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Kingdom Hearts: The Legend of Keyblade Master

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Narration by Zaruba.

"Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Madou Ring Zaruba. I was born when Garo was born and I will be forever with him. After Xehanort and his Organization XIII were destroyed for good, Sora and his friends are now labeled as the heroes of Keyblade War. Following the restoration of the other worlds. Riku, Kairi and Sora as full ledged Keyblade masters decided to go the seperate ways in order to protect the other worlds as they will fight those who harm the weak. Now our story begins. Enjoy."

Location: Destiny Islands.

Sora was seen relaxing on the beach after a long battle. Then Kairi had came and woken Sora up. Sora was a brown haired man with blue eyes and spiky brown long hair tied in ponytail. He also got a x-shaped scar on his face. Kairi was a well endowed girl with large bust, Red hair and blue eyes.

"Sora-kun Wake up!" Kairi said as Sora was waking up with the yawn.

"Good morning, Kairi." Sora said as he was waking as Riku approached them. Riku is the man with jade green eyes and silver hair

"Hey guys! Are you ready to go into the seperate ways to see another worlds?!" Riku said Sora and Kairi had nodded in agreement.

"It looks like my ship is ready! You guys take care of yourselves will ya?" Sora said as Riku and Kairi are agreed and they bumped their fists.

"Ready Sora!" said Riku and Kairi in unison as Sora went on the board and now their ship is sailing the seas. And before Sora could sail his own way Kairi had kissed him as they hugged each other for the last time.

"Good luck, Sora-kun!" said Kairi as she shed her tear as Sora had whipped the tear and then Sora had bid his farewell to his friends in order to travel alone.

"Goodbye guys. I hope we will meet again." said Sora as his ship had went into the big seas.

Then Sora enjoys the sound of the wind.

"It's good to see that everything has returned after the defeat of Xehanort right, Riku?" said Kairi as she standed alongside Riku

"Yeah! The it's peacefull now. Hope we will meet again sometime, Kairi. I will prepare my Howerboard to travel arround the worlds you do the same. Good luck, Kai." Riku as he picked his keyblade armor and and went on his world travelling Howerboard as he dissapeared said as Riku and then Kairi had summoned her Keyblade Armor of her own and picked her howerboard and went into the world travelling by herself in hoping to meet with Sora and Riku once again.

"Finally everyone had returned to their worlds and both Mickey and Minnie are living a peacefull live now." said Sora as he saw a strange cloud

"The storm is approaching." Sora said as had guessed this is a storm approaching

"Riku, Kairi. I hope I will meet you again someday." said Sora as he had lifted sails as the storm was big.

And then a thunder strikes as the thunderbolt destroyed the ship as Sora was sent flying.

Then Sora had begun swimming into the mysterious whirlpool as he went in deep.

While under the water Sora was dragged into a mysterious whirlpool and it dragged Sora in. And thus Sora's new adventures can now begin.

(OP: THE EXCEEDER by JAM Project, Hideaki Takatori, Hitomi Harada, Hiroaki "TOMMY" Tominaga, Kazusou "CODA" Oda and Youhei Onishi)

(Itoshiki hito mamoru tame ni haruka kanata he to!) The sun blazes as it now cuts to Sora as he was walking toward the screen and he punches it as screen shatters and the title covered with fire appears.

(Mou furikaeri wa shinai takaburu mune no kodou hajikedasu) Sora walks in city streets as he remembers his friends Riku and Kairi and walks.

(Tatoe michi wa tookute mo ore wa yukuze make wa shinai sa) Baki is walking the streets determined and Maya walking while wielding her Katana and looked determined.

(Nasu sube naku oitsumerare nigemadou nante iya da) Archimonde planning his next move as he was standing alongside his fellow members of Burning Legion, Those Dio Brando, Barago, Yuuki Terumi and Tokisada Shirou Amakusa.

(Zashite shi wo matsu yori mo tatakai ni ikiru) Haruto is doing the push ups and training under Ichiban's tutellage.

(Ooshiku hageshiku inochi moyashi tsukuse) Ragna is smocking the sigar as Sol Badguy is riding on his motorcycle as Sora is standing alongside Alicia as they look at starlight and they hold their hands rommantically.

(Tomoni tatakau nakama shinjite) Ryuuga as Garo is walking past the Horrors he killed as Jotaro is standing alongside Joseph and Josuke.

(Super Robot Dynamite Super Robot tobidase!) Kenshiro is repeatedly punching the demons as they explode from within

(Hasshin Take off! Hasshin Take off! Fire!) Sora is picking his keyblade as he rushes Burning Legion demons

(Yami wo saite ama kakeyuku hagane no tori yo) Sora slices the demons from left and right as the other demon tries to approach Sora as he gets sliced in two by Maya Natsume as Sora smiles and Baki gives thumbs up as Ryuuga Dogai stands with the smile on his face. While Alicia slices the army of demons on her own.

(Aa furuete iru senshi no tamashii) Then Sora is running in his keyblade armor as in his head the images of Riku and Kairi are flashing as he remembers them.

(Ginga wo koe mezasu basho wa haruka na toki no kanata) Sora and Barago face of against each other as they rush each other and and they begin the sword duel as their blades are clashing

(Subete wo sono mune ni daite michi no sekai he) Sora is holding Alicia's hand as the latter smiles with the tear on her face as they stand on the cliff. And then Sora and the gang pose as the opening ends.

Chapter 1: A New World.

Then Sora was in the strange place and it looked like city slums Sora was now in his normal outfit. Black pants, black fingerless gloves, red shirt and now black shoes as he saw the giant city.

"W-where am I?!" Sora thinked as he could never believe his eyes that he got into the Japan.

"Japan is it?! What a beautifull country." Sora said as he was now walking in the city as he saw a streets and they had an eastern theme. It was Japan and it's perfecture called the Red Light District Kamurocho. Sora was in Japan as he needs to know about Kamurocho as he saw a black haired man with brown who was dinking the soda and Sora had approached him and asked a question.

"Excuse me where am I now sir?!" said Sora as the man of his age had answered. The black haired man with short black hair and brown eyes was wearing the black shirt, blue jeans, black belt and brown boots.

"Kamurocho is one of the Japan's most famous regions, Sora. It's also known as the home for Tojo clan. I can see that you are from Destiny Islands right dude?" said a man as Sora is trying to make the man laugh and thus Sora had made the funny face with the words.

"CHEESE!" said Sora as the man had started to laugh histerically and then the man had introduced himself.

"*histerical laugh* BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAH! It was funny man in a good way of course. By the way man, my name is Haruto Sawamura. May I ask yours." said Haruto as he asked Sora and the latter had responded and he showed his trademark Kingdom Key Keyblade and they both shaken their hands.

"My name is Sora. I come from the Destiny Islands." said Sora as he introduced himself to Haruto and then he and Haruto had went into as Haruto started to tell Sora the story of Kamurocho.

"Like I said, Sora. Kamurocho is one of the Japan's most famous regions, Sora. It's also known as the home for Tojo clan." said Haruto as Sora had guessed. "I've heard that your grandfather is the living legend himself. I guess his name is Kazuma Kiryuu right?!" Then Haruto continued. "That's right, Sora. My granpa Kaz is also the former fourth chairman of Tojo clan with the nickname of his own called the Dragon of Dojima." Then Sora and Haruto had came into Haruto's house. It was revealed to be Sunshine Orphanage and then Haruto had went into his mother who is in her early 30s. She is very beautiful woman and she has brown chocolate eyes and black hair. Her name is Haruka Sawamura and she is the adoptive niece of Kazuma Kiryuu.

"Oh I can see that you befriended my son, Sora-kun. I've heard that the rumors about you defeating the evil Xehanort are true." said Haruka as Sora had bowed with agreement.

Then Haruka had made a tea and then Sora had drank it and it was revealed to be tasty.

"It looks like miss Sawamura your tea is beautiful indeed." said Sora as Haruka had smiled happily and then Haruto had seen a man in his blue jacket and he is a man in his 40s. This man is the Dragon of Dojima himself named Kazuma Kiryuu.

"Yo, Granpa Kaz." said Haruto as raised his hand as his grandfather was reading the newspaper.

"Haruto. Look you're started to grow up. And you must be Sora right!?" said kazuma with smile as Sora had nodded in agreement.

And then durring the night Kazuma and Sora had began talking.

"So kid you're from the Destiny Islands right?!" Kazuma asked Sora as the latter responded. "Yes. It's my homeland and I've come to find my friends Riku and Kairi the friends who helped me to defeat Xehanort. As they went their seperate ways to go into the other worlds by the way." Then Kazuma had told him about Kamurocho's beauty and thus Sora had went into his new home and then he went sleeping into his bed as he had the strange dream and in dream he saw a blonde haired girl crying and thus Sora had hugged her and the blonde haired girl with blue eyes had smiled happily and Sora did the same and then the girl had dissapeared and thus he saw the sihoulette of a blonde haired man with blue eyes. He had the spiky hair and he had the big sword and he revealed himself. It was Cloud Strife. and he knew Sora for a long time.

"It looks like you started to adapt to your new home after all, Sora." said Cloud as Sora in his dream scape had answered.

"I hope your relationship with Tifa is good, Cloud. By the way how is she doing?!" said Sora as Cloud replied. "Me and Tifa had finally married and we have a daguther whom I named Aerith and the son Zack in honor of my friends." said Cloud as Sora had smiled. "Really?! Excellent, Cloud you have your family for a first time. I hope your friends Aerith and Zack would be happy to see that." said Sora as he and Cloud had smiled happily.

"I hope Sora we will meet again. Good luck." said Cloud as he dissapeared and then Sora had awoken and it was already a morning and thus he started to dress to his new outfit. His black shoes, black jeans, red shirt and of course black fingerless gloves. He first brooshed his teeth and then had washed his face and then spiky brown haired man with blue eyes Sora had went into the dinner as Haruka had made a breakfast for Sora and thus Sora had eaten it and then he went into the streets.

Then Sora had went into Kamurocho to find it more about his new home.

While walking on the streets he somehow heard the girl screaming. And then he saw three men assaulting the girl year younger than him. And then Sora had yelled furiously which made three thugs seen Sora is having a pissed off look on his face.

"HEY YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!" Sora had roared furiously as he rushed the blonde haired man with brown eyes with the furious roar as he had started to pummel the blonde thug thus making the thug scream in pain as Sora had punched the thug in the face.

"Hey you, scumbag. Don't you know that we are Yakuza?" said the black haired thug as his brown haired man continued. "You will regret facing against us kid." untill they heard Sora's response.

"To me you guys are nothing but a bandits assaulting an innocent girl just for the fun." said Sora as the three thugs had heard the voice.

"Hey folks." said the voice revealed to be a man. This black haired man had the one right eyes as his left eye was replaced with eyepatch as he got the facial hair a.k.a beard on his face. This man was wearing the jaguar themed jacket, pack of black gloves, black jeans and black boots.

"B-big brother Majima. This guy had tried to attack us. C-cut him to ribbons." said the blonde haired man untill he realized that the man revealed to be Goro Majima the Mad dog of Shimano as he kicked the blonde haired man in the balls as Goro had the psychotic face on his face thus making the blonde haired thug screaming in pain thus scaring three thugs completely as they were not from Yakuza clan called Shimano.

"Sorry guys but you need to apologize to the orange haired girl first or I WILL KICK YOUR ASSESS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAH!" said Goro as he laughed maniacally thus scaring the thugs completely as three thugs had ran away in fear as Sora had shaken the hands with Goro for a first time.

"I've heard about you kicking Xehanort's ass in the past, SORA-CHAN!" said Goro as he finished shaking his hand with Sora as he posed in greeting as Sora had shrugged sarcastically. "Knowing you by your status you are the man with the excellent sense of humour, big bro Majima." And then Sora had gave the hand to the orange haired girl as she got on her feet. She had the beautifull well endowed body and huge bust. She was dressed in pink shirt, white jeans and black boots.

"Thank you for saving me, sir. My name is Ai Miori. I'm pleased to meet you, Sora-kun." said Ai with the smile on her face as Sora was amazed by her beauty. "Ah. You must be Ai Miori of Muko Muko cafe right? I would like to soon visit that cafe. Oh by the way. Haruka san had gave me the 10000 yen with which I can buy the food." said Sora as he went into the shop as Goro had went home as Ai had thanked her saviors and went back home into Akihabara. Then Sora turns arround to see two people as two people had recognized him. Those are the young adult man and a young woman. The young man is Baki Hanma as he had the long red hair and brown eyes. He had the birth mole above his upper lip as he wears the red shirt, red pants and white shoes. Maya Natsume the woman who is standing alongside Baki is the woman with the long silver hair and ocean blue eyes as she got the well endowed huge bust. She wears the blue shirt, black jeans and brown shoes as Baki had recognized Sora by his smell as Baki smiled.

"Heheh. No doubt that smell. It's Sora. Yo old buddy, long time no see." said Baki as he raised arm as Sora did the same. "Yo, Maya. Baki. Long time no see guys." And then Maya was crossing her arms with the smirk on her face. "Well, well, well. Isn't our favourite Keyblade Master right?! Good to see you once again, Sora-kun." said Maya as Sora was amazed at how Maya had grown up into a well beautifull woman as Sora had guessed her measurements. "Oh my, Maya you've grown so beautiful. Your breasts are 92. Waist is 53 and hips are 84. Still strong and beautifull at the same time, Maya." said Sora with the perverted smirk on his face as Maya had blushed as she smiled friendly. "Ara. Still perverted as always, Sora-kun." And then both Maya and Baki had laughed alongside Sora as the latter was happy to see his childhood friends once again. Then Maya and Baki together had went as they called by Shin via their phone as they bid goodbye. "See ya later, Sora. We meet again. And at the evening we will go into the bowling." Then Sora had guessed that the money that Haruka had gave him to Sora as he knew that he needs to buy a food as he went into the shop to buy a food. Thus Sora had noticed the girl with the blue hair and blue eyes walking peacefully. She had the short blue hair and ocean blue eyes. She was wearing the pink shirt, white jeans and black shoes. She had the beautiful body and large breasts. It was Shouko Kousaka as then she noticed Sora as she recognized him. She was a friend with Sora's parents as she recognized him with ease.

"Sora-kun. Last time I saw you you were a little kid with the heart of gold." said Shouko as Sora had recognized her as well. "Shouko-neechan. Good to see you again as you got released from jail. Oh. Seiji. Ai. Good to see you guys." said Sora as he noticed Seiji Nakamura and his wife Ai Fujisawa walking together. Ai is the beautiful girl with the long brown hair and matching eyes as she got the large breasts as well as well as the beautiful body. She was wearing the buisiness suit as the same does her husband. Seiji is the man with the short black hair and brown eyes. They know Sora's parents as well. "Sora. Good to see ya kid. Last time I saw ya. You were a little noisy kid. I hope with Riku and Kairi is just fine." said Seiji as Ai had touched Sora's cheeks as she was happy to see her protege again. "AAAAAAAAAAH! Sora-chan. My oh my you've grown." said Ai playfully as Sora had the nervous smile on his face. "Hey. Cut it out, Ai-sempai." said Sora as Ai was happy to see Sora again. "Well, Sora-kun. It looks like you will follow your path as always right?! Catch ya later." said Ai as she, Shouko and Seiji were going into the shop thus finally revealing to be friends as Shouko was released from the jail and thus instead became the friends with Seiji and Fujisawa sisters since then. Then Sora had went into the shopping thus recognizing everything about Kamurocho. Then he met four persons that he knows already. First were three men and a woman. The first was a man with the brown auburn hair and blue eyes. He wears the red shirt with the spider motif and blue jacket in addition to his blue red fingerless gloves, blue red jeans and blue red boots. It was Peter Benjamin Parker himself as he is known as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Alongside him was Wolverine or for short James Logan Howlett as unlike Peter who was a mutate Wolverine was an outright mutant. Wolverine had the brown eyes and dark blue spiky hair in addition to his brown eyes and sideburns of his own. He wears the black fingerless gloves, black jeans, black boots, red shirt and black jacket. The other man who was a human but capable of superhuman feats was a blonde man with the blonde hair and blue eyes as he had the long hair tied in ponytail as he wears the cap with the Fatal Fury logon on it. He wears the red jacket, white shirt, blue jeans, white shoes and blue fingerless gloves. It was the Legendary Hungry Wolf himself Terry Bogard and the woman is in fact Suzune the legendary ninja herself as she wears the buisiness suit consisting of her white buisiness shirt, black miniskirt, black bra, black stockings, black shoes and black panties. She have the red eyes and violet hair as well as well endowed huge bust and the mole on the right breast thus revealing to be a teacher of Todou Academy martial arts school as she knew Sora's parents when he was a kid as Logan, Terry and Peter know Sora for a long time as Sora ran toward them as well. "Logan, Terry, Peter, Suzune-sensei. It's been years." said Sora as Peter alongside Terry, Logan and Suzune had turned around and then he saw Sora as he had smiled friendly. "Heh. Last time I saw ya, Sora. You were a little noisy kid. Now you've grown up into a man." said Peter as he and Sora had bumped the fists as Logan was crossing his arms. "Took you long enough, Sora. Long time no see." said Logan as Terry had replied. "WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! You're now a macho, Sora. You sure look a lot like an adult man now. No wonder Eraqus had a high hopes for ya." said Terry as Sora replied. "Heheh. Eraqus always believed in me, Terry." said Sora as Suzune as her friends call her Rin for short had motherly scratched Sora's head as she is happy to see her protege had grown up into a man. "Ara ara. You've grown up so much, Sora-kun. Last time I saw you you were a cute little boy but now you are a handsome young adult man. Please make sure you will take care of your friends. Later." said Suzune as she had disappeared in the flash as Sora had said this. "See you later, Suzune-sensei. Okay I'm going as well. See you later guys." said Sora as Logan, Terry and Peter had went back on their way back to New York as they ran back to New York as well. Then Sora continues to learn about Kamurocho as he continues to help the others. Then he saw the two bandits are attacking the woman as Sora knocked two bandits within seconds thus knocking them down for good then Sora had gave the bag to woman as Sora helped her to get up. "Are you okay, miss?!" said Sora as the woman had replied. "Yeah. Thanks. Oh wait. Ara. Is that you, Sora-kun?! Last time I saw you as you were a little noisy boy. But now you've grown up as well." said woman as she is revealed to be Sora's landlady and Eraqus' friend as Sora recognized her. "A-Azami-neechan?!" said Sora as the woman revealed to be Azami. Azami is a mature woman with the well endowed body and huge bust. She have the long black hair and beautiful green eyes as she babysitted Sora since he was a child. "Good to see you grown up, Sora-kun. Now you've become an adult. Well I gotta go. See you later." said Azami as she picked up her bag as Sora bid her good luck. "We shall meet again, Azami neechan." Then Sora had went back on helping the others as he would never forget the friends he grew up as the child. Now Sora is embarked on finding any people he can help as he begun walking around Kamurocho.

Thus the new adventures of Sora had started.

End of Chapter 1.

(ED: Believe ~Eien No Link~ by JAM Project)

(It shows Sora and Alicia on beach looking at stars)

Zutto sagashiteta umareru mae no kioku no naka
Boku wo yondeta ano koe wo
Kitto meguriau hazu shinjite tada machi tsudzuketa
Hateshinai uchuu no itonami no naka de

I love you... I love you... omoi wa yozora wo kakeru
I love you... I love you... doko he demo tonde yuku kara

Eien no umi no katasumi de bokura wa tagai wo motomeau
Donna sadame ga machiukete mo koete yukeru sa
Kizutsuku koto nado osore wa shinai kanarazu meguriaeru

(An instrumental of The Exceeder plays)

Then Zaruba appears to narrate the next chapter.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen! Zaruba at your service. After finally arriving into the new home, Sora had started to adapt into Kamurocho even after his meeting with Maya and Baki and then with Seiji, Shouko and Ai. Meanwhile the bandits kidnap Haruka and Sora is the one who must save her and thus he recieves a help from a stranger and they are started to work together to save Haruka from kidnappers. Next time on Kingdom Hearts: The Legend of Keyblade Master. Chapter 2: The New Adventure. It's about time to rock & roll ladies and gentlemen."