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Becoming pt 2

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"I'm not sure how I feel about this."

Tommy Chang watched as the Slayer, her mother, and Spike, 'Spike!', walked inside the Slayers' home. As soon as the door closed, Tommy turned and ran as fast as his supernatural speed allowed. As he neared the mansion, Tommy could hear faint cries of pain.

A sickening crack echoed from behind a curtain drawn room.

"Sire!" Tommy burst into the room where Angelus was torturing the Watcher. The smell of blood caused Tommy to salivate.

Angelus glanced over his shoulder, casually polishing the blood off the rings of his fingers with a rag.

"I saw-I saw him."

"Who?" Angelus kept his back to him, staring at the now unconscious Watcher.


Anglus jerked his gaze back at the minion.

"He's healed! And that's not all."

Angelus' eyes narrowed to slits.

"He-he was with the Slayer." Tommy took a step back but Angelus already had him at the throat. "What did you say?," he hissed.

Tommy trembled and quickly explained, "He was allying with the Slayer against you. I was tracking the slayer when he came. He wants to stop you. He wants Drusilla back."

Angelus shoved his lacky away from him and stalked up to the second floor.

Angelus burst into Drusilla's room, who was sprawled on the ground, staring at the ceiling.

He leaned against the door jab, anger crackling around him like black lightening. "Dru dear, did you see it coming?"

Drusilla turned her head to him, eyes wide and luminescent, "See what?"

Angelus smirked and sunk to the floor, crawling to her in a mock show of submission. Drusilla watched him curiously. Fearfully. Angelus settled his body over hers. He licked her ear and hissed, "Your boy is with the Slayer. He wants to stop us."

Dru's eyes widened in surprise and she vamped out "No!"
Angelus grabbed a fistful of her hair, vamped out himself and roared into Drusilla's face, "How did you not see that one coming, huh? What good are you if you can't see what's happening under our own fucking noses!"

Drusilla roared, from pain and fear. "No! No Daddy no! I did not see, I was not shown! They did not show me!," she whimpered.

Angelus rolled his amber eyes and sighed, "I suppose it's not all your fault. Spike has always been all balls and no brains." He leapt up and gentlemanly held out his hand to bring Dru to her feet.

"But this situation could be fun. How should we punish our meddling lovers?" Angelus asked silkily as he pulled Drusilla towards him.

Drusilla grinned maniacally.