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Star vs. The Forces of Evil: The Hidden Truth

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The menacing looking crystal shattered into thousands of pieces, letting the Queen of Darkness free. She fell on the ground, a booming sound coming from her fall. She calmly stood up and looked around. In a noble and grandiose fashion, Eclipsa walked towards the nearby vending machine. She reached for a small ebony purse inside her sleeve and inserted a coin. She leaned over at the many snacks, and spotted the chocolate muffin and proceeded to purchase it. She picked up the muffin with her right hand and sniffed.

“300 hundred years,” she said before taking a bite. She carefully chewed the baked sweet, dissecting and analyzing the taste. “Thankfully, they didn’t change the recipe,” she sighed.
“Now, where could it be?” Eclipsa walked down the glossy stairs towards the center of the crystallized building, and looked at all the creatures still captured inside the many crystal prisons. Some of them looked awfully familiar.

“Hmm, I wonder…” Way back in the darkest corner, a dim light shined through. Eclipsa cracked a smile. She placed herself towards the dimming light. She then placed her hand on the crystal and closed her eyes. Her cheek markings started to glow, the light matching the one coming from the crystal. Both lights got stronger and stronger to the point where the crystal simply started to melt. A victorian-era looking umbrella fell from the remains. She looked down and picked it up, her trusty umbrella.

“No lady should go out without her accessories.” She turned around and gazed at the crystalized prisoners above her. Her eyes stopped wandering and focused on one crystal in particular.

“Yes, you’d do nicely.” She lifted up her umbrella, a dark energy blast surged through the crystal and it was broken. A body limped forward and it falls out and hits the ground.

“...I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS!!!”, It shouted. “W-wait…... Where… am… I?” He looked up. An imprint of pure terror falls onto his eyes. “AAAAAHH!!!” He yelled, he began running away from the menacing Queen, but only managed to take a few steps before he started levitating. He turned around to stare at Eclipsa; she slowly dragged him towards her.

“Erm… hi?”

“Hi? This is how you talk to your mistress? Did things regress so much in those 300 years?”, Eclipsa half smiled.

“N-no, of course not, milady,” he stuttered. The pathetic creature bowed. “If I may ask, why did you free me? Not that I don’t appreciate it, I really do, I’m very grateful, but uh, you could have freed Bambino instead,” he pointed at a massive silhouette encased in Rhombulus’ crystal.

Eclipsa smiled.

“He would make way too much noise. No,” she flicked his chin, “You, my dear Taar, will do just fine.”

He smiled, but it was a nervous smile - the last time she said that he lost his left hand.
“How will we get out of here?”

“With style.”
She points her umbrella at the nearest wall. A thick beam of a blackened light came out of the end and drilled a tunnel through the adamant crystal wall

“Where are we going, milady?”

Eclipsa grinned.

Taar detected a hint of uncertainty in her voice. What can she possibly hope to find there after 300 years?

Chapter 1 of Hidden Truth was written by Terepin and edited by Saokpe and Haunted Melon.