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Hermione Recaps the WVN

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The Daily Prophet

31st of March, 2008

Ministry announces WVN - the World's First Wizarding Television Network

Simone Tring

In a shock announcement today, the British Ministry of Magic announced the very first Wizarding Television Network in response to the growing number of Tele-mirrors in use in the British and Irish magical community.

The announcement came from Minister for Magic, Andrew Cuthbert, and Head of the new Department 'Magical Entertainment and Innovation', Melody Jackson. They were joined by Draco Malfoy, Senior Manager of Product Development at Malfoy Industries, Lee Jordan, Senior Manager of Business Development at the Wizarding Wireless Network, and Shawna Steele, Head of the newly created WTV team at Patil Media.

"We are pleased to announce that after years of Product testing, spell creating and enchantment innovation, we the Ministry of Magic, have created the very first wizarding-only television network will be available for viewing next month." Minister Cuthbert said

Much as a wireless can detect the messages from the Wizarding Wireless Network, the Tele-mirror picks up on the signals that are sent out by Muggle radio and television stations. The Tele-mirror was created by a team of Muggle-born enchanters, arithmancers and potions specialists in Malfoy Industries Research and Development department.

"Since production [tele-mirrors] have been a hit with our Muggle-born and Half-blood customers as well as Ministry departments that deal regularly with muggles." Mr. Malfoy said.

"While it has been fascinating to have ample evidence about how dated our muggle studies curriculum is," Mrs. Jackson added, "The magical world has not had any entertainment that reflects our own unique culture and history. Until now that is."

Since the launch of the tele-mirrors 9-years ago, the Department of Mysteries, Malfoy Industries and the two leading British wizarding media - Patil Media and the Wizarding Wireless Network have collaborated to bring this new technology to life.

Ms. Steele and Mr. Jordan addressed questions related to what WVN will be offering.

"Patil Media has invested significantly in sponsoring the completion of Degrees in media studies and film production," Ms. Steele stated, "These people are the producers, directors, and managers who are the vision holders behind network offerings.

"While most are currently half-blood and muggle-borns and have more innate knowledge of how television shows work. We are hoping that more purebloods will become involved as the pick up the technology. Many of our young people have already entered the muggle community to get involved in acting."

Mr. Jordan stated that WWN sent many of their serial writers and directors to workshops with famous muggle script writers as well as sponsored several to complete degrees in television production, performance, and direction.

"We are pleased to say that our people have thrown themselves heartily into this development," Mr. Jordan stated, "Many received the muggle equivalent of O's on their work. This, combined with the young people who have gone on to study acting, well, suffice to say, we are very excited about what's coming for Wizarding Britain."

Wizarding Britain can look forward to being able to watch their own Wizard-centric shows on the tele in one month on Saturday, May 3rd with the televised celebrations for the ten-year anniversary of the end of the Second Wizarding War. Those unable to attend the gala and benefit will be able to see the show live from the comfort of their homes.

For a full transcript of the announcement see page 7

For locations on where to purchase a tele-mirror see page 10

For full instructions and wand movements for enchanting a tele-mirror to access WVN see page 11


Tickets still available!

Kazuma Nitsimura

The ministry has stated that there are very few general admission tickets still available for the 'Never Forget to Live' Celebration for the 10th anniversary of the end of the Second Wizarding War. There are no longer any premium tickets available.

The celebration will include musical performances by Celestina Warbeck, Weird Sisters, The Hogwarts Children's Choir, and it has confirmed that Spellbound will be performing together again for the first time in 7 years. The all-witch singing group has not performed together since unfounded rumors of love-triangles and power dynamics broke the group up during their tour promoting their third hit album

The night will also include performances by Illustrious, the illusionist dance troupe choreographed by Beatrix 'Trixie' Rennolds and Roberto Alphonse di Micelli, the comedy stylings of Jack-in-the-Sack and Fantazie, the Romanian Circus, will be performing a sneak peak of their new show before their world tour.

The night will also include the presentation of the inaugural Magical of the Year awards. Readers are reminded that nominations for Magical of the Year, Young Magical of the Year and Elder Magical of the Year are due by the 30th.

Attendees are encouraged to wear Enchanting Dress Robes. The ministry defines this as 'dress robes with whimsical accessories to remind one of the special moments in life'.

All profits from the event will be split between St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries and the Safe Harbor Home for Foundling Witches and Wizards.


Auditions Open

Celestina Payne

WWN and Patil Media will be holding auditions for new wizarding tele-mirror productions. Applicants are requested to owl their head shot (photograph of face including hair and shoulder) and resume to Owl Post Box 339, Diagon Alley, London.

The resume should include a list of special talents (dance, illusion, broom gymnastics etc.) and a summary of performance experience.

WVN and Patil Media are also looking for post-production spell workers and on-set enchanters, lighting specialists and transfigurers, as well as costume designers and makeup artists.

For a full list of openings see page 2 of the employment section.


The Daily Prophet

5th of May 2008

'Never Forget to Live' Gala and Benefit a Resounding Success

Kazuma Nitsimura

From the very beginning with a stunning opening act by the Hogwarts Children's Choir featuring a hauntingly beautiful solo by Hippolitine Munroe, a fourth-year Slytherin, the audience knew that they were in for a treat.

From dazzling displays of magical innovation to arresting performances by Celestina Warbeck, Weird Sisters and Spellbound, who used the event to announce that they were coming back together to record a new album. Audiences were spellbound by the event.

"I am incredibly proud that this event went off without any unexpected issues," Organizer Romilda Robbins explained, "And the WTV people stayed out of our hair, too, which was more than I was expecting, to be perfectly honest."

The winners of the Magical of the Year awards were announced just after intermission.

The Young Magical of the Year Award was presented by representatives of the Safe Harbor Home for Foundling Witches and Wizards to winner Edward 'Teddy' Lupin. Two years ago, Mr. Lupin came to the realization that the Junior Quidditch League was closed to children of so-called creature blood and started a campaign for the ministry to change its rules.

"I didn't think it was fair that there were a whole lot of kids who couldn't play with others, Mrs. Weasley said that in France and other parts of Europe they are allowed to play together. I didn't think it was right so, I asked my grandma and godfather what I could do to help out," the award winner mentioned in his acceptance speech, "I mean, we don't play at night time so the kids suffering from Lycanthropy aren't gonna get all wolfy during play, and part-veela kids don't come into their inheritance until puberty. So, it was really just a stupid rule to keep prejudice alive."

Today there are 25 Junior Quidditch League children who identify as having some kind of creature influence. Lycanthropy experts have stated the severity of symptoms like residual pain, tiredness, and full-moon aggression actually decreased in children involved in the league during Quidditch season and are now exploring it for treatment possibilities.

The Elder Magical of the Year award was presented by Minister of Magic, Andrew Cuthbert, to Hippocrates Smethwyck a former Healer-in-Charge at St Mungo's. Mr. Smethwyck stated, "Like many wizards, I was dissatisfied with retirement and I wanted to continue to give back to the community."

Mr. Smethwyck has since served on the board of several charities, has traveled and performed pro-bono healing services to disadvantaged and remote wizarding communities on the continent and, most recently, developed a treatment for magical burns that reduces scarring by up to 90%.

"I refused to patent the treatment," he said in his speech, "because I've treated many children over the years who were burnt by the accidental magic of a sibling or friend. Dragon keepers who ensure that magical creatures are kept safe and healthy… How could I put a price on that? I urge the current companies to keep the prices of potions and treatments that save lives, and improve the lives of others"

The Magical of the Year award was presented by Harry Potter, the Savior of the Wizarding World, to auror Kingsley Shacklebolt who served as interim Minister for Magic in the two years after the Second Wizarding War before returning to the auror office as Head Auror. Harry Potter, an auror himself, praised Auror Shacklebolt for his leadership, revamping of auror training and ensuring that the Auror office regained the integrity and trust of the wizarding world after the second Wizarding World.

"Everyone called me a hero because I removed one bad apple from the bushel," Mr. Potter said, "But after starting life as an auror, I feel embarrassed by that. The real heroes are the aurors who face terrible, despicable things every day - those who keep us safe and bring wrongdoers to justice. Kingsley is one of those aurors who has been fighting the darkness for longer than I've been alive. And I can tell you, that everyone ought to feel safer knowing that Kings is heading the department and training our future aurors."

Mr. Shacklebolt's speech was short, to the point and was received with thunderous applause.

"I want to dedicate this award to the witches and wizards who trained me, to those who went out to fight the darkness alongside me and didn't make it back to their families, and to those who will keep fighting to ensure a safe future for our children and our children's children."

Shankheart, the Gringotts representative in charge of the account to which donations are directed, stated that the total takings for the night have exceeded expectations by approximately 65% but 'we are still counting it all, so shove off'. This number is expected to increase further as more donations come in.

For more photos of the event see page 13-16


WVN Premier's Without a Hitch

Simone Tring

The British Ministry of Magic, Patil Media, Malfoy Industries, and WWN must have let out a huge sigh relief after a significant level of investment bore fruit with the televised 'Never Forget to Live' Gala and Benefit.

"We were able to build a notification system so that we know how many tele-mirrors were accessing the magical broadcast," a Malfoy Industries spokesperson said today, "It doesn't tell us anything about the viewers, or where the tele-mirrors are, so we cannot collect any demographic information. However, we conservatively estimate about half of the magical population in the UK and Ireland tuned in to see the festivities. This is more than we could have hoped."

The WVN Broadcast of the NFTL Gala and Benefit was live, meaning that wizards and witches at home were able to view the event in its entirety as it happened.

"We had several recording devices and a production team of about five directing the movement and broadcast of portable recording devices so that we could get shots from different angles and allow for the best viewing experience," said Shawna Steele, from P-WTV.

Programming at the moment runs for five and a half hours each evening from 5:00 to 10:30 PM GMT generally following a pattern of an hour of children's programming at 5:00 PM, a 30-minute breakdown of the news of the day at 6:00 PM, light family-friendly entertainment from 6:30 PM and then more adult programming from 8:30 PM.


Hermione Granger Hospitalized for 'Stress'

Padma Patil

Daily Prophet journalist Hermione Granger, 28, was rushed to St Mungo's after collapsing during the intermission at the 10th Anniversary Celebrations. Miss Granger was seen arguing with Malfoy heir, Draco Malfoy, not long before she collapsed and was rushed to St Mungo's.

Miss Granger has had a hectic schedule since completing her Muggle Journalism degree and joining the Daily Prophet after it was purchased by Patil Media not long after the end of the Blood Wars.

Pradhi Patil was said to have been very impressed with Miss Granger's portfolio.

"I feel that Miss Granger and my niece Padma, as new graduates in journalism, have the necessary integrity to turn British news media into a serious source of information rather than a gossipy mouthpiece of the Ministry," Mr. Patil mentioned at the time of their appointment before adding, "Wizarding Britain deserves a better source of news."

Miss Granger came to prominence as an international correspondent after covering the religiously motivated conflict in Eastern Europe between the Traditional Druidic Communities and the Shamanists. The level of violence in these conflicts shocked the world after Miss Granger brought it to global attention.

When asked if Mr. Malfoy may have been the source of Miss Granger's collapse and if he was concerned that the two live in the same block of flats, good friend and fellow member of the Golden Trio, Mr. Ronald Weasley snorted, mumbled expletives under his breath, before finally stating that Miss Granger would forcefully remove some favored parts of his anatomy if he spoke to a newspaper without her approval (actual quote unsafe for printing).

Whether Mr. Weasley was referring to Mr. Malfoy or himself is unclear. Miss Granger has come under disciplinary action before for her use of disfiguring hexes to those who 'annoy [her] to bits'.

Miss Granger allowed this reporter to visit with her at St Mungo's and was in good enough spirits and discussed the stress of breaking the Colombian Wizard - Drug Cartel Cooperation story last November.

When asked if stress likely played a role in Miss Granger's collapse, Miss Granger replied, "Yes, absolutely! Stress was the thing! Isn't it interesting how utterly boring one person's health is when stress is the only cause of illness, now, would you like some of these chocolates, Padma? Harry's gone into hiding or something and has smuggled them out from wherever he is right now."

Miss Granger is in a stable condition and is likely to be released in the next couple of days. Staff at St Mungo's have requested that Miss Granger be "left alone to rest, for pity's sake!" and have discouraged anyone but family from visiting.