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The Fox and the Moon

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“Kogit-sunemaru!” Mikazuki cried as he pulled on the neck of his passionate lover. He burrowed his head into the fox’s shoulder while Kogitsunemaru continued to bury deeper within him. Face flushed, burning beneath intense heat, Mikazuki gasped as Kogitsunemaru would thrust forward in his animalistic fervor. He clung to his lover and could not help but rake his nails across Kogitsunemaru’s scarred back.

“Careful,” he hissed into Mikazuki’s ear.

“I’m sorry,” he breathed in response while taking hold of the back of Kogitsunemaru’s lush head, pulling him even deeper into the heated embrace. And at yet another advance, he gasped again, completely overwhelmed by his intensity.

“Kogi-” he said again, but cut himself off as he felt the heat within his erection spill out over his own stomach. He moaned in pleasure at the release, however had little time of mitigation for his own orgasm only made the animal above him move faster.

Mikazuki trembled beneath Kogitsunemaru. He held to him tightly, absorbing the fervent energy dripping from his powerful body. Mikazuki was without a doubt strong as well, but the burning passion that emanated from deep within the fox-like tachi amazed Mikazuki every time they slept together. His intensity was astounding, nearly dominating. However, never did he force Mikazuki into anything unreasonable or anything against his wishes. This was one of the many things Mikazuki adored about his lover; powerful yet gentle.

“Mika-” Kogitsunemaru began to say. “Mikazuki we forgot-” and just as he began to speak, he let out his own grunt and spilled his seed within Mikazuki. At the same time Mikazuki fought to catch his own breath, feeling the warm liquid pooling within.

Without any hesitation Kogitsunemaru removed himself from Mikazuki.

All of a sudden everything went still. The amourous calefaction plummeted and everything began to cool. The fit of passion vanished and all that was left were the two tachi, the bedsheets, and each other’s heavy panting.

Kogitsunemaru straightened his arms far enough to be able to look into the eyes of his beloved. His hair draped messily down his shoulders as he watched the sweat drip down his suitor’s face. He gazed into his moonlit irises.

“Mikazuki… I’m so sorry.” His red eyes plagued with guilt. “I’m sorry, I totally forgot-”

“It’s quite alright,” he replied tiredly while taking a hand and rubbing Kogitsunemaru’s face. “I forgot too.”

“No,” he shook his head. “Every time we promised to protect ourselves. But I was so hasty I ruined it all.”

Mikazuki hushed him quiet and gave him a soft smile. “Don’t worry so much.”

“‘Don’t worry?’”

“What’s the worst that can happen?” Mikazuki rhetorically inquired. “We already know we are safe for one another, Yagen told us so. Unless you’ve slept with someone else-”

“No. Of course not,” he truthfully answered.

“Then the only problem we have is trying to explain this mess to Kasen.”

Kogitsunemaru stopped for a mere second and gave out a small laugh. He went back down to give a tender embrace to his companion along with a soft kiss to his neck. “What did I ever do to deserve somebody as wonderful as you?”

The tachi took in the embrace and began to rub behind the fox’s plush ears. It was something he knew he loved, and although he would refuse to admit it, a rub behind the ears made Kogitsunemaru melt and practically become putty within Mikazuki’s hands. His whole air softened and begged for Mikazuki to do more with him. Soon the rubs became strokes through his long, velvety hair. He practically softened on top of Mikazuki’s form and cuddled into him, relishing the gentle caresses.

“Want to do it again?” Mika hummed.

The warm exhalation on his ear shook Kogitsunemaru to his core. It almost felt like a tease. He felt his heart throb once more, and once again he hovered over him, now looking at him in disbelief.

“Mikazuki… Are you sure?”

His glowing moonlit eyes now beheld this blissful ardor; a billowing passion he only wished to give to his partner. His look said it all. “I wouldn’t lie to you.”

With a newfound purpose, Kogitsunemaru sat up on his lover’s lap and began to prepare himself to do it for a second time. “This time I’ll put on the-”

“No need,” Mikazuki insisted. “It was quite enjoyable without it.”

Looking with ultimate surprise at his beloved partner, he felt this staggering appreciation and love for the ever mesmerizing Mikazuki Munechika. Without any hesitation, he lowered again and delicately whispered something into his ear: “I cannot believe how hard I have fallen for you.”

Then with full force Mikazuki pulled Kogitsunemaru into a raucous kiss. And just as Kogitsunemaru began to rub between his lover’s thighs, Mikazuki’s legs already wrapped around his hips again, and the feverish passion rose between the two of them once more. Bare, loving, and uncontrollable passion.