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The Accidental Benefits Of Public Transport

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Bakugou Katsuki hated public transport with a passion.

It was everything he disliked rolled into one horrific experience, which he normally avoided at all costs. The proximity to so many people was nauseating and he hated the noise and smell; it left him exhausted and ready to burn the next person who approached him to ashes.

Yet, here he was was, immobilised by multiple bodies pressing against him, senses completely assaulted and feeling thoroughly overwhelmed.

The only reason he had even entertained the idea of riding on the Tokyo Metro was due to Kirishima. His boyfriend had asked him to come shopping, a suggestion which Bakugou would normally receive with varying levels of disgust. Shopping was almost as bad as public transport, almost. But then Kirishima had started pouting and quiet frankly Bakugou was too weak to even bother rebuking the request. His boyfriend pouting tended to turn his brain into a useless pile of hormones.

So here he was, surrounded by strangers and the only thing keeping him sane being Kirishima's fingers interlocked with his own. Bakugou pulled his thoughts away from the current situation to focus on his boyfriend.

Kirishima was leaning against him, head nestled into the crook of his shoulder, humming happily as Bakugou's body heat combined with his own. Bakugou could feel a smile tugging at his lips despite his best attempts to stop it, Kirishima had worn his hair down (another incentive for Bakugou to come with him) and it brushed gently against the blond's collarbone.

"You okay?", Kirishima inquired, gently observing Bakugou's expression, checking for any trace of anxiety.

"Fucking wonderful", there was no real bite to his words as he pressed a fleeting kiss to his boyfriend's hair, inhaling the scent of shampoo and soap. Kirishima made a contented hum, twisting his head to give Bakugou an almost shy smile. Although Kirishima was normally confident, displays of affection in public always left him with a faint blush tainting his cheeks. It made Bakugou stupidly happy, not that he'd ever admit it; although he had a funny feeling Kirishima knew anyway.

The gentle rattle of the train and the soothing lull of Kirishima's breathing soon put Bakugou at ease, he decided the whole ordeal was far easier when his boyfriend was with him. A disgustingly sappy sentiment but true none the less. His reverie was only broken when the carriage came to a juddering halt and a new influx of people crammed in. Bakugou groaned out loud as he was pushed against the wall, Kirishima falling back against him.

There was jostling and a plethora of irritated grunts as everyone in the carriage fought for space.

The red head made a yelp, as he was pushed further against Bakugou, their bodies aligning as Kirishima's back pressed against his boyfriend's chest. Instinctively, Bakugou snaked his arms around Kirishima's waist in an almost protective motion, smiling as he felt his boyfriend sigh and settle into the embrace.

It was cramped and a little uncomfortable but Bakugou was able to ignore it all in favour of drowning himself in Kirishima. The jut of his hips that pressed ever so slightly into Bakugou's arms, the arch of his spine that undulated every time he shifted and his ass... oh.

The position would have been fine except, due to the crowd, Kirishima was pushed very, very close to him. So close in fact, that with every slight movement he rubbed against Bakugou, the sensation going straight to the blond's dick. Now of all times was not the moment to get hard... too late.

As if being stuck on a train with shit load of people wasn't bad enough, now his pent up sexual frustration had decided to make an appearance as well. Bakugou muffled his groan into Kirishima's shoulder as they set of once again. The carriage jolting every couple of seconds did nothing to ease the escalating situation in Bakugou's pants.

Kirishima, the angelic idiot, was still utterly unaware; rocking against Bakugou in time with the train and sending shocks of pleasure thrumming through his groin. He shuddered inadvertently, hips bucking up of their own accord as his thoughts spiraled away from any logical reasoning. The drone of the engine sent little vibrations through the wall he was lent against and Bakugou could feel every tremor acutely.

Desperately, he glanced up at the map, four more stops. He wasn't sure he could endure it for much longer, the fabric of Kirishima's jeans were proving too much friction and the warmth of his boyfriend was too tangible, too alluring.

Throwing caution to the wind, Bakugou thrust his hips upwards, evoking a muted squeak from his boyfriend; who turned to him eyes wide with sudden understanding as he became very aware of Bakugou's hard on pressing against his ass. The surprise slowly morphed into a devious grin that made Bakugou suddenly regret alerting Kirishima to his predicament.

"Really, on a train? Dude, I didn't no exhibitionism was your thing", he teased quietly, grinding against Bakugou with no restraint. A chocked moan was pulled from the blond's throat as his hips responded, pushing back, seeking more contact.

Bakugou's eyes darted fervently around the carriage, thankfully most people were immersed on their phones and the steady rumble of the wheels created enough background noise to just cover his muffled groans.

Bakugou needed this. He had barely been able to sneak a kiss with Kirishima over the past week, nosy friends and assignments tended to do that. Although he had hoped it would happen in the safety and relative privacy of the dorms.

As Kirishima pushed back, he began tracing his fingers along Bakugou's arms which were still encircling him. The feather light touch had every hair on Bakugou's body standing on end, the insistent pull of his desire making him rock upwards into the redhead's touch.

Bakugou could feel his breath coming in pants as he burrowed his face into Kirishima's shoulder, face burning with a mixture of embarrassment and lust. His skin felt like it was on fire as he was pulled closer and closer...

"We have arrived at Shinjuku station".

Bakugou had never been so pissed off in all his years of existence. He was tired, angry and desperate to get off; the universe was well and truly fucking him over.

Kirishima gave him an apologetic grin before tugging on his arm as they made their way of the train and onto the platform. Watching in suppressed amusement as Bakugou swore
violently, scowling intently at the ground.

"You better make this up to me, shitty hair", he snarled, face contorted with annoyance.

Kirishima moved to interlace their hands again, pressing a kiss to Bakugou's cheek which caused the blond's skin to redden as his expression become almost bashful.

"Lunch is on me!", the red head exclaimed, nudging Bakugou playfully as he coaxed out a begrudging smile.

"And when we get back I'm all yours... forgive me?", Kirishima practically purred, lacing his voice with a seductive charm Bakugou hadn't even realised he possessed.

Nodding, Bakugou pulled Kirishima a little closer...

Perhaps public transport did have its benefits.

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Today was not going well. The train incident had turned out to be just the start of an entire day of hormone induced madness, all courtesy of Kirishima.

First and foremost, Bakugou's hard on seemed to have little intention of leaving and his brain felt hazy, like someone had filled it with cotton wool. That was probably due to the fact that the only thing he could properly concentrate on was Kirishima in some not so innocent scenarios.

Which wasn't helped by the redhead in question trying on a multitude of different clothes, it was like a fucking strip tease and Bakugou was well and truly done. If he had to watch Kirishima expose his tanned chest and gorgeous abs one more time, someone was going to get seriously hurt.

Lost in thought, Bakugou walked straight into Kirishima who was riffling through a sales rack, humming yet again. He turned to Bakugou, assessing the despondent look in his eyes and placed a kiss to his temple, causing the blond to grumble slightly.

"Only a couple more shops, I promise", he assured his boyfriend before reaching forward to ruffle his hair. Instantly, Bakugou swatted his hand away a growl rising in his throat. Kirishima loved to play with Bakugou's hair, something the blond was all too aware of, the subtle touch always left him a little perturbed by the easily displayed affection.

"Aww c'mon man! Don't be grumpy", he teased as Bakugou relented into the touch, feeling the lithe fingers snake through his hair. It was an innocent enough gesture but a tell tale warmth started to build in the pit of Bakugou's stomach.

"Just hurry up, I want to get back!".

"Oh you wanna get back, hmm? I think I know why", Kirishima murmured the sensual tone returning to his voice. Bakugou stiffened a blush working it's way up his neck as carnal desire started to stir in his groin.

"S-shut up, shitty hair", to Bakugou's annoyance, his voice wavered ever so slightly thus betraying exactly how he was feeling. Kirishima merely smirked mischievously, tugging at his arm as they weaved through the shoppers to reach the changing rooms.

Despite Bakugou's protests, Kirishima pulled him into the cubicle laughing at the blatantly murderous expression on his boyfriend's face. Bakugou settled against the mirror watching in aggravated rapture as the redhead eased of his jeans, giving Bakugou a first row seat to observe his thighs, sun kissed and taut with muscle.

It took all of three seconds for Bakugou's brain to migrate to his dick, leaving him much like Kaminari after he'd overused his quirk. Gaping as Kirishima slid them off, allowing the material to pool at his feet. His legs basked in the muted light of the changing room was sending Bakugou's hormones into a frenzy as he moved forward, pulling Kirishima closer and sliding his hand across the bare skin of his thigh.

Kirishima visibly shuddered, leaning a little closer as Bakugou's hand came round to cup his ass. Bakugou revelled in the solidity and warmth of Kirishima's body, the way it perfectly moulded to his hand as though his touch was meant to be there, needed to be there.

"We should do this later", Kirishima whispered, turning to a furious looking Bakugou.

"I will have lost any grip on my sanity by the time we get back you fucking tease!", he snarled irritation and lust skyrocketing as Kirishima gave him a coquettish smile whilst pulling on another pair of jeans and...

Bakugou was sceptical of clothes, as far as he was concerned Kirishima looked best without any but this might be an exception. They were tight, very tight, hugging every line of Kirishima's legs in a black swathe of denim. But that wasn't it, there were rips marring the surface that provided the slightest glimpse of the skin underneath. Pair that with a skin tight red t-shirt and you have a very fucked out Bakugou gaping at his painfully hot boyfriend. Like physically painful, his dick was beginning to genuinely hurt.

Kirishima turned eyeing himself in the mirror, ignorant to Bakugou's suffering.

"I'm not sure abou-".

"Why the actual fuck are you this attractive?!", Bakugou cut in with a growl, eyes searing with lust.

"You think I look good?", Kirishima inquired disbelievingly, the uncertainty in the redhead's voice merely added fuel to fire as Bakugou pinned him against the wall; grip unyielding and eyes dancing with carnal need.

"You look like sex incarnate, fucking idiot", Bakugou muttered, his tone lowering in pitch, turning almost sultry. He was done with Kirishima's flirtatious glances and suggestive smiles, he wasn't waiting a moment longer.

Bakugou lowered his head to the plain of skin connecting Kirishima's neck to his shoulder, smooth and unmarred; although that was about to change. He grazed his teeth across the redhead's collarbone before sinking his teeth into Kirishima's neck evoking a muffled groan. He retreated, admiring as the patch darkened to a red not dissimilar to the t-shirt.

"Bakugou I'm not sure this is-".

"I will revoke all your blow job privileges".

"WAIT! I was going to say this is a great idea, like dude we should totally do this right now and-", Kirishima's rambling was cut off as Bakugou sunk to his knees before nuzzling into Kirishima's crotch as he scraped his nails across the skin revealed by the rips.

The unsaid words left on Kirishima's tongue were lost as his breath hitched, he could feel the warmth of Bakugou's mouth through the jeans; the sensation spread through his groin like fire, burning and all consuming.

Bakugou knew the power was back in his hands and smirked as Kirishima made an almost inaudible moan, deft fingers undoing the fly as he moved closer. Kirishima's boxers were soaked with precum, the stain making desire pool in Bakugou's stomach. Clearly he wasn't the only one needing this.

Parting his lips, Bakugou mouthed at Kirishima's erection pausing to merely breath hot pants of air against the fabric. The gesture had Kirishima writhing as Bakugou moved his hands to still the redhead's hips.

"So ripped jeans, that's your thing?", Kirishima tried to tease but found his voice leaving his mouth sounding more desperate than anything. Bakugou didn't answer, preoccupied with pressing the flat of his tongue against the fabric, laving at a languid pace that had Kirishima panting urgently as he bucked up.

As Bakugou moved away, he took a moment to appreciate the front of Kirishima's boxers which were now saturated in a mixture of precum and saliva. The image had Bakugou's groin burning with desire, he looked so filthy and needy and willing. The thought made the blond shudder and best of all Kirishima was his.

Before Kirishima could protest, Bakugou grabbed his phone snapping a photo as Kirishima complained weakly. The resolution hardly did justice to the way the redhead's skin shimmered with sweat or how his eyes practically screamed fuck me but it was good enough. In any case, Bakugou had the real deal right in front of him.

Bakugou watched as Kirishima shifted, the redhead could feel the dampness of his underwear and it made him feel dirty and used in the best possible way.

Gently, Bakugou pushed his palm against Kirishima's erection, pressing the soaked fabric against his boyfriends skin, the contact made Kirishima all but whimper the thought of his own precum and Bakugou's spit mixing and pressing against his skin was too much.

Want flickered in Bakugou's eyes as he pulled Kirishima's boxers down, exposing him to the cool air of the changing room. He was bored of waiting, he wanted Kirishima's skin on his tongue, his taste and scent evading his senses.

"It's a pity I can't fuck you in here but I'm going to give you the best goddamn blow job of your life", Bakugou stated as if he was announcing a change in weather.

The first teasing flick of his tongue had Kirishima moaning aloud, his voice laced with submission. Without words he was giving himself into Bakugou, an unspoken 'I'm yours so do what you want' that made the blond grin. The knowledge that his boyfriend would yield to him completely was far hotter than he would let on.

Sliding his tongue lower, Bakugou circled the head before dipping lower allowing his tongue to press against the underside of Kirishima's cock, eliciting a sweet mewl from the redhead. But it wasn't good enough, he wanted to find the exact spot...

Retracing his movements, Bakugou pulled back till his mouth just grazed Kirishima's tip and ever so slightly pressed against the underside of the head.

"Fuck! Baku- Katsuki... ahh!".

Found it. He teased the spot with his tongue varying the pressure and motion till tears began to well up in Kirishima's eyes but Bakugou wasn't finished. With one practised movement, he brought his mouth down till he was nuzzling into Kirishima's crotch, sucking hard and fast till his boyfriend let out a chocked sob of his name.

Kirishima's thighs had begun to quiver and his pupils were blown so wide his irises were barely visible, he was close. The final steps were easy, Bakugou knew all to well how to drag a gut clenchingly good orgasm out of his boyfriend, after all practice makes perfect.

He lapped at the head before pushing the very tip of his tongue against the slit with dexterous ease. Kirishima made a strangled moan as his hands finally found Bakugou's hair.

The last movement was easy, Bakugou engulfed Kirishima's dick one last time giving a harsh suck and he was coming. Hot and thick in Bakugou's mouth as it pooled on his tongue and flowed down his throat. He could hear Kirishima moaning in abandon now, all inhibitions lost as he rode out his orgasm, Bakugou working him through every second.

"Katsuki, shit that was...", Kirishima using his given name and a profanity in one sentence, he must have done good. But Bakugou wasn't finished, standing up he pressed his lips against his boyfriend's. Waiting patiently as Kirishima parted his lips before allowing the remaining come to drip into the redheads mouth.

Kirishima made a squeak of surprise as his eyes flew open, meeting Bakugou's half lidded gaze. The blond's eyes were challenging him to swallow, so he did.

When Bakugou moved away he gave a throaty chuckle, Kirishima was blushing hard still tasting himself on his tongue; it was sweet and incredibly sexy all at one. God he wanted to fuck him so bad but it'd have to wait, although a quick hand job might sustain him till they got back.

"Shit! Bakugou we're going to miss our train!".

Bakugou froze, dick throbbing in his pants as he looked at his watch.

"Why is the universe so fucking intent on stopping me getting off?!", Kirishima gave him a sympathetic smile as they dashed out the changing rooms and through the shop door (not before Bakugou bought Kirishima the jeans, yes Kirishima blushed like an idiot and yes it was adorable).

They made it to the train station intact and on time, if you can call Bakugou intact after being physically destroyed by his horniness.

"Later", Kirishima promised as they boarded the carriage and Bakugou nodded; the journey couldn't be over fast enough.

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Bakugou didn't have a single coherent thought left in his body on the journey back, mind occupied by how intoxicating Kirishima smelt and how the skin on his hand was rough with burns and bruises from sparring. He resided completely in his senses, his mind long since rendered to a mess of lust.

When they finally got to the dorms, Bakugou's hand was around Kirishima's wrist in a second, dragging him up the stairs; anticipation already burning in his stomach. Racing past their classmates as they looked on in mild amusement. Class 1-A knew better to interfere by now.

"Someones eager", Kirishima teased as he stumbled after Bakugou, who just shot him a vaguely irritated glance as they neared their rooms. Bakugou could feel his body warming, the very thought of finally having the redhead to himself sending his body into an overdrive of desire. His hand curled round the door handle as Kirishima snaked his hands around his waist pressing a kiss to the blonds neck; it was a promise of what was to come and left Bakugou's mind clouded as he fumbled.

"Hey, Kiri you up for a game-", Kaminari's voice reverberated down the hallway, causing the pair to look up. It took one glance from Bakugou to have Kaminari retreating hastily with a muffled 'never mind'. Kirishima laughed, his lips curling up into a tempting smile as he peered at Bakugou from under his lashes.

"You're doing it again", Bakugou snarled, the malice in his voice verging on playful.

"Doing what?", Kirishima asked, looking at him with wide, innocent eyes.

"Being a fucking flirtatious tease", he growled as he finally pushed the door open, slamming it shut and instantly pining Kirishima against it. The red head bit his lip sending his boyfriend a coy smile before squirming out his grip, towards the bed, as he pulled his top off in one nimble movement.

Bakugou watched, pupils dilated with pure desire as Kirishima cocked his head with an ever so slightly defiant expression; as an unbidden groan escaped his lips. Kirishima raised his eyebrow, an unspoken challenge.

"You really want to play that way, huh?", Bakugou asked, surveying the daring glint in Kirishima's eyes.

"You've wanted me all day, do you really think there's any chance you wont come first?", his voice was dripping with shameless need and Bakugou couldn't help but think he had a point. But a challenge was a challenge and he intended to win.

Slinking closer, he moved to straddle Kirishima, "I'm going to make you come so hard and fast you'll forget everything but my name". The words and their implication made Kirishima whine beneath him, but Bakugou knew better than to think his boyfriend was conceding defeat, it was all a part of his strategy. By acting needy and willing he effectively riled Bakugou up securing himself an easy victory.

"Whoever comes first has to wear panties for an entire day!", Kirishima suggested, eyes shimmering with excitement. Bakugou grinned and nodded at the proposition, a wicked glint manifesting in his expression that made the redhead shiver.

He could feel heat curling deep in his crotch and his fingers itched with a need to touch and mark. But he held himself back, if he was going to win he had to take this slow, take Kirishima apart piece by piece till he was nothing more than a moaning wreck, writhing on the sheets.

Kirishima looked up at him, pliant and submissive beneath his touch, worrying his lips as it became red and swollen. Bakugou restrained himself to only watching as he discarded his clothes, leaving only his boxers as Kirishima pushed of his own jeans and began palming himself with slow, sensuous movements.

"Katsuki, I need you now, please", he whimpered, rolling his head back exposing the bite mark from earlier. Bakugou chuckled, so he wanted to play dirty.

Crawling back to straddle him, Bakugou lent closer, "You want me Eijirou? How bad, tell me how bad you need it".

Kirishima let out a pitiful whine as he pushed his hips up, seeking out more contact, "Stop that right now and answer me", his voice was commanding, taking on the role he knew would make Kirishima desperate.

"S-so bad, I need you in me!", his voice was urgent and it sent chills racing up Bakugou's spine. Gently, he circled his fingers around Kirishima's wrist and brought it up to his mouth placing quick kisses and nips to the fragile skin. Lapping along his arm, tracing each vein with his tongue as he savoured the almost indistinct tremors of his boyfriend's body.

He paused to place a kiss to each finger and watched triumphantly as Kirishima moaned at the adoration Bakugou instilled in every touch. As he withdrew, Kirishima shot him a little smirk as he wriggled out from under him and reached into the bedside table.

Returning with a bottle, he glanced at Bakugou eyes alight with craving as he drizzled lube onto his fingers. Bakugou could feel his mouth going dry as Kirishima got onto all fours, pulling of his boxers and moving his hand to prepare himself.

He gazed at Bakugou, mouth opening in a desperate whine as he pushed in the first finger, gasping a broken rendition of his boyfriend's name.

"K-katsuki, it feels so good", he whimpered between shaking breaths as he slowly worked in a second finger. Bakugou stared in rapture as Kirishima collapsed, arm buckling as he slumped into the sheets, ass in the air as he pushed his digits in further.

Bakugou could feel his erection straining against the confines of his boxers, the fabric suddenly uncomfortably tight. He moved forward, if he stood any chance of making Kirishima come undone first he had to take matters into his own hands, literally.

Grabbing the lube, he coated his own fingers and moved to cup Kirishima's face as he pulled his boyfriend closer, "Turn around".

Kirishima complied, sinking into the sheets as he raised his hips, exposing himself to Bakugou's touch.

He took a moment to consider, before leisurely laving his tongue across Kirishima's entrance, evoking a sharp gasp of shock and pleasure from the redhead. Pulling back slightly, Bakugou traced his tongue across his boyfriend's rim, his touch feather light but full of promise.

He took a moment before pushing his tongue past the ring of muscle, delving deeper with little flicks and thrusts. Joining his tongue with a finger had Kirishima moaning softly, hands twisting in the sheets as precum leaked onto the cotton, leaving behind suggestive stains.

As he continued his ministrations, Bakugou moved his free hand to curl around his boyfriend's cock, jerking him of in time to the thrusts of his tongue. The stimulation had Kirishima writhing and panting, stammering half formed words as he bucked into Bakugou's hand.

"S-stop I'm going to-", Kirishima stopped abruptly, realising he was admitting defeat.

Bakugou hummed in satisfaction, "So easy, looks like I'm going to win", he gloated into Kirishima's ear as the redhead let out a stubborn growl. Twisting from under his grip, Kirishima pushed him down onto the mattress, dipping his head to take Bakugou into his mouth; making a contended groan as he inhaled the heady scent of his boyfriend.

Breath coming in stutters, Bakugou's eyelids fluttered shut as he lost himself in the heavenly sensation of Kirishima's mouth. All the frustration of the day leaving him as his boyfriend took him deeper.

Bakugou's body was slick with sweat and every touch of Kirishima's tongue had him shaking with desire, hands instinctively moving to grip the crimson tendrils; tugging slightly in a desperate bid to stop himself being pulled any closer to the edge. Kirishima looked up, lips coated in a sheen of saliva and eyes burning with need as he pulled back.

Bakugou met his gaze before dragging him in for an urgent kiss, tongues sliding past one another in a sinful dance as they shared breaths. The fire alight in Kirishima's eyes, spurred Bakugou on as he grabbed a condom, his body demanding release.

Kirishima lay back, chest heaving and body glimmering with a mixture of sweat, precum and saliva. He looked ethereal, the muted lights making his skin shine as shadows darted across his skin. Moving forward, Bakugou leaned closer brushing his lips across the redhead's as he finally pushed in, evoking a chocked sob from his boyfriend.

As Bakugou gave Kirishima a moment to adjust, he moved one hand to intertwine with his boyfriend's; it had become a habit and made things all that more intimate, something Bakugou cherished despite how much he denied it.

They no longer needed words, Bakugou was in tune with Kirishima's body, practically fluent in the subtle changes in expression. Attentive as ever, he could read exactly when Kirishima was ready for him to move.

The red heads lashes fluttered as Bakugou pressed further in, ripping a moan from his throat. Bakugou shuddered, relishing the warmth of Kirishima's breath as his boyfriend encircled his legs around the blond's waist. Pulling him closer, until they were breathing the same air and Kirishima's skin and hair brushed against Bakugou, sending pleasure coursing through his bloodstream.

He shifted, pulling out almost completely before stopping for a fraction of a second to meet Kirishima's eye as he thrust back in, making the redhead's back arch of the bed; whimpers falling from Kirishima's lips like rain.

"Fuck, Katsuki... ahhh!", it was a mystery to Bakugou how Kirishima could sound so angelic whilst making such filthy noises. He groaned in response, thrusting more forcefully as he grabbed Kirishima's thighs pushing them up, searching for the perfect angle.

Kirishima moaned underneath him, broken renditions of Bakugou's name spilling from his lips like a prayer. The love that laced every syllable had Bakugou pounding harder, overloading Kirishima with pleasure as he uttered a disjointed moan that tailed of into a scream of 'Katsuki'.

Smirking, Bakugou aimed again, gasping as Kirishima tightened around him. He was close but so was Kirishima, by this point he barely cared about their stupid competition all that mattered was pursuing his impending release.

The bed creaked whilst the mattress springs squeaked in protest as Kirishima pushed his hips up to meet every thrust, losing all control over his actions as his body responded automatically. His thighs were trembling and his body was heaving with exertion as Bakugou hit his prostate with every other thrust; causing stars to dance across his gaze and his every nerve ending to tingle with pleasure.

Bakugou tried to hold out but with one more thrust he felt his gut clenching, vision whitening as he came, waves of pleasure rolling through his body in quick succession. Through his post orgasmic haze he vaguely realised Kirishima wasn't finished.

Languidly he curled his hand around his boyfriend's cock, bringing him to his orgasm in a few quick jerks. He committed Kirishima's voice to memory, the way his moan turned to whimpers which in turn tailed of to hurried breaths.

Bakugou collapsed onto his chest after pulling out causing Kirishima to laugh gently, his calloused fingers already drawing through ash blond hair.

"Panties", he teased gently, Bakugou only grunted in response; basking in the afterglow, sated and content.

It took a whole infuriating day but in the end it was well worth the wait .

Chapter Text

Bakugou should have known better.

Should have known better, then to believe Kirishima had conveniently forgotten about a certain bet and its implications. Days passed after the incident and the blond was lulled into a false sense of security, convinced that his boyfriend would not issue the forewarned punishment.

Needless to say, he was totally and irrevocably wrong.

"No", it was practically a snarl and would have sent lesser men fleeing but Kirishima didn't heed Bakugou's temper. In some ironic way, he found it bizarrely endearing, especially the subtle flush that swept across his cheekbones; the blond hated being teased.

"But you promised, it was a bet! Anyway, wouldn't it be cowardly to back down now...", Kirishima let the sentence hang in the air, the insinuation making the blond scowl darkly.

"Not during school, for fucks sake!", Bakugou was now retreating towards his bed, putting as much distance between him and the lacy garment as was physically possible. Kirishima's grin deepened as he advanced, panties hanging from his fingers and with a look that would have put porn stars to shame.

"But babe you look so goo-"

"Don't. Call. Me. Babe.", he sent Kirishima a venomous look, full of pure reproach. It was too early to be dealing with his horny boyfriend, the rest of their classmates were still soundly asleep. Lucky fuckers.

By this point Kirishima had him pinned to the bed, Bakugou thought the straddling was unnecessary until he realised exactly what the red head was planning. Rough hands hooked under his boxers (yes he only slept in his underwear and one of Kirishima's t-shirts and yes his boyfriend teased him about it constantly) evoking a yelp from the blond.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!", Kirishima smirked as Bakugou began to wriggle. The blond could feel the fabric slipping down to his knees and finally to his ankles, irritated at his boyfriend's strength.

"Making you fulfil your end of the bargain", Kirishima muttered, eyes still glimmering with badly contained amusement as Bakugou finally relented allowing the red head to ease the lace across his thighs till it sat snugly around his crotch.

As if wearing panties wasn't humiliating enough, Kirishima had deemed pale pink the appropriate colour. They were delicate, fully adorned with bows and far too small; all in all, about as far away from 'Bakugou Katsuki' as humanly possible.

"This is ridiculous", Bakugou grumbled, trying not to acknowledge the predatory glint in his boyfriend's eye.

"See you at breakfast", Kirishima's voice was strained and the blond allowed himself a small moment of triumph at the effect he had on the redhead. However, it was quickly overwhelmed by pure embarrassment and a decidedly strong warmth in his groin.


Bakugou knew none of his classmates were aware of his predicament but that didn't make the situation any better. The subtle glances Kirishima sent him over the table were enough to have him choking on his rice.

Kaminari turned to him concern lacing his features, the worry didn't last long. "Not the only thing Bakugou likes to choke on", he quipped with a smirk. Ashido snorted in agreement watching the blond's face turn an interesting shade of red before he stood up, throwing his bowl into the sink where it shattered with a resounding smash.

"Oooh, someone's tetchy today", Ashido teased as the blond stormed out the room, she turned to Kirishima who was watching the retreating figure with a vague smile.

"I'm sure he's just tired", he replied dreamily. Utterly oblivious to the vulgar gestures Kaminari was making and the knowing looks being exchanged between his classmates.

"More like you were up till two in the morning, fucking like rabbits", Jirou commented, causing Yaoyorozu to scrunch her face up in distaste. It was Kirishima's turn to choke on his breakfast as he quickly began denying the accusation. His rambling only ceased when Shouji bluntly stated he'd heard them.


Bakugou was pretty sure Aizawa was purposefully drawing out the lesson, as if he somehow knew about the blond's suffering. It wasn't that the garment in question was uncomfortable rather the knowledge that he was being subjected to this because Kirishima desired it so. The thought had his pulse racing a little faster, his breaths coming a little quicker, and his pupils dilating a little wider.

And to make matters worse, Kirishima was watching him. Lips curled up and eyes roaming his body; savouring every little tremor and shift.

Moving to glare at his boyfriend, Bakugou felt the panties rise up, pressing against his entrance with a suggestive pressure that had an unbidden gasp falling from his parted lips. Uraraka gave him a worried look and then a gentle smile, eyes inquiring as he squirmed in his chair. The knowledge that his classmates were watching him fall apart under Kirishima's gaze, had carnal heat curling deep in his stomach.


By the time the bell rang for lunch, Bakugou had managed to calm himself (and his dick) down. Slouching down the corridor, he tried to ignore the crush of bodies, making his way to a table by the window; as far away from everyone as possible.

He found himself looking up, eyes searching for his boyfriend; a habit he couldn't bring himself to break.

Kirishima met his eyes a couple of minutes later, bounding over and sliding down next to him before planting a chaste kiss to his cheek. To Bakugou's annoyance the rest of Class 1-A decided to join the table, happily chattering as they exchanged stories about their weekend excursions.

Content to stay quiet and eat, Bakugou continued to ignore his surrounding till he felt a wandering hand tracing up his thigh. Blowing up the table seemed a bit of an overreaction so he settled for a furious glance towards his boyfriend, who merely shot him an innocent smile.

Fingers sauntered higher, finding the waistline and dipping below. Bakugou could feel his breath hitching, as he struggled out of his seat sending Kirishima a potent glare. The distance between the table and the door seemed like an eternity, his face was hot and his pants suddenly felt far too tight.

The blond made it halfway down the corridor before Kirishima was behind him, hands moving to cup his ass, lips pressed to his throat in an instant.

"Why'd you run away?", the redhead murmured, taking advantage of the deserted corridor as he laved his tongue across Bakugou's pulse.

"F-fuck off", it sounded unconvincing even to his own ears but Bakugou was determined not to let Kirishima get the better of him. Pulling out of his boyfriend's grasp he stalked down the corridor. Making his way into an unused classroom, breath still trembling from the contact.

But Kirishima was hot on his heels, leaning against the door frame as he smirked slightly.

"Dude, are you this worked up over a pair of panties?", Kirishima knew as well as Bakugou that it wasn't the underwear but rather the fact that he was being controlled by his boyfriend, that had him worked up.

They'd always had a balanced relationship, neither feeling the need to take the lead. But now and again, roles would become more defined. Kirishima knew when Bakugou needed to be dominated and today was one of those days.

"You look so gorgeous in them, I want to fuck you so bad. You know that right? But I guess we'll have to wait till later", the redhead practically purred his voice lilting across the space and reaching Bakugou, who shivered.

"Who says you're topping today, shitty hair?", Kirishima didn't even bother answering, dominance glittering in his stare as he moved forward. Bakugou responded quickly trying to dart out the room, but his boyfriend was quicker; pinning him against the wall so the blond's cheek pressed against the cool surface.

Heat brushed across the nape of Bakugou neck as Kirishima pressed an open mouthed kiss to the skin, working his way down to the collar of his boyfriend's shirt. He could feel himself losing his grip on any sense of rationality, wanting to be under the redhead's touch.

He was startled back to awareness as a sudden pain radiated across his ass. Heat surged to his face as the pain dulled to an ache, the feeling making lust spike in his groin.

"Did you just spank me!?", Bakugou voice was permeated with anger and shock but Kirishima could sense the underlying need.

"I'll do it again later if you liked it that much, but we've got to get to class", he hummed pensively as his boyfriend gaped at him over his shoulder.

Needless to say, Bakugou spent the rest of the afternoon being subjected to varying degrees of anger and horniness.


Safely in his room was how Bakugou preferred to be. Far away from the other noisy inhabitants of the dorms and with some degree of privacy.

Pushing the door shut, he sprawled across his bed which smelt suspiciously like Kirishima; not that he was complaining. Tentatively, he eased of his shirt before shifting to remove his trousers, allowing the gentle warmth of the air to brush across his bare skin.

Biting his lip, he took a moment to consider before bringing his hand to palm against his aching erection, which was now straining against the pink lace. He shuddered, pleasure radiating out from his groin and making his body quiver.

Kirishima would be annoyed that he started without him but right now he wanted to push the boundaries, seeking the retaliation he so desperately needed. The realisation that he wanted to be punished and controlled, dominated and used was something that never ceased to amaze him. He loved to take Kirishima apart but on some occasions he craved to be the one that was pinned down and fucked with no remorse.

Smirking he moved to fumble through his bed side table. If there was one thing that would rile Kirishima up, it was prepping himself. His boyfriend loved fingering him, loved slowly undoing him and focusing on nothing but the pleasure of his partner. Denying the redhead this was a sure-fire way to induce retribution.

Bakugou didn't bother removing the panties and settled for merely pushing them aside as he buried his face into the duvet, ass up as he circled his entrance with a finger slicked with lube.

Pushing in, he allowed himself a shallow thrust, testing the waters as he worked his way deeper. His head was swimming with thoughts of Kirishima and the moan he let out was louder than he anticipated. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he recollected that he hadn't locked the door. It was of little matter, the only person who dared come into his room was Kirishima and he had no qualms with the redhead making an appearance.

Although he'd never admit it, Kirishima now knew his body better than he did. The redhead drew out his wanton moans with practised ease, knowing exactly how to bring Bakugou to the cusp of ecstasy.

He searched deeper, pressing his finger further as he joined the first with a second. It hurt, but the subtle burn was welcomed and before long Bakugou found the place he was looking for.

His groan was stuttered, audibly riding out the jolt of pleasure.

The creaking of the door was the only indication that Kirishima had come in, he didn't utter a word, content to just watch as Bakugou fucked himself on his fingers. The blond stopping only when the redhead's hand tightened around his wrist.

"Katsuki, you know I wanted to do that", his voice was low and there was a hint of warning in his tone that made Bakugou shiver.

"Yeah well you took too long", he tried to keep his voice level but he could feel his control slipping away, bit by bit.

From behind him Bakugou heard a faint 'tsk' of annoyance as a warm, steady heat brushed across his hole. He shivered, anticipation curling deep in his crotch as Kirishima spread him, tongue darting out to circle his entrance. It was sinfully good, the simplicity of the touch still made Bakugou writhe as he began to pant.

"Didn't even bother taking them off, you're so needy Katsuki", Kirishima chastised, the reprimanding tone enough to make Bakugou whine.

"Shut up and fuck me you good for noth- Ahh!".

Bakugou gaped in shock for the second time that day, as Kirishima brought his hand down onto his ass. Blushing as he felt precum dribble onto the sheets, leaving an all too obvious stain.

"Again?", there was a touch of concern in the redhead's voice as he evaluated the situation; he was always mindful of his boyfriend's boundaries and never pushed him too far. But right now the blond needed it, eyes flashing with irritation as he lowered his voice, taking a tone that was almost submissive.

"Punish me".

And Kirishima complied.

The second hit sent tremors of pleasure coursing through Bakugou's nerves, the sting burnt against his skin dragging him far away from his worries and into a place of pure sensation.

There was a third, and a fourth, and finally a fifth, each resonating around the room and joining with his desperate moans in a filthy serenade. Somewhere in the recess of his mind Bakugou realised that he loved being degraded like this, loved being at Kirishima's mercy but the rest of his consciousness was focused on the primal pleasure coursing through his veins like a drug.

Kirishima stopped, watching as blood rushed to the surface of the blond's skin; the flush adorned by pink lace was beautiful and the redhead could feel desire stirring in his crotch.

"Will you hurry the fuck up", Bakugou growled without much bite as he turned to meet Kirishima's lips. It was as messy as ever, all open mouths and demanding tongues which dissolved into hurried panting, where all they did was share breaths.

As Kirishima drew back he responded gently, "I need to prep you more, stop being impatient".

"I'm ready, Eijirou stop being an idiot!", the sentiment was accompanied by him grinding against the mattress with shameless abandon.

"I want to take care of you", the redhead murmured; hoisting Bakugou's hips up as he coated his fingers with lube. A growl emanated from the blond's throat but he made no move to disparage his boyfriend so Kirishima worked a finger in, watching as Bakugou turned pliant under his touch.

Slender, dexterous fingers worked the blond open, taking their time with gentle thrusts that evaded his prostate. Bakugou wanted to complain but the words died in his throat, Kirishima was a distraction worth being quiet for.

"Katsuki?", his voice was laced with trepidation, casing Bakugou to turn his head, confusion apparent in his gaze.

"I was kinda wondering if you could ride me?".

Oh. That was new, very new and Bakugou was pretty sure the answer was an incredibly strong affirmative.

"Yes, fuck yes", he breathed, sounding far more needy than he anticipated. Kirishima grinned before lying back, allowing the blond to roll a condom onto his dick followed by a generous coating of lube.

He moved to take the panties of before Kirishima grabbed his wrist, "keep them on". It wasn't a suggestion but an order and his tone had Bakugou whining.

The redhead watched happily, observing his boyfriend's face, full of determination as he positioned himself. Bakugou's lips were now swollen and red, his eyes glistening and hair in utter disarray. He moaned, coaxing Kirishima to let him begin.

Calloused hands gripped his hips as he was gently guided down, pausing halfway before seating himself fully. Bakugou could barely, construct a comprehensive thought; he felt so full and so, so good.

"Eijirou", he gasped finding any other words impossible, Kirishima gave him a reassuring smile as he rose up, trembling slightly. Kirishima groaned, the panties rubbing against his dick as Bakugou pushed back down.

The bed creaked as their bodies intertwined, Bakugou threw his head back in a wanton moan as the redhead brushed his prostate; the feeling overwhelming as the lace rubbed against his cock, the friction adding to the assault on his senses.

He moved faster desperately chasing his orgasm, as Kirishima pushed his hips up to meet every thrust. Moans escalated to frantic gasps and finally descended into urgent whimpers as Bakugou steadied his hands on his boyfriend's chest.

"Kastuki", Kirishima whispered softly, tone thick with desire as he eased the blond off and gently pushed him against the mattress. He towered above Bakugou, crimson hair brushing his collar bone as he pushed back in. Hand snaking around the blond's dick and jerking him off, rough and gratifying in the most heavenly sinful way.

It only took a couple more thrusts for Bakugou to come, vision whitening with the force, toes curling and thighs shaking. He vaguely noticed Kirishima collapsing onto his chest, breathing hard as he fell onto the bed, arms carelessly tossed over Bakugou's come covered chest.

The panties were now twisted around his thighs, soaked in come. He kicked them off, pushing Kirishima away as he grabbed them before throwing them at the redhead's face. He waited for the furious rebuke, expecting his boyfriend to throw them back or at least shout at him.

He did not, however, anticipate Kirishima bringing them to his lips and sucking the come of them; all the while holding Bakugou's gaze with sultry playfulness dancing in his eyes.

"That's disgusting you pervert!", he snarled, trying to kick Kirishima off the bed as his boyfriend advanced, managing to pull the blond in for a kiss. The redhead's mouth tasted of his come but Bakugou decided he didn't really care.


The panties remained on the floor, forgotten till Kaminari gleefully found them during an evening tutoring session with Bakugou.

Kirishima merely smirked when Kaminari asked when he'd worn them and watched as Bakugou flushed a gentle pink, vaguely reminiscent of the garment itself.