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Broken Pieces

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You're woken by the feeling of something hard making its way inside of you from behind, the same way you've been woken up every day for the past six months. You feel Sebastian's warm breath on your neck, and mentally prepare yourself to be taken by him yet again.

This man had ruined your life, yet here you are, allowing him to defile you in exchange for a place to stay.

He'd destroyed your already broken marriage, resulting in you being tossed out onto the streets. He'd found you again a few days later, and you'd let him have his way with you in exchange for money. You'd fallen unconscious just afterwards.

When you'd woken, you searched your pocket for the money he'd given you, only to find it gone, stolen by a street urchin presumably. In desperation, you'd gone to find Sebastian.

He'd taken you in, and fed you, but it came at a price; your body, to be precise. Sebastian had offered you food and shelter in exchange for a continuous string of sexual favours. You'd had no choice but to accept; what other options did you have?

From that day until now he's delighted in using you for his own pleasure, taking it upon himself you enter you whenever the mood takes him. You've grown quite used to spreading your legs on command, and sometimes you even get some kind of perverse pleasure from it. Hadn't you once hated your husband's lack of sexual interest in you? Now you were the sexual plaything of a man with a ravenous appetite for such things.

He finishes not long after you wake, spilling himself inside of you before pulling out. He rises from your bed to dress himself for the day ahead. You remain unmoving in the bed, mind only just starting to register than it was time to leave bed.

When he's finished dressing, he pulls the bedsheets away from your body, exposing you to the cold morning air. He gives your backside a hard slap, and the unexpected pain is enough to wake you. You turn over and sit up, facing Sebastian.

'My, you are a tired little thing today. You barely moved while I had my way with you just now. Have you grown so accustomed to my desires that they now fail to garner a response? Perhaps I shall have to alter our morning routine…' he moves over to you and starts toying with your breasts, his gloves creating a delightful friction against your nipples. You moan loudly, and he smirks before halting his actions.

'So I can still get a reaction out of you? Excellent. It shall make what I have planned for you tonight even better.' He walks away from you, heading for the door. Before he leaves, he turns to give you your instructions for the day. 'First, you are to head downstairs and eat breakfast with the servants. When that is done, return here and wash yourself from head to foot using the water and flannel I shall prove for you. You are then to dress in the outfit I have selected for you. When you are done, wait here until I see fit to collect you. Failure to comply will result in punishment, is that understood?' You nod, but that isn't good enough.

He stalks over to you, a menacing look in his eyes. He grabs your hair and forces you look at him. 'Is that understood?' You understand what he wants from you.

'Yes, Master.' You say, and that satisfies him enough to release you. He walks out of the door without looking back, leaving you panting heavily. You don't know why he insists on you calling him 'master', but you suspect it has something to do with his current position as butler. He's a man that needs to be dominant, yet his role forces him to be subservient. He needs to feel in control of you to assert his dominance over something. In this case, it's you.

Pulling on a nightdress, you make your way downstairs to have breakfast with the servants, just as Sebastian had instructed.

When you reach the small servant's dining area, you're surprised to see everyone is already up. Mey-Rin is the first to greet you.

'Alright, Miss? You're up late, considering what day it is…' you try to think of what she could be referring to, but then it hits you; Lady Elizabeth is arriving today, and is planning to host a huge party at the estate tonight. At first Lord Phantomhive had scoffed at the idea, until Sebastian had convinced him of the merits of such an event; there were plenty of nobles who'd give their right arms to attend a party at the Phantomhive Manor. The connections they could form this evening far outweighed the inconvenience of letting a strange group of people enter the manor.

'At least that explains why Sebastian has picked out my clothing for the day.' You think. Usually, he was content to let you dress as you wish, so long as it gave him easy access to you should he desire it. You have to fight back a blush as you sit down at the table. Yesterday, Sebastian had insisted on having you against one of the trees in the woods. He'd practically dragged you away from your conversation with Finny, citing an urgent need to discus something with you. By the time you made it back to the poor, unsuspecting gardener, you'd orgasmed twice and had rough scratches all down your back. Finny had looked a little concerned, but you'd played it off as an attack on the manor. There have been a lot of those lately…

Bard places some food in front of you; bacon and eggs. Standard breakfast fare at the manor. Mey-Rin is staring at you, expecting an answer to her question. You take a bite of food before answering. 'I'm quite well, thank you. I fear I simply overslept.' That answer seems to satisfy her.

'Well, best make sure to rest up more then. We don't want you to be taken ill. Sebastian would be right worried about you, yes he would.' You can't help but think that statement is a lie; you doubt Sebastian would care if you did get sick, so long as he could still stick himself inside you. It's a bleak thought, but you're sure it's the truth.

'Thanks for your concern, Mey-Rin. I appreciate the thought.' The woman blushes crimson, and you make quick work of your breakfast. When you're done, you hastily head back to the bedroom.

Upon arrival, you notice a washing basin filled with water. There's a small towel , underneath a flannel with a bar of soap on top of it. This is what Sebastian expects you to clean yourself with. Reluctantly, you submerge the flannel in the basin; the water is warm, something you weren't expecting. After covering the wet fabric in soap, you begin cleaning yourself, making sure to be especially thorough in places you know he'll inspect; between your legs, for example.

When you feel you've cleaned yourself as best you can, you towel off and look for the outfit Sebastian has provided for you.

Laid on the bed is a deep purple gown, with a neckline that does nothing to hide your cleavage from view. He's also left you a black corset and heels, but no sign of any underwear; he really must have something planned for you tonight.

You take a while dressing, the corset being difficult to affix properly by yourself. You do your best, and just pray that it's enough. You sit on the bed when you're done, awaiting Sebastian's arrival.


Evening is starting to set in by the time he comes for you; you've spent the whole time sitting on the bed, afraid of him finding you in any other position. He smirks at you.

'It seems that you can follow orders. What an obedient little whore you are…' he trails a single nail up from your cleavage to your chin, tipping it up so you're looking him in the eyes. 'Spread your legs for me, my dear. I have a surprise for you.' You have to collect the dress at your waist before you can do as he commands, but that doesn't bother him. You present yourself as instructed, curious about your 'surprise'. He pulls something long and clear out of his pocket; it appears to be some kind of phallus, made entirely from glass.

He inserts it into you slowly, watching your reactions. It isn't quite as thick as his cock, but it's still enough to make you gasp.

He smiles menacingly. 'Does that feel good? It took a great deal of effort to procure this, you know; no one in this realm makes them. I had to pay a rather substantial amount of money to have this made, especially for the little game I want to play with you tonight. You're to keep this inside of you all night. If it leaves your body for any other reason than me deciding to end our game, then I shall replace it immediately with something of mine I believe you are very well-acquainted with. I do not care who witnesses us rutting; if anything, I think an audience would make me even more excitable than usual. If you do manage to keep it inside of you, I shall wait until we return before I sully you. Doesn't that sound fun?' He twists the object inside of you slightly.

'Yes, master!' You cry out, trying not to become too wet; there's no way it'll stay inside of you if you're wet.

He forces you to stand, dress dropping back down to your feet. You feel your walks clamping against Sebastian's newest toy, and just hope they can keep it there.

You're escorted from the room into the ballroom, where a myriad of guests await you. Sebastian whispers in your ear. 'I have to attend to my Young Lord. You are to head back to your room at 10pm sharp, provided you've managed not to spoil the fun beforehand.' With that, he's gone.

You wander around the hall aimlessly, making idol conversation with a few of the guests. Most of them have nothing interesting to say, but you listen anyway. Well, you listen as best you can when all of your focus is elsewhere. Your mind is completely focused on not letting the glass object drop out of you; you know Sebastian's threat is more of a promise. You've no doubt that if you dropped the object now, he'd have you on your hands and knees in seconds, pounding into with furious efficiency.

With that in mind, you decide to skirt around the edges of the hall, trying to remain out of public view.

Your eyes travel across the hall, and accidentally land on Sebastian. He winks at you, and the surprise is almost enough to make you drop your concealed toy.

'This is going to be a long night.' You think to yourself.


At ten o'clock, you hurry off to your room with as much haste as you can muster. By some miracle, you've managed to complete Sebastian's little challenge; the glass phallus remains safely installed inside you.

You hurry inside the room, which you're surprised to see contains a lit candle. You stand in the centre of the room; Sebastian prefers you to stand and wait before he visits you for sexual favours.

You don't have to wait long; Sebastian arrives only moments after you do. His eyes scan you from head to toe.

'So, you actually managed it then? I'm surprised, I thought your channel would be too loose to hold it, given how often I abuse it. Alas, you have spared yourself the fate of a public punishment. For now, at least.' He smirks. 'Remove your dress.'

You slide it off of your body, stepping out of it before standing still again. He stalks towards you. 'Lean over the bed, so that your pretty rear is on display for me.' You walk over to the bed and do as he commands, having to keep your legs together to prevent the toy from falling.

He moves so he's standing behind you, removing his gloves before taking the glass object out of you. He presents it to you, sticking it just in front of your mouth. 'Clean.' He commands, and you obey, licking the false shaft clean. When he's satisfied, he takes it away and puts it somewhere in the room. You can hear him moving around behind you, but you don't know what he's doing. Suddenly, your vision is stripped from you, as he places a strip of cloth over your eyes. It's not he first time he's blindfolded you; in many ways, you prefer the darkness to having to see his face.

He then uses more cloth to gag you, which concerns you slightly; he only ever gags you when he fears you're going to be too loud. Heaven forbid you wake the Young Lord, after all.

Finally, you feel rope being wrapped around your wrists, binding your hands together tightly.

Sebastian moves away from you, and you can only assume he's admiring his handiwork. He kicks one of your legs, indicating that he wants you to spread them. You do, opening yourself out to him as wide as you can manage. He starts speaking.

'You really are a delightful sight, willing to obey my every whim in exchange for scraps of food and a few comforts. There are whores out there that have more freedom than you, yet you remain with me. Clearly, I have trained you to be an obedient bitch.' He smacks your ass and you jolt, bare clit bumping into the bed. You hear him chuckle, before he rips your corset in two, disposing of the pieces swiftly.

He kneels down so he can remove your shoes. As he does, he slides his tongue inside of you, lapping away at the juices he finds forming there. Your moans are muffled by the gag as he devours you, somehow managing to remove your shoes as he goes. He's eating you out so hungrily that you feel an orgasm brewing within mere moments of his teasing.

A few more swipes with his tongue sends you over the edge, helplessly screaming into the night. When you come down, he flips you over, dragging your body up the bed so all of you is on it. You feel him reach for something, before you sense him hovering over you.

There's a moment of pause, where the only sound that fills you room is your muffled breathing. That all changes when you feel something hot and wet dripping onto your stomach. You can only assume that's why he placed a candle in your room in the first place.

The hot wax burns away at your skin, and you cry out, caught between pain and pleasure. He's making some kind of mark on you; a pentagram maybe? No, an inverted pentagram. The same mark he has on his hand.

When he's done, your whole body is coated in a thin sheet of sweat; from fear or arousal, you can't tell.

Sebastian sounds pleased when he talks. 'There, now you look perfect. The wax will come off in due course, but the image I've created will forever be burned in my mind.' His words almost sound sweet, but you know it's his possessive nature talking; he'll remember you like this because you're marked as his.

He rakes his nails down your chest hard enough to draw blood in some places, and you find yourself screaming into the gag again. He's not usually so forceful or so kinky, so what's caused this change in attitude?

He begins tweaking your nipples. 'I suppose you're wondering why I've decided to treat you like this tonight. Usually I'm content just to take you, but tonight I need something more. I need to ensure that you'll never leave me. I'm going to mark you as mine tonight, inside and out. You make think I defiled and claimed you long before this night, but trust me, by the time I'm finished with you you'll not have a single scrap of innocence left in you. I would say I hope you're ready, but I know you are; you've been so accommodating so far, this really isn't going to be much more of a stretch. Now, spread those legs of yours again and let me show you what it means to become truly corrupted.' You do as requested, mind becoming totally fogged by lust. There's a part of you screaming that you shouldn't be doing this, that you should try to escape while you can. That part of you is quickly silenced as you hear Sebastian undressing.

The room suddenly grows cold. A shiver makes its way down your spine, as if it's anticipating something. You feel the bed dip on either side of your chest before you feel something long and hard ram itself into you.

You cry out; he feels larger than usual. It's a little uncomfortable, and you have to re-adjust your position in order to be able to take him properly. You're half expecting him to protest, but he doesn't. He remains seated inside of you, waiting for you to get comfortable. When you are, he begins moving.

He pounds into you forcefully, the bed underneath you creaking in protest. The lust fogging your mind slowly takes over your whole being, as you allow him to do anything and everything he wants to you.

Your knees are pinned down on either side of your body, somehow allowing him to enter you even deeper than before. The feeling is exquisite, and it triggers another orgasm, this one even stronger than the last.

The feeling of you finishing doesn't seem to affect him at all; his pace remains hard and fast, continuing to corrupt you. You feel something sharp graze over your left breast. At first you assume it's his nails, until it clamps down on you hard; it's his mouth.

The gag muffles yet another scream, only this time it's one of pleasure; the pain of his bite delights you in ways you don't understand.

You orgasm a third time, and he finally reaches his end, pumping his seed inside of you. At first you assume it'll only take time a few moments, as it usually does. However, his release shows no signs of abating, as he continues to flood your insides with his essence.

After a while, the strangest sensation fills you; it's as if what's currently being pumped into your womb is seeping into the rest of your body, corrupting you from the inside. The mark he made in wax suddenly starts to feel painful again, as if he's making it anew. The pain gets even worse after a few seconds, almost as if it's being burnt onto you skin, branding you as his.

As the feeling of corruption reaches your brain, a fourth orgasm is somehow triggered, so intense it makes you pass out. In your final moments of consciousness, all you can feel is Sebastian continuing to fill you, ensuring that when you wake, you won't be the same as you once were.

You chose to give yourself to him. He's chosen to accept you, and make you his own.