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Side Effects

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Nausea woke Uraraka up from her slumber that morning.

It was like a stabbing pain in her stomach, a tiny demon trying to claw its way through all the layers of flesh but ultimately only taking route in her throat. She ripped the covers off of herself and flung herself out the dorm room door, just barely making it to the bathroom at the end of the hall. By the end of it she was glistening with sweat and shaking, sitting on the cool tile of the floor to try and regulate her temperature. She hated the feeling of being both hot and cold at the same time. She vaguely wondered if this was how Todoroki felt sometimes.

Uraraka took a couple of deep breaths before willing herself to stand up on quivering legs. She had been feeling ill for a few days now, but it was only when she woke up then her symptoms would mysteriously disappear for the remainder of the day. She figured she was just overworking herself and her body was catching up to the stress in the mornings and then dissipating in the afternoons. Midoriya, Iida, and even Bakugou urged her to go see Recovery Girl but she would insist she was fine.

The previous day she remembered feeling a little faint during the one-on-one matches with her classmates. She tried to pass it off as her quirk acting up again despite having strengthened its usage during the past year. However, she really saw no other possible explanations so she pushed through the nausea and fatigue, throwing punches and floating over her opponents. When describing the feelings to Iida and Midoriya the former had scolded her about taking care of herself while Midoriya stammered through telling her to go to Recovery Girl once again.

But Uraraka was stubborn and a little nausea was nothing. She could handle it, especially since before she had a better handle on her quirk she would throw up if she went just over her limit. Puking every morning however? That was getting a little tedious. She used to puke whenever she overused her quirk and that was too much.

Uraraka reached for the doorknob so she could go curl up in bed for another hour or so before class but before she could do so, a bang resounded on the other side.

“Oi.” Uraraka stumbled, socks causing her to slip on tile a bit. “Whoever’s in there, get out. I gotta piss.” Bakugou’s voice was gravely from sleep and Uraraka rolled her eyes. Typical Bakugou, grouchy as ever despite only being awake for maybe five minutes, if that. He was always in a mood no matter what time of day it was. It was actually quite annoying.

She cracked the door open and was met with the red, menacing glare of Bakugou Katsuki. When he saw her he didn’t let up but only squinted further, shoving the door open a little more. With his voice lowered and face inching closer to hers, he muttered to her, “Are you still feeling shitty? Why won’t you stop being stubborn and just go see Recovery Girl?”

Uraraka turned her nose up high and sniffed. “I’m fine.”

Bakugou cocked an eyebrow, eyes settling back to normal from their narrowed state. “You just puked your guts up, you’re not fine.”

“I said I’m- hey, wait, Katsuki.” Uraraka grunted as Bakugou grabbed her by the wrist and tugged her back down the hall to her dorm room, opening it for her and pulling her inside. He didn’t release her wrist but just stared at her expectantly.

“Get in bed.” Bakugou pointed to the mattress in the corner of the room.

Uraraka bit the inside of her cheek and looked away, arms crossed over her chest. She didn’t move, standing her ground.

Surprisingly enough, this was a frequent occurrence. Living on the same floor as your significant other was perfect for midnight rendezvous and for forcing your sick girlfriend back into bed so she could rest. Although, it didn’t work when said girlfriend was too stubborn to listen to you. Therefore, when Uraraka felt herself being lifted off the ground through something that was not zero gravity she yelped and grabbed onto a muscular arm.

“Katsuki, please!”

“Shut up you damn woman!” He laid her, more like dropped her, into the bed and pulled the covers up and over her. “Stay in the fucking bed. Go to Recovery Girl to get your shit sorted out. I don’t wanna see you in class.”

“Whatever, dad .” Uraraka pouted but tucked the sheets up to her chin. Bakugou gave her a tiny little smirk before leaving her room, the door slamming behind him. Uraraka was going to get back up out of spite but fatigue washed over her, forcing her to remain under the warmth of the covers.

The two of them had been dating (in secret of course, they didn’t want their classmates making a whole big to-do about it) since the end of their first year. When they found out they would still be living in the dorms for the second and third years at UA they figured they could make it work to their advantage. And, it proved to be very convenient late at night when they wanted to spend time together without having to worry about the prying eyes of their friends.

Bakugou had been the one to confess to her. It was awkward as any confession was but it had charmed her. Uraraka didn’t know why she had agreed to come to the rooftop that day but she did and she was really glad she had. Their spark was like no other and it gave her butterflies every time Bakugou held her hand or wrapped his arms around her.

And here they were months later, Bakugou taking care of her in his own special way. If he could he would probably shove a bunch of medicine down her throat but he knew she would struggle all throughout so he didn’t even bother. He would drag her to Recovery Girl if he could only find a way to make sure her fingertips didn’t touch.

Uraraka yawned and stretched her arms over her head. She figured she could rest for a couple of more moments, not because Bakugou told her to but because she was tired.

The next thing she knew her alarm was blaring and she had thirty minutes to get ready before she had to get to class. She didn’t even remember getting into bed or when Bakugou had even left. She quickly got up, ignoring the queasiness in her stomach, rushing to get her uniform on. She always had trouble tying the tie but when she finally got it she got her bag and raced to meet Tsuyu outside of her room.

“Good morning Ochako-chan.” Tsuyu croaked and Uraraka broke into a smile.

“Good morning!” Uraraka chirped and they walked in comfortable silence to their classroom where most of their classmates were already gathered, ready for the morning’s lessons. Uraraka made eye contact with Bakugou’s challenging gaze and she only beamed, her tongue poking out only slightly between her teeth. Bakugou snarled but looked down at his phone once more, knowing he couldn’t make a scene in front of everybody else.

His softer side, as Uraraka referred to it, was for her and her eyes only. Bakugou would never be able to live it down anyway.

“Good morning, Uraraka-kun!” Midoriya greeted as he sat in his seat. He was as bright as ever, green hair untamed and tie tied in one too many knots. Iida was not too far behind him, Todoroki trailing just beyond him as well. They were a little squad, Uraraka thinking that Midoriya resembled a mother duck with her two little ducklings following right behind. Wherever Midoriya was it was always guaranteed that Todoroki or Iida were never far behind.

Uraraka would lump herself in with them as well, even though Bakugou highly disapproved. Quite frankly she never gave a damn what Bakugou thought of her friendship with Midoriya and she would continue doing such until Bakugou got over whatever it was that he had against his childhood friend.

“Ah, Deku-kun, Iida-kun!” She tucked strands of brown hair behind her ear. “Are you ready for today’s lessons?”

“I am always ready to educate myself.” Iida announced as he pushed his glasses up his nose, an aura of triumph surrounding him. Uraraka held back a giggle. Iida always had an interesting way of speaking and she always found herself trying not to laugh when he said silly things.

“Good!” Uraraka nodded.

“Are you feeling any better?” Midoriya asked, concern causing his eyebrows to pull tight in the center of his forehead.

Uraraka smiled sheepishly. “I’m okay, don’t worry about me Deku-kun!”

“You should really see a nurse,” Iida began, turning in his seat to speak with her and move his hands in the robotic motion that he always does, “You could be contagious or more sick than you think you are and it could be detrimental to your grades if you do not get the proper medicine early on.”

Uraraka giggled and shook her head. “Iida-kun, I promise I’m okay. You don’t have to worry so hard, you might hurt yourself.”

Iida flushed and he started stammering his way through an apology, launching Uraraka into more laughter. She could still feel Bakugou’s stare on her but she ignored it, knowing he was probably thinking things that were not very nice. She may love that he was less than a gentleman but she didn’t appreciate when it was directed towards her friends.

Eventually Aizawa Sensei appeared, no yellow sleeping bag with him today but just as monotone and exhausted as he was when he first entered the classroom over a year ago. He described the day’s events and lessons and Uraraka paid attention as much as she could while also trying to suppress the somersaults that were happening in her stomach. She swallowed back saliva and bile, biting down on her lip and shifting in her seat. This went on for about thirty minutes before it subsided and she could breathe easily again.

A part of her was slightly panicking that she had the flu or something. But, again, she only felt sick in the morning and after a certain point she was completely fine, as if nothing had happened. It was a vicious cycle that she no longer wanted to be a part of. She knew the only solution would be to go to Recovery Girl but…

She couldn’t let Bakugou win. She was competitive, even when it came to her health.

Morning lessons passed in a blur with Uraraka’s notebook filled with notes she didn’t remember taking. She shrugged and closed the notebook, getting ready to head down to the cafeteria and eat with Iida, Midoriya, Tsuyu, and the rest of the gaggle. She was almost always the last person down there, being the slowest to pack up and her fatigued state (not even she could deny the heavy feeling she felt in her bones) was not helping. She sighed and stretched her arms above her head before stepping into the hallway, pink lunchbox dangling from her wrist.

Before she could turn the corner towards the exit though, a hand grabbed her’s and dragged her into the storage closet. The light was on and the door slammed behind her before she even knew what was going on. A familiar pair of red eyes locked on her’s, squinting much like they had been earlier that more.

“Katsuki.” Uraraka said calmly.

“I told you to stay in bed.” Bakugou was calm but his hands twitched with annoyance.

Uraraka stood her ground. “You’re not my keeper.”

Bakugou clicked his tongue against his teeth. “You’re fucking sick, you’re gonna get everybody else sick, not that I give a damn but it would be an inconvenience for me if I have to hear the two assholes on each side of my room hacking up a fucking lung.”

Uraraka grinned. “It sounds like you do care.”

“Shut up and go to the damn nurse already!”


“You’re hopeless.”

“You love me.”

That got Bakugou to shut up and his lips pressed into a thin line. Under the dim lighting Uraraka could just barely make out a light dusting of red against Bakugou’s cheek.

“Exactly,” she sing-songed and reached up on her tiptoes to press a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “I’m fine, Katsuki. I can take care of myself.”

“Tch.” Bakugou looked away and glared at the bleach and other chemicals lining the walls. “Whatever.”

Uraraka laughed softly. She loved moments of these, when she could get Bakugou to back down and stay down. He was very much like a dog; if you took the time to get to know him and his quirks, you could figure out how to tame the beast. Then they become loyal to you and it becomes hard to get rid of them, not that you would want to in the first place considering how damn cute they were.

Plus the kisses were nice. Bakugou’s kisses were much better than a dog’s however.

“I feel fine right now. Can I go eat my lunch?”

“...I guess.” Bakugou mumbled. Uraraka pat his shoulder and walked from the closet with a promise of see you later, Kacchan . Turned out he really liked when she called him that. It sounded much better coming out of her mouth than it did out of Deku’s.

A lot of things did.

Uraraka was in high spirits after this, going to lunch and plopping down right next to Midoriya with a spring in her step. They asked her why she was so cheery but she just shrugged and said she was happy today, which was met with more smiles and laughter. And it was good. Lunch was great, Bakugou eyed her all throughout it from the other end of the cafeteria but she was able to ignore it, as usual. She kept him on a tight leash and she knew that he knew he couldn’t do a damn thing about getting her to go to the nurse.

Though, things didn’t stay the same when lunch was over. They never did.

After lunch came the physical classes, more sparring, more learning how to control their quirks and how to use them to their advantages, as well as one on one with teachers. Aizawa Sensei had said something to Midoriya once that he had then relayed to the class: “No good hero is a one trick pony.” They needed to remain flashy and in style so they could get to the top.

Uraraka was doing well for a while, keeping herself in the air while also manipulating various objects. She was working with Yaoyoruzu Momo who was creating small objects and launching them at her. Uraraka would use other objects in the room in order to defend herself.

“Are you ready for the next one?” Momo was always considerate even though they were supposed to go for an element of surprise kind of thing.

Uraraka nodded and got in her stance while Momo slowly pulled what looked like a smaller version of a windmill from between her breasts. It was still large and it was being hurdled right in her direction and Uraraka could only think of manipulating the gravity of a large cinder block in order to protect herself.

Uraraka threw the cinderblock at the windmill and then released it’s weight, both of the objects crashing to the ground. Uraraka let her feet touch the ground for a moment as she felt slightly wobbly.

“Are you alright?” Momo asked, panting slightly. Her chest was heaving and Uraraka found the slight bouncing motion of Momo’s breasts relaxing.

“Yes, yes, I’m… fine…” The smaller objects that Uraraka had been manipulating fell to the ground and she closed her eyes. The room was suddenly spinning and when she reopened brown eyes there were tiny black dots flooding her vision.

“Uraraka!” Momo explained, voice growing closer but Uraraka was already on the ground, unconscious from exhaustion and a little something else.