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Not Her

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«A body has been discovered»

What? Another one?

«After a certain amount of time, which you may use however you like, a class trial will begin!»

It took a few moments for him to realize this accouncement made him feel terrified.

...Please not her
He couldn't explain why he felt the strong desire of having her right next to him in that exact moment.

Please don't tell me it's her.

His legs started moving before he could try to stop them.
He was already in front of her room, knocking at the door.

No answear.

Not her. Anyone but her.


He didn't care if he was yelling, while running through the rooms, hoping to find her.

Touko where the hell are you!


He turned back and saw her, hiding behind the corner.

Thank god..
-...Thank god you're safe-

He reached her.
He was kissing her before the both of them could even realize it.

Shit I thought it was you.

-Master, what...-

-Shut up. And remember this has never happened.-