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The return of the Knucklehead

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Konohamaru-sensei was sleeping on the tree above Boruto. As for his teammates, they already left. Mitsuki bluntly said he will be gone for a while to visit family, earning a weird stare from their teacher and Sarada left with her mother along with his mother and sister to cook a "Congratulation on surviving your half-year as genin" dinner.

Boruto had decided to stubbornly wait for someone he felt he shouldn't even bother. His old man is not going to give up his duty to visit his only son and its already too late to showcase some of his abilities like the rest of the genin had done earlier. This wasn't the first nor would be the last his old man would do this to him.

Maybe I just give it up now, Boruto crosses his arms and glares at the ground. He stood up to call up his team leader that he was leaving when he caught the sleeping man twitch. The blond haired boy growls and resisted the urge to look at the direction of the sudden gust of swirling leaves behind him.

"You're late again, old man. What, you got lost in the path of life too?" Boruto didn't even deemed to look at Naruto. He scowls when he looked where Konohamaru-Sensei was only to find he was already gone.


"Nope, not hearing it," the boy puts his hands in his pockets. He moved to dodge his father's bandaged hand, "Better not be a clone. Mom should already have dinner ready."

When the silence answered him, Boruto's hands clenched into fists, "Are you serious?!"

He turns to glare at the sheepish smile of the seventh Hokage of Konohagakuren, Naruto's shadow clone.

"I will be coming by in a couple of minutes, Boss needs to find the missing page for the new treaty with the Sunagakuren—"

"Gwah!" Boruto growls and throw a couple of shuriken at the clone.

The clone barely dodges a couple that was hair width away from exploding him, "Hey! Your aim has gotten better!"

"Liar, dattebasa!" he summons up a strong gust of wind, engulfing the kunai for extra speed, "Wind Release: Gale Palm!"

"Uh-oh," The clone's eyes widen and was popped.

Boruto rolled his eyes. Picking up some of his scattered equipment, Boruto mutters to himself, "Some Hokage, stupid old man."

Sai sat on top of the Hokage tower, staring at the setting sun over Konohagakure. The summer month has been long, yet the heat has not been a bother. His grip over his trusty pencil loosen once he finished the last touch of his latest work.

This could be a nice present for Inojin for how hard he worked on his missions and not coming back from my mission on time for his Genin Showcase of Skills demostration, Sai lightly blows on any eraser bits left over his page.

The ex-Root agent stands up to stretch, while lazily sensing all the people stationed in the building only to stop at the unfamiliar and yet familiar chakra signature. Sai quickly puts away his supplies in one of his storage scrolls. With just a whisper of a soft sigh, he slips into the Hokage tower. Only Iruka sensed him pass by before the former returned to finish cleaning up his desk of mission reports. The hallways were empty in exception to the usual ANBU making their rounds. Just as the strange signature slip from his sight around the corner, he was able to catch a glimpse of a mask of the ANBU. It was just Snake.

The relief only lasted a second, realizing he knows the ANBU rooster inside out and there has been no Snake ANBU. Sai quickly signals the ANBU and ran to his dawning horror that this hallway leads to the Hokage's office.

Shikamaru stepped out the Hokage office for a bit. He wanted a break from seeing the unnatural and familiar eyes he had not seen since the last Shinobi war of Naruto being determined to finish all his work to finally return home early. Naruto grumbles about the missing page of the treaty they were going to renew once Gaara comes by to visit.

Also, Shikamaru was on withdrawals from not smoking. Temari left a couple of days ago to visit her brother, but she would always know when he's smoking, either that or threatens his son to confess. He really didn't blame the boy, Temari is a force to be reckoned with. Still with his position and watching over Shikadai, their son, the work is too troublesome. He really wishes to know how the crazy woman does it.

Imagine his surprise to see a pack of ANBU rush pass him in barely controlled panic toward the place he just left. Sai signaled him about a possible assassination attempt on their Hokage. That it wasn't something he wanted to happen ever let alone on his watch.

He quickly mentally calculated if there were any recent threats that could possibly wanted a piece of the Hokage and cover up such a security breach. Unfortunately his thoughts were interrupted at they neared the barely closed door. An explosion went off, throwing everyone back.

Everyone quickly recovered, not caring if they were hurt, rushed in through the broken door and smoke.

"Hokage-sama!" "Seventh!" they shouted in deep fear, not hearing any fights through the still uncleared off smoke.

"I didn't do it, dattebayo!"

One of the ANBU quickly clear up the air and stared. There stood before them around the fluttering paper and sparking damaged wires was a young boy in what they knew their beloved Hokage was last seen wearing. The blond boy stare back at the army of ANBU, Sai and Shikamaru with wide blue eyes with his hands up in the air.

"Naruto…" Shikamaru growled, not comfortable by the looks of things. He can still feel lingering chakra use in the air and fears this is no illusion.

Naruto crosses his arms and squints at him, "Eh? Shikamaru's dad? I thought you had scars on your face?"

"Troublesome," Shikamaru makes a quick signal to the ANBU to check on the Hokage's family. Once he finished, he tries to look unthreatening as he could while eyeing the teenage Naruto, who now seem younger than half his current age, "Now what is the last thing you remember?"

Naruto open his mouth, but narrows his eyes in suspicion, "How do I know you aren't one of Pervert Sensei's tests? I ain't talking, dattebayo!"

Shikamaru froze before releasing a long breath, "I chose a really bad time not to smoke. Troublesome."