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Ne'er the Twain Shall Meet

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“You’re gonna be late,” Steve said with a purposeful rumble that he hoped would keep Tony exactly where he was: pinned to Steve’s bedroom wall, Steve’s thigh between Tony’s legs and his hands up Tony’s shirt, one of Tony’s knee hitched high on Steve’s hip, his throat bared to Steve’s mouth.

“No shit,” Tony replied with hot puff of a laugh against Steve’s ear. “So get off me -- ”

“Mmm.” Steve slid his hands down Tony’s stomach toward his belt. “I guess I can make it quick.” 

“That is not what I -- ” 

Tony cut himself off with a laugh as Steve lowered himself to his knees, unbuckledTony’s belt, and promptly smacked himself in the nose with the end of it. 

“Kinky,” Tony said. 

His eyes crinkled at the edges as he smiled down at Steve, crawled his fingers through Steve’s hair and massaged Steve’s ears, and Steve almost forgot was he was doing as he shut his eyes and let himself appreciate the miracle that was Tony’s hands on him. He gently freed Tony’s cock from his briefs and ran his tongue, broad and flat, up the underside, then flicked the tip of his tongue against the head. Moments like this -- together, vulnerable, intimate -- were of the precious few that he was acutely grateful to experience, when he felt in vivid technicolor instead of grayscale and gunmetal. Since the beginning, Tony had inspired Steve to feel again, and he hoped with every beat of his heart that he offered at least half of something as poignant and perfect to Tony as well. 

“Only for you,” Steve said, before wrapping his hand around the base of Tony’s cock and swallowing him down. 



Steve bit down on the sock in his mouth as the belt came down on his ass, lighter than he wanted but hard enough to still wrench a moan out of him. Kneeling behind him on the bed, Bucky slowly trailed the looped belt down Steve’s spine before giving him another lash, then followed up with a series of quick, sharp slaps with his bare hand. 

“Don’t know how many times I have to fucking tell you,” Bucky said with a loud final smack , “not to go picking fights by yourself.” 

Steve inhaled deeply through his nose and bowed his head. On his knees and elbows with his ass in the air, he couldn’t turn far enough to see Bucky, but he could hear him well enough when he huffed a sardonic laugh. 

“Is this you being contrite? We’ll see how long that lasts.” 

Bucky wrapped a hand around one of Steve’s ankles and pulled his foot straight up into the air, forcing Steve to turn onto his side. Steve instinctively straightened his other leg to ease the strain on his back, and Bucky was quick to sit on it, pinning Steve to the bed as he raised his free hand and lay another resounded slap to Steve’s ass. Steve inhaled sharply -- tried to swallow -- choked -- and spat out half the sock as he started to cough. Bucky reached across Steve to pull the sock free and tossed it off the bed, then gave Steve another slap. 

“Buck -- ” 

“One of these days, you’re gonna get your ass kicked beyond repair,” Bucky said. He grabbed hold of Steve’s ass and squeezed, then slapped him again. 

Ah -- no, I won’t,” Steve said with a satisfied smile. “You’ll be there.” 

Now Steve could see Bucky when he frowned, and something cold fell into the pit of Steve’s stomach even as Bucky slapped him again. 

“What if I’m not?” 

“You will be,” Steve said again. Bucky was switching hands to hold Steve’s foot up with his right and take hold of his cock with his left. “You always are.” 

Bucky snorted and started jerking Steve off, quick and brutal, not at all what Steve usually liked but exactly what he deserved. He knew he must have looked a mess -- he always did, especially next to Bucky -- gangly and blotchy and sweaty, but fuck if he cared, because Bucky had chosen him and Steve couldn’t imagine a lifetime without him even if he tried. He knew he’d do anything for Bucky, but like this, held open and vulnerable to no one else, Steve was sure he’d kill for Bucky, die for Bucky, live for Bucky. 

“You’re such a sap,” Bucky said. 

Steve rolled his hips into Bucky’s hand, just the way he knew Bucky liked. 

“Only for you,” Steve said.