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The Savior

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“Alright girls, keep it moving,” Negan smacked his hands together watching as his students ran around the gym for their beginning run at the start of class. Negan swirled his finger around in the air while he watched the girls rounding the corner and he moved toward the center of the gym while they ran. Keeping his eyes on the girls, there was one that always stood out among the rest. One that always gave forth their best effort and today was no different. She was always out at the front of the class, ahead of the other girls and took everything very seriously. It was safe to say that she was one of Negan’s favorites. She took part in both his softball team as well as the basketball team and it always seemed like she strived to get his attention and praise. Eye contact was made with her as he winked and saw the smile that pressed in over her features before continuing to run. Reaching for his whistle, Negan blew the whistle and motioned the girls back toward the center of the gym. “Hurry up girls; we don’t have all damn day.”

Negan gave them the details of what they would be doing for the day and it was a day for floor hockey. It wasn’t really one of his favorite things to do, but considering the weather outside was shit, it was the best he could come up with.

Retreating to the side of the gym, he watched closely as the girls started off the game in the teams that he had separated them into. It was obvious which ones took this class seriously and which ones didn’t. Hell, he didn’t blame those that hated PE; it was just the easiest class to pass so those that slacked off annoyed the hell out of him.

At the corner of the gym, he could see the same girl in his class that always caught his eye waiting by the goal. Eyeing her over, he could see a large bruise that was covering her arm and he tilted his head to the side. It was the first time that he had noticed it and he gulped down heavily as he watched her get the puck and begin to face off against one of the other girls. The other girl slammed into her, making her fall to the ground in a thud and Negan blew the whistle motioning for them to knock it off. After the game, he called the girls back to go to the locker room before calling out.

“Hey Y/L/N,” Negan stammered, watching her look over her shoulder at him from the entrance of the locker rooms. He wiggled his finger at her, motioning her to follow him. “Come to my office for a second, I want to talk to you.”

“What’s up coach?” she muttered, her big eyes staring out at him as he gulped down and shook his head. He wasn’t about to bring things up for the other girls to hear as she followed him toward his office that was in the boy’s locker room. “Did I do something?”

“No, you are fine,” Negan moved into his office and could tell that she was nervous being in there with him. His eyes narrowed out at her as he moved across the room to his desk to take a seat on the edge of it. Pulling off his baseball cap, he slicked his fingers through his hair to push it back and set the hat on top of the desk. “You have a pretty nasty bruise on your arm there.”

“I…oh…” she stammered, a nervous sound escaping her lips when she looked down at the bruise that covered her less than flawless skin. She stammered to find words and Negan could tell by the look in her eyes that him bringing it up clearly made her nervous. “I guess when I took that fell earlier; I fell harder than I thought.”

“No, that’s not what it was,” Negan let out a heavy sigh, reaching up to caress over the side of his face to trace over the rough stubble of his salt and pepper colored beard that covered his jaw. “I noticed the bruise at the beginning of class. Good fucking excuse though. Would have worked if I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Coach, I…” she looked down toward the ground and he she covered her hand over the bruise trying to hide it from his sight. Negan moved up from the desk and reached out for her arm to pull it up to his sight. Looking it over, he could tell that it looked like the bruise was in the shape of a palm and he cleared his throat uneasily. “It’s nothing.”

“You have a boyfriend?” Negan bit into his bottom lip and she shook her head. Her nervous eyes met his and he tried to read whether she was telling him the truth or not. “Listen, you are the best student I’ve had in a long time. You are one of my toughest players out there when it comes to both basketball and softball, but shit girl; I can’t have you lying to me.”

“Coach…” she huffed heavily and he could hear the sound of the bell going off and he felt her pulling her arm away from his grasp. The idea that she would be late to class clearly made her nervous, but he was still angry about the idea of who hurt her like that and wasn’t about to let her get away without talking to him about it. “I have to get to class.”

“Alright, but I expect you to come back here to talk to me about this shit before you leave today. At the end of the day, I will be right here waiting to talk to you. It will be my prep hour and I’ll make sure that I don’t leave early. I don’t want to go to someone higher up with this shit,” Negan slurred and he could see the panic look that pressed over her features. “Y/N, don’t worry. I just need to know what’s going on with you. As your teacher and coach, it’s my fucking duty to figure out what’s going on with you.”

“No, I get it…I just,” she went to say something more, but the sound of the final bell went off and he could see that it made her nervous. The sound of the next class filtering in was heard as the boys entered the locker room. Negan sighed and moved over toward the pad of paper on his desk. He wrote down an excuse for her as to why she’d be late for her next class and held it up. She nervously took the piece of paper and he sighed heavily. “Thanks coach.”

“I’ll see you in about two hours, you got it?” Negan muttered and she stared out at him for a moment before nodding. When she moved out of his office, he could see that she stopped and it was clear that she was thinking of possibly saying something more to him. Folding his arms out in front of his chest, he watched her look up and stare out at him for a moment before walking off. Whatever was going on with her, he was going to find out.


After classes were done, Negan had taken the time to jump into the showers to get cleaned up. In his last class he had gotten into a bet with one of the students that Negan would be able to beat the student in a race around the track. Negan won of course, as he knew he would, but he still had to prove a point to the student. He knew that it was bad to make bets with his students, but it always lightened the mood in class and at practice. He liked messing around and having fun with the kids, it just made things a little bit more fun. This bet just left him a bit sweaty and since it was his prep hour he didn’t think getting a quick shower in was bad. Taking a shower before having his meeting with Y/N would certainly be okay.

Stepping in under the stream of the hot water, Negan brushed his hands throughout his wet hair to try and get the remainder of the shampoo from his hair. He quickly soaped up his body and washed off before turning off the shower and moving for the towel that he had left at the corner of the showers. Wrapping the material around his hips loosely, he moved out of the showers and toward his office knowing that he had left his bag in there. Stepping into his office, he let out a yelp when he saw Y/N sitting in one of the chairs in his office. When her eyes met his, he could see her cheeks blush over and he held tightly onto the towel around his waist.

“Fuck, I didn’t think you’d be here so early,” Negan could see her eyeing him over and he let out an uncomfortable laugh. Negan moved over toward the other side of the office and reached for his bag. He tried to avoid eye contact with her because this situation felt a little uncomfortable as it was. “Don’t you have a class right now?”

“It was a chem test where Professor Sanchez let us leave when we were done,” Negan looked over his shoulder to see that she was looking him over closely and he felt a chill fill his body. It was clear that she was gawking at his toned body and the idea of it should not have excited him as much as it did. “You weren’t here so I just took a seat and…”

“And now we’re in this odd situation here, huh?” Negan laughed, rising up to see that her eyes were still looking over his bare chest and he snapped his fingers trying to get her attention. When he did that, her eyes looked up to meet his beautiful hazel eyes and he could see that smirk that pressed in over her features. She wasn’t hiding or embarrassed that she was very clearly checking him out and he felt uncomfortable to a degree, but there was still that side of him that was kind of charmed and turned on by the idea. When the jolt of interest filled his body, he tried to look down and away to get his mind off of his naughty thoughts. “I need to go get dressed, so stay right here and don’t move. Okay?”

She nodded and smiled before he quickly moved out of the room and went into the locker rooms. He was hoping that she was actually going to listen to him because at this point he didn’t need her seeing him buck ass naked. Especially since she had been so clearly checking him out. It was the only time he had seen her act like that and she didn’t even seem like the type at first that would be interested in him like that, but now that he knew she was…

“Snap out of it Negan, fuck…” he shook his head and cussed to himself when he dropped the towel and quickly reached for his boxer briefs. Pulling them on as fast as he possibly could, he adjusted the hemline of the underwear before quickly getting the rest of his clothes on. Just in case, he would look over his shoulder every few seconds to make sure he was alone. The last thing he needed was a student going around telling people about what happened. Moving back into his office, he could see that she seemed more relaxed as he came into the office and dropped his bag back into the corner of the room. “Listen about that…”

“About what?” she chuckled when she saw how nervous he was acting about her seeing him in his towel. “That I surprised you because I got out of class early and you came in here in a towel? It’s not like you came in here planning on being in next to nothing in front of me.  Is that really something you think is worth telling others?”

“Well, shit. Yeah,” Negan dropped down in his desk chair and could see her shrug her shoulders and she pushed her hair over her shoulder. “If the principal heard about it, my ass would be in trouble for that.”

“As opposed to you swearing at us?” she laughed again and Negan let out a long breath when he realized that she was just teasing him. “Listen, we all like you here. We wouldn’t want you in trouble. You are the only person that is very nice to me here and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I’d never do or say anything to hurt your job here. Plus, I really don’t have many friends to go and tell. None that would be interested in hearing about this anyway. I’m not a gossip.”

“Alright,” Negan sighed and could see that she was barely even fazed by the situation. Her calmness had helped him relax himself and he leaned further back into his chair. The sensation of his heart pounding inside of his chest was still felt and he let out another loud breath. “Now about earlier…”

Y/N’s eyes rose to meet his gaze and he could see that her playful, teasing features were no longer there when he brought that up. Negan shrugged his shoulders and thought about how to bring it up.

“I’m assuming it is your father that did it to you if you don’t have a boyfriend,” Negan muttered watching the way that her eyebrows clenched together and he folded his arms out in front of his chest. “I’ve seen the way he acts at the games when he’s there. He’s very fucking aggressive and he’s kind of an asshole.”

“Coach…” she began and Negan tossed his hands up to interrupt her.

“Just call me Negan at this point. During the games, call me coach. When it’s just the two of us, call me Negan,” he suggested and she took in a sharp breath before nodding. Negan moved up from the chair and around the desk to stare out at her. “Just tell me what’s going on.”

“You’re a very perceptive person, but if you bring this to the principal’s attention and my dad gets called in, I’m going to be a lot more trouble than I am now. This bruise, this will be nothing if you get involved with the situation,” she informed him, her words coming out in a worried tone and her sentences broken up by her thoughts. “I realize that you mean well, but my father is not someone who would take kindly to me opening up to a teacher about this. I should have known better than to wear a t-shirt today, I just didn’t have anything else in my gym bag.”

“You can talk to me about anything Y/N,” Negan promised, reaching out to place his hand over her shoulder to squeeze it in his firm grip. “I’m your PE teacher and I’m your coach, but that doesn’t mean I’m not your fucking friend. You know? I want you guys here to feel comfortable talking with me about anything. I think I’ve made that pretty fucking clear here. Just ask the boys. They tell me way too fucking much and I still listen.”

“Yeah, but your father being abusive at home isn’t really the first thing people are excited to talk about with someone,” she pointed out with a sarcastic laugh and he could tell that she was still very uncomfortable with talking to him about everything. “With everything that goes on at work, he is just very stressed and he’s like this with all of us at home.”

“And your mother is okay with it?” Negan’s brow arched and he could see her move uncomfortably before him. “Listen, anything you talk about here with me today is not going to be said anywhere else. It’s between the two of us. That’s it. I fucking swear.”

“My mother thinks that my father is a good person. She thinks that by saying nothing, it’s avoiding conflict. She’s head over heels in love with my dad and can’t see what an asshole he actually is,” she answered, her voice sounding a bit angry as she thought about her family and how they were. “My father is a jerk. My mother is a decent person, but blinded by my father and the way he is. It’s easier for her to look beyond the bad things that he does because she hopes one day that all this putting up with him will lead to something better. That one day he will just wake up and be a changed man. We both know how stupid that sounds…”

“It’s moronic,” Negan blurt out a laugh escaped her lips before tossing her hands up. “Does he do this a lot?”

“It happens often,” she nodded and went silence. She shifted uneasily as he took a seat before her on the edge of his desk. “I don’t know what to tell you Negan. My dad is just an asshole.”

“How old are you?” Negan questioned and he could see her head tilt, her eyebrow perking up when he asked it.

“I’m eighteen,” she answered with a confused expression.

“Do you have a job?” Negan stammered and she shook her head. She still seemed lost and he sighed heavily. “You are almost out of school, you are eighteen. You don’t have to be there anymore. Fuck, if you get a job and save up some money, you could get out of there faster. Get yourself a place of your own.”

“Yeah, but there is the rest of my family,” she began and Negan tossed his hands up to get her to stop.

“You aren’t the person that has to take care of them. You have to think about yourself and your future. Your mother knows what your father is and she is accepting of that. It’s not your fucking duty to protect them or watch over them,” Negan insisted feeling disgusted with the way that her family had raised her to believe that she had to be there to take the pressure and the hate from her father. “Listen, give me your phone.”

“Why?” she stammered as Negan snapped his fingers in a demanding fashion and she pulled her cell phone from her pocket before handing it over to him. She seemed uneasy as he did something on her phone and when he handed it back to her she could see that he put his number in for her. “What’s this?”

“It’s my personal number and if your father is being an asshole. Call me and I will come pick you up and get you away from it,” Negan offered and he could see the expression that was over her face changing. She seemed shocked and both of her eyebrows perked up when a smile pressed in over his lips. “Plus, a friend of mine owns a restaurant. If you want a job, I can get him to get you in there easily. That’s if you want it of course.”

“Why are you doing this?” she seemed confused and Negan bit into his bottom lip as he reached out to squeeze her shoulder in his hand firmly again. “I don’t understand, there is no reason for you to do this for me.”

“I know what it’s like,” Negan spoke up with a shrug of his shoulders and he didn’t know what else to say. He sucked down on his bottom lip as he thought of a way to tell her why he was being this way and his dimples sucked in as he thought. “I had an abusive father growing up too. I don’t want to see someone I care about having to go through that too. Having to be forced to be with him when you have so much potential in life.”

“Is that what happened to you?” she arched her brow in response making him let out a hesitant laugh and shake his head. “I’m only wondering. I see how you play when you are here early and hitting some of the balls. You are awesome and it’s clear that you are a fantastic baseball player.”

“We’ll save that for another day,” Negan stood from his desk and she stood before him. Negan felt a breath catch in his throat when he realized that there was a small distance between the two of them. “Just know that I’m here for you when you need someone.”

“Thank you,” she moved forward, surprising him with a hug and he let out a tight breath at first knowing that he shouldn’t have been displaying this kind of affection toward one of his students. Her hug was tight and he carefully wrapped his arms around her, feeling her head resting against the center of his chest. “No one has really taken the time to care about me. So this means a lot to me.”

“It’s no problem, really…” Negan assured her, feeling her pull back slightly to stare up at him and he gave her a wink. A shocked breath escaped his lips when he felt her quickly moving in to press a kiss over his lips and he quickly reached up to grab a hold of her shoulders to carefully push her back. “Y/N, I can’t…fuck…”

“I am so sorry,” she apologized as he moved away from her and he moved toward the opposite end of the room toward the door. She let out a heavy breath as Negan raised his hands up to tug at his wet hair and she shook her head. Negan seemed irritated and frustrated and it wasn’t at all the way that she thought he would respond to her kissing him. “Negan, I just thought…I was reading the situation wrong. I am so sorry.”

“No, it’s my fucking fault for letting you think that there was something more going on here,” he could feel a chill running throughout his body. His chest was rising and falling heavily as he cussed to himself. His body was getting too affected by her just doing that. Looking over his shoulder, he could see her beautiful eyes staring out at him and he could tell that she was upset with herself for even attempting it. “Listen, this can’t…we can’t…”

“No, I totally get it. That was my fault,” she assured him, letting out uncomfortable breaths and Negan watched her biting into her bottom lip. “First of all it is inappropriate; second…I’m totally not your type. I mean you are so good looking and I’m just…”

“Don’t sell yourself short, you are super fucking hot and…” Negan winced when he let his mouth run before thinking things over. Stomping his foot, he cussed to himself and leaned back on his heels letting out a small laugh. “Wow, this really went fucking bad, didn’t it?”

“It’s nothing Negan, you don’t have to try and make me feel better,” she slurred, her brows tensing as she spoke up again. “I realize that I took a situation and blew it out of the water so badly and…I’m so very sorry.”

Negan didn’t know how to respond seeing her lowering her head to look down toward the ground and he sighed heavily. Boldly stepping forward, he reached out to cup her face in his large hands and pulled her gaze up into his eyes.

“Fuck it,” Negan pressed forward and roughly pressed his lips against hers. He knew that he would be mad at himself later; he knew what he was doing was wrong, but his body wanted it. Everything inside of him wanted it as he felt her hands reaching up to press in over his firm chest. A whimper escaped her lips when he nipped at her bottom lip and tugged on it softly with his teeth.

“Negan,” she gasped when he pulled her in closer to him, allowing her body to mesh up against his. Negan could feel her trembling in his arms and her lips parting allowing him to press his tongue into her mouth to flick it softly against hers. Moving forward, he watched her stumble backwards as she fell back onto the leather couch that he had on the side wall of his office. Carefully moving in over her, he could feel her arms hooking around his shoulders and he moved in to kiss her again. This kiss was more desperate and sloppy as held her closer to him.

The tugging of her fingertips throughout his hair made him let out a groan against her mouth and he slid his palm down her side before sliding it in over her hip. He forcefully pulled it up to urge it around his hip before his hand reached down to cup softly at her bottom.

“You are seriously eighteen?” he slurred against her mouth, feeling her tongue sliding out over his bottom lip and she let out a tight laugh. “I really need to know this shit.”

“A few months ago I turned it, yeah,” she assured him, urging him back to kiss her and he growled out when he felt her nails biting into his shoulder through the thin material of the shirt that he was wearing. Softly gyrating his hips forward, he could hear her let out a nervous breath and she pulled away to lower her head to look down at the movements.

“Everything okay?” Negan grunted, watching her nod before she eagerly pulled him in closer to her. Their lips hammered back together and he swiftly forced his tongue back into her mouth causing a moan to vibrate against his tongue. A laugh fell from his lips when he went to move away only to feel her desperately pulling him back to kiss her again. Her hands slid down the long planes of his back before reaching the bottom of his shirt. She pushed her hands up underneath the material and caressed over the warmth of his lower back before lowering her touch to grasp at his firm bottom in her hands. The sound of the bell going off filled the air and he felt something going off inside of him that reminded him all over again of what he was doing. Pulling away from her, he sat up on the couch and could feel his body shaking. She made a confused sound when he lowered his head into his hands and let out an angered growl. “This isn’t right.”

“Negan…” she slid up on his couch, reaching out to try and touch him, but he wouldn’t let her. She could see his body was trembling, his breathing was heavy enough for her to hear and she felt confused. “It’s okay…”

“No. I feel like I’m fucking taking advantage of this situation. You are here telling me about your family and you’re going to think the only reason I was being nice to you was because of this…” Negan stammered and she heard him let out a slew of curse words and she sat up straighter on the couch. “If I wasn’t your teacher…”

“I won’t tell anyone, it’s okay…” she assured him and he looked to her with his hazel eyes, trying to read something behind her eyes. “I really like you Negan. I have for a while and I understand if you don’t like me like that, but I wouldn’t do something to hurt your job nor would I tell anyone about this. You aren’t taking advantage of me. I kind of feel like I pressured you into this by making you feel bad for me.”

“No, no you fucking didn’t. That’s why this is so damn wrong,” Negan felt his hands shaking as he saw her reach up to slide her thumb over her bottom lip, tracing over the dampness that was left there from their kisses. “I’ve been your coach for a while and…”

“I’m an adult Negan,” she pointed out and he felt the lump in his throat growing as he stared out at her, watching her sliding in closer to him on the couch. Her hand reached out to grab a hold of his, hooking her fingers with his and his eyes instantly fell to her lips again. “It’s really okay.”

There was a silence between the two of them as she reached out with her other hand to caress over the side of his jawline, teasing her fingers over his stubble covered face. Gulping down heavily, Negan leaned in to her touch and felt her pressing in closer to him. The soft sensation of her lips pressing in over his made a small groan escape his lips when her tongue flicked out in against his bottom lip. A growl escaped his lips when her fingertips clung to his dark hair and tugged firmly on it.  

“Yo Negan,” a voice called out, causing Negan to shoot up from couch and across the room as the wood working teacher moved into the locker rooms.

“Simon,” Negan sighed heavily, looking to his friend entering the room and he let out a nervous laugh. When Simon spotted Y/N sitting on the couch, he raised his hand up to wave and she smiled. Clearly the two knew each other and Negan huffed heavily. “What can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to see if you wanted to head out to get a beer after class. Been a busy day and I’m stressed as shit. A few of the other guys were planning on coming too,” Simon moved into the office and took a seat next to Y/N. Simon reached out to pat her on the leg before smiling brightly. “How’s it going kiddo?”

“Just having a conversation with Coach here about the upcoming tryouts,” she lied and Negan let out a thankful breath. Negan smoothed his hair back down, watching the two having a full blown conversation in front of him. Y/N was acting as if nothing was happening between the two of them and Negan was surprised how calm she actually was.

“So about that drink, if you give me about five, I’ll meet you in the parking lot and we can head out,” Negan suggested, breaking up the conversation between the two of them. Simon stood up from the couch and nodded before saying goodbye to her. Negan gave her a glare and she shrugged, moving up from the couch before smoothing her shirt down her body. “You on the good side of all the teachers here?”

“I’m a good student Negan, do you think I’m only good in PE?” she teased, moving forward to press her fingers over his lower abdomen and he looked to the door uncomfortably. “Simon stepped in for you when you couldn’t make it to practice for softball sometimes. You know that. We’ve talked about his family and what not. You have nothing to worry about, he’s not in here.”

“I get that, but…let’s just give this a day for me to think about things, okay?” Negan begged and could see her frown before nodding slowly and he bit into his bottom lip. “Please, just…don’t tell anyone about this. I’m pleading with you here.”

“Negan, I swear,” she reached for her book bag that she had set next to his desk when she first had gotten there. “I promise, not a single word will leave my mouth about this.”

“The buses are probably gone, do you have a ride?” Negan sighed, seeing her nod and he tilted his head to the side to give her a shifty look.

“I have a friend that drives here. Told them that I had a meeting with one of the teachers and I’d be a bit late,” she informed him and he nodded watching her moving across the room to leave. “I don’t know what will come from this, but if nothing does…I really do appreciate all you have done for me Negan.”

Negan watched her smile at him and he could feel his heart hammering inside of his chest. She went to leave the office and he stepped forward quickly to grab a tight hold of her hand. Yanking her back, he pressed her up against the wall roughly and heard her gasp. Pressing forward, his lips moved in over hers and he kissed her once more, suctioning softly over her lips with the kiss. Parting, he rest his forehead against hers—his breathing heavy while he felt her caressing over his shoulders.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he breathed out and she nodded, sliding out from his grasp to leave him in the office alone and his body felt like it was on fire. What the hell was he getting himself into?