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Seras Price

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I shuffled into the tavern, head down trying to keep my anonymity.

"Inquisitor". I heard called from around the room, smiles, friendly faces all happy to see me.

"Shit". I hissed.

"Hey boss..." Bull called, "you look worried". He hesitated."should I be worried? I mean if your worried..." he looked concerned.

"No" I sighed slumping next to him in a chair, "I'm on my way to see Sera, about.."

Laughter burst from him, he startled me, I jumped. "The bet!" He roared, "oh boss... this will be good. You remember what she did to you last time..." he chuckled. "You know boss, you really should stop competing with her, she actually really good with a bow, you haven't beaten her yet, and how long has this been going on?"

I looked down at my hands curled in my lap. "A while". He had no idea, it had been going on longer than he knew, it started as a silly bet, who's better at this or that, and she was very skilled at lots of things, I had beaten her a few times but she mostly prevailed, my problem wasn't losing the bet, it was the consequences, the price she imposed for my losses.

It had started relatively tame, a few pranks on my inner circle, a few risqué letters with smutty implications a little bit of voyeurism, spying. But the last bet I had won and my punishment for Sera had been to seduce someone here in Skyhold, I thought she'd refuse but she hadn't and she made sure I'd caught her and Josephine in a very compromising position. Josephine still couldn't look at me without blushing and it had been over a month.



"I said, what do you think she has planned?"

"I don't know Bull, but..." I trailed off. I did know and it bothered me. A lot. She was very tit for tat, and I was the Inquisitor I couldn't be seen slutting around Skyhold. I mean don't get me wrong the men here were... I licked my lips, especially, no, I tried to think of something else.

Bull laughed again, "can't be that bad, she wouldn't put you at risk".

"Wouldn't she?" I questioned standing and heading for the stairs. Could I really trust the infamous Red Jenny with her wicked sense of humour and need I say it, penchant for revenge.

I stood outside her door thankfully it was closed. I considered leaving and turned to go, took a step and turned back to her door. "Shit" I murmured under my breath.

"Gonna stand out there all day Quizzy, contemplating your life choices and all that?" She called.

"Shit...". The anchor flared, a warm magical glow shot up my arm, not entirely unpleasant, it didn't hurt anymore thank the Maker. I shook my hand trying to calm it. "Ugh...".

"Don't come in if that things going crazy, I don't want any bloody demons in here".

I let out a breath, I didn't realise I'd been holding it and pushed open the door. The look of glee on her face was unbearable. I slumped on her couch.

"Ok.. so... I was thinking, yeah, that we need to take it up a notch? I mean everyone's getting wise to our pranks...? And your idea with Josephine..." I closed my eyes and tried to sink into the pillows further.

"It wasn't with Josephine specifically..." I weakly retorted.

She continued, "well good one, yeah, it was actually fun, so for you...something fun too, something you wouldn't do on your own, yeah. What about Dorian? Maker knows you could use the release"

"What!" I shouted a bit too loud. I bit my lip a bit too hard and rubbed my mouth.

"Well you like him, yeah?"

"Ahhh....yes, but I'm the Inquisitor and I can't just do that and" my brain frantically searched for ANY excuse"... you know he likes men right? Exclusively men?"

She looked at me wide eyed, like a revelation had just hit her, "oh, well that explains a lot" but her mouth formed a wicked smirk. "Doesn't matter, your a talented woman, my punishment stands". Unless you want me to just tell everyone about know". She winked.

I did know and no I didn't, she could just keep her mouth shut.

"Well up to you Quizzy"

"You blackmailing bitc..." she cut me off.

"Now, now Quizzy, you know the price. If you can't take to heat get out of the kitchen."

"Fine, but Dorian? Really?"

"Yep, he's hot and if he really is gay..."

"He is"

"He just may throw you a bone" she cackled gleefully at her own joke "and you won't have to worry about any future entanglements."

"How long do I have?"

"A week, I'm sure you'll charm the pants right off him" Maker she looked so pleased with herself I wanted to punch that smirk right off her face. I got up opening the door heading for the stairs.

"I'll need proof" she called.

"Shit...". I hissed. Storming for the door. I practically ran from the tavern.

"Boss?" I heard Bull laugh, "must have been a good one..."

I was finally outside. Maker how do I get myself into these things? And Dorian, shit, shit, shittity, shit. I headed for my quarters I had no idea of what to do.

I wasn't with anyone so that wasn't really a problem but I was the Inquisitor, I'd helped Dorian reconcile with his family, his father at least, which is when he told me. It didn't bother me, I'd kind of had already guessed but we had grown closer over these last few months, two misfits in the Inquisition. There were already rumours flying about us. I had no idea how to even approach it with him.

It was getting late, I was hungry. I got up from my desk and walked to the dining hall. I sat by Varric, he always had a story. I could listen and forget my problems, for a moment anyhow. I ate while he retold a tale of the Hero of Ferelden.

"I bet she never lost a bet" I mumbled.

Varric smiled, "you'd be surprised Inquisitor, everybody loses sometimes".

I scoffed. My eyes searching the tables. There he was, sitting by Cullen, they played chess on a regular basis I believed. Leliana told me it helped the Commander relax, and boy did he need that he was wound like a spring, talk about someone needing a release. I was unknowingly licking my lips.

"See something you like, Inquisitor?" Varric followed my gaze. "Surely not Curly?" He questioned.

"What?" I blushed. Maker get it together.

"Dorian?" He questioned. "You know he's..."

"Yes Varric, I know" I spat "can we please talk about something else."

"So it is Curly..." he chuckled.

Thankfully I'd eaten enough. "Ok well, this was great," I stated sarcastically, "goodnight Varric". I got up to leave.

"Sleep well Inquisitor". He smiled. I returned to my chambers, I'd go and see Dorian in the morning and shit, why couldn't I get the suggestion of Cullen out of my head.

I tried to sleep, woke early still tired washed, dressed and headed out grabbing an apple from the bowl on my desk.

I'd blocked my feelings out so far, never even thinking of anything but the breach, defeating Corypheus. I was here for the cause for the Inquisition, they'd made their Inquisitor, for Andrastes sake, I couldn't allow personal feelings to get in the way but Sera may have a point about getting some sort of release. Maker help me I thought, as I walked up the library steps.