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Big City Nights

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It was a dark and chilly evening in Paris. The windows had been blanketed in a thin layer of frost for the entire duration of the day, citygoers walked the many sidewalks and avenues in big coats and scarves, and even the bright glare of the sun peeking out through dark clouds had hardly done anything to alleviate the cold of late winter. February was a cruel month, indeed.


Thomas and Guy-Man had been chatting on the couch for a while in their little penthouse, with the TV off and the fireplace lit. It created a very cozy atmosphere that made them feel relaxed and safe, shielding their metallic bodies from the biting chill of the wind outside, even if it didn't affect them as much as it did humans. Soft jazz music was playing from their personal record player that sat across from them on their coffee table, additionally setting the mood for a night indoors.


During a lull in the conversation, Thomas leaned his head back and dimmed his optic sensors, taking a moment to bask in the soft music and the comforting weight of Guy-Man nestled against his side. He had needed this. Frankly, they had needed this. Their lives had gotten pretty busy lately in preparation for their debut at the 2017 Grammy's with Abel, and they had hardly had any time to spend with each other; of course, other than brief phone calls before or after meetings, during their short rehearsals, and when they both powered off for the night. But now, their busy days were, for the moment, completely over, and the two could finally enjoy a wonderful evening in together.


The soothing motion of Guy-Man's thumb slowly moving up and down the length of his own pulled him from his thoughts. "You are very cuddly tonight, mon chérie." 


Guy-Man laughed softly. "I just missed you, that's all."


Thomas hummed and wrapped his free arm around the other's waist. "I missed you just as much, if not more."


"I wish we could talk like this more often, like we used to." Guy-Man murmured, scooting upwards so his head was propped up in the crook of Thomas's neck. "Our lives have been so, so busy."


"Not as busy as others', I might add."


"Yes, but do you remember the last time we sat down and had a proper talk?"


"I believe that was two months ago."


"That is why."


Thomas gave a little chuckle and nuzzled his lover's helmet in affection. He really couldn't help to admit that he also had sorely missed not just his husband, but their pleasant chats. Guy-Man's other arm came and wrapped around Thomas's neck, gold-plated fingers smoothing out the wrinkles in his dress shirt collar to then reach up and cup the side of his helmet. Thomas was about to say something in reply before Guy-Man let out a low whisper right into Thomas's auditory sensors that immediately derailed his train of thought.


"Tonight has been perfect, but do you know what would make it even better?"


Thomas's fingers tightened their hold on Guy-Man's shoulder. He slowly tilted his head down to look at the gold bot in his arms. He could recognize that mischievous and seductive tone anywhere, even while his partner looked to be as calmly and innocently as ever, sitting halfway across his lap. His visor dimly flashed red as he thought about what Guy-Man was insinuating. It had been a long time since they had been intimate like this...


"And what is that?" Thomas asked a bit nervously.


Before Thomas had the time to even process what was happening, Guy-Man suddenly swung himself over a bit and fully onto the other's lap, his hands quickly ridding himself of his tie that he was still wearing from the day and immediately getting to work on Thomas'. His hands dropped to Guy-Man's hips in surprise, gripping tightly. Guy-Man seemed to like that reaction, seeing as a pleased purr rumbled from his speakers and a big red heart appeared on his visor.


"A-ah, I see..." Thomas' voice box managed to stutter out after he had gotten over the momentary shock, hidden gaze beginning to appreciatively take in the prone yet dominating form in his lap, the flickering orange light of the fireplace accentuating the curves of Guy-Man's body. Guy-Man was practically on display for him at the moment, even right after such a sweet and romantic and perfectly chaste moment between the two of them. Merde. If Thomas had a throat, he would have swallowed out of his building excitement.


Guy-Man finally managed to tear off his tie and threw it onto the floor near the couch, where Thomas' lay abandoned. He then glanced up at the other and threw his arms around his neck, snuggling into the crook of his neck and almost flush with his audio receptor. "Maintenant, donnes-moi ton amour, Thomas..."


The silver bot sighed in mock resignation. It is true that the stars finally seem to have aligned in this way after so long, Thomas thought, slipping his hands onto the small of his eager husband's back and pulling him even closer. Might as well make the most of it.