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A Man or An Angel?

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He knew something was wrong. For whatever reason, he was wandering alone in the wilderness. He had no clue where we was or even who he was. The only thing he knew for certain is that there was a river to his left and the woods his right. He didn’t think he was in any danger, so he moved to sit along the edge of the river. When he stepped on the grass near the river, he slipped and lost his balance, falling into the river. 

When he managed to climb out, he came face to face with a young woman. She looked at him wide-eyed, taking in his appearance. He didn’t know why she was so shocked. Then he looked down and noticed that while she was clothed to be hiking in the woods, he was not. In fact, he had no clothing on at all.

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay?” The woman was rushing to get a blanket out of her pack to wrap over him. As she placed it on his shoulders she asked, “what’s your name?"

He wasn’t entirely sure if he could speak, but he tried. “I do not know.”

“Oh! You poor thing! Come on, I have some spare clothes in my trunk.”

He was unsure if he should go with this woman. She seemed harmless enough. She didn’t immediately try to hurt him. He figured he would go with her, at least to obtain some clothing,

As they reached her car, she popped the trunk, rummaging around to find him clothes. He took the time to look over her car. It was modest, not at all flashy. She probably bought it at a reasonable price and really only needed to transport her from place to place. She shut the truck and walked over to him, clothes in her arms.

“They belonged to my ex.” She reach out, handing him sweatpants and a t-shirt.

“Thank you.” He threw the shirt over his shoulder and began putting the sweatpants on.

“So, do you know where you live? I can take you there.” She smiled at him. He noticed there was pity in her eyes.

“No. I do not, he paused to pull the shirt over his head. “Though, I am not sure I have a home.”

“Oh. Well then, you can come with me. And then we will figure out what to do next.” She gestured at him to get into the car and walked around to the driver’s side.

He opened the car door and sat inside. He noticed a cross swinging from the rearview mirror and moved forward to hold it in his hand.

She shut her door and noticed him holding the cross. “Do you believe in God?”

Something happened when she mentioned God, he felt a surge of energy in him. Then they both felt the car shake. He turned to look at her and seemed like there was light flaring behind his eyes. “God?”

She stared at him and then squinted as if trying to figure out what his story was. No matter how confused she appeared to be, she continued smiling at him. “Yes, God. Creator of all things. Can you remember if you were religious at all?”

He ran the word through his mind. God. He felt like it should sound familiar, but he couldn’t find any memory of know who this God was or anything to do with him. “No, I don’t believe so.” He paused, debating whether or not so confess his thoughts. He felt like he could trust this woman. “But – well, I feel like I should know of God.”

The woman smiled brightly at him. “I can teach you. I think I was meant to find you. I think,” she took his hand in her own, “I think God sent you to me.”

He looked at her and titled his head to the side. He was pretty sure no one sent him anywhere, but he couldn’t be sure. He would have to trust this stranger and hope that she could help him. He realized he didn’t know her name.

“Um, what is your name?” He just came out and asked her.

She smiled again. “Daphne. Daphne Allen.” She rested her hand on his knee in a comforting fashion and squeezed before turning to face forward and start the car. “Let’s go get you some actual clothes. Then we can go back to my house and get you cleaned up. Sound like a plan?”

“Yes. Sounds like a plan.”

They drove out of the wilderness and Daphne pulled onto the highway. He wasn’t tired but he rested his head on the window and closed his eyes. He drifted off to the sound of the engine and Daphne’s humming.