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When it comes to you

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The reflection of the setting sun over the shores of Jeju is purely magical. Like the glistening of a million amber crystals upon the ever-moving waves of the ocean, serene and hypnotising, and Taehyung finds himself on his balcony taking it all in, enjoying the light breeze the time of day brought to cool down the ground and take away the heaviness of the humid air. A gentle smile makes its way onto his delicate features and he doesn’t fight it. He is rarely allowed to feel this free. Right this moment he is in unadulterated bliss.


The sound of the door opening coming from the balcony on his right almost makes him jump, he cackles to himself as Jeongguk steps through, wearing only a pair of casual jeans, his gorgeous tan accentuating the muscle definition of his toned arms and torso, and Taehyung reaches for his treasured camera hanging in his neck to take a picture. The sound of the shutter is what gets Jeongguk’s attention, snapping his head up from the shirts on his clothesline to look at his boyfriend with a startled expression.


“Oh god, Tae, you scared the hell out of me. For a second I thought someone found us”, he explains relieved. “You ready to go?”


“Yep!” Taehyung smiles widely. “Hurry up, my tummy is rumbling!”


“Your tummy is always rumbling,” Jeongguk teases, pulling a simple black T-shirt off the line and over his body. He runs a hand swiftly through his soft dark hair before putting on a snapback, the bill covering his eyes. The less recognisable he is the better after all. “Okay, lets get you fed, shall we?” Taehyung is already giddily skipping to his own door.

They find a small, homely looking restaurant in the more remote part of the beach, and the promise of authentic, unpretentious seafood dishes, considerably lower than average prices, and the tiny tables with romantically lit candles by a row of windows invite them inside. Jeongguk doesn’t care much for seafood but he saw Taehyung’s eyes light up while observing the menu by the entrance, and that’s enough to make him more than content with the place.


Their dinners remind them of their mothers’ cooking, hearty and bursting with flavour, making them slightly nostalgic and maybe a tinsy bit homesick too. They’ve come so far from home. In every sense of the word.


Jeongguk moves his hand over to Taehyung’s resting on the table by his plate, squeezing his fingers because he feels a compulsion to touch, but retrieves his hand in mere seconds, turning his head to look around, afraid somebody might have caught him in the act. Taehyung looks at him knowingly and slides his arm under their table for two, reaching for Jeongguk where nobody can see. Their fingers intertwine and don’t let go for the rest of the meal, even if it makes eating slightly difficult. They’ve only got a couple days by themselves. They cannot afford to waste a single second.


Earlier that day they rented a car and drove around the whole island, taking turns by the wheel because they both have been craving the rush of a free road and a powerful engine. They also managed to not monopolise the aux cord, though Jeongguk gave up his turn multiple times because Taehyung got way too into his own playlist, and well, Jeongguk has always been weak when it comes to him. Ohmygod, just this one more, okay? I swear. I just have to play this one right now. You’re the best, baby. I don’t deserve you.


They got out of the car at a quiet beach, with only a few tourists in sight, and dared to be slightly more affectionate, - despite the fact that the thought of being recognised can never fully leave their minds, Taehyung rubbing sun lotion into Jeongguk’s shoulders and pecking his nose before applying some onto that too, eliciting an adorable giggle from the younger. They played around in the water, occasionally hiding behind rocks to make out passionately, both of them feeling the finality of this secret getaway and getting so consumed by each other they were barely able to contain all the suddenly erupting lust and need.

Getting back from the restaurant that night Taehyung sneaks into Jeongguk’s room just like the night before, carefully of course, they cannot risk anybody knowing the separate rooms are only a pretense. They strip each other naked, hurried fingers fumbling with stubborn buttons, and make love till the early hours of the morning, the fire inside them insatiable and time seeming to be running faster than ever. There are i love yous murmured into sweat covered skin and a series of purple marks branding both their chests that scream mine mine mine and yet all this still feels not enough. They lie in each others’ arms teetering on the edge of sleep as the sun slowly appears over the horizon, until Taehyung turns over, lifting his head off of Jeongguk’s chest mumbling something unintelligible then snuggling into his pillow and being lulled to sleep right that second.


Jeongguk wakes around noon to the glaring rays of the sun burning his closed eyelids. He pads over to close the gap between the curtains, blocking out the light so Taehyung can sleep undisturbed. Some hours later he phones up room service, blessing the hotel for catering to the continental guests and doing brunch till 3pm, because lets be honest, what’s better than indulging in delicious carbs in the middle of the day.


“Tae,” he pokes Taehyung’s cheek to no response. He bends closer to drop a peck on his forehead, making him scrunch up his pretty face, hand limply swatting at Jeongguk’s head to leave him be. “Hyung, I got us food.” That gets the desired result.


Taehyung squints an eye open to find himself face to face with an endeared Jeongguk, who is thoroughly enamoured by Taehyung’s sleepy pout and puffy cheeks. “Jeonggukie it’s so early,” He whines, lifting his arms to lock around Jeongguk’s neck, attempting to pull him back into bed but Jeongguk only drops his head to smother him with kisses all over his face.


“Wake up, hyung, breakfast is already here. I got you loads of croissants.” There. He used the magic word. Taehyung’s eyes fly open at once and Jeongguk laughs out loud because this was so predictable.


“You got me croissants? Croissants are the best. I love you,” Taehyung exclaims and smooches his boyfriend’s cheek with fervor, suddenly seeming a lot more awake. He stumbles out of bed to find that Jeongguk has set the table by the balcony nicely for them, cooing when he sees a single stalk of flower lying next to his plate. “Ooooh baby, aren’t you the cutest?” He beams, sniffing at the Canola while Jeongguk blushes at his own cheesy gesture.


Their brunch consists of not only freshly baked pastries, but waffles, cereal, fruits and coffee, so much they have to force themselves to stop eating if they wanna be able to walk anytime soon. With full stomachs they lie back down in bed to rest a bit, sharing chaste kisses and simply basking in each others’ presence. Something so rare and precious. Jeongguk reaches for his phone and puts a song on, he doesn’t know the lyrics but he hums along to the tune, stroking his fingers through Taehyung’s sun bleached locks.


No limit in the sky

That I won't fly for ya

No amount of tears in my eyes

That I won't cry for ya, oh no

With every breath that I take

I want you to share that air with me

There's no promise that I won't keep

I'll climb a mountain, there's none too steep


“When it comes to you,” he sings into Taehyung’s ear before dropping a kiss on his cheek, feet tapping the air to the rhythm of the song and Taehyung scoots closer, one hand going around Jeongguk’s thin waist under his T-shirt. “When it comes to you,” he sings again, this being the only line of lyrics he knows just yet, smiling wide at Taehyung’s grin. He understands enough of the song to be touched. Jeongguk gets a peck on his chin.

A few days later when they’re back in Seoul and life has already returned to gruelling dance practices and frenetic preparations for the rapidly approaching comeback Taehyung finds Jeongguk in his studio during one of their breaks, hunched over his phone practicing English words out loud. He is so engrossed he startles when Taehyung appears behind him and kisses the top of his head, swinging around in his swivelly chair so hard he nearly knocks Taehyung’s teeth out with his own skull.


“Ouchie,” Taehyung pouts, pointing at his lip that seems to have split slightly. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I thought you had heard me come in,” Taehyung mumbles, holding a finger to his lip to numb out the pain, crawling into Jeongguk’s waiting lap who wraps his arms around his waist in an instant.


“I’m so sorry, baby. I’m just so tired. Also trying to learn these lyrics. Let me see your lip.” He wraps a gentle hand around Taehyung’s hand moving it away from his face so he could see the tiny cut on his upper lip. He presses a soft kiss onto it, barely touching it at all but Taehyung kisses back, long and hard, humming in contentment.


“All better now,” he announces coyly and Jeongguk is so endeared the sudden burst of possessiveness is physically paining his heart. “What are you working on?”


“A song. Your song.”


“Mine?” Taehyung quirks an eyebrow, intrigued. “Which one of mine?” Jeongguk sends him a song that reminds him of Taehyung almost every other day. He’s made a playlist on his phone dedicated to those songs only.


“When it comes to you,” Jeongguk sings with a cocky smile.


“Aaaaaaaah, that one.” Taehyung hugs himself closer. “I love that one. It reminds me of that day, you know.”


“I know. Jeju. A ton of food -”


“So much sex,” Taehyung reminisces dreamily, making Jeongguk snort in amusement.


“Yeah, that too,” he agrees. Taehyung kisses him once more, mellowly but with intent, and it speaks louder than any words.


“Sing it to me. Pretty please,” Taehyung pleads, and how could Jeongguk say no to that face.


“I don’t know the full song yet,” he says apologetically, sliding a hand up Taehyung’s spine.


“I don’t mind,” Taehyung reassures him. “Just sing it for me.”


“Always for you.”

When it comes to you

There's no crime

Let's take both of our souls

And intertwine

When it comes to you

Don't be blind

Watch me speak from my heart

When it comes to you

Comes to you