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The Love Story of Hank and Alex

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Hank was minding his own business, sitting quietly eating his cereal when Raven, who was in her natural blue form, sits down across from him, a smirk on her face.

“Hey Hank,” Raven says coolly.

Hank takes another bite of cereal before answering. “Hi.”

“So Hank,” Raven leans a little closer and lowers her voice. “Do you like Alex?”

Hank, who takes another bite of cereal, almost chokes on it, and starts coughing profusely and his face turns a bright red, from the almost choking and the question.

“I'm sorry, what?” Hank asks once he finds his voice again.

Raven rolls her eyes. “Do you like Alex, as in, have a crush on him?”

“Alex is a dick to me, why would I have a crush on him?” Hank asks simply, but his mind trails elsewhere.

Hank certainly found Alex attractive, but Alex would constantly tease him, why would he like him?

Raven smiles a little evilly. “You didn't answer the question…”

Hank sighs a little annoyed. “No, I don't like him.”

Raven leans back in her chair. “Shame, because he likes you.”

Hank's eyes go wide. “Wait, he does?” Raven nods and smirks. “This isn't some joke, is it?”

Raven’s smirk drops and looks at Hank seriously. “No, Hank. I'm sorry, it's not. I swear. I would never joke about that.” Raven gives him an apologetic smile.

Hank nods and stands up. “Thanks for telling me, I guess,” Hank walks over to the sink and drops his bowl in there. “How did you find out?” Hank asks, turning around to look at her.

Raven looks a little guilty. “I overheard him telling Sean one day.”

“Did you hear the whole conversation?” Hank asks, his curiosity peaking.

“Just a little bit.” Raven turns her head a little to make sure they're alone. “Sean was asking him if he was okay, something about Alex keeping to himself or something, then after a couple tries, Sean finally got him to say something.” Raven looks at Hank. “Alex said he has a crush on someone, Sean asked who, Alex, said and I quote ‘I have had the biggest crush on Hank since we first met him.’”

Hank shakes his head, denying Raven’s words. “That doesn't sound like Alex at all.”

“I'm not making this up!” Raven exclaims defensively. “I'm just telling you what I heard.”

“Did it occur to you that Alex might've knew you were there and just said that knowing you heard?”

Raven looks dumbfounded. “Oh, I didn't really think of it like that.” Raven thinks for a minute. “I don't think he knew I was there.”

Hank shoves his hands in his pockets. “Well, I know Alex, and Alex doesn't like me, at all.” Hank exits the kitchen, going down to the lab.

Hank finds something to do, he always finds something to do. Hank spent what was mere minutes for him, but hours for everyone else.

The doors to the lab open, and Alex walks in. He smiles immediately when he sees Hank, and walks over to him.

“Hey, Hank,” Alex’s voice makes Hank look up at him, then back down at what he was doing.

“Alex,” Hank says in greeting.

“How long have you been in here?”

“Since morning,” Hank mumbles, wondering why Alex was so interested in his whereabouts. Raven couldn't be right, could she?

“It's almost three,” Alex points out. “Did you eat anything?”

“Not that hungry,” Hank looks up at him and gives him a weird look. “Alex, why are you so concerned?”

“I was just asking, Hank,” Alex looks at him weirdly now. Hank looks back down and continues what he was doing. Alex drums his fingers on the lab table.

“Is there something you need, Alex?” Hank’s mind kept going back to Alex admitting he likes Hank. It's not true, it can't be true. What did Alex even see in him anyways?

Alex sighs a little, disappointedly? Hank couldn't tell, but Alex didn't like what he heard.

“I'll just go,” Hank looks up to see Alex looks genuinely sad. “I know when I'm not wanted,” Alex mutters.

“Alex, is it true?” Hank asks finally, stopping Alex from turning to leave.

“Is what true?”

“That you have a crush on me,” Hank mutters.

Alex's eyes widen. “How do you know about that? Did Sean tell you? Fuck, I'm going to kill him.”

“No, Sean didn't tell me,” Hank doesn't know if he should exploit Raven or not. “Is it true?”

Alex nods and his face gets a little pink. “Yeah, it's true.” Alex runs a hand through his hair. “I like you, and it's clear you don't like me back, which is okay, no one's asking you to. I'll just go.”

“So it's not a joke?”

“No, I would never joke about that,” Alex expression softens. “I joke about a lot of things, but not about how I feel about you.”

“So you like me?”

Alex lets out a small laugh. “Yes Hank, I like you.”

“We should do something about that.”

Alex’s whole face lights up. “Come on, let's go then.”

“Right now?” Hank looks down at what he's working, then back up at Alex.

“If you want to finish that up real quick, you can.”

Hank looks down again. He’ll do it later. “That's okay, it'll give me something to do tomorrow. So, let's go.”

Hank and Alex walk side by side as they leave the lab, a smile never leaving Alex's face.

“Where are we going exactly?” Hank asks as the walk down the long hallways of the mansion.

“Kitchen for now,” Alex says, walking a little ahead and into the kitchen. Alex goes over to the fridge and grabs some things, Hank can't see, and starts to walk to the backdoor. “Come on,” Alex beckons for Hank to follow him, and he does.

They walk outside onto the grounds, starting to get farther and farther away from the mansion. “Where are we going?”

“You ask too many questions, Hank,” Alex says amused. “You'll see.” Alex walks ahead again, sitting down when he reaches a small hill.

Hank sits down next to him, and stares off into the view of grassy fields. “How did you find this place?” Hank asks, not taking his eyes away.

“I come out here sometimes to think,” Alex fumbles around with the stuff he brought. “Here,” Hank turns to see Alex holding out a sandwich to him. “It's not poison Hank, just a PB and J. Unless you're allergic, you're not allergic, are you?”

Hank shakes his head and takes the sandwich. “No, but my mom was, so we never really had it around the house.”

“What were your parents like?” Alex asks, before taking a bite of his own sandwich.

“I never knew my dad, he left before I was born,” Hank responds. “My mom was great though, she died a few years ago from cancer.”

“I'm sorry.”

Hank gave him a small smile. “It's okay. What about you?”

Alex looks down, balancing his sandwich on his thigh as he starts to pick at the grass. “Mom and Dad are alive and well, I assume. They still think I'm in prison though. Except Scott, my younger brother, we keep in contact.”

Hank didn't know Alex had a little brother, then again, he didn't really know anything about Alex.

“How old is he?”

Alex looks back up and gives Hank a smile. “Sixteen, he'll be seventeen this summer.”

“Is he a mutant?” Hank takes another bite of his sandwich.

Alex knits his eyebrows together. “I don't think so. Could he be?”

“Well, considering he's the most genetically related to you, and since you're a mutant, it is possible he has the X-gene,” Hank rambles then quickly gives an apologetic smile. “Sorry, I tend to go on tangents sometimes.”

Alex lets out a light laugh. “It's okay, it's cute. One of the things I like about you.”

Hank blushes and gives an awkward smile, taking another bite and finishing off his sandwich.

“Alex?” Hank asks, breaking the silence between them.


“How come you never told me?” It's Alex's turn to blush now.

“I thought you’d think I was joking and you did, which is understandable and I'm really sorry Hank.” Alex shakes his head at himself.

“So all this time, it was you flirting?” Hank can't help but smile.

“Yeah,” Alex smiles now too and lets out a small laugh. “It was a shitty attempt, but it was the only way to get your attention it seemed.”

“You could've just been yourself, like you are right now.”

“That was me being myself!” Alex starts laughing and Hank laughs with him.

Hank stops laughing, a smile resting on his face as he stares at Alex. “I like you too, I know I didn't say it earlier, but I do.”

Alex smiles back at him. “I take it you like our first date?”

Hank laughs and nods. “Yeah, when's the second?”

“Whenever you want, Hank,” Alex turns to look at the view, stretching his arms back and resting on his hands.

“Can it be soon? I like being with you, even when you are a dick,” Hank smirks and Alex laughs.

“I like being with you too, Hank. And yeah, it can be soon,” Alex looks and smiles at him.

“We can go see a movie?” Hank suggests.

“If you take me to see a sci-fi movie, I will leave,” Alex says seriously.

“No, I hate sci-fi movies,” Hank agrees. “They're so scientifically inaccurate.”

Alex laughs. “That's the point, Hank. But yeah, they're horrible.”

“I prefer horror myself.”

Alex looks amused. “Really? You didn't strike me as a horror kind of guy.”

Hank shrugs. “Do you get scared from horror movies Alex?” Hank teases.

“No!” Alex says defensively.

Hank's eyes widen. “You so are! Alex Summers gets scared from horror movies!” Hank calls out and starts laughing.

Alex rolls his eyes. “I don't get scared, just get a little jumpy for a couple days.”

“Well, I’ll shield you if anything scary happens,” Hank scoots closer to Alex, their hands brushing against each other as he does.

Hank and Alex both look at the view, their hands slowly start to intertwine. They sit there for awhile, holding hands, watching as the sun starts to set.

“We should head inside,” Alex says finally. Him and Hank get up, grabbing the things Alex brought out and walk back to the mansion, still holding hands.

Once they return the items to the fridge, Hank walks Alex back to his room. Alex laughs at how cliché it all seems, but doesn't mind.

“Today was really fun,” Hank says with a small smile.

Alex smiles. “It was.”

“So we should catch a movie. Friday sound good?”

“Sounds great.”

“Alex, can I-”

“Yes,” Alex answers, not even letting Hank finish.

Hank lets out a small laugh. “You didn't even know what I was going to ask.”

“Do I need to?” Alex smirks and leans closer to Hank. “You ask too many questions.”

“It doesn't hurt to ask,” Hank says, leaning closer as well.

“You never have to ask,” Alex looks from Hank's eyes to his lips then back up at his eyes again.

“I don't?” Hank asks.

“Never,” Alex licks his lips.

“Good,” Hank closes the distance between them and kisses Alex softly on the lips.

“Aww!” They both pull away to see Raven, Sean, Angel, and Darwin standing a few feet away.

Alex roll his eyes and turns his head back to Hank. Alex places his hand on Hank's cheek to get him to look at him again. When he does, Alex pulls him back into a kiss.

“I'll be seeing you Friday,” Alex says, not removing his hand from Hank's cheek.

“It's Thursday!” Sean corrects him.

Alex shakes his head at him. “I'll see you tomorrow then.”

“Looking forward to it,” Hank steals another kiss before pulling away. “Goodnight, Alex.”

“Night Hank,” Alex gives him a final smile before retreating to his room.

“So we saw who you kissed, now tell!” Raven demands.

Hank shrugs. “Sorry, my lips are sealed,” Hank turns on his heel and walks to his own bedroom, a smile resting on his face for the rest of the night.