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I hate your guts

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Erik most certainly wasn't going to look up. He knew what he'd see, knew his self satisfied smile. Everyone thought Charles Xavier was a lovely, nice, man, but Erik knew the truth. The man was the antichrist, a bastard, a good oldfashioned asshole.

"Lehnsherr! Xavier, my office, gentlemen."

Erik didn't move at first. What the hell was Mactaggert up to?

Mactaggert motioned for them to close the door behind them and then leaned back in her seat, eyeballing them both. "Your respective partners are currently down and out-"

"No," Erik said, glaring at her sourly.

Mactaggert gave him a less than impressed look.

"No, no, no," he continued. "So much nope, boss. Not gonna happen."

"Do let her finish, Lehnsherr," Xavier said drily, taking one of the two seats on the their side of her desk.

"Fuck you, Xavier," Erik growled at him, "I am not working with you."

"What makes you think that you're getting a choice?" Mactaggert asked.

Erik opened his mouth to answer, but then shut it again. He'd save his ammunition until she gave them the case. Then he'd tell her no.

"I have a rather delicate case that a lot of people would like to see blow up in our faces, and just as many would prefer we either leave alone or at least handle with discretion."

"And you're including him?" Erik said, pretty much simultaneously with Xavier

Mactaggert smirked. "I need two people who are good undercover and while you're both a couple of competitive assholes, you are also very good at what you do."

Erik couldn't help straightening his back a little at this, ignoring the barely whispered 'so easy' from Xavier.

Erik didn't answer, just felt out the earring that Xavier was wearing and heating it just enough for Xavier to curse and touch it.

"That's quite enough, gentlemen," Mactaggert scolded them. She waited for them to start acting like adults for once. "I need two gentlemen who can fake a relationship in a high profile gay country club."

"There's such a thing?" Erik asked at the same time as Xavier said: "Hellfire."

Mactaggert nodded. "Yes."

Erik made a face. So rich, gay men - he'd occasionally run into that type at the clubs he sometimes visited, and he'd never been particularly impressed by them. Not that Erik was normally impressed by other people; there was a reason why he rarely pulled - not for the lack of interest from others, but he had standards. Intelligence was pretty high on that list and as pretty as some of those guys had been, he had yet to make conversation with them that hadn't felt like mind numbing stupidity and in most cases it meant Erik wandering off after less than two minutes of talking.

"I know you've both got other cases, but this involves blackmail and a lot of goodwill would come of it if we nip this in the bud before it blows up all over the media.

"I've turned down invitations from them a couple of times," Xavier admitted.

"I thought you might," Mactaggert said with a wry smile. "And I think you should apply for a membership."

"What would the reason for my change of heart be?" Xavier asked, curiously.

"You're running for office," Erik said before he could stop himself.

Mactaggert raised an eyebrow at him. "That's not a bad idea, actually."

Xavier pursed his lips and Erik most definitely didn't stare at them. "I take it the delicacy in the case lies in the victims so far being people in high places." He held up a hand. "I'm not dismissing it. It's actually the kind of thing I could do - or that my stepfather would consider a thing I would do, simply to annoy the crap out of him."

"With your family name it would make sense," Mactaggert agreed. ""And Lehnsherr here would be the perfect arm candy." She paused and shot him a stern look. "As long as he doesn't open his mouth and spout his usual mutant supremacy shit."

Erik had opened his mouth to disagree with her, but promptly shut it, glaring at Xavier for the giggle escaping him.

"Xavier is a sure name for this mission," Mactaggert warned them. "I can probably find someone else to partner him with for this. You're not irreplaceable, Lehnsherr."

"He's not taking this thing down without me getting some credit as well," Erik growled.

They both beamed at him and Erik wanted to rage at them. He fucking hated the both of them.

Mactaggert got to her feet and stopped them before they left the office. "Gentlemen, as much as I a aware of your scoreboard on cases solved, as it takes up enough wallspace, I want you to solve this for the sake of the case - and for god's sake, try to be discrete!"

When they both looked at her like they had no idea what she was on about, she shook her head. "Just don't blow anything up, don't kill anyone, just keep the property damage to a minimum, preferably non existent."

They both nodded and left her office. Erik tried not to shove Xavier out of the doorway while they were in their boss' sight.

"Maybe for once we can work on a case together and get it done so we can both go our separate ways," Xavier said quietly as the door to Mactaggert's office fell shut behind them.

"Anything to avoid having to work with you for a longer period of time," Erik said with a low growl. "I think the worst part will be acting as a couple with you."

"We don't have to be a perfect, lovey dovey couple," Xavier said with a wink as he turned to look at Erik. "When you think about it, it will just add the extra tension to our relationship, and give the Hellfire club something to work with if they want to incriminate me. If we're cordial enough in public but drop enough hints that you're only with me for the money, and the possible fame, if I run for office."

Erik pursed his lips. "Deal," he agreed. And it pained him to admit but - "And we need to sit down and figure out a full cover story."

"Pick us up some lunch, Lehnsherr," Xavier said with a smirk - give me twenty minutes to find us a meeting room. Not to mention some contact info at Hellfire" He turned to wave at Erik, who was tempted to warp that damned earring just because Xavier annoyed him.

"Oh, and Lehnsherr?"

Erik turned enough to look at Xavier.

"I'll make sure the room's soundproof, just in case."

And the asshole had the audacity to wink at him. Annoying, little shit, Erik fumed to himself as he went to get something to eat for them. If he could, he'd find something spicy and disgusting for him - just because he could.