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God the layered crisscrossing silver lines across the sleek plain walls made this place look depressing as hell. Namjoon couldn’t help but feel sorry for the animals trapped in this barren jail for the unwanted. Dogs were whining and barking at him as he walked passed them, forced to turn a blind eye at their pleading eyes as he focused on the other animals. Some canines didn’t even bother looking up to see him; they were old, withered and battered and knew that the only thing left for them to do was lie in the corner and be patient for their injection of death. The man he is following is flashing his palms left and right like he’s doing some sort of a viral dance from the internet as he lets the information that he has on the animals roll off the tip of his tongue. He had obviously been doing this job for way too long then he had expected himself to-being able to name every single animal and their back story in one go. Namjoon tries to pay attention, he really does, but he’s too busy staring at each and every one of the animals and imagining his potential future life with them like a someone dreaming about their celebrity crush. At first, the images flashing through his mind were fairly positive: He imagines taking the dog home, and watching as it grows happier each day as it realises it’s been saved from abandonment. They’d then developing their beautiful friendship together, with Namjoon taking it out on walks every day and it being able to comfort him whenever he was feeling down conveniently like in those sad movies with a dog in them. But then the story inside his head gets sadder; he sees himself crying as he watches him carry the limp dog to the vet only to be told that it either lives a few more weeks suffering or gets put down in peace. In this version of the story, he chooses to put the dog down. After seeing it’s coat turn shinier every day, its attachment to his home grow and it’s equal excitement towards seeing him and food; Namjoon had finished his job as an owner.


He has no idea why and how he manages to create an entire mental prophecy of his yet to exist relationship with his dog, but he regrets it. Because he had not been paying attention to the man who had just introduced him to all the caged dogs, and he was now expecting him to make a choice. Or at least that’s what Namjoon thinks he’s just told him, an assumption that he created from hearing the last two words of his statement; something something “your dog”.  So he kind of just smiles, then turns around pretending to look for a potential pet dog to make his imaginary pet owner relationship a reality with. He doesn’t want to admit it, but a lot of the dogs were in bad shape. Some look like they’ve been run over at least twice, others were missing a few parts, like an eye or an ear, and others look like they had bodily issues which required extra maintenance. A sad thought passes his mind: he could guess fairly well why these dogs were abandoned.


Coming to the pound looking to give a dog a better life an all, he feels extremely guilty for setting his eyes on the cutest looking pup he sees. Namjoon tries to rip his gaze away from it- he knows that even if he doesn’t pick the pup then someone else well considering how absolutely adorable it looked. In fact, he doesn’t understand why it’s in the pound in the first place- a puppy with soft fluffy black fur and caramelised tips sounds like the kind of pet you’d always look at in the pet store, but can never afford. He knows he’s going to feel like an asshole if he comes all the way to pound just to choose a dog that looks store bought, so he turns to focus his attention on the dog next to it when the puppy starts barking at him and clawing at the cage. He decides to give it a reassuring pat through the cage, one that’s affectionate enough to tell it that it’s definitely going to find a nice home one day.


He learns that the sign says “DO NOT STICK HAND THROUGH CAGE” for a reason.


So after his palm gets printed with a dotted line with some slight reddening around the area and he manages to convince himself that he shouldn’t pick a dog out of sheer pity; he ends up handing the guy some cash and picks up a pen to sign some papers. The guy stares at him, raising an eyebrow at his choice.


“Are you sure that’s the lil guy you want?” He asks, his voice a little rough around the edges but a tone which expresses concern.


With the plastic handle of the portable cage gripped in his left palm the print of dog teeth on his right, Namjoon signs the paper before he even answers.


“Yeah, I’ve been marked. It’s a sign.” Namjoon smiles cheekily.


The man lets out a hollow laugh.


“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone taking a dog home after being bitten by it.”


On the way back home the pup is suspiciously quiet to Namjoon’s surprise. He starts to consider the worst case scenario; taking home a puppy that’s about to die in a few days or so. But after checking on the small canine a few times at a few red stop signs he figures that it’s probably just tired as it has it’s head laid flat on its paws and refuses to move.


As soon as the door to the familiar sight of home is within his sight, Namjoon closes the door behind him and lets the pup out to wander in it’s new home. He knew that he was going to get a dog sooner or later this week, so he already has the little section of food and water perfectly placed on 10 layers of disarranged newspaper. Namjoon isn’t sure whether it’s running on intelligence or instinct, but the little black furball prances it’s way to the bowel of water immediately and starts lapping it’s tongue in the pool of liquid Namjoon sits down to gain a better perspective of the dog.


“Smart little guy aren’t you?” Namjoon coos at it as it’s tail gradually becomes more energetic.


He ponders for a good name. He wants it to be simple, but also something cute to call out whenever he’s home. After searching through a list of syllables inside of his head and rearranging a few words, he decides on this:


“Jin. Starting today, I’m going to call you Jin.”


He reaches his hand out to pet the pups back, but it yelps at his touch. Strange. He swears he’s barely even grazed his hand against it, but the canine actually squeaked a whimper at him. Did it hate his touch that much? He becomes concerned that this may be the case since it was just a few hours ago when it bit him, but then notices a small, dark patch beneath his fur. After brushing a few strands of fluff aside, he realises that it wasn’t just a shade of it’s skin, but a bruise. A bruise that covered the majority of it’s body. Namjoon wonder who could’ve done such a thing to the poor pup, and how they could’ve possibly done it. A few ideas arise in his head, but he prefers to not put too much thought into it and brushes it aside.


As soon as the little charcoal cotton ball finishes it’s drink it turns to Namjoon with a wet beard on it’s mouth, judging it’s owner with black pearlescent eyes. Namjoon paws his fingers on top on it’s head and the pup turns it’s attention to the print of it’s teeth on his hand. Or at least that’s what Namjoon assumes, but he’s sure of it once the puppy nuzzles itself in his hand. He figures that the dog has had a long day and should at least eat, but is astounded to see it shake it’s head at the little pieces of packaged dog food in his hand. His mind was met with confusion- He hasn’t had a dog in a while, but still remembers that whenever the last dog didn’t like something it’d take only one bite and leave the rest of the food untouched. A thought passes his mind, ‘Are dogs meant to be this intelligent?’ Namjoon has never seen a pup act so self aware of itself before; so he decides to test it.


“Jin,” The furball looks up at him, “Sit.”


The little puppy does as instructed and takes a seat down, it’s tail still fluttering around as it does so. Namjoon decides to take it a step further; the final click to his suspicions.


“Jin, chase your own tail, then roll over and shake your right paw at me.”


It takes a minute for the small cotton ball to process it all, but it doesn’t hesitate a moment to follow it’s owner's instructions once it remembers it all as it spins around to chase it’s tail, turn over onto it’s back and shake it’s right paw at Namjoon. He responses to the pup’s obedience by putting both of his hands in a ‘stop’ motion to brace himself for a second.


“Okay then. At least now I know that I won’t have to train you.”


He is responded with an energetic bark, and Namjoon smiles at him. He gets up to search for some food in the fridge for the little critter, but is instantly reminded of his own situation. In his fridge he had: last night’s instant noodles, an egg he’s not sure how long has been there, a two thirds empty carton of milk, and a few random assortment of thing he’s been buying for the past week. He hopes that out of the things he’s brought, there would at least be something that Jin wants and he’s already putting more effort into feeding him then he has been feeding himself for the past year. He sees the leftover korean bbq  from an outing with his friends he’s been thinking about for the entire day and contemplates his decision. Both of them were hungry, and he definitely can’t guarantee that he’s always going to be able to feed this dog korean bbq every single time and so he comes to a simple conclusion: sharing. As he places the meat on a frying pan and manages not to burn himself, today, he separates the barely enough for one serving into two halves, and hands one to Jin. After fetching a pair of chopsticks, he sits down in front of the pup and they chow down on the savoury taste of meat together.


A bit unhygienic for his taste, but times were tough, so he and the dog bathe together. He of course, makes sure to rinse the dog thoroughly before letting it swim around the bath tub with him as he rinses his hand with half a drop of shampoo. Namjoon watches as Jin paddles himself in circles in the water, while making sure that he doesn’t drown in doing so. Just as he is about to brush Jin’s fur with some of his leftover shampoo bubbles he hears a knock on the door, and judging by the interestingly catchy knock, Namjoon guesses that it’s Hoseok coming to pick up on his CD that he borrowed last week. Namjoon gets out suddenly and Jin squeaks at the sudden loss of displacement of the water, flapping his paws around furiously as he attempts to not drown.


“Ah- Sorry.” Namjoon says as he carries the dog out of the bath before tying a towel around his waist. “Coming, Hoseok!”


As he gets out of the bathroom Jin shakes his fur partly dry and follows Namjoon out towards the door towards him but before he opens the door he rests his eyes on the newly brought leash that he’s brought the other day and returns his gaze to Jin. The black furred pup may be smart, sure, but intelligence could be compiled with cheekiness; and Namjoon wasn’t exactly looking forward to running down the street chasing after his dog in the cold half naked. He purses his lips together as he fetches the leash off it’s hook, and before he can even turn his face back to Jin, he could already hear the dog barking in rage at him.


Hoseok was patient as he waited on the other side of the metallic door held by it’s frame loosely with a pin lock as he judges the security of Namjoon’s apartment. He was hoping that the landlord would’ve invested a bit of money in improving the tenant’s privacy by now, but knows that things have only been getting worse every time he visits this place. He wasn’t well off, but he lived with his family and Namjoon doesn’t, so he feels inclined to help his friend out considering all those times he’s let him stay at his house for weeks without remorse. He thought Namjoon was going crazy the week before when he said he was getting a dog even though the guy could barely even take care of himself, but thinks he’s going insane once he hears a vicious bark coming from the other side of the door. At first, Hoseok thinks he’s the one going mad, it was a self proclaimed fact that he hadn’t been sleeping well for a while now, and maybe this was his brain’s way of warning him. But his eyes weren’t fooling him, he could clearly see the numbers ‘666’ printed on the plate of the door and remembers that only Namjoon would choose this room regardless of the horrifying rumours regarding it being the “devil’s apartment in the past” because he’s atheist and everyone else in the area isn’t.


Hoseok wasn’t one to barge into someone’s house uninvited, but rational thought is overcomed with serious concern once he hears Namjoon basically scream from the inside of his room. He rapidly types in the familiar numbers into the apartments lock and swings the door open to search the interior for the sight of the boy. And yes, oh boy, what a sight he was met with.


One minor question runs through the inner core of Hoseok’s mind: A man enters his friend’s house and sees his friend on the floor, basically naked, gripping a leash in his right hand. On top of his friend is a fully naked unfamiliar man, crouched over his friend’s raw body; what does the man do in this situation?


  1. Scream absurd comments that he doesn’t remember thinking of prior to this event
  2. Panic, and for some reason attempt to call for emergency help in one of his group chats.
  3. Slam the door shut and dart back and forth in front of it as if he’s been possessed by the devil


Except the man is Jung Hoseok and he always chooses the obligatory ‘d)’ option: All of the above.


All Namjoon wanted was to get a cute dog he could take home and take care of to add some simple joy into his repetitive daily life. He’d been spending time searching through the web for several pounds and animal shelters in the area in order to find the perfect companion for him, and had finally decided today that it was going to be a feisty little black furred pup that bit him when he tried to pet it. He can still feel the burn of the dog’s mouth sinking into his hand even as he tries to comprehend the fact that his pet dog was replaced with the body of a fully grown man on top of him. With Namjoon’s last remaining thread of logical decision for the duration of the situation, he loosens his hand around the leash and drops it on the floor with a light tap on the floorboard. The man above him seems to have calmed down a drastic amount at this, and Namjoon uses the moment to take in the sight of him. He was, quite coincidentally , very attractive, and even without the clearly visible matching black hair colour of the man to Jin’s fur, he connects the dots in an instant. Namjoon sighs, he wants to freak out, he really does, but he’s got too many emotions running through his head right now to simply cater to one, and so he decides to ignore all of them and get things moving.


“Jin, could you please get off of me?”


The man widens his eyes at the comment, but does as told and rolls himself off of Namjoon apologetically. Namjoon heads over to his closet and throws on a pair of shorts and a plain t shirt and hands Jin a similar outfit, except it’s a bit more new compared to the one he’s wearing.


“Are these for me?” The man, whom Namjoon has already headcannons to be his dog, speaks.


“Of course, who else would they be for?” Namjoon asks slightly sarcastically.


“I can er...Go back to being what I was before.” He suggests, but Namjoon shakes his head in response.


“Please don’t, it’s just going to make things more complicated for me.”


The man takes Namjoon’s words seriously, and starts changing right away into his clothes. As soon as Jin is finished putting on his clothes, Namjoon makes the hard decision to open the door, to which he is greeted with Hoseok happening ‘walking pass’ his entrance. Hoseok waves at him, rolling with the opportunity he is given.


“Hey Namjoon, good to see that you’re home today. Do you happen to still have that CD I lent you the other day?” Namjoon slides a Dvd case off the shelf beside him and hands it to Hoseok. “Thanks! Well, see you later!”


Namjoon decides to be the one to address the situation.


“Aren’t you going to ask?”


Even with Hoseok’s face away from him, Namjoon can tell that his happy go lucky expression had gone hard at his question. But then from the silhouette of Hoseok's face, he sees his cheeks puffing up, a forced smile to return him to his usual attitude.


“Maybe later. You look more confused then I do.”


Hoseok takes no haste to leave with the CD in his hands, and disappears down the flight of stairs as Namjoon slowly closes the door to his room. His attention shifts to the man, who sits on the floor with his legs underneath him guiltily as his tightens his fists on his thighs. There are a thousand questions to throw at him, but Namjoon decides to start with the most simplistic one: clarification.


“You’re Jin, right?”


The man nods his head.


“And you’re an...human dog?”


He shakes his head at the comment.


“I’m a wolf. Well, actually it’d probably make more sense to say that I’m a werewolf.”


Namjoon stops his mind from overthinking anything and simplys starts to accept everything that the man is telling him to be true. He instead, spends his mental energy recalling every book, every theory, and very video that he’s seen that’s got anything to do with werewolves but unfortunately he isn’t a fan of ‘hot human wolf boy and clueless girl’ love stories. But now he feels like he’s jinxed himself from it, maybe if he’d been a little more open minded as a child and read at least ONE then he’d know what not to do in the very least, however, life isn’t as convenient as he would like it to be.


“Alright, this is going to sound really stupid but is there anything I should be concerned about in the future? Like feralistic behaviour on a full moon? Or ran occurrences of bloodthirst? Anything?”


The part that sticks out to Jin the most is the slight implication that he might still be able to stay here for a while. He had only known the boy for a few hours, but that’s enough for him to tell that he’s a nice guy aside from the fact that he was forcibly collared by him, which he wasn’t too...into. He wants to be careful about his words in order to not prevent himself from losing a potential home, so he stalls the conversation for a second, but for a good reason.


“Could I get your name first?”


“It’s Kim Namjoon.”


“Right...So Namjoon.” He thinks over his words logically, trying to express the facts in a way that didn’t sound too inconvenient. “No I will not go feral or attempt to lash at anyone for that matter, not unless I’m inclined to at least.”


Namjoon raises an eyebrow at the indication of threat. “Please be more specific.”


He gulps at this, admitting this was the most difficult part and he wasn’t exactly thrilled to explain it to a person he just met.


“That bite mark on your hand…”


The boy turns his palm over to examine it.


“...What about it?” He asks, concern rising in the tone of his voice.


“It er...Means we’re mates.” He can tell Namjoon kind of gets where he’s going at, and doesn’t like the sound of it. “Werewolves have to be super careful when they bite; they either have to kill the victim or be mated till death. I bit you that time because being mates means that we’ll be linked through the intense urge to be closer when we’re far apart and wasn’t exactly looking forward to spending the rest of my life in a cage.”


“That’s...Kind of drastic.” Namjoon isn’t even sure which circumstance he’s referring to: the fact that werewolves can’t just bite for the heck of it or the realisation that he’s basically married to a canine now.


“I was planning on running away and then living somewhere near you so that you never had to know about this, but things happen. You don’t need to concern yourself on the whole ‘mate’ thing, it’s just a formality.”


“Don’t I need to do anything though? As a mate I mean.”


Jin’s eyes go into a slight daze as he recalls something.

“No, not at all. You can just treat me like a dog like you did before. If you’re planning on letting me stay that is.”

“I don’t mind keeping you here.” Namjoon pauses as he remembers what happened just a few minutes ago. “As long as you don’t shift out of nowhere.”


Jin chuckles at this.




Later that night Namjoon decides that Hoseok deserves a reasonable explanation for what he saw earlier, so he texts him in the comfort of his bed as Jin is laid asleep in his wolf form on his bed. He figures that it would be cruel of him to make him sleep on a dog bed now that he knows that Jin is a person, so he offers one end of his bed to him, along with some pillows and blankets to keep him warm.


Namjoon: Hyung.


(Hoseok is typing…)


Hoseok: Are you finally going to tell me what I saw today?




Hoseok: I mean I know that everyone hides something but really? A secret gay lover and a fetish for pet play that I did not see red flags for? That’s kinda hardcore man.


Namjoon: It’s not like that!


He’s about to type something, but he thinks that telling Hoseok that he doesn’t even know the guy isn’t exactly going to help his situation, or increase the chances of the revival of his dignity for that matter.


Namjoon: He’s my new roommate. We were taking a bath together to save money and as you know I’ve been wanting a dog for a while now so…

(Hoseok is typing…)




Namjoon: WHAT NO.


‘Now would probably be a good time to mention the dog’, Namjoon thinks. There’s no doubt that Hoseok is going to see Jin in his wolf form sooner or later, so mentioning it should clear a few things up.


Namjoon: I was trying to put my leash on my dog but he tripped on a bar of soap and fell on top of me.


Hoseok: Alright hyung, I’ll believe you. But I’m slightly disappointed that I wasn’t the one who ended up as your roommate :C


Namjoon: You already stay at my apartment long enough to be an actual tenant though.


Hoseok: ...True.


With that short response from Hoseok, Namjoon figures that the convo has probably died down by now, and puts his phone down to roll over into a more comfortable sleep position. He can feel the warmth of Jin’s fur down at his feet, and lets his toes brush gently against his tail. For once in his life, reality has managed to become more unlikely than the frequent daydreams running through his head, and Namjoon’s not sure if he has the ability to cope with that.


Namjoon is awaken to the smell of food hitting his nose and jumps at the sight of a naked man hovering over his kitchen counter. He sighs out loud, and Jin turns to face him.


“Jin, You can borrow my clothes whenever you like so please don't wonder around the house naked.”

Jin’s face is red with embarrassment, he forgets that he’s not an animal anymore sometimes.


“Right, my bad.” He changes the subject quickly. “I made you breakfast.”


A plate of fried rice is placed beneath him and Namjoons takes a bite out of it, letting his tastebuds immerse themselves in the flavour offered to him. There’s only one way for him to describe it: It’s good. Way better than the instant noodles and take away food he’s been having for  a few months too long and he finishes it in an instant. He doesn’t notice that Jin is staring at him keenly, proud to witness that his owner was happily enjoying the food he made for him.


“It...It tastes great.” Namjoon comments, earning a slight blush from Jin.


“Thanks, it’s the least I can do for you.”


Jin waves Namjoon goodbye as he leaves for work and he’s grateful for the time he gets given to be alone for a while. He can tell Namjoon is driving further away from him because he can feel his heart growing swollen, and he can feel himself missing Namjoon already- a side effect of biting someone and not killing them. He knows Namjoon can feel it too, and hopes that it doesn’t affect him too much at work or when he’s driving. Jin regrets skipping out on one minor detail about being a mate: his heat.


A heat is just as troublesome as a period was for a woman, expect it was more irritating, more of a pain and much harder to hide. Jin knows it’s coming soon because he hasn’t had one in a while after being locked inside a pound for a while, which he’s grateful for, but doesn’t know when it’s going to happen nor how to explain it to Namjoon. He needs a plan, because he has to excuse himself at least a week to deal with it by himself. Luckily he was able to stay as a wolf for the duration of it, but he needs the the privacy, as in, he wants no living creature to be near him once he’s going through it otherwise he’ll end up thriving off the corpses of his animal friends. So he decides that whenever Namjoon leaves the house, he’ll search for places that he can nest in while running what he plans to say him when he needs to leave for a while.


Needless to say Namjoon was brought to  the brink of unemployment today. He’s heated, and he can’t help but feel homesick and miss Jin at the same time. Was this what Jin was talking about when he mentioned them being mates? Namjoon looks at the palm of his hand again, normally a bite mark would’ve disappeared or at least faded by now, but the crescent on his hand is as fresh as ever. After standing still for a few seconds too long, he catches his manager’s glare on him and he quickly scampers to put the new dvds on the shelf. He wonders why this store hasn’t liquidated yet- no one buys a dvd in this day and age. One of the covers catch his eye, depicting through the plastic sheet a woman in the front with a man holding her as canine-like characteristics are faded into his skin; it's one of those romantic werewolf movies he’s been missing out on. Namjoon turns the dvd around to read the blurb:


Heather midnight was just a young girl starting her new life in a high school she’s never heard of. There she meets a cute boy named Josh evergreen and immediately takes a liking to him. Late at night, she notices that every once in awhile a wolf comes by to her house and stares at her. She has no idea why the wolf is around, but something about those deep chocolate brown eyes just looks so familiar…


Namjoon snorts as he shoves the dvd back where it belongs, and does the customers a favour by pushing it to the far back. She recognises the wolf immediately and it happens to be the boy she has a crush on? What a joke, she probably only likes him when he’s in his human form anyway. If it were Namjoon, he would’ve appreciated Jin the same way whether he were human or wolf. His thoughts of Jin awaken his desire to see his mate again, and he takes desperate measures to forget about him for at least until his shift is over. He chomps into the palm of his hand exactly where the bite mark is, hoping that he’ll alter the mark somehow but instead ends up hurting himself.


As soon as work finishes Namjoon is more eager to go home then usual, but he stops his care from starting once he sees the meat on the supermarket across the street. So he stomps out his car, buys several servings of the meat and then drives home. He was tempted to buy the dog chew toy he saw on one of the shelves as well, but protests against that idea considering he doesn’t want anything like last time to happen again.


“Jin, I’m home.”


He is greeted with a little black pup running into his arms and he gets out in order to let it cuddle into his hands. Namjoon pets it furiously and lets it lick his face a bit, this was what he wanted from the beginning. Except that he remembers that the pup is actually a human on the inside and that he’s eternally mated with him, which makes him feel slightly uncomfortable about being so affectionate with Jin. But he can’t help it- the dog, well wolf, is just so dang cute and Namjoon plays with it for a full 5 minutes before he finally gets up to make something.


As soon as he rips the packet open Jin can already smell the raw meat and it makes his mouth salivate. Namjoon lets the meat sizzle on the frying pan and Jin reckons that it smoke from the pan smells like heaven as he imagines the savour taste on his tongue.


“Ooch!” Namjoon quickly pulls hand back from burning it and blows onto it as an attempt to make it better.


Concern goes up and never goes down as Jin watches as Namjoon continues to do this even after several tries. Jin shifts into a human and stands behind Namjoon, moving his hands upwards away from the heat and turning the stove down just enough to cook the meat.


“Aish, you’re just frying a few pieces of meat but you’re getting 3rd degree burns from it.” Jin scolds him, his hand still gripped around Namjoon’s. “When we do this we look a bit like a married couple.”


Namjoon’s experiencing a 3rd degree burn alright, one that’s from the intense heat behind his cheeks. Jin is leaning in really close to his body in order to make sure that he can reach his hands is he does something wrong, but the fact that he is naked just makes the whole situation a bit more...perverted. He might as well wear an apron while he’s at it. Namjoon pushes that image out of his head by hurrying himself to get the meat served and hands one plate to Jin and himself. They both sit down on the opposite ends of a small coffee table and devour their food down together; Namjoon wonders as he chews on each piece of meat whether plainly cooked beef had ever tasted this good before. He notices that Jin is chewing a bit slowly, and  un-rhythmically for someone who could assimilate  korean bbq in seconds so he starts to build worry in his head. Was the meat bad? Was it something he said? Jin places his chopsticks down on his plate gently and calmly, allowing Namjoon to erase all conclusions that he might be angry at him.


“I need to leave this place temporarily for a week.”


Namjoon swallows his food roughly.


“Why? Is there an issue?”

“No, there's just something I have to erm…” Jin fidgets around for the right words. “Deal with with.”


“Oh okay, when are you leaving? I’ll help you pack.”


“I don't have an exact date, but I’ll be going soon.”


Namjoon nods, deciding that he was better off not prying any further. Maybe the dynamics of being a werewolf were a bit more complicated than he had thought.


Jin decides that the sooner he leaves, the better. Worse comes to worse he’ll just have to live in a cave for a few extra weeks so that he doesn’t have to come home a heaving mess. He has insisted to Namjoon several times that he doesn’t need the food, water and extra essentials, but the man persists to shove every useful item he can find in a bag and hand it to Jin. As Jin holds the bag, it’s weight prominent on his hands, he wants to ask his caretaker, owner and mate one last thing.


“Why would you go this far?”


Namjoon freezes mid air for a second. He’s a bit taken aback by the question since it’s never really crossed his mind before- why he was doing all of this. For him it was a natural instinct to offer help and take care of people in need, but now that Jin mentions it he is a tad extra with his current support.


“I don’t know. I’ve always wanted a pet so and it’s pretty much obligatory to take on the responsibility that comes it.”


“I...I see.”


Jin tries to lie to himself that he is definitely not disheartened by the fact that Namjoon called him a ‘pet’. Nope. Not at all. This was what he asked for, his wolf body was what even got him here in the first place and how he and Namjoon bonded for the majority of the time. Compared to that the moments they shared in his human body were a bit...awkward. Firstly because he was naked 99% of the time and Namjoon needs to make a collective effort both mentally and physically to not notice whats hanging in between his legs. Secondly being that he’s not sure how close he’s allowed to be near Namjoon when he’s a person, so he only ever shifts to prevent the guy from hurting himself. Therefore it is only logical that he would feel bitter about his wolf form being the source of Namjoon’s attention.


“And I guess I got kind of attached to you.” Namjoon starts, and Jin looks up at him with wide, hopeful eyes. “I wanted a pet to prevent myself from being lonely, but I guess nothing beats having a person to talk to.” Jin can’t help but notice that he’s tracing his finger across the bite mark as he looks down. “That’s why I want you to stay here.”


“Namjoon...I-” Jin cuts off his own sentence with a sudden wave of heat crawling from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. He passes on the opportunity to properly finish his sentence and chucks the bag on his shoulder before heading to the door. “I have to leave.”


He hisses under his breath as his legs tremble harder the further he gets away from his mate. It’s taking him way too much effort to scramble his fingers over to the door handle and unlock it when he is stopped by Namjoon’s hand. Jin faces him, not assured that he’s probably sweating usually a lot and that his face is glowing pink by now.


“Jin, what’s wrong? Why are you leaving so hastily? And did you just spray something?” Namjoon’s becoming mesmerised by the sweet scent around Jin and with every inhale he can almost taste it.


“It’s nothing, just let me go.” Jin slaps his hand away and focuses his attention on the door.


Namjoon is hurt by Jin’s sudden cold behaviour but he’s even more confused about the sudden shift in the atmosphere. He can feel that something isn’t right with Jin but he’s not knowledgeable enough to pinpoint what it is. His skin is getting hotter by the second with absolutely no cause, and he’s...hard. Namjoon bits his lip in frustration; he assumes it’s just one of those random boners he gets every once in awhile but feel exceptionally agitated that it happens in the midst of a crucial moment.


“Hey,” As soon as Jin looks like he’s about to say something, he immediately turns his body at a certain angle, and makes sure that his arm is placed in such a way that hides it. “I’m really sorry about all of this, I’ll tell you about it when I get back I prom- What are you doing?”


He curses himself for not coming up with a more natural looking pose. Of course Jin’s gonna think it’s weird if his body isn’t facing him when they’re talking to each other.


“N-Nothing! You need to get going right? I’ll see you around.”


It’s the ideal situation; Jin wants to leave for a while and now not only is Namjoon not stopping him, but also encouraging him. But neither party seem to want to let go of the curiosity that keeps them standing in the same place for a few more minutes. Namjoon wants to know why Jin is leaving, and now Jin wants to know what Namjoon is doing all of a sudden. Needless to say that Namjoon is Jin’s first mate so he’s unsure and confused how heat dynamics work when they’re together. Before Namjoon can slowly take a step back to look for a place to hide under, Jin forcibly removes his arm away and sees the leaking hard on he has inside of his loose pants. Namjoon covers his face with both hands.


“Aish!” Namjoon shuffles his

thighs closer together, hoping that it hides at least a part of his shame.”I don’t know what wrong with my body right now, I’m not even thinking about anything!” Except Jin. That smell was really starting to get to him.


Jin munches on his lip, unsure if whether he should bite it or lick it. He was sure his legs had given up trying to make their way out the door by since they’ve dropped him onto his knees. That’s the mental conclusion he’s come up for his sudden change of plans; but as time passes the more it starts to become a blatant lie to him. Once it reaches the point where he’s basically convinced that he’s not going anywhere, he glances up at Namjoon innocently.


“Do you want me to give you a hand, Namjoon?” He doesn’t straight up offer a blowjob because he knows Namjoon needs  a few dashes of ‘no homo’ in order to get over this later and return their relationship back to how it started: pet and owner. Jin feels as if now is an inappropriate time to bring up those two words inside of head.


“N-No!” Namjoon steps back until he bumps into a wall muffling his nose with his hand. “I can er...Handle it myself.”


Jin lowkey clicks his tongue under his breath, disappointed that the boy refuses to give in right away. He tries to recall every detail he can remember about his history of being a werewolf and hopes to find something that will help. But his constant sweating, the heavy breathing and the slight dizziness that he was going through wasn’t helping. So he decides to use a little force, one that wasn’t so forward to the point that Namjoon couldn’t comprehend the need to push him away.


As he notices that Namjoon has slid down the wall by now and is sitting with his knees to his chest; Jin can clearly see through the boy’s eyes that he wants to get 5 minutes to himself. He knows, but he also knows that 5 minutes isn’t going to be enough to get rid of it. Jin crawls closer to him and comforts the confused boy by licking the bite mark on his hand, as a dog would.


“Jin…” Namjoon unconsciously rubs Jin’s head, forgetting that the boy isn’t a dog momentarily. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me...I’ve never felt so hot and bothered before? Even during the prime of my teenage years do I not remember feeling this aroused before.”


“Mhmm…” Jin nods, he slithers his hand in between Namjoon’s legs and paws at his bulge.


“Ah- Don’t!”


“I’ll promise to explain what’s going on as I help you out okay? I’ll make this short- It’s my fault that you’re like this.”


Namjoon can’t help but feel slightly anxious that Jin has the upper hand in the situation. He’s conflicted- he kind of wants to get back at Jin for leaving something important out, but he’s also worried. So he comes up with a tactical plan that would soothe both things: he extends one of his legs, carefully, and rubs it on Jin’s crotch. He reacts immediately and shifts his hand from Namjoon’s bulge to the floor to brace himself.


“Hah...Ha...Namjoooonn….Don’t...Hah...Do that.”


His breathing is suddenly more heated, more thicker than it was before and he’s hardening at a faster rate than cookie dough being baked at the highest heat level possible on an oven...Which Namjoon has definitely not done before. He removes his foot from Jin’s area, and he swears he can see the boy flinching and attempting to pull it back where it was.


“Since we both seem to be having the same issue, what do you say we take care of it together?”


“...Together? How?”


Namjoon has war flashbacks to that one time he accidently saw gay porn which he may have or may have not gone back to. It was an old video, and it focused way too much on the men’s unrealistically huge dicks being rubbed together like two sausages trying to merge together into the pig they used to be apart of. Namjoon wonders if this is going to work with a “normal person” sized cock which will never be seen in a video titled “TWO GAY MEN MASTURBATE WITH THEIR XXL PENIS” but he’s willing to try. He leans over and slips down Jin’s tight pants to realise his dick in the wide open and Namjoon does the same with his.


“Jin, Come closer or to me and cross your legs in mine.”


He’s surprised to see Jin not hesitate even a second, which is understandable considering how much of a wreck he looked at the moment. So as soon as Jin swings his legs open to create a fence around them both, Namjoon clutches their dicks and pushes them against each other. He’s surprised to find that his one hand is big enough to cover the entirety of the surface area around both of their cocks and he starts to stroke his wrist up and down.


“Ah...ah..” Jin can barely talk as he’s too occupied with letting out a strangled set of sounds that Namjoon can only describe as exaggerated breathing.


As Namjoon can feel the skin of Jin’s cock stretch and rub against his with every motion that he applies to his hand, he starts to let out soft moans. He’s holding his voice back because he feels a bit sensitive about letting  Jin hear a grown ass man moan loudly, and his voice is a ways away from Jin’s cute sounds. Through the sweat, the sounds and the friction, a newer sensation becomes prominent to him; heat. Not that Namjoon isn’t feeling heated right now- Hell he could probably bake cookies on his skin and burn them again, which was besides the point and he continues to deny it ever happened as he lives on ignoring the fact that his often looks suspiciously newer than the rest of his kitchen, but there’s a specific area that’s becoming hot. It’s the combination of discomfort and outstretched pain that comes in the lower area which tells him he’s about to come, and with Jin’s desperate gasps he can tell he’s about to as well. When it comes to this he’s suppose to move his wrist faster to push them both to edge to relieve themselves, note the ‘suppose to’. But he stops. No warning, no sign of tiredness, he just freezes his hand and looks at Jin.


“Tell me what’s going on.”


Jin looks like he’s about to cry as he squirms violently.


“Namjoon please!” Jin reaches his hands down and attempts to get off on his own, but Namjoon stops him roughly, pretending that he’s not hurting too.




“I...We’re mates okay! There’s this thing werewolves go through called a heat and it helps us reproduce and we’re supposed to do it with our mates!” Jin starts sobbing violently and starts to hiccup. “But I didn’t want to tell you because I want to stay and we barely know each other but I NEED it so badly I’m sorry.”


Namjoon sighs, and starts to quicken his wrist hastily, adding that final stage the both of them need to cum onto each other’s dicks. He notices as he calms down from his orgasm that Jin has exhausted himself from crying prior to cumming and he pulls him in closer for a quick embrace. His quick embrace turns into something deep as he finds himself pulling Jin in closer, and kissing at his neck, tears until he eventually reaches his lips. He’s unsure whether to just go for it or wait, but Jin makes the decision for him and their lips clasp into each other.


“It’s okay Jin, I’m sorry for that.” Namjoon’s not sure just how much tighter he can possibly hug Jin, but he plans on reaching the maximum of it. “I’m always going to let you stay here with me, so don’t hide things from me anymore. Tell me how I can help you.”


Jin sniffles a few times before answering.


“I’m not sure how it works between humans and wolves...But I’m going to be like this for around about a week.”


“And what usually happens during that week?”




“Jin, Please.”


“...We breed.”


Namjoon pulls back from his embrace to look directly at Jin in the eyes.


“Wait. So that means...For a week...We have to…”


Jin isn’t answering, in fact he’s not even looking at Namjoon.


“You don’t have to...I can handle it myself.”


Namjoon is more than not convinced considering how this boy was brought to tears from not being able to orgasm once because of him. It’s not like he doesn’t want to help Jin, he just wishes that the circumstances were a bit better. They barely knew each other, but it was enough that it was weird to have a one night stand, or rather seven night stands, with him and just...forget about it later?


“No it’s alright, I can’t take it.” Namjoon tries to not think about it too much before it happens. “Do I need to go get something? A condom or lube? Anything?”


Jin shakes his head,his hair ruffling around as he does so. He quickly cleans the floor with a tissue and Namjoon guides him to his bed and takes off their clothes. As he straddles onto Jin on the mattress he soon comes to the crushing realisation that he literally has no idea what he’s doing. He knows how it works between a man and a woman, easy, but a man? a wolf breed part time job pet dog man? No idea. Jin seems to sense that Namjoon is worrying about something so he takes the initiative.


He doesn’t want to do it, he really doesn’t. But his wolverine instincts were sensing, and he’s only torturing him by prolonging it so he just goes for it. Jin backs up a bit and very hesitatingly spreads his legs open to bring Namjoon’s attention to the slick glistening on his inner thighs being produced by his hole. He decides to make things a little easier for the both of them by preparing himself ahead of time so he sticks in his middle finger from the front and starts fingering himself. Namjoon is staring at him so intensely that he’s too embarrassed to concentrate so he uses his other hand to slap it across his eyes.


“S-Stop looking so much!” He would be blushing right now if his face had not already reached maximum blush potential a long time ago.


“S-Sorry! But how am I supposed to know what to do when you won’t let me?”  Namjoon pulls his hand away. “And besides, I want to see you.”


Jin can’t help but feel like his fingers are insufficient as his attention is on the raw  appearance of Namjoon’s hard dick in front of his eyes. He’s eager to finish up so he thrusts 3 fingers into himself, painfully, and quickly removes them once he feels as if he’s stretched enough. Namjoon takes this as his cue to come in, so he carefully leans in closer to Jin and starts applying pressure to Jin’s hole. He’s surprised that it’s a lot softer on the inside than it would appear to be, and it’s remarkably easy to get in. But he needs to be careful, he can’t get fooled by the arousing clenching around his dick nor it’s comforting warmth as Jin could be in pain for all he knows. Jin pulls him closer.


“Namjoon...Faster please.”


He chokes at this. Was this really a good idea?


“But Jin, I'm still not sure on what to do and I want to be extra careful not to hurt you-”


“If you wanted a better idea of how I’m feeling right now,” Jin announces, “I’m literally salivating at the idea of your cock being inside me right now.”


He gives in, both not completely. Technically he is moving faster,  as jin requested, but he’s also playing around. He’s teasing the tip of Jin’s cock with the pad of his finger, which he’s granted a moan for, and plays around with his nipples. And as soon as Jin lets off his guard, he makes one final push in and Jin grabs onto his back moaning.


“A-Ah! Namjoon, more!”


Namjoon abides and starts to thrust into Jin until he starts getting a hand of the pattern he needs to keep in his thrust. He’s hitting Jin’s prostate pretty frequently, judging by his moans, but apparently that’s not enough.


“More Namjoon! Harder! Rougher! Deeper!”


Jin is completely dazed with his eyes locked on Namjoon as he screams these absurdities so Namjoon’s kind of worried for him. He needs to keep up with this for a week and if Namjoon does it anymore.than this then he’s going to have to neither stand nor sit down the next day. So he distracts him by stroking his cock instead, which seems to bring the boy back into reality from the stimulation. Namjoon watches as Jin throws his head back, a moaning mess and he pumps harder to let Jin cool off after his second orgasm. In doing so, Namjoon grinds his hips harder, his thrusts become more erratic, and their voices eventually merge together into the same sound as they call our each other’s name. Jin’s body  becomes covered in white, both inside and out, and Namjoon pulls out of him, the residue of his semen dripping as so he does. He watches as Jin is quiet now, breathing quite heavily as he lays there on his back for a long time and Namjoon cleans him up. After he’s finished, Namjoon has the unusual urge to brush the thick strands of black hair away from Jin’s face and watch him as he sleeps peacefully. He grazes his hand across several angles of Jin’s face and notices that his skin is still filled with so much heat but it’s starting to cool down.


He begins to realise how tried he is from watching Jin sleep so he lays down, and snuggles into Jin’s chest as he dozes off.


Once he wakes up he is startled to see that his hands, which were trying to wrap themselves around his mate’s body, had become paws. Jin makes a silent prayer that he doesn't involuntarily shift during their next intercourse session and he returns his body back into his human form, now sitting up upright. He feels...He feels great actually. And for him, that’s worrying considering a heat is meant to last much longer than this, and all he feels are the lingering remains of arousal and the still prominent desire to be closer to Namjoon. Jin decides to inspect himself for a bit before Namjoon wakes up, not wanting the boy to feel obligated to take care of anything else for him.


He looks at the dog bowel, the newspaper laid out for him, the damp towels laid on the side of the bed and the bag packed for him that he never got to use. It takes a long and hard tired sigh at himself for Jin to realise that he’s being completely catered for his needs by Namjoon. Jin needs to find a way to pay him back, and he decides that he’s not going to ever leave Namjoon until he does. But just as he finally makes the rational decision he needs to get the gears inside his brain clicking for finding ways to return the favour; a new issue arises and stops the gears from turning.

His body is different; he doesn't feel like he’s going to combust any second anymore, and the sweat that was basically pouring from his skin has stopped. Jin still remembers how much of a wreck he was after seven days of this on his own, and to have all of that stop after a single day was concerning beyond belief. Thinking back on what happened between him and Namjoon as an attempt to figure out what was wrong with his body he has to put in a mass amount of effort to not get embarrassed and awkward about it.


Jin has an idea of what might be wrong, but he wants his idea to be wrong moreso then his body. He shuffles around in Namjoon’s bed and sneaks off into the bathroom to check the area in between his legs briefly; there’s no slick, the stuff that’s supposed to come out to replace lube. There’s none of it. It’s like his body was trying to tell him something, like his heat had no purpose anymore, and there was no need for him to go through it any longer because then it would be meaningless sex. Jin’s heart stops as soon as he hears a sound, followed by a voice he dreads to hear the most at this very moment in time.


“Jin, what are you doing? Washing up?” Namjoon shuffles his fingers through his sticky hair as he barely sees Jin in front of him.


Jin gulps as he tries not to make his voice tremble as much as hands.


“Namjoon...What do you think about getting another puppy in 3 months?”


“Are we even still friends at this point?” Hoseok laughs as he can’t take in anything that Namjoon’s telling him anymore.


“Try...Try not to think about it too much Hoseok.” Namjoon shifts the position of his arm a bit in order to make sure that the weight being applied to it doesn’t affect his stability.


Hoseok makes a face Namjoon has seen before, one that looks as if it’s got the words “I’m fine, I’m totally fine” written all over it.


“My close friend has a gay lover that I’ve never heard of before, an imaginary pet dog which was probably real until you started using the kitchen again, and now an apparent illegitimate child.” He says, half laughing, half crying.

“My pet dog is real, and still alive, Hoseok.”


“Then how come I never see it?”


“He er…” Namjoon looks down at the mix of familiar faces in his arms, and cradles him more gently to prevent another sudden outburst. “He plays a lot of roles in my life.”


“What do you mean?”


“Namjoonie, I’m home!” Jin takes off his shoes and enters the house loosening the tie around his neck. He kisses the boy on his cheek, then takes the weight off his arms like it’s a reflex to him and the heads off to the kitchen.


The entire time Hoseok is watching intently, something is missing out of the equation that he’s staring at. He’s trying to figure out how Namjoon plus pet dog plus male roommate equals to a blood related child and a gay couple. He has no idea how Namjoon met Jin, and before that his friend has never even come out to him once nor has implied so for the duration of their friendship. Once again, the now infamous ‘pet dog’ is nowhere to be seen but the newspaper and food bowls on the ground say otherwise. He gives up trying to add up a bunch of things inside his head that prominently do not match up human logic and just turns to Namjoon in disbelief.

“All you wanted was a pet dog.”













A/N: What even- I congratulate you wholeheartedly for actually reaching the end of this XD I’m sorry that this fic is a cluttered mess >.<’ (trust me, i KNOW) It basically started with “hmmm...I really want to try writing abo at least once” and then I remembered from all the abo fics that *I’ve* read never really show the ‘pups’ after they're born (omg this sounds way more uncomfortable then I thought it would) and yeah now this is going to be my legacy when I die. I did, however, enjoy writing this, at the very least XD