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Lone Wolf

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Nicole planted her body firmly, her paws digging into the frozen ground as she lifted her head. Fresh, warm blood dripped from her muzzle to land steaming in the cold air. She hunched over her kill desperately as she heard the sounds of multiple bodies racing through the woods towards her.

Her hackles rose, a warning growl quivering unvoiced upon her lips as she strained her senses, trying to get a fix on how many were coming and if there were any more blocking her escape route.

Even though she had expected it, her body still started as a smaller wolf suddenly burst through the trees into the clearing right in front of her and skidded to a halt before her.

She was… beautiful. All sleek lines and rippling muscles beneath her thick, shining coat of brunette and dark blonde. Hazel eyes peered at her from a delicate face. Startled wide at first, they grew lidded as the wolf stretched out, tilting her head delicately as she scented the air.

Suddenly growing self-conscious at the blood on her face, Nicole took a half step back towards cover even though she’d already caught the delicious scent of the wolf and knew she wasn’t as high up on the pecking order as herself. Or as high as she might have been considered if she had a pack.

Nicole was an Alpha but she was an Alpha on her own. A lone wolf with no one to fight against to see if she was pack leader or somewhere lower in the ranks. And Nicole liked it that way… at least that was what she told herself.

The wolf before her was an Omega. That could mean many different things from pack to pack but generally they were thought of as being lower and not important. Which to Nicole was utter bull.

Knowing there was no way a pack worth its title would let such a beauty out unguarded, Nicole lowered her head to pick up her kill and beat a hasty retreat. Before she could close her teeth upon it, she found her vision filled with hazel eyes as the Omega darted closer and touched her nose to hers in a far too friendly greeting given that she had just been threatened.

Before Nicole could even think how to respond three more wolves, a female and two males, burst into the clearing. The female was all piercing blue eyes and wild brunette hair that was darker than the Omegas. Both males were dark, almost black, but one was thickly muscled while the other was a more slender build and was slightly older with hints of grey running across his muzzle and over his neck.

Nicole could tell by their scents as they surrounded her that they were all Alpha’s. They came at her, jaws snapping in warning as they bullied her away from her kill and the Omega.

The dominant side of Nicole didn’t want to back down but, even though she was bigger than them, she was outnumbered, outmanoeuvred and hunting on the land of a strange pack. That could be a death sentence for a lone wolf such as herself even amongst the most civilized of packs.

Backing away, she made herself small and reluctantly submitted to them. Doing anything else right then, with the numbers against her, would have led more than likely to her ending up dead and she was loath to start anything with the Omega there. So she was forced to watch with the male wolves’ breaths rustling her fur and teeth snapping close to her spine in warning as the Alpha female snarled in her face, blue eyes shining in triumph as she turned and picked up Nicole’s kill for herself.

The hazel-eyed beauty filled her sight again and Nicole felt her heart lifting as she rubbed her face against hers. Her breath against Nicole’s ear was a gentle huff that set Nicole’s twitching in response. Her head pressed against the thicker fur around the nape of Nicole’s neck, nearly having to put her paws on her to reach, and still, Nicole couldn’t find it in herself to protest at being scent marked by an Omega in such a blatantly possessive way.

The Alpha female bounded back, dark brunette fur bristled in anger as she bullied into the young Omega. Finding her voice, her Alpha taking offence, Nicole bared her teeth and sprung between them snapping at the Alpha in defence of the Omega.

They were a pack, she was a lone wolf that had no reason or right to interfere in their business. They all knew it and Nicole was confused by her own actions when the Alpha had only been telling the Omega off. Once she had placed herself between them though, Nicole couldn’t seem to uncoil and calm herself even as the males flanked the other Alpha and backed her up.

A touch came to Nicole’s side, the glide of a body against her own as the Omega rubbed against her, leaning her weight into her with the gentle nudge of shoulder and hip. It was a simple touch that shouldn’t have affected Nicole as much as it did. But coupled with the scent that was her… Nicole felt herself calming. Her head butted up against hers and the scent increased as Nicole found herself being marked by the Omega again despite the obvious disquiet of the other wolves.

With one last swish of her bushy tail that tickled around Nicole’s neck and jaw, the Omega slowly walked towards the other three wolves with a provocative sway to her hips and gave them all withering glares that had them hastily stepping aside.

Nicole couldn’t deny that it kind of made her feel somewhat better about losing her meal to know she wasn’t the only one the Omega could confuse. It didn’t make her want to linger any longer in case they turned on her again though. So, not for the first time in her life, Nicole slipped back out of sight and made good her escape.