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The young Asgardian sits broken and alone, with pain in his eyes. Micah stares at the sight from his hiding spot with wonder, even in such a shape he has the regality and beauty known to a prince. Thor gave Micah this chance to sneak into the dungeons where Lord Loki’s cell was located. Micah promised to stop his father’s plan in exchange for helping Lord Loki escape this prison of solitude. He knows not how he will help stop his father but only the reassuring throbbing of his tattoo as he gets closer to his goal. He looks around make sure that there are no guards then steps in the line of sight of Lord Loki. The Prince lifts an eyebrow but otherwise hides any emotion he may have.

Loki looks on in anger and as Thor leaves, he screams into the air at the situation, at Thor, at his mother, at Odin, at everything that he has done wrong. He leans back with a sigh, there is a shuffle from the darker spaces around his cell. Loki focusses his magic that way to sense anything but as always, the walls block all his power past the small space. The silence stretches, and in the back of his mind Loki wonders where are all the guards. Is he now so little of the threat that he is not even being watched? He brushes a hand through his hair and cringes, he should not be concerned that he matters even less now than when he was Thor’s brother. It should not get to him, he is not a sniveling child yearning for attention, not anymore. His childish innocence and desires only landed him in Thanos’ lap and what he experienced there changed him beyond recognition. He is only now getting free of that control, so maybe this cell is a blessing in a strange disguise. The shuffling comes again and this time he sees the source… Loki blinks in surprise. In front of his cell stands a very young skittish dark elf, looking from side to side and swallowing often. Loki raises an eyebrow; how would a dark elf even get into Asgard let alone the dungeons. That is not the last of the surprises this fledging has as it steps next to the controls for the shielding around Loki’s cell, looks around again and then… disables it. The yellow light fizzles out silently and Loki gets up, for once feeling hope. The young elf speaks, “Lord Loki, we do not have much time. Thor said he can only hold of the guards for a short moment.” The boy swings his arms in a round motion and a portal opens. Thor is holding of the guards? “Do you mean my brother is actually helping you in this jail break? The world surely must have ended.” Loki says hesitating but not for long, he can figure out the boy’s motivations after he is out of this dreary dungeon. He tries his best to hide the limp, as each footstep leaves red stains on the white floor.

Micah sees the young god hesitate and bites at his lower lip. He does answer the question as they do not have time to debate how Micah is here. If his father or the guards of Asgard find them before they can escape to Midgard, it will be the death sentence to both. Micah is the heir to the throne so surely father will not kill him and with the tattoo he should get lenience but Lord Loki would not be so fortunate. Micah says nothing though as he feels like rushing the young Prince or making him do anything will just cause him to do quite the opposite. So, he lets Lord Loki think it through while struggling to hold the portal open and hidden from the defenses of Asgard. An agonizingly long minute later the man decides and Micah breathes a sigh of relief as he steps through the portal. Micah checks to make sure any evidence of the escape is hidden by putting the cell walls up and casting an illusion of the Prince still in captivity. It will fool those not to adept at magic but not for too long. Lady Frigga and Thor are aware of the distraction and rouse that has been put on so hopefully their vigilance will give them enough time to hide themselves in the chaos that will soon envelop Midgard. Father has been planning the events of the convergence for many years alongside Micah. It was not that hard to sabotage the plans by taking the Aether away from the mortal women before Malekith even had an idea of what occurred. The Aether stone now safely hangs around Micah’s neck shielded by the necklace that encases it. No living being should have possessions of any stones of power and Micah cannot wait to find a way to furnish its destruction.

Loki steps from the dark dungeon into a relative light space. He instantly recognizes it as Midgard by the white pristine furniture and the windows looking out into a busy street where the cars shoot past at alarming speeds. Loki once preferred traveling by horse compared to the metal contraptions… but since what happened to his child he cannot even near a horse calmly without thinking of him. Since he is free from Asgard and from Thanos, he will get his children back even if he must kill every person in Asgard to do so. He lets his gaze wonder to the dark elf boy. The silver eyes stare out from white bangs with a nervous but confident soul. is a long scar down the side of the boys face, barely reaching the eye. The long white hair is flipped to the right side in an intricate braid common among dark elves,.He is wearing a black tight shorts with a white cloth hanging down the front and back. Then he is wearing a loose fitting shirt that does not quite cover his bellybutton. The boy shifts uncomfortably under the examination, bringin a hand up to the right side of his neck briefly. “Lord Loki…. Are you alright?” Loki blinks at the question, Loki has already cast the illusion around him to hide his disheveled clothes. It is not as though the child has not seen him in the ragged shape he was in but it would be a disgrace to continue to look at his weakest. “ I am no worse for wear. Who are you may I ask? What is this rescue attempt?” Loki asks, again the dark elf rubs his hand over the right side of the neck. “I … uh… Lord Loki, I am Micah son of Malekith ‘The Accursed’. I made a deal with your brother to save you aslong as I uh stopped the convergence plans of my Father.” The boy says in a quick mumble. Loki does not understand why Thor would want to save him, or why he would agree to go against Fa… Odin. “Why? I am not exactly the child of the year. Thor made it very clear he wanted nothing to do with me. He actually threatened to kill me, that oaf.” Loki shakes his head, cursing the slight surge of fondness he feels. Micah cringes and seems to hunch even lower if that was possible. Such a strange and servile creature, why did he go to such lengths to save Loki? “So , I am sure you did not save me out of the goodness of your heart…, out with it child.” Loki says when it is clear Micah is content to say much of nothing. The boy sighs and takes a deep breath “I… Its….” Loki waits with practiced patience after years of dealing with Thor. With another sigh, Micah finnaly speaks “I am sorry for this Lord Loki” the boy takes something out of a hidden pocket then seems to presses it. Instantly Loki feels his knees go weak and his vision fade to gray then everything is black.

Micah catches the young god that he has just knocked unconcious. Ever since they left the cell, he activated a diagnostics program, and found that Lord Loki was still well under the command of Thanos. It was below the surface and slumbering, Micah was sure even Lord Loki had no clue of the control he was still under. Amelia said that after she helped Lord Loki after the battle of New York she was not able to erase all of the control. Her first plan to convince the exiled asgardian prince to take the Jotun throne failed, as such she took over Laufey’s rule as she was his last living daughter with claims to the throne. The Jotun were weary to accept Lord Loki due to his Asgardian living, so they accepted her with open arms. It was a strange at the time that Lord Loki would not accept the throne. He killed, Laufey and by the laws of battle of the Jotun he had even more claims to the throne and he would have been accepted as a great warrior. He sighs again, sighing dramatically has been his go to in the coming months, he looks down at the sleeping God in his arms. Micah is finally able to carry the destiny given to him but even now in the safety of Midgard everything could go wrong. He lays Lord Loki down on one of the couches, then goes to the bathroom. He dampens a towel then goes back to the living room. There are magic wards that have been set by both Amelia and Micah with their different brands of magic, so hardly anything is a threat in these early stages but still the constant worry is there. He looks around his apartment in dismay, where the young god steps there are red footprints on the floor, and the couch is stained lightly now as well. With another sigh, Micah sits down at the foot of the couch and cleans up Lord Loki’s bare feet, checking for injuries. The illusion set by the Asgardian fades, there are several small scratches but nothing major, and the red stains just seem to be berry juice. The god was clearly limping so there is some injury, Micah has no healing magic so he can’t help Lord Loki much. He takes one of his daggers out and carefully cuts open the pant leg. He frowns feeling anger rise but pushes it down, one of Lord Loki’s knees is horribly bruised, gently Micah feels the knee and sees that it might be fractured. He feels aggravated he can’t do anything, another discouraged sigh. He gets up and snaps his fingers, letting his elf magic do the work of cleaning the apartment. He was injured in the many battles it took just to make sure their escape would be unnoticed; the distractions would be temporary but fathers attack would give them more time. He hopes nobody will get hurt in the fight that he told Thor cannot be avoided if they wanted to keep the Aether safe. The Asgardians are savage warriors and damaged him more then he cares to admit, so they will be fine. It is a struggle just to keep on his feet. Yet he cannot fall asleep and leave Lord Loki unsupervised, Micah thinks as he sinks down into one of the chairs across the couch.

Loki wakes with a shiver, brushing his hand through his hair. He half expects to still be in the void, he looks around, weary. The memories of how he got to this place are foggy, he was in Midgard then in Asgard in the few lucid moments when he was separated from the effects of the scepter and he could think clearly. He knows no one ever noticed that he was under the control of … he cannot recall the name. No one until a female Jotun calling herself his sister tried to free him after the battle of New York. Loki knows she failed as he remembers glances of the cells in Asgard. He turns his throbbing head to the side where a dark elf sits, eyes closed, clearly asleep. There are in Midgard, what would a dark elf be doing here, how would he even leave Svartalfheim. The memories are to foggy, he looks down at his clothes and cringes, this won’t do. He attempts to use his healing magic but something is blocking him. Is he in some Midgardian prison? Why would the dark elf be here, Loki understands nothing of the situation he is in. He looks around the living quarters, there are two bed chambers down a hall to the left, across from each other, there is a kitchen through an open arc past the sitting area where Loki is. He looks to the right, there is a simple Midgardian door, he makes his way to it, trying his best to be quiet. He tries to use his illusion magic and it works, he feels better under the invisibility clocking. He tries to open the door but it does not budge, instead it lights up with various runes of the Jotun and Dokkalfar. Loki has never seen dark elves and Jotun working together in this capacity. Dark elves have been gone from the nine realms for a thousand years and any tome’s Loki found of them stated that they were very guarded with magic. Having a dark elf and Jotun work together on Midgard must be some sort of miracle. Loki traces his hand over the doors runes, he can easily break the Jotun wards but he knows nothing of dark elf magic and if the two are interconnected it will take more time then he probably has for an escape. As if on que the dark elf stirs, interrupting Loki’s thoughts.