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Worlds Apart

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             Madalina & Aragon Fenrarik


"At peace my daughter. You have done well" a ethereal voice sounds and Madalina looks around through the expanse of white that she stands in. "Where am I" What happened after I killed Alduin?" her voice trembles confusion welling up in her eyes. "Fear not Madalina. You have succeeded in the task I had given you now its time to do another. There's a world in need of your help" Akatosh appears and tears well up in her moonbright eyes.

"I'm tired, father. I don't think i have anything else to give. My husband Aragon was taken from me, our daughter is the only thing I have left of him and now you ask that I lose her too? I fulfilled my task Akatosh. Please just let me rest" she pleads and he smiles softly and pulls her to him.

"You have suffered so much and for that I am sorry. My beautiful daughter, just and fair, You are correct, I have taken so much from you and given you nothing put pain in return so I will right my wrongs. You will go with your Child, There is someone on that world waiting for you who loves you so very much. Take Odahviing as well so that he may protect you my child. I love you dearly, you will get your happy ending, maybe not how you though it would be but you will get it" he says and pulls back cradling her face between his hands.

"Now go my daughter. Save this world so that you may rest afterwards. Go" he whispers and kisses her head and in a flash of light disappears. Madalina blinks and looks around her eyes stopping on a large mirror that's framed with two aspen trees with silver leaves. she walks towards it and tilts her head when no reflection appears. she touches it and pulls her hand back when it ripples like the surface of a lake. an Image of a large mountain with a waterfall appear. a river flows past the edge of the mirror and she takes a deep breath and steps through.


"Momma!!" Amara squeals and Madalina opens her eyes to see her daughter running towards her, her short green elven robes bouncing as she runs. Madalina catches her as Amara flings herself into her arms. Vigilance barks in greeting and Madalina's eyes widen when she sees him sitting next to Shadowmere and Odahviing. "Momma you came! A man appeared at the homestead and told me he would take me to you" Amara says and Madalina looks at Odahviing who looks back at her knowingly. "He called me Lotkiir Monsemon! Does that mean he's really my grandfather?" she asks her big blue eyes filled with hope. "Yes my little Dovah, he is your grandfather" Madalina whispers and Amara's smiles widens.


"Its so pretty here!" Amara murmurs as Madalina sets her down. Madalina looks around listening to the sounds of the insects and animals of the strange land. "I found a friend while we were waiting for you, can I keep him?" Amara asks and she looks down to see her daughter clutching a small grey Fennec fox in her arms. "if you take care of it, yes" she says and Amara squeals in delight as Madalina picks her up and sets her on Shadowmere's back. "Odahviing will you fly overhead and scout the area. Get an idea of our situation and what way we should travel. Try to locate a safe place for the night" she says and Odahviing huffs and launches into the air circling twice before flying ahead. Madalina pulls herself into the saddle behind Amara and wraps and arm around her small waist and leads Shadowmere into a trot following the path Odahviing showed her.


As they travel through the thick underbrush  Amara plays with the fox which nips at her fingers playfully and Vigilance chases Shadowmere's tail whom flicks it away every time he gets close. Madalina's long pointed sensitive ears listen for anything potentially dangerous twitching slightly at every noise she hears. her fingers play with the amulet of Mara around her neck as she thinks of her husband Aragon. Sadness creeps into her making her lips press together in a tight frown twitching as if they're about to let out a sob. 


She swallows hard and breaths out through her nose trying to hold back tears of a half a decades old pain. "Momma look" Amara murmurs and Madalina looks to where her daughters finger points and sees a slightly crumbling archway that surrounds a clearing with a statue of a large wolf in the middle that has a flag posted next to it. She stops Shadowmere near an opening and gets down walking towards the ruin Auriel's bow raised slightly an arrow settled on the bowstring.


After deeming the spot safe for camp she starts to set up a tent as Amara collects twigs as kindling for the fire. Odahviing lands on an archway a ram dangling limply from his jaws an offering for Madalina and Amara's dinner. "Thank you Odahviing" Madalina murmurs running her hand over his neck. "Anything for you Dovahkiin" he rumbles and sets the ram down next to the small fire. Madalina prepares the ram for cooking her eyes flickering to Amara's form every so often to make sure she hadn't wandered off.

After dinner Amara lies next to Madalina while she runs her fingers through her hair. "Momma, do you think daddy is Looking for us?" She asks and Madalina looks down at her moving a piece of hair from her forehead. "Of course he is baby. No matter where he is I'm sure he's doing everything in his power to find his way back to us" she murmurs and Amara snuggles into her side. "But its been so long. I miss him" she says and Madalina sighs. "I know baby, I know. I miss him too" she whispers staring up at the tents canopy.


~In Skyhold~

"Inquisitor, may I have a moment" Solas says as he watches Aragon rifle through some reports. "Of course Solas. What is it?" he asks and looks up at the elven man. "I felt something in the fade. It seems something unlocked an Eluvian in the Emerald Graves. Its concerning" he says and Aragon stands up a little straighter at this. "I though there wasn't an Eluvian there" he says confused and Solas shakes his head. "There's Eluvian's everywhere inquisitor. The ones you know of where left unlocked but this one was locked by an ancient elf. Now its unlocked. The power it would take to unlock it is what's concerning. Spirits talk about a woman in white traveling with a child and a dragon. They call her Ancient one. Whomever this person is came from that same Eluvian that was unlocked in the Emerald Graves" he says and Aragon sucks in a breath. "It couldn't be" he whispers and Solas narrows his eyes at him slightly. "Inquisitor?" he asks and Aragon starts to pace. "Its not possible..... I didn't think....." he mumbles and turns towards Solas "Solas, prepare to travel. We're going to the Emerald Graves at first light" he says and Solas bows his head slightly. "As you wish commander. I will notify Cassandra and Varric as well" he says and leaves brain whirling. Aragon has to know something. And Solas intends to find out what he's not telling him no matter what the cost.


"Do you know what's got the Inquisitor in a tizzy? I mean he's got us up at the ass crack of dawn and headed into the Emerald Graves. I though he said he'd never go back" Varric says as they approach the first camp settled on the border. "I've tried to talk to him. He refuses to tell me why we're here. Its aggravating that he's not talking. How am I supposed to help him if he's so secretive?" Cassandra huffs and Solas tilts his head staring ahead at Aragon who stalks into the camp body thrumming with energy. "Something's changed. His energy is more alive like he's found something he's been missing" he murmurs and Varric raises an eyebrow. "Didn't know he was missing anything. Well besides his head as of right now" he mutters and Solas frowns at the dwarf.


"Inquisitor! Its a surprise to see you here. I though you wouldn't come back after what happened last time" Harding says her eyes wide in shock. "Don't remind me. But something is going on and I need to be sure its not something dangerous" he says and she nods. "Well there's been reports of a large red dragon flying over head. It hasn't attacked anything and seems to ignore everything around it. My last report stated it was heading east landing every night and returning to the sky in the morning. Its taken only a single ram each night and stays low after that" she tells him. "That's odd. You'd think it would hunt more. A single ram wouldn't be enough to feed it even if it hunts every night" Cassandra says and Varric laughs. "Of course you would know this Seeker" he teases and she glares at him. "Thank you Harding" Aragon says and gestures his group to follow him. "Cant even let us rest for a minute Killer? You must want to kill this dragon really bad" Varric says and Aragon shakes his head. "We're not killing it" he says and Varric gasps. "What?" his outburst is ignored and Solas studies Aragon. Whatever he's hiding involves this dragon and Solas isn't so sure what to expect from him anymore.


Farther into the day Varric grumbles under his breath and Cassandra glowers at him. Solas watches Aragon as he pushes them to their limit all the while a distant look in his usually bright blue eyes. His fingers play with that odd amulet that he always keeps around his neck. Solas always assumed it had magical properties but could never get Aragon to take it off.

Every time he hints at it Aragon snaps and get irritated with him shutting the rest of the group out for no less than a day. His brain works hard trying to gather clues thinking back to every encounter and conversation desperately trying to piece together whatever Aragon could be hiding. Solas clenches his jaws as all he gets is more questions than answers.  

"Wait I hear something up ahead. Ready your swords" Cassandra whispers and they tense as they see a rift up ahead and a figure dressed in black with some sort of white pelt handing from their shoulders fighting the demons that spill out of it. "By the Nine" Aragon whispers and Solas looks from him to the figure who wields a golden sword in one hand and a ball of purple energy in the other. with a flick of their wrist a bolt of electricity soars at a demon turning it to ask on contact making his breath hitch. He'd never seen magic being that strong since the veil was created and it both intrigued him and made him suspicious.

The figure swings their sword at another demon and shouts at it making it fly back. Aragon rushes in then and starts to fight the demons making his way towards the rift. "They just did what Killer does. I thought no one else could do that" Varric says and Argon lifts his hand to the rift to close it. with a snap it shuts and everything is quiet but their slightly labored breathing. Aragon turns towards the figure but is cut off by a scream. "Daddy!" a child's shout breaks the silence and Solas looks over in shock as a young girl jumps off a large black horse and runs over to Aragon long brown hair flowing behind her. Aragon grabs her and pulls her to him "Amara!" he whispers and Varric gasps. "No way!" he says and Aragon looks up at the figure eyes filled with tears.

"Madalina?" He asks and the figure shutters dropping their sword and pulls their hood off before rushing towards him. Aragon stands up and wraps his arms around her pulling her as close as he can trapping the child between them. "Aragon!" the woman cries arms wrapped around his neck face buried in his armored chest. "I've got you love. I'm here" he whispers and kisses her head. "By the maker" Cassandra says and Solas looks closer his eyes widening as he notices why she's shocked. The woman that Aragon clutches protectively to him is as tall as him with long white hair and ears so similar to his own that it makes Solas sway. The child has the same pointed ears but has Aragon's hair.

"I thought I'd never see you again Aragon. You left for Whiterun and I waited! For months but you never returned" Madalina cries and Aragon tightens his arms around her. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to leave you or our daughter. I tried everything to get back to you. I never stopped looking for a way to get back to you. But I'm here now and I'm never leaving you alone again. I promise. You kept me going, you made me keep fighting so that I could get back to you. I'm so sorry" he says and kisses her.