve of her neck just hard enough to elicit a soft whimpering moan of pleasure that had Waverly’s eyes glazing over.

Flicking her tongue across Waverly’s lips, Nicole settled back against the pillows with a grin as Waverly lay there, twitching and breathing heavily at her side. “Nope, donuts first,” holding one up as a shield of sugary goodness, she smiled all the more as Waverly’s eyes narrowed at her dangerously.

They lay together, whiling away the morning hours talking and laughing, feeding each other bites of donut and hungry kisses.

The sound of a vehicle approaching had Nicole stiffening, her senses going on high alert. Hopping from the bed, she moved over to the window and moved the curtain aside with a fingertip. “Well, shit!”

“What’s wrong?”

Turning from the window, Nicole sighed and let the curtain drop closed. “You better get dressed, Baby. Your sister just pulled up.”

“Are you sure it’s…?”


“Yeah,” Nicole grimaced at the volume the Alpha was managing to yell at, “pretty sure it’s her.”

Chapter Text

“Maybe if we hide she won’t know I’m here?” Waverly put to Nicole hopefully and tried to do exactly what she’d said.

“Waves…” Nicole smiled softly as she plucked the pillows Waverly was trying to hide under out of her hands. “You drove here, Baby,” she reminded her. “She’s pulled in behind your Jeep right now.” Smoothing her hand through Waverly’s hair, Nicole sighed regretfully and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You stay right here and I’ll go deal with her, okay? Waverly… no matter what, you only come down if you want to, okay?”

Waverly watched anxiously as Nicole got dressed again, putting a button down shirt on over the top she had worn earlier. She had no idea still what was going on with Nicole that she felt the need to even hide that she was a wolf from everyone else, and whilst she was being amazing about it, Waverly knew it was all her fault that Wynonna was outside. Before Nicole could leave, Waverly leapt from the bed and wrapped her arms around her Alpha, burying her face tight against her. “I’m so sorry, Nicole!”

Holding her closer, Nicole rubbed her hands up and down Waverly’s back and combed her fingers through the silky softness of her thick hair. “Hey, it’s gonna be okay,” tilting up her chin, Nicole ghosted a soft kiss across her trembling lips.


Feeling her jump, Nicole rubbed their faces together, soothing her mate with their scent. “Let me go deal with this and I’ll be right back… and don’t forget, you stay up here as long as you want to. I can take care of myself,” she assured her.

As the door closed behind Nicole, Waverly climbed from the bed and pulled on her clothes as she made her way over to the window. She could smell and feel the waves of Alpha energy flowing off of her sister and the others, and especially off Nicole as she stepped outside into the snow to confront her.

“What can I do for you, Earp?”

“Haught!” Storming towards the redhead, Wynonna breathed in the scent of her sister covering the other woman. “Where is she?” she growled.

“I’m Purgatory Sheriff’s Deputy, Ms Earp. Waverly spent the night of her own free will. She’s safe.” Glancing either side, Nicole eyed the two men as they rounded the house and came up behind her. They were wary but their body language and scent was a fraction compared to what Wynonna was putting out her way in a blatant attempt to rile up her wolf. If she had been less of an Alpha it could have stripped her down and made her turn into her wolf form. But she wasn’t less of an Alpha and had spent a lifetime flying under the radar.

Nicole knew she probably could have gotten away with it even though she could tell that Wynonna was already convinced she knew the truth but… Taking a breath, Nicole breathed in Waverly’s scent coming from her home. It wasn’t fair on her Omega to put her in such a position.

“I know what you are,” growling, Wynonna leaned closer, invading the hell out of the cop’s personal space in an attempt to rattle her. To her annoyance, the woman held her ground and gave a small smile as she tilted her head to one side.

“Your sister’s lover?” Nicole knew it was the wrong thing to say, even if it was the truth. Wynonna was just rubbing her up the wrong way with her attitude and making her forget all her good intentions about coming clean.

Growling, Wynonna grabbed the cop by the collar of her shirt and spun her around, slamming her back up against the side of her cruiser. She felt Doc and Xavier grabbing her arms but she held on, her anger reaching new heights as their tugging pulled on Nicole’s clothing and revealed a livid bruise on her neck. Shaking them off, she ripped Nicole’s shirt open, grabbing her by the throat as she took in all the bruises. “You let her do that to you? And to think, I actually thought you were an Alpha,” she snorted.

Knocking Wynonna’s hands aside, Nicole twisted away from her. “Back off, Earp!” she snarled. “Waverly is an adult, what we do is none of your damn business.”

“That is enough!” Storming out of the house, Waverly gave Doc and Xavier pointed glares that backed them up before they could think to stop her and placed herself between her sister and her Alpha. “You two are in so much trouble if you don’t start behaving like responsible Alpha’s!”

Wynonna smirked as her sister let the proverbial wolf out of the bag and Nicole let out a puppyish whimper and stepped back, rubbing her arm from Waverly’s well-placed blow to her shoulder.

Wynonna found her laugh at Nicole’s chastised puppy expression cut short as Waverly rounded on her in a storm of long hair and blazing hazel eyes and landed a punch to her own shoulder that knocked her back too. “Ow! Dude!?”

“And you! You’re in trouble too, Wynonna! You’re my sister and I love you, that will never change, but Nicole is the woman I love…”


“Hush… still in trouble!” Waverly wagged a finger in Nicole’s face before rounding on her sister again. “She is my mate, my Alpha, and I want you both to just get alone and cut all… THIS… out!” Planting her hands on her hips, Waverly huffed at them both.

“Thanks, sis. Knew I could count on you to come clean eventually,” Wynonna winked at her as though it had been their plan all along and watched the realisation dawning across her face as her big brain finally caught up with what had come out of her mouth.

“Oh! Oh, Nicole! Ohhhhh, god…. Fudgenuggets! I’m so sorry…!” covering her face she didn’t even dare look at Nicole for fear of what she would see on her face.

Chapter Text

“Waverly,” Nicole could see Waverly’s body tensing ready to run and kept her voice as gentle as she could as she slowly stepped closer. “Waverly, Baby,” her body flinched as though whipped, a whimper running through her. “Hey, look at me. Please, Waves. Just turn around and look at me.” Even though Waverly had been able to smell her from the start, for the first time in many years, Nicole let her scent flow in hopes it would break through the despair washing off of Waverly.

Nicole saw Wynonna and the others scenting the air, drawing in her scent directly for the first time. But that all happened on the edge of her vision as she was locked on Waverly as she slowly turned around, her eyes fixed upon the ground between her feet.

Sinking to her knees in the snow before Waverly, Nicole reached out slowly, her palm up and loose as she let the calmness and love flow from her pulse. She saw Waverly take a breath, her nostrils flaring at her scent and the sight of her hand. “I’m yours, Waverly. All yours. I’m not mad at you and I would never hurt you. Please, look at me.”

Holding her breath, Nicole smiled encouragingly as Waverly’s hazel eyes flickered from her outstretched hand and worked their way up her arm. They sped up as it registered that she, an Alpha, was kneeling for her again and finally met her eyes. “Hey, cutie.”

“You- You’re not mad at me?”

“Of course not,” taking the hand that slipped into hers, Nicole pressed a kiss against Waverly’s palm and wrist. “I came out here to make nice and got caught up in being an obstinate dick of an Alpha… I’m afraid your sister brought out the worst in me,” she whispered with a wry smile.

“Yeah, she does that a lot.”

Wynonna huffed at that but held her tongue at Xavier’s glare clearly stating that she should shut up and pay attention.

“You were right to call me on it… I just regret that you were put in the position to have to do that.”

Waverly cupped Nicole’s face between her hands, studying the beauty of her soft brown eyes as she urged her Alpha back to her feet. Strong, nimble hands pressed against her back as she moved closer, working up and down her spine in broad strokes as she gently eased the tension from her.

“I’ve got you.” Smile widening, Nicole kissed the fingertips that traced through her dimples and skimmed across her lips.

“You’re really not mad?”

Nuzzling her nose against Waverly’s throat, Nicole gently rubbed, breathing in their combined scent as it rose between them sweeter than ever. “Not in the least bit mad,” she gently assured her.

Smiling broadly, Doc nudged his elbow against Xavier’s side as they watched the couple and kept an eye on Wynonna, who was busy trying not to look and making fake gagging noises. He knew, they both did, that Wynonna was ridiculously protective of her little sister and that was her main problem with the other Alpha. She needed to prove herself good enough, and in Wynonna’s eyes, there was never going to be anyone good enough.

“So, RedHaught, ready to explain yourself?”

“Oh, no you don’t!” Waverly spun in Nicole’s arms and fixed a glower upon her big sister. “I’m still mad at you! You need to just all go on back to the Homestead or prop up the bar at Shorty’s or something ‘cause I get to hear what Nicole has to say before you all do… When she’s ready!”

Nicole buried her face against Waverly’s shoulder, hiding her smile as she bristled up Omega pointed towards Wynonna’s truck forcibly.

“But, sis…”


Still grinning, Doc tipped the brim of his hat at the two ladies as he passed them, “Waverly… Officer.”

“Doc.” Leaning back into the curve of Nicole’s body, Waverly watched as Xavier and Doc managed to get Wynonna between them and Xavier took the wheel. Which was no small task as no one drove that blue truck except for Wynonna. Finally though, it was fading out of sight down the road and Waverly turned in Nicole’s arms once more and looked up into her face. “So… I know I said when you were ready…”

“I’m ready.”

Chapter Text

Slipping her hand into Nicole’s, Waverly linked their fingers together as she looked down at them. She loved the quiet strength in the elegant length of Nicole’s fingers as they played with hers with delicate strokes that made Waverly wonder if Nicole was trying to calm her or herself.

At first glance, the brown of Nicole’s eyes were calm and full of heat as they looked into her eyes but, as her gaze darted from her to her home, Waverly saw the flicker of nervousness pass across them. It passed, vanishing into warmth again as Waverly gave her fingers a reassuring squeeze that drew her gaze back to her.

“Ready?” A deep breath and a small nod were her answer. With a gentle smile, Waverly tugged gently on her Alpha’s hand and got her to follow. She worried for a moment that having to show submission to her had made Nicole feel weakened in her eyes but the gentle weight of her hand resting upon the small of her back and the way she scented the landscape before closing the door had her thinking that her Alpha was just nervous about what she was about to say.

“Would you rather talk here or in the bedroom?”

Nicole rubbed at the back of her neck and throat in thought, her breath catching as she unwittingly pressed against the first of many bruises Waverly had marked her with. Waverly’s eyes followed her movements, her mouth quirking up at the corners as she obviously saw her breath hitch and knew just where she had touched. Hooking Waverly’s chin with a finger, Nicole gave her a soft kiss and nibbled gently on the lush curve of her still swollen mouth.

“To tell you the truth Waves… I can’t think of anywhere where you wouldn’t be a distraction. Here would probably be best though…” at least if Waverly felt the need to run, her last sight wouldn’t be of her fleeing the bedroom where she had found so much joy.

“Hey,” Waverly pushed Nicole’s hair back and softly brushed the pad of her thumb across her cheek as she looked like she was getting lost in dark thoughts. “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to. But… Nicole… not knowing, seeing you like this… it’s scaring me just as much worrying about what’s got you like this.”

“Okay,” nodding in understanding, Nicole gestured for Waverly to sit before moving to sit in the chair beneath the window. A move that did not go down well with her Omega going by her expression, but Nicole needed the room to think and, in some dark part of her mind, she didn’t want to infect Waverly by touching her with her body as well as her words… and she didn’t want to feel her pulling away.

“Have you ever heard of a wolf pack from Georgia… the Bulshar Pack?”

“I don’t think so, no.”

“It was also known more often as the Cult of Bulshar… though that was never said to their faces. Their Alpha… all of the Alpha’s were brutal and insane, it’s said the insanity is hereditary, past down from Alpha to Alpha.”

“They took what they wanted from whoever they wanted. Their leader was the worst though, it’s said he wore a magic ring than extended his life and gifted him with powers of persuasion that had everyone, wolf or human, submitting to his will. It’s said that Bulshar could, with a word, make a man rip out the heart of his wife or child and eat it in front of them and have them thanking him for it. He was terrible, brutal… I can’t even begin to tell you the things I’ve heard about Bulshar and the cult over the years, Waves.”

“It wasn’t a cult to me though…” Nicole whispered. “It was my pack… my family… I got to see things while I was there that no one should see but for me, they were always there and I didn’t know it was wrong to see someone being whipped or to be whipped. And Bulshar… he was my father.”

Taking a deep breath, Nicole stared blankly at the floor between her feet. She didn’t dare look up to break the silence blanketing the room.

“When- when I was five I remember it was like any other night… there was some kind of gathering going on with all different pack leaders there. It was late and I just wanted to go to bed but I was forced to sit there with everyone else during the main meal and watch while Bulshar had some wolves from a pack that had been causing trouble slaughtered for entertainment. It was just an almost everyday sight to me and I just remember being bored and tired as they bled out on the floor.”

Nicole’s voice was calm, matter-of-fact, as she spoke but Waverly could see the tenseness in every line of her body and knew that, although the child hadn’t known better, the woman was horrified by what she had seen and found out since.

“I didn’t know what was happening at the time but everyone started getting sick. Found out later that the leaders of the other pack had someone in the kitchen poison the food. I hadn’t eaten anything so it didn’t do anything to me… Bulshar and the other Alpha’s, they weren’t affected much either, their immune systems were too strong or something.”

“My nurse dragged me out of there as the fighting started. She tried to shield me from everything but I saw enough as she got me back to my bedroom. There was a hiding space in my closet, she was struggling to open it when my mom came it…”

“What happened to her?”

“I never really knew her, Waves. She was just a normal woman, raped just because of the colour of her hair and forced to bear Bulshar a child. I was taken from her and handed over to a wet nurse to take my place in the pack as soon as I popped into the world with red hair. I never knew her, but she kept an eye on me, snuck me treats and read to me when she could, and in the end, because of the colour of her hair… I got to look into her eyes through the slats in the closet door as her throat was cut.”

Nicole paused for a moment, letting them both recover.

“I can’t remember much after that… I remember my nurse, Rayven, her hand was over my mouth… maybe I was about to scream… then there was just darkness that lasted for days. She got me, us, out of there and took care of me… gave me her name... even when it probably would have been safer to just leave me behind and let me get swept up in all the culls. Anyone with red hair was considered fair game,” she explained. “They were that scared that just one hint of the Bulshar bloodline would escape that they just killed everyone.”

She hadn’t found that out until much later though. Like most of her history, it had been kept from her and Rayven had died before she could find out if that was to keep her safe or for fear that it would have her wanting to embrace what he had been bred for.

“Since that day I’ve basically had a bounty on my head… especially when I started showing properly as Alpha when I hit twelve. That was the last time I was able to be a part of a pack. No one would accept me and as soon as a red wolf is seen all the stories come back and I have to move on. Luckily… maybe because I’m my father’s daughter, I can hide my scent when I want… well, apart from you that is. I’ve never had anyone able to see through it like that before. And… well, another family trait… apart from when I’m in wolf form, my blood looks just how a normal human would when tested.”

“Which is why Nedley told Wynonna you weren’t pack business,” she nodded in understanding.

“Yeah. He doesn’t know what I am. There are a couple more of Bulshar’s traits I share too…” she couldn’t help it, she blushed at the thought of one of them, wondering what Waverly would think if she found out. In the end, it was easier to actually admit to the thing that had been the biggest fear her whole life. “I’ve just kind of spent my whole life running, being hunted, and wondering when the madness gene will kick in like everyone thinks.”

Chapter Text

Rising from the couch, Waverly made her way over to her Alpha and gently ran and hand over her still downcast head. Her heart broke a little as Nicole flinched slightly under even that light touch as though expecting a blow and then rubbed her cheek against her fingers as she let out a shuddering sigh.

“Baby, not one word of what you said made me feel any less for you.” She went to kneel down so she could see her eyes but Nicole stopped her with a hand behind her knee and a shake of her head that had her confused for a moment. “You don’t want me to kneel?” Another head shake. “Then sit back.” Easing Nicole back into the seat with a gentle push to her shoulder, Waverly straddled her thighs and cupped Nicole’s face.

“I mean it. I still love you, Nicole Haught,” she smiled softly as long fingers fluttered against her waist at her declaration. “I hate more than I can say what happened to you. No child should have to go through that no matter where they were born or who their parents are. You had no control over anything that happened to you and yet you’re still so loving and giving, putting everyone over what you want.”

“If that were the case I would have kept running that first night to protect you or moved on when you cornered me in Shorty’s,” Nicole held Waverly a little tighter as an impish smile crossed her face at the memory. “I should have protected you, Waverly,” she sighed, “but instead I was selfish and stayed.”

“And I would have tracked your vanilla dip donut scented ass down.” Waverly kissed the quick flash of dimple as it popped into life.

“There isn’t a crazy bone in that gorgeous body! Nicole, think… What we have, this connection… Alpha’s and Omega’s don’t get this connection if there’s something wrong with either of them, physically or mentally. You know that… right? It’s one of our more animalistic traits, only the strongest get a soul mate. Your father, was he pair-bonded with anyone?”

“No… he just took.”

“Well there you go,” she smiled. “Now, in the interests of full disclosure and getting you back in the bedroom so I can sink my teeth into you… what are the other traits you tried not to mention?”

“Caught that huh?” Nicole rubbed the back of her neck and tried to look anywhere other than into Waverly’s eyes.

“Yep,” Waverly waited her out until her eyes settled back on to a point somewhere around her mouth before gently hooking the delicate point of Nicole’s chin and nudging her eyes higher. “Come on, give.”

“For one… I’m not bound by the moon when I change into human-wolf form. I would show you now but I would probably knock the ceiling down.”

Waverly glanced up that the high ceiling as she took in that she could do that and that when she did she would easily be bigger than any wolf she’d ever seen. “Whoa…okay… wow!”

“And that you’re shocked by,” Nicole chucked softly.

“Well, it’s damned rare… no, actually I’ve never heard of an Alpha strong enough to do that. And it shocked me only because if that’s your opening admission then I’m wondering what you’ve got in store for the main course.”

“It’s kind of embarrassing,” she whined.

“Nicole!” Waverly pushed herself closer, riding the waves of Nicole’s restlessness.

“Erm, what do you know about the really ancient werewolves and… reproduction?”

“It’s not something that’s ever come up. Nicole, just tell me, please?”


Waverly sat back as she un-jumbled the rush of words that had spilt from Nicole’s mouth. “Alpha females can get Omega females pregnant? What? How? I’ve seen you down there Nicole… many times… you’re not packing.”

“Nooooo, it’s not like that. I haven’t got a penis of any kind and my hormone levels and everything are female but I- erm… I was tested… when I come into rut… if I… ya know…”

Waverly frowned at Nicole’s strange hand gestures until the penny dropped. “Squirt?”

“Yeah,” Nicole tried to sink down in the chair under the weight of Waverly’s gaze and her own embarrassment. “If that happens when our heat and rut sync up… and if we’re… close… physically… my body is kind of set up to… maybe make babies. It’s all speculation ‘cause it would only work with an Omega in heat but the doctor I saw said it was all there in me. But, all speculation. I don’t know if there’s anything I could take, not like I can use a condom or anything, but if you went on the pill or something you should be safe.”

Waverly thought about it. Pictured her Alpha on her as she was in heat, squirting into her body, filling her with their child.

Huffing in a breath, she clutched at Nicole’s shoulders as she collapsed over her, her hips canting forwards as her insides clenched and spasmed in delight. “Oh my god!” she breathed out raggedly.

“Waverly,” lifting her head, Nicole brushed Waverly’s hair back and studied her flushed face. “Did you just climax?”

“Thinking about that? Oh hell yes. Jesus! Can we go back to bed now?” she asked hopefully.

Chapter Text

Wrapping her arms around Waverly’s waist, Nicole surged to her feet. She captured Waverly’s gasp of pleasure with her mouth as her legs wrapped tightly around her. Eyes locked upon the beauty of her Omega’s face, drowning in the burning heat of desire in her hazel eyes, Nicole strode blindly towards the stairs and carried her weight easily to her… their… bedroom.

Parting the edges of Nicole’s shirt, Waverly ran her nose and lips across the already fading bruise on Nicole’s pale flesh. Growling softly, she worried at it with her teeth, eliciting a panting moan from her Alpha’s throat as she deepened the bruise again. Her jaw ached to complete the mark, to make it permanent, almost as much as she ached to feel Nicole’s teeth sink into her flesh.

“I want you,” she moaned.

“I know, Baby,” Nicole grinned wolfishly at Waverly’s needy whine. “Ow,” she yelped as Waverly nipped her ear sharply in reproach. “Okay, I think someone needs cooling down.”

“Oh, you are not throwing me in the snow!” not trusting the playful sparkle in her eyes, Waverly tightened her legs around Nicole’s waist and wrapped her arms around her neck, pressing every inch of her body against her.

“No too cold? How about I just make you hotter and wetter then?” she purred against the curve of Waverly’s throat.

“You are such a tease, Nicole Haught.”

“Oh, but Baby, it’s a promise,” she purred huskily.

Her wide smile, those lethal dimples, they conspired against Waverly and made her melt with a whimper against her Alpha. It wasn’t until the sound of running water broke through her dimple daze that she realised that Nicole had carried her into the bathroom and had turned the shower on. Leaning back, Waverly looked around questioningly. “Nicole?”

“Don’t worry, I turned it on hot,” she assured her. “Now, do you want to get undressed first cause you’ll have to unwrap those legs if you do? Otherwise, I’m okay with just going in dressed, but that would only delay me getting you wet.”

Waverly shuddered at the gravelled growl in Nicole’s voice and the heat in her eyes as they slipped ever so slightly more solid and wolf with intent. Nicole’s body stayed the same size and her every move was as gentle as always but Waverly could feel her wolf prowling and pressing against her skin. The prickle of energy coming off Nicole was like the brush of fur against her over sensitised flesh as Nicole stripped her clothes off.

Muscles straining, her breathing shallow and ragged with her desire, Nicole picked Waverly up again, pressing their naked bodies together as she stepped into the shower. Feeling weak with need.

Waverly stood there meekly as her beautiful Alpha gently washed her all over. Gentle kisses and soft words rained down upon her as she ran a soapy cloth and her hands all over her. And all the while her wolf prowled, possessive, caring, neutering.

Waverly’s heart swelled as Nicole sank to her knees before her again. She looked up at her with such love in her eyes that it took Waverly’s breath away. She ran her fingers over Nicole’s face, memorising every beautiful line.

Sharp teeth nipped at her fingers, a soft growl tempered by a smile and loving eyes, filling the shower as they moved to her abdomen with a heavy look that made something even needier shift and roll within Waverly as she imagined that look taking in her body swollen with their baby. Nicole’s eyes moved back to hers and Waverly saw the same thoughts echoed in her brown eyes. For one moment fear started to take root that it would scare Nicole but her Alpha gently rubbed her cheek against her abdomen, her lips moving as she whispered something against her flesh not meant for her ears.

Her mouth moved again and Waverly’s world narrowed down to the movement of her lips and tongue against her flesh and they sought out places and did things to her that Waverly had never thought could be so amazingly erotic. Her teeth nipped again, biting just hard enough to leave imprints across her abdomen, her hips, thighs, breasts. Blunt nails dragging slowly from shoulders to ass making everything inside of Waverly turn molten as her spine writhed in delight. “Nicole! Please!”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes. Oh, god, yes!”

“Just hold on to me then, Waves. I’ve got you.”

Before Waverly could even wonder what Nicole had planned, her breath was stolen and her brain stuttered as, with ridiculous ease, Nicole parted her legs, slipped her body between them and lifted her up. Supporting her weight on her hands, she dipped her head and started licking and sucking at her pussy and clit like she was starving. Head dropping back, Waverly grabbed for whatever she could before settling on Nicole’s head as her anchor as she trembled and shuddered under her Alpha’s onslaught. “Oh, my goddddd…! Fuck!”

Nicole growled into her, her tongue plunging deep over and over into the honeyed sweetness of Waverly’s body, fucking her with voice and tongue.

Glancing down, Waverly bucked against Nicole’s mouth, grinding against her wicked mouth as she watched her Alpha eating her out, her eyes almost black as they locked upon hers.

Fingers took over from her tongue, plunging, twisting, curling as she sucked and bit at her clit. “Ahhh! Nicole! Please, please! Please, may I come?!” Those long fingers curled forwards, dragging over and over that one spot inside her front wall, setting her on fire and spiralling Waverly higher and higher.

“Come for me!”

She flew over the edge, a scream ripping from her lungs, her body thrashing and spasming over and over as Nicole pushed her from one peak to the next until she collapsed into her arms.

Chapter Text


Waverly felt like she was floating under the gentleness of Nicole’s care and attention as she wrapped her in the biggest, fluffiest towel she could find and carried her back to the bedroom. Even that felt too much against her over sensitive skin though as Nicole gently patted her body dry and knelt behind her on the bed to take care of her hair.

“Ponytail, braid or dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards?” Nicole asked as she gently brushed out the soft length of Waverly’s towel dried hair.

Feeling the bed and her body shaking under Nicole’s chuckle, Waverly gently dug her nails into the strong thigh pressed against hers. Her hand flattened out, palm running all over what she could reach as her body started to, impossibly, go up in flames again. She just couldn’t get enough of her Alpha. Almost instantly she felt a surge in intensity at her back and felt the prowl of Nicole’s wolf tickling against her spine and calling to hers.

Their relationship was still so new that she, neither of them, knew each other enough to know what they were like but there was just something about things Nicole had done in the shower that coupled with the feel of her wolf so close to the surface had her wondering… “You’re coming into rut aren’t you?”

Nicole’s fingers stilled, dropping from Waverly’s hair to lay upon her shoulders to still the tremble in them Waverly’s soft question had evoked. The interest in Waverly’s voice was as clear as the scent of her arousal and the soft bite of lip Nicole caught as she turned her head. It hit like a punch straight to her womb and left Nicole struggling to breathe. She gave a wry chuckle of amazement as she propped her forehead against Waverly’s shoulder. “You like the thought of that, my rut, all of it flowing in you, filling you, huh?”

“You mean my coming when you told me wasn’t hint enough? Are you though, your wolf is very active?”

“I had to time blood tests for the job around it before I came, so not yet, three or four weeks off maybe. I’m afraid all this is just because I’m with you,” she winked. “Now, braid or tail?”

“Side braid.” Waverly settled into her touch again, loving the feel of Nicole’s nimble fingers working swiftly but gently. As she had hoped, once she was done, Nicole buried her nose and mouth against the exposed side of her neck. “Sooooo…”

Nicole paused for a second, her eyes widening at the tone of Waverly’s voice; playful, light, aroused. Leaning back, Nicole quickly pulled her own hair back in a high ponytail. “So?”

Spinning around, Waverly walked her fingers up Nicole’s abdomen, skimming between the valley of her breasts before flattening and pushing her Alpha down to the mattress. A soft growl greeted her move but instead of quieting her, it made Waverly ache all the more as she could see the love on her Alpha’s face and the flare of desire that set Nicole’s hips canting up at her brazen move. “If this is you now… what can I expect when you are in rut? Just so... ya know, I’m prepared.”

“Waves, I’ve never been around anyone that has me like this ever, let alone when that’s going on,” hooking a thigh, she guided Waverly over her body, settling her low on her waist. With her hands on Waverly’s waist, Nicole guided her, urging her into a gentle rocking motion. “Usually, I just get hornier for a couple of days… I mean, hump the furniture to dust horny if I let myself be bothered enough,” canting her hips up, she grinned as Waverly’s head dropped back.

“I feel like that already though,” Nicole admitted. “So god knows how bad it could get… Might be worth taking a couple of days off work during and after though so you can recover.”

A moan fell from Waverly’s lips at the thought of that, her hips moving a bit faster.

Grabbing her, Nicole stilled her movements. As much as she was enjoying watching Waverly’s pleasure she needed her to know… “I never get out of control though, I swear to you, Waves, I would never hurt you under any circumstance. I get horny but I’m not some wild rutting animal. I swear if it was too much for you all you ever need to do is say and I would stop in an instant.”

“God, you have no idea how sexy that is, do you?”


“To know how safe I am with you. Now, tell me more… how would we… you know, the baby thing.” She couldn’t help it, even when turned on in chunks and grinding against the woman that had brought her to a mind shattering orgasm in the shower, she still blushed.

“Scoot back a bit.” Hands on her hips, Nicole guided Waverly back just until she was seated on her thighs. Taking Waverly’s hands, Nicole placed them on her, just above the line of her pubic bone. “Press… Oh god! Gently,” she moaned as even the lighted touch from Waverly set her writhing. “Shit! It’s not usually this sensitive!” she panted. “Do- do you feel those lumps?”

Waverly nodded, enthralled with Nicole’s guttural moans of pleasure and thrashing as she circled her fingers over the faint swellings she could feel buried beneath Nicole’s warm, silky skin.

“Okay, damn, Baby, stop!” Grabbing her hands, Nicole let out a ragged breath as she eased Waverly’s fingers away and struggled to compose herself. The pleasure was just too intense and if she kept up Nicole knew she would never get to explain. “I found those one day when my rut was coming in, that’s why I went to see a doctor… I thought… I thought I was about to find out I’d got cancer and instead I got told I’d got a secondary reproductive system. That was not a fun day all round with all the poking and questions. Thought I was going to have to throw myself out of a window before they tried to dissect my ass.”

Waverly frowned at the thought of Nicole having to go through something like that alone.

“I finally had to tell the doc what I was and then he was cool with it, eventually, and did some research and found out it was something that basically died out amongst wolves many years ago.”

Wanting her happy confident Alpha back, Waverly pressed her thumbs into her again and set her whining. “So these are…?”

“Oh god! They- they’re where the… I guess sperm… is built up. It’s,” she grunted as Waverly derailed her move to still her hands with another brush of her thumbs. “Only time they’re fertile is when I’m in rut and I’ve never climaxed that way with another woman- oh god! But research… scans and all.”

“But you can… when you climax… squirt… when not in rut? Could I make you come by doing this?” She pressed again, delighting in Nicole’s ragged cry.

“Waverly,” finally managing to grab Waverly far too deft hands, Nicole pulled them away from her body. “Seriously, I think you could make me come just by talking to me but stop, please.”

Waverly studied Nicole’s face, frowning as she kept glancing away. “What you can do… it doesn’t scare me, Nicole… if that’s what you’re worried about. I think it’s beautiful and sexy as hell to think that if one day we decide to have children I’ll be able to have ours. And if we don’t have kids, that’s good too. Have you any idea how much it turns me on in huge chunks thinking about feeling your come flowing into me? Do you come hard? Will I feel it spraying into me or is it gentle? Does it taste the same as when you come normally?”

Her words, the wildness in her hazel eyes… it set Nicole’s body twitching anew and washed away the embarrassment she’d felt since the day she had found out that her body was so different. For the first time, thanks to Waverly, it felt normal and right.

“I want you,” Waverly whispered huskily.

“I kind of gathered that,” Nicole grunted as Waverly managed to wiggle out of her hold and pressed against her again. “Okay, as you know mine… are you always this horny or are you in heat, woman?”

“Hmmm, let me see,” pretending to think, Waverly tapped out a rhythm against Nicole until she was panting and writhing beneath her in need. “Three to four weeks,” she grinned as Nicole registered that they would more than likely be in sync together. “Yeah, you better book a couple of days off too ‘cause frankly… I don’t think I could be as merciful with you, as you would be with me.”

“Mmmm, maybe I wouldn’t want you to be,” Nicole grinned. Her grin stuttered as Waverly undulated the palm of her hand against her again. Her Omega was determined to find all the ways to drive her out of her mind!

“Waverly… Shit!” she growled as her cell phone picked that moment to start ringing.

“Ignore it.”

“I would if I could but I’m on call,” pressing a quick kiss against Waverly’s forehead, Nicole rolled her over and climbed from the bed to retrieve her phone. “Officer Haught… What...? How did you get this number...? Okay… I’ll ask…”

Waverly sat up amongst the pillows, tilting her head in confusion as her Alpha turned towards the bed with her lips pursed and held the phone up.

“It’s Wynonna… She would like to know if we’re done banging yet?”

Chapter Text

“Can you believe that?! She hung up on me!” Grinning impishly, Wynonna went to hit the redial to torment the redheaded Alpha and her baby sister some more but ended up pouting as her phone was plucked from her hand. “Hey!”

“I can’t believe you just did that to them.”

“Well… I can’t believe you just took my damn phone,” she pouted at Xavier’s scowl.

Entering the kitchen, desperately in need of a drink of sweet tea, Doc paused and sniffed the air as he caught the level of scent hitting him from his lovers. Turning slowly, he eyed them both cautiously. Xavier was leaning back in his chair, arms folded with the most serious expression on his face that Doc had seen in a long time. And Wynonna… Well, their love had been grouchy to say the least since they had dragged her away from Nicole and Waverly, but along with the grouch, there was now a shit eating grin on her face that told Doc she had done something bad. “What did you do, Wynonna?”

“’Nonna just called Officer Haught up…”

“I wanted to check on Waverly!” she defended herself.

“Wynonna! You asked Nicole if they were done banging!” Dragging his hands down his face, he slapped his hands against the top of the table and looked up at the ceiling in exasperation.

Doc would have laughed and accused them of joshing him as usual but that wouldn’t account for Xavier’s clear exasperation. “Please, Wynonna tell me you did not?”

“Oh, but she did,” Xavier growled. “And I swear I could hear Waverly’s teeth grinding even over the phone.”

“I know,” Wynonna smirked. “And did you hear that potty mouth? I’m so proud of my baby sister! Didn’t know she had it in her!” Wiping away a fake tear, Wynonna reached for a donut and took a bite out of it. “What?” she asked, bemused at Doc’s sudden bark of laughter.

“It looks like our sweet little Waverly isn’t the only Earp that likes vanilla dip donuts.” He smirked at Wynonna’s expression as she looked down at the donut in her hand and dropped it back into the box it had come from. “Now, my dear, sweet Wynonna… will you not tell us what is really troubling you?”

“Nothing is troubling me. I’m just worried for my baby sister is all,” she plucked at the cuff of her shirt, feeling suddenly on edge under the weight of Doc’s knowing gaze.

“If that were truly the case, Wynonna, you would not have waited all these hours before calling. Would you? Instead, I seem to remember you had Xavier and I naked pretty quickly once we got home and I like to think there were no thoughts of your sister on your mind once that happened.”

“Fine! I just want to make sure that Haught chick is good for her! Well, apart from her being a cop,” she made a BLEAH face. “I should disown my darling little sister just for that.”

“You caught her scent when she let it out, Wynonna. We all did. That is one devilishly powerful Alpha, quite likely stronger than all of us combined. And she knelt in the presence of three Alpha’s simply so she could give comfort to Waverly. When was the last time you saw an Alpha go to so much trouble for an Omega?”

“Never,” Wynonna admitted. “Look, I know she’s good, okay.” Apart from the cop thing but that was very much a personal reason as to why she found it so difficult to trust anyone that could hide behind a badge. “Actually between being pounced on by a horny Omega wanting to claim her, and putting up with us, okay, mostly me,” she admitted before they could speak, “we should probably contact the Pope and put her up for sainthood.”

“Oh. My. God.” Xavier looked at her in dawning realisation. “The strongest Alpha I’ve ever seen and you’re pushing her on purpose aren’t you?”

“Well, if she’s going to be part of our family she better get used to us, don’t you think?”

“And you couldn’t just cook her a ‘welcome to the family’ cake or something?”

“Xavier! Giving Officer Haught food poisoning is not something I believe Waverly would consider welcoming,” Doc teased.

“Hey! No fair, Doc! I’ve been practising!”

“There are many, many things you are good at, my dear Wynonna. Cooking is most certainly not one of those things.” Cupping her jaw firmly, Doc drew her out of her chair and into his kiss. Growling into her mouth, he explored the heated depths with broad sweeps of his tongue and drowned in the taste of fine whiskey and sweet blossom honey that was her scent. Lifting his head, Doc bit at the fullness of her lips and turned to meet Xavier’s hungry eyes as he watched them while stroking his cock through his pants. “I do believe my love, that I know another reason behind our dear ‘Nonna’s mood.”


“Breathe her in.” Turning Wynonna in her arms, Doc pulled her back against his body and palmed the fullness of her breasts. She whined, low and needy as he slipped a leg between hers and spread her for their loves attention.

Xavier could have scented her from where he was seated but he pushed back his chair and slowly crossed the room. Wynonna’s eyes shone brighter as she watched him, taking in the thick length of his cock as it strained against his pants.

“Oh, Wynonna, look how ready he is for us,” Doc purred against her ear. Shifting his hips, he ground against her ass, letting her feel how ready he was for them too.

Crouching before them, Xavier reached back and ran a hand up the back of Doc’s leg and ass, squeezing the firmness of him, as he pressed his nose against the cusp of Wynonna’s sex and breathed in the scent of her arousal… and the first hints beneath that told him what Doc had caught. Wynonna was heading into the first stages of her rut. It always led to a bit more aggression than usual from her until it was all over with. “Ahh,” he purred, “now I see.” Opening wide his mouth, he bit down on her, setting her thrusting between them.

Surging to his feet, Xavier grabbed the back of Doc’s head, tangling his fingers in the other man’s hair as he pulled him into a deep kiss, sharing the taste of Wynonna and each other.

With the ease of practice, they made it into the bedroom, stripping off their clothing and barely breaking kisses as they moved.

Chapter Text

Nicole looked at the frustration on Waverly’s face as she hung up the call on Wynonna. Making sure her Omega’s beautiful eyes were fixed on her, Nicole shut the phone down and tossed it onto the chest of drawers behind her without even looking or caring about where it landed.

“Now…” she purred, “where were we?”

Breathing hard, Waverly crawled backwards on the bed as Nicole stalked across the room and crawled towards her from the bottom of the bed. Every muscle and sinew in her body moved with animal grace and Waverly’s body felt whipped all over by the barely contained wolf rolling beneath the surface of her ivory skin.

Waverly had feared that after Wynonna had called and butted in as only her sister could, that Nicole would be furious or would retreat from her. There was nothing but love and passion in her eyes that grew heavier and deeper the closer she got and with every kiss, lick and nibble Nicole teased across her body along the way.

Growling at the bounty before her, Nicole cupped the lushness of Waverly’s breasts in her hands. “God, Waves, you are so perfect.” Rolling her thumbs over Waverly’s nipples, Nicole licked at each pebbled bud and drew them into the heat of her mouth. Fingers clutched at her head, pulling her closer.

Drawing Waverly’s nipple with her, Nicole lifted her head and released it with a POP as Waverly moaned and writhed. Getting her attention, she placed a hand across Waverly’s throat, pressing lightly. “Is this okay?”

Resting a hand on top of Nicole’s, Waverly pressed her fingers tighter against her flesh and nodded, trusting her Alpha not to hurt her.

Nicole shifted her body, spreading Waverly’s thighs, pinning her open with her knees. She whimpered at the sight of how wet and ready her Omega was for her still. As wet as she was though, Nicole drew two fingers into her mouth, wetting them, the action making Waverly whine as she tried to buck under her and found out how pinned she was. Leaning down, Nicole caught Waverly’s mouth, swallowing her moan as she dragged her fingers between aching folds.

“More,” Waverly begged.

“Like this?” She eased a finger inside and smirked as Waverly moaned and clenched around her. “Is this what you want, Baby? Need your Alpha in you?” Tormenting her further, Nicole slowly eased another finger in and circled her thumb around and around the aching bud of Waverly’s clit as she slowly pumped her fingers in and out. Waverly strained up against her, forcing her fingers tighter against her throat. “Easy, Baby. Let me take care of you.”

Dipping her head, Nicole reclaimed a nipple, sucking deeper and harder as she moved her fingers a bit faster. “So,” she lay a string of soft bites across Waverly’s breasts and slowed the motion of her fingers again, curling them forwards, “you want to feel me come in you like that, huh?” Nicole whispered against Waverly’s ear.

Pulling Waverly into her arms, Nicole held her close as she screamed and fell apart at her words with her nails clawing at her shoulders. “That’s my good girl.” She eased her fingers slowly in and out, twisting and curling them, drawing out Waverly’s orgasm.

“Nic… please. Please, Baby.” Grabbing her face, Waverly pressed hungry kisses all over her. She shuddered, head falling back as Nicole slowly eased her fingers out and gave her clit one last lingering rub that had her hips trying to follow them as they pulled away. “Nic…” her plea fell away into a thick moan that merged with Nicole’s as her Alpha moved, shifting their bodies and pressing closer until they were flush together.

“Oh god.” They had been close the night before but the knowledge of what Waverly wanted from her sent Nicole’s body soaring. She hadn’t even been sure until that moment if it would even be possible without her rut or Waverly being in heat but… just that one contact had her feeling right on the edge, her whole body pulsing with every breath and beat of her heart. The press of Waverly’s knowledgeable hand pressing and stroking her abdomen nearly threw her over.

Chuckling wryly, Nicole captured Waverly’s hand, stilling her. “If you do that I’m not going to last.” Angling Waverly’s body, Nicole ground her pussy into her, dragging a whimper from them both with the slick sensual glide. “Don’t worry, I’m not stopping Baby.” She growled as Waverly’s fingers dug into her hips, pulling her even closer as she thrust over and over, the sounds of their pleasure and their bodies coming together filling the room until she exploded on and in her Omega, her body spasming wildly with the intensity as they came together.

Sobbing in pleasure, Waverly caught Nicole as her body collapsed against her. Rubbing Nicole’s back, Waverly begged her to never let her go and felt Nicole’s breath heavy against the pulse in her throat. She didn’t speak but Waverly felt the question in her Alpha’s touch and her heart sang in anticipation.

Angling her head, Waverly exposed the curve of her throat for her Alpha in invitation and brushed her mouth against Nicole’s. Waverly felt her teeth sharpen, a sweetness filling her mouth as she pierced Nicole’s flesh that was matched only by the pleasure she felt as Nicole’s moaned and pushed her teeth deeply into her with a sharpness that made Waverly whimper in pleasure as her Alpha’s bite bound them together.

Chapter Text

Waverly lapped tenderly at the bite she had left in Nicole’s perfect flesh, gathering up the trickle of sweetly scented blood. She wanted to look at it, study every puncture and imprint her teeth had left behind and run her nose across it to take in their scent. It would be stronger now, infused into both of them. A reminder and warning to any wolf that got close that Nicole was hers and that she belonged to Nicole.

She couldn’t look upon it right at that moment though, Nicole’s teeth were still sunk in deep, still flexing gently, soothing grunts and growls rumbling against her trapped flesh, as though she was worried that moving too soon would lessen her bite. Focusing on the pinch of teeth, Waverly could almost feel it enter her… not that anyone knew what ‘it’ was, it wasn’t as though wolves were lining up to get tested when they were in the grip of bonding as it was too rare a moment to be wasted.

But Waverly knew from extensive questioning, or ‘badgering’ as Wynonna had called it, that when the bite was made something was injected through the teeth deep into the bite that made it a true mark and not just a random bite. The thought of it had always left Waverly feeling envious as she had just never thought she would find anyone she wanted to bond herself to until she had seen Nicole. And now she had felt it herself as soon as she had bitten Nicole, an almost overwhelmingly pleasurable sensation of release with every move of her teeth and a feeling of being whole.

Running her hand through Nicole’s hair, Waverly dragged all that gorgeous hair loose from its already mostly destroyed ponytail and shivered as the scented curtain of red tickled across her face. She rubbed the nape of Nicole’s neck, nails flexing and tightening as she felt her Alpha’s teeth finally release her flesh and her nimble, knowing tongue bathed the wound tenderly.

Dazed brown eyes met hers and Waverly stroked a finger down her cheek as a little frown puckered her Alpha’s brow. “What’s that look for?” she questioned nervously.

Smiling, Nicole kissed away the flare of worry in Waverly’s eyes. “Just regretting every second these,” she touched the bites on both their necks, “weren’t on us and I wasn’t yours.” Kissing the bite once more, Nicole shifted, trying to persuade her limbs to move enough to take her weight off of Waverly… a move that was frustrated somewhat by the delicious shakiness of her body and Waverly’s grip on her. “I’m not letting go,” she chuckled, just roll with me so I’m not squishing you.”

“I- erm, don’t want to move just yet.”

Nicole lifted her head and studied the flags of colour across Waverly’s cheeks and the way she bit her lip. “If you tell me you’re horny again I might have to tap out,” she teased lightly knowing full well that if Waverly was in need it would make hers flare up again too.

“It’s not that… Though give me a few minutes and I’ll probably be up for it again. But… I… if I move… well…”

“Yeah?” Nicole coxed gently.

“All your come will flow out and… well, I like being full of you,” Waverly admitted with a shy grin.

“Ahh. Well, you’re going to have to move at some point, Baby. Then just think how it will feel as it oozes out and tickles across your clit.”

“Oh,” Waverly bit Nicole’s shoulder for the spasm her words evoked.

“It’s all dormant right now, all that filling you,” Nicole skimmed a hand across the flat taught planes of Waverly’s perfectly sculpted abdomen. “If you ever decide you want to try for a child though,” she paused, catching a breath at the thought of feeling Waverly’s body growing to accommodate their baby. “Well, I would help you keep it all in for longer.”

“How?” Waverly whispered breathlessly at the barely disguised want burning in Nicole’s eyes.

“I would lay with you like this. Keep your hips raised up on me or a pillow and give it all time to get deeper. Or…”

“Or?” It came out all breathy in anticipation, just knowing by the look in Nicole’s eyes that her Alpha was about to say something that would have her twitching again.

“I would just keep filling you up, over and over again until you could feel it with every breath, every swallow, every beat of your heart.”

Nicole’s breath caught as Waverly’s body arched up off the bed, her body rippling with beautifully defined muscles that grabbed her close and held her in a fierce grip of arms and legs as her words wrung another orgasm out of her. Crooning softly, gently stroking Waverly’s face and shoulders, Nicole held her close and soothed her as she drifted down and blinked at her sleepily.

“Wow.” Lifting a shaky hand, Waverly caressed Nicole’s face, tracing a finger across her dimples and lips. “I love seeing your smile.”

“You give me a reason to smile.” Her smile widened as Waverly’s stomach gave a growl. “Sounds like another appetite needs satisfying.”

“Have you got anything more in than donuts?”

“That could be a problem. I was going to try and do the shopping today as it’s my day off but not sure I could walk more than a couple of paces right now let alone drive or navigate a store.”

“Well… if you can make it to the bathroom and fetch my phone I can help. I would go but… ya know.” Grinning, Waverly watched as Nicole shuffled off the bed and promptly walked into the wall and bounced her shoulder off the bathroom door as her knees buckled.

“Wonder why your sister went to all the trouble to get my number instead of just calling you?”

“Probably ‘cause I would have just hung up on her ass as soon as I saw her name come up. And I am so going to kick her ass for that still!” she growled. The only thing she could be thankful for was that Wyn hadn’t called sooner… that probably would have had Nicole pulling back before anything had started.

“Here,” flopping back onto the bed with a huff, Nicole placed Waverly’s phone into her hand. Stroking fingers across her side and abdomen, she watched as Waverly brought up an app and scrolled through, picking out meals and apparently ordering without even asking what she wanted. That she hadn’t asked didn’t bother her but that she had managed to pick out exactly what she was craving did make her eyes widen a little.

“How did you know?”

Waverly looked at her and saw her gesture at the phone. Sliding down, Waverly kissed her softly on the bite on her neck. “It’s this,” she explained, knowing suddenly that Nicole had been denied knowledge of what could happen with the life she had been forced to lead. “It can open up different kinds of closeness between us, empathy, in some even a kind of telepathy. I just knew what you wanted to eat.”

“You mean… apart from you?” Nicole grinned.

Waverly bit her shoulder again for that. “Yes, apart from that.”

“Hmm. In that case, I think I better get something from the kitchen,” shuffling around, Nicole climbed off the bed again.


“The jar of peanut butter so you can have some with your soup… eww!” Ducking the pillow Waverly aimed at her head, Nicole grabbed up some clothes and dodged out the door… after bouncing off the wall… cursing her wobbly knees on the way.

Chapter Text

“So, finally crawled out of your love nest, huh?”

Nicole didn’t so much as glance in her direction or flinch as Wynonna stepped out from around the corner and started walking beside her down the street. Anyone else probably would have jumped a mile but even with the wind blowing the other way, Nicole had smelt Waverly’s sister and heard the beating of her heart.

“I could say the same about you, Earp,” lifting her head, Nicole took a deliberate sniff to let the other woman know she could scent rut and sex all over her. Just as she could tell by the glances Wynonna was throwing towards her neck that she had caught the scent of their mark. “Should you be out right now?”

“Oh, the boys know to stick close just in case,” Wynonna smirked. “So, erm, is Waverly around?”

“I’m not keeping her tied up if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Naw. She’s just keeping me stewing about that call the other day. Knowing Waves she’ll let me worry for a week and then slap the hell out of me for it.”

“Ahh, so that’s why you’re hiding around corners,” Nicole kept her smirk to the side of her face that Wynonna couldn’t see. Nicole placed herself in front of Wynonna and hooked her thumbs against her belt buckle as she came to a halt. Stupid khakis and their lack of pockets anyway. “Apart from worrying about your sister beating the snot out of you, is there any reason… official reason… you need me? Not that your company isn’t welcome, ‘cause, well, it isn’t, but I am kind of on duty here.”

Wynonna studied the taller woman intently. She was in full small-town cop mode, compassionate, but caring, with that air of bossy authority that grated at the woman who had spent much of her formative years running afoul of bossy cop’s. Wynonna looked beyond that, feeling the Alpha wolf hidden beneath… she could see it in her mind, content but lifting its head to scent the air as it looked out from the brown of Nicole’s eyes.

“Stop it,” Nicole warned with a gentle growl.

“Sorry, dude. Not trying to change you,” Wynonna held up her hands in a placating gesture. “It’s just… You’re wolf intrigues mine,” she admitted.

“Wynonna… I’ve told you before, you’re not my type. I’m very much taken now and just so you know… I once had three Alphas from the same pack trying to peel me out of my skin to out me in the middle of a crowded club. I changed… hours later and kicked their asses for it.”

Wynonna stopped her, placing a hand on the taller woman’s arm before she could turn away. “Dude, why in the hell were they trying to do that?” she asked, truly horrified at the thought.

“A wolf changing in a club… it would have caused panic at best and probably had everyone, human and wolf, after my hide. The only one that has ever done it to me was my father when he forced me to change when I was two.”

“Fuck!” Wynonna looked at the Alpha in horror. Most wolves went through their first change when they were much older, usually eight. Even knowing it was coming the first time was painful and confusing and to think of being peeled apart like that at such a young age was terrifying to think of.

“Yeah… since then… I change when I want, Wynonna.”

“And I thought our dad was a dick. Listen… the reason I came over… I was wondering if I could persuade you and Waverly to join us for a run tonight? Just me and the boys. And maybe with you around Waverly will take it easy on me.”

“Ha, I doubt that… the going easy part,” Nicole chuckled. “And it’s up to Waverly. If my Omega wants to, I’ll be happy to tag along… and watch her torture you.”

Tilting her head, Wynonna looked the redhead up and down, narrowing her eyes as she tried to work her out. She wasn’t sure what the other woman saw in her expression but suddenly a smile broke across her face that nearly had Wynonna staggering back under its brilliance.

Suddenly she realised that Nicole’s eyes were fixed on a point behind her. “Uhoh, hey sis!” Turning, she let out an involuntary yip and stepped back at the look on her baby sister’s face.

“You are still in so much trouble, Wynonna!” Wagging a finger in her sister’s face, Waverly circled her until she felt the heat of her love at her back and felt Nicole’s fingers come to rest on her hips and her nose nudge against her ear. “And we’ll talk about how much trouble later when we all go for a run.”

“Officer Haught. Come in, Haught.”

Nicole gave Waverly’s hip a regretful squeeze and stepped back to answer her radio. “Haught here, what’s wrong Lonnie?”

“Situation over at the Del Rey place. Sheriff wants you to ride out with him.”

“On my way.” Nicole paused long enough to caress Waverly’s cheek and give her a soft kiss as she gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. I’ll let you know as soon as we’re back so you don’t worry, okay?”

“Just… be careful.” Another kiss lingered over her lips and then Nicole was off running and Waverly welcomed the comforting weight of her sister’s arm across her shoulder as she led her back towards Shorty’s while Doc and Xavier fell in alongside them.

Chapter Text

Waverly tried to concentrate on serving customers and tried to listen to their stories and complaints about life in general as always. But... Every time a car went by, she couldn’t help but look towards the windows to see if it was Nicole’s cruiser coming back.

She knew that her Alpha was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, she’d had to for most of her life. But that didn’t mean that Waverly still wasn’t worried. Bobo and his pack were notoriously wild and hated cop’s even more than Wynonna did. When they were at their worst, the police basically camped outside their trailer park to try and act as a deterrent instead of wasting money on fuel.

“She’ll be okay, sis.”

Grumbling under her breath, Waverly poured another shot of whiskey for her sister and went back to looking out of the window. “I miss her when I can’t see her or touch her,” she whispered softly. “It hurts.”

“I know.” Touching Waverly’s elbow, Wynonna drew her from behind the bar and made her sit on the bar stool next to her. “It’s this that does it,” she touched the left side of Waverly’s neck where she could see and smell the mating bite just above the top she’d worn. “Takes a little getting used to… feeling that closeness when you didn’t even know anything was missing in the first place. I would tell you that it gets easier…” looking across to the pool table, she met the eyes of Doc and Xavier as they looked up at the same time and met her eyes. “I would be lying if I told you that though. What I can tell you though, is that I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Tossing back her shot of whiskey, Wynonna took the bottle from Waverly’s hand and poured herself another. “Have you gotten any of the extras with Redhaught then?”


The squeak in Waverly’s voice and the sudden shifting around in her seat made Wynonna’s brow climb in confusion. “Yeah, you know, the telepathy and stuff? I know the thought of that always used to get you excited when you were a kid. And what with Red being so mega powerful Alpha.”

“There’s a little bit of it going on,” Waverly admitted with a smile. “Oh, she’s back,” grinning, Waverly hopped up and put the bottle the other side if the bar out of Wynonna’s reach before she could pour another drink and rushed to the door.

“Maybe not such a little bit,” Wynonna muttered as it took several more long minutes after Waverly had rushed outside before Nicole’s cruiser went past the bar. For her sister to have known Nicole was back either her hearing had gone all Superwolf or she had felt Nicole in some way through their bond.

Shaking her head, Wynonna tossed back her drink and went to join her sister outside while she made googly eyes at her Alpha. By the time she was at Waverly’s side, Nicole and Nedley were climbing from the car and Waverly was barely restraining herself from rushing across the road. “Whoa there, tiger. Let the Officer do her job before you jump her.” Especially as by the looks of it, they had a couple of Bobo’s wolves in the back of the cruiser.

Wynonna watched as Nicole got one of the guys out of the back seat. The dude was huge, well over six and a half foot and his shoulders looked almost as wide. He looked passive but Wyn could see that Nicole was taking no chances and had a hand firmly on his arm. Unfortunately, Lonnie decided to come out and ‘help’ at the wrong moment and managed only to get in the way.

The wolf ripped free of Nicole’s grip as she tried to move Lonnie out of the way and head-butted her in the face, busting her lip open and sending her flying back against the side of the cruiser.

Breaking the cuffs, he started to lumber off down the street but came up short as Nicole rolled through as she bounced off the car, grabbed him by the back of his pants while still crouched and yanked him back, off his feet, catapulting him into the side of her car.

“Damn,” Wynonna whistled under her breath. Nicole had moved so fast and smoothly that Nedley hadn’t even managed to turn around to see what was going on before Nicole was back on her feet and hauling her prisoner back to his feet with ridiculous ease.

“Oh, shit tickets!”

“What’s wrong? Wyn?”

Wynonna nodded to a beaten up truck that was pulling up just down from them. “Unless there are two assholes running around up there with ridiculous Mohawks and furry coats… Bobo just dragged himself into town and I bet dollars to donuts he just saw Nicole’s moves.”

“Ahhhh, the Earp sisters. Wynonna… Waverly.”

“Bobo Del Rey. What are you doing in town?”

“Came to bail my boys out,” narrowing his eyes, Bobo moved closer to the two women. “Such a miscarriage of justice going on.”

“Oh, I doubt that Bobo.”

“My lawyer will be here soon to sort it all out. Wonder if I should mention to her how the new Deputy smells of baby Earp?” darting forwards, he ran his nose over the scent rising from Waverly and snapped his teeth together. “I wonder why that is? Maybe a conflict of interest or something, hmm?”

“How about you just back your ass up, Bobo Del Rey, before I put a bullet in your spine. It might not be silver but I wager it would hurt like hell and take some time to heal.”

Holding up his hands, Bobo moved away from the pressure of the gun barrel in his back and backed away from them. “Well, hello again, Holliday. Long time, no see. Well, if you all don’t mind, I believe I see my lawyer arriving… We should catch up some time.”

Wynonna cussed violently under her breath and she watched through narrowed eyes and Bobo gave a mocking low bow, spun on his heel and walked across the street, stopping traffic and threatening everyone he came across.

“Constance Clootie.”


“Bobo’s lawyer,” Doc pointed to the elegantly dressed blonde woman stepping up to Bobo. “That is Constance Clootie. I believe she changed her name to Stone. She is ruthless and unfortunately good at her job. Rumour is that she has got her claws sunk deep into some very influential people in town… not that any of it can be proved of course.”

“Waverly! Damn it!” Wynonna jogged across the road after her sister as she made her way over to the P.S.D. and nipped inside. Grabbing her, Wynonna pulled her out of sight before she could do anything rash.

It quickly became apparent that Bobo had already talked to his lawyer as they listened in from where they were and the first words out of her mouth were an attack on Nicole and her relationship with a rival wolf pack.

“Now then, Ms Stone! You need to back up and tone it down! Barging in here and accusing my Deputy of wrongdoing! As far as I am aware there is nothing in any laws that say we can’t be friends with people in town. And if it is more than friends… well that is between two consenting adults, isn’t it? Officer Haught was following my orders and evidence collected by myself and my department when we arrested those two fellows. It was done… by… the… book… and I suggest you do the same. Now! They are being processed as we speak and will be interview later. You are more than welcome to wait… somewhere else!”

“That’s, my Nedley,” Wynonna whispered proudly as they listened to her sometimes nemesis give Bobo and his lawyer hell.

“But- but, if she’s a werewolf that’s a clear conflict of interests!”

“Ms Stone! Are you saying that werewolves have no right to hold down a good, honest job and earn a lawful wage?”

“Of course not!”

“Well, I’m glad to hear it! ‘Cause frankly I don’t care if my Deputy is a Werewolf or a Mermaid Poltergeist as long as she does her job to protect the law-abiding citizens of Purgatory. Now! Ms Stone if you wouldn’t mind… leave!”

Wynonna pulled Waverly out of sight as Bobo and his lawyer stormed out.

“Lonnie!!! Help me to process these two fellows! And you, Officer Haught… Nicole.”

“Yes, Sheriff?”

“You did good. Now, go, see to that and take an early lunch. I’ll expect you back in an hour for the interviews.”

“Yes, Sheriff.” Shaking her head in amazement, Nicole moved across the station and stuck her head around the corner and crooked a finger at Wynonna and Waverly. “Come on, you heard the Sheriff.”

“Dude! You were awesome! Catch you later, Randy!”

Chapter Text

Staring out of the Jeep’s windscreen, Waverly looked at the porch lights casting a glow over the land outside of the Homestead. Her home? She had struggled for many years to even think of it as such even though it was where she had spent the first years of her life. Only since Wynonna had returned and set up home there, had good memories been built up to counteract the painful memories of youth.

Home for her now though… that lay in the person at her side and not in a place.

Turning away from the view, Waverly took in Nicole’s face. Reaching out she frowned as she brushed a thumb over the swollen cut on her lip from the head-butt earlier. Nicole assured her that she was deliberately delaying the healing so as not to draw attention to how quickly she could heal but it still made her ache to see it there.

The lines of Nicole’s face held a guarded tension that had the muscles of her jaw clenching as though she was seconds away from grinding her teeth to dust. Sliding her hand down Nicole’s arm, Waverly let it rest over her hand where it lay against a thigh that was so tense it felt like it was carved from marble. Nicole’s hand unfurled for her, long fingers stroking and twining with hers. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Nicole’s hand lifted, taking hers with it to her mouth for a soft kiss that teased across each knuckle.

“I’m sure. Just still getting used to being near so many wolves.” Nicole tried to look as sure as she was claiming but going by the look on Waverly’s face she wasn’t been as convincing as she would have liked.

“But… it’s just Wynonna, Doc and Xavier… the rest of the pack won’t be joining us,” Waverly assured her.

“Yeah, like I said… so many,” Nicole smiled wryly. “Waves, the last time I was in a pack was before I became an Alpha. Since then… you’ve been the only wolf that’s wanted to run with me.”


“Hey, it’s okay, Baby.” Gently, Nicole brushed a knuckle across the mark on Waverly’s neck. “That was then, this is now. Just…”


“Please… for the love of God…” whispering, she looked around nervously. “Don’t… leave me alone with your sister,” she grinned to let Waverly know she wasn’t serious and willingly suffered the slap to her shoulder just to see Waverly’s nose crinkle as she smiled in relief. Cupping Waverly’s jaw, Nicole drew her closer and kissed a line following the strong line of her jaw from her bite to soft lips. Nicole hissed a little as she pressed too hard and it stung her lip.

Drawing away, Waverly pursed her lips at Nicole and tapped a finger on Nicole’s busted lip. “Well, doofus… if you healed it, it wouldn’t hurt now would it?”

“Okay, okay, fine.”

Waverly held her breath as tingles ran through the fingers she still had upon Nicole’s lip. She felt the heat from the swelling just vanish and by the time she lifted her finger… Nicole’s lip was healed. Gently tilting her chin to the light, she looked closely and shook her head. “I know you said you were deliberately not healing but… I didn’t expect it to be so easy for you.”

“That’s why I kept it there. A cut like that, I could have healed it straight away but once the blow had landed and blood spilt, doing it that fast would have raised questions… this way… fewer questions. Don’t worry, if anyone bothers to ask tomorrow I’ll just say it wasn’t as bad as they thought. Lonnie won’t question his good luck after the reaming out the Sheriff gave him before he went off shift.”

Waverly climbed out of the Jeep as Nicole opened her door and hopped out. She shivered instantly as the cold hit her. God, she couldn’t wait to change, the cold just didn’t get to her so much once she was in wolf form. “Hey, do you think Nedley knows? He was saying some very pointed things earlier, don’t you think?”

“Like he would say anything anti-werewolf knowing you and Wynonna were doing your not so subtle spy routine? Anyway, everyone knows that Mermaid Poltergeists are native to the waters off Florida.”

Grinning, Nicole caught Waverly as she launched herself at her for teasing. Unfortunately, although she had heard Waverly rushing her, Nicole hadn’t spotted that her Omega had gathered up a handful of snow until she felt the cold slide of it as Waverly pulled back her clothing and dropped it down her spine.

Nicole’s back went stiff and her feet shot out from under her control. Keeping a grip on Waverly, she teetered backwards and landed in a bank of snow with Waverly on top of her.

“Oh my god! That’s cold!” Waverly spluttered.

“Hey, at least you landed on top,” Nicole laughed at Waverly’s expression. “Don’t worry, Baby. I’ll warm you up later.” Kissing her deeply, hungrily, Nicole ran her hands up and down and slipped them, cold and covered in snow, up under Waverly’s clothing and made her squeal.

“When you two have quite done with… all that… we’re all ready to go run.” Wynonna grinned as Waverly lifted her head and fixed her with a glower.

“And, of course, you do know, my dear that your darling sister is adding that to her list of many sins you are going to have to pay for at some point?” Doc smiled at the suddenly nervous look on Wynonna’s face. “Ladies,” he nodded at them both and, while carefully checking the look in Nicole’s eyes to make sure it was okay, drew Waverly in for a quick hug. “It is good to have you with us tonight. A run is always more enjoyable with family.” He smiled at Nicole, making sure she knew he included her in that statement.

“Come on,” holding out her hand, Waverly took Nicole’s and drew her towards the door, “let’s go change in my old room.”

Doc squeezed Wynonna’s shoulder as Waverly led Nicole inside. He could feel the tenseness running through his love at hearing Waverly describe her room like that. “You knew what it would mean if your sister ever found someone.”

“Yeah… I was kind of hoping she would settle for someone I could intimidate though,” she grumbled. “Then I could have got them to stay here.”

“And if someone like that, someone like Champ Hardy, had been her mate they would never have been good enough for her. Now, Nicole. That is really someone worthy of your sister’s love don’t you think? Strong enough to protect her and strong enough to bend and not get intimidated by the will of either Earp. You are mighty intimidating forces.”

“Yeah… Don’t think this means I’m going to stop poking at her though,” she grinned. She couldn’t help it… she liked getting under the skin of people and seeing what was really there and with Nicole… she couldn’t help thinking that there was someone fun waiting to come out. Especially after how she had dodged them with the hair dye… Now that had been impressively sneaky!

“I am well aware of that… as I’m sure, Nicole is too. Now, come, let’s see if Xavier is done with his call and get ready.”

“Who’s he calling anyway?”

“Some of his old Marine buddies I believe.”

Chapter Text

Nicole looked around the bedroom that Waverly led her to. Walking through the house had been difficult with the smell of Alpha hanging so heavy in the air. Even though she was getting used to the scent of them all, and felt she could trust them, it had been grating on her senses. Waverly kept her moving though, her gentle touch, her scent and that seductive little body leading her through the house and scent until the door of her bedroom closed behind them and Nicole could breathe easier with the scent of her Omega filling the air.

The room though, whilst it smelt of Waverly… there was something not Waverly about it. The touches were there, that were what Nicole would have expected from the woman, the Omega, that she belonged to. It was there in the soft but bright drapes of fabric that hung around the curtains, softening the light from the moon brightened snow. And also in the immense amount of decorative pillows she had somehow managed to fit on such a small bed.

Nicole could tell that if… when… Waverly got to nesting, soft furnishings were going to be her go-to item.

The rest of the room though… it just wasn’t hers and Nicole had the feeling that Waverly was trying to stamp her identity on a room that hadn’t been hers.

Waverly watched Nicole taking in her room and felt the unspoken questions within her. “It used to be Willa’s room. Our big sisters,” she explained. “She… she died a long time ago and Wynonna and I had to go live with Gus and Curtis. When I went to work at Shorty’s he let me have a room there so I didn’t have to be on the road after late shifts or if I just needed the space to think. Then when Wynonna came back she started fixing the Homestead up again and persuaded me to take Willa’s old room. It gets a bit crowded and ‘loud’ here sometimes though.”

“I bet,” Nicole chuckled softly. “Three Alpha’s in such a small space must be tricky even if they weren’t all sharing each other.”

“Yeah, when they’re together though, all those rough Alpha edges just fit together and smooth each other out. All the ruts though! Ugh! The walls are just too thin here!” Waverly stage-whispered as she moved closer and slid her arms around Nicole’s slender waist. She smiled, pleased with herself as Nicole’s dimples popped into view again and her shoulders shook with her chuckle.

“Thin walls. Well, I guess that rules out a quickie, huh?”

“Well right now we’re both just sopping wet so how about we get out of these clothes.”

“Eww, dudes, you two are gross!”

“See,” Waverly rolled her eyes as Wynonna’s chortle reached them from the bottom of the stairs. “Super thin walls.”

“Good thing my place is neighbour free for miles around then. No need to worry about anyone hearing when you scream the house down.”

Waverly reached for Nicole as she stepped back but her Alpha grinned and gave her fingers a light tap to keep them at bay as she started stripping out of her clothes. Deciding to enjoy the view, Waverly sat on the edge of her bed and ate up each bit revealed as Nicole’s clothing dropped away with hungry eyes.

Beautifully, unashamedly, naked, Nicole stepped towards her and changed, dropping to all fours and crossing to the bed in wolf form. Waverly knew she could see it a million times and it would take her breath away each and every time. She shivered as Nicole’s nose nudged the inside of her ankles, finding a bare bit of skin to press her wet nose against as she slinked her way up, taking in her scent as she crawled on top of her to rest her head over her shoulder.

Rubbing their faces together, Waverly wrapped her arms around Nicole’s neck and dug her fingers deep into her coat to get to the warmth beneath. She felt the wolf inside her aching to get out to romp and roll with Nicole, but she wanted to touch with human hands a moment longer. Drawing back, she stared into the brown wolf eyes fixed upon her, shining with love. Waverly traced the lines of her face, beautiful in any form. Human or wolf, anyone seeing Nicole for the first time would probably just describe her as a redhead but there was so much more going on than just the red. Around the thicker fur of her neck there were darker strands running through it, still red but almost looking black amongst her normal coat. Hands running down, Waverly followed the path of the pale stripe of coat starting across her muzzle and cheeks, down her thickly furred throat to her belly.

She knew the stripe ran all the way down the underside of her tail to the tip but that would have to be explored at a later date as just a rub of her belly had Nicole shivering and collapsing with a huff against her. The soft swipes of Nicole’s broad tongue across her mark made her whimper under the sudden tide of soft coiling need distracted Waverly from thoughts of further exploration.

Growling softly, Nicole gave Waverly’s top a tug to remind her she was overdressed. Just in case she didn’t get the hint, she hopped up on to the bed and nudged her in the back and lay down, crossing her paws over the edge of the mattress as she settled down to watch.

“Okay, okay,” Waverly chuckled as she stepped back enough so she could put on a show for her Alpha as she took off her clothing. By the time she finished, Nicole was breathing hard, her body quivering with the restraint she was putting on herself.

Sliding off the bed, Nicole padded across the bedroom floor and butted her head against Waverly’s abdomen. She could smell the heat of her arousal rising from between her thighs and it took everything ounce of strength not to grab her and drag her back to the bed or just push her down to the floor.

Whining, Nicole nudged at Waverly’s thighs. She knew she shouldn’t not with Wynonna liable to pop out of the woodwork at any moment but she ‘needed’ and she could tell that Waverly did too.

“Nic… Wynonna will hear us…” Waverly glanced towards the door nervously… but spread her thighs a little anyway. The soft lap of tongue gliding along the inside of her thighs made her whimper and cover her own mouth as Nicole teased the tops of her legs but refused to go further. “You are in so much trouble later,” she hissed as Nicole sat back on her haunches and licked her lips. “I’m going to make you howl and beg later.”

Nicole didn’t doubt Waverly for a second and was looking forward to her Omega carrying through with her ‘threat’. She nudged for hip with a nose, gesturing for her to hurry up and change so they could join the others. After being denied a tasty treat, she was also looking forward to seeing if Waverly got any revenge on her sister while they were running.

Chapter Text

Catching Waverly’s beautiful bushy tail between her teeth as it swished across her face, Nicole gave it a light tug and followed her Omega’s gently swaying hips like a lovesick puppy down the stairs and outside to where everyone was waiting. She paused on the porch, watching as Waverly greeted them while she tried to swallow her way around their stronger scents.

Their last, and first, meeting in wolf form had been typical wolf behaviour. All teeth and dominance. Watching them with Waverly was watching a family. Something Nicole had never had. And she couldn’t help but feel a little lost and an outsider as the three Alpha’s willingly endured Waverly enthusiastic dancing around and play nips.

Nicole had submitted before when they had met through fear and largely because Waverly had thrown her for a loop with her actions and scent. But Nicole just didn’t want to submit again. Really, what she wanted to do was walk away and be alone. She knew how to do that. She knew what was expected of her when she was alone. There were no rules to follow other than her own. No one telling her what to do.

Just… alone.

Her body trembled, breath heaving. Her muscles coiled tight with the need to bolt. And then those hazel eyes turned towards her and Nicole felt everything wash away as they met and locked with her own. In a move that had Nicole blinking with its grace, Waverly nimbly leapt back and landed right in front of her, filling her vision with hazel and her nose with the calming combined scent of lavender and vanilla.

Waverly’s nose nudged under her chin, lifting her head as she licked around her mouth. Nicole knew it was a sign of submission but she didn’t want Waverly to feel the need to act that way around her.

Nicole went to step back but Waverly followed and rubbed her face across hers and down, sliding her cheek across her throat and shoulder until they were pressed together with their mark’s touching. The contact had all the tension leaving Nicole’s body so suddenly abruptly that she kept her feet under her only because Waverly keeping her steady.

She had felt like she was drowning.

Nicole could do human, just about. Normal human was easy to get lost amongst. But wolf, that had never been easy. Clothed in a thick coat, four feet on the ground, and she felt stripped naked and vulnerable.

With her naughty Omega at her side and lodged in her heart though, she felt whole and loved.

Turning her head, Nicole gave Waverly’s shoulder a little nibble and walked out to greet the others. She had felt sure, feared even, that Wynonna would be Wynonna and push her just for the hell of it but… she met her as an equal even though it was her pack and her land they were going to be running on and before she knew it, Nicole found herself surrounded in the equivalent of a family hug.

Which, of course, Wynonna had to push by giving her a nip on the ass before running off after Doc and Xavier with a playful bark. Shaking her head, Nicole nodded at Waverly to go ahead. Unlike before, her only reason for holding back from joining them right then was so she could watch the beauty that was Waverly Earp in motion.

Skidding to a halt in the snow, Waverly glanced over her shoulder at Nicole and gave her hips a deliberate wiggle to get her Alpha moving. She bounded over, her sleek muscular body shining in the light from the moon. Her long stride shortened, matching hers as Waverly started running again. Waverly loved it, running side by side with her Alpha, their tails coming together in soft caresses as they romped through the snow and caught up with the others.

They sped through the night, chasing the stars and moonlight as they raced through the trees following each other and whatever scent caught their attention.

Nicole caught the scents of other wolves as she ran but they were older, none newer than five days. She could tell they were all from Wynonna’s pack as none of the others reacted. Many of them Nicole knew from her patrols around Purgatory and with each one she matched the scent to the human face she had met.

Taking their cue from Wynonna, they all slowed down as she did and Waverly looked to Nicole as she scented the air and raked the landscape with her eyes. They were on one of the furthest boundaries of their territory and Waverly knew that Wynonna was checking to make sure none of Bobo’s pack had strayed.

Waverly sensed Nicole pick something up in the air almost before her Alpha even seemed to realise. She gave a soft warning growl, head lowering, her ears flattened back and they all sank down into the snow out of sight.

Ears back, they peered across the barren landscape and saw the movement of covered trucks, five of them, driving in convoy across an open field. Not one of them had headlights on. Even werewolves with their much better than human vision tended to revert to human ways and used conveniences like headlights… except for when they were up to no good.

Catching a change in the breeze, Waverly scented deeply, taking in every ounce of detail as it blew across the vehicles and straight towards them. A growl started in her throat, silenced by a gentle press of Nicole’s nose against her cheek as she smelt the distinctive smell of guns and ammunition, lots of it, within the trucks.

As the vehicles moved out of sight, Nicole stared in the direction they had gone for a moment and then followed them back towards the trees. She could feel the weight of their eyes upon her, questioning but not demanding. Still crouched, Nicole shifted back to human so she could speak and held on to the warmth of Waverly’s body as the cold cut through her.

“Sheriff had reports of illegal weapons heading Purgatory’s way from over the border. We managed to catch those two the other day with some on them. They claimed they had papers for them but we couldn’t find any more guns… Guess we know why now. Looks like they got tipped off and got them out of the way before we got there. Most of it is probably to sell on but… there’s a chance there was some silver ammunition smuggled in too. Couldn’t smell any on those trucks though so if there is any, it wasn’t there or it’s been moved on already.”

Fixing her eyes on Nicole, Wynonna stalked towards the redhead and shifted herself. “I wish I could say that I can’t believe Bobo would do something like this but… That rat bastard is crazy enough to start a war. I need to know Red, if shit goes down, whose side are you going to be on?”

“I’m a Deputy Sheriff, I protect the citizens of Purgatory, Wynonna. Let us try to do things by the book, okay?” Wynonna fixed her with a look of disappointment in her blue eyes and sucked on her teeth sharply. Nicole placed a hand on her arm. “But… I swear to you, I’ll keep you in on everything that goes down and the second I see anything getting out of control… I’ll be by your side. You can count on me.”

“That’s more like it, Red!” Grabbing the other woman, Wynonna hauled her to her feet and grabbed her in for a hug. After a long second, she pulled back from the ramrod stiff body in her arms and stared into the taller woman’s brown eyes. “Okay, just remembered… we’re both naked aren’t we?”

“Mmmhmm,” Nicole mumbled out past pursed lips.

“Totally touched your boobs… it was nice!” Giving a little cough, Wynonna stepped back. “Okay, morons, let’s run! It’s too damn cold to be standing around naked!”

Nicole shook her head as Wynonna changed and set off running again with Doc and Xavier at her side. She glanced down at Waverly and saw a thoughtful look in her eyes as she watched them. That was a plotting look if ever Nicole had seen one and she was thankful it wasn’t directed at her.

They were nearing the Homestead again when Waverly suddenly let out a pained yelp and pulled up short beneath a tree, whining and carrying on. Nicole went to rush forward but stopped as she caught a quick look from Waverly and realised she couldn’t smell blood or distress.

Standing back, Nicole watched as Wynonna rushed to her sister’s side and shifted into human form so she could lift Waverly’s paw to check for wounds. She was so intent on looking that she didn’t see Waverly lift her head to look at the snow-laden tree they were under. Nicole saw her look though and would have at least winced in sympathy as Waverly bounced up and used the weight of her body to slam into the tree and knock all the snow onto Wynonna’s naked body.

Yeah, Nicole might have been tempted to wince… if she hadn’t thought of Wynonna calling them up to ask if they were done banging. In the end, the best she could manage was a wolfish grin as she listened to Wynonna coughing, spluttering and cussing up a storm as the snow melted into places it had no right to be.

Chapter Text

Chuckling under her breath, Nicole nudged against Waverly’s side as they moved towards the Homestead. Waverly nuzzled against her neck and tugged gently on her ear with sharp teeth as they lingered on the porch and watched Doc and Xavier just standing there while Wynonna cussed at them for not helping.

“The boys think she crossed the line too,” Waverly chuckled as she lay her head over Nicole. “God, I love how you feel against me. So strong and beautiful. My Alpha.” Feeling Nicole suddenly stiffen, Waverly glanced around looking for whatever danger her love had spotted. “What is it? What’s wrong?” She blinked as Nicole sat in front of her, her wolfen face managing to get that little crinkle across the brow that her human one did as she placed her paws on her shoulders and stared deep into her eyes with confusion in her own.


“Yes? Oh! Oh my god!” Leaping in excitement, Waverly knocked Nicole backwards off the porch before she could steady herself and leapt on to her while she was still sprawled on her back. “Oh my god! How frickin’ cool is that!” She wiggled around on Nicole in excitement. “I mean, I’d hoped but... Oh my god!”

“Okay, so not imagining that I can actually hear you then?” Nicole chuckled as Waverly nipped at her jaw and throat in her excitement. “Thought for one second then I was going out of my mind from needing to actually hear your beautiful voice.”

“Nope, I can hear you too,” Waverly assured her. “It’s another part of our marks as well as the empathy. Telepathy is a bit rarer though from what I’ve heard. When I was little I’d always hoped my soul mate would be able to hear me like this… and here you are.”

“All yours,” Nicole nudged her lovingly with her nose and held her close, paws stroking down her back as she rested her entire weight on her. “Okay, I love you and all, love laying under you like this… but any chance we can take this inside? I really hate getting clumps of snow in my coat.”

Climbing to her feet, Nicole shook the snow from her coat. Glancing over her shoulder she rolled her eyes as she saw Wynonna still making far too much of a meal out of having snow dumped on her. Catching a glimmer of blue eyes she chuckled as she realised that the other Alpha was trying to make more of it to have Waverly feeling bad about it.

“Yeah,” Waverly chuckled as she followed Nicole’s eyes and her thoughts, “I know what she’s up to. Wait until she finds out that that was just for copping a feel of you.”

“Remind me never to piss you off, Waverly Earp,” Nicole laughed at the anticipation in Waverly’s thoughts. “Want to head on in and… change before the interrogation begins?”

“I would rather go do what you were really thinking of doing with that tongue but… why do you think there’s going to be an… interrogation?”

“Because… she’s your insanely protective sister and Alpha of a pack. Honestly, I’m surprised she and the others didn’t beat the crap out of me or knock my teeth out so I couldn’t mark you.”

“I might be only an Omega and part of a pack but I’m my own wolf, Nicole.”

“Baby, there is no ‘only’ about you. You are the most extraordinary person I’ve ever known. I’m not judging you or them but… my experiences with others hasn’t exactly been good… This… You… Them… It’s all kind of overwhelming and I’m scared shitless that once they find out about my past it’ll all come toppling down.”

“Didn’t when you told me.”

“No,” smiling, Nicole licked the tip of Waverly’s ear. “That went very much better than I’d dreamed possible,” she heard Waverly bashful chuckle at her suggestive eyebrow waggle tinkle through her like gentle chimes. “You’re mine. Nothing can change that. I just don’t want what I am…”

“What happened to you,” she corrected her.

“Okay, okay,” she relented. “I don’t want what happened to me, to affect your relationship with them. If- if they can’t accept me after I tell them… then I’ll-”

“Not even finish that sentence how it sounds like it’s going. They are family but you- you, Nicole Haught are my mate!” Bristling up at the thought that Nicole would even DARE contemplate leaving her, Waverly backed Nicole up until she was sitting on her back feet with her back pressed against the door. “We’re meant to be together, so get used to that right now, you hear me!?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Ha, looks like someone else is in trouble and it’s not me for a change!” Wynonna chortled. “Hey,” she yelped as Xavier nipped at her naked ass. “Later, Baby,” she winked. “Well, move it Haughtstuff! I want to get dressed.” She paused, placing a gentle but firm hand on Nicole’s shoulder and looked into her brown eyes with serious blue. “Then we talk, okay?”

With Waverly still bristled up in front of her, Nicole balanced as best she could as Wynonna opened the door and they brushed past her and fortunately, closed the door again so she didn’t fall on her ass.

Nicole tried to lower herself but Waverly pushed even closer and forced her up higher with a dangerously narrowed glare and her body. “Waves?” she could hear the hint of apprehension in her own thoughts. Her Omega, her love, was a downright intimidating force when she wanted to be. “I swear to you, I’m not going anywhere, Waverly. As long as you want me… I’ll be by your side.”

The softness, love and sincerity in the voice filling her mind made Waverly feel like her heart would explode and her body melt. Smiling, she shifted into her human skin and leaned into Nicole’s furred chest. Then, simply because she had made her worry, Waverly turned the handle on the door Nicole was pressed against and watched Nicole’s eyes fly open comically wide in shock as the door opened and she tipped backwards.

Leaping over her love with a laugh and a spring in her step, she rushed around and up the stairs to her bedroom. She paused at the top of the stairs, butterflies of excitement fluttering in her stomach as she waited to see what Nicole would do.

Waverly bit her lip as Nicole appeared, padding silently across the wooden flooring and tilted her head as she looked up at her. Muscles coiled beneath her shining red coat and brown eyes latching on to her body as she licked her lips in anticipation of a feast. Waverly scrambled back with a squeal of excitement as Nicole leapt the entire length of the stairs with no effort and landed at the top.

She wasn’t the least bit scared as she backed away into her room, but the fluttering in her stomach grew as Nicole stalked forwards. The butterfly fluttering caught the edge of the arousal that was always simmering when Nicole was near and Waverly felt her body go up on flames in anticipation as the backs of her legs hit the edge of her mattress. Waverly licked her lips and spread her legs in blatant invitation as Nicole’s nostrils flared at her scent.

“Waverly! Fuck…” Nicole sank to the floor with a whine and glared at the brunette temptress as she rode out the waves of desire flooding her from the images either coming from her own desires or Waverly’s that were flashing into her mind. “You are going to be the death of me,” she chuckled wryly. “Probably quite literally if I go out there to talk to your sister with your come all over my tongue and face.”

Not that it wasn’t tempting.

On trembling legs, Nicole moved to the bed and tenderly licked and nudged a line along the inside of Waverly’s legs. As soon as she was in reach she felt her loves fingers dive into her coat, blunt nails scraping the skin at the back of her neck and shoulders. Her whimpers of delight and frustration at all the parts she licked and those she didn’t were like kindling on the flames raging through her that made her want to toss aside all reason, barricade the door and window, and take what was hers.

Head thrown back, eyes closed, Waverly felt the shift of Nicole’s body as she changed. She whimpered all the more at the feel of skin upon skin and felt them stolen from her mouth as Nicole’s lips and tongue claimed hers.

Pulling back very reluctantly, Nicole rested her forehead against Waverly’s. “You make me forget myself far too often, Waverly Earp.”

“Good,” Waverly smiled, stealing a quick kiss from the soft lips hovering so temptingly close. Running her hands along Nicole’s sides, she delighted in the shiver that ran through her at her touch as she relaxed her weight against her. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” smiling softly, Nicole ran her eyes and fingers all over Waverly’s face, desperately wanting to commit every detail of that moment to memory. She sighed as a noise reached her ears. “I can hear your sister’s heavy breathing,” she whispered. “We’ll be down in a couple of minutes, Earp!”

Waverly groaned at her sisters continued interruptions. The groan slid to a moan as Nicole eased the weight of her body off and moved down, pressing soft kisses along the way… lips, the base of her throat, heart, just above her navel and a lingering one with a gaze of full wolf eyes that made her squirm right above where Waverly wanted desperately to feel her move too.

“Later,” Nicole lulled softly as Waverly made a grab for her. “Come on!” Holding out her hands she pulled Waverly off her bed and gave the tempting curve of her ass a pat. “Let’s get this over with and head home.”

Chapter Text

Nicole felt her confidence start to slip as soon as they left Waverly’s room but a hand in hers and a soft encouraging smile pulled her down the stairs and into the living room. She had feared an interrogation from the three Alphas… And maybe if Waverly hadn’t been there it would have been. Nicole didn’t know them well enough to know differently. But there was no bright lamp to shine in her eyes or ramrod straight chair bolted to the floor to sit her in. They were just lounging around like they were waiting for them so they could start movie night.

Wynonna handed her sister a hefty shot of her favourite whiskey and, under the weight of the challenge in Waverly’s eyes, held back her comment as her sister guided Nicole over to the overstuffed chair she usually made a nest out of and sat on her lap. “Wasn’t sure what your poison is, Haught. Beer or something harder?”

“Nothing for me...” The word ‘poison’ wasn’t exactly comforting but the look on Wynonna’s face told Nicole that refusing wasn’t going to fly in her house. “I’ll have a beer, thanks.” It wasn’t as though the effects of any alcohol would last anyway, not with their metabolism, but at least it would give her something to hold on to… Other than Waverly. Leaning her head against her shoulder, Nicole closed her eyes and breathed in the warmth and scent of her as Waverly played with the hair at the nape of her neck. A surprisingly subtle clearing of throat had her opening her eyes to accept the cold bottle of beer Wynonna was holding out for her.

Looking down at them, Wynonna breathed in the scent of her sister and the scent she knew was from both of them… “Could you do something for me before we start?”


“Let your scent out, don’t hide it from us.”

Why Wynonna would want that, Nicole had no idea but she relaxed that part of herself. It was something she was so used to keeping locked down that it had become more natural to keep it hiding. She found that to release it was something she had to work to do. As soon as she did, Waverly purred and snuggled closer like she wanted to roll on her and the three Alpha’s scented the air.

“That’s better,” Wynonna resisted the urge to ruffle the younger Alpha’s hair at her readiness to do as she’d asked. It really was a heady and yet calming scent she put out too, which was strange as most Alpha’s scents were anything but calming to another Alpha. “Now we can tell who Waverly is bound to instead of just smelling you both together. You might as well get used to letting it out Haughtshot, normal humans will just think it’s your perfume… or that you roll in vanilla, and the pack is going to find out soon enough anyway… unless you don’t want to be a part of us?”

Nicole saw the way Wynonna’s eyes shifted to Waverly before meeting hers again with the real question she wanted answering clear in their blue depths as to if she would really want to drag Waverly away from them?

“Wynonna… I would never hold Waverly back from you or the pack… I am kind of afraid that once you know where I’m from… Earp… your pack might rebel if they find out about me.”

Wynonna snorted. “I’m sure you’ve met most of the pack around town, do they seem the rebelling type to you?”

“Well… no but…” If anything, most of the ones that Nicole had met were just normal townsfolk that worked hard and wanted a quiet life… In fact, given that Wynonna was their Alpha, most of them gave her as much shit as Nedley did.

Now Bobo’s wolves, they were trouble in the kind of way that gave werewolves and drug cartels a bad name.

“I mean, Gus and Curtis, they took care of us for many years. They made sure Waverly didn’t end up a hot mess like I was, so they might give you a bit of hell for making off with Waverly but they’ll come around eventually.”

“And if they knew… I was a part of Bulshar’s pack? If they knew I… I was his daughter?”

Wynonna glanced at Doc and Xavier as they all absorbed the information about her heritage that tumbled out of Haught’s mouth. She had thought she would have to pry details out of her but apparently been around Waverly had already rubbed off with how she blurted things out. “We’d already kind of worked out where you were from, Haught,” Wynonna admitted as she crouched down to better see her eyes. “Well, Doc and Xavier did, they told me all about it after we first erm… met. Hey, I needed to know,” she defended herself as Waverly’s lips narrowed. “Waverly was in her room being all lovelorn and possessive.”

“And you didn’t try to stop her? You couldn’t have heard everything about it if you were that okay,” Nicole finished on an accusing whisper. She felt Waverly’s fingers move just a little and felt the brush of her thumb across the bite on her throat. Instantly she felt her mind clearing as a wave of calmness washed over her under the lightness of her touch. Nicole saw Wynonna’s blue eyes twinkle knowingly at the effect her sister was having on her.

“Better?” Wynonna smiled as Nicole just gave her a nod and snuggled closer to Waverly. “Well, as you’re in a sharing mood you get to tell us everything. But, Red… these marks, the ones that claim our hearts… it’s a rare thing even for our kind, and even more difficult for us to meet up with the ones we’re supposed to be with. But it never steers us wrong… Granted, I never expected to end up sharing my life with two kinky hot Alpha’s,” she grinned at Xavier and Doc. “But… it works for us. We all love each other and from the moment I saw you kneel down to keep Waverly calm I could see how much you love her too. I have eyes. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to give you shit every chance I get though,” she warned. “After all, you are banging my baby sister. Now, drink up, plenty more where that came from. Then… talk.”

Nicole took a sip of her beer and sat for a moment, watching the condensation running down the bottle as she gathered her thoughts while Wynonna took a seat between the guys. There was no feeling of pressure from them, only herself as the need to tell them her story warred with a long built up defence against letting anyone in.

Finally, it was, once again, Waverly that tipped the balance. Head dipping, she found the mark with her lips and whispered a soft ‘I love you’ in her ear. Nicole wasn’t even aware of opening her mouth but suddenly she realised she was speaking and just let it out and told them everything she remembered about the Cult and what had happened that night, pausing only to answer any question they had. It was a relief to get it out… but she was still nervous as Wynonna cross the room towards her again and made her stand.

“I wish I could say that you would have been safer up here Red… the pack back then, when you needed family the most… it was pretty much like every other. It’s different now though, I’ve made sure of that. We’re a mismatched bunch, rejects from other packs just wanting to belong somewhere. And if you had just turned up in town and not had a connection to Waverly, I would have welcomed you just the same. You couldn’t help who your father was and it’s shitty that you’ve had to pay for what he did your whole life. Now… come on, bring it in for a hug, kid.”

“Kid?” her eyebrow climbed at the smirk teasing the edges of Wynonna’s lips at that. There wasn’t that much of a difference in their ages.

“Just… hug me already, Redhaught,” she grinned at the wariness of Nicole’s face. “Waverly’s not the only Earp in this family that gives good hugs and I promise I won’t touch your boobs again.” Even though she had told Nicole to hug her… Wynonna grabbed her and pulled her in so hard Red’s, breath whooshed out. This time the tall redhead relaxed into her and hugged her back. Rubbing their cheeks together, Wynonna deliberately scent marked her.

It was a possessive move that elicited only a soft huff of resignation and acceptance from Nicole. Like Doc had pointed out, she was a strong Alpha but one strong enough to bend when she needed to.

“Okay, give me my Alpha back.”

“Spoilsport,” chuckling, Wynonna winked at the redhead and gave her ass a sharp slap as she turned around that had her going up on her tiptoes.

Trying not to giggle at the wide-eyed expression on Nicole’s face. Waverly ran a hand over Nicole’s ass as she went to sit back down. “Poor baby, I’ll kiss it better later.”

Wynonna rolled her eyes at them and hid a smile. “Gross!”

“Then stop feeling my woman up!” As she moved back into Nicole’s lap, Waverly mouthed a ‘thank you’ to her sister and snuggled back against the warmth of Nicole’s shoulder to bask in her scent.



Chapter Text

Picking up her travel mug, Nicole absentmindedly took a sip of her coffee while flicking through the paperwork in the manila folder resting on her lap and steering wheel. Given that the file was on Bobo Del Rey it was annoyingly thin and lacking on any real details.

There was literally nothing on him until he had shown up in Purgatory complete with a sizable pack and set up the trailer park. They had quickly taken over the surrounding land quickly only to be restrained, and even pushed back, by the Earp pack before they could take over the town. After that… there was a lot of dropped charges but no actual arrests that had led to anything.

It bugged Nicole.

Not only was Bobo Del Rey the kind of criminal that managed to get away with everything by covering their own ass with a layer of patsy’s ready to take the fall. But… from the moment she had seen him, Nicole had had the nagging feeling she’d seen him before. He was so… maniacal and outrageous in looks and actions though that she was pretty sure she would remember him… especially with a name like Bobo. It sounded like a pets name or a circus clowns name.

Tossing aside the file in agitation, Nicole turned her attention to her roadmap. Waverly had tried to convince her that Google Maps was better but… well… she was coming around to the convenience of smartphones now she had a place to stay and someone to actually use one for but… for one she didn’t trust the cell reception around Purgatory to go without a map in the car anyway. Really she really liked the feel of a physical map to hold just like she loved to hold a book even though the e-reader Waverly used could hold far more.

Waverly had called her old-fashioned and had proceeded to drag her into Purgatory’s one and only bookstore. Where they had stocked up books they both found interesting to fill the bookshelves Waverly had ordered online from Ikea.

They’d taken to unwinding in many different ways when their shifts allowed them to be together. All of them immensely enjoyable and not all of them ending up in a sweaty heap. Of the none sweaty variety, Nicole had a fondness for the times they read together… even though Waverly had downloaded all the books they had brought on to her Kindle so they wouldn’t fight over who got to turn the page. They never read further than each other though and more often than not, Nicole had spotted that they both tended to wait until the other had caught up before turning the page.

Smiling to herself at the warmth spreading through her from thinking about Waverly, Nicole turned her attention back to the map. She quickly found the Homestead and traced a line to where they had been when they had spotted the convoy of trucks. She needed to find proof as to where Bobo was hiding the weapons so she could convince the Sheriff to try and get a search warrant… Or, if she was being more truthful with herself, she was more than willing to just hand the information over to Wynonna so the pack could take care of it.

Nicole did not like the thought of any of them going up against the number of weapons that five trucks could hold but she knew that by the time a warrant was signed, word would have gotten back to Bobo and the guns moved as she was pretty sure the judge was under Bobo’s control.

Marking off a potential set of buildings to check out, Nicole put everything away and started her car. There was a couple of hours left on her shift so she decided to see if she could get a better look from a road she’d seen on the map that looked like it would have a good vantage point over the buildings.

She was lost in thought, thinking about the sun glinting off Waverly’s face as she’d waved her off that morning. Not needed in until later at Shorty’s she looked like a rumpled angel all wrapped up in one of their many blankets, her hair loose and tousled from the fingers Nicole had run through them, her lips parted and swollen from her kiss.

“Damn it!” Nicole was broken out of her memories by a bang and the lurch of the wheel beneath her hand that signalled the demise of one of her tyres. Flicking on the hazard lights, Nicole reached for her radio to call it in so they wouldn’t expect her to respond to any emergency escaped cattle round ups before she was done fixing it.

A noise had Nicole scenting the air, her hand dropping to her gun until she realised it was moose she could smell… lots of moose?

“Shit!” Oldest wolf and human hunter trick in the book… mask your scent with the scat or piss of another animal!

Figures spilled from the trees and surrounded her car with automatic rifles pointing at her with lethal intent. The top of her class at academy part of her brain noted that they looked like the weapons they had been looking for and also that she’d seen most of the guys holding them at the trailer park or in surveillance photos. They all looked itchy to start something but they held back.

Being shot wasn’t pleasant but Nicole knew, hoped anyway, she could survive even the amount of bullets they had… it would just hurt like hell. Keeping eye contact with the one nearest to her door, she reached to start her car.

A deep metallic TAP! TAP! TAP! drew her eyes back to the front of the car to meet the intense blue of Bobo’s eyes staring holes through her as he rapped a thick length of rebar on the front of her car.

Grinning wildly in anticipation, Bobo jumped up on the hood of the car. Bringing the metal up over his head, he let out a roar as he slammed it down straight through the engine, embedding it deep into the road beneath. Crouching down on the hood, he tapped on the windscreen. “Bye, bye, Officer.”

Nicole scrambled for her door and her gun as the passenger door opened but they held it closed, baring her in. The passenger door slammed again and smoked filled the car. Nicole reached for the canister rolling at her feet and thrashed back against her seat in pain as the exposed skin on her hands and face started to burn and every breath became one of agony.

Pain! Everything was pain!

Collapsing forwards in her seatbelt, Nicole tried to unfasten it but her body was shutting down. Nicole could smell and taste the blood flowing from her mouth and filling lungs until they felt heavy with the thick liquid. Every breath was painful, a wet and laboured effort just to take in the shortest of breaths.

Before her eyes filled with blood and her vision failed, she saw the glisten on her clothing and coating the interior of the car and knew what was burning her inside and out.

The one thing that could kill her.


As everything started to fade her mind drifted back to that one perfect moment as the morning sun had created a halo around Waverly, smiling and waving at her from their front porch.

Chapter Text

“Hey, Wynonna!” Shorty rapped his knuckles on the bar to get the woman’s attention from her conversation with Bethany. “Have you seen Waverly at all? It’s getting busy in here and I could do with some help.”

“She went down to get the whiskey you asked for.” A bottle she could do with right then as her shot glass was down to drops and she didn’t feel like switching booze right then. Hopeful that there might be some left on the other side of the bar, Wynonna leant over for a look.

“Wynonna, I asked her to get the whiskey more than thirty minutes ago.”

Wynonna pushed herself back upright and shared a panicked look with Shorty. She was known to go AWOL when Nicole was around but she never left for too long and they’d already heard from Waverly that her lady love was on patrol. Raking her eyes over the packed bar Wynonna scented for her sister.

“Shit!” Leaping off her bar stool, Wynonna shook off the effects of what she’d drank easier than a dog shaking off water and ran for the door in the corner that led down to the basement.

“Waverly!” She jumped off the side of the open steps and looked towards the door that led to the alley. Locked! At least she knew that Waverly hadn’t gone that way… or been taken that way. “Waves!?”

Spotting the twitch of boots sticking out from behind a stack of crates and hearing a soft groan of pain, Wynonna rushed over and knelt beside her sister. “Waverly, what the hell?”

“Hurts… Nicole…”

“Did someone attack you, Baby Girl?” Cupping the back of Waverly’s neck to help her up, Wynonna froze as her fingers brushed against the mark on her neck. “Shit!” It was burning up. The skin so hot, Wynonna almost checked her fingers to see if it had burnt them.

“Nicole… Oh god! Hurts so bad!”

“Wynonna? What’s wrong? We can feel you all the way up here.” Xavier rushed down the stairs, tossing a call to Doc over his shoulder as he spotted the two women on the floor. “What the hell happened?” Kneeling the other side of Waverly, he gently helped ease her up. She was as pale as a ghost, sweat dripping down her face and her eyes were rolling and glassy with pain.

Lips pressed tight together with concern, Wynonna nodded to Waverly’s neck and watched as Xavier held the backs of his fingers close to her mark. His eyes flashed white in the dimness of the basement light as his eyes flew wide. Lowering his head, he scented along the side of Waverly’s throat and straightened up. His face was the grimmest Wynonna had ever seen it.

“Nicole’s scent is still there but it’s weak.”

“If Waverly is feeling like this, Nicole would have been through the doors quicker than us. She’s in trouble! Get a hold of Nedley. See if he knows where she is. Find her!”

“On it!”

The bar was nearly empty by the time he raced back up the steps and Shorty was busy telling the rest of the patrons to ‘get the hell out’.


“Something’s wrong with Nicole. I’m going to go over and see if Nedley knows where she was patrolling. See if you can contact as many of the pack as you can. See if they saw her anywhere.”

“This would be easier if more than Shorty, Gus and Curtis knew what she was. They would have been keeping an eye on her already, Xavier.”

“Yeah, I know,” he sighed. The pack looked out for each other but they had had to reluctantly respect Nicole’s request to take it slowly in letting everyone know. Clasping the older man on the shoulder, Xavier gave a quick squeeze and ran towards the Sheriff’s Department.

Slamming open the door he ran the distance to the Sheriff’s offices and burst inside. Nedley’s office was in darkness and he thought the whole room deserted until he spotted Lonnie standing near the radio. “Lonnie! We need to know where Officer Haught is! Where’s the Sheriff?”

Lonnie glanced between the agitated man and the radio. “He- Sheriff Nedley is out. Look, you can’t be here, you need to leave.”

Taking in the other man’s nervousness and the fear on his face, Xavier stalked forwards, shouldered the man aside and flipped the switch back on, on the radio, Lonnie had been standing beside.

The moans of pain that filtered through the speakers were heart-wrenching to hear. “Nicole? Lonnie! Is that Officer Haught?!”

“Yes… Listen, Sheriff was out on patrol and he’s gone looking for her.”

“Fuck, how did no one hear this?” He gestured at the radio as another guttural moan of pain rang out.

“No one was on the desk,” Lonnie whispered. “We’re understaffed! I only went to grab a drink from the break room.”

Xavier’s blunt nails cut into his palms as he resisted the urge to flatten the Officer until he got all the information he could out of him. “Can I talk to her?”

“She’s got the button pressed on her radio. We can hear her but we can’t get through unless she lets it go.”


“It’s not working…” the fury in the other man’s dark eyes had him rushing to explain. “It was at the start of her shift. We always check. Something must have happened to it.”

Sirens rang out over the speakers, distant at first but drawing closer until they were so close they were painful to Xavier’s sensitive hearing.

“Nicole!? ... Nicole! … Oh my god! ... Hey, you still with me Officer Haught? Nicole? Stay with-”

The sound cut out, the speakers falling silent.

“Lonnie! You better be there, boy!”


“What the hell… Dolls, is that you?”

“How is she?”

“Give that radio back to the Officer right now! ... Lonnie, get the EMT’s out to the old road, two miles from the old gold mines! Do it now!”

“On it!”


“She’s in a bad way, Dolls. For god’s sake, don’t let those girls know where we are. EMT’s will be here soon, they’re closer than you are, so you get them to meet us at Northern Memorial. You hear me, they don’t need to be here. They don’t need to see her like this.”


Chapter Text

Curled up in the backseat of Xavier’s S.U.V., her head laying on Wynonna’s thigh, Waverly was barely aware of every bump and twist in the road or the flicker of streetlights through the vehicle windows. Even the weight of her sister’s hand upon her shoulder, holding her steady against the movement of the vehicle, meant nothing.

Everything within her was focused upon Nicole. She whimpered, curling up tighter as more pain wrenched at her, digging in against her chest and heart like a million knives stabbing and cutting.

Waverly had heard one long, drawn-out scream from her Alpha that had knocked her to the ground in the basement and then after that, there had been nothing but the choking pain burning through their bond.

Waverly pressed her fingers upon her Alpha’s mark upon her neck. Rubbing gently she willed her touch to make it through to Nicole, to let her know she was on her way. She could feel the line between them, growing closer and yet feeling so perilously thin and worn.

Sirens called out through the night, reaching into the S.U.V. and breaking through Waverly’s thoughts. She watched the flash of colours bouncing through the windows to painting the roof in bursts of blues and red.

Feeling Nicole’s closeness, Waverly pushed herself upright in the seat, fighting against the pain and weakness. She watched as the Sheriff’s S.U.V. flew past them into the grounds of the hospital with an ambulance in its wake.

Waverly thrashed against the restraints of Wynonna’s hands holding her back from leaping out of the vehicle while it was still moving. In a distant part of her conscious, she heard her sister urge Xavier to go faster and felt her sister’s grip bite into her arms as the S.U.V. lurched, picking up speed up as Xavier put his foot down and followed the ambulance to the E.R. entrance.

Pulling out of her sister’s grip, Waverly leapt from the S.U.V. before it was even at a stop and rushed towards the ambulance. The back was open, and surrounded by doctors and nurses that had been waiting for their arrival.

There was always an extra urgency when an Officer, a colleague, was injured but for them to meet the ambulance in numbers like that was a terrifying sight.

“Waverly! No! Don’t touch her!” Nedley rushed forwards, desperately trying to get between Waverly and the others as they made their way towards the ambulance. “Nobody touch her!”

Waverly looked up and drew back slightly at the violence in Sheriff Nedley’s voice. A whimper ran through her as she looked at the brief glimpses of Nicole she could see through the crowd of nurses and doctors blocking her view.


“Back off Wynonna! Shit! Don’t touch me either, okay…” he held up his hand, letting them see the metallic glint staining his hands and clothing. “You’ll get hurt! She was ambushed. Car disabled and what looked like a canister of pressurized silver powder thrown in with her. Her car, everything…” pausing, he watched as Nicole was wheeled into the E.R. He raked a hand through his hair, sorrow weighing him down. “She- She’s breathed it in.”

Wynonna staggered back in horror as his words hit her. She felt Xavier’s body holding hers up, offering her his strength and support but it barely registered. Silver, one of the few things that could kill them. Just the smallest amount burned like the fires of hell as it tried to burn its way through flesh and bone and Nicole had breathed it in? “Shit.”

“Listen,” he stepped closer. His voice softening now they knew not to get too close. “I’m going to go get her registered and get changed while they work on her… Once they get the worst off her… I’ll make sure you’ll be able to… spend a bit of time with her.”

Hand forming fists at his side, Nedley fought the need to comfort Waverly and even Wynonna… she was a bur in his butt most of the time but she wasn’t really bad, just full of attitude, and he could tell that she obviously cared for Nicole. “I’d better go… You take care of your sister.”

It was a comment that would have normally made Wynonna bristle but she just sighed and nodded as the Sheriff turned and walked through the automatic doors into the E.R. There had been an unusual amount of pain and concern in his voice. Turning, Wynonna moved closer to her sister, ready to comfort her against everything that was to come. “Waves…”

“No! She’s going to be okay, Wynonna! She has to be!” Bursting out of Doc’s arms, Waverly hurried through the doors and into the hospital. The noise and smell of the place hit her. Disinfectant blanketing the lingering scent of blood and despair. Waverly’s vision blurred, tears bursting up as the knot of pain around her heart grew heavier at the thought of losing the woman she loved.

“I’ve got you, Baby Girl,” Wynonna pulled her sister in close, guiding her over to a chair as her knees started to buckle. “Nicole’s young and tough as hell, if anyone can get through this, it’s her.”

They sat together, huddled and holding their family close as they waited and watched with hearts rising in hope and fear every time a door opened or a doctor or nurse walked by. Every beep of an alarm, every hurried step, gnawed at them, dragging each minute into feeling like hours.

Wynonna looked up as a figure stopped in front of them. She followed the fabric of blue scrubs upwards, dreading to see the fake look of pity she would see. Eyes widening, she almost did a double take when she realised it was Nedley. “Nice scrubs,” she muttered with a sad smile.

“It was all they had. They’ve got her settled…” he ran a hand through his hair and gestured for them to follow him. “Listen, it’s not good. I need you to be prepared for that. They’ve got her hooked up to so many machines right now,” pushing open the door to Nicole’s room, he stepped aside and followed them inside to where a Doctor was waiting to talk to them.

Nedley had heard it all before and tuned out the soft voice of the Doctor and his fake concern and watched Waverly instead. The girl ignored everyone but the figure upon the bed and made her way over. She gently ran her fingers through Nicole’s hair so gently, being so very careful not to jostle or touch anywhere that looked raw.

He was thankful that Nicole wasn’t thrashing and screaming in pain anymore. But at least when she had been doing that, he hadn’t felt the need to keep checking that her chest was still rising with every breath the machines were taking for her.

Every beep of the machines, every rattling, pumping, sound from the rise and fall of the respirator was the stuff of nightmares.

“We managed to get the silver washed off her skin as best we could. The main problem right now though is the damage being done to her lungs and internal organs. I’m afraid there’s no nice way of putting this so… The silver is burning and eating its way through her lungs and we believe it has entered her bloodstream. As it stands right now, all we can do is keep her comfortable. I’m so sorry.”

Nedley dragged his eyes away from Waverly and Nicole. “Can you give us a minute please, Doc?” Opening the door he ushered the Doctor outside and shut it on him. He paced around, ignoring Wynonna’s glares and questions as he looked at Waverly and ran through everything he knew.

“She needs to change!”

“What? Nedley, what the hell are you talking about?” Wynonna glowered at him in confusion.

“She needs to do a full-on wolf change. Man-beast, full moon kind of thing. It will push the poison out of her system.”

“Nedley, dude, you’re not making any sense! Even if that would work, we can’t change like that unless there’s a full moon and that’s a week off yet! She can’t last that long!”

“Nicole can change,” Waverly whispered. “Well she said she could, she’s never shown me.”

“All the Bulshar Alpha’s could… Can,” he corrected himself, not willing to give up on her yet, not now that Waverly had confirmed that she could do what was needed.

“Wait, you…?”

“Know? Yeah, I know what she is… who she is. I knew the moment I saw her at the academy. And I’m not going to say anything else about that, so don’t ask. Nicole deserves an explanation first so don’t be throwing those looks at me, Earp.”

He closed his eyes as Nicole gave a rattling cough and blood flowed out past the tube snaking down her throat. “You need to find a way to get through to her, get her to change… before it’s too late.”

Pushing open the door, Nedley let it swing shut behind him and somehow, thankfully, made it out to his vehicle before he collapsed against the wheel. Hands trembling, he reached into his wallet and drew a small photograph out of hiding and pressed it against his heart.


Waverly kept moving, her eyes fixed upon Nicole as she turned off all the alarms on the machines surrounding her bed. “I’ve got this… Could- could you leave me alone with her for a while? I need to concentrate.”

She heard the door open, noises filtering through from outside and then muffled as the door clicked quietly shut again. Pushing aside the chair, Waverly placed Nicole’s left hand on her lap as she sat on the edge of the bed. Her fingers played, caressing along the slender, elegant, length of her Alpha’s fingers.

Waverly ignored the fact that they should have been returning her touch and just focused on the feel of her as she working her way past the white noise of pain that was roaring through her mind.

It was like trying to talk to someone on the other side of a field with a tornado blowing around them. Rather than fight against it though, Waverly kept her voice soft and gentle and spoke with her touch too. Running her fingers along the length of Nicole’s arm, she breathed deeply, taking in the familiar feel of silky soft skin covering strong muscles. She followed her touch with a trail of kisses until she caressed the mark of her teeth upon Nicole’s throat. Waverly felt the tingle of it against her mouth, a delicate pulse of memory and the rising scent and taste of their scent.

Gently tilting Nicole’s neck as far as she could without disturbing the tubes and wires, Waverly pressed the mark upon her own neck against her Alpha’s and sagged into the contact as the noise in her head went blessedly quiet.



The voice in her head was faint and tiny, and so very full of pain and tiredness. “I’m here. I need you to fight for me…”


“I know. I can feel it…”

“No… don’t want you to… hurt…”

“Then fight for me ‘cause you promised to be by my side as long as I want you… and I still want you. So no trying to back away now… Where you go, I go.”

“Don’t know… what… to do…”

“Change, Nicole. Bring the roof down on this fucking hospital if you have to but you need to go full moon wolf. And you need to do it now! Can you do that for me? Nicole? Nicole?”

Waverly pressed herself closer as Nicole’s body started to thrash beneath her. “Fight for me, Nicole. Fight for us!”

Waverly fell back, landing on the floor as Nicole suddenly sat up beneath her. Eyes glassy, she grabbed the tube in her mouth and yanked it out, releasing a torrent of blood before collapsing back out of sight to the bed. “Nicole!” She touched the hand that was dangling off the side of the bed and felt the pulse of energy flowing through Nicole in a wave of heat, vanilla and lavender. Waverly’s wolf coiled beneath the surface of her skin in a sudden, painful, rush of fur and muscle, desperate to answer the call of her Alpha.

A second pulse of energy hit that had Waverly writhing on the floor in a spasm of pleasure and pain as a whine rose in her throat. From somewhere outside the room she heard a wolf howl and a scream and a clatter of trays hitting the floor.

Beside her the bed suddenly sagged, the metal groaning as screws and bolts popped under an immense weight. “Nicole?”

Feet thudded against the floor, nails scratching and scoring grooves into the tiles as the huge bulk of Nicole’s wolf blocked out the light. Waverly blinked in wonder as she saw why Nicole had said she could bring the roof down. She wasn’t even standing up straight and her ears were brushing against the high ceiling.

A huge furred hand gripped the edge of the hospital bed and pushed it aside, clearing a path to her and Waverly looked up as Nicole stepped forwards. She was massive and so damned pretty! Especially as she crouched down and put herself on a better level so Waverly could see her and the kindness in those beautiful eyes.

“Hey, cutie.”

Waverly smiled at how Nicole’s voice sounded as it rumbled up through her deep chest and out through a jaw better designed for biting and howling in a velvet purr that was deep and smoky.

“Hi, sweetie pie.” Scrambling to her feet, Waverly launched herself into Nicole’s arms and felt the muscular bulk of them, each one as long as she was tall, gently enfolding her and pulled her into the softness of her furred chest. Her nose nudged against her throat and Waverly tilted her head, moaning at the wet brush of tongue and fur across their mark as Nicole nuzzled against her.

“Gonna change back for me?”

“Not yet…” gently setting Waverly back, Nicole glanced towards the door as it opened and Wynonna entered and stared at her in amazement. “Got something I need to do first.”

Wynonna stepped closer, holding out a hand. “Nicole, dude, a couple of minutes ago you were nearly dead. Everything else can wait.”

“This can’t,” Nicole growled.

“What are you up to, Haughtstuff?” Wynonna studied the wolf as she stood up. Jesus, she was huge! She swallowed nervously as the usually pleasant and downright kind brown eyes turned deadly and filled with red.

“Bobo!” Turning on her heel, Nicole leapt for the window.

Chapter Text

“Well, shit!” Wynonna whistled as dust swirled through the room.

“Whoa!” Waverly glanced at her sister and back at the sizable hole Nicole had left when she had taken the window and a good part of the wall with her as she had gone through it easier than if it had been made of wet tissue paper.

“I think it’s time we got the hell out of here, Baby Girl. Not only did your Alpha just do that,” she waved a hand at the wall and gave an appreciative nod at how powerful Nicole was, “she also managed to turn Xavier in the middle of the waiting room just as the nurse went by carrying a load of bedpans.”

“Ohhh,” fingers to her mouth, Waverly looked back at the door and then her sister, “please tell me they were empty?” she whispered, not at all sure she wanted to really know.

“Luckily they were, especially as one hit Doc,” she chortled as she remembered the look on his face. “Thought his moustache was going to fly right off his face when it headed his way.”

“Is Xavier okay?”

“Yeah. Your girl is powerful but she didn’t do it on purpose. Believe me, Baby Girl. I’ve had an Alpha try to turn me on purpose and it is all pain. The kind that makes you feel like you’ve been ripped inside out. That was just her power calling to ours. From that feel… I think if she wanted to she could turn anyone and make them beg for more from the pleasure of it.”

“Yeah… she’s good at that,” Waverly smiled dreamily and blushed as she realised the direction of her thoughts.

“Waverly Earp! I did not… Ewww, dude!” Wynonna slapped her sister on her shoulder. “I did not need to be thinking of you and… Nope! Now, let’s go, we need to catch up with Nicole before she gets to have all the fun on her own.”

Wynonna stuck her head out of the room and gestured for Doc and Xavier to follow them. Xavier especially looked glad to be on the moved as the nurse he had startled was still busy trying to apologise for freaking out. He couldn’t turn back to assure her everything was okay without risking another screaming fit, more likely one of delight, when he popped up naked.

Dodging out of a fire exit, they shaved a couple of seconds off getting back to the S.U.V. and dodged the security guards heading their way through the main reception. They didn’t have time for questions about the hospitals new and unplanned exit.

Grabbing the keys Doc tossed her way, Wynonna opened up the S.U.V. and climbed behind the wheel, while Waverly called shotgun. “Hey, Xavier, if you need to stick your head out the window just let Doc know. And try not to shed on the seat too much,” she chortled at his huff in her ear as she slammed the vehicle into gear and stuck her foot down on the gas.

Although they only caught glimpses of Nicole’s red coat flashing through the trees, Waverly could feel the line connecting them even stronger than ever, pulling her towards her Alpha like a shining beacon that made her want to escape the confines of the vehicle and her human form and run with her. “She’s not going in the direction of the trailer park,” she mused.

“If she’s on a straight path, that’s the direction of where she was attacked and the abandoned gold mine.”

Minutes later they sped past the wreckage of Nicole’s car. It was a fleeting glimpse cast in flashing amber, red and blues from Lonnie’s cruiser and the tow truck waiting to take it away. The sight of the metal bar speared through the engine and Nicole’s blood smeared across the windows made Waverly whimper at how close she had come to losing the woman she loved.

Glancing to the side, Nicole watched the progress of the S.U.V. keeping pace with her. If she had wanted she could have pulled away easily but for one she had the feeling that the oldest Earp would just push the S.U.V. harder and even with the hatred burning through her, it felt good to have her pack at her side.

Nicole had grown accustomed to living a life being hunted and hated. If Bobo had done what he had at any other time before in her life she would have just taken it as ‘more of the same’. This was different though. Yeah, she was angry because he had hurt her and angry that the weapons he had used were so obviously designed to kill other wolves, her friends, her family, her pack! But she was furious that Bobo trying to kill her, had hurt Waverly.

No one touched her Waverly!

Growling, Nicole dug her claws deep into the frozen ground and quickened her pace until the landscape flew by in a blur of red.

Everything was pinpoint sharp, every scent visible to her eyes. Nicole could see the after image, formed from scent and almost ghostlike, of a deer passing ahead of her, lifting its head before bounding away. And in the distance, she could see where it stood now on the edge of the woods a couple of miles away from her, watching.

Nicole tuned the old noises out and focused on the ones she wanted, narrowing everything down to the scent of Bobo Del Rey and his pack. She stripped away the musk they had covered themselves with and locked their identities away in her memory. Bobo was her main focus but she would get them all for the pain they had caused her Omega.

Racing through the trees, claws biting into the leafy mulch, Nicole followed their progress and slowed before she reached the far side. Crouching, she looked down at the buildings ahead and bit back the urge to throw her head back and howl in challenge.

Bobo was a coward that hid behind others. He would run and throw everyone else in her path as a distraction rather than face her call. No, Bobo was a coward but he was dangerous, the kind of prey that required stealth before been taken down.

Just not too much stealth.

Grinning wolfishly, Nicole bared her teeth in anticipation.

Scenting the air, she could make out the smell of the trucks and the land they had crossed clinging to them where they sat quietly in the biggest of the buildings. The trucks were quiet but the activity around them wasn’t. Nicole watched, eyes narrowing, as figures rushed back and forth carrying boxes between them and stacked them up on the backs of the trucks ready to be loaded.

Guns, ammunition, explosives… Nicole could see it all. There was no way she could let any of that get away.

Nicole edged around, studying the layout of the buildings as she looked for Bobo and finally spotted him heading towards the main building to join the others.

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“Waverly?” Just speaking her loves name in her head had their connection opening up wider, filling every part of her with the comforting scent of lavender and vanilla… and a little spritz of lime that sparked off her nose from her Omega’s agitation. Uhoh. “You’re so pretty and I like you so much.”

“Stop been cute when I’m trying to be mad at you for running off!” Waverly huffed and tried to hide her pleasure at hearing her Alpha.

“Sorry, Babe. Listen, I know you just turned off the main road, I need you to get Wynonna to stop.”

“Oh, you are not keeping us out of this fight!”

“Waves, listen, please? They’re getting ready to move the weapons. I need that road blocking in case I can’t stop them in time. I was able to fight back from that attack because of you and that I can change. We can’t risk them using something like that on anyone else.”

“Okay… We’re pulling up now… but don’t for one second think that’s going to stop us… and that’s Wynonna’s words as well as mine… and Doc’s… Xavier would agree but he’s kind of indisposed.”

Frowning softly in confusion, Nicole shook her head and resisted the urge to look their way and go deeper into the vehicle to see just what the heck was going on. Waverly usually got like that when she was nervous or… Trying to distract! Nicole felt it, the moment Waverly stepped from human skin to wolf as smooth as a teasing stroke of fur across her senses.

“I mean it, Nicole. Where you go, I go.”

Nicole closed her eyes briefly and shivered as Waverly’s voice purred through her like a physical touch. “For god’s sake, Waves, be careful! The next place I want us to go together is home, not the hospital.”

Knowing her time to do as much damage as possible before Waverly and the others joined her was running out, Nicole slipped from hiding and used the contours of the land and her senses to keep her from view as she moved closer. She needed to be quick but careful. If she got spotted it might flush them out and just send them straight towards the others and she would rather take a thousand trips to the hospital than see Waverly there even once.

Nicole kept an eye on the men in the building and an even more careful watch on her connection with Waverly, watching her rapid progress as her sleek body covered the ground. The breeze shifted ever so slightly and Nicole saw Bobo’s head lift in her direction for a moment as the damn deer she had seen earlier, stepped from cover and bolted at the sight of her. “Damn it, Bambi,” she muttered softly. He hadn’t seen her but it had put him on edge.

Luckily he seemed to be too busy getting all the weapons loaded to even realise that he should be questioning what would have a prey animal rushing closer to a pack of stinky assed wolves.

Nicole timed it perfectly, waiting until the trucks were loaded and the backs closed up so most of their arsenal was more difficult to get to. Picking up speed, she raced towards the building at full stretch, tearing up dirt and concrete as she dug her claws in. Nicole leapt, catching an appreciative ‘WOW’ from Waverly as she cleared the edge of the roof and smashed through it right into the middle of the pack below.

They froze, eyes going wide in fear as she stood at her full height and towered over them. Grabbing the nearest of them, she snatched him off the ground with one hand and tossed him headfirst into two more with such force they were knocked flying and lay there groaning.

Everyone froze and Nicole met Bobo’s eyes. He was smiling, a wide wolfish grin that took a step over the line into crazy. A gun barked out and Nicole felt the impact of the bullet against her temple. Nicole could see the fear behind the smile in his blue eyes as she caught the spent bullet in her hand and didn’t even flinch.

“That’s not possible!”

Nicole felt the tingle of heat from the silver bullet against the palm of her hand. Crushing it flat, she flicked it at the shooter and heard him scream in pain and it embedded deep into his shoulder. “Ohhh, Bobo, haven’t you heard the expression… what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger? I guess it’s true after all.” Or it was more likely that she just had a hard head in this form, but it was worth it just to see the fear grow and fester in him at the conviction in her voice.

“You tried to kill me, Bobo… Everything that is about to happen now… Every bone I break, every limb I rip off of your boys here… Every death… Is because you hurt my mate and threatened my family!”

Nicole snapped her teeth in his face as he threw himself backwards. Hearing, feeling, Waverly and the others entering the building, Nicole quickly scented out any weapons loaded with silver and got to those as quickly as possible. Grabbing the barrel of an assault rifle in one hand she thrust it back and up, breaking the nose of the man holding it and snapped it apart with her teeth as he collapsed face first to the floor. “Waverly, don’t let them get to the weapons on the trucks!”

“On it, Babe!” Grabbing the man she had tackled by the back of the neck, Waverly slammed his head into the concrete with a crack she found quite satisfying. “You are so cool, Haught!” she sighed as she watched Nicole take out another of Bobo’s pack with a backhand the nearly had him flying through the hole she had put in the roof.

Nicole rolled her eyes at Waverly’s play on her surname and harried a couple of the men in Wynonna’s direction so she could have some fun with them.

Nicole had spent her life trying not to become what everyone feared and even now, she held back, drawing blood and breaking bones, but trying not to do worse unless forced too. It was difficult though, she could feel the rage still burning in her, reddening her vision every time they got too close to her Waverly... Who was proving herself to be more than capable of taking care of herself and was piling up a nice collection of broken and bloodied bodies as she guarded the trucks.

Wynonna and the boys were doing more than their fair share of damage too as they ripped apart the trucks and left a trail of bodies… the kind that wouldn’t be getting up again. Nicole didn’t mourn them for a moment, she just couldn’t do it herself.

If she got to the man she was forging a path to though… all bets were off. “Bobo Del Rey!!”

He turned and looked at her and pressed himself back against the wall as she leapt at him. “Wish your father had followed my consul and killed you when you were a pup! But, at least I got your bitch mother though!”

“You? What?”

“Aww, you don’t recognise me? You wound me… Will this help?” Slipping a pair of round reading glasses out of his pocket, Bobo slipped them on and watched as the wolf sank away from him, pain and confusion filling her eyes. “Recognise me now? Robert Svane,” he gave a little mocking bow. Taking advantage of her confusion, he drew a bowie knife from his boot and held it up, tilting it so the lights glinted off it into her eyes. “The same knife I used to slit her throat with… seems… fitting!”

Lunging for her, he grabbed her muzzle as he swung behind her, exposing her throat to his blade. “I was hoping to have found his ring by now but my Lord Bulshar is going to have so much fun when your power returns to him where it belongs. Maybe we’ll keep a couple of your friends alive so they can serve him, hmm?”

Chapter Text

Waverly leapt, sinking her teeth deep into Bobo’s shoulder, digging for bone as she crunched down through skin and muscle as she dragged him back off of Nicole. She shook him like a ragdoll, rage filling her for everything she had heard him say and for everything he had done.

Catching the glint of the blade coming towards her, Waverly bit down even harder until she felt bones shatter. Ripping her teeth out of his flesh, she snapped for his wrist, grasping and twisting, grinding the bones of his wrist together until he cried out and dropped the knife to the floor with a scream of agony as bones and muscles started to come part.

“Nicole, Baby?” Waverly rushed to her side and gently nudged her nose into the curve of her Alpha’s throat to check for any wounds. Nicole’s hands were gentle as they cupped her face and lifted her eyes to hers. The sorrow in Nicole’s brown eyes made her whimper with the need to console her Alpha. “I’ve got you.”

Nicole allowed herself a moment to breathe and relax, to find her focus in Waverly’s eyes and touch before she drew herself back together. “Go, help your sister and the others.”

Waverly wanted to ask if she was sure but looking at the focus of Nicole’s gaze and seeing the red flowing over brown in her eyes, she nodded and left.

Bobo scrambled to his feet and ran for the truck at his back. Starting the engine he pushed his foot down on the gas and felt the grin on his face slip as the truck went nowhere fast. He could hear the wheels squealing on the concrete and saw the smoke rising from them as they spun in place.

He was about to give in when the truck lurched forwards and bounced off the wall and side of the door. Looking in the mirror he saw that the back of the truck was torn apart where it had come away in the monstrous grip of the Bulshar wolf.

Tossing aside the slat of wood, Nicole gripped the concrete with her claws and set off after the escaping truck. Even with all her focus on the truck and Bobo, there was a part of her that became aware of wolves rushing across the land towards the buildings. She slowed down, more than ready to give up on her pursuit and revenge if Waverly and the others were in danger. But feeling only astonishment and joy from Waverly as she saw them, Nicole picked up speed and kept going.

Leaping, she handed on the roof and clawed her way towards the front of the truck as it bounced across the ground. A shotgun blasted a hole in the door close to her head but undeterred, Nicole slipped lower and sank her claws into the tyre. As it shredded she gripped the metal, stopping its spin dead and yanked it hard towards her. The truck lurched, the wheel catching on the road.

Leaping clear, Nicole landed nimbly and watched coldly as the truck flipped and rolled over and over, metal screaming, as it careered down an embankment and came to rest with a resounding THUD at the base of a tree.

Smoke and flames licked up into the sky and Nicole heard Bobo’s screams reached her through the roar of them as the blaze caught in the cab and worked its way back. She felt nothing as she watched the flames rising higher and the screams died away.

Over and over, Nicole replayed the moment in her mind as she looked into her mother’s eyes as the knife dragged across her throat. She saw her skin part, the blood flowing out and the moment that her brown eyes dimmed and grew lifeless. Only when the ammunition in the back of the truck caught and it exploded in a wave of heat and noise did she turn and walk away.

It wouldn’t bring her mother back. Wouldn’t give her a chance to get to know her.

But it kept Waverly and everyone else safe and that was all that mattered.

As she stepped back inside the building, Nicole looked around at the wolves gathered inside looking at her with apprehension and a bit of fear in their eyes as they took in the sight of her. She knew their scent from Wynonna’s land and from around Purgatory, they were from Wynonna’s pack, probably drawn by the commotion and their Alpha’s fight pheromones, but that didn’t make her feel any more at ease. She only knew a few of them and even they were probably on edge seeing her in that form.

Growling softly, Nicole made her way through their midst and over to Waverly. She crouched down in front of her. Gazing into the beauty of her hazel eyes, Nicole let them calm her and held out a hand as Waverly padded closer. Sharp teeth nipped at her offered fingers and made her chuckle.

Leaping into Nicole’s arms, Waverly changed and shivered as her naked human skin came into delicious contact with the solid mass of muscle and fur of her Alpha’s body. Fingers tangling in the thickness of her coat, Waverly pressed their marks tightly together. Their scent filled her, overflowing and spilling out through the building.

All around them, Waverly heard the other wolves taking in their scent. “Are you hiding your scent again Baby?” She chuckled as Wynonna reached up and gave Nicole’s ear a harsh nip in rebuke. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Well, I didn’t know we would have company. And in all fairness, it’s not easy to sneak up on a building smelling of vanilla.”

“Mmmm, vanilla dip donuts.”

Dropping her control, Nicole let her scent out and buried her face against Waverly as the rest of the pack breathed her in. Feeling the press of a nose and smelling the whiskey and honey that was pure Wynonna, Nicole tilted her head in submission and let the other woman scent mark her.

The rest of the pack grew still and released a collective breath at the sign of Nicole’s willingness to accept Wynonna as been above her in the pecking order without even a growl or a change in scent to say she was unhappy about it.

Lifting her head, Nicole tilted her head and twitched her ears to focus on what had caught them. “Sirens. Sounds like five minutes out. Fire… police. If you all run you should have time to get the S.U.V. out of the way… or you can dawdle and let Bobo burn a little longer,” she shrugged.

Changing so she could speak, Wynonna grasped Nicole’s shoulder firmly. “You don’t sound like you’re thinking of coming with us, Haughtstuff?”

“Nicole?” Waverly tightened her arms around her Alpha’s neck.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Nicole gently ran her hands up and down Waverly’s back. “Never like that, Baby. I was just thinking I should probably stay here and help the Sheriff out.”

“So, are you thinking of staying full wolf or going naked? I mean, Nedley seems to know about you already but not sure how the boys from the Fire Department will take it. Those guys are a little strange. Get yourself home, Nicole. You’ve been through some shit today. Let us take care of this. And hey, Nedley is used to us doing the crazy stuff and turning up naked… I would hate to disappoint him,” she winked.

Kissing her sister on the crown of her head, Wynonna gave Nicole’s ear another tweak and watched as they both shifted into their more normal wolf forms and left together. “Okay boys,” she grinned in anticipation, “let’s go make Nedley’s night!”

Chapter Text

Waverly kept an eye on Nicole as they ran together, the steady beat of their hearts and flow of muscles as they expanded and contracted pushed them easily over the ground. She could feel her Alpha’s swirling emotions but they were vague and drifting, none gaining purchase in her mind over the others and with every bit of distance that they put between them and the battle, the more at peace she became.

Nicole’s head turned a little and her eyes meet and held hers across the small distance between them. The rage that had filled them with red was gone, leaving behind the gentle warmth and love of their familiar brown. The gentle warmth grew dark and heated and Waverly felt her body start to catch and burn as the weight within them fanned the flames within her.

Her body felt heavier, overly sensitive. Each breath and move was a sudden torment under the weight of her need for the woman at her side. She needed her. Needed to lose herself in the touch and feel of her Alpha’s love!

“Nearly home, Baby.”

The husky promise deepened and softened Nicole’s voice and Waverly felt the tug of it swelling through her womb and tugging at her suddenly aching clit.

“Nicole…” even though she couldn’t actually hear herself speak through their minds, Waverly could hear the breathless need in her voice as she somehow managed to get just the one word out. She saw the shiver run through Nicole’s body at the sound and feel of it and saw the deliberate flare of her nostrils and swipe of long tongue across nose and lips it as Nicole took in her arousal and tasted it in the air.

“Mmmm, I can taste the edges of your heat coming in.”

Waverly nearly tripped over her own paws under the slam of desire. “Oh,” disappointment suddenly washed through and over her. “But, that means we won’t be synced up this time,” she whined. “Nicole?” She sped up as Nicole chuckled and picked up her pace with an easy lengthening of her stride.

“Baby… One, you’re on the pill, being synced up doesn’t really matter right now. Two, I think I should be able to keep up with your horny ass. Three…”

“Three? Nicole… What’s three? Whoa!” Sliding to a halt in the snow, Waverly sat down on her haunches with an exhale of breath as Nicole suddenly pulled up in front of her. “Jerk!” As it was closest, she gave Nicole’s ass a sharp nip.

“Go on. While you’re taking a bite, why don’t you put that nose to good use? Just to smell me!” Nicole warned as she felt a teasing flare of interest rising through Waverly. She wasn’t sure she could hold herself back if Waverly started anything and she really wanted anything like that to happen at home and not in the snowy Canadian wilderness where anyone could see them… or worse, Wynonna.

Nicole’s head dropped as she felt and heard Waverly breathing her in. She knew her Omega had gotten everything she needed to instantly by her soft gasp and the rise of her scent in response. But Nicole stood there more than willingly, her body twitching as Waverly circled her, pressing her nose and body against hers under the guise of scenting her.

“Yeah,” Nicole breathed out shakily, “looks like we are in sync. Caught the first edges of my rut starting up just before I started my shift. Which was partly why I was so determined to find where Bobo was hiding the weapons before I became… erm, indisposed and left the Sheriff with just Lonnie to help out. Waves, I meant what I said before…”

“About needing a couple of days off afterwards? I’m hoping it will be more than a couple of days,” Waverly winked.

“Wretch,” Nicole chuckled. “Though that could be arranged… No, stop distracting my thoughts! I meant that… well… we don’t have to if you don’t want to. Just because we’re mated and our bodies are trying to make us…”

“Get me pregnant?” God, it was adorable how Nicole could still get all tongue-tied over things like sex after what they had managed to do to each other already.

“Yeah… that. I want you so much all the time anyway… and I know I said I never did but… I’m kind of freaking out that I’ll lose control with just how much I love and want you,” she whispered. “It’s only just on the edge, just burning a little and I already… It feels too much, Waves. Too big to contain and that scares me,” she admitted softly.

Waverly whimpered, her body clenching in desire just knowing that Nicole’s need matched her own. “Nicole. I trust you completely,” knowing how sensitive they were, she tugged on the soft furriness of Nicole’s ear. “I know you can smell just how happy it makes me thinking about us been together like that,” she shuddered in anticipation and delight. “And I know you won’t hurt me because it’s just not in you. And, while I can’t see it happening… Not unless you’re the one begging for mercy… But if I did, I know you would back off if I asked… just don’t expect the same from me.” Darting around her Alpha, Waverly gave a quick nudge and lick in the right spot and giggled as Nicole’s legs gave out and she sat down in the snow.

“Such a naughty Omega,” Nicole watched as Waverly danced away and set off running again. Smiling softly, Nicole shook the snow loose from her impromptu sit down and bounded after her. Nipping gently at her shoulder, Nicole shortened her stride to match her loves while they continued towards home.

“Nicole?” Waverly bit her lip nervously.


“You know I said I trust you? I mean that in everything… I was wondering…”

Head tilting, Nicole studied Waverly’s profile as they ran. There was some serious thinking going on it that smart brain of hers, Nicole could hear it racing and she could also hear Waverly’s hesitancy to voice what was on her mind. Nicole slowed her pace again. “Talk to me, Waves. You can ask me anything.”

“Well, I was thinking, after what happened to you… and at the hospital. I know we got those weapons but, there’s no way Bobo had those made here, Nic. What if there’s more?”

Nicole sighed, wishing there was an easy way to put her own and Waverly’s minds at ease. “Unfortunately… silver has always been our weakness, Waves. There’s always going to be someone trying to use it against us. Luckily it is so damn illegal now that there aren’t many arms dealers willing to take the risk. Crazy huh, it’s so illegal with it being so specific a weapon that it’s less hassle for them to deal in weapons that could take out hundreds of normal humans than one wolf. Nedley’s been working with police forces all over Canada, America and even Mexico, as well as Federal agents on all sides to take them down.”

“Whoa… Nedley? Our Nedley? I didn’t think he had that much pull?”

“Apparently so.”

“Definitely a man of hidden depths,” Waverly mused. “Nic, he was the one that told me to get you to change. He was pretty damn sure you could do it too. And he knows about Bulshar. That he knew when he first met you at the academy.”

Nicole stiffened at Waverly’s news about the Sheriff. “Yeah, I guess I’m going to have to have a talk with him one day… find out how.” Even though the Sheriff had been good to her, Nicole would have been lying to herself if she didn’t admit that it troubled her more than a little that he knew… had known all along.

“Nicole. Could you turn me?” Waverly whispered her question.

“What?” Frowning, Nicole tilted her head at the sudden question. “Turn you?”

“Yeah. When you changed at the hospital… your power… it had my wolf trying to come out. And you turned Xavier.”

“Oh god,” Nicole muttered in despair. “I- I would never have wanted that to happen.”

“It hurt a bit,” Waverly admitted. Ducking her head down, she nudged Nicole’s head up with her nose as it dropped low. “It hurt because it felt good and was so sudden it took me by surprise. Could you though?”

“Waverly… don’t.”

“Could you?”

Nicole met her gaze at her determination to ask. “Could I? Yes, probably. Would I? No. Do you know there are two ways to turn a wolf? One, the more usual way… is to reach in, grab their wolf by the scruff and just pull. That was how my father did it to me when I was two and how I’ve seen it done.”

“Wynonna said yours felt like you could make it feel so good you would have a wolf begging to do it again.”

“Yeah,” Nicole sighed. “That’s the other way. Pretty sure I don’t want to know how Wynonna knows about that though. It’s more unusual, more of a seduction and the other wolf has to want it too. I had an Alpha threaten me with it once… He said that he would fill me with power while fucking me and have me begging him to remove my skin. He didn’t know I was gay,” she chuckled darkly.

“He- He didn’t try though, did he?” Anger and the desire to sink teeth into the unnamed Alpha washed through Waverly.

“He tried but I laughed when he took his pants off and threatened to bite his dick off if it came near me… if I could find it that was. He was neither a shower nor a grower. And then I knocked his ass out and left… after tying him face down on his bed and sticking a feather between his ass cheeks.”

“That’s my Baby,” Waverly smiled even as the anger and sorrow lingered over what had nearly happened.

“Why did you want to know?”

“Oh, you know… just asking.”

“Felt that good, huh?” Nicole chuckled as Waverly kicked at the snow in embarrassment. “Hey,” she nudged her gently, “I’m just glad there was pleasure in what you felt when I changed like that, ‘cause I would never want to hurt you, Waves. I have got far better ways in mind to give you even more pleasure than that though.”

“Oh? Care to share some details?”

“I would rather just show you when we get home.”

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Nicole scented the air as they cleared the line of trees opposite their home and carefully checked who, and what, had been around since she had left. Apart from the usual animal scents, there was nothing close to the pretty white house shining in the moonlight that didn’t smell like Waverly and herself… Well them and a fluffy ginger cat that seemed determined to keep coming around.

Nicole didn’t mind animals, pets. She had never been in a position to own one but she had, on occasion, felt a little envious of people that could enjoy their companionship. As a werewolf though, even if she had had a permanent and safe home, having a pet could be very tricky simply because of what she was.

Some young animals could adjust given time and careful handling… There were breeds of livestock that had been bred to be more tolerant of werewolves and reacted no differently towards them than being around anyone. But even so they couldn’t be approached by a shifted wolf and it was dangerous to do so. Usually though, smaller animals, most of them, avoided been anywhere where the scent of a larger predator lingered.

The ginger cat definitely didn’t want to follow any rules like that though. And Nicole had her suspicions that Waverly was encouraging it. A move that shouldn’t have worked no matter what food she was trying to tempt the cat with. Nicole felt she was on the losing side of things… Especially when Waverly had declared that she didn’t mind sharing the house with another ginger after Nicole had woken from a post-shift and heavy make out nap to find the cat curled up on her stomach looking at her in that imperious way cats did.

It had been a tossup as to which of them had leapt the highest in shock at her startled scream but the cat had bested her attempts to evict her by running into the closet and vanishing. Which Waverly had found hilarious. In fact, Nicole was pretty sure that the lock screen on Waverly’s phone was one of the many photos she had taken of her with the cat curled up on her.

“I wonder if Calamity is waiting inside again?”

Nicole froze, a paw resting on the edge of the wrap around porch as Waverly flashed by in a stunning display of perfectly tanned skin and stunning curves and… OMG… those muscles! “Wait… Calamity?”

“Yeah, Calamity Jane,” Waverly smiled impishly.

“Oh my god! You named the cat, didn’t you?”

“She’s cute!” Waverly chuckled at the expression on Nicole’s face as she changed back into her human form and opened the door for her. Waverly thought she was beautiful and sexy as hell no matter what form her Alpha was in. She did have an extra fondness for human form though. With all that pale skin to explore, and the ability to kiss was definitely a bonus, even if extra-long wolf tongues were delightfully agile.

Waverly watched, her eyes raking up and down Nicole’s body as she turned to lock the door behind her, bending over to fasten a bolt at the bottom of the door. It was entirely unnecessary as far as Waverly could see to have a bolt that low down anywhere, let alone in a house with two werewolves but… damn, it did give a spectacular view of Nicole’s firm ass and shapely hips so she couldn’t, and wouldn’t, complain about that.

Nicole straightened up and glanced over her shoulder. “Waverly Earp, did you just growl at me?” she questioned with a raised eyebrow and a smirk knowing full well what she’d heard from her mate.

“Me? Nope,” Waverly squeaked out and quickly gestured for Nicole to carry on locking the door. She stuffed her knuckles in her mouth in lieu of biting into the firm ass back on display or the lush curve of breast her turn had revealed. She stretched and Waverly whimpered at the way Nicole’s back and arms moved, her thigh and calf muscles tensing as she reached up to draw and straightened the curtains.

Nicole turned back around and caught Waverly easily as she launched herself into her arms and wrapped her legs around her waist. “Well, that took you long enough, Baby,” she grinned, “thought I was going to have to wiggle my ass to get you moving then.”

Waverly ran a finger across Nicole’s beautiful dimples and wrapped a hand up in the soft hair at the nape of her neck. Pulling back, she watched Nicole’s eyes darken to black as she arched her throat to the firm swipe of her tongue. “How about you just get it moving up those stairs, hmm?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Keeping her eyes locked on Waverly’s, Nicole mounted the stairs and kicked the bedroom door shut behind them.



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Unlocking her legs as the door shut, Waverly kept her hand wrapped in Nicole’s red tresses and tugging gently but firmly as she slid down her body, drawing a softly hissed growl from Nicole’s throat.

If Nicole would allow her, she wanted control.

“Lay on the bed… Face down.” Waverly thought for a moment that Nicole might protest as her body drew up straighter slightly. But she looked into her eyes for a moment and nodded softly at whatever need she saw in her eyes. Her body relaxed as she crawled up the mattress in a provocative display of sleek lines and pale skin that had Waverly biting her lip. “Nic, better put a pillow under your hips… you’re going to be there a while.”

A shiver bowed Nicole’s spine but she reached for a pillow and glanced towards her, asking if it was in the right place before she lowered herself on to it. Her shivered gasp as the pillow pressed into her, right where her rut was making her even more sensitive to pressure made Waverly’s hips twitch and slicked her thighs in anticipation.

“God, you are so beautiful, Nicole.” Tucking Nicole’s hair back from her face, Waverly leaned in closer and tilted her face so she could see her eyes. “Hey, are you okay with this?” she asked gently.

Nicole wasn’t even sure what ‘this’ was going to be, but she was very much okay with Waverly taking control. She needed it desperately as Waverly seemed to want to take it, and let Waverly know with a quick nod and a quiet, shaky, “yes,” of anticipation.

“Don’t worry, Baby,” Waverly lulled as she ran her hand across Nicole’s shoulders and down the curve of her spine. “I just want to make you feel good.” Shimmying off the bed, Waverly moved around, making sure Nicole got a good look as she dimmed the lights, closed the curtains and, finally, reached into the bedside table on her side of the big bed for a bottle of massage oil.

The scent of ylang-ylang, orange and sandalwood teased her nose as she climbed on to the bed and settled herself across the back of Nicole’s thighs. “Move your hair for me, Baby.” She grinned in anticipation as just moving to do that had Nicole biting back a whimper as her weight shifted and pressed her abdomen against the pillow. “Now, keep still for me, okay? You’re mine and I’m going to take care of you.”

The scent of the oil grew stronger as Waverly poured some into her hands and warmed it. She saw Nicole’s body rise and fall as she took a breath and relaxed into the mattress. Scooting forwards, Waverly erased some of that relaxation as she pressed herself against the curve of Nicole’s ass and pressed her deeper into the pillow beneath her.

“Ohhh boy,” Nicole muttered brokenly.

“Hush,” Waverly chuckled. “Mine, remember.”

Nicole felt something inside her, a tenseness she hadn’t been aware of holding, release at the possessive purr in Waverly’s voice and she sagged limply. “All yours, Baby.”

Spreading her hands across Nicole’s shoulders, Waverly lost herself in the feel of strong muscles beneath soft skin as she chased every knot and bit of tension out of her muscles.

And then Waverly started moving.

Long, slow, sweeping strokes from the base of Nicole’s spine, up and across her shoulders and over the tops of her arms. Each move designed to push Nicole deeper into the pillow with the weight of her hips and body. It caught Waverly’s breath each time she rocked forwards and had Nicole alternating between purrs and whimpers of need.

Squeezing her thighs tight into Nicole’s sides, Waverly ran a hand up along Nicole’s spine and gently squeezed the back of her neck while she tried to compose herself. Her Alpha stilled beneath her, a needy whimper falling from her lips as her hips tilted up slightly in invitation. “Oh, someone is horny,” Waverly purred knowingly at the move. Leaning down, she placed her lips against Nicole’s ear. “And will have to wait ‘cause I’ve only just started.”

Waverly smirked at Nicole’s soft growl and dragged her nails down Nicole’s back as she sat back upright, making her love squirm and arch as she left tracks in her flesh. “I love seeing you like this… so needy.”

“All yours.”

“All mine,” Waverly purred. “Makes me want to sink my teeth into you when you say that, Nic.” Seeing the way Nicole’s fingers tightened in the bedding, Waverly rocked her hips a little, starting up a gentle motion that undulated them together and increased the pressure and pleasure for them both. Feeling Nicole’s hips start to lift again, she eased back, holding herself just out of reach until Nicole whimpered ever so slightly in disappointment but settled back down on the bed. Leaning down, Waverly rewarded her Alpha with a string of gentle bites, moving from side to side down her back.

“Waverly… please,” Nicole moaned softly, her breath coming in rasping pants that pushed her against that damned pillow. It was driving her crazy in the most delightful way and her Omega knew it! Nicole whimpered as Waverly’s body moved down and the pressure moved off her sensitive abdomen. It would have been a relief but Nicole knew that it just meant that Waverly was ready to torment her more.

And Nicole wanted it. Needed it. She had done things that day, even though largely restrained, that she wasn’t proud of. She needed to let go and have Waverly take complete control of her.

The scent of oil grew stronger, teasing across her senses with a scent that is soothing and arousing at the same time. Strong hands slick with oil moved up her legs, parting them as they massaged and inched slowly closer to her aching centre. Nicole bit her lip in anticipation as Waverly’s knowing fingers caressed the inside of her thighs. So close to where she needed them that she could feel their heat.

And then they skimmed around, finding the crease where leg and ass met and Waverly’s chuckle teased across Nicole’s wrought senses as she gripped the bedding tighter and let out a needy whine that broke into a stuttered moan as Waverly’s hands cupped and squeezed her ass, rocking her deep into that damned pillow until Nicole started to see stars.

She was so close, right on the edge of coming… And that was when Waverly removed her touch again. Denying her release.

Breathing hard, Nicole forced herself to relax back to the mattress again, quieting herself ready for whatever Waverly wanted to do next.

Waverly ran a hand down Nicole’s back, feeling the twitch and play of muscles as they responded to her passing. “Turn over Baby, ass on the pillow, tilt your hips up for me.” Her breath stilled as she looked at Nicole’s lean body waiting for her touch. Glancing at her face, she got caught in the desperate need in Nicole’s brown eyes and nearly opened her mouth to beg her Alpha to take control. “I want you to keep your eyes closed for me Nic. No peeking. Can you handle that or do you need a blindfold?”

“You’re too beautiful, Waves, I can’t not look at you. So, blindfold… please?”

Waverly kissed the corner of Nicole’s mouth and slipped off the bed and rummaged in a drawer for a silk scarf. Covering Nicole’s eyes, she wrapped it around and started to tie it off. “Is that comfortable and tight enough?”


She cinched it in tighter, eliciting a panting moan from between Nicole’s lips. “Better?” she whispered against the corner of her lips as her Alpha sank limply back against the pillows.

“Yeah- yes.”

Straddling Nicole’s abdomen, Waverly carefully lowered her weight onto her, giving just enough pressure but been careful not to hurt or give too much stimulation. She didn’t want her to come just then, and Waverly could tell she was right on the edge. “Not yet, Nic.”

Tipping the bottle of massage oil, Waverly watched it trickle across Nicole’s breasts, splashing across the pebbled buds of her dusky nipples before she moved it on, down across her abs. Leaning back, she drizzled it down her own body and smeared it quickly around.

Waverly whimpered as she pressed their bodies together and used her own to spread the oil across Nicole. The feel of their breasts and nipples brushing was electric and had Waverly setting her teeth to Nicole’s throat, biting into the centre of her mark upon her pale flesh. She sucked on it, tasting her flesh and eating down their scent until a moonlit growl rumbled up from deep within Nicole. Waverly knew that if right then, she removed the blindfold, the eyes staring back at her would be bled to solid wolf.

Growling back, she slowly bit her way down, pressing and rubbing her aching pussy against Nicole’s lower abdomen as she nipped and sucked upon the full curves of Nicole’s perky breasts. She could spend lifetimes worshipping them and never grow tired of it but her goal lay further down at the place the thirst scratching at her could be quenched.

Spreading Nicole’s legs with her body, Waverly bit and licked at the firm planes of her abdomen and hips until her nose and lips brushed against the soft red curls at the juncture of her thighs. Waverly looked up along the quivering lines of her body and watched Nicole’s mouth drop open, her breath panting out, as she pressed the palm of her hand against her and started rocking it.

“Baby…” Nicole whined.

Waverly stole Nicole’s breath with a swipe of her tongue between her dripping folds. She moaned at the rich taste, burying her tongue deep, all restrain flying away as she tasted the honeyed sweetness laced with the subtly darker musk of her rut.

She growled as fingers clutched at her head but they pulled her deeper as Nicole’s hips started to rise for her, giving her a better angle. She felt ravenous, lusting for more and more as she plunged her tongue in and out and sucked and slurped up every drop and searched for more.

Waverly pressed her hand deeper, circling and rocking her palm faster as she urged her Alpha higher and higher until Nicole’s hips were thrusting wildly out of control. Growling, Waverly pinned Nicole down and pinched and rubbed along her swollen clit as she started to come. Sealing her mouth around her entrance, Waverly lapped and sucked up every drop that spilled into her mouth and coated her chin until her Alpha collapsed back against the mattress in a boneless heap.

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Nicole kept her eyes closed as Waverly moved up and lay beside her. Gentle fingers plucked at the edge of the blindfold. She felt a faint tremor running through them as they eased it off before they moved down and cupped her cheek. Every movement of the bed, even her own breathing, and thinking, was a torment that set Nicole’s over sensitised body twitching and writhing to the point that she wasn’t sure if it was in aftershock or if her orgasm was still rolling along.

Turning her head, Nicole smiled drunkenly as she nuzzled and kissed the palm of Waverly’s hand as the soft pad of her thumb caressed across her cheekbone. Following the gentle caress of fingers across her jaw, Nicole turned her head back and blinked open her eyes to look into the hazel of Waverly’s eyes. There was so much love and caring within them that Nicole threw herself into them and let the flecks of colours take her away as Waverly’s eyes flickered down to her mouth and her head lowered towards hers.

Waverly gently caressed the plump softness of Nicole’s lips with her own, savouring that light but electric contact. The anticipation and the warmth of Nicole’s breath teased and stroked things far deeper than just her skin. A soft moan of pleasure purred from Nicole with each light kiss, deepening to a throatier more visceral growl as she tasted her come on her lips and the tongue Waverly slipped between lips parted in invitation.

Their kisses deepened as Nicole drew her tongue deeper into the heat of her mouth and sucked on it in a way that had Waverly’s body growing heavier with each draw upon it, and soaring at the same time. She teased Nicole’s agile tongue into her own mouth and whimpered at the electric brush of it softly stroking across hers as it dipped inside. So thorough, but so very gentle, as she explored and tasted. Never rough or demanding.

Waverly pulled back slightly and very reluctantly, to ask a question she already knew the answer to. She just needed to check in with her Alpha and hear the words for herself though. “Feeling better now?”

Waverly loved how Nicole was always encouraging her to take control in her life, in every part and not just the bedroom if that was what she wanted. What she had just done had been more for Nicole than herself… Not that she hadn’t enjoyed it ‘cause… DAMN! Nicole was just so responsive and beautiful when she relinquished control completely like that.

Even before Nicole had seemed to become aware of what she needed, Waverly had known that her gentle, loving, Alpha, needed a reset to escape the memories of their battle. She was a protector, a cop, and as such, she would hold on to the thought of every one of Bobo’s pack she has tossed to Wynonna, Doc and Xavier and blame herself for every death even though she knew they had been deserved and inevitable. Mostly though she would hold it in and dwell on it all simply because she had spent every day of her life fearing that she was her father’s daughter and that causing pain and hurt, and relishing death and destruction was just part of her nature.

“Mmmhmm, much better,” Nicole purred. Sliding her fingers into Waverly’s hair, she eased her closer again. Capturing the full curve of Waverly’s bottom lip between her teeth, she nibbled gently and let Waverly pull back and decide how much of that small pain she wanted to feel.

Waverly shivered, need blazing in a hot line from where Nicole’s teeth gripped her lips straight to her womb. She had found her own pleasure in pleasuring Nicole and had been more than satisfied with that. But she had underestimated how quickly Nicole could recover and the depth of her own need. The thought of what it would be like when she was in heat and Nicole in rut made her whine and her hips cant towards Nicole. Nicole’s dark chuckle told her, her Alpha had heard her thoughts.

“Yep,” Nicole drawled, “we’re going to tear each other apart when our heat and rut come together. Are you ready for that, Baby? That unquenchable need for each other? Coming so hard and so often it will hurt, actually hurt to feel your own pulse and still not have enough of my come filling your womb? Wanting. Needing. More. I can’t wait to give it all to you.”

As she spoke, Nicole rolled Waverly under her until they were pressed flush together, hip to hip, breast to breast. She rolled her pelvis, pressing deep into Waverly’s body in a rhythmic undulation that had Waverly’s nails digging into her arms, back and hips, dragging at her hair and painting lines of need into her flesh.

Sliding her hand between them, Nicole teased her fingers between Waverly’s desire-swollen folds and moaned, hips bucking at just how sopping wet and ready she was as she teased a finger around her entrance. “Gentle or rough, Baby, what do you need?”

“Fuck me… Please, I need you to just fuck me…” Waverly’s breath hitched as Nicole slipped a finger inside, burying it deep and quickly followed it with a second that had her insides clenching down upon them, sucking them deeper.

Moving against her, Nicole used her whole body against Waverly’s, thrusting her into the mattress as she used her hips to push her fingers deeper into loves wanton depths. She was so silky smooth and wet, the heat of her burning Nicole as Waverly clamped down upon the fingers curling and thrusting into her.

Nicole watched Waverly’s face as she brushed her thumb back and forth across the hard bud of Waverly’s clit. She was so perfect, her head thrashing back and forth, hair tumbling around her sweat-beaded face as she climbed high and higher. Nicole pushed her onwards, playing her body with every inch of her own until she was poised right on the edge.

Curling her finger’s right where they were needed, Nicole pushed her over. She caught Waverly’s scream with her mouth and moaned into her as Waverly dug her nails into her ass and hips and coated her fingers and hand with waves of her release.

Holding Waverly just as close and tight as she could, Nicole rolled them both onto their sides and pulled a spare comforter over them, their legs entwining as they melted into each other and drifted into a peaceful sleep in each other’s arms.

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Raising her hand, Nicole took a deep breath and rapped her knuckles on the wooden frame of the Sheriff’s door. Through the glass, she saw him lift his head and heard his heart beat faster in to an almost nervous rhythm as he looked at her and gestured for her to enter.

Nicole opened the door and edged nervously inside. After everything that had happened and everything Waverly had told her, Nicole just wasn’t sure what to make of it all. Just that he’d apparently known who and what she was and had still wanted her to become his Deputy was almost more than she could take in. “Sheriff…?”

“Close the door… Take a seat.” Randy watched as Nicole settled her long frame into the seat across from his desk and settled her hands against her lap. She looked calm but he saw the way her fingers dug into her pants. She flinched slightly as he suddenly stood up and moved around his desk to open the door again.

“Lonnie!! Take a break!” The last thing he wanted was for there to be any interruptions. He had too much to say, and they were both too strung out on nerves.

Not quite believing his luck, Lonnie stuck his head into view questioningly. “Sheriff?”

“Just get the hell out of here for a while! And put the ‘out of office’ sign up on the way out!” He watched while the young officer grabbed his hat and damn near ran out of the building, probably half afraid he would change his mind if he lingered too long. Hearing the outside door close, Randy closed his office door and moved back around his desk. Opening the bottom desk drawer of a filing cabinet he took out a couple of mugs and his bottle of good bourbon and poured generous shots into both.

“Drink,” he ordered gently as he pushed one of the mugs closer to Nicole. “I know I could sure use one,” picking up his mug he took a healthy swig and sighed as Nicole just stared at the mug like she expected it to rear up and bite her. “Don’t make me waste my good hooch drinking alone, Nicole. Just don’t let Wynonna know I’ve got a bottle in there else she’ll break in and steal it along with the cheap stuff I keep in the desk drawer.”

Nicole would have liked to say that the eldest Earp wouldn’t do that, but… knowing Wynonna’s inexplicable fondness for winding up the Sheriff… yeah, she more than likely would. Placating him, Nicole picked up the mug and took a sip. She didn’t really drink alcohol as a rule but she savoured the action and that it gave her fingers something to do more than the burn of it bursting through her nostrils and blazing a trail down her throat.

She turned the mug around and around nervously in her hands and studied the older man sitting opposite her. He was hiding it well under his usual gruff demeanour but she could tell that he was nervous too… but not scared… Which until she had come to Purgatory, scared, had been everyone's usual response to finding out who she was.

“Right. Well, I’m guessing that you have questions but… First, I have one for you about the other night. Now, Wynonna wouldn’t tell me much about what went on… and frankly, I’m okay with that,” he assured her. “Del Rey and his pack were a pain in my ass too, but… Nicole, are you sure he went up in that truck? I’m not trying to implicate you in anything! I turned Bob off so no hidden mics or anything like that,” he pointed to his trusty stuffed fish that hid a nifty spycam purely to try and catch Wynonna in the act of pilfering his booze. “I just need to know what you think.”

“I’m pretty sure.”

“Well then, we might have a problem. After Ewan and his boys put out the fire, the truck was checked out by the forensics team from the big city and they couldn’t find any sign of a body in it. Now, it could be that it was just too damaged by the fire and explosion but… well, it’s Bobo, we’ve been after him for years and he’s always found a way to escape. I don’t want to write him off as dead and find him popping up like a damn daisy.”

Randy pushed his chair back nervously as Nicole suddenly surged to her feet, tipping the chair over with a clatter, and turned her back on him. He could see the anger writ in every tense line of her body and knew that one move could have her bolting but she stood still, her hands clenched into tight fists at her sides, her knuckles going white under the pressure. “Nicole?”

“He killed my mother!” she forced out past gritted teeth. “I- I never even got to know her. My own mom and I never knew who she was, what she was like… And Bobo told me he was the one that slit her throat right in front of me! I thought it was over and now you tell me that bastard might have managed to get away after all? FUCK!”

Biting back his pain at her revelation, Randy moved across his office towards her. With how tightly wound she was right then he was half afraid that if he touched her, her self-control would snap and she would bolt before he even had a chance to explain himself. “Come on, Nicole. Sit back down,” he urged more calmly that he was feeling.

Half turning her head, Nicole glanced over her shoulder at the Sheriff, taking in his scent and the beating of his heart. There was agitation in him, a pain in his eyes that was almost grief. “Why aren’t you scared of me?”

“Should I be?”

“Everyone else that hears the name Bulshar is. And from what Waverly told me… you’ve known all along?”

Ignoring Nicole’s agitation and belligerence, Randy righted the chair she had tipped over and pushed her gently back towards it. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he gave a reassuring squeeze until she sank back into it. Perching on the edge of his desk, he topped their mugs up with more whiskey and watched while she took a reluctant drink of it. He knew he couldn’t get her drunk even if he tried, but while she was drinking she wasn’t contemplating bolting. “You’ve met my daughter haven’t you?”

“Chrissy? Yes.”

“Lovely girl. The best thing that ever happened to me besides my wife. Got really lucky with Chrissy as she ended up looking like her mama instead of like me.” He turned a picture around on his desk so Nicole could see a photo of Chrissy and his wife together and see their likeness. While Nicole studied it, he reached into his desk and took out a smaller frame and studied the photograph with a fond smile as he looked at the bigger version of the one he kept in his wallet.

“Actually it’s not so much luck that she ended up that way… In our family, no matter who the father is, the babies, especially the girls, they look like their mama’s.”

Nicole looked at the Sheriff in confusion, wondering just where the hell he was going with the sudden change in conversation. She had just blurted out that she was a Bulshar wolf, which granted he’d already known, and that Bobo Del Rey had killed her mother and he was sharing photographs of his family? “Sheriff, why are you…?”

“This is my niece and her baby girl,” he handed the frame to her and watched Nicole’s face closely, watching the heartbreakingly familiar brown of her eyes as she turned the photo over and stared into the brown eyes of her mama.

Chapter Text

“I- I don’t understand,” Nicole whispered. She felt tears spring to her eyes, her breathing growing ragged as she looked into the eyes of the woman… her mother. Time and pain had dimmed the memory of the woman in the worn photograph to the point that all Nicole could remember, was her eyes filled with shock and pain as the blood flowed from the gaping wound across her throat.

That they looked so much like the ones she looked at each day in the mirror hadn’t even dawned on Nicole until she saw them set in the face of the woman that also looked so much like herself… even, Nicole realised, down to the red hair.

“I’m sorry, Nicole. I’ve ran over and over in my mind how I would explain everything to you if I had the chance and never did I think I would spring it on you like that.”

“Were you a part of the Cult too?” Nicole whispered in dawning horror.

“What? God no!” Randy ran a hand across his face, scratching at the thick stubble across his jaw. “Time for some family history I guess. My sister, your Grand Mother and her husband moved down to Georgia when your mother was eight. Her husband was heavily involved with the Cult of Bulshar and dragged her into it. We had no idea what was happening, what he was into. And when they did get in touch they made everything seem fine.”

Sure that she wasn’t going to run, Randy topped her mug up again and sat back in his own chair as he wrapped himself up in the memories that had plagued him for so long. “There was just so damned much we didn’t know, Nicole, and that sickened me from the moment I received a bundle of messages one day… After your mama had died.”

Randy reached into his desk again and drew out a depressingly thin official P.S.D. file and another that was well-worn but also too thin considering the memories it contained. “That’s everything I’ve collected on the Cult of Bulshar,” he held up the P.S.D. file, “and the messages and photographs from your mama… Do you want to read through it?”

“Just give me the Cliff notes version, Sheriff.”

Randy frowned at the tone of Nicole’s voice as she just looked at the files as he placed them before her on the desk. He’d grown used to that voice while working with her… calm and professional. But the look in her eyes was wary bordering on fear.

“Okay,” he nodded not in understanding but in willingness to do it her way. “First thing to know about our family, your family. Until you, the last Werewolf born was my Grand Father. They were part of the Séquoia Pack. There’s not much known about them other than they were a very old pack, powerful and influential. Anything that was known by our side of the family, journals, anything like that, got lost over the years through war, fires and time. They died out or moved on not long after he broke with tradition and married a normal human. All their children were… normal and no more werewolves have been born since… Until you. I don’t know if Bulshar knew of our heritage or if she just caught his eye because of her hair. From your mama said in her letter’s he took an interest in her from the start and started raping her when she was fourteen.”

He paused for a moment to compose himself as Nicole whimpered and closed her eyes against the horror of it.

“She got pregnant with you when she was sixteen and Bulshar kept her a prisoner and made her a slave until after she had given birth. Once he realised that you were a pure wolf… which shouldn’t have been possible… he kept you around, first out of curiosity and then out of fear once he found out he didn’t have the strength to change you past that first time. You were two?”


“I am so sorry, Nicole.”

“Ancient history,” she gritted out forcefully. “Go on.”

“Your mama wrote that once that happened, Bulshar changed… he seemed scared of you and then he started keeping you closer. She became afraid that he was trying to mould you… as a successor or… a mate. Nicole… once you read the letters yourself… you’ll see how much your mama loved you. She did everything she could to be close to you as much as she could. And when she realised what he had planned she made with contact with the rival packs and arranged with them to attack Bulshar and the rest of the clan.”

“She was the one responsible for… that?”

“Yes, she was friends with the woman that cared for you. It was through her she got to spend time with you away from Bulshar. The plan was to get you out and get to safety. She gave all the letters she had written and photographs she had managed to take to your nurse to mail as soon as possible before it all went down. The idea was to get away as quickly as possible and get back to us but I guess we know why that didn’t work out as she’d hoped now.”

“Bobo. He said he’d tried to get Bulshar to kill me and when the attack happened he found her and...” Nicole took a deep breath bit back the painful memories. Carefully, hands shaking, Nicole put the photograph of her mother back on the desk, face down.

“I don’t know what happened that your nurse didn’t come find us but as soon as I read your mama’s letters I went down to Georgia, to the compound and… I was the first one there… I found her and called the cops. And I’ve been looking for you ever since. I’d given up hope, Nicole… And then, of all places… I found you at the Police Academy… top of your class no less and looking so very much like your mama,” he smiled fondly at the memory and the pride he had felt, still felt that she had somehow ended up in the same profession as himself.

“I wanted to tell you everything right there and then but thought I would just scare you away so… Instead, I came up with the hare-brained scheme of persuading you to give up any ideas of a better career in any big city and move to Purgatory instead… full of werewolves and all kinds of supernatural shit, with a winter that lasts forever and an amazing view of the Rockies. Not sure what I would have done if that didn’t work but…” smiling softly, he gestured to indicate that she was there.

Sighing, Nicole looked around her, avoiding looking at the photos, the files and him as she tried to take in everything that Sheriff Nedley had told her. It was still difficult to think that he might be… was… a relative when moments before she had been alone in that regard. “I- I need time to think things through, Sheriff. This is- It’s too much to take in right now.”

“I understand. But… I just want you to know… Even if you weren’t family, I would want you to stick around, Nicole. You are a damned fine cop, best Deputy I’ve ever known. I went to the Academy that day looking for someone that might take over as Sheriff one day when I retire and now I know the woman you are… I still want that.”

“You want me to be Sheriff?” Nicole asked incredulously. After all, he had told her, Nicole found that was the only thing that seemed real right then. That the man that had picked her out from the Academy had wanted her no matter what. “Even knowing what I am?”

“Who better to keep someone like Wynonna Earp in check?” He smiled as Nicole rolled her eyes and gave a snort at the thought. He wasn’t sure if she even knew it but he could tell that the troublesome bur in his butt leader of the Earp pack respected the young Officer.

“And I know you care about everyone here, Nicole. As well as dealing with Wynonna and her pack I know you’ll be fair and work to keep the drunks off the road, referee the neighbourhood feuds and keep the ordinary, every day, none werewolf citizens of Purgatory just as safe as the werewolf ones, Officer Haught.”

His words warmed her more than the whiskey had. Filling her with a sense of purpose. “We need more manpower, okay? People that can deal with the ordinary and the werewolf stuff that goes on around here.”

“Okay,” he agreed readily.

“And… the khakis? Really, those things are terrible.”

“They’re a classic trouser, Nicole.” Randy smiled inwardly as Nicole pursed her lips and gave him a ‘are you kidding me?’ look. It was just so adorably Nicole and so much like the look his sister had given him so often that he relented easily. “Fine, fine… just… be a good cop? It matters.”

“Yes- yes it does.”

“And Nicole, take those,” he gestured to the letters from her mama and the folder on the Cult of Bulshar. “There’s one more thing I need to tell you but I want you to read those first… okay?”

Sighing deeply, Nicole picked them up. They were light and yet weight so heavily in her hand. “Okay,” she nodded.

“Take the rest of the week off. Lord knows you deserve it. And if you need to talk, you’ve got my number and know where I am most of the time.”

Randy picked up the photograph of Nicole’s mother after she had left his office. He stared at it for the longest time. Not a day went by when he wished things had been different… That his sister hadn’t gotten dragged into Bulshar’s cult… That he could have found Nicole sooner but… “You would be proud of her."

Chapter Text

Nicole looked around her as she stepped out of the Municipal building that housed the P.S.D. It felt so strange, surreal even. After everything that the Sheriff had just told her, that everything was just going on as normal in the small town she was rapidly thinking of as home.

The sun was shining brightly for once, the air holding the first hints of Spring… Which knowing Canada, and the weather rolling in off the mountains, probably meant another four months of snow on the ground. The streets were quiet, very little traffic on the roads or foot traffic on the sidewalks and what there was, it was moving at a lazy pace as the ‘warmth’ had people lingering to chat and wave at each other instead of rushing off to get out of the cold.

Feeling the weight of the documents in her hands, Nicole opened up the trunk of her patrol car. Peeling back the carpet lining underneath the lockbox that held her spare equipment, Nicole tucked the papers out of sight before smoothing the lining back into place and settling the box back over it. She was hiding them from herself more than anyone else but it felt like there was flashing neon sign over where they lay.

Nicole slammed the trunk shut and locked everything up. It was just too much to deal with right then. Sighing deeply, Nicole leant back against her car and dragged a hand over her face and tried to shut down the instinctive, ingrained flight reflex as it tried to kick in when anyone mentioned Bulshar near her.

Feeling her Omega on the move, no doubt drawn by her emotions, Nicole turned her gaze towards Shorty’s and smiled, her heart lifting in anticipation, as she watched as the door swung open and the vision of loveliness that was Waverly Earp left the bar and walked her way. All instincts to flee left in less time than it took for her heart to beat and pump the suddenly thick blood around her body. How could she do anything like that, flee, when everything she wanted was walking her way, brightening her day and life like a literal ray of bubbly sunshine?

Nicole could see the concern on Waverly’s face fade and a thoroughly knowing and impish smile take over that crinkled her eyes and nose as she got closer. Warm hands slid up her arms to loop around her neck, fingers finding the warm spot at her nape that she loved so much. Nicole moved her hands around Waverly’s waist, finding the strip of skin exposed by her crop top.

“Hey, Baby,” Waverly purred softly.

Anything and everything in Nicole’s mind fled as Waverly rose up on tiptoes, pressing their bodies intimately together as she claimed her mouth with a kiss that had Nicole’s toes curling into the ground in delight. “Wow,” she breathed softly. Head dropping to Waverly’s shoulder, Nicole nuzzled her nose against her throat and breathed in her scent. It was getting stronger, more enticing as her heat drew closer.

“Ya know, I really ought to lock you up for being out wearing these tops.”


“Far too distracting,” running a hand between them, Nicole caressed the definition of Waverly’s abs. “Feel like I should cuff you and keep you under house arrest for not having these registered as a lethal weapon.”

“Always with the cuffs.”

“Hey I’m a Deputy Sheriff around here, they’re one of the perks of the job,” she smiled and gave a little wink.

“One of these days I’m going to take you up on those cuffs… maybe use them myself,” she teased. “Speaking of lethal weapons though,” Waverly ran her fingers across Nicole’s dimples for a moment as they deepened and her Alpha nipped gently at her fingertips with strong white teeth.

Turning her attention to Nicole’s eyes, Waverly searched them desperately, trying to find a hint of the confusion and raging emotions she had felt before. Right then though she was all teasing and light. “Are you okay… really?” I could feel you, Nic. Got so bad that Wynonna threatened to sit on me if I went near the door before you came out.”

“I was just sorting some things out with, Nedley,” she mumbled.

“Hey,” cupping Nicole’s face, Waverly brushed her thumbs across her cheeks and encouraged her brown eyes back to meet hers. “Nic, don’t hide from me, please?”

“I’m not Baby… Not meaning to anyway,” smiling softly, Nicole ran the tip of her nose along Waverley’s and nudged her lips with her own in apology for scaring her and continuing to worry her. “It was just a little too much to take in,” she admitted. “And I would rather not say anything more out here… Not in the open.”


“Tonight,” Nicole promised.

“So, you coming to hang at Shorty’s for a while? My shift starts soon so you can ogle me while I work and help Wynonna prop the bar up?”

“I’d better not… As tempting as the watching you work sounds,” which was very tempting with Waverly in those ridiculously tight, painted on shorts and crop top she wore when on shift. It was also a bad idea with how close her rut was. If she saw anyone looking at her wrong it would have her chewing chunks out of the bar with how she was feeling. And Waverly didn’t need her going all crazy caveman Alpha when she was perfectly capable of putting down any unwanted attention on her own. “That cat got in again before I left so I need to go to the store and get home and deal with that.”

“Calamity?” she couldn’t hold back her grin when she thought about their persistent ginger visitor. “Hold on… Which store?” Waverly looked down the main street and chewed her lip nervously as she looked at the pest control place. Surely she wouldn’t set a humane trap and take her to the shelter?

“Waverly… I’m a lesbian with a cat problem... only one thing I can do,” she sighed deeply. “I’m going to buy food, a litter tray and some toys.” Her breath left her in a whoosh as Waverly launched herself into her arm, wrapping strong her legs around her waist as she climbed her to rain kissed down upon her face. “Just so you know, Waverly Earp… you get the job of cleaning the litter tray.”

“We’ll take it in turns,” Waverly corrected her.

“Fine. Now off, woman. You need to get back to work before Shorty sends out a Wynonna shaped search party.”

“Fine,” Waverly groused back lightly and slowly, oh so slowly, slid down her lover's body. God, she just loved how it made Nicole’s head drop back and had a moan spilling from her lips. “Oh, Baby… Calamity prefers the gourmet food.”

Nicole shook her head, hiding her smile and chuckle as Waverly bounced away and gave her a smile and little cheeky wave, as well as a teasingly seductive hip wiggle before going back into the bar.

The documents from Nedley and what he had told her still weight heavily on Nicole’s mind. But as she walked towards the pet store, sharing courteous nods and quick conversations with anyone that felt the need to stop her, Nicole felt more at ease about that at least.

She could feel the storm of her rut building though. Biting at her control in a way it never had before. But that was because she had never had anyone like Waverly around before. Someone that was hers as much as she was there’s. Her mate. Someone she loved and watched to share every part of her life with. It made Nicole want to storm into Shorty’s and entice her back home. Lock the doors. Hide away with her and give her everything she wanted.

And it was still a couple of days before her rut would be at its peak.

Chapter Text

As she stood in the doorway, Waverly couldn’t help the smile from spreading across her face as she took in the sight that greeted her. The living room was in semi-darkness with just a small lamp and the moon flitting through the kitchen windows lighting it.

Sprawled on the couch amongst what, even Waverly had to admit was one too many decorative pillows she had liberated from Wynonna’s vast supply, was Nicole, her long frame relaxed as she lay upon her back with her silky soft red hair creating a fiery halo around her upon the pillow.

One hand hung off the couch, her elegant fingers twitching slightly in her sleep as they brushed against the floor. Her other hand was resting around the body of Calamity who was curled up around it in a loudly purring ball of fluffy ginger fur on Nicole’s stomach once again.

Unable and unwilling to help herself, Waverly pulled her phone out of her pocket, snapped a shot of them and then for good measure took a selfie with them in the background.

“For the love of god, don’t send any of those to Wynonna.”

Waverly shivered at the soft huskiness of Nicole’s voice. Turning back around, her smile grew wider as she took in the way Nicole’s eyes sparkled with gentle humour in the dim lighting. Moving closer, Waverly perched on the edge of the couch next to Nicole’s waist. She shivered gently as Nicole’s hand worked its way up her leg and came to rest on her waist, her fingertips caressing the edge of her spine.

She could feel the heat of her rut rolling off her Alpha’s body, radiating through her from where Nicole’s hands touched her flesh and along her hip and thigh where they were pressed together. Running her fingers across Nicole’s cheek, Waverly almost purred at the extra heat and softness in her skin and hair, and the extra depth of her scent as it rose up and dragged her closer. “Does erm…” giving a little shake of her head, Waverly cleared her throat and tried again, “does your rut usually hit like this?”

“Usually I just get a bit horny. Never get sleepy like this but, honestly, I was putting the urge to nap down to nearly dying and you wearing my ass out,” she winked, chuckling softly as Waverly managed to blush and look pleased with herself at the same time.

“Wynonna gets a bit sleepy when hers is kicking in. She shuffles around the house, eating ice cream and frozen yoghurt and says that naps are her bitch.”

“Hmm, sounds more like being pregnant than anything.”

“Don’t ever say that,” Waverly chuckled. “Someone made that mistake once and ‘Nonna chucked him in the lake out back.”

“’Someone’?” Nicole’s Alpha senses tingled at the way Waverly hadn’t said a name. It was out of character when she knew everyone, and their life history, in Purgatory and especially those in the pack… And also with the way she was trying to avoid her eyes.

“Oh… it was no one important… just my ex-boyfriend, Champ,” Waverly muttered. She knew they had only lightly touched on the subject of any past relationships but she was pretty darn sure that when Nicole was heading into rut wasn’t the best time to bring anyone like that up. “‘Nonna kicked him out of the pack.”

Nicole’s brow creased in confusion. “For saying she was pregnant?”

“No,” Waverly slapped her shoulder gently. “He cheated on me. He was a cheater.”

Nicole found herself having to bite her lip as ‘cheater’ came out of Waverly’s mouth sounding adorably more like ‘cheetah’. “A cheetah, huh? I didn’t know there was such a thing as a were-cheetah.”

“A were-che…? Oh!” Waverly went to give Nicole’s shoulder another slap for teasing but Nicole caught her hand and pressed the side of her face into it as she nuzzled her nose and mouth against her palm.

“In case you’re worried… I’m not upset about anyone that was in your life before,” guiding Waverly’s hand down, Nicole pressed it against the mark on her neck, letting her know she belonged to her Omega completely. “But I do kind of wish he was still in the pack so I could spear his ass over the lake for being such an utter shithead and hurting you like that.”

Purring softly, Waverly wiggled closer to the strength and warmth of her Alpha’s body and leaned down, searching for Nicole’s lips with her own. Their lips skimmed together and Waverly froze, a frown creasing between her eyes as the purring got louder and it wasn’t from either of them. “What?”

Waverly jumped slightly and laughed as Calamity Jane’s small ginger head-butted between them. Thunderous purrs vibrated through her as she rubbed between them, back and forth, scent marking them both with persistent strokes of chin and cheeks before swishing her whole body through the gap she had created between them to jump to the floor and running through to the kitchen with her tail held high.

“Someone’s hungry.”

“Don’t let C.J. fool ya, she’s already eaten… Several times… And tried to help herself to ours.”

“Awww, you gave her a nickname,” Waverly grinned as Nicole huffed. “And you cooked?” Scenting the air, she finally caught the scent of the food coming from the kitchen. She had been so enveloped by the scent of Nicole that she hadn’t been able to until she focused on it. “Lasagne?”

“Two,” Nicole admitted. “A vegan, black bean one and a more traditional one for when my rut kicks in… my body usually demands the meat,” she shrugged as her stomach let out a violent, rumbling growl.

Smiling, Waverly gently skimmed her hand teasingly across Nicole’s lower abdomen just to elicit a moan and writhing wiggle. One of the many things she loved about Nicole was that their eating habits were pretty similar. She was more vegan whereas Nicole found it difficult to give up some things, mostly cheese but when it came to meat, cooked or uncooked, the only time she had seen Nicole near any had been when she was half starved the night they had first met.

“Have I got time for a quick shower before we eat? You could join me?” she offered, biting her lip at the prospect.

Nicole laughed, as Waverly held out her hand invitingly as she rose up from the couch. “If I did that it wouldn’t be a quick shower now, would it? Go on, temptress. You head on up and I’ll have the food all ready for when you get done with your shower.”

She watched every step and gentle seductive sway of hips as Waverly climbed the stairs and vanished from sight. Unclenching her fists, she rubbed at the marks her nails had left in her palms and smiled ruefully at how much something like Waverly’s walk could affect her. And it wasn’t something she could blame her rut on either… but it certainly didn’t help.

“And you, furball,” she plucked Calamity off the kitchen counter and rubbed under her chin with a finger as the ginger cat purred up a storm. “Off the counters and no more interrupting kisses or it’s no more gourmet food for you no matter what Waverly says.”

Tossing a catnip toy into the living room for Calamity to promptly ignore, Nicole hummed under her breath as she got their meal ready and listened to Waverly’s movements upstairs so she could get her timing right. “Yeah, Haught, only listening for timing purposes… sure, Jan.” She groaned and mopped her brow as Waverly’s scent grew heavier and more enticing under the heated water.

Resisting the urge to down the bottle of red wine she had open to try and quench her thirst, Nicole picked up everything the Sheriff had given her earlier and sat on the couch. Nicole looked at the thick lettering on the front. CULT OF BULSHAR. Not wanting to open it, almost afraid to, Nicole studied the outside for clues. It was old and had been handled well but the Purgatory Sheriff’s Department logo was still clear upon it. She knew why Nedley had it but… Nicole wondered how he had managed to get a copy of the reports, and god knows what else it contained, on something that happened in Georgia? She could only assume that he must have pulled a lot of strings to get it.

Nicole looked up as she heard Waverly open the bedroom door and start down the stairs. The sight of skin tight blue leggings had her putting the files aside to focus on what was more important.

The sight of Waverly’s black fishnet top and black sports bra beneath it had Nicole forgetting how to breathe.

The hesitant, and ultra-sexy, bite of lip as she stood on the last step, long hair falling in soft curling waves around her beautiful face had Nicole crossing the room on trembling legs and wrapping her arms around her Omega’s waist. “You look… amazing. And I seriously think you’re trying to kill me.”

“Well, we can’t have that, Baby. Want me to go change?” she smiled impishly at Nicole’s soft growl. “Or I could just take it all off and go naked?”

“Don’t you dare! I can barely function as it is,” burying her face into Waverly’s hair, Nicole nipped gently at her neck. “Are you ready to eat… food that is?”

“Spoilsport,” Waverly pouted playfully.

“Time enough for that later,” Nicole smiled. “I need to build my strength up before my rut gets too bad… Got the feeling I’m going to need it.”

Noticing the soft sleepiness still lingering around Nicole’s eyes despite her playful words, Waverly gently took her hand and led her into the kitchen. She smiled, snuggling against her side, as she took in the gentle flicker of candles on the table. Spotting the wine, Waverly poured them both drinks while Nicole got the lasagne from the oven and set it on the table along with a tossed salad.

Waverly blushed as her first taste of the lasagne had her moaning in pleasure and she spotted that Nicole’s mouth was hanging open as she watched her. “What? It’s good.”

“Well damn, I think I’m actually jealous now,” Nicole chucked as she took a sip of her wine and tried to control herself from sweeping the table clear and seeing if she couldn’t make her Omega moan for a different reason. “So,” she cleared her throat, “how was your day?”

As they ate, Waverly let Nicole steer their conversation and told her everything that had happened during her shift. It was all silly stuff that would have had Wynonna stifling a yawn in seconds. The thing with her Alpha was, it wasn’t just meaningless to her, she hung on to every word, kept asking questions and adding her own thoughts as to why someone might have been acting a little strangely. Normally, Waverly would have been doing the same back with Nicole but she knew that whatever it was she had talked with Sheriff Nedley about, her Alpha wasn’t quite ready to have that conversation. But as their meal ended and everything was cleared away, Waverly could feel the tightness building up in Nicole as she prepared herself to talk.

“Waves,” sighing, Nicole raked a hand through her hair and smiled sheepishly at the gentle, understanding look in Waverly’s eyes.

“Come on.” Waverly guided Nicole back into the living room and gently guided her down on to the couch with her. Cupping the back of her neck, she squeezed gently. “I don’t know what Nedley said to you, Babe, but I’m here for you.”

Nicole felt herself relaxing, a blanket of comfort settling over her under her Omega’s gentle words and touch. “That’s what I need… you to be with me. I’m not even sure where to begin with all this,” she admitted. “Really, I still haven’t been able to process much of what he told me. In a way what he said means nothing. It doesn’t change anything that happened and… I think I’m kind of dreading looking at what he gave me and… I don’t know… finding out that I still feel nothing or maybe finding out it does?”

“So… what did he tell you?”

“Basically… He… he knew my mama… she was his niece.” Nicole saw Waverly’s jaw drop in shock but she stayed quiet, giving her chance to speak. “She was the one that arranged for the attack on the cult to try and get me and herself away from there. She was planning on getting back up here but… well… Bobo happened.”

“They… he didn’t try to get her away from there before that?”

“Nedley said no one even knew what was going on and the only way he found out was when a load of letters and photos arrived one day. By the time he got to Georgia, it was all over. Mama was dead and I was gone.”

Tears pricked Waverly’s eyes at the thought of how different things could have been for Nicole if only the letters had arrived sooner. Rubbing Nicole’s arm and neck, she pressed herself closer as she saw her brown eyes glaze over a little.

“I- He- he gave me her letters and everything, and a file on the Cult,” she nodded to the files laying where she had left them. She picked them up, holding them awkwardly on her lap as Waverly gestured for her to get them. “I haven’t looked at them. Haven’t dared. You don’t have to look at any of it if you don’t want to, you’re more than welcome to if you want to though… I just… I don’t want to be alone with them.”

Waverly placed a hand over Nicole’s where they lay on the files and gave her restless fingers a gentle, reassuring squeeze. “Nicole, you’re my Alpha, I’m not letting you go through anything alone.” Lifting Nicole’s hand, she slid the files closer so they lay on both their laps equally.

Without even looking which was on the top, Nicole opened the first folder and heard Waverly’s soft gasp as her eyes met those of her mama’s.

“Oh, Nic,” Waverly ran her fingers over the photograph, studying every detail of the face, taking in everything that was like her Alpha and all the subtle difference between them. “She was beautiful. And so is the little cutie she’s holding,” she smiled as she looked between baby Nicole and the grown-up version at her side.

“Apparently… babies in our family take after the mothers.”

“Aww, I was looking forward to having loads of little gingers running around our feet one day.”

“Loads? Hey, just how many is there in ‘loads’?”

“Guess we’ll just have to find out together,” Waverly smiled cheekily as she nudged Nicole with her shoulder.

“Looking forward to it,” Nicole kissed her softly, savouring the feel of Waverly’s lips beneath her own and her gentle support against what the rest of the photos and letters would reveal.

It took them several hours to look through all the photographs read all the letters. Not that there were that many… they just made for harrowing reading. She had started writing midway through her pregnancy and the desperation had come through from the start. So painfully clear with each one, building as her due date had neared as she had written about the harshness of life trapped at the mercy of Bulshar and his cult.

The rapes and beatings had been an almost daily occurrence as Bulshar had tried to spread his seed around. And on the rare occasions when he wasn’t around, there was always one of his offspring waiting to pick up the slack if they could get away with it with anyone not currently marked for Bulshar’s attention alone.

After Nicole had been born there had been a couple of years of peace where she had been allowed contact with her daughter but she had been kept under even closer scrutiny from Bulshar. She could tell he was trying to do something but she wasn’t sure what.

Then, on Nicole’s second birthday, he had turned her.

Nicole had had to take a break from the letters at that as she remembered the pain and confusion of it all over again when she had been stripped out of her skin in the most painful way imaginable without even knowing what was happening.

For several weeks after he had turned up every day and she knew he was trying again and again to turn Nicole but nothing had happened. One of his followers, Robert Svane had told Bulshar he should kill Nicole but Bulshar had actually seemed overjoyed that he’d been unable to turn Nicole and had taken her away so she could take her rightful place at his side in the Cult.

Waverly tightened her grip on Nicole’s hand as they made their way through the rest of the letters. Her mother described the things she’d been forced to witness her daughter going through, unable to help or give her comfort beyond stolen moments as Bulshar had watched her closely.

Her last letter had been brief, laying out her plan and begging her Uncle Randy to help.

As Nicole closed the file up, Waverly put everything aside and straddled Nicole’s thighs. Her Alpha’s body was as tight as a coiled spring, her breathing ragged and Waverly could see the almost overwhelming need to run in her wide brown eyes. Waverly pressed their marks together and held the tightly strung body beneath her close. “Nicole, hold me?”

Arms rose slowly, hands sliding around her waist, pulling her closer with an air of desperation. Waverly felt a huge shudder pass through Nicole’s body as she tightened her grip and relaxed under her. “It’s okay, Baby. I’ve got you,” she lulled gently.

Nicole held on to Waverly, breathing in the scent and feel of her as she let her Omega fill her with comfort until she was ready to go on. Unwilling to let her go though, Nicole kept her close as Waverly turned on her lap and picked up the file on the cult.

After the harrowing nature of the letters from her mother, Nicole found it a little easier to detach herself as they went through the folder. It really was pitifully thin for a police report but as long as she didn’t think of what the people in the photos had been like when they were alive it was easier to take the crime scene photos, especially as they were in black and white.

There was one photograph missing, which Nicole was grateful for as it was the one that would have shown her mother’s body. As she looked at the others though, there was something that kept nagging at her about them but she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

Chapter Text

Waverly kept her eyes shut as she woke up, savouring every available sensation of waking pressed against Nicole before adding sight into the mix. She had fallen asleep in Nicole’s arms playing the part of the little spoon but at some point during the night their roles had reversed and she was pressed up against Nicole’s back. In the back of her mind, the memory of a soft whimper and a restless twitching drawing her across the bed came to her.

The body against hers was still now, dreams given away to a peaceful sleep.

Waverly rubbed her cheek against her Alpha, snuggling closer to the heat of her body as she breathed in the mouth-watering scent that had her hips pushing closer to the firm ass they were nestled against. She held still, not wanting to rouse Nicole too much. After the revelations of the day before she deserved as much rest as possible.

A wave of sorrow washed over Waverly as she thought about the letters and photographs and what might have been if not for Bobo. At least she had had Wynonna, Gus and Curtis to bring her up when they had lost everything. Nicole though, her beautiful, loving and caring Alpha, had spent her whole life been hunted and feared over something she had no control over.

Long fingers brushed against hers where they lay upon Nicole’s abdomen and Waverly smiled against her shoulder as, even in sleep, Nicole sensed her distress and sought to comfort her.

Focusing on the here and now, instead of the past she couldn’t change, Waverly relaxed into Nicole’s warmth once more and allowed the fingers rubbing lazy circles on her pulse, to soothe her. As her own mind and Nicole’s fingers stilled, Waverly grew more aware of the subtle movements of Nicole’s body.

The way her back moved against her breasts and abdomen with every breath and beat of her heart, suddenly became a delicious torment that had sweat beading across Waverly’s brow as she became painfully aware of the crashing waves of desire flooding her body. She had been so focused on caring for Nicole that she hadn’t been paying attention to her rapidly approaching heat.

Stifling a thick moan, Waverly turned her head and bit down on own arm and pressed herself impossibly closer to Nicole. She breathed in the feel of her again and that scent. Oh god, that scent! Her body tightened in need again, her womb clenching as she nuzzled her nose closer to Nicole’s neck and buried herself in the soft fragrant hair tumbled across her shoulder.

Feeling Nicole’s body stiffening, her breathing quickening, Waverly stilled and waited for her to settle again. As much as she would love to have her wake, she knew that her Alpha really did need the sleep and she did kind of enjoying her morning game of seeing how much far she could explore. It had kind of become a ritual for whichever one of them awoke first. Usually, Waverly didn’t get to explore much before Nicole’s senses heightened from a life of running kicked in but… maybe with that stage of her rut making her tired?

Finally cracking open her eyes, Waverly took in the pale expanse of Nicole’s shoulders as she eased the covers down a bit further. Nicole barely even stirred as the slightly cooler bedroom air brushed across her heated skin. Soft kisses skimming across her had Nicole’s mouth curving into a smile that unleashed the first hint of her lethal weapon dimples.

Head raised, Waverly studied her in the mirror for any sign of her being more awake than she was letting on as she inched the covers down further and exposed the lush curves of her breasts. The sight of them and the way her dusky nipples hardened slightly in the cooler air had Waverly biting back a moan and the urge to roll her over so she could latch on to them with her mouth.

Fingers trembling, Waverly caressed them, exploring their fullness, cupping and squeezing gently and tracing circles around and around her nipples until Nicole’s breathing hitched and she flung back an arm and grasped her hip with desperate fingers as she pushed back.

Stilling, Waverly waited, biting her lip until Nicole’s body relaxed again and her hand slid back to the mattress.

Eyes returning to Nicole’s reflection in the mirror, Waverly felt her heart swell as she studied the beauty of her face and body. Turning her gaze every now and then to look at her profile so close to her, Waverly traced her hand over the familiar and much love dips and curves of Nicole’s body over and over again. Every time her touch threatened to stir her some sleep, Waverly paused, watching as her face and body went from tense and arching, seeking out her touch, to relaxed as she drifted back towards sleep.

Each time, Nicole’s relaxed state was a little less relaxed, her breathing growing steadily ragged. Her muscles tense and quivering, her body beaded with a fine layer of sweat. Little panting moans tumbling past parted lips caressed Waverly’s ears and sparked a trail of fire deep in her core.

Pressing her lips to Nicole’s shoulder, Waverly breathed her in as she tasted her skin, curling her tongue into vanilla and the light saltiness of her sweat as the lavender part of their scent teased her nostrils. Waverly’s jaw ached with the almost overwhelming need to sink her teeth into her Alpha to mark her body again and wake her.

Waverly’s eyes, blown wide and full of wolf, returned to Nicole’s reflection as her Alpha shifted in her sleep, long legs stirred and worked the covers down and off. Eyes following the movement of the covers, Waverly had to close her eyes as the sound of the covers hitting the floor and the sight of Nicole laid out before her, hit her womb like a double punch of arousal that had her hips thrusting against Nicole again.

Sucking in a breath, Waverly quickly studied Nicole’s face again but her eyes were still closed. A circular stroke of her hand across her abdomen made her Alpha moan and set her eyelashes fluttering as she tried to turn on to her back. She whined a little then settled as her move was blocked by Waverly’s body.

Emboldened further by Nicole’s response to her touches, Waverly slipped her hand lower, fingers brushing through soft, tight curls and finding the slick heat waiting for her. Nicole’s breath panted out, her hand finding Waverly’s hip again. Her legs spread slightly, body arching in need as Waverly found the place she knew drove Nicole crazy. Waverly had begged her to describe how it felt when she had discovered it and seen her response.

“It’s like been on fire from the soles of the feet up… tingling… warm… makes me want to move and not move at the same time because it feels so good.”

Waverly kept up the touch, light and teasing, quick strokes of her fingertip that lightly nudged her swollen clit. She kept her eyes locked on Nicole’s face as her head thrashed against the pillow as her orgasm built and roared closer. She was so perfect and beautiful, her body bowed tight, caught right on the edge.

Sliding two fingers deep into the tight heat of Nicole’s pussy, Waverly curled her fingers forwards into the tightly grasping walls and pumped gently but firmly as she swallowed Nicole’s sudden screams of pleasure.

As her Alpha flopped back against the mattress, her body twitching as she came down, Waverly slowly eased her fingers in and out, drawing her orgasm out. Nicole’s hips arched up, following her fingers as they left her, a gasping, whimpering moan leaving her at the loss and a deeper one following as Waverly slowly licked her fingers clean, curling her tongue around and between her fingers under the heavy weight of brown eyes that followed her actions.

Giggling at the look on Nicole’s face, Waverly bounced off the bed as her Alpha reached out with trembling hands to touch her. “Nope, time for that later, Baby. I’m going to fix us some breakfast so you can build your strength up. You just settle back and take another nap, and I’ll be right back.” Grabbing up a robe, Waverly gave Nicole a quick wink over her shoulder and shot out through the door.

Chapter Text

Nicole lay there for a moment trying to catch her breath and still the head to toe trembles still wracking her body from the dream that had been her naughty Omega’s wicked work and not a dream at all. A soft growl purred from Nicole’s throat as she caught Waverly’s scent, heavy with the thick sweetness of her heat, clinging to her skin and the bed. It set Nicole’s hips canting upwards as need coiled tighter low in her abdomen.

Gathering together her shaking body, Nicole leapt from the bed, leaving it as a woman and landing nimbly on the floor as a wolf. Her extra weight thudded against the floor and she heard Waverly scent the air at the sound and give a little whine of nervous anticipation that Nicole baring her teeth in a wolfish smile.


She heard her Omega’s voice clearly in her head and caught her next whine as she stayed silent. There was no fear in her, if there had been, Nicole would have dropped all pretence and answered. What it did though was increase the enticing scent of Waverly’s heat. Licking her nose and lips, Nicole took it in. Mmmm, it was so thick she could almost feel it coat her tongue and chew on it.

Padding across the bedroom, Nicole followed the colour of Waverly’s heat. Been able to see a scent as colour was something she could usually only do when in that man-beast stage but apparently it applied to her Omega’s heat as well as it was there, an outline of her lithe body crossing the bedroom and passing through the door and a shimmer of colours she could almost sink her teeth into.

Opening the door, Nicole padded quietly down the stairs. She could see Waverly peeking around the edge of the opening that led to the kitchen, her hazel eyes raking over her body. Nicole could tell by her scent, the heaviness of her breathing and the quivers running through her, that she was excited, her body torn between moving to meet her or running to prolong the chase.

“Bad Omega,” Nicole growled softly into Waverly’s mind. Catching her unrepentant glee, Nicole leapt over the couch with ease and landed right in front of Waverly. Her Omega backed up around the kitchen with a smile of anticipation on her beautiful face as she thought about being caught.

Nicole followed with a slow and measured stride and caught the ties of the robe Waverly was wearing between strong white teeth, keeping her from running… unless she chose to go naked… which Nicole wouldn’t have minded one little bit.

Crowding Waverly into a corner of the kitchen, Nicole stepped into her and bathed her throat with heavy swiped of her tongue. Fingers tangled in the thick fur at her neck as she chased a moan up the delicate curve and curled her tongue across her mark. “Really, Waves? Teasing your Alpha, making me come like that, and then running?” she nipped delicately. “So bad.”

“I was just…”

“Hoping to get a response?” Nicole cut her off. “I can smell your heat, Waves.” Nicole pressed her head against Waverly’s abdomen, eliciting a soft needy whine with her gentle pressure. “So close isn’t it, Baby? Making you feel all needy? Wanting me to just take what’s mine?” Placing her paws either side of Waverly’s shoulders, Nicole leaned her chest into Waverly and changed, pressing her naked human body closer still as Waverly’s hands came to rest on her waist, her fingers digging in, pulling her closer as Nicole stripped the robe off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

“So, what have you got planned for breakfast?” Nicole hid a smirk at the needy and incredulous look on Waverly’s face as she moved away and took a seat at the table.

“But…” Waverly looked at Nicole in confusion. She could smell the need rolling off of her and, despite the expression on her face and her words, Waverly could see the fire burning in her eyes. If she didn’t know her Alpha though, all Waverly would have seen was the determination on her face, the cop face that got the drunks in Shorty’s to rethink a fight at twenty paces.

“Bad, girl,” Nicole whispered, offsetting the words with a gentle teasing tone.

Her Alpha was in charge and Waverly suddenly felt a wave of peace settle over her that made her feel weak and even more needy at the thought of submitting to her Alpha. “What would you like to eat?”

‘You!’ “How about you fix us some pancakes.”

As Waverly reached for her robe, Nicole placed a hand on her arm and stopped her. “Leave that, I want to look at you. No teasing me though,” Nicole warned gently. Waverly’s clothed body was torment enough. Waverly naked had Nicole shifting her tender body around in her chair, her self-control being tested and stripped… if Waverly started deliberately testing her, Nicole was pretty sure they would never get to have breakfast or even make it back upstairs.

Feeling a second pair of eyes watching her, Nicole looked down and watched as C.J. sat by her empty dish, purring and licking her lips like she was expecting seconds. Apparently not even the sight of a bigger than normal wolf in the house had put her off her breakfast. “You are a strange one, Calamity.”

“Maybe she just likes the smell of vanilla dip donuts too,” Waverly chuckled as Calamity abandoned her dish and leapt on to the table to butt against Nicole with her head.

“Table is a no go area too, C.J., off.”

Waverly bit back a smile as C.J. presented Nicole with a view of her butt and walked the entire length of the table before jumping down and slowly making her way into the living room to, no doubt, claim back Nicole’s usual seat on the couch as that was where Waverly had found her when she had left the bedroom.

“How are those pancakes coming along?”

The look on Nicole’s eyes, possessive, assessing, very Alpha, had Waverly pressing her thighs together and pressing her lips tight to hold back a sudden moan as the scent from Nicole’s rut grew stronger and her body responded eagerly.

“Waverly… if it’s too much, let me know and I’ll pull it back. I don’t want you getting scared or feel you have to do anything just because my hormones are more out of whack than usual.” Fear suddenly burst through, Nicole’s chest as memories of distant screams echoed through her mind as her eyes just touched upon the desk in the living room where they had put everything the night before.

Waverly carefully put down everything she was holding and made her way over to Nicole. Getting between Nicole’s body and the table, Waverly straddled her thighs and lowered herself across them. “I know what you’re worried about,” cupping her jaw, Waverly tilted Nicole’s head back up as her body sagged in acknowledgement. Gently, Waverly ran her fingers across Nicole’s jaw and cheeks and gently kissed away the frown furrowing her brow until her brown eyes came back to hers.

“You are nothing like your- that sorry excuse for a man. You are mine! You are an amazing woman and Alpha, Nicole. You’re so strong and so gentle. Always looking out for everyone else. I love everything about being yours and having you as mine. Even now, with your rut probably demanding you take and claim what I’m offering, you ask even though you can tell perfectly well I’m loving what we’re doing,” Waverly ran a finger down the bridge of Nicole’s nose and smiled as Nicole tilted her head to catch the tip of her finger with a soft bite and even softer swipe of her tongue to soothe a hurt that wasn’t even there. “I trust you and I know I always have a choice with you.”

“Always. You mean everything to me, Waverly Earp,” Nicole searched Waverly’s eyes desperately, looking for any sign of hesitation or fear. All she found was only concern and love.

“I need this, Nicole… I want this. And… I was a bad girl. Teasing you like that and then running… practically begging you to chase me,” she grinned as Nicole’s nostrils flared as her scent washed aside the barrier created by her fear. Waverly’s breath caught, her teeth catching against her bottom lip as Nicole’s warm, strong hands caressed the backs of her thighs and cupped her ass as her words released her.

“Yes, you were bad,” Nicole growled softly against her flesh. Wrapping a fist in Waverly’s hair, Nicole pulled slowly, watching her eyes intently as they grew darker. A moan trembled on her lips as Nicole eased her head back and exposed the line of her throat again. “Now… breakfast?”

Waverly growled at her in mock frustration and moved back to the stove to finish making breakfast for them. She could feel the heat of Nicole’s eyes upon her every move but, more importantly, Waverly could tell, and smell, that what she had said had eased her mind. Not that there was a good time to dump something like that on Nicole but, damn, she had a good mind to slap Nedley for dropping all that on her just as she was coming in to rut.

“Waves… you’re growling at the pancakes, Baby.” Chuckling softly, Nicole took the plate of pancakes off Waverly and guided her over to the table and had her sit down. Cutting off a bite of pancake, Nicole dipped it into the syrup poured over the stack and offered it to Waverly. “You’re going to need your strength too,” she purred softly, her voice thick with promise. The way Waverly wiggled in her seat made her smile in anticipation.

Nicole took a bite herself as Waverly ate her mouthful. The motion of her throat as she swallowed, the appreciative swipe of tongue as she licked the syrup from her lips had Nicole’s eyes narrowing. “I never knew that eating, being fed, could be such a sensual thing,” she admitted. “Until my persistent Omega decided to feed me that donut in Shorty’s and nearly made me come, right there, sitting in a crowded bar.”

“Is that why you ran for the restroom?” she smirked.

“Oh, that, and I was a second away from leaping over the bar and biting the shit out of your neck so everyone knew who you belonged to. Fought my whole life to fly under the radar and then you nearly had me blowing everything.”

Sliding a hand along Waverly’s thigh, Nicole pressed her fingers into the perfectly defined muscles as she speared another piece of syrupy pancake and offered it to her. As Waverly leaned forwards and took it, she brushed a finger gently across her clit just as she closed her mouth around it. “Chew,” she ordered softly as Waverly gasped and canted her hips towards her fingers.

“Oh god,” Waverly whimpered, fingers grasping the table as Nicole’s fingertip circled her throbbing clit in time with her chewing. She wasn’t even sure how she managed to swallow but as she did, Nicole slipped just the tip of her finger into her pussy and dragged it back up through desire-swollen wet folds to graze across her clit before raising her glistening finger and licking it clean with a breath-taking moan of appreciation.

Chapter Text

By the time the last bite of syrup-laden pancake was gone from the plate, Waverly was a writhing, twitching mess in her chair.

She couldn’t even remember eating anything. All there had been was that swirl of Nicole’s finger around her clit as she ate. The frustratingly teasing dip of it into her desperately needy and wet pussy that left her breathless, aching for more, and a complete and utter mess unable to so anything other than feel. And all the while, she was pinned under the weight of Nicole’s knowing brown gaze while Waverly waited in trembling anticipation for Nicole to take a bite of food for herself before returning her touch and attention back to her.

It was a gentle and loving torture that had Waverly wanting to claw at herself and Nicole… And Waverly loved every second of it.

She could have called a halt to the torment at any moment. Could probably have just leapt onto Nicole and rushed things along going by the hunger in her brown eyes and the scent of her arousal. Or swept everything off the table, lay on it herself and begged her Alpha to feast on her. But the unasked for giving up of control had been heady in the extreme to the point that Waverly wasn’t sure if she was happy that the plate was empty or not.

Waverly’s eyes followed Nicole hungrily as she rose from her chair and moved around the kitchen with an easy grace. She grew jealous of the morning sun as it caressed the dips and curves of her Alpha’s tall frame and lit the red of her hair alight.

She tensed, concern flooding through her as Nicole suddenly hunched over at the sink, her knuckles white as she grabbed the edge of it. “Nic- Ohhh,” Waverly’s eyes grew wide, as a soft growl rumbled from Nicole’s mouth and the scent of her suddenly grew heavier, filling Waverly’s mouth as it poured into her. Nicole’s eyes when the met hers over her shoulder were full wolf and ravenous and the chuckle that left her mouth was deeper and triggered an answering need in Waverly.

“I think you better go upstairs now, Waverly,” Nicole purred as her nostrils caught the heavy scent of Waverly’s heat. “Wait for me on the bed. And, Waves,” she waited until her Omega glanced over her shoulder at her. “That,” she waved a hand, gesturing at Waverly’s body. “That’s all mine to take care of, so no touching yourself while you wait.”

Nicole gripped the edge of the sink again as she listened to Waverly making her way back upstairs. The soft sound of her weight settling upon the bed coiled the springs of her rut tighter. She had thought, hoped, that they would have a little more time before it hit fully so Waverly would have the chance to feel it build and not get scared by it. But her body was betraying her with the speed of it… and Waverly’s heat was keeping pace.

It had already gone beyond anything she had felt before and, at the rate, it was going, Nicole doubted if she would make it to the end of the day.

Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, she drained half of it as she listened to Waverly shifting around a little. Hearing a soft whimper of longing, she grabbed another couple of bottles and started towards the stairs.

Another barely bitten off needy whimper from the bedroom teased Nicole’s ears as her foot met the bottom tread of the stairs. Every step up evoked another sound from Waverly. And every step up had Nicole’s rut spiking higher and flared Waverly’s heat in response. It dragged a wry chuckle from Nicole as she realised that making it to the end of the day had been overly optimistic and she was going to be lucky to even make it to the bedroom.

Nicole rested her forehead against the cool wood of the bedroom door, her hand gripping the handle so tight she was almost afraid she would break it off if she tried to turn it. Waverly’s scent seeped around the edges of the door and through the grain of the wood. It was so thick and heady she wanted to rub it into her skin and bathe in it.

A whimper of distress almost had Nicole breaking and fleeing in fear, but the whisper of her name that followed it was pure and needy. It begged her to move closer and ease Waverly’s pain and replace it with pleasure.

Waverly held her breath as the door started to open at last and Nicole stepped inside. Body arching, she dug her fingers into the bedding and the mattress beneath as the full, glorious, scent of Nicole’s rut filled the room and set her writhing. Her body felt full and aching, her arousal too much for her own skin. Uncurling a hand from the mattress, Waverly held it out pleadingly to Nicole and watched. Her breath hitched as Nicole stalked across the room, her eyes and movements all beautiful predator. All magnificent Alpha. Waverly wanted to climb off the bed and crawl to her in supplication but the weight of her heat and Nicole’s rut held her down. Held her captive.

Ignoring the outstretched hand, Nicole stalked around the bottom of the bed, hungry eyes raking in the beauty of her Omega. “Mine!” Waverly’s body writhed at her growl, muscles straining as her fingers returned to clutching at the mattress. Waverly’s long hair was tousled upon the pillow as she tossed her head back and forth, frantic, panting moans spilling from her lips as words failed her under the weight of her need.

Her loves need was more than equal to her own and Nicole found it calmed her and gave her focus. Crawling on to the bed, Nicole slid up the length of Waverly’s body and pressed herself against her, offering up her body as a willing substitute to the mattress she had been frantically clawing. Her breath hissed as Waverly’s nails found a home in her back and pulled her closer, her strong legs snapping closed like a vice around her waist as though she was afraid she would pull away.

Growling softly, Nicole ran her mouth along Waverly’s throat, licking and nipping at the delicate flesh before setting her teeth into her mark and drawing on it. The flavour of their scent burst upon her tongue, filling her body. Capturing Waverly’s mouth, Nicole breathed it into her as she snaked a hand between them and slid her fingers deep into her Omega’s body and started thrusting and rocking their bodies together, grinding into her.

Waverly came apart in a matter of minutes. The tight walls of her pussy grasping and fluttering upon her fingers, coating her hand. Growling in pleasure at the feel and scent, Nicole kept thrusting, chasing Waverly’s body from peak to peak as she swallowed each moan and scream as they spilled from her mouth.

Chapter Text

Lifting her head, Nicole stared deep into Waverly’s eyes as she slowly moved her fingers in and out, drawing out the end of another orgasm as she curled and spread them in her creamy, grasping, depths.

Nicole loved watching Waverly respond to her touch.

She loved eliciting familiar responses and finding new places to explore. A new angle or pattern traced, and seeing what they did to her.

She loved every sound. The soft, erotic, liquid sounds and the sounds of their bodies coming together as well as the ones that fell from her lips as soft sight and harsh screams.

Every tensing of perfectly defined muscle, every twitch and tremble as her body spasmed and bowed up tight towards release, and when she melted, spent and boneless.

She loved the smell of her, the taste.

God, her taste. That subtle, clean sweetness. Nicole’s mouth watered just thinking about it.

Drawing her fingers out of Waverly’s fluttering pussy, Nicole brushed them across Waverly’s swollen clit, feeling the pulse throbbing through the tender bundle of nerves. She smiled as Waverly’s whimper at the loss of the fullness of her fingers turned to a gasp that had her spine arching as a fresh wave of desire rolled through her.

Nicole hummed in anticipation as she lifted her hand and saw how wet it was. She heard Waverly’s needy whimper at the sight of it stringing from her fingers and coating her palm.

Keeping her pinned, Nicole held her fingers out, watching with hungry eyes as a drop of it fell into Waverly’s eagerly waiting mouth. Her tongue darted out, lapping at the tips of Nicole’s fingers. Entranced by the sight, she let it draw her closer, watching as Waverly’s nimble tongue swirled around each finger. Lips closing upon each one in turn, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, drawing them in and out of the hot cavern of her mouth and releasing them once clean with a POP and a smile of satisfaction.

Nicole growled softly when she saw how good a job Waverly had made of cleaning her fingers. But Nicole knew where to get more.

Grinning in anticipation, she guided Waverly’s hands to the headboard, wrapping her fingers around the metal bars. Talking was difficult so deep into her rut but Nicole wanted to make sure Waverly knew what she wanted. “Don’t. Let. Go.” Her voice sounded deeper and gravely to her own ears as her wolf prowled, scenting the air that tasted of her mate’s heat.

Nicole waited until Waverly gave a nod before letting go of her hands. She slid down, reluctantly bypassing the tempting curve of lips, lushness of breasts and perky nipples as she moved to kneel between Waverly’s thighs. Spreading them with her knees and hands, she moaned at the sight of all of Waverly’s wetness slick upon her thighs and oozing from parted folds before her and sagged briefly under a wave of need.

Murmuring softly, whimpering, feeling utterly unworthy of what was before her, Nicole lapped gently at the insides of Waverly’s thighs. Her whole body shaking with trembles as she used her fingers to spread her lips. Dipping her tongue, Nicole gently circled Waverly’s entrance, dipping just the tip inside to taste the fresh flow of juices that spilled forth for her. Above her, sounding so far away, she made out the rattle and creak of the headboard under the pressure of Waverly’s hands and the panting moans of need urging her on, begging for more in the only way she could right then.

Nicole dragged the flat of her tongue through Waverly’s slit, lapping with broad strokes moving from her entrance to clit over and over until Waverly’s hips arched up. And then she lightened her touch, creating random patterns with the tip of her tongue, dipping and circling. When that got too much for Waverly, Nicole bit at the inside of her thigh, startling her back from the brink before placing sucking bites up and dragging her pussy lips into her mouth, biting, sucking, nipping harshly at her clit before finding the edge of it with the tip of her tongue and setting Waverly’s body on fire.

The creak of headboard turned into a groan of metal and a ping as a screw snapped when Nicole paused her ministrations again. Waverly’s growl of her name was a violent and threatening thing that had Nicole grinning against her thigh. Surging up to her knees, Nicole pushed Waverly’s legs up high, holding her exposed and helpless as she sank the full length of her tongue deep into her pussy.

Nicole was relentless in her hunger, tongue plunging, biting, sucking and slurping up every drop of come that fell upon her tongue and teasing more to follow until mouth was covered and she was full of her.

Letting Waverly’s trembling legs fall either side of her, Nicole gently unwrapped Waverly’s hands from around the twisted ruin of her headboard. She stilled her, pressing her weight against Waverly’s body as she tried to roll her. “No.”

“But… want to taste you,” she whined softly.

“No. Later. Tomorrow… Maybe. Right now, my come is only going one place.”

Waverly’s body jerked and arched up at the thought. “Then fill me, my Alpha.”

“Oh, Baby. I intend to,” she purred huskily.

Grabbing a pillow, Nicole tilted Waverly’s hips with it and straddled her, lining their pussies flush together. Just because Waverly was protected against pregnancy, it didn’t alter their needs and the drive of their heat and rut. To fill and be filled.

Nicole looked into Waverly’s eyes as their bodies touched until her own eyes rolled back under the intense pleasure and she whimpered. She rolled her hips, feeling Waverly move with her perfectly as their clits glided across each other in a feeling that was pure electric and had her panting and pushing closer as Waverly’s nails dug into her hips.

The room filled with their gasps and moans, and the sounds of their bodies coming together over and over in a wet, rhythmic slapping of flesh and slick come.

Nicole’s body lost rhythm, jerking wildly as she was flung off the edge of the world by Waverly’s scream of pleasure and filled her loves body with her come. Still coming, she collapsed over her, moaning into their kiss as she kept filling her with harsh ragged spurts that shook her body.

Chapter Text

Body arching to breaking point, her muscles pulled tight and straining against the pleasure, Nicole pressed herself impossibly closer to the body beneath hers and spasmed as another wave of pleasure rolled through her from her head and toes, meeting and crashing together in her abdomen and spilling out through her groin.

It left her feeling weak at its passing, her body slumping into the waiting embrace of her mate. Breath heaving. Hearts pounding. Bodies sweating and trembling. Their lips sought each other and tongues and bodies entwined. Their each touch and every kiss speaking their love when voices failed them.

Nicole had never felt anything so intense before. She couldn’t move, didn’t want to pull away… Not while she was still coming. And she just couldn’t stop coming! It would start to ease and then one shift of her body or moan from Waverly, would have her heat stirring up and Nicole’s body responded eagerly to her need, craving only to satisfy her Omega, her love.

Only when they napped did their bodies quieten. But the naps didn’t last long and when one of them awoke, it was to seek out the other's body with renewed hunger and desire.

Her body still twitching, Waverly ran her fingers along Nicole’s jaw and gently brushed a strand of sweat-dampened hair back from her face. Her brown eyes were shuttered, exhaustion dragging her under towards sleep even as Nicole’s hand continued moving in gentle circles where it lay upon her abdomen.

Nicole’s legs were still under her ass from where she had simply collapsed beside her, but Waverly felt that she was also doing it, propping her hips up, to help keep her promise, and desire, to keep her come within her for as long as possible. Waverly felt swollen with the sheer amount of it that her Alpha had filled her with. And as her hand continued its gentle ministrations upon her, Waverly wondered if Nicole could feel her stomach bulging with it.

The thought made Waverly shift around, her body clenching in desire, and had her biting her lip so as not to disturb Nicole too much.

The ache was there though, the fullness, the desire to have all the seed her Alpha had given her take root within her womb. To feel her body swelling with their baby. It was a need that she had heard always grew stronger with a mate and even more so when heats and ruts kicked in. And when the two coincided all bets could be off. That was why females usually used the strongest of contraceptives available. The kind that didn’t rely on them remembering to take a pill a day so they wouldn’t just ‘forget’ to take care of themselves in a haze of heat hormones.

They were safe to get to know each other better until the time was right for them to start a family. But, as she linked her fingers with Nicole’s on her stomach, Waverly couldn’t help but feel a deep sadness that she wouldn’t be getting to hold a baby this time.

Hearing a sad sigh, Nicole opened her eyes and followed the direction of Waverly’s eyes. Finding her voice was difficult but she struggled through until she found it so she could try and reassure her mate. “Hey,” tilting Waverly’s jaw with a gentle finger, she caressed her cheek and brushed away a tear that fell. “It’s okay, Waves. I know,” and she did as she was feeling the same regret even though she knew it was for the best.

It was a regret she had never thought she would feel. Female Alpha’s were difficult to get pregnant anyway, it was just the nature of being an Alpha. With the unwanted attention that came with her heritage though, Nicole had been prepared to deal with that and live a solitary life without children.

When she had found out that she could get another woman pregnant it had been chilling… Terrifyingly so. And one of her first questions to the doctor once she’d trusted him enough not to lock her up an experiment on her, had been about being sterilized but he hadn’t had a clue as to where to start. Even the strange mechanics of her biology being specifically geared towards getting an Omega in heat pregnant had confused him and made it even more difficult for him… But easier for Nicole as that just meant staying anyway from Omegas in heat.

Something that had been going well until Waverly had found her.

Nicole smiled in memory of that night and the brazen wolf that had confused, enticed and claimed her.

Now she had Waverly in her life… Someone she loved and trusted. Someone that returned her feelings and made her feel complete… Nicole was, for the first time, happy about her strange biology… And happy, when it was right… that they would be able to try for a child.

“I know it’s hard, but try not to think about it,” she circled her hand, taking Waverly’s with her. “But that’s me inside you right now, filling you. Concentrate on the feel of that. So hot and liquid. Filling every inch. Can you feel it when you breathe yet… when you swallow? Fuck,” she growled, her hips surging into Waverly as a fresh wave of desire for her surged through her like a tidal wave. “Better take a deep breath and make room, Baby Girl. I want you again.”

Waverly sighed happily as Nicole rolled and settled over her again, their legs sliding together as their bodies welcomed each other. A moan trembled on her lips, spilling over as Nicole’s body found that easy gliding rhythm that felt like a dream brought to life as she arched over and into her. The waves of their orgasm built slowly, lapping through their bodies until it spilled over them both. Waverly welcomed the extra weight of Nicole’s hot release filling her to overflowing and the feel of her mate’s trembling body settling back beside her as they kissed deeply, gently, dreamily.

The first hints of dawn were threatening as Nicole opened her eyes to the sound of Waverly’s stomach growling violently in hunger of a different kind. She had tried a couple of times to leave the room to cater to needs that went beyond the ones for each other. Leaving the room though had just led to distressed whimpers from Waverly and the call of her heat drawing her back before she could even put a foot on the top step.

Even going to the bathroom had been tricky as being upright meant an unacceptable, to both of them, loss of come and a rush to get back to the bed to remedy it.

They needed food though. Their bodies showed no sign of letting them rest from the needs of their heat and rut and if they didn’t fuel up soon… well, whilst it did sound like a good way to go… Nicole was hoping to enjoy more than one rut with her mate.

Hearing a whimper, and feeling the grasp of fingers around her wrist as soon as she tried to slide off the bed, Nicole turned and scooped Waverly up in her arms and carried her downstairs bridal style.

As it was she only made it as far as the couch before the need for the woman passionately writhing in her arms and kissing her breasts, throat and jaw, proved to be too much of a temptation. Nicole found some nourishment between Waverly’s trembling thighs before leaving her trembling and temporarily sated to stagger into the kitchen to grab some leftovers for them and see to Calamity’s needs while she was there.

As she waited for Waverly’s lasagne to reheat, Nicole ate hers cold, diving in with her fingers as she inhaled it and downed a bottle of water. Catching Waverly’s amused gaze over the back of the couch, Nicole ducked her head sheepishly at being caught out and licked her fingers clean with broad swipes of her tongue that had Waverly shifting and moaning as her eyes grew dark and sensual.

Reaching back into the fridge, Nicole grabbed another bottle of water and lobbed it to Waverly. Right then she didn’t trust her legs to support her with Waverly looking at her like that. Or trust that Waverly wouldn’t grab her and yank her over the back of the couch the moment she got close enough.

Laughing, Waverly caught it with one hand and took a drink while she watched Nicole serving up food for her and walking back into the living room, balancing a tray in one hand and another bottle of water in the other. Lifting her legs, Waverly made a space on the couch for Nicole and propped her legs up on her lap as she handed her the tray. The sight and smell of the food had Waverly suddenly aware of just how hungry she was and she tucked in ravenously. “At least I’m using a fork,” she mumbled around a bite, waving the cutlery at Nicole for emphasis as her Alpha chuckled at her.

“I needed food,” Nicole smiled. Running her hands over Waverly’s legs, Nicole massaged her feet and calf muscles, eliciting a soft moan from her. “You feeling okay, Waves?”

“Mmmhmm, much better now I’ve got some food in me and especially with you doing that,” wiggling her feet, Waverly rubbed her toes against Nicole’s abdomen and made her splutter a bit on the water she was drinking as she curled them into her womb and the more noticeable outline of the swellings there. They felt full again already. “Almost ready for round… god-knows-what-we-were-up-to, so you can replace all that you just sucked out of me.”

“I was hungry,” Nicole grinned. “And I’ll be more than happy to fill you up again… Just as soon as you finish eating and drinking!” she quickly added as the spark in Waverly’s eyes grew brighter and her smile crinkled her nose and eyes. “I want you to pass out from pleasure, not because of lack of food and dehydration.”

Waverly quickly went back to eating so they could return to their pleasure but Nicole was apparently in the mood to make it difficult for her. Her strong hands and long elegant fingers left her feet and calf muscles and slipped higher and higher along her thighs as they massaged. She tried to ignore their allure, fearing that if she paid them too much attention, Nicole would tease and remove them.

In the end though, Waverly put the tray aside, reaching to slide it onto the coffee table without looking or caring if it made it. She gave herself over to her Alpha’s attention as those long fingers teased along the edges of her dripping pussy and her red hair caressing across her as she lavished attention on her swollen breasts.

Chapter Text

“Damn, Baby Girl,” Wynonna whispered quietly. Edging across the bedroom, her eyes raked in the state of the bed her sister was on. A pretty-much destroyed bed going by its drunken list that had the top of the bed lower than the bottom. And then there was the twisted remains of the headboard and the pile of shredded sheets and mattress stuffing on the floor. Damn indeed!

The whole house was heavy with the scent of heat, rut and sex, the bedroom thicker than anywhere, and now that Wynonna could see that Waverly was, as Doc and Xavier had tried to assure her, indeed alive and breathing, Wynonna was pretty sure she didn’t want to see more than the top of Waverly’s head… which was pretty much all that was showing right then. Her sister did love her blankets in bed and her main one had been in the kitchen singing and fixing breakfast when Wynonna had sneaked in and darted up the stairs before Xavier had even pulled the S.U.V. to a halt.

Wynonna’s eyes glinted with mischief as she gazed down at her baby sister. She was sprawled out on her front, thankfully covered up. Not that they hadn’t seen each other naked before. They had a healthy attitude about their bodies and ran together all their lives. Because of that, they didn’t sweat the flash of skin. Their bodies were there, natural and normal and there was no shame in them.

Picking a cushion up off the floor… One that she distinctly reminded buying herself, Wynonna stuffed it up under her sweater and, snatched up a pillow. Eying her sister’s head, Wynonna weighed the pillow in her hands and grinned in anticipation.

The pillow landed perfectly as she swung it, meeting Waverly’s head with a solid THUD at the exact moment she called her sister’s name. “Waves…!”

Waverly grunted in shock and tried to untangle herself from the weight of sleep, the covers wrapped around her body, the pillow covering her head and the delicious ache in every inch of her body. “Whaaaat?” turning over, she blinked up at her sister and wondered for a moment if everything hadn’t been an amazingly vivid dream and she was back at the Homestead. But nope, it was her sister but definitely not her room in the Homestead. So… What in the hell was her sister doing there?

“Just checking but… you’ve been gone a while, does this look normal to you?” Biting back on the urge to grin, Wynonna thrust out her belly as Waverly stirred and started opening her eyes.

Eyes flying wide, Waverly sat bolt upright in bed, eyes darting between the round lump under Wynonna’s clothing and her face. “Whoa!!! How?! What?! How long have we been up here?”

Wynonna couldn’t hold it together any longer at the sight of the utter confusion on Waverly’s face. Whipping the cushion out from under her sweater, she tossed it at her and dodged nimbly as it flew back her way and whizzed past her head.

Heart pounding, Waverly flopped back on the ruined mattress and glared at her sister in agitation, confusion and relief. “Wait,” she looked at the rest of the bed… a very empty bed. “Where’s… Nicole?” Wracking her brain, Waverly tried to still her heart and piece together what she could and she distinctly remembered Nicole’s soft whisper in her ear and the sight of… Oh boy! “She’s…”

A startled scream from downstairs had them looking towards the door.

“Officer Haught! Erm… excuse me.”

“Don’t look at me!”

“Ohhh,” Waverly winced and chewed her lip at the startled embarrassment in Xavier’s deep voice and the clipped tone of Nicole’s. “Definitely a little naked,” Waverly finished quietly as she heard the sound of Nicole’s feet hitting the stairs.

“Earp!” Nicole narrowed her eyes at the slightly older Alpha. She shook her head in exasperation that Waverly’s sister had gotten past her and disappointment with herself that she hadn’t even known that anyone was in their house until she had heard Xavier speak behind her.

“Haught!” Grinning, Wynonna looked at Nicole as she put her hands on her hips after looking a little lost for a moment with no belt to latch her fingers on like she would if she was in uniform. “Ya know, Officer, you look different without your hat on.”

“Still not my type, Earp. Now, out!”

“Hey, I’m everyone’s type,” Wynonna dodged to the right, narrowly avoiding another pillow from the bed. “And it has been four days! I miss my sister, damn it!”


“Yeah, sis, four days! Would have thought you would have found the time to at least text once you were done, doing all that… and I do mean, ‘all that’.”

“Four days?” Nicole rubbed the back of her neck as she tried to piece everything together in her mind. Time had a way of slipping during a rut but she’d never had one last longer than two days… And usually it wasn’t much longer than a day and the rest trying to ignore and deny how damn lonely the whole thing made her feel.

“Yep. Four. Whole. Days. Four days since Waves skipped on out of Shorty’s”

“’Nonna, I plan… planned on texting but… We only just got done ‘doing all that’, as you put it. Never had a heat last this long, but then I’ve never had someone like Nicole before,” she threw her mate a wink and grinned as her cheeks went a shade redder. “Didn’t know it was that long but it only ended this morning.”

Wynonna looked between the two women. Waverly was her usual unrepentant self but Nicole looked like she was starting to think that a naked shift at the station would be the less embarrassing option that discussing their extended kinky time of her rut and Waverly’s heat. Which meant there was still fun to be had in teasing her! “Well, I guess that explains why it stinks of sex so much in here. Seriously, dude’s, crack a window every now and then!”


“Yeah, yeah, I know… out!” Grinning, Wynonna tossed her sister the cushion and made her way past Nicole. Eying the redhead’s body up, she stuck her thumbs up at Waverly and gave an exaggerated wink of appreciation. Catching Nicole’s brown eyes in the mirror across the room, she gave a chuckle and gave her ass a firm slap. “I’ll let Shorty and Nedley know you two going to be missing in action for a couple more days. Four days! Damn, Haught! Catch you later, dudes!” she cackled wickedly.

Shaking her head, Nicole flopped face down across the bed and grumbled into the mattress as Waverly gently patted her shoulder consolingly. “Your sister is terrible!” she moaned.

“Yep… She likes you though.”

“Humph.” Nicole snorted hard enough to make the mattress bounce under them at that, “I hate to think what she would do if she didn’t.”

“Hmm, chained me up at the Homestead when I started getting all possessive over you… Dragged me out of here that first night instead of calling later…”

“Okay, okay…” waving a hand around, Nicole cut Waverly off. “So, yeah, there is more she could have done. She’s still terrible though.”

Waverly pressed a kiss to the back of Nicole’s neck. “Did you fix breakfast then?”

“Coffee is on… Xavier kind of walked in on me then… Just as I was bending over to look in the fridge,” groaning, she pulled a pillow over her head as Waverly jiggled the bed with her silent laughter.

Rolling on to her back, Nicole grabbed Waverly’s thighs and pulled her over on to her. There was no heat or rut to make their moves urgent or hurried, only their love burning just as bright as Nicole wrapped a hand around the back of Waverly’s neck and eased her closer as she pushed up to meet her eager mouth.

Waverly’s lips were soft and giving, caressing across her own with an allure Nicole found irresistible. She stole the breath from her lungs and replacing it with her own, whispering her love and desire with breathy moans. And Nicole matched her, kiss for kiss, breath for breath, moan for moan, and touch for touch as their hands explored the familiar contours of each other’s faces as though afraid each moment might be their last.

The thought made a sob struggle to rise but it was a laugh of wonderment that fell from Nicole’s lips as they parted for breath and gazed into each other’s eyes. She was so beautiful, smart as a whip and strong, and so perfect and giving. Thumb brushing across the mark on the perfect line of her throat, Nicole curved into the touch Waverly skimmed across her own as their scent wrapped around them and filled the room and their bodies with the perfume of their love.

Nicole’s body ached in ways she never thought possible and she knew by Waverly’s moan as she moved and their bodies touched that she felt the same way. As their eyes met though, they both knew that they wouldn’t be getting breakfast or even a coffee anytime soon.

Chapter Text

As she looked at the scorch marks on the ground and the remains of the burnt tree, Nicole remembered clearly the heat of the flames as they had licked along the ground and danced into the sky. The truck that had been at the centre of the conflagration was long gone but the memory was still etched into her mind, written by her heightened sense and police training.

The one thing that Nicole couldn’t recall was any sense of regret. But that was because there had been nothing like that to remember. If she had managed to get her hands on Bobo Del Rey that night and put them around his throat she wasn’t entirely sure that would have made a difference… Other than actually knowing if he was alive or dead instead of all the wondering and doubt left by the forensic results on the truck.

Nicole could remember clearly the smell of flesh burning but once the ammunition had exploded there had been nothing and she just hadn’t cared enough to see if the silver in them had killed him. Or, Nicole thought, maybe a part of her hadn’t wanted to know else she might have been forced to decide if he should live or die.

Feeling the weight of it hanging high above her, its light casting a glow across the landscape, Nicole looked up at the moon where it hung in the sky so big and full. Even though her changes weren’t as bound to it as most werewolves, she could feel the pull of it and knew that if she gave in to it, her powers would be at their height. Even so, she wouldn’t be able to gain any more information from the crime scene and she wanted any change that night to be with Waverly.

As though drawn by her thoughts, and maybe she had been with how in tune they were with each other, Nicole smiled as she heard the soft tread of Waverly’s booted feet across the frost-encrusted ground. The slide of her warm hand as it caressed along her spine had her leaning into Waverly’s touch, her arm lifting to make room against her side for the brunette to slot into.

Snuggling into the solid heat of Nicole’s body, Waverly wormed her cold hand underneath her top to get to the warmth there… and really just so she could listen to her hiss in a breath at the coldness of her fingers.

“Jeez, Waves, gloves!”

“I still can barely even walk after all the sex and you expect me to be able to handle something complex like putting on gloves?”

Nicole rolled her eyes at the teasing pout in Waverly’s voice. “I’ll knit you some mittens.”

Tilting her head back, Waverly gazed up at Nicole at that unexpected offer and titbit of information. “You can knit?”

“Nope. But for you, I’ll learn. But… To save time and keep your fingers warm I’ll buy you some and… you can use my body when you want… just, a little warning next time,” she sucked in another breath and squeaked as Waverly instantly took her up on her offer and slipped her other hand up under the front of her clothing with a little smirk playing around her lips and eyes.

Waverly smiled in satisfaction and gave herself a little mental high-five as Nicole relaxed into her new task of keeping her warm and probably trying not to let out any more startled noises, instead of worrying and second-guessing everything that had happened that night. In Waverly’s eyes, Nicole was alive and that was all that mattered. She needed to know though. “Nic, do you really think Bobo got away from that?”

“It is possible, Waves. But even if he somehow managed to avoid getting hit by any of the silver ammunition during the explosion, the fire would have done a lot of damage. Even we can’t recover if it gets intense enough to turn our bones to ash. I can’t tell for sure though and that worries me. It’s been too long for me to be able to pick anything up now even with the strength of the moon. I hope he didn’t though. I don’t want him around to threaten anyone again.”

“If he did survive there’s no one around to help him. We… kill-“ feeling the slight stiffening of Nicole’s body, Waverly quickly cut herself short. She knew her love didn’t like to think about that side of it. “We got over half the pack that night and Xavier let slip that it has been checked and the trailer park is abandoned now. No one even stepped up to try and take over. The way Bobo ran things so tightly they were probably looking for the first chance to run away.”

Nicole pressed a kiss to the top of Waverly’s head and breathed in the sweet scent of her body beneath the light perfume of her shampoo. “Well there’s nothing to see here and I don’t know about you but I can think of much better things to be doing. Do you want to run at our place or are we joining your sister?”

“Yes, and yes,” Waverly admitted. God, but she loved that confused puppy look on Nicole’s face! The little creasing of her brow and the glance to the left flicker if her eyes was as endearing as hell. “We’re running with them. Wynonna wants that and she also wants to start the run at your place. Actually, she’s probably there already so I guess we better get going before she finds out about the strap-on.”

“Okay…” Nicole stumbled as Waverly darted ahead and made for her Jeep. “The what? I don’t… Hey…! Waverly! What strap-on?! Oh, my God… that’s why you were so eager to get to the mail this morning?! Waverly Earp!”

Nicole froze, her eyes darting from the door to Waverly’s eyes and her Omega’s cheeky smile as she heard the central locking engage. “Waverly?” Even though she knew it was locked, Nicole did it, she tugged on the handle anyway. “Let me in, Baby?”

“Nope.” Waverly bit her lip as Nicole’s eyebrows climbed as she popped the word of refusal at her.

“Waves…” Nicole stalked around the hood of the Jeep to the driver’s side and tapped gently on the window beside Waverly’s head as she leaned a shoulder against the bodywork so she was facing the front of the vehicle. Waverly’s eyes darted her way but, looking more like a guilty driver pulled over for speeding, she kept her face fixed on a point on the hood of the Jeep. “Wind the window down.” Nicole rolled her eyes as Waverly lowered it… an inch. “Do I need to ask for your licence and registration, Waves? Open up?”

Rolling the window down the rest of the way, Waverly faced the soft brown of Nicole’s eyes as her Alpha folded her arms against the open window and leaned against them with her head tilted. “Not until you promise to consider something?”

Nicole frowned in confusion. What was there to consider? “But, Baby, I already told you the other night when we were looking at them online that I would be more than happy to use a strap-on on you, it just took me by surprise you’d ordered it already.”

“Not that, silly… though I am looking forward to that too,” smiling, Waverly tiptoed her fingers across Nicole’s arms and shoulders and played at the nape of her neck. “I want you… to consider… letting me… use the strap-on… on… you.”

Lifting her head, Nicole blinked at Waverly. “What?” she squeaked out.

“Ever since we talked about it I just can’t stop thinking about you, on your hands and knees, while I fuck you.” Leaning forwards, Waverly tangled her fingers into Nicole’s hair and closed her teeth around the fullness of her bottom lip and nibbled as Nicole’s mouth dropped open a little.

She could feel the shock of her words running through her Alpha turning to burgeoning desire as she thought about them too. And Waverly could also feel the whimper of need spilling against her mouth from Nicole’s echoing through her mind as Nicole’s breathing hitched. “Mmmm, like the thought of that, Nic? I know I do.”

“I’ll make you a deal, Waverly Earp. Get us home… without me feeling the need to ticket you… And before your sister finds the strap-on and I’ll consider it.”

“No… no, not consider,” Waverly pouted. She didn’t want there to be wiggle room. “If I manage that, you’ll let me fuck you with the strap-on.”

Nicole paused for a second, her senses telling her there was a trap but her imagination was doing crazy things that told her no matter what the outcome she would be bending over for her Omega to fuck at some point anyway. “Okay,” she managed to squeak out past the burgeoning desire and anticipation.

Grinning, Waverly opened up the doors and watched with eager eyes as a still stunned Nicole move around and climb in. Starting the engine she slowly got the Jeep moving and heading down the road… well under the speed limit. Seeing Nicole’s questioning glance at the speedometer she grinned all the more. “Wynonna’s not going to find the strap-on,” she smirked as Nicole’s eyebrow climbed higher. Maybe the receipt if she went nosing around in the bedroom, Waverly acknowledged, but not the strap-on itself. “That’s under your seat.”

Nicole didn’t dare reach down to touch it. Not that she needed to. She knew that Waverly wasn’t stringing her along, there was too much heat and anticipation in her eyes. And, even if she hadn’t suddenly grown aware of every rustle and movement of the package beneath her seat feeling like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, Nicole could actually smell the silicone and the material of the harness now that she knew what to smell for.

Nicole had never really thought of anything like that before, she’d never been with anyone long enough for taking a relationship in that direction to come up. The thought of Waverly using a strap-on on her though… it had her shifting surreptitiously in her seat as it created an ache inside her as enticing as the thought of being the one in charge of using it.

Knowing that the sight of Wynonna and the others, and their run, would be the much-needed distraction Nicole would use to compose herself with, Waverly drew the journey home out. By the time she pulled her Jeep off the road and into its place where Nicole’s cruiser usually resided, the vehicle was heavy with barely restrained desire and wolf. As Nicole’s eyes met hers, she wasn’t the least bit surprised to see that their brown beauty was blown wide, the white gone over to her wolf.

“Someone’s looking a little, Haught and bothered.” Wynonna ignored her sister’s reproachful look and grinned at Nicole’s eye roll as climbed out of the Jeep. She couldn’t help it, she actually liked the Alpha!

Nicole was surprisingly easy going, for anyone let alone a, ugh, cop or an Alpha, and quite obviously as in love with her sister as Waverly was with her… Which was actually quite sickening when they got all mushy with each other but… well, Waverly deserved someone that loved her and wasn’t looking to score points within the pack.

She was also fiercely protective, another thing that Wynonna loved and appreciated. She’d been watching her around town, in a purely scientific, concerned sister and not at all stalker-ish kind of way. And before they had gotten all holed up in her bedroom for nearly a week, and even in her short amount of time in Purgatory, Nicole had managed to work her way into the hearts of the people there with that damned dimpled smile and her willingness to listen.

Yep, she was a good one.

“You ever going to give up on the puns, Earp?”

“But, Red, I’ve only just started,” Wynonna winked and slapped her arms across Nicole and Waverly’s shoulders, pulling them both closer as they made their way towards the house. “Now, will you two come help out Doc and Xavier, that wild tiger you own has got them trapped on the stairs?”

Chapter Text

“C.J.?” Opening the door, Waverly gathered up the allegedly offending cat from where she was sitting on Nicole’s desk at the bottom of the staircase. She smiled as she rolled on to her back in her arms and purred up a storm in greeting.

“Well, now I do believe I have seen everything there is to see,” Doc drawled in amazement from the step he was sitting on. Tipping back his hat with a fingertip, he shook his head as he watched the scene below. “Not two minutes ago I swore that little hellion was going to remove my moustache with a swipe.”

“What did the meanies do to you, Baby?” Waverly crooned softly.

“Meanies? All Doc did, was lean against that desk and she flew at us!” Xavier scowled at Wynonna as she chuckled silently… from the safety of the doorway with Nicole in the line of fire, he noted with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, there you go then… That’s mama’s desk isn’t it C.J.? No meanies allowed.”

“Ignore Waverly, guys, I think C.J. just isn’t too keen on men.” Nicole rubbed the ginger cat under the chin and smiled softly as she grabbed her finger between soft paws and licked on the tips of her finger with her sandpaper-rough tongue.

“You guys going to come down now and have a drink or are you still too scared? I guess you could find a window up there and climb out?” Wynonna’s brow furrowed as Waverly suddenly seemed to choke on nothing and tried to look innocent. Hmm, what had her sister been doing?

“Earp,” Xavier rolled his eyes at her playfully as she grinned up at them both mischievously. “You hid outside when you heard the cat so don’t go pretending to be all brave now.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about, Xavier,” Wynonna snorted dismissively and tried to ignore the cat’s upside down glower. What in the hell was a cat doing schmoozing up with werewolves anyway? It was just… unnatural. “I only went to make sure these two didn’t get all ‘distracted’ again… You know how Waverly’s been since she started banging a hot redhead.”

Shaking her head, Nicole pressed a soft kiss to Waverly’s temple. She lingered a moment, enjoying the press of her body and the scent of her skin before reluctantly pulling back to make her way into the kitchen to check on the casserole gently bubbling away in the oven, and see if Wynonna and the others had left any booze in the house.

Miracle of miracles, there was actually a couple of bottles of whiskey left. Knowing that Wynonna was missing Waverly, she mentally added four bottles to her next shopping list and hoped it would be enough.

Catching Wynonna’s scent drawing closer, Nicole poured them both a healthy shot of whiskey and handed a glass to the other woman as she propped her hip against the counter beside her.

“Don’t worry Haughtsauce I brought a special bottle for us to try after our run.”

“Only for after? What is it, rocket fuel?”

“Don’t worry your little cop heart, Red. It’s perfectly legal,” Wynonna assured her.

Wynonna’s look of anticipation did little to still Nicole’s nerves. Alcohol had little to no effect on them so Nicole knew she shouldn’t be worried… but then the Earp sisters did have a way of surprising her. Taking a sip of her drink, she tried to ignore Wynonna’s curious gaze as she thought about Waverly naked except for a strap-on and nearly drowned herself as her shoulder twitched.

Wynonna nodded appreciatively as she drew in the scent of the whiskey in the glass and felt the smoothness of its heat as she took a taste. “Mmmm, you got the good stuff in.”

“Waverly’s doing,” Nicole smiled. “I don’t drink too often, always seems a waste of time and money. I tried to get drunk once after being run out of one state or another… Damn, I can’t even remember which one it was now… I gave it up as a waste of time after the fifth bottle though. Waverly decided to get some in she thought I might like the taste of.”

“Five? Even that would have me a little wobbly and I’m used to chugging it down.”

“Yeah, well I’m glad to say that you don’t have Bulshar genes running through you, Earp. We’re a tough breed and kind of resistant to most poisons too… Which he helped build up in typical sadistic fashion. Nothing like a cocktail of poison and orange juice to start the day. Though I’m probably a bit more of a lightweight now even with alcohol but… still, a waste of money that I didn’t have, to drink it to try and get wasted.”

Placing a hand on Nicole’s shoulder, Wynonna gave the tense muscle there a squeeze as the redhead stared at the floor lost in distant memories. Trying to get drunk while on the run sounded downright dangerous and not a very Haught thing to do. “I’m glad that shit-eater is dead.” Though there was part of her that wanted to dig his sorry ass up and have him reanimated just so she could kill him again simply for making Nicole look like that.

Lifting her head, Nicole stared into the brilliant blue of the other woman’s eyes. She wasn’t sure how much the Alpha had heard that night when they had taken Bobo and his pack down, or if Waverly had told her, but… she was the leader and Nicole needed to make sure she knew. “Wynonna, Bobo seemed to think that Bulshar was still alive somehow. That was why he attacked me. Bobo thought if he could kill me, my ‘power’ would go back to Bulshar.”

“Your power?”

“Yeah, no idea what the hell he meant by that. What we are is just part of us, not like it’s magic or anything. But then I don’t think he was all there in the head.”

“That was easy to tell by his wardrobe choices,” Wynonna snorted. “I mean, really? That coat? Definitely cray-cray, huh?” she gently nudged Nicole’s shoulder with her own and snaffled the bottle of whiskey off the counter. “Bring the glasses, Haughtstuff. I’m in the mood for one more drink of this good stuff with all my family before we run.”

Standing on the threshold between kitchen and living room, Wynonna couldn’t help but smile at the stunned expression on Nicole’s face as her words and what she was saying sank in. Of course, being who she was, Wynonna found she just had to tease the newest member of her family and let out a soft whistle and patted her thigh like she was calling a puppy over. “Come on, Red!”

The look on Nicole’s face was priceless as she ducked and tilted her head. Her hair flew around her face and shoulders in a swath of red as she shook her head gently and failed to hide the deep dimples of her smile as she pushed off from where she was leaning against the counter.

Only as she turned around did Wynonna realise just why Nicole was so amused when she bumped straight into the folded arms of her baby sister who was giving her a disapproving look that made Wynonna feel like a child again. “Hey there, sis… I was only teasing.”

“I know… that’s why I haven’t turned wolf and bitten your ass… Yet.”

“Ya could have warned me, Red,” Wynonna hissed as they followed Waverly.

“Ahh, but then I would have pissed Waverly off and who would I rather piss off, you… or your sister?”

“Fair enough,” Wynonna chuckled in acknowledgement, her little sister was ferocious when riled. Secretly, very secretly, she was overjoyed at Nicole’s attitude towards Waverly’s actions. Champ the Chump had always tried to hold Waverly back and belittled her when she had stood up for herself and everything she believed. And then there was Nicole… so very willing to let Waverly take the more dominant role and protect her if she wanted and also not afraid to show what others might think of as weakness when anyone else was around. Nicole understood that being Omega didn’t mean that Waverly was less of a wolf, woman or person than herself.

Taking a seat, Nicole handed Waverly a glass of whiskey and kissed her cheek as she settled herself on her lap with a not so subtle wiggle as Wynonna sat between the guys on the couch.

Nicole glanced at Waverly’s profile, taking in the sudden tenseness in her jaw. There was a nervousness about Waverly that felt like it was building towards fear as the whiskey in their glasses went down. Taking Waverly’s hand, Nicole pressed it against the mark on her throat as she stroked the one on her Omega’s. Waverly’s head dropped to her shoulder, trapping her hand against her neck, as her nervousness eased with a sigh. “Hey, are you okay, Waves?” Nicole whispered against the crown of her head.

Wynonna sighed sadly as Waverly looked at her, silently begging her to help explain what was wrong.

Nicole looked between the sisters. “Wynonna, what’s going on?”

“When Waves was going through her first full moon, Willa, our big sister, decided it would be huge fun to temp Waverly out on to the frozen pond. As she changed, her extra weight cracked the ice and she went under. I heard her scream from the house and managed to get her out.” Wynonna paused, swallowing around the choking memory of seeing her baby sister blue and unresponsive from the cold. She had come closer to losing her than she ever wanted to see happen ever again. “It got her mid-change, shocked her right out of it and since then it actually hurts her to do it.”

“I’m okay once it’s over with though,” Waverly muttered against Nicole’s neck. “I focus on how good that is as much as I can… but… I just get nervous about the actual changing. I know it’s all in my head… but… Knowing that doesn’t seem to help,” she mumbled.

Stroking her fingers along Waverly’s jaw, Nicole gently brushed her thumb across her cheek and caressed the softness of her skin just below her ear. “Hey, I’ll gladly run with you as normal if you don’t want to do the full change, Baby. You know that, right?”

“I do know,” Waverly kissed Nicole’s cheek softly. “I really want to run with you how it should be though. You can do it anytime you want but I just get the full moon.”

“Waves, the other day when you asked if I could change you…?”

“I wasn’t thinking about this… at least… not intentionally,” Waverly frowned, wondering if it had been on her mind even a little bit. She glanced at Nicole, taking in the expression on her face. She was obviously running something through her mind but she could sense only a hint of concern as it flashed through her.

“Waves, I want to try something… do you trust me?” Nicole narrowed her eyes in playful warning as she felt Waverly’s mind switch to the package awaiting under the passenger seat of her Jeep. “No,” she whispered through her mind, “not that! Later. You are so wicked.”

Standing up, Waverly held out a hand to her Alpha. “Of course I trust you.”

Wynonna felt panic surging through her. “Wait! You’re not planning on…!”

“No, god, no! I would never do that to her, Wynonna, I still feel terrible that I did that to Xavier like that,” Nicole ducked her head even though she could see the understanding in Xavier’s dark eyes for how she had accidentally turned him at the hospital. “I just want to see if I can help Waves with the connection we share with our marks. Just keep her calm and talk her through it if I can.”

“Okay,” Wynonna nodded. She didn’t understand what Nicole had in mind but she trusted the Alpha not to hurt Waverly. “We’ll have another drink and give you time to change in peace.”

“For god’s sake, guys… when you change, do it outside!” Nicole grabbed her jacket off the rack and a throw off the chair. “I kind of like our home and would like to keep it in one piece!”

“Apart from the bed,” Wynonna teased.

“Apart from the bed,” Nicole grinned… “and the couch,” she chuckled as Wynonna let out a strangled cry and scrambled off it… or tried to as Doc and Xavier were being no help at all. “And, Calamity, play nice!” She shot over her shoulder as she caught Calamity swishing her tail and taking up her guard position on her desk again as she followed Waverly out onto the porch.

Chapter Text

Before the door had even clicked shut behind them, Nicole pulled Waverly against her body and enfolded her in her arms and the heat of her body. Closing her eyes, she smiled and made a low sound of contentment as Waverly pressed closer, her breath warm through her clothes as her Omega purred and nuzzled her face against her.

“So, what have you got in mind, Nic?”

“With company here… not what’s on yours,” Nicole chuckled breathlessly at the images flashing across her mind. She wasn’t sure if it was from the power of the moon or just the strengthening of their bond but Waverly emotions and unspoken thoughts were hitting her more and more like images and not just feelings… Quick flashes like glimpsing a painting on the move that solidified into crystal clear photographs. It was… distracting but not dangerously so as they were mostly coming when she was focused on Waverly anyway.

“Spoilsport,” Waverly pouted with a smile. Leaning back, she drowned in the softness of Nicole’s eyes as she smiled down at her gently. “Then, if no kissing…?”

“Now… I didn’t say that, did I?” Capturing her chin with a finger, Nicole kissed the tip of her nose and then caught the fullness of Waverly’s lips with her own in a soft, heated, exploration.

“Wow,” Waverly released a breathy sigh as she sagged against Nicole as they reluctantly parted for air. “Is there an actual plan then?” she chuckled.

“Kind of,” Nicole admitted. “I mean, not like I’ve ever done anything like this before so I’m mostly going by what feels right. I’m not going to force you to change, if I did it wrong it would just hurt you more and I don’t want you to be afraid around me,” she placed a finger to Waverly’s lips before she could protest. “No, you already admitted to being anxious about it and it hurting when you change. I don’t want to risk adding to that.”

Cupping Nicole’s hand, she pressed a kiss to her palm and nuzzled her cheek into the warmth of it. “Then what?”

“How about we get naked and I just show you? As long as you’re okay with trying?”

As her Omega shimmied out of her clothing and jewellery, Nicole fought against the desire to just sweep her up into her arms and head back to their bedroom and quickly draped her jacket over her shoulders and wrapped the throw around her for warmth whilst she removed her own clothes.

Nicole regretted that her home wasn’t big enough so she could try and help Waverly inside where it was warm but… if she tried, one false twitch or stretch and she would probably bring the ceiling down around her own ears. And there was the unknown state of the floorboards to take into account.

With her extra bulk when turned there was a good chance she could go through them and then Waverly would have ended up traumatised about changing inside. And she could only imagine how many years it would take Wynonna to stop laughing if anything like that happened.

“Okay, wrap those legs- Ooof,” Nicole’s breath left her in a whoosh as Waverly launched herself into her arms and wrapped her legs around her waist.

“Like this?” Waverly grinned.

“Yeah- yeah, that- that’s good,” she managed to squeak out as Waverly’s grin widened and she wiggled closer. “You are so beautiful. Now, are you ready to try this?”

“Even though I don’t know what ‘this’ is? Yeah, I’m ready.”

Nicole tapped the side of her own neck. “Touch.” She sighed contentedly as Waverly got her meaning and pressed their marks together. Instantly, she felt Waverly relax into her, a murmur of pleasure breathing across her ear. Her hands fluttered against her as their scent filled them. “That’s it, Waves,” she whispered softly through her mind. “I’ve got you, Baby. Feel my heart beating with yours. Feel me breathing with you. When you feel ready, let me know and I’ll change just as slowly as you need me to and we’ll do this together.”

Waverly relaxed fully into the strength of her Alpha’s body. She relished the warmth and strength of her, the solid beat of her heart against her breast calming and matching her own. Their bodies rose and fell, rocking together with each breath, so soothing and exciting at the same time.

Waverly felt her pulse and body quicken, her skin tingling in anticipation until it felt too full of coiled muscle, fur and teeth to be contained. She didn’t need to speak, she felt it, the warming pulse of power and subtle sensual slide of muscle and bones, the lengthening of limbs beneath her as Nicole’s body shifted and changed with hers.

Opening her eyes, Waverly watched, gazing deep into Nicole’s eyes as they slowly went solid, and red hair flowed around and covered her muzzle as it formed. She knew her body was doing the same but she was so enraptured watching Nicole that she was aware of it but didn’t feel it at all.

Waverly nuzzled her nose against Nicole’s and laughed as her Alpha twirled them in a circle. “That was amazing, Nic!”

“It didn’t hurt, did it?”

“I never felt a thing, Baby. Well… apart from you,” she winked.

“I’m glad,” Nicole smiled. “God, you look gorgeous,” Nicole nosed along Waverly’s jaw and nipped at Waverly’s ear, tugging gently as Waverly giggled and held her tighter.

“Hey, no eating my sister, Haught,” scooping up their abandoned clothing, Wynonna passed it to Doc so he could be the one to risk life, limb and moustache getting it by Calamity Jane to put it inside. Placing a hand on Waverly’s back she could still feel the quiet thrum of energy flowing through them. They had all felt it even inside the house, even Calamity had reacted to it… though the weird cat had just purred louder and scent marked everything on Nicole’s desk instead of running in fear. “That was… wow… You okay, Baby Girl?”

“Amazing,” Waverly chuffed softly as she slid down Nicole’s body. Turning in her arms, she leaned back into the furred wall of her chest and stroked the arms that looped around her. Being in any of their wolf forms protected them from the cold of even the harshest winter nights that Canada could throw at them but that didn’t mean she couldn’t appreciate, and love, the protection and heat radiating off her Alpha.

Waverly felt Nicole’s chest expand as Wynonna, Doc and Xavier changed and their Alpha scent strengthened as she took it in with a deep breath. “You’re holding yours back again, love,” she gently reminded her.

“Sorry,” Nicole muttered against Waverly’s neck. “I still haven’t gotten used to that.” She let it out gently and endured the between the ear ruffling and chuckle from Wynonna as she rubbed against her.

“Gonna lead the way, Redhaught?”

“Nope, it’s your pack, Earp. Your run.”

“This is a family run… where do you recommend?” She smiled at the wide-eyed puppy expression on Nicole’s face at been reminded again that she was a part of their family.

“Where do you think, Waves?”

“Oh, I know! Come on!” Leaping from the porch, Waverly excitedly led the way around the side of the house so they could head towards the stream and the trees beyond. She’d been wanting to explore the woods and the land beyond with Nicole again, and she wanted her family to see it with them.

They caught up with her quickly and kept pace, letting her lead them across the stream and between the trees. Nicole and Wynonna ran either side of her with Doc and Xavier darting around each other. Their pace was easy and unhurried, the moon glinting off their bodies as they moved, their breaths streaming behind them in a white fog in the chilly night air.

As relaxed as they were though, Waverly knew that they were all as watchful as always. Not one step being taken where the ground and the horizon ahead hadn’t been searched with all their senses. Waverly could tell that Nicole and Xavier were more on guard. Nicole’s life and her training as Police Officer, and Xavier’s training as a Marine, not allowing them to relax even when they seemed to be. It was just ingrained in their nature but it didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves Waverly noted with a grin as Xavier nudged Doc with his shoulder and sent the older man sprawling into a snowbank.

Waverly stood in the shelter of Nicole’s arms as they watched Doc and Xavier tumble around in the snow like a couple of overexcited kids until the called a truce and they all started their run again.

The trees grew gradually thinner as they climbed up a long sloping incline that ended with a sheer drop. Waverly smiled as she looked out across the land below them. From where they were she could see the lights of Purgatory and even the Homestead, as well as the land beyond on the other side all lit up by the light from the full moon.

At her side, Wynonna tossed back her head and let out a howl that stretched out into the night. She couldn’t see them but Waverly could almost sense the members of their pack lifting their heads to listen to their Alpha and one by one they answered her call and added their voices to their Alpha’s song.

The only voice that remained silent was Nicole’s. She sat there, lightly pressed against her side, their breathing matching. A soft smile spread across Nicole’s face as her eyes wandered over the land and Waverly knew she was content to just take in each voice and put a face to each one as she listened to their music.

Sliding her hand along Nicole’s shoulder, Waverly lightly flexed her nails, feeling beneath air chilled red to the warmth trapped below and the strong muscles twitching and flexed at her touch. She felt Nicole’s brown eyes lock upon her as she added her voice to their song. Nicole’s eyes closed and Waverly smiled and held her closer as her head pressed against her shoulder as they sat and breathed in the land. “Not joining our song?”

“I’ll howl for you later, Waves,” Nicole mumbled softly as she played their fingers together.

“What, when I use the-” she grinned as Nicole’s eyes flew open and her hand wrapped around her muzzle to silence her. Catching her off balance, Waverly pushed against the wall of Nicole’s chest and sent them both tumbling back down the slope in a tangle of limbs and laughter.

She’d already checked the slope for anything in their path but still, her Alpha protected her from even the lightest of bumps and held her close as they slid under a low branch. Only as they came to rest in a gentle glide at the base of a tree that was little more than a sapling did Waverly find herself on the bottom of their pile.

Nicole’s face was cast in shadow by the brightness of the moon over her shoulder but the outline of her body glowed red as the moon shone through her coat. Nicole’s eyes as she dipped her head closer, bright and molten, swirling with flickers of gold and red as they reflected Waverly’s image back at herself. The press of Nicole’s body between her thighs was a delightful torment that had heat pooling at the point of contact and set Waverly’s hips arching up eagerly for more.

Nicole pressed closer, her senses spiralling out of control as she gazed down at Waverly. The moon paled in comparison to the beauty and pull of the hazel eyes they were reflected in. Nicole drowned in them and the depths of the love she felt for the extraordinary woman beneath her that held her heart so completely and carefully.

“I love you so much, Waverly Earp and… I want you, right here, right now,” Nicole growled softly against Waverly’s neck. “Unfortunately…” she interrupted before Waverly could speak. “It will have to wait… I can feel your sister plotting something.” Winking at Waverly, Nicole rolled them both over as a snowball exploded against the trunk of the tree above them and shook all the snow from the branches to land with a THUD where they had been a split second before. Sitting back on her haunches, Nicole laughed as Waverly raced back up the slope and tackled her sister.

It felt good to be able to laugh, to be surrounded by friends, by family, and just be happy. Acknowledging that almost made Nicole’s laugh stutter and die in grief for what she’d never experienced before. She refused to think about it though, the past was to be learned from, the present and the future lay spread before her… before them.

Her laugh bubbled up again, bursting from somewhere deep inside to be echoed by Doc and Xavier at her side as Waverly caught Wynonna with a perfectly thrown snowball to the back of her head and then grabbed her in a headlock.

Wynonna tapped Waverly’s arm and shared a look with her sister as they looked at the others laughing at them… with them. They didn’t speak, they didn’t need to. Grinning in anticipation, they set their sights… and snowballs on their loves.

Chapter Text

Waverly could smell the delicious scent of their casserole floating like a siren’s call on the night air as they reached the edge of the trees and stopped with the gently babbling stream before them. No words were needed as they stopped and quietly raked their senses across the open land before them. Checking to make sure it was safe and to see who, or what, had been there in their absence.

It was clear, just the lingering scents of rabbit and deer and the distant smell of vehicles passing miles away from the house, but Nicole went first across the stream, leaping easily across the width of it, simply because she was the first of them to move. Waverly leapt across after her and found herself caught easily in Nicole’s strong arms and swung around.

“Ugh, you guys,” rolling her eyes, Wynonna shook her head at them as though they were killing her buzz with their sappiness. She was barely able to restrain her smile at her happiness at their softness though. As both Waverly and Nicole flipped her matching middle finger salutes without even breaking eye contact with each other, Wynonna couldn’t restrain her bark of laughter. She set off with Doc and Xavier flanking her, leaving the young pups to catch up when they were done making googly eyes at each other.

“They’re happy with each other.”

“Yes, yes they are Xavier,” propping her hip against the porch rail, she leaned against him as they watched Nicole and Waverly slowly making their way towards the house. “Disgusting isn’t it,” she grinned as he rolled his eyes at her teasing comment before he turned human and bestowed her with a smile that was all white teeth and barely restrained joy. God, she loved that smile!

She melted into it, pushing against his body with her own as she changed so they could kiss better. Tilting her hips, she pressed back into the curve of Doc’s body as he sandwiched her between them.

He pressed a kiss to Wynonna’s shoulder, licking at the softness of her skin before teasing her with soft kisses and licks along the curve of her throat. Nuzzling his nose against his mark upon her flesh, he sank his teeth into it and delighted as her keening cry filled Xavier’s mouth and she writhed between them.

Reluctantly he stilled their hands and sucked in a ragged breath as his mate's blunt calloused fingers tangled with the slender length of Wynonna’s to paint the straining length of his cock with teasing strokes. “I think, my loves, we would be best continuing this later when we are back home with more time… and warmth, to enjoy ourselves fully,” he groaned with a wry chuckle.

“They won’t mind…”

“Maybe not. But I would if we gave in to our desire on their couch later and that cat of theirs clawed my ass at the wrong time,” nodding his head he drew their attention to said cat watching them through the window with a look that said she was looking forward to cleaning her claws on him.

“Grown assed werewolves afraid of a tiny cat,” Wynonna gave them a push towards the door. “One of you go get my clothes will ya?”

“Oh, so it is okay for us to go in there with that whilst you cower out here on the porch?” Folding his arms, Xavier arched an eyebrow at her.

“I’m not cowering,” Wynonna snorted at the very idea. “Just giving you boys a chance to prove your metal.”

“My metal is just fine, Wynonna.”

“As is mine!” Doc huffed. “You should know, you both just felt it.”

Rolling her eyes, Nicole changed as she stepped up on to the porch and walked by them into the house.

Waverly stopped in the doorway and looked back at them. “Will you lot get inside before you get frostbite? I don’t want anything dropping off onto the porch. Don’t worry, we’ll protect you from C.J.” Flashing them a grin, she followed the light tug on her wrist that guided her back into Nicole’s arms. The heat was on in the room, set to her needs over Nicole’s as usual but, even though she had just stepped in from the cold, there was nothing so instantly warming as the feel of her Alpha’s body against hers and the security of her arms holding her.

“Want me to put your clothes in the dryer to warm?”

“I would rather stay in your arms,” Waverly pouted.

Hmm, tempting,” Nicole ran her nose along Waverly’s and brushed their lips together. “But then my ass would get cold. Don’t…” she warned gently, “you’re projecting your thoughts too much to get away with that.” But that didn’t mean she couldn’t so Nicole gave the firmness of Waverly’s ass a warming PAT before dancing out of reach before Waverly could get her back for it. Snatching up their clothes, she handed Waverly hers and started getting dressed on the way through to the kitchen. “Come on C.J., stop terrorising them and I’ll fix you some food.”

Smiling as she watched the stunning view that was Nicole walking in any direction, Waverly started to dress and only had to take her top off again twice to get it the right way round. “What?” she blushed as Wynonna rolled her eyes at her as she started getting dressed beside her now they were sure that C.J. was busy eating in the kitchen.

Pulling Waverly into a hug, Wynonna planted a kiss on her sister’s temple and ruffled her hair until it was a tangled riot around Waverly’s face. “Just glad you’re so happy, Baby Girl. Hey, Haught! Got any more of that fine whiskey hidden away?!”

“There’s another bottle in here, Earp. Help yourself… or I could bring it out if C.J. scares you too much?”

“Ha! Ha!” straightening her shoulders at the teasing challenge in Nicole’s voice, Wynonna marched into the kitchen and skirted the edge of the table opposite the eating cat. “Damn, Red! That smells good!” Nose lifting, she inhaled the aroma filling the kitchen as Nicole checked the casserole.

“Nearly done,” Nicole smiled. “Do you want to fix your steaks or…”

“Xavier’s our resident flame guy… I prefer to just kiss the cooks,” to prove a point she planted a kiss on Nicole’s cheek as she grabbed the bottle of whiskey from the cupboard Nicole was pointing to, even though they both knew that she knew where it was.

“Wynonna, stop hitting on my girlfriend!”

Cackling, Wynonna skipped out of Waverly’s way as she started setting the table for them and went to join Doc in the living room.

“Nicole, might I trouble you for a pen?”

“Top right drawer of the desk, Doc. Help yourself.”

Moving over to the desk, Doc reached for the drawer that Nicole had said and suddenly felt the sting of white-hot pain that roared into a fire. “Thunderation!!!” Yanking his hand back he stared at the cat dangling from his hand by her teeth. “Waverly Earp! Your cat is the devil incarnate!”

Racing from the kitchen at his yell, Waverly looked between C.J. sitting on the desk like a regal ginger statue and Doc as he shook his hand and eyed the healing punctures. “Doc… Calamity Jane is loving and gentle,” holding out her hand, Waverly smiled as the ginger cat head-butted her furiously and unleashed a thunderous purr. “See?”

Eying the cat nervously, Doc reached out and blinked in confusion as the cat made friends with his fingers. “Well now. You, Calamity Jane, are a bizarre young filly.”

“No wonder she tried to take a chunk if you compared her to a horse, Doc,” Waverly chuckled.

“It so happens that I like horses. Fine beasts.” With Waverly there, Doc reached for the drawer again and stiffened as Calamity arched her back and let out a yowling hiss of warning before he could touch it. “Well now, it appears it is what I was doing that bothered her.”

Keeping an eye on C.J., Waverly opened the drawer without a murmur leaving her... That was until she touched the files themselves and then C.J. grew restless, her tail flicking in agitation but she didn’t attack. “Oh,” taking the files out, Waverly closed the drawer and gestured for Doc to try again. This time the only thing that left C.J.’s throat was a purr. “Nic?”

“Yes, Baby?” Nicole glanced through into the living room.

“C.J. seems to have an issue with anyone getting close to these. She held the files up so her Alpha could see. “Well, she’s okay with me touching them, doesn’t like it but she’s okay. She nearly took Doc’s hand off just because he touched the drawer though.

“Anything we need to know about, Haught?”

“I was hoping to go through it after we’d eaten if you wanted to see it all,” Nicole glowered at C.J. and got a haughty look back as the fluffy ginger tabby licked her paw. “It’s some stuff the Sheriff gave me on the Cult of Bulshar. Police reports. Photographs.”

And so much more, Waverly thought. But she stayed silent on that as she wasn’t sure how much Nicole was willing to reveal about her past. In particular her relationship with the Sheriff, when she hadn’t really had the chance to absorb it for herself.

“You do know though, Haughtpants, you don’t have to show us if you don’t want to, we trust you?” Yeah, she was curious, but she would have to be blind to not see that even if the sharing didn’t bother her, the files did and she wanted it to be on Nicole’s terms, no pressure.

“I know,” taking the file out of Waverly’s hands, Nicole tested C.J.’s reaction as she placed it back on the desk. The cat didn’t like her touching it, her tail swished even more violently when she did, but as it left her hand, C.J. rubbed against her with a purr before settling on top of the file with her claws out, digging them into the file like she was keeping it trapped. Very strange!

“It’s not exactly after dinner reading but after what Bobo said, I thought you should all probably see it. There are some photos in there that are people that were associated with the Cult that didn’t get caught up with… it. I don’t really remember any of them but if Bobo made it this far…”

“At least we’ll know who to look out for. Is the Sheriff going to be okay with you sharing information?”

“He didn’t say anything. Would it bother you if he wasn’t though?”

“Not at all,” Wynonna grinned unrepentantly. “Oh, he’s okay, I mean… for a Cop.”


Wynonna winked at Nicole’s pout. “But we did tend to end up on the wrong side of the line when I was young… him over there on the ‘good’ side and me on the ‘what feel’s good’ side.”

“Well… glad you’re not dipping your toe over the line too often, Earp. I would hate for Waverly to have to keep bailing you out.”

“Oh, don’t worry Baby… I would leave her there so you didn’t have to keep staying late to fill in all that paperwork.”

“Thank you, you’re so sweet, Waves,” ignoring Wynonna’s face, Nicole wrapped her arms around Waverly and nuzzled the curve of her neck.

“Anything for my Best Baby,” Waverly purred enticingly as she leaned back in Nicole’s arms and traced the line of her dimples with a fingertip.


“If you lot have quite finished,” Xavier grumbled good-naturedly at their continued teasing as he rolled his eyes. “The steaks are ready.”

Hungry from their change and run, they ate ravenously and Nicole found herself smiling at their easy banter and enjoying herself instead of reaching the point of panic she used to when surrounded by people. The easy company and banter helped but she knew it was Waverly that was keeping her centred and calm. She leaned into Waverly’s touch as she kept some point of contact between them at all times. A brush of fingers across hers or her arm. A hand laying against her thigh as she reached across the table for something. Their hips touched, their shoulders… they just had to touch.

When the food was all done, Nicole quickly cleared the table with Doc’s help as the others made their way into the living room to crack open the bottle of whiskey. There was something so easy to be around about the older man. An old world charm and manners that were right out of a western, set in a youthful face and a voice that was as smooth and smoky as the finest whiskey and good company. “I’m nearly done here, Doc… go get yourself a whiskey.”

“If you are quite sure?”

“Positive,” Nicole smiled. As he made his way to join the others, Nicole watched for a moment and then stepped outside. She checked around, tracking the occasional happy howl floating to her on the breeze from the pack. Following the line of trees with all her senses one last time before stepping back into the warmth of the kitchen and locking the door.

“Everything okay, Baby?” Sliding her arms around Nicole’s trim waist, Waverly lay her cheek between her Alpha’s shoulder blades. Nicole back expanded beneath her and left as a deep breath of contentment as she ran her slender fingers across her arms and clasped hands.

“Yeah, just wanted one last check around,” Nicole quickly reassured her. She couldn’t explain what exactly had her feeling on edge… whether it was just that it was a full moon or the weight of what was in those files. Maybe it was just because she was happier than she had ever been. Whatever it was, Nicole felt the need to keep an extra close eye out for trouble and protect the ones she loved. Yeah, as sassy as Wynonna could be, somehow she had worked her way onto the suddenly growing list of people that Nicole would do anything to protect and it wasn’t just because she was Waverly’s sister. Though… that did give her a little more leeway than most with the Haught puns.

Taking a glass of whiskey from Wynonna, Nicole took her usual place on the chair, which had been moved closer to the couch, and made room for Waverly to join her. Even if they had had the whole couch to themselves, they would have been just as close and entwined… probably more so as their clothes never seemed to stay on for long when they were together.

Waverly watched Nicole’s throat work as she took a sip of the whiskey and as she lowered the glass, Waverly cupped the line of her jaw, tilting her face, and stole the taste of it from her lips and tongue with an appreciative murmur.

“Damn, Baby,” Nicole buried her face against Waverly’s shoulder with a shaky chuckle. She wasn’t complaining but, Waverly did have a way of derailing her intentions so easily.

“Are you sure you want to go through those files tonight?”

“I wish I’d never seen them at all but… yeah. Could you get them for me, Baby? Pretty sure my legs won’t hold me right now after that move.”

Chuckling, Waverly wiggled around and made a production of climbing off of Nicole’s lap to retrieve the file from under C.J.’s watchful gaze.

“And the other one,” Nicole spoke gently into Waverly’s mind. She didn’t want there to be any secrets between them over something like that. Taking the files from Waverly, she looked at them as her love settled back against her. “Okay, first of all…” she took one of the photographs out and handed it over to Wynonna.

Wynonna studied the picture and glanced back at Nicole. “Wait? You’ve got a kid?”

“No… that’s my mama.”

“Holy hell, you look so much like her.”

“She’s also Sheriff Nedley’s, niece.” She knew that the Sheriff would probably go through all kinds of teasing from Wynonna at that, but it was worth it to see Wynonna gaping like a fish out of water trying to process that piece of information.

“Waves… would you mind telling them this part… I’d rather not?”

“Sure, Baby,” Waverly held on to Nicole’s hand, squeezing her fingers gently and rubbing her arm as she quickly ran through the basics of what her mother had been through so that Nicole didn’t have to go through it all again. She was sure that the only way Nicole had managed it the first time was because she had wrapped herself up in layers of indifference to protect herself but the layers were worn down right then and Waverly didn’t want her to have to try and build them up again.

The photos of the compound were, as before, easier for Nicole to go through and Waverly saw Xavier’s Marine training helping him to piece things together with all the information there.

“There’s something wrong with these,” he looked at all the photos laying before them on the table and frowned in confusion. “I swear, there’s something… I can’t see what it is though.”

“I felt the same way about them… it’s like there’s something obviously wrong, something so damn obvious it’s staring me right in the face but I can’t see it.”

“I might be able to help with one thing,” Doc held up one of the photographs, it was a group shot of people associated with the Cult taken before Nicole had been born. “I know that woman there… we all do… That right there is Bobo’s lawyer, Constance Clootie.”

Chapter Text

“Oh my god,” Nicole groaned as even her whisper echoed around her head alarmingly. She wanted to whimper and roll into a ball but even thinking of doing that made her head hurt more. As did the shifting beside her on the bed even if it came with the touch of a blissfully cold cloth across her forehead and neck, and the scent of Waverly. “What the hell happened?”

“Wynonna happened, Baby.” Even though the room was in darkness, Nicole let out a bitten off moan as she cracked open an eye. “Stay still, silly. It’ll pass soon.” Waverly would have been concerned… if she hadn’t known what had happened. As it was it was taking all her self-control not to go downstairs and slap her sister silly.

Nicole tried to focus on Waverly’s face and touch to try to anchor herself. “What the hell did your sister do to me?” she moaned.

Working gently, Waverly ran the damp cloth in her hand over Nicole’s throat and chest before gently sliding it around to cup the back of her neck. “What do you remember last?”

“Oh god, it hurts to think,” Nicole moaned but she concentrated, prising the memories loose. “We looked at those damned papers… Then I remember Wynonna giving me a drink of whiskey… that’s the last thing I remember. Why is that the last thing I remember?”

“Probably because five seconds after tossing it back you collapsed face first to the floor.”

“What?! Oww, shit,” grumbling, Nicole subsided back on to the bed as volume and moving definitely didn’t mix.

“Yeah. It was a very impressive face plant too. Then ten seconds after that you popped back up, declared that I was pretty and you liked me ‘so much’. Then I guess you got thirsty again ‘cause you downed another shot of whiskey like it was water and that was that. Lights out. BOOM!”

Nicole winced at the volume of the last word and how it made her stomach flip. “I’ve never had whiskey… anything… do that to me.”

“Well, I’m guessing that’s as you’ve never been as stupid as to have one infused with cannabis before.”

“Cannabis?” Nicole cracked open an eye and gazed up at an obviously furious Waverly. The thought that she was the cause had Nicole rolling up into a ball as tears flowed from her eyes.

“What the?” Seeing her Alpha’s tears, Waverly quickly shifted down in the bed and held her close, running her hand up and down her back. “Nic?”

“I’m so, so sorry, Waves!”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, silly,” running her fingers through her hair, Waverly gently whispered words of love and softly shushed her until she calmed. “That’s better. I’m not upset with you, Baby, you had no idea what ‘Nonna was giving you. If she’d known I would like to think even she would have had second thoughts. After it knocked you out, I did some research. You know how I love the research. I’m mad at the person that came up with it and Wynonna for buying the damn stuff.” Waverly gently tilted Nicole’s chin up and wiped away her tears. “That’s better, no more tears, okay?”

“Okay,” nodding, Nicole lay her head back against Waverly and closed her eyes. The gentle touch of hands and the warmth and scent of her body lulled her back towards sleep. “Wait, so what did it do?”

“Apparently, to a normal metabolism, not a whole hell of a lot. To a werewolf though,” Waverly gritted her teeth as she remembered what she’d read. “The alcohol burns off just as fast and then just leaves you with a massive dose of the cannabis. Not bad or illegal and most wolves just get buzzed. It hit you hard though, maybe stronger because you’re an Alpha or because you’re not used to it, but it so it knocked you on your cute little Alpha ass.”

“Oh, I bet Wynonna loved that,” she grumbled.

“Yeah, she was laughing her head off for all of five seconds after you went down the first time and then she tried it herself and went down just as fast. Luckily, you beat the rest of us to a drink. Next time Wynonna hands you anything and has that look of anticipation on her face… put that nose of yours to good use. Got it?”

“Got it, Waves,” Nicole whispered and snuggled back against her Omega, thoroughly chastised. Her one consolation was that it probably wouldn’t work on her again, certainly not to that degree anyway. One of the very few good things about being Bulshar’s daughter was that her body built up a resistance pretty damn fast.



The rhythmic noise broke through Nicole’s attempts to sleep and had her twitching against the pillows, her head tossing around in thought as she tried to place what the sound was.



Reaching across the bed Nicole whined pitifully as her hands touched cold bedding where Waverly’s warmth should have been. Thrusting aside the last restraints of sleep, she sat up on the bed and looked around the room.

It was wrong!

Too white and bright. The bedding, the walls, the light streaming through the window. Everything bright and hazy in a way that screamed, dream.



Pushing back the covers, she sat on the edge of the bed and tried to work out what was bothering her so much about that damned noise. “Waverly?” Her voice echoed through the room mockingly. With dread rising in her heart, Nicole placed her feet on the floor and whimpered at the nightmarish feeling of the carpet writhing beneath her feet as though it was alive. All around her the façade of dreamy white started to crack and peel away and she choked on the cloying scent of decay and mould that flowed through them.




Nicole had to find Waverly! It felt vital that she did so! She had to find her! Had to stop that noise before it was too late!

Leaping from the bed, Nicole rushed across the room. Her pace was slow and laboured, the door feeling miles away instead of steps. Always just out of reach of her touch. Lunging forwards, she grabbed the handle and twisted and twisted, finally getting it to open enough for her to get her fingers through so she could prise open the rotten, twisted wood the rest of the way.



It felt like it took hours, taunted on by the same sound as she made her way down thousands of step, hopping over ones that were broken and missing, her feet were burned and raw, bleeding from steps made from broken glass and razor blades.



In the distance and yet so close she could see what she was doing as clearly as though she was looking through Waverly’s eyes or leaning over her shoulder, Nicole saw Waverly flicking through the crime scene photographs from the Bulshar file. She knew the ones, she could see them.

Taken at different times they showed the room where Bulshar had finally met his end.

And as she realised that. As she watched Waverly. Nicole finally realised what had been so very wrong with them!


One photo showed his body lying there!


The next showed a hand missing its ring!


The next… his body was missing!



In the blink of an eye, Nicole watched the photographs from over Waverly’s shoulder, watching in horror as Bulshar’s body started to move within the confines of the photographs. Twisting up off the floor it lumbered towards the camera.


Nicole sat bolt upright in bed, sweat soaking her body as she tumbled from the bed and threw herself into the bathroom as nausea rolled through her.


“No!” Nicole stared at her reflection in the mirror in horror as the noise started up again… or continued? She wasn’t sure which, only knowing that it filled her with dread. She rushed from the bathroom and bolted for the door, ricocheting off the wall as she flung herself towards the stairs. “Waverly!”

“Hey, what’s wrong Baby?” Looking up from the photographs, Waverly stared in shock and concern as Nicole scrambled down the stairs looking as pale as a ghost, her brown eyes looking wide and startled. “Shush, Calamity,” the cat was hissing loudly, her body arched and bristled.


“Waves! Put them down!” Rounding the last of the steps, Nicole rushed the length of the room in an attempt to get to Waverly’s side but it was too late! A hand, pale and veiny, reached through the photograph and wrapped around Waverly’s throat, nails digging into her flesh.

“Waverly!” With Wynonna, Doc and Xavier at her side, Nicole tried time and again to get the photographs and knock the hands away from Waverly’s throat as her love toppled to the ground, gasping and struggling for breath, but her hands passed through them, burning and bleeding where they touched whatever it was.

A deafening, furious, yowl echoed around the room, pushing them back as Calamity jumped down from the desk and raced over. Standing at Waverly’s head she hissed, swatted and bit at the ghostly hands stealing Waverly away from them. And where she touched, blood flowed and it screamed in pain and fear as it fled back into the photographs.

Grabbing the file as Waverly went limp, Wynonna tossed it aside out of reach. She looked back to her baby sister with fear in her heart at how still she was as Nicole pulled her into her lap.

Purring loudly, Calamity climbed onto Waverly’s chest and nudged her gently, rubbing her chin against hers as she settled down and gently kneaded with her paws as though waiting.

“Whoa…” blinking open her eyes, Waverly tried to make sense of what the hell had happened but all she could focus on was the broken look in Nicole’s eyes and the tears flowing from them again. “Hey,” she rasped out, “no more tears, remember?”

Gathering her closer, Nicole screwed her eyes shut in a desperate attempt to hold back the flood of tears and fell into Waverly’s gentle touch. She kissed her as softly as she could for fear of hurting her and chased the palm of her hand as it cupped her face.

Feeling and hearing purrs, Nicole laughed as Calamity rubbed against them both in a flurry of scent marking and kisses with a sandpaper-rough tongue.

“Nic…” Waverly blinked up at Nicole and glanced around at everyone’s faces, seeing the concern and relief upon them all. “Am I dreaming or was I just attacked by a photograph?”

Chapter Text

Nicole felt a sob rising up from deep inside as Waverly’s hand slid away from her face and she fell silent with the softest of groans. Lifting her head, Nicole saw her hazel eyes close and felt her body grow limp in her arms as though asking a question had been too much and she had used up all her strength. “Waves? Waverly, please?”

Xavier pressed his fingers to Waverly’s neck and felt some of the built-up tenseness leave his body as he found her pulse, strong and steady. There was no raggedness to her breathing, no gasping or anything to say that, whatever the hell it was, had damaged her throat. “I think she just passed out. Breathing and pulse are good. Hey, Nicole, want to get her somewhere more comfortable?” he whispered softly.

Xavier stood by, ready to help if the other Alpha needed it. Waverly was the fiercest and most amazing Omega he had ever met. She was always ready to help anyone that needed it because it was who she was and not just because of genetics. She was also a sister to him and he would do anything in his power to keep her safe and happy. And now he was as sure as he could be that the immediate danger had passed, the best way he could do that was to make sure her Alpha was okay.

“Yea- yeah. Okay.”

Rising to her feet, Nicole scooped Waverly up in her arms at the same time, C.J. and all, and held her close against her trembling body. She felt Wynonna guiding her over to the couch and followed her gentle urgings as she gently pushed against her shoulder until she relented and sat down with Waverly cradled in her lap.

Wynonna studied the couple as she sat beside them. Gently, she touched Waverly’s arm and saw the smallest frown pucker between her sister’s eyes and caught her movement, as tiny as it was, to get closer to Nicole. “Xavier, could you go up and get a blanket from their bed? Nicole, hey, Haught! Stay with me here,” she clicked her fingers in front of Nicole’s eyes to get her attention. “I know she looks all delicate and shit but Waverly is an Earp, she’s as tough as old boot leather masquerading as a two dollar steak. “Think, what are your instincts telling you to do right now? Beyond the hunt down and kill whatever shit-ticket hurt her,” she quickly added at the flare of red rage burning in Nicole’s eyes. “What do you want to do for your Omega?” she lulled gently.

Pulling back on her rage and anguish, Nicole looked down at Waverly curled against her and pulled her closer as she buried her nose into her hair and breathed her in. The scent grounded her and helped her soar at the same time. “Hold her.”

“Then, Haughtshot, that’s what you need to do. Only, you’re going to have to let go of her for a second… cool it, Haughthead!” she admonished gently but firmly as Nicole growled in protest. “You’ll like this… she needs to be naked and wallowing on you and your scent. Whatever that thing did to her, you and your bond is going to fix her right up.”

With Nicole’s help, Wynonna helped get Waverly out of her clothing. Which wasn’t an easy task as Nicole didn’t want to let her go for even a second and C.J. wouldn’t get off of her. At least the cat wasn’t hissing and trying to claw eyes out but every time she was moved off of Waverly she was back in a flash and in the end, it was exhausting and just proved to be easier to work around her. “You’re only getting away with this ‘cause you kicked ass,” Wynonna grumbled at her as she worked Waverly’s top out from under the purring ginger ball of fur.

When they were finally settled, Wynonna draped the comforter Xavier had got from their bed over them… C.J. and all. Already Waverly was looking more relaxed and happy as she smiled and pressed her nose up under Nicole’s jaw and curled a hand around the lump Wynonna could only hope was C.J.’s body under the cover. “Hey, Doc. How’s it going over there?”

He looked up, meeting Wynonna’s worried blue gaze as she crouched down beside him and cast her eyes upon the discarded file. “As far as I can make out… whatever it was is now dead.”

“How can you be sure, Doc? That thing was with them for over a week and only just did… whatever the fuck that was.”

“You are quite right, Wynonna. I cannot say for certain but it is Calamity there as well as the condition of the photographs themselves that has me hoping. Calamity is over there, tending to them and not over here trying to remove either my hand or moustache. And as for the photographs…” he nudged one with the pen he had been using to move them without touching so Wynonna could take in how they were now scorched and clawed apart. “From what I can make out it is only the ones that showed the same area that is now in this state.”

“The three that show where Bulshar was killed? The main… I think they labelled it the courtyard?”

“Yes, I do believe those are the ones, Miss Haught.”

“For god’s sake, Doc. I’m laying here naked and I saw far too much of your ass last night, so don’t go all formal on me now or Calamity won’t be the only one trying to remove your moustache.”

Doc’s lips twitched. “I have been told that it gives me character.”

“Looks like a dead squirrel,” Waverly mumbled sleepily against Nicole’s neck.

“Waverly Earp, you wound me, Baby Girl!” Doc gasped and put a hand to his chest as Wynonna struggled to contain a chuckle. Xavier wasn’t so restrained in his humour and released a rich laugh into the room that felt warming and so very much like coming home after the fear and wrong that had come before.

“The photo’s I saw them and I have no idea why I didn’t see it before,” Nicole frowned and shook her head in confusion. “I don’t know now if I was dreaming or if it was through our link but I could hear Waverly flicking through the photographs and saw them as she did… one of them was just of the scene with Bulshar laying there… in another, his ring was gone off his hand and in the last, his body was gone. Guys, we read the reports, there was no mention of the bodies being removed or anything being taken off them…No times, no evidence numbers. I just didn’t see what was right in front of my eyes. That goes beyond a rookie mistake.”

“We all missed it, Nicole,” Xavier grumbled. “No offence to any of the others but, you and I, we’ve been trained to look at things like this, we should both have seen it and yet we didn’t.”

“Or weren’t allowed to.”


“Oh, come on. Nedley’s had that file for years and now, when it’s been handed over to Nicole, Bulshar’s heir, whether she likes it or not…”

“Not,” Nicole grumbled against Waverly.

“… It attacks now? I know the guy was freakishly nasty and weird but I hope we can all agree that he can’t actually attack from inside a picture from the past? At least I hope that’s not possible ‘cause if it is I’ve got some old photos I need to burn.”

“Then what are you thinking?”

“Right now, Doc…” Wynonna rubbed her hand down her face. “Right now, I’m thinking that once Waverly is up and running again we should go have a word with Purgatory’s beloved Sheriff… and I’m thinking that I’m regretting allowing you to pour that whiskey away.”

Chapter Text

Lulled by the steady beat of Nicole’s heart, the solid heat of her body and the rumbling purring and chuffing from C.J., Waverly sighed happily and wiggled closer to Nicole. Tucked up in the warmth of the comforter pulled up over her head, she smiled to herself as Nicole’s breathing hitched slightly and heart kicked up a beat at her move. Long, elegant fingers flexed upon her waist and shoulder where they lay, drawing her even closer into her warmth.

The gentle banter from Wynonna and the boys drifted around them and made her smile at the familiarity as they moved around the living room and kitchen. They alternated between planning their next move, fixing drinks and preparing lunch but Waverly kept her eyes closed a while longer and let it all wash over her. Nuzzling her nose against Nicole’s neck again she breathed in the warmth of their scent.

“I know you’re awake, Waves,” Nicole chuckled as Waverly snuggled down further at her words and tightened her grip on the covers and her shoulder in denial of the obvious. “You ready to get up?”

“No, thank you,” Waverly sing-songed and purred from between the soft fragrant pillows of Nicole’s perky breasts.

“You sure? I was thinking we could grab a shower together?” Nicole grinned as Waverly’s head popped up, hazel eyes shining in interest from the shroud of the covers draped over her head.


“Yep,” she smiled softly at the hopeful lilt of Waverly’s voice. A voice that broke her heart just a little to hear was a bit lower and scratchier than usual as though her throat hurt from being crushed. Cupping the line of it, Nicole caressed gently with her fingers. “You okay?” Hours had passed since Waverly had been attacked, her wounds should have been healed almost instantly… Would have been if the attack had been from anything normal.

“Just a little scratchy,” Waverly assured her. Pulling C.J. out from under the covers, Waverly gave their brave cat a rub between the ears and smiled as she flounced off to beg for food from Doc.

“Calamity Jane, you minx! Ready for some food?”

“Sounds like they’re bonding.”

“Well, she did save you.” Closing her eyes, Nicole bit down on the tears of pain and anguish that threatened to spill over as she thought of what might have happened if C.J. hadn’t been there. She had led a life been tossed around like a leaf, blown from place to place by people’s fears and hatred but she had allowed herself to be blown around instead of fighting back. Never before had she felt as helpless as she had then when she had been unable to save Waverly.

“Hey, no tears, remember? I’m okay.” Cupping her Alpha’s face, Waverly kissed her softly then with fierce determination as she caught Nicole’s sob and felt her desperation. “We’re a family, Nicole… I was only able to help you fight back because of Nedley and C.J. helped out today. Tomorrow… well, actually, hopefully, tomorrow will be quieter… But if it isn’t… we protect each other. It’s what a family does.”

“Can’t think of a family I would rather fight for the good days with.”

“That’s good, ‘cause you’re stuck with us, Haughtsauce!”

Waverly giggled as her sister’s blatant eavesdropping had Nicole’s eyes rolling. “Don’t worry, Baby, I’m sure she’ll run out of puns one day.”

“Somehow I doubt that,” Nicole chuckled. Wynonna was a gift that kept on giving when it came to the sassy puns and Nicole was pretty sure that if a time ever came when she couldn’t pun her name, she would move on to something else about her. And… Nicole didn’t mind. “Anyway… shower?”

“Sounds good to me,” Waverly smiled eagerly. “Hey, are you still working later?” Her smile slipped a little at the thought of having to let Nicole go.

“I’m afraid so. Nedley’s put me on the late shift for the rest of the month. I want to get in early tonight and see if I can catch him before he leaves. Got some questions for him about those files after what happened.”

“You don’t think he had something to do with that, do you? I mean, if it had gone for Wynonna…”

“Hey! Randy and I have an understanding! He gets offended over everything I do and I bug him by doing everything I can to offend him!”

“Well, you’re doing a good job at it ‘Nonna.”

Nicole rolled her eyes and smiled at their easy banter. “I don’t want to think he had anything to do with it Waves. And I’m sure he wouldn’t have set it to go off at the sweetest most Earpiest Earp if he did,” she kissed the crown of Waverly’s head as she Aww’d and flipped a middle finger at Wynonna as she poked her head over the back of the couch and made gagging sounds at their sappiness.

“Ugh, you guys make ‘The Notebook’ look bleak!”

“Okay, that’s it. Shower before I get eye strain from rolling my eyes too much.” Swinging her legs off the couch, Nicole stood up with Waverly still cradled in her arms as they let the comforter slide to the floor.

Looping her arms around Nicole’s neck, Waverly delighted in the easy shift of strong muscles as Nicole’s long stride carried her effortlessly up the stairs and through to their bathroom. It didn’t matter that either of them could probably carry a small car with ease, it was her in those arms been carried like she was the most precious thing in the world with those beautiful eyes locked on hers.

“You are the most precious thing in the world, Waverly Earp,” Nicole whispered against the soft pillow of Waverly’s lips. “And stop putting images like that in my head… I would not carry my cruiser up those stairs… It wouldn’t fit,” she growled softly as Waverly giggled.

Not wanting to put her precious giggling cargo down, Nicole leaned into the shower and turned the water on, getting it just how Waverly liked it, before stepping inside with her and finally allowing Waverly’s feet to rest upon the floor so she could wash her. Just being on the same planet, knowing they belong to each other, was enough to have desire bubbling just beneath the surface ready to explode but right there, standing in the steaming heat of the water pouring over them, Nicole reigned it in despite Waverly’s pout and tended to her needs in a different way.

Nicole needed to touch her, needed to care for her and know that Waverly was okay. Soaping up a cloth with Waverly’s favourite body wash, she ran it gently over every perfect inch of her Omega’s body. “Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked as Waverly gasped.

“Frustrated right now, thanks to you,” Waverly pouted as Nicole washed her legs but refused to drop the damned cloth and touch her where she needed it the most.

Leaning closer, Nicole pressed a kiss to Waverly’s abdomen and pulled back out of reach as she felt Waverly’s hands trying to grab her. “I know Baby, and I’ll make it up to you…”

“Oh, you most definitely will,” Waverly growled in frustration.

“Later though” preferably when we haven’t got company downstairs worrying about you and also when I don’t have to leave so soon. ‘Cause, Baby, as much as I like a quickie with you… I want… need… to take my time with you.”

“Fine,” Waverly pouted at the refusal even as her body threatened to melt at the thought of her Alpha taking her sweet time with her body. “But… you don’t have to leave for a couple more hours yet?”

“Like I said, I want to take my time,” she winked. While Waverly stood there obviously trying to wrap her head around all the possibilities of what they could get up to, Nicole quickly washed herself before Waverly could offer to do it. She was pretty sure that if Waverly touched her in any way right then, that Wynonna would increase the teasing a thousand fold and Nedley would fire her ass if he had to deal with Lonnie filling in the wrong paperwork another night.

Even though it was all in separate files and clearly labelled, Nicole had checked, he still insisted on filling ‘Missing Person’s Forms’ in instead of ‘Missing Pets’. Nicole was starting to wonder if it was all an elaborate prank. Though he seemed too sweet and oblivious to do anything like that. Or if maybe he was scared to fill in a ‘Missing Pet Form’ in case there was such a thing as a were-pug and he got sued for discrimination.

Not trusting herself, and especially not Waverly, Nicole wrapped the hugest, fluffiest towel she had around her and grabbed another for herself. She froze as she turned to leave the bathroom and stared at the bedroom floor before her foot could touch it. She could still remember the feel of it lurking around the back of her mind.

“Hey,” Waverly gently looped her arms around Nicole’s waist and pressed a kiss to her Alpha’s tense back. “It’s okay, Nicole.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared in my life, Waves. I couldn’t reach you.”

“That was a dream, Nic. You did reach me.” Moving around Nicole’s still frozen body, Waverly stood before her and took her hands, gently guiding her into the bedroom with a reassuring tug and a soft smile. “Could you dry my hair for me?” She would have offered to do Nicole’s… she loved getting her hand on all that rich redness in any way she could but… she knew that her Alpha needed to take care of her and Waverly hoped that that, admittedly not so small task, would help.

Perched on the edge of the bed, Waverly watched Nicole through the mirror as she bustled around the room in all her naked splendour gathering up what she needed. The sight of Nicole adorably sticking her tongue out in thought as she looked through all the numerous hair care products she had gathered on her side of the dresser… okay most of the dresser, before just sweeping it all into her arms, had Waverly stifling a chuckle.

“What?” Nicole asked as she bounced on to the bed behind Waverly. “Don’t think I didn’t just catch that smirk,” she growled softly against the curve of Waverly’s throat, nipping at the delicate flesh as Waverly rapidly shook her head in denial even as her whole body was shaking and her eyes were crinkled in humour.

“It’s just… Ahh,” she squealed as Nicole worked a hand inside her towel and lightly dragged her nails along her side. “You… Stop that… You stick your tongue out when you’re thinking.”

“Hmm, I do not,” Nicole rested her chin against Waverly’s shoulder and pretended to think about it. “But if I did… my favourite place to think must be between your thighs,” she winked at the expression on Waverly’s face and quickly pinned her hands down at the flare of heat in her eyes. “Be a good girl now! Can’t have you going around looking like you got blown up. Getting up looking like that is one thing.”

“Humph… well you better hurry up and fix mine then so we can get yours all sorted before you have to go on patrol,” she pouted.

Waverly watched Nicole’s reflection as she worked on her hair but it wasn’t long before the heat from the dryer, the brushing, the gentle motion of her long fingers as she parted and braided her hair and just the feeling of contentment washing off Nicole almost had her nodding off to sleep against her.

“There… all done.” Nicole whispered softly.

“Beautiful,” Waverly murmured as she gazed into the mirror and looked at the face so close to her own.

Smiling softly in satisfaction, Nicole tried to corral the numerous sprays and containers rolling around the bed.

“Oh, Nicole?”


“My hair looks good too,” she winked. And it did. She loved how the sides were braided but the length was in a loose ponytail that left it free to move. Waverly moved her head, flicking the tail from side to side and watched as Nicole’s eyes followed the movement like she wanted to pounce on it. “Sit down and I’ll do yours.”



“I don’t want to mess it up once it’s done so I need to get dressed first.”

“Anyone would think you were worried I was going to jump you… Okay, so I would have jumped you!” Waverly admitted with an impish grin as Nicole’s eyebrow climbed. Settling back on the bed, Waverly watched as Nicole moved around the room once more, this time hiding the splendour of her body beneath the khaki of her pants and the blue of her shirt. With each layer of clothing a layer of authority was not so much added as rearranged until, apart from the twinkle in her brown eyes and the wild halo of red hair, ‘professional but caring’, Officer Haught stood before her. “Is it so bad of me that I want to go out and break the law just a little so you’ll arrest me?”

“Yeah,” Nicole laughed lightly. “That would be super bad.”

Waverly’s breath hitched as Nicole stalked towards the bed with a look of hot, devilish intent in her eyes. She reached back, the motion tightening the fabric of her shirt across her breasts and Waverly tensed at the sound of a clasp holding her handcuffs in place twanged against her nerves and shot down between her thighs. Nicole’s hand came back into view, cuffs dangling from a long finger, shining as they swung back and forth.

“You do know, Waves, any time you want me to push your body up against a wall and tighten cuffs around those pretty little wrists…”

Waverly pressed her lips and thighs together as Nicole pressed one of the cuffs between her fingers as she talked, closing it, punctuating her words with ratcheted clicks.

“All you need to do is… ask,” Nicole drawled in a soft purr against the delicate shell of Waverly’s ear. “Just not today,” she grinned as her words sank in and Waverly’s jaw dropped a second before her Omega pounced across the bed and pulled her down on to the mattress in a tumble of limbs.

Pinning a willing Nicole beneath her, Waverly grinned down at her, she couldn’t help it and didn’t want to, not when her Alpha was smiling so brightly and flashing those beautiful dimples up at her. They lit her whole face up, radiating what was already a stunning beauty. “I love your smile.”

“You give me a reason to smile.” Capturing the fingers tracing the lines of her dimples, Nicole kissed the tips of them gently. “Now, come on, off. I really need to fix my hair before it’s beyond saving. Want to help?”

Waverly was sorely tempted to just try and keep Nicole pinned but, with a sigh to let her Alpha know it really was the last thing she wanted to do, Waverly slid off from where she was straddled across Nicole’s hips. She moved into position, kneeling behind Nicole as she sat up and fixed her hair into its usual Officer Haught, French braid.

Even though it was one step closer to Nicole been ready to go back on shift, there was something very calming about the process of fixing it. Not that she wasn’t looking forward to undoing it, and Nicole, once her shift was over even more.

“You’re getting that wicked look in your eyes again, Waverly.”

“Can’t help it,” Waverly smirked. “What time do you get off shift?”

“Not until morning, nine or ten depending on paperwork. Are you working tonight?”

“Yeah, I’m closing up tonight and helping to get the bar cleaned and ready in the morning. Should be done by the time you are so we can come home together… Unless your car will be ready?”

“Bobo did a number on my poor Baby. They’re still waiting for a new engine and driveshaft so I’m having to use Lonnie’s.”

“Are you guys done up there?! Lunch is ready! Don’t make me drag your naked asses out of the shower!”

“She really likes you,” Waverly grinned as her sister pounded on the bedroom door. “Well, she did let us get ready instead of barging in when we were in the shower.”

“I’ve seen enough of Haught’s ass!”

“Yes, Wynonna, she has got a Haughtass!”

Shaking her head, Nicole gently steered Waverly across the room and swung the door open to find Wynonna standing there with an unrepentant grin on her face as she took a bite out of a piece of bacon.

“Enjoying the bacon, Earp?”

“Yeah, it’s delish’. Good of you grass eating weirdos to get some proper meat in.”

“Only the steak was steak… that’s vegan bacon,” winking at the incredulous expression on Wynonna’s face, Nicole made her way past the other woman.

“Oh! My! God! I feel so betrayed right now!” Shrugging, Wynonna popped the rest of the faux bacon into her mouth and followed the couple down the stairs as she chewed on it.

Before she joined the rest of them in the kitchen, Nicole stepped outside and scanned the landscape. Lifting her head, she breathed in the wind blowing towards her from Purgatory.

It smelt wrong.

Fear was heavy in the air, cloying and thick.

Behind her, in the house, she heard a cacophony of ringtones starting up at the same moment as she heard the distant peal of multiple sirens coming from the direction of the big city.

Fear raced through her as a mournful howl drifted through the evening sky, followed by more and more.

“Shorty! What the hell’s going on? What? Yeah, we’re with her now! We’re on our way!”

Chapter Text

It came to Waverly in a crashing wave, a moment of uncertainty amongst the fear as she listened to all the tinny voices coming from all their smartphones, voices of their friends, their family, all filled with panic and fear. In the background of the calls, she could hear the cries of others from their pack as they lifted their heads and howled. Moments later she could hear the same calls drifting across the land, calling for her to answer.

There was a beat… and then Waverly felt calmness settle over and through her being as Nicole turned back towards the house. Amongst the feeling of chaos threatening to overwhelm her, Nicole was Waverly’s anchor, her calm centre at the eye of the storm.

Waverly could feel Nicole’s training kicking in, a checklist of steps going through her mind in order of need. “I’ll get your gun,” darting into the kitchen, Waverly freed her love from that task so she could move on to the next. Punching the numbers into the gun safe there as they came to her from Nicole’s mind, she pulled out her weapon and spare clips.

“What’s happening?” Nicole demanded.

“Some kind of commotion over at the Municipal Buildings,” Wynonna gritted her teeth in understanding as Nicole growled low and feral. “They haven’t been able to get in to see if it’s in the Sheriff’s offices or somewhere else in the building. Just lots of screaming… and gunshots…”

“They can’t get in?” Nicole paused as she checked her weapon. Windows, doors, hell, even the brick walls shouldn’t have been enough to keep a werewolf out.

“Shorty said they tried but they can’t even break the glass.”

“What about the Sheriff? Any sign of him? Did Shorty put the call out to them?” Nicole listened to the sirens getting closer, she needed to leave as soon as possible so she could beat them there so she could help the people of her town.

“Xavier, is our stuff in the S.U.V.?”

“You know it.”

Nodding, Wynonna turned her attention back to Nicole’s questions. “Erm. There’s no sign of Nedley or anyone else, Shorty said his SUV is outside still. And as to calling them… no, everyone that’s pack knows to call us first. They wouldn’t know or want to call on those guys… They messed up a couple of years before I came home and shot up a family of wolves instead of the guys that were torturing them… That’s something a pack doesn’t forget.”

“Must have been someone in one of the offices then. It’s on speed dial on all the phones there in case something happens in the building… bit pointless to try and call for help and have it ring to the same building. Waves, I need your keys, please!”

“I’m driving!” Waverly bit her lip, ready to argue her case or just flat out run across the fields if anyone dared to try and stop her but Nicole just looked at her intently for a second and nodded.

Grasping her keys tightly, Waverly brushed past Nicole as she grabbed her Stetson and jacket off the rack by the door. As Nicole climbed into the Jeep, she was already talking on her radio, her voice curt and professional as she gave her name and badge number and demanded to speak to whoever was in charge. Waverly waited long enough for Xavier to move his S.U.V. out onto the road and then shot past them.

She punched her foot to the floor and listened to Nicole on her radio as Wynonna and the others quickly gained on them and followed close behind.

“Yes… I need you to tell everyone on route to the incident at the Ghost River Municipal Buildings in Purgatory to hold back and maintain a perimeter on the edge of town. Yes, Sir. That’s what I said. I will be on scene before they are and as Sheriff’s Deputy of Purgatory I am letting you know that it is my jurisdiction… my scene… my people. Yes, I’m taking responsibility. Thank you… now, so I know they’ve got my orders, tell them to turn their sirens off if they understand. Thank you.”

Nicole nodded in relief as one by one, the sirens following them fell silent. Cracking open the window a little, just enough so that the whistling roar of wind eased, she turned her ears towards Purgatory and nodded once more as the howling eased a little.

“Nic, I know why the rest of the pack doesn’t like the city cop’s but…”

Nicole cracked her jaw and popped her ears as she wound the window back up before turning in her seat so she could study Waverly’s familiar and much-loved profile. “Why did I have them hold back?”


“Because of how the pack feel and… well, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to find in there Waves but whatever it is, it’s managed to keep them all out of that building. Something that strong… something unknown… I don’t want anyone with me that might suddenly see me, or anyone just minding their own business, as a threat.”

“You’re not going in alone.”


“You keep asking me to trust you… now I’m asking you, do you trust me?”

“Yes, but…”

“Then trust me when I say you’re not going in there alone.”


“I mean it! You’re not… Wait… You agreed?”

“Yes. The way I figure it, if I said no, the moment my back was turned, you and the others would just find a way in any way,” even if Nicole hadn’t already been sure about that, the look on Waverly’s face told her that she was right. “At least if you go in with me I’ll know where you are… and… you did save my life when we went against Bobo Del Rey,” and more than just with teeth and claws, she’d given her a reason to keep fighting. But…

“I want one thing to be very clear though, Waverly. You have got to promise me, if I tell you to do something in there you will do it, no questions, or so help me, mark or no mark, that will be it between us,” she gritted out.

The pain and anguish in Nicole’s voice stilled Waverly’s protests. She could feel it, the lingering helplessness Nicole had felt when she had been attacked, the fear that it would happen again because of her, because of Bulshar. Reaching out, Waverly linked their fingers together and gave Nicole’s hand a squeeze. “I promise.” Nicole’s breath hitched and released.

Slowing the Jeep down as they crossed the railway lines on the edge of town, Waverly pulled over out of sight of just about everything on the main street and cut the lights as Xavier’s S.U.V. pulled up behind them.

Nicole placed her Stetson on the dash and checked her weapon, pulling back on the slide to chamber a round. “So, I smelt the weapons in the back of the S.U.V. The six shooters scream, Doc… I also caught a Glock, a shotgun and a Colt Buntline Special? Which one is yours?”

“You could tell what they are by their smell? Damn, Nic!” She grinned in appreciation of her skills. “The shotgun is mine… but only ‘cause they won’t let me have a flamethrower,” Waverly pouted.

Nicole couldn’t decide if she was more turned on by the thought of tiny Waverly Earp brandishing a shotgun or worried that she’d really wanted a flamethrower as she actually couldn’t tell if Waverly was joking about that or not. As Waverly climbed out and took her shotgun out of Wynonna’s hands and pumped a round ready, Nicole decided that, despite the situation, she was definitely leaning towards Waverly with a shotgun being a turn on.

“You got the big city cop’s to back off?”

“Yeah,” Nicole paused, her eyes growing just a little wide in surprise at the sight of Wynonna twirling the Buntline Special on a finger like it was a donut. “Jeez, Earp! Please tell me you know how to shoot that thing? Forget it,” she waved a hand at Wynonna’s offended expression, “Just, try not to shoot me. As for the other cop’s, I figure the pack is jumpy enough. Can you get Shorty on the phone for an update?”

Edging closer, Nicole looked around the edge of the building and took in the main street that led to the Municipal building and P.S.D. The sight of Lonnie’s cruiser and Nedley’s S.U.V. parked on the main street chilled her heart. Even though she had known in her heart she had still hoped that they might have been out on patrol but they were both there and she couldn’t smell the usual tang of heated oil and fuel that would have told her they’d only just arrived.

“Shorty? Yeah, we just got here, parked up out of sight. Any change? None?”

Keeping an ear on the conversation, Nicole looked around, taking in the emptiness of the street and the frightened faces peering from doorways and windows. Whatever was going on had everyone, especially the werewolves, more frightened than gunshots and screams should have in a town used to things like that being pretty much the norm. “Earp, tell him to keep everyone out of the way. Xavier?” she looked at him as he looked around the corner with her. She trusted all of them to have her back but his training was more than likely better than her own when it came to situations like the one they’d found themselves in.

“All clear.”

Holding her gun at her side, Nicole signalled to Waverly and the others and jogged across the road. Out of sight of the building, they moved quickly, pausing long enough only to signal anyone they came upon to stay out of the way. As they reach the last building between them and the entrance to the P.S.D. Nicole scented the air and raked her eyes over every window. The scent of gun smoke, death, fear and blood were thick and cloying, dragging at her throat and making her whine as she wondered which of the people she greeted and talked to, the people she protected, had been injured or worse.

“Hey, Haught, how are we going to get in any way? Haught?” Wynonna moved around the others and placed her hand upon Nicole’s shoulder. A marble statue would have had more give in it. “What’s wrong?”

“The door… look at the right-hand window pane.”

Wynonna looked across the street and focused on it. At first, all she could make out was a bloody handprint but, as terrible as that was, she was pretty sure that wasn’t what had the redhead so tense. And then the clouds shifted, the rising moon played across the window and Wynonna saw a symbol drawn above the handprint. “What the hell?”

“That’s the symbol of the Cult of Bulshar,” Nicole growled over her shoulder as she raced across the road and small car park towards the door.

“Shit! Damn, Haughthead!” Trusting Xavier and Doc to keep an eye on the building, Wynonna raced across after Nicole with Waverly half a step ahead of her. “What the fuck, Haught?” growling in anger, Wynonna spun the taller woman around and slammed her against the wall beside the door.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?” Barring an arm across Nicole’s chest she ignored Waverly’s hand upon her arm and glared the Alpha down as she growled and snapped at her. “What do you think that would do to Waverly?” her words sank in and Nicole relaxed as her eyes shifted to Waverly. “You might be the law here but I’m your Alpha… or do you want to butt heads over that right here?”

“No, Wynonna,” tilting her head slightly, she offered her throat in a sign of submission.

“Just don’t go off all half-cocked again, Haughtstuff,” Wynonna patted Nicole on the shoulder. “Going off without thinking things through first is my jam,” she grinned. “And speaking of…” reaching out, she tried the door and barely restrained a yelp as a shock ran through her palm. “Son of a bitch! Shorty could have warned me!”

Reaching out herself, Nicole pressed the palm of her hand against the door and pushed it open. “The symbol… this… I guess whoever it is, wants me to be able to get in first.” Another reason to be glad she had told the city cop’s to hold back… things like that would have had her right in the crosshairs with them, quite literally.

“First maybe but not alone. Not anymore.”

Nicole found Waverly’s words comforting and scary as hell as she looked at the people she loved and considered family.

In such a short space of time, they had all come to mean everything to her. The thought that any of them would come to harm because of who her father was, was the worst feeling in the world. And at the same time, she couldn’t think of a better group to have her back.

Getting the nod from Wynonna, Nicole pushed the door open.

Chapter Text

Using her whole body, Nicole propped the door open and kept a careful eye on the corridor ahead as the others moved inside. Even though it had opened for her easily enough, she didn’t trust that it wasn’t a trap that could separate them if she let go at the wrong time. Being stuck inside while they were outside didn’t bother her as much as the thought of the trap springing the other way around and Waverly, even a Waverly toting a shotgun, became trapped.

With the door open, the scent of blood, gore and fear was even stronger and more horrific. It spread from all corners and every floor of the building, seeping from under doors and down the stairwell. It grasped at Nicole’s throat and nose, prising its way in to try and choke her.

It was a scent that Nicole was all too familiar with.

It was one that made her feel like a child again. Watching on with childlike innocence, not knowing that what she was seeing was so very wrong for anyone to see as some nameless, faceless person begged for their life and then begged for their death.

Nicole didn’t realise she had become frozen in place, lost in the horror of memories until she felt the subtle, reassuring, brush of Waverly’s body against her side. Hazel eyes filled with concern and love met hers, letting her know that she was there for her even though Nicole could tell she was just as scared by what she was smelling. Nicole gave her a quick smile of thanks and straightened her shoulders resolutely.

As much as she wanted to rush straight to where the area the Sheriff’s Department was housed, Nicole restrained herself and followed procedures. Even though she couldn’t smell anything amiss or hear the beating of any hearts, she tried all the doors on the right, forcing them open with a quick twist of her hand when needed.

Every room had been turned upside down but it looked like the lateness of the day had helped keep their usual occupants alive as there was no one inside and no sign of any blood on the ground. The scent of it grew thicker though and Nicole knew where it was coming from. She edged reluctantly forwards towards the opening ahead on the left.

Artificial light cast in red flickered. The glow stretching out across the corridor to bounce off the wounds of bullet holes in the wall opposite, then pulling back. Stretching and shrinking as the source swung back and forth. Only… Nicole knew that the lights in the whole building were white or daylight… no reds. “Stay back,” she whispered softly.

Waverly bit back the urge to protest her Alpha going in alone. She could feel the rising dread in Nicole as her brown eyes tracked the motion of the light. She had promised though. So she held her ground and watched Nicole, and the corridor beyond, to make sure no one tried to get a jump on her.

Nicole had been witness to many crime scenes as a cop, on the job and mostly whilst training. Off the job, she had seen more in ways no one should ever have to see another human being. This…

She sagged, dropping to her knees on the edge of the spreading pool of blood in horror as her mind filled in the blanks of what she was seeing. Hearing Waverly’s distressed whimper, Nicole held up a hand to them all, begging, ordering them, to stay back and pushed herself back to her feet. Skirting the body, she quickly checked the rest of the P.S.D. offices to make sure no one was lurking in the shadows.


“It’s clear but it’s bad, Xavier. Real bad…” Out of the corner of her eye, Nicole watched as he and Doc moved closer and saw their steps falter at what they saw. “Would you mind checking out the rest of the place for me? I have the feeling this was the main target of whatever happened but best check if anyone is in hiding… or dead further in.”

“Sure thing,” Doc gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze of reassurance and shook his head sadly at what the young Officer was facing right then… and for what was to come. “Ladies, are you coming with us?”

“Go,” Waverly nodded at her sister to go join them. “Find someone alive for us, ‘Nonna.” Please let there be someone alive! “I’m staying to help, Nicole.”

Her sister had left it unspoken that she was going to protect her Alpha but Wynonna could see it in the determination in her hazel eyes and etched around the tightness of her mouth and her fierce grip on the shotgun in her hands. “Keep her safe,” she whispered against her temple.


Waverly steeled herself as Wynonna jogged to catch up with Doc and Xavier. She saw her sister’s eyes dart to the left. Saw the way her jaw tightened and her step faltered. Saw the concerned look that fell upon Nicole and herself. Waverly wasn’t about to let the woman she loved face whatever had all of them looking so terrified alone though. She moved closer, sliding into the curve of Nicole’s side to offer and get support as she raked her eyes along the ground.

It was…!

She blinked, her brain refusing to take in what her eyes were seeing.

There was so much. Blood on the ground, blood on everything. She started with that. Taking in the thick, dark stain pooled and spreading across the floor of the bullpen and wrapping around the legs of the table outside of Nedley’s office. Blood and hair clung to the edge of the long reception desk where… someone… had had their head smashed against it. It was smeared along the walls and the fluorescent lights in the main area and in Nedley’s office. She was only able to tell that because the windows were shattered, the blinds pulled down from their fixtures, allowing her an uninterrupted view into the smaller room.

A room that, apart from being in the usual place, bore no resemblance to the one Waverly had been in before. It looked like a giant fist had picked the whole room up and shaken it like a snow globe. Even the Sheriff’s, frankly hideous, display of mounted fish was dislodged from their usual places on the wall and torn apart.

Just thinking of the fish, the way they were pinned and mounted… had her eyes drifting to the worst horror in the room as Nicole moved towards it. Waverly swallowed hard as she watched Nicole step carefully around the pool of blood spread around the base of what looked like a huge stalagmite that had sprouted up from the middle of the floor. It was so perfectly flush to the floor it looked like it had been formed over thousands of years.

Holding her breath, Waverly backtracked along the path of a fresh trickle of blood as it shone in the light as it slid down to join the rest. She saw shoes first, those ridiculous clunky police issue ones that looked impossible to run in at the best of times let alone with snow on the ground. They hung there, limply at the end of blood-stained khaki pants. Waverly swallowed down the bile at the wave of relief that had washed through her knowing that they weren’t Nicole’s.

As penance, Waverly forced herself to take the rest of it in in one go.

Lonnie. Poor sweet, Lonnie. There was no one else it could be when the whole of P.S.D. consisted of Nicole, Nedley and Lonnie, and Waverly could tell that the body was taller than Nedley. That was about all she could tell though as his body had been speared clean through by the point of the stalagmite.

She studied his body coldly, clinically, rifling through all the information stored in her mind on anatomy to put names to things instead of focussing on the blood and gore.

The stalagmite had entered at the small of his back, somewhere around the L3 or L4 region and had emerged again between his clavicle bones… and then entered again underneath his jaw to pierce up and probably through his brain and...

“Waves, no,” Nicole held up a hand, gently warding Waverly back as she tried to move around to see behind Lonnie’s pinned body with a look of horror and morbid curiosity on her face as she looked up at his head. “Trust me, you don’t need to see any more.” Nicole knew she would be having nightmares enough for both of them.

“Hey… shit, I was kind of hoping I’d imagined how bad that was.” Wynonna shook her head sadly as she looked at Lonnie’s body. “Erm, we just finished the sweep through. Three more dead upstairs. Gunshots though, nothing like this. And we found eight alive holed up in the basement… including Chrissy Nedley.”


“Yeah, she said she wants to see you, Nicole.”

“Could you take them out the back and over to Shorty’s? We’ll need statements from them eventually. I’m not going to be able to hold City P.D. off for long. I need their forensics team to go over this place and without Nedley’s authority, they’ll pull rank once they work out I’m a Rookie. Once that happens, I’ll either end up as a suspect or fetching coffee.”

“On it!”

“Waves… You know Chrissy right?”

“Yeah, we don’t get to talk often since she started college but we’re friends.”

“Could you go over and sit with her for me? Make sure she stays safe? I’ll be over soon,” she assured her. “I just want to take a look in Nedley’s office and grab a few things.”

“I’ll take care of her… just don’t get into any trouble without me.”

Nicole listened, tracking their progress through the building until she heard the door close behind them and the trudge of feet heading across the street towards the bar. In the distance on the edge of town, she could hear the whine of a siren and knew her time was running short.

Righting a filing cabinet, Nicole prised open one of the bent drawers and grabbed a digital camera from it. Quickly she snapped as many photographs as she could before switching out the SD card for another and took a couple on that card too. It was a trick a visiting Detective at the academy had told her class about as a way to piss off the Feds… a trick they had been told to forget about… but it had stuck. Now they would have something obvious for them to snatch off her to prove they were in charge and she would still have something more than her memory to work from.

And, assuming it was working and hadn’t been turned off, there was one other thing she needed.

Nicole paused on the threshold of Nedley’s office and looked around for a clear path through the chaos to a mounted fish the Sheriff had, for some inexplicable reason, nicknamed Bob.

Spotting it, she made her way over and looked at it. It was gaudy and horrible… and she decided she would have to ask Nedley just why in the hell he had called it Bob.

Right then though, Bob had secrets to spill. Hopefully anyway. Nicole tapped the unblinking glass eye and watched as the camera lens within shifted and refocused. Turning Bob over, she turned the hidden camera off and switched out the SD card in it.

Bob hadn’t had the best view of the office, mostly just Nedley’s desk. But it was a view, and fortunately, Nedley had splashed out on Bob too as it had sound recording too. Hell, Nedley’s desk had had better security than the whole of the Municipal Building as the Mayor had apparently refused to waste taxpayers money on that. Though ploughing his street out during a snowstorm instead of the hospital had apparently been an okay use of money.

Hearing the screech of tyres and catching the flashing blue and reds of lights through the street side windows, Nicole moved out of the Sheriff’s office as she slipped the SD card into her utility belt to join the other one. Snatching up the digital camera she snapped off a picture as she heard the slamming of doors.

“Put that camera down, Officer! We’re taking over this scene now!”

“You have no right!”

“Officer Haught, isn’t it? You need to take a step back. You have no resources and are too close to the people and the ‘events’ tooooo … Holy shit! Fuck!”

“Feel like you’ve got the resources to deal with something like this?” She could have almost felt sorry for them walking in on it like that if she hadn’t seen one of them pulling out his cell phone and snapping a photo of Lonnie. “You disrespectful piece of shit!” Nicole slapped the phone out of his hand and pushed him to the ground. “That was my friend!”

“That’s enough! Officer Haught, you will clear the scene now!”

Grabbing the cop by the front of his shirt, Nicole hauled him back to his feet. She leaned into him, growling in his face. “If I find one photo or mention of any of this online… I swear to god your body will never be found,” she gritted out in a voice filled with lethal promise.

The scent and sound of liquid splashing against his boots told her she’d made her point.

Pushing away from him, Nicole left him standing in a spreading pool of his own urine and glowered at the rest of them until every face was etched into her memory. Turning on her heel, she made her way towards the exit with the blood-soaked lights flickering and casting their glow behind her as pushed through the doors.

She sucked in a huge lungful of cold air, hands clenching at her side as she bit down on the desire to scream and let her wolf out. It felt like everything was falling apart and spiralling out of control quicker than she could keep up.

Chapter Text

Rather than making her way straight over to Shorty’s, Nicole decided to go there the long way around. Just in case she was being watched. Walking past the bar on the opposite side of the street, she cut across the road once she was well out of sight of the station and took an alley that let her to the back entrance of the bar.

Even though she had caught Wynonna’s scent before she had opened the door, Nicole still felt herself jump a little at the sight of the brunette waiting for her with a shit eating grin on her face as she twirled her gun on her finger again. “Damn it, Earp. I wish you would stop doing that! I keep expecting the damn thing to go off!”

Wynonna grinned all the more at the expression on Nicole’s face. “Hey, I’m careful!”

“Wynonna, you tried that move one time with a donut and it flew across the room… five times.”

“Yeah, well that was practice so I wouldn’t do the same with Peacemaker. Duh,” she snorted.

“You named your gun Peacemaker?”

“No,” Wynonna snorted again as she spun the long-barrelled pistol faster. “It’s a family heirloom… It came with the name.”

Nicole rolled her eyes. “That makes it okay then… Please stop twirling it!” Nicole yelped as it wobbled off the end of Wynonna’s finger and she ended up juggling it from one hand to the other.

Grinning impishly at Nicole’s discomfort, Wynonna nimbly regained control and holstered it. “Better?” she crooned gently.

Nicole eyed the weapon and Wynonna’s smiling face nervously. “Just… keep it there please.” Nicole’s sense of nervousness increased as Wynonna suddenly spread her arms out wide. “Wynonna, what are you doing?” she took a step back.

“It’s a hug, well the start of one. God, has Waverly taught you nothing yet?”

“You’re making me nervous, Earp.”

“Just come here,” grabbing a hold of the taller woman before she could back away more, Wynonna wrapped her arms around her and yanked her close with enough force to make Nicole’s breath leave her in a grunt. “Relax, Red.”

Pulling her head back, Nicole looked down in confusion at the brunette head resting against her. “I would rather you went back to twirling Peacemaker around.”

“Hug first. Come on, give me some arm action or we’ll be here all day,” Wynonna teased the other Alpha as she remained stiff against her. There was no outright rejection from her else Wynonna wouldn’t have even tried touching her. She was just so tightly wound... had been since she had heard the sirens. “Come on, Red. Families hug.” The words worked and she felt Nicole’s strong arms slowly wrap around her and her body relaxed slightly into hers. “That’s better.” Unable to resist, she gave Nicole’s ass a quick pat as they drew apart.

“Still not my type,” Nicole’s lip twitched as she rolled her eyes at Wynonna. “So, did you just come meet me here to grab a piece of my Haughtass?”

“Everyone is tense enough up there without your Alpha vibes setting them off so I just figured that as Waves is busy with Chrissy I should have a go at calming you down. Frankly, you looked like you needed it too when you left the station. How’s it going over there anyway?”

“Just how I thought it would go, they took the case off me.”

“Good, that means we can solve this shit on our own and get Nedley back.”

“Get him… okay, I guess I knew he was gone, there’s no way he wouldn’t have been trying to drive his car through the wall, especially with his daughter in there. Since I left the Sheriff’s office though I’ve just been doubting my hopes and was just getting more worried you were going to tell me he was dead,” she admitted.

“Chrissy’s convinced he isn’t but…” Wynonna sighed deeply. “After what we saw in there… I hate to say it, Red but it might be better if he was if whatever did that to Lonnie has got him.”

“Where is Chrissy?”

“Waverly’s got her up in the spare bedroom Shorty used to let her sleep in when she didn’t feel like going home. We talked to everyone else just in case the city slackers pulled them out from under us. Don’t worry, we recorded everything. Their stories all match though… in that they saw nothing. And that’s the truth and not a ‘won’t talk to the cops’ move. They heard gunshots and screaming and locked themselves in where they could and hid while someone, or several someones, knocked down doors and shot up the place. Then everything went quiet until we arrived.”

“How long before we got there?”

“Minutes… up to ten minutes, Sally even said fifteen… guess they were too traumatised to think clearly.”

“The joy of police work,” Nicole shrugged. “Sometimes witnesses don’t make very reliable witnesses,” she explained as Wynonna frowned. “Show ten people the same person, even someone they know. Then ask them to describe that person and you’ll get ten completely different descriptions. Add stress to that and the descriptions just get wilder. And then if the witness is a werewolf you’re more likely to find out what their scent is like than something obvious like the person been seven foot tall.”

“Is that why you hide your scent?”

“Instinct around wolves. They go for scent and I can hide mine before they think to see what I look like. Unfortunately, I can’t hide this,” she tugged at her hair. “So even if I stay in human form and keep the scent down I still get looked at more closely. Not being able to run and change when I wanted… that’s a whole new level of hell,” Nicole sighed.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, Haughtsauce.”

“No? And it hasn’t occurred to you that all this shit happening now… Bobo, that symbol on the door, Lonnie, the Sheriff… mightn’t be all ‘cause I’m here? I know I’ve thought about it. Makes me wonder if there’s anywhere in the world I could run to and be safe.”

“Then stop running and start fighting for what you want, moron.”

“Gee, Wynonna. Thanks, I think.”

“Ya know we love you… but we can hug it out again if you want?”

“Nope, all good thanks!” Nicole’s smile faded as she looked at the stairs up to the bar and the reality awaiting them. She wasn’t sure if she made those few minutes that had just happened with Wynonna seem more precious or somehow perverse to have been able to laugh even for a moment after what had happened to Lonnie and the others.

“You should talk to Xavier some time, Red. You’ve both been through battles you shouldn’t have had to as a Marine and as a Deputy Marshall with B.B.D. He remembers every loss, every shot fired and every laughter even at the worst moments that help get him through it all.”

Nicole nodded. She wasn’t really sure she was up to talking to anyone about anything like that… which probably meant she needed to but she didn’t want to change their growing friendship slash family-ship into therapy sessions. “Wait, Xavier was with Black Badge?”

“Yeah,” Wynonna chuckled. The Marshall Service, especially the branch that Xavier had served with, hadn’t had the best of relationships with werewolves or anything else for that matter. Though through old contacts, Xavier had heard that it was more werewolf friendly since a forced change in management.

“They actually sent him to Purgatory to keep an eye on us… In other words, spy. And then we all kind of found out we were mates and he handed his badge in when they threatened to send him away from us. He could have left, we weren’t bonded at the time but even if we had been he could have. Lord knows he was all upright super soldier back then to the point that he used to lay at attention in bed and I used to like saluting him in a not strictly military fashion.”

“I can imagine,” Nicole chuckled.

“But he chose Doc and me without hesitation and said it was the best decision he’d ever made.”

The soft look on contentment on Wynonna’s face as she talked about Xavier reminded Nicole of Waverly and made her ache to go find her feisty Omega and fall into the security of her arms again and just forget about everything else. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the luxury of that last part.

Even if she wasn’t a cop, Nicole was still an Alpha, protecting was part of her DNA. Waverly was her mate. Wynonna and her pack was still her family, and everyone in it and living within Purgatory and the Ghost River County needed protecting.

“Let’s go talk to Chrissy.”

Wynonna nodded in quiet satisfaction as Nicole made her way up the stairs with her cop face firmly in place and a renewed sense of purpose in her long stride. “Hug power,” she whispered quietly to herself. When they found Nedley she was definitely going to test its power on the curmudgeony Sheriff… after all, he was family. A fact that she intended on reminding him of endlessly. “For fuck's sake, Randy. Don’t be dead… I’ve got so many plans.”

Deciding it was probably best to just ignore the not so quiet mutterings from the Alpha at her back, Nicole took a quick detour as she entered the bar and moved over to Xavier and Doc who were busy on their phones. She could tell by the voices on the other end of their call that the Purgatory spy network was working overtime. “Anything?”

“All quiet with the cop’s, no one heading this way. Doc?”

“Unfortunately, there is also no word on anything unusual happening that might give us a hint as to who has got our Sheriff or where they might be.”

“I’m going to go have a word with Chrissy. Could you see if you can wrangle up a tablet or laptop that can handle these?” she handed the SD cards over to Xavier. “Crime scene photos and hopefully video of what happened. Don’t let anyone else see what’s on them and if the cop’s show up…”

“We’ll keep it all from them,” Xavier assured her. “Don’t worry, we’ll find him.”

Nicole smiled sadly at the promise. Yes, they would find him. Chances were though that, depending on why he was taken, when they did, he wouldn’t be alive and they both knew that.

Smelling her Alpha getting closer, hearing the soft tread of her feet upon the stairs, Waverly gently patted Chrissy’s tightly clasped hands and slipped out of the room and into the warmth of Nicole’s arms. She wrapped herself up in all the strength and warmth of her and it wasn’t enough. She tried to let it be, but the stench of blood and death clung to them both.

“Shh, its okay, Waves,” Nicole lulled as Waverly whined softly. “I got you.” Guiding her, she gently pressed their marks together and held her closer, running her hands up and down the curve of Waverly’s back as their scents grew stronger. Nicole skimmed her lips across Waverly’s mark as her fingers released their tight grip on the back of her uniform shirt and her palms flattened against her back as she relaxed. “You okay?”

“I am now,” Waverly whispered against the crook of Nicole’s shoulder. She smiled softly as Nicole shivered at the vibration of her voice against her. “I guess I should let you go so you can talk to Chrissy?”

“How’s she doing?”

Waverly looked back at the closed bedroom room. “She’s quiet. Hasn’t really said anything since we got up here. I think she’s afraid to.”

“Come in with me, Waves. Chrissy knows you. We’ve only said a couple of words in passing and it might help her to open up with a friend there for her.”

“Okay, if Chrissy is okay with me been here,” smiling softly, Waverly opened the door and let Nicole go ahead of her.

Nicole looked at the younger woman as she listened to the door closing behind her. Her head was down, eyes fixed upon her hands as they twisted together upon her lap like she was afraid to let go of herself in case she fell apart. Her head lifted, pain-filled eyes dragging almost hopefully up over her uniform before reaching her face.

Her eyes raked her face, taking in every detail with an intensity Nicole found a little unnerving. Nicole had been trained to handle victims and grieving relatives but it was training she hadn’t really had to use outside of the classroom. The reality, and knowing her father, had Nicole floundering. Sorry sounded so utterly useless in her head, as did everything else.

“You look just like your mother.”

“You- you know?” She hadn’t been sure. Nedley hadn’t said, and after a life on the run, she thought maybe she had just assumed that he wouldn’t have wanted to say anything about his family history to anyone either.

“I’ve carried a picture of you and your Ma, in my purse since I was old enough to own a purse. When my dad told me he’d found you, and after so many years of searching, I wanted to say something the moment he introduced us but he’d sworn me to secrecy until he got the chance to explain to you. I think he thought it would scare you away.”

And it probably would have if not for her bond with Waverly to comfort her, Nicole admitted to herself.

“I want my dad back, Nicole. I- we can’t lose him now.”

Waverly sat on the edge of the bed and desperately tried to hold back her tears as Chrissy launched herself off the bed and threw herself into Nicole’s arms. The shock and confusion on Nicole’s face was sweet and heartbreaking at the same time as she knew it came from being unused to physical contact. What broke Waverly's tears loose was the softening of Nicole’s face as she returned Chrissy’s hug.

Nicole guided Chrissy over to the bed and sat her down beside Waverly. “Chrissy, I know what happened over there was terrible…”

“Oh god, poor Lonnie!”

“I know…” Nicole sighed deeply. “Is there anything you can tell us about what happened to the Sher- your dad? Something that could help us work out where he might be? Just take your time. Start wherever you want to.”

Chrissy steadied herself with deep breaths. The thought of talking, remembering what she’d seen, scared her but she knew that every second counted if they were going to find her father. “We were supposed to be going out for a meal when his shift was done. He was stressed out over- over paperwork.” She closed her eyes briefly, remember his string of grumbled phone calls about Lonnie’s inability to fill in a piece of paper or file anything right.

“It’s okay,” Nicole assured her, “Lonnie wasn’t the best when it came to that… I swear he did it to dive me crazy one day when I found a load of Missing Persons Forms filled in then found out he’s filled in one for all ten of the cows that had gone missing from the old Tate Ranch… Complete with details on each one's markings.”

Chrissy couldn’t help the chuckle. “Dad told me about that. He said you had more patience than he would have. Anyway, I got out of class early and came over to surprise him just so I could spend more time with him. He’d also hold me that he’d had a word with you and I was hoping to see you. I went to the restroom to freshen up and heard shouting. Dad had always told me to stay out of things if I heard a commotion so I just opened the door a crack and looked out. I could see Lonnie… he was acting really strange, like he was frozen in place.”

“Could you see who else was there?”

“No. There wasn’t a good view. I could hear things been thrown around and a woman screaming at dad. He called her a witch. I thought he was just trying to wind her up and then she said ‘I’m not ‘a witch’ I’m ‘the’ Stone Witch’. Nicole, the way she said it… and then… the ground rose up and killed Lonnie. She said if he didn’t give her what she wanted, what was hers, she would find someone else to kill that would make him talk. I feel terrible… I should have tried to help him! But I ran,” she whispered brokenly.

“Chrissy,” Waverly grabbed her hand, squeezing it. “If you’d done anything, you would be dead.”

“He always told me if anything happened to put as many people between myself and whatever was going on. I did what he taught me but it felt so wrong like every person that died was my fault!”

“The only people to blame for those deaths are the ones that pulled the trigger. Surviving isn’t a crime, Chrissy. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed about.”

Chapter Text

Despite the number of people within its walls all huddled around barely touched drinks, Shorty’s still had the same air of grief, confusion and anger laying heavy in the air just the same as it had when she had walked through from the basement. Heads raised, barely, and eyes lowered again after a quick glance as she took a seat next to Doc and Xavier again.

Nicole could feel no animosity towards her, they knew she had lost a co-worker… Quite possibly her boss too. And even if she wasn’t already a part of their pack, that made her part of Purgatory. Unlike the Cops from the big city that were still buzzing around the Municipal Building… they were as welcome as wasps or ants at a picnic.

Mumbling a “thanks” as Wynonna placed what appeared to be a pint of beer in front of her. Nicole took a tentative sniff and then a sip once she was sure it hadn’t been laced with anything more than the three fingers worth of whiskey she could smell.

“Waverly still with Chrissy?”

“Yeah. Not sure it’s a good idea for her to go home in case whoever took her dad tries to grab her, so Waves is getting her settled up there. I would have her at my place but if this whole shit storm is to do with Bulshar then it’s probably got a bullseye on it.”

“In that case, neither you nor Waverly are staying anywhere other than the Homestead.”

“That could just move the bullseye right onto the Homestead, Earp.”

“Well you’re not staying at your place so where would you rather stay with Waves… the Homestead with all the extra gun power and wolf senses to help out… or the roach hotel?” An unfortunately very accurate nickname for Purgatory’s only hotel. A hotel that also had the dubious distinction of not charging by the hour but by the half hour to save money for anyone wanting a quickie and trying to juggle a tight budget.

“Homestead it is then. Hey, Xavier, did you have any luck with the SD cards?”

“Too much going on across the street to risk anything right now,” Xavier explained, nodding towards the windows for emphasis as a city cruiser went by.

“Hmm, probably best to wait until we’re alone anyway.”

“What SD cards?”

“Photos of the scene and security video from Nedley’s office. Not sure how much it would have picked up but there should be sound too.”

“He had a camera in his office? Sneaky!” Wynonna chuckled in admiration. “He threatened to do that after he got it in his head that I was sneaking in and stealing his booze.”

“And what had him thinking you were doing that?”

“Oh… maybe the fact that I was sneaking in and stealing his booze,” she winked at Nicole’s eye roll.

Waverly sighed as she slipped into the seat between Nicole and Wynonna. She lay her head against her Alpha’s shoulder as Nicole’s hand found hers and her lips pressed a lingering kiss to the top of her head. “Mmmm,” she murmured appreciatively. “Steph’s sitting with Chrissy, think she’s staying the night with her too. Stephanie Jones, they go to college together,” she added for Nicole’s benefit.

“Ugh, Steph,” Wynonna pursed her lips at the thought of her.

“She told Wynonna she should get a butt lift,” Waverly confided it a loud whisper, “’Nonna’s never forgiven her.”

“Tell you what, Earp. If she ever says anything like that again, let me know and I’ll arrest her for you.”

“Ha! Knew ya liked me, Red!”

“Wynonna! We’ve got trouble heading this way! If you guys need to duck out, you’d best do it now.”

“Thanks, Shorty! Red?”

“Yeah, we’d best jet. Shorty, if you can…”

“Go,” Shorty interrupted the young Officer as he saw her eyes dart towards the door that led to the room upstairs. “I’ll keep them away from Chrissy for as long as I can. Just do what you can and get her dad back.”

Nicole quickly followed Waverly and the others towards the door in the corner that led to the basement. She could feel rest of the Purgatorian’s in the bar, wolf and normal human, moving to cover their leaving by spreading out to take over the table they had been seated at. She did kind of feel sorry for Perry though, as before she stepped through the door, she saw him take a far too hearty gulp of the drink Wynonna had left behind. Hopefully, he would be able to pick himself off the floor before the cop’s walked in.

They split up as they left the basement and dodged down alleys and streets until Waverly and Xavier made it back to their vehicles and swung round to pick them up again. Nicole tuned her radio in and listened in to the chatter from the city cop’s for a while as they made their way to their place for a change of clothes and make sure Calamity had enough food for a couple of days.

C.J. made it clear that she didn’t like the idea of going with them by disappearing into whatever hole it was she’d found and had gone into hiding somewhere in the closet again.

Nicole took a breath as she put her uniform away. Even though it was the right thing to do and the only thing she could do, it felt like she was about to cross a line again. Only this time it wasn’t a heat of the moment decision how going after Bobo Del Rey had started off as. This was a deliberate hanging up of her badge and cutting ties with fellow officers that should have been her backup.

She didn’t trust them though. Even with the evidence before them, she just knew that they would be looking in the wrong direction. Probably right at her or the pack instead of looking for someone capable of manifesting a spike of stone in the middle of a Police station.

A witch? Specifically, a stone witch?

Nicole picked up the files that Nedley had given her. She couldn’t leave them there in case the police or anyone else found them. Cautiously she opened up the one on the Cult, a growl crawled up her throat as she thought of what had happened to Waverly and what had nearly happened if not for C.J.

Looking up from the file, Nicole looking into the disinterested eyes of said cat as she sat on the back of the couch, licking a paw as she looked at her. “You sure you don’t want to come with us Calamity? Think of all the fun you could have stalking Doc’s moustache? And you could keep an eye on Waverly? Mmmm,” sighing, Nicole closed her eyes and leaned back against Waverly’s body as her arms wrapped around her waist.

“Ready to go?”

“I’m still trying to get close to…” Nicole frowned as she looked at the empty spot where C.J. had been seconds before. “Where the hell did she go now?” she looked around but yet again there was no sight of the ginger cat. Lifting her head, Nicole tried to follow the cat’s scent but… “She’s scent marked this place so much I can’t tell which is new… and I swear she knows that,” Nicole grumbled.

“She’s a smart cookie, Nic. One that’s always managing to keep one step ahead of you… which, by the way, is adorable,” she chuckled at Nicole’s pout. “I think if anyone does make the mistake of coming in our home, she’ll be just fine. And we won’t be gone for long.” They both knew that been gone for long would mean that everything was going to shit.

“Okay, let’s get out of here before our luck runs out.” Nicole slid the files into Waverly’s laptop bag and grabbed it, her overnight bag, and Waverly’s hand. “Behave, Calamity!”

“We’ll be back soon,” Waverly quietly assured her Alpha and herself as Nicole stared at their pretty white house, her brow furrowed with a sad frown, as she backed the Jeep out of the drive. “We’re going to get Nedley back and everything is going to be okay.”


“No! Nicole, I know everything looks bleak as hell and the odds aren’t exactly on our side, frankly they’re shit! But right now…! Right now I need us to at least just pretend that everything is going to be okay. So, can we do that… please?”

“Okay.” Gently removing Waverly’s too tightly clenched right hand from around the steering wheel, Nicole unfurled her fingers and pressed a kiss to the back, and then the palm of it. Fingers laced with hers, teasing and stroking against her flesh even as Waverly kept an eye on the road… though without even glancing at the speedometer, Nicole could tell that her Omega was apparently trying to break the sound barrier to get them to the Homestead as quickly as possible.

At any other time, Nicole would have teased her about it but she felt the same urgency to get to safety and get to work finding Nedley. Despite Waverly’s excellent control of the speeding Jeep, Nicole bit her lip to contain a startled yip and grabbed for the door handle as Waverly turned the wheel sharply and shot across the small wooden bridge beneath the lynch gate. “Earp’s,” she grumbled, shaking her head and following Waverly as she bounced out of the Jeep with a knowing smirk on her face.

“Looking even more pale than usual there, Red!” Chuckling, Wynonna slapped Nicole on the back and handed her calming drink of whiskey.

“Apparently, Waverly wanted to break the land speed record,” Nicole grumbled as she downed the drink. “I suppose that was you that taught her how to drive, Earp?”

“Afraid I can’t take responsibility for that, I was too busy being irresponsible and getting into trouble with Nedley.”

“Now there’s a surprise,” Nicole muttered into her glass.

“It was actually Gus and Curtis that taught me. Can someone help with these maps and my board?!”

“I will be glad to help you out there, Baby Girl.”

“Thank you, Doc.”

“God, not the board!”

“What’s with the board?”

Wynonna rolled her eyes. “Waverly got all hooked on crime shows a while back and got herself a board to write out timelines and everything on. You know what a planner she is.”

“A murder board, really?”

“It’s not a murder board!”

“Waves, you’ve got ‘Murder Board’ written on the top of it,” Nicole pointed out as Doc wheeled it into place.

Swinging around the edge of the board, Waverly glowered at the familiar handwriting and then the woman responsible for it “’Nonna!”

“What? You’re such an adorable psycho I couldn’t help it. I’m actually surprised she didn’t have a similar set up going when she was trying to track you down, Red. Oh my god! You did, didn’t you?” she laughed at Waverly’s horrified and embarrassed expression.

“It was a notebook,” Waverly muttered towards the ground.

Nicole shot Wynonna a glower and pulled Waverly into her arms. “Well, I love how determined you were to get what you wanted… What was already yours,” she assured her gently. “Now, how about we get this all set up then…” she sighed at the thought, “then we can check out that video footage. Though, I really should probably look at that by myself...”

“Not gonna happen, Red. You’re not watching that alone.”

“Absolutely not,” Waverly agreed. Cupping the back of Nicole’s head, Waverly eased her down until their foreheads touched. Brown eyes so full of sadness slowly burned away, becoming lighter and dancing with dark honeyed gold flecks in relief. “Together, remember?” Fingers sliding across the line of her jaw, Waverly caressed the soft warmth behind the shell of Nicole’s ear. “Come help me put this map up, ‘kay? ‘Nonna, plug my laptop in and then get me a drink.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Giving her sister a cheeky smirk, Wynonna rushed to do what she had asked… after a quick detour to slap Doc on the shoulder for a failed attempt to hold back a laugh. “Hey, Red… how far back does that video footage go?”

“Not sure until I look. Depends on resolution and if he had it on all the time or just when he left his office. Why?”

“Oh, just… wondering if there would have been anything on from, say… three days ago?”

Nicole paused, her hands resting on the top of the board where they had been smoothing out the map. She shared a look with Waverly and turned with her, looking back over her shoulder and studied the look on Wynonna’s face. “Wait…?”

“Let me guess. That was the last time you went in and took his whiskey, isn’t it, ‘Nonna?” Waverly groaned.

“In my defence, I never thought he would actually get a security camera.”

Nicole pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. “You’re actually trying to defend getting caught stealing by blaming Nedley?”

“I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for his meddling fishcam!”

Chapter Text

Nicole looked around at Waverly and everyone else. They all looked as anxious as she was feeling as she hit play on the laptop and looked at the TV it was hooked up to. There was something so very, very, wrong about watching what they were about to in such a normal, everyday, family setting like they were about to watch a movie.

Practically though it was the only way they could all get a good look at what Bob the fish had recorded… if anything.

And that made it doubly difficult to take ‘cause as much as they didn’t want to watch, as much as they didn’t want to see or hear what happened to Lonnie and Nedley… They needed the picture and sound to tell them everything so they stood the best chance of getting the Sheriff back home to his daughter where he belonged.

Nicole leaned forward as the TV flickered to life and they saw the Sheriff’s desk from a point above and behind it, angled so that the wide-angle lens showed most of his office pretty clearly including the reception area in front of his office door and all the way round to where her desk was. Nicole had already lined the video up on the laptop and Nedley and Chrissy were in view sitting together on the old couch to the right of his desk.

“I was hoping I would get to see Nicole before I dragged you out of here.”

“Believe me, it won’t take any dragging today,” he sighed. “One of these days I’ll get that boy, Lonnie trained up on paperwork if it kills me. As for Nicole… She’s on nights but she should be in before we leave.”

“You weren’t just fobbing me off… You did tell her right?”

“Yes, Chrissy, I told her,” he chuckled. “You do realise she hasn’t been in town all that long, right?”

“I know… but she’s been a part of my life, well, for all my life so it feels like much longer and I just really want to finally get to know her. And I take it that as she didn’t run off that it must have gone okay?”

“Gave the poor kid a hell of a lot to take in though,” he sighed worriedly.

“It’ll be okay, dad. She knows now and we know at last where she is and that she’s even alive. And I promise I won’t go in all heavy and scare her off.”

“Hell, she’s kind of ‘in’ with the Earp’s and Wynonna hasn’t managed to scare her out of town yet.”

“Kind of in with them?” Chrissy tilted her head to one side and took in the red creeping up from under his collar. Oh, this was getting interesting!

“Pack and girlfriend ‘in’.” He cleared his throat and hoped she would take the hint and drop the conversation. He liked to think of himself as open when it came to relationships and as long as there was no public indecency involved and no one was getting hurt, what went on between adults was between adults. That didn’t mean he liked to talk about anyone’s relationships though. He was old, damn it!

“Wait… Wynonna? I thought she was already ‘in’ with Holliday and Dolls?”

“No, luckily she fell in with young Waverly… She’s a good girl and at least that Earp doesn’t steal my booze all the damn time. That sister of hers has got no taste when it comes to whiskey.”

“Obviously not if she keeps stealing that cheap stuff you keep in your desk. Maybe you should load up with some good bottles for a change and scare her off?” Chucking at him, Chrissy stood up from the couch and smoothed her dress down. “Don’t know why you just can’t admit that you kind of like Wynonna… if you didn’t you could have done something about her by now… or at least found a better hiding place for your whiskey.” Leaning down, she kissed his heavily whiskered cheek. “I’m just going to go freshen up and I’ll be right back. Hey, Lonnie!”

“Hi, Chrissy… Ms Nedley.”

“Ignore my dad, Lonnie, its Chrissy to you.”

“Ignore my daughter, Officer! Keep being respectful or I’ll put you on nights for the rest of the year!”

“Yes, Sheriff!”

Huffing, Randy pushed himself off from the couch and sat down behind his desk. Reaching into the bottom drawer he pulled out his bottle of whiskey and poured a small amount into his ‘Dad’ mug while keeping a watchful eye out for Chrissy’s return. As he sipped at it, he opened up the top drawer and studied the photograph of his Niece.

The sight of Lonnie making his way towards his office had him frowning in confusion. The boy was walking like every step was painful and out of his control. “Lonnie, what the hell is wrong, son?”

“You have what I want.”

“What you want?” And what was wrong with his voice? It was so gritted and hesitant, forced from between tight lips. He sounded and looked like a puppet whose movements and voice didn’t match up with who was really speaking.

“You must give it back to me- him.”

“Now, hold on there, son,” holding out a hand, Randy stood up and walked around his desk. His other hand hovered next to his weapon but even though the move was deliberately blatant, Lonnie didn’t react as though he had even seen it. “Have you taken something?”

“Sheriff, please… help me… I… I… FOOL!”

Now that voice was all Lonnie! At least it had started off that way but the last word was not him. Before he could work out what was going on, Randy heard the main doors open and heard the clipped sound of high heels and plodding steps of male booted feet coming down the corridor.

He stared in bemusement and fear as Del Rey’s lawyer, Stone, came into view with an ornate dagger clutched in a bloodied hand.

“Ms Stone… what’s going on? What have you done to your hand?” Randy started at the hatred laid bare upon the blonde's face, twisting it as she grinned at him in a way that made him feel small and insignificant… like prey. Compared to her, the two heavily muscled goons at her side looked downright friendly.

“This small wound is no matter,” she held her hand up so he could see that it was mostly healed. “Just a small sacrifice to assure our privacy now that this worthless boy has let me down.” With her gaze fixed upon the Sheriff, she moved around the statuesque body of the younger officer and moved closer. “This foolish boy is proving to be more resistant this time. But, never mind. The hands-on approach can be more fun,” she grinned. “Now! I want my Lord’s ring… give it to me!”

“Ms Stone, I have no idea what ring you are talking about. Lonnie, are you okay, son?”

“He is under my control,” walking over to him, Constance gripped his jaw sharply, yanking his head around until he looked into her eyes. “Just a simple spell for a simple mind. He was quite useful before when I had him find those files you were hiding on my Lord Bulshar and that pup he sired.”

“The files… what did you do to them?” Randy swallowed nervously, fearful for Nicole at the talk of spells and that the lawyer somehow knew who she was.

“Just a little sprinkling of magic to delay anyone getting close to the truth within them. Have you heard from your young officer lately? Maybe it worked and she’s no more?”

“Oh my God!” Randy reached for the phone on his desk, fear pushing him as he scrambled for the speed dial number that would get him through to Nicole. Nothing grabbed him, nothing physical, but it felt like King Kong had wrapped a giant fist around his body, cracking his ribs before tossing him like a rag doll through the window of his office.

“Give me the ring!”

Randy coughed harshly, tasting the copper of his blood filling his mouth as his broken ribs creaked and groaned with every movement. “What are you?” he spat. “A witch? A Pokémon?”

“I’m not ‘a witch’ I’m ‘the’ Stone Witch!”

Randy pressed himself back against the bottom of the reception desk as she leaned down. Hatred burned in her cold eyes as she lowered her voice to a whisper and glanced back towards Lonnie.

“Maybe you need a demonstration of my powers to motivate you, hmm?”

Randy felt the ground writhing beneath him, rippling as it rose up and rushed towards Lonnie like a wave. He tried to fill his lungs enough to shout out a warning but he was pitched to his side before he could and watched with horror as a spike of stone burst up beneath Lonnie and impaled him.

Blood sprayed across him, dripping in rivulets down his face and neck as it soaked into his uniform.

“The ring!”

“Go to hell!”

“Boys, it appears that the Sheriff needs some more motivation! There must be someone in here you care about, Randy. Someone you will give up the ring to save. Well… Go! Check the rest of the offices and kill anyone you find!”

“No!” Scrambling to his feet, Randy finally managed to un-holster his weapon and fired it at the two goons. The giant fist grabbed and tossed him again and he found himself sprawled out across his desk choking on his own blood as Stone stood over him.

The sounds of distant screams and gunfire made him want to scream and fight and he tried so desperately to do so, but he couldn’t move and he wasn’t sure anymore if the weight upon his chest was magic or because he was so broken inside but all he could do was lay there and hope that somehow Chrissy had gotten to safety as he looked at Lonnie’s remains and bled whilst people died.

She hovered over him, watching him, waiting for a shift in his gaze as she tossed every desk and filing cabinet without even touching anything. Suddenly she grew still, her head tilting to one side like a lizard.

“Wrap it up, boys! Last chance, Randy. Where have you hidden the ring?”

“I don’t know what you’re…” His denial was cut off by a backhand from her that left him deaf in one side apart from the ringing in his ear, and had his jaw feeling like Mike Tyson in his prime had gotten pissed at it for ten rounds.

Grabbing him, she yanked him off the desk and forced him to stand in front of her. “You will talk! And I know just the place to take you so we won’t be interrupted.” Placing a hand on his chest above his heart, she barely even looked up to acknowledge the arrival of her help as she dug her nails deep into his flesh.

Hot blood spilled out, coating her hand as his flesh parted. “Save your screams. That was just a taste of what’s to come,” she chuckled in anticipation. He let out a gurgled scream as she muttered an incantation and they vanished.

Chapter Text

As everyone vanished on the screen, there was a strange sound and a rush of air as though more was being sucked in to replace what had been taken out. The camera angle shifted, a rustling sliding noise preceding the new close up view of papers on the ground as though Bob had just given up trying to cling to the wall once there was nothing left to see.

Waverly wanted to reach out and take Nicole’s hand but whilst her Alpha’s face was a strangely blank mask, she could feel the barely contained emotions roiling beneath the surface. Waverly wasn’t afraid, but she could tell that Nicole needed a moment to gather herself before she would allow anyone to comfort her.

As they watched the timestamp on the tape ticking off the seconds and minutes, they listened to the muffled background noises of sobs from inside the building and howls from beyond their walls. The banging on glass and doors and people tried and failed to break their way in to help. Even though they knew that nothing else had happened, or they were pretty sure nothing had, Waverly found that the silence dragged across her nerves like a bow across tightly wound violin strings.

Twelve minutes after the Sheriff had been whisked away, Nicole turned off the video as they heard their footsteps and voices. Nicole didn’t know about the others but she didn’t want to hear how they had reacted as it was still too clear in her mind.

“Okay. Right,” climbing to her feet, Wynonna stalked back and forth across the room as though moving would help her think past the scream rattling around her head from watching what had gone down in the Sheriff’s office. “Doc, you knew that bitch’s real name, what else do you know about her?”

Raking his hair back from his face, Doc looked at the floor for a moment whilst he gathered his thoughts and tried not to get sucked into the well of regret that was his time spent with the Del Rey pack when he had first visited Purgatory. “I knew she went by the name Clootie before she took up the name of Stone as I heard Del Rey call her that one time. Until we saw that photograph of her with the Cult, I had no idea that she was a part of all that. She’s conniving, dangerous and even had Del Rey trembling in fear but as to her being a witch… or having the power to do anything like that… now that I did not know.”

Moving over to the map of the area on the board, Nicole studied it intently, half wishing some kind of magic would work for them and have it flashing up where the blonde bitch had taken Nedley to. There was just so much empty space and abandoned buildings around and they had no idea if there was a range limit on how she’d gotten him out of there. They were looking at a map of the Ghost River County… what if he was across the other side of the country… or even the world?

“She seemed pretty sure that no one would be able to find where she’s holding him. Anyone know if she owns any out of the way property at all? And I didn’t see those two at the trailer park or in any files to do with Del Rey.” Picking up the laptop again, she paused the video on the best shot of the two thugs that had been with the witch. “Any idea who they are?”

The image was grainy as hell as neither of them had gotten close enough to make out clearly but… Both of them were big, well over six foot tall, shaved heads, no necks and built in roughly the same shape as outhouses. And if they weren’t related then Constance was shopping for thugs off the rack.

Moving closer to the screen, Wynonna studied them carefully. “They’re not locals. No one I’ve seen around town before anyway. Guys?”

“They could be from further afield or from the big city but nope, not seen them before. If we had time I could reach out to Black Badge but I doubt that Nedley’s got the time it would take for them to do the facial recognition.” Even if he wasn’t being tortured, at the very least his ribs were broken from being tossed around.

“Waves, could you help me?”

“Anything for you, Baby,” moving to her side, Waverly gently laid a hand on the small of Nicole’s back as she looked at the map with her.

“I could probably pick out where everyone is and mark them off but… I need to know where your pack is… anyone that’s already looking for Nedley and what kind of range they can cover… erm…” scratching her head, Nicole growled and quickly unwound her French braid.

“Empty properties?”

“Yeah,” Nicole kissed her temple softly in gratitude. “And really anything else you can think of that might be useful. I just need to be able to see where anything overlaps.”

As they worked, Nicole sat back down and studied the Cult of Bulshar file while watching and listening to the fishcam footage on the laptop. Calamity had pretty much destroyed the photographs of Bulshar’s body but she picked through the scraps for details.

Xavier sat down beside the young Alpha as she tossed aside the earbuds she’d been using with a frustrated growl. “You okay there, Nicole?”

“It’s just frustrating. I know we need to know where to start looking else it’s just pointless but I want to be out there now, you know? We had it drilled into us at the academy all the time limits for solving different crimes before they basically became a body search or a cold case but… well… they never mentioned what it would do if the person you were chasing was a damn witch. Kind of messes with the search radiuses when they can vanish into thin air.”

“Yeah, does kind of. But you’re working off the books now, no need to wait on all that pesky official paperwork like warrants and you’ve got a pretty big pack of wolves on your side all looking for the same thing. Do you know anything about this ring she was after? Unless there are more rings around we need to know about I take it, it’s safe to assume it’s Bulshar’s?”

“I know the rumours about it. That it’s what kept him alive longer than he should have been. That it gives him power over other wolves somehow. All I’ve got is the rumours though. I was never around him much but if I saw it in action I can’t remember it, ya know… no flashy lights or anything that caught my eye. All I can remember was that it was big and ugly with some kind of a black stone in it.”

“There’s not much else I know about it either… it was pretty much required reading when I joined Black Badge,” he explained with a sad smile. “Same as, Koresh’s ‘Branch Davidians’ in Waco, ‘Heaven’s Gate’, and far too many other normal cults are.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Nicole whispered. It also made her feel even more hunted as Black Badge had never exactly been known to treat werewolves or anything else nicely and she was the daughter of one of, if not the, most feared werewolves ever.

“Don’t worry, Nicole. Black Badge have changed and even if they hadn’t, you’re safe with us.”

“Is anyone safe with me around though?” she asked quietly.

“I think so. So does Doc and Wynonna. And Waverly definitely thinks so,” he smiled as he watched the youngest Earp casting little glances towards Nicole. “There was one other thing we heard about that ring. At the time it was just speculation but given what happened I think it went to being fact. And that is, that it was a witch that had a hand in making it for him in the first place.”

“Yeah would be an awfully big coincidence if it wasn’t Clootie that made it. If it is though she’s aged well.” Which was putting it mildly as she had heard all kinds of speculation on his age and none of them went much lower than him being a hundred and fifty and she looked to be in her mid-thirties? “I’m going to step outside for a little while. Just want to clear my head for a bit.”

Nicole took a deep breath as she stepped out on to the porch. Leaning her hip against the rail, she tilted her head back a gazed at the streaks of late evening sun playing around the edges of the clouds.

The wolves were silent but Nicole could still feel every one of them and the pall of sadness lingering in the air and settling over the land like a thick blanket. Nicole could feel every single one of them. Even though they were quiet she felt like she could just reach out, find them and touch them. Shorty was serving customers in a too quiet bar. Gus and Curtis were sitting down for a meal. Pete was in his truck. Nicole quickly put it down to her knowledge of them as people and pack, and her own ragged emotions as that level of sensing was beyond her even when she was in her man-beast form and the moon was at its height.

Nope, the only one she could sense clearly all the time was heading her way right then. Turning her head, Nicole smiled as the door opened and Waverly moved across the porch, her hair bouncing around her shoulders with every step and her soft smile lighting Nicole’s heart.

Placing her hand into the one Nicole held out to her, Waverly mirrored her Alpha’s stance against the porch rail and faced her. Reaching up she brushed the soft length of her windblown hair back behind her ear. It was a losing battle but one she didn’t mind as the fiery red strands curled around her fingers. Waverly wished she could freeze that moment in time and just stay right there but… “Babe, want to come see if there’s anything else you need adding to the board?”

“I’m sure it’s amazing,” Nicole smiled softly as she lost herself in Waverly’s eyes and bashful smile as her head dip at her praise. She didn’t doubt that for one moment that it was, not with how smart and focussed on the details Waverly was. And as they stood in front of the board, Nicole knew that calling it amazing was an understatement. In so little time they had, under Waverly’s guidance, put together a map that allowed her to see everything.

Nicole focussed on the contours of the land reading the map and overlaying her own, albeit limited, knowledge of the area. There was still so many areas of empty land but she focussed on ones away from the land claimed by the Earp pack and away from the vast expanse of the salt plains as witches were weakened by salt.



“Just thinking,” Nicole tapped a finger over the area of the salt plains. “Salt is basically poison to a witch, right?”

“That’s right,” Xavier nodded. “They can’t cross a barrier of it. Usually, they stick to an area that suits their power. Oh, okay, I see what you’re thinking. We’re close to a mountain range though, perfect stomping ground for a stone witch.”

“True, but she couldn’t find a ring she made with a huge chunk a stone in it so, for now, let’s assume she can’t just transport herself, two goons and Nedley all the way to the top of a mountain. Think closer to Purgatory.” They needed it to be closer. If she could take him anywhere they didn’t stand a chance in hell of finding Nedley in time.

“Oh,” Waverly jabbed at the map. “There, there’s an abandoned quarry. Secluded. Buildings. And lots of exposed stone, obvs.”

It was also, Nicole could see, on the other side of town within spitting distance of the old trailer park. A growl rumbled from her throat and she felt the shift of fur and muscle at the thought of being able to do something at last.

“Whoa there, Red. As much I would love to rush in there help you rip that bitch a new hole… maybe a bit of a plan first. Oh my god! I hate being the reasonable one.”

“’Nonna’s right, Nic,” Waverly slapped her sister's shoulder as she let out a disgusted grunt. “When you went after Bobo he wasn’t expecting you to be able to do anything. Constance… well, we can’t risk being seen and her just vanishing with Nedley again.”

Nicole knew they were right but… “Waves, Nedley hasn’t got time to wait. God knows what she’s doing to him.”

“No, but he has got time for us to gather a few things to help.”

The smile of devilish anticipation on Waverly’s face made Nicole glad her Omega wasn’t plotting against her. “Like what?”

“How about we add a bit of sodium chloride to her diet?”

“That is salt, my dear,” Doc whispered at Wynonna’s blank look.

“I know that,” Wynonna snorted. “I was just wondering how we were going to use it as a weapon?”

“Says the wolf that got blasted in the ass by rock salt shot once.”

“Fair point,” Wynonna rubbed her ass at the memory. “That stung like a son of a bitch. Almost as much as being mistaken for a coyote! And I was nowhere near old Jeb’s rotten cattle either,” she grumbled.

“Think how that stung your tough ass and you haven’t got a weakness to it like a witch has.”

“We’re going to need more than that though, Baby Girl. Even with a weakness to it, you have to be close to do anything with that.”

“Which makes it even more hilarious that Jeb managed to get you how he did. And I know where we can get a whole hell of a lot more… and fast too. As long as Nicole doesn’t mind turning a blind eye to a little breaking and entering?”

“Whatever it takes.”

Chapter Text

Randy braced himself as best as he could. Which given that he was tied up to a chair so tight he could barely feel his fingers or toes from the cold and the tightness of the ropes, wasn’t saying a whole hell of a lot.

Even though he was expecting it, and even saw it coming even with his eyes nearly swollen shut, the backhanded blow to his face from the one he’d come to affectionately call Goon One still took him by surprise and left him wondering how many more he could take before his head got knocked off his shoulders by one of them. Though, if that happened he was betting it would piss Constance Stone off no end… which almost made the prospect worth it if his spirit could linger around long enough to witness her revenge on her boys.

“The ring, Randy!”

“That’s Sheriff Nedley to you,” he spat out weakly. “And I will have you know that Randy Nedley don’t give jewellery to just any psychotic bitch.”

“Argh!” Screaming in frustration, Constance gestured for the beating to continue. The Sheriff was proving to be ridiculously stubborn and resilient!

Another blow, this one from Goon Two, rocked his head back the other way. “You know, my grandma could slap harder than you boys and she’s been dead a long time.” His sass earned him a punch to the gut that had pain lancing through him from broken ribs and blood spurting from his mouth. The sight of it dripping down Goon One’s face was a small measure of satisfaction as he tried to learn how to breathe again.

“Useless! Get out of here and go do something useful!” Constance listened to the door close behind them. The fools had their uses but one more blow to Nedley’s ribs like that would probably kill him and then she would have to waste time turning Purgatory upside down looking for Bulshar’s ring.

Grabbing Nedley by the jaw, Constance lifted his head and delighted in his ragged, pain filled breathing. “Give me what I want… Sheriff,” she purred. “And your death will be swift and merciful... or I can keep you alive for weeks and in the most glorious pain.”

“That sounds kind of kinky even for you, Constance.”

She slowly pushed the tip of a finger into one of the wounds on his chest, twisting and probing. “You can end this. Tell me where to find my Lord’s ring and the pain stops,” she offered with an enticing lilt.

“Hmm, tell you, I die. Don’t tell you, I die. Not really seeing anything to motivate me here, Constance.”

“Your daughter…”

“Is well out of your reach,” he shot back weakly, stifling a cough of pain. At least he hoped she was but Constance didn’t need to know that.

“TELL ME!!” She lashed out, splitting his cheek open with the force of her blow.

“You know, this is a day at the beach compared to Wynonna Earp on my case, day in and day out. You know, she even steals my cheap assed whiskey out of my desk drawer... at work… in broad daylight.”

“Wynonna Earp, her little pack, EVERYONE! They will all be sacrificed for my Lord Bulshar’s amusement, their hearts and their weak power becoming his as he devours their hearts and soul, as he claims your pathetic little town as his own!”

“Well now, Constance, I hate to tell you this but, you’re backing the wrong horse in this race, Bulshar… he’s dead. I saw his body.”

“That is where you are wrong! He is closer than you know. Now… I tire of this. Tell me where his ring is!” Grabbing his left hand, she slowly dragged the edge of her knife along his fingers. Slicing into skin and muscle, severing tendons and nerves, she peeled back the skin. She smiled in satisfaction as his screams rent the air and tears streamed down his face.

“You know,” she purred in anticipation, her mouth scant inches away from his as she breathed in his ragged moans. “This is just the beginning. You have so many places to slice.” Wiping the blood-soaked knife against the leg of his pants, she stepped back as she worked out just where she wanted to cut next. “So just tell me. Where is the ring?”

Breathing hard, he bit down the bile rising up as he saw the ruined mess of his hand and glared at her. “Have you tried up your own ass?”

Snarling in rage, Constance snapped his head to the side with a blow to the temple with the handle of the knife. “You think someone is coming to help, don’t you?! They are not coming for you! Not the police! Not Nicole, Not Wynonna! Not her pack! They don’t care about you! They don’t care about anyone!”

Randy honest to god thought he was seeing things as the wall to the building flew apart and a road gritter slammed into Constance. He could feel the darkness creeping in along the edges of his vision but he watched, taking it all in as her body flew across the width of the building and crashed into the far wall.

Through the ragged hole left by the gritter, he watched with pride as Nicole, magnificent in her full moon form tossed the limp bodies of Goon One and Two down with a not at all gentle slam and bent a metal pipe around their bodies to keep them in place.

“Hey there, Sheriff, sorry we took so long! We’ll have you out in a jiffy, okay?”

“You take your time, Waverly. I’ll just wait right here.” He gave the young girl a wink… or at least he tried to but his face was so swollen he could barely even open his eyes. Battered, bleeding, swollen as he was, he could see the concern on her face as she stormed off with a far too big and intimidating looking shotgun in her hands. He really needed to check that they had the proper paperwork for all the weapons they kept coming up with.

Growling, Constance pushed herself to her feet as the Earp girls walked towards her. “Give me my ring!”

Wynonna roared back. “Give us our, Nedley!!”

Constance lashed out, slicing the package Wynonna tossed her way with her knife. “Piti-” she screamed as the salt rained down upon her, burning her flesh and trapping her in the confines of its spread around her body. “You bitch!”

“Waves,” Wynonna caught the shotgun her sister tossed her way and took far too much delight it emptying it into the writhing body of the witch. She went down hard and Wynonna kept her covered as Waverly poured a heavy line of salt all around her. “Nobody tortures the Sheriff but me… bitch!”

Waverly was sorely tempted to go grab another bag of salt as she saw Nicole edging towards the Sheriff as though she was afraid that Nedley would break if startled. And frankly, he looked as though he would with how beaten up he was as blood dripped from his hand to join the spreading pool of it on the dusty floor. Rushing to the cab of the gritter, she grabbed Nicole’s clothing as she dialled her phone.

“Doc, Xavier, do me a favour and hogtie this animal and make sure she’s properly seasoned.”

“Yes, ma’am! Do you want a reef knot or bowline?”

“I never broke, Nicole. Never told her a thing,” he smiled weakly through the pain as he watched Doc securing her.

“You did take it though, Bulshar’s ring?”

“It’s safe,” he moaned weakly. “Black Badge were sniffing around down there and I couldn’t risk anyone else getting it and using it. I was going to tell you about it when you were ready but… well… things got out of hand. Nicole, is Chrissy okay?”

“Terrified for you but she’s safe. We need to get you to the hospital though.”

“Oh god, Lonnie, that poor boy.”

“We just need to focus on you now, Sheriff.” As gently as she could, Nicole sliced through the ropes holding his limp body upright and supported him as they came loose. “Only just found out I’ve got a family and I’m not about to lose you know, you hear? Sheriff?” He was out, his body limp against her. “Waves?”

“Ambulance is on the way, Babe. Here,” holding out Nicole’s clothes, Waverly took her position supporting the Sheriff as Nicole changed and got dressed so as not to inadvertently freak out the paramedics when they came. “You guys better get her out of here before the cop’s turn up too.”

“On it, Baby Girl.”

Xavier dragged the bound witch up off the floor and tossed her into the back of the gritter. She screamed loud and long as she thrashed around in the salt. “Should we gag her?”

“Naw,” Wynonna grinned. “Let her get it all out… it’ll give her some practice for when she gets where she’s going to be spending a long, long time.”

“Prisons can’t contain me!!!!”

“How about being buried up to your neck in the salt plains? How does that sound to you?”

“No!!!! No!!!! You can’t do that!!!!”

“Ohhh, but we can. Fields and fields of the beautiful stuff just waiting to snuff out a witches powers.”

“Wait! I’ll help you against Bulshar! Tell you everything you need to know! Anything!”

“Don’t you worry, Constance. If we do need to ask you anything, we’ll know right where to find you.”

Chapter Text

Wynonna lifted her head from the comfort of Xavier’s heavily muscled thigh and moved her legs just enough for Waverly to take their place on the couch. Nicole sat on the floor in front of Waverly and leaned her head against her thigh. She could swear the Alpha purred like a cat as Waverly’s fingers threaded through her hair and rubbed against her neck and shoulders.

“Well, how did it go at the hospital?” She prompted as they seemed far to content to just sit there instead of giving out the details. Obviously, it was okay, she hoped. Wasn’t like they’d come in bawling with grief or looking anything more than just exhausted from prolonged stress.

“He’s finally out of surgery,” Waverly answered as Nicole remained just as quiet and obviously lost in thought as she had all the way back in the Jeep. “He was lucky… with how his ribs were broken they think one more blow to his chest would have punctured his heart. As it was there was a slight tear to his lung… broken clavicle, bruising to his kidney. They’re hopeful about his hand too but they won’t know if any nerve damage is permanent until he starts physiotherapy. It was bad, ‘Nonna but it could have been a lot worse.”

“He’s a tough old coot. Should be with all the shit I put him through. How’s Chrissy handling everything?”

“He woke up before they took him into surgery, so they got to see each other. I think even though he was in pain they both needed that. Thought she was going to try and take my head off when she saw how bad he was.”

“She did not look at you like that,” Waverly tugged on Nicole’s hair in gentle admonishment. “The security guards on the other hand… now they looked nervous as hell when they saw the human wrecking ball. And I swear I heard a muffled scream and bedpans been dropped somewhere,” she teased.

“Must have been your admirer, Xavier,” Wynonna chuckled as the big man squirmed slightly under her. She saw Nicole’s eyes shift as she glanced up to make sure that Xavier wasn’t upset in any way at the memory of being turned by her. Whatever, Red saw in his face obviously wasn’t bad as her lips twitched up and she had to turn away a little more to hide a smile. Wynonna knew Xavier as well as anyone could know another part of their soul, the only thing that bothered him about that was that he had made a woman scream. They were all comfortable in their nudity, frequent changes and ripped clothing made that a necessity, but being around people not used to that made what was normal and natural… uncomfortable.

“Did you plant Constance good and deep?”

“Up to her scheming neck. Though after all the screaming and bitching on the way there it was tempting to get Doc to dig a little deeper or plant her upside down but as Xavier here pointed out, we would have to dig her desiccated ass up again if we needed info off her if we did that. It was still tempting though but Doc was complaining about the salt in his precious moustache by then. He’s still showering. Says he now hates the taste of salt after all the digging.”

Nicole tilted her head back and looked at Wynonna. “Just… don’t tell me where she is exactly. Plausible deniability and all that.”

“Don’t worry, Haughtshot,” Wynonna winked, “we’ll keep your reputation clean.”

Nicole snorted. “I’m more worried that I’ll be tempted to go out there and remove her head with what that ring she made for him allowed Bulshar to become.”

“That damn ring. I get why Nedley took it but, jeez!”

“It was better here is his hands than it ending up in Black Badges, Earp. Now we know… or almost know, where it is. We just need to work out what the hell to do with it when we find it. Something that will have to wait until Nedley is up to talking and the city boys are out of Purgatory.”

“I doubt that they’ll stick around for long, not in numbers anyway. Too small a town for them to bother with and until the Municipal Building is cleared up it’s pretty much closed. Especially as they took my badge.”


“Well in all fairness I was front and centre of the action at the quarry with a missing perp. And I went missing after four people were found murdered and the Sheriff went missing.”

“They turned up at the hospital after Nedley went under. Luckily Chrissy knew the lead Detective and she gave them hell and asked them where the hell they were while Nicole and our pack was out actually saving her dad when they tried to take Nicole away.”

“Constance’s goon squad?”

“City has them and were going to hold them in Purgatory as they’ve pretty much taken over the station but…” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Wynonna lift her head and fix her with the ‘well, go on’ look. “Remember how quiet they were when I jumped them? Turns out that that wasn’t anything stoic… their tongues had been ripped out. Makes questioning tricky and time-consuming to the point they would have had to ask for an extension from a judge so they can question them so they took them to one of the main station where the resources are closer. Doubt I would have been allowed to question them anyway, even if they hadn’t taken away my badge, but now it’s definitely out.”

“Don’t you worry, Red. If they try to take all the cop work to the city we’ll… oh, I don’t know, stage a mini crime spree each night until they realise a Cop shop is needed here full time.”

Nicole groaned and pressed her face against Waverly’s thigh at the thought. “Earp, I’m not sure if I should be flattered or scared.” It was a feeling that could go either way as she was in no doubt that Wynonna could pull it off even without the help of the pack.

“Go with flattered, Babe,” Waverly stage-whispered as she stroked Nicole’s head. “‘Nonna wouldn’t offer to stage a crime spree for just anyone you know.”

“Glad to hear it,” Nicole mumbled and hid a smile against Waverly. “Though I would prefer no crime spree ever… not when I’ve got my job back anyway.”

“I’ll think about it,” Wynonna chuckled as Nicole’s eyes twinkled with humour at her above Waverly’s leg. “Looks like Doc is stuck in that shower so do you want to pick out a movie to watch or decide on what kind of god-awful vegan monstrosity you want ordering from the twenty-four-hour pizza place?”

“Ugh! ‘Nonna,” Waverly shuddered and screwed up her face in disgust. “That place is a crime against pizza… even the non-vegan ones are so bad you threatened to kill them and got banned for life! And as tempting as movie night is… or what’s left of the night… we’re heading home. Need to make sure that Calamity isn’t throwing any wild parties.”

“You two are so pussy whipped… okay, forget I said that!” Wynonna groaned at her own choice of words as Waverly smirked and Nicole attempted to vanish behind her legs either in embarrassment or to hide a smile of her own. “Go, get the hell out of here and go do all that!”

Nicole snatched Waverly’s keys as she tossed them in the air. “I’m driving.”

“Hey, my Jeep.” Waverly pinned Nicole against the Jeep and tried to get her keys back but Nicole cheated and used her height to her advantage to hold them out of reach.

“Yeah, and I’m afraid I’ll have to do a citizen’s arrest if I catch you speeding again.”

“Fine,” Waverly tiptoed her fingers along Nicole’s sides and looped her hands around the back of her neck. She pressed closer until their bodies were flush together as she played with Nicole’s hair. “Just means I’ll have the time to Alpha watch and think about your beautiful strong hands controlling me instead.”

With a shift of hip and hand, Nicole nimbly switched their positions and gently pressed Waverly against the door of the Jeep. Hands braced either side of her head, Nicole pressed her hips into the sweet curve of Waverly’s ass as she caged her in place with her body as she nudged her ear with her nose and lips. Trailing them down, Nicole caressed the line of her throat with feather-light brushes of her lips and breath until Waverly pressed back against her with a breathy moan of her name spilling from her lips.

“Just giving you something else to think about on the way home. Now, be a good girl and get in the Jeep, Waves,” she chuckled at the needy and dazed look in Waverly’s eyes. Taking a steadying breath as Waverly climbed in, Nicole got in behind the wheel and tried to persuade her fingers to behave as she put the key in the ignition. She’d almost got it mastered and then… Waverly pulled the silicone scented package out from under the seat and placed it on her own lap.

Waverly smirked knowingly as Nicole’s eyes flew wide and the keys shot into the air.

Chapter Text

Blinking sleepily, Nicole pressed herself against the warm curve of Waverly’s body, grumbled and tightened her arms as her love started to move away from her. A soft chuckle brushed against Nicole’s ear like a stroke of fur to her senses and made her wiggle even closer in delight. Moaning in protest, she dragged the covers back around her as Waverly tried to escape with them all as she reached out for the phone blaring out ‘Write My Story’ from the table on what started off as her side of the bed until the seemed to always end up in a tangle of limbs somewhere in the middle.

Squinting at the display, Waverly quickly aimed a suddenly trembling finger and pressed accept on the screen. “Hey, Chrissy, everything okay?”

Waverly’s voice was softer, deeper from sleep in a way that made Nicole want to drag her back under the covers with her but there was an edge to it and as her words broke through her sleep-addled brain, Nicole held her breath and pushed her hair out of her face as she realised who it had to be on the other side of the call.

Seeing the concern in Nicole’s eyes, Waverly gently caressed her cheek and smiled softly. “Chrissy, going to put you on speaker for a sec so Nicole can hear too, okay?” She said it more out of consideration to Chrissy than anything as Nicole could hear what Chrissy was saying as clearly as if she had been speaking into her own ears if she wanted to.

“Hi, Nicole. Sorry to wake you guys so early.”

“No problem,” well apart from the fact that Waverly had just taken advantage of her sitting up to steal all the covers back. “Everything okay? How’s your dad doing?”

“Good enough that they’re talking about taking him out of I.C.U. and putting him into a private room later. He’s going to be heavily sedated up for a couple of days so they said I should go home and get some rest. I’m… I’m kind of scared too,” she admitted with a sigh. “If I hadn’t run before-”

“Then you would be dead now and I wouldn’t have the chance to get to know you,” Nicole kept her voice soft. “Go home, Chrissy, even if it’s just long enough to get stuff for him so he’ll be comfortable when he wakes up. He’s going to need you to be strong and every bit as stubborn as a man that spent all those years trying to find me, and has put up with all the crap Wynonna pulls just to torment him, can be.”

“Thank you, Nicole… For getting him back for me… for us. You’ll be coming by later, right?” she asked hopefully.

“If that’s okay, sure,” she wanted to see him but she didn’t want to intrude on Chrissy’s time with her father.

“You better!”

“Don’t worry, Chrissy, we’ll both be there later… I’ll make sure of it,” Waverly promised.

“I’ll leave you two alone to chat for a while and go check on C.J.” Nicole pressed a kiss to Waverly’s jaw and scooted off the bed… dragging all the covers with her. Dodging the pillow flying towards her head, she chuckled and darted out of the room leaving Waverly grumbling about the cold.

“C.J., you better not be hiding in that closet again!” she grumbled as she padded down the stairs, barefoot and naked. “What the!? Give me that back!” Shooing C.J. aside, Nicole snatched her Stetson off the couch and glared at their cat as she shook the ginger fur out of her hat. “I know I’m kind of out of a job right now and you saved Waverly but that doesn’t mean this is yours. How in the hell did it get on the couch anyway?” Shaking her head, Nicole straightened the brim of her hat, smoothing out every dent and imagined crease before she placed it back on the coat stand by the window.

Ignoring the head-butts, ridiculously loud purring, and ankle rubs that nearly tripped her, Nicole fixed C.J.’s food and topped up her water. She yawned and stretched as she finally saw the time. Six AM. Too early to be up after only a couple of hours sleep, and too late to go back to sleep now she was awake. “Do you want breakfast fixing?”

“Naw, come back to bed. I just got a message from Shorty, he doesn’t need help this morning so I’m not in until later.”

Nicole smiled at the lilting invite in Waverly’s voice in her head. “Are you plotting something for when I get up there, Baby?”

“Yes, sleep! And you know I need my bonus blanket for that!”

Nicole didn’t for one minute believe that Waverly had only sleeping in mind. At least, not for a while anyway. Not with what she was feeling from her thoughts. “I’ll be up in a couple of mins,” she chuckled.


Yep, Nicole smirked, Waverly was most definitely horny. Which was okay as just waking up next to her, even with that ringtone blasting out, had left her feeling the same way. Making use of the downstairs bathroom, Nicole quickly brushed her teeth and freshened herself up a little before making her way back up the stairs.

Waverly was laying on her back when she entered, a nervous grin peeking at her over the covers pulled up to her neck. Tilting her head to one side, Nicole tried to work out what was going on. And then Waverly stretched her legs and let the covers settle around her. “Ohhhhhhh boy!”

Nicole’s felt her eyes grow wide and heat rise up in her cheeks even as desire slammed through her and left her weak and very wet. She looked at the dressing table and saw the remains of the parcel strew over the top of it. Yep, that explained the lump under the covers. “Which one?”

“Not the rainbow one, silly that’s for Pride Week,” flipping back the covers, Waverly let her Alpha see the flesh coloured strap-on. She’d felt pretty ridiculous putting it on even though the thought of using it and feeling the smaller end pressing against her g-spot had turned her on even more than she already was. Seeing the heat blazing in Nicole’s eyes, hearing the panting whimper spilling from her softly parted mouth had everything but the need to make her fall apart fading away. “Now, are you going to climb on this bed and let me fuck you?”

“Well, when you put it like that,” grinning, trembling slightly in anticipation, Nicole slid on to the bed and into Waverly’s embrace. “You look… wow!” Running her hand down the taut plains of Waverly’s abdomen, she traced the edges of the straps and released a shaky breath as the cock part brushed the back of her hand. It was warm from being pressed against Waverly’s body by the weight of the covers and solid. The thought of it being inside her… of Waverly thrusting above her, behind her, had her thighs trembling and her body released another rush of wetness.

Rolling on her side, Waverly captured Nicole’s mouth and swallowed her throaty moan as she thrust the cock against her slightly. Running her fingers down, she dipped them between Nicole’s thighs and felt the dampness waiting for her. “Damn! You’re so wet for me already!” She painted Nicole’s lips with the evidence of her arousal and licked them clean. Biting and sucking, she drew back on the fullness of her bottom lip as she brushed a thumb across her already swollen clit.

“I bet I could just fuck you with this right now you’re so wet.” She smirked, her own body going up in flames, clenching down greedily around the end of the cock buried inside her and soaking it with her arousal as Nicole’s body jerked and curled around her probing fingers. White teeth found a home in the crook of her shoulder as she moaned her desire against her.

“Waverly, please.”

Knowing what she needed, Waverly urged Nicole’s long leg over her hip and cupped the heat of Nicole’s sex in her hand. Sliding her fingers gently in, she rocked the heel of her palm against her clit as her fingers probed and stretched the tight, slick walls. Rocking her hips, she moaned as the straps and the smaller end of the cock rubbed her in all the right places and sent tingling waves and heat flooding through her.

Head dipping, she sought and found the achingly swollen bud of a pale, dusky nipple. Tongue swirling, she drew it into the heat of her mouth and sucked it deeply and rolled and pinched the other with nimble fingers in time with their movements. Nicole’s hands pulled her closer, tangling in her hair and pulling at her hip, urging her on as soft pleas and wordless moans tumbled from her mouth until she fell apart and Waverly tumbled with her.

Chapter Text

“Are you sure this is okay, Nic?”

“Positive. If I wasn’t I would have said something,” cupping Waverly’s cheek, Nicole kissed her with growing hunger and need as she looked down at the flesh coloured strap-on. She had every faith in Waverly but even so… “It’s been a while since I used a toy that wide, Waves. You’re going to need more lube first.”

“Oh, Baby. I’ve got that covered… or rather, you have.” Sliding her fingers deep one last time, wringing another cry from Nicole, Waverly slowly removed her fingers from Nicole’s pussy. Twisting and spreading them along the way to throw Nicole back into a place of pure need. She groaned as the hot, slick walls fluttered and tightened on her fingers and she imagined what it would feel like when she was in her and her Alpha’s body tightened and pulled on it.

Nicole’s breathing hitched, a moan bursting from her as she lifted her head and watched with eager, hungry, eyes as Waverly ran her hand over the strap-on. Pumping the thick length she coated it with the liberal amount of Nicole's release gathered upon her palm.

The look of fierce concentration on Waverly’s face as she knelt between her spread legs made Nicole smile. The smile stuttered, her head rolling back and forth against the pillow as Waverly ran the tip of the cock between her aching pussy lips, working it from her entrance and up, nudging at her clit before moving down again and pressing gently to get her used to the slight stretch. Over and over she repeated the motion, teasing her, her other hand pressing against her hip as she tried to thrust upwards in her need for more.

“Waves, please?”

“What do you need, Baby?”

“Please, please, oh god! Need! Please, fuck me with your cock!”

The breathy tumble of needy words spilling from Nicole’s mouth had Waverly’s hips canting forwards with the desire to bury herself deep in Nicole’s body. Moaning thickly, she trembled and controlled herself. Pressing forwards, Waverly’s eyes darted between the breath-taking sight of Nicole’s face and the equally breath-taking sight of her pussy stretching around the head of the strap-on. A startled cry burst from Nicole’s mouth, her fingers twisting in the sheets as the head popped inside. “You okay, Baby?”

“Shit! Damn! That- that feels so good.” She could still feel the waves of fluttering tingles radiating out across her abdomen and tickling down across her ass and the backs of her thighs. “More, please?”

Gently, carefully, Waverly started moving her hips, gliding in and out, sinking just a little deeper each time until finally it was buried all the way in and their bodies were pressed completely, blissfully, together. She could feel the tug and pull of Nicole’s pussy against the cock echoing through the smaller end lodged within her. Every twitch from Nicole sent a wave of pleasure through her own pussy that had her clamping down in rippling waves that moved the end buried in Nicole. She felt sure that they could climax together just from that alone but she wanted more.

Waverly looked eagerly at Nicole’s face as she rolled her hips slightly. A gasp was wrung from them both, faces going slack with pleasure as the toy moved, rubbing against swollen flesh and nerve endings to pleasure them both. “Still- still with me?”


Waverly did as Nicole asked… begged… following her Alpha’s need and that of her own body as they moved together in rising passion. Her hips snapped back and forth, faster and harder as Nicole wrapped her long legs around her waist and clawed at her back and shoulders, pulling her closer and deeper.

“Come for me. Come on my cock, Nic!” Hips jerking, losing rhythm as she came, Waverly screamed in pleasure as Nicole sank her teeth into the mark on her throat and growled her own release.

Waverly trembled, her heart pounding so hard she could feel every beat echoing through her body, setting starbursts sparked behind her closed eyes. She had imagined what using a strap-on might be like but part of her had prepared herself to feel disconnected with the cock not actually been a part of her body but… god!

The way Nicole had responded, just knowing how good she was making her feel and watching her come apart time and again had been enough to undo her even without the added stimulation of the smaller end of the strap-on lodged within her tugging and rubbing in all the right places as Nicole body had tightened upon it.

Lifting her head as she felt Nicole move at her side, Waverly blinked down as Nicole moved down the bed with every beautiful line of her body trembling as she settled between her thighs. The need still burning in her brown eyes had Waverly’s hips canting up in eager anticipation again.

A cry trembled and fell from her mouth as Nicole flipped her hair back over her shoulder in a shimmer of red and, with eyes locked upon hers, lowered her head and wrapped her lips and tongue around the tip of her cock in a move that was pure sensual overload.

Long fingers wrapped around the base, steadying it as her tongue ran up and down the length in broad swipes as she gathered up the come she had soaked it with. Waverly arched up, gasping and whimpering as Nicole tugging gently with mouth and hand, rubbing it against the swollen and tender walls of her aching pussy.

Nicole brought her to the brink quickly, then held her there, hips raised, back arched as she rode the line.

“You liked fucking your Alpha with your cock didn’t you, Baby? Liked hearing me whimper and scream for more?”

Waverly gurgled some kind of a reply and hoped that Nicole would take it as the FUCK YES it was meant as, as Nicole rocked the smaller end of the strap-on back and forth within her, right across her G-spot.

“I want you to come for me, Waves. Come while I stroke your cock. Feels good when I rub it, so slick and hot with all that come you fucked out of me.”

Sitting up, Waverly grabbed Nicole by the back of her neck and pulled her into a deep and desperately hungry kiss, licking the taste of the come she had stolen from her cock out of her Alpha’s mouth. Her hips rose and fell jerkily, thrusting her cock into Nicole’s hand and abdomen as she came.

Helped by a gentle shove by Nicole’s hand, Waverly’s back hit the mattress again. Her vision was shot from coming so hard but she heard the strangely erotic sound of the harness been unfastened and felt the tug of it been pulled from her grasping pussy. Her back arched, her body writhing as the sound of it hitting the floor rang through her.

Waverly felt her legs being lifted and moaned at the familiarity of Nicole’s shoulders beneath them as she moved into the cradle of her thighs. Fingers probed and parted the drenched folds of her pussy lips, exposing them to the cooler bedroom air and the panting of Nicole’s breath.

Then there was just heat.

The heat of Nicole’s face pressed between her thighs. The heat of her mouth pressed against her clit and pussy and the flexible probing heat of her tongue as Nicole licked a line of fire that slurped up between her lips over and over, teasing across her dripping entrance and flicking across the tip of her clit as she gathered up the copious amounts of slick release flowing from her.

Crying out in pleasure, Waverly arched up into the breathtaking delight of Nicole’s mouth and the languid strokes of her tongue. With a firm grip, Nicole pushed her back and held her thighs open just enough as she refused to be hurried from her feast. Needing an anchor, Waverly wrapped her hands in the curtain of red hair flowing across her abdomen and grasped the back of Nicole’s head in an attempt to set the pace.

A soft growl of warning rumbled through Waverly, sparking across her clit as Nicole refused to be moved from her pace by the frantic press of her hands. Waverly focused on the sensations flooding her.

The feel of Nicole’s jaw flexing against the insides of her thighs as her tongue worked in that deep, unhurried lapping. The press and flutter of elegant fingers as they played across her abdomen and thighs like a musician finding the perfect tune upon her highly strung senses. The light suction of her mouth and tease of lips and teeth upon her clit.

“God, you taste so damn good, Waves.”

Nicole’s growl of pleasure and the stinging bite to the inside of her thigh had Waverly moaning and half sobbing, out of her mind from the delightful pleasure as she begged for more.

“What do you need, Baby? Tell me?”

“You, I need you!”

“Hmm, I gathered that,” she chuckled darkly. “But what do you need, Waves? Do you want me to use my tongue? Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers? A toy? Be a good girl and tell your Alpha what you need.”

“Oh god! Anything! Need you to fuck me! Want you on me!” Her breath left in a sigh of contentment as Nicole’s lithe, muscular body slid along hers, her familiar weight pressing her gently into the mattress as their breasts and hips melded together again in a way that made them both sigh in pleasure. Pushing Nicole’s hair back, Waverly gazed into the heated depths of her brown eyes. As always, the love and desire within them was breathtaking. Their legs shifted and entwined, their bodies coming together more intimately. Waverly pulled Nicole’s head down to her, claiming the soft moan of wonderment at the contact as her own as she filled the heated depths of Nicole’s with hers.

Despite their urgency moments before, their movements were languid, their bodies sliding and coming together over and over. Pleasure building with every rolling shift of Nicole’s whole body. Hands explored and caressed, nails digging into tense muscle and dragging across tender nerves as they strove higher and higher, reaching new plateaus of pleasure with each other.

Waverly buried her face against Nicole’s neck, her lips seeking out her mark where their scent was at its strongest. It made her teeth ache to bite again, to strengthen a bond that was already unbreakable, as they grazed across the divots in Nicole’s pale skin.

A soft growl rose between them, their voices merging to create one and Waverly knew that both their eyes had gone over to their wolves. Unable to speak, she gave Nicole her desire with her mind and felt the rough press of teeth against her own throat in reply.

The anticipation pushed them impossibly higher until Waverly felt like her body was being torn apart and remade with every move of their bodies, merging them together until as one they tumbled off the highest peak and flew, their mouths working, teeth biting, flesh reopening as their hearts and souls beat together.

Chapter Text

With languid swipes of her tongue, Nicole soothed the fresh bite on Waverly’s neck and lapped up the taste of sweat and their scent. It clung to her tongue and mouth, coating her throat with its honeyed sweetness as Waverly’s nimble tongue worked upon her flesh.

Her body trembled, wracked with aftershocks of pleasure that had her gasping. Nicole felt like she was almost locked in the grip of her rut again. Sated but less than a breath or heated moan from her Omega away from wanting more of the young woman beneath her. Always wanting more.

Mouth sliding along Waverly’s jaw, she found kiss-swollen lips and shared the taste of their passion coating their mouths. The copper tang of blood, the vanilla and lavender of their scent and the sweetness of their come. Their tongues danced and probed, teeth nipping as their bodies started moving and dancing together again.

Gentling their kisses, Nicole searched Waverly’s eyes, taking in the desire roiling within their hazel beauty. Her pupils were blown wide, the whites still gone over to solid wolf. Nicole chuckled as her teeth snapped playfully at her lips in protest of being denied her kisses. “Someone still frisky, huh?”

In reply, a tanned leg shifted between hers, a muscled thigh pressed into tender flesh, leaving Nicole weak and whimpering against her, a shaky, wry, laugh burbling from a throat made scratchy from screaming and begging. When Nicole found the strength to lift her head, Waverly’s eyes were bright, her bottom lip caught between her teeth in anticipation.

Nicole laughed as the mood was broken somewhat by a thunderous growl from Waverly’s stomach. “How about we go take care of that first, Baby? Then we can spend just as long as we need taking care of the rest of our hunger.”

The lilting, husky purr in Nicole’s voice and the way her brown eyes darkened and dropped to her lips had Waverly wanting to tackle Nicole back onto the bed to beg her to forget all about food but both their stomachs let out growls and Waverly chuckled and accepted Nicole’s hand to help her off the bed. And it was a hand that was very much needed as her legs trembled as she tried to take a step. Even though Nicole didn’t seem to be faring much better herself, she scooped her off the ground bridal style and carried her downstairs only to dump her on the couch in an aroused and undignified heap.

Kneeling, Waverly peeked over the back of the couch to watch with hungry eyes as Nicole moved around the kitchen, slicing fresh fruit for their breakfast. The morning light flicking through the blinds, caressing the beautiful lines of her body, highlighting the dips and curves. Just the sight of her had Waverly’s thighs growing damper with desire as her pussy fluttered and clenched in need. Hand sliding down, she set her teeth into the couch cushions, muffling her moan, as her fingers slid through the slick dampness coating her thighs, tracing it up to the source.

Waverly saw Nicole’s nostrils flare and knew her love had caught her scent as she circled her aching clit with her fingers. Knowing, lust filled, brown eyes locked upon her and she could see the dominant Alpha gazing from them and Waverly shivered under the weight of them.

“Those are my fingers on you right now, Waves. Mine. Pinch your clit… feels so good Baby, so swollen and tender. Now, slide two of them in you… slowly now… nice and deep and pump them in and out. But don’t you dare come until we get back to bed.”

Waverly whined and clutched at the couch, fighting against the desire to come and the need to be good for her Alpha as she did what Nicole had said and worked her fingers in and out of her aching pussy. “Nic?”

“No coming,” she husked gently but firmly. Keeping an eye on her, Nicole propped a hip against the kitchen counter and popped a slice of freshly cut apple into her mouth and chewed on it slowly. “That’s enough, Baby. No more now,” she ordered. “Time for some food then we can go back to bed.” Much more and she could tell there was a chance Waverly would be overcome by her desire and Nicole’s Alpha side was very much in control right then… had been since they had bitten each other again.

Waverly whimpered and removed her fingers. Laying her head on the back of the couch she struggled for composure. She was so close it felt like every breath she took was connected to her womb and clit. She wanted to come, was desperate for it, but even more than that she wanted to be good and experience everything Nicole was plotting for her. And there was plotting going on, she could see it in the soft twinkle of her eyes as she slowly ate another piece of apple as she strolled towards her like she had all day… to tease and torment and drive her out of her mind!

Smirking at the soft growl rising from Waverly, Nicole offered her a slice of apple drizzled with syrup. She made sure to keep her fingers out of reach as Waverly bit through the offering with a snap of white teeth and chewed on it like she was wishing it was her fingers. “Easy, Baby. Eat first… you’ll need your strength.”

“You are such a fucking tease, Nicole Haught,” Waverly grouched as she tried to resist the urge to tackle her Alpha and wipe the ridiculously adorable, dimpled, smirk off her face.

Nicole moaned loudly in pleasure as she bit through a perfectly ripe strawberry and tilted her head on one side as she pretended to ponder Waverly’s frustrated outburst. “But, love… it’s a statement of fact, not a tease.” Holding out the remainder of the strawberry, she popped it into Waverly’s mouth as her jaw dropped a little. “You did so good… so damn good with that strap-on,” she shivered as she thought about it. “Now it’s my turn if you think you’re ready to try it?” she grinned wolfishly as Waverly swallowed her bite of strawberry with more than a hint of nervous anticipation writ across her face and rapidly nodded her head.

Dipping her fingers into the fruit, Waverly picked up a piece, not even looking as to what it was as she held it up to Nicole’s mouth. Her mouth curved into a smile that dazzled her with teeth and dimples as she opened her mouth for her offering.

They fed each other, teasing with swipes of tongues and gentle nibbles across fingertips that lingered longer and longer until it was all gone. Lips and bodies entwining, they made their way back up the stairs, Nicole’s hands upon Waverly’s hips guiding her every step as she made her way backwards up them.

Waverly moaned, her lips clinging to Nicole’s as long as possible as Nicole’s gently but firmly pulled away. Her breathing was as ragged as her own and her Alpha’s soft chuckle told Waverly just how hard it was to have any distance between them. Her hands guided her though, turning her firmly around, Nicole barred an arm around her waist to stop her turning and pulled her flush against her front as she walked them over to the bed.

Through the mirror on the other side of the bed, Waverly looked at the flushed and needy creature in Nicole’s grasp. Waverly moaned at the flare of hunger on both their faces as Nicole’s placed a pillow on the edge of the bed and guided her down until her upper body was flat to the mattress. The pillow supported and lifted her hips further, bringing their hips into perfect alignment.

“Touch yourself for me, Waves. Those are still my fingers. No coming though, Baby. Save that for when I’m in you.”

Waverly moaned, her body instinctively searching for Nicole’s as she stepped away. The loss of Nicole’s body against hers was almost unbearable even though she knew what was about to happen.

Closing her eyes, Waverly breathed in the scent of them permeating the room and the bed beneath her and felt her hips twitch in need as she filled her lungs and soul with it. Running her hand between her thighs, she avoided her too sensitive clit for fear it would set her off and caressed her dripping folds, teasing her entrance with the tip of her finger as she tracked Nicole’s movements in the bathroom as she cleaned the toy. Her ears caught the edge of a gasp that made her grind into the mattress and whine in the sure knowledge that it had been wrung from her as she’d slipped that wonderfully probing smaller end into place.

She wanted her Alpha on her. Ached to feel her strong body covering hers, pressing her into the mattress.

Clutching the covers desperately, Waverly opened her eyes and turned her head to watch as Nicole stepped from the bathroom with a shy, almost hesitant look on her face that Waverly had seen on her own when she had first put the harness on and felt the weight of the strap-on bouncing around. Nicole looked magnificently beautiful as always though and as her brown eyes raked over her body, Waverly saw the nervousness vanish from her eyes, wiped out by a blazing need that had her eyes going wolf before she’d taken a step.

Waverly writhed against the bed as Nicole’s body slipped into a dominant predatory glide that had her twitching and pushing her hips back in blatant invitation for her Alpha. Fingertips dragged down her spine and sides, curving over her hips and chasing the shivers up along the backs of her thighs and ass to be replaced by the delicious weight of Nicole’s body as she curled forwards and lay against her.

Purring at the sensation, Waverly turned her eyes to the mirror and caught the brown of Nicole’s watching her from behind the curtain of red that was teasing across her shoulders. Long fingers caressed her right side, teasing the edge of her breast and hip, nails dragging across her thighs, fingers pressing into her waist as Nicole’s mouth worked across the back of her neck and shoulders with kisses, bites and licks. And all the while, Nicole's hips thrust gently, sliding the length of her cock between Waverly’s lips, the weight of her body just enough to prevent Waverly from thrusting back how she wanted to.

“Have- ahhh- have I mentioned that you’re a tease?” Waverly moaned.

“Mmmm,” Nicole stilled her motion and rubbed her chin in thought, knowing full well that Waverly was watching her through the mirror. “I seem to remember you mentioning it, yes. Though I’m pretty sure you used the word… fucking too,” pushing her hips forwards, Nicole stretched her with just the very tip of her cock.

She held herself still, watching Waverly’s face in the mirror. Letting her adjust to the stretch… savour it and then want more. Nicole started moving, slowly, gently, giving her as much time as she needed to adjust to each sensation just as her Omega had done for her. “You are so beautiful, Waverly. Taking me so good.”

Captive under Nicole’s gentle control, Waverly whimpered and begged as her loving Alpha worked her into a frenzy of need. Sweat slicked their bodies, come trickled down their thighs as Nicole moved on her and in her and Waverly watched it all… felt it all… and heard it all… every delicious stretch and glide, every grunt and moan, every soft sigh and whimper, words of love, encouragement and guttural expletive. The soft, sensual, liquid slapping of bodies coming together, growing louder and more frenzied as she chased her from one orgasm to the next.

Hand wrapping around the thickness of Waverly’s hair, Nicole held herself still, buried deep within the tight grasp of her loves body. Breathing hard, Nicole guided her upright, making Waverly gasp as the cock settled deeper within her. Arms wrapping around her, Nicole thrust upwards as she set her teeth gently into the mark on her throat again and held Waverly up as she went limp in her arms as she came again.

The dominant, Alpha side of Nicole wanted to keep going but the side of her that feared and fought against it had Nicole trying to easing out of Waverly so she could help her on to the bed.

“No!” Digging her nails into Nicole’s hip, Waverly pushed back, keeping them locked together. “Please, not yet. Need you in me.”

“Well, you’ve got my legs shaking so how about just long enough so we can actually get on the bed?”

“Hmm,” Waverly pondered the suggestion, probably for far longer than was necessary but that, she figured, was entirely Nicole’s fault for scrambling her brain with all the intense orgasms. “Okay,” she nodded, “but just long enough for that though, promise?”

“I promise, Baby,” Nicole chuckled. Gently, she eased out and held Waverly as she turned around in her arms and linked her hands together at the back of her neck. Sliding her hands down, Nicole lifted her up and smiled as Waverly wrapped her legs around her waist with a far too smug look on her face that shifted to pure pleasure as Nicole adjusted the strap-on and slid back inside right there and then. “That better, Baby?”

Crawling on to the bed with Waverly’s legs still locked around her, Nicole lay her back against the pillows and settled herself against her love. “Not too heavy for you?”

“Perfect… you’re perfect. Well okay, maybe if you move just a little?”

“Oh, okay, sorry,” Nicole apologised.

“No, not like that, silly.” Waverly tightened her legs around Nicole’s trim waist and threaded her fingers through her hair as she tried to scramble off her. “I mean… move,” she purred seductively.

“Oh, like this?”

Waverly whimpered as Nicole moved her hips in a slow rolling motion that had sparks shooting through Waverly’s body as she moved the cock in and out. Nicole’s mouth found hers in a soul-searching kiss that had the sparks spreading like wildfire and had her sobbing her need and pleasure into Nicole’s mouth.

Chapter Text

Padding across the kitchen floor as stealthily as she could on legs that were still wobbly, Waverly slid her arms around Nicole’s waist and flopped inelegantly against her back. The pressure against muscles and flesh made tender from repeated and prolonged orgasms had her grumbling against Nicole’s spine and desperately trying to contain any twitches brought on by thinking about them.

Nicole’s hissed gasp at the pressure of her arms around her was a soothing balm to her ego to know that her Alpha was just as tender as she was. Grinning, Waverly gave Nicole’s abdomen a not-in-the-least-bit soothing rub that pressed against the swellings there.

They had made love for hours, locked in an un-quenching desire for each other that, in a moment of peace, had had them seriously questioning if their heat and rut hadn’t somehow started up again. Their most mind-blowing, earth-shattering, fly off the edge of the world together, orgasm had been their last one when, bodies shaking and limp, when every breath was gasped and ragged, Waverly had begged for what she craved, what she needed… her Alpha to fill her with her orgasm.

It was a need that had had Nicole lifting her head, dazed brown eyes peeking at her through a tangle of sweat dampened red hair like she was waiting for a punch line to a joke. But one look into her eyes and Waverly had seen the desire and need fill them again, washing aside her exhaustion as her need became Nicole’s.

Placing her hands gently over Waverly’s, Nicole stilled their motion upon her tender body and smiled at her pouted grumble. “Now, don’t start what we haven’t got time to finish… or energy for right now,” she admitted with a chuckle. “You’ve got to get ready for your shift soon and we’re supposed to pop in and check on the Sheriff and Chrissy before then.”

“I know, just find it impossible to keep my hands off you,” she purred.

“I feel the same way… just… Ohhh,” she winced as Waverly hugged her tight, “careful with anywhere below, ohhh, say this level right now, ‘kay?”

Waverly chuckled when she saw that Nicole was holding her hand up over her own head. “You’re going to have to bring that level down a bit, pretty girl.”

“Oh?” Nicole raised her eyebrows questioningly and bit back a grin as Waverly moved around her until their fronts were pressed together.

“Yep, bring it down,” Waverly wound her fingers into red hair as Nicole’s hand started to lower. “Bit more,” cradling the back of her neck, she teased her fingers over Nicole’s face as she raised up on her tiptoes while Nicole’s hand continued to drop. “More,” lips ghosting across Nicole’s, Waverly sighed at the feel of her breath teasing across her parted lips. A needy whimper rippled across her lips, the call of it tugging at something deep inside. They reached for each other, closing the gap as they devoured each other’s moans and sighs, lips and tongues tangling, hands pulling each other close and searching for bare flesh as their clothing became a hindrance once more.

Waverly growled in annoyance and elicited a yelp from Nicole as she bit down on the upper swell of Nicole’s left breast she’d just worked to expose as Nicole’s phone rang on the table behind them. Batting her eyes with false innocence, Waverly couldn’t help but admire the way her bite marked looked upon the sweet curve of flesh. She couldn’t say that she’d ever been a biter before but Nicole’s pale flesh felt like it was made to be painted with the marks of her desire. Mine!

Nicole was her Alpha, they proudly bore each other’s marks upon their necks which to another werewolf was more binding than wedding vows. Even so, the sudden desire to mark Nicole up further, to bite and claim every inch, felt so foreign to Waverly that she whimpered in confusion.

“Hey,” ignoring her phone, Nicole pulled Waverly back into her arms and ran her hands up and down her spine as she felt her confusion. “I’m yours, Waves. All yours as much as you are mine.”

“I shouldn’t have bit you like that.”

“I kind of like when you bite me,” Nicole smiled reassuringly. “Also pretty fond of all the nail marks you raked into my back earlier too,” she winked. “You just caught me by surprise just,” running the tip of a finger across the already fading bite, Nicole hooked Waverly's chin and gently tilted her face upwards and kissed her softly.

“That was because of your phone… oh! Your call! You should totally get that, it could be important!”

“If it is they’ll call back or leave a message ‘cause, Waverly, nothing is more important to me than you.” Nicole tightened her grip, holding Waverly closer until their marks were pressed together and their scent wrapped around them like a warm blanket that had Waverly sagging against her grumbling ‘cheat’ under her breath. “Now… the biting and feeling all possessive… does it feel like it’s coming from a place of ‘oh my god, we just had amazing sex and I want everyone to know this woman is mine!’ or ‘this woman is mine and I need to remind everyone because she can’t be trusted to remember?’”

“The first one! Geez, you’ve never done anything to make me feel the other way!” And she hadn’t. Even when she had been dodging her for that first couple of weeks it had been in a quite frankly silly attempt to protect her than it had been to reject her. And when in anyone’s presence, Alpha, Omega, human… it didn’t matter what they were, Nicole always treated her as an equal… usually as more.

“And I never will. But if anyone ever does anything around me that makes you feel the need to stake your claim on me more, you let me know, okay and I will put them right. I’ve only got eyes for you, Waves and I never want you to feel anything less than what you are… what I see every second when I’m with you.”

The love and heat in Nicole’s soft voice, the way she was holding her like she was the most precious thing in the world, made Waverly feel safe and warm, and tingly inside, her heart aching with love for Nicole Haught. But Waverly found she still wanted to hear what Nicole thought of her. Leaning back in her arms, Waverly caressed her face and played with the open collar of her dark blue button down shirt. “And what’s that?”

Smiling softly, Nicole nudged the tip of Waverly’s nose with her own. “You, Waverly Earp, are extraordinary,” she whispered softly, her lips a hairsbreadth away from the soft welcoming curve of Waverly’s. “And, I love you so, so much.”

Waverly couldn’t have stopped the beaming smile from breaking across her face even if her life had depended on it and she didn’t want to. “I love you too.” Closing the last fraction of space between them, Waverly captured Nicole’s mouth and started working on undoing the few remaining buttons on her shirt.

“Waverly,” chuckling breathlessly, Nicole reluctantly restrained her hands as best as she could. The joy and anticipation on her face was breath-taking and infectious. “We need to go to the hospital soon,” she reminded her as her hands wiggled loose and started working on her jeans.

“How long is ‘soon’?”

“A couple of hours… but we need to eat and stuff…” Waverly’s blunt nails dragged just above the line of her jeans and Nicole felt herself losing a battle she didn’t even want to win.

“A couple of hours?” Rolling her eyes, Waverly pulled her own top off over her head and delighted in the darkening of Nicole’s gaze. “Nicole… grab an apple or something… I need you. Damn it,” she sighed as Nicole’s phone started ringing again. “You better get that.”

Huffing at the phone, Nicole dismissed the call from her mind and turned Waverly back towards her. Hands on her waist, thumbs pressing into the toned muscles there, she nibbled on the fragrant curve of her slender neck and guided her back towards the living room and the waiting couch. “They can leave a message,” she purred.

Tipping Waverly over the arm of the couch, Nicole followed her down, pressing her into the cushions with her hips. Captivated by the beauty beneath her, Nicole ran her eyes and fingers over her face. Every time she looked at her, every second with her, she fell deeper in love and felt as though she was seeing her for the first time. Gentle fingers brushed her hair back behind her ear, the soft pad of her thumb caressing across her left cheekbone to trace across the faint silvery lines of the scar. Nicole could see the flicker in Waverly’s eye, the concern as to what could have even left a mark upon her.

“What happened?”

“My first brush with silver,” she explained gently. “Hurt like hell but it was a long time ago.”

Waverly moved her fingers away. “I’m sorry, didn’t mean to remind you of something like that.”

Catching Waverly’s hand, Nicole brought it back to her face. “Touch it again.” She sighed, leaning into the gentle brush of her fingers. “You, Waverly Earp, have every right to know all about me and no need to hold back on asking anything you want. When you touch it, I don’t think of the pain that caused it. All I feel is the pleasure of your touch and the love we share.”

“I’m in love with a literal cinnamon roll.”

“But I thought vanilla dip donuts were your favourite?” Nicole teased gently.

Rolling her eyes, Waverly shifted her hips, settling Nicole between them as she drew her leg up, running her foot along the back of Nicole’s calf. “Shut up and kiss me, smartass.”

“Yes, ma’am,” grinning, Nicole dipped her head and caught Waverly’s mouth in a soft kiss that quickly grew heated and hungry as hands wondered and bodies shifted together.

Getting undressed while on a couch and zero intention of breaking apart from kissing long enough to remove anything was a challenge but, Waverly liked a challenge and it wasn’t long before most of their clothing had been pushed out of the way far enough to no longer be a hindrance.

“Someone’s coming.”

“Yes, me if you get back to what you were doing,” Waverly whined, tugging Nicole’s hair in an attempt to get her mouth back on track.

“Car,” Nicole mumbled against the fullness of Waverly’s breast.


Lifting her head, Nicole brushed her hair back from her face and pressed a kiss to the nipple she’d reluctantly had to abandon. “There’s a car pulling up outside.”

“Oh my god, if it’s Wynonna I’m killing her!”

“Easy, Baby.” Taking a breath, Nicole scented beyond the delights of their heady scent and searched out what was outside. A growl rumbled from deep inside and she reluctantly removed herself from Waverly’s body and pulled her clothing back into place.


“It’s okay, Waves. Let me go see to this and then we’d better get ready and go see the Sheriff, okay?” She pressed a kiss to the tempting softness of Waverly’s mouth, sighing in regret as she drew back and grabbed a coat from the rack and pulled on a pair of boots.

Scrambling from the couch, Waverly quickly pulled her own clothing back into place and moved to the window to see what the hell was going on. She watched as Nicole walked down the drive towards the waiting police cruiser, the tense line of her shoulder telling of her agitation. The agitation, Waverly knew, was more to do with it being Lonnie’s car than the cop’s getting out of it. Though the fact that they were the city cop’s that had displaced Nicole had a growl rumbling from Waverly’s throat.

They talked for a while and then one of the cops held out a cell phone that Nicole looked like she wanted to crush with her bare hands before she finally took it and held it to her ear. Waverly could feel the waves of fury pouring off her love and, even though the cops weren’t werewolves, she knew they felt it too on some primal level as they started backing away, their hands getting too close to their weapons for Waverly’s liking.

Their response to Nicole was exactly why they needed to just leave them and Purgatory all alone! Even when Wynonna was being her most belligerent, Nedley had never seen the need to pull a weapon on her and had just taken it all in his stride as best he could.

Storming to the door with every intention of giving them a real reason to fear her, Waverly yanked it open but the car was pulling away and Nicole was heading back up the drive towards her. Her expression was still dark but as she lifted her head and saw her, Nicole’s eyes gentled and her arms gathered her close into the shelter of her body as she stepped inside.

“What was that all about, Nic?”

Nicole sighed. “Well, turns out the calls I ignored were from that detective letting me know that those two assholes that were with Constance are gone.”

“Gone? Gone how? Where?”

“Black Badge swooped in this morning and took them and all the paperwork to do with their arrests.”


Chapter Text

As they pulled up outside the hospital, Waverly switched off the engine and turned to look at Nicole. She had been attentive but quiet ever since the police had left, anger bristling beneath the surface of her eyes when she spent too long in thought.

“Hey, you okay?” Reaching across the gap between them, Waverly placed her hand upon Nicole’s forearm. Even through the thickness of her jacket, Waverly could feel the tenseness in her muscles but in less time than it took for her heart to beat, her muscles uncoiled under her hand and Nicole’s free hand covered hers, her thumb sweeping back and forth across her knuckles in a way that gave and sought comfort.

Shifting in the confines of the seat, Nicole turned her body so she was facing Waverly and simply allowed everything that was her Omega to centre her. “Sorry, Waves,” cupping Waverly’s jaw in a gentle hand, Nicole pressed a soft kiss to her lips and rested her forehead against hers. “Just thinking too hard. Trying to work out just what the hell Black Badge would want with them.”

“You don’t trust them, do you?” She could feel it as surely as though the emotions were her own… or maybe they were her own?

“Xavier is a good guy… I know that. But one good one, even hundreds working for them, doesn’t mean that they all are. So no, no, I don’t trust them.”

“Have you ever had any dealings with them before?”

“No. I’ve heard things though, bad things starting all the way back from when they were set up when Roosevelt was President to ‘investigate’ the supernatural. Waves they had such a reputation that it’s rumoured that the only reason the Cult didn’t go beyond Georgia was for fear of attracting their attention.”

That an immortal werewolf, one so powerful that even his death hadn’t stopped people fearing him, had been scared of a branch of the Marshall Service was scary and had fear blooming in Waverly for Nicole. What if they found out about her and tried to take her away too?

“Hey, I won’t let them hurt you or anyone else in the pack…”

“It’s you I’m worried about you beautiful idiot!”

“Ow! Hey, okay… Alpha abuse,” Nicole teased as she rubbed the sting out of her shoulder. Seeing the welling of tears quivering upon Waverly’s lashes, Nicole pulled her out of her seat and on to her lap. She held her close, rubbing her back and whispered softly to her as she gradually calmed down. “I’ve got you.”

“God,” Waverly lifted her head and bit her lip sheepishly as she wiped away the tears that had leaked out. “Not sure where that came from.”

“Bite me.”


“No,” Nicole chuckled at the offended expression on Waverly’s face. “I mean… bite me,” she purred seductively. “Anywhere you want, as long as you want… though depending on where we might need to park somewhere else,” she blushed as a nurse went past and gave them a far too interested glance.


“We marked each other again, Waves,” tilting her head, Nicole exposed the line of her throat and watched as Waverly’s eyes zeroed in on her mark and instantly started bleeding into wolf. “You still want to, don’t you? That’s why you were getting all possessive and bitey earlier. You want to sink your teeth into my throat and eat our scent?” a needy whimper was her answer. “I’m yours, Waverly.”

Nicole grunted, her hands spasming against Waverly’s hips as she took her at her word and lunged forwards, sinking sharp teeth deep into her mark. Without the benefit of sex to build her up, it was painful but the needy moans purring against her skin and the soft working of Waverly’s jaw as Nicole released all her scent had the sting fading to leave pleasure and a deep feeling of satisfaction in its wake.

Gliding lips across the mark upon Waverly’s throat, Nicole nudged softly, seeking permission with actions instead of words. Fingers tangling in her hair pulled her closer, a purr vibrating across Nicole’s skin where Waverly’s teeth still worked. The smallest of gasps was followed by a purred moan as Nicole pressed her teeth home, deep into Waverly’s flesh and felt the aching rush pass through her jaw and teeth.

Neither of them had held back when marking each other and yet, for some reason, they both felt the need to keep repeating it even though, for herself anyway, Nicole had felt no lessening in their original bond. It was more as though, the closer they grew, the need to be bonded impossibly closer grew too.

Hours could have past or just minutes but neither of them drew away until they were satisfied. Brushing a thumb across Waverly’s jaw, Nicole smiled at the look of drugged peace and satisfaction on Waverly’s face and knew the look on her own face matched hers. “Feel better?” she asked softly.

Pushing her nose into the warmth of Nicole’s neck, Waverly nodded her head and breathed in their scent. “Mmmm, much.” And it was, she felt calmer and even more secure. "Not complaining but, Nic, is this normal?”

“Waves, you’ve been around more bonded Alpha’s than I have so I don’t really know. I can tell you that it doesn’t feel wrong though. Did it to you?”

“Nope,” she purred. “That felt very right… even though it in no way felt wrong before.”

“Maybe something to sink your research teeth in tomorrow?”

“Are you trying to make a pun, Haught?”

“Waves, I’m feeling far too mellow from that to pun anything right now,” she chuckled. Focussing on anything other than Waverly was always difficult but Nicole forced herself to look out of the windscreen at the hospital. The sight of the scaffolding and tarpaulin covering the hole she had made that night made her poke Waverly in the side. “Really,” she gave a teasing scowl that in no way fooled Waverly, “you had to park right here?”

Waverly grinned as she saw just where they were. “Hey, not like there were many other places. Everyone’s probably too scared to park here in case some gorgeous, huge-assed, red werewolf comes crashing out again.”

“I just hope they haven’t got Nedley in that part of the hospital. The security guards are nervous enough and that poor nurse will be tossing bedpans around again.”

“Ha! That nurse would probably toss one with her phone number on and ask you to give it to Xavier.” Reluctantly shimmying off Nicole’s lap… with an extra wiggle to make her moan, Waverly climbed out of the Jeep. She watched as Nicole stood with her back to the building and scented the air. Following the direction of her gaze towards where the town lay but, Waverly realised she was scenting the air even though the breeze was coming from a different direction than Purgatory.

“The pack is still restless.” She could still feel them, calmer than when the Municipal Building had been attacked, but still agitated. A ripple of unease bordering on anger past through the centre of the town and somehow Nicole knew by the speed and where it had come from that it was to do with that building… most likely because of the city cops.

“Nic, I know that cute little Alpha nose is sensitive, but you can tell that from here when you’re not changed?” Moving to her side, Waverly nudged their bodies together as she studied Nicole’s profile. A small frown creased between Nicole’s brow and her body shuffled from foot to foot in thought but she settled quickly, leaning into her as her eyes, soft and warming, met hers.

“I think I just know where they are and it’s still close enough to the end of the full moon to help. And… well, I’ve never stuck around one place this close to a pack before and gotten to know them and not fear them.”

Nicole’s ‘I think’ told Waverly that it was definitely different enough to what she could usually sense that she had questioned it, maybe wondered if it had always been that way or if something had changed within her. “Ya know, since we bonded, things have changed for me. The way I can feel your emotions, how we can talk through our minds,” the wave of pleasure spreading through her from Nicole at the thought of their bond had Waverly pressing closer to Nicole and struggling to hold on to her train of thought. “Erm… Maybe that is something that is changed for you?”

“If it was, wouldn’t it have changed for you too?”

“It could be that it has, Nic. It’s not a part of who I am that I’ve had to rely on to keep me safe like you have though. I’ve lived in Purgatory my whole life, surrounded by pretty much the same people. You know, I’ve never even seen the sea.”

“We’re definitely going to have to change that one day,” Nicole smiled. “Find a nice secluded beach… somewhere where frostbite isn’t a risk most of the year round so you can sunbathe,” she lulled seductively. Just the thought had Nicole surreptitiously checking that there was no drool around her mouth. “Then we’ll see in just how many places we can get sand and take dips in the ocean to wash it off.”

“Sounds amazing,” better than amazing with Nicole joining the fantasy she’d always imagined for herself. “Hey, maybe we could find a nudist beach, no tan lines, then we could skinny-dip too?”

“Tan lines? Waves, with my colouring I don’t tan, I go lobster,” she chuckled.

“Then I would just have to make sure to keep applying suntan lotion to make sure that didn’t happen.” Waverly bit her lip in anticipation and realised that she’d imagined getting her hands all over Nicole’s sun-warmed body just a little too clearly as Nicole ducked her chin and a blush actually worked its way across her cheeks. And it was just so adorable after all they had done that she could still react like that.

Waverly was snapped out of her desire to drag Nicole back into the Jeep by a quiet toot of a car horn. Glancing over her shoulder she gave a smile and a wave as she saw Chrissy pull into a space a little further down from them.

As Chrissy joined then, Nicole took the overnight bag from her as Waverly hugged her friend warmly.

“I finally gave in and popped back home to get him some clothes and stuff. Only been away an hour and… twenty-three minutes… not that I was counting or anything,” she sniffed. “Last time I checked my phone so often was when Bryce was being a douche,” she sighed as she looked at the cold intimidating façade of the hospital. “I- I know being a cop isn’t a safe job but, well he’s made it so far I never expected anything to happen.”

Waverly held her tighter, sensing and feeling Chrissy’s body unravelling under the stress of all she’d been through and seen and what her dad was going through as her words died out. She felt the guilt and belief flare up within Nicole, that the Sheriff would have stayed safe if she hadn’t been around. “He took the ring because of Bulshar. Constance wanted it back because of Bulshar. You are innocent in all this!” She shot back into Nicole’s thoughts with enough force to make Nicole’s eyes widen and make the Alpha take a half step back before she could recover.

“I know you’re right but…”

“Ahh, no but’s,” Waverly warned her. “Otherwise that strap-on might slip and hit yours next time.”

Nicole thought she was going to choke on fresh air at Waverly’s threat. As threats went, it worked in shaking her out of her mood and all she could hope was that she covered her half choke enough by getting the two women moving towards the entrance of the hospital while Waverly assured her friend that Nedley was going to be just fine.

Nicole had spent little time in a hospital, her constitution, like most werewolves, was such that unless there was something life-threatening, or life-giving, going on, she had no need to step foot inside for herself. And she couldn’t remember her arrival at the hospital the night Bobo Del Rey had tried to kill her.

Everything about that night was pretty much everything was a blur of pain and fear from the time the silver laced smoke bomb had been thrown into the car until she had heard Waverly and had changed. Nicole could still smell the place though like a memory burnt into the back of her mind.

As they walked through the corridors though, Nicole realised that, even if she had never entered a hospital in her life or knew what one was for, the feelings would be the same from the first scent. It slammed into her, disinfectant layered over blood, vomit and a million and one other smells she struggled to not identify. Then there were the sounds of machines, moans and screams of pain and somewhere on the next floor up crying in the way someone could only when they had lost another.

So much pain and death.

“Chrissy, we’ll give you a couple of minutes with your dad, okay? Ten minutes tops and we’ll be back, I swear.” Grabbing Nicole’s hand, Waverly pulled her along behind her.


“Shush, just come with me.” She kept pulling, keeping her Alpha moving with one goal in mind before the death that Nicole was smelling from the hospital overwhelmed her. “You know, good hospital this. They’ve got an excellent success rate with surgeries, diagnosis, preventative care and… A first-rate maternity ward.” Pressing a buzzer on a security door, she gave a quick wave to the camera overhead and pulled Nicole through as the door slid open.

As the door closed behind them, Waverly smiled, peace settling over her as the sharp noises from the main part of the hospital were silenced and replaced by the softness of the maternity ward. She was just really glad that the delivery rooms were well soundproofed there.

“Waverly Earp! As I live and breathe! What are you doing haunting my ward again?”

“It hasn’t been that long, Emily,” laughing gently, Waverly hugged the older woman. “Emily, this is my girlfriend, Nicole.”

“Officer Haught, isn’t it? I’ve heard about you… not going to break any walls down on me are you?”

Nicole groaned and shook her head. “No, ma’am. I was kind of hoping I would get a better reputation other than wrecking ball,” she chuckled wryly.

“We’ve come to visit Sheriff Nedley but is there any chance we could take a quick look at the babies… just for a couple of minutes?”

“Of course. Head on through, you know the way.”

Gently tugging on Nicole’s hand, Waverly got her moving again. Long fingers laced with hers and a glance at her jaw confirmed the relaxed state she had felt from her. “Nedley made Wynonna do a bit of time as a volunteer at the hospital a couple of years ago,” she explained her familiarity of the ward and the nurse.

“And let me guess, you volunteered too, to keep her company?”

“Yep,” Waverly grinned. “Figured that was the only way to keep her turning up and prevent Nedley having to carry out his other threat to lock her up. By the end of it all she had a worse reputation than ever and was helping out in the morgue, and I was helping to rock babies to sleep.”

Stopping in front of a huge expanse of windows, Waverly looked into the dimly lit room beyond at the rows of cots and the precious tiny bodies within them. Shifting her gaze, she contented herself with watching Nicole’s reflection in the window as she breathed in the sight and smell and relaxed. “I used to hate coming here, to the hospital,” she clarified as Nicole’s eyes shifted to hers. “Still do after what happened to you,” her breath hitched at the memory. “The only thing that kept me coming back after I volunteered was being able to come here and get away from all the smells and everything else.”

Lifting Waverly’s hand, Nicole pressed a kiss to the back of her hand. A thank you for getting her away from everything and, really, for just being amazing. “Why did you stop coming?”

“Bobo,” she growled. “He found out and was heard making threats so I stopped to keep little ones like these safe. They’re in good hands with Emily and the others though.”

“Excellent hands,” Emily whispered with a wink at the young couple as she breezed past. “Oh, give Chrissy my best when you go back, would you? We’re all rooting for Randy to get up and about again.”

“We will.”

Nicole smiled as Waverly gave the rows of cribs one last lingering look. “Ya know, Waves, you can always come back and volunteer again.”

“Actually… I’m more looking forward to all the practice before and filling a few cribs of our own up.” She grinned as Nicole’s step faltered and she felt a surge of longing crash through her Alpha. Waverly had meant what she said but she couldn’t help feeling more than a little pleased with the fact that thinking of it had affected Nicole so strongly that she was still in a daze of longing and desire when they got back to the room where Nedley was. “Ready?

Shaking herself out of her Waverly induced daze, Nicole followed her Omega into the room. Her breath caught at the sight of Nedley. Surrounded by machines and hooked up to a drip, he looked smaller and far too fragile. Chrissy was bent over him, her fingers restlessly smoothing down the collar of his pyjama jacket.

“That’s Nicole and Waverly come to see how you are, dad. He’s still drugged up to the eyeballs,” she chuckled sadly.

They all sat down, chatting as easily as they could to try and comfort Chrissy and ease her mind as much as anything. Nicole was glad that Waverly was there. Waverly knew Chrissy and her dad better than she did and as much as she liked the Sheriff she was still new to Purgatory and him as her boss… being related just added a whole new level of strangeness to it all and hovering over him in a hospital bed didn’t help.

With as easy as Waverly made it all, it was a shock when a nurse came round and told them that visiting times were over.

“Chrissy, honey, you promise to take care of yourself, okay? And if anything changes or you just feel like talking… you’ve got our numbers… use them.”

“I will.”

“Sir, we’ll be around to check on you and Chrissy tomorrow,” Nicole gently touched his right hand and nearly jumped out of her skin as his fingers wrapped around her wrist. “Sir?” His eyes were open and focussed on her, barely.


Following the plea in his pain filled eyes, Nicole leaned closer so he could whisper in her ear. Straightening up, she nodded to him and moved aside so Chrissy could take her place. The heavy drugs he was hooked up to were already dragging him under but he smiled at her and gently patted her cheek before giving in to their allure.

Chapter Text

“What did he mean by…?”

“We’re being watched.”

Waverly blinked in confusion. That Nicole had spoken into her mind wasn’t the confusing part. What was, was wondering how what she had heard the Sheriff whisper to Nicole could possibly mean they were being watched? Was it some kind of secret Police code?

Slotting the key into the ignition before she dropped it, Waverly turned in her seat and realised that Nicole’s eyes were fixed not on her but the wing mirror on her side of the Jeep. Waverly very nearly blew it by turning in her seat to look over her shoulder but caught herself in time and adjusted her position subtly… or what she hoped was subtly. She lined up her sight with Nicole’s so she could get the same view before taking a confirmation glance in the rear-view mirror while pretending to check her hair.

Sure enough, there was a car behind theirs with someone sitting behind the wheel of the small nondescript vehicle. But then, it was a car park outside a hospital… it could just be someone waiting or trying to compose themselves. “Are you sure?”

“I can smell the fear on him from here.”

“It is a hospital, Nic…”

“And gun oil.”

That was a little more suspicious. Sure, everyone in Purgatory had a weapon even though most of them weren’t licenced to carry but that didn’t necessarily mean it was anything to do with them.

“And he was snapping photos of us with a huge SLR camera with a zoom lens when we came out.”

Okay, that was more than a little suspicious. “What do you want to do? Ohhh, want me to lose him?” She grinned in anticipation at the thought and saw Nicole’s eyebrows climb, a look of horror crossing her face. “Hey, I’m a good driver,” Waverly swatted Nicole’s arm and elicited a chuckle and a kiss from her love.

“Just drive as normal… no scratch that,” Nicole corrected as the flare of anticipation grew in Waverly again and had her lips curving. “Drive like a normal person that’s not out to break the land speed record. It could be nothing but if it is I don’t want to give them a reason to pull us over where we’re exposed.”

Starting her Jeep, Waverly carefully reversed out and saw the other driver scramble to start their car. “So, where too?”

“Shorty’s… You’ve got work, remember.” Nicole kept her head turned, her eyes mostly on the gorgeous lines of Waverly’s face but also keeping the other car in sight as it pulled out behind them and followed them to the exit of the hospital grounds. Waverly kept the Jeep within the confines of the speed limit… until they turned onto the main road. Then Nicole found herself clinging on to anything she could as Waverly threw the powerful Jeep around corners with reckless abandon. “Waverly,” she somehow managed to grind out past teeth gritted with panic.

“This is how I drive, Nic,” she grinned as her Alpha let out a sound that was close to a scream. “If I change it too much they’ll know something is wrong.” It was a pretty weak argument but apparently, Nicole was too busy grabbing for the door handle to protest.

“I am going to ticket your ass!”

Waverly grinned at Nicole and then smiled wider as she saw the car following them struggle to take the bend she’d just taken easily without fishtailing the rear of his car. “I guess we can take that as proof?”

“Either that or they think you just want to race. Damn it Waves!” she cussed as Waverly deliberately swerved around nothing to bounce her shoulder off the window. “Fine! You’re an excellent driver… now, please, I’m a wolf not a cat with nine lives, so just get us to Shorty’s in one piece?”

“Anything for my Best Baby.” Glancing at Nicole, Waverly bit her lip as she watched her shuffling around. “So anyway, what are your thoughts on butt stuff?”

“Butt stuff?” Nicole frowned as she adjusted her grip on the car door and attempted to relax her butt back into the car seat. Her eyes grew wide again as she remembered Waverly’s comment at the hospital. “Oh no, I refuse to get drawn into a conversation on anything about anal sex while you abuse me with your driving to get me to agree to everything.”

“So you would be up to talking about it later?”

“I’m up for being alive later,” Nicole gritted out.

Which wasn’t a no so Waverly took that as a win as her Jeep shot across the rail tracks and around the corner to Shorty’s. Kissing Nicole on the cheek, Waverly skipped through the door into the bar as Nicole ducked into the alley to keep an eye on the car before it could catch up to them.

“Hey, Waves!” Wynonna grabbed her sister in a playful hug and looked behind her as the door swung shut. “No Haughtsauce?”

Waverly pushed her sister away and slapped her shoulder as Wynonna tried to ruffle her hair. “Aww, don’t worry, sis. She’ll be in in a bit to play.” If Waverly pointed out the disappointment in Wynonna’s eyes that Nicole wasn’t there, she was sure it would be denied in a flurry of huffs and eye rolling, but Waverly had seen it.

“I heard you screech up, have you scared her cop sensibilities again?”

“I’m an excellent driver! And if she says otherwise it’s a lie! But no, we had someone tailing us from the hospital.” Slipping behind the bar she quickly pulled a couple of pints for Perry even though she wasn’t officially on the clock for another fifteen minutes.

While Waverly was busy, Wynonna reached over the bar and tried to snaffle a bottle of whiskey just to wind Waverly up. “Hey, how is Nedley doing…? Hold on! You were tailed?”

Waverly slapped at Wynonna’s hands with a towel, shooing her away from the bottles. Smiling softly, feeling Nicole drawing closer, she gestured towards the bar door and rested her chin on her palm to watch her baby in action. Seconds later the door flew open and a young man rushed in backwards tripping over his feet and his words at the same time as he held his hands up as Nicole followed with her best angry cop face on.

The man stumbled down the steps and landed on his ass but the thud didn’t still his tongue or his legs as he scrambled backwards until he bumped into a pair of legs. If he hadn’t been spying on them and hadn’t followed them, Waverly could have almost felt sorry for him as he tilted his head back and looked up at who he had crashed against.

“Agent Dolls!!!!”

“Jeremy?” Xavier’s breath left him in a whoosh and he gazed down in confusion at the mop of dark curly hair buried against his chest as Jeremy launched himself off the ground and straight into his arms. He cleared his throat loudly until the younger man got the hint and stepped back with a sheepish grin on his face.

“Friend of yours, Xavier?”

“Well, he’s,” Xavier blinked as Jeremy gave an undignified squeal and used him as a barrier against Nicole. “This is Jeremy Chetri, we worked together when I was an Agent with Black Badge. Not that I’m not glad to see you but what the hell are you doing here, Jeremy?”

“Your friend was taking photos of us at the hospital and he tailed us back here.”


“There’s a perfectly good explanation for that.”

“And does that explanation have anything to do with why Black Badge took Constance’s thugs off the cop’s?”

“They what?!” The shot glass in Wynonna’s hand shattered with a thunderous crack that silenced the bar more than her words.

Jeremy looked around nervously, suddenly feeling more like a plump rabbit thrown amongst a pack of ravenous wolves than he wanted to as the brunette stalked towards him with lethal intent in her brilliant blue eyes as a predatory snarl left her mouth. He honest to god couldn’t tell which of them scared him the most, the brunette or the taller redhead.

“Please don’t eat me! I had nothing to do with anything about that! I’m not even an agent! Just a super-brained lab rat! I cannot die, I’ve only had sex one and a half times! Oh god… that was so out loud, wasn’t it?” he mumbled as Xavier’s big hand settled heavily on his shoulder and finally stopped the jumble of words rushing from his mouth.

“Yeah, Jer, that kind of was. Let him speak, Wynonna. Jeremy’s one of the good ones.”

“Yes, yes I am. Wow… Hi,” stumbling over a suddenly dry tongue, Jeremy grinned and gave a little wave to the moustached blue-eyed hunk sitting quietly opposite him at the table that Xavier sat him at.

Xavier rolled his eyes at Jeremy’s sudden and intense fascination with Doc and turned his attention to Wynonna and Nicole. “You say Black Badge took them?”

“That’s what I was told this morning. They swooped in and took them and all the paperwork. Could they have been working for B.B.D. all along?”

“No. I doubt it anyway. Constance was too focused on getting the ring for Bulshar and there’s just no way the B.B.D. I worked for, would have wanted to risk him getting that back. Jeremy… why were you at the hospital? They don’t usually let you out of the labs. Jeremy?” He waved a hand in front of the besotted man’s face and snapped his fingers to get his attention.

“Oh! Agent Lucado sent me.”


“Yes. Well, I think so. I was told to take photos of anyone that went into the hospital to see the Sheriff. I saw you with his daughter on the way in and waited until you came out again. I’m not sure why though, really I don’t. Like Agent Dolls said, they don’t let me out often. Things have really gotten bad there for some reason. Yeah, they’ve always been obsessed with trying to harbour the forces of the paranormal but lately it’s gotten crazy! It’s just been best to keep a low profile and not attract attention. Once I found out where I was being sent I was hoping I could catch up with you, Agent Dolls and ask for help.”

“Jeremy, there’s no need to call me Agent. I quit, remember.”

“But…” Jeremy ducked his head in thought.

“But what?” Xavier felt apprehension building in him at the expression on Jeremy’s face.

“They’ve got you back on the list of active agents… Oh! I thought you knew.”

Chapter Text

Xavier sat down at the table in stunned silence.

“What? They can’t do that… Can they do that?” Standing at his back, Wynonna clutched at his slumped shoulders. She knew part of the hell he’d had to endure when he had been in the Marines and then with B.B.D. but she also knew enough about him to know that it was the tip of the iceberg. And if she hadn’t already guessed at that, the way he was taking Jeremy’s bombshell gave it away.

“Probably not in the long run,” Jeremy offered as Xavier remained silent. “But…”

“But?” Wynonna demanded sharply.

“If the paperwork is all there then the police or even MP’s could be called on to arrest him.” And once he was arrested he could probably vanish anywhere before anyone could stop B.B.D. They’d done it before. Heck, they’d apparently made whole towns vanish before. Jeremy left that unsaid though. He knew Dolls was very aware of B.B.D.’s past and frankly, Jeremy was in no hurry to bring things like that up with the brunette so close… and then there was the redhead.

She had moved away and was leaning against the bar with her back to them. Her body relaxed as she leaned into the touch upon her face as the brunette behind the bar leaned over to tuck a stray piece of hair behind her ear. Jeremy wasn’t fooled though. There was just something about her that still made him think that she was more of a danger than the woman near him.

“Why do you keep looking at our Officer Haught, Jeremy?”

Jeremy felt his heart give a frantic pitter-patter of happiness as the blue-eyed hunk addressed him with that velvet smooth come-hither bedroom voice. Don’t giggle! Don’t giggle! He giggled. “Damn it, shut up, Jeremy!” he whined. “I said that out loud again, didn’t I?”

“Just a little bit, Jer.”

“Kid, stop drooling over my men and answer Doc.”

“Your? Oh! Oh, right!” He should have known the cowboy would be spoken for and straight… wait, but? Jeremy’s super brain churned and finally caught up with the fact that the ultra-intimidating brunette had claimed Doc and Dolls with her words and that Doc was giving Agent Dolls the kind of concerned looks that went beyond friendship.

“Jeremy… Officer Haught?”

“She scares me! Damn it,” he moaned as it came out far too high pitched and loud. “I’m sorry… I don’t know why she just does. Did you say Officer though? Maybe it’s her police training… she just seems more intense. Especially as she kind of scared the hell out of me outside.”

“Take a breath, Jeremy. Officer Haught was just protecting the woman she loves.” Doc studied the boy intently, unsure of how much they could trust him or how much he or Black Badge knew about Nicole. So far though he had only mentioned her as a woman and an Officer of the law, not as a werewolf.

“What do you know of Black Badges interest in Purgatory, Jeremy?”

“I’ve no idea, Doc. I got flown in overnight from Montréal. All they told me was that Agent Lucado had requested my transfer. At the time I was glad to get away from Moody but now with you not knowing about the whole Agent reactivation thing.”

“Moody’s still around? I thought he’d been kicked out after what happened in Kabul? A mission went south… One of many under his watch,” he added for everyone’s benefit.

“South,” Jeremy shook his head. “I guess that’s one way to describe the crater they left were that town was… which I am totally not allowed to talk about because it’s classified!” he slapped his forehead in dismay as his wayward mouth continued to spew out things it really shouldn’t.

“It’s okay Jeremy, everyone here is my family. Kabul… It was a demon, Mictian. Nasty piece of work that spread by touch until one became many… legion. I lost some good friends fighting it, including Lucado’s husband, but we thought we had it contained. After we pulled out, Moody sent in Tomahawk missiles and blew the place off the map to ‘make sure’.”

“Damn, he sounds like a piece of work.”

“And he’s gotten worse since then. Black Badge used to be a family… a sometimes scary one,” he admitted. “But they helped me a lot after what happened. Now… the scary side is winning and I want out but I’m, well, I’m scared.”

“Black Badge isn’t known for letting go easily.”

“Obviously,” Wynonna snorted. “What I want to know is why they are doing this to Xavier and what they want in Purgatory?” What they wanted was pretty damn obvious but she wanted to see what Jeremy knew and what he was willing to say. Xavier trusted the kid, that went a long way, but she wasn’t that sure yet and neither was Nicole going by the set of her shoulders.

“What’s Moody been working on lately?”

“If I knew I would say, I really would,” he would too, and not just because Doc’s eyes were the bluest of blues, or because Agent Dolls was a handsome devil and his friend, or because the Wynonna woman was giving him a look like she would clean her teeth with his bones if he didn’t answer right. All he had ever wanted since he had lost his own was a family and here he was in a place, tiny and out of the way, that looked like it should have been the most closed-minded about everything. And yeah, sure he’d been terrified and terrorised by the brunette’s driving skills and the redhead but he could tell that Purgatory was so much more than it seemed.

From his quick read up on the flight, he knew that there was a pretty big werewolf population there and that they were, for the most part, integrated into the town. What had, and was, surprising him was just how well. Jeremy wasn’t sure if it was because of that integration of werewolves and normal humans or what but their openness to other things were becoming apparent, things that mattered a great deal to him.

The redhead, Haught, and the brunette were more than obviously a couple and not one single person was looking at them like it was a bad thing, not even when they stole a kiss across the bar before the brunette moved away to serve another patron on the other side of the bar. And, unless his gaydar was failing him, there was a rather cute guy looking his way with an interest in his eyes. Tall, well taller than he was, lean, athletic build, all wide shoulders and narrow hips. Sweptback hair that was as black and shiny as a raven’s wing and just long enough on top for fingers to get tangled in. High cheekbones. A strong, but not too strong, jawline and full… pouting lips.

“That’s Perry, Perry Croft. If you want, I’ll introduce you.”

“Wynonna,” Xavier shot her a look and patted Jeremy on the back as he spluttered and went bright red. Which, given his skin tone, was a sight to see. “Don’t tease him.”

“I’m not… they would make a cute couple. Per and Jer,” she chuckled at her own pun and smirked as Jeremy went and even darker shade of red. Yeah, this could almost be as much fun as playing with Haughtsauce. Assuming the kid wasn’t on some secret mission to hurt them that would force her to have to kill him.

“Okay, first things first… Have we got anyone we can trust at the hospital to make sure nothing happens to Nedley and Chrissy? I’m not having those B.B.D. bastards swooping in and grabbing them next.”

Taking off his hat, Doc played the brim through his fingers. “There is no one from the pack at the Hospital but I do know a couple of the security guards there. I might have had the pleasure of relieving them of some of their wages on poker night,” he explained. “They are good men, just terrible at poker. I will have words with them and arrange extra protection for our good Sheriff and his daughter. Maybe I will stick around too and relieve them of some more money at the same time,” giving Wynonna a sly wink, he slipped his hat back on. “If you will all excuse me, I will go attend to that right now.”

Jeremy tried not to, he really did, but he was sitting right next to Xavier and he found it just about impossible to not take in the sights and sounds as Doc stopped beside him and gave first Wynonna and then Xavier passionate kisses. Purgatory was definitely the wrong name for the town… Heaven or Paradise would have suited it better… purgatory would be being allowed to see inside and then getting cast out. Especially when he caught Perry’s dark eyes watching him again with a look that had Jeremy dream to receive a kiss like that, passionate and possessive, off him.

“See you later, Doc,” Xavier laced his fingers with Wynonna’s where they lay on his shoulder as they watched Doc saunter out of the bar with that swagger that was pure Doc Holliday. “I… well usually I would be calling Jeremy to see what was going on at Black Badge but I’ve got a few other contacts I could try.”

“Dolls, if it helps at all, Agent Shapiro is back in the country. She landed in Toronto about a week ago so she should be debriefed by now. She’s still there anyway.”

“Eliza? Yes, that could help, we can pool our contacts if she’s willing to share.”

Wynonna frowned at Jeremy in confusion. There had been such a strange blank look on his face when he had been talking about where Agent Shapiro… Eliza was and she had felt a strange sensation raise goose-bumps along her arms at the same time. She glanced towards the bar as her ears picked up a soft growl and caught Nicole’s eyes and Waverly’s looking their way. Whatever it was, Nicole and Waverly had felt it too but, she realised, none of the other werewolves in the bar seemed to have.

Nicole turned her eyes back to Waverly and tried to relax her body again, which was easy to do the moment her eyes met with hers. There was definitely something strange about Xavier’s friend but she wasn’t sure what exactly. One thing Nicole knew though was even if he hadn’t said he didn’t get out of the lab often, it had been painfully obvious the moment she had stepped out behind him from the alley and he had squealed and fallen through the doors into the bar. There had been no attempt to go for a weapon other than jabbered words. Definitely not the kind of person she imagined Black Badge sending out into the field.

So, were they really that short of options? Nicole doubted that. Was there more to him than there looked? Very likely with what she had felt. Or were they using his connection, his friendship, with Xavier? Also pretty likely.

Nicole stiffened in her seat as a wave of emotions washed up the street.

“What’s wrong, Babe?” Waverly felt Nicole’s fingers grow still under hers and gasped as she caught the edge of what Nicole was feeling and actually saw what she did. “Oh, now that’s cool.” It was like suddenly having x-ray vision. She could ‘see’ every wolf in Purgatory, the strength of them showing almost as a glowing aura of scent that radiated their emotions. It was easier to feel than it was to explain. Waverly felt and saw what Nicole had though, the lifting of heads as they looked towards the other side of the street… to where the Sheriff’s offices were, Waverly realised.

By the time Nicole was at the end of the bar and heading towards the door, Waverly was at her side where she belonged, her hand reaching for the strength and comfort of her Alpha’s.

“Guys?” Wynonna followed them outside, curious as to what had caught their attention, and what was causing the sudden sound of engines.

“Waves, stay with your sister for a minute?”

Waverly reluctantly let go of Nicole’s hand and watched as she walked towards the Detective waiting for her down the street.

“Officer Haught. I was hoping I would be able to do this in person instead of over the phone again.”

Glancing over his shoulder, Nicole watched as the forensics van and two more police cruisers drove off towards the rail tracks. There was no way they could have collected all the samples and evidence they needed from all the rooms that had been affected. “What’s going on, Detective?”

“Frankly, Officer… I don’t fucking know!” Grabbing the redhead by the elbow, he yanked her after him. “I got word a while ago that we are to consider the case closed and to pull out and leave Purgatory. Which frankly is horseshit! First, my suspects get taken and now this!?” He raked a hand through his hair in frustration. An Officer had been killed, it didn’t matter if they worked at the same station or even in the same country. An Officer was family and to be told to back off…!!!!

“Sir, who told you to pull out?”

“No names were given but going by how pissed off my boss sounded I think we both know?”

“Black Badge.”

“Yeah that would be my guess,” he sighed in frustration. “Look… I don’t know what’s going on but I hope I can help a little. You’re understaffed but I’ve got a solution for you if you’ll take it… as well as your badge back. I’ve got a couple of officers… they’re actually from Purgatory… they can help out here for as long as you need. They already volunteered. Think about it,” he interrupted before she could voice the refusal he could see building in her eyes. He pressed his business card into her hand at her nod. “If you need anything, just call.”

Nicole’s first instinct was to rip the business card up and let the wind take the scraps but her anger was towards Black Badge and not the Detective so instead she slipped it into a pocket and held out a hand without turning as she felt Waverly join her.

“Where are those shit tickets going? What's going on, Nic?”

“Best guess… Black Badge are cutting us off to make us vulnerable.”

Waverly dragged her eyes from the vanishing tail lights, a shiver of anticipation running through her at the thinly veiled wolf and steel in Nicole’s voice. “You’ve got a plan?” She could feel it breathing through her.

“Just to show Black Badge that this pack has got teeth!”

Chapter Text

Nicole turned her gaze to the Municipal Building across the street from them. The façade of the building she had grown fond of in so short an amount of time looked as it always did on the surface. She knew now though, the pain and suffering that had happened to people she’d talked to, even if it was just a hurried greeting or passing word. It made her feel sick to look at the darkened windows because she knew it would feel no different in the light of day.


“I’m okay, Waves.” A half-truth at best that she knew Waverly could see right through even without seeing the sad half-smile on her face. “I’m going to go take a look inside, see if I can tidy it up a little and see what damage there is and if anything needs fixing.”

“I’ll come help.”

Nicole stopped her with a gentle but firm touch and ran her hands up and down Waverly’s chilled arms. A thin ‘Shorty’s’ shirt was great for working in the heat of the bar but no protection for even a mild Purgatory night. “I would love to have you with me,” ‘love?’ that was putting it mildly, she craved it, needed to be around her Omega more than she needed air to breathe, “but I need to do this alone, Waves. And you’d best go back to work before I have Shorty telling me off for keeping you away.”

“You know… you’re not alone anymore, Nic,” fingers against her jaw, Waverly brought Nicole’s troubled brown eyes to hers. Despite her words moments before, Waverly was worried that time alone in there would have her falling back into a way of thinking that had been built up over a lifetime. “You really don’t have to do this alone.” The brown softened, the small puckered frown between her eyes and the tightness around her mouth eased.

“I know, Baby. I need to though… for me, for Lonnie. Hey, I’m not going to get all blue and start blaming myself so get those fears out of your head.” Nicole rubbed their marks together, calming Waverly’s fears with their scent. “I’ll be over to take a break and be with you again,” she promised.

Nicole kissed away the lingering traces of worry in Waverly’s eyes and filled herself with the strength and resolve their love provided her. It was the most difficult thing in the world to step away but Nicole finally steeled herself and walked across the road to the main entrance. She could feel eyes on her every step of the way, more than just Waverly’s and those of their pack. There were those of the other, none werewolf, Purgatorian’s whose lives she protected too.

She paused just for a moment and looked back, her eyes catching Waverly’s as Wynonna stood with her. The hand she had raised to open the door returned Waverly’s wave and she found she couldn’t contain the soft smile just looking at her caused.

Taking a deep breath, Nicole opened the door and stepped inside.

The building had been bustling with more bodies than usual only moments before but there was a pall in the air, a graveyard scent, which made it feel like it had been abandoned for years. Shaking her head at the morbid thoughts, Nicole set her feet moving until the long reception desk of the P.S.D. was before her.

In a move that went against everything she’d had drilled into her at the academy, Nicole snapped the hastily set up crime scene tape that was blocking the way and walked through to the bullpen area. She dragged her eyes across everything from the right first. There was nowhere that hadn’t been turned upside down by the Stone Witches powers but that was the end that meant little. No one sat there… no one had died there. Far too soon though that led to the Sheriff’s office and then round to where her and Lonnie’s, desks were situated and where he had died.

There was little sign of that though. His body had been taken away and, thankfully, the stalagmite removed. All there was to mark the place where he had been murdered on the whim of a madwoman was a dark stain of dried blood, a pile of dust and that all prevalent scent of death that hung in the air and grabbed at the back of her throat.

Sometimes having a heightened sense of smell was not a good thing.

Nicole worked quickly, righting desks and checking to see if there was anything in them that needed to be removed. She knew there was nothing in hers as she hadn’t allowed that to be a space that reflected who she was. Lonnie’s and Nedley’s were a different matter. Not that Lonnie’s showed more than his tender, joking side as he had no family left in Purgatory. Nedley’s though, that was a treasure trove for anyone wanting to pry into who he was and his life and Nicole took great care in removing anything in his desk and office that would link him to herself as family, or the Cult.

The pictures on his desk… or rather the ones that had stood on his desk before Constance had tossed it, Nicole placed carefully on a pile of his possessions. The glass in the frame holding the photo of his wife was a spiders web of cracks that distorted the picture beneath. Nicole was tempted to just salvage the photograph and replace the frame but the frame itself was heavy and ornate and quite obviously custom made. Grabbing a stack of paper towels and a bag from the break room she wrapped the whole thing to deal with later.

Until they could find out what, if any, kind of a move Black Badge was going to make on them or the town, Nicole was going to treat every moment as though there was a timer counting down on them.

Grabbing up an empty file box, Nicole started gathering up as much as she could from around the main offices that related to case files that could be used against anyone. Which basically meant gathering up every scrap of paper she could find as there was no way of telling what belonged where. Not without going through it all. At least the file rooms would be easier to sort through.

Taking off her jacket, Nicole rolled up her shirtsleeves and cracked her neck as she looked at the bank of filing cabinets before her. There had to be at least twenty cabinets packed into the small room… and there were three rooms. As she looked at them, Nicole couldn’t help let her eyes drift to a specific cabinet she knew was going to be hard work.

“Well, they’re not going to box themselves,” she sighed as she opened up the first drawer and started shifting through them.

She was five boxes in when she heard the main door of the building open and heard and smelt Wynonna making her way towards her. Nicole kept working and said nothing as the Alpha stopped in the doorway and watched her.

“You!? You’re stealing Police files?”

“Borrowing,” Nicole grumbled and continued shoving files into the records box.

“Yeah right, looks more like stealing to me, Red.” Plucking a file out of the box she just about managed to read the label before Nicole plucked it back out of her hands and shoved it back where it had been.

Propping a hip up against the desk, Wynonna watched as Nicole continued to fill the box, slapped a lid on it, sealed it with tape and even labelled it and jotted down stuff in a notebook. Ugh, cop stuff! Seriously, even if they hadn’t been mates, Nicole and Waverly would have probably bonded over a love of research and labelling. “So… why are you stealing them?”

“Borrowing!” Sighing, knowing Wynonna would keep asking, Nicole removed another file from the Alpha’s hands and put it back on the pile. “I’m hoping to get every damn record, and anything else B.B.D. could use, even the coffee and toilet paper if I get the time, out of here. Hardly anything is kept electronically so it’s all paper. I’m working on anything to do with pack members first. We don’t know what B.B.D. have planned but I’m going to do whatever it takes to protect everyone in Purgatory from them so if stealing files is where I need to start… Don’t judge me.”

“I will judge you… to be unexpectedly awesome!” Wynonna finished with pride in her voice that Nicole was breaking god knows how many rules and laws to keep the pack safe. Giving the other Alpha a quick jostle with her hip and shoulder, Wynonna smiled as Nicole ducked her head and utterly failed to hide her own. Hmm, she wondered if Waverly knew her Alpha had maybe a hint of a praise kink?

Eww, nope, she did not want to be thinking of things like that!

“Why are you over here anyway, thought this would be the last place you would want to be with how you hate cop’s?”

“Every time anyone asked for a drink Waves bit their heads off. Seriously, I’ve never seen Shorty’s so sober. It was depressing so I did a Hunger Games and volunteered to come keep you company and help out before Waves stormed over… and I know where Janice from archives keeps her booze. And as cops go… well, you’re okay. I just hate how you all are always trying to stop me from doing fun things.”

“Fun stuff… you mean the illegal stuff?” Nicole rolled her eyes slightly at Wynonna’s smirk. She’d seen the other woman’s impressive files of all the ‘fun stuff’ she had gotten up to.

“Illegal… once… maybe… when I was young and stupid. The old Sheriff and especially Nedley though, they were always being so damn understanding and kept trying to set me straight with community service shit for as long as they could. Now I’m older and wiser,” she ignored Nicole’s snort, “I just like to push against that thin blue line you’re all so damn fond of.”

“Tell you what, seeing as you’re responsible for it, how about you box up your records?”

“Seems fair,” Wynonna grabbed up an empty box and looked at the filing cabinets. “Where are they then?”

“Filing cabinet ten.” Turning, Nicole hooked her thumbs in her jeans pockets and watched Wynonna walk across the room looking for the right filing cabinet.

Wynonna could tell by Nicole’s expression that there was a punch line to whatever joke was going on. “Okay, smartass, which drawer?”


As she slid open the drawer, Wynonna angled her body so she could keep an eye on Nicole. Looking inside she drew out a rather hefty, and well worn, file with her name on it. “Okay, got it.”

“Keep going, Wynonna.”

Wynonna’s eyes flew wide as she realised that the whole top drawer was just for her. “Damn!” She wasn’t sure if she was impressed or horrified at all the trouble she’d gotten into… though, probably leaning towards horrified when she saw that just one of the overflowing files was from a single month’s worth of mischief.

“They kept most of it off the books, just wrote it up and filed it away. And given that I saw a couple of B&E’s, car thefts and vandalism charges in there it’s probably not a good thing for B.B.D. to know about. And really, Wynonna, how maybe cows did you tip that night?”

“Well now, that depends on which night you’re talking about,” Wynonna winked. “I seem to remember it was quite a few for revenge on Jeb for shooting me in the ass. I mean, this ass! How could anyone mistake this ass for a coyote even when I’m all wolfed out? Is it that bad, Haughtstuff? Come on, as a lesbian, does my ass look that bad?”

“No Wynonna, your ass it’s top shelf man. It’s top shelf.” Nicole straightened up from the box she was looking in, feeling the trap closing in around her too late as she looked back at Wynonna and saw her holding aloft her smartphone.

“Top shelf… Your ass it’s top shelf… Your ass… Your ass.”

“Oh… you little shit, Wynonna!”

“Yeah!” Wynonna sniggered at the look on Nicole’s face. “Think I’ll put this as my ringtone.”

Chapter Text

Waverly shifted under the weight of the covers, anticipation breaking through the light slumber she had fallen into. Smiling softly, Waverly pulled Nicole’s pillow closer into the curve of her body and breathed in the scent of her Alpha as she slowly opened her eyes.

She sat up, covers pooling around her waist at the quiet crunch of tyres and the sweep of lights fell across the bedroom window, lighting the room with muted tones. The lights went out and the sound of the idling engine fell away to silence once more and Waverly’s heart beat faster as she heard the car door open and close again with a soft thud that was followed soon after by the soft sound of footsteps moving closer.

Waverly looked at the clock as she felt the weight of tiredness blanketing Nicole’s mind and every step. Three forty AM?! Grabbing a robe, Waverly looked out of the window as she belted it around her waist and left the bedroom to go great her exhausted Alpha.

Without a word, Waverly gently helped Nicole out of her jacket and hung it up on the rack by the window. Her Alpha looked as exhausted as she’d felt and swayed alarmingly while she toed off her shoes. And no wonder. When Waverly had reluctantly agreed to go home it had been nearly two AM and Nicole had promised she would use Lonnie’s cruiser and would be right behind her as soon as she’d secured all the files she and Wynonna had put into boxes.

With their constitutions, it was possible to go for days and nights on very little in the way of rest. That didn’t take emotional or mental stress into account though and Waverly knew it was that which had dark circles standing out around her eyes like smoky makeup out of control and had her cheeks looking sunken, thrusting her high cheekbones into sharp relief beneath suddenly fragile looking skin.

Waverly gently cupped Nicole’s face between her hands and got her soft brown eyes to finally meet hers. “When did you eat last, Baby?”

Nicole ran a hand across the back of her neck and blinked down at Waverly as she tried to make sense of what she had asked. “Oh, erm, same time as you… I guess… I’m okay though, Waves. I need to be up early so I’ll just need a nap and I’ll be good.”

“No, you won’t. Come on,” nudging her until she pulled away from the wall she was pretty sure Nicole wasn’t even aware of leaning against, Waverly got her Alpha moving towards the kitchen. “Sit, you need to eat and then we can lay down.”

“Waves, if I sit I’m not sure I’ll get up again,” Nicole reluctantly admitted as she tried to stifle a yawn that threatened to unhinge her jaw.

“Sit!” Smiling, Waverly ruffled Nicole’s hair and pressed a kiss to the top of her head as she collapsed into a chair at the table with a barely perceptible huff that was softened further by a sleepy and very crooked smile. “That’s better. Pasta salad okay?” The growl of Nicole’s stomach was answer enough. Chuckling softly at Nicole’s wry smile, Waverly quickly uncovered a serving from the fridge and placed it in front of Nicole along with a drink of water before moving a chair as close as she could and taking a seat next to her.

While Nicole ate, Waverly ran her hand up and down the muscled length of Nicole’s back, sweeping across her slumped shoulders to entwine with the softness of her hair. She hummed under her breath soothingly.

“Babe, if you keep doing that I’ll fall asleep right here,” Nicole purred and leaned further into Waverly. Soothed by her touch and gentle humming.

“Don’t worry. If you do, I’ll just throw you over my shoulder and carry you upstairs.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet… Hey, wait… over the shoulder? I wouldn’t get bridal style?” she pouted.

“You’re too lanky, wouldn’t want to bash your head on the wall or anything,” Waverly grinned.

Nicole speared a piece of pasta and shrugged as she popped it into her mouth and chewed. “Seems fair,” smiling softly, she tilted her head and lay her cheek on top of Waverly’s head for a moment. She’d met more than a few Alpha’s that would have been offended at just the suggestion of being carried by anyone let alone an Omega but the thought of being swept up in Waverly’s arms didn’t bother Nicole one bit… well, apart from all the butterflies it unleashed in her stomach at the thought of being loved and cared for in such a way.


Nicole didn’t realise that her eyes had been drifting shut until the tone in Waverly’s voice had them popping back open again, fuelled by a spark of nervousness that had the butterflies in her stomach going ‘uhoh’ and darting for cover. A glance into hazel eyes had Nicole’s feet shuffling against the floor and her eyes darting around the kitchen. “So?”

“Want to explain just why Wynonna kept looking at her phone and cackling after she left you?”

“Erm, nope! Really? Uhuh! Can’t think of a reason for that.” Grabbing up her plate, Nicole tried to escape to put them by the sink but she found Waverly’s hand wrapped up in the loose fabric of her shirt at the small of her back, holding her in the chair. Feeling strangely guilty and intimidated, Nicole watched as Waverly’s nails tapped out a rhythm on the table right in front of her.

She wasn’t scared… Nope, never that. But, well, god knows what Wynonna had said and well, Waverly was pretty damn intimidating when she wanted to be. Especially with that nail tapping and the way her toned body was leaned just so and her eyebrow arched expectantly over assessing hazel eyes.

She needed to tell Waverly. Wasn’t like she had done anything wrong, not really, but, damn, if that eyebrow wasn’t making her feel guilty! And just what was the best way to bring up that you’d said that another woman’s ass was top shelf? Even if that other woman was a manipulative, sneaky ass of an Alpha… “Wynonna made me do it!” Nicole blurted out.

Waverly laughed, kind of pleased that she wasn’t the only one that sometimes blurted things out. “You are so damn cute when you get flustered! And don’t worry, I know about the recording. I threated Wynonna with some good old traditional Earp torture with grape soda if she did it again.”

“Oh my god! If I ever need help cracking a suspect I’m calling on you!” Nicole chuckled and lay her forehead on the cool surface of the table with a huff.

Gathering up the forgotten crockery before Nicole accidentally pushed it off the table, Waverly rinsed it off. “You think her ass is top shelf then, huh?”

“She was being whiney about it getting shot up. I made the mistake of trying to make her feel better and she recorded it.” Moving behind Waverly, Nicole pressed herself up against the lush curve of Waverly’s ass and gave an unconscious throaty moan as her Omega’s movements at the sink had it moving enticingly against her body. “Now your ass,” purring throatily in appreciation, Nicole palmed the firm globes and promptly spoiled the moment with another jaw-cracking yawn.

“Damn it,” she moaned in apology at her body’s betrayal.

“Don’t be silly, Baby,” quickly drying off her hands, Waverly kissed the tip of Nicole’s nose and laced their fingers together as Nicole swayed. “Now come on, upstairs.”

The siren allure of Waverly’s soft smile, her gentle guiding hands and the thought of being wrapped up in her arms had Nicole following her up the stairs and into their room. It was so tempting to just throw herself into bed but she couldn’t stand the smell clinging to her skin and clothes a moment longer and refused to contaminate Waverly more than she already had. “You get into bed, Waves. I’m going to grab a quick shower. I need to wash the day off of me.”

Waverly was tempted to follow her but she knew them both well enough to know that one thing would probably lead to another. And as tempting as that was, Nicole needed some rest. Crooking a finger, she tempted her closer and stole a soft kiss that left Nicole looking dazed from more than sleep. “Call me if you need carrying to bed,” she winked and gave Nicole’s ass a lingering squeeze.

Climbing back into their bed, Waverly listened to Nicole move around the bathroom. The soft whisper of clothing being removed. The rush of water as the shower was turned on and the change in its flow as Nicole moved beneath its spray. She could smell Nicole’s scent born on the steam, the change of it as the dirt and grime of the day was washed down the drain until the scent was purely theirs in a way that overrode the light floral body wash she had used.

The water turned off, a steady drip quickly fading to silence. Waverly held her breath, waiting for the sounds of the towel moving across Nicole’s body. There was no sounds of fabric and she smiled as she felt the rush of power and shift in the air and realised that her Alpha had decided to take the short route to getting dry and had shifted just long enough to shake most of the water off. Not easy given the size of her wolf compared to the room.

The bathroom light went out and Waverly watched her sleepy Alpha make her way across the room with another yawn and flopped down on the edge of the bed. Before she could collapse, Waverly knelt behind her and tied her hair back. “It’ll save time in the morning.” Smoothing her hands across Nicole’s shoulders and the tops of her arms, she pressed a string of soft kisses across the nape of her neck, nuzzling her nose into the warmth there. “Okay, let’s get some sleep.”

As Nicole settled onto the bed beside her, Waverly pulled the covers up around them both as her Alpha turned into the warmth of her body and slid a long, muscled leg between hers. Nicole murmured sleepily, lips searching for hers even as her eyes drifted closed and her breathing evened out as sleep claimed her.

Gently brushing a wayward strand of silky red hair back behind Nicole’s ear, Waverly held her close and watched over her. She finally looked peaceful, more the woman she was seeing emerge from behind years of hardship than the one she had seen hunched over herself in Shorty’s. Lulled by the warmth of her Alpha’s body and quiet breathing, Waverly felt own eyes start to close for longer and longer between blinks until there was only peaceful warmth and the soft scent of lavender and vanilla.

Chapter Text

Nicole stepped back, blinking in bemusement as a booted foot swung into view around the corner. While the boot was all too familiar, the fact that it was at head height was… different. Nicole shook her head as the boot dropped to the floor and a familiar face swung around the corner all wild brunette hair and a huge smile plastered across her face as she balanced a coffee holder with two drinks from the local coffee shop in it in one hand. “Hi, Wynonna.”

Wynonna looked around at the offices, nodding appreciatively as she took in how much had been completed. “It’s looking good, Kid. Apart from the colour anyway. Bleah!” she pulled a face to let Nicole know she didn’t approve.

“Wynonna, I’m not changing the colour,” Nicole chuckled as the other woman pulled a face at the freshly painted blue walls that were the same shade as they had been before. “And ‘kid’ really? You do know that I’m only a year younger than you, right?”

“Doesn’t matter, you’ll always be a kid to me,” she snorted dismissively and held out a tray of drinks for Nicole to take hers from. Wynonna grinned as Nicole’s fingers gave a little, startled flex and she tried desperately not to roll her eyes or laugh when she saw that hers had been labelled up for ‘Officer Haughty’.

She couldn’t help it, she just liked tormenting the other Alpha as much as she did her sister. And Nicole had proved time and again while Wynonna had been “helping” clean up the Municipal Building, and the air quotes had been Nicole’s, that she was just as good at giving back when it came to using dry sarcasm and sass. And whilst they didn’t agree on everything… For instance, Wynonna had thought that the décor in the Sheriff’s department needed a revamp and Nicole didn’t want anything changing, the one thing they most definitely agreed upon was making Waverly happy.

And speaking of the little devil! Wynonna knew her baby sister was arriving even before she heard or smelt her. The gross and yet adorable, eager puppy expression on Nicole’s face gave it away. And it grew even brighter and more adorable as the door opened and Waverly burst in like a literal ray of sunshine and gave a little upper body, shoulder shimmy thing in her excitement, which would have had her tail, probably her whole body, windmilling if she’d been in wolf form.


Wynonna barely managed to grab Nicole’s coffee and make it to safety before Waverly put her own drink down on the counter and launched herself into Nicole’s arms and climbed her like a tree. From where the Alpha was buried against Waverly’s neck, Wynonna heard a mumble about being in uniform but if it was supposed to be a rebuke, it didn’t sound like much of one, and Nicole made no attempt to extract herself. In fact, Wynonna was pretty sure the redhead was tilting her head more just so Waverly could nuzzle at her mark easier.

“You two are so gross,” she playfully swatted Waverly’s leg where it was wrapped around Nicole’s waist and smirked at the face her sister pulled at her. Picking up her coffee, Wynonna took a sip and promptly spat it back into the container and glared at it. “Question, why does my coffee taste like it was brewed in Nedley’s hat?”

Lifting her head, Waverly rolled her eyes. “Because that’s not your coffee, ‘Nonna! That was my drink of ‘Soothing Sunshine Herbal Tea’. It’s caffeine free.” Her sister looked like she had offended her ancestors and continued to glower at the drink.

“Ewww! Sounds like a hippie haemorrhoid cream!” Wynonna washed away the taste of hippie betrayal as best she could, using her own drink and Officer Haughty’s to do so.

Sliding back down Nicole’s body, eliciting a shiver along the way, Waverly curved closer into the long length of Nicole’s body. Resting her cheek against the upper swell of her breast, Waverly looped an arm around Nicole’s waist. Nicole’s arm settled around her waist, long fingers teasing against the exposed skin that her crop top left uncovered. Tangling her fingers up in the fabric of Nicole’s shirt, Waverly glanced up at Nicole’s face as she looked around the room.

The room, the whole building, looked and felt better thanks to just about everyone in the town descending upon it to get it back to where people could return to work. Bullet holes had been patched over, furniture and equipment replaced and everything painted and polished within an inch of its life.

It was perfect.

Apart from the holes left by the people that wouldn’t be able to return to work. Those were something that could never be patched up and glossed over. Waverly could feel it herself in a fresh wave of grief that threatened to bubble over into a mournful howl and saw it reflected in the eyes of Wynonna and Nicole too. In fact, she realised, Nicole seemed to be taking it worse as though she wasn’t sure how to even process grief.

Nicole tried not to, but she knew that Waverly felt her body stiffen as Xavier stepped out of the offices opposite them with Jeremy in front of him.

Waverly gave Nicole’s waist a pinch as Jeremy gawped at her and froze in place a second too long and had Xavier bumping into his back. “You’re making Jeremy nervous again,” she chuckled as Xavier placed his hands on Jeremy’s shoulders and hustled him out of the building. “Still don’t trust him, huh?”

“I don’t know him, Waves. Xavier seems to trust him but… he’s very…” she waved a hand around in search of the right word to describe Jeremy’s actions.

“Clingy?” Wynonna finished for her with a chuckle. “God knows how he’s found the time between fawning over Doc and Perry but I’ve tripped over him so much the last couple of days.”

Now that they mentioned it, Waverly realised that he did seem to be around a lot even when she was working. At least she had the advantage of having a huge wooden bar between herself and those she was serving to act as a barrier between herself and his hovering. “Has he asked you any strange questions?”

Wynonna looked at her sister, her brow furrowing in concern. “Such as?”

“Not me, he barely even talks to me, just gets in the way.”

“Red, that’s ‘cause you make him nervous,” Wynonna chuckled. “He mostly acts like he just wants to get to know us all but he does slip in the odd question about you like he’s trying to figure you out.”

“Same with me.”

“That makes me trust him even less,” Nicole muttered. She really couldn’t say why she was uncomfortable around him. She trusted Xavier and he was ex-B.B.D.

“He hasn’t said a word about Bulshar or even asked if you’re a wolf but, don’t worry, Haughtsauce, no one around here would say anything anyway. Pack business is pack business. Hey, you two are coming over tonight still right?”

“Only if we’re ordering in Chinese.”

“Baby Girl, that relies on you slackers picking it up from ‘The Green Bamboo’ before you come over. You know what we all like.” Chuckling, Wynonna gave them a cheeky salute and strutted out to go find Xavier. She wanted a word with him about his ‘friend’.

She caught up with him outside of Shorty’s as he watched Jeremy driving away. “Where’s your boy off too?”

“Back to the hospital to continue the ruse.”

“Xavier… Are you sure it’s a ruse?”

Xavier straightened, all his military training coming back to stiffen his spine at the tone of her voice. All the teasing was gone, leaving behind a voice that rumbled through the ground with power and whipped at anyone in its path. It was all Alpha, all leader of her pack, and it demanded respect. It was a voice that came out rarely. It just wasn’t needed all that often as she already had everyone’s respect. Even Bobo Del Rey had known better than to incur her wrath to that point and yet somehow it was now directed towards Jeremy.

“I’ve been checking his camera after he’s been up there and he hasn’t taken any shots of any of the pack. What did he do?”

“I know you’re holding back on telling us about him. Don’t deny it, Xavier!” Getting into his personal space, Wynonna looked up into his tense face. “He’s getting underfoot and asking a lot of questions about Nicole and I want to know why? I like Nicole and she’s my little sister’s Alpha so… just tell me if there’s anything I need to worry about?”

“He’s a good kid. Brilliant with it but he never acts like he’s above anyone. He never really talks about his past but I got to see his file one day and he’s got no one left after an accident. It was not long after that when he joined Black Badge.”

“Oh, I know that frown!”

“It just never dawned on me before… he was young when the accident happened, still in school. Yeah, they probably knew he was smart but the only time they usually ‘recruit’ anyone that young is when there’s something more to them.” Like Eliza… now that was a whole different story.

“Why were you getting a look at his file anyway?”

“He was put on our team as liaison just before the mission in Kabul.”

“A lab rat?” That seemed unusual to Wynonna. From what she had seen so far, fieldwork… or just basically being around people wasn’t exactly his thing and to get introduced into an already established team at the last moment and in a place like that just seemed… unusual.

“We weren’t exactly thrilled but, Wynonna, he’s the reason any of us made it out. We’d lost all communication and were surrounded. Brass had given up on us but Jeremy insisted that we were still alive. Apparently, he insisted so much that they finally gave in and checked and got us out before they blew the place to hell. So yeah, he’s a little bit too much eager puppy and frankly annoying because of it sometimes but I trust him with my life.”

“Okay, fair enough,” his faith in Jeremy seemed to be absolute, and he had saved Xavier, so Wynonna was willing to go with her mate’s opinion on him. “Just tell him to back off Nicole. If she makes him nervous now I hate to think how he would take it if she went full wolf on his ass.”

“I’ll have a word with him,” he quietly assured her. Leaning down, he gently nudged his nose along the sharp edge of her jaw in apology and breathed in their scent as Wynonna ran her fingers along the wall of his chest. Her hand came to lay over his heart, nails tapping out its beat as she smiled against his mouth. “Doc joining us tonight?”

“Yup! He’s finally satisfied with the security at the hospital and declared that he would be home in time for supper and snuggles.” Xavier’s rich laugh and glowing smile at her Doc impersonation had Wynonna’s toes curling in her boots and her body growing heavy with need. “Well, okay, so he didn’t exactly use the word snuggle,” she grinned. “But it was implied in the twitch of his moustache.”

“Well I declare that I’m looking forward to both the supper and the snuggling,” he smiled. “Are Nicole and Waverly joining us…? For the supper part,” he added before Wynonna could make any comment.

“Yeah, I told them to put the usual order in at the Chinese.”

“I thought it was pizza night?”

“Are you shittin’ me!? Obviously, you’ve forgotten the last pizza night debacle that ended with mushrooms all over the ceiling after Waverly ordered extra?”

“In all fairness, that was her pizza. And you could have just put them on one side like everyone else did, Wynonna.”

“They were contaminating my pizza!”

Rolling his eyes, Xavier steered Wynonna towards his S.U.V. so they could head home. As he started the engine he spotted Waverly and Nicole leaving the station and heading in the direction of the Chinese restaurant across the street. Even though she was relaxed and more than obviously enjoying being with Waverly, Nicole was as alert as always and looked towards them with dark searching eyes. She gave a quick nod that was softened by a dimpled smile when she realised whose eyes she had felt upon them and turned all her attention back to Waverly.

“Come on, if we got home fast enough maybe we can get a bit of snuggling in before the supper,” she dug her nails into the heavy muscle of his thigh and gave him a saucy wink that had him fumbling for the ignition.

“I’d better hurry then. If Waverly drives they’ll probably break the sound barrier and beat us back to the Homestead.”

Nicole rolled her eyes as Xavier’s S.U.V. gave an uncharacteristic bunny hop as he started off before shooting off down the street and screeching around the corner. “I swear to god, everyone in this town needs ticketing,” she muttered under her breath as she followed Waverly into the restaurant.

The outside of the building was plain, typical for Purgatory. The inside though managed to be both dimly lit for more intimate dining and brightly decorated in reds and golds all at the same time. It felt like it was trying to be what Westerners thought of as Chinese but Waverly had assured her that the food was traditional… she’d researched it. And where it was needed, they even made changes to the dishes for when Waverly ordered so she had a vegan version.

Nicole followed the mesmerising gentle swaying of Waverly’s hips through a sliding screen door. She didn’t even realise just how focused her attention was on Waverly’s ass until…

“Eyes up a bit there, stud,” Waverly smirked as a blush stole across Nicole’s cheeks and she ducked her head. “What do you fancy to eat… apart from that?” she winked and grinned all the more as Nicole’s cheeks tried to outshine her hair.

Quickly adding her dishes to the order, Nicole took a seat on the padded bench and waited while Waverly placed the order and chatted for a while before joining her. They were the only ones in there but rather than taking a seat beside her on the bench, Waverly took one on her lap, adding a little wiggle as she got settled.

“If you keep that wiggling up, Wynonna and the others will never get their supper.” She tightened her arms around Waverly and nuzzled her nose against her neck just in case she got the crazy idea that she was the least bit serious and tried to move away.

Smiling as Nicole’s soft sounds of contentment vibrated through a body, Waverly snuggled closer into the heat of her and turned her face into the delicate curve of her neck. As the distant sounds and smells of the kitchen floated around them, Waverly discretely ran her tongue across Nicole’s mark, lapping at it until her tongue was coated in the sweetness of it.

Hearing familiar footsteps heading their way, Waverly eased back and smiled at the utterly dazed and bemused expression she left on Nicole’s face as she stood up. It was kind of a rush to know she could affect such a powerful Alpha, her Alpha, in such a way. And she knew that the payback would be delightful too.

Nicole wasn’t really aware of too much until they neared Waverly’s Jeep and then the thought of Waverly’s speed behind the wheel was the only thing that snapped her out of her Omega induced stupor enough to pluck the keys out of Waverly’s hand. “I’m driving… that way I won’t end up wearing the food.”

“Spoilsport!” Waverly groused as she passed Nicole on the way to the passenger side. Not that she minded in the slightest. Not when being the passenger meant she got to watch Nicole drive. The way her body moved and flexed, her strong hands and elegant fingers playing across the steering wheel and controls. And then there was her beautiful face. Even in profile, she was stunning. That gorgeous jawline and high cheekbones, the soft cushion of her full lips, the straight line of her nose. The only problem with a profile view was not being able to get a good look at the soft brown eyes but they glanced her way as though Nicole couldn’t stand not too look at her often enough to keep Waverly satisfied and from the side she got to admire the length of her dark lashes which was never a bad thing.

Yep, she smiled as she ran the tips of her fingers along Nicole’s as her hand reached for hers across the divide between the seats, being the passenger definitely had its perks.

“Nic, when are we going to follow up on what Nedley said?”

“Wherever it is, it’s safe and I would rather it stay out of sight until we know more about Jeremy and whatever Black Badge are up to. It scares me, Waves,” Nicole admitted. “If even a fraction of what I heard about that ring is true…” unwilling to think about it anymore she shook her head. “We don’t need that falling into the wrong hands, it’s too dangerous.”

“But if it’s in your hands…”

“Waves, honestly, I don’t want it near my hands either.”

Waverly could feel it rolling off her in waves, all the fears she didn’t want to give voice to. “Nic, you’re nothing like him. Being near it won’t change who you are.”

“I wish I was sure of that.”

“Then until you are I’ll be sure enough for both of us, ‘kay?”

Nicole switched off the engine and turned in her seat as she pulled the Jeep up outside the Homestead. The determination in Waverly’s face pushed against the ingrained fear within Nicole and had her smiling. Raising their still clasped hand, she brushed her lips across the back of her knuckles and pulled her closer into a soft kiss. “Okay,” she muttered breathlessly against her Omega’s lips.

“Stop making out and get that food in here!”

“Sometimes I could really hate my sister,” Waverly growled.

“No you don’t,” Nicole chuckled against the soft pout of Waverly’s lips. “And just think how much sweeter it will be later when we get home.”

“True,” she purred in anticipation.

“Don’t make me turn the hose on you!”

“Then your food would get wet, dumbass!”

Before she followed Waverly inside, Nicole paused and looked around the Homestead and beyond, feeling and tasting the landscape. The pack was still in mourning but there was a lightness to their mood, a satisfaction borne from the city cop’s being removed from their sight and probably from the Municipal Building returning to its former glory.

There was something wrong though. A ripple of disquiet in the air. The restless stirring of animals disturbed from their nights rest in the woods but she could sense no predators apart from an owl taking flight and that wasn’t big enough to set the restlessness off amongst the bigger animals.

Nicole scented deeper, searching for the scent of any two-legged predators but the wind was against her and everything smelled old and faded. Then everything she could smell was obliterated by the scent of food as Wynonna opened the door and waved a container of food under her nose.

“We checked around before you got here now… come on or I’m eating yours too!”

Nicole took one last scent around but she relented and went inside when she couldn’t find any hint of what had bothered her. Smiling at the sight of Waverly patting the seat beside her, Nicole took off her jacket and moved to her side.

A loud noise from the direction of the barn cut through the air and had a growl rolling through Nicole. Before anyone could move she was at the door, weapon in hand. “I’ll check on that.”


“No!” she growled and gave Wynonna and the others a look that said there would be hell to pay if anyone, but especially if Waverly, followed her.

Nicole slipped out and eyed the barn, taking in the small side door swinging back and forth in a non-existent breeze. There was no window that side but the gaps in the boards that made up the building more than made up for the lack of window and had her feeling exposed.

Covering the distance from the house to barn quickly, Nicole kept her gun ready but loose in her grip, her finger poised against the trigger. She couldn’t smell anything, nothing she was used to anyway. If anything it was an absence of smell, something cold… reptilian?

Knowing if there was anything out to shoot her, it could have been done long before, Nicole went against everything screaming at her and stepped into the barn and looked around. Motes of dust and old hay swirled down from the hayloft but everything else was still and silent.

“Purgatory Sheriff’s Department! Show yourself!”

Nicole had one hand on the ladder leading up to the hayloft and half a mind thinking she should just set the place on fire and see what came crawling out… when something slammed into her from the side, loosening her grip on the ladder and her gun.

She rolled with the blow, coming up in a crouch, a snarl curling back her lip to die unuttered at the scent of silver and the sight of a finger pulling back on the trigger of the gun pointed at her face.

Chapter Text

Above the barrel of the gun, Nicole barely had time to register that the shooter was a woman before she swept her arm up and grabbed the woman by the wrist, pushing the gun away from her face as she twisted her head aside. As the gun discharged and the heat of the bullet grazed across her cheek, Nicole felt like time stood still as she shook her head and tried to regain her hearing.

There was plenty of time then for the woman’s smirk of anticipation to register. Plenty of time for it to sink in that her pupils had been vertically slits surrounded by the yellow and red glow of her irises that made Nicole think of fire or the depths of hell more than eyes. The sight of them and the near overwhelming reptilian scent had a snarl rising up in Nicole’s throat and her wolf itching to sink teeth into the woman to find out what she was really made of.

Even though the change to wolf was fast, Nicole was loath to give herself away and the flame-eyed woman was proving to be a handful. The other woman was strong, more than human, and trained with it. Lightning fast kicks landed to the tense muscle of her left calf, knee and thigh as Nicole tried to surge to her feet to gain leverage, collapsing her leg from under her and almost making her lose her grip on the gun.

The woman smiled and shifted, swinging the gun back around. Nicole let her, pushing with the movement, forcing her aim high as she fired wide again. Using her momentum, Nicole ripped the gun from her hand and tossed it aside.

She could feel Waverly’s panic, had done since the moment the gun had gone off. And she could also feel that something was going on in the Homestead itself.

Nicole rushed for the door but found her way blocked by another kick that caught her across the stomach, driving the air from her lungs and left her exposed to the follow-up blow that sent her reeling back deeper into the barn.

They circled around, trading kicks and blows in an effort to gain an advantage. But while their bodies were busy they never traded words. Nicole could tell that the other woman seemed to be enjoying their battle far too much though, even blows landed against her only seemed to make her smile more… like she knew she had a secret weapon!

Bouncing back off the thick planks of the barn as she was hurled against them, Nicole ducked under the other woman’s arm and elbowed her in the kidneys, sending her to her knees. Wrapping her arm around her throat, Nicole pulled back, locking in her hold as nails dug into her flesh.

“That’s enough!”

Nicole whirled around and froze at the sight of Waverly trapped within the firm grip of a blonde woman wearing a serious power suit, a gun pressed even more firmly to her side. Waverly’s eyes were brimming over with tears of fear and helpless rage. “Are you okay? Let her go.”

“Agent Shapiro, I asked you to secure the area so we could talk to these people not start a fight.”

Nicole held her tongue for Waverly’s sake but she wanted to kick the smirk off the other woman’s face when she realised that she was another one of Xavier’s supposed friends from Black Badge.

“I was securing the area, Agent Lucado but Red here found me.” Pushing past the redhead, Eliza picked up her gun and dusted off the dirt and hay. Her hand stiffened on the grip as she saw the taller woman’s eyes flicker towards the weapon. Nostrils flared and her mouth curl in anger and distaste before they focussed upon the weapon pressed against the side of the younger woman.

Eliza Shapiro had always considered herself a good agent. If she wasn’t, Black Badge wouldn’t have shown any interest in her in the first place. Of course then maybe they wouldn’t have changed her how they had and wouldn’t have such control over her life. But while what lay within her gave her a strength and speed far greater than a normal human she knew from working with Agent Dolls that her senses when it came to smell was inferior to a werewolf’s.

Being a good agent, she had learned to trust in the skills of others.

Quietly, Eliza removed the clip from her weapon and studied it. It looked normal but out of the corner of her eye she saw the barely perceptible tilt of the redhead’s head and knew that what she was doing hadn’t gone unnoticed. She half expected the woman to try and take advantage but she stayed still, fear for the brunette enough to hold her in place. Removing a bullet from the clip, Eliza barely managed to hold back a flare of anger as she ran her thumbnail across the tip of it and saw the truth in the give of the metal.

Silver?! The goddamn ammunition was silver!

No wonder the woman had been so pissed off with her and had made a grab for the gun! She had worked with enough werewolves, friendly and not so friendly to know what damage even what would have been a flesh wound on a normal human could be to them. It made any firefight using them a matter of life and death to a wolf.

Eliza’s eyes shot to the woman’s face, eyes searching for the wound left by the bullet graze. There was a smear of blood… but not even a scratch to mark the passing of the bullet.

“If you two have quite finished I think we should re-join the others.”

“Let her go!”

Eliza quickly slapped the clip back into place and pressed the gun snuggly against the redhead’s spine and placed her other hand on her shoulder. “Do as the boss said.” She spoke softly, hoping desperately that her tone and the weapon would help take the woman’s anger down a notch before they were forced to play with the hand they had been dealt.

Nicole growled under her breath as the gun dug in sharply, pushing her towards the door. Until she saw an opening or a way to make one she was helpless whilst the gun was trained on Waverly. Any other ammunition would have given her pause enough but silver was just too much of a risk and she just had to hope that the fact that they weren’t dead already meant their lives weren’t in immediate danger.

As she drew level with them, Nicole cast her a reassuring glance and spoke softly through her mind. “Waves?”

“I’m okay, Nic. Just pissed off and shook up.”

“What happened?”

“We heard the gunshot… I felt it hit you!” Even though she knew and had seen for herself that Nicole was okay, Waverly struggled to hold back a fresh wave of tears at the memory of the pain she had felt as the bullet had grazed across Nicole’s cheekbone. “I think it knocked me for a loop, I couldn’t hear anything and the next thing I was being yanked off the ground by her. She told the others that if they followed or tried anything she would kill me. Let me know when to act, Baby. ‘Cause I would really love to teach these two shit-tickets a lesson!”

Even with the situation how it was, Nicole couldn’t help but smile at the ferocious growl that ran through her head through Waverly’s thoughts. It made her want to wrap her up in her arms and lose herself in that wild side. “They, well the blonde anyway, wants to talk first. Let’s see what she has to say and then we can go all medieval on their asses.”

Nicole could smell the anxiety of the other Alpha’s in the house even before opened the door and pushed Waverly in ahead of her to hold them back. With the door open though, Nicole could also smell one other scent within. “Jeremy!”

Eliza tightened her hand upon the woman’s tense shoulder. She could feel the power vibrating through her hand, rising and pulsing in waves. “Easy there, we’re all on the same side.”

Nicole snorted. “Excuse me if I find that a little hard to believe when you’re both packing silver bullets.”

Lucado barely even broke stride but Eliza saw the questioning flicker of her eyes in her reflection in the glass in the door. That slightest of movements, the knowledge that Jeannie hadn’t known anything about the silver ammunition, settled Eliza’s nerves. Now they just needed to find a way around everything without them all getting killed. Which, given the look of betrayal burning in Xavier’s eyes when he saw her, wasn’t going to be an easy thing to accomplish.

“Eliza? Oh, this is just great! What the hell are you doing with Lucado?”

“It’s not what you think, Xavier. Just hear us out…”

“Sorry, lady… I can’t hear a word you’re saying over the sound of those guns,” snorting in anger, Wynonna let her booted heels slide off the coffee table they were resting on to thud against the floor.

“Let Agent Lucado speak and I swear to you, all of you, we’ll put the guns down.”

“What happens if we don’t happen to like the tale you spin for us?”

“We’ll leave.” Removing her hand from the redhead’s shoulder, Eliza lowered her weapon from her back and watched guardedly as she and the younger woman that Lucado was holding went to join the others across the room. They were all obviously close but it was within the arms of the redhead that the young brunette finally settled. “Jeannie?”

Jeannie carefully smoothed her hands down the front of her suit jacket, tugging on her hem as she thought about where to start. “First of all… I want to apologise to you, Agent Dolls… Xavier. I know I said some terrible things to you after Greg died in Kabul. I blamed you but Eliza finally made me listen and I know he made you leave him.”

“I didn’t want to Jeannie, Greg was my friend and I would have done anything to save him if I could have, but he knew he was bleeding out and he ordered us to leave.”

“My grief made me weak. It blinded me to what was going on though. To the games that Moody was playing with everything and that is inexcusable. He wants Bulshar’s ring,” she looked at the redhead but she didn’t even react to the name. “I know who you are… or at least who everyone thinks you are. You’ve protected your identity well but there was still a trail to be found.”

“And you think you found it… this trail I supposedly left behind?”

“Not me, Moody. I realised that he was up to something and had his work, everything he’s been doing, bugged, hacked and analysed. As far as I’ve been able to make out he wants that ring so he can control every single werewolf in the world. That, and immortality is the power he believes that ring has and I believe that he’s quite willing to take your quaint little town and wipe it or any other place off the face of the earth to make sure he gets what he wants.”

“And what do you want?”

“I want to make sure the Cult, Bulshar and that ring are gone forever. I reactivated your status as an Agent to give you autonomy here so that Moody can’t touch you. Moody was getting ready to use Agent Chetri as bait so I arranged for him to come here so he can be of use and the same for Agent Shapiro here.”

“And you Lucado? I mean, if we believe you, what are you going to be doing?”

“Well I was just going to be calling in favours and trying to get Moody replaced but apparently my first job is going to be arranging for all of B.B.D.’s munitions supplies to be replaced and new staff to be brought into the armoury so that there is no more risks of silver contamination,” removing the clip and chambered round from her weapon, she placed them and the gun aside.

Nicole could tell that Xavier so wanted to believe that all his old Black Badge colleagues were on their side but she was struggling with it. They had held a gun on Waverly! That she could never forgive or forget. And yet they were in there ‘chatting’ and sharing out their Chinese food?

When it came to that damn ring though, there was only one person Nicole trusted to do the right thing. Herself. And she wasn’t even sure about that.

Waverly followed Nicole out on to the porch and wrapped her arms around her Alpha’s stiff body. She uncoiled with a sigh, melting against her as her arms enveloped her. “What now?”

“Now? Home, sleep…” Come the morning though, she was going to start working on finding out a way to destroy the ring. And according to Nedley, that meant speaking to a blacksmith?

Chapter Text

Nicole winced, her fingers tightening upon the pen in her hand, as the office door across from her slammed open long enough for Wynonna to storm out in a swirl of hair and attitude before it slammed shut behind her again. It had become such a regular occurrence that Nicole was seriously surprised that the windows in the building had survived as long as they had under the pressure of a newly deputised, and very pissed off because of it, Wynonna Earp.

Nicole kept an ear open for the pounding of boots down the corridor and the clatter of the outside door but there was nothing. Tossing her pen into the mug with all the others, Nicole rubbed her neck and shoulder and waited and listened to the muttered growling and gnashing of teeth she could hear just out of sight.

Whatever was going through the Alpha’s mind it didn’t take her too long to come to a decision… which Nicole was grateful for just so she wouldn’t have to listen to the teeth grinding any longer. Wynonna stepped back into view, her eyes glowering back at the door of the new B.B.D. offices that had been ‘appropriated’ across from the Sheriff’s Department. Seemingly satisfied… or maybe a little disappointed… that no one was following her, Wynonna turned her head and plastered a smile on her face that came nowhere near close to touching her blue eyes.

Slipping through past the reception desk, Wynonna made her way over to Nicole’s desk and sat down on the corner of it right on top of the paperwork Nicole had lined up to work on. The pointed look and raised eyebrow actually made Wynonna feel better for the first time in hours. Not because she had gotten under Nicole’s skin but because she could see the soft unspoken ‘are you okay?’ and the caring in her brown eyes.

“Are you busy?”

Nicole glanced down at the papers on her desk in a futile gesture. She knew that Wynonna wouldn’t pay any attention and she knew she would drop it all anyway to help Wynonna out.

“No? Okay, good,” grabbing Nicole’s wrist, Wynonna hopped off the desk and towed her friend behind her, barely giving her the time to grab her Stetson before dragging her out of the building and towards Shorty’s. The other Alpha went without question and didn’t once try to dig her heels in and Wynonna was grateful for that. Yeah, Nicole was scary powerful but as long as no one she loved was in danger, in which case her protective side made her as intimidating as two category five twisters of fire and ice barrelling down on you, she was calming to be around.

Seeing that the door was open, Wynonna gave it a swift kick after taking a sniff and chuckled at the yelp and thud beyond. “Stupid Carl!” she smirked at the wolf sitting at the bottom of the steps giving her a baleful look that was quickly wiped off his face when he saw who had sent him flying. He was one of Bobo Del Rey’s old pack and had run away when the rest of them had… until he remembered that the only home and family he had were in the town he had tried to terrorise and had crawled back to them begging for forgiveness and a second chance or in Carl’s case, it was the twenty-fifth chance at least.

“Waves!” ignoring the fact that Shorty was right there waiting to see what she wanted, Wynonna slapped her hand upon the bar and kept yelling until her sister appeared from the back room and shot her a glare. An instant later the glare was wiped away by that blindingly happy, eye-crinkling smile that had Carl stumbling over a chair as her eyes landed upon Nicole. “Waves!” she grabbed Waverly’s attention in time to stop her from launching herself at Nicole. “Whiskey shots, Baby Girl! Line ‘em up and keep ‘em coming! What the hell, make it the good stuff! Stealing your girl's supply has corrupted my taste buds for the swill Shorty stocks up with!”

“You could go drink somewhere else you know?” Shorty growled as he slapped her arm in gentle rebuke.

“Naw, you would miss me too much,” she winked at the older man who, along with Curtis, had been more of a father figure to her than her own father.

“The unfortunate thing about that is… it’s true,” he sighed. “Keep bad mouthing my booze though and I might change my mind. Officer,” he gave the young woman a smile as she took a stool next to Wynonna at the bar and tried to drag her eyes off of Waverly long enough to acknowledge that she was being spoken too. Ah, young love!

“Please, it’s just Nicole right now, Shorty,” she smiled. “I’m just here as a customer… and to keep Wynonna out of trouble,” she whispered.

“Good luck with that,” he grinned and hurried away to go serve drinks before Wynonna could think of a reply.

Leaning against the bar, Waverly ran the tips of her fingers over Nicole’s and looked at the two women that meant the world to her. “What’s going on? I didn’t expect to see either of you until later.”

“Ask Wynonna,” Nicole shrugged as she placed her hat on the bar. “I was working and she stormed out of B.B.D. and grabbed me.”

Wynonna snorted and popped Nicole on the shoulder. “You didn’t really put up with a fight there, Haughtsauce so don’t be pretending like you were enjoying filling in all that paperwork crap.” Picking up a shot glass, Wynonna tipped the contents into her mouth and swallowed it down to join the two she’d already had. “Come on, Red. Don’t make me drink alone.”

Rolling her eyes at the futility of drinking shots when she couldn’t get drunk, Nicole tossed back her first one. Unfortunately, she’d forgotten that whilst alcohol had next to no effect, the burn of it going down was still the same. Letting out an undignified wheeze she endured the heavy slap of a hand between her shoulder blades and Wynonna’s cackle of humour in her ear as she learned how to breathe again.

Slipping her Alpha a drink of water, Waverly pulled Wynonna’s attention to her. “What’s going on ‘Nonna?” She’d heard all about Wynonna’s door slamming from Nicole but even this seemed excessive and Waverly was used to Wynonna drinking at all hours.

Snorting and flailing her arms around in an attempt to get how annoyed she was out, Wynonna finally settled on sighing and resting her chin on top of her crossed arms on the bar. “Xavier, sorry, ‘Agent Dolls’ is being a dick. I know he’s working with B.B.D. to keep an eye on them from the inside but he didn’t have to deputise us all along for the ride on the shit show bus, and he most certainly does not have to go all perfect little soldier and be such a DICK when he’s doing it!”

“Like you said, it’s all an act… what?” she asked as Nicole made a sound that was part snort and a Mmmhmm of agreement.

“He really is being a bit of a dick, Waves. He threatened to charge Bill Lippencott with treason if he ever parked in his space again. And earlier I saw Jeremy hightailing it out of the building crying his eyes out.”

“He nearly knocked Xavier’s mug over,” Wynonna snorted. “Think I’m going to have to put my mate in his place later. You’re the law, Haughtstuff… is shoving a cattle prod up his ass illegal?”

Nicole nearly snorted her second whiskey out of her nose at that. “Wynonna Earp!” she spluttered and recovered. “Just… for god’s sake! No disturbing the wildlife! Use a gag on him,” she winked.

“That’s a dark side you’ve been hiding there, Haught! Should I be worried about my sister’s ass?”

Waverly hid a smirk behind her hand as Nicole went beet red and started choking on her third shot of whiskey at Wynonna’s choice of words.

Words which were, unfortunately, appropriate after they had introduced a little bit of, frankly amazeballs, ‘butt stuff’ into their bedroom the night before after a lengthy and erotic discussion about why there was nothing at all wrong with wanting or trying anything like that, no matter what ex-shithead boyfriends said.

“Damn! Haught! Breathe or something!” Wynonna eyed Nicole worriedly and then thoroughly impressed as the Alpha grabbed the bottle of whiskey from Waverly and chugged the rest of it. “Waves, that bottle goes on Haught’s tab,” she chuckled and tapped the edge of her glass to let her sister know to keep pouring.

It took about five minutes and forty-five seconds before Nicole’s face returned to a more normal colour… Wynonna timed it. Once she did though, Wynonna started the jukebox up to act as a buffer and moved them all over to a quiet corner of the bar. “About the ring,” she whispered. “Did you find anything in Nedley’s files that gave a hint on where to start looking? I know you know something… Waverly’s got the worst damn poker face.”


Nicole looked around the bar, checking for the slightest shift in anyone that would hint to them trying to listen in. Everyone carried on as normal but she kept her voice as low as Wynonna had so that the jukebox would act as a muffler. “There’s nothing in his files. When we went to see him that night Jeremy was taking photos… he woke up just long enough to say that we should see a blacksmith? Haven’t had a chance to follow anything up though.”

“Not ‘a’ blacksmith. ‘The Blacksmith’. Mattie Perley,” Waverly explained. “She’s a witch.”

“Oh great,” Nicole grumbled darkly. “Just what we need in our lives, another witch.”

“She’s a good witch,” Waverly chided. “She’s got a twin sister, Gretta that’s a witch too, the Iron Witch… now she’s a little tricky but Mattie is definitely good. I’ve talked to her a couple of times,” she assured them. “She doesn’t really like werewolves too much though, or anyone really, so no one really goes out there unless they really have to.”

“And why were you out there, Baby Girl?”

“She’s an artist and I wanted to check out some of her work.”

“I don’t suppose there’s another blacksmith around, a non-witchy one that Nedley might have been talking about? I mean maybe it’s a ‘Lord of the Rings’, toss the bitch into fire kind of deal?”

“The one ring was melted in a volcano…”

“Geez, don’t get all geeky on us, Waves.”

“You were the one that brought Tolkien into the conversation, Wynonna!” Waverly pursed her lips as Wynonna dismissed that part of it all with a wave of her hand.

Finishing off her whiskey, Wynonna slapped the small, thick, shot glass down on the table and looked at the two women. “Who’s up for girls only road trip then?” a grin spreading across her face at the prospect of getting away from all the paperwork Xavier seemed to want her to fill in for the slightest thing, and spending time actually doing something.

Nicole looked could damn near see the sparks and anticipation flying between the sisters, their bodies vibrating ready to burst into a blaze of action. And Nicole couldn’t deny that their excitement was contagious. “Okay. I’ll have to take the cruiser though just in case a call comes through.”

While Nicole and Wynonna finished off their drinks, Waverly quickly cleared it with Shorty for her to leave and got changed in the apartment above the bar. Where Mattie lived was out of the way and very exposed to the elements… not a crop top appropriate area even with her thick coat on.

A smile spread across her face, heat curling through her body at the sight of Nicole waiting at the bottom of the stairs for her, dimples flashing as her elegant fingers working the brim of her Stetson. Waverly skipped down the rest of the way, stopping when their faces were on the same level. Taking the Stetson out of Nicole’s hands, she settled it upon her own head, tilting it back so she could claim the softness of Nicole’s lips. Humming in pleasure, Waverly ran the tip of her tongue between the parted seam of Nicole’s lips, dipping inside to taste the whiskey coating her tongue.

They kept their kiss short but sickeningly sweet and Wynonna gave them her very best eye roll to make sure they knew just how gross they were when they parted.

As they left the bar, Nicole reached out and plucked her Stetson off of Waverly’s head and made her way over to her cruiser and got ready to follow Waverly’s Jeep as it drove by. As the Jeep started up, she spotted Xavier opening the door to step outside. She wasn’t sure if it was the engine that had drawn him out or if he was going out anyway but he stopped dead, his mouth tightening into a thin line as the Jeep flew by and Nicole clearly saw Wynonna leaning out of the window to flip him off.

Peeling away from her parking space before he could think to question her, Nicole gunned the engine in an effort to catch up with her speed-demon Omega as she threw the Jeep around every twist and turn. Being a passenger in the Jeep was a bruising experience but watching from the outside, Nicole could admire the skill and control of Waverly’s driving. She obviously knew the limits of herself and the vehicle… not that Nicole would admit that, nope, not even under torture.

Nicole was beginning to think that Waverly had missed a turn or something, unlikely as that was. Miles had gone by with no sign of anything habitable and the road had run out and become little more than ruts in the dirt between the trees and forced even Waverly to slow down.

Just when Nicole was at breaking point and ready to call a halt… the trees came to an end and what looked like a barn surrounded by a junkyard came into view. Thick white smoke billowed from the chimney, catching in the heavy air to create a pall over the area that made the ragged pieces of metal around the area seem even more ominous than they probably really were. But hell, she was a witch, they would probably give off that unwelcome vibe no matter what.

Just like the metal lynch gate did. Stark and narrow, looking perverse with its antlers hanging from it.

All the metal jarred against Nicole’s nerves and made her want to retreat back to the trees. The feeling increased as she was forced by the narrowness of the lynch gate to stop the car just off the boundary of the witches land.

Climbing out of her car, Nicole looked around as she adjusted her hat and waited on Wynonna and Waverly. If not for the smoke she would have just assumed the place was empty but, unless the place was on fire, the smoke was a good sign… especially as she couldn’t sense anything else. The place was dead to her. It wasn’t a subtle disguise designed to make her think there was something else there or make her skim over the place. It was like a huge hole in the landscape surrounded with flashing neon signs fifty foot high.

“Whoa, it was not like this before,” Waverly muttered.

Nicole stepped forwards, pushing through her reluctance to step into the void and stopped dead in her tracks right beneath the lynch gate. Her breath caught painfully in her lungs like she had stepped too close to a roaring fire. Every hair on her body felt like it was standing on end as a sharp metallic taste clawed at her nose and throat. It didn’t hurt but Nicole knew it would if she tried moving forwards.

She heard a gasp at her side and knew that Waverly had been caught too. Wynonna had been half a step behind them and had stopped simply because they had.

“What’s wrong?”

“Magic,” Nicole gritted out. “Don’t come any closer, Wynonna. Waves, move back if you can but don’t try pushing through.”

A figure stepped out of the barn ahead of them. Thick blue jeans and a tan wraparound leather jacket designed to protect against molten metal rendered their form shapeless whilst a leather hood with blacked out goggled stitched into it covered the rest. Balanced in one hand was a spike of metal that glowed menacingly white hot at one end.


Mattie pulled off her hood and shook out her air as the cool air brushed across her face and made her miss the heat from her furnaces. “I told you not to come back here Earp. You know the only thing I hate more than trespassers is werewolves and yet here you are… with another one,” Mattie turned her attention to the brunette Alpha, tasting her strength. “Hmm, a sister… Wynonna? And…” she blinked in horror as she saw the redhead trapped within the web of her protection spell. “A Bulshar?! How dare you?!”

“Mattie, please? Sheriff Nedley told us to come talk to you about…”

“After what happened to him do you think I would be willing to help you with anything? Get off my land!” Waving a hand dismissively, Mattie turned away.

“Bulshar’s coming, Mattie! We need your help to destroy that ring and stop him. If you know anything… please, help us?”

“Earp’s you can come… not you though, Bulshar.”

“Don’t ever call me by that bastards name!” Nicole snapped, her body surging within the confines of her uniform as her wolf rushed to the fore.

Mattie stepped back, eyes growing wide with fear as she felt the Alpha straining against her protection. It was supposed to be unbreakable but right then she wasn’t so sure of that and she wasn’t even making an effort to do more than make herself clear.


“It’s okay, Waves. Go with Wynonna and find out what you can.”

“You said I could come through Mattie but you’ll need to drop whatever this is so I can.”

“I’m not dropping it, Earp. It’s only designed to keep Bu- his bloodline out, you can just be able to step across like you did the last time.”

“Then it’s not working right ‘cause I’ve been on your land before with no trouble but right now I’m stuck too!”

Mattie stared at the younger Earp in confusion. For a moment she wondered if it was an elaborate ruse to get her to let… the other one in but she realised that that just wasn’t Waverly’s way and she could actually feel the protection spell clinging to her. Something it hadn’t done the other times she had come on to her land. “That’s… that’s not possible.”

“We’re mated, could that be doing it?”

It couldn’t, the protection was from bonds of blood, not souls. “You’re mated… to her?”

Waverly swept her hair away from the side of her throat and let Mattie see the bite mark she wore proudly.

Reaching into the pocket of her jacket, Mattie drew her bowie knife and stepped closer to Waverly. “I’ll let you through if you agree to give me something…”

“Leave her alone!” Fighting through the weight of the spell, Nicole placed herself in front of Waverly. “Don’t you dare touch her!”

Mattie took an unconscious step back at the strength of the Alpha. She had thought that her anger at the name Bulshar had been terrible but this, the thought of her Omega being threatened made what had come before pale into insignificance. “I don’t want much, just some blood, and then I’ll let you through. Isn’t that worth the price?”

“Waverly, no!” Nicole barked as she sensed Waverly revving up to speak. “No deal-making with witches! We’re leaving now. We’ll find another way to destroy the ring and Bulshar. And if you ever come near Waverly or look at her wrong I will end you!”

Mattie watched with interest both how protective of Waverly the Alpha was and also how just one touch from Waverly had the tension seeping out of the Alpha’s body. There were many things that could be faked between couples, even werewolves, but a mating bond that strong and pure wasn’t one of them. It came so rarely and was not gifted to all. “Wait!”

“I’ll tell you what I told Nedley… no strings.” With an intricate wave of her hand, Mattie created a gap in the protection spell for them all to walk through. “I would not have taken anything, I’m not that kind of a witch. Now my sister, Gretta… let’s just say that she’s big on promises.”

“Then why?” Waverly gestured to the knife in Mattie’s hand as she put it away under Nicole’s watchful gaze.

“I needed to see how strong your bond was.”

“Is that what was stopping me from getting through?”


Waverly pursed her lips as the witch walked into the barn without another word of explanation.

Reaching out, Nicole gently took Waverly’s hand in hers and stopped her from following Mattie. “Ignore her Waves. She screwed up her spell or something and just doesn’t want to admit it.”

“Haughty is right,” Wynonna assured her. You got through her barrier thing before okay. Your blood can’t just change like that. She just fucked it up. Now come on, let’s go find out what she has to say.”

Wynonna gave her sister’s shoulder a squeeze, silently begging her to focus on the problem they had come to solve and not to get drawn down a rabbit hole of a mystery just because the witch couldn’t cast a spell right. Getting a nod off of her, Wynonna preceded them into what felt like the pits of hell after being out in the cold. The witch was obviously in her element but Wynonna felt like her insides were being cooked with every breath she took.

“My apologies for the heat,” Mattie offered them all a drink as their discomfort registered. “I kind of get used to it with working with metal and fire all day.”

Waverly refused the offered drink but looked down as she felt something brushing against her ankle. “Calamity?!”

Nicole looked at the ginger cat as it leapt into Waverly’s arms and butted up against her chin. “What are you doing here, girl?”

Mattie sipped at her drink and watched as the cat moved between the women, especially Waverly and her mate. “I was wondering where she had been sneaking off to. She was born here but I lay no claim to her. Familiars go where they want. Find the families that they want.”

“A familiar?”

“Nothing sinister. They can over generations absorb some magic but she’s just like a normal cat.”

“I’m not too sure about that,” Nicole smiled as C.J. settled in Waverly’s arms like a baby. “We had a bit of trouble with another witch, Constance Clootie. She put a curse on a file and it attacked Waves. Calamity here saved her.”

“Familiars make excellent protectors… guardians. I am glad that she was there to help. Constance is… unhinged,” which they all knew was putting it far too mildly. “I wish I could help you as much as she did but I’m afraid that you will probably leave disappointed.”

“You don’t know how to destroy it, do you?”

“The Sheriff never brought the ring with him when he came so I was never able to study it. Rings like that though are generally bound to a person and are impervious to most things that would destroy a normal ring.”

“Please don’t tell me we’re going to have to walk into Mordor?”

“And you say I’m a geek?” Waverly muttered.

Rolling her eyes, Nicole ignored the sisters. “If we find the ring you might be able to work out how to destroy it and kill Bulshar?”

“Maybe. I wish I could be more specific but it depends on who made the ring…”

“It was probably Constance, she was with him for many years and she was the one that was behind all the murders the other day trying to find it.”

“If it is her and if Bulshar truly is still alive then destroying the ring should end him too. If he is drawing power from it even without wearing it, it makes him vulnerable to the condition of the ring.”

“Sounds like we need to have another word with your boss, Haughtshot.”


Chapter Text

Closing her book with a sigh, Waverly rolled over on to her stomach amongst the mountain of throw cushions on the couch. She gazed longingly across the room at her Alpha… who was looking far too delicious for Waverly to be able to focus on her book no matter how good it was. She was also looking far too busy.

Sitting at her desk across the room, Nicole was flicking through files, a cute, studious frown creasing her brow as she read and, shunning technology, as usual, jotted down notes on a yellow, legal notepad as she came across anything interesting.

Waverly ached to go over and smooth away the frown. And if she had just been busy with all the police work that had fallen upon her shoulders, she would have. Nicole was busy trying to work out the message Nedley had left with Chrissy before he had gone down for more surgery to repair his hand though.

All the breadcrumb like clues were driving them crazy but, Nicole had gone all reasonable when Wynonna had voiced her frustration and pointed out that knowing flat out where the ring was, would have put a target right on the Sheriff’s daughter.

They had waited, hoping to get more off him when he got back from surgery but he had reacted badly to an unknown allergy to Thiopental when they had gone to put him under. Luckily they had managed to stabilise him but he was back in Intensive Care until they were sure he was okay and the drug was out of his system.

Gathering up a huge armful of cushions, Waverly marched quietly across the room and dropped them close to Nicole. Throwing herself down amongst their softness she pressed closer and lay her head against the solid strength of Nicole’s thigh.

Placing her pen down, Nicole leaned back in her seat and smiled down in bemusement as Waverly rubbed against her thigh like she was settling in for the night. The soft lights in the living room bounced across her hair, creating a halo of soft brunette around her beautiful face. “Whatcha doin’, Baby?” she asked softly as she reached for her. Waverly's closeness making any space suddenly unacceptable.

“I was missing you,” Waverly purred. Elegant fingers combed soothingly through her hair and teased across her cheek and jaw. Rubbing her cheek against Nicole’s thigh, Waverly ran a hand up and down her leg, tracing the familiar lines of her muscles beneath the fabric of her jeans and the softness of her skin as her fingers found their way under the jeans.

“I could have just joined you on the couch, silly.” Glancing over, Nicole did a double take when she saw that even though Waverly was sitting on a veritable mountain on cushions the couch was still overflowing. It was late, a glance at her watch showing just how late but… well, Nicole was pretty damn sure they hadn’t been there when she had sat down at her desk.

“Know what you’re doing is important so I thought I would just sit closer while you work.”

Leaning down, Nicole pressed a soft kiss to the top of Waverly’s head. “Waves?”


“Quick question… where, in the name of IKEA’s soft furnishing department, did all the cushions come from?”

“I might have popped in and bought a few before we went to see the Sheriff.”

“No wonder Wynonna looked how she did. I thought she was still pissed at Xavier but she was probably straining herself not to laugh in case the Jeep exploded with stuffing,” she chuckled softly.

Waverly looked at the couch. “Too many?” Yeah, there was quite a few there but they were soft to lay on and Calamity obviously felt the same as she was curled up on a pile looking like a pampered queen.

“Naw, Baby,” Nicole chuckled. “If you want cushions we’ll decorate the whole house with them. I don’t mind.”

“Okay, that’s good, ‘cause… erm… there’s a few more upstairs too.”

Going by Waverly’s impish smile, Nicole just knew that their bed was overflowing too. “Cushions are good,” she assured her. “Just so you know though… If they get in the way of me getting to your body, they will end up on the floor, ‘kay?”

Purring in satisfaction, Waverly snuggled closer to Nicole, rubbing her scent into her Alpha and basking in the warm scent of vanilla rising up from her body. Her purr changed to a grunt of annoyance as she spotted a gap on the couch. “I should have got more cushions,” she grouched.

“Did they have any more in the store? We could get some tomorrow.”

The thought of her Alpha wanting to cushion shop with her had Waverly wiggling a little but… disappointment settled into her. “Well… no. I did kind of get all the ones they had in stock. Angie said the next delivery would be in a week. Look at that gap though, Nic!” she whined.

Nicole just smiled softly at Waverly’s thoroughly offended tone. If her Omega found the gap in the cushions so offensive… “Okay, Babe. I know how to fix that for you.”

Lifting her head, Waverly gazed up at Nicole hopefully. “How…”

Nicole scooped Waverly and all her cushions up off the floor and carried her over to the couch. Easily supporting Waverly’s weight, she quickly arranged the cushion on the couch, making sure to cover any ‘gaps’ before laying herself and Waverly down amongst them. Laying on her back she slid Waverly slightly to the side so she was supported between the back of the couch and her side. “There, is that better?”

“But, Nic, your work?” Waverly protested not even half-heartedly as she tucked her leg securely between Nicole’s, tightened her arms around her trim waist, and melted into the cradle of Nicole’s body so her Alpha couldn’t move anyway.

“It can wait. My mind and eyes are crossing looking at that and I would much rather be right here with you in your cushion nest.” Nicole breathed in the soft scent of Waverly’s hair as she pressed a kiss to the top of her head. It really was the best place in the world to be.

“Any chance I can talk you up to my ‘on the bed’ pillow nest?” Waverly asked hopefully.

“Mmmm, I’m always up for some persuasion,” she smiled as Waverly giggled at her suggestive eyebrow wiggle. “In a while though. Just lay against me for a bit? With all the running around we’ve been doing I sometimes feel like we just don’t have time for just us. And Calamity, our not so little guardian,” she grunted as the ginger cat stalked her way along her body with heavy steps and curled up against them both with a throaty purr.

Nicole closed her eyes, relaxing into the feel of Waverly’s body pressed against hers. She ran the tips of her fingers down across Waverly’s arm and side until her fingers found a home just under the edge of her sinfully tight black leggings.

Shifting her head, Waverly pressed a string of kisses along the underside of Nicole’s jaw. Her Alpha smiled and pulled her closer. Waverly could feel how content she was just to hold and be held but beneath the pleasure of that, she could feel her mind churning over and over like a muffled scream echoing back at her.

“Any luck of working out what Nedley meant by the key being with his wife?”

“Not yet,” Nicole admitted. She didn’t want to burden Waverly but at the same time, it felt good just to get that much off her chest.

“Talk to me. Maybe we can see something together.”

‘Together’. The word made Nicole smile. “Well, the first assumption would be…”

“That whatever the key is, it’s buried with her.”

“On the surface a good hiding place but who wants to have to dig up a loved one just to reclaim a key? Eventually, it’s got to be used, right?”

“Really doesn’t seem to be his style and even if it was… rust would be a danger, wouldn’t it?”

“Probably. I did wonder if Chrissy got it wrong and he hadn’t said his wife…”

“She seemed very sure of that though.”

“Yeah. Just in case though I… I went through the records to see what happened to my mama’s body. There were hardly any names in the files but I found mention of a cremation in his personal records around that time so it’s not buried with her. Hit a bit of a brick wall now. Doesn’t help that it could be anywhere… anywhere in the station, his home, his favourite stool in Shorty’s…”

“You would think if it’s a key he would have hidden it somewhere where he could lay his hands on it quickly else, what’s the point?”

“Maybe Bob was hiding it too.”

“The fishcam? Nic, that would be only one step up from hiding something in his mug… Wait, did you check his mug?”

“It got smashed all to hell along with everything else. The biggest piece I found of it was no bigger than my thumbnail.”

“Aww, he loved that mug too!”

“I’ve got the rest of his personal belongings in the closet ready for when he gets out of hospital… I’ll go through them tomorrow before work, see if there’s anything I missed. And hopefully there will be good news from Chrissy tomorrow and we can speak to him.”

“Speaking of good news and keeping your hands on me where they belong…”

“We were talking about that?” Nicole teased at the playful look in Waverly’s hazel eyes.

“If we weren’t, we should be,” Waverly grinned. “Have you given any more thought to getting those boys the detective recommended in to help out?”

“I was kind of putting it off until Nedley could decide... Just doesn’t feel like my place to be making a decision like that while he’s stuck in the hospital.”

“Nicole, Baby. You can’t run around being the whole of the Sheriff’s Department and tackle everything else to do with Bulshar and his ring. You’re strong and good but I can tell it’s wearing you out.” Waverly had a whole counter argument complete with slideshow, bullet points and lap dance ready for if Nicole put up a fight but her Alpha just nodded.

“You’re right.”

The wind taken out of her sails, Waverly sagged only slightly like a deflated balloon before rallying and grinning. The lap dance could wait for another day. “That went easier than I thought,” she admitted.

“What can I say? I kind of like keeping my hands on you too.” Gently pushing Calamity off them, Nicole hooked the back of Waverly’s thigh and guided her over until she was laying on her. Soft lips met hers in a hungry, searching kiss. Waverly’s moans filling her mouth and vibrating into her soul as their tongues met and danced and their hands and bodies moved together.

Curving her hands around, Nicole caressed the sweet curve of Waverly’s ass, fingers pressing the sweet spot right where ass and leg came together. She could feel the need building within Waverly, knew what she needed, what she desired. Waverly’s breath moaned into her mouth as she squeezed and pressed rhythmically. The motion rocked their bodies together, spreading and pressing Waverly’s aching core. Shifting her hands, Nicole cupped her tight through the fabric of her leggings and rocked her hand back and forth into the wetness she could feel soaking through them.

Waverly’s threw back her head in pleasure, her body arching into a beautiful curve of sculptured muscles wracked with pleasure.

Fingers digging into Nicole’s shoulders, Waverly hung on for dear life at the suddenness of her climb from aroused to OH MY FUCKING GOD that Nicole’s knowing fingers had thrown her into. Oh my god! Those fingers! That hand! The heat of it cupping her dripping pussy. The way it pressed deep, making her feel full without anything being in her. The way her long fingers nudged against her clit, sliding up either side of it, stroking and pinching. And then there was her thumb, rubbing and pressing against the tightly puckered hole of her ass. Making her ache.

It twisted and coiled, hotter and brighter, sending her vision white as pleasure burned up her spine and shot down to her toes. She was so close, poised right on the edge but scared to fly alone.

Surging up, Nicole pressed herself tightly against Waverly’s arched body. Wrapping an arm around her waist, she pulled her body closer, giving her the contact she needed whilst being careful not to jostle her away from the edge.

The need curled within her, pulsing from Waverly straight into her. Nicole threw it back, letting Waverly see herself through her eyes. How beautiful she was, how brightly she shone, how much she was loved and desire. Nicole gave her everything.

Nails clawed at Nicole’s back, painting lines of fiery pleasure against her skin even through the fabric as she moved her cupping hand faster, pressing deeper and harder. The heated moans and sighs of pleasure that spilt from Waverly’s mouth and into her ears sent shockwaves of desire through her.

Lips caressing the line of Waverly’s throat, Nicole latched on to the mark there. She suckled gently, lathing the area with her tongue in time with Waverly’s panting moans. Feeling her love right there, her body stretched to breaking point. Nicole cupped her sex tighter, squeezing just right as she growled in her ear… “Come for me.”

Waverly’s body felt heavy and weightless at the same time. Opening her eyes she giggled when at least part of the reason for the weightlessness became apparent as Nicole was carrying her up the stairs. The other reason for the weightlessness was also down to the woman carrying her so tenderly so it was all good.

Running trembling fingers along Nicole’s jaw, Waverly somehow managed to raise her head enough to lick across her pulse. A soft smile curved across Nicole’s face. “Did I pass out?”


“Look at you, all proud of yourself.” Waverly poked Nicole’s chest with a shaky finger as her soft smile morphed into a brilliant dimpled smile.

“Damn right, Waves. I made you come so hard you passed out and we never even took our clothes off. Which is something I intend on putting right just as soon as possible,” she promised, nudging Waverly’s nose with her own as she pushed the bedroom door open.

“Okay, wow!” Nicole stared at the bed in amazement… well, she assumed there was a bed under all the cushions anyway. “That’s some serious nest building right there, Waves!” She knew that after being in heat most Omega’s entered a nest building stage whether they actually got pregnant or not, it was just what they did. Being around an Omega at such a time was something Nicole had never experience but she was pretty sure that Waverly had found a whole new level of nesting. “Erm, do you normally nest this much after your heat?”

“No… not really,” Waverly admitted as she gazed longingly up at Nicole. “But then I’ve never been with anyone when I’ve been in heat and even if I had, I’ve never felt even a fraction of what I feel for you for anyone else. I just wish…” she bit back her words and buried her face against her Alpha hoping that Nicole hadn’t heard her.

“What do you wish Baby?” gently laying her upon her bed slash nest, Nicole gently hooked Waverly’s chin and kissed her softly. “You know you can tell me anything.”

Opening her eyes, Waverly lost herself for a moment within the loving soft brown of Nicole’s. “I just kind of wish that all this,” she waved a hand around to indicate the pillows, “wasn’t just because of some weird werewolf instinct. Just seems so cruel to go through all the nesting when there isn’t even going to be a baby.”

“I know, Baby.” And whilst Nicole knew she wouldn’t get to feel it as keenly as Waverly, she already knew it was going to hurt when Waverly finally put the cushion nests away. “Instinct sucks,” she sighed. “If it helps though, maybe we can think of it as practice for later? How does that sound?”

Waverly never wanted to see pain in Nicole’s eyes. Right then though, the sight of it flooding those beautiful eyes, and the shimmer of un-spilt tears clinging to her lashes for a baby they weren’t even expecting. It just made Waverly love her Alpha even more to know that she wanted a baby, their baby, as much as she did.

“That sounds perfect to me,” Waverly smiled gently. Tugging on the front of Nicole’s shirt, she pulled her closer until their smiling mouths brushed. She felt the change in Nicole’s breathing at that lightest of touches. Ragged and heavy it matched her own as did the weight of hunger in her brown eyes. “Hey… seeing as we’re practising… how about we practice the getting me pregnant part again?” she purred suggestively.



Chapter Text

Humming softly under her breath, Nicole leaned her shoulder against the bathroom door. Smiling gently, she ran the softness of the towel across her arms and abdomen as she gazed at Waverly still snuggled down under a mountain of covers and the cushions she had piled back around her while Nicole had left the bed to shower.

Nicole breathed in the scent of them that hung in the room and felt her body quicken as Waverly stretched out an arm and whimpered out her name when her hand came across the empty space next to her. Reaching back into the bathroom, Nicole dropped the towel into the laundry hamper without even taking her eyes off the bed.

Taking a shortcut to getting dry again, Nicole shifted form and shucked off the excess water as she stalked towards the bed. Waverly didn’t move or even open her eyes but Nicole heard the way her heartbeat sped up in response to her wolf and saw her nostrils flare ever so slightly.

Slipping her nose into a gap between covers and cushions, Nicole nudged them aside and nosed the bottom of Waverly’s feet with a cold nose. Hazel eyes darkened by sleep and burgeoning desire blinked open and met hers. A welcoming, seductive smile played across Waverly’s lips as she tossed back the covers and exposed the stunningly beautiful length of her body. At her giggle, Nicole pulled her lolling tongue back into her mouth and huffed at her love.

Following the seductive smile and crooked finger, she placed her paws upon the edge of the bed and stalked forwards between Waverly’s spread legs. As she moved, Nicole lowered her head, eyes fixed upon Waverly’s as she nosed the back of her knee and shifted to press a kiss just above with human lips.

Fingers tangled in her hair, tightening in a spasm of anticipation and pleasure as Nicole gently blew across the swollen nub of her clit. Eyes locked along Waverly’s along the line of her body, Nicole delighted in the needy whimpers filling the air as she pointed her tongue and made her intention clear. Unwilling to keep either of them waiting, Nicole closed the last millimetres of space between them and groaned in pleasure as she sank her tongue deep inside. Waverly’s head fell back amongst the pillows, her head and shoulders tossing from side to side as she swirled her tongue into swollen flesh.

Purring throatily in delight, Nicole licked her lips, gathering up the taste of Waverly’s juices smeared upon her face and sucked them into her mouth. Fearing she might lose even a drop she cleaned up the rivulets of the hot, slick juices upon Waverly’s thighs before they became lost to the covers. “Mmmm, you taste different.”

Waverly’s eyes flew wide in sudden panic at her words. “Nicole! That’s not something a woman wants to hear when they’re being eaten out! Different how?” Waverly asked nervously as she tried unsuccessfully to move Nicole from between her thighs and cover herself. “Good? Bad? Oh my god! Nic! Do I need to see a doctor?”

Growling softly, Nicole grabbed Waverly by the thighs, pulling her closer as she buried her tongue deep inside the grasping silken depths of her pussy. Curling her tongue, Nicole sucked and slurped until Waverly finally got the hint that she liked the taste of her just fine and melted back against the bed with a panted moan and gave herself over to the pleasure.

Pushing damp strands of hair back from her face, Nicole crawled her way back up the bed and let Waverly pull her into her arms for a kiss to share her taste. “See, doesn’t taste bad at all. Just different. Richer. Smoother. Tastier,” she purred throatily as Waverly moaned into her words.

Skimming a hand down Waverly’s body, Nicole traced every dip and curve. Caressing the fullness of her breasts, the pebbled peaks of her nipples inviting the attention of her fingers and mouth. A tender bite of teeth arched Waverly’s back, a tiny gasp of pain melting into a whine of pleasure from kiss-swollen lips as Nicole sucked away the hurt.

Licking and biting at the heaving muscles of Waverly’s well-defined abs, Nicole blazed a trail with her fingers from knee to thigh. Waverly’s breath caught in anticipation as the tips of her fingers parted the swollen lips of her pussy. Sliding her body up, Nicole became lost in her eyes and the feel of her flesh parting and grasping around her fingers as she sank them in, using her weight and the press of her hips and thigh to add to her motion.

Waverly’s body arched up into hers, nails finding a home in her back and shoulders as Nicole moved against her. Their breasts pressed together in a delicious friction that intensified and sent sparks shooting along Nicole’s spine as Waverly shifted her leg, pressing her thigh up between hers.

Their bodies moved together. Every roll and shift of hips and body. Every whisper and murmur of pleasure. Every kiss and touch. The lines between giving and receiving pleasure blurring until they flew apart and came together as one.

Breathing hard, Waverly slowly came back to herself as Nicole spooned up behind her and pulled her back into the curve of her body. That the last thing she could kind of remember was the weight of Nicole collapsed against her, had Waverly wondering if she had passed out again?

She was too exhausted and floaty to question or care really though. Smiling, she wiggled back, feeling Nicole’s heart beating against her as their breathing relaxed together. Waverly caressed the back of Nicole’s hand, linking their fingers together as her strong hand stilled upon her abdomen. “I love you,” she whispered huskily.

Nicole pressed a kiss to Waverly’s shoulder, her heart swelling at her words. “I love you too, Baby.”

Waverly tried to focus on the clock but just keeping her eyes open was proving to be difficult enough. “You don’t have to get up just yet do you?”

“Got up early to shower… I’ve got time,” Nicole murmured into the warmth of Waverly’s shoulder. Given that her legs were still shaking, she knew it was a good thing she didn’t have to get up else she would just be walking into walls or face planting onto the floor.

Pulling the covers back over them, Nicole smiled as Waverly pulled her arms and a couple of cushions closer and murmured softly in contentment as she closed her eyes again. Nicole gently ran her hand in gentle circles over Waverly’s abdomen. Her Omega’s nesting was making her feel all kinds of needy. An ache settled around her heart. The desire to be able to hold her like she was and feel Waverly’s body swell with their child, to feel its movements and kicks.

The thought of passing on her blood, Bulshar blood, had always been a terrifying thought to Nicole. And then Waverly had come into her life.

Bulshar’s blood?

Her blood?

Her bloodline?

Eyes growing wide, Nicole rose up on to her elbow and pulled the covers back from Waverly’s body. Waverly murmured slightly, a frown creasing her brow before she settled again. Nicole ran her eyes over her body, trying to see if there were any changes… which was impossible she knew, even with their shortened pregnancy times it was still too soon.

But was it too soon for some witches spell to pick up that a baby was there?

How could there be a baby there?

Waverly was taking contraception so a pregnancy should have been impossible. She was diligent in protecting herself, Nicole had seen that for herself and knew she would never have forgotten to take her pill. But contraception’s failed. Didn’t they? It was rare but it could and did happen.

The nesting. The subtle change in her taste. The tenderness of her breasts. All things that could be down to instinct, hormones, rigorous sex… and also things that could simply be down to being pregnant.

Her hand fluttered upon Waverly’s abdomen, a flush of excitement running through her at the thought that maybe, just maybe…

“Nicole, what’s wrong?” Waverly turned in Nicole’s arms, cupping her face she tried to work out just what had her Alpha looking so wide-eyed and like she was about to vibrate off the bed as her eyes bounced between hers and looking at her stomach. “Nic?” her thoughts were all jumbled and spinning too fast for Waverly to read. Her emotions were nearly as wild, running from confusion to an excitement that kept jumping from cautious to OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!

“Erm… I think we might need to go shopping later, Waves.”

The words suddenly lit up in Nicole’s mind in big bold letters fifty foot high in sparkling neon…



Nicole winced at Waverly’s shocked shriek. “Maybe?” she shrugged nervously.

Waverly frowned, her mind racing around in circles. “But… I’ve been taking my contraceptives. I swear to you, I’ve never missed one in my life!” Even as the words left her mouth, Waverly could see it in Nicole’s eyes… or rather it was what she couldn’t see. No anger, no accusations. There was just that gentle love mingled with the building excitement desperate to take flight that she had felt within her Alpha.

Grasping Waverly’s hands between hers, Nicole kissed them softly. “I know, Babe,” she assured her with a smile.

“Then… how?”

Figuring she would get slapped if she dared to tease and go into a ‘birds and the bees’ or ‘lesbian and unicorn’ description of Alpha and Omega werewolf pregnancies, Nicole decided to stick to the facts. “I guess they’re not a hundred percent guaranteed. Let’s get some pregnancy test kits later and see what they say. Oh boy!”

“What?” Waverly asked cautiously, drawing the word out at the sudden horrified expression on Nicole’s face.

Nicole grabbed a couple of Waverly’s cushions and buried her face in them. “If you are pregnant… I’m not looking forward to having to explain to Wynonna how it happened…” Nicole peeked imploringly over the edge of the cushion. “Can we like just… you know… run away?”


Chapter Text

Waverly was a grown assed woman. The nicest woman in the whole of Purgatory, there had been a vote and she had a sash to prove it, for god’s sake! She was known far and wide for her smile and wave of greeting!

Right then though, Waverly was struggling to hold back a growl of frustration as she circled the drugstore for the fourth time!

It was stupid! There was no shame at all in looking at, or buying, a pregnancy test kit… or five of them ‘to be sure’ as Nicole had suggested. But Purgatory was a small town and she would prefer not to have speculation on her being pregnant being known far and wide before she’d managed to decide on which ones to buy! It didn’t seem like it was an unreasonable thing to want… right?

She swore to god though, their usually quiet town was buzzing with activity and everyone there was making it their mission in life to walk into the darned drugstore just to say hi every time her hand was reaching for a package off the shelf!

The tinkle of the bell above the door had her snatching her hand back again and had a growl vibrating up through her throat. “Shit-strumpets,” she muttered under her breath and resigned herself to another lap of the store.

Really, it would be easier to just give in and go to the city where she could get lost in the crowd a little more but she didn’t want for them to have to wait. Nicole had said she would get them while she was on shift but… well, Waverly was kind of ashamed of it now, but she had almost bitten Nicole’s head off in a hormonal rampage and told her Alpha in no uncertain terms that she ‘wanted them to find out first’, and she ‘was perfectly capable of going into a drugstore to buy a darned pregnancy test while her Alpha sat her fine ass down and tried to work out where Nedley had hidden the darn key, thank you very much!’

And Nicole, her ever-loving and patient Alpha had eased her into a gentle hug, kissed her so softly and sweetly and told her she knew she was perfectly capable.

Now if only everyone would leave the damn store so she could prove how capable she was!

“Need any help, Waverly?” Smoothing her hands over her uniform, Maggie looked at the girl she had known for many years. Usually, she was calm and gentle, always ready with a bright smile. She had been watching her since she had entered the store though and she looked more like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, as her grandma would have said.

Yelping, Waverly barely managed to hold on to the bottle of shampoo she had picked up off the shelf as a decoy. Spinning around, she checked the store for other customers and realised that while she had been gritting her teeth, the place had finally emptied.

“Hi, Maggie! It’s so nice to see you!” she smiled sweetly and tried to calm her jitters before she scared the woman away. “Help, yes! That would be lovely. Erm, I’m looking for pregnancy test kits?”

Figuring she was on a mission for a friend, Maggie gestured to her right. “Those are two aisles that way, dear.”

“Which… which are the best ones for testing a werewolf?”

“Ahh, right,” Maggie smiled softly. “The werewolf specific ones we keep behind the counter. We’re trying to make room on the shelves but… small store I’m afraid and they are unfortunately a little more expensive. Especially the more accurate ones,” she apologised.

It was all very silly really that there had to be different kits but apparently there was just enough of a difference between a normal human and a werewolf that many medicines didn’t really work as well as they would on a normal human. Pregnancy test kits fell into that area. The drug companies could do a better job, Maggie was sure, but werewolves were better at healing and didn’t suffer from many of the ailments that others did so they were low on the list of priorities. Only the amount of false readings from using standards kits had forced there to be a change with them. “I’ll go sort them out for you, dear. Are you just after the one?”

“Five if you’ve got enough in… just to check… you know?” Smiling gratefully, Waverly walked around the store again and actually checked out what was on the shelves while she waited.

Waverly glanced up, looking towards the front of the store to see who had entered as the bell tinkled again. Her smile dropped when she saw her sister walking towards her. “Heyyyy, sis! What are you doing in here?”

“Saw you come in thirty minutes ago. No Haught in tow. Thought I would just pop over and make sure you didn’t get kidnapped out the back or something,” looking at the empty basket in Waverly’s hand, Wynonna cocked an eyebrow at her nervous looking baby sister. “What are you doing here?”

“Waverly, dear! I’ve got the pregnancy test kits ready if you want to pick some out!?”

“What the…! What?!” Wynonna blinked, that was all, blinked and Waverly was off like a shot in a flurry of hair and red cheeks as she ran towards the counter. Wynonna stood there for two seconds, still blinking and trying to convince herself that she hadn’t heard Maggie say the words pregnancy, test and kit at the same time.

“Hello there, Wynonna! How are you today?” Maggie looked down at the packages Waverly was thrusting into her hands and wondered, not that she would ever say anything out loud, if they weren’t really for the eldest Earp? It would certainly make more sense for the former wild child and her two bond mates to be needing them than sweet little Waverly.

Ringing up the prices on the packages, Maggie took the money Waverly was thrusting in her direction. “Wynonna, do you need to sit down dear?” The poor woman looked like she’d forgotten how to breathe and was just staring at her little sister and the kits with her eyes and mouth wide open.

Waverly grabbed the brown paper bag off the counter, mumbled a thank you to Maggie and grabbed her sister’s hand. She could smell the building anger rolling off of Wynonna and see it in the tightly clenched lines of her jaw. “I can explain,” Waverly whispered in an attempt to defuse the explosion she could feel coming.

“Are those for you?”

“What?” The softly gritted out words when she had been expecting an explosion left Waverly confused for a moment.

“Are those,” she swatted at the bag in Waverly’s hand, “for you?”

“Yes… listen…”

“Oh my fucking god! Who?! I’ll kill them! Did someone rape you?! Oh, I’ll fucking kill them!”

Slapping a hand over Wynonna’s mouth, Waverly dragged her sister over to her Jeep and bundled her inside before she attracted any more attention than she already was. Leaping in the other side, Waverly quickly started the engine and floored it. “It’s not what you think! Okay? I wasn’t raped!”

Wynonna sagged in relief just long enough for another equally horrifying scenario to come to mind. “Oh my god… Waves… you cheated on Haught?”

“What? No!”

“I swear! If you cheated on her I’m disowning your ass and adopting Nicole!”

“Wynonna!!!! I did not cheat on her! Now, will you shut up for a minute so I can explain?”

“Okay…” sitting back in the seat, Wynonna turned and looked at Waverly doing a fine impression of a red-faced fish. “Not hearing any words, Baby Girl.”

Waverly tried again but the words got stuck. It wasn’t like she was ashamed but having any kind of a sex talk with her sister was pretty close to the top of her ‘nope don’t want to talk to my sister about that’ list. Yeah, they teased each other but there was teasing about the thinness of the Homestead wall and there was ‘hey, guess what… there’s a good chance I’m pregnant with my hot, studly, sexy as hell, and very much female, mates baby!’

She spluttered over the words. Sucking in a breath and over and over finding all that came out to be a spluttered desperate raspberry kind of sound.

Spotting salvation in the form of their pretty white house complete with Nicole’s cruiser still parked outside, Waverly quickly pulled up on the drive, grabbed the brown bag and ran for the door. Bursting in, she leaned against it to block Wynonna for a couple of much needed seconds as Nicole looked up from her paperwork.


“Heyyy, sweetie pie… so, got the…” she shook the bag of kits.


“Guess who I bumped into in the drugstore though?” she pointed back over her shoulder and leaned against the door, trying to look all nonchalant as it opened a few inches before she managed to block her sister from getting in. “So… I’m gonna like, head up and… yeah, try one of these out while you and Wynonna chat!”

Nicole’s last sight of Waverly was a sheepish grin vanishing up the stairs before Wynonna finally managed to push the door in without Waverly’s weight on it and stumbled inside.

“Hi, Wynonna.” Nicole could hear the nervousness in her own voice as the Alpha stalked across the room towards her. A finger pointed up, gesturing violently in the direction Waverly had hightailed off in before it swivelled around and locked on to her.

“Right… you! Why was my sister buying pregnancy test kits? And why did she seem to think that you and I need to chat about it?”

“Would you like a drink?”

“What I would like… Nicole… are answers! Why is that suddenly such a hard thing to get around here?”

“Okay. Well… the simple answer is… Waverly might be pregnant.”

“I kind of got that, Haughtstuff. What I’m having trouble with is working out who the father is ‘cause, unless I’ve been reading you all wrong, you don’t seem the kind of woman that would let anyone get close enough to your mate to let them put their dick in her.” Satisfaction rose in Wynonna as Nicole’s eyes shot straight to solid wolf in less than a heartbeat.

“She would never do that and if anyone tried to hurt her that way I would gut them before they could pull it out of their pants!”

“Good to know… But still doesn’t explain how she could be pregnant. Who’s the father?”

“Me,” Nicole mumbled quietly.

“What?” Flopped down onto the bottom step of the staircase, Wynonna shook her head and wondered if she had really heard what she thought she had. Surely not?

“I am,” Nicole stated a bit more clearly. The words bringing about a rising tendril of pride at the thought even as the look on Wynonna’s face made her want to hide. “Shit, I hate talking about this! I can get women pregnant.”

“You’re intersex?”

“No! More of a… well I’m not sure. I haven’t got a penis, Wynonna!” she snapped as Wynonna gave her groin a pointed look as though she was trying to see through the fabric of her jeans. “Listen, what everyone seems to have forgotten was that there was a time when female werewolves, Alpha ones anyway, could get another female pregnant. It’s mostly missing now but… well, I guess I got the ability to do it with Bulshar being an old assed werewolf. Which… could be why Waves couldn’t cross on to the Blacksmith’s land the other day… she’s got my bloodline in her.”

The whole thing… trying to work out the logistics of it without picturing Waverly or her friend doing all that, was blowing Wynonna’s mind. “Did Waves know about it before you slept together?”

“Yeah. I told her that day when we were both being Alpha-dicks. She’s been taking contraceptives the whole time and… that part of me is only fertile when I’m in rut.” It was days like this… though frankly, Nicole had never had a day quite like it, when she wished that alcohol did pack more of a punch ‘cause, boy, she needed a drink and by the look of it, so did Wynonna. Nicole almost wondered which was worse, talking about her intimate bodily functions or hearing about them?

“Did she, erm- did she do it on purpose when she was in heat?” Wynonna didn’t want to believe it was possible but she also knew it had happened with other Omegas before. Horror stories now mostly. Cautionary tales designed to scare Alphas and Omegas into protecting themselves from being persuaded into doing something they didn’t really want because they were too damn horny to show restraint.

“Wynonna, this is Waverly, do you honestly think she would do something like that?”

“No… I had to ask though. So, what are you going to do about it?”

“Do? You mean…” Nicole felt like every drop of blood in her body rushed to her feet, the rest of her overflowing with pain at what she was suggesting even though it wasn’t her decision.

Wynonna shifted around on the step and resisted the urge to go comfort the suddenly heartbroken looking Alpha. She hated to play the heavy and ask all the painful questions but, if Waverly was pregnant, they were questions that needed asking and answering. “Are you keeping it? With how you feel about the whole being a Bulshar thing…”

“Wynonna. I never wanted kids, the thought of it scared me to death. Waverly though… I love your sister with all my heart and soul. She keeps telling me that I’m more than the DNA I got from him. I want to prove her right.”

“You’ve already proved that to all of us, kid.” Wynonna smiled as, despite everything, Nicole’s eyebrow quirked at the ‘kid’.

“Waverly…” she smiled just thinking about her and looked up towards where she could hear her moving around in the bedroom, pacing back and forth nervously. “She means everything in the world to me and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to keep her safe. Do I want a baby? With Waverly, and only with Waverly, that would be a million times yes. But if she keeps it or not is entirely up to her. Her body, her choice, each and every time and I will stand by her no matter what her decision is.”

“You big soft walking bumper sticker. I don’t suppose I could tempt you away from my little sister?” she winked.

“Still not my type,” Nicole chuckled at Wynonna’s teasing.

“Stop trying to seduce the mother of my baby, Aunty Wynonna.”


Chapter Text

Waverly bit her lip nervously as she walked down the stairs with all the plastic proof of the positive results clasped within her hand. She came to a halt behind Wynonna… who appeared to be just as frozen in place as Nicole was. With Nicole though, Waverly could feel her utter elation through their bond and see it writ across the beauty of her face in the sheer brilliant flash of teeth and dimples for days revealed by her huge, joyous, smile.

Her sister stood and quietly moved aside, her head bent and movements slow and careful as though she was desperately trying to hold herself in check. The quietness and controlled movements scared Waverly even though she had kind of listened in on what they had been talking about out of guilt for just dumping Wynonna into Nicole’s lap like that. “Wynonna?”

Wynonna held up a hand as Waverly took a step towards her. “No!” she swallowed, clearing her throat at the harsh bark that had come from her mouth and caused her sister to jump and softened her voice. “You two need to…” holding up a finger on each hand to indicate them, she touched them together at the tip and hoped she got what she was indicating.

Catching a glimpse of Wynonna’s eyes and the joy she was holding in check, Waverly gave her sister a smile and made her way towards Nicole. There was only a matter of feet between them but each step they took towards each other felt meaningful… momentous just as it had that first night when she had seen her across the clearing and known that they were meant to be together.

Wynonna watched them eagerly, casting her eyes down in an attempt to give them some semblance of privacy as they stared at the little positive indications on the tests like they couldn’t quite believe it. Nicole looked delighted and shocked at the same time and Wynonna noticed a little trembling in the redhead’s fingers as they reached out and skimmed across Waverly’s still annoyingly flat abdomen as her other hand cupped the side of Waverly’s face.

Wynonna held back and gave them a moment to get all the smooch kissing out of the way and then she couldn’t hold back a moment longer. “I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!”

Nicole jumped as Wynonna let out a scream. Before she could react and move Waverly out of harm's way, Wynonna flew at them and what the other Alpha had screamed hit her at the same moment as Wynonna threw her arms around them both in an overly exuberant hug.

“I’m going to be an Aunt! Oh my god! This is so fucking cool!” She planted loud kisses on both their cheeks.

“Wynonna! No cussing in front of our child,” Waverly grinned and gently scolded her sister.

“Hey, does this mean we all get to call Nicole, daddy or is that just something you do, Baby Girl?” she winked. “My Baby Girl is having a baby,” she blinked at the thought as it sank in a little more. “I think I need a drink,” she huffed and sagged against them.

“You’re okay, Wynonna, just breathe. Hey, isn’t this how I’m supposed to react?” Nicole questioned as she helped Wynonna over to the couch and watched as she flopped back and got lost amongst the mountain of cushions. “Ow!” she grunted, rubbing her arm and grinned at Waverly’s well-aimed blow.

Wynonna grabbed Nicole’s wrist and pulled her closer. “Don’t leave me,” she stage-whispered, glancing around at all the cushions threatening to bury her. “I think there’s something in here with me, Haught.”

Rolling her eyes, Nicole lifted up a couple of cushions and lifted a sleepy-eyed Calamity from the depths and plopped her down on Wynonna’s lap.

“Hey there, C.J. We’re cool right?” Wynonna glanced down into the yellow eyes watching her and winced slightly as the cat hooked her pants with sharp claws. “So… guardian, huh? How’s that going for you?”

Leaving them to it, Nicole followed Waverly into the kitchen. She stood there for a moment, just enjoying the simple pleasure of watching her moving around the small space with a grace that was breathtaking at the best of times. Now though… her heart swelled, waves of love crashing through Nicole as she thought about the tiny, precious life they had created, nestled and growing within her Omega’s strong body.

A blush stole across her cheeks as she realised that Waverly’s hazel eyes were fixed on her as she blatantly stared at the exposed flesh of her midriff as her top rose up as she stretched up to reach a higher shelf. Stepping closer, Nicole gently trapped Waverly’s body between her own and the counter as she reached over her and got the packet of tea she’d been after. A packet that Waverly had had no problem reaching before but Nicole certainly wasn’t going to complain about such a blatant ruse when it meant she got to be closer.

Resting her chin on Waverly’s shoulder, Nicole placed the packet of tea down and wrapped her arms around Waverly’s body. A heartfelt moan of pleasure matched her own as their bodies relaxed and melted together as they swayed.

“Sorry I kind of dumped Wynonna on you like that,” Waverly murmured as she turned her face just enough to press a kiss to Nicole’s face. “She kind of caught me unawares and then it went downhill from there,” she grimaced as she thought about how her visit to the drugstore had gone. “I kind of froze, she thought I was cheating on you… then we were her and… yeah…”

“Kind of dumped?” Nicole chuckled. “I thought you were trying to hold a bear back when you came in,” which probably wasn’t far from the truth with how protective Wynonna was of her sister. “And it’s okay,” Nicole nuzzled her nose against Waverly to make sure she knew she meant it. “Actually she took it all better than I expected.”

“Which means hell to pay once she’s thought of some puns,” Waverly chuckled as she heard Wynonna practising her baby talk on C.J.

“Yep, no doubt.”

“Oh, you can count on that… both of you! Right now I’m feeling old and terrified at the prospect of becoming an Aunt!”

Waverly snorted. “You know you’re looking forward to all the babysitting!”

“Can I teach baby Haught-Earp how to play the drums and ride a motorbike?”

Waverly rolled her eyes. “Wynonna… you don’t know how to play the drums.”

“We could learn together!”

“You can teach our baby how to ride a horse if you want?!”

“Eww, but I hate horses!” Wynonna whined. “How about cow tipping?”

“No!!” They yelled back together.

“Waves… is our baby in here,” Nicole rubbed Waverly’s stomach, “or sitting on the couch?”

“Where’s my drink? Can I have a cookie?” Wynonna whined as she grinned at them impishly over the back of the couch.

“That right there,” Waverly pointed at her sister, “is a two-year-old. No cookies, how about a muffin?”



“Cool! Two?”

Chuckling softly, Nicole fixed drinks for all of them and basked in the feeling of… family… while Waverly and Wynonna bartered and bantered over treats and their home filled with their laughter. Even though laughter and love had become a part of her life with Waverly around, it was still so alien to Nicole. Her breath suddenly caught in her throat. Tears stinging her eyes, she grasped the edge of the counter as she thought about all the days and years to come of moments like that.

“Breathe,” Waverly gently coaxed. Running a hand up Nicole’s back, she gently but firmly squeezed her shoulders and the back of her neck, pressing deep into tense muscles until they relaxed and Nicole’s fingers released their white-knuckle hold upon the counter.

“I’m okay now,” Nicole smiled gently. “Go rescue C.J. and I’ll bring the drinks on through.” The sounds of sisterly banter filled the house again but as she finished making the drinks, Nicole allowed herself to be buoyed by it instead of becoming lost in the past and getting overwhelmed. This was her life now. Her family.

Even if one part of her ‘family’ was currently laying on the couch with her head on her Omega’s lap so she could baby talk to a bump that wasn’t even there yet. Nicole placed the drinks on the coffee table and grinned at Waverly’s soft but thoroughly bemused expression as she looked down at her big sister. Somehow, Nicole had the feeling that Wynonna was going to be even more of a hot mess than herself when Waverly went into labour.


She grinned sheepishly as Waverly fixed her with a glower and threatened to throw one of her precious nest cushions at her.

“You two are terrible,” Waverly laughed as she made Wynonna get off of her lap and sit up so she could make room for Nicole.

Wynonna sank her teeth into one of the muffins and moaned in pleasure. “God, Baby Girl! I missed these so much!”

“Oh, I see, so you only kept me around for my cooking skills, huh?”

“Well, they are amazing. Xavier chargrills everything, Doc just can’t get the hang on any modern appliance. ‘Microwave… what in tarnation is a micro-y-wavey?’ And no one appreciates my attempts at mac and cheese,” catching Nicole’s gaze over Waverly’s head, Wynonna smirked. “I think though that Haughtstuff had better baking skills that you now, Baby Girl.”

“Wynonna…” Nicole just knew that something was coming.


“Yeah…” Wynonna smirked and glanced back and forth between Waverly’s abdomen and Nicole as her sister sipped at her tea. God, she hoped it wasn’t more of that nasty hippie shite!

“Please don’t say it…” Nicole begged.

“After all, Baby Girl… she managed to put a bun in your oven.”

Waverly was sorely tempted to just lamp Wynonna over the head with one of the cushions but she knew a much better way to shut her up. One that was also far more enjoyable for herself and Nicole. Quietly putting her drink down, she swung her leg over Nicole and settled down on her lap. “Mmmhmm, yep, she definitely did that alright.” Grabbing Nicole’s shirt, Waverly pulled her up into her kiss.

What had started out mostly to silence Wynonna quickly turned into ‘Wynonna who?’ as Nicole’s mouth moved under hers and those warm nimble hands played across her hips and waist, pulling her closer into the cradle of her body.

“You two are so gross… and right in front of my muffin too! Okay, that sounded weird… I hope you don’t plan on doing this in front of the baby all the time… Are you two even breathing? Are there any more muffin’s left? Okay… I’ll go look for myself, take your time.” Huffing her way off the couch to absolutely no response from the engrossed couple, Wynonna went in search of more muffins and stepped outside to enjoy the sun while she ate them.

“It’s okay, you can come back in now, Earp.”

“Done smooching?”

“For now,” Nicole smirked. “But if you want you can stay out there a little longer and we can…”

Before the door could be shut and bolted on her, Wynonna slipped back through and snaffled another muffin.

“Anything happening B.B.D. wise today?”

“Nothing new. At least Xavier is being a little less dickish today.”

The look on Wynonna’s face had Nicole feeling nervous. “Oh, please tell me you didn’t follow through with the cattle prod?”

“Naw… though it was tempting. Just some good old dry dock?”

“What’s ‘dry dock’?”

“Dry dock is Wynonna speak for no sex,” the look of horror on Nicole’s expressive face had Waverly grinning. “How long is he in for ‘Nonna?”

“A week if he plays nice.”

“I think the cattle prod might have been more humane, Earp.”

“Are you encouraging violence, Officer Haught? Anyway, I’m not a monster, I gave him the choice of dry dock or the strap-on with no prep or lube.” She grinned as Nicole’s jaw dropped in horror.

“How’s the research going?” Wynonna asked once Nicole had managed to take a breath again. “Any clues on where Nedley hid this key… and just why he hid a key? Seriously, Blacksmith… keys… everything but a ring… once he’s okay and out of hospital I might just slap him straight back in for this runaround.”

Sitting back amongst her cushions, Waverly listened as Nicole grabbed a pile of papers off her desk and caught Wynonna up on everything they had found so far… which unfortunately was not a whole hell of a lot. She loved watching them working together though, even if Wynonna did take a little more of a laid-back approach and got scolded for getting muffin crumbs over everything.

“I spoke to Chrissy and it sounds like he’s going to be in intensive care for another couple of days at least. That reaction to the anaesthesia really messed him up and they don’t want to take any more chances. I got in touch with the detective while Waves was at the drugstore and I’ll have help at the station starting tomorrow. Should help if I need to go check anywhere out… assuming we can find anywhere I need to check,” she grumbled. “Right now all I’ve got left to look through again is the Sheriff’s stuff from his desk and I know there were no keys.”

Wynonna squeezed her friend's shoulder. “We’ll figure it out Haughtstuff. Wish we could trust Black Badge more, they’ve got the resources but they don’t know Nedley.”

“The thing is… I don’t either… know him that is. And let’s face it, he managed to keep Bulshar and me, secret from everyone in Purgatory apart from Chrissy and his wife.”

“Yep, definitely going to slap the old coot,” Wynonna muttered. “Well,” she slapped her hands down on her thighs and eyed the cardboard box on the floor by Nicole’s desk. A box that Calamity was rubbing up against. “I say we take a hint from your guardian and check out that box… or maybe scent mark it? Is she about to pee up it?”

“She is not peeing up it!” Just in case though, Nicole ignored Wynonna’s chuckle, rushed across the room, and picked up the box of Nedley’s personal belongings. Normally she would in no way approve of anyone going through his stuff… especially not Wynonna, but there was just too much at stake.

They went through everything in the box carefully, checking every page, every photograph, looking for anything out of the ordinary. In the end, the only thing left was the photograph of his wife. Nicole unwrapped it carefully, mindful of the broken glass. As with everything else, the looked carefully, removing it from the frame to make sure there was no hidden note, no folded back piece of photograph, hell they even checked for a key.

“Ohhh… Poop!”

“Waverly… not in front of the baby.” Wynonna had to agree with her little sister though. “Anything else in the box? Maybe a note or a map with an ‘X’ on it?” she asked hopefully.

“That was the last of it.” Picking up the frame, Nicole glared at it. “Why?”

“Why, what, Baby?”

“The frame. Yeah, it’s his wife but why have a handcrafted frame at his office…” she turned it around in her hands. Maybe it was just her but… handcrafted frames did not belong at a Police station on a desk where they could get knocked over or thrown by some disgruntled perp or psychotic witch. “Hold this a sec.”

Waverly looked at the picture frame Nicole put in her hands as Nicole vaulted over the back of the couch and disappeared into the kitchen, returning moments later with a towel.

“Okay,” Nicole wrapped the frame up carefully. “If this turns out to be nothing… the frame was already broken, ‘kay?” Even wrapped in the towel, the frame gave a shot like crunch as she hurled it to the ground. Nicole chewed her lip and looked between Waverly and Wynonna before bending down to pick it up and putting the towel and its broken contents on the table.

Waverly picked C.J. off the table as the cat jumped up and started rubbing up against the towel with her throatiest of purrs. “Well, C.J. seems to think that was a good move.”

“Or she just really hated that frame,” Wynonna muttered.

Holding her breath, Nicole moved aside the edges of the towel, exposing the shattered remains of the photo frame… and the key they had been looking for that it had been hiding all along.


Chapter Text

Nicole stared at the key nervously and quickly shut and locked the drawer of her desk it was sitting in. It looked just like any other key, plain and innocuous. Maybe even a little too plain as there was no make or number stamped on it to indicate what kind of lock it might fit.

Just the sight of it, just knowing that it was around, filled Nicole with dread when just hours before she’d been desperate to find it. And now it had been found… she was just as desperate to hide it again.

Unfortunately though, everywhere she picked over the last couple of days felt too damn obvious. Nicole couldn’t help but wonder if keeping it hidden in a picture frame on his desk for so many years had had Nedley feeling as haunted by it as she was?

“Nicole,” Waverly huffed. “If you open that drawer just once more I’m going to tie your ass up!”

Looking at her tiny Omega all curled up in her nest on the couch with C.J. and an intimidatingly thick and ancient looking book ‘borrowed’ from Black Badge in her lap, Nicole waggled her eyebrows. “Promise?”

Rolling her eyes, Waverly crooked a finger at Nicole and patted the couch in an order disguised as an invitation. She watched with eager eyes as Nicole’s lithe frame crossed the width of the room with that easy gliding stride that made Waverly want to lift her head and praise the moon. Muscles shifted, tensing and straining the fabric of her tight jeans and she lowered herself onto the couch and settled beside her with a smile of invitation dimpling her cheeks and a twinkling in her eyes.

Shifting around, Waverly melted into the heat of Nicole’s body and sighed in contentment as Nicole adjusted the thick blanket around her. She loved how her Alpha was always willing to endure a little more heat than she found comfortable for her. Waverly had offered to put on more clothes but Nicole had begged for her to do what made her comfortable and she would wear less if she needed to and be her bonus blanket as though understanding that sometimes it was the weight as much as the heat that she found peace in.

“So has that key given up any of its secrets while you’ve been glaring at it?” Waverly teased gently. She knew it had Nicole on edge even more than not knowing where it was hidden had.

“Haha,” Nicole poked Waverly gently at her teasing. “All that thing is telling me is that it’s trouble… or at least one step closer to trouble.” Nicole’s smile and humour left her on a sigh, her body stiffening as she looked towards the drawer. “The logical side of me knows that if Bulshar is coming, then he is coming no matter what but the other side feels like every step we take to finding the ring is drawing him closer too.”

Nicole knew she couldn’t hide her feelings from her mate even if she wanted to. The knowledge freed her to speak her mind even as she tried to keep the trembling from her voice and the tears from falling. “I’ve never had a reason to stay in one place before, Waves. Even coming here, a fresh start, a new job… it’s always been in my mind that from one moment to the next I could be on the move again. I don’t want that life anymore. I want you… our baby… family… all the craziness that comes from living in a quirky town called Purgatory. I’ve finally got a reason to stay and fight,” sighing, she breathed in Waverly’s scent. “The thing is, now I’ve got a reason to fight I feel like I should leave to keep it all safe.”

Panic rushed through Waverly at her Alpha’s words. She tried to turn around but Nicole’s hold on her, whilst as gentle as always, was firm and unyielding. “Nic…”

“Maybe if I left and found Bulshar I could put a stop to all this before he got anywhere near…”

Finally managing to gain purchase, Waverly turned in Nicole’s embrace and she pinned her stubbornly noble Alpha back and grasped her face between her hands to force her eyes to meet hers. “Nic… You promised. And if you think… Ohhh,” she gave Nicole’s shoulder a hard slap. “I’m not defenceless, Nicole and if you think for one second that I need protecting because I’m pregnant!”

She had, but she hadn’t… not really, and now, frankly, Nicole would have almost welcomed the sight of Bulshar bursting through the door just so it would save her from the intimidating fury that was Waverly Earp. What scared Nicole the most though, the thing that felt like a sword piercing her heart was the sudden wash of tears rolling down Waverly’s face and the anguish in her eyes after her brief outburst of anger and frustration faded.

Wrapping her arms around her, Nicole held Waverly tenderly and let her rain down all the cuss words Nicole deserved to hear and all the tears Waverly didn’t deserve to shed. “I am so, so sorry,” cupping her face, Nicole kissed away every tear upon her face in an effort to erase every trace and memory of them. “I am so scared that I might lose you, Waverly. Scared that you might get hurt because of me. You are the most precious thing I have ever known in my life. So smart, beautiful, fierce,” gazing deep into her eyes, Nicole willed Waverly to see and feel everything she did for her, to know just how much she was loved. “You are extraordinary and god knows what I did to deserve you as my mate, but I’m glad you are in my life and that we belong together,” brushing her thumbs across Waverly’s cheeks, Nicole kissed her softly trembling mouth. “I love you so much, Waverly Earp and I’m sorry, I was a jerk.”

Waverly plastered herself to Nicole’s chest, fingers wrapped tightly in Nicole’s clothing as she flattened her Alpha beneath her on the couch. The soft scent of vanilla and lavender rose up strongly, wrapping around her like the thickest of blankets as Nicole deliberately rubbed against her. “I love you too… and that’s cheating,” she grumbled softly as the wall of Nicole’s chest vibrated soothingly against her own and she felt her hands loosening and flattening out against Nicole in response to the calming sound and sensation.

Chuckling gently, Nicole ran her hands up and down Waverly’s back until she relaxed even more. “I really am sorry, baby,” she whispered softly.

Lifting her head, Waverly smiled wryly. “And I’m sorry I reacted badly then. I know you’re just worried and want to protect me and this little one. I just feel sometimes like I’m not good enough…”

“Not good enough?!” Nicole growled. “Whoever said anything to make you feel that way…? Names now and I’ll beat the hell out of them for it!” she snarled.

Waverly quickly kissed her Alpha’s anger away. “Just childhood stuff… our mama left when I was four. Even before then daddy wasn’t the most attentive and when she left he just got worse and would hardly even look at me let alone talk. And then there was Willa… Wynonna tried but, well… she kind of rebelled a little after Gus and Curtis took us in and then she left too…” And that had been the worst loss of them all to Waverly. All she’d had left was Wynonna and she had just walked away without even asking if she would want to go too.

“Despite all that, maybe because of it, you are perfect in every way, Waverly… I wish I could have been around to protect you from everything though.”

Waverly couldn’t help but wiggle at the thought of what it might have been like to have known Nicole for that long. For them to have grown up and played together through all those awkward teenage years… Just thinking about it made her feel like it would have been an endless summer of picture-perfect moments, filled with laughter and stolen kisses. “We would have gotten into so much trouble together,” she grinned.

“Only the best kind,” Nicole smiled back as she tucked a strand of hair back behind Waverly’s ear and trailed her fingers down across the line of her jaw to caress her lips. Those beautiful lips curled into a smile that became a chuckle as Nicole’s pocket suddenly buzzed and sent Nicole’s hips shooting upwards in shock.

“Damn it!” Nicole fished around, grumbling at the interruption as Waverly seemed quite content to just lay on her and ride her thrashing as she reached for her phone. Hooking an arm around Waverly’s body, a thumb circling a bare strip of soft, warm skin at her waist, Nicole checked the message and then had to read it a couple more times before it sank in.

“It’s Wynonna, are we still up for a run later?”

“And knowing Wynonna she said more than that.” Waverly plucked the phone out of Nicole’s hand. “Hey! HaughtDaddy! Stop bangin’ my sis, you already knocked her up. Wanna run later? Gus and Curtis coming over. I mean it, stop bangin’ for a sec and answer!” Rolling her eyes, Waverly tapped in a reply, reading it aloud before hitting send. “Yes, AuntNonna, WayMomma and HaughtDaddy will see you later.”

Nicole groaned at the belated realisation that the message had gone from her phone… and if Waverly hadn’t looked so adorable and sexy sitting on her with the tip of her tongue playing across her lip as she was typing it out, Nicole might have thought to stop her. Mostly though the groan was because of the ‘HaughtDaddy’.

As nicknames went there were probably worse that Wynonna could have chosen, much worse knowing Waverly’s sister. It was the way Wynonna’s eyebrows waggled when she emphasised the ‘daddy’ part of it and somehow managed to make the word sound kinky and disturbing at the same time. Nicole figured that Wynonna would get bored with it eventually though and was trying to let it run its course without too much comment. It was a tactic that wasn’t working yet. Over texts was one thing but in person, even though it was early days, Nicole was finding it difficult to control her eye roll each and every time. And as they worked in the same building, Wynonna was proving more than adept at popping up everywhere just to slip it in.

Seriously adept!

God knows how she had found the right vent to whisper in to get it to echo out through the break room ventilation but Nicole had nearly thrown the coffee maker across the room when ‘HaughtDaddy’ had whispered out at her on a ghostly moan.

Setting the alarm, Waverly slid Nicole’s phone on to the table. Smiling down at her love, Waverly spread herself out fully along the length of her Alpha’s body with a wiggle and sigh of pleasure as Nicole pulled the blanket back around her. “No more silly talk about running off and doing anything stupid?”

“All depends.”

Lifting her head, Waverly narrowed her eyes at Nicole. “On?” she gritted out warningly even as she noticed the little teasing smirk playing along the plump curve of her lips.

“If Gus and Curtis try to kill me for getting you pregnant.”

“They’ll be fine,” she assured her.

Nicole certainly hoped so. She didn’t really care too much about what anyone else thought but Gus and Curtis had been mother and father to Waverly for more years than her actual parents had. Which was why they were getting to hear about it first… assuming that was that Maggie at the drugstore was not the gossiping kind.

Waverly lay her head back down, snuggling her face against the softness of Nicole’s breasts. The soothing vibrations of a purring hum started off beneath her again and Waverly felt her eyes drifting shut in response. “Cheat,” she mumbled.

“Practicing for those long nights when our baby is restless and you’re worn out from changing all the diapers,” Nicole lulled.

“Aww, that’s… hey,” Waverly poked her in the ribs as Nicole’s body moved beneath hers in barely suppressed humour, “you will be changing diapers too.” The vibrations started off again and once more, Waverly settled into them. “Sneaky Alpha superpower,” one that she wasn’t both aching to see their baby experience and also jealous at the thought of.

The being pregnant thing was still so new. Literally, it had been a couple of days since the drugstore craziness but every time Waverly went past a mirror she found herself stopping and checking to see if there was any sign of a bump showing even though it was too soon for anything like that. It felt like there should be though. She was carrying a new life… surely there should be something other than the nesting and crazy hormones she would have gotten anyway to show for it?

One thing she had gotten though was a deep longing and ache to find out what their baby would look like and be like. Was it too soon to plan out schools and colleges? “Wonder if our little one will be an Alpha like you?”

Nicole shrugged slightly a smile playing across her lips as she ran her hands over Waverly’s back. Waverly’s musings about their baby seemed to find a voice more as the day wore on, the stillness of night giving her time to release all her dreams and fears. Boy or girl? Bookworm, jock or both? Education? Alpha or Omega? There was a seemingly endless amount of questions going through Waverly’s mind that were impossible to answer but one thing that Nicole was pretty sure about…

“Our baby will have me wrapped around their finger before they’re even born, and they will be loved so very much… in other words, they’ll take after you. And if they’re also smart and tough as nails… then they’ll also be taking after you.”

“Nicole Haught, are you saying I’m manipulative?” she teased.

“I’m saying, I love you,” Nicole chuckled lightly, refusing to fall into Waverly’s trap. “What was that book you were reading anyway?”

“It’s nothing,” Waverly blushed.

“If you were reading it, it was something. Tell me, please?”

“It’s a collection of poems.”

“Black Badge had a book of poems? That doesn’t really sound like their style.”

“How about if I said they were written to a young lover called Elle, by a person they believe to be a vampire.”

“Now that sounds like something Black Badge would be interested in.” It would be like them to collect information on everything, even things that didn’t exist. “So… Dracula?”

“Dracula was a story, silly. As well as predating that… this vampire was a woman, Carmilla.”

“Lesbian vampire love poems? Cool! Anything racy?”

“Oh, I should have known that would get your interest,” she smirked at the eagerness in Nicole’s voice. “There are mentions of long skirts, corsets and lip biting so yeah, pretty racy for the times.” Picking the book up off the floor, Waverly propped it up where she could see it better and read a couple of lines about the scent of freshly plucked flowers.

Nicole wasn’t sure if it was just racier than she’d expected or if most of it was down to the huskiness of Waverly’s voice and her wiggling but… “That was… yeah,” clearing her throat she tried not to blush under the weight of Waverly’s knowing glances.

“Oh, wait until you hear this one,” Waverly flicked back through a couple of pages. “This one Carmilla wrote like she was describing a dream. Reads pretty normally but I noticed that the last line of each verse was written a little different than the rest, see?” she angled the book so Nicole could see the subtly thicker penmanship. “Putting them together it says, ‘You are mine… You shall be mine… You and I are one, forever’.”

Nicole squirmed as Waverly finished off her little reading by nipping at her throat with sharp teeth. “Very… gothic vampire,” she chuckled breathlessly.

Waverly caught the sparkle of mischief in Nicole’s eyes but was still left breathless at her speed as she found their positions reversed and looked up into that bright smile as Nicole gently settled between her parted thighs. Even when she was sure that Nicole would consider herself as being ‘rough’ she was always so gentle and considerate with her no matter what form she was in. And it just made Waverly fall in love with her more and more.

“How long have we got?”

“Forever,” Waverly breathed softly as she tried to claim the lips hovering just out of reach.

“Hmm, I love the sound of that but I meant until we’re supposed to be at the Homestead?” Nicole reminded her.

“Oh,” Waverly grinned and looked at her watch. “Not long enough for what we want,” she sighed. “You know if you would just readjust your idea of how long a quickie should be…”

“Two hours is the lowest I will go, Waves.”

“And it’s not that I don’t appreciate that… a lot. And I’m not complaining as such, but does every quickie has to be ten mutual orgasms and the inability to walk or think for the rest of the day?”

“And what happened when I tried less? Who was it that dragged us back to bed?”

“I believe that was a mutual return.”

“Mutual? Really? Waverly, you ripped the shirt off my back… I liked that shirt,” she chuckled softly.

“It was in the way and needed to die,” Waverly growled. “Just like this one is,” bunching her hands up in the fabric, she started to pull teasingly.

Waverly froze, her hand releasing its grip on Nicole’s shirt to free up Alpha’s movements as Nicole’s body went stiff above her, her face settling into a cold mask. “What’s…?” Nicole was gone in a graceful bounding leap, her body shifting so fast that Waverly was left blinking at the tattered remains of Nicole’s clothing pooled against her body. “… Wrong?” she finished. “Well, that’s one way to remove clothes fast,” she muttered with a small nod of grudging admiration as she scrambled out from the tangle of clothing and blanket Nicole had left her in.

Waverly hurried into the kitchen, her eyes falling on the open back door. Before she was even halfway across the room Waverly heard a scuffling at the door and Jeremy stumbled in, tumbling backwards with his arms raised as Nicole’s wolf filled the door with a lethal snarl curling her lips.

Chapter Text

“Jeremy?” Waverly stared down at him in confusion. A part of her wanted to help him up off the ground but common sense and Nicole’s terse warning growling through her head held her back. She stepped back, protecting the living room, and the key hidden there, whilst giving her love the kitchen to work with.

God, she was distractingly gorgeous! Her big strong body all bristled up with her rich red coat shining as she stalked closer, her white teeth flashing as she snarled and growled at Jeremy.

“Waverly, focus please!”

“Sorry Baby.” Clearing her throat, Waverly caught Jeremy’s attention. His usual bright smile crossed his face as he craned his head around and saw her but it quickly dropped as she spoke. “Why are you here, Jeremy?”

Jeremy felt his eyes widen at the gravel in Waverly’s voice. He knew she was a wolf but she was always so bright and bubbly that hearing it come out like that and seeing the seriousness of her expression chilled him. “I- I was just passing by?” Yelping at the loud snap of teeth near his feet, he scooted further back across the floor.

“Jeremy,” Waverly scolded him. “One, there is nothing down this way apart from this house so passing by on the way somewhere is doubtful. Two, we didn’t hear a car and our hearing is excellent. Three, you came around the house to the back door and there are no paths or roads on that side for you to have come along. Try again.”

“I was testing how accurate I was! Argh! Oh god! Please, don’t eat me!”

“How accurate? Oh, sit down, Jeremy.”

Jeremy scrambled off the floor and threw himself into the chair at the table Waverly pointed to. He looked around the room, the floor, the ceiling and at Waverly, he looked anywhere he could while trying to avoid the gaze of Officer Haught’s wolf. He couldn’t stop himself from watching through as she walked by, her wolf form was frighteningly nearly as tall as he was standing, sitting down she towered over him, as she moved to Waverly’s side and brushed against her before hopping easily over the couch, almost but not quite disturbing the ginger cat sprawled across the top of it, before disappearing up the stairs.

“Wow. She’s… intense,” he giggled nervously.

“Jeremy, if you don’t talk when she comes back down you’re going to find out just how much more intense I can be,” she warned with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

Jeremy dropped his eyes to the table and found a sudden fascination with a swirl in the grain of the wood. He traced a finger around and around until Waverly tapped a polished nail on the table in warning. “I’m not here to cause any harm,” he tried explaining, begging her to believe him.

Waverly held up a hand, shushing him. “Save it, Jer. Nicole will be down in a bit.” Less than that… Waverly could hear her moving around the bedroom, her long stride taking her back and forth across the room. She could hear her thoughts churning over with every step as she tried to work out how Jeremy had gotten so close… too close… without her realising.

Yes, the pack was easier to sense with their stronger scents, but Jeremy was usually bumbling into everything… when he was spotted. The rest of the time he was popping out of the woodwork just watching them or with a list of questions a mile long in his mind and Nicole wanted to know which Jeremy was the real one.

Waverly kept her eyes on Jeremy and saw the shift in his eyes and posture as he somehow managed to track Nicole’s movements even though her steps were light now she was back in human form. “Nic, I want you to try something.”

Nicole stilled, her restless pacing forgotten. “What do you need?”

Waverly quickly filled Nicole in and waited. Sure enough, Jeremy’s actions made it all too clear that he somehow knew the moment that Nicole followed her suggestion and climbed out of the bedroom window and made her way stealthily across the roof and dropped down to enter through the kitchen door behind him. He pretended to act startled but it was the worst piece of acting ever and Waverly could see it in his eyes that he knew he’d been caught out.

Nicole leaned over his back, crowding him closer to the table as she placed her face close to his. “Talk!” she gritted out quietly but firmly, her tone demanding the truth.

“I- I just needed to get closer to you so I can find you!”

“Okay, let’s try this again… talk and make sense.”

“It’s what I do. When I was eleven I was in a car accident… I was trapped for hours before they were able to get me out… still got so much metal from the car and all the pins they put me together with. My mom and dad were in the front,” he baulked, tears welling up as he remembered far too clearly hearing them taking their last breaths. “My little sister was in the back with me… I don’t know if she was thrown clear or if she got out somehow and wandered away, no one would ever tell me. It took them days to find her body… I heard enough to know that if they had just found her a couple of hours before they did I wouldn’t be alone.”

He blinked down in surprise when he saw a glass of water being placed before him on the table. Even more of a surprise was that the hand that had placed it there was Nicole’s and whilst her face was still stoic, her eyes were warmer, softer and full of sympathy. “Thank you,” he took a grateful sip as he tried to compose himself. “I don’t know if I would have been able to do what I can without that happening but since then… when I get close to people… when I get to know them… I can find them.”

“Find, how?”

“B.B.D. have been trying to figure that out and help me understand it. Sometimes I get a flash of where someone is and sometimes it’s more like getting coordinates. It all depends on how far away they are at the time. But I can only do it with people I know well enough though. People I feel connected to.”

Waverly leaned forwards in her chair, eager to hear and learn more even though she could tell that Nicole was less than impressed by what she’d heard. “So that’s why you’ve been hanging around asking questions?”

“Yes,” Jeremy beamed, leaning closer to Waverly. “I can already tell where Agent Dolls is from working with him before. The same with Shapiro and even Lucado. It’s weaker with them as the connection is purely work-related. I needed to get close to everyone else though… Needed to get to know you.”

“Who told you to do that, get close to us?”

Jeremy pulled himself back at the sharp edge of steel in Nicole’s voice. “No- no one did, Nicole… Officer Haught,” he looked at the two women nervously. “I swear. Not many in Black Badge know what I can do and it gets overlooked more for my brain and talent in the lab because of how long it can take to build up a connection. Agent Dolls was always kind to me… he helped me to do a chin-up once!” he smiled sheepishly at the memory. “I know how much you all mean to Agent Dolls and I saw what it did to him to lose people before and I don’t want to risk him losing anyone if I can help it. And…” he sighed. “If I’d been able to do this before the accident, maybe… I could have found my sister in time.”

“So, this,” Waverly gestured to him being there, “is?”

“I was just seeing how accurate I was getting now I’ve gotten to know you a bit better. I mean, I know where you live but I wanted to see if the numbers tied up,” he showed them his phone. “I kind of got distracted and didn’t pay attention to just how close I’d gotten until you jumped out.”

“So you didn’t bring anyone with you then?”

“No, Perry’s meeting me at ‘The Green Bamboo’ later.” He sighed and felt heat rushing through him as he thought about the other man.

“Jeremy, I meant Shapiro or Lucado?” Nicole shook her head at the wistful look on his face and also Waverly’s giggle. Despite everything, Nicole could tell that Waverly was warming up to him because of his loss and his more than obvious fondness for Perry Crofte.

“Why would they… Oh! Oh no, they don’t know I’m out here! No one does! Lucado is in New York at the moment I think, never really gotten close enough to her to get an exact lock on her. Eliza…” he focused for a moment. “She’s in the air, flying in from Washington… actually… she just crossed into Canada airspace.”

Jeremy looked at Nicole nervously. He could tell that she wasn’t sure if she could trust him… and given the stalking and turning up he’d done and what Lucado and Eliza had done at the Homestead he couldn’t say that he blamed them. He just wasn’t sure how to put her at ease. “I just want somewhere I can call home and if I can be of use... I would kind of like to see if it can be here. I don’t know how to prove it but I swear, I’m no danger to anyone.”

“Apart from locking you up until Black Badge get done here, there’s not a whole hell of a lot I can do… but… if you do anything I don’t like… there’s a whole hell of a lot of wilderness out there Jeremy. Would be awful easy for someone to go missing if you catch my drift.”

“Drift well and truly caught, Officer Haught,” he swallowed nervously.

“Well, go on then, go enjoy your meal with Perry.”

Waverly stared at Nicole as Jeremy left almost as quickly and gracefully as he’d arrived. “Officer Haught… threatening to make him vanish, really? You nearly scared him to death,” she chuckled at the little smile that lit Nicole’s face.

“Mostly I would just take him for a long ride them kick him out at the nearest bus station or something,” she admitted readily. “If anyone threatens you though… all bets are off!” she growled.

The protective growl vibrated through Waverly’s body and set her writhing in desire and the need to rub her scent all over her Alpha. “Now I’m all horny again!” she whined.

“Hold that feeling, Baby,” Nicole purred. “I’ll take care of all that when we’re done with our run… and done explaining to your Aunt and Uncle that you’re pregnant with my baby.” Groaning at the thought of that conversation with Wynonna no doubt making sassy quips at any given moment, Nicole flopped forwards across the table with an overly dramatic groan.

Rolling her eyes at the soft THUD, THUD, THUD of Nicole’s forehead against the wood.  Waverly rubbed Nicole’s back anyway and played along even though she knew that it was a blatantly attempted to gain some sympathy. “Giving yourself a concussion isn’t going to get you out of this, Baby. Gus isn’t as fierce as she seems. Well, okay, maybe she is a little,” she smirked at Nicole’s pointed glance. “Curtis is just a big softie though. Just get him talking about tomato plants or archaeological digs and he’ll be putty in your paws.”

“Tomato plants and archaeological digs? Did one lead to the other? ‘Cause I don’t think tomato plants get put in all that deep, Waves.”

Waverly swatted Nicole’s shoulder. “Okay, so the digs are more grab a shovel and hope but he prefers to call them archaeological digs. And he sure does love his tomato plants. Gus says more than he loves her.”

“And Gus, what does Gus like?”

“By the end of tonight, she’ll probably have a new hobby… Terrorizing little Alpha wolves that knock her Niece up.” Smirking, Waverly planted a kiss on Nicole’s cheek and danced out of reach before her Alpha could grab her. “Come on HaughtDaddy, time to go face the music,” she winked.

While Waverly made her way upstairs, with a seductive ass wiggle and a wink that had Nicole itching to chase after her, Nicole moved that damned key from her desk where it was doing a fair tell-tale-heart impersonation on her nerves and hid it under a prised up floorboard in the closet. Which made it feel even more tell-tale-heart but at least it was a bit less obvious than the desk. She hoped.

She’d just finished making sure that Calamity had food and water when Waverly skipped back down the stairs and made Nicole want to kneel down and give thanks to the creator of Lycra yoga pants and sports tops.

They were devilishly distracting… to the point that Waverly managed to slip behind the wheel of the Jeep and have it started before Nicole could even think to protest until Waverly told her to ‘buckle up, creampuff’ a millisecond before she put her foot down on the accelerator and didn’t let up until they shot under the lynch gate at the Homestead.

Slapping a hand against the porch rail, Curtis let out a deep laugh as the young officer staggered out of the Jeep and shot a glare at a completely unrepentant Waverly. “I’m surprised you haven’t ticketed that girl yet!”

“She keeps me at a disadvantage, Mr McCready… I can’t write one and hold on for dear life at the same time.” Holding out a hand, she watched as it disappeared into his huge calloused one. There was nothing about the man that wasn’t huge from his height to his bushy salt and pepper beard and if it wasn’t for his equally huge smile and laugh, Nicole might have found him intimidating.

“It’s Curtis as well you know, Officer,” he teased, smiling as she corrected him and gave him permission to use her own name in return. Grunting he wrapped his arms around his niece and lifted her feet off the ground as she barrelled into him at full speed for a hug as always.

“I thought I heard a vehicle. It’s about time you two young ‘uns got here.” Gus handed a bottle of beer over to her husband and opened her arms to her niece as he slapped a beefy arm around Nicole’s shoulder and dragged her into a conversation about ideal tomato plant growing conditions. “You look happy, honey… you’re positively glowing.” Even if Gus hadn’t known the reason behind it, the person, it was more than obvious by the way Waverly and Nicole’s eyes couldn’t stay away from each other like they wanted to devour each other… and knowing young love and mating bonds they probably did.

“HaughtDaaaamn… ‘Sup, slackers! ‘Bout time you two turned up!”

Alpha or not, Nicole was tempted to reach out and slap the other woman for her, knowing Wynonna deliberate, slip up with her choice of nicknames. She settled for rolling her eyes and pretending it didn’t happen. “Despite an unexpected visitor, we’re not even late, Earp.”

“Only because of my excellent driving,” Waverly pointed out with a grin.

“I helped to teach her how to drive but the speed is all from her Aunt,” Curtis stage whispered loudly. “Always in a hellfire hurry to get somewhere instead of enjoying the view.” He grinned at the disgruntled expression on his beloved wife’s face.

“If I didn’t drive we would never get to see anyone ‘cause you would be too busy looking at the view or sitting outside watching your damn tomatoes growing!”

“Don’t hear you complaining about them when I bring you the first of the crop from the garden or a nice bowl of soup.”

“Damn it, Curtis!” Gus slapped at his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her and made her feel small and protected with his big body and the gentle way he held her. “I’m trying to be mad at you and your tomato obsession!” she grumbled only slightly bitterly as he chuckled and held her even closer.

Gus slapped his shoulder again and pointed a finger at him as he finally released her. Fully aware that he’d left her red-faced and feeling too much like a giddy teenager again, she turned her back on them all before they could see… and knowing Wynonna, spend the rest of the week teasing her about it. “I’m going to check the soup.”

“Sun-dried tomato soup,” Wynonna whispered to Nicole as Gus hurried away, “homemade from Curtis’ crop, delicious… and almost as red as Gus’ face, she laughed as she saw Gus giving her a middle finger through the window. So, Haughtstuff, who was your ‘unexpected visitor’?”

“Jeremy. Yeah, that Jeremy.” she clarified as Wynonna’s eyebrow rose in query and her lips thinned in anger as Nicole filled her in on everything that had happened. “I know that Xavier trusts him, and his intentions seem to be well-meaning, but… I’ve spent too much of my life running and hiding to be comfortable with the thought of someone being able to tell where I am like that.”

Wynonna knew what she meant. Just thinking about it made her remember far too many wildlife documentaries where some poor unfortunate animal ended up getting darted and wearing some big assed collar with a satellite tracker on it.

“Not like I plan on going anywhere. I did kind of threaten him though,” Nicole reminded her, “and I think he believed it.”

“Nicole, he nearly peed his pants,” Waverly thwapped Wynonna on the arm as she went to give Nicole a high five. “Come on, smells like the soup is ready and is that...?”

“Yep, all kinds of nachos for when we get back,” Wynonna grinned in anticipation. “Don’t worry, there are even a few vegan choices for you weirdoes.” Throwing her arms around Waverly and Nicole’s shoulders, Wynonna steered them towards the house and the followed the delicious scent of soup waiting for them in the dining area. “Nicole… I’ll have a word with Xavier again, see if he knows of his buddy’s superpowers, ‘kay?”

Gus looked up as everyone settled down at the table and started eating. “I was talking with Maggie earlier, you remember Maggie right, she works in the drugstore?”

“Oh my god!” Waverly moaned. “I knew I should have just gone into the city for those pregnancy test kits!”

Waverly looked up and covered her mouth at the shocked expression on Gus’ face made it clear that Maggie had said nothing about what she had been in there for. “Oh, fudgenuggets,” she moaned and wished the ground would open up beneath her.

“Well,” clearing her throat, Gus carefully put her spoon down and looked across the table at her niece. “I was going to tell you about the holiday she was thinking of taking but it seems you’ve got something more important to tell us?”

Putting her own spoon down, Nicole pushed aside her dish and reached for Waverly’s hand. Linking their fingers together she gave her a reassuring squeeze. “It’s okay, Baby.”

“Oh god! I didn’t mean to just blurt it out like that!” clutching Nicole, Waverly buried her face against her Alpha’s shoulder in an attempt to hide her embarrassment and gain comfort.

“Probably not something to spill over soup, huh, Baby Girl?” Wynonna chuckled and sat back in her chair to watch the fun.

“Shut up, Earp,” Nicole fixed Wynonna with a glower as Waverly whimpered against her until the other Alpha held up her hands in surrender. Though the teasing smirk of anticipation stayed in place, Nicole was pretty sure that if Wynonna thought there truly was going to be a problem with their news she wouldn’t be looking how she was.

Nicole turned her attention to Gus and Curtis. Curtis was looking around as though trying to work out what had interrupted his enjoyment of his soup and Gus… she was a little more difficult to read. “Gus, Curtis… You’re family and we wanted you to know before the rest of the pack found out… Well, you probably guessed after that,” she kissed the back of Waverly’s hand to let her know everything was still okay. “But, Waverly’s pregnant… we’re having a baby.”

Gus looked at the couple, her eyes moving back and forth between them rapidly. She could tell that Nicole was happy enough but then she was still in that honeymoon phase of being mated and would probably forgive Waverly just about anything. “You’ll have to forgive me for being blunt here but it’s just my way and this is all very sudden… You say ‘we’ are you being all noble and sacrificing? I mean, we’ll accept the baby either way, I just want to know if I need to kill anyone.”

“It’s mine.”

“Oh… Ohhh! I didn’t think that was possible anymore!” Gus couldn’t remember the last time she had ever heard of a female Alpha being able to sire a baby… She’d only known because of a fondness for reading obscure history books… a passion she shared with her niece… and even then it had been viewed more as a myth than a fact. And yet, there was Nicole, living proof that it was indeed a fact.

Moving around the table, Gus wrapped her arms around Waverly and Nicole, congratulating them both. Looking at the taller redhead as she pulled away, Gus gave the girl a firm poke with her finger and a warning glare. “I didn’t get to say this before you got mated but, Waverly is special and you’d better take care of our girl, you hear?”

“Always,” Nicole promised easily and without hesitation as Gus blinked away the tears welling in her eyes.

“Good girl,” pulling herself back together, Gus smoothed the front of her shirt down and straightened her belt buckle. “Now that’s out of the way, let’s get this meal over with so we can go for a run.”

Curtis looked at his wife as she came back around the table. “What in tarnation is going on?”

“Waverly’s pregnant… It is Nicole’s… Eat your soup, dear.”


Chapter Text

“Okay, you got this, Haught!”

Cracking her knuckles, Nicole rolled her neck and shoulders, working out the kinks before adjusted her snapback and pulling a bandana up to cover her nose and mouth. Taking a couple of deep, calming, breaths, she took a firm grip of the door handle and started counting down from three. As she hit “one,” and turned the handle and pushing against the weight lodged behind the door.

“Nicole, stop being so dramatic!”

Rolling her eyes, Waverly gave Nicole’s taut jean covered ass a firm slap and slipped under her arm to shimmy through the gap Nicole had created into the spare bedroom beyond. A spare bedroom that was set to become their baby’s nursery if the room was sound enough.

“It’s not so bad,” she coughed and quickly adjusted a dust mask over her own mouth. “Maybe a little musty,” she admitted. She tried to keep her voice light and hopeful for her own benefit as much as Nicole’s.

Nicole pushed a little harder, moving the… whatever the hell it was, it was still impossible to tell, that was blocking the way… aside enough to squeeze in beside Waverly and not have it collapse behind them.

Clicking on a torch, she swung it around. Her frown deepened as the circular beam of light bounced over the twisted floor to ceiling mountain of furniture, fabric and magazines crammed into the room at some point in time and left to moulder away. “Oh, boy! I didn’t get a chance to look in here before. This is… it’s terrible, Waves!”

“I’ve seen worse…” at the local junkyard but she wasn’t going to tell Nicole that as her Alpha was already looking less than impressed which was saying a hell of a lot for a woman that had had to spend far too much of her life living where she could find the room to curl up to sleep. “Kind of looks like it should be on an episode of Hoarders, doesn’t it? Hey, maybe there’s an old lady or a half-feral child living behind it all.”


Waverly sniggered at the horrified tone of Nicole’s voice. Strangely her Alpha was perfectly okay with most horror movies and not even the most twisted and blood-soaked, torture porn ones phased her. What did make her jump and get squirrelly were the psychological ones… and any parts of the original version of Psycho that mentioned the mother. Which Nicole said had put her off staying in motels for years and had forced Waverly to cross Bates Motel off her viewing list.

“So, where do you think we should start, Baby?”

Nicole looked around the overflowing room again. “We could start by moving? Or burning the house and rebuilding seems like a plan to me. Ow!” she rubbed her shoulder. “Too much? How about calling in some professional cleaners to do it?”

“How about, you grab a garbage bag and pull your big girl panties up, Nicole Haught? I expect a clear path to that window before you have to go on shift.”

Sighing, Nicole pulled on her work gloves and obediently pulled a black bag off the roll Waverly had slapped her with and was brandishing at her like a stick. “Yes, ma’am,” she saluted jauntily.

Pulling down their masks, Waverly planted a kiss of encouragement on Nicole’s cheek that had dimples popping in an instant. “Come on, work,” she smiled as she pulled Nicole’s bandana back into place and turned her snapback backwards on top of her red hair.

Nicole wasn’t shy about hard work at all but rummaging around in a dank, dusty room wasn’t exactly on her list of things she wanted to be doing… Ever! Really, she kept half expecting to find a body trapped under the pile of junk. A prior victim to the towering mountains of clutter. Being with Waverly made Nicole forget about everything else though as they filled bag after bag, stopping only to remove them so they had more room to work in, have a drink and, quite often, have a look at something Waverly had found.

She had to admit it, the room wasn’t in as bad a condition as it had first looked. At least there was no mould or rotten floorboards anyway. The window looked like it