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Life After The Fall - An Attack on Titan Alt-Timeline Fan Fiction

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~ Induction ~

The 104th Graduation ceremony was over and done with, after the mess that was Trost, Annie was finally on her way to the barracks to report in for the Military Police assignment. Now she was in with the Military Police she could search for the prize.

Walking in through the capital, she had arrived here today and was carrying her duffel bag over her shoulder with one hand and made her way up to the barracks. Knocking on the door of the commander, she and the other new members were brought in and spoken to by the commander of the local regiment. She was told to report to someone for assignment and she watched the other Military Police leave for their assignments.

Walking up to an office, she knocked on the door and walked in. "Hello. I am Annie, I'm new in the Military Police, 104th training division. I've been told to report this room, and this squad" she explained to whoever was there to meet her.

Annie Leonhart. Sixteen going on seventeen years old with a height of 153cm and weight of 53kg. A graduate from the 104th training corps and ranked fourth among her class. In all she's someone that could've joined any prefecture in and outside the walls whether it be the survey corps or the highest grade in the military police. Yet. She's chosen to come into one of the lowest ranks possible in the police for reasons that don't match up with her personality and squander her skill.

"It doesn't make sense!" The leader of a normal squad in the military police and now Annie Leonhart thinks with a chew on the pad of his thumb. His black hair slicked back to a presentable degree and green eyes staring at the file given to him by her trainer. He had been expecting a recruit considering the season, but someone this skilled? It was ridiculous. Sure, her apathetic and loner attitude made enough sense with this branch considering all anyone did was drink, gamble, or have sex with anyone willing to give; a practice that even this leader's squad has fallen into.

"Everyone's probably in the barracks at this time..." The man seated at his desk sighs out as his eyes turn to the clock sitting on his desk and the emptiness of his room. The room unlike most in his position filled with little bits of personality that include the blinds moved away from the window and letters of goodwill stuck to the wall. Though this pales in comparison to the desk that's littered with stacks of papers from various dates, a personal clock atop todays paper, and various love letters he looks at next. His brows furrow at the sight of them and his foot trails the waist-basket underneath his chair as his hand slowly moves the small collection into the trash.

Knock Knock.

As the papers are filtered into the trash can, the door is knocked upon and Annie Leonhart enters without even waiting for her superior to give the A-OK. Said superior bolts upright in an instant, one hand crushing the last love letter in hand before tossing it into the garbage. His hands then slowly and carefully move the stacks of paper aside until the middle of the desk is clear and the two are able to properly see one another. His green eyes meeting her blue and his calm expression meeting the more sullen one she returns to him. Taking in the details of her face, the superior raises an eyebrow with a silent muse about the maturity of her expression that contrasts with the youth shown in her features and body.

"Annie Leonhart you mean. You introduce yourself to your superior with the last name included." The man in the standard military uniform lightly chastises with a smile as he gestures to the leather seat across his desk; voice smooth with a relaxed air to it.

When she was spoken to by the soldier, she shrugged apathetically when he he told her to use her full name instead when talking to her superior.

"Please take a seat." Once the blonde has taken a seat, the superior folds his hands in front of him and sits up a little straighter. "Welcome to the military police. I'm Matias Katzenbach and your superior officer. Though please just call me, Matias. I'm not one much for formalities, although I do have a question specifically for you, Annie."

His hands unfold and move the file with the information taken from her training to the middle of the desk; a finger pressing on the photo of the new recruit.

"Why did you join the military police? You must know that this place is a glorified hideout for slackers and other reprobates like the rest of this squad that blew this meeting off. Nobody does any work here and even though you're one to be a loner, you don't strike me as someone that wants to indulge in a hedonistic lifestyle. So tell me. Why did someone with so much skill and talent choose to come here?"

The smoothness in his voice isn't lost in his questions, but the relaxed nature is replaced with an authoritative one that matches the sharpness in his green eyes. This particular superior officer unlike most actually willing to do his job and act as a military superior would.

"Why did I join the Military Police?" she repeated and shrugged. "I joined because I really couldn't be arsed with the Survey Corps or the Garrison.. The survey corps are a bunch of idealistic idiots and the Garrison squad is a bunch of dropouts." she explained before shrugging again.

"I joined the Military Police because I'm better than a lot people and because I'm better, I'm now in a place where I can lay around, do what I want and all I have to do is spend time with a few rich big shots pretending to keep them secure when they are already safe and secure" she spoke honestly, she was lying of course, well, mostly lying. The REAL reason was she was looking for someone and something.. She had taken the Military Police position while the others took the Survey Corps, they'd check there.

"So why did I chose to be in the Military Police?" she repeated again. "because I can do what ever I want here..." she then paused before adding. "Sir..."

"Am I done here?" she finally questioned.

Despite the obvious lack of interest that Annie showed him, this military officer stayed attentive in listening to the answer that was given to him. Her opinion on the survey corps and the garrison weren't his own, but they were fair and understandable. When she began to go on about how she's better about others and that's what gave her the ability to laze around his attention was raised. It was a unique reason compared to most people in this place. Most were either the son or a relative of a big shot that allowed them to take it easy, or they were afraid of the titans. But here was Annie Leonhart. She wanted to do whatever she wanted because she deserved to? There was something more to that. That was the conclusion that the military superior came to as she reiterated the fact that she wanted to do whatever she wanted. His eyes came to a brief close as he leaned a little back in his seat, one hand running through his hair in what looked to be thought.

"I see. That's understandable, Annie." He said with a lean into his chair and a quiet smile that matched the renewed relaxation in his voice. "Unfortunately. You won't be doing whatever you want since you've been assigned to the only superior officer in this..." His hand moves up into the air and makes a small circular motion.

"…whole district that actually does his job. So with that said come on. We've got a patrol to do and some errands that I've been meaning to run." He shoves his hand into his desk and takes out a piece of paper that is quickly deposited into his chest pocket. After that he rises from his seat and gestures with a hand for Annie to follow him to the door. As his hand wraps around the knob, a sudden thought comes to mind and he turns to look at Annie with a point at her.

"By the way I'm relocating you from the barracks that you've been assigned to. So before the day is over we're going to grab your stuff." Even though his unit is among one of the oldest in power with three years in service, it's among the most useless in terms of achievement with any recognition coming from the things that he's done.

The two would make their way out with that and on their was pass by other new recruits making their way to their own superiors or leaving to do their own assignments. Two of them are Hitch Dreyse and Marlowe Freudenberg who Annie almost got assigned with. The only reason she was assigned to him is due to the pity that was given to him by his father that resides in the Garrison and his own request to get a new recruit after denying the appeal for the past year. He'd heard that their were some actual spirited individuals this time around in training and attempted to take the chance to get one of them to finally do what this job entailed him to do.

'Yet. Here I am again with someone that couldn't care less. Ugh. At least she's actually talented.' The man thought as the two stepped out of the military police building and into the sunlight brought by the sun that shined over the Stohess district.