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The Mates

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Everything was fine till their “Dul! Ses!” performance, armys cheering and singing along beautifully. It was after the song ended, that Jungkook’s mood quickly drooped. They had to perform “Spring Day” next.

Now, don’t misunderstand Jungkook, he loved the song, he’d worked hard and knew that the others had, too. It was the choreography that Jungkook disapproved of.

He was an alpha, a very possessive one at that. He absolutely hated it when anyone got near his omega, his beloved Jimin hyung. When their choreographer had come up with the choreography, he had immediately protested. There were two parts that Jungkook wanted to change, but the choreographer reasoned that it had to be done, in accordance with their overall concepts and theories that they’d made since their I Need U era. The choreography required Jimin to sit back to back with Yoongi and ended with Jin hugging Jimin. Jungkook knew very well that both Yoongi and Jin were mated and that both their mates were also not very fond of the choreography, but they were not as jealous or possessive as Jungkook. Not even close.

The lights dimmed, indicating that the members had to arrange themselves in their respective positions for the next song and, boy, did Jungkook’s mood flip. The members started shuffling to their positions. Jungkook just stood with his head bowed, inhaling deeply and trying to prepare himself and his self- control in order to not growl, roar, pick a fight with the other members, or even show a jealous or possessive expression during the performance. His mate knew exactly what he was going through and walked confidently, and seemingly unceremoniously bumped into him, but his hands squeezed his forearm and waist gently and reassuringly, comforting his alpha. Jungkook’s scent turned from wary to relieved for a moment. That simple action told Jungkook that there was nothing to be jealous of, that Jimin was his, and only his, and that Jimin loved him. He growled lightly, letting his omega know that he was fine, to not worry about him and stumbled back, taking another deep breath and dragged himself reluctantly to his position.

The armys were still singing the end of “Dul! Ses!”, and they were singing quite well, too. All the members were crouched down in their positions, Jimin right in front of Jungkook, when the song was coming to an end. Jimin cutely waved his had above his head in an exaggerated manner and Jungkook just had to smile. He turned his head away with an effort in order to not stare at his beautiful and adorable mate and nodded in time with the imaginary beats just as the song ended, and the armys cheered, both, for themselves to sing that well, and in anticipation for the upcoming song, which they immediately recognized as soon as they saw the positions that the members were crouched in.

The song started, and so did their performance, and Jungkook was thankful that the song didn’t require him to smile, because he sure as hell wouldn’t have been able to. His eyes, although not looking at Jimin, were alert and bemused, and he couldn’t hold back his sigh, wishing that the song would end quickly. Jimin caught his eye before his scene with Namjoon, where they had to turn while leaning on each other, and gave him a small, quick smile. The moment their backs came in contact, Jungkook looked down and swallowed, his neck and shoulder muscles tensing with the effort to not growl at his hyung and pack leader in front of the armys. After that he tried to focus on his dance steps, focusing on his mate’s soft voice, which calmed him down.

Everything was going alright till Yoongi’s part. Jungkook radiated tension, warning and possessiveness, and he felt Taehyung glance at him and run his hand through his hair, ruffling it. Being his best friend for about 6 years, Taehyung knew that that action made him calm down a bit. It was something Jimin loved to do, playing with his hair at any given opportunity. It felt so much better when Jimin did it, too. Jungkook just pulled his head away from Taehyung’s fingers, thankful, but not in the mood. Vaguely, Jungkook wondered why Tae didn’t want a mate yet; he was the lone wolf of the pack, Jimin being Jungkook’s mate, Hoseok being Yoongi’s mate and Jin being Namjoon’s mate. He knew Tae had told him something on this matter, but couldn’t remember it. This thought had him distracted till he heard Yoongi’s deep voice.

His entire body tensed subconsciously and he tried not to make his moves look stiff. He walked to his next position, facing Jin, remembering that Jimin had to lean his head on Jin’s shoulder right in front of his face. Jungkook gritted his teeth when Jimin did lean on Jin’s shoulder, if only for just a second. He was trying to think positively, mentally chanting that the song was close to the end. He was just going with the flow now, it was the well liked “you know it all, you’re my best friend part” of the song, and his left forearm rested on Yoongi’s back, head down in exhaustion, when his head snapped back up, hearing his mate’s playful voice. He was talking to Jin about bowing lower and how he’d grown old, to which Jin scoffed disbelievingly and snapped a “I’m still more handsome than you” to Jimin. Jimin just put on a poker face, teasingly muttering a “sure hyung, oh it’s your turn to sing bye”. Jungkook smiled fondly at his omega; his playfulness was infectious.

He danced with less tension now, but soon felt the same way as before when Jin began to sing. He knew that the end was truly near now, and that was the good news. The bad news was that his omega would have to hug another being, someone who wasn't him. The thought made him growl low in his throat, and out of the corner of his eye he saw Jimin come stand next to him and mewl, head held low and sneaking a glance at Jungkook who didn’t look at him, knowing that if he did, he might crush him in a hug and not let him finish the choreography. So he just walked to his end position as nonchalantly as possible and tried to focus on the armys, who were singing the end of the song. He quickly took of his extra-large shirt as practiced for the ending of the concert, to thank their army for their unending love and support.

The moment they stepped into their changing room, Jungkook tugged Jimin by his wrist and engulfed him in a tight hug.

Mine”, he mumbled, more to himself than anyone else. He breathed in Jimin’s (for now; it seemed to keep changing to something sweeter and better each time) lavender and vanilla scent greedily, nuzzling his mate’s pulse, also where the scar of their mating bite, slightly paler than jimin's skin, was. He knew that each person smelled the other differently and wondered what Jimin smelled like to the others. ‘They should not be smelling him in the first place’, he thought, subconsciously growling.

Softly hitting Jungkook on his back, Jimin said, “stop growling, Jungkook-ah, it's rude.”

Then nosing his cheek, sniffing Jungkook’s forest-after-a-rain scent, he whispered, smiling softly, “Kookie, I love you.” He could feel his mate smile, face buried in the crook of his neck while his arms wound tightly around his waist.

“Let go, I need to change, Kookie-ah”, Jimin said after about 5 minutes of hugging, petting his hair lovingly and giggled quietly when Jungkook let go, pouting, reluctant to let go of his hyung, but in desperate need to change; he hated the smell and feel of his sweaty t-shirt, clinging to his body like a second skin.

Before letting go of his mate completely, though, Jungkook kissed him sweetly, he whispered “I love you most” on his lips, which he promptly kissed again.

Eyes turning into pretty crescents, Jimin playfully nipped at Jungkook’s bottom lip, whispering, “you skipped the ‘I love you more part’, Kookie”.

Kissing his omega’s cheek fondly, Jungkook whispered teasingly, “you should know by now that I have a habit of getting straight to the point, hyung”, referring to his proposal to Jimin to be his mate. Flustered, Jimin softly slaps his chest and, after giving one last peck to Jungkook, walks off to gather his clothes to change.



SO that's the 1st chapter~ abrupt ending i know lol
hope you like it :)