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The Basement

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I’m halfway through my book when I hear her start squirming: the slack chain connected to her wrists clinks. I put the book down, adjust the semi in my pants, and get up to greet her.


“Hello, Barb,” I say, crouching down beside her head. Barb jerks back with a squeal, then winces and rolls off the metal grate onto cold tiles. She stares up in confusion, still too lost to be as terrified as she should be.

She’s ball-gagged and cuffed at the wrist, linked by a long slack chain to a pulley on the ceiling. Naked.

She finally notices and tries to cover herself, giving a first muffled yell. My cock jumps, and god, I laugh.

“Don’t recognize me?” I ask, standing up. “That’s fine. I don’t really care. Doesn’t make a difference to me if you know who’s raping you.”

Still covering her tits, Barb scrabbles farther away, dragging the chain. Grinning, I go to the winch at the other end of the chain and start cranking. Barb fights the pull until she’s dragged across the basement floor, back to the grate, and hauled all the way up onto her feet with her hands stretched up, tits bare and bouncing. Then she starts screaming for real.

She kicks at me as I step closer; I dodge with a laugh. I let her kick and struggle, the grate biting into her feet, until she’s sweaty and tired. Panting around the ball gag, Barb stands on the tiles at the very edge of the grate and stares at me with wild eyes.

She’s like a trapped animal, mute and helpless. I fucking love it.

I stride in close before she can kick again and grab her by the hips, jamming my crotch against her. She sways and moans in fright. She tries to talk through the gag. I reach up and pop the ball out-- but just the ball, not the ring gag still jammed behind her teeth. Drool runs down her soft lips.

“Recognize me yet?” I ask. Barb shakes her head. Her eyes are watering. She tries to talk again but only moves her tongue-- so I stick a finger in her mouth and stroke it, then drag more drool down her chin.

Her neck. Her tits. Her nipples. Her ass. I run my hands all over her, groping and pinching. She struggles, but she’s strung up tight and I’ve got her trapped. All it does is rub her tight little body against my jeans.

Fucking perfect, every vain slutty little inch of her. I’m going to fucking ruin her.

Barb sways when I let her go. Her head drops with relief.

“Oh, sweetie,” I say, walking around behind her. “I’m gonna enjoy wrecking you.”

She twists on the chain to watch me. At the wall, I unloop a hose and attach a special nozzle to the end of it: three inches long, skinny, silicone.

Barb screams and fights when I grab her again, but I’ve got her from behind and she can’t kick me. “It’ll hurt more if you fight,” I tell her, to which she thrashes harder.

I laugh. “Good. I want to hurt you.”

One arm wrapped around her hips to hold her, I reach the other arm around and jam the hose nozzle between her legs. Barb shrieks in pain. It takes a moment to find her cunt and force the nozzle inside. She screams like she’s being dry-fucked with a baseball bat, not something as small as my finger.

“Fuck you,” I growl in her ear, as she thrashes. I manage to twist the base of the nozzle. How far? --one twist, two, three-- Barb screams louder, this time for good reason-- four, five. Six. That’s enough.

I let Barb go and she dances in pain, but the nozzle stays stuck in her cunt. When she steps on the hose and tries to pull it out, it makes her squeal in pain. I gather the hose’s slack before she can try again.

Inside the soft silicone nozzle cover is a metal mechanism: a Pear of Anguish, basically. But the nozzle bulges open at its very tip, not the base, spreading wide at the top of her vaginal canal and plugging it shut.

I don’t want anything stretching out that tight little cunt before I jam my cock in there.

Eeese,” Barb moans through the ring gag. “Eese oh. Oh. Oh.”

“Yes, bitch. Yes.”

I turn the water on hot.

Hot water blasts into her plugged cunt. Barb shrieks and spasms, feet jerking up off the floor. More, more-- fill up her whole fucking womb, through her cervix-- I let the water run until she’s so full the water is dribbling out her cunt despite the plug. Then I turn it off, go over, and disconnect the hose. The nozzle stays jammed inside.

Barb lets out a long wail and starts to cry. She’s standing there staring at me, bawling through the ring gag, shaking all over, legs spread like she’s begging me to reach in and unplug her.

I snap on the next nozzle with a grin. This time, I give the winch a good crank, hauling Barb up until she’s balanced on her tiptoes on the grate, no slack left in the chain for her to wiggle. When I grab her, chest to chest, she presses her legs together and curls her knees up, trying to hide-- but so what? She can’t hide her asshole.

I fondle her ass for a bit, making her squeal. Her hole is tight and tiny, clenching even harder as I rub it. “I really hope you’re a virgin. You were always a slut, but I can hope.”

I take a plastic syringe of lube from my pocket, squirt a little and smear it around her hole. Then I jam the tiny tip into her and push the plunger, flooding her asshole with lube. Barb moans. When I toss the empty syringe away, Barb strains to push it out, letting lube run down her thigh. I shove the bisacodyl suppositories in quick and force them deeper with a finger.

“Oh sweetie, no, you’re going to want that.”

Then the nozzle. Again, it’s not thick-- not yet. Once all three inches are buried in her slick little hole, I twist the base. Barb screams with increasing pain as the nozzle flares, this time at the bottom, spreading into a knot right inside her tiny little asshole. Three, four-- that’ll do. Don’t want to split her open just yet.

She’s already sobbing and shaking like she’s been fucked raw.

I turn the tap. Barb howls at the first gush of hot water. She twists, writhes, toes dancing across the metal grate. It surges into her ass, burning-- not hot enough to really burn, but it must fucking feel like it. I want her to feel every inch of her guts on fire.

EEEESE!” Barb shrieks. “EEEEESE!”

I pump her fucking full. Hot water blasts in farther and farther, stretching, bloating. I keep an eye on the little meter on the tap: two litres. Three. Four. Her colon, her fucking intestines, pumped full and burning.

When I stop the tap and disconnect the nozzle, Barb keeps screaming. Her asshole spasms around the plug, but she’s too tight. Her flat little belly is bloated out from all the water.

I could cum right now, just watching her scream and writhe in agony. But not yet.

Just to keep the plugs locked in good and deep, I push over one of the things from the edges of the room: an A-frame on wheels. I roll it between Barb’s kicking legs-- her eyes fly open in alarm-- lock the wheels, and start jacking up the frame’s legs. She wails yet again when it gets to the right height: the flat rail at the top pressed up hard between her legs, lifting her toes just off the grate. All her weight is holding the plugs wedged inside of her now.

All her weight is on her clit, too, but at least the rail is flat on top. For now. She can always rock backwards and sit harder on the plug in her ass.

There’s no third nozzle, just the end of the hose, kinked so it won’t spurt. Barb’s crying too hard to see me coming. I grab a fistful of her hair and push the hose right through the ring stretching her mouth open. She gags when the hose hits the back of her throat.

“Fuck, Barb, you’re sensitive. God. You never gave a good blow job, did you. I’m gonna-- fucking--” No, don’t tell her. I want her surprised every time.

With a shove, I force the end of the hose down her throat. Barb chokes around it, but I hold it down there and unkink the hose. Water blasts out again, right down her throat. This time there’s no screaming, just Barb’s eyes rolling, her throat convulsing around the hose and her feet kicking wildly in the air as I fill her stomach.

Her belly bloats out-- full, stretching. Painful.

Finally I pull the hose from her throat. Barb instantly vomits, water spewing out her open mouth. Again-- another frothy, choking gush down her tits, her swollen stomach. Then she’s gurgling, gasping through the ring gag. She hangs there from her wrists, pinned on the crotch rail, just struggling to breathe.

I turn off the hose, and there’s just the sound of her and me panting. My cock is hard as a rock. I run my hands over her body, wet and trembling. Barb’s eyes roll back when I touch her bloated stomach.

She’s moaning now, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, every breath agony. She squirms on the rail. Her feet kick.

I step back and leave her to suffer.

Rather than calming as the hot water cools, Barb gets louder. Her guts are cramping from the bisacodyl. She’s stuffed tight, end to end, every hole forced full. Her groaning uhhh, uhhh turns to low screaming. She thrashes suddenly, trying to buck off the rail. She’s sweating. Her legs shake violently.

She begs with her eyes as I watch from my chair. Tears pour down her face, drool from her open mouth.

I look her in the eye and squeeze my cock through my jeans. When her legs flutter with fresh agony, my cock jumps hard.

Half an hour later, I can’t take waiting any longer. She's struggled herself to exhaustion and can barely even kick any more; her movements are just involuntary spasms.

“Hey Barb,” I call. “Remember university?”

Her head is rolling, slack. She’s still moaning like a dumb animal, uhhhhh, uhhhhh, spasming from her swollen insides. But after a second of dumb silence, her head jerks. She looks up at me and she knows.

I grin. “Look different now, don’t I?”

I lower the A-frame’s legs and push it out from beneath Barb. She dangles from her wrists, legs shaking too hard to stand. When I pop the release on the nozzle in her cunt, water starts leaking even before I’ve unplugged her. The nozzle comes out with a gush down her thighs.

I touch the other plug and Barb jerks her ass back against me, begging. I laugh. Just to fuck with her, I run my fingers around her stretched little hole, feeling the plug, playing with it until Barb screams in desperation. It makes my cock throb.

I pop the release, jerk the plug and step back.

Water gushes down Barb’s legs, through the grate beneath her. It’s filthy at first, then clean. She wails with every straining push, shitting the enema out, her asshole straining and then squeezing in surges.

Sobbing with relief, she eventually goes slack. I step in and push her stomach in hard. Gurgling, Barb forces out another spurt of water, then another. Her asshole keeps spasming even though it’s empty.

“Fuck, sweetheart,” I say, as I let her chain slack. Barb crumples to the wet grate and lies there sobbing. “Look at that tight little ass. Look at you.”

She mewls when I briefly spray her clean with the hose, but doesn’t move. “Wrecked before I even start with you,” I say, walking back over with a toy in my hand. “What a weak little bitch.”

I kneel on the tiles and grab her hair, pull her head toward me. “One more hole,” I grin, wrapping the crook of my elbow around her throat.

Holding Barb in the headlock, I shove the double-ended jelly dildo through the ring gag. All it takes is one hard push on her throat to make her puke.

Watery vomit sprays through the grate. She writhes in my grip but can’t break it; I hold her down and jab the dildo at her throat again. More vomit. I can’t even get the dildo down her throat, but she pukes so easy. Again, and again-- until nothing comes up.

But I love feeling Barb writhe and gag so much that I ram the dildo into her mouth hard and fast, like churning butter. She heaves, chokes and hacks up thick, slimy drool. It splatters on her tits.

I let her fall on the floor. She lies there and bawls, drooling down the grate from her mouth and ass.

I wanna put my cock in this bitch. Now.

“Oh, sweetheart,” I grin, crouching down to look in her eyes. “You think we’re done now? I only just got you ready to play.”

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I put the tissue to Barb’s nose and hold it politely. “Blow,” I tell her. She manages to glare. “Blow,” I say. “You’ll want your nose to breathe, honey, trust me.”

Miserable and exhausted, she blows. I wipe the snot and drool from her face. I washed off all her makeup while she was unconscious. God, she doesn’t even need it. Though I might put some back on her later, just to see her mascara running. Lipstick rings on my cock.

As I collect my next few toys, putting some in my pockets and retrieving the last from near my chair, I hear the chain rattle. Behind me, Barb whines, “Eese,” through her gag again. “Eese ah.” Please stop.

When I take that gag out and hear her begging for real… I have to adjust my cock in my jeans.

Barb has scrambled to the farthest reaches of the chain again. Unbothered, I winch it up until she’s pulled to her knees, just barely balanced on the tile at the edge of the metal grate. That’s fine; there’s plenty of time to make her suffer on the grate later.

Even with one hand occupied, I get a hold of Barb in a headlock again. “Hold fucking still,” I grunt, but she’s seen the funnel and rubber tube in my hand, the large bottle under my arm.

So it’s just more work to get the tube down her throat. More times I have to shove the tube at the back of her throat until she gags violently, opening up enough for me to get the tube down.

The litre of milk goes down her throat faster than all that water did-- but fuck, her desperate writhing and her spasming throat is just as heavenly. I pull the tube out and she dry heaves. Only a dribble of milky drool runs from her stretched lips.

If she could look betrayed with that ring gag in her mouth, she would. I laugh at her expression. I filled her up and made her puke it out, but then I filled her up again-- why?

After I’ve put the funnel and empty bottle away, I come back with my hands open and spread. Harmless. Smiling.

“C’mere, Barb,” I say soothingly, holding out my hand. I’m not even asking her to crawl across the grate, just sideways on the tile. “C’mon. Come over here.”

Sniffling, trembling, she gingerly knee-walks closer. Here we are: the ‘obey and he’ll be nicer’ phase of her thinking.

Wrong, of course. Very wrong. But convenient.

I put my hand on her head-- she flinches--and stroke her curls. The shiniest, most golden ringlets you ever saw. Far better than when she flat irons it all into some generic straight-haired blonde bitch ponytail.

“On your fucking knees,” I murmur. “Right where I like you.”

She flinches again. I curl my thumb into her forced-open mouth to keep her still. Then I cup the back of her head and rub her face against my bulging crotch.

Barb moans hopelessly. But then-- then she fucking rubs her cheek on me again. All on her goddamn own.

I howl with laughter. “Good slut,” I grin, grinding her face against me. “Good girl, good bitch. Yeah, you know what this is. I’m gonna give it to you.”

Watching her face for every flicker of reaction, I open my jeans. My cock bulges through my underwear. I fondle it for a second, squeezing, and then pull it right out.

Barb’s eyes bulge.

“Didn’t have one of these last time you saw me, did I?” I rub the foreskin back, show her the wet tip and rub it on her cheek. She flinches away. “Look, Barb. It’s all yours.”

It’s not small. Nine years of waiting for that surgery, was I going to ask them to give me a regular dick? No I fucking wasn’t. I wanted something big enough to split a cunt in two. Eight inches long and thick as my wrist.

All the better to rape you with, my dear.

My fist tangled in Barb’s hair, I jerk her head close. “C’mere,” I say again, lower and harsher. “Come and kiss it, baby.”

Barb is moaning in despair as I rub her lips across my cock. I smear her drooling mouth up and down the length of it, then rub the shiny head across her lower lip. Thrust a little, just to scare her. Just to see the thickness of my cock lined up with her stretched-open pink lips.

The head of my cock barely fits through the ring gag. I pull Barb’s mouth onto it, letting out a groan at the first rub of my cock against the roof of her mouth. Little pushes, in and out, easy, but her hands are already scrabbling at the chain with panic. She shuffles on her knees, tries to pull away--

I pull her head back and slap her across the face. Twice. Three times.

It takes a second for Barb’s head, rolled limply to the side, to come back up. Her face is slack with shock; her eyes wander. I wait for her to re-focus before taking another fistful of her hair.

This time Barb just moans miserably and squinches tears from her eyes as I pull her head down onto my cock.

The first tap on the back of her throat makes her gag. Of course. Perfect. I do it again, just as quick, relishing the sound. She can’t close her mouth, can’t really suck, so this is it for me, just the pressure of my cock against her throat, the noise, the drool, but that’s enough.

(For now.)

Finally, I ram my cock in hard and hold it, fist in her hair, grinding against the clenched wall of her throat-- and she vomits. Milk spews up around my cock and over her chin. Barb gives a gurgling yell, shocked and disgusted.

Not waiting for her to recover, I shove her head down again, jamming my cock in as deep as it goes. Not even halfway before it rams the back of her throat. More puke gushes up. Barb manages to struggle back for a single breath before I thrust in again, pulling her to the limit of the chain, forcing my cock down and holding.

Barb writhes, convulses-- and a stream of milky vomit comes out her nostril. The rest bursts out as soon as I withdraw my cock. Half of it goes down the grate, some of it down Barb’s tits, some on my jeans. Whatever. It’s worth Barb’s despairing wail, her choking, the tears streaming from her eyes.

Both fists in her curls, I fuck her mouth in short hard jabs until nothing comes out but drool and snot. When I let her go, she hangs from her wrists and sobs so hard that she’s hiccuping. She’s slick with milky spew all the way down to her cunt.

When I reach for her head again, she struggles and shakes it... even though I’m just unbuckling the gag. It takes her a few seconds to even realize that the gag is off.

“You can talk,” I tell her, not unkindly. “You can say whatever you like. Just one rule: be polite. Don’t insult me. Just don’t be fucking rude, okay?” I laugh and give her a wink. “Extra points if you beg.”

For a moment, all Barb does is hiccup and cry, still gasping for air. Enjoying the sight, I let her. I’m gonna make her cry so much.

As she finally opens her mouth, I warn her, “Use the right fucking name.”

“...Jack?” she whispers at last. She’s still shaking with the last aftershocks of sobs. “Why’re you-- please don’t. Please stop.”

Her voice is tiny, raw from fucking and throwing up.

“Please no,” she rasps, as I reach for her hair again. “No, no, no don’t, please don’t, please don’t, don’t fucking touch me!”

She snaps.

“You fucking bastard, don’t fucking touch me! I’ll kill you, I’ll fucking cut your throat, I’ll, if you touch me again, don’t you dare, you bitch, you fucking cunt--”

My gut clenches.

What’s wrong with you?” Barb shrieks, struggling to her feet and backing as far away as she can. “What the fuck is wrong with you, you sick bastard, I’m going to kill you, fucking bitch, fucking cunt bastard--”

Good. I get to hurt her now.

I turn and walk to the winch on the wall, tucking my cock back into my jeans as I go. Behind me Barb is suddenly regretting, pleading, “No no no no no I’m sorry, oh my god you bitch, no more, don’t, I’m sorry, I’m so...”

I crank the winch hard, winding up the chain, all my teeth bared in a grin at Barb, until she’s howling and suspended entirely by her wrists, feet kicking the air.

My blood’s pumping so hard I can hear it. I’m going to wreck this bitch. All she had to do was be nice and I’d-- I’d still have hurt her, but now, now I’m going to start early.

From the wall I push over a table on wheels, wooden and waist-height. Barb tries to kick it away, sobbing outright again. Still grinning like a skull, I grab one of her ankles and snap it into the wide metal cuff screwed into the table leg. It’s one of many cuffs attached to different places on the table. Her other ankle goes to the other table leg, holding her legs wide apart.

When I lower the chain again, Barb has no choice but to sit on the edge of the table: it’s that or fall face-first onto the metal grate with her ankles cuffed to the table mid-leg, at an angle that would snap her shins. I grab Barb’s hair from behind and drag her down flat (she’s babbling, begging) and snap her manacled wrists to a carabiner at the head of the table, just on the underside. I unhook the chain and toss it away, and there she is: bound down, legs bent at the knee and spread to bare her cunt.

“Please dooooon’t,” Barb bawls, reduced to howling between violent sobs.

"Enough of you.” I force the ring gag back between her teeth, provoking a howl of fresh despair. “You had your fucking chance. I warned you. I’d have let you say anything but you had to be rude.”

I’m not going to fuck her mouth any more, but I leave the ball gag out because I still want to hear her suffer.

“I wasn’t exactly counting, Barb, but I think you swore at me… let’s say ten times. And you called me a bitch.” I shove two fingers violently into her milk-slippery cunt, ramming them in and out hard until she shrieks. Withdrawing, taking a deep breath, I wipe my fingers on her thigh. I squeeze her thigh, dig in my nails, and smile. “So let’s say… ten strokes per insult.”

I get the paddle. And the razor.

Between Barb’s legs, though, I just… lean in and smell her. Her cunt’s been washed clean by the enema and then puked on, and she’s far from aroused: there’s no sex to smell. Not yet, at least.

“Hold still,” I murmur, picking up the razor. Barb moans mindlessly, flinches at the first touch of shaving cream, but otherwise just lies there trembling.

I shave her pussy in careful strokes, making her labia smooth but leaving a bush of golden curls at the top. When I’m done, I hose her off with warm water and dry her with a terry cloth. I’m so gentle.

It leaves her pussy pink and soft, with clean lips beneath a neat golden bush. Her little clit hides between the labia, all but invisible.

Braced on the table, I lean down and give her the gentlest lick. Even so, it makes Barb’s hips jerk. I lap at her labia again, quick little strokes, just teasing. I breathe hot. Eventually I point my tongue and flick up between her labia, making real contact for the first time.

Barb squeals.

I go on like that, eating her out nice and gentle, increasing just a bit at a time. I suck on her labia and trace the tip of my tongue over her clit, then dart away. I come in with little kitty licks to her hole, darting deeper and deeper, and then slide my tongue up broad and flat to fasten my mouth on her clit. I take her whole clit in and suck hard, hard until she squeals again, and then I go gentle and nurse on it, tongue fluttering. I already know exactly how she likes it, how to suck her clit like a little cock until Barb starts losing control, humping her hips up against me in reaction to an oncoming orgasm despite herself, despite me, despite everything.

With my lips still fastened around her hard little clit, my hand finds the paddle I left on the table.

With Barb on the edge of orgasm, I stand and bring the paddle down. The brutal crack of leather against her exposed pussy is almost louder than her shriek.

She’s not done screaming before I hit her again. And again. She can’t close her knees. She yanks uncontrollably at the cuffs, back arching, but all it does is thrust her pussy up for me to swing at a fourth time. She slams back against the table, rattling everything. Her pussy is bright red already. Every tendon in her neck stands out from the force of her screaming.

After ten hard strokes, I pause. I take a deep breath and listen to her noise.

That’s only a tenth of what I promised her. What she deserves. But a hundred hard strokes would cause more damage than I want to wait to heal.

With her cunt tenderized, even gentler strokes will hurt bad enough. I carry on with sharp little slaps of the paddle, aiming right for her clit. Then for her hole, wet and hot and still throbbing with near-orgasm.

That feeling goes away fast, judging by the way Barb is gurgling and choking on snot between shrieks.

Good. Like fuck I’m going to make this bitch cum.

By forty, her whole cunt is raw and red. I switch to beating her inner thighs, swinging a little harder. In the time it takes to give her fifty more, her labia swell up fat and purpling around her clit.

I lower the paddle. I run one finger of my left hand up Barb’s slit, from her still-dripping hole to up between her throbbing, swollen lips. The slightest touch provokes a fresh squeal from her. Revelling in the sensation, I circle my fingertip around her abused clit.

“You did this to yourself,” I say, and give her the last ten strokes on her pussy.

The way her body arches and thrashes is all I can bear. Finally done, I drop the paddle and unzip my jeans, releasing my rock-hard cock. Panting, I climb up onto the table between Barb’s spread legs, on top of her.

For a moment, I look down and rub the head of my cock against her swollen, burning hot pussy. It’s not just her bruising that looks incredible, it’s the sight of my cock lined up against her tiny little hole. It’s knowing what I’m about to finally do.

Then I line my cock up and ram it in hard.

It takes a long, violent shove to force my cock in. With an ear-splitting scream, Barb bucks beneath me. She tries to head-butt. I grab a fistful of her hair and yank her head away, hold it down. I drop my weight on top of her and start thrusting.

Her pussy stretches with each hard thrust, letting my cock in just a bit deeper. She’s locked up like a vise, tight to begin with and tighter now with agony. She’s wet but it’s not enough. I’m too big and I’m going to fucking destroy her.

Driven mad by the hot squeeze around my cock, I slam in fast and hard. I’ve waited years for this, and it’s so good, the way she screams at every thrust, the clench of her pussy, knowing that she’s raw, swollen, straining, because of me, because I’m fucking her, because I’m raping her as hard as I fucking can.

Her pussy’s still too tight for me to get all the way in, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve been waiting to cum all day. Yelling at the force of the orgasm surging up from my balls, I ram in madly until it finally breaks, pleasure pounding through me while I keep pounding into Barb like I could make her feel it too.

She’s not feeling anything but pain, I know. That’s fine. The way her cunt clenches as I keep fucking it, slower, dragging out the pleasure, makes my orgasm even better.

Finally my cock is too soft to thrust again. Her pussy squelches around it. Drained, I slide back and off the table.

Barb just lies there now, limp and crying. Her pussy is a sloppy, abused mess, wet and bruised and bleeding a little. God knows she was no virgin, but my cock was made to ruin cunts. I made no effort to get her ready for it. That wasn’t the point.

One hole down, two to go.

Another day.

Almost shaking with exhaustion, I zip myself back up. Barb can stay where she is for the night, gagged and exposed and dripping. I’m not done being angry about earlier. On my way to the basement door, all I do for her is stroke her hair.

“See you tomorrow.”

Chapter Text

It takes three more days for Barb to stop screaming when I come into the room. On the fourth day, all she does is moan around her gag, low and hopeless. She lies curled up on the floor until I winch the chain tight and force her up to her toes.

Honestly, I thought it would take longer for her to start attempting compliance. It doesn’t matter, though. She’ll start fighting again when she realizes how much pain I’m going to put her through.

With her legs forced wide open by the spreader bar I’ve kept her locked in for the last three days— ever since taking her off the table— it’s easy to run a hand down to her pussy. Barb’s flinch only makes her wobble on her toes. I ignore it. Her pussy is swollen with bruising, now mottled purple like the stripes on her inner thighs. It would be so easy for me to hurt. Too easy, really.

Humming, I go about the new routine. She whimpers all the while. After filling her asshole with a syringe of lube, I slide in the long silicone douche nozzle and crank it wide. By now Barb knows better than to try to pull on the hose. But I can’t resist tugging the nozzle back until she squeals, until her tight, tender asshole starts bulging wide around the spread pear of anguish inside. She clenches and fights to keep it in, lodged thick and aching but not tearing her sphincter open. Chuckling, I let her.

“Here it comes, baby,” I say, to hear her groan before I turn on the water.

The hose thrashes with the force of the water slamming through it a bare second before it blasts into Barb’s ass. She screams as loud as ever at the surge of hot water, reaming her guts out and burning all the while.

"Peease!” she shrieks— back to talking already. She always could, given that I switched the ring gag out for something smaller: a bit gag with a flat tongue depressor tab to mangle speech just a bit. Not surprising that she’s afraid to talk now, though, given what she got last time she didn’t watch her fucking mouth. “Pease sop!”

At last, I open the plug a hair bigger and disconnect the hose, leaving her trembling with pain and breaking out in a sweat already. Her asshole spasms wildly around the pear.

"Not until your ass is full,” I chide. “You know the drill.”

What she doesn’t know is that her ass is a little less full than yesterday, which was less than the day before. Day by day the torture of a four litre enema will be lessened to three, then two, and it’ll become bearable. But she won’t know why. Only that it doesn’t hurt like it used to. Only that it’s bearable.

Only that having her ass plugged shut and flooded fit to burst will start to feel good, as her body learns the associations I’m going to teach it.

Eager, I kneel down between Barb’s spread, trembling legs. Just like I have for the last three days, I nose up between her swollen labia, licking into her cunt. She moans. Her imbalanced little tip-toe dance of pain is easily stopped by grabbing her ass and shoving her cunt into my face.

“No,” Barb begs. “No, pease. No. No.”

I lick up to her clit, also bruised from the beating. It’s hot between my lips and swells fast, growing hard and slippery. I suck without mercy.

It’s unbearable, judging by the way Barb struggles, her bar-bound feet kicking uselessly up off the floor. It’s as much pain as pleasure, blinding and confusing, like the enema bloating her guts.

But I’ll make her like it. I’ll suck her clit until it’s red and rock hard and never let her cum, until she’s horny twenty-four hours a day, until her body confuses the clenching of her empty pussy with the spasming of her plug-stuffed ass. Pretty soon I’ll be able to fill her ass up with enough bisacodyl to make her scream for hours and it’ll still leave her dripping wet and desperate. And all she’ll know is that she wants to be raped.

Barb’s moans change pitch, becoming choked and breathless. Her legs stiffen, trembling now with tension. Before she goes over the edge, I release her clit with a loud, wet pop.

God, it looks good, purple-red and shiny. Despite herself, Barb whines and clenches her pussy, making her clit jump. A long string of drool slides from her clit down her cunt lips. I’m so tempted to dive right back in.

But… no. It’ll be better if I wait for later.

While waiting for Barb to fall back from the peak of orgasm, I bite her inner thighs and toy with the plug in her ass, enjoying the way she jolts. Finally, I fish out a little tube from my pocket and squirt a dollop of thick white cream onto my thumb. Ever so gently I massage the cream into her clit, smoothing it around in slow circles that tease again at orgasm... but only tease.

I glance up to see Barb starting down at me. She’s sweaty and red-faced, caught between desperation and suffering and confusion. Just to taunt her a little more, I waggle the unlabelled tube at her and wink.

“You want that enema out now?” I ask, standing.


“Really? You want to empty out your shitter now?”

Her face crumples with misery. “Yesh.”

Yesterday she held it for almost an hour, writhing from the cramps, before she broke and begged to be unplugged. Her surrender was enough for me, then. I jerked off all over her face while she gushed out water and cried.

“Nah,” I decide, and run a hand over her ass. “I’m gonna feed you first.”

She gives a sob of frustration and thrashes uselessly against the chain. It does nothing but send a spike of pain through her bloated bowels, judging by her grimace. After that she goes down on her knees meekly when I slacken the chain.

Kneeling on the tile at the edge of the grate, Barb sniffles as I take her bit gag out. Her lips are already slick and puffy from the metal. She cringes but passively lets me rub my cock on them.

“I see you’ve learned some manners,” I say. “Good girl. Not that it’ll help, but good. Open up.”


“Open up and take it down your fucking throat.”

She can’t. Her gag reflex is as sensitive as ever; she chokes and tries to pull away at the first tap of my cock on her palate. I snarl a hand in her hair and pull her back in.

“You’re gonna learn how to suck it,” I pant. “C’mon, Barb, do it right.”

Her lips stretch hot and tight around my girth, nearly too thick for her to fit in. Every choke and spasm of her mouth is heavenly. She snuffles through her nose and tries pathetically to suck, little noises of misery muffled by my cock.

It’s a pathetic blowjob. The tears are nice, so I let her half-ass it for a while. But I’ll be here all day if I let Barb carry on like this.

“You really are useless,” I say, not without affection. “I said... put it down... your fucking throat.”

I thrust hard and shove her head down without warning, ramming my cock a full inch down her unprepared throat. She convulses and vomits immediately, forcing it back out with a spray of nearly-water puke. Braced for her struggle, I hold her head down on my dick, making her gurgle for air through a full mouth.

“Down— down —”

I finally let Barb free, and she falls back coughing and choking. Her first good breath comes out as a wailing sob.

“Fuck’s sake, Barb, hold your breath. You don’t get to breathe. Just let me fuck your face until I’m done.”

Red-faced, she screams, “Stop!”

“You want that plug out of your ass?”


“You want it out?”

She coughs and crumples, hanging limply from her wrists. “Yes,” she whimpers.

“Then let me fuck your face and feed you. Or I’ll leave it in all day.”

One of the best things about Barb is that she’s pretty when she cries. It certainly doesn’t help her breathe, though. Her nose gets plugged up by snot, at least until I make her gag so hard with my cock blocking her esophagus that the puke comes out her nostrils. By then she can’t even sob properly any more. I’ve facefucked her through crying, through struggling, and into broken exhaustion. She just bawls on the exhale, dribbling from her fucked-slack mouth, every time I let her up for air.

She’ll learn. Eventually.

For now, her throat’s still too tight to physically take my whole cock. Getting just the head of it down her squeezing, spasming throat is enough. Hell, battering that resistance and knowing that I'm breaking her is enough.

I slam her head back and forth on my cock, drool slopping everywhere, her gurgling and gagging like music to my ears, until I can’t take any more. I hold her head down on my cock through my whole orgasm. The tight pressure magnifies every pulse and draws the pleasure out.

(The increasing desperation of Barb’s exhausted twitching draws it out, too. Every second I spend in her throat is a second she can’t breathe, which makes me cum harder, which makes me want to stay…)

At last I let her go. My cock slides out in a last dribble of watery vomit. Watching Barb hang there and wheeze, I stroke my cock and shudder. I’m still half hard, oversensitive and tingling.

If I wanted to, I could go again. I don’t enjoy a lot about the fact that I was born with a clit, but this is one of the benefits: next to no refractory period. Sure, it’s a dick now, but my body remembers. I think it’s a fair trade-off: no actual sperm in my balls to feed Barb, but the ability to fuck her over and over again.

I did say I’d feed her, though. I won’t be able to make deals and play games with Barb if she starts thinking that I won’t abide by my own rules.

Barb’s actual food— not my cock, although that’s fun to make her swallow— is liquid meal replacement. Protein, nutrients, everything she needs, and it’s easy to store and prepare. Keeps her hydrated and her bowels clean, too. After four days on it, she’s already shitting next to nothing, not that I’ll stop giving her enemas.

She sees me fetching the funnel and tube, along with a bottle of meal replacement, and clams up, teeth clenched as she struggles to control her hiccuping sobs. New torment, new resistance. I’m so glad.

I tap the rubber tube against her face. “Open up.”

She turns her face away. “Please don’t. I’ll just drink it. Please just let me…”

“Sweetie, one way or another, this is going down your throat. It’s extra training. You ought to thank me for helping you get rid of your gag reflex.”

Barb visibly surrenders, going limp again. She grimaces as I feed the rubber tube past her reluctant lips with a smile.

After the reaming I gave her throat, the narrow tube goes down with barely a choke. It’ll be at least a few hours before her battered gag reflex works again. The sight of the tube snaking into her mouth, sliding down her nearly unresisting esophagus inch by inch, makes my sensitive cock throb all over again with a whole other kind of arousal.

“Look at that,” I murmur, stroking her hair with my free hand. “You’re already learning.”

She shudders and leaks fresh tears, unable to speak.

I pour two bottles of nutrient shake down her throat. Halfway through the second one, she starts shifting, threatening to pull away. It’s a lot of liquid, enough to stretch her stomach uncomfortably. Between the meal and the enema still plugged up in her bowels, Barb must be stretched to the limit. There’s a swell to her stomach and her thighs are shaking with pain.

I make her drink it all, though. Why pass up any chance to torture Barb just a little bit more?

Pulling the rubber hose out is like a magic trick, like drawing a slick and shining tentacle from her throat. My cock jumps again.

“Take it out,” she gasps, the moment she can. “Take it out. Let me get it out. Please. I can’t take it. Please, it hurts so bad. I can’t.”

Her agony is so pretty. But I did promise. And there’ll be chances to set her up for failure and punish her later.

I raise the chains again, forcing Barb to stand so that I can watch better. Her asshole strains around the plug, stretched and red where she’s tried in vain to push it out despite the pain it causes. For all that straining, she only managed to dribble just a thread down one thigh.

I release the plug mechanism, letting the pear of anguish shrink back down and pop out of her hole. The amount of water that gushes out of her is astonishing. So is the way her asshole pushes and clenches, wet and raw and red. Ready for me to wreck it.

When Barb is empty, I step in and hold her still so I can run my fingers over her asshole. The tender furled tissue throbs. I stab a finger in. It goes easily, because she was so slick, but then Barb squeals and clenches in resistance and on the inside she is hot and tight. Still so tight. Nowhere near broken yet.

I push my finger in as deep as I can, glorying in the slick, hot channel of her ass, in the way it works around me as Barb tries to force me out. My cock pulses, now fully hard again.

I let go of Barb. There’s something to be said for denying myself as well as her.

It’ll make things that much better when I finally do rape her in the ass.

Chapter Text

“I thought we’d try something new today.”

Dangling from her chain with the plug up her ass, Barb jerks back to awareness. Her dull desperation from the enema bloating her guts turns to fresh panic. Two weeks ago, this was intolerable to her. Now it’s a miserable routine. Anything new is terrifying.

She’s no idea how many tortures I’ve imagined for her. God, I’m going to break her in a new way every day.

While Barb suffers through the last few minutes of her enema, I get my new equipment ready. It’s an eight-foot wooden post that slots into the cement floor, with a short bar that sticks out just above crotch height. The bar is set with multiple holes for me to screw in toys. The simplest things work so well.

Tingling with excitement, I attach today’s new toy to the bar. Barb’s eyes bulge when she sees it.

“No! No!”

“C’mon, it’s not that big,” I tease.

“Won’ fi’,” she slurs through the tongue-depressor gag. “Pease, no, don’, pease.”

I love when she begs. She’ll probably do even better as this thing slides up her ass.

Smiling through Barb’s pleas, I deflate her anal plug and let her release the enema into the grate in the floor. She’s distracted by raw animal relief from her suffering. She grunts and strains to expel everything, trembling all over. The swell of her tight little stomach flattens out.

I winch her chain up high, dragging Barb clean off her feet. She squeals and kicks, though the spreader bar at her ankles prevents much movement. It’s easy to grab her by the tits— just because I can— and pull her dangling body so that the pulley slides along its tracks on the ceiling. Over to the waiting post.

Even suspended as high as she is, Barb’s cunt still rubs across the tip of the toy. It’s twelve inches long. It’d be hard to avoid it.

Pease noo,” she begs.

I slap her titties a couple times, leaving red marks. “You’re a fucking baby. Look at it. Look how skinny that is. You think that’ll hurt?”

I grab her nipples and pull until she squeals, this time in real pain. “You think it’ll hurt, Barb? I can make it hurt.”

Pease! No, I’m sorry, pease don’, I’m sorry.”

I twist her nipple and hold it like that, making Barb shudder in agony. Her eyes well up with tears. “I’ll give you a big dick someday,” I promise. “Soon.”

I snap a carabiner near the top of the pole around Barb’s chain, preventing her from rolling the pulley away from the post. Then I release her ankles from the spreader bar, because I want to watch her dance as I impale her.

“Hey baby,” I say, smiling and pinching her other nipple— not hurting, not yet. “You want lube for that thing? Or you want to take it up your ass dry?”

Barb’s face crumples. Me, I’m happy to go either way. She’s still slippery enough from her enema that it wouldn’t damage anything. Just hurt like a bitch. I want to see if she...

“Yeh,” she whispers.



I crowd up close to Barb— too close to knee in the crotch, if she’d wanted to— and reach around behind her to finger her asshole. A finger hooked inside her slippery hole makes her cringe. “Where?”

“In my ass! Pease!”

Her eyes hate me. Still, she’s scared.

Smiling, I fetch a plastic syringe of lube— bigger than the usual one. I slide it as deep into her asshole as I can and empty it out. Barb shudders at the gush of cold fluid in in bowels, but holds it in.

The dildo is long and narrow, made of flexible silicone. It bends enough for me to lower the tip and force it— Barb is clenched up now, trying to prevent entry— into her ass. She grunts as the dildo slides in and straightens, pushing two inches deep immediately.

“You’ve taken bigger shits than that,” I chide, slapping her breast. “Hardly feels like anything. Right? Hey, Barb. You ever take a cock up the ass?”

Her eyes dart. She doesn’t know what I want: a virgin or a whore? It’s true that I’d like to be the first to fuck Barb up the ass, but I won’t mind if I’m not. Either way, I’ll be the first to rape her.

Eventually, she nods a little.

“You always were a slut,” I say, and twist both her nipples viciously. She screams. “I kind of liked that about you. Adventurous. Bet I can teach you something new, though.”

Releasing her, I stroll back over to the chain winch on the wall. “You know what this kind of dildo is for?” I ask. “Depth, Barb. You might have taken dick before, but you’ve never taken one this long.”

Already, her feet are pushing at the post and her arms are flexing, trying to lift herself off the dildo. Before she gets far enough, I drop the chain a few inches.

Barb shrieks in shock. Her legs spasm as the dildo slides deeper into her anus. Her bare feet lose traction on the wooden pole and dance momentarily. Panicking, eyes wide, Barb gasps and struggles for a moment before starting to push at the pole again, trying to climb free.

She knows that she has nowhere to go even if she gets off. She’s panicking. She can’t not try.

“You know how long the average human rectum is?” I ask rhetorically, as I watch her fight. “About five inches. Not that deep, really.”

I turn the winch a few clicks. Slowly, now. Watching every movement like a hawk. Little by little, Barb drops farther onto the dildo.

A spasm of pain crosses her face. Without thinking, she shudders and flexes her stomach, trying to lift her hips.

“About that deep,” I say, and lower the chain a little more.

Slowly, inescapably, Barb slides down onto the dildo. Watching her face contort with confusion and distress, I know exactly what’s happening. Inside her lube-filled hole, the head of the dildo is pressing against the top of her rectum, a curve that blocks its entry. Then the pressure grows, the narrow dildo bends, and it slides inevitably around the bend in her guts, into her sigmoid colon.

Barb’s expression contorts as her bowels are invaded like never before. It hurts, as the dildo straightens her colon a little bit, as she no doubt clenches down in an attempt to force it out. It sends tremors up her spine as the silicone snake strokes nerves in her sensitive tissues, smooth and slippery with lube.

“Sop!” she screams, shuddering hard. She curls her hips, flexes her arms, tries to lift off the toy. For all that she’s trim and fit, her hot little body toned from vain hours at the gym, she’s also impaled six inches deep and has no leverage. She manages to lift high enough to get the head of the dildo out of her colon. Then, after a few seconds, her trembling arms give out and she falls back down, giving a shriek of pain as the dildo punches mercilessly back around the bend.

“Fuck, baby,” I gasp, grabbing my erection through the front of my jeans. “Do it again. Go on and fuck yourself as hard as you want.”

She stares with wild eyes, caught between desperation to escape and the realization that struggling is exactly what I want. She’s trapped.

But she’s panicking. She can’t not try.

I lower the winch more and more, little by little, and Barb continues to fight. When she dangles, I drop her down, impaling her a little more. Sometimes she gets a good grip on the post with her bare feet and manages to climb up a good few inches. Inevitably, she falls, violently re-impaling herself. Sometimes she just dances, legs kicking in useless pain and frustration. Every jerk and twist of her hips only fucks her back and forth on the dildo.

Two inches deeper, her expression contorts with fresh horror. I squeeze my cock as Barb groans and shudders through penetration of the next bend in her colon. Her distress is revulsion as much as pain.

“Five more inches,” I tell her, just to hear her wail of despair.

Finally, she’s all the way down, impaled to the hilt on the dildo. Its flexible length is twisted deep in her sigmoid colon, straining every bend of her guts in a way that nothing else ever has. She’s low enough now to finally touch the bar sticking out from the post. Low enough for her ass to take a little weight, but not much. Her toes still shake and dance above the floor, no matter how she strains.

Nearly hyperventilating, Barb gets her feet on the post and lifts. She collapses and slides back down the inch, going cross-eyed at the sensation.

At last I lock the winch and approach again, falling to my knees in front of her impaled form. I quickly take the cuffs at the base of the post and secure her feet back, giving just a few inches to kick— not enough to hit me. Then I have all the time I want to take in the sight of Barb shuddering and suffering.

I had secured the dildo to the front-most hole on the crossbar. She’s impaled up the ass with her hips forcibly arched forward, her pubis jutting out into the air. The slight backwards splay of her legs makes her labia part. Her clit stands out front and centre, red and rock hard.

Despite everything, Barb is desperately wet. I imagine she’s always wet these days, given how I’ve tortured and teased her but never let her orgasm once. The gradual re-training of her anus— the only internal genital stimulation she gets, right now— must be playing a role too.

Groaning, I bury my face in her pussy and lick. I find her throbbing clit and suck as hard as I can, making Barb’s thighs spasm against the ankle restraints. Whether she wants to kick me, close her thighs, or wrap her legs around my head, she can’t. She can only squeal, and tremble, and buck her hips uselessly up and down on the dildo.

“Look at this, you fucking slut,” I rasp in adoration. “Look at you now. Stuffed deep up the ass and ready to cum your fucking brains out. Just gushing for something in your cunt.”

I curl my tongue and lick her clean. It’s not enough to get her off, no matter how she humps. I don’t think she can help it. I doubt she knows whether she’s trying to get off the dildo or grind her clit on my face. They’re one and the same.

Before her pussy can leak again, I pull out the unlabelled tube of cream from my pocket. I smear it all over her clit and inner lips, rubbing carefully now so that I don’t push her over the edge. Barb does nothing but wheeze and moan, her thighs straining at the continued tease.

I think it’s working. It must be working. I remember what it was like.

“Don’t worry, darling,” I say, and stand. “I’ll fill you up with something nice.”

Not my cock. Not yet. Any contact on her clit and she’d pop off like a rocket, no matter how much it hurt to be stretched out by my dick.

Instead, I fetch more lube, and some metal clips. And another toy.

Small, this one. Very small. Barely five millimeters wide, though it’s twelve inches in length again. But it’ll hurt infinitely worse than the foot-long dildo up her ass.

I don’t bother to ask if Barb has had anything in her urethra before. She was never that kind of girl. Pain and pushing limits were my thing, not hers.

Barb yells when I catch her inner labia with the metal clips, one on each side. A quick bit of string around each thigh holds the clips back, spreading her labia wide and exposing her hole. Both her holes. The opening of her urethra is tiny.

God, I love stretching her so much. I’m going to spend weeks wrecking her holes and enjoying every second.

The pain of the clips probably helps push her orgasm back. Still, I avoid brushing Barb’s hard clit as I insert the tip of the lube syringe into her urethra and squirt it in— quick, before she can move. Her shocked jerk comes too late.

I look up and wink. From her perspective, she can’t see exactly what I’m doing down here. Probably can’t quite figure out what the sensations are, either.

Barb’s pretty pink hole clenches as she squirms. Her clit bobs up and down.

I set the tip of the bendy silicone sound to her urethra and push.

Barb jerks in pain again, but the dildo up her ass keeps her mostly pinned in place. Before she can coordinate an attempt to lift up, I force the sound an inch deeper, getting it securely inside. Barb goes wild, screaming at the sudden splitting pain. A sudden stretch of such sensitive tissue must be agony. But she can’t get away, can’t push it out, and can’t stop me from feeding the sound deeper into her well-lubricated urethra.

The silicone won’t rupture anything. It’ll just go in. The lube lets it slide, but doesn’t stop the pain.

“Wha’a you doin?” Barb shrieks, twisting and humping. Her legs thrash uselessly. “Sop! SOP!”

I force the sound deeper. The little silicone bumps pop into her urethra one by one, marking every quarter inch. Barb’s ear-splitting scream climbs an octave.

Two inches in, I just hold the sound in place and let Barb fight it out. She thrashes herself to exhaustion, and fucks her colon painfully in the process. She’s babbling madly, begging and bargaining, but I can’t make out her words through the tongue gag. It’s just agonized, desperate noise.

When she finally goes limp, she’s sweaty and trembling all over. She sinks back down onto the last inch of the dildo, mouth open in a groan of pain, and stares down at me in wild-eyed terror.

“It’s going inside you, Barb,” I say. “One way or another. All the way in to your bladder. I’m gonna plug up your front just as much as your ass, and you’re gonna take it.”

I kiss her clit real slow, mocking with my eyes as I suck it deep. It has softened somewhat from the pain. “Scream all you want,” I tell her. “It gets me off. You know that. But I’m gonna fuck every hole in your body, and there’s nothing you can do.”

I smear some lube on the sound and force it another bit deeper, agonizingly slow. Defeated, Barb lows in helpless animal pain.

Now that she’s too tired to fight much, I open my jeans and free my cock. I stroke it with one hand and handle the sound with the other. Soon it’s in her bladder, since her urethra is not that long. But she’s gonna get all twelve inches. One bump at a time, I push in the silicone length.

Sometimes Barb gathers the energy to lift and jerk. When she comes down, I just push the sound back in and go deeper.

Six inches in. It’s coiling up in her bladder.

Eight inches. Ten. Barb’s eyes are rolling. Her mouth hangs open, emitting hoarse screams, exhausted and agonized. She’s being violated in ways she never imagined.

I stroke my cock faster, feeling orgasm build beneath my own bladder. She’s stuffed full of pain and I’m filling up with ecstasy. But I have to hold off until...

At last, it’s all the way in. The fingerloop at the end of the sound stops its passage. Just because I can, I fuck the sound in and out a bit, tormenting her urethra with the textured bumps. Sensation makes her flex. Barb’s cunt clenches. Her clit jumps. The dildo fucks her colon with every involuntary twitch.

Overwhelmed, I cum like a freight train. My whole body locks up so hard that it hurts. Yelling shamelessly, I fuck my fist through the shocks of orgasm, stripping out every wave of joy.

As hard as I’m cumming, Barb isn’t. As good as I feel, she’s in pain.

Panting and grunting with residual pleasure, I bury my face in Barb’s cunt again. I nuzzle and lap at her clit. It’s another cruel tease. Just because I’m satisfied enough to want it.

Pulling the sound out causes Barb almost as much pain as forcing it in. She whines the whole way through. When the last bump pops out, she pisses a little, her bladder dribbling urine from the force that she was pushing on the sound.

“Filthy slut,” I say, not without affection. I’m too post-coital to make her hurt for that. Anyway, I keep her hydrated enough that her piss is mostly water.

“Peeeease,” Barb sobs, sagging from her suspended wrists. “Pease, no mo’.”

“You take it so pretty,” I tell her, standing up to cup her tits and kiss her nipples. She’s smooth and soft and lucious. “I’m never gonna stop as long as you look so good when you cry.”

As slow as I please, I winch Barb back up off the dildo. At last it slides from the final bend of her colon, leaving her with a final wheeze. All that pain, and it didn’t stretch her out wider than a finger. Her poor abused rectum is still nearly as tight as the day I got her.

I’m gonna fuck it soon, though. Soon.


Chapter Text

Barb’s clit stands erect, rock hard and red even before the day’s begun. The sensitive nub of it pokes out between her labia above her glistening snatch. She’s asleep on the floor, still, lying on her back with her legs still locked into a wide spreader bar, revealing the soft, slick pussy that I waxed last night. Ten long hours after the hot wax and pain, the pinkness and swelling of it can only be from arousal.

I press my shoe against her mound, grinding down on her hard clit. “Morning, babe.”

Barb’s eyes shoot open. Squealing, she scrabbles back across the tiled floor with her knees pressed to shield her poor, aching clit. She doesn’t protest, though, just cowers. As if that’ll save her.

In spite of her pleading eyes, I chuckle and winch her up by the chain.

With the pull on her chained wrists, I make her stand on the metal grate in the middle of the room. She winces and minces on the grate that bites into her bare feet.

I’m fixated by the trickle of wetness that runs down her thigh. Her cunt is literally dripping.

I run my finger up Barb’s inner thigh, all the way up the trail to her pussy. Her bare labia are swollen, flushed, and soaking wet from how much she’s leaked in her sleep. I stroke two fingers delicately through her engorged folds and they flutter around me. Her hips jerk uncontrollably.

Wracked by abject humiliation, Barb squeezes her eyes and shakes with a suppressed sob.

“Gonna make you cum, sweetheart,” I whisper like a lover.

Gonna rape it right out of you.

I suck the pussy juice off my fingers and fetch the enema hose.

A syringe of lube makes her rectum just a slick as her pussy, and the enema nozzle pierces in. When I twist the base, the pear of anguish blooms open inside. I stretch her wider than before: four turns, then five. Six.

Despite herself, Barb lets out a high whine of desperation when the bulbous nozzle doesn’t stop expanding.

Seven turns. Eight


That’ll do. A five-inch circumference knot lodged just inside her ass stretches Barb almost to capacity. Certainly to the point of suffering, of whimpering from the sudden shooting pain. The swell of the pear makes her hole bulge out, now stretched from a furled pink flower to a tight, shiny ring.

My cock throbs. I’m going to wreck her.

But I only open the water tap a little. The enema trickles in, filling her rectum slowly, slowly. A twinge, an early cramp— and I stop the tap. There’s barely half a litre in her bowels. Though it might fill her rectum, it’s not the gut-reaming I usually give. I want her ass drained completely.

Ignoring Barb’s confusion, I go crouch between her legs and pull out the tube of medicated cream. Gentle still, I squeeze a dollop on the head of her clit and rub it in with a single fingertip. My touch is light, barely even a tease, skating around her hard nub and between her wet lips. Still Barb shudders, hips trembling with the urge to grind.

I’m impressed that she restrains herself. Disappointed, too, that I don’t have to slap her on the clit.

I release the nozzle plug and let Barb empty. Humming, just as gentle, I fill her rectum with more lube and finger her a little, enjoying that hot slick channel. I kiss the back of her neck, running my other hand over her breasts and tweaking her nipples.

Barb stands stiff against me, clearly unnerved. I can hear her breath hitch.

“Good girl.” I suck her earlobe just the right way to make her spine arch. “I think you deserve something nice.”

Before I let her down from the pulley, I slip a bag over her head. Panicked by the dark cloth, Barb blurts, “Wait, please—”

“Shh sh.” I put my hand to her mouth through the bag. “You were being so good.”

I cinch the bag’s rope drawstring snugly around her throat. No tighter. Barb shivers.

I free her ankles from the spreader bar. Then I lower the winch and unhook her wrist cuffs from the chain. She can’t see me holding the key to her cuffs. With Barb blind and disoriented, it’s easy to spin her around and swiftly re-cuff her hands behind her back before she even processes that she was unlocked for a moment.

When she gets it, she groans. A spasm of suppressed action— missed opportunity— passes through her.

She doesn’t fight.

Shivery and uncertain, Barb lets me lead her by the rope around her neck. I’m prepared for an outburst at any moment, but really, I hope she doesn’t.

Through the bag, she senses:

A jingle of keys. A door unlocking. A squeaking hinge.

Steps forward. The floor still concrete beneath her bare feet.

(Other sounds? The outside world? Anybody? No.)

Then another key, another door.

Soft carpet. It makes her flinch.

The new door shuts.

I had hoped she wouldn’t fight, but I can’t believe she didn’t. The dumb bitch. She still thinks that if she cooperates, I won’t torment her anymore.

“Here we are,” I say, patting her ass. She jolts a step away. “Come here, darling.”

In a very small voice, she asks, “Where are we?”

I tug the rope, pulling it slightly tighter around her throat. “Somewhere nice. Isn’t this nice?”

“...Yes,” she lies. Then: “Please. Jack. Please, wait— listen—”

Rolling my eyes, I yank the rope. Barb utters urk! as she’s snapped forward by the throat. I grab her waist and toss her onto the bed, and land on top of her struggling limbs with all my weight, as heavy and careless as I please.

“Here,” I say, over Barb’s wheezing, arranging myself to hold her down with my weight. My knee grinds into her crotch too hard to pleasure. I suck her neck, my teeth too sharp, and pinch her nipple. “This is nicer. Isn’t it.”

Barb rolls her head away from my mouth. She whimpers, “Yes.”

It is the nicer of my two basement rooms, not that she knows it. Meant for play rather than torture. There’s a hook on the ceiling, a few restraints on the walls, a shelf full of toys, and no windows. There’s also carpet and a bed— soft mattress, no blankets to rumple— which is luxury far beyond what she’s had.

“Jack, please.”

“Mm.” I grind on top of Barb, basking in the familiarity of her body beneath mine. She’s as hot as she always was, tight and toned to sexual perfection. A little sharper in the hip bones, maybe, after living off liquid nutrition for over two weeks. Certainly more desperate than she ever was before.

The terrified tremor in her voice is new. Better than perfect.


“Barb. Honey.” I cup her breasts and suck her nipples, rolling each hard bud and sucking ‘til it pops free of my lips.

“What do you want?”

“Gonna make you cum,” I promise, low and rough.

Beneath the bag, she gives a stifled choke. Her tits shudder with a silent sob.

My cock throbs hard inside my jeans. Buzzing, I kneel up to unzip. Barb lies there even when I step off the bed, stand up to undress. I toss everything aside, watching Barb hungrily: the heave of her chest, the fretful curl of her toes, the way her legs shake even as she lies there without closing them. Not daring to move.

I slide a finger into her pussy and stroke up between her lips to her clit. Barb’s hips snap like I yanked her with a hook.

“Good girl.”

I flip her over without much fuss, though Barb grunts. She squirms up the bed, stopped only by my grip on the bag’s drawstring rope. With the rope wrapped around one fist, I rein her in like a horse, keeping her hips at the edge of the high mattress.

“Good bitch.” I slide my finger into her pussy again, then crowd up against her bent ass.

“Jack. Don’t.”

I bite her shoulder in warning. Almost purring, I rub the head of my cock against her swollen pussy. It drools. “You’re so wet. You always were a perfect slut.”


Her labia squish around the head of my monster cock. It’s still as thick as her wrist, fatter than any cock she ever let near her tight little snatch before. Hard as hot steel, too, with how long I’ve been waiting.

Pinned against the bed, Barb has nowhere to go when I pierce her pussy with my cock. She screams rawly at the stretch, the pain. The despair. I lean back to look, to admire the sight of her impaled on my dick with just the head in, wedged tight in that dripping hole.

I press forward, real slow, stretching out every inch of that tight little cunt. Barb’s scream ratchets higher as I force it on in.

Unable to bear the pain, Barb tries frantically to squirm away across the bed. I shove her down between the shoulders and jerk my hips to punish her with a stabbing inch. She shrieks.

“You want it rough?” I demand, jerking the rope. “You want me to make it hurt?”

“No!” she cries. “No, I don’t, Jack, please don’t—”

“Then hold still.” I thrust again. “Show me you’re a good bitch.”

Behind her back, her fingers scrabble together, unable to reach the rope that she clearly wants to take. Then she subsides, turning her face to muffle a sob in the mattress.

“That’s it,” I say, withdrawing to push in slow again. This time my cock is slick, dripping with her juice. “Like that. Take it just like that.”

It can’t hurt any less to be impaled in gradual, rocking thrusts. Her pussy still stretches, split wide around my girth. In fact, I’d think it would hurt worse to have the fucking drawn out, the penetration repeated and the end result slowed. I personally never enjoyed getting stretched like that. But if that’s what Barb wants, I’m happy to make her suffering last.

I hit the end of Barb’s vaginal canal before I run out of cock. Even though she’s as aroused as she’s ever been, it’s only six inches deep. Her hips hitch up at the jolt of pain when I hit her cervix. I jerk the rope in response.

“Take it all,” I purr, maliciously pleased. I pin her down with my weight before driving in hard, ramming my cock in as deep as it goes and punching her guts in.

Barb wails in pain until I pull on the rope and choke her voice to a gurgling gasp. Then all she has left is to writhe and kick. She’s too trapped to do anything but jolt on my cock, tiny jerks of her cunt clenching tight as a vise.

“Just like that,” I growl, rolling my hips in and out. “What a good little cunt. What a perfect— slutty— tight little bitch.”

Eease,” she croaks.

“You want to breathe?”


“You will when I say. Don’t fight me, Barb. Don’t fight. You hear?”

She wheezes when I loosen the cinch. Her first full breath gets jolts out again by my cock driving deep. It hurts like a stab, by the noise that she makes. But she takes it.

As a reward, I ease off my weight. I nuzzle her throat, moving my hands to cup her breasts underneath. And I fuck a little slower, my thrusts not so deep.

“Fuck. You’re so good.”

Beneath me, Barb sobs. But she can’t deny that it’s no longer so bad. It still hurts, obviously; my cock is too big for her tight little slit. But I’ve stretched her out as much as I can, and now it’s just friction, rhythmic and slow. And her pussy is dripping. And hungry. And hot.

Her body wants so badly to cum. If I kept on like this, she’d get there, just with just the slap of my balls on the underside of her clit. Just with a cock rubbing her deep, painful but there.

“So good, babe,” I murmur, lulling her down. “You were always so good. So pretty. So hot.”

“Jack, please.”

“Yeah. Honey. Oh.” I straighten up, reaching my free hand down to trace around my cock. I rub through her swollen folds, graze her clit. “You gonna cum for me, Barb?”

She clenches up. “Yeah,” she says at last, like it’s wrenched from down deep. “Jack. I’m.”

I speed up a bit, like I can’t restrain myself. She whimpers and squirms.

“It hurts,” she sobs, “but. Jack. It’s good. I’m gonna… You’re...”

My heart leaps. It’s a lie, a pretense, but she’s giving it up. Pretending I’ve won her over. Meanwhile I’m pretending I give a fuck what she wants, but I’ve made her say the words. Act like she wants it, like rape could really turn to sex. Like she wants me to keep on forcing an orgasm out of her traitor clit.

“Ask me, baby,” I rasp, fucking her faster. Quick strokes, shallow, balls slapping her clit. “You want me to make you cum? Barb, sweetie, please. You wanna cum?”

Yes,” she grits, fists clenched tight. “Please. Jack. Oh. It’s good. It’s—” She sobs— “it’s so—”

In the rhythm of my thrusting, before she can peak, I draw all the way out of her pussy and ram my cock deep into her ass.

She’s still lubed from the enema. I slam right through her sphincter, splitting her wide open five inches deep. Barb screams like it was a red-hot poker up the ass, every limb kicking hard.


Exultant at last, I fuck as hard and fast as possible. Barb keeps on screaming, thrashing like a crazed animal. I bear down hard and haul on rope around her throat to maintain control while she bucks and writhes. Even strangling, she fights, unable to not, driven out of her mind by the agony of a monster cock hammering into her unprepared ass. The tendons in her neck bulge against the edge of the bag.


“So— fucking—” Unable to concentrate, I just wind the rope tighter around my fist, choking up on it until I’m pulling hard right against her neck. Barb gurgles wetly, her scream strangled off.

I keep on pounding, deeper and deeper into her tight clenching ass. She gets an inch to gasp when she bounces back between thrusts, and then I slam her forward again, fucking and choking at the same time. All her noise is incoherent, broken, and hot as hell.

“You still wanna cum, babe?” I taunt, grinding it in. Every thrust squelches, both her ass and her cunt leaking. Her asshole is heaven, both because it’s tight and it’s torture. Stretched out flat beneath me now, choked to airless silence, Barb strains every muscle so hard she spasms.

I let the rope looser. When Barb gets her breath, her tormented noise comes back. She’s bawling now. But with her wrists behind her back and a rope around her throat, all she can do is take it up the ass and scream as her rectum is pounded open.

God, her ass. Her tight little ass that she never let me fuck. No sodomy for this snotty little bitch, no. She did let somebody have it, though. I bet she wish she’d taken a few more cocks before now— enough to stretch her out a bit before she got my cock rammed up her shitter—

My balls draw up hard, the orgasm sudden and unexpected. Yelling even louder than Barb’s frantic noise, I cum deep in her ass. Her rectum squeezes around my cock, milking every shuddery wave of ecstasy.

Stop,” she gurgles, nearly unintelligible. I feel her guts strain around me, trying to expel the brutal, rock-hard girth.

Gasping, I let her push me out. My cock slides slowly out of Barb’s ass, inch by inch squeezing out of that cruelly stretched hole. At last the head pops out with a final stretch. Barb groans. Her asshole clutches spastically, twitching open and shut in obvious pain, the tissue slick and raw and red, drooling lube.

My cock is still hard. Despite the orgasm, I’m far too aroused to stop. It’s gut deep, bone deep, the arousal of years, the burning desire to hurt more and more and more. To take her apart piece by piece, hole by hole, until she’s trembling and gaping and wrecked. For good.

“Let’s go again,” I say. I grab Barb’s knee and flip her over.

She gives a splitting wail of despair, which subsides into exhausted sobbing almost immediately. I crawl onto the bed on top of her. She tries to kick, tries to knee me off, but I’m between her legs and bearing down, ignoring her heels on my back.

I get her nipple between my teeth and bite. Suck. My left hand, still, holds the rope around her neck, preventing her from sitting up or headbutting.

Right-handed, I guide my still-hard cock to Barb’s pussy. With a grunt and a shove, I thrust in once again. She arches and howls. Her miserable squirming does nothing to prevent me from driving in deep and steadily, rhythmically, to rape her cunt again.

“Always so good,” I murmur, between sucking hickeys on her throat. “Such a good little bitch. Hot. Wet. Tight.”

“Stop!” she sobs, jolted by the thrust.

“Yes,” I hiss. “Just like that.”

“You’re hurting meee,” she bawls. Her thighs tremble around my waist, trying to clench and push me off. I thrust harder against them.

“Yeah, tell me to stop. Beg me to stop, honey, tell me it hurts.”

Don’t,” she begs, through audible snot. “No more. Please. Stop. Stop. Stop it, stop it, stopppp…”

I don’t even think she heard me egging her on. There’s nothing for her but the pain and my cock, pistoning in and out, fucking her out of her mind.

“Nah,” I whisper, right in her ear. “I promised I’d make you cum for me, babe.”

Because I’ve been torturing Barb’s clit for weeks, now, denying relief again and again. And rubbing in the cream every chance that I get. She gets hard in her sleep and leaks like a tap. No matter how hard she just got fucked up the ass, her pussy still needs what it needs. And I can feel it quivering and clenching for more.

I press down hard, as deep in as I can. My groin grinds against her throbbing clit, hard friction between us. Barb stutters and chokes through short circuit, brief and electric.

Despite my cock stabbing against her cervix, her clit is on fire. Spurred, I keep grinding, rolling my hips. My cock rubs in and out of her channel just a little, constant friction, while I keep up the unrelenting pressure on her clit. I can feel pleasure pop and spark through Barb by the way her breath jolts.

No,” she chokes out, stirred to new panic. “Oh my god. No. Stop it. Don’t—”

Her hips jerk up hard, thrusting against me. I laugh and keep going, urging her on. Stoking her higher. It’s like I’ve got a leash on her clit just the same as the rope around her neck. Willing or not, she can be dragged around by both.

Her pussy spasms hard in a way I remember: the oncoming clutch of an orgasm from deep down. Not surface level, not quick, but hard and huge and long-awaited. Feeling it too— the twisting in her core— Barb writhes to get away. It’s not even hard to hold her shoulders down and make her stay, still impaled.

Underneath the bag, she utters desperate noise. She’s choking back words, trying to maintain control. I fuck, and I fuck, and her legs kick the air. Sensation shoots through her, hard and bright, too intense to even be good.

“—STOP,” Barb bursts out, ragged and high. Her whole body trembles, clutched at the core. “Don’t— please— please, n—”

Grinding into her cervix and clit, I fuck her over the edge of orgasm. It’s as rough and as hard as I can possibly be.

Barb lets out a scream, convulsing immediately when the pleasure breaks through. She writhes like a snake, struggling to break free, get away, make it stop. It’s not even about not orgasming during rape, she’s just cumming so hard that it hurts, every inch, every second, unbearable electricity—

—and I keep going hard, fucking her brains out. Now that she’s cumming, she can’t stop, popping off another wave of ecstasy every time I hit her swollen clit. Her hips jerk and twitch in spastic shock, and her pussy gushes spurts of juice.

Through the noise of Barb screaming and begging for it to stop, I hold her down and fuck her like a jackhammer. I’m just as hard as her throbbing clit, and just as desperate to cum again— and again, and again, and again. I broke her, she’s begging, it’s perfection.

Desperate for depth, I hook her under the knees and shove her legs up so I can pound her cunt from above. Barb shrills even louder. Her G-spot, probably— not that I care— not with her pussy dripping and tight, squeezing my cock, screaming in pain, clenching— fuck

I hold her crammed onto my cock like a fuckdoll as I empty my balls— so to speak— and ride the waves of release. Now that I’ve stopped, Barb lies limply and weeps, unmoving except for the violent quake of her legs. And the clench of her pussy, still throbbing with aftershocks.

Like mine is, behind my nonfunctional balls. Everything in me is sticky and loose, wrung out from pleasure and blissfully slack.

I’ve orgasmed so hard that I came with my cock and my cunt at the same time before. But only once. And not without something inside me, stretching the hole that I rarely get fucked.

When the aftershocks have passed, I withdraw slowly. The sight of Barb’s tiny slit stretched painfully around my cock never gets old. When the head of my cock pops out, her juices drip everywhere. She’s a drooling, swollen mess.

There’s so much squirt, she might even have pissed herself in the throes of overstimulated torment, losing control as she spasmed and strained. Or maybe I fucked it out of her: hammered her G-spot and her bladder until she couldn’t hold back.

If she knows, Barb certainly isn’t saying. She just sobs without words, high and hysterical. I toss her legs to the side and she curls up, legs clamped shut on her brutalized holes.

My cock still stands at half mast, and my gut is still hungry.

I’ll be ready to go again in fifteen minutes. After years of waiting for this, I want to stuff that ass full of cock a few more times before I’m satisfied.

Chapter Text

After I got through with her ass, Barb’s asshole was ruined for the next week. By the last time I raped her in the other room— a long, leisurely fuck that took forever to culminate in my fifth orgasm— her hole was so brutalized that I had to tie her down to control her agonized struggling for escape. She screamed herself voiceless for the next three days, too.

Of course I could have fucked her ass in the following days if I wanted to. I’d rather give her a chance to heal and tighten up again. Ruining her is more fun if it takes a long time.

So I’ve stuck to using her throat for the last little while. Her enemas have been small and even gentle, with lots of lubrication and warm medicated water to soothe her sore, swollen rectum. And after giving her those couple of forced orgasms, I’m back to ignoring her pussy. I’d still like to see just how much I can torture and deny her with anal-only stimulation.

What I’ve realized in the past week is that Barb’s oral skills suck. As much as I enjoy making her puke on my cock— and god, I do— I also want to be able to fuck her throat.

I notice, as I ease the slippery enema nozzle into Barb’s quivering anus, that there’s a slight bulge to her lower stomach. When I rub a hand over it, I find her bladder firm and full. The pressure makes her squirm. She didn’t get a chance to piss before I came in today.

Perfect timing for my next idea. She’ll need all the encouragement I can give her.

“Tell me when to stop,” I say, and kiss Barb’s ear before stepping away to the tap on the wall.

Predictably, she yelps, “Stop!” almost before the water has started flowing into her rectum.

I click my tongue and leave the water running. “Nice try. If you’re going to try to cheat, though, we won’t play that game. I’ll give you a big one today, I think.”

Barb looks devastated. “No! Please, I— I’m sorry, please don’t. I’ll wait!”

“Too late. Cheaters get filled up deep.”

The slow-flowing enema fills her gradually, giving her more time than usual to feel the water bloating her rectum. Groaning, Barb sucks her abdomen in and squeezes— an action that I know is her using internal pressure to open the passage to her colon and force the fluid deeper into her intestines, relieving the pressure in her rectum. I’m delighted to see her succumb to the inevitable rather than fighting it. Another bit of resistance eroded away. But even if she capitulates, she’ll still suffer.

“Please stop,” she croaks, just in case begging works.

I sigh and grope my cock through my jeans as it firms. Barb’s mouth trembles with misery.

She whimpers and dances on her toes as the enema fills her, as if any movement could let her escape from the plug directly up her ass. Several days ago she did step on the hose and pull the nozzle out, which was possible because I hadn’t inflated the plug as much as usual in order not to stretch her healing anus. I whipped her ass and thighs until the stripes were purple. Since then she’s been submissive once again to the lesser torment of an enema.

Please,” Barb begs, when there are two litres inside her. Even a slow fill is making her guts cramp. Her abdomen clenches as her bowels attempt to move, stopped only by Barb fighting her own instinct to push painfully against the plug. “Please stop. Pleeease…”

I give her another half litre because her squirming on her chain is so erotic. By then her guts are so inflated that her belly bulges. I shut off the tap, and Barb holds desperately onto her wrist chain for support with her legs crossed and shaking from the struggle to hold her bowels.

I disconnect the hose and spread the pear of anguish a notch wider. Squealing, Barb jerks away.

She can’t run anywhere, of course. Even less so when I crank the winch up, lifting Barb off her feet. She cries out in pain and writhes in midair like a worm on a hook, toes straining for purchase on the floor— several inches away, which might as well be miles beyond her reach.

“You want down?”

“Yes! Yes, put me down, please put me down. I’ll suck you off, I’ll try, I’ll...”

I laugh and roll the wooden A-frame between her legs. “Oh, good girl. We are going to work on your sucking today. Here, sit down— sit…”

With the wheels locked, I go back to the winch and lower her, tense with expectant delight. Barb’s thighs had been squeezing the A-frame’s rail for support. Then she comes down and the relief on her face transforms into agony and an ear-splitting shriek. She tightens her thighs again, trying to lift off the rail: not a flat wooden beam, but a sharp-angled sheet of copper laid on top of the wooden rail. Although it’s nowhere near sharp enough to cut, it certainly feels like it’s splitting her between the legs.

Barb screams and her toes kick uselessly in the air. By flexing her arms she manages to lift her tender cunt off the sharp rail, relieving the agony. Then I lower the chain another few inches and she loses that leverage. Her chain goes slack, putting her full weight back onto the metal rail. Even when Barb pulls up hard, she can only get a little relief before her arms give out and she’s forced to sit again, howling.

The Spanish tortured people on such a device, calling it a wooden horse or donkey. It’s a magnificently simple torment: just wood and gravity, and the added humiliation of having one’s legs spread and genitals tortured. Barb has experienced the flat-edged crotch rail before, which was blunt pressure enough to be painful. But my metal horse is a more savage beast.

She rides beautifully, wailing and writhing on the cruel apex. With some squirming, she manages to position the base of her anal plug on top of the rail and sit back on it, pressing the plug deep into her inflated bowels in exchange for relieving weight from her clit. Still she trembles and cries in pain.

“—it hurts, it hurts, please stop, please let me down, it hurts too much, please—”

Quickly, I set up the other piece of equipment: a wooden post secured to the front of the A-frame in front of Barb. She protests even harder as the bolts are tightened, though I doubt she realizes what the glass tank on top of the post is for. She just knows the torment is about to get worse.

Please, Jack, don’t, it hurts, I can’t take it, I CAN’T! STOP—!!”

Seeing me coming with a leather collar in my hands, Barb frantically lifts herself up, getting her pussy two inches off the horse and her neck that much farther from my reach. It’s not enough to stop me from cinching the collar around her neck and using it to pull her down hard onto the sharp metal rail.


My cock throbs so hard that it hurts. This is going to be so good that I don’t even care I can’t fuck her during it.

“Look, Barb,” I say, smacking her in the face with the toy I brought over, “it’s your favourite. The anal probe.”

The one I impaled her on. Twelve inches long but quite slender, made of flexible silicone with gentle bumps all the way down its length to mark every inch. It’s also meant to be a deep enema wand and has a screw-in base and a hole down the centre. I’ll use it a little differently today.

“No, please no…”

“Not in your ass,” I smile, and screw the dildo into the connector on the post. The obscenely long toy waggles at Barb from face-level.

She clenches her teeth, hissing for breath between them.

Smiling at her willfulness, I reach down and mash her clit against the metal rail. At the spike of pure agony, Barb shrieks uncontrollably. With a sudden pull on her collar, I yank her forward onto the dildo. It hits the back of her throat, her scream transforms into a retch, and I snap a carabiner onto the collar.

Gagging, Barb yanks back from the dildo only to find... she can’t. A short rope connects her collar to an eyebolt on the post, holding her in place on the dildo. It’s slender enough that her mouth is nowhere near full— I’m even being merciful about this!— but the end of the dildo constantly tickles her throat like a fingertip.

A sob shakes her body, then a gag that makes her jolt on the rail and leak more tears. “Sop,” she slurs, begging with overflowing eyes. Her fingers curl and her thighs clench in desperate fretting for escape.

“You can make it stop,” I say. “Look here.”

Barb goes almost cross-eyed to look at where I tap my finger: a brass button on the post just above the mounted dildo.

“All you have to do is learn to fucking deepthroat, you useless bitch. Get that dildo all the way into your throat and touch the button.”

Whatever Barb’s response was turns into another gag. Saliva dribbles from her lips.

“Oh!” I say, as if I’d forgotten. “Well…”

And I retrieve three bottles of her liquid meal replacement. Before Barb’s disbelieving eyes, I pour them all into the glass tank on top of the post. The tank fills to just over the 2 litre mark.

I press the button in illustration. Barb chokes at the spurt of liquid from the tip of the dildo.

“Touch the button and drink it all. By then you should have learned how to take a fucking cock.”

I shrug, my smile malicious. “If not… we can do this again tomorrow.”

I fetch my armchair and pull it over into a better position. When I’ve sprawled down and opened my jeans, taking my cock in hand for a leisurely stroke, I find Barb staring at me with pleading eyes. She tries to gurgle something around the dildo, pulling urgently at the chain overhead.

“Well?” I demand. “You can ride the horse all day if you want to. Ride it until you pass out, I don’t care. If you love having your pussy tortured so much, honey, you should have said. I can make it hurt worse.”

“Nuh…” she groans, her eyes squeezing shut. Then the weight of her torturous task breaks her final resistance— makes her shudder with a sob— and she leans into the dildo.

Barb is fucking worthless at sucking cock. Even though she knows she has to open up, her throat clenches shut in fear and rejection. The silicone tip prodding her tight throat makes her gag. She dry retches repeatedly around it, trying to fight through her own resistance. The noise is loud and stupid, pure humiliating reflex. All the while she squirms and shakes on the metal horse biting her tender pussy.

The tip pops into Barb’s throat. After all her efforts to provoke her own gag reflex, this finally trips it: she vomits immediately. A little burst of thin watery puke spurts down the length of the dildo. Barb yanks back with a wail of misery and a fresh flood of tears.

“Try again, baby,” I urge, slowly stroking my dick root to tip.

She does. She has no choice.

This time she pushes hard in frustration, forcing the dildo in abruptly. The force of her heave makes her body jolt, but she pushes through it, keeping the dildo in. She gets three inches down on it— still five inches away from the button— when she vomits again, her gag reflex triggered by the stimulating bumps on the dildo’s shaft popping down one after another.

Barb pulls her head off the dildo with a wet choke, inadvertently rocking back on the metal horse and cutting into her soft anus beside the buttplug. Agony and miserable frustration set off a riot of thrashing and fighting, a maddened resistance against her torture. Saliva and vomit spit from Barb’s mouth as she screams incoherent rage around the dildo and shakes the chain overhead, rattling the winch, rising off the horse.

Her arms give out and she comes down again, sitting harder than ever on the brutal edge. It makes her wail even louder.

My toes curl at the sight of Barb’s pain. I have to stop myself from jerking off faster, ending it too soon. “Suck the dick, you useless slut!”

Blubbering uncontrollably, Barb forces her head down on the dildo. Between her crying and gagging, she does little except drool and choke spastically for a while, doing nothing to get her any closer to escape from squirming misery on the horse.

At last, she gets a few inches down on the dildo and vomits again. This time she’s finally able to push through the retching and force the dildo deeper down her throat even as the puke spurts up around it. Puke spatters from her open lips as Barb pushes her head farther and farther down, eyes watering from the strain, body spasming every time another bump on the dildo’s shaft pops down her throat.

Her nose touches the brass button. The mechanical valve opens, releasing the flow of meal replacement through the long dildo and straight down her stuffed throat.

Barb can barely hold the position for two seconds before she has to pull back, coughing violently. Drool sprays everywhere— probably most of the liquid she just drank, too. Her face is red and tear-stained.

“There you go,” I sigh, stroking myself. “Just like that. God, you’re so hot when you puke. Just completely unable to control yourself. Pure reflex. Choking and suffocating just because I want you to.”

Eyes clenched, Barb whimpers something around the dildo. Drool runs down her tits.

“If you keep puking it up, though, I’ll add more to the tank and we’ll keep going. Learn how to swallow it or you’ll be up there all day.”

Hiccupping, Barb forces her head down on the dildo again. She gives a loud huurgh as it squeezes in, her eyes popping with the force of the heave, but she manages to keep it down and go deeper. And deeper.

It takes her another three tries to get all the way down to the base. The bumps along the length of the probe are the problem, since they stimulate her throat like a penetrating cockhead with every inch. By the time she finally presses the button, she’s slick with drool and snot all down her chin, her tits, her stomach.

Her stomach that stretches fuller and fuller with every second the dildo pumps liquid down her throat.

She drinks until her gag reflex overpowers her, forcing her to disgorge the length of the dildo. Thick drool drips down onto her pussy lips and swollen clit, cruelly split by the sharp metal rail.

Little by little, Barb drains the tank. She gets down a litre before she starts to groan with new pain. Between her filling stomach and the enema still inside, her belly is visibly bulging. And her bladder is a rock hard curve on her lower stomach.

She pauses for breath, wheezing around the shaft of the dildo. Her thighs tremble with the effort of clenching on the horse, the inevitable pain.

“Good bitch. Take it again.”


“Getting full, huh? Filled right the fuck up, every single hole.”


“Take it, Barb. Gonna fill you ‘til you burst. Fill you and plug you up and make you hold it. You want to sit on that horse all day? Choke it down again.”

Slowly, leaking tears, Barb slides farther down the dildo. Inch after inch disappears into her throat, now abused enough that it takes the violation with only a little choking. Eight inches— ten— it’s deep in her chest now, pushing through her esophagus—

The last bump pops down her throat and her nose clicks the button. Suffocating and choking around the length, Barb struggles to hold herself down despite every screaming instinct and the increasing pain of her stomach being inflated. Her body twitches spastically.

I jerk my cock faster, groaning. God, that’s going to be my cock embedded down her throat, getting squeezed and sucked as I block her air. I’m going to be able to skullfuck her completely.

Barb comes off the dildo with a loud retch and a dribble of unswallowed liquid. She tries to go back down, gags hard, and slumps. Her swollen belly clenches with an involuntary heave. Exhausted, she starts crying again.

“Suck the cock, Barb. You were just getting good at it.”

“I canth,” she sobs, squirming on the horse. “Pease, sop. I canth. I’m gonna puke.”

“Fucking puke, then! Puke it all up around that big mean dildo, just put it down your fucking throat.”

Sobbing, she clenches her thighs together hard, riding higher for a moment before her legs give out. “Pease…”

“If you piss, I will collect it all and pour it down that dildo and make your drink it,” I snarl. “You want off that horse? You wanna be done so you can let it out? Put the cock down your throat and finish up.”

Eyes squeezed shut, she leans forward cringing onto the dildo. It prods the back of her clenched throat. She pushes, trying to force it down, still sobbing— and vomits. It’s a miserable little heave, a dribble of release from the nausea of her overstuffed stomach. It makes her cry harder.

I gasp and rub my cock faster. “Stuff it down your skull, you useless slut, or I’ll do it for you!”

She gives a gurgling wail around the dildo and tries again, choking down its bumpy length.

“That’s right, take it, take it all, fuck your face on it— just like that—”

Barb hits the button. The moment the liquid hits her bloated stomach, it comes back up in a milky dribble through her nostrils. She retches around the dildo still embedded in her throat but holds herself down, forcibly inflated further even as she vomits again. Snot and liquid leaks down her face. Her swollen cunt bounces on the sharp metal rail as she struggles for balance. Her eyes roll back in her skull.

The appalling noise of Barb retching repeatedly around the dildo is what does it for me. No dignity, no control, just gurgling animal noise and her body heaving involuntarily on the horse as she gets stuffed to the brim, filled air-tight, her stomach and bowels and bladder ready to burst but unable to release until I’m done making her suffer.

I cum hard, fixated on the last two inches of dildo sliding in and out of her mouth as Barb jerks back and forth in a struggle to choke down the last of the tank’s liquid. She’s drooling uncontrollably, leaking snot and tears, heaving constantly around the dildo.

Finally the desperate need for air makes her slide back off the dildo, disgorging it like a slick tentacle. From the slack slump of her body, the way she hangs limply on the horse’s sharp edge, she’s too worn out to do anything but quiver in pain and exhaustion.

“Almost done,” I say, tucking my cock away and getting up. There’s about half a litre left in the tank.

I put my hand tenderly on the back of Barb’s head and slowly push her head down.

She has just enough strength left to resist but not enough to stop me from forcing her onto the dildo. Inch after inch bumps down her clutching throat. Her eyes pop and her tongue strains out with the force of her gag reflex attempting to reject the intrusion. Her legs kick frantically.

I force her skull down to the button and hold it there.

The last half litre of liquid pumps into her stomach with agonizing slowness. Barb makes noise like she’s dying, gurgling snot and retching: "Hurgh-- hurrghh! Hng-!" Puke spatters out around the obstruction in her throat.

The tank is empty. I let her go.

Barb hangs limply and cries as I unhook her from the dildo, remove the post, and lower the A-frame.

With the metal rail moved away, the lurid red puffiness of her pussy becomes evident. Her labia are swollen to twice their size— and dripping wet, as ever, though that has nothing to do with the abuse and pain.

Hanging from her wrists, Barb squeezes her thighs together and squirms. Her whole body is clenched tight from the pain of being bloated so full. “I have to pee,” she sobs. “Please let me pee, please let me down, please, please.”

“Hold it,” I tell her, unscrewing the tube of cream. “Don’t you dare.” I squeeze some onto my fingers and reach around her, between her legs. My fingers slide over the mess of her pussy, hot and swollen and slippery.

Barb wails in desperation, in agony. She jerks against me, quivering from the strain of every passing second.

“Hold it,” I order, stroking the cream onto her clit. Even in this situation it hardens at my touch. “Hold it in. If you leak a fucking drop, I’ll pump you even fuller and plug up every hole in your body and leave you to hang. Don’t you dare.”


Hold it in, you useless slut.” I slide my fingers into her cunt and finger it mercilessly. “I’ll stuff your ass with a dildo the size of my arm and whip your pussy until you pass out. I’ll hook you up to a machine to fuck your throat while I’m not even here and leave you choking and puking on that all day. You want that? Huh? Keep holding it. Hold it until I’m done with you.”

Driven out of her mind with need, Barb twitches and spasms, her thighs clamped around my fingers in her cunt. Her clit grinds into my palm. Her bladder stands out as a rock hard bulge against my wrist. She grunts incoherently all the while, teeth clenched so hard her jaw strains.

I pull my hand away before she pisses or orgasms, or both. “There, bitch. Now.”

From the pornographic groan Barb makes as she lets her bladder go, the way her toes curl and tremble, she might be cumming from the ecstasy of release. I pull her anal plug out and she gets even louder, forcing the enema out of her bloated guts in desperate pushes. Even so, her stomach remains distended and full.

When it’s over, I slip my hand between her legs again and stroke her abused pussy. Barb squirms in both agony and pleasure, inadvertently grinding on my hand. I slide my fingers over her slippery labia and clit, which is still hard and throbbing with denied need.

“There, babe. That’s how you deepthroat. Good girl. Now we’ll try this again tomorrow and see how you do then.”

Chapter Text

It takes four days of riding the horse before Barb can deepthroat all twelve inches of the anal probe on command. Yesterday she swallowed the probe down with desperate urgency and drank all three litres of liquid in the tank in less than half an hour— literally as fast as her stomach could stand to be inflated.

I hadn’t nearly finished jacking off, so I left her writhing on the horse for another hour, her belly engorged and her pussy split by the sharp rail. I finally finished and let her down when she started to swoon and vomit, unable to take the blinding agony any longer.

The narrow, flexible probe is nothing like my cock. But she still deserves a reward.

“Look at that,” I murmur, stroking Barb’s tiny pink asshole. I’ve got her bent over the table today, her ankles manacled wide apart to the table legs. “All tight and pretty again. You’d never know how hard I split this hole open, huh?”

Guhh.” She moans through the ring gag. I don’t need her input now, just her noise.

“How’s it feel, sweetheart? Here it comes. I know this one’s your favourite.”

I’ve got the long anal probe attached to the enema hose. Teasing, I smear lube around her hole and slip the probe in slowly, smooth and slick and gentle. Barb groans and arcs her lower back at the sensation of bumps squeezing past her anus and sliding into her rectum.

“Tell you what, Barb. This one’s a treat. I won’t stretch you out with the pear of anguish. But that means you have to hold it in.” I pinch her labia hard, making her squeal. “You leak and I’ll fill you so full it comes up your throat.”

She gurgles something— agreement, I hope, since I have plans to be nice today. When I turn the tap, her asshole squeezes tight around the anal probe.

As the enema steadily fills her, I rock the probe back and forth, ignoring Barb’s panicked protests. Still pouring water into her, the dildo reaches the bend in her colon. I push it deeper, twisting around the bend. Barb clenches and groans loudly.

“Good slut. Yeah, that’s nice. That’s so nice, fucking your guts, filling you up like this. Feel how deep it’s going.”

The lubed shaft glides in and out, its bumps stimulating her desperately clenched anus. Its head rubs her inner walls and the still-flowing water floods her intestines, stretching her out. Barb pushes up on her toes, whimpering.

“Eeeeea…” Please.

“Aw. Getting desperate? Getting nice and full? You’re not even close. Take it all.”

I twist my wrist and push the probe hard, popping around both bends of her sigmoid colon at once. She yells and her back arches hard. Merciless, I work the dildo back and forth just an inch, toying with the twist of her guts.

“Hold it in,” I whisper in Barb’s ear, leaning over her and still moving the probe. Her eyes are rolling. The sensation from her ass must be overwhelming. “Don’t you dare let go.”


“Let’s make sure it gets all the way up there.”

I force the dildo all the way in, as far as it goes: twelve inches deep in her guts. Barb’s slick pink rosette stretches and squeezes around the final larger bulb at the base, retaining it despite the deep ache. The tip must be lodged somewhere in the descending colon, distending the curves of her guts around its shaft.

“Four liters,” I say, and turn the tap off. It’s only two: a nice small enema, nothing painful. Warm and tingly and pleasant inside, confusing her poor abused ass. I lean over and give a sucking kiss to Barb’s earlobe that makes her shudder. “God, you take it like you’re made for it. Stuffed so full. How’s that feel?”

Her quivering pussy is so wet that my fingers slide right in. “Wet as a bitch,” I whisper. “You fucking slut. You like it up the ass.”

I ignore her shaking her head. Grinning, I kneel down between her spread legs, beneath the still-connected enema hose. The hose’s weight gives a constant slight pull on the anal probe, forcing Barb to keep clenched tight.

In passing, I bite Barb’s ass cheek, then her tender inner thighs. Fresh fear of my teeth makes her dread my tongue sliding up to her cunt. But there I only kiss, licking and sucking her wet folds. Barb pushes up on her toes in pleasure, fretful and needy.

“Hold it,” I growl. She whimpers when my tongue thrusts into her slick pussy.

I eat her out for a while, teasing her hole with penetration it can’t grip, then finally get to her clit. It stands erect between her labia, throbbing visibly as her pussy clenches. I lick the back of the shaft and it jumps at the slightest touch. I breathe and it makes her squirm.

Just to be cruel, I take her clit between my lips and nurse oh so gently for several minutes, a slight teasing suckle that drives her into frenzied need. Her swollen clit gets even harder and starts to pulse against my tongue with every rhythmic clench of her hungry cunt. Like a tiny cock attempting to fuck my mouth for pleasure I'm refusing to give.

Soon Barb is moaning constantly— attempting to talk behind the gag, I think. Her thighs quiver with the effort of restraint. And all the while her ass clenching has been moving the probe back and forth slightly: barely a quarter of an inch, but enough to rub the bumpy shaft along her anal walls. She’s been fucking her ass silly while I tease her clit.

I stand and stroke Barb’s pretty gold curls back from her flushed face. There’s a puddle of drool beneath her O-ringed mouth.

“Stupid slut,” I say, not without affection. I push the base of the anal probe in deeper just to watch her eyes roll and her spine arch. “Don’t let go until I tell you.”

Inch by inch, I pull the probe out, pausing occasionally to fuck her a little. Slowly it emerges, an improbable length, all of it once crammed up her guts. It’s almost out.


Instead, I ram the whole thing back inside, twelve inches corkscrewing back up her ass. Barb screams.

Just as fast, I yank the dildo out, clearing her guts so fast it hurts. Her whole body slams against the table.

But, to my shock, she doesn’t leak. Desperation made her clench so hard that she retained the enema. It must have made the surprise violation hurt even worse.

“Fuck,” I whisper, gripping my cock. “Okay, now.”

Snivelling and shaking, Barb releases. I spray her clean when it’s over.

“So good, sweetheart,” I whisper in her ear. “That was so hot. You learned how to suck cock and you’re finally being good for me. You get something nice.”


“Yeah. Yeah, let’s see that pretty ass.”

I lube my shaft, so the first thing she feels is this: the hot, fat head of my cock rubbing her asshole. It makes her let out a despairing noise.

“Yeah. Yeah, gimme that hole. Nice and tight all over again.”


“Relax,” I whisper, rubbing the shaft of my cock up her crack to slick the whole thing— and so she can feel its length. “You like it up the ass.”

Against the tiny pucker my cockhead is almost a doorknob, thick and red and shiny. Pressure makes her asshole part slightly, too glistening slick to resist. And slowly I force her open, my cockhead sinking in.

“Ohh, fuck.” My groan joins Barb’s grating scream of protest. She strains every muscle against the manacles holding her to the table but gets nowhere. It’s still so much hotter that she’s trying to escape, to stop me from shoving my cock up her hot little ass. “Fuck, keep screaming, that’s right.”

I hold her hair in one fist so I can watch her face as I slowly push deeper, splitting her anus open. Tears spill from her eyes. She’s tight as a vise, stretched almost to the point of tearing but still managing to get even tighter when she squeezes and tries to force me out. Every attempt makes her gurgle in pain.

“Get it all in you,” I mutter, rocking my hips. I edge deeper, stretching her guts, and she wails. “Fuck you up. Make you take it all.”

Halfway in, my cock meets real resistance. I grin, regathering her hair to hold it tighter. “You feel that?” I nudge my hips and Barb cries out, trying to jerk away. “There’s that bend. The end of your rectum. All the way stuffed with my big thick cock.”

The first time I raped her ass, I wasn't so concerned with depth— only with fucking her as brutally as possible. Six inches of a cock like mine is still agony. But now I have the patience to stretch her open and force it all in.

I nudge my cock in her again, tormenting the curve. Unable to escape, Barb screams and squirms around but only manages to arouse me further. Her anus throbs around my shaft.

“Let’s straighten out those guts.”

My cock strains within her hole, thicker and harder than the long anal probe. I pull Barb’s head back by the hair, using the twist of her neck to prevent her from edging forward as I push my hips hard against her. The forcible pressure makes her cry. The thick rigid girth shoves unbearably deep in her tender walls. She clenches. She wails—

The bend of her guts slowly gives way, allowing my cock to thrust in. She shrieks and heat crashes over me as I bury myself to the balls. I groan with incredible pleasure as agony makes Barb’s ass spasm, milking my cock.

The sight of her asshole distended pink and slick around the thick base of my cock nearly makes me cum. I groan and hold still, fighting down the surge even as she continues to scream, every jerk of her body making her twitch on my cock.

I slap her ass hard. “You whiny little bitch. A little bit of pain and you bawl like a baby.” I start thrusting slowly, working my cock through that gloriously tight channel. “All I had to do was put a dildo up your ass and you were ready to cum your brains out. Where’s that pleasure now, huh?”

As I withdraw, I stroke some more lube onto my shaft. It goes in easier, especially when Barb bears back— trying to push me out or ease her own pain, I don’t know. She quivers and sobs as I sink back in.

Little by little, I fuck her open. She gets slicker and slicker as I add more lube until her winking red rosebud, no matter how sore, slides easily over my veiny cock. Deep thrusts make Barb whimper no matter what, especially when I impale her right to the colon, but her crying dries up to miserable whines.

It hurts— it can’t not— but there’s something in her body that wants it this way. Something I’ve been training to react on command. Her guts are slippery and stretched and full, with friction stimulating her sensitive tissues, and no matter how it aches to be impaled she wants to cum.

“That’s my slut,” I say, reaching one hand down and stroking her cunt. I barely brush her folds, not wanting to give her too much, but it still makes her jolt. A firm pinch of her clit between finger and thumb makes her whole body quiver, her eyes nearly rolling back in her head.

Now that she’s finally stretched, I fuck Barb for my own pleasure, my fingers just resting over her cunt. I’ve been dreaming about her ass for so long, and now I get to split it open. I watch my cock piston in and out of her ass, then sigh and close my eyes and feel her heat. I lean forward to prop one elbow on the table and fuck her like a dog humping a convenient piece of meat.

This ass. This throat. These tits. Her pain and her fear and her helpless despair.

Over and over, I force my cock past the bend in her colon. I can feel it resist and then give way. Imagining the obscene distension of her guts for my massive cock makes me groan. God, it’s worth it to have waited so long.

Almost ignored, Barb squirms beneath me. Her whimpers are background noise. The only friction she gets is the absent, accidental, when the jostling of her hips rubs her clit on my hand. She’s becoming more frantic by the minute.

Finally, I reach orgasm and make no effort to hold back, ramming in as deep as possible. Electricity travels from my toes up to my balls, a white ecstatic rush. As I peak and tremble down, Barb’s guts flex around my throbbing cock, wringing out my pleasure.

As I slowly withdraw, Barb’s hips twitch up against me, quick and desperate. Trying to rub out a last few strokes to her clit— maybe involuntary, maybe not. Her face is flushed deep scarlet with humiliation and arousal.

Suddenly vicious, I slap her ass. She shrieks. “Did you like that, Barb? You wanna cum with my cock in your ass?”

“Uh-uhh!” She shakes her head hard.

“Yeah you were. Trying to cum on my cock. Look how hard your clit is. I didn’t tell you to cum, did I?”

“Uh-uhhh!” She garbles something I can understand without trying: I didn’t want to, I didn’t like it.

I lean over Barb and breathe hotly in her ear, nibbling along the shell. “You’re a slut and you like getting fucked up the ass, and I’m going to rape you ‘til you break.” Shuddering, she squeezes her eyes shut as if she could hide. “But you’ve been so good about choking on dick that I’ll make sure you have a good time.”

Despite Barb’s misery, her pussy and asshole are still clenching fitfully, both dripping slick down her thighs.

I pull over the ceiling chain and connect it to Barb’s wrist manacles, then fasten a long spreader bar to her ankles before unstrapping her from the table. After pulling her upright by the chain, I roll the table away and return with a different device: a heavy metal box with a pole sticking straight up from its top. It fits between her legs, its weight holding her feet immobile once the spreader bar is locked to the box.

“Ohhh,” Barb groans, shaking her head in fresh terror. She knows what this is. “Ohh, ohhh…”

“Shh, baby. It won’t even be as big as my dick. I’m going to be the only one stretching your ass out.”

I rub my chosen dildo over her luscious lips, wet with drool around the O-ring gag. Her tongue cringes back from its entry. Thanks to her training, even when I press the head of the dildo against her throat and rotate it to pick up saliva she only gags a little.

Chuckling, I connect the dildo to the machine's upright pole. The dildo is shaped like an exaggerated cock, with a thick flared head and veins bulging obscenely down its eight inch length. It’s not as thick as mine, true— but not small by any means. The tip of it hovers under Barb’s asshole, threatening.

“I’ll even lube you up nice for it, how’s that?”

She gets the good lube for this: silicone based, expensive and ultra slippery. Quality enough to last for hours. I fill a large syringe with it— almost half a cup— and empty it into Barb’s rectum.

The slippery gush makes her groan, disgusted.

“Feels nice, huh?” I tease. “Here it comes.”

A press of a button on the metal box makes the pole slowly rise. The dildo comes into contact with Barb’s asshole and she jerks up onto her tiptoes. Delighted, I tap the button and raise the pole up bit by bit, holding the dildo securely in line with her asshole no matter how she squirms.

The dildo’s fat head crowds against her pucker, forcing it open. When the cockhead’s thick flare pops in, Barb squeals sharply. Then there’s no escaping the rest of the cock rising to impale her, sliding inexorably up her slippery passage. Three inches, four— five— then six, seven, pushing past the bend of her colon yet again. Her guts must be loosening already, straightening out, adjusting to being invaded by dick.

The heavy balls push hard on Barb’s stretched hole before I release the button. Barb dances on her tiptoes and whimpers, looking at me with desperate eyes. Every inch is buried deep inside her.

I laugh. “That’s a lot of dick, isn’t it, bitch?”

I set the fucking machine to stop at this height. Even if she comes down from her tiptoes— and she’ll have to, as her muscles weaken and give out— she’ll get the dildo thrusting up all the way, lifting her onto her toes. Impaling her to the hilt over and over.

With the turn of a dial, the fucking machine starts moving very slowly. The pole pistons up and down, the veiny cock gliding in and out of Barb’s glistening hole. Raw sensation makes her shudder hard, her eyes rolling back.

I grab her tits and kiss her neck, fondling her as the machine slowly fucks her ass. Against me, Barb writhes in useless resistance, unable to escape her impalement even when the dildo is at its lowest— still lodged four inches deep. With her mouth gagged open, she can't hold back the heavy panting, the shuddering gasp each time her bowels are invaded.

The light in her eyes is desperate. Overwhelmed.

And touched by some hint of panic that the dildo’s bulging veins and crown are somehow stroking her sensitive anal walls in a way that makes her nerves sing and her needy, empty cunt quiver.

“One last present,” I smile, giving Barb’s nipples a final tweak. I reach between her legs and click a tab on the dildo’s base.

The dildo begins vibrating, a low rumble powerful enough to purr down the metal pole. “Unhhh,” Barb groans, her back arching hard.

I cycle through the settings quickly, leaving it on a vibration pattern of long, slow pulses in time with the fucking machine’s steady piston. The cock vibrates as it fills Barb’s ass and stops as it slides out, creating a peak of frantic stimulation when she’s stuffed balls deep. Judging by the way Barb yells and strains to pull up even an inch, it’s unbearable.

“Uhh, uh, uuuh! Ugh!”

“You don’t get to cum unless I make you,” I tell Barb softly, cold as ice. I twist her nipple and watch her try to reply, to beg, gurgling nonsense through the ring gag. Her eyes plead. Every thrust of the dildo makes her arch and pull her own nipple painfully, beyond self control when the machine drives deep into her bowels.

“But enjoy this as much as you can,” I finish, letting her go. “I think I’ll leave you here. You’ve got all day. I know how much that slutty ass likes getting sodomized by a big fat cock.”

I turn to leave, and she begins to scream like she's losing her mind.

Barb’s frenzied shrieks echo off the walls as I leave the room.

On the other side of the heavy metal door, there’s barely a sound— just a muffled echo like a ghost.

Down the hall, there’s nothing at all to suggest a woman is being sexually tormented twenty feet away.

Upstairs, in the house, I reach into my pocket and click on the audio monitor. Barb’s berzerk screaming comes through loud and clear. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was being tortured to death.

Chuckling, I turn down the dial and head into my office to work. I wonder how long it’ll take her to scream herself hoarse.



I listen to Barb suffer for the next two hours, turning the volume up and down to check in.

At first she screams like a banshee, non-stop, just shrieking and shrieking as loudly as she can. It goes beyond pain or pleasure— beyond any physical reaction. She’s locked up, alone, having a complete emotional breakdown over the fact that she’s hanging from the ceiling getting fucked deep up the ass by a machine that won’t stop, won’t slow, and won’t make her cum no matter how much her pussy drips.

After a while she loses the strength to scream so hard. She goes quiet for some time, then starts to cry again later, presumably when the sensations go straight through exhaustion and build up to an intolerable level again. Her noises get wetter, then devolve into cries like an overwrought infant, unable to do anything but scream-cry with misery. I picture her hanging slack from the chain, her head lolling backward, snot and drool running down her face as she bawls. Eight inches of vibrating dildo slowly, inexorably pistoning up and down her slick, quivering rectum.

Hiccups overcome her, making her choke audibly on her own snot and drool. For a minute I have to turn the audio up and squeeze my cock through my jeans as Barb coughs through her ring gag and tries to calm herself despite every hiccup squeezing her body painfully tight on the dildo.

A while later, she starts to scream again. Urgent. Panicked that I’ve forgotten her, left her locked up to get fucked up the ass forever. This time it only takes a few minutes for her to give up and sob: “Uhh… uhh… uhhh…”

Then she goes quiet again, nothing but grunts and groans that she can’t stop herself from making when the dildo shoves deep. Like an animal getting bred. For hours.

The noise keeps my cock half hard the whole time: distracting but enjoyable. Copy editing isn’t so hard that I can’t do it with half a brain, the other half of me absently rubbing my fingers over the seam of my jeans and the half-hard cock underneath. Heat pools in my gut and tightens up, a roiling slow burn.

At some point, Barb’s noise changes again.

It takes me a while to notice it. Then I look up at the audio monitor and frown. I turn the volume up.

Her grunts have gotten deeper, more forceful. There’s something intent about them. More action in her voice than I’ve heard in— I glance at the clock— almost an hour. What changed?

That’s long enough. I’ve been able to look at the clock and watch time pass; to Barb, with nothing to focus on but the cock reaming her ass, the time must have felt like ages.

Let’s go see.

The basement door’s hinges squeak, but not so loud when I push it open slowly. Inside the room is hot and sweaty, claustrophobic, and full of Barb’s rhythmic grunting in time with the fucking machine.

Uh...... Uh...... Uh...... Uh...... Uh...... Uh......

She hangs there straddling the machine with her eyes shut, face screwed up. She’s red and flushed all the way down to her tits, and sweat drips between her tits and down her narrow back, which is arched erotically. And her whole body surges along with every slow thrust of the dildo eight inches deep into her gut.

The glistening dildo reaches its peak, punching a deep, “Unh,” out of Barb’s O-ringed mouth. Her face contorts, her body clutches— reaching, desperate—

And then the dildo stops vibrating and withdraws.

Everything recedes for an aching second before it begins another inevitable thrust and pushes Barb to that straining point again— “Unh”— and lets her down again.

My cock goes from half-hard to iron bar. Fascinated, I circle silently around Barb to get a better view of the fucking.

Her spine strains into every stroke of the dildo. Her thighs tense to the point of rigidity, then relax into quivering jelly. And her asshole itself is clenching— her whole core is clenching— all her exhausted muscles being forced into rhythmic contraction by the fucking machine’s unrelenting stimulation. As if the dildo up her ass was an electrical probe snap-stimulating her with pure energy.

I tied Barb up on the fucking machine intending to torture her with orgasm denial. To fuck her until the pleasure was sheer agony but never let her cum. But after all the denial and anal conditioning and two solid hours of getting her guts sodomized, it looks like Barb is just about to explode into anal-only orgasm.

Unh...... Unh...... Unh...... Unh...... ...”

My cock is so desperately hard that my first impulse is to switch off the machine, yank the dildo out and fuck her ass wildly until I explode. But that would ruin everything.

It passes enough that I can breathe, leaving my toes tingling from light-headed arousal. I want to torment her, true; I want to stretch every hole and beat her and fuck her until she passes out. But the core of that desire is making her scream. Lose control. Go mindless. Break. And forcing her to orgasm from her body being rewired by endless rape will do just as well.

As much as I want to drive Barb over the edge, I can’t speed up the machine. It would break the rhythm of her visceral contractions. If I touch her nipples or her clit, will it throw her off? If I just wait, will she eventually get there? Or—

Barb jerks, suddenly becoming aware of my presence when I step up behind her and reach for the dildo’s base. But I had hoped right: the vibrator wasn’t turned all the way up.

The tab on the dildo’s base clicks over two slots, driving its vibrations up to max. Its motor roars along with Barb’s electrified scream. "OooAGHHH!"

It fucks her in the same rhythm, vibrations on and off, but now powerful enough to blast her overstimulated nerves. The next deep thrust makes Barb clench so hard she contorts, toes and fingers curling, tendons popping. “UHH!”

It recedes and slowly impales her again. Her body clutches tight, nothing more than a puppet around her contracting anal canal and the dildo snaking its depths. “UHH!

“Oh fuck,” I groan, fumbling my zipper open and squeezing my raging hard-on. It flexes violently in my fist. “Oh fuck, cum on that cock. Cum on that fucking cock, you anal whore.”

UHH!” Barb’s eyes are popping wide and white-rimmed, her tongue straining out through the O-ring. “UHH!” Between screams she wheezes for breath. Her reactions might have been deliberate at first in an effort to cum, but now they’re entirely involuntary. She’s lost control.

UHHH!” —she gasps— “UHHH! ...UHHH! …UHHH!

An intense wave is climbing her body. Her eyes roll back. Her whole body clenches so hard she starts to tremor, her muscles clamping down harder and harder on the dildo without releasing in between. Her asshole is visibly clenching like a fist, faster and faster and faster as the dildo sinks deep in—

Orgasm breaks over Barb like a seizure. It picks her up and squeezes her brutally, a whole body convulsion, then lets her go, then does it again.

Desperate for her noise, I practically rip the O-ring gag out of her mouth to let the animal grunting and screaming come out unimpeded. “GAAHHH! AHHH!!" Even without the gag she’s beyond articulate words, just shrieking noise with her eyes rolling back as her body throbs again through another wave of anal orgasm.

The machine keeps fucking her and the orgasm keeps going. Barb convulses like a slow-motion earthquake, forced through wave after wave of unbearable climax by the eight-inch vibrator still thrusting up her ass. “GUHHH!" she howls, arching hard as the balls-deep dildo lifts her onto her toes. “Gghh… Oou uhhh hhhhng… GUHH! Uuuhhhhhh hk... GUHHH! UHHHH!

I let Barb cum and cum until there’s drool running down her face and her eyes are rolling back like she’s on the verge of passing out. Her body still thrashes through powerful contractions, the massive internal climax continuing beyond the limits of any ordinary orgasm. But waiting any longer is more than I can bear.

Panting hard, I press the fucking machine’s buttons until the pole descends. The dildo finally pulls all the way out, its fat veiny length and thick head popping out of Barb’s abused asshole. Without its constant stimulation her hole clutches open and shut, involuntarily seeking re-invasion. It’s absolutely crimson, fucked brutally raw, still slick with lube and thick, drooling mucus.

I line my cock up and drive deep into that hot, spasming hole. Her rectum spreads and surrenders, soft as butter between forceful contractions, taking my dick like it was made for this. It feels so good it hurts, making my legs shake as I grab Barb by the hips and force her deep down onto my aching cock.

Her whole rectum squeezes and throbs like a fist, like nothing I’ve ever felt a human body do before. Groaning loudly, I fuck her in the rhythm of those contractions, the speed of the dildo.

Renewed stimulation from an even thicker cock makes Barb howl long and low, “Gawwwwddd,” her spine a painful reflexive arch that pulls hard away even as it shoves her ass back on my dick.

“Fuck, Barb, your fucking ass…” I drag her hard and deep onto my cock, trying to drive myself all the way through her, all the way in ‘til she bursts. It makes her contract and cum again, popping off like a rocket, her hole convulsing so intensely that it practically rapes itself on my cock, sucking and squeezing and milking me hard between strokes. “Fucking— slutty— greedy— whore—”

My rhythm breaks down and I lose control, fucking her hard and fast. It drives Barb into an overstimulated frenzy. The waves of orgasm break up and she screams and spasms in uncontrolled response. Chained at the wrists and ankles, she jerks in my grip, her teeth rattling and her toes jolted off the floor as I brutally slam her hips back and forth. Her force-broken noise just makes my cock throb and I fuck her faster, chasing the buildup of ecstasy in her tight-clenched hole.

My first orgasm hits hard, so intense my knees buckle out. I hang onto Barb’s hips and lean forward on her, making her chained wrists take my weight as my knees go weak. Groaning in raptured relief, I hump heavily through it, letting her asshole wring out my cock.

Chin hooked over her shoulder for support, I keep going, thrusting short and shallow through ebbing waves of release. Her ass slaps and jiggles. Every thrust of my cock makes a loud, sloppy smack against her lubed ass and the slick-dripping mess of untouched cunt between her thighs.

Stop,” Barb gurgles, regaining some articulation as her mind-breaking orgasm finally fades. She can still barely breathe, her voice torn raw. “Fuh— uck— hnhg—”

I’m already climbing toward another orgasm, my clit-cock throbbing with unabated need. Her ass is as tight and hot as ever. As I fuck her a little slower now, I can feel deep contractions rolling at random through her rectum, squeeze-pulling me in though it obviously hurts.

“Please,” she chokes, between jolting breaths, “stuh— huh— ngk— stop—”

Fuuuck,” I groan, hips snapping in hard as her ass milks another orgasm out. It’s practically still the same climax, a hard peak in line with preceding waves. Ecstasy turns my nerves into white-hot wires, makes the pleasure so intense it actually hurts.

Crying out from overstimulation, I force myself to keep fucking Barb’s ass, stroking my cock through the agony of her hot velvet grip. It’s too much, too raw, too fucking tight— and then I’m down the other side and it’s mind-melting bliss.

I wrap my arms around her, grab her tits and hold tight, keep on rocking my hips while my cock jerks powerfully inside her ass. Barb and I are making practically the same gurgling noises, but her suffering is worse and it makes my orgasm drag on.

I could stay here forever, my cock buried in her ass, massaged by her guts, half-hard and twitching and brainless with pleasure. After such a build-up and two orgasms in a row, the comedown feels like it’ll go on forever. I’ll be cumming all day after a fuck like this.

Barb’s ass is still throbbing. Still clenching down deep. Her bowels have been so thoroughly fucked that they don’t know how to stop begging for more.

The rest of her is slack, utterly wrung. She hangs from her wrists with her legs barely engaged, on the edge of passing out, weeping raggedly at the pounding ache of her cock-pummeled guts.

Slow, lazy, I run a hand down her stomach. Down to the sopping folds of her cunt, and her clit standing out hard and thick and erect.

“Good whore,” I rumble, right in her ear. “ I knew that you’d love getting raped up the ass.”

Humiliation breaks Barb down into sobbing so hard that she chokes on her snot. Every inch of her hates what I’ve forced her to do.

“And now that I know you can cum from just anal, I’ve got so many plans for what I’ll stuff you with next.”

Chapter Text

“Ohh, fuck yeah. Get that pretty little tongue all the way in there.”

Barb gurgles her misery against my taint, sound escaping her open mouth as she reluctantly squirms her erect tongue into my asshole. I lower my hips a little more, forcing her slobbery lips right to my pucker. The forced french kiss makes her whole body jerk in revulsion— to no avail, with her tied down so tightly to the table, except that her tits jiggle.

“Keep it in there,” I warn, checking her bondage one last time. “Let me feel it on the inside. Or I’ll just have to skullfuck your throat instead.”

Her tongue stabs more frantically into my hole. I groan in pleasure.

It’s not like she can even complain about the taste: I’m entirely clean. Much as I enjoy playing around with deep anal, I’ve no real interest in actual shit. The enema I took to clean myself out was arousing all on its own: deep, hot, gut-swollen fullness, just this side of unbearable. Had me quivering and ready to get eaten out good.

Barb still doesn’t want to get her tongue in my ass. Her revolted reluctance is as hot as her mouth.

Today I’ve got her tied down flat on her back, her head hanging over edge of the table so I can straddle her face. Her knees are pulled as close to her shoulders as they go and her arms are extended to each side over the backs of her knees, holding her own legs down. It’s close to a Viennese oyster position: keeps her legs out of the way and her hips tilted up, completely exposing her cunt and anus. I’ve been tying her into harsher and harsher positions over the last few weeks, stretching out her limbs until eventually I’ll be able to contort her into any position I like. For now, it just puts the pain back into every rape of her increasingly cock-trained asshole.

“Look at that cunt,” I murmur, tracing fingertips over her slippery pussy. It clenches— a twitch, a snuffle against my hole— desperate for touch. “Today’s your lucky day, slut.”

I frame her already-swollen clit with two fingers and dip my fingertips into her hole, and rub back and forth until the slick from her cunt is all over her clit. It hardens even more, the tip plump and berry-like even with barely any stimulation.

But then, she’s had stimulation. I’ve been rubbing that cream in for almost two months. The results are beyond anything I imagined. Just the sight of Barb’s drooling cunt and glistening clit makes me shudder and rub my asshole harder onto her mouth.

“You’re just dying for me to suck you, huh. You wanna cum again. How long has it been, baby? Two weeks? Almost three? All this time just stuffing my big fat cock in your ass until you cry and ignoring your pussy. You love it but it’s not enough to make you cum.”

There are toys laid out on the table around her hips: a hand suction pump and a set of vacuum cylinder. The smallest cylinder— the size of my index finger— is too narrow for Barb’s clit. So is the next size up if I want her to have any room to swell.

The third cylinder, an inch in diameter, slips easily over her juicy clit. Even pressed all the way down into the soft flesh of her pussy, ensuring that I’ve captured the lower shaft of her clit hidden beneath her labia, the cylinder is more than halfway empty.

The first squeeze of the pump seals it in place, sucked down tightly onto the base of Barb’s clit. Her hips jerk in surprise.

Against my hole, she gasps, “What’re you doing?”

I twist her nipple and she squeals. “Keep your fucking tongue in my asshole or I’ll whip your pussy instead. You want that? Huh?”

Nnghuh,” Barb gurgles, her mouth working frantically on my hole.

I squeeze the hand pump again. Barb’s clit jumps hard, sucked a full quarter-inch deeper into the cylinder.

Barb makes a sharp frightened noise, involuntary around the slobbery push of her tongue in my ass. I know from experience that the suction on her clit is already uncomfortable. Tightness and pressure that won’t quite transform into proper sucking because it just pulls.

I pump again. And again. I want to see her clit grow.

Like magic, it does. In a few seconds it pulses another quarter-inch taller. The vacuum pressure is pulling her clit out of its hood, leaving the tip to stand out red and slender. The base is thick with all the tender tissues around the clit being sucked deeper into the slippery cylinder, extending its length and width all the same.

Pump. “Ngh…” Pump. “Nghhhh...”

It rises taller and taller, but more slowly now that most the shaft has been sucked in. Every millimeter of extra length is a painful stretch.

Every time I squeeze the hand pump, Barb makes a slightly louder, more desperate groan in her throat. Her fingers scrabble and her limbs jolt, involuntary struggles against her bondage that only make the pump cylinder bob up and down, increasing the tug on her erect clit. Bouncing like a little cock.

The tip of her clit is over halfway up the cylinder, swelling darker and darker scarlet from the pressure. Another pump, another fractional increase, and her whole clit is two solid inches long from root to straining tip. “Unnghhhhh...”

Panting with arousal, I rub my hole against Barb’s face. My cock drools its first precum on her chest, tracing slick lines in the valley between her tits when I rock my hips back and forth. Every cruel, deliberate squeeze of the pump makes Barb’s pussy clench frantically in pain, attempting what little movement it can to pull her clit away.

Pump. Pump. Her thighs quiver violently.

Pump, pump, pump, pump— and Barb breaks, screaming, “Gawd! Stop!

I clamp my thighs hard around her head. She’s still trying to shriek, slathering her lips and tongue across my asshole. I reach a hand back and take a fistful of her blonde curls, lifting her head higher. Her mouth, her nose, her chin— everything is a hot, slobbery mess squirming against my hole and balls.

“Scream into me, baby,” I gasp. “Let me feel you screaming.”

I give the pump another slow squeeze and her shriek ratchets up half an octave.

When I finally release Barb’s hair and relax my thighs, she gasps for breath. “Stop! Jack, please, god, stop! It’s too much! It hurts too much, please, don’t, it feels like it’s going to burst. Please!

I laugh in delight and trace a finger around the base of Barb’s trapped clit, feeling it twitch frantically against the vacuum. “Poor bitch,” I coo. “It’s not going to damage you. Ooh, you should see it. So fucking pretty like this.”

I can’t resist giving the pump another squeeze. Barb screams. Over two inches long, her clit can’t stretch any further; instead it swells another millimeter thicker, the shaft filling the cylinder a little bit more. The head of her clit is swollen to it's extreme limit, hard and taut and shiny.

“I don’t feel your tongue in my ass,” I say to Barb. “Looks like I’ll have to pump you up some more and fuck your throat after all.”


An excuse: I was going to keep pumping her anyway. But it tickles me to make her think it’s her fault.

I give the hand pump a last few quick squeezes to get her clit as deep in the cylinder as it can go, then disconnect the plastic tubing. Barb’s squealing and thrashing makes the disconnected cylinder bounce.

Amused, I tug it gently— like a little cock— pulling her clit by the root. The slide of skin over lubed cock is what makes a handjob pleasurable; this kind of pull is just strange. It’s a tug at the deep roots of her clit, the long wings of her crura, the swollen vestibules of erectile tissue around her hungry, needy pussy— all of them being stimulated without actually touching any part of the clitoris that can feel pleasure. And her clit shaft is still in agony from the intense suction. It’s maddening, and makes Barb sob “Don’t!” and struggle hard against the ropes.

A dribble of slick oozes from her clenching pussy. I smear it all over her labia, getting everything slippery and making Barb groan anew at the stimulation still not where she needs it— on her clit or inside.

The biggest vacuum cylinder fits over her entire vulva, hole included.

With a few hard squeezes of the pump, the vacuum pulls her labia and skin up against the cylinder’s edge, sealing it tightly in place. Barb jerks her hips but it’s too late. I keep squeezing, forcing the air from the much larger cylinder.

“Stop! Jack… don’t… please...”

Her pussy begins to flush pink, slick and pretty. The increased pressure makes her still-pumped clit throb in visible distress.

“Lick my ass like a good slut and I’ll consider how hard I’m going to shove my cock down your throat,” I tell Barb gently, because it’s always fun to force her to cooperate in her own torture.

Whimpering on the edge of actual tears, Barb crumples. And does. Even as she groans and sobs at every pump of her swelling pussy, she touches the tip of her reluctant tongue back to my asshole and worms it in. Her sobbing with defeated misery is just as hot as the hot slick squirm of tongue teasing my anus. Pleasurable shudders run up my spine.

“That’s it, babe,” I groan. “Get your tongue all the way in there and suck my hole around it.”

I ride Barb’s face for a long while, gradually pumping her pussy more and more as I do. She gasps and grunts between my legs.

Her tongue writhes in my anus, stroking inside and out. The touch is so hot and slippery and mobile— not a finger, a dildo, or a cock, but a living tentacle— completely unlike anything else I could toy my asshole with. Her lips suck and slobber. Even her gasping breath is erotic.

And her cunt, god. It swells up so gorgeously in the cylinder’s tight confines. In the first minute it gets plump, the swelling of her constant arousal increased by suction. By two minutes the pink is red, blood flushed to every possible capillary, the tissues more engorged by vacuum than they ever could be on their own. Barb’s labia have swollen up tight around the cylinder’s ring, so big they close over her hole. The juice from her leaking pussy makes her folds slide slickly together as they pump up bigger— rounder— fatter by millimeters at a time.

At times I have to stop and wait, allowing her tissues to adjust to the pressure. It’s a good time to coo at Barb, playing with her nipples and watching her thighs shaking from strain.

Then I give the pump another five of six squeezes rapidly to spur her on and get her tongue working frantically in my asshole again. As if any amount of anal service will make me stop tormenting her... but it feels fucking fantastic when she tries.

Her pussy pumps up bigger. Bigger. Her delicate inner labia are so swollen that they’ve started jutting out from between her outer lips, thick and stiff enough to stand on their own. Within its own cylinder, her clit stands another millimeter taller every time her pussy swells.

Between the tongue writhing in my ass and the sight of Barb’s pussy plumping up, my legs turn to jelly. My whole core throbs with fire. It’s different than usual arousal: deep, wet, spreading heat that makes me hungry from my cunthole more than my cock. My cock wants, but my cunt needs.

“Please,” Barb begs, when I force my legs straighter and lift up, taking a moment to gasp and shake. I’m leaning over her bound body on my elbows, trying to make my knees cooperate. “Please s-stop. I can’t take it anymore. It h-h-hurts.”

“Beg harder, bitch,” I mutter and stumble away to grab a stool. I lift her head by the hair and slide the stool beneath her head to support it.

Before I sit again, I twist Barb’s hair and make her look up at me, tears in her eyes, the whole lower half of her face wet with her slobber and my slick. “Eat my pussy like your fucking life depends on it.”

In all the time I’ve had Barb captive, I’ve never let her touch my cunthole. I rarely even touch it myself. The testosterone made me dry and transferred most of my erotic fixation from my cunthole to my clit, later my cock. But now I’m wet and desperate like I haven’t been in years, and Barb— for her sake, she’d better still remember how to eat me until I scream.

Behind my cock and balls, there’s nothing left of my original parts but the hole, tight and small. It’s been so long that the first thrust of Barb’s tongue into my cunthole is a stretch. I moan in mingled pain and ecstasy, the sharpness of it cutting through my core. Immediately I need more.

Her tongue pushes deep and wriggles back and forth. Her nose rubs against my sensitive anus, making me shudder in double pleasure. I’m already so close that internal stimulation is all it takes to trigger the first inner spasms of a building peak.

Barb eats me out so hard she grunts from the effort, her tongue thrusting in and out as fast as it can. She thrusts with her chin, desperate to add any possible force or depth to her straining tongue. I imagine it inside me and wish I was skewered, impaled, writhing on something massively thick.

“Deeper!” I order, grinding down on Barb’s face. I work the pump feverishly, barely processing the act beyond its connection to make Barb scream.

She shrieks into my cunthole, the noise gurgling and wet. It makes my back arch in ecstatic glee. I hammer the pump and her pussy swells hugely. Her flailing tongue translates its pain into rapture in the clenching confines of my hole.

“Don’t stop,” I gasp, eyes fluttering. It’s all I can do to keep my knees holding some weight; most of it bears down on Barb’s face like I’m trying to impale myself on her tongue up to my cervix. “Don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum, don’t—”

I squeeze the pussy pump rapidly, without stopping— anything to spur her on harder. Her cunt swells like a balloon, crimson and obscene. Absolutely agonizing by the way Barb’s tongue contorts.

“Don’t stop, don’t you dare, don’t— I’ll kill you, I’ll— don’t— I’m gonna— I’m almost—”

Then I lose speech, unable to form words as the hugeness of orgasm rolls up on me. I ride the last twenty seconds in choking silence, eyes half rolled, desperately reaching for peak, driven only by Barb’s writhing tongue and my hand grasping at the pump, squeezing, forcing her on— squeezing—

It breaks and I cum, squeezing even harder with my cunthole on her tongue. My knees give out and I grind out my orgasm on her face, her nose in my asshole, my cunthole gushing slick into her mouth.

“Oooooh god,” I howl, wracked with wave after wave of powerful contractions. They wrack my whole body, making me buck my hips hard through every one.

“—stop!” Barb gurgles beneath me, on the edge of suffocating. Her hips thrust as hard as mine, desperate to dislodge the cylinder sucking her cunt into a swollen, excruciating red flower. “Suh, stop… hngggg— gawwwwdd…”

Shuddering, I slowly rub out the remainder of my orgasm on Barb’s face. Her guttural groans caress my holes.

Her pussy has swollen up to massive proportions— far beyond what I thought I could achieve today. My cruel pursuit of orgasm has ruined her. Her bulging, fleshy labia fill a solid four inches of the cylinder, and her pumped clit juts out even higher than that. It’s obscene, every throbbing fold of it, engorged in a completely animal way.

“Can’t wait to show you how it looks,” I groan, and shiver as a final pulse of orgasm rolls through. “What I did to that pretty little cunt.”

But I have to wait for a while yet. The vacuum needs time to work.

I disconnect the pump tube and set it aside. Long strings of sticky cum trail from Barb’s scarlet face when I step back from above her.

“Promised you a throat fucking,” I say, though I’m satiated enough that it barely holds any threat. I stroke her cheek appreciatively. “It’ll be a nice one. Just something for you to suck on while we wait to take off that big nasty pump.”

“Take it off now,” Barb whimpers, a gob of spit running down her cheek. “Take it— please. Please Jack, I’m begging you, it hurts so bad. It hurts—”

“Yeah,” I purr, pulling the stool out from under her head and taking a seat. “It hurts real bad?”

Yes,” she sobs, twisting against her bonds as if she can’t bear it any longer. There’s nowhere to go from an oyster position; she’s folded up too far. It just makes her cylinder-pumped pussy wriggle. “It hurts. It’s too much, I can’t. What are you doing? What—”

I hold her by the hair to stop her from lifting her head and looking at herself. “Ah ah ah. Just tell me how your pussy hurts, Barb. Your poor tortured little cunt. Tell me how it makes you wanna cry.”

Her face crumples when she realizes her words are provoking sadistic pleasure, not empathy.

“Stop,” she whimpers, tearing up.

I click my tongue. “If you’re not going to beg, you have to suck cock. Try to do a better job of this. I’d have left you alone if you’d just put some effort into eating my ass.”

Hands buried in her golden curls, I tilt Barb’s head backward. My cock slaps her on the cheek, still partially hard but softened from the indirect release of vaginal orgasm.

“Suck it or I’ll beat your titties. And then I’ll still fuck your throat, but I’ll make you regret it.”

Moaning miserably, Barb opens her mouth. I slide my cockhead past her trembling lips. Her mouth is already gushing saliva, drooling and ready to be invaded.

“It’s not even all the way hard, Barb. Nice and flexible for you. Let’s see you get it down that throat. Show me you remember all that training we did.”

Perched on the stool, holding her head back and her throat in a straight line on level with my cock, I’m in a perfect position to fuck her mouth. I shift my hips and gently thrust. Barb clucks as my cock butts the wet, hot hollow at the back of her mouth.

I use her like that for a while, enjoying her involuntary noises. Clucking and slurping back the drool that overflows her mouth. Trying to breathe and not to gag. She retches a little bit from time to time, forcing me to tighten my grip on her hair to hold her in place— but it seems her gag reflex has been weakened by all that abuse with the anal probe.

“Good little whore,” I murmur, and roll my hips to massage her tonsils. My cockhead fits her soft palate perfectly, like it always belongs socketed into that hot, spasming passage. “Swallow on it, baby. Let’s see you flex that throat.”

Barb sobs for breath and closes her lips to do it. The back of her mouth contracts around my cockhead, squeezing the tip. Promising the pressure of her tight little throat.

She gags even harder at the stimulation. Or maybe the anticipation, the stomach-turning tactile memories of getting her gag reflex raped until she puked up her guts.

“Not even halfway in.” I stroke the rest of my shaft, smearing her saliva down the length of it. She can fit four inches of cock in her mouth if it goes all the way to the back, pressing in hard.

My cock twitches against her tongue, filling a little harder. Barb makes a panicked noise and gulps for air.

“Better get it down your throat quick, honey. Before it gets even bigger. C’mon, let’s go. Open up. Open up and take it down.”


“Open open open— all the fucking way—”

Barb gets a last desperate gasp before my cockhead crowds her palate again. This time I’m unrelenting, driving my half-hard cock against that clenching, stubborn wall. She gurgles pain around my shaft, saliva bubbling out.

“Let it in. Open up. Down your throat— down your fucking throat, Barb, open up, let it in— let me rape your fucking throat—”

She finally gags uncontrollably hard and my cock pops into that open hole. It triggers an immediate heave, a spasm in Barb, but I’ve got her head held tight. My cock stays down, wedged past her epiglottis and into her throat.

I get three good thrusts before my cock pops back out, followed by a violent retch and a flood of drool. Barb convulses on the table, straining the ropes.

“Stop!” she rasps, spitting out drool. “Please, I can’t…”

It’s meaningless noise, much as it makes my dick throb. I’m already guiding my cock back into her mouth and stifling the next words.

It takes a minute of sloppy, gagging thrusts before her throat opens up and I force it back down. I thrust— it goes deeper, comes out— she wheezes for air and I thrust in again. Her throat bulges open like it was made to be plunged.

She’s better than she used to be, that’s for sure. Her gag reflex is still there, but her throat opens up. Trained by the toys. Stretched by my cock. Closer and closer to becoming a third fuckhole. A tight gagging tube that I can fuck as deep as her bottomless rectum, that makes as much lube as her cum-hungry cunt— except that raping Barb’s throat comes with the additional torture of making her strangle and spasm on my cock.

Back and forth I move her head— in and out and in and out. Half hard and flexible, my cock squeezes past her epiglottis time and again, popping her throat like a noisy, wet toy.

In and out and in and out. And in. And out.

Unable to move, to pull back, to scream, Barb retches around it and gasps when she can— when she’s not hacking up rivers of thick, streaming throatlube. It runs down her face and into her eyes, and it makes her blow bubbles when it gets in her nose. I can’t even really tell if it’s saliva or puke; it’s just hot and slick and glorious as it drips down my balls.

“Good girl,” I gasp, letting my cock out again. Barb heaves out a splash of thick drool and barely seems to hear. “Oh, baby, look at you choke. Look at you gagging with my cock down your throat.”

Hurnghhh.” Drool and tears slide off her red, puffy face. “Nuh more... Please… nuh...”

“Should’ve kept your tongue in my ass,” I say gently, entirely kind. “I keep my promises, Barb.”

Please!” She struggles as I force her head back onto my cock. “I’ll do it better! I’ll ghhhh— hurkghh— pleashh—”

I withdraw my cock and its dripping strings of throatlube. Barb looks up at me with tears dribbling from her swollen eyes.

“I’ll do it better again,” she begs. “I’ll put my tongue in s-so deep. Let me lick your ass instead, Jack, please, don’t fuck my throat any more. I can’t breathe.”

“I like it when you can’t breathe.”

Her mouth quivers. “Please let me eat your ass, Jack, pleeeease. I need to... I n-need...”

My cock throbs so hard it hurts, jumping and smearing against Barb’s face. I rub it one last time over her terrified mouth with a guttural groan.

“Kiss it like you love it, babe,” I say, standing up and pushing the stool to support her head again. “Put that tongue all the way in and fuck my hole like you’re trying to lick the cum right out of my prostate. And say thank you that I cleaned myself out with a nice long enema before I came down here today.”

“Thank you,” Barb whimpers, her lips rubbing my anus. Then she extends her tongue and worms it inside, hot and squirming and criminally slick, and I sit down on her face and ride it hard.


When I finally let Barb stop, my legs don’t work. Neither does her tongue. Desperate to avoid getting throatfucked again, she ate my ass until she physically couldn’t any more, every muscle worked to failure. By the end I was just rubbing on Barb’s face, from her nose to her chin and her slack, grunting mouth in between.

Standing over her head and leaning hard on the table for support, my knees trembling, I’d swear I could still feel Barb’s tongue writhing in my rectum. Saliva drips down my thighs from my soft, slack hole. Throbbing warmth radiates through my whole lower body. Everything tingles like her tongue had reached all the way to my stomach, thrusting and stroking every inch of my insides all the way to nirvana.

My cock is hard as steel, foreskin peeled back and the head purple-red. I’ve leaked precum all down the shaft and across Barb’s sweaty tits.

“I’ll have to make you do that more often,” I mumble, reaching back to finger my wet, throbbing asshole. “God, I love your tongue. Your tongue and your throat.”

Barb lolls her head back on the stool, unable to so much as lift her head.

“Pleash,” she wheezes, barely there. “Take it off. Take it… off… my pussy… pleash…”

Her pussy, in the vacuum cylinder, is swollen and purple and ripe as a plum. My cock throbs even harder at the torturous sight.

To the music of Barb’s weak little gasps and moans, I push the pressure release valve and ease the cylinder loose. It comes free slowly with a luscious schlick, lubricated by humidity and Barb’s ever-drooling pussy slick.

Her swollen, crimson cuntlips wobble like jelly, swollen up so full that they stand out two inches even without the vacuum’s pull. Those delicate little folds are now fleshy and fat, bloated to roundness, so plump that they shine.

Barb’s fourchette pouts like a lip, its normally tiny elastic curve pumped to gross excess. Its pout hints at the inside of Barb’s vaginal canal, sucked so hard that her inner walls swelled outward. And swelled up— so much so that her pussy is shut, vacuum pumped to occlusion. It looks deliciously, agonizingly tight. Her engorged inner labia curve out around the hole, promising two extra inches of velvety squishing channel.

Her clit is still trapped in its cylindrical prison. Electric with glee, I press the release valve and pull off the tube. Barb groans long and loud at the pull on her clit, her eyes rolling back.

Barb’s clit emerges hard as a rock, its fat shaft barely able to squeeze out of the tube’s tight confines. Its raging erection strains the clitoral hood, the bulging purple glans outthrust and exposed. Every heartbeat makes it throb, an erection of agony and desperate need.

Breathless, I part Barb’s squishing cuntlips to expose her whole clit, swollen from the base to the quivering tip.

After long pumping, it’s now twice its size: a full three inches long and thicker than my thumb. Hard as a rod. Unimaginably bigger than it was when she first arrived.

“Look at that,” I groan, dizzy with lust. “Look at your pussy, all swollen and red. So fucking hot. Can you feel how big, Barb? Oh, babe, how’s it feel?”

“Please,” she whimpers, incoherent and limp. Her head is still lolling back on the stool.

“Look,” I command, and grab her hair to forcibly lift her head. Barb nearly goes cross-eyed trying to focus.

She contorts in horror at the sight of the engorged purple mess of her cunt. Her throat visibly gags. “What did you do?” she whimpers, staring at it. “What the fuck did you do to me?”

“What a pretty fucking clit,” I whisper, stroking her cuntlips down. My fingers squish between their puffy folds. Barb jerks and her clitoris jumps. “Big fat fucking clit. Almost a cock.”

“What did you do?” she wails, jerking again. The ropes hold her tight, spread and exposed. “What the fuck— what the fuck? What the fuck did you do?”

“Testosterone,” I purr, caressing her folds. Her clitoris pulses when I circle its base. “In a cream. Rubbed it on you every day. Made you almost cum every time, too.”

Barb moans in strangled horror. I carry on circling her rock hard clit, slow and deliberate and ruthless with glee.

“Bet you wondered what it was. Bet you felt it working, even if you didn’t know why. You must have thought you were just a slut, getting off on my cock. Getting hard and wet every time you got raped. Well, you are, but that’s not the only reason. The testosterone helped. It’s a hell of a drug.”

A trickle of wetness leaks from her cunt.

“Two months,” I say with relish. “Those are some fucking results, Barb. If I didn’t have my cock now, I’d be jealous. I never got results like these, not even in four years. But you— you took the T like you were made for it. And you got wet, too, instead of drying up. I knew it was a possibility, but this… it’s beyond what I’d hoped for. It’s fucking perfection.”

I rub my thumb up the underside of her clit to the hypersensitive head. Barb spasms hard. “God! Fuck!”

“Did you ever touch yourself, Barb? When you were locked up alone? Notice your clit getting big?”

She’s trembling violently. Her hips jerk with every stroke of my thumb. Her throat is working like she wants to puke. “No,” she mouths. “No… no…”

“But you felt it, though. How wet you were all the time. How fucking horny. That’s the best thing about testosterone, isn’t it? How it makes you want to fuck.”

I rub the underside of her clit and watch Barb twitch, her face fighting not to moan. “It changed how you feel, didn’t it? Instinctively. Made this feel like a cock. Makes you want to thrust your hips and fuck and fuck and fuck.”

I lean in and pull Barb’s head up real close, almost near enough to kiss. “Bet you wish you could fuck me.”

“I hate you,” she forces out, shaking with strain. Her face is going red, contorted with hatred and uncontrollable sensation.

“Good,” I whisper, stroking her clit and feeling her jolt with each one— thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, hips jerking uncontrollably like I’ve got her on a string. “But you still wish you could fuck me like I fucked you, don’t you Barb. Like I raped your throat and cunt and ass until you came all over my cock again and again and again.”

No,” she grits out, face screwed up— trying to deny the orgasm I can feel rising up—

I take my thumb from her clit and let go of her hair. Barb howls at the loss of sensation— in relief and in need— in impotent rage at me and herself.

Yeah, she wishes she could rape me back. Fuck me to death and feel me go limp. It’s in the molten hate in her eyes.

“And it’s permanent,” I finish, trailing my fingers over her whole pumped-up cunt. “Not the swelling: that’ll go away in a while. Until I pump you up again. But your clit? Your big, fat, hard girlcock clit? It’s going to be big like this forever. And I bet it still has a ways to grow before the T finishes working on it, too.”

Her teeth shine in a snarl of uncontrollable, naked hatred and despair. “No!” she howls. “No! No!”

“And you love it.”


“And you’ve gotten so much better at sucking cock, too. Eating me out so deep and so good. You even take it up the ass better. Got you stretched out and unbent for me. You deserve a reward. Hm? You want a reward?”

Barb screams in despair like she hasn’t in weeks. The sight of the physical changes to her body— the visible evidence of being transformed into a toy for me to rape and destroy— has touched like a white-hot wire to some nerve in her soul. She drops her head back on the stool and howls as the tears start to come.

“Let me goooo,” she begs. “Let me go home… Please, god, let me go. Don’t do this any more...”

“But I just got your clit all pretty and big,” I say gently, caressing her swollen folds. “I want to play with it now.”

As she wails and writhes against the ropes, I go to a cabinet in the corner and fetch something I’ve never used on Barb before: a hitachi vibrator. The strongest vibrator I have, and one that’ll never lose power since it’s plugged right into the wall. There’s no other purpose for it but to make somebody cum.

I plug it in and stroke the wand’s thick silicone head over Barb’s swollen folds. Glossy fluid oozes all over.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she whimpers, tears streaking down her face.

I lean in over her real close, my lips brushing her ear. “Because it gets my cock hard when you cry.”

I jam the vibrator right up against the base of her massive clit, nestled deep into her pumped up purple lips, and switch the power on high.

Barb screams like it’s pure electricity searing straight through her nerves. Her spine snaps up into a rigid arch, bent as high as it can go in the ropes. The tendons in her throat strain and bulge with the force of her scream.

After only fifteen seconds of powerful vibration directly to her swollen clit, Barb erupts into violent orgasm. Her pussy contracts hard and her whole body snaps. Her eyes roll back and her screaming goes raw. Her hips spasm uncontrollably, up and down and up and down, but I keep the vibrator shoved down hard and don’t let her escape.

The scream rises an octave from ecstasy to agony. Impossibly, Barb’s thrashing becomes even more violent in an attempt to get away.

I pin her hips with a hand on her belly— just above her pubis, pulling back the folds of her pussy to lift her clit even higher— and hold the wand in place.

“Stoooop! Stooop! Stooooop! STOOOOP!”

The vibrator roars against her most sensitive tissues, screaming sensation right through her clit. The thick silicone head touches the underside of Barb’s entire clit shaft from base to head, and even the buried wings of her crura beneath. Its touch is unavoidable and torturously intense.

With a deranged howl, Barb convulses and orgasms again. All her muscles seize up tight. Beneath the vibrating wand there’s a sudden gush of fluid from her cunt, sluicing over my fingers. Shocked and delighted, I shove three fingers into her cunt between those fat, swollen folds and fingerbang her g-spot as hard as I can. Her hole contracts painfully and squirts out another blast.


She twists so hard against the ropes that she looks inhuman, possessed, but she’s tied down too tightly to get away, to even close her legs. Her eyes bulge in a red face and she screams without end, unable to endure what I’m forcing her to feel.

She hasn’t stopped cumming. I don’t think she can. There’s no difference between ecstasy and agony, no end to the waves of sensation— just white-hot overstimulation like a live wire through her clit.


Barb’s soaking cunt clenches down again, crushing my fingers. Her body starts to go rigid, her eyes begin to roll back, and her voice strangles off as the tension builds unavoidably high and her body locks up too hard to breathe.


She orgasms for the third time like it’s torture, her body convulsing with pain. There’s nothing left, no humanity, just raw screaming nerves. Barb’s head thrashes back and forth, all the movement she has, and spit sprays from her mouth as she shrieks. Her cunt squirts and squeezes so hard that it forces my fingers out in a flood of cum. The contractions of orgasm make her asshole push open too. Cum squirts in massive gushes through her pumped pussy lips and over her flowering red anus, forming puddles on the floor.

I take the vibrator wand off her clit and step back to watch. Without stimulation, Barb’s screams drop to a groan, but her pussy continues squeezing and her hips jerk uncontrollably for another full minute.

In the aftermath, Barb’s head hangs back over the edge of the table and her body is boneless in the ropes, except when another pulse of aftershock squeezes through. She drips sweat, drool and cum. With her legs folded back, her cunt is totally exposed. It’s a drooling, pulsing crimson mess. The splayed-back angle of her hips makes her clit stand to attention at the crown of it all— still, even after three excruciating orgasms, a thick throbbing erection so hard it must hurt.

My cock is just throbbing just as hard. Unable to wait any longer, I step forward and ram my shaft balls deep into her ripe, swollen cunt.

It slams the breath out of Barb and a shout out of me. Her pussy squelches, its distended red lips leaking juice around my cock. It’s unbelievably hot and drippy and tight.

Moaning, I palm her swollen pussy and squeeze— labia, clitoris and all. Barb squeals in pleasure and pain. I have to withdraw and push my cock between her bloated folds. They’re pumped up so big that my cock can fit entirely between them. Squeezing her juicy folds tight around my shaft in a luscious grip, like a tit-fuck but more obscene, I thrust slowly through that engorged fleshy tunnel. On the upper end my cock thrusts out against Barb’s clit, its head rubbing up the underside of her shaft all the way up and back down.

Barb spasms and groans. I can feel her clit twitch madly against my cock. I thrust and rub them together again, two massive red shafts throbbing hot and erect.

“Perfect horny dripping slut.” I thrust through her cuntlips and Barb’s hips jerk up to me. “Look at the raging cock on you.”

Stop. Jack. I can’t any more… stop…”

“But babe,” I say, and withdraw from her folds with a sucking squelch, “I want to see you cum on my cock now.”

I force my cock into her channel again— admire the sight of my cockhead framed between swollen, shiny red lips— and slide in deep.

“I think we can get at least another three out of you.”

And I press the vibrator wand to the base of her straining clit again. Barb has a second to feel it and shriek “No!” before I switch the power on high.

Vibrations run up and down my cock as I thrust below the wand, adding a mind-blowing tingle to the tight heat of her cunt. Barb immediately loses her mind, driven from pleasure to torment by her oversensitized clit. She screams like a banshee.


After three orgasms, it takes her longer to cum this time. The overstimulation is too severe. But with my cock pistoning harshly in and out, hammering her g-spot with every stroke, she eventually clamps down on it and cums again. Her muscles seize and tremble like my cock is an electrocuting rod.


Weak in the knees, I thrust even faster. Her pussy squeezes and pulses like it’s trying to stroke me off from within. Her agonized bawling is heaven.

My balls are tightening up, the pressure growing sweet. But this is an ecstasy I never want to end, and I’ve already cum twice. It takes several long, glorious minutes to get close to a peak.

Before I can finish, it’s too much for Barb. Her eyes roll back and the convulsions take control.

She cums a fifth time in violent spasms. This time her orgasm drags me over with her, roaring and slamming my release into her guts. Her cunt gushes with fluid, leaking cum out around my cock as I fuck through the pulsing sweetness of orgasm. The delight of my moans is the prettiest counterpoint to her obviously agonized wail.

I leave my cock in even after I’m done, letting Barb’s cunt continue to squeeze and milk my shaft. With the vibrator gone again, she bawls through her strung-out orgasm like a cow, completely unable to articulate words. Her pussy clenches and releases in slow, powerful, involuntary waves. If she wasn’t still making noise I’d think she had passed out completely, her body left spasming through unconscious release.

When my cock finally slides out, thick and wet and deliciously soft, her pussy gapes open— just a little, but still. She’s been so fucked and used that her hole no longer closes. Wetness drips to the floor. Her swollen red labia form a perfect, brutalized frame.

I slide two fingers into her gape— a succulent, soaking wet softness— and then up through her folds. Her horribly overstimulated clit twitches hard the moment my fingers brush it, sliding around its thick base. It’s finally starting to soften, unable to maintain its forced erection after so much abuse.

“I said three more,” I remind Barb, and switch the vibrator back on.

Chapter Text

In the morning, Barb isn’t lying on the floor, not asleep or curled in a ball at the limit of her chain as usual. She’s on her knees facing the door, hunched over, tired from waiting... but waiting nonetheless. You’d think that would be all she has to do when she’s locked up down here— wait for me to come back— but she never has before.

I pause in the doorway, cocking my head. “Good morning, Barb.”

Her eyes are as red-rimmed as her pussy, her expression haunted when she looks dully up at me.

“Jack,” she says hollowly. Her lower lip trembles. “Jack? I’ll be good. Just don’t hurt me anymore.”

And that is—


Well. I wasn’t expecting her to break like this any time soon, but… there are games I can play with her cooperation.

“Oh, sweetie,” I croon, coming over to her. I push my fingers into her beautiful gold curls and cradle her head against my thigh. Barb leans bonelessly into it, her whole body limp like a puppet willing to be manhandled. “Did you have a hard time yesterday? I was so rough on you, wasn’t I.”

She whimpers and nods beneath my hand. Her shoulders shudder with a sob. “Please, Jack. No more. I’ll be good for you, I promise.”

“Oh, Barb. Pretty girl. You want a little break today?”


“Maybe I can be nice. You want a few nice orgasms?”

She sobs. “Please. Yes. Don’t hurt my clit anymore.”

Her clit. Of course. Her big, hard, testosterone-swelled girl cock. It’s one thing for me to rape her throat and ass until her gag reflex breaks and her intestines straighten out; it’s another for me to turn her body into a desperate, obscene fucktoy in a way that anyone can see.

The memory of her pumped, engorged cunt makes my cock twitch hard. Today her pussy is much deflated, delicate and small again, but still flushed and visibly wet. Still fun to play with until she quivers and drips. Maybe I’ll suck on her clit until it’s fully erect again— maybe even suck her off so I can feel her shaft throbbing in my mouth. Or maybe make love to her, every exquisite touch so ironic it hurts.

Yeah. Yeah, I think I want to see Barb cry while she cums on my cock. It’ll be all the prettier if she’s forcing herself to cooperate in her own orgasmic rape.

I wonder just how far I’ll be able to push her.

“Poor baby,” I murmur, stroking her hair. “My sweet little thing. I’m so mean when I make you cry for my big hard dick. Today I’ll be nice. As long as you’re good for me.”


“You’re ready for your enema?”

She sobs against my knee. “Yes. Yes… I will…”

And to my astonished delight, Barb crawls over to the nearby table and bends herself over it, ass up and presented. Her knees tremble but she keeps her legs spread. She presses her face to the tabletop and sobs a little beneath her hair.

“Good girl,” I whisper, stroking her soft asscheek. I rub my thumb over her anus, down between her labia, and back up to spread her slickness all around.

Her sensitive rosebud clenches as first, then slowly can’t help but relax into the soothing massage. I rub with deliberation, my thumb sliding up and down: around her asshole over and over, tantalizingly slick, then down over her pussy and the underside of the shaft of her clit, and back up again to tease her anus. Tying the two sensations together, clit and asshole. Stoking up her need.

Barb shivers throughout, almost silent, still letting it happen. I watch every twitch, knowing that she can’t possibly be as detached as she hopes. And finally— without Barb meaning to— her asshole pushes open against my thumb, a sudden reflexive exposure of more pink furled tissue desperate to be touched. Hungry for more stimulation within.

God, anal-training is so good.

Barb chokes like she was hit, her whole body jolting. Laughing delightedly, I go fetch the enema hose.

Unable to resist teasing a bit more, I slide a finger into Barb’s pussy and then into her ass. Her sensitized asshole spreads like butter, all soft and quivery from the massage. Inside her rectum is slicker than I expected and my finger sinks deep into her hot, slippery depths. Barb gives a high-pitched, “Oh!”

It takes me a moment to realize: the constant enemas have made her colon start producing more and more mucus. Her asshole is practically dripping with slick.

Anal-training is so fucking good.

Without bothering to lube it, I slip the enema nozzle into her. Barb pushes back to open her pretty pink hole and takes the knot with a whimper. I twist the base and slowly spread the pear of anguish inside her— though there’s nothing anguished about this sweet stretch to her hungry, conditioned hole. Barb’s lower back arches involuntarily from an an erotic shiver.

I lean over and suckle Barb’s ear. She cringes away. “You’re going to hold still while I fill you up?”

She whimpers, “Yes.”

And she does. I turn the tap on low and let the enema flow in gradually, and though Barb squirms at the cool water slowly bloating her rectum, she doesn’t break away. She could easily pull the hose out, but she lets it fill her up. It fills her tighter and tighter— makes her shudder and wince— then pushes out of her rectum, into her intestine, stretching and cramping and invading her depths, cool enough that she can feel the water creep through her guts, and still she quivers on the table and takes it.

I stop the tap at two liters and groan at the sight. Barb remains bent over the table with her legs spread, the enema hose still buried deep in her ass, her untouched pussy underneath it glistening and red. And even though she’s shaking— with strain or arousal or misery, I can’t tell— she does nothing but hold the position, take the enema, unbound except for her cuffs and the slack chain that connects to the ceiling.

“Too much?” I ask, going over to stroke her ass again. I circle around her stretched asshole, then down to tease the underside of her clit with the tiniest scrape of my fingernail.

“No,” Barb says wobblingly, “it’s fine. It doesn’t hurt, thank you, it… it’s nice…” Her voice goes hoarse with mortification. “God. Jack— please don’t make me cum, I don’t want— I can’t hold it if you make me cum right now.”

“I won’t make you cum,” I say, but continue steadily teasing her clit. I also reach over and push on the enema nozzle in the same rhythm, gently fucking her ass with the thick knot. Pressing in the contents of her bloated bowels just a little.

Barb groans in despair but lies there and takes it, knees quivering.

Her pussy is a dripping mess by the time I finally ease the nozzle out. Barb has to sag down onto her knees and mincingly crawl back to the grate in the floor before she can give into desperation and let the enema out.

“All better?” I tease. “God, babe, you took that so well. I should make you take more. I should fill up your womb— maybe your bladder too. Put a hose down your throat... You look so good all stuffed full and ready to burst.” I already know what I want and it’s not that, but the wretched expression on her face is glorious.

“Please,” Barb blurts, jerking toward me on her hands and knees. “Please, Jack— something else. Let me eat your ass again, I’ll do it so good. Let me— fuck me instead. Anything nice. Please not that.”

“Aw. You don’t like it when I fill you up and plug you shut?”

Miserable, she shakes her head. “Let me eat your ass. Like yesterday. I’ll go for hours, I swear, I’ll— I’ll make you cum with my tongue in your ass, I’ll eat you out, I’ll… just please…”

“And deepthroat my cock too?”

She flinches. “I’ll— try. I will. Put your cock down my throat. I’m trying, I swear, I want to do it good. I’ll take the dildo if you want, I’ll— I’ll fuck my own throat and show you, I’m trying.”

God, she’s almost creative enough to torture herself. The image of Barb gagging on the anal probe and trying to force it down her own throat is— fuck. While she’s sitting on my cock. Clenching and jerking on top of me every time she gags.

“All right,” I agree, maybe a little roughly, fumbling in my pocket for the key to her cuffs. “Yeah. We’ll see how you do. I’ll even take you into the other room, how’s that? Let you eat me out on a nice soft bed.”

“Please,” she begs, staggering to her feet and holding out her wrists. “Anything. I’ll…”

The cuffs click. And then the world explodes as she drives her knee into my balls with the force of a truck.

Something cracks into my skull. I stumble. She grabs a fistful of my hair and slams my head against the concrete floor.

Pain whites out everything for a second or two.

I come back to reality on the floor with my ears ringing hard. Light strobes in my vision. There’s a clattering— a bang—

The heavy metal door of the room slams shut.

Barb is outside.

“Fuck!” I grate out, lurching onto my hands and knees toward the door. Agony lances up from my groin. “Fucking—”

It takes me a second to re-orient my thoughts against the pain and the panic. Rationality asserts itself: no need to get frantic. I did actually plan for this.

Although I feel fucking stupid for letting it happen so easily.

And angry.

Through the door, I hear Barb’s muffled shriek of, “Help! Help me, somebody HELP!” Screaming her lungs out, she pounds up the stairs to the basement door.

“Bitch,” I whisper, getting painfully to my feet. A groin-shot hurts no matter what gear you’ve got; my balls being fake makes no difference. It’ll be simpler if I move quick on this, though, and make Barb kiss it better later. (Make her choke on my cock until she fucking passes out!)

I limp over to a cabinet on the wall and unlock its lower door with a key from my ring. Inside is some of the dangerous stuff: not just clamps and floggers and dildos big enough to split a cunt apart, but torture tools I actually want to keep out of reach, in case Barb ever somehow gets off her chain at night. In this one, it’s electricity.

Up the stairs, Barb is banging madly on the basement door. Distantly, I can hear a huge thud: her body slamming against it, probably.

I can imagine how frantically she’s wrenching at the handle, trying to force it to turn. Trying to twist despite the lock. Jamming her fingernails into any crevice or crack.

The key is securely on its ring in my pocket. And the basement door is both steel and soundproof.

I pull out the stun gun, slip its strap around my wrist, close the cabinet, and limp back to where I had fallen on the floor. Despite the panic still trying to urge me to run out the door and snatch Barb up as quickly as possible, I arrange myself curled up on the concrete, the stun gun hidden under my body.

I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and wait.

Barb has to come back in here. Sooner or later she’ll realize there’s no escape without a key.

It takes almost a minute. I can hear her breathing raggedly as she creeps back down the hall... back to the room, which she must have thought she had escaped for good. She’s trying to be quiet but can’t control her gasping, gulping, terrified breath.

She stands frozen in the doorway. I lie motionless on the concrete facing away from the door, entirely slack as if unconscious.

No doubt she’s never tried to knock someone unconscious with a blow to the head. Neither have I, but I know it’s nowhere near as easy as Hollywood makes it seem. A concussion and death are far more likely outcomes— but at the same time, the human skull is harder than you’d think. Mine hurts like hell, but I’m still with it.

Barb’s bare feet make tiny soft noises on the concrete. She’s holding her breath.

Her fingers creep over my hip, my jeans, searching for a pocket. Keys.

As soon as she’s within reach, I grab back over my shoulder to snatch a fistful of her hair and yank Barb’s head down hard. Rolling over, I jam the stun gun into Barb’s stomach and trigger it.


She convulses immediately, her whole body snapping like a whip at the shock. Cursing, I roll and wrestle her down to the floor, keeping the stun gun in contact the whole time. Barb spasms violently, still screaming.


Fuck you,” I snarl, finally getting on top of her and pinning her to the floor, and I hold the stun gun in place another few seconds longer to watch Barb continue to scream and convulse, back arched and neck straining as she contorts in agony.

UHGGHHH! AAAHHHH! Ugh— hh— kkk—

When I remove the stun gun, Barb collapses bonelessly to the concrete. Without 20,000 volts blasting her body into rigid spasms, her muscles no longer have the strength to twitch. Her head lolls to the side. Drool runs from her slack mouth.

There’s complete and utter terror in her white-rimmed eyes.

I sit back on top of her and wipe my mouth with the back of my wrist: it stings where she must have struck me in the struggle. For a long moment, the sadistic pleasure of watching her body dance in electrified spasms leaves me buzzing and satisfied.

But it’s not enough. Nowhere near enough.

“That was clever, Barb,” I say coldly. “But really, really fucking stupid.”




With Barb rendered completely limp, it’s no effort at all to get her back into bondage. I manacle her wrists and winch the chain up high until she dangles. All Barb can do is wheeze and drool in terror.

My hands are shaking with rage. I’m going to hurt this bitch— torture her until she breaks, until she’s brainless— fuck every hole until they’re stretched out and useless, then rape them open wider, impale her on a baseball bat, choke her on my cock, leave her drooling cum and piss—

I’m going to have to be careful not to kill her before she lives to properly regret this.

A leather flogger will be safe enough. I snatch up one that gives sharp-edged, stinging blows and whirl around to swing at Barb.

The first blow lands directly on her tits. She gives a gurgling scream. “Nughh...” I strike again. “Aack— Nuhhhh— AH! AH! AHH!”

Her tits bounce with every brutal crack of the flogger. The leather tails leave sharp pink trails across her skin, growing red already. I swing as hard as I can, taking out my rage on her tits, getting madder and madder at every strangled cry of pain.

“Should have beaten you properly from the start,” I grind out, swinging back and forth unrelentingly. Barb still can’t properly move but keeps jolting and squealing. “Make you afraid— give you something to cry about—”

“FUCK YOU!” she screams, red-faced and furious. There’s no hiding her hate now, no pretending to be afraid and submissive. “FUCK— AUGH! Fuck you! Fuck—”

I aim for her nipples and she screams horribly.

The flogger never stops moving, landing hard and brutally fast. Red marks swell up across her big soft tits. Seeing where I’ve missed a spot, I aim for the sensitive white undersides of her breasts and flog them scarlet. Through her attempts to curse me, Barb’s screams are ear-piercing now.


“I’ll make you sorry,” I snarl. I snap the flogger across her stomach. The leather cuts harsh red lines into her skin.

Wailing, Barb jerks in agony, her muscles still too weak to work properly. When the force of the flogging makes her rotate on the chain, I rain down blows across her back, her ass, her thighs. Her legs twitch frantically in the air. She tries to kick out at the flogger.

Enraged, I focus attention on her ass. She screams endlessly, dancing on the chain, and I follow her twisting body to beat her tight little slut ass. I aim for the undersides of her buttocks, her inner thighs, the nightmarishly sensitive crack of her ass and pussy between her kicking legs. I’m going to beat her cunt into a pulp— show her what real pussy torture is—


A brutal blow directly to her pussy makes her whole body convulse. “AHHHHH!

She twists her ankles together and clamps her legs shut, curled up around her blistering pussy. I flog her furiously all over but she manages to maintain the hold, writhing on the chain like a worm on a hook.

That’s fine. I’ll strap her legs open later. Stretch them out with a spreader bar so far she does the splits and make her watch how I torture that big fat clit. She’ll beg for something as nice as orgasm torture by the time I’m done.

Red welts overlap until her whole ass is violently scarlet. Barb is screaming without coherence, every attempt at a sentence shattered by the next blow, leaving her gargling fragments of curses and pleas. Tears and snot stream down her face.

The welts on her big soft tits are bruising up purple, almost plum across her nipples and areolas. Her ass quivers like crimson jelly. My shoulder aches.

I switch the flogger into my other hand and aim for her creamy, mostly unmarked thighs.


At last, there’s almost not a single white inch of flesh left on her. Barb’s whole body is covered in stinging pink and searing red lashes. Her tits and ass have it the worst: solid flaming crimson, bruised dark purple where the lashes overlapped. Matched globes of throbbing agony. Perfect targets to punish on a bitch.

Even when I’ve stopped swinging she keeps howling, unable to stop screaming out every breath as her nerves continue to burn. Her toes kick spastically in midair, straining for purchase to relieve the agony of suspension from her wrists.

It takes a long time for Barb’s involuntary jerking to simmer down to violent, uncontrollable shakes. Panting, I watch her blubber, feeling my arms ache and my cock throb with sadistic need.

“You like that?” I ask roughly. “Is this what you wanted, Barb? No more mean nasty orgasms? Me being honest about what I’m doing to you?”

Moving like she’s drunk on pain but somehow striving for control, Barb lolls her head up to look me in the eye. Her mouth is slack and quivering. Her eyes are full of unmasked hatred.

“Fuck you,” she slurs.

I slash the flogger over her brutalized, horribly sensitive tits. She shrieks so loudly my ears ring.

Leaving Barb dangling from the ceiling like a side of meat, I stalk upstairs.




The bottle I need is in the fridge. I grab it with a shaking hand and head back down.

I’ve never done this before, hadn’t planned on it, but I’ve heard of it— and she’s earned it. Time for something that’ll leave her screaming long after I’ve finished pounding her guts in.




In the basement, Barb is quiet, panting harshly and shaking all over as she watches me. Trying to recover some measure of dignity, take whatever I’m planning with bravery. It won’t last long.

I put the bottle on a table behind her, where she can’t see it. I roll the A-frame into place in front of her— sideways, not in a position to make her ride the horse, despite her anticipatory flinch— and lower Barb enough to strap her ankles wide apart to its legs. Her struggles are still weak, useless.

“Open your fucking mouth,” I order, approaching with a ring gag.

Barb grinds her teeth and glowers.

It takes several minutes of flogging her tits and stomach until she finally breaks down bawling again, allowing me to wrestle the ring gag into her mouth. She manages to bite me before I force it in.

As soon as it’s buckled, I slap her brutally across the face. “I’m going to enjoy hurting you so much,” I tell her, half furious and half astonished at how I’m beginning to enjoy this— the opportunity to be so violent. “And you just keep making it worse, you stupid bitch. You never did know how to shut up and take it without complaining.”

Snot dribbles from Barb’s nose. Her hair is a wreck. Even with her mouth stretched wide by the gag, she snarls.

“Yeah, let’s do something else to those tits,” I say. “Keep going, Barb, see what I come up with. I’ve got so many more ways to make you scream.”

From another locked cabinet, I retrieve a metal box. Inside is a glittering arrangement of needles and cannulas, studs and rings. I was always going to pierce her— how could I resist? There’s something so sweet about making a girl quiver and cry with such tiny, intense pain. Better yet if she’ll bargain to avoid the terror. But there’s no getting out of it this time.

I select a pair of heavy steel rings and an 8-gauge needle. It comes out of its sterile packaging heavy and wickedly sharp. My cock twitches.

“Let’s give you something to really hate me for,” I say, coming back around to show Barb her fate.

Her eyes bulge at the needle’s thickness: a full three millimeters. It’s big for any piercing... horrifically huge for someone who’s never had so much as an earring.

“Ohhh!” she protests through the ring gag. “Oh, oh, oh— EEEE!” She squeals sharply when I clamp her right nipple in the forceps. Panicking, she jiggles urgently, trying to pull her bruised tit away.

“Make me fuck this up and I’ll just do it again,” I threaten, and twist her nipple with the foreceps.

“Ohhh,” Barb moans, tears prickling in her eyes. “Ohh, eeeea, ohhhhhh…”

“Oh, it’s too fucking late for ‘please no,’ slut. You’re in for a lot worse than this.”

Her abused nipple is purple and sore between the forceps, a hundred times more sensitive than normal after being flogged. Avidly soaking in Barb’s terror, I set the tip of the needle to her nipple and prick it: a sharp sting, a taste of the coming pain.

She squeals violently, her tits jiggling as she barely resists the urge to yank away. Her hands scrabble wildly at their chains, desperate for freedom. “Oh! Oh! OHHH!”

My cock is rock-hard. “Scream for me,” I say, and slowly sink the needle through her swollen nipple, and she does.

The wretched screaming doesn’t stop as I replace the needle with the thick steel piercing. It hangs heavily from her red, rigidly erect nipple— heavier still when I snap in the captive bead. She squeals like the ring is a direct line of agony right through a nerve.

“This one too,” I tell her, just to hear the outburst of frantic begging noises as I prepare the second needle and clamp her left nipple.

Her would-be bravery is gone. Her hate. Her self-control. Nothing left but terror and agony now.

I force the second piercing through even slower, dragging out the torture. Barb’s eyes bulge and her scream comes out bubbly from the snot and drool choking up her open mouth. It dribbles from her lip and makes a slippery trail in the valley between her whip-marked breasts.

A dab of sterile sealant on each piercing takes care of the tiny bit of blood. Then, there they are: two thick, heavy metal rings jutting through her erect nipples, now permanently marked and horribly hyper-sensitized. A weight and a stimulation that won’t go away.

Barb sags forward, hanging from the chain and bawling with her eyes shut. Her tits heave with the force of her sobbing. Every tiny shift of the rings must be agony.

Painfully aroused and still furious, I slap her across the face. “Now you get what’s coming to you.”

I lower the chain from the ceiling, letting down Barb’s wrists. She has no way to escape when I yank her forward by the chain, bending her over the wooden bar of the A-frame. I unsnap her manacles from the chain and secure them to the front legs of the frame. It leaves her bent in half with her arms and legs spread far apart, her breasts hanging freely in front.

Barb pulls and twists against the manacles. Every twitch makes her tits jiggle and the heavy nipple rings swing. She groans in anguish.

Her legs are spread widely enough to expose her pussy and even her anus, between her burning purple-red asscheeks. On impulse, I grab the flogger from the table and deliver a brutal blow to her pussy.



I swing again. And again. The flogger’s sharp leather thongs slash across her pussy and asshole. Barb yanks frantically at her bonds, only managing to shake her ass and tits. Her cuntlips quickly burn red.

Abruptly out of patience, I toss the flogger aside and whip out my straining cock. I ram it into her searing pussy in one savage thrust.

For once, Barb isn’t dripping wet to start with. She grunts in pain as my thick cock stretches out her raw, unready cunt. I grab her hips and pound her as hard as possible, ramming into her cervix with every throat. My hips slap her brutalized ass like a second beating. Her tits swing, agitating the nipple rings. Barb’s noises are guttural, anguished, impossible to hold back through the open-mouthed gag.

Her body still can’t help getting wet as I fuck her. Within minutes her cunt is slippery and hot.

Infuriated, I pound her harder. The wooden horse scrapes on the concrete. The force of every violent thrust drives louder and harsher noises from Barb. She sounds like an animal— a bitch— bent over with her ass in the air and tied up for me to rape as hard as I want. Her holes exposed to be fucked and filled and used until I’m done.

“This is how it always should have been,” I growl, fucking her faster. “Tied down and spread open. No movement, no freedom. No fucking words. I’m never taking that fucking gag out again, you hear? Keeping your mouth open so I can stuff anything in it and fuck your throat whenever I want.”

Barb’s grunting stutters. “Uhhhhh…”

“And you think I’m gonna let you cum? Think again. Pumped your pussy up… got your clit all big and hard… I gave you orgasms. I made you cum your fucking brains out. Trained your ass up, got you wet… gave you anal so good and nice… Fuck. How many times did I make you cum on my cock, huh Barb? You can kiss that goodbye. We’ll see how sad you are about a fucking orgasm when I’ve been torturing your clit for months.”

“Oh, oh, oh, ohhhh…”

“Yeah, we’ll see how you like that. No pleasure, just pain, every day, all day. I don’t have to make you cum. I like your pain just as much. Keep you screaming and crying on my cock all the time.”

I slap her abused ass. She squeals and struggles. The welts are hot and swollen under my hand.

“Just like that,” I pant, pounding in. Her cunt squeezes from the pain, just like her fists are curling and her thighs are straining, trying to close. My cock swells thicker and harder, ready to bust. “Just like that, baby. Gonna tear you apart. Fuck you 'til you can’t scream any more and leave you tied up and spread open. Scream for me, baby— scream, bitch—”

Smacking her welted ass so that she shrieks uncontrollably, I pound her until I cum. My cock jerks powerfully, pulsing through orgasm in the tight clutch of her cunt. I don’t bother to fuck her through it, instead jerking out and letting my cock twitch as orgasm quickly fades.

I don’t want to wear myself out. I’ll go again in just a second.

Released from my grip, Barb goes quiet except for her panting. Her head hangs down and doesn’t move.

Not so bad, she’s probably thinking. I just fucked her and now I’m done. Fucking’s far from the worst thing I’ve ever done. It’s not even creative. It can never hurt as much as the first time I broke in her tight little cunt or ass. The nipple piercings hurt, but it’s just pain. It’ll fade.

I grab the bottle from the table behind me and twist it open. Thick red chili paste oozes from the tip.

It’s pure ground chili peppers, seeds and all, thicker and hotter than a mixed sauce. A pungent acrid burn fills the air.

I push the whole nozzle of the bottle into Barb’s sloppy cunt as deep as it goes. Her pussy stretches under pressure from the thick neck of the bottle. She squeaks in surprise.

I squeeze the bottle hard and fill her up deep.

Her whole body goes rigid, lower back arching in surprise. For a moment. Then it hits her— the initial sting of pain, the jerk of shock— “Uhh,” she utters, one ankle rattling its manacle. “Uh— uhh! Uh! Uh! Uh!”

The burn ignites like a bonfire, pepper sauce oozing into every crevice of her cunt, all the way up to her cervix. I pull the bottle out and thick red paste smears out across her hypersensitive whip-marked labia.


“That’s right,” I growl, and force a plug into her pussy. I crank open the pear of anguish wide at the deep end of her vaginal canal, stretching her cunt tight— heightening the stinging heat of peppers biting into her delicate membranes, if her shriek of “Ahh-AHHH!” is any clue— and plugging the douche of burning paste deep inside.

It’s been ten seconds and Barb’s struggles have become frantic. Growing more violent by the second as the searing pain increases. “Oh!” she squeals— no. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! AHH!” The manacles rattle and her welted ass jiggles as she fights desperately for escape. “AHHHH!”

“Scream for me now, bitch!” I snarl, and ram my cock deep into her unprepared asshole.


Her ass is tight and she screams like it’s her first rape all over again. Then her hole opens up and my cock sinks in all the way to the balls, punching through her sigmoid colon. Then, screaming, she clenches shut on it again, squeezing tight. The massive invasion makes her shriek even louder.

Barb is pushing desperately, I realize, trying to force the massive plug and the hot peppers out of her cunt. It makes her anus strain open too before she clenches up again in agony. It makes her ass squeeze and milk my cock in rhythmic waves, tight and hot and clenching.


She fights like she’s losing her mind with pain. She yanks and throws her head around, eyes white-rimmed with agony, making her tits bounce and the heavy rings swing from her poor nipples. Her hips jerk up and down frantically, driving her ass against my cock, but she can’t stop trying to expel the chili paste.


Pain. Unrelenting, unbearable pain. That’s what I want her to drown in right now.

Filled up with sadistic glee and the satisfaction of revenge, I fuck Barb’s unprepared ass like a freight train. My cock pounds in hard, ten thick solid inches shoved up her shit-pipe, splitting open her rectum and colon as deep as I can. Her guts wrap my cock like a sheath.

My hips slam her beaten ass with every stroke. The flesh is searing hot as lurid purple bruises rise beneath the raw welts. The base of the vaginal plug gets rammed hard into her cunt over and over. The bulb of the pear of anguish grinds into her pepper-swollen cervix.


I grab a fistful of Barb’s hair and yank her head back. Her tongue strains out through the O-ring, curling as she screams; drool streams down her chin. Her eyes bulge and roll.

She doesn’t stop screaming for a second for as long as I fuck her. She can’t— not with the twin agonies of her capsaicin-stuffed cunt burning like fire and her ass being fucked like a fleshlight. Every thick slide of my cock into her guts punches out another shriek of pain.

I cum a second time and keep on fucking her. It feels so fucking good to spill in her guts, her contracting anus milking wave after wave of orgasm from me. And I’m so hungry to make Barb suffer— to make her keep screaming as the torture goes on— that my cock stays as hard as ever, all the way through the hot wave of orgasm and into a third round of punishing thrusts.

It takes even longer to cum a third time, the edge of arousal worn down to simmering spite. I hold her by the hips and slam her ass on my cock over and over like a fuck-toy, grudge-fucking her with rhythmic brutality. Barb howls gutturally and chokes on her own snot and drool.

By the third time I cum, her asshole is slick and scarlet from abuse. I jam my cock deep and orgasm in the tight squeeze of her guts, groaning loudly.

Barb continues to writhe beneath me with my cock impaled in her ass, exhausted but unable to stop jerking and straining for escape. Her noise is a harsh whining, sobbing wail. I withdraw slowly enough that I can feel the head of my cock squeeze back through the tight bend of her sigmoid colon.

When my softening cock slips out of her ass, her brutalized anus gapes open and closed. The delicate pucker is swollen outward, a thick puffy ring that quivers and winks uncontrollably. A trickle of mucus drips from the scarlet ring.

Uhhhhhhh,” Barb cries, hanging limp over the bar of the A-frame. “Uhhh, uhhhh, uhhhhhhhh…”

Around the base of the vaginal plug, her cuntlips are plump and red— mostly from friction and the unavoidable arousal of having her pussy pounded, but also from a trace of pepper sauce that managed to leak from her cunt. I slide a finger around the plug, then up to her ass.

My finger goes easily into her gaping asshole. Inside it’s hot, swollen from the abuse, her pulse pounding through the thin tissues. A curl of my finger makes Barb mewl in anguish. The merest touch must be hell. Her raw, brutalized membranes couldn’t possibly be more sensitized.

Through the O-ring, Barb coughs on her snot and gurgles something— an attempt at speech. I pull my finger out slowly, the tip hooked to pull and stretch her anal ring as I go. She squeals and sobs.

“No,” I say, “I don’t think you’re sorry yet.”

I force the neck of the bottle of chili paste deep into her puffy asshole and squeeze as hard as I can, flooding her rectum with thick, burning paste. A second squeeze nearly empties the bottle: enough liquified peppers to fill her rectum and spurt up to her colon, bloating her guts with an enema of red-hot capsaicin.


Barb screams like a red-hot poker was rammed up her ass. Almost immediately, I replace the bottle with a plug slammed in deep and hard. The base expands like a fist within her hole, cranked open wide to seal her gaping ass shut. Her puffy hole bulges as she strains to expel it, but even the pure agony of hot peppers can’t force Barb to stretch her anus open that far. All she can do is spasm and scream.


Standing back, I squirt the last dribbles of pepper sauce over her anus and pussy. It dribbles down the folds of her cunt. With the bottle’s tip I rub the ground chili peppers into her clit: around its thick base, across the hyper-sensitive underside of the shaft, and beneath the fold of her foreskin over the soft head. Thick red fluid drips from the tip of her clit.


“Have a good day, Barb,” I say, turning to the door and pulling out the keys to jingle from my thumb. “Enjoy your fucking clit and how sensitive it is now. I’m gonna go plan how to make you really pay.”