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Lone Wolf

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Wynonna stared at her little sister in exasperation. “You’re supposed to be the smart one! What in the hell were you thinking, Waverly?” She raked a hand through her hair, huffing out a sigh as Waverly ignored her in favour of staring out of her bedroom window into the night, her mind a million miles away.

Or more precisely, her mind was back in the wood enraptured by the big Alpha she had been rubbing up on.


“What, ‘Nonna?” Letting the curtain she had eased aside to expose the view of the towering pines and poplars that lay beyond the Homestead slip from between her fingers, Waverly dragged her eyes from the bleak wintery landscape she hadn’t even really been looking at and turned to face her big sister.

Waverly hadn’t even heard her come into her bedroom, not that Wynonna was one to bother with the niceties like knocking to announce herself most of the time anyway. But one glance into those blue eyes burning with challenge, frustration and concern, and she knew exactly what she was so wound up about.

“I was just being friendly, Wynonna,” she smiled unconsciously as her mind drifted back to the stunningly beautiful, female wolf. Butterflies took flight within her, their wings setting off explosions within her that sparked off every nerve ending and flooded her with excitement.

“Friendly? Friendly!?” Wynonna threw up her hands in exasperation. “Waverly! You were staking a claim on an Alpha! One none of us have ever seen before at that!” Wynonna paced back and forth in agitation as Waverly continued to gaze off to the side with a wistful smile on her face. Grabbing Waverly by the shoulders, Wynonna barely resisted the urge to shake some sense into her. “Have you any idea how dangerous that could have been if we weren’t there, Babygirl?”

Waverly did, of course she did, but she had the feeling she was going to hear all about it anyway. All she could think of though was the Alpha and how good it had felt to rub against her shining red coat and feel the muscles beneath. And oh, those brown eyes! So fierce and protective, and so warm when she had touched her.

“Earth to Waverly! Come in, Waverly!” Wynonna tightened her grip slightly.

“I wonder what her name is? Her hair was so red… have you seen anyone in town with hair that colour? I wonder which pack she’s with? They’re not feeding her right though, she was too thin, don’t you think? That was very mean of you taking her food like that!”

Wynonna blinked, her hands dropping from where they rested against Waverly as she tried to keep up with the rapid-fire questions coming from Waverly as she started to pace around. Back and forth. Back and forth. Each spin on her heels punctuating each question. Suddenly she found herself backing up at the fierce poke of her finger as Waverly turned on her for taking back food killed on their land.

Their land!

“She was poaching in pack territory, Waverly!” Wynonna found herself defending her actions.

“It was still mean! You could have just talked to her but no! You had to all blunder in, snapping and snarling when maybe she needed help! Oh god, she needed help!”

“We ‘blundered in’,” Wynonna sharply air quoted around the words, “because we could smell your fear.” And that worried her because… “We never even knew it was a wolf causing that it until we saw her and how close she was to you,” she admitted, a frown creasing her brow.

Their scents were unique to each wolf, only changing on the rare occasions when a wolf found their true mate… their soulmate. Wynonna knew that but she had never known a wolf to be able to hide their scent to that extent before.

“I touched her first,” Waverly admitted with a shy smile, ducking her head under the waves of pleasure running through her at the memory of how good and right it had felt when she had. “I just had to, ‘Nonna. And she smelled so good,” she purred.

“She…” frowning, Wynonna grabbed Waverly by the shoulders again, holding her still before she could start pacing again while she ran her nose along Waverly’s throat. “Listen to me, Babygirl. We couldn’t smell her not even a little bit. Have you any idea how powerful an Alpha would have to be to hide their scent that completely? How rare it is even to be able to dampen it?”

Wynonna could smell her now though where it clung to Waverly. Vanilla with a hint of a light, warm, musk and maybe a hint of coffee… All mingled with the familiar lavender scent of her sister.

“Mmm, vanilla dipped doughnuts,” Waverly purred. “They’re my favourite.” Wrapping her arms around herself, she held onto the warm memories.

Wynonna rubbed a hand over her face in exasperation. “Tell me you did not rub on a strange Alpha just because they smell of your favourite dessert?”

“Of course not, Wynonna,” Waverly huffed in exasperation. Turning away from her sister, she marched over to the window again and pushed back the edge of the curtain once more. She stared out of the window, wondering if the red wolf was thinking about her as much as Waverly was thinking about her?

“I did it ‘cause she’s mine,” she whispered resolutely.