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There's No Stopping Your Plans

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After traveling all day, the hunting group was ready and eager for a long sleep in the hut they would share for the night. Exhaustion and the warmth of the fire lulled Genjirou into a doze before he's awakened by the feeling of the heat of another body pressing close into his back. Only a moment later does he feels Sugimoto's familiar hands slips under the edge of his sleep shirt; fingers sliding deeper and threading through the thick patch of hair that grew across Genjirou's chest.

Sugimoto's hot breath hits the back of his neck, making him shiver. Moving closer to his ear, Sugimoto whispers, "dont wake up Shiraishi."

Genjirou nods his head deliberately, letting the side of his neck connect with, and then drag slowly against, Sugimoto's face. He feels a hand move further down his torso and press firmly beneath his belly button. Fingers entangling and pulling on the hair there, before flattening to offer a constant, teasing pressure above where he desperately wants to be touched. The touch of that hand is burning hot, and Genjirou has to bring the heel of his hand to his mouth, biting down hard to stifle the loud noises Sugimoto's hand is threatening to bring out of him.

The hand that remained on his chest moves to make slow circles over Genjirou's hardening nipple. Its then that Sugimoto commits to making real a go at Genjirou's neck with his mouth. Biting down and sucking hard at first, then following with a soft tongue, lathing over the worked skin.

Sugimoto continues to rub and pinch at Genjirou's chest; working his hard, pink nipples until they felt oversensitive and raw. Just when Genjirou is sure he can't handle the teasing for even a second longer, Sugimoto flattens his hand over the center of his chest and uses the force to pull himself flat against his much wider back. The new contact brings new heat, and his breathing becomes hot and ragged. Sugimoto moves from kissing the back of his neck, pushing their faces impossibly close and moves his mouth's attentions to the to the small space behind Genjirou's ear.

Sugimoto bites gently onto an earlobe and Genjirou can feel his whole face go hot and his head go fuzzy. His attention hyper focused as a soft tongue rolls over sensitive nerves. He uses his free hand to reach back and grab at Sugimoto's side. The movement clearly surprises him and Sugimoto's hips buck right into Genjirou's backside. Genjirou feels the hot rush of air on his face as Sugimoto gasps in surprise at the new contact points. He can't help but grin against his hand and increase his grip, pulling Sugimoto tight up against him. He can feel Sugimoto's hard dick pressed tight against his lower back.

"You want it that bad, huh." Sugimoto whispers closely. He feels the press of hot lips behind his ear once again as one hand moves lower down his waist. It makes quick work of the thin loincloth hes wearing and shoves the wrinkled fabric down under his hardening cock. Sugimoto gets his hand around the base and starts to pull, experimenting with their awkward position. He attempts again go get a better grip, but the pulls are short and aborted. He growl in obvious frustration while his grip tightens in Genjirou's chest hair, making him hiss in pain as several strands get pulled free. Genjirou takes the hand previously filling his mouth and gently works the hand free of the death grip on the already overly sensitive patch of hair. He brings the hand up close to his face and moves to take a finger into his mouth, dragging it across his tongue slowly before moving onto the next one. The hand on his dick grips tighter and Sugimoto's grumbling turns into a soft whine as he rolls his hips into the curve of Genjirou's back. He takes his time licking and sucking his way across Sugimoto's rough palm, enjoying the noises the man behind him is making. He pushes back to give more friction to the hard line of Sugimoto's cock moving against his ass. The hand currently on his own dick has all but stopped moving as Sugimoto has started to lose himself in his own pleasure.

Its now Genjirou's turn to vent his frustration and with one swift move, he uses his hands to remove himself from Sugimoto's grip and roll himself over so he could pin the smaller man beneath him. Pinned under him, Genjirou has the chance to get a look at his face. Lit by the light of the dying fire, Genjirou recognizes a familiar hunger in his eyes, a hunger that Genjirou is not used to being directed at him. As he looks up, he drags his tongue slowly across his mouth to wet his already swollen lips, and Genjirou takes that look as a challenge.

He lowers his head down, only for Sugimoto to meet him halfway, pushing up with increasing fervor. Their mouths move together, hot and wet, Sugimoto biting frantically only for Genjirou to push down harder and let his tongue move across those plush, needy lips. Until finally he can't take it any more, he moves to hold himself up on his knees, but not willing lose contact with Sugimoto's pliant mouth, Genjirou pulls and tears at his clothes. After an eternity and too many layers of clothes, Sugimoto's dick springs free and Genjirou once again brings his hips down so press their bodies together.

Genjirou uses his weight to press into Sugimoto, letting the hot, wet drag of their cocks be the center of attention. Slowing down with his mouth, they take this moment to just the feeling of the other in as Genjirou slowly moves his hips up and down, pressing as close as he possibly can into the heat between Sugimoto's hips. He keeps this up for as long as he can before Sugimoto begins to write under him, pushing and grabbing at him. Genjirou slows his movement even further until its just a tease of friction. Their faces are pressed too close and he knows Sugimoto can't see the teasing grin that plays on his mouth. He keeps up the agonizing pace until a knee is not so carefully shoved up into his stomach and he instinctively pulls back from the pain. Getting another good look at Sugimoto's face, Genjirou can see his frustration in the furrowed brow beneath him. His own smug grin is met with an eye roll before Sugimoto pulls him down just enough to get a hand around both their cocks at once. Genjirou could swear he hears him whisper "finally" as he gets his hand in the perfect position, working them both hard and fast.

Genjirou can tell that Sugimoto is close to his climax and he is not too far behind. It almost feels too damn good he can't be bothered to insist for a slower pace, but Sugimoto is so worked up and they don't get to have this kind of contact very often when here is always another person close by. He pulls back further to get a better look at Sugimoto's face as he adds his own hand, tightening the grip between them and forcing the pace to slow to where he wants it. Sugimoto closes his eyes while he bites down on his lip hard and lets a long breath out through his nose. At this point Sugimoto's cock is absolutely weeping in his hand, making their movements slick and noisy. He opens his eyes, and staring hard up into Genjirou's face he says "please" over and over again in tiny, ragged whispers. He looks so good like that and Genjirou rewards him with a firm squeeze and a pace meant to finish them both off.

Sugimoto lasts only a few strokes more before his eyes roll back and he comes across his own stomach, spine pulling taught and arching so beautifully. Sugimoto quickly goes limp under him, but more determined, Genjirou pulls faster, milking Sugimoto's orgasm and bringing himself off. He comes hard and semen coats Sugimoto' heaving chest with even more of a mess.

When he's too sensitive to keep touching, Genjirou removes his hand from their spent cocks and and refocuses his attentions once more on Sugimoto's mouth, they're both still breathing hard but he takes it nice and slow, and they kiss until a loud snore from the other side of the tent makes them stop and freeze. Meeting eyes, Genjirou can't help the wide grin that spreads across his face. Sugimoto reacts and brings his hand up to his mouth to stop a laugh. The hand on his face is absolutely filthy with their shared spent load and its Genjirou's turn to struggle against laughter as a horrified look dawns on Sugimoto's face.

Roughly and without asking, Sugimoto tugs at the hem of Genjirou's shirt and, without any grace, uses it to wipe off his hand and attempt to mop up the mess they made across his chest. When hes vaguely satisfied with his work he reaches up to pat Genjirou lightly on the cheek and simply says "well that was fun," before rolling over to get comfortable on his pillow. A little stunned, Genjirou takes off his now soiled top and does the same.

Settling back into sleep, he feels bold and he pulls Sugimoto up against his chest without a complaint. "Goodnight," he whispers into the darkened hut, met only with the soft, even breathing of a man in a contented sleep.