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Jesse winced in pain as the ninja’s roughly tied his wrists behind his back, tying him to the pole in the centre of the room.

Gabe was going to be so pissed off at him.

Ana was going to lecture him on befriending a target.

Jack was probably just going to glare at him… as usual.

This sucked….


Hanzo felt numb.

Everything went so wrong, so fast and now his Father knew about his eldest son’s…. preferences.

And Jesse was going to be the one punished for it…. Sentenced to death for crimes against the Shimada family.


Huddled on his bed, Hanzo didn’t look up at his younger brother’s entrance, choosing to stare at his knees. “I knew the gardens were too public…” he sighed, “… I put Jesse at risk and now he is paying for my mistake.”

“… I’m sorry brother. I-I was the one who told Father where to find you… I-I was just so angry at you after our fight and I never thought Father would do something like this!”

If Genji thought that his brother was going to be angry at him, he was going to be surprised at the actual reaction.

Indifference…. In fact, Hanzo barely acted like he even heard his brother.

“All this is my fault…” the older Shimada muttered, “… and now I’ll never see Jesse McCree again.”

There was a brief moment of silence, before Genji took his brother’s hand and tugged him off the bed. “Come on…. Follow me.”


“How do you know to get to the cells?” Hanzo questioned, as they snuck past another pair of guard, “Or is this one of those questions I do not want to know the answer to?”

“…. It’s best you do not know brother.”

Probably for the best.

Before he knew it, Hanzo found himself outside of an ornate door that was heavily bolted shut from the outside.

“Wonderful, and how do you propose we enter the room?”

Genji beamed at him, pulling a keychain full of keys out of his sleeve. “Father really needs new guards.”


The room was mostly dark, with only a small window providing the dim gleam of moonlight, that shone down on the pole where Jesse was tied up.

The American was still dressed in his T-shirt and jeans, with his hat having been taken away from him after his arrest.

Slowly, Hanzo made his way over, his footsteps barely making a sound on the ground as he walked over to his…. Friend.

Kneeling in front of Jesse, Hanzo frowned in concern when the other young man didn’t raise his head. Gently using his hand to encourage Jesse to look him in the eye, Hanzo couldn’t help but smile as Jesse beamed at the sight.

“Howdy there darlin’….” the American whispered.

Placing his hands on Jesse’s cheeks, Hanzo briefly looked him in the eye, before shaking his head in dismay. “I am so sorry Jesse.”

“For what? This?” Jesse chuckled, “I’ve gotten outta worse scrapes than this…. Can’t think of any at the moment, but- “

Hanzo turned away, anger tinging his tone as he scolded Jesse for his flippant attitude. “- It would have been better if we had never met, then none of this would have happened!”

“…. Hanzo, look at me.”

Jesse waited until Hanzo met his eyes, before continuing. “I would rather die tomorrow, than live a hundred years without ever meetin’ you.”

As Hanzo leaned in for a kiss, Genji poked his head into the room and hissed at him. “There’s a guard coming! We need to go, now!”

Despite his brother’s worried tone, Hanzo found himself stuck, unwilling to leave Jesse when he knew he most likely, never see the American again. “I do not want to leave you Jesse…”

Jesse could see how close Hanzo was to tears, and other people crying always made him feel like shit.

He desperately needed to make the other teen feel better.

“Darlin’, no matter what happens to me, I’ll always be with you….” He whispered soothingly, forcing his most reassuring smile onto his face, “… Forever.”

It seemed to work, and Hanzo nodded and smiled at him. With Genji hissing in alarm, Hanzo rushed out of the room, locking it behind him.

Staring up at the window, Jesse dropped his cheerful façade and sighed wearily, “C’mon Gabe. Where are you?”


“What do you mean McCree has been captured by the Shimada family?!” Jack yelled though the communicator, down Gabe’s ear, “I thought you said you were going to keep an eye on him?!”

“I know, I know… don’t worry Jack, we’re going to get him back.”

“… You know what that might mean don’t you?”

“Possible war against the Shimada family? Yeah…. I know. Are you alright with that?”

“… Just get the kid back Reyes. And try not to make too much of a mess.”


“They are going to kill him at sun-rise Mother…” Hanzo whispered, kneeling in front of his Mother’s grave, “… and I cannot do anything about it.”

He sighed, feeling the chilly night wind breeze past.

“I was wrong to start a relationship with Jesse…” he sighed, “… no matter how I felt about him, I knew the consequences of getting caught. Jesse is going to die because of my stupidity. I feel so lost.”

At his despair, Natsu and Fuyu manifested, curling around his shoulders and making soft murmuring sounds in an attempt to soothe their Master.

HELP HIM… Fuyu practically ordered, … HE IS YOUR ONE. YOU MUST HELP HIM.

“I do not think I can.”

Hanzo yelped as Fuyu nipped him on his shoulder, “Hey! I cannot help him! Not without defying my Father.”


“… I do not remember either of you being so vocal about Jesse before this.”

If noodle dragons could shrug, Natsu and Fuyu would have done so at that moment.

As there was another gust of wind, a memory suddenly came to the fore-front of Hanzo’s mind. His Mother had once shown he and Genji around the Shimada family weaponry vault, where a cyber-like uniform was kept enclosed in a glass case.

It had once belonged to their Mother’s Great-Grandfather, and she had moved it to the vault as protection.

“I must be insane to be even considering this.” He muttered, pushing himself to us feet and heading back to the Shimada household. “If Father catches me, I’m blaming you two.”




Sunrise came too soon, and Jesse was dragged out of the cell, two guards gripping his arms and a rope tied around his neck in order to make him comply.

From the cell, he was dragged across a courtyard and onto a large stage, where Sojiro Shimada was waiting, a large katana in his hands.

“Shit, shit, shit…” Jesse started to mutter to himself, dragging his feet along the ground in an attempt to waste time.

It didn’t work.

Just as he was brought onto the stage, there came the sounds of fighting from just outside the Shimada estate.

Blackwatch had arrived, but by the time they managed to get to the courtyard, it would be too late.

With the two guards holding him upright, Jesse watched as Sojiro bowed at him before preparing to deliver the killing strike to his mid-section.

Just as the older man’s muscles tensed, an arrow came out of nowhere and knocked the blade out of Sojiro’s hand. Everyone’s attention immediately turned in the direction that the arrow came from.

Standing on one of the tiled rooftops, was a hooded figure, that appeared to have a metallic armour as the early sun seemed to glint off of it. Before Sojiro could say anything, the mysterious figure notched another arrow and fired it at the older man’s feet.

“Get him!” snarled Sojiro, gesturing at his guards for them to attack the intruder, “I want him killed and his head brought to me on a stick!”

With the mysterious figure acting as a distraction, Blackwatch was able to push forwards and burst through the doors to the courtyard.

“Jesse!” yelled Gabe, aiming his shotguns at the two guards holding him and firing at their shoulders, “You okay boy?!”


“Good! ‘Cause I’m gonna kick your ass idiota!”

Stumbling his way over to Gabe, Jesse couldn’t help but glance at the rooftop where the figure was…. There was something familiar in that stance.

“… Hanzo?”


Once Jesse was safe, Blackwatch was quick to retreat, heading back to their ship.

Just before Jesse could get on the ship, he heard someone calling his name from behind him. Spinning around, he grinned at the sight of a flushed Hanzo racing towards him.

“Jesse, wait!”

Whilst he felt like he could audibly hear Gabriel rolled his eyes, Jesse stopped where he was and beamed as Hanzo approached.

“Darlin’!” he exclaimed, “Well wasn’t that a stroke of luck?”


Noticing the small bag around Hanzo’s shoulders, Jesse raised an eyebrow. “Ya comin’ with us darlin’?” he asked, a hopeful tone in his voice.

“I am afraid not…” Hanzo reached into the bag and pulled out a familiar hat and gun. “… but I thought you might like these items back. As I recall, you were very fond of them.”

“My hat!” Jesse eagerly took it and placed it back on his head, “When did you get this?”

“I…. had a sneaky suspicion that something like this would happen.”

“I’m sure ya did darlin’, I’m sure ya did.”


The pair twisted around to see Gabriel standing in the doorway of the air-craft, his arms crossed.

“We need to get going now, so either you two kiss or you don’t, but you need to come in within the next minute.”

“Or what old man?”

“Or I’m leaving you behind…. And this time I mean it!”

Jesse turned his attention back to Hanzo and grinned, “He always says that…. Are ya sure you don’t want to come with us?”

“I am afraid not. I cannot leave Genji here alone to deal with my Father.”

“He can come as well!”

Hanzo shook his head sadly, “I am sorry Jesse, but I must stay here.”

There was a brief moment of silence before Jesse sighed, “I understand darlin’…. Maybe we can see each other again someday?”

“I have no doubt of this…” Reaching up, Hanzo pulled Jesse’s face towards his and kissed him on the lips briefly, before taking a step back, “… Farewell Jesse McCree.”