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I Already Found Happiness: then you came along

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Hoseok bursts into Yoongi’s apartment.

Yoongi doesn’t regret giving him a key. They’ve been dating for a month and it was basically a right of passage.

So he doesn’t regret Hoseok being able to barge in on his quiet time. He doesn’t regret it at all.

“I met the coolest guy at H-Mart.”

Yoongi sighs. He already hates where this story is going.

Yoongi acknowledges that yes, he has lots of Korean friends and yes, it’s a stereotype. But Hoseok spends way more time than he has to at H-Mart.

Yoongi’s aware it’s cause Hoseok likes speaking Korean, but when Hoseok goes to H-Mart, it means he buys Korean ingredients. And when they have Korean ingredients, it means Yoongi has to cook them.

Unperturbed by Yoongi’s lack of attention, Hoseok rambles on as he puts the groceries in Yoongi’s fridge. “So his name is Vincent Kim. Oh shit, I didn’t ask him for his Korean name. Um, but anyway. He has a boyfriend! Isn’t that amazing!”

Yoongi snorts. “Hoseok, you have a boyfriend. It’s not really that crazy of a concept.”

Hoseok tsks. “No, but he and his boyfriend are both Korean!”

Yoongi stares at the book he’s not reading just so he can try to ignore Hoseok’s pointless story.

Hoseok rolls his eyes where Yoongi can’t see him. “It’s almost like it’s rare for there to be two gay korean couples since our families’ culture hates us so much.”

Yoongi puts his book down to look at Hoseok. “We live in LA. My parents haven’t cared since high school.”

Hoseok pouts. His parents cared. His parents cared a lot.

It’s part of the reason Hoseok moved to LA in the first place. He grew up in San Francisco, but unlike Yoongi, Hoseok was born in Korea. Yoongi was born in LA.

Hoseok ignores Yoongi’s feigned apathy. He’s used to it by now. “We’re going on a double date.” Hoseok has his back to Yoongi. “Don’t pout.”

Yoongi licks his lips to tug his lip back to a normal position. “I’m not pouting.”

“I know you hate double dates. I just… I really want to meet them, okay?”

Yoongi gets it, but- “It’s just not really a date with two strangers there.”

Hoseok smirks and walks into the living room. “I know you like being sweet to me on dates, but no one’s stopping you from doing that while they’re there.”

Yoongi tsks as Hoseok forces himself onto Yoongi’s lap so he’s straddling him.

He puts his arms around Yoongi’s neck. “You can pick the restaurant.”

Yoongi’s hands instinctively go to Hoseok’s hips. He looks into his boyfriend’s eyes.

They don’t have to discuss any of this. Yoongi hates double dates, but he loves picking the restaurants they go to. This is a compromise that they’d figured out a long time ago. “Fine. But we’re not getting Korean food.”

Hoseok frowns.


That friday night, Yoongi finds himself in K-Town at a Korean BBQ restaurant with Hoseok as they wait for Vincent and his boyfriend to show up.

Yoongi orders a coffee while they wait. He kicks Hoseok’s foot under the table. “So English or Korean?”

Hoseok blinks. “Language or names?”

Yoongi shrugs. “Both.”

Hoseok hums. “Uh, I guess we can ask once they get here. I know Vincent speaks fluently but I don’t know if his boyfriend does. Oh, there they are!”

Hoseok and Vincent wear matching grins and Yoongi can’t help but find it endearing. Hoseok is a people person. If it made Yoongi jealous to see Hoseok make friends, they would never have even been able to start dating.

Vincent smiles. “Hey, Hoseok! This is so exciting! We’ve never been on a double date!”

His boyfriend, who has bright pink hair, smiles awkwardly. “Um, I’m Christian.” He holds his hand out to Hoseok.

Hoseok nods. “You can call me Hope.”

Christian holds his hand out to Yoongi and Yoongi’s still trying to decide whether to use his English or Korean name, but since they’re all speaking English, he keeps it simple. “I’m August.”

Vincent blinks. “Hoseok, I thought you said your boyfriend’s name is Yoongi.”

Yoongi sighs. “Uh, yeah. That’s my Korean name.”

Vincent nods. “Oh, which do you prefer?”

Yoongi looks at Hoseok. He kind of hates this whole part. It’s easier when someone only knows one of his names. He responds to both of them so he really doesn’t give a shit which people call him. “Well, whatever’s easier for you.”

Vincent shrugs. “I can do either.”

Yoongi immediately feels a headache set in.

Hoseok steps in, knowing how stressed Yoongi must be. “Christian, do you speak Korean?”

Christian waves his hand in the air vaguely. “I can speak it, but it’s not always right.”

Hoseok smiles acceptingly. “Cool. So we all speak it, more or less. Just call him August. You can always switch to Yoongi if you’re mad at him.”

Yoongi glares at Hoseok, but there’s a playful glint in his eyes. Hoseok laces his fingers with Yoongi’s under the table.

Hoseok just turns back to Vincent and Christian. “Do you guys have Korean names?”

Christian nods. “Yeah, mine’s Jimin.”

Vincent crinkles his nose. “Agh, it’s so cute. I think both his names suit him so well. Mine’s Taehyung.”

There’s a ghost of an old argument in Christian’s eyes as he says, “Please just call him Tae. Vincent is so pretentious, I can’t stand it.”

Tae pouts. “Aww, Chim chim. Don’t ruin the fun.”

Yoongi lets out a small happy noise as his coffee is placed on the table. He’s too pleased about the caffeine to be embarrassed by the soft noise.

Christian and Tae both hear it.

Christian’s eyes go wide. “Oh! Do you guys use honorifics? I don’t want to be rude.”

Yoongi tsks. “Only if we’re speaking Korean. Or if Hoseok wants something from me.”

Tae rubs at his head. “Wow, this is so confusing.”

Yoongi frowns. “Honestly, don’t worry about it. I’m August, he’s Hope. Forget about honorifics. We’re just speaking English. It’s simple.”

Hoseok pats Yoongi’s head. “My lil logical bae saving the day.”

Yoongi slaps his hand away as he takes a long sip from his coffee. Yoongi points at the menu on the wall. “I hope you guys are hungry.”

Christian’s eyes speak for him.

Before they know it, they table is filled with meat and Yoongi immediately takes charge of the grill.

Tae reaches forward to help but Yoongi slaps his hand away.

He doesn’t realize that he says it in Korean, <Let hyung do it for you.>

Tae responds back. <Is it traditional for the eldest to do it? I always thought my dad just wanted to.>

Yoongi shakes his head. <No, I just like doing it, I guess.>

Christian blinks at him.

Hoseok elbows Yoongi. “You guys switched to Korean.”

Yoongi looks up at Christian. “Oh. I didn’t realize. I’m sorry.”

Christian shakes his head. “No, it’s fine. I understood. I just was going to ask you about your work and I wasn’t sure how to say what I did so I guess I panicked a little.”

Yoongi snorts. “Well if it’s so complicated you can’t say it in Korean, I’m a little curious what it is you do.”

Christian covers his mouth to answer with his mouth full. “Well, I’ve been doing some freelance modeling.” He gestures at his hair. “So my hair changes a lot which is kind of fun.”

Hoseok’s eyes go wide. “Is that what you want to do? Modeling?”

Christian shrugs. “I like it so far so that’s what I’m doing for now at least.”

Hoseok nods. “That’s so cool. You’ve gotta show us some of your shoots.”

Christian shakes his head. “That’s too embarrassing.”

But Tae already has them pulled up on his phone. “I have the hottest boyfriend.”

Christian panics, dropping his chopsticks to grab for the phone Tae’s passing to Hoseok. “Tae!”

Hoseok whistles at the shirtless picture of Christian and shows it to Yoongi. Yoongi blinks. “Wow. You’re good.”

Hoseok snorts. “Just say he’s hot if you mean he’s hot.”

Yoongi frowns. “I would’ve said that if that’s what I meant.” Yoongi reaches over Hoseok to zoom in on Christian’s face. “I meant that he’s good. It’s hard to get a picture like that.”

Hosek throws his arm around Yoongi as he hands the phone back to Tae. Jimin’s face matches his pink hair. “Yoongi’s a photographer so that’s high praise coming from him.”

Jimin bows his head in thanks. Yoongi shakes off the compliment. “I’m just freelance. I’m not a pro or anything.”

Hoseok fights back, supporting his boyfriend. “You’re good. And that’s not just code for you’re hot, but also, you’re hot.” Hoseok beams and Yoongi sighs, not even embarrassed.

Tae laughs at them. “You should take some pictures of Christian! He gets bored when he doesn’t have a gig.”

Yoongi shrugs. “No offense, but I usually do architecture photography.”

Tae puts his arm around Christian. “Well not to brag, but my man is built, so I think he fits your genre.”

Hoseok laughs so hard he spits out his food.

He recovers and turns to Yoongi, his expression is deadly serious. “Yoongi, these two men are our new best friends and we are never abandoning them, okay?”

Yoongi smirks as he gently runs his hands through Hoseok’s hair. “Whatever you say.”

Hoseok presses a quick kiss to Yoongi’s lips.

Christian and Tae smile at each other shyly as the older couple kisses.

Hoseok changes the topic. “What about you, Tae?”

Tae takes a deep breath. “Well, I have one of the most important jobs in the city. I don’t mean to cast a shadow over the rest of you, but I just happen to be… an Uber driver. And yes, it’s true. I also drive for Lyft. I know what you’re thinking, it’s not possible. Oh but it is, I am that essential to the Los Angeles nightlif-”

Christian shoves a piece of pork in Tae’s mouth as he rolls his eyes. “He says this shit every time someone asks. He wants to be an actor. I’m just trying to make sure we have time to hear Hos- uh, Hosik… Sorry, I- Hope. Hope’s answer.”

Hoseok smiles. “No worries. I actually drive for Lyft too. But just on the side. I teach at a dance studio. For kids. Nothing fancy. I’m not training the next Sinatra or anything.”

Yoongi hums. “I mean, you might be.”

Hoseok nods thoughtfully. “You’re not wrong. Huh, the Sinatra of hip hop. This will be my legacy.”

They all laugh before changing the topic to how terrible traffic is. It comes up at least once during every conversation in Los Angeles. It just does.


Yoongi didn’t hate the double date. Usually he hates them.

But he liked Tae and Christian.

The double dates become a regular thing.

They usually go to Korean places, just cause Hoseok likes being around the language in the menus or the conversations next to them, but they go out to BJs one night and it’s not surprising that that’s the night where Christian asks-

“Can we speak in Korean?”

Hoseok’s eyes light up. “Are you sure?”

Christian blushes. “It’s just… it’s really nice being around you guys. Honestly, most of my friends are white. So I don’t get to practice speaking it a lot. You said you’re both fluent, right?”

Hoseok’s beaming. <Yeah, we are. Just let me know if it’s ever too much.>

Christian laughs. <You use Korean names in Korean, yes?>

Yoongi tries to hide his smirk at Christian’s stinted sentence. He doesn’t mean to be rude. It’s just kind of cute.

Tae’s staring at Christian like he just lit the stars. <You’re beautiful when you speak Korean.>

Christian blushes more. <I’m always beautiful.>

Tae snorts. <Sure, that you can say perfectly.>

Christian just smiles around a mouthful of food.

Yoongi interrupts. <Can you remind me of your Korean name?>

Christian nods. <My name is Jimin. What is your name?>


Hoseok points at Tae. <Taehyung.>

Tae points back at Hoseok. <Hoseok!>

Tae and Hoseok both scream. “DOCTOR SCOTT!”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, but smiles at the reference. <That’s Hoseok hyung to you.>

Tae nods, apologizing through a mouth full of food. There’s a few things he and Jimin have in common and stuffing their faces is a significant one.

Yoongi always eats slowly. Christian and Tae have theorized that he does it so he can make the excuse that he’s eating to avoid talking more than he wants to.

Yoongi gestures to Christian’s hair. <Jimin ah, did you have another shoot?>

Tae and Hoseok look at Yoongi with sly grins.

Christian glances at both of them, confused. <Yes. Grey now.>

Hoseok waves his hands. <Okay, back up. We’re not letting Yoongi hyung get away with being soft without calling him out.>

Yoongi rolls his eyes as he stabs at his food.

Christian tilts his head. <What do you mean?>

Tae explains. <He called you Jimin ah instead of just Jimin. It’s an honorific kind of. It just means he’s fond of you.>

<He calls me Hope ah sometimes.> Hoseok smiles, but Yoongi is steadily ignoring all of them as he pretends to read through emails on his phone.

Christian nods. <Oh. I knew that. I didn’t hear… > “Um, I didn’t notice it as he said it. It blended into the sentence.”

Hoseok shrugs. <You’ll pick up on everything pretty quick if we speak it a lot.>

Christian nods. <That is the plan!>

Tae smiles proudly at Jimin. <He’s been practicing pretty hard for a few weeks. He’s still trying to figure how what people younger than me would call me cause he thinks it’s stupid to call me Taehyung hyung.>

Christian pouts. “It just sounds so redundant. Taehyung squared. Or Tae-hyung. I don’t know. Hyung hyung is like... Moon moon.” Christian pauses. “You know, on second thought, hyung hyung kind of suits you.”

Hoseok snorts. “Oh my god, Moon moon.” <Hyung, you remember Moon moon, right?>

Yoongi glares at Hoseok, offended. <Of course I remember Moon moon. How dare you even ask.>

Hoseok smirks at Tae and Christian. <Yoongi hyung loves Moon moon. Almost as much as he loves Kumamon.>

Yoongi frowns at his phone. <If you don’t shut up, we’re not having sex tonight.>

Hoseok makes a show of zipping his lips.

Tae snorts.

Christian’s quiet.

Tae speaks up. <You guys have been together for awhile?>

Yoongi nods, locking his phone to rejoin the conversation now that he’s not being mocked. <Yeah, going on two months. But we’ve been messing around for almost half a year.>

Christian raises his hand awkwardly. “I’m not understanding most of this.”

Tae quickly translates. “They’ve been fucking for half a year but only dating for two months.”

Someone at the next table over looks at Tae with horror.

Yoongi shakes his head. <Didn’t say we were fucking for half a year. Said we were messing around. Didn’t let him fuck me til it was official.> “I’m not that kinda girl.”

Hoseok raises his eyebrows. <Is this foreplay, right now?>

Yoongi pretends to grip his knife tightly. <Just a phrase, Hope ah. Don’t get any ideas.>

Tae giggles but Christian’s staring down at his food. Tae reaches over and grabs his hand. “If you’re not understanding, it’s cause everything we’re saying is really dirty.”

Christian snorts, but his frown doesn’t fade. <I wish I can understand like you.>

Hoseok reaches across the table and pats Christian’s head. <You will.>


A week later, Yoongi gets a text from Christian.

It’s written in really bad Korean. Yoongi smiles at it.

Christian/지민: <My hair is blue but no one takes pictures of it. Do you want to make history?>

Yoongi stares at the dramatic text for a moment before his phone buzzes again. It’s in English this time.

Christian/지민: I feel like I didn’t say what I meant. I dyed my hair blue just for fun but I don’t have any gigs booked. So I was wondering if you’d document it for me!

Yoongi laughs at the translation.

August Hope’s bf: yeah. i should practice my portrait photography

He stares at the text.

August Hope’s bf: didnt mean to sound so bored. it’d be really cool to take pictures with you! when are you free?

Christian/지민: tongiht?! Before the dye gets a single chance to fade?!?!?!

August Hope’s bf: it’s not gonna fade over night

Christian/지민: between the two of us who knows more about hair dye

August Hope’s bf: me. i used to dye my hair myself. you go to salons

Christian/지민: ……..but can we do it tonight

August Hope’s bf: yeah im free lol

August Hope’s bf: but the color would probably come out better in sunlight. i have lights but it’s not the same

Christian/지민: oh no guess we have to do two shoots wow im so upset how horrible

August Hope’s bf: you really like modelling dont you

Christian/지민: i do :)

August Hope’s bf: good. maybe you wont be as fucking awful to work with as the models who made me swear off portrait photography


August Hope’s bf: hope’s asleep but he wont care if we wake him up

Christian/지민: it’s 6pm why is he asleep

August Hope’s bf: he was out from 1am til 10am for lyft

Christian/지민: gross. Tae does the same thing sometimes. it pays better tho. anyway. Im just wearing skinny jeans and a button up. Ok?

August Hope’s bf: ur the model you tell me

Christian/지민: if i dont look hot enough ill just take my shirt off

August Hope’s bf: wow confident

Christian/지민: >///< no it’s not that! It’s just… that’s how it works.

August Hope’s bf: i know. im just messing with you

Christian/지민: oh :’)

August Hope’s bf: 지민이 바보

Christian/지민: *frowns in korean*

August Hope’s bf: wow your korean has gotten so good. im gonna set up the lights. ring the doorbell when youre here

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Yoongi sends a text to Hoseok in case he wakes up.

~yoonjagi~: taking pics with Christian on the patio

Yoongi’s apartment isn’t huge. It’s really just two rooms: the bedroom, and a living room kitchen combo. But if there’s one thing he loves about his apartment that he’s never going to give up, it’s the patio.

He lives in a kind of shit part of k-town, which means the rent is cheap for a pretty decent studio apartment. Well... cheapish. Hoseok lives up in Glendale with three roommates. He splits a room with a college student, Justin. There’s two other rooms where Nathan and Jin live.

As a fairly new couple, Yoongi and Hoseok don’t go to Hoseok’s place much. Why would they when they could have Yoongi’s apartment all to themselves?

Yoongi frowns to himself as he thinks about how literally all his friends are Korean. He always told himself he wouldn’t be that guy yet here he is.

The doorbell rings and he moves to open the door for Christian. It’s past 7pm.

He frowns to himself. It was still peak rush hour. Christian and Tae live in Echo Park together and it still took Christian an hour to get here.

He opens the door to complain to Christian that he shouldn’t have left until after 7, but he’s distracted by Christian’s hair.

Christian beams. “You like it?”

Yoongi frowns. “That’s not blue.”

Christian pushes past him into the apartment. “Yes it is.”

Yoongi sighs looking between Christian’s hair and the patio. “No, that’s like… green.”

Christian watches Yoongi’s face as he adjusts lights. “Did… did I ruin your setup or something?”

Yoongi’s mumbling. “I just was expecting blue.” He glances at Christian again and then sees his shirt and scoffs. “Just a button up, huh?”

Christian falls onto the couch with a sigh. “Why are you judging me so much? Don’t you know models are fragile when it comes to their image?”

Yoongi tsks. “I’m not judging you, I’m teasing you. And yes, you did kinda ruin my setup. I was expecting a bright blue. I’m just readjusting.”

Christian hums and watches Yoongi work. Neither of them say it, but they’re definitely judging each other. Christian’s worked on professional shoots so he’s curious where Yoongi will fall on the spectrum of photographers he’s worked with.

So far, he’s already nicer than all of them. Judgey comments included.

Christian glances at the lights out on the patio. “Won’t the lights bother your neighbors?”

Yoongi shakes his head. “They’re not home at night. Nocturnal.”

Christian’s eyebrows raise.

Yoongi glances at him with a laugh. “Not by choice. It’s just their work shift.”

Christian hums and moves into the spot where the lights are positioned. He’s been to Yoongi’s place once before, but it was just so they could all carpool to Santa Monica. He never really looked around.

Christian moves around the area and Yoongi tries not to get distracted, but it’s almost like he’s dancing. He memorizes the space and his options within it.

He stares at the floor a lot and Yoongi wonders why, but then he realizes Christian’s going to be keeping his focus on the lens while he moves and he’s checking to make sure he won’t sit or put his hand on anything that could hurt him.

Yoongi wonders if the patio was the best decision. “Should we move it inside?”

Christian looks up. “Huh?”

Yoongi gestures at the set up. “If it’s too complicated to shoot on the patio, we can move inside. I told you I don’t work with models much. I don’t know what works for you.”

Christian hums. “I don’t shoot outside much actually. I think it’d be fun.” Christian tilts his head. “Why do you have lights like this if you don’t work with models?”

Yoongi shrugs. “I used to work with models. I just never got rid of the lights.”

Christian understands suddenly. He doesn’t ask though.

Yoongi feels the silence settle in and sighs. “Just say it.”

Christian smirks. “Your ex was a model?”

Yoongi plugs the light in, knowing Christian’s looking at him. Christian flinches as the light turns on. “Yeah, she was.”

Christian’s eyes go wide. “She? I’m learning so much about you tonight.”

Yoongi grabs his camera and slings the strap around his neck. “You’re the one in front of the lens. Stop focusing on me.” He grabs the other plug, glancing at Christian to warn him. Christian just nods and shields his eyes as he plugs in the other two lights.

He glances at Christian for a moment to make sure the setup is alright, but under the lights he notices- “You did your own makeup?”

Christian looks flustered. “Is it that obvious? I’m not as good at it as-”

“No, it looks good. I was impressed, not skeptical.”


It’s quiet as they both realize they’re ready.

Christian laughs softly. He can tell Yoongi’s trying to give him time. He’s used to just taking pictures of inanimate objects whenever he’s ready. He’s not used to waiting on other people.

Christian leans back against the railing. “If you’re gonna look, look through your lens.”

Yoongi frowns. “Are you flirting with me? We’re both-”

Christian rolls his eyes. “I’m not flirting with you. I’m flirting with whoever is going to look at these pictures.”

Yoongi slowly picks up his camera, understanding that this is an act Christian needs to get a good photograph.

As soon as Yoongi sees him through the lens, Christian is on.

Yoongi’s not an idiot. He doesn’t waste a second. He starts snapping pictures immediately.

A few minutes in, Christian straightens up. “Do you have music or something? This is really awkward.”

Behind the lights, Christian can’t see Yoongi blush. “Yeah, sure.”

“I heard music!”

Christian squints and smiles as Hoseok blinks himself awake and joins them on the patio. He sleepily wraps his arms around Yoongi who pouts and complains. “I’m trying to work, Seok ah.”

Hoseok just presses his lips to Yoongi’s cheek. “I wanna watch you work.”

Yoongi looks to Christian. “Jimin ah, is that alright?”

Christian flinches at the use of his Korean name, but in English he can hear the term of endearment that they’d told him Yoongi used the other day. He shakes it off. “Yeah, I love having an audience.”

He smirks in their direction and Hoseok laughs loudly right in Yoongi’s ear. “Does Tae know that?”

Christian licks his lips. “Oh, he definitely knows.”

Hoseok presses his lips against Yoongi’s face one more time before he lets him go. “I’ll grab my speaker.”

Yoongi just hums as he lifts his camera back up.

Music starts playing from inside and gets louder as Hoseok comes back to the patio.

Christian’s movements get smoother once he hears the music.

Hoseok sits in the corner and watches the both of them quietly. Well, not that quietly. “Christian, do you dance?”

He hums. “Just a hobby. Helps me move in front of the camera.”

Yoongi glares at Hoseok. “Can’t take pictures of him if he’s talking, Seok ah.”

Hoseok rolls his eyes. “What, is it too hard?”

Yoongi lowers his camera.

Christian glances at him, confused.

“Jimin ah, did you bring your makeup with you?”

Christian nods. “Did it wear off?”

Yoongi stares at Hoseok. “Can you do Hope’s makeup?”


Yoongi scrolls through their pictures so far as Jimin helps Hoseok pick an outfit and apply makeup.

He pauses, remembering how Jimin had flinched when he used his Korean name.

He feels bad, wondering if maybe he shouldn’t use it. It just feels more natural to call him Jimin than to call him Christian. He can’t call him Christian ah, that sounds so fucking stupid.

He just likes using the endearment with his close friends so he uses their Korean names.

He finds a picture he likes and goes into the settings to mark it as a favorite, humming happily. He was worried he’d somehow lost his ability to photograph people.

Not that he didn’t still take pictures of Hoseok all the time on his phone, but that’s different.

Though it helps that Jimin is so fucking good at modeling.

Jimin drags Hoseok into the room and Yoongi smiles. He loves when Hoseok is shy.

They hadn’t turned the lights on in the living room so Yoongi can’t really see Hoseok’s makeup.

Jimin looks at Yoongi with an evil glint in his eye. “You’re gonna die. He looks so hot.”

Neither have a chance to say anything before Jimin tugs Hoseok into the lighting set up and Yoongi practically melts on the spot.

Jimin whispers into Hoseok’s ear. “Remember what I told you.” He looks at Yoongi expectantly. “Wasn’t this your idea? Pick up your camera?”

Yoongi swallows and allows Jimin to boss him around, because jesus christ he can’t take his eyes off Hoseok.

He doesn’t think he’s ever seen Hoseok with makeup on and he’d be lying if he said wasn’t doing something to him. Yoongi always told Hoseok he didn’t like those pretty boy idols in Korea. Some of them were hot without their makeup, but… Yoongi’s about to change his mind about all that if Hoseok makes makeup look this good.

It’s not the other way around. Hoseok is already gorgeous. The makeup doesn’t look good on him, he looks good on the makeup. In the makeup. Fuck, Yoongi’s fucked.

Hoseok’s playlist is on in the background, but it’s just a lot of thumping as far as Yoongi can tell.

Jimin starts out being silly with Hoseok to ease him into it.

Yoongi nods to himself, happy that they’re distracted during his moment of weakness. He hides behind his camera and watches Jimin poke Hoseok right where he knows Hoseok is extremely ticklish.

Yoongi laughs peaking out from behind his viewfinder for a moment. <Seok ah, stop looking at me.>

Jimin loses a bit of his focus with the switch to Korean, but Hoseok whines. <Aren’t I supposed to look at the camera?>

Yoongi tsks, looking through the camera again. <Yeah, exactly. The camera. Not me.>

Jimin slaps Hoseok’s stomach lightly. “I told you to look through the camera.”

Yoongi can see Hoseok overthinking it. He pulls down his camera again. “Just dance, Seok ah.”

Hoseok pouts. “There’s not a lot of room to-”

“Just dance.”

Yoongi and Hoseok look into each other’s eyes for a moment and Jimin can see Hoseok gaining strength from it.

He wonders how long they’ve been together. He never asked. It seems like they’ve been together way longer than him and Tae.

Hoseok’s calm after that.

... too calm.

Jimin keeps guiding him into different ways of posing and as it goes on, they get closer and closer.

At one point Jimin grabs Hoseok’s hair and pulls their mouths together. Yoongi drops his camera, but their lips never touch. Jimin was just teasing.

Jimin glances over at Yoongi.

Yoongi coughs. “Um, cool. That was fun.”

Jimin gets the hint. “Sorry. Was that too far? I didn’t mean-”

Hoseok just pats Jimin’s head as he watches Yoongi slam the door to his bedroom. Hoseok sighs. “It hit a nerve. It’s okay. He’s not mad.”

Hoseok ducks under the lights and flicks them off. He turns on the living room light. “You got makeup remover in that bag?”

Jimin snorts. “Duh.”

“Thank god. It’s so heavy. My face is suffocating.”

Jimin tosses a couple wipes at Hoseok and starts wiping down his own face too.

Hoseok watches him. “So, is that what you wear to a casual photoshoot?”

Jimin sighs, looking up to see Hoseok smirk at him. “I really like this outfit. I don’t get to wear it a lot.”

“It suits you. I’m sure your pictures came out amazing.”

“Our pictures!”

Hoseok shrugs. He’s really glad he met Jimin and Tae.

He wishes Yoongi would’ve woken him to talk about Jimin coming over to model.

He knows Yoongi was trying to be brave and face a past fear, but he didn’t have to do it alone.

“Christian… I don’t mean to sound rude, but-”

“I can leave.”

Hoseok stares at him and Jimin just shrugs. “We’re still new to each other. He needs you. I’ll get out of the way.”

Hoseok watches Jimin pack his bag and moves across the room quickly to wrap his arms around him. “We’re still on for Friday.”

Jimin laughs, hugging him back. “Okay, I’ll see you Friday.” He hesitates as they walk to the door. “You did look really hot.”

Jimin says it so casually and honestly it doesn’t even sound like a pickup line or anything.

Hoseok laughs. “Uh, thanks. You too.”

Jimin raises his hand in a peace sign. “I know. See ya, Hope.”

Hoseok closes the door, laughing as he does.

His phone buzzes.


Hope: yeahhh ill sneak them off his sd card if hes too lazy

Christian taes bae:  :’)

Hoseok knocks on Yoongi’s door and opens it slowly.

Yoongi’s on his computer editing the pictures already.

Hoseok sits beside him and Yoongi lets Hoseok cuddle into his side.

It took them awhile to get here. Yoongi used to hide his screen from Hoseok, wanting his privacy while he worked. Now he was okay with Hoseok leaning on his shoulder watching.

“Any favorite shots.”

Yoongi hums. “All the ones with you in them.”

Hoseok snorts. “Any actual favorite shots?”

Yoongi zooms out on the picture he’s working on. He was adjusting a glare in the background.

Hoseok blinks. “Woah. That is a nice shot.”

“Jimin’s incredible.”

“You mean Christian.”

Yoongi pauses his work. “Has he said which he prefers?”

Hoseok shrugs. “He usually favors speaking English. He never said he was okay with either.”

Yoongi frowns. “He introduced himself as Christian.”

Hoseok nods.

Yoongi sighs. “I’ll ask him.”

Hoseok lets it get quiet for a few minutes.

Then he speaks up gently. “How about you? You okay?”

Yoongi doesn’t have to say anything.

“I thought I fucked her out of your mind.”

Yoongi laughs, but he’s still distracted. “You did.” He hesitates. “It was just hard seeing you…” He clears his throat. “It was like it was happening all over again.”

Hoseok presses into Yoongi as much as he can while allowing Yoongi to keep working. “No beautiful model is going to steal me away from you.”

Yoongi huffs a laugh. “Promise?”

Hoseok grabs his chin so Yoongi’s looking at him. He speaks as seriously as he can. “I promise.”

Yoongi closes his laptop as he threads his hands through Hoseok’s hair and crashes their lips together.

Yoongi’s voice goes rough, “Seok ah, you looked so fucking hot.”

Hoseok laughs as he tugs Yoongi’s shirt off. “Thought you weren’t into makeup.”

“Changed my mind.”

Hoseok used to call Yoongi a kitten as a joke, but now that they’ve been together as long as they have, he’s got a whole ‘nother reason to use the nickname.

He loves all the soft sounds Yoongi makes while he fucks him.


Christian tugs an oversized sweater on over his button up before he walks out of the building.

He’d ubered here since parking is a fucking nightmare in k-town and he asked Tae to come pick him up to save money. Knowing Tae, he’d still charge him as if it’s an uber but Christian could at least use a… different kind of currency with Tae.

He’s glad he took his makeup off before he left.

He tugs on a beanie too, even though it’s July. He doesn’t like walking around at night looking like he’s got money.

He told Tae he’d meet him at California Donuts so he spends his walk trying to convince himself not to get the panda donut even though he always gets the panda donut.

It’s just… it’s just so fucking cute.

He puts one earbud in as he walks.

He always likes to pretend he’s actually in Korea when he’s in k-town. Not that he’s ever been to Korea to know what it’s like. But the signs are all in hangul and the people all look like him.

He’d never been to k-town before meeting Hoseok.

Christian was the only Asian kid at his dance studio and the only other Asian model he knew was a woman and she was Chinese. So yeah, he didn’t have a lot of his own culture in his life. But meeting Tae, August, and Hope… he thinks maybe he should really learn more.

So he actually pays attention as he wanders.

He practices his hangul by reading all the signs and laughs to himself when most of them are English words just spelled out in hangul.

Christian sees two guys, maybe high schoolers, walking his way and he pushes himself to do it.

So he smiles at them and says, “Anneyong.”

They glare at him. “Just cause I got eyes like yours doesn’t mean I know what that fucking means, asshole.”

Christian just walks past them, cheeks red.

That’s what he gets for trying.

He hears some singing as he passes a karaoke place and smiles at how thin the walls must be.

He spots the donut place up ahead and walks a bit faster, the smell of dough reaching him finally.

He shouldn’t but… he will.

He’ll work it off tomorrow. He's never been stingy about food and he's never had an issue with not eating. He just knows he has to maintain a certain look for his career and he knows he has to be smart about what he eats.

As he stares at the window of options, his eyes keep going back to the panda. He curses and waits for Tae to find a spot even though he knows Tae is going to park at Ralph’s and just hope he doesn’t get towed in the few minutes it takes to get a donut.

He thinks back to when August called him Jimin. He doesn’t even know if he should call him August. Tae and Hoseok call him Yoongi.

It all gives him a headache. He’s never had to worry about this before.

But he… kind of wants to try going by Jimin for awhile.

A weight falls against him and Jimin nearly screams as Tae wraps his arms around him. Tae presses a kiss to his cheek. “You gonna get the panda?”

Jimin frowns. “Can I ask you something random real fast?”

Tae hums.

“Can you call me Jimin?”

Tae blinks at him. “Did something happen?”

Jimin shakes his head. “No, I was just… walking. I just wanna try it.”

Tae runs his finger under Jimin’s chin and presses their lips together lightly, but Jimin can feel every ounce of affection in the touch. “Yeah, Jimin. Whatever you want.”

Jimin hums leaning back into his boyfriend’s arms. “Shouldn’t you call me hyung, then?” Tae pinches his hip and Jimin yelps. “Just order our donuts so we can move your car.”

Tae smiles mischievously. “How’d you know I parked at Ralph’s?”

Jimin sighs. “Cause I asked myself, what is the most stressful thing Tae could do to me right now? And that was the answer.”

Tae blows Jimin a kiss and he pretends to dodge it. Tae keeps doing it while he’s in line and Jimin keeps dodging. People around them throw them looks, but they don’t give a single shit.

Jimin’s happy. Tae makes him really happy.

It’s 1am, they’re getting donuts, and his boyfriend loves him.

And people say LA loses it’s charm after you live here for a year.

Jimin smiles as Tae speaks Korean to the owner even though plenty of non-Koreans come to California Donuts. She’s always happy to speak with him.

Jimin feels his heart warm.

LA has as much charm as you’re willing to give it.

Tae hands him the bag and Jimin tugs out his panda donut as they walk to the car. He doesn’t eat it yet, he just wants to look at it. He’ll take a picture for instagram once they get to the car.

Tae holds the bag with one hand and puts his other on the small of Jimin’s back.

“So, you gonna change your name on your resume?”

Jimin laughs. “No. It’s hard enough getting jobs as it is. If I write down Jimin Park, they’ll assume I can’t speak English.”

Tae hums. “But maybe they’ll hire the mysterious foreign guy.”

“But I’m not foreign.”

“They don’t need to know that.”

“ many auditions have you been to this week?”

Tae slumps. “So many. I’ve tried everything.”

Jimin leans into Tae comfortingly. “So keep trying. You’ll make it.”

Tae nuzzles his head on Jimin’s shoulder, practically bending in half to do it. “Love you, Crisscross.”

Jimin turns his head to peck a kiss to the top of Tae’s head. “Love you too.”

He hoped August was okay after the bit of drama.

Other than that, tonight felt absolutely perfect.

Nothing could ruin this.


Chapter Text

Tae sits in the back of Hoseok’s dance studio looking for auditions online while Hoseok teaches.

Yoongi picked up a part time job at a grocery store and Jimin was hired for an ad campaign with a local hair salon, so they’ve both been busy.

Tae and Hoseok have just been… ubering.

They go out for coffee once Hoseok finishes teaching his class.

Tae frowns at Hoseok’s smoothie. <Why do you say ‘let’s go out for coffee’ if you always order a smoothie?>

Hoseok sips his smoothie dramatically. <Coffee after a workout is cardio suicide. We’re at a cafe aren’t we? And you got coffee so we went out for coffee. It’s actually more accurate to say let’s go out for coffee. Cause if I got a coffee too, I’d have to say let’s go out for coffees, plural.>

Hoseok knows Yoongi would roll his eyes and ignore him after a comment like that but Tae meets his eyes enthusiastically. <Mmm, you’re right. That makes sense.> Tae offers him a small smile, acknowledging that he knows Hoseok was joking.

<So, how are your auditions going?>

Tae shrugs. <I got a haircut so I need new headshots that I can’t afford.> He smiles, but it’s a tired sort of expression.

Hoseok sips his smoothie with a loud slurp. <Yoongi hyung’ll take them.>

Tae shakes his head. <No, he’s so busy lately. And headshots are usually expensive. I couldn’t ask him to->

<Yoongi’s not busy, he’s lazy. A part time job at a grocery store leaves him with a lot of free time. He’s just been binging k-dramas.>

Tae blinks and shakes his head. <K-dramas?> He tries to process the sarcastic Yoongi that he knows watching sappy k-dramas.

Hoseok shrugs. <Honestly, I think k-dramas are the only reason he keeps up with his Korean. That and his mom. Cause, and don’t tell him I told you this, him and his mom do like k-drama book club. They watch the same show at the same time and call once a week to talk about it.>

Tae sips his coffee with wide eyes. <That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.>

Hoseok nods. <Yeah, she only lets him speak Korean with her even though she’s fluent in English. She taught him how to cook a bunch of traditional dishes too.>

Hoseok doesn’t tell Tae that it’s because Yoongi’s dad took his coming out a little harshly and his mom works hard to make up for his dad’s lack of affection.

If Tae were a dog, his ears would perk up. <So when is Yoongi hyung cooking for us then?>

<I’ll ask him.>


One week later, they’re all packed into Yoongi’s apartment.

Tae, Jimin, and Hoseok sit on the couch watching a movie while Yoongi cooks.

Hoseok doesn’t seem phased and Tae follows his lead, but Jimin keeps glancing over at the kitchen. “Yoongi, do you need any help?”

Hoseok tsks. “He always kicks me out when I try to help.”

Yoongi just hums in agreement.

Jimin glances at the movie, then back at the kitchen.

He untangles himself from Tae to get up and stand against the cabinets.

Yoongi glances at him. “What?”

Jimin shrugs and watches him. “What are you making?”

Yoongi shoots him a glance. “You can’t tell?”

Jimin has long since understood Yoongi’s tough love and never gets offended. He just smiles as if all the rude things Yoongi says are compliments. “Nope.”

Yoongi explains as he keeps cooking and Jimin ends up inserting himself to help with certain things. It’s almost like Yoongi doesn’t notice Jimin is helping until they’re both quietly working on separate tasks.

Yoongi looks over his shoulder as Jimin mixes together ingredients as directed.

Hoseok finally seems to notice. “Wait, is Jimin helping?! Are you letting him help?!”

Yoongi shrugs.

Hoseok whistles. “First time for everything I guess.”

A few minutes later, Yoongi goes to check on Jimin.

Jimin hums watching Yoongi hover over his shoulder. “You wanna taste?”

Jimin holds up his spoon to Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi glances over at Hoseok.

Jimin’s face turns serious for a moment.

Yoongi and Jimin have talked about this already. Yoongi gets really nervous about being intimate with people other than Hoseok. Jimin’s explained that he’s affectionate with all his friends, and Yoongi knows that. He sees Jimin and Hoseok being touchy all the time, but it feels different when he does it. It feels wrong.

Jimin just pushes the spoon closer so it touches Yoongi’s lips.

He caves and opens his mouth, letting Jimin feed him.

Yoongi refocuses on the taste of the dish and nods. “It’s good.”

He turns back to what he was doing.

Jimin makes eye contact with Hoseok across the room.

Jimin looks at him, eyes sad, and Hoseok offers him a small frown.

They don’t know why Yoongi refuses to open up to Jimin and Tae. Hoseok’s already talked to him about it and Yoongi claimed he had no idea what Hoseok was talking about.


Jimin shows up at the grocery store Yoongi works at the next day.

He knows when Yoongi’s shift ends and he’d ubered to meet him.

Yoongi spots him and raises his eyebrows. “Where’s Tae?”

Jimin just smiles, ignoring him. “Hi, Yoongi! How was work?”

Yoongi shrugs. “Repetitive.”

Jimin doesn’t push him. He’s aware there’s nothing much to say about it.

They walk to Yoongi’s car and Jimin steals his phone, typing an address into Waze.

Yoongi shoots him a look. “What are you doing?”

Jimin hums. “I’m taking you out on a date.”

Yoongi practically chokes. “Excuse me?”

“Hope, Tae, and I talked and Hope thinks you’re only gonna open up to me and Tae if you get to know us one on one. So he let me call dibs on you for the night.”

Yoongi’s quiet.

Jimin glances at him as the navigation is starts up, but Yoongi hasn’t even started the car yet.

Jimin frowns. “It’s not really a date. I didn’t mean to stress you out.”

Yoongi tries to think of something to say, but ends up glancing at the address. “That’s in Glendale, isn’t it? You’re not taking me to the Americana are you?”

Jimin smiles as Yoongi agrees to go. “Just drive.”

Yoongi follows the directions in silence for a bit. “You’re still going by Jimin, right?”

Jimin hums a yes.

“Why’d you decide to switch?”

Jimin watches Yoongi for a moment. “I don’t know. I guess I wanted a head start.”

Yoongi looks over for a moment, but keeps his eyes on the road. “What does that mean?”

“Hoseok and Tae were both born in Korea. Your mom taught you so much, and I’m third generation. My parents just consider themselves American. They don’t even really speak Korean.”

Yoongi thinks on that for a bit. “Jimin ah, you don’t have to force this culture on yourself just cause you’re hanging out with us. You are American. You just happen to also be Kore-”

“I want to.”

Jimin’s voice is small and Yoongi’s not used to hearing Jimin speak with insecurities like that. He’s usually just uncomfortable if he loses track of their conversations in Korean, but this is different. This sounds like fear. “Well we all wanna help you.”

Jimin taps his fingers against the door of the car. “Can you keep teaching me how to cook?”

Yoongi hums as they near their destination. “If you buy the groceries.”

Jimin laughs as the mood lightens. “Deal.” He points at the drive way. “You can park in this lot for a few hours.”

Yoongi squints his eyes at the building. “Is this a library?”

Jimin’s eyes sparkle.


They walk inside and pause.

Yoongi looks around awkwardly. “Why are we at a library?”

Jimin starts to wander and Yoongi falls in step with him. “Cause I know you don’t like talking a lot.”

Yoongi frowns. “That’s not true.”

Jimin rephrases. “I know you don’t like talking with me and Tae a lot.”

Yoongi sighs. “That’s not true either.”

Jimin glares at him. “This is the most you’ve talked to me since the photoshoot.”

Yoongi goes quiet cause he’s knows Jimin’s right.

They don’t say anything as Jimin walks through aisles and pulls out books to read the descriptions before putting them back.

He finds one that he holds onto.

Yoongi’s eye catches on a few shelves and Jimin follows him as he glances through some photography books.

They take turns like that, wandering around together in silence.

If Jimin finds a particularly interesting book, he shoves it into Yoongi’s hands to read the description and then takes it back to hold onto.

Yoongi can’t even begin to keep track of what attracts Jimin’s interest. All the books he picks up are so varied. A short book on the history of dance, a novel about a kid who loses his memory, they even find their way to the foreign language section and Jimin grabs a guide to Korean.

Yoongi hasn’t picked out anything and Jimin doesn’t comment on it.

It’s silent, but Yoongi somehow feels like they’ve been talking for hours.

He can’t understand it.

He breaks the silence. “How did you know I would like this?”

Jimin turns to face him with a smirk. “I mean, I wasn’t sure. I just guessed. I’m mostly just using you as an uber.”

Yoongi’s lips quirk as Jimin pretends to be apathetic. “How did you know to- How do you know so much about me?”

Jimin tilts his head, confused. “What do you mean?”

“You- you joke like that. You joke like you don’t care, even though I can tell you do. But… it calms me down. How did you know that?”

Jimin looks at him strangely. “I don’t know. You do it to us and Hoseok even though I can tell you care about him, so I figured that was just… how you worked.” Jimin turns away, continuing to look through the shelves. “I know you don’t like speaking straightforwardly.” He pauses. “Like this.”

Yoongi takes that in. It’s a little unnerving to know someone saw through him like that since he wasn’t even fully conscious of what he was doing. “And what about Hoseok?”

“What about him?” Yoongi doesn’t answer so Jimin glances back at him. “You mean like things I’ve noticed?” Yoongi nods. “I dunno. He smiles a lot even if he doesn’t mean it. It’s like… you guys are opposites I guess. You pretend to be upset when you’re happy and he pretends to be happy when he’s upset.”

Yoongi stops walking and Jimin doesn’t notice for a bit until he glances back and turns around. Yoongi mumbles, “Hoseo... n... up...”

Jimin can’t hear him whisper from down the aisle so he walks back to get closer. “What?”

Yoongi’s brow is furrowed. “Hoseok’s not upset.”

Jimin’s eyes go a little wide and Yoongi can see something like guilt or… pity in his eyes. “Oh. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.”

Yoongi swallows. “When does he seem upset?”

Jimin chews his lip nervously. “I’m not sure I should say. I didn’t- I thought you knew.”

“Jimin ah.”

Jimin looks at Yoongi and sees his walls crumble.

“Jimin ah, when does Hoseok get upset?”

Jimin hesitates, but only gives one example. “Usually when you complain about Korean stuff.”

Yoongi doesn’t miss the way he phrased it. “Usually? When else?”

Jimin walks down the aisle. “We should go to the music section.”

Yoongi follows him, unwilling to drop the subject. “Jimin ah.”

Jimin whines quietly. “Don’t call me Jimin ah when I feel like I’m hurting you.”


Jimin looks away. “Don’t call me that either.”

<Jimin. Please tell me.>

Jimin’s not sure why Yoongi switches to Korean, but he’s noticed Yoongi tends to do it when he’s being sincere. Jimin takes a steadying breath. <When you ignore his jokes like you don’t care. You-> Jimin hesitates switching to English. “You shut him down. He gets excited about things and he knows you don’t mean it, but your sarcasm really upsets him.”

Yoongi shakes his head as Jimin talks. “No, he always laughs.”

Jimin just looks at him, his old words echoing in Yoongi’s head. Hoseok pretends to be happy when he’s upset.

“Does it upset you?”

Jimin blinks, not used to so much raw emotion from Yoongi, but he can tell he hit a nerve. “It- It used to.”

Yoongi frowns. “Why doesn’t it anymore?”

Jimin shrugs. “I mean, I told you. I know you don’t mean it. I know there’s emotion behind your apathy.” Jimin smirks, but Yoongi’s still not smiling.

“So why doesn’t Hoseok get that?”

Jimin’s voice is soft. “I really don’t know, Yoongi. And even if I did, I don’t think it’s my place to say. You guys are both my friends.”

They both go quiet again as they weave through the aisles.

They get to the music section and Yoongi spends about thirty minutes there looking at a bunch of albums. He ends up holding onto four of them to check out.

They get their books and walk toward Yoongi’s car.

When they’re both inside, Yoongi turns on the car and puts his hand on the steering wheel.

They end up talking at the same time.

“Can you drop me-”

“Do you wanna watch-”

They both cut off and Jimin blinks. “What?”

Yoongi’s grip tightens on the steering wheel. “Do you wanna watch a movie? At my place?”

Jimin knows there’s something more to that. “I don’t know if I sh-”



<I usually call Hoseok when I’m upset at myself, but I can’t call him right now.>

Jimin just nods. “Yeah. Let me just text Tae.”


It’s quiet as they walk into Yoongi’s apartment, but it’s not that comfortable silence from earlier.

It’s like a black cloud hanging over them.

Jimin sits on the couch as Yoongi makes tea.

Hoseok and Tae aren’t big fans of matcha tea, but Yoongi had introduced Jimin to it and made him a believer.

Jimin had initially teased Hoseok about why he didn’t appreciate Korean culture and Hoseok corrected him saying matcha was traditionally Japanese and that Yoongi gets too obsessed with Japanese stuff sometimes.

Hoseok brought up Kumamon again and for a second time Yoongi threatened not to have sex with him if he didn’t shut up.

Jimin frowns as he remembers it.

He knows Yoongi was kidding, but he’s not sure Hoseok was as aware.

He sighs as Yoongi hands him a mug.


Jimin shakes his head. “Nothing, just can’t think of anything to watch.”

Yoongi blinks as he sits on the couch. “Oh, right. A movie.”

Jimin looks at him curiously. “Wasn’t a movie your idea?”

Yoongi takes a long sip of his tea.

Jimin chews his lip. He knew Yoongi invited him over more just because he didn’t want to be alone.

Jimin changes the topic. “Are you watching any k-dramas right now?”

Yoongi nods absently. “Yeah, I’m a few episodes into one.”

Jimin hums. “Put that on.”

Yoongi frowns. “It’ll spoil you if you start on episode five.”

Jimin shrugs. “I mostly wanna just practice hearing the Korean.”

Yoongi relents and puts on the drama he’s been watching. Jimin makes him turn the subtitles on.

It’s comfortable for awhile, but if Jimin’s being honest, he’s been dating Tae for years now and he can’t remember the last time he sat on a couch without cuddling with someone.

But he knows how Yoongi is with touching.

He scoots over so their shoulders touch and leaves it at that.

He can feel Yoongi tense at the contact.

Right as he thinks about moving away, Yoongi pulls his arm away to rest it over Jimin’s shoulders and pull him in closer.

His voice is low and quiet. <I’m sorry I’ve been jumpy about… touchiness. I know you don’t mean anything by it.>

Jimin takes the chance while he can and presses into Yoongi’s side like he would with Tae or Hoseok.

Again, Yoongi tenses, but he eventually relaxes.

Jimin’s voice is quiet and Yoongi’s surprised to hear him respond in Korean. <I know I’m new to you, hyung. And I know people have let you down, but I don’t really…> He stops and Yoongi can tell he’s struggling to find the words in Korean, but he doesn’t rush him. <I don’t half.> He sighs as he keeps trying to think of what to say.

<You don’t do things halfway.>

Jimin nods. <Yes. If I say I’m your friend, I’m your friend. And I know honorifics are normal, but I know it’s important that I’m allowed to call you hyung. And I know that it’s important that you call me Jimin ah.>

<Well you won’t let me call you Christian anymore so.>

Yoongi feels his heart warm as Jimin laughs against his chest. “I can’t keep doing this in Korean.” They both laugh a moment. “I don’t think it’s fair on you that Hoseok is your best friend and your boyfriend. I’m glad you asked me to stay, hyung.”

“Don’t use hyung in English, it’s weird.”

“I’ll call you hyung as long as you deserve it.”

Yoongi lets out a breath. <I don’t know what to say, Jimin ah.>

Jimin shrugs. “Just keep calling me Jimin ah. I know you mean it when you say it.” Jimin nuzzles his head against Yoongi comfortably. “That’s enough.”

Chapter Text

Yoongi wakes up and every inch of him feels stiff.

He realizes he fell asleep on the couch and Jimin is sprawled over him somehow.

He should move.

But he doesn’t.

It’s not like they’re cuddling. Jimin’s not even holding him.

It’s more like Jimin’s weight is just caging him in.

Jimin takes a deep breath. “I don’t wanna move.”

Yoongi resorts to sass since he can’t think of how else to react in this moment. “Well I can’t breathe.”

Jimin shifts off him, but ends up putting all his weight on Yoongi’s arm. Yoongi whines and tugs himself out of the way, sitting up on the edge of the couch, rubbing his eyes.

“Hyung, do you work today?”

Yoongi hums, glancing at his phone. “Not til 6. I have a late shift tonight.”

Jimin goes quiet and Yoongi doesn’t think much of it for a moment.

He shuffles toward the kitchen area of the room and starts making coffee.

Jimin still hasn’t said anything.

Yoongi looks at him and sees Jimin’s brow furrowed in thought.

“You okay, Jimin ah?”

Jimin snaps out of it. “Oh, yeah.”

Yoongi doesn’t usually do this, but- “You wanna talk about it?”

“About what?”

“About whatever’s keeping you quiet right now.”

Jimin stares at Yoongi and Yoongi feels like Jimin’s reading him like a book.

He turns to the coffee pot to escape the gaze.

Jimin’s voice is soft when he speaks again. “Can I tell you something?” He pauses. “Wow, that sounds dramatic. It’s really not that big of a deal. I just- since we were… sharing. I don’t know. It’d be nice to talk about is all.”

Yoongi glances over his shoulder, curious. “Sounds serious. You want a coffee?”

Jimin swallows. “Sure.”

“With mil-”


Yoongi snorts. “Didn’t expect that.”

“Black coffee has less calories.”

Yoongi sits back on the couch with the two black coffees and hands one to Jimin.

He sits with his back against the arm of the couch, knees curled into his chest.

He stays quiet and Jimin knows he’s being patient.

“So, we don’t really yell it from rooftops or anything.”

Yoongi blinks. “We?”

Jimin nods. “Me and Tae.”

“What don’t you yell?”

Jimin hesitates. “This- I hope you don’t-” He pinches his nose. “I’m realizing now what it might sound like if I tell you this after spending the night on your couch.”

Yoongi sips his coffee. “I’m not gonna force you to say anything if you don’t want to, Jimin ah.”

Jimin blurts his words out. “Tae and I aren’t exclusive.”

Yoongi takes that in and realizes that Jimin was worried Yoongi would think it was some sort of pick up line. “Okay.”

Jimin doesn’t look up. “I still love him, you know? I’m just not in love with him. I wanted to be for a long time. We’ve known each other for a long time. But this is the only thing that worked for us. It’s… honestly it’s like a glorified friends with benefits, but it’s more than that. We are dating, kind of. It’s just more of a-”

“Breathe, Jimin.”

Jimin lets Yoongi cut him off.

He takes a couple deep breaths.

Yoongi never had drama growing up. He was always the one who gave vague advice and never had to ask for it. But he’s still lost for what to say.

“Are… you upset with him?”

“No. Not at all. He’s my boyfriend. I love him.”

Yoongi hears the flat tone of Jimin’s voice. “Not to be rude, but that wasn’t very convincing.”

Jimin looks into Yoongi’s eyes finally. “I do love him.” Yoongi can see the truth of it in his eyes.

Yoongi can feel the word lingering, unsaid: “But?”

Jimin looks back down at his coffee. “I don’t know. I feel like something’s missing. I like what we have but… I don’t know if I was meant for… this. Tae loves being casual. It suits him. But I also don’t want to end things and I don’t want to lose him.”

“Why can’t you stay friends?”

Jimin throws Yoongi a tired look. “We tried that.”

“And what happened?”

“We were watching tv and ended up fucking on the couch.”

Yoongi snorts a little and feels bad, but Jimin smiles up at him. “I mean, that’s kind of how Hoseok and I started.”

“Fucking on the couch?”

Yoongi hums. “Well, we just messed around, but yeah.”

Jimin tenses as he realizes he’s sitting on said couch.

Yoongi laughs.

Jimin’s eyes have a weird, faraway look to them. “I don’t know why I told you that.”

Yoongi shrugs. “Seems like you’ve got a lot on your mind that you’re not letting yourself feel.”

Jimin stares at Yoongi like he hung the stars.

Yoongi looks down into his coffee to avoid the attention.

Yoongi tries to joke, “So why can’t you and Tae keep off each other?”

Jimin smiles wryly. “We’ve been doing this for years. We know each other quite literally inside and out. It’s hard to um… compare with someone who knows you like that.”

Yoongi almost spits out his coffee. “Oh.”

Jimin snorts. “TMI?”

Yoongi shrugs. “I mean, I asked.”

“I envy you.” Jimin’s voice seems to surprise himself as well as Yoongi. “You and Hope. I envy you.”

Yoongi’s quiet, but lets Jimin move across the couch and settle into his side.

He doesn’t point out that apparently he and Hoseok have problems that they may not be able to get past.


You know that feeling when you wake up and your dog or cat is nestled against you or on your back and it’s just a warm comfort, a light weight?

Yeah, this is not that.

Hoseok groans as he wakes up. “What the fuck is on me?”

Justin bounces on Hoseok’s back. “Me.”

“Fuck off, Seagull.”

“That’s not what you said last night.”

Hoseok manages to escape the covers enough to glare at a fully clothed Justin who most definitely was not in his bed last night. “You’re like 12. You wish.”

“Nathan and Jin have been building a dresser from IKEA since like 2am. I can’t sleep.”

“What time is it?”

“Almost noon.”

“Kook ah, I’ve only been home for like three hours. Let me sleep.”

Justin’s nose crinkles shyly. “Don’t call me that.”

Hoseok ignores his words. “Why not, Kook ah?”

Justin blushes and jumps off the bed. “You’re so soft, Hope.”

Hoseok tries to cuddle back into his pillows. “You’re basically my puppy. Of course I’m soft for you.”

He hears Justin mumble. “Better than being hard for me.”

If Hoseok weren’t so exhausted, he would throw his pillow at him. “That’s bestiality, 전개.”

Justin groans loudly. "I hate that nickname."

Hoseok hums tiredly. "No you don't. Say it."

"You're not Jackson."


Justin is quiet for a couple more seconds. "...홒개."

Hoseok smiles. "Was that so hard?"

Justin sighs and falls back on his bed. “I’m bored, Hope.”

“Go play video games.”

“But they wake you up.”

“If I’ve been sleeping through Jin and human disaster Nathan building IKEA furniture, I really don’t think your game will wake me up.”


He doesn’t need much more encouraging.

Hoseok wearily grabs his phone to check if he got any texts. He hopes Jimin and Yoongi got along last night. He smiles as all his texts are Tae asking when he can kidnap Yoongi. Hoseok gets the feeling he means it literally.


Jimin kicks himself the entire way home.

He opts to walk even though he lives like five miles away and it’s going to take about an hour and a half.

Sure, he’d been feeling insecure about him and Tae but he shouldn’t have dumped that on Yoongi just because he thought they bonded over one night.

He shoves his headphones in and blasts his punk playlist from middle school.

The walk is a blur of anxiety and frustration until he bursts through the door and slams it behind him.

He plops on the couch and sulks.

Tae glances over at Jimin. “Hey there, Grumpy.”

Jimin just sighs heavily and falls against Tae. “Cuddle me.”

Tae adjusts so his arms are around Jimin. “Can do.”

Jimin breathes in the feeling of Tae around him and reassures himself that he loves Tae, he’s safe with him. He doesn’t know why he suddenly felt like complaining to Yoongi. Maybe it’s just becuase Yoongi and Hoseok are in love.

He doesn’t know.

“I told Yoongi we’re casual.”

“Okay. Is he?”


“Yoongi and Hoseok. Are they casual too?”

“Oh. No.”

Tae sighs. “I’m sorry, Chriscross.”

Jimin’s lips quirk at the old nickname, but he backtracks. “Wait, no it’s not like that. I wasn’t- It wasn’t about- It doesn’t matter that they’re not casual.”

Tae presses his lips to Jimin’s neck. “Then what was the issue? He’s not cool with us being casual?”

Jimin considers his answer. He could just talk to Tae about it right now. He could. He should. “They’re really in love, right?”

He feels Tae tense and worries he’s pushing too hard. “I mean, I guess. They’ve never said they were. They’ve only been dating for like two months.”

Jimin spins to face Tae, surprised. “What? Really? I thought they were together longer than us.”

Tae sputters a laugh. “Who in LA has been together longer than us?”

Jimin frowns. “It hurts even thinking about Bradjelina’s break up. Why would you say that?”

Tae pets Jimin’s head with a soft smile on his face. “Sorry Chriscross.” Tae pets his head for a bit. “Does it bother you that much? That they’re… exclusive?”

Jimin takes a long, deep breath. “I don’t know.”


Yoongi has no idea how the three of them talked him into going to a Dodgers game.

Yet here he is in the baseball stadium with Hoseok sitting at his side talking with Tae and Jimin.

Baseball really isn’t that terrible if you’re at the game. There’s hot dogs, beer, and Dodgers Stadium has such a beautiful view of the mountains. Yoongi spends half the game taking pictures. He doesn’t get to use his zoom lens often, so he brought it along with him to photograph the players from afar.

Hoseok sits next to Jimin with Tae on the far end and they all talk about who the hottest player is while Yoongi stays quiet. He already knows that Hoseok has very specific standards for white guys to be attractive.

Yoongi’s tired of explaining that it’s-

“Isn’t it just what you’re used to? Like generally we’re attracted to people who kind of look like ourselves in someway. Or if someone looks familiar like an ex or a celebrity crush. So I guess you just never dated a white guy or you did and it ended badly.”

Hoseok pouts.

Yoongi sits up and glances at Jimin.

Jimin meets his eye but doesn’t know what’s so significant about it.

Hoseok rolls his eyes. “That’s what Yoongi always says.”

Jimin looks back at Yoongi but Yoongi’s already looking through his camera. “Oh.”

They’re interrupted by the kiss cam of all things.

It focuses on Hoseok and Jimin and Yoongi sighs. They couldn’t even tell Hoseok was his boyfriend cause he’s been ignoring him so much. He squeezes his eyes shut. He’s an asshole.

Jimin’s bright red and leaning back so Tae leans over his boyfriend’s lap to playfully peck Hoseok’s lips.

The camera leaves them and Tae and Hoseok are laughing.

Jimin laughs, but he looks a little frantic. He glances at Yoongi worriedly.

Yoongi shakes his head. “It’s just a kiss, Jimin ah.”

They’re simple words, but something about them feels significant and they settle in Jimin’s chest.





[Bonus pics cause BTS did actually go to Dodgers stadium once]

Chapter Text

Jimin thinks about kissing a lot after that.

Hoseok declares they should have a potluck at his place, so he met all of Hoseok’s roommates.

Jimin spent half of every conversation staring at everyone’s lips.

He’s decided he’s real interested in kissing Jin.

He’s not sure if it’s just wishful thinking, but it seems like Jin shares his interest.


Unknown number: Hey!!! Hope gave me your number. It’s Jin!

Jimin: hey!!!!!!! so nice to meet you all the other night! we shouldve swapped numbers then, i didnt even think about it until we left! i was about to ask him for yours lol

Jin: Really? o:

Jimin: lol yeah :)

Jin: ;)

Jin: Wait was that too soon? I thought it was funny but I don’t want you to think I’m that sleazy yet :’D

Jimin: yet?

Jin: :’D What are you doing tonight?

Jimin: do you wanna come over?


As smooth as they tried to be over text, meeting up again in person is an entirely different story.

Tae had just left to drive for Uber for the night, so Jimin knew he had at least four hours until Tae got bored and came back.

As much as he’s allowed to do this and he’d talked with Tae about it, he still thinks it’s a little weird for Tae to walk in on someone being here. That’s the line he won’t cross.

Not to say Tae hasn’t had people over. It just… it feels different if Jimin does it.

There’s a knock on the door and Jimin tenses. He was ready for this but also he wasn’t. He had no idea what to say, but at the very least he can go open the door.

So he does and it seems neither of them quite know what to say.

Jimin’s last rational thought for the night is that he thinks it’s cute that Jin looks as flustered as he himself feels. He blurts out a sentence. “Your lips are beautiful.”

And then they’re kissing.

It’s weird, but it’s wonderful.

Jimin’s kissed people drunk over the years while dating Tae, but it’s weird to be in a quiet place, sober, kissing someone that he sort of has a crush on.

For a moment he thinks about Yoongi’s lips, but then shakes it off.

He’d only talked to Jin for a couple of hours, sure. But he laughed harder than he’s ever laughed in his life and there was just something about him that Jimin wanted more of.

They break apart and awkwardly close the door.

Jin laughs a bit. “Uh, hi. I guess… my intentions are clear.”

Jimin licks his lips as he tries to laugh and not giggle, but he fails and it ends up as a giggle anyway. Jin seems endeared by it. “Mine too, um. I’m sorry.”

Jin snorts. “No apology necessary.”

Jimin clears his throat as he moves to sit on the couch. Jin follows him. “Uh, I guess you talked to Hope?”

Jin blushes and Jimin wants to scream, Jin’s so handsome and shy. “Yeah, Hope and I have a gossip problem. He didn’t mean to tell me about you and Tae, but- here we are!”

Jimin shakes his head. “I’m glad he did.”

“Me too.”


Jin: Hey Jimin

Jin: Jimin get this

Jimin: hi! what? get what?

Jin: Oh. No, like get this. Like. Nvm. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Jimin: OH LOL. Why?!??!??

Jin: To see my beautiful face


Tae glances at Jimin who’s snickering at his phone.

Tae kicks him while they sit on the couch watching a movie. “Is that Jin?”

Jimin wheezes a bit as he nods. “He’s so funny, Tae.”

Tae hums happily, glad Jimin’s finding a comfort zone in their open relationship. “How’s he in bed?”

Jimin chokes. “Uh, I don’t know.”

Tae pauses the movie. “You don’t know? It’s been like two weeks.”

Jimin shrugs, cheeks red. “We just make out. We haven’t- I haven’t even seen him shirtless.”

Tae blinks. “Oh. I just assumed that you guys were messing around.”

Jimin flashes Tae his bedroom eyes. “Maybe I’m just worried no one will be as good as you.”

Tae licks his lips slowly. “You’d be right to worry.”

Jimin laughs a bit and leans across the couch to kiss Tae softly.

Their tongues meet, agonizingly slow. They don’t have to rush this, haven’t for years. Their lust for each other isn’t a hot flame, it’s a slow burn.

Tae sighs as Jimin climbs over him, kissing down his neck.

Tae threads his fingers through Jimin’s hair. “I’m gonna need us to move to the bedroom.”

Jimin kisses him on the lips, a brief peck. He stands up and that light energy is back. “I’m really happy, Taetae.” He doesn’t have to say why. Tae knows why. Jimin wasn’t sure this open relationship was working, but Jimin figured it out.

Tae kisses him on the forehead with a smiles and hugs him tightly.

They stand there for a moment, just loving each other every way that they can.

Tae nips his ear. “Okay, but bedroom.”

Jimin hums in agreement and tugs Tae down the hallway.


Yoongi: wtf i saw you on a billboard

Jimin: WAIT IT’S UP?!

Yoongi: when did you shoot for ralph lauren

Jimin: it feels like years ago at this point. I thought they were just gonna cut the campaign.


Yoongi: lol jimin ah


Yoongi: i mean im 99% sure im standing on sunset blvd

Jimin: OH MY GOD

Jimin: wait 99%?

Yoongi: hoseok and i may or may not be smoking

Jimin: w h a t. hyung you said you wouldnt

Yoongi: idk its legal i had to try. it’s cool. i think.

Yoongi: wait you dont hallucinate with weed right. that really is you on a billboard? im not just seeing things?

Jimin: idk take a picture? but dont move. seriously. i cant believe youre high i need to see this for myself


“I dunno. It’s like- when I’m moving everything is fine. But if I stop moving I can’t move.”

Jimin blinks at Yoongi as he talks and glances at Hoseok. “How much did you guys smoke?”

Hoseok shrugs. “I mean, it’s just a normal hit. It’s a little strong, sure. I think it’s just cause he’s never done it.”

Jimin laughs. “And whose idea was it to smoke in the middle of Sunset Boulevard?”

Hoseok raises his hand and waves cutely. “Me!”

Jimin smirks as he turns for a moment to stare at the billboard. That was his first major label shoot and he really didn’t think he’d be selected to be on a billboard.

He snaps a picture on his phone and turns back to his two moronic friends.

“Hyungs, we’ve get you home.”

Yoongi’s staring across the street at nothing in particular. It’s not that he’s being weird, he’s just even quieter than normal.

Jimin waves a hand in front of his face. “Hyung?”

Yoongi moves back from it, but it’s a slow lean rather than a quick jerk. His eyes struggle to focus. “Jimin ah.”

Jimin just sighs heavily and glares at Hoseok. Hoseok snickers as Jimin hits his shoulder lightly. “Why did you let him try it for the first time in public?”

Hoseok shrugs exaggeratedly, practically dancing. “I didn’t think it’d be a big deal!”

Jimin gets the notification on his phone that their uber is arriving.

They have to help Yoongi into the car. He struggles and complains that he likes the sunlight.

They all end up in the backseat on the way to Yoongi’s place.

When they arrive Yoongi turns, practically on autopilot, to take the stairs, but Jimin shoves him toward the elevator. “I am not going to wait five minutes for you to remember how to pick your foot off the floor.”

Yoongi pouts toward the stairs. “The elevator isn’t healthy.”

Jimin blinks and looks at Hoseok. “What? Does he mean it’s not working?”

Hoseok’s smirking at Yoongi understandingly. “No, it’s a thing. He doesn’t really work out, but the one thing he does is that he always takes the stairs. You’re ruining his record. I don’t know if he’s been in the elevator here before.”

Jimin snorts. “Well that’s not on me, is it?”

Hoseok shrugs innocently.

In the elevator, Yoongi glances at Jimin. “I…”

He trails off and Jimin takes a breath. He can practically feel Yoongi’s brain moving in slow motion. It’s cute, but he’ll feel better about it once Yoongi’s in his apartment.

They all get out of the elevator and shuffle through the door. Jimin feels so fucking relieved to get Yoongi home.


Jimin glances at Yoongi, then at Hoseok. “Is he still working on that one sentence?”

Hoseok helps Yoongi onto the couch and sits with him, poking his nose fondly. Yoongi manages to look toward Jimin. “’ stay…”

Jimin smiles in spite of himself. “Nah, hyung. Hoseok’s got you.”

Jimin moves toward the door and Yoongi whines.

Jimin had a date planned with Jin tonight. He knows Hoseok can take care of Yoongi but… he’d be lying if he wasn’t heavily amused by Yoongi dealing with this.

He bites his lip… and puts his jacket down. “Fine, I’ll stay. But only if you keep being hilarious.”

Hoseok hums, eyes lighting up. “You should try to get him to drink water.”

Jimin snorts as Hoseok runs to get a glass.

Half the water ends up falling out of Yoongi’s mouth.

Jimin and Hoseok end up talking about LA while Yoongi zones out.

They both keep glancing at him and Jimin realizes that it’s nice to have a community of friends in LA like Hoseok and Yoongi. It had felt like it was just him and Tae for awhile. It’s nice to expand his LA family.

Hoseok rolls his shoulders. “Yoongi said you were worried about the kiss cam.”

Jimin blinks. “Oh, no it’s not a big deal. I mean, Tae told you.”

Hoseok nods, rubbing circles onto Yoongi’s stomach under his shirt and Yoongi’s eyes shutter closed.

Jimin tenses. He knows how it goes with weed and soft touches. He braces himself to bolt from the room if they ask for privacy. But Hoseok doesn’t seem phased. “You seem worried though.”

Jimin shakes his head. “It’s just a kiss, right?”

Hoseok tilts his head. “Did it bother you? You can tell me if it did. I don’t want it to be weird. I like you, Jimin ah.”

Jimin scrunches his nose, flattered that Hoseok would use the honorific with him.

Yoongi seems to catch up to their conversation late. “Kiss?”

Hoseok hums as he looks at Yoongi, that fondness in his eyes again that Jimin tries not to be envious of.

Hoseok looks at Jimin sheepishly. “Do you mind?”

Jimin shakes his head and looks at his phone as Hoseok bends down to capture Yoongi’s lips.

Jimin can’t help but look up and watch as Yoongi moves lazily to try and keep up with how Hoseok’s lips are moving.

It’s sweet, the way Hoseok’s patient with him.

Yoongi falls asleep and Hoseok snorts loudly. “Unbelievable.”

Jimin rolls on the floor a bit as he laughs. “It’s probably for the best. He’s gotta sleep it off.”

Hoseok rolls his eyes. “He’ll probably still wake up high.” Hoseok cracks his neck. “What’s Tae up to? Get him over here. Let’s watch a movie and make fun of Yoongi when he wakes up.”

Jimin hums eagerly. “Sold.”


Tae’s snuggled into Jimin’s side within thirty minutes.

Jimin’s still envious that Tae can get through traffic so well, but he also knows Tae is one of those uber drivers who drives like a maniac so he’s not all that jealous.

Tae pouts at Hoseok. “I can’t believe you smoked it all. It’s pass pass puff, hyung.”

Hoseok frowns. “Isn’t it puff puff pass?”

“Exactly my point. Pass. You didn’t pass.”

Hoseok pats Tae’s head in apology. “Yoongi passed out if that counts.”

Tae turns over his shoulder to glance at Yoongi who’s still sleeping deeply. “... I’ll let it slide just cause he’s so cute when he’s asleep.”

Hoseok immediately coos. “I know, right! He gets all curled up and small. I swear, he practically purrs. All the benefits of a kitten with none of the cat hair.”

“I love you.” Jimin’s words cut through the room and leave Hoseok and Tae quiet.

Jimin tenses, realizing he said that out loud. He clears his throat, sitting up. “Uh, sorry. I just- This is really nice. Being here with all of you. Sorry.”

Hoseok and Tae launch at him with coos and hair ruffles.

Yoongi mumbles “Love too.” and Hoseok dives back to his boyfriend.

Hoseok pokes his cheek as Yoongi stirs, eyelids still heavy. “Ah, you’re so soft when you’re sleepy.”

Yoongi hums. “Can’t feel my head.”

Hoseok cups his face with both hands. “Can you feel my hands?” Yoongi hums noncommittally. “Then you can feel your head.”

Yoongi goes quiet for close to five minutes processing that as the rest of them laugh.

He falls asleep again.

Jimin texts Jin that he had to take care of Yoongi cause he got high and Jin laughs. (Not that Jimin can actually hear him, but he knows it’s that cute, squeaky laugh that he’s kind of falling in love with.) Jimin sends him a picture of Yoongi sleeping.

Tae leans onto Jimin’s shoulder and Jimin lets Tae read off his phone. Tae hums. “Would he think it’s weird if I say hi?”

Jimin shakes his head. “No, I think he’s cool with it.”

Tae scoots close to Jimin eagerly. “Then send him a selfie!”

Hoseok squeezes in the background of it.

Yoongi wakes up thirty minutes later and spews gibberish half in English and half in Korean.

This goes on for awhile and he gets upset that no one is responding to him correctly before he passes out again.

He sleeps through the night and the rest of them leave around 1am. Hoseok stays to make sure he’s feeling better in the morning.



The word is barely out of Jin’s mouth and Jimin’s practically crying he’s laughing so hard.

He nearly falls out of his chair and Jin reaches across the table to keep him in his seat. The other patrons in the cafe stare at them.

Jin smiles, small and proud. “You know, for the first week I knew you I thought you were faking it. I didn’t think anyone would possibly think all these jokes were that funny, but…” Jin shakes his head in admiration. “You really just do have low enough standards for me.”

Jimin wipes at his eyes, smiling wide and honestly. “I have only the highest standards for comedy. But I am weak for a handsome face.”

Jin snorts, but he blushes a bit. “Not sure which is worse, my jokes or your pick up lines.”

Jimin smiles shamelessly. “I say we tie.”

Jimin can see the exact moment Jin’s thoughts stray. Jin clears his throat. “You’re still with Tae, right?”

Jimin feels the ground drop out from under him. “Uh, yeah. I mean, open, but-”

“But you’re still with him.”

Jimin takes a sip of water with a shrug. “Yeah.”

It’s quiet for a moment, awkwardly so. They eat silently. Jin speaks up. “Do you think I could meet him? I just… I mean, I kind of feel like the other woman.”

Jimin swallows, looking up at Jin slowly. “Well, you did meet him. At the potluck.”

Jin shakes his head. “That was as Hope’s friend. I want to meet him as your boyfriend.” Jin blushes suddenly. “Not me! Him.”

Jimin’s lips slip into a grin. “But aren’t you also kind of my boyfriend?”

Jin stutters. “I mean- we haven’t really talked about that.”

Jimin feels his smile freeze as he senses the hesitation in Jin’s voice. “Are you not okay with it?”

Jin looks him in the eye and holds there for a moment. “Jimin, the way things are, this is the farthest I’ll go. I like hanging out with you, I like kissing you, but if you’re still with Tae, then all we’ll ever do is date. I can’t call myself your boyfriend without feeling like I’m stealing you from him.”

Jimin’s not sure if he’s breathing.

Jin seems to notice. “Woah, are you okay?”

Jimin chokes as if to refocus himself. He stares at Jin, a little embarrassed. “I think I just had an existential crisis.” His breath hitches. “Still having an existential crisis.” He smiles weakly as he calms himself down enough to talk. “Uh, I just imagined my future without Tae in it and it fre-” He stops himself from sounding like he’s so dependent but… “I just never realized… the word is dependant, isn’t it?” Jimin ducks his head as he admits it.

Jin listens with a small frown. It’s not that he’s mad at Jimin, it’s just hard to hear that the person he wants to be with wants to be with someone else. “Do you want to get married, Jimin?”

Jimin’s eyes go wide. “To-”

Jin sighs, cutting him off. “Just in general. Do you want to, someday, get married?”

Jimin answers easily. “Yeah, of course. One day.”

Jin smiles softly. “And do you want to get married to Tae?”

Jimin doesn’t speak, but they both hear the ‘no’ pounding in his head.

Jin reaches across the table to squeeze Jimin’s hand. “I’m not forcing you to make any decisions, not now or ever. Just think about it?”

Chapter Text

Yoongi lounges in Hoseok's bed and waiting for him to wake up. Justin was out for the night.

Yoongi scrolls through the pictures of Jimin on his computer. Usually if he, Tae, Hoseok, and Jimin all go out, Yoongi will bring his camera along and the three of them all strike poses from time to time. They’re also naturally photogenic if he wants to snap a candid, but long story short, he’s got a lot of pictures of the three of them on his computer.

He finds himself scrolling through the pictures from when Jimin’s hair was green (not blue).

He remembers the night they went to the library, it was over two weeks ago.

Yoongi had been intentionally not thinking about it.

He’s lying in Hoseok’s bed right now and his beautiful, sweet, loving boyfriend is asleep next to him.

Of course they have their problems, but Yoongi has never been the one to bring them up and he doesn’t know how to do it without upsetting Hoseok more than he has to. He doesn’t know how to ask Hoseok to stop hiding his emotions from him without sounding like he’s accusing him of lying.

He hears Hoseok take The Breath which means he’s waking up.

He can’t remember when he and Hoseok got so used to each other. Maybe being unaware of it is part of the reason it ended up being so easy.

They met at H-Mart.

He laughs to himself remembering that. He doesn’t know why he forgot. He’d seen Hoseok staring at the wall of kimchi options and grabbed his favorite to hand to him. Hoseok blinked and Yoongi just smiled awkwardly and walked away.

Hoseok had quickly caught up to him and started speaking to him in Korean.

Maybe he cheated, but it’s not like Hoseok knew that Yoongi was emotionally weak for people who spoke Korean to him. After years of his mom only speaking Korean to him, the language was a sort of love language to him and without even knowing he was doing it, Hoseok was courting him.

Hoseok finally forces his eyes open and Yoongi puts his computer down to look at him. <Morning, sunshine.>

Hoseok’s smile is sleepy and honest. Yoongi’s heart swells looking at it. <Mmm, starting the day in Korean, hm? You want something?>

Yoongi frowns. <No.> He clears his throat. <I mean, other than to see you smile, no.>

Hoseok flails, hitting Yoongi lightly. <It’s too early for this.>

Yoongi snorts. <It’s 3pm.>

Hoseok hums loudly and tiredly. <I know.> He takes a deep breath, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. <Well, I didn’t know exactly, but now I do.>

Yoongi runs his fingers through Hoseok’s hair gently.

Hoseok stops stretching and opens his eyes wide to stare up at Yoongi. <What’s up?>

Yoongi shrugs. <Nothing.>

Hoseok shakes his head. <You’re looking at me like I’m dying or something.>

Yoongi’s brow creases as he shakes his head again. <No, I’m not.>

Hoseok sits up, looking Yoongi in the eye. <You are.>

Yoongi sits on his words for a few minutes. He knows he wants to say them, but he’s a little intimidated by the energy he knows Hoseok will throw at him if he does. He decides to suffer through it. <I love you.>

To his surprise, Hoseok is calm. He’d braced himself for the high energy attack hug, but it didn’t come.

Hoseok’s eyes just go wide and Yoongi can practically hear his heart speed up. Hoseok scoots in closer to him. <I love you too.>

Yoongi lets out a breath. It’s the first time they’ve said it so explicitly. They’ve traded ‘love ya’s and whispered sweet nothings, but this was different.

Hoseok tickles under Yoongi’s chin. <Baby, I’m glad to hear that, but I can still tell something’s wrong.>

Yoongi takes a breath. <I don’t know, it’s been almost three months. I don’t mean- I don’t know if you’ll know what I mean. I don’t want you to think->

<Baby, just say it.>

Yoongi’s lip juts out a bit as he thinks. <It’s changing, right? Like we’re settling. Which is good. It’s just…>


Yoongi coughs as Hoseok takes the word out of his mouth. <I didn’t say->

Hoseok smiles at him, but there’s a sadness in his eyes. <You didn’t have to. I could tell.>

Yoongi tries to backtrack. <No, babe, I didn’t mean it like that!> Yoongi scoots into Hoseok in a way he used to be uncomfortable with. He holds him by the waist. <I don’t know how to say it.>

Hoseok laughs lightly. <If we’re over sharing things that we’ve been scared to tell each other… I’ve always wondered if the only reason we’re together is cause I spoke Korean to you.>

Yoongi feels that sentence stab him in the chest. <Babe->

<We didn’t really have much else in common at the time. Why do you think we fooled around for a year without starting something? We didn’t have a natural connection, we just got used to each other. We’re basically friends that kiss.>

Yoongi leans back, his face a little more intense as anger settles in him. <That’s bullshit. We’re more than friends. You think I’m fucking lying when I say that I love you?>

Hoseok sighs. <No, that’s not- I just think we’re different and I don’t know if we’re meant to get past all the disagreements that we have.>

Yoongi shakes his head, pulling away like he’s been burned. <Why are you saying shit like that? Why- I thought- Why can’t you believe in us?>

Hoseok frowns. <I do. Baby, I do. We just need to work and I don’t know if you->

Hoseok tries to stop himself, but the sentence already started and he knows Yoongi already knew what he was getting at. He knows it for sure when Yoongi switches to English. “You think I won’t do the work for us?!”

Hoseok whines. <That’s not what I->

“No, but I know what you were going to say.” Yoongi throws off his covers to pace by the bed. He doesn’t feel very intimidating in a t shirt and boxers, but he tries not to think about that. “I really thought, between the two of us-” Yoongi wants to scream. “I fucking told you this cause I wanted you to tell me I was crazy. I wanted you to make it all go away. I just- we just fucking said I love you and now we’re- This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Hoseok frowns, it’s his deep frown and Yoongi can’t help but ache to see it in reaction to his own words. “I’m not the fucking sun, Yoongi.”

Yoongi sighs harshly. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know what it means. You fucking said that to me. You- you got it. You knew that I like being hyper, but I can't maintain that 24/7. You understood me. You remember that first night you cooked for me? That’s the night I fell in love with you.”

Yoongi immediately stops pacing, turning to Hoseok in surprise. “That was almost ten months ago.”

Hoseok laughs bitterly. “Yeah, Yoongs. It was.”

Yoongi shakes his head. “You said you wanted to keep it casual.”

Hoseok rolls his eyes. “I wanted you to tell me I was wrong. I wanted you to tell me you wanted more. But you didn’t.”

Yoongi swallows. “For seven months?”

Hoseok nods. “I didn’t bring it up cause I knew you didn’t want to talk about it, but we didn’t date cause you were scared of me not being who you hoped I’d be.” Yoongi opens his mouth to protest, but Hoseok cuts him off. “Don’t. You knew me as energetic and optimistic and I know we bonded when I finally opened up about my history with depression and all that bullshit, but I could see the reluctance in your eyes. You didn’t want to date a sad person.”

Yoongi whines, pained. “That’s fucking bullshit, Hope ah. You know that’s not what it was.”

“Do I? Do I know? When did we talk about it? Cause all I remember is whenever things got serious, you would just start kissing me.”

Yoongi’s hands curl into fists. “Not like you stopped me. I told you I’m bad at words in the moment.”

“Sounds like you’re pretty good with them now.”

“Stop! Stop-”

“Stop what?! Stop being broken? Stop being honest? Stop having pain that you can’t shut away? What should I stop, Yoongi?!”

“I thought you wanted me to ignore it!”

He shouts and it leaves both of them quiet, panting after yelling.

Yoongi swallows and repeats himself. “I thought it helped you if I ignored it. You always put on a happy face and I thought that was how you pushed through it. You never wanted to talk about it. You never asked to talk about it.”

Neither of them are quite sure what to say after that.

Hoseok knows his next words are vital. He’s scared to say anything. If he says nothing, they can just stay in this bubble and nothing will break. But he has to say something. <You don’t understand me how I hoped you would.>

The words slice through Yoongi.

Hoseok speaks up again. <Yoongi, I need space.>

Yoongi ignores him, picking his clothes up off the floor and grabbing his bag.

<Yoongi, I’m not mad I just…>

But Yoongi doesn’t respond. He just packs up quietly and slips out the door.

He walks down the stairs of Hoseok’s apartment, they live in a townhouse, and he shuffles to a stop when he sees the kitchen.

Jin and Jimin are shirtless in their boxers drinking tea and trying not to look at him.

Yoongi stares at them and Jimin looks him in the eye briefly.

Yoongi doesn’t ask them if they heard, cause he can tell they did. “Are you guys a thing?”

Jimin meets Yoongi’s eye, waving his hand back and forth.

Yoongi nods. “Cool. Uh, congrats. See ya.”

He takes off from the apartment and tries not to think about the hole in his life that Hoseok had filled that suddenly feels really empty again.

Chapter Text

Jimin hates everything about this.

It’s selfish of him to be so upset about his friends breaking up, but by default he and Tae ended up being split too.

Jimin doesn’t like taking sides so he wanted to help both of them, but with Tae and Hoseok getting along so well, he knew Yoongi needed someone. He and Tae talked very thoroughly about the fact that they wouldn’t let this ‘taking sides’ thing affect their own relationship. They understood that it was just that Yoongi and Hoseok both needed a friend and they couldn’t both be there for both of them. It was just a tag team.

Yeah, if there’s one thing he and Tae are good at it’s working together.

So Jimin finds himself on Yoongi’s couch.

Yoongi is sprawled on the floor with his laptop and Jimin’s watching America’s Next Top Model on Netflix cause as much as the drama parts are just guilty pleasure, he really does learn from the show when they do their photoshoots.

He’s noticed Yoongi does too. Not that he says so, but Yoongi always shifts his attention when they’re doing work in the show. But as soon as it turns back into drama, he focuses back on his laptop.

“Hey, hyung?”

Yoongi just hums. He’d gotten over Jimin calling him hyung in English.

Jimin hesitates and Yoongi sighs.

“No, I haven’t talked to him.”

Jimin frowns as Yoongi changes his position, shifting uncomfortably. “I just- I mean, based on what you said he said-”

Yoongi stares at his computer. “Trust me, Jimin ah. I know. I think we’re both avoiding it.”

Jimin sighs, mumbling to himself. “You just didn’t officially break up.”

Yoongi hears him and rolls his eyes. “Maybe we can just do what you and Tae do.”

Jimin snorts. “Yeah, right.”

Yoongi turns his attention away from his laptop to look at Jimin. “What, why did you say it like that?”

Jimin shrugs. “I just don’t think you could.”

Yoongi blinks. “You don’t think I could sleep around? You think I’m ugly?”

Jimin doesn't miss a beat. “I mean, of course I think you’re ugly.” He smiles and it ruins the fake insult. “But it’s not about sleeping around. It’s about… only being partly connected to the person you’re with. I don’t think you could do that.”

Yoongi stares at him. “Isn’t that the exact problem you had with it?”

Jimin stays quiet. He tries to respond and catches Yoongi smirk a little. “I mean, I had to adjust, yeah. But I met Jin and-”

Yoongi tsks. “Jimin ah, I told you. Jin wants-”

“More. I know. We’re just… well you know.”

He fucking does. “Yeah, I know.” They’re just biding their time. They’re enjoying it while they can before they end it. Yeah, Yoongi fucking knows how that is.


Hoseok comes down from his orgasm looking guilty and Tae brushes his fingers through his hair. <What?>

Hoseok shakes his head. <Just- I think we should’ve asked Jimin first.>

Tae shrugs. <I mean, yeah. We probably should’ve but… I also think you really needed that.>

Hoseok drops his head onto Tae’s chest. <Don’t get me wrong, Tae. I’ve slept around before Yoongi. Never met someone who’s so…>

<Good?> Tae smiles innocently.

Hoseok snorts. <Passionate. But not like… soap opera passionate. It’s like… you’re sincere. Everything… every movement had a purpose and a meaning.>

Tae blushes. He’s not like this in bed with just anyone. Jimin had called him out on it years ago too. He and Jimin have been sleeping together since high school and it wasn’t until college that Tae’s… style changed.

Jimin definitely had no complaints.

It was just awkward for someone to be new to it again. Tae likes emotional sex. He likes saying everything he needs to with his tongue.

Well- he says things with his tongue if he talks but- it’s-

He likes communicating physically. It’s a language he feels more fluent in than he is in English or Korean.

He’s glad it seems like Hoseok was able to understand that language.

Sometimes, he thinks Jimin doesn’t always get what he’s trying to say.

But every move Tae made, Hoseok had a response and it just flowed so naturally.

Hoseok smiles as Tae wraps his arms around Hoseok, hugging him with embarrassment.

Hoseok sighs. <Yoongi won’t get it.>

Tae hums in question.

Hoseok shakes his head, frowning. <He’ll see this as cheating. I know he will.>

Tae frowns. <You guys broke up.>

Hoseok shrugs. <It was too vague for him. He likes hard facts. I just told him I need space. I never said- I couldn’t- I couldn’t say it. I couldn’t do that to him.>

Tae frowns, running his hand over Hoseok’s naked body meaningfully. <Well you did. Open relationships only work with communication.>

Hoseok laughs. <Yoongi and I aren’t open->

<You kind of are right now, based on how you’re describing it.>

Hoseok frowns at himself. <We should’ve talked to Jimin.>

Tae shakes his head. <Jimin will understand.>

<Yoongi won’t.>

<Jimin can explain it to Yoongi.>

Hoseok sighs loudly. <You guys shouldn’t be caught up in the middle of this. It’s not fair on you.>

Tae snorts. <Jimin and I’s relationship leaves us in the middle of a lot of things. It’s normal.>

Hoseok lifts his head and stares at him.

Tae fidgets. <What?>

Hoseok shakes his head. <You’re kind of amazing.>

Tae blushes, twitching his nose at the compliment. <I’m nothing special. Just another person getting by.>

Hoseok shakes his head. <No, you’re amazing.>

Hoseok leans forward and presses his lips to Tae’s softly.

They’d kissed at the baseball game, they slept together last night, but it’s this kiss that seals the deal.

They’re fucked.

They’re both so fucked.


It’s a few days later that Yoongi gets a text.

Hoseok: can we maybe meet up?

Yoongi: you dont want to dump me over a text?

Hoseok: youre so lucky i know youre being sarcastic or id be pissed cause thats fucking rude

Yoongi: yeah glad you know me so well. really worked out for us

Hoseok: did you just wake up

Yoongi: no

Hoseok: meet me at kung fu tea after youve had coffee

Yoongi: can i meet you at kung fu tea and GET a coffee?

Hoseok: no, i need you to be caffeinated before you get there

Yoongi: fine

Yoongi groans as he pushes himself out of bed. He’s almost mad that Hoseok didn’t get offended at his rude words. He’s mad that Hoseok knew why he was being aggressive. He’s mad that Hoseok understands him. He’s mad that apparently he’s never been able to be that for Hoseok.

He’s just really fucking mad.

At himself.

He texts Jimin and tries not to think about how he doesn’t have anyone else.

His other friends are all Hoseok’s roommates and he knows they’re all really tight, so he can’t reach out to them right now. He doesn’t have any friends at work.

Even Jimin was Hoseok’s friend. He wouldn’t know Jimin if it weren’t for Hoseok.

God, he feels so sick.

Yoongi: I’m meeting Hoseok.

Jimin: didnt you guys meet 2 years ago

Yoongi: ha hilarious

Jimin: you okay? You need… idk, something?

Yoongi: idk

Jimin: sorry. hes. I mean i know its complicated but hes nice. youre both nice. I think itll be ifne. Hard maybe, but fine after. I think things will make more sense after

Yoongi: yeah i guess

Jimin: text me when youre done. Ill meet you

Yoongi: <3

Jimin: ...are you okay

Yoongi: why does everyone assume something is wrong with me when i show affection

Jimin: its not the affection yoongi. Its that you usually dont show affection like THAT. i know how to read your NORMAL affection by now and thats not it

Yoongi: whatever im just………… im scared jimin ah. Im not ready

Jimin: i know. i. Im gonna surprise you okay. So you have something to look forward to. so you have a reason to push through it.

Yoongi: surprise me how

Jimin: <3

Yoongi: jimin ah i dont like surprises

Jimin: <3 <3

Yoongi: jimin ah

Jimin:  <3 <3 <3


The barista at Kung Fu Tea glares at Yoongi’s thermos as he sits at a table.

He does feel a little guilty bringing it in, but he’s planning to order a second drink once he downs most of this first coffee he brought from home.

He’s up at the register when Hoseok walks in.

Hoseok walks up next to him and Yoongi nods as he pays. “I got yours.”

“Thanks.” Hoseok frowns. He knows Yoongi knows his usual, but he’d wanted to try something new today. He tries not to show it and just smiles gratefully cause he knows Yoongi meant it as an act of affection.

He curses in his head. This is the root of all their problems.

All they want is to make each other happy but they’re so goddamn bad at it.

If he’s being honest, Hoseok wasn’t totally sure if he wanted to go through with the breakup as he made his way to k-town.

Now that they’re here and he’s smiling to hide his disappointment yet again, he realizes this is good for both of them. They just never learned to get past this. They tried. They failed.

They stand by the counter in awkward silence as they wait for their drinks.

Hoseok breaks it. “How’s Jimin? I mean, that’s dumb. I know how- Nevermind.”

Yoongi doesn’t respond, just watches the barista make his drink.

Hoseok tries again. “Sam made me send her a picture of you again.”

Yoongi’s eyes are distant and cold. Hoseok knows he’s waiting until they can leave the cafe and talk privately.

“She refused to finish her workout unless I promised I’d send a picture of you. She’s twelve now. Still totally in love with you.”

Yoongi very intentionally does not say. At least someone still is. “I think I still have claw marks from where she always clung to my leg. You think she grew out of that yet?”

Hoseok snorts. “Probably not. She’s in every class. She’s really good. She can dance every genre at an intermediate level. At age twelve.”

Yoongi nods. “She’s always been good. Anyone could see that. She loves it.” Yoongi used to sit at the dance studio to watch Hoseok when they first started whatever they could call this. They kept telling everyone they were just friends, but even the kids saw through it. Except Sam. Sam just wanted dibs on Yoongi and Yoongi was more than happy to say charming things to watch her swoon.

Hoseok thought it was absurd, watching his crush flirt with an eleven year old girl, but it was endearing how good he was with her.

Hoseok shakes it off.

He sighs in relief as their drinks are handed to them.

Yoongi’s eyes are still closed off and Hoseok wants to get them outside as fast as possible.

The door shuts behind them and Hoseok glances at Yoongi’s hands, one holding his new drink and one holding his thermos. He’s not sure if it was an intentional tactic to keep his hands busy so he wouldn’t accidently twine his fingers with Hoseok’s from habit.

Yoongi sips at his drink. He absolutely brought the thermos to keep his hands busy.

Yoongi sighs, shaky, after they’ve walked a block. “Just say it’s over, Hoseok.”

Hoseok frowns at the use of his full name. “That’s not fair to just-”

“I just want to hear you say it.”

Hoseok can see the distance in Yoongi’s eyes still, but he can see the cracks too. He can see that Yoongi needs something to hold onto. He needs something concrete to understand what this is between them.

Hoseok swallows. “It’s over.”

Yoongi stops walking and turns, keeping his back to Hoseok.


“Just… it’s fine. Just…”

He watches Yoongi’s shoulders tense. He watches his breath come quick and erratic for a moment before Yoongi gets a hold of it and breathes deeply again.

He swallows, relaxing his shoulders as he turns to fall into step with Hoseok again.

Hoseok wants to scream from the guilt. “I love y-”

“Don’t.” Yoongi’s voice is raw from the tears he refuses to shed. “I get it. I get why you want to say that, but don’t. Not right now.”

Hoseok knows. He knows Yoongi wants to hear the bad right now. He knows the good, he needs to cling to the parts that will help him get distance. “We can’t help each other. We’re so bad at it. I- I let you ignore me when I needed you, you thought that’s what I needed. I tried to- I helped you more than I let you help me and that’s not on you. I- I kept saying… I kept blaming you for not trying but- you didn’t know. You couldn’t have kno-”

“You told me you struggled with depression. It’s all different for everyone, but I should’ve known you needed more.”

Hoseok lets out a breath. “Why is it now that we’re finally able to admit all of this?”

Yoongi sips his drink, frown undisturbed by the straw. “Cause there’s nothing to lose anymore.”

Hoseok hesitates. “Don’t go back to her.”

Yoongi tenses as Hoseok brings up his weakness. He tends to try to get his ex back when he’s in a bad place emotionally. “I wasn’t going to-”

“I just… I just wanted to make sure. She’ll hurt you again if you go back to her.”

“I know. I wasn’t going to- I deleted her number. I don’t even know where she is.”

“Oh. Good.”

Yoongi hums.

Hoseok swallows. “Jimin’s been good to you, right?”

Yoongi shrugs. “I feel like you’re a foster parent right now. I’m fine, Hope ah.”

Hoseok pouts. “I know that you-”

Don’t have a lot of friends. Yeah, Yoongi knows that too. “Jimin’s good to me.”

Hoseok nods. “Good. I’ve- I mean, I see him around but we don’t talk about you.”


Hoseok sips at his drink and realizes it’s empty. He usually doesn’t drink his tea that fast unless he’s nervous. “Uh, do you need space?”


Hoseok swallows. “I still care ab-”

“I know.” Hoseok can see Yoongi struggling, the warring emotions behind his eyes. “I need to hate you for a bit. But I don’t hate you. I need…”

Hoseok smiles sadly. “I can be the bad guy.”

Yoongi whines and it’s so soft and quiet, Hoseok wouldn’t have heard it if he didn’t know what to listen for.

He pulls Yoongi into his arms and Yoongi lets him. “We’ll talk soon, okay?”

Yoongi’s limp. He doesn’t know what to say or what to do in Hoseok’s arms.

Hoseok kisses the top of his head and walks toward the subway station.

Yoongi turns and heads back to his apartment.

He wants to be alone but he knows himself. He knows that’s a terrible idea.

Yoongi: done

Jimin: OMW


Yoongi's only in his apartment for 30 secons when he hears a knock and opens his door to Jimin shoving a scrapbook into his hands.

Jimin’s red and Yoongi can tell he ran part of the way cause he was nervous.

Jimin pushes the book at him again. “It’s not done, it was supposed to be for your birthday. But I figured I’d show you the progress cause… I don't know, I figured it’d distract you.”

Yoongi opens to the first page, but Jimin pushes him to sit on the couch first.

The opening page says 민욘기    by   박지민 .

Yoongi smirks. “You couldn’t write ‘by’ in Korean?”

Jimin pouts. “It was an artistic choice.”

Yoongi turns the page and Jimin goes quiet.

Yoongi stares at the picture and the neat handwriting next to it.

Jimin tries to keep quiet while Yoongi reads, but he ends up blurting out words cause he feels awkward. “I found your instagram. And- I mean, I’ve been writing small, dumb poems. I write poems when I’m stressed. They’re not good. But to learn Korean, I’ve been writing some simple ones. I wrote a few for Tae. I even wrote a few for… Jin.” Yoongi knows he was gonna say Hoseok. “But since your birthday was coming up… I dunno.”

Yoongi stares at it, rereading the words. “Jin’s birthday is in December. Should’ve done something for him before me.”

Jimin shrugs. “Yeah, well. We broke up.”

Yoongi looks up, worried. But Jimin shrugs. “It was never gonna work. We, uh. We did sleep together though.”

Yoongi snorts as he turns the page. “I noticed.”

Jimin blushes. “I’m sorry, we thought you guys were at your place.”

Yoongi stares at his picture and the poem that Jimin based on it.

Yoongi hums. “This one’s nice. It’s simple, but it’s nice.”

The picture is of a bridge.

We’re connected
But I can’t reach you
Two people
A bond
But too much distance

I see you
But I can’t reach you

Yoongi traces the words for a moment. “This is about Tae?”

Jimin’s eyes go wide. “What?”

Yoongi looks up at him. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to assume- But it is, isn’t it?”

Jimin looks down, hiding his eyes. “Uh… yeah. It is. How did you know that?”

Yoongi shrugs and turns the page. “Dunno.”

Yoongi reads through a few more, finds a couple pages that don’t have poems yet.

One of the pictures is from the photoshoot they did on the patio.

Yoongi stares at it and the blank page next to it.

He scoots forward to grab a pen off his coffee table and then scoots back on the couch, uncapping his pen.

Jimin watches him silently.

He leans his head on Yoongi’s shoulder as he watches Yoongi write neatly in Korean.

You lied about the color

Jimin snorts and Yoongi elbows him in the ribs.

He lied with smiling eyes

Jimin goes quiet.

You lied about each other
He lied through all his sighs

You lied with words of hope
He never even cried
You lied so much
 because it helped
Yet to me, you never lied

Yoongi stares at the poem and rereads it.

He signs it at the bottom and dates it. At the top he dedicates it to Jimin.

They don’t talk for the rest of the night.

Yoongi just finishes flipping through the pages of the scrapbook and then they fall asleep on the couch, Jimin’s quiet tears dampening his shirt.

Chapter Text

Yoongi wakes up and turns to snuggle closer to Hoseok and press a kiss to his-

Yoongi’s eyes snap open. It’s not Hoseok, it’s Jimin.

He knew that. He just- for a second, he forgot.

He hasn’t cuddled with someone other than Hoseok in almost two years.

He finds his lips close to Jimin’s forehead and figures he may as well finish the motion.

His lips brush against Jimin’s skin.

Jimin hums. “Wow.” His voice is rough as he wakes up. “I mean, I knew you were soft but that is some soft morning after treatment.”

Yoongi just smiles tiredly as he leans away to give Jimin space to stretch and sit up.

Yoongi tries to balance on the edge of the couch, unsure how he’s managing to not fall off.

Jimin turns to look down at where Yoongi is still lying down.

Yoongi looks up at him. “You cried more than I did last night.”

Though Yoongi meant to tease, Jimin’s face is serious. “Sorry.”

Yoongi tsks. “Don’t apologize.”

It goes quiet for a moment and Jimin knows Yoongi is choosing not to ask why Jimin was upset.

Jimin takes the space offered to him and lets the topic change. “Tae and I have plans today, but I can come by tomorrow.”

Yoongi’s hand grips the edge of Jimin’s shirt as he grits his teeth together.

They stare at each other and Jimin knows everything Yoongi’s trying not to say: Don’t leave me. I don’t want to be alone. There’s no one else.

Jimin swallows and looks away for a moment, guilty. “It- it’s me and Tae’s anniversary. Our friend anniversary so it’s even more important than our dating anniversary. We’ve known each other for fifteen years now. It’s- it’s kind of a big day. I would stay, Yoongi. I would…”

But Tae’s more important right now.

Jimin hates that he knows that Yoongi knows what he’s not saying too.

He hates that they understand each other like this.

He hates that he and Tae were never like this, but he loves that he and Tae didn’t need this. They were always open and honest. But this is so different and it’s-

Jimin gets up from the couch and puts his shoes on.

When he turns back, Yoongi’s curled into a ball, eyes closed.


Jimin’s not sure how to process the scene in his living room.

Hoseok is on the couch glancing nervously between Jimin and Tae.

Tae is pacing, wearing only his boxers and a guilty expression.

Jimin’s not an idiot and Tae’s his best and oldest friend. “Did you guys fuck?”

Tae doesn’t react to it and Jimin didn’t expect him to. It’s not a big deal for them. But that’s not the issue.

The issue is, that’s Hoseok on the couch.

Tae takes a deep breath. “Chriscross.”

Jimin shakes his head.


Jimin walks further into the room and drops his bag on the floor, kicking off his shoes.

He sits on the couch to brace himself for all this and ignores the fact that he’s sitting next to Hoseok now. “What happened?”

Tae takes another deep breath and Jimin keeps calm. As worried as he is about this, he can tell Tae’s even more stressed about it. “Um, I wish… I could’ve brought this up with you in a more… prepared… I didn’t even have time to script a monologue.” He smiles to ease the tension. Jimin tries to relax his furrowed brow a bit in response. “Hoseok and I…”

Jimin cuts through all the bullshit after those three words. “You want to keep him, don’t you?”

It sounds dumb. It sounds like they’re collecting strays, but they’d talked about this before. They’d talked about if one of them finds someone they want to keep around. They never got too serious about it cause it was hypothetical, but now…

Jimin glances over at Hoseok who stares at the ground, unsure what to say or do right now. Jimin can’t fault him. It’s hard to learn the rules of a relationship like this. He’s glad Hoseok’s giving him and Tae time to hash this out.

Tae nods. “You don’t have to. It’s just, for now… I mean, if you guys want to, you can talk, I guess? But… Hoseok and I don’t want this to be a one time thing.”

Jimin wets his lips, voice calm but pained. “Taetae, I just got back from Yoongi’s.”

He sees Hoseok flinch in the corner of his eye.

Jimin takes a breath. “If this is helping you guys, you have my blessing. But this is a little too… it’s just too much right now. I thought we had anniversary plans.”

Tae’s shoulders drop in relief. “Yeah. Yeah! I definitely have plans. They’re the best plans. You gonna love ‘em.” Hoseok’s staring at Jimin, shocked. Tae smirks at him. “I told you Jimin would understand.”

Hoseok’s hesitant, shy. Jimin’s never seen him like this but he suddenly gets why he and Tae are so serious about this. Tae’s the same way. Tae and Hoseok are loud, and extroverted with their first impressions but when you get to know them more they’re shy and quiet. He and Yoongi are shy and first and get hyper around close friends.

Hoseok’s a good fit for Tae.

Jimin calms a little thinking about it like that.

Hoseok’s still gaping. “Really?”

Jimin can’t really keep eye contact with him after spending the night on Yoongi’s couch. “Yeah. I mean, we have a lot of talking to do… soon. I just need Tae today.” Jimin’s smile is small and familiar as he looks back at Tae. “The love of my life.”

Tae blushes and swats the air, fake shy. “Stop that.”

Jimin’s smile gets more teasing and flirty and he stands up. “It’s been fifteen years, Taetae.”

Jimin’s hands land on Tae’s hips easier than breathing. He normally would feel awkward in front of Hoseok, but with the rules changing between the three of them, he figures it’s good for Hoseok to see him and Tae like this.

Tae loops his arms awkwardly around Jimin’s neck since Jimin is shorter than him.

They hold each other’s gaze for a moment, quietly arguing.

Tae’s voice is low, but Hoseok can hear them. “I’m sorry to throw this on you.”

Jimin shakes his head. “Things happen when they happen.”

Tae kisses the corner of his mouth. “You’re such a libra.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Don’t start with all that.”

Tae wiggles in Jimin’s grasp. “You know, Hoseok’s an aquarius. You and him are both air signs, so compatible.”

Jimin humors him. “And you two?”

Tae hums. “Capricorn and aquarius. It’s difficult to say, but one site said ‘once these two set eyes on one another, an unbreakable bond is formed’ so I’m optimistic. Anything’s better than that dumb description for us.”

Jimin quotes it just because Tae was obsessed with it for one month. “They can be a good couple if they can uncover their sometimes difficult to find similarities.” Tae spent the entire month trying to make sure he and Jimin knew everything about each other. They have the handwritten list of their similarities framed and hanging in the living room.

They kiss properly, both hyper aware Hoseok is still there. Jimin can feel Tae performing intimacy more than actually being intimate.

He feels pressured being watched too so he can’t blame Tae for his tension.

They break apart and Jimin puts distance between them. “I’m gonna go shower, then we’ll head out?”

Tae hums.

Jimin walks toward the bathroom. He pauses in front of Hoseok who’s still sitting and unsure on the couch. Jimin glances over his shoulder at Tae mischievously before pressing a kiss to Hoseok’s forehead. “You’ll get used to it soon, trust me.”

Jimin disappears down the hallway and Hoseok lets out a loud breath. “I was waiting for him to punch me.”

Tae shrugs. “Jimin’s not… that violent. But he’s definitely getting closer to Yoongi so the more Yoongi hates you, the more resistant Jimin will be with you.”

Hoseok lets out a loud sigh and falls onto the couch. “Great. Yoongi just told me yesterday that he needs to hate me to get over me. Guess I should add Jimin to the list.”

Tae snorts and sits on Hoseok’s stomach, pleased when Hoseok grunts in pain. “He’s just protective. It’s not malicious.”

Hoseok looks up at Tae. “Malicious?”

Tae shrugs. “It was in one of the audition sides I read last week. It’s a good word, right?”

Hoseok hums and Tae leans down to press his lips to Hoseok’s. Once their lips are touching he says it again. “Malicious.”

Hoseok chokes back a laugh. He lets their lips stay together. “You’re cute.”

Tae’s lips twitch into a smile but he tries to keep his composure so their lips keep brushing as he talks. “I know.”


Yoongi’s thankful he’s had insomnia all week.

He’s so exhausted from all of the bullshit and anxiety, that he passes out again once Jimin leaves.

His alarm goes off for his 6pm shift and he goes through the motions.

His mind is steadily blank as he scans groceries and gives change.

He’s back home in a daze before he knows it and then he’s asleep again, from 2am til 11am.

He just keeps trying not to think. Everything will be fine as long as he doesn’t think about it.

He can’t think about it.


Meanwhile, Jimin lets Tae whisk him away.

When they first officially started dating about halfway through high school, Jimin was the planner.

Jimin planned all their dates from extravagant trips, to which order they’d go with for a movie marathon.

After three years of that, Jimin got real bored of it and told Tae to ‘have fun’.

It’s pretty much hit or miss every time, but it doesn’t matter as long as they experience them together.

Once, Tae suggested they dumpster dive. Jimin was heavily against the idea. A few weeks and a few bills later, Jimin was onboard.

So they’ve been on some weird dates.

But Jimin knows how Tae gets about their anniversary.

As much as he acts wild and crazy, Tae is one of the most romantic people Jimin’s ever met. He hates that people don’t see that when they find out he and Tae are open.

He hates that people assume he and Tae must be sex crazed if they’re open.

No one ever thinks that they’re open because Tae has so much love to give, he needs more than one person to share his heart with.

That’s the number one trait on their similarities list: a heart too big not to share.

While Tae joked that Jimin’s big heart was a flaw (he spent so much energy making sure everyone else in his life was okay, even if it meant they walked all over him), Tae showed him how he could use all that love in a positive way.

It’s one of the biggest reasons Jimin loves Tae so much.

He learns something new from Tae every day of his life, for the past fifteen years.

So he’s a little surprised when they’re walking down the street, fingers interlaced, a beautiful restaurant in the distance that Jimin thinks he’s being led toward, and then Tae pulls him into an alleyway.

Jimin straightens up. “Okay, we talked about this. I’m not okay with your public sex in an alleyway fantasy.”

Tae snorts. “As much as I would’ve been down if you suggested it, that’s not why we’re here.” Tae pulls a folded paper out of his pocket and hands it to Jimin. It’s a list and number one said ‘dumpster diving’. Jimin catches on quickly and feels his eyes tear up as he looks up at Tae. Tae smiles widely. “How do you feel about reliving all our greatest hits?”

They smell awful when they get to the cafe they once broke up in and people give them looks as Tae wipes some ketchup (he hopes it’s ketchup) off of Jimin’s temple. They couldn’t care less about the looks they’re getting.

They order the same food they got when they were last there.

As they finish eating, Tae orders a milkshake.

Jimin makes a face. “You didn’t order a milkshake last time.”

Tae hums, disagreeing. “You stormed out. I cried into this very same milkshake when I thought you walked through that door and out of my life.” He points to the door and then grips his heart dramatically.

Jimin snorts and reaches across the table to grab Tae’s hand. “Maybe we can share your tear-filled milkshake this time?”

Tae grabs another straw and they try to be cute and drink at the same time, but honestly, these tables are too wide.

As they leave the cafe, Tae beats Jimin to the punch. “Oh, do you feel gross and stinky?”

Jimin makes a face, exasperated but completely enamoured. “We’re not skinny dipping.”

Tae smirks. “We didn’t last time either so even if I wanted to, I’d have to follow the script.”

They get on the metro to Santa Monica and run into the ocean fully clothed.

They make out on the sand with the tide rushing over them.

Just like last time, the tide comes in too far and they end up choking. It’s not cute, but that wasn’t really the point.

Tae just wanted to recreate a movie scene yet again and Jimin was all too willing to see his boyfriend smile.

They’re covered in sand as they walk along the promenade with ice cream from Creams and Dreams. Tae still giggles at the name and makes inappropriate jokes, no matter how many times they’ve been.

Once they’re dry they get back on the metro and walk to their apartment.

They have their own rooms for privacy’s sake, but most of the time they stay in Jimin’s together.

Tae’s bed is tainted from a couple one night stands. Jimin never takes anyone home. He goes to their place. So Jimin’s bed is their bed.

Tae knows every single spot of the mattress that squeaks and seeks them out so they can be as loud as possible. Their neighbors have loud sex too, so at this point Tae sees it as a competition.

Jimin lets Tae pamper him.

Again, Tae knows that Jimin spends so much of his time on others and while it may mostly be an emotional weight, he knows Jimin feels relieved by the pressure when he’s with Tae.

He knows Tae gets it.

Tae knows exactly what to say or do to show Jimin that he’s willing to share the burden.

So Tae pushes Jimin onto his back and Jimin doesn’t have to move for the rest of the night. It’s dumb and Jimin tries to fight him from time to time that certain things would be easier in other positions, but Tae just makes a noise and holds Jimin down.

It’s Tae being poetic. In Tae’s eyes, letting Jimin stay on his back all night is symbolic of Jimin not needing to work so hard to make Tae happy. That just Jimin’s presence is what makes him happy.

Jimin didn’t get it at first, Tae had to explain it to him.

So as much as Jimin wants to take care of Tae as well, he knows tonight Tae wants to pamper him.

He relaxes into the familiar feeling of Tae’s love and lets his heart soar.


Jimin wakes Tae up with wet kisses and giggles.

Tae groans and tries to stay asleep.

Jimin bites his ear. “I won’t make you breakfast if you don’t wake up.”

Tae hums. “If I sleep til noon, I won’t need breakfast.”

Jimin bites his ear again, a little harder.

Tae frowns. “How are you always so hyper after sex?”

Jimin smirks. “Well someone wouldn’t let me do a lot of work, so what reason do I have to be tired?”

Tae groans, peeking an eye open. “Guess that’s true.”

Jimin pecks him on the lips. “What do you want for breakfast?”

Tae shrugs. “Surprise me.”

Jimin frowns. “You always say that, and then I surprise you, and you pout cause you were in the mood for ‘french toast, not bacon’.”

Tae just groans again, shutting his eyes and pulling the blanket over his face. “I can’t make important decisions like this in the morning.”

Jimin lets Tae cover himself with the blanket and rolls on top of him, blanket between them. He kisses where he thinks Tae’s lips might be. “Well I’m gonna make french toast and bacon then.”

Tae pulls the blanket down, looking at Jimin fondly. “You’re so amazing.”

Jimin blushes as he relishes in the praise. He kisses Tae’s nose and escapes to the kitchen.

If Tae falls asleep again while Jimin cooks, Jimin’s willing to ignore it today.

Eventually, the food is ready and Jimin goes to wake up Tae again.

“Good morning part two.”

Tae makes a tired sound. “You know I love remixes.”

Jimin snorts and yanks the covers off the bed. Tae whines as the cold hair hits his naked body. “That’s not fair. You can’t do that when I’m naked. It hurts.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Cooking alone waiting for my boyfriend to wake up hurts too.”

Tae reluctantly sits up. “Now I feel bad.”

Jimin kisses his nose. “Come make me a latte and I’ll forgive you.”

Tae kisses Jimin back, missing his mouth slightly as his eyes adjust to being open. “Gonna make you the best damn latte you’ve ever drank.”

Jimin smirks. Tae’s new hobby was coffee and he was fucking good at it.

They eat their breakfast relatively quietly.

Tae puts on their daily playlist from Spotify. They share an account, so the suggested songs are always a combo of both their tastes and it’s Tae’s favorite thing in the world that Spotify doesn’t even know it’s combining them into a playlist.

It’s poetic.

Jimin kicks Tae’s foot under the table that they’re actually sitting at for once cause it’s a special occasion.

Tae kicks him back.

Jimin kicks him again, sipping at his fucking delicious latte. “Can I burst the bubble?”

Tae shrugs. “We kept it unburst for so long. I’m honestly impressed with us.”

Jimin snorts. “You wanna tell me more about Hoseok?”

Tae ignores the guilt and jumps into the good. A smile spreads across his face and Jimin’s heart softens as he sees it.

The first few times they’d had talks like this, Jimin was jealous. Of course he was. Tae was his first love. It wasn’t until their first break up when Jimin dated someone else and felt like something was missing that he understood how this could work; him and Tae and anyone else they needed.

Seeing Tae happy about someone else was just a testament to their own relationship. It’s complicated, but it made sense after time.

Tae waxes poetic as he absentmindedly stirs his latte. “I know you know him, but like, ugh. Chriscross, you don’t understand. He’s been so different lately. And I know a lot of it is…” His eyes flash with guilt. “Uh, well I know it’s cause of Yoongi. But, I don’t know when it happened but we’re there. You know?”

Jimin nods. He and Tae had levels for people they saw outside of each other. Usually they warn each other at the ‘just a crush’ level, but Jimin knows that Tae didn’t really have time to warn him, cause he barely realized it himself. Tae wasn’t even at the ‘pining’ or ‘should I tell them about us’ phase. Tae was all the way to the ‘talk about having them join’ phase.

Jimin swallows. “It’s a big step, Taetae.”

Tae nods. Last time they brought in someone on this level, he and Jimin broke up at a cafe and Tae cried into a milkshake as he left Jimin for their third.

He doesn’t know how Jimin has the patience to come back to him after every break up.

He’ll never understand the true depths of Jimin’s heart and capacity for forgiveness.

Tae swirls his coffee nervously. “You know I wouldn’t ask if I weren’t sure.”

Jimin nods. “That’s part of the reason I went so easy on you two yesterday. I know you wouldn’t hit me with that unless you were sure.” Jimin drops his eyes to his latte, thinking. Tae stays quiet, knowing Jimin’s not quite done. “But… I do have one major problem with it.” Tae knows what he’s going to say. “You have to talk to Yoongi.”

Tae presses his lips together and Jimin knows Tae wants to childishly pretend it’s not important to talk to Yoongi about it, but he rationally knows it is.

Jimin frowns, looking legitimately upset. “Honestly it’s… I’m really…” He looks up at Tae, eyes firm. “I’m pretty fucking mad at you for doing it without talking to him. And I know you didn’t cause we would’ve talked about it the other night if he knew. How many times have you slept with Hope?”

Tae keeps his answers short and to the point to make sure Jimin can have all the facts while they discuss this. “Three times. That’s it. It just started. I mean, after the kiss at the game… but we didn’t kiss for real until after the break up.” He pauses and quickly specifies. “The first break up, the unofficial one. So it’s… I mean, I know. It crossed a line but it was like… it was more of a curve than a line?” Jimin’s gaze gets more intense and Tae sighs. “I know I’m making excuses.”

Jimin tries to shake it off. He slouches in his chair and looks at the ceiling. “You um, went there with him, right?” Tae nods. Jimin’s referring to Tae’s level of intimacy during sex. Jimin mumbles, mostly to himself. “You were comforting him.”

Tae nods, but doesn’t speak.

Jimin sighs again before looking Tae in the eye, kicking him under the table. “You’re so fucking lucky we know each other well or I’d be pissed. I’m almost mad that I understand why you did it cause now I can’t be mad.”

Tae smiles, but it’s a little hesitant. “I’m sorry, Chriscross.”

Jimin shakes his head with a smile. “Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to Yoongi.”

Tae pales. “Do I really have to-”

Jimin nods sharply. “That’s my condition. Hoseok can join us however it ends up working out between the three of us, but only if you guys tell Yoongi everything. I’m not cutting Yoongi out of my life to accommodate this. And to be perfectly honest, if Yoongi’s not okay with it… then I don’t think I can be.”

Tae feels a switch flick in his brain. They were talking, but after that last sentence… Tae feels an argument brewing. “What? You want Yoongi to make the decision for our relationship?”

Jimin’s expression relaxes a bit as he reads Tae’s tense tone. He didn’t mean to start a conflict so he tries to keep his tone even and calm. “I mean, not the final word or anything, but… yeah. Yoongi’s important to me. I can’t be friends with him if he knows we’re dating his ex and he’s not okay with it.”

Tae loses his anger for a moment when he hears Jimin say ‘we’. “You think you’ll end up being a part of it? Me and Hoseok?”

Jimin blushes. “Dunno yet. I’ve never really been alone with him before.”

Tae licks his lips, tension evaporating. “You’ve been alone with Yoongi.”

Jimin nods. “Yeah, that’s why it’s hard to… consider Hoseok.”

Tae tilts his head. “Jimin… how do you feel about Yoongi?”

Jimin furrows his brow. “It’s not like that.”

Tae watches him. “You sure?”

Jimin blinks and realizes that Tae’s poking at a wall he didn’t know he’d put up.

Tae watches him carefully, seeing through him in a way Jimin himself couldn’t even see. “Jimin, you like him.”

Jimin shakes his head.

Tae treads carefully. “You repressed it?”

Jimin just keeps shaking his head, but Tae knows he accidentally just knocked down Jimin’s emotional wall and he stays very still.

He wants to run across the table and hold Jimin, but he doesn’t want to scare him.

Jimin looks at Tae through tears blurring his vision. “Tae, I can’t. Not with all this- I can’t. I can’t. I can’t do that to us. I can’t do that to him. I can’t… to Hoseok.”

Jimin stands up from the table quickly and walks into his room, closing the door behind him.

Every nerve in Tae’s body tells him to break down the door and hold Jimin in his arms, but they’ve been here before.

Jimin needs space.

Tae forces himself not to run to Jimin’s room.

Instead, he takes on the burden of cleaning the kitchen of the mess Jimin made during breakfast.

He hears Jimin watching America’s Next Top Model reruns in his room to try to ease the thoughts out of his mind.

This happens every so often.

Jimin will have a problem that he doesn’t want to deal with and his brain just shuffles it away for later. He never realizes he’s done it until someone or something chips at his wall.

Tae hates being the instigator of Jimin’s wall falling down, but it’s better for Jimin to be aware of it. He’s just feeling everything he’s been avoiding all at once so he needs some time for it to simmer down.

Tae hates this.

It’s not that he hates that it’s a part of Jimin, he just hates that there’s literally nothing he can do to help until Jimin re emerges and asks for it.

So he finishes cleaning and heads out to drive for Lyft for a few hours so Jimin can have the apartment to himself.

There’s so much they all need to talk about.

Chapter Text

Jimin: hyung

Yoongi: im at work

[five minutes later]

Yoongi: wait i didnt mean that as like ‘fuck off im at work’ i just meant i cant respond really quickly. whats up?

Jimin: ...dont judge me for being dramatic. You can make fun of me later but. This is stupid but i kind of just ‘wanted to hear your voice’ if that makes any sense

Yoongi: do you wanna come over when im done?

Jimin: can i meet you at the store?

Yoongi: what happened?

Jimin: nothing

Yoongi: jimin ah, come to the store now. i have to finish my shift, but you can sit in one of these fucking useless benches by the exit so i can keep my eye on you

Jimin: nothings wrong hyung

Yoongi: fine. if nothings wrong with you, then iiiiii want you to come to the store cause i feel fucking lonely.

Jimin: sigh. This is emotional manipulation.

Yoongi: it is

Jimin: im omw

Yoongi: good


Jimin slips out of the apartment as fast as he can. He knows Tae watches him walk out the front door, but he doesn’t turn to speak to him. It’s not that he’s mad or anything, he just doesn’t have the energy for small talk and he definitely doesn’t have the energy to talk about any of the issues they have to deal with right now.

He orders a Lyft to Vons and walks into the store slowly.

His hair is a dark blue right now and while it’s not neon, it’s still eye catching so he’s not surprised when Yoongi looks right at him as soon as he walks in.

Yoongi tilts his head and Jimin sees the benches he was talking about.

Jimin sits and scrolls through his twitter feed. He’s gotten a couple hundred more followers after the billboard went up on Sunset.

He doesn’t really understand how people learn his name from an ad campaign, but he’s flattered they searched for him.

He tries to stay active on twitter and some obscure blog once wrote an ‘article’ about how refreshing it was to have a model who tweeted like a normal person. But he knows the article was written by a fan of his, so it’s biased. He’s still flattered and linked to it to thank them.

He flinches as something touches his shoulder.

He glances up from his phone to see Yoongi draping his jacket over Jimin's shoulders.

Yoongi opens his mouth, but sees a customer walking toward his abandoned register and quickly takes off.

Jimin pulls the jacket around him tighter and waits to be sure Yoongi’s distracted before he caves and leans his face into it to smell it.

He doesn’t know when he started to recognize what Yoongi smelled like but he feels calm and for some reason, that calm just freaks him out more.

Yoongi: can you pick up some stuff for me and bring it to the register?

Jimin: ?

Yoongi: i work here but i need groceries too

Jimin: oh. Sure

Yoongi: aisle 2 tissues

Jimin: wow ur single for one day. need lotion too?

Yoongi: stfu. aisle 10, pick a movie. I get a new one every week

Jimin: what genre

Yoongi: idk my collection is totally random. Pick whatever

Jimin: ur weird

Yoongi: thanks. aisle 16 mint chocolate chip coffee ice cream. its limited time and i would trade my soul for it.

Jimin: what soul

Yoongi: right? I also need a lighter. I’ll let you figure out what aisle it’s in

Jimin: fuck you

Yoongi: come to the register when you find it

Ten minutes later, Jimin’s pouting at the register. Yoongi smiles happily. “Did you find everything okay?”

Jimin glares as he reaches out onto the counter between them and grabs a lighter from the display, holding it up to Yoongi. “You’re an asshole.”

Yoongi hums as he turns the light off at his register. “And you’re my last customer.” Yoongi scans everything and hands Jimin his own debit card to swipe.

He puts everything in a bag and packs up to leave.

They walk out to the parking lot in silence and Jimin sits in the passenger seat, glancing at the bag of ‘groceries’.

He still has the jacket around his shoulders. “You have a really stupid grocery list.”

Yoongi hums. “Yeah, malnourished is actually my aesthetic. I thought you knew that about me.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Maybe we should go to H-Mart.”

Yoongi snorts.

The drive is quiet and about ten minutes in, Yoongi speaks up again, voice soft. “What’s wrong, Jimin ah?”

Jimin shrugs and looks out the window.

Yoongi tries again. “As much as I appreciate your sarcasm, you’ve never been this bitter with me before.”

Jimin takes a breath and Yoongi waits patiently. “Your ice cream is probably melting.”

Yoongi glances at him and Jimin meets his eye before looking out the window again.

He pulls into the garage under his apartment and grabs the bag from Jimin as they walk inside.

Jimin plops onto the couch and Yoongi doesn’t buy the apathetic act for a second. He lets Jimin sulk for a bit.

Yoongi makes them coffee and puts milk and sugar into it without asking Jimin.

Calories be damned.

He also grabs two spoons.

He puts the DVD in, a little surprised but also not surprised that Jimin chose Zoolander 2.

Jimin glances at Yoongi. “You’re watching this now?”

Yoongi shrugs and puts the coffees down on the table and goes to get the ice cream and spoons.

Jimin frowns.

Yoongi opens the ice cream and hands Jimin a spoon.

Jimin stares at the spoon in Yoongi’s hand and doesn’t take it.

Yoongi pushes it at him. “I don’t wanna hear anything about your diet.”

Jimin looks upset. “It’s not like I’m starving, it’s part of my job. And I don’t like cheat days. I’ve trained myself to not crave sweets. I don’t want to fuck that up.”

Yoongi pushes the spoon at him. “Please? I’ll help you get back on track if you need it. I just want you to treat yourself.”

Jimin shakes his head. “I don’t want it. I know-” Jimin’s resolve breaks. “I get it. And I appreciate it. But this isn’t…”

Yoongi shrugs and starts eating the ice cream himself. “Fine, I messed up. I get it.”

It’s awkward as the movie plays in the background.

Yoongi just settles in and watches, laughing softly every so often.

Jimin can’t help but stare at him.

Yoongi’s in a lot of pain, he’s sure he is. He was with Hoseok for over a year, unofficially.

But he’s got his knees curled to his chest, tub of ice cream in his lap, happily giggling at a dumb movie.

Jimin doesn’t want to be the one to shatter that moment of happiness.

He doesn’t want to tell him about Tae and Hoseok.

Jimin relents and leans into Yoongi’s side.

Yoongi stills for a moment and Jimin cuddles into him.

Jimin mumbles softly, “I’ll try a bite if it makes you feel better.”

Yoongi laughs and scoops a bit onto his spoon. He holds it to Jimin’s mouth and Jimin lets Yoongi feed him.

Jimin’s nose crinkles. “That’s disgusting.”

Yoongi tsks. “Ungrateful.”

Jimin hesitates. “What would you have done tonight if I didn’t come over?”

Yoongi shrugs. “This.”

Jimin blinks. “Really?”

“Well I didn’t know what your version of treat yourself night is, so I just kept to my own wallowing plan and invited you along. Only difference is I grabbed two spoons instead of one.”

Jimin sits up and looks at Yoongi’s face. “You don’t look like you’re wallowing.”

Yoongi keeps his eyes on the tv. “That’s my secret. I’m always wallowing.”

Jimin groans. “You did not just quote The Avengers.”

Yoongi holds another spoon of ice cream to Jimin’s lips and he takes it just because he feels pampered being fed.

He shakes his head immediately. “This flavor is so disgusting. How are you eating this?”

Yoongi’s voice is distracted as he focuses on the movie. “I’ll kick you out of my house, Park Jimin. This flavor is a miracle.”

Jimin hums. “No one’s ever called me Park Jimin.”

Yoongi makes a face. “What, your name?”

Jimin laughs. “Well, most people call me Christian Park.”

Yoongi turns to Jimin at that. “Oh. I forgot.”

Jimin meets his eyes. “I noticed.” He pauses. “I don’t mean to bring him up but… for all the shit you gave Hoseok about his obsession with Korean culture, you’re really comfortable with it.”

Yoongi blinks. “What do you mean?”

Jimin raises his eyebrows. “Well, you always switch to Korean when you’re being serious, you started using my Korean name almost immediately just so you could use honorifics, you watch more dramas than Korean natives, you bitch about it but I can tell you love cooking traditional dishes. Should I go on?”

Yoongi frowns as he turns back to the tv. “It’s- I mean, it’s not cause it’s Korean culture. It just reminds me of my mom.”

Jimin pokes him in the side. “That’s what culture is, moron.”

Yoongi stares at him for a moment longer than is comfortable. “Yeah, I guess it is.”

They watch the movie quietly for about thirty minutes before Jimin finally decides he’s built up enough courage. “I have to tell you something.”

Yoongi lets out a breath. “Finally.” He pauses the movie and turns to Jimin.

Jimin wants to be upset, but he can’t help but smile as Yoongi gives him his full attention.

Jimin hesitates. “It’s not my- well it is my problem, but it involves you.” Yoongi tilts his head. “And… Hoseok.”

Yoongi’s brow furrows. “What?”

Jimin swallows. “It’s Tae. Um, he-” But Jimin can’t even finish his sentence cause he sees Yoongi make the connection.

Yoongi’s shoulders raise as he tenses. “They’re together? Fucking already? Were they-” Yoongi drops his ice cream onto the table and stands up. Jimin’s shoulder feels cold when Yoongi detaches from him. “Fuck. Were they together before he broke up with me?”

Jimin shakes his head rapidly. “No, I don’t think so- I mean, it’s… I don’t think Tae knew- I don’t know about Hoseok. But I doubt, he looked really timid when they were talking to me-”

“They asked for your fucking blessing?” Yoongi’s pacing and Jimin sits on the couch and watches him. He knew the calm night was too good to be true.

Jimin bites his lip nervously. “Well, Tae had to. It’s… that’s how we work. He usually… tells me sooner, but…”

Jimin doesn’t know if he should defend Tae and Hoseok right now or if he should be upset at them with Yoongi.

He sees both sides of the problem and he doesn’t know what side he’s on.

Neither. He’s not on either side.

Jimin tries to stay neutral. “It’s not like they’re suddenly in love and dating. The- Tae and I have to talk about um… inviting someone before things can really get serious.”

Yoongi stops pacing and turns to face Jimin. The stillness is eerie. “And you’re okay with this?”

Jimin opens his mouth to respond, but Yoongi cuts him off.

“What, what do you mean ‘inviting someone’? Is it- you’re not…are you with him?”

Jimin’s heart burns. “No, I mean… Not… yet? Yoongi- I don’t know how to explain-”

Yoongi paces again. “You’re thinking about it?!”

Jimin doesn’t know how to convey the complexity of the relationship in a quick enough way to get Yoongi to calm down. “No! Well, yes. That’s why I’m here.”

Yoongi laughs. “What, you want my blessing? Tough shit.”

Jimin whines and pulls the jacket tight around him. “That’s not it. I mean, it is. I told Tae if you’re not okay with it, then I’m not okay with it.”

Yoongi practically screeches to a stop. “What?”

Jimin shrugs helplessly. “I don’t know how to make everyone happy, hyung.” Yoongi feels his heart rate slow a bit as Jimin calls him hyung. “I think- I mean, I don’t know. It seems like Tae and Hoseok might be really good for each other. I don’t really know Hosoek very well so I don’t know how um… intertwined… I don’t know how to explain this to you.”

Yoongi takes a breath and moves back to the couch and sits down. “No, I’m sorry. I just- you surprised me. I didn’t mean to yell. I’ll listen. It just… hurts.”

Jimin nods. “I know. It hurts me too.”

Yoongi sighs, reaching his hand out to run a hand through Jimin’s hair. “I know.” He hesitates. “Uh, okay. I’m… relatively calm.” He offers Jimin a weak smile. “Explain it to me.”

Jimin hesitates. “Um, well a few years ago, right after college. Tae and I moved out here to LA together. And college is all about trying new things and then we settled into the workforce and we were kind of losing our minds.”

Jimin pauses, making sure Yoongi follows.

“So Tae’s been driving for uber and lyft for a year, I used to… god it’s so cliche, but yeah. I was a waiter at a cafe who wanted to be an actor. Amazing, right? Anyway, Tae would always come into the cafe and I’d bring him leftovers people didn’t finish cause we were broke and… well, honestly I think we’d still eat leftovers.”

Yoongi’s hand keeps petting through Jimin’s hair as he talks and Jimin can’t bring himself to look him in the eye.

“Anyway, so there was this um… girl…”

Yoongi fake gasps. “Park Jimin!”

Jimin crinkles his nose, embarrassed. “Stop.”

Yoongi chuckles softly. “We have so much in common.”

Jimin hums, looking at Yoongi. “Not this.”

Yoongi tilts his head. “What do you mean?”

Jimin shrugs. “I’m not bi. Tae is.” Yoongi gets where this story is going. “But so she, Catherine, she was a regular at the cafe. She’d been going there longer than we had. She wants to be a producer, well I think she still does. I haven’t talked to her. But we got along really well, the three of us. We’d go see movies together and we eventually decided we should explain our relationship to her and she was immediately understanding and wanted to try it out with us.”

Jimin hesitates.

“Well, with Tae… Me and Catherine tried to um… well we kissed a few times, but it never felt like it did with Tae, but Tae liked um… watching us.” Jimin blushes and Yoongi laughs at him. “We tried new things. That’s what I’m getting at. And it… didn’t work out for us. I tried not to but… I was so jealous of her. Every time I saw her with Tae I just… and it couldn’t have been the same for him to see me with her cause… Yoongi, I’m just so gay.”

Yoongi snorts and Jimin struggles to smile.

“Tae and I broke up. It wasn’t the first time we broke up, but it was the first time we broke up so Tae could stay with someone else. And don’t forget, we lived together at this point.”

Yoongi lets out a breath. “Jesus. How the fuck did you get through this?”

Jimin shrugs. “I love him? I know sometimes it seems like… like I love him more than he loves me or something, but that’s really not true. Tae loves me so much. And I know this sounds crazy but… we broke up cause he thought it would be best for me. It’s- god, it’s so complicated. I just need you to trust me, okay? I’m not gonna step through all the emotions.”

Yoongi just hums and lets Jimin carry on.

“I don’t know if… any of that makes sense. About how me and Tae work. It’s not always about becoming three, but we usually try if someone fits well. So I know if Tae and Hoseok do well that they’re going to want to um… try. I just don’t know if I want to. And I’m not even asking for your permission or anything. I just need you to know. I can’t even think about trying with Hoseok until… I don’t know, maybe not ever. But do you see why I’m worried about…”

“If you don’t try, you think Tae will leave you for him?” Yoongi’s voice sums it up in a way that Jimin was scared to.

Jimin hesitates. “Well, yes and no. Honestly, we learned our lesson. I don’t think we’d break up but… I just know it’s in me and Tae’s best interest to try… but I can’t do that to… to you and me.”

Yoongi blinks. “Why would you worry about your friend when you should prioritize your boyfriend?”

Jimin looks at him, exhausted. “I can’t prioritize relationships like that, Yoongi. He matters, you matter. It doesn’t matter what you are to me.”

Yoongi’s quiet for a long time and Jimin doesn’t fill the silence. “I don’t know what to say.”

Jimin shakes his head. “You don’t have to say anything. I just needed you to know before anything else happens.” Jimin rolls his neck and Yoongi pauses petting his head for a moment before Jimin settles again. “I told Tae to talk to you.” Yoongi tenses. “Not Hoseok. Just Tae.”

Yoongi relaxes slightly. “Why would Tae need to talk to me?”

Jimin looks at him meaningfully. “Cause…” Jimin pauses, confusion filtering into his eyes. “Well, maybe he doesn’t.” Jimin stares at Yoongi like he’s a puzzle.

Yoongi’s brow furrows. “What?”

Jimin looks down. “Nothing.”

Yoongi laughs. “That’s your bullshit word. You need a better excuse than that.”

Jimin whines. “I dunno.” Jimin’s voice is quiet, scared. “It just feels like… you’re part of this. Tae was upset with me, when I told him I wanted to talk to you about it. He didn’t get why I’d have to either.”

Yoongi swallows. “A part of this?”

Jimin can’t look him in the eye. He shrugs.

“What part, Jimin ah? Cause I’m connected to Hoseok?”

Jimin shakes his head. “No, it’s never been about- well, I dunno. I guess that too, a bit.” Jimin mumbles his next words. “Youreconnectedtome.”

Yoongi feels a grin tug at his lips. “What was that?”

Jimin pouts. “You’re connected to me.”

Yoongi smiles at the affection, but Jimin doesn’t seem happy about it. “Is that bad?”

Jimin looks at him seriously. “Don’t you get what I’m saying?”

Yoongi takes a moment. “Well, you’re worried about me cause you’re my friend and-”

“No, Yoongi. That’s not it.”

Yoongi tries again. “You’re worried because Hoseok is with someon-”


Yoongi runs out of guesses.

Jimin sighs. “Yoongi, I said I feel like you’re part of this. I can’t pinpoint when it started to feel like that, but when Tae started talking to me about all this, my first reaction was to check what you thought about it. Tae and I have had this open relationship for years and we’ve got the methodology down. Things change and we discuss with anyone involved. I wanted to talk to you, Yoongi. What do you think that means?”

Jimin can see understanding filter into Yoongi’s eyes.

The more he understands, the more guarded his expression becomes.

Jimin swallows. “Yoongi, wait-”

Yoongi shakes his head. “You can’t ask that of me.”

Jimin panics as Yoongi withdraws his hand. “Wait, I didn’t mean to-”

Jimin moves to reach out to him and Yoongi flinches away. “It’s been a fucking day, Jimin.”

Jimin shakes his head. “I’m not asking you to-”

“I’m not like Hoseok. I can’t just leapfrog into a new relationship.”

Jimin feels tears sting in his eyes. “That’s not what I’m asking. Yoongi, please.”

“I think you should go.”


“I need you to go, Jimin.”



The name feels like a slap to the face.

Jimin can’t move for a moment, can’t breathe.

Yoongi doesn’t look apologetic. He looks empty.

Jimin tries to choke it back, but he can’t help the sob in his throat and he runs out of the apartment so Yoongi can’t see him cry.

It’s not until he’s getting off the bus in front of his apartment that he realizes he still has Yoongi’s jacket around his shoulders.

Chapter Text

Jimin stands outside his apartment, key in the lock.

He stands there and realizes that’s not where he wants to be.

He gets back on the bus.


Because Jimin is the luckiest human on the planet, Hoseok opens the door.

“Woah, Jimin. What’s wrong?”

Jimin swallows, shaking his head. “Where’s Jin?”

Hoseok frowns. “Is that Yoongi’s jacket?” Jimin doesn’t answer. “What happened?”

Jimin stays resolute. “I want to talk to Jin.”

Hoseok sighs and pushes the door open further, letting Jimin in. “He’s in his room.”

Jimin walks in and realizes Nathan and Justin are both in the living room. He doesn’t know if he should use their Korean names, Namjoon and Jungkook, but he doesn’t know them very well and he’s not really planning to greet them right now.

He walks by the living room to get to the stairs to the bedrooms.

He hears Justin speak to Nathan. “Wasn’t that Yoongi’s jacket?”

Jimin feels like the jacket is burning him, but he can’t let it go.

He knocks on Jin’s door.

Jin’s eyes go wide before they soften. “Hey.”

Jimin feels some of the tension leave his shoulders. “Hey.”

Jin’s eyes flicker around his face. “You want to talk about it?”

Jimin shrugs.

Jin frowns. “You’re not just here for-”

“No!” Jimin lets out a heavy breath, frowning. “No, this isn’t a booty call. I’m sorry if I made you think that.”

Jin pulls Jimin into his room and shuts the door.

They lie on Jin’s bed and Jimin cuddles into him, taking deep breaths.

Jimin speaks in whispers. “I fucked up. I overshared and I said more than I should’ve and I fucked everything up.”

Jin tsks. “Surely not even you could fuck everything up.”

Jimin hums an attempt at a laugh. “I got close. I don’t know if Yoongi hyung will even-”

“You call him hyung? In English?”

Jimin blinks. “Oh, yeah.”

Jin looks at him. “You guys are close?”

Jimin looks away. “Not anymore.”

They’re both quiet for a bit and Jin’s voice is low when he speaks up. “Weren’t you here helping him cook the night of the potluck?”

Jimin nods.

“I’ve never seen him let anyone help him like that.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “It’s just cooking. It’s not that big of a d-”

“Yoongi and I actually talk a lot. He’d come over to hang out with Hoseok and we’d have movie marathons with everyone and we’d be the last two up so we’d just talk until we fell asleep. Yoongi knows I like cooking so I asked if one day he’d like me to help him and he said no. He said he learned how to cook with his mom and he only likes sharing a kitchen with her.”

Jimin groans. “So what, I’m like a mom to him?”

Jin shrugs and Jimin shifts at the motion. “I don’t know about that, but I do think whatever happened will blow over.”

Jimin presses his face into Jin’s chest. “No, it’s too fucked now.”

Jin goes quiet. “Did you?”

Jimin picks his head up. “Did I what?”

“You and Yoongi?”

Jimin’s brow furrows. “What?”

“Did you fuck?”

Jimin scoffs loudly. “No! What the hell! He’s with Hoseok!” There’s a moment of quiet. “I mean, he… was.”

Jin smiles but there’s pain in his eyes. “And how do you feel about that?”

Jimin frowns. “Shitty. They were really happy together.”

“They had their problems.”

“So do me and Tae.”

Jin snorts. “Me being one of them.”

Jimin shakes his head. “No. You’re not a problem.”

Jin gasps. “I can’t believe you think so low of me that you can’t even call me a problem.”

Jimin sighs, smiling weakly. He changes the topic slightly. “You know, you’re beautiful.”

Jin hums. “I know.”

Jimin can see through the sarcastic arrogance by now. Jin is aware he’s pretty, but he doesn’t really like flaunting it as more than a joke.

Jimin wants to say it outloud, but he knows he shouldn’t. He wants to tell Jin that in another life they could’ve given it a real shot, but right here, right now… with Tae always in the background, they could never really see what would happen.

Jin cranes his neck to press their lips together softly. “You’re beautiful too.”

Jimin smiles softly under the praise. “Thank you.”

Jin laughs. “So polite.”

Jimin hums as they kiss again, mouths moving together.

Jimin stays the night and tries not to think about Hoseok in the room next to Jin’s.


Yoongi’s three seconds away from calling Joanne (no, he didn’t delete her number) when there’s a knock on his door.

“Piss off, Christian!”

“It’s Kook!”

Yoongi falters at that.

Jungkook’s one of his oldest friends. When Jungkook came out to LA for college and had a shitty assigned roommate, Yoongi introduced him to Hoseok and Jungkook moved in with him.

It was a little… counterintuitive to let his friend share a room with his boyfriend. Especially since Yoongi had a small crush on Jungkook years ago. Mostly, it made privacy an issue for him and Hoseok, but Jungkook was happy.

He’s a few years younger than everyone he lives with, but he’s beyond his years and fits in with them more than he does with the kids at his school.

Hoseok adores him.

It hits Yoongi right in the chest to hear Jungkook’s voice.

He hadn’t even had time to think about how awkward the break up would be for Jungkook.

They’re adults, sure. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t hard. He knows Hoseok and Jungkook grew close over the last year.

Yoongi opens the door and contrary to what he expected, Jungkook’s glaring at him. “Why does Jimin have your jacket?”

Yoongi opens his mouth as Jungkook forces his way in and goes into the kitchen to make himself a coffee.

Yoongi closes the door and lets him do what he wants. “Cause he hung out at the store with me and him wearing it was easier than me carrying it.”

Jungkook snorts. “Bullshit.”

“It’s not-”

“Bull. Shit.”

Yoongi doesn’t really have a response. Much like an older sibling, he brings up an old embarrassing moment to change the topic. “Whatever, I know you woke up that night Hoseok and I had sex in your room.”

Jungkook turns a furious shade of red as he slams the coffee down. “Okay, fine. I did. Why the fuck would you do that? That’s fucked up.”

Yoongi snorts. “You wouldn’t look me in the eye for a week.” Yoongi tries not to think about laughing with Hoseok about it.

Jungkook sits on the couch with this coffee. Yoongi pouts. “What, you’re not gonna make one for your hyung?”

Jungkook makes a face. “Did you ask for one?”

Yoongi sighs. “Fair enough.”

He moves into the kitchen to grab a mug when he sees a cup of coffee by the machine and glares fondly at Jungkook who ignores him, flipping through his Netflix account. Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Idiot.”

Jungkook responds back without missing a beat. “Asshole.”

Yoongi sits on the couch as Jungkook puts on Rick and Morty. Yoongi hates his show, but he lets Jungkook watch it. “When’d you grow up?”

Jungkook glances at him. “What?”

Yoongi shrugs. “You. You’re like. An adult now.”

Jungkook blinks. “Yeah… and?”

Yoongi sips his coffee. “I dunno.”

Jungkook turns to Yoongi suddenly. “Oh my god, do you think I’m hot?”

Yoongi chokes on his coffee. “Excuse me?”

Jungkook laugh maniacally in only the way a childhood friend can. “Oh my god, you do!!!”

Yoongi tries to think of how to phrase the fact that yes, he has eyes. Jungkook is hot, but he’s not attracted to him. His silence just makes Jungkook laugh harder.

Yoongi huffs. “When did you become such a prick?”

Jungkook shakes his head. “Game is life.”

Yoongi raises an unimpressed eyebrow at him.

Jungkook smiles. “Lots of Overwatch.” He elbows Yoongi in the side. “It’s okay, you’re kinda… well you’re not hot, you’re cute. What’s a little sexual attraction between gbffs? You gotta be proud and gay, Yoongs.”

Yoongi answers in a monotone. “I don’t think the gbff thing works for two gay guys. And I’m bi.”

Jungkook hums. “Well, then half of you can be proud and the other half can be an asshole.”

Yoongi sighs heavily. “You were so much nicer to me when Hoseok was around.”

Jungkook’s bravado fades for a moment. “Yeah, well… you like me better as an asshole anyway, don’t you?”

Yoongi slings his arm around Jungkook’s shoulders. “Yeah.” They’re quiet for a minute. “But if I have to watch another minute of this shit, I’m disowning you.”


Jungkook had run from the living room as soon as Jimin got upstairs.

Hoseok finishes explaining the whole situation to Nathan as he paces in the living room, fully aware that Jimin was upstairs with Jin.

Nathan lets out a long breath. “Wow. How did you get yourself caught up in all this?”

Hoseok whines loudly. “H-Mart.”

Nathan sputters a laugh but Hoseok frowns so he tries to suppress it.

Hoseok crosses his arms. “You’re straight and you agreed that Tae’s really cute.”

Nathan tsks. “I wasn’t talking about Tae. I said ‘I’m straight but the blonde one is cute.’”

Hoseok scrunches his nose. “You’re into Jimin?”

Nathan sighs. “I’m not into either of them! I just thought- nevermind, you’re the one between both of them.”

Hoseok gestures to the stairs, “Yeah and apparently Jimin’s…” He pauses and whispers, “fucking” he goes back to a normal volume. “Yoongi.”

Nathan makes a face. “Fuck no, Yoongi dated you for like seven fucking months before he fucked you.”

Hoseok pouts. “I fucked him first.”

Nathan rolls his eyes. “You told me you switch so this isn’t worth arguing about. But you know he and Jimin aren’t fucking.”

“Then why was Jimin crying and wearing his jacket?!”

Nathan shrugs. “Maybe you should ask Jimin!”

Hoseok sighs heavily and falls back onto the couch.


For the second time in as many days, Yoongi wakes up and thinks Hoseok is lying beside him.

He keeps his eyes closed and relishes in the feeling for as long as he can until Jungkook moves and he just knows Hoseok wouldn’t move like that.

He and Jungkook don’t cuddle, they just share the bed.

Yoongi rolls over so his back is to Jungkook.

He checks his phone and realizes it’s 4am and he has a text from Hoseok.

Hoseok: You doing okay?

Yoongi: no

Hoseok: Did Jimin tell you about me and Tae

Yoongi: even if he didnt you just did

Hoseok: I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. I don’t know why I did it. I can’t make an excuse. We weren’t officially broken up and it’s bullshit. I can’t forgive myself so I don’t want you to.

Yoongi: whatever. i guess as long as you talked to jimin about it thats what matters. im not relevant anymore

Hoseok: You’re not mad?

Yoongi: idk jimin said you guys are like barely starting to date. we’re not together. why should i be mad if youre crushing on someone else

Yoongi’s phone rings. It’s Hoseok.

He glances at Jungkook as he slips out of the bedroom. “It’s 4am, what the fuck?”

Hoseok’s whispering too. “Is Kook with you?”

“What do you think? Why the fuck are you calling?”

Hoseok sighs. “Cause I don’t think you know and I didn’t want to text you. I mean, I don’t know if calling is better, but-”

“Hoseok, just spit it out so I can go the fuck back to sleep.”

The line goes quiet.

Quiet Hoseok is serious Hoseok.

Yoongi feels himself tense. He closes his eyes and prays, please no more big news. I can’t take another hit right now.

Hoseok lets out a breath. “Nevermind. We’ll talk later.”

Hoseok hangs up and Yoongi stares at his phone tiredly. Hoseok never hangs up without trading goodbyes.

He lets it go and goes back to bed.

Jungkook groans and mumbles something unintelligible as he does.


Jimin wakes up groggily and presses into Jin, hoping to fall back asleep even though he knows he won’t.

Part of him wishes it was Tae. Part of him wishes it was Yoongi. Part of him wonders if one day he’ll wish it’ll be Hoseok.

There’s a lot in his head.


Yoongi wakes back up and stares at his phone with a pout. He doesn’t want to check it.

He glances over at Jungkook whose mouth is open as he snores.

Yoongi pushes him harshly. “Hey, idiot. Wake up.”

Jungkook doesn’t even budge.

Yoongi shakes him and Jungkook just makes a face. “What?”

Yoongi leaves his phone on his nightstand as he goes to make coffee.

Jungkook curls back up as Yoongi leaves the room. “Fuck you.”

There’s not a lot of people Yoongi is comfortable saying nothing around, but Jungkook is one of them.

Hoseok was one. Jimin had just become one.

He’s an introvert by nature, so it takes a lot of time and trust for someone to become a battery instead of a- well, he doesn’t know the analogy. A lot of social activity left him drained, but spending alone time with Hoseok, Jungkook, or Jimin actually reenergized him.

The only one of those he has left right now is Jungkook.

And Jungkook’s a fucking gift to this world for showing up on Yoongi’s doorstep unannounced.

With the smell of coffee in the air, Jungkook stumbles out and joins Yoongi in the kitchen.

Yoongi glances at the tshirt Jungkook borrowed from him to sleep in. “How did you sleep with that shirt cutting off your circulation?”

Jungkook glances down at the shirt he was probably stretching out. “I dunno. Better than a button up.”

“Why the fuck were you wearing a button up? You never wear button ups.”

Jungkook shrugs. “Tried something new.” Jungkook tugs at the shirt. “Are you really that skinny? Isn’t this shirt usually loose on you?”

Yoongi ignores him. “You have class today?”

Jungkook hums. “Yeah at one.”

Yoongi pouts at him. “Can’t believe you still go to that fucking disaster of a school.”

Jungkook looks for something to throw at him, but Yoongi keeps his apartment too clean. “Fuck you, USC is the dream school.”

“USC is in gang territory.”

“Why do you think I work out?”

“Pumping iron doesn’t make you bulletproof.”

“Worth a try though, right?”

Yoongi sighs fondly.

Jungkook knows Yoongi worries about him.

Jungkook goes into the kitchen and pushes past Yoongi to borrow a thermos. “I’m gonna go catch the metro.”

Yoongi snorts. “Please change first.”

Jungkook glances down at this tight shirt and boxers. “Oh yeah.”

He goes to walk into the bedroom but Yoongi grabs his arm. “C’mere.”

Jungkook’s surprised when Yoongi pulls him into a hug. Yoongi’s equally surprised when his head is practically level with Jungkook’s shoulder. “What the fuck. You’re a giant.”

It takes Jungkook a moment to wrap his arms around Yoongi. “Are you okay?”

It’s a dumb question.

Yoongi doesn’t answer it.

Jungkook leaves for school and Yoongi is left with two choices: he could be a hermit and stay inside watching tv on his laptop, or he could get over himself and actually check his phone.

He trudges back into his bedroom and stares at his phone that’s flashing, telling him it’s fully charged and should be unplugged.

He pouts at it.

It takes a lot more effort than it should for him to hit the home button and turn the screen on.

He’s surprised to see messages in the group text between him, Hoseok, Tae, and Jimin.

It’s curiosity more than anything that motivates him to unlock his phone.

Jimin: can you guys all sit down and talk please

Tae: really?????? the gc???????

Jimin: consider this me dragging you to yoongis

Tae: youre in the living room????? just come talk to me????

Hoseok: He’s right Tae.

Yoongi feels a knife plunge into his chest when he reads Tae’s name in Hoseok’s voice. It’s stupid. It’s such a small stupid thing, but his eyes immediately tear up at it.

Tae: i know were all millenials but i mean. a discussion like this over text seems a bit m o d e r n

Jimin: im not telling you to talk to him over text. Im just trying to back you into a corner so you go fucking talk to him

Tae: am i talking to him just cause he wont talk to you?

Tae: wait i didnt mean it like that. I meant. Like. as a tactical strategy.

Tae: chriscross

Hoseok: Didn’t you say he’s in the living room?

Tae: he’s not anymore. i heard the door slam

Hoseok: How early does he wake up???

Tae: what do you mean?

There’s a pause in the group chat.

Yoongi gets the feeling they switched to private messaging for a moment.

Tae: uh anyway, when do you think yoongi will chime in

Hoseok: He has an android so it never shows that he ‘read’ anything. As far as we can know, he’s probably reading this right now and ignoring us.

Hoseok: Besides, we haven’t really said anything for him to chime in on.

Tae: yoongi im sorry

Hoseok: That’s not gonna help right now

Tae: im still sorry

Tae: yoongi im going over. ill be at your place in 30

Yoongi panics and glances at the time stamp. That was 29 minutes ago.

Hoseok: I don’t know if that’s a good idea Tae

Tae: it’s better than sitting in this apartment alone

That was ten minutes ago.

Yoongi scrolls through the messages again and can’t help the rage that builds up in his chest.

Yoongi: dont you guys get the concept of space. or did you just wanna rub your relationship in my face two days after dumping me. Fuck. Off.

The group chat stays quiet after that.

There’s a knock on his door.

Chapter Text

Yoongi thinks of a thousand things he could do or say to get Taehyung to leave.

Unfortunately, Yoongi’s brain seems to zero in on the best case scenario and tells him to give Tae a chance.

He doesn’t know what Hoseok told Tae. He doesn’t know how much Tae knew about their break up. Sure, maybe Tae knew exactly what was going on and invited Hoseok anyway. But maybe he didn’t.

Yoongi opens the door with a cold cup of coffee in his hand.

He’s surprised to see Tae holding two starbucks, one a venti.

Tae hesitates. “Uh, Hoseok told me you like Americanos.”

Yoongi stares at the peace offering and tries to ignore the cold coffee in his hand.

He fails.

He lets Tae in and tosses his old coffee down the sink.

He takes the coffee cup from Tae.

Tae closes the door behind himself as he sits on Yoongi’s couch. Yoongi doesn’t have a dinner table in his studio apartment, but Tae doesn’t mind.

Yoongi grabs the desk chair from across the room to sit in.

He braces himself.

Tae hesitates. “You haven’t like, gone mute from trauma or anything, have you?”

Yoongi blinks for a moment and realizes Tae’s not making an insensitive joke. He seems legitimately worried that Yoongi can’t talk.


Tae’s shoulders relax. “Oh. That’s good. Just quiet. Jimin gets quiet when he’s mad. Well he’s quiet for a bit, but then he gets real loud if you keep pissing him off and he just yells some major truth bombs at you.”

Tae glances at Yoongi as he connects the dots.

Yoongi’s mad.

Tae clears his throat. “Is it… okay for me to talk about Hoseok?”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “He’s my ex, he didn’t die.”

Tae shrugs. “Well… Hoseok and I… were talking. And it seems like Jimin didn’t tell you all the… details. But-”

“You can be blunt.” It’s said patiently, but Tae can practically hear Yoongi demanding him to be straightforward.

“It’s not any sort of act of anger. Hoseok didn’t come to me to spite you. We were just talking. As friends. We weren’t flirting. The only time we kissed was at the baseball game and that was a joke, didn’t feel anything. It’s just… the night of your fight… He told me about it, I hope that’s okay.” Yoongi shrugs and Tae carries on. “He felt like shit. But… I’m sure you know that. I’m sure… you felt similarly. I’m not trying to say that he felt worse or anything-”

“Jimin’s the opposite of you.”

Tae blinks at the interruption. “What?”

Yoongi’s voice is emotionless and impatient. “The rambling when you’re nervous and scared to say something. Jimin doesn’t do that. He just gets really quiet.”

Tae swallows. “Oh. Sorry.”

Yoongi looks at him weird. “You don't need to apologize.” He hesitates. “Well, not for that anyway.”

If Tae was scared to own up to his mistake before, he’s terrified now. “I do have to apologize. For… not that.”

Yoongi stays quiet.

He shoves the words out of his mouth. “I slept with Hoseok. The night of your fight, before you officially broke up. That’s the first time we really kissed and it escalated and we didn’t mean for it to happen, but I’d been having some tough conversations with Jimin and then you and him and we both just needed someone.”

Yoongi’s practically a statue.

“I’m really sorry, Yoongi.” Tae hesitates and switches to Korean. <Hyungnim, I’m sorry. Me and Jimin being open makes no difference to the fact that we should’ve waited. I’m not making excuses.>

It’s quiet for a long time before Yoongi speaks again. <Is that the only time it happened?>

Tae’s survival instinct tells him to play dumb. <What?>

<You only slept together that once, right?>

Tae sees Yoongi’s fingers turn white around his coffee and wonders how the paper cup isn’t crumpled. <Uh... > No more lies, Tae tells himself. <No?>

The cup crumples at that. <That fight was a week ago.>

Tae bites his lip as he nods.

<So when else did it happen?>

Tae doesn’t want to say it, but he has to. <...two… nights...ago?>

Tae blinks and Yoongi’s on his feet, coffee cup slammed onto the ground. <THE NIGHT WE BROKE UP? HE FUCKED YOU THE NIGHT WE BROKE UP?!>

Tae wants to disappear into the couch.

He doesn’t know which he prefers, Yoongi’s rage being directed toward Hoseok and not himself, or sharing the blame.

Yoongi seems to notice the same thing. <Did you fucking know?>

Tae feels himself lock up. <Yes.>

Yoongi’s teeth grit so hard, it hurts Tae just to look at. <What’s wrong with all of you?! Is… is this fucking city toxic? Does everyone just turn into a fucking reality star obsessed with doing awful shit to each other for views?>

Tae stands up, feeling like a child being scolded if he stays sitting down. <It wasn’t like that.>

Yoongi snorts bitterly. <I don’t care. He was my boyfriend when he fucked you.>

Tae can’t think of anything else to say except to stupidly correct Yoongi. <He didn’t fuck me.>

Yoongi goes still again and Tae decides he likes it better when Yoongi’s yelling. <I’m sorry, what?>

Tae can’t look away from Yoongi’s wide, predatory eyes. <He… didn’t… Never mind.>

Yoongi blinks. <He let you fuck him?>

Tae nods slowly.

He and Hoseok had barely talked about that before they broke up. Hoseok told him he only bottoms when he has really strong feelings for someone. Yoongi realizes now that if Hoseok weren't so scared of the L word, he would say he only bottomed for people he loves. Hoseok had bottomed for Yoongi for months before Yoongi knew how much it meant.

Yoongi walks across the room and stands in front of Tae.

Yoongi’s eyes somehow get wider. <Twice?>

Tae nods slowly.

Yoongi's not sure what to think about it. It's too much. He doesn't know why Hoseok was so comfortable with Tae so quickly.

But then again, Yoongi would be an idiot not to see it.

Part of him was trying to deny it this whole time.

Tae’s a lot like Hoseok.

The nervous energy, the fear of disappointing people.

The whole time Tae was talking, Yoongi kept hearing Hoseok.

He can feel the hesitant way Tae tries to lighten the blow of what he’s saying.

He hears how gentle Tae is. How carefully he tries to hold back his emotions from overflowing.

Yoongi can see the ways in which Taehyung fills every hole in Hoseok’s life in a way that he himself never could.

Yoongi loses his ability to be angry. All the anger melts into searing pain.

Yoongi pretends his knees aren’t going weak. He pretends it was his choice to fist his hands in Taehyung sweater menacingly. “Fuck you.”

Tae grabs Yoongi’s upper arms as he starts shaking. “You should sit down.”

Tae’s wearing Jimin’s shirt and he smells like Hoseok.

Tae has everything Yoongi can no longer access.

Maybe he’s in shock.

Maybe he’s crazy.

Yoongi presses his lips to Taehyung’s just to try to taste it. Everything he lost is right there behind Tae’s lips.

Taehyung pushes him away and Yoongi feels like an idiot.

He knows what Tae is going to say and it mortifies him. “I have to talk to Jimin before I can even think about-”

“I know.” Yoongi turns away from Taehyung to hide his face. “You didn’t talk to him about Hoseok, though, did you? He would’ve told me.”

Tae sighs heavily. “No, I didn’t have to. He didn’t have a crush on Hoseok.”

Tae stares at Yoongi’s back.

“That’s everything I came by to say. Oh, you should talk to Jimin. Give him a chance to explain what he meant.”

Yoongi doesn’t turn or respond.

Tae sighs and mumbles as he walks out the door. “Yeah, you both get quiet when you know you’re wrong, too.”


No one hears from Yoongi for a week.

Jimin spends more and more time with Jin, to the point where Jin actually asked if he was breaking up with Tae.

Jimin had just shrugged, everything too confusing right now.

Jin and Jimin cuddle on the couch watching Parks and Rec when Hoseok walks in and Jimin jumps to his feet. “Have you heard from Yoongi?”

Hoseok blinks at him. “What? No. I’m the last person he’d reach out to. Didn’t Tae talk to him?”

Jimin crosses his arms. “That’s the last I’ve heard from him.”

Hoseok shrugs. “He wants space.”

Jimin sighs heavily. “It feels wrong. It feels off.”

Hoseok is putting groceries in the fridge and looks at Jimin from the side of his eyes. “What do you mean?”

Jimin shakes his head. “I don’t know. It just… something doesn’t feel right.”

Hoseok puts his bags down and takes his key ring out of his pocket.

He struggles for a bit and hands Jimin a key. “I shouldn’t have this anymore anyway. He’d trust you with it more than he’d trust me so… just… if you really think something’s wrong, you should go check on him. Just don’t let him kill you.”

Jimin walks closer to Hoseok and takes the key from his palm. “He’s not violent. He’s a kitten.”

Hoseok snorts a laugh. “What?”

Jimin shrugs it off and doesn’t explain himself to Hoseok. Kittens don’t realize that their claws can hurt you, they just want to be close to you.

Jimin closes his fist around the key and moves back to snuggle with Jin on the couch.

It’s awkward as Hoseok puts groceries away in the kitchen and Jin and Jimin cuddle.

Hoseok finishes up and moves to the stairs. He pauses. “Hey, Jimin.”

Jimin pushes himself up to look at Hoseok. “Yeah?”

Hoseok hesitates. “Yoongi hates LA. Like he… he really hates it here.”

Jimin blinks. “Okay.”

Hoseok takes a breath. “The only things keeping him here are the people around him. If he stays for his career in photography… he’ll hate himself. But he’ll do it.”

Jimin glances at Jin, but Jin keeps his focus on the tv. “His mom lives here though. Why would he move-”

“She lives in Houston.”


“His dad had some job opportunity. Oil business. I don’t remember the details. They moved. Yoongi stayed. You really think he wouldn’t be cooking with her every night if she lived here?”

Jimin takes a steadying breath before he gets off the couch, pressing his lips to Jin’s forehead. “Gimme a sec.”

Jin has understanding in his eyes.

Jimin follows Hoseok up to his room.

Jungkook lies on his bed as they walk in.

He looks between them with wide eyes. “Uh. Hey.”

Jimin gets a headache. “This isn’t- I’m not here for- we’re just talking.”

Jungkook looks at Jimin for a long time and Jimin squirms under his gaze. Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Whatever.” He gets out of bed and leaves the room, slamming it behind him.

Hoseok calls out, but the door's already closed. "Justin!" Hoseok frowns at the door. “It feels like a fucking divorce with him. Sometimes he hates me, sometimes he loves me. I never know what to expect when I open the door.” He falls onto his bed gracelessly.

Jimin’s not sure where to sit. It feels rude to sit on Jungkook’s bed without asking, so he just leans against the door. “Is he your kid or something?” It’s a bad joke, but Jimin feels awkward in a room alone with Hoseok.

“Yoongi and I have shared custody of him in a way.”

Jimin doesn’t really want to get into that right now. “You love him though, right?”

Hoseok gives him a look. “Justin?”

Jimin makes a face right back. “No, Yoongi. You still love him?”

Hoseok’s mouth bends into a cartoonish frown. “Yeah.”

Jimin covers his face and sighs loudly. “Then why aren’t you working things out with him right now?!”

Hoseok sits up, tense. “Jimin, it’s only been a week. Yoongi needs spa-”

“I swear to god, if I hear that word one more time I’m gonna scream.”

“What do you want me to say?”

Jimin pushes off the wall, walking toward the bed where Hoseok sits. “I want you to say that Yoongi doesn’t need space, because he doesn’t! I want you to fucking go to him and talk through this cause he needs you. I want him to be able to fucking hold someone he loves because it’s tearing him apart to lose everyone he trusts!” There are tears in Jimin’s eyes and he turns away to hide it from Hoseok.

It’s pretty clear there’s two sides to Jimin’s words and he’s not just talking about Yoongi. Hoseok’s voice is calm, gentle. “What’s going on with you and Tae?”

Jimin’s voice is hoarse. “Nothing!” Jimin calms himself and whispers after the outburst. “Nothing.”

“He won’t talk about it either.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

“He knows you’re mad at him for sleeping with me.”


“Why is that good?”

Jimin turns around finally. “You cheated on him. Call it what you want, make excuses, but you knew and Tae knew. You both knew that things weren’t over with Yoongi yet and you were exclusive with Yoongi. You didn’t talk to him about Tae. You cheated on him. Both of you did. And neither of you seem willing to accept that.”

Hoseok’s eyes are hyperfocused. “What do you know about it? You think I haven’t been tearing myself apart for it? I can’t take it back and I can’t say I’m sorry. He asked me to give him space so I’m doing that. He wants to get over me and honestly, I’m a piece of shit for doing that to him so no, I’m not gonna try to get him back and I’m not gonna say sorry. Cause I want him to move on. I want him to find someone better. I want him to find someone that deserves him cause I lost my rights to his heart the moment I got into Tae’s bed.”

Jimin falls onto Jungkook’s bed, massaging his temples. “And you still love him.”

Hoseok sighs. “Of course I love him but that doesn’t matter now.”

Jimin holds back a whine. “All these fairytales about love triumphing over everything. They’re bullshit.”

Hoseok watches Jimin for a moment. “Well… I don’t think that’s true. Sometimes… sometimes the right love has to triumph over the wrong love.”

Jimin looks up at Hoseok, finally making actual eye contact since they first started talking. “That’s… really optimistic.”

Hoseok shrugs. “Shit happens, sure. But I think there’s just as much good as bad. I’d be a fucking mess if I didn’t have hope. For a long time I didn’t believe in anything good, but… it’s like… it’s the opposite of when everything’s going well, you know? Like when everything is just so good and nothing could possibly take you down and then that one awful thing happens and bursts your bubble?”

He pauses to check that Jimin follows and carries on once he sees Jimin nod.

“Well it was like that, except everything was shit. Everything was shit and then I saw… it was winter and it can get pretty cold in San Francisco. I was waiting for the bus and there was a homeless man in a tank top shivering nearby. But what could I do, right? And then I saw a businessman… wow I haven’t called someone a businessman in so long. I feel like a kid. Uh, anyway. The guy stopped and took his jacket off. Literally gave this guy the shirt off his back. He walked away shivering and… I dunno. It’s the kind of stuff you hear stories about, but never see but… I saw it happen and you can’t say there’s no good in the world after you see something like that.

“I think my brain rewired in the span of two minutes. I made my parents start calling me Hope instead of Hoseok cause a name is even stronger than like… a tattoo or something and I wanted to remember that. I wanted to remember the moment that gave me Hope.”

Jimin’s mouth is open a little, listening.

Hoseok clears his throat. “Anyway, long story but… I have hope for Yoongi. I have hope that there’s someone out there better for him than I was. And I have hope that there’s someone… well, maybe better is the wrong word. I have hope that someone is out there that’s right for me.”

It takes Jimin a moment to form words after that. “You’re… that’s amazing. You’re amazing. For thinking like that. It’s really… I don’t know. Amazing.”

Hoseok’s lips quirk, but it’s not really a smile. “Uh, thanks.”

Jimin nods slightly, looking away with a frown. “That’s a really long way of saying you’re giving up on him though.” Jimin holds his head in his hands. “I’m being pessimistic after that whole optimism speech.”

Hoseok shakes his head even though Jimin can’t see him. “No, you’re right. That’s what I’m doing. But it’s… it’s for him. I’m giving up for-”

Jimin snorts, looking up. “I get it. I do. I get what you’re trying to say, but-”

“Jimin, I can’t be what he needs. I know you want me to go to him cause you’re worried and you think I can get through to him, but I can’t. I’ve tried. For almost two years, I’ve tried to be everything he needs and I can’t do it. Not won’t do it, not haven’t tried to do it, I can’t do it. But I think you can.”

“I’ve only known him for-”

“Jimin, you looked into his eyes for a second and understood him better than I’ve been able to in two years. I love him, but I can’t do that the way you can.”

Jimin shakes his head. “You make it sound like…”

He trails off but Hoseok thinks he knows what Jimin’s getting at. “No, we didn’t break up because of you but I think… seeing you with him and… how well I get along with Tae. I think we both came to the conclusion that… there’s more out there for us than each other.”

Jimin falls back onto the bed, giving into the tortured whine that escapes his lips. “I came up here to yell at you and now I’m the one getting lectured.”

Hoseok laughs lightly. “I’ll talk to him. I really will. It just hasn’t been long enough. I can’t be the one to break the silence. It’s Yoongi’s choice if he wants to talk to me and he knows that.”

Jimin throws his arms up helplessly and lets them fall back onto the bed. “Then why should I go talk to him if he hasn’t messaged me?”

“Cause you didn’t break up with him.”

Jimin sighs loudly. “He practically broke up with me.”

“Well that’s a little extreme.”

Jimin still doesn’t sit up. “Yeah, well I sort of accidentally told him I liked him.”

Hoseok snorts. “Yoongi kicked you out cause you complimented him?”

Jimin sits up finally. “It wasn’t a compliment.”

Hoseok eyebrows go up. “Holy shit, you asked him out?”

Jimin’s face says it all. “I didn’t! That’s not what I was saying! I wouldn’t have thrown that at him so soon after… But yeah, he thought I did.”

Hoseok falls back onto his hands and looks at Jimin. “Wow. So me and Tae, and you and Yoongi.”

Jimin frowns. “Me ‘and’ Yoongi aren’t anything right now.” He makes air quotes around ‘and’.

There’s something far away about the way Hoseok’s looking at him. “Maybe not right now but… huh.”


Hoseok just says it again. “Huh.”

Jimin scoots forward on the bed, curious. “What???”

Hoseok shakes his head slowly. “I don’t want to say it outloud. I might jinx it.”

Jimin looks at him weird and sighs. “Fine. Well… I’m gonna go back to Jin.”

“Are you sleeping with him?”

Jimin scoffs. “No, we’re just friends.”

Hoseok raises an eyebrow. “You guys were making out the other night.”

Jimin shrugs. “Friends can make out if they’re both really hot and lonely.”

Hoseok sighs with a twitch of his lips. “You’re a good friend, Jimin.”

Jimin snorts at the joke as he stands up. “Good try.” Jimin knows it's just a joke, Hoseok's not flirting.

“Jimin ah, I’m really lonely.”

“Call my boyfriend.” They share a weird moment of understanding as Jimin opens the door and leaves the room.

Hoseok watches him go and tries not to think about how maybe all this time the things missing from his relationship with Yoongi were Tae and Jimin.

He feels that treacherous thing crawl back into his heart: hope.


Yoongi lies on the couch and holds a pen between his fingers like he would a cigarette.

He puts the pen between his lips and pretends to take a drag and lets the imaginary smoke leave his lips.

He had taken up smoking when his mom moved away. It was disgusting and he hated it. He was so convinced it would help somehow but within a week he got tired of the pain and the impending doom of it all.

It wasn’t as hard to quit as it could’ve been, and he was never tempted to go back to it.

He does remember the moment of calm it gave him.

He’s still not sure how much of the feeling came from the chemicals and how much of it was just a reaction to doing something he knew was wrong.

Regardless, pretending to smoke made him feel calm and empty.

Maybe it was just because he was actually taking deep breaths.

He’s spent most of the week sleeping in between shifts. He didn’t know he could sleep this much. He’s so used to only getting about five hours a night.

When he is awake, he stares at the ceiling.

Either that, or he finds empty pages in the scrapbook Jimin gave him and writes poems while he pretends to smoke.

It makes him feel like a New Yorker, bad poems and cigarette smoke.

He’s always been in love with the idea of New York. He’s never been. He should go.

But he doesn’t really want to go alone.

And that’s the whole problem, isn’t it?

He lets out another puff of imaginary smoke and decides that yeah, it is just the deep breaths that’s calming him down.

He goes to flip through the scrapbook and realizes there’s two pages stuck together that he hasn’t seen yet.

He carefully pries them apart and looks down at Jimin’s childish Korean lettering.

It’s next to a picture he took when he first moved into his studio apartment.

He’d lived in LA all his life, but living on his own made him see the city with different eyes. For a second, he loved it.

He’d take his camera out and just walk the streets as if he’d never seen them before.

It was stupid, looking back on it, walking around LA with an expensive camera around his neck by himself.

But it got him some of his favorite pictures of his hometown.

Looking at those pictures makes him fall in love with LA again.

The picture Jimin grabbed from his instagram is his favorite one.

There was a little kid chasing a seagull around the sand while the sun set behind them.

It was a snippet of beauty and simplicity. Even though he was right next to the Santa Monica pier when he took it, you couldn’t see anything but the kid and the bird silhouetted against the orange sky.

He braces himself for Jimin’s words.

I see a bird!
I see a friend!
He does not talk to me
But I don’t care
Life is simple
Life is joy
I see a heart!
I see a friend!

It takes a second for Yoongi to remember to breathe again.

Jimin’s poems are all very simple. He said himself, he just wrote them to practice his Korean. But there’s something about them that gets to him.

He can tell that Jimin wrote this from the perspective of the kid. But it’s so much more than that.

He can’t be sure Jimin intended this, but he can feel the childlike enthusiasm Jimin radiates in the words. It’s not that Jimin acts childish, he just lusts for life in a way that Yoongi hasn’t in a long time.

Jimin has a way of seeing life as simple. Maybe it’s not always simple, but Jimin sees the good so clearly. Maybe too clearly. He doesn’t acknowledge the bad as much as he should.

Yoongi rereads the last two lines again.

I see a heart!
I see a friend!

He hates himself for telling Jimin to leave.

He hates himself for calling him Christian.


Jimin tells Jin he should really go home and not stay the night again.

He needs to see Tae.

He’s seen him here and there through the week, but they’ve been avoiding each other.

Whenever they are in the apartment together, it’s tense and awkward. Neither of them were ready to talk it out yet.

Jimin gets home after talking to Hoseok and feels like everything’s kind of settled in his chest.

Tae’s already in bed so he showers, puts on his pajamas, and crawls under the covers in Tae’s bed.

Tae looks at him weirdly, not quite asleep yet. “What are you doing?”

Jimin throws him a look right back. “Sleeping with my boyfriend.”

Tae blinks. “Here?”

Jimin cuddles up to him. “We’ve slept here before.”

Tae hesitates, but decides he should say it. “Not since Hoseok was here.”

Jimin lets out a long sigh. “I don’t have the energy to stay mad about that, Tae. I talked to him today.”

Tae wakes up at that. “Did you?!”

Jimin hums. “I… know neither of you can take it back. And… I’m mad, yeah. I’m mad for Yoongi’s sake. But I know…” He sighs again. “I know you. And I don’t really understand why you did it. I don’t understand how you could’ve felt okay or right doing it. But I know that you didn’t mean to hurt him. Or me. So I’m choosing to forgive you even though I’m confused.”

“You’re too good to me.” Tae relaxes and realizes he was even tenser than he thought he was.

Jimin shakes his head. “I’m only as good to you as you are to me.”

Tae laughs softly.

Jimin pushes his nose against Tae’s. “I’m serious.”

“I know you are. I just don’t feel like what I do matches what you do.”

Jimin snakes his leg around Tae’s. “It’s not a competition, Taetae. You know exactly how to calm me down when I’m scared, or anxious, or down on myself. I’m surprised the emotion ‘doubt’ even exists in my life with you here beside me.”

Tae wiggles happily. “You gotta stop writing all those poems, Chriscross. You’re gonna melt my heart with these words.”

Jimin blushes. “That wasn’t a poem. I’m just… talking. My poems aren’t that great.”

Tae tsks. “Your poems are honest. That’s what makes them great.”

Jimin responds in the most poetic way he can think of. “Yeah well... you’re great.”

Tae laughs and presses his lips to Jimin’s temple. It’s not a kiss, it’s just…

Jimin feels his heart rate slow in reaction to it.

Tae has a way of doing things that convey his thoughts in ways words never could.

This is one of those moments and Jimin is entranced by it.

It’s gratefulness, love, trust, admiration, there’s so much he can’t put a word to tied up in the moment.

He trusts Tae so much it’s ridiculous, and Tae has given him every reason to trust him.

Jimin trusts Tae with his heart and soul.

It’s why he can’t ever truly get mad at him, even over stuff like this.

He trusts him too much to ever hate him.

He and Tae have stayed up countless nights talking about every stray thought that passed through their heads.

They never had to censor themselves around each other.

Any ugly, unwanted thought could be voiced and would be heard and accepted.

They knew everything about each other. Every flaw, every skill.

It wasn’t about having a natural connection, they built this connection. They built it from the ground up and it was unshakable.

Jimin knows Tae will always be a part of his life.

They could not talk to each other for ten years and the moment they see each other again, they’ll fall right back into each other because it’s easier than breathing.

Jimin doesn’t know if he believes in soulmates, but he knows he and Tae are bound together. Indestructibly.


Yoongi: can you come over

Jungkook: its 1am

Yoongi: i cant breathe

Jungkook: CALL 911

Yoongi: no. not literally. fuck. kook please come over

Jungkook: dont fucking joke about shit like htat. drink some water ill be there soon


Yoongi drinks coffee and pretends it counts as water since it’s a liquid and he knows he put water in the machine to make it so.

Jungkook knocks on the door and his eyes go to the mug in Yoongi’s hand.

He grabs it from him. “I knew you wouldn’t listen to me.”

He throws the coffee down the sink and empties the pot too. Yoongi whines out of shock and the pain of watching perfectly good, hot coffee swirl down the drain.

Jungkook grabs a glass and pours Yoongi water from the filtered pitcher in the fridge.

“Did you even use this since I filled it up last time?”

Yoongi doesn’t answer him.

Jungkook presses the water into his hand. “Caffeine makes the anxiety worse. You’re freaking yourself out by drinking so much of it.”

Jungkook glances at Yoongi’s hands and sighs.

“Maybe stop drinking coffee when your hands start shaking as a general rule?”

Yoongi drinks the water to please Jungkook, but the lack of bitterness feels weird against his tongue.

Jungkook and Yoongi sit on the couch, Jungkook twisted to keep an eye on him. “What’s up with you?”

Yoongi holds his water in both hands. “I feel like… I’m coming down from an addiction.”

Jungkook snorts. “Yeah, well the water will help with that.”

Yoongi shakes his head. “I’m not talking about the caffeine.”

Jungkook hesitates. “Why didn’t you text Hoseok?”

Yoongi clicks his tongue. “Can’t. Quit him cold turkey.” Yoongi hesitates and Jungkook can tell he’s thinking so he stays quiet. “You know what touch starved is right?”

Yoongi’s staring straight ahead, not looking at Jungkook. Jungkook nods anyway.

“I can’t remember when it started, but I never wanted people to touch me as a kid. Not for any reason. Hugging family members was a chore. I didn’t like it.”

Jungkook nods. “Yeah, that’s why I was so surprised you hugged me last time I was here.”

Yoongi hums, a disagreeing sound. “No, it’s not- it’s not that I don’t like it now. I’m just selective.”

He goes quiet for a long time so Jungkook fills the gap. “Thank you?”

Yoongi laughs lightly. “I think I knew Jimin for like a week and I was already comfortable with casual touches.” He shakes his head. “I pushed him and Hoseok out at the same time and now…”

Don’t leave me. I don’t want to be alone. There’s no one else.

Yoongi sips his water daintily. “I can’t breathe, Kook. I keep getting in bed and it’s empty. It’s so fucking empty. I don’t think I’ve gone this long without kissing Hoseok for as long as I’ve known him. I didn’t think anything of it but now he’s gone and the bed’s empty and… I live alone and it still feels like it’s missing something. It’s like all the air is gone.”

Jungkook looks at him carefully after that. “When’s the last time you slept?”

Yoongi shrugs, “I don’t remember. It’s been sort of… like I try to sleep and I don’t really fall asleep but I have weird… not really nightmares. I don’t know if I actually fell asleep or not.”

Jungkook scoots closer to Yoongi on the couch, hand on his back soothingly. “Finish drinking that. Then drink one more glass and you’re going to sleep.”

Yoongi groans. “I just told you I-”

“I’ll stay. I’ll stay until I’m sure you’ve passed out and then I’ll stay until you wake up and if you sleep for less than like twelve hours, I’ll knock you out myself.”

Yoongi snorts and moves to get up to refill his drink. He might be grumpy, but he knows Jungkook is right.

Jungkook stops him and grabs the glass to refill it.

He hands the full glass back to Yoongi and sits back on the couch.

Yoongi focuses on his water and doesn’t notice Jungkook staring at the scrapbook on the table. He doesn’t say anything about it.

“They’re okay, by the way. Jimin and Hoseok. Jimin’s been talking with Jin a lot and I think Jimin finally built up the courage to yell at Hoseok the other day. They’re worried about you, but they’re okay.”

Yoongi feels part of him relax knowing that they’re not as fucked up as he is.

They sit quietly while Yoongi finishes his water and then Jungkook pushes him into his bedroom.

Jungkook looks him over. “When’s the last time you changed?”

Yoongi frowns. “Don’t judge me.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “I’m not judging you. Just- maybe take a shower first? I think it’ll help?”

Yoongi takes a deep breath. “I’m pretending I have the energy for that.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “You’re doing great, sweetie.”

Yoongi disappears into the bathroom and Jungkook changes his sheets without asking permission. He knows where Yoongi keeps the spare set.

Jungkook knows Yoongi needs him to stay, but the tight t-shirt last time was too much so he just takes off his shirt and pants and leaves it at that.

Yoongi looks slightly more alive when he gets out of the bathroom with his pajamas on.

He pauses when he notices Jungkook under the covers without a shirt on, scrolling through his phone.

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?”

Jungkook snorts. “Don’t. We watched that movie like six times last week in my narrative production class.”

Yoongi crawls into bed and sniffs at the pillow. “You changed the sheets.”

Jungkook hums.

Yoongi smiles into his pillow. “Thanks, mom.”

Yoongi tries to sleep.

He really does.

It’s like his brain won’t shut off.

He’s exhausted, but he keeps thinking about everything and it won’t stop.

He feels himself having an anxiety attack because he can’t control any of this and all he wants to do is sleep but he can’t fucking turn his brain off and-

Jungkook throws an arm around him and Yoongi tries to focus on that.

Jungkook’s phone is on the nightstand, forgotten. “You’re okay.”

Yoongi gives up trying to give Jungkook space and turns into him.

He throws his arms around Jungkook and tucks his face into his neck.

Jungkook’s arms wrap around him. “You need to relax.”

Yoongi’s breaths are coming in fast. “Can’t. He should be here. It feels wrong. I messed everything up. He cheated on me and it’s still my fault.”

Jungkook lets out a breath. “Well I don’t know about all that, but he’s not mad at you. I may or may not have snooped on his conversation with Jimin the other day and… well lets just say they both care about you. Like a shit ton. And they’re trying to give you space, but Jimin knows you don’t really want it.”

Yoongi laughs and feels his breathing slow as he listens.

Yoongi pulls away from him a little.

He finds himself staring at Jungkook’s lips.

He closes his eyes and tries to sleep.

“If you need to, you can.”

Yoongi hums a question.

“It won’t be weird or anything. I get it.”

Yoongi mumbles. “What are you talking about?”

Jungkook presses his lips to Yoongi’s cheek.

Yoongi’s eyes open.

They stare at each other for a few moments.

It’s not that Yoongi wants to.

It’s more like he needs to.

He presses his lips to Jungkook’s and it’s the first breath of air he’s taken in a week.

He doesn’t know why.

He doesn’t know why it matters.

Maybe it’s cause he kissed Taehyung and his last impression of kissing was poisoned. Maybe it’s cause kissing Hoseok was so welcoming and safe and loving.

Jungkook lets him lead, lets him move their lips together so they’re making out.

It’s not passionate, but that doesn’t matter.

Yoongi licks into Jungkook’s mouth and again, Jungkook follows his lead. He only goes as far as Yoongi does and lets Yoongi do everything first.

Yoongi’s hands claw at Jungkook’s back as he kisses him harshly with everything he’s been holding back.

The energy dies out after awhile and Yoongi’s panting for a different reason.

Jungkook doesn’t seem as phased, but looks at Yoongi carefully. “You okay?”

Yoongi’s eyes are shut and he doesn’t have the strength to open them, they feel so heavy. “Yeah. Better.”

Jungkook lets out a breath. “That’s good.”

Yoongi falls asleep.


He remembers this time.

When he wakes up, he doesn't think it’s Hoseok.

He knows it’s Jungkook.

“You up?”

Yoongi hums in response and feels Jungkook retract his arms from around him.

He hears Jungkook grab his phone.

“Thank you.”

Jungkook tsks. “Shut up. You’re weird.”

“Seriously.” Yoongi tries to blink his eyes open. “I think you can die from lack of sleep so you might have literally saved my life.”

Jungkook holds his gaze for a moment before he looks back at his phone. “Sounds fake but okay.”

Yoongi smiles and closes his eyes again. “Love you too.”


Yoongi sleeps for another few hours and Jungkook is there again when he wakes up. “You don’t have to stay.”

Jungkook ignores him.

Yoongi rolls over and grabs his own phone. “Seriously, you don’t. I’m gonna text Jimin, okay?”

Jungkook blinks at him. “Really?”

Yoongi tries to hold onto the conviction in his voice as he opens the messaging app. “Watch me.”

Yoongi: i dont know if i pissed you off last time, but can we talk? can you come over?

Jungkook takes a breath as Yoongi hits send. “Wow.”

Yoongi stares at the message with a frown. “Yeah.”

Jungkook gets up and tugs his clothes back on. “Well I guess it’s safe to leave you alone for a bit then. Don’t think I won’t check to make sure Jimin really made it over.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Knowing Jimin, he’s probably-”

There’s a knock at his door.

Yoongi opens it as Jungkook tugs his shirt on. Jimin has his phone in his hand open to the message from Yoongi. Yoongi stares at him. “Hey.”

Yoongi responds just as wittily. “Hey.”

Jimin points at his phone. “I was- I just got here. I was about to knock, but you-”

Jungkook’s leaning against the wall watching them with a smirk.

Jimin notices him. “Oh. Uh, h-”

“Hey?” Jungkook cuts him off. “You guys are cute.”

Jimin turns red. Jungkook grabs his bag. <See ya, hyung.>

<Thanks, Kook ah.>

Jimin’s mouth is open. “I didn’t know Justin spoke Korean.”

Yoongi shrugs. “He doesn’t. You probably know more than he does.”


Yoongi opens the door even wider. “Were you gonna come in?”

Jimin hesitates. “Uh… yeah. I didn’t know you guys were close. You called him Kook ah.”

Yoongi hums as he closes the door. “Known him since… well I don’t really remember. We met online actually. He followed me on instagram. We met up when he moved out to LA, but we’d skyped a few times before that actually.”

Jimin raises an eyebrow as he sits on the couch. “Sounds like you guys were serious.”

Yoongi almost manages to blush. “It wasn’t like that.”

Jimin snorts. “Sure. You totally liked him.”

Yoongi turns to the kitchen, changing the topic. “Do you want co-” He stops himself. “Jungkook won’t let me have caffeine.”

Jimin makes a whip sound.

Yoongi pouts as he pours two glasses of water and refills the water pitcher.

Jimin flips through the scrapbook on the coffee table. “Oh. You added some.” He closes the book quickly. “I won’t peak.”

Yoongi shrugs. “You can look.”

There’s a black and white photo of a rundown store front. Yoongi’s poem is in English.

I’ve always wondered how you shone
 When you were new
I wondered who used to called you home
 When you were new
Who painted your walls, who filled the space
 When you were new
Who loved you, who left you to find a new place
 Now that you’ve grown
Whose love stopped flowing, who left you to rot
 Now that you’ve grown
Who faded out of your life because they forgot
 Now that you’ve grown
Your halls echo, you’re covered in dust
 Now that you’re old
Your brittle bones have started to rust
 Now that you’re old
Life gone from you, abandoned, left to fend for yourself
The people who cared for you, did they care enough?
I see you here, weeping, alone in your pain
You’re dying, dissolving, no one knows your name
I cry for you, I’m here for you, but I’m decades too late
 Now that you’re old

Jimin reads it twice, aware that Yoongi sat down beside him while he was reading.

Jimin stares at him finally. “You wrote this?”

Yoongi blinks. “I mean, my pen didn’t magically come to life and do it itself if that’s what you’re asking.”

Jimin hits his arms as he turns back to the scrapbook.

Jimin hits him again, almost as a reaction.

Yoongi flinches. “Okay, what was the second one for?”

Jimin frowns at the page. “I didn’t abandon you.”

Yoongi’s quiet. “I- I know you didn’t.”

Jimin gestures at the book. “So why did you- why did you feel like this?”

“It’s just a story, Jimin ah.”

Jimin throws him a look.

Yoongi confesses, “I abandoned you. Okay? I abandoned myself by abandoning you.”

Jimin breathes that in. “Don’t ever fucking call me Christian ever again.”

Yoongi draws an x across his heart. “What if you decide to go back to it?”

Jimin tsks. “Did I stutter?” Yoongi laughs despite himself and Jimin joins him. “No, seriously though. Even if I do go back to using Christian, I don’t want you to call me that. It feels wrong.”

Yoongi surprises himself by scooting closer to Jimin, running his fingers through his hair. It’s a different color than the last time he saw him. “I promise, Jimin ah.”

Jimin hums and it nearly feels like a purr.

Yoongi tries to keep his voice soft. “Do we, uh, need to talk about… what you said last time?”

Jimin squeezes his eyes shut. “You’re just important to me. I don’t really know beyond that, okay? I didn’t mean to- I wasn’t asking you out. I just- wanted to be honest with you and you took it the wrong way.”

Yoongi keeps petting his head. “I know, I’m sorry.”

Jimin turns to look at Yoongi and in one smooth motion, tackles him onto the couch, curling around him.

Yoongi stutters as he falls against the armrest.

Jimin presses his face into Yoongi’s neck. “I missed you.”

Yoongi doesn’t remember when they crossed this line, but he doesn’t let it bother him. He hugs Jimin back. “I missed you too.”

Chapter Text

Yoongi doesn’t really remember how he found himself in this routine with Jimin.

They’d cook together as often as they could, go to the library, watch a movie while Yoongi ate ice cream and Jimin had some sort of weird green bean, wasabi chips that he said were delicious and Yoongi looked at him skeptically. He seemed to believe himself at least.

Jimin was busy every couple of mornings at dawn for photo shoots, but he told Yoongi that Hoseok gave him the spare key and Yoongi just shrugged and told Jimin he could let himself in.

So Yoongi wakes up one day, two weeks after letting Jimin back into his life, and trudges toward the kitchen only to find Jimin passed out on his couch.

He still has some makeup on from the shoot and there’s a really fancy shirt covered in sequins thrown onto the floor.

Yoongi quietly grabs his camera.

He watches the light fall softly on Jimin’s cheekbones and chest and squats down a few feet away to snap a picture.

He glances at his camera to see the picture and then moves toward Jimin, brushing his hair out of his eyes as gently as possible.

Jimin starts to stir, Yoongi keeps his voice low. “Don’t move.”


“Shh, trust me.”

Yoongi finds a good angle again and snaps a couple more.

Jimin peaks his eye open to look at Yoongi. “Did I tell you you could take pictures of me while I slept?”

Yoongi tsks. “You’ll thank me later when you see them.”

Jimin sighs and closes his eyes again. “You could at least have some manners and put on some music.”

Yoongi turns around and plugs his phone into his speakers.

The soft morning sunlight reminds him of old movies so he puts on a playlist of old sounding, soft songs. He has a couple different mood playlists that he listens to while he edits photos.

As Time Goes By starts playing and Jimin opens his eyes again.

Yoongi just shushes him.

Jimin keeps his eyes on the camera. “Can I move now?”

Yoongi scrolls back through his pictures and nods. “Yeah, you can.”

Jimin stretches, but Yoongi can see that it’s a pose at the same time so he just tracks Jimin’s movements through his lens and snaps pictures as they feel right to him.

Jimin looks at the lens coyly. “You don’t want me to put my shirt back on?”

Yoongi snorts as Only You starts playing. “You hear this song, right? You think you should wear sequins while this song plays?”

Jimin tsks. “I could make it work.”

Yoongi just hums distractedly.

Jimin lies back and arches his back off the couch. Yoongi’s shutter clicks like three times. Jimin doesn’t point out how intimate it feels to have Yoongi photographing him while he’s still waking up, makeup smudged, on Yoongi’s couch. “What, no professional lights?”

“Don’t need em. You look perfect.”

He says it matter of factly and doesn’t take it back.

Jimin smiles widely. “Perfect, huh?”

Yoongi sighs and lowers his camera as Jimin smirks at him.

Yoongi gets up from where he was squatting down and walks over to the couch, pushing Jimin up so he can sit.

Jimin throws an arm around him, propping his chin on his shoulder to see the pictures.

Yoongi scrolls through them and Jimin goes quiet.

Yoongi scoffs. “Nice, right?”

Jimin presses into Yoongi further. “What the fuck, hyung. These are…”

Jimin tries not to think about that one modelling class he took where the lecturer was spewing about how nothing can compare to a picture taken by a lover.

Jimin thinks he might understand what they meant now.

He’s just not sure if Yoongi does.


Tae had accepted that Jimin was going to spend a lot of time with Yoongi once they met up and he made sure Jimin was okay with him seeing Hoseok.

Hoseok glances over his shoulder as he cooks breakfast for himself and Tae.

Tae’s lying on the floor of his and Jimin’s apartment, holding a script in the air and mouthing along with lines he’s trying to memorize for a small commerical shoot he booked.

“Hey, Taetae?”

Tae hums, dropping the pages onto his chest.

“Does Jimin hate me?”

Tae snorts, getting up from the floor to walk over to the kitchen. “Just cause he’s with Yoongs?” Hoseok shrugs as he focuses on the scrambled eggs. “Nah, he was cool the other day when we all went out for lunch, right?”

Hoseok frowns as he nods. “I just feel like he’s faking it to make me feel better.”

Tae shakes his head as he moves to backhug Hoseok at the stove. “Jimin’s not that good of a liar. He likes you, it’s just… he’d probably have started flirting with you by now if… it’s just more complicated than usual.”

Hoseok sighs. “That’s what worries me. Am I ruining this for-”


“C’mon, you can’t say you wouldn’t rather have a third who actually-”

“You’re not our third, Hope. You’re you. And I care about you. There’s no rankings or anything.”

“But if Jimin actually liked me like that-”

“Do you like Jimin like that yet?”

Hoseok shrugs. “I dunno.”

“Exactly. So stop pushing it. It’ll happen if and when it needs to.”

Hoseok turns the stove off and puts the food into plates. “I just know you hold back a little when he’s not around. You’re not fully you without him here.”

Tae doesn’t look at Hoseok’s eyes as he sits. “Yeah, well… I’m not fully me without you here either.”

He looks up at Hoseok’s eyes after and doesn’t look away.

Hoseok blinks as he understands how serious Tae is about that. “Really?”

Tae blushes and nods, shoving food in his mouth.

Hoseok smiles, a small barely there thing, as he eats breakfast.


Jimin has his feet buried in the couch behind Yoongi as he watches America’s Next Top model reruns. Yoongi’s stopped asking him if he watches anything else.

Yoongi edits his pictures quietly and Jimin shifts his focus between the show and Yoongi’s face every so often.

Yoongi eventually takes a deep breath. “What?”

He looks at Jimin and catches him staring. Jimin turns back to the tv. “Nothing.”

Jimin hates his word choice immediately.

Yoongi smirks. “Sure.”

Jimin huffs. “What are you smirking about?”

Yoongi shrugs. “It’s just amazing that I’m the one zooming in on pictures of you shirtless yet you’re the one ogling me.”

Jimin’s jaw drops. “Ogling?!”

Yoongi just smiles to himself.

Jimin’s phone buzzes. “I’m gonna choose to pretend you didn’t say that.”

Yoongi presses his lips together to keep from laughing.

They’d become more and more comfortable teasing Jimin about his crush because it was easier to joke about it than to ignore it.

Tae: movie night???????

Jimin: with?

Tae: me hoseok you!!!

Jimin: took you long enough. I was waiting to see how long you’d go without trying to cuddle us both at the same time

Tae: you know i love the middle :’)

Jimin glances up from his phone to look at Yoongi.

He wonders if he should tell him he has a date, kind of, with Hoseok.

He feels worse not telling him.

“Hey Yoongs?”

Yoongi must hear the serious tone in his voice, cause he turns to look at him. “Hm?”

Jimin raises his phone a bit. “Tae wants to have a movie night. Um… me him and uh… Hoseok.”

Yoongi blinks. “Oh.”

Jimin hesitates as Yoongi looks away. “I- I won’t go if-”

Yoongi’s shaking his head. “No, you should. Your boyfriend has someone new. You should figure things out before it gets more serious.”

Jimin can feel how tense Yoongi is as he says it.

He can tell Yoongi knows it’s the right thing to say, even if he doesn’t really want to be saying it.

Jimin shakes his head. “I can’t go if it’ll hurt you.”

Yoongi thinks about that. “Well, is it a date?”

“Yes and no? It depends? I think Tae just wants to sit between us, but… if Tae’s um… in cuddle mode…”

Yoongi swallows. “Can you maybe ask him… not to?” Yoongi drops his head in his hands as he says it. “I have no right to ask you that. I’m sorry. Just… you should go have… fun.”

Jimin sits up, tugging one of his legs out from behind Yoongi so he can wrap his arms around Yoongi’s waist. “No, you have every right to ask that. I’ll tell them it’s a talking only night. Tae can cuddle me, but I won’t touch Hoseok. I swear.”

Yoongi leans into Jimin in a way that Jimin’s learned to recognize as his defenses falling. He goes limp and stops trying to act strong. “This is crazy.”

Jimin nods. “If it’s too much-”

“I can’t ask you to stop. It’s your life, Jimin ah. You’re happy with it, right?”

Jimin nods without hesitation. He really is. He’s gotten more and more comfortable with it over the last few months and it finally feels right, and his heart feels full the way he’s always hoped it would. He can’t say it right now, but he thinks a big part of that is due to Yoongi.

Yoongi relents. “If you’re happy, then… I’m happy.”

Jimin squeezes him too tightly. “That’s a lie.”

Yoongi moves his computer away and puts it on the coffee table.

Jimin takes it as permission to drag him down onto the couch so they’re properly cuddling.

They lie face to face on the couch, Yoongi has his head on one arm, the other brushing through Jimin’s hair lightly. Yoongi looks in his eyes. “You know, friends don’t really do this.”

Jimin plays dumb. “What?”

Yoongi presses down harder where he pets Jimin’s head to emphasize his point.

Jimin shrugs as his arm falls around Yoongi’s waist. “So?”

Yoongi sighs. “You’re like mold, Jimin.”

Jimin’s tone is flat, sarcastic. “Wow, how romantic.”

Yoongi gets serious in a blink of the eye. “Stop it, I’m trying to-”

Jimin sees it then. He sees it in Yoongi’s eyes.

He doesn’t move.

It’s completely up to Yoongi.

Yoongi leans in and presses his lips to Jimin’s forehead.

Jimin’s eyes shutter closed.

He knows exactly what Yoongi’s trying to say.

He wants to. It’s just too soon. It’s too complicated.

Jimin presses into Yoongi and buries his face in his neck.

Yoongi sighs. “When do you have to leave?”

Jimin shrugs. “Whenever.”

They lie there quietly for a few minutes.

Jimin’s voice is soft against his neck. “I swear, I won’t touch him.”


Jimin stands at the door to his apartment and Hoseok is waving politely and moves to offer him a hug.

Jimin steps back, panicked.

Hoseok looks offended. “Uh… no, it’s. I’m-”

Tae throws Jimin a look, pissed that he’s being rude.

Jimin slides into the room, away from Hoseok’s arms. “I… may or may not have…”

Tae sighs loudly. “Oh my god, you said you wouldn’t touch him, didn’t you?”

Jimin blushes.

Tae glances at Hoseok apologetically. “Jiminie, you don’t have to take that so literally. You can hug him hello.”

Jimin’s practically a tomato. “I don’t know! I don’t want- It’s so delicate, Tae!”

Hoseok crosses his arms. “No, it’s cool. I get it. Don’t stress about it.”

Tae leans against Hoseok and kisses him on the cheek.

The rest of the night is a lot of the same.

They put the movie on and Tae cuddles with Hoseok and Jimin sits by Tae, touching him just where Hoseok isn’t.

It’s tense and Jimin’s responses aren’t natural like they should be.

When the movie ends, Tae kicks Jimin lightly. “You guys are never gonna know if you get along well if you act like this.”

Hoseok disagrees, “No, it’s not his fault. Jimin is in Yoongi’s life and Yoongi still needs space. I can’t ask him… Jimin. I can’t ask Jimin to do anything that makes him uncomfortable. He feels like he’s betraying Yoongi just by being here, right?”

Jimin stares at the floor.

Tae untangles from Hoseok to curl around Jimin. “Is this too much?”

Jimin doesn’t know how to answer that. He feels like he’s being ripped in two. “It’s… definitely a lot. I don’t think it’s too much.”

Tae lets out a small, concerned sigh. “I know you’re strong, Chriscross, but you don’t have to put yourself through this. Talk to me. We’ll find another way.”

Jimin shakes his head. “There isn’t another way. Hoseok makes you happy. You make me happy… Yoongi makes me happy.”

Tae and Hoseok look at each other.

When it stays quiet for too long, Jimin looks up and seeings them trying to talk by reading lips but it doesn’t seem to be getting them anywhere.

Jimin blinks. “What?”

Hoseok gives in. “Tell him.”

Jimin’s wary. “Tell me what?”

Tae frowns. “It’s not a big deal, he didn’t mean anything by it.”

Jimin pushes Tae away so he can see his face. “Who didn’t mean what?”

Hoseok nudges Tae. “C’mon, if it weren't important you wouldn't have told me.”

Tae sighs and gives in. “It’s just not entirely my thing to tell and I didn’t want to embarrass him. It doesn’t mean anything.” Jimin just waits. “A few weeks ago, when I went to apologize to Yoongi he may have gotten really mad at me and-”

“Oh my god, did he hit you?!” Jimin’s eyes go wide.

“No!” Tae shakes his head furious. “No, he uh, he kissed me.”

Jimin goes quiet.

Tae and Hoseok wait for his response.

Jimin blinks again. “He… he kissed you?”

Tae waves his arms, shrugging it off. “It wasn’t like a take me now kiss. It was like... I don’t know, he was really upset. It felt spiteful somehow and he got all ashamed after like he hadn’t meant to do it.”

Jimin frowns. “Why are you telling me this?” He looks between Hoseok and Tae. “I agree with Tae, this doesn’t seem to mean anything.”

Hoseok squirms. “I just think… one day…”

Jimin lets out a sigh. “No, we can’t think that far ahead. That’s not fair.”

Tae looks at Hoseok meaningfully. Hoseok hangs his head. Tae scoots to him, rubbing his back. “Baby, I know you miss him.”

Tae and Jimin watch each other as Tae consoles Hoseok.

Jimin shakes his head minutely, telling Tae that what Hoseok is suggesting just isn’t possible right now.

Tae mouths back to him, I know.

Jimin thinks about it. These things are all about compromise. He tries to think of how to bring back some balance right now.

Maybe if…

“Hey, Tae…” Tae hums. “What do you think about… having a movie night with us and Yoongi?”

Hoseok and Tae both look at him.

Tae blinks. “Would he… be okay with that?”

Jimin shrugs. “I don’t know. I can ask him. He never seems uncomfortable when he talks about… um… you. He seems perfectly fine with you being my boyfriend and everything even though… things happened.” Jimin doesn’t look at Hoseok.

Hoseok’s brain is going a mile a minute. “He’ll say yes.” Jimin looks at him then and so does Tae. “He’ll know you’re trying to make things normal. He’ll say yes as long as I’m not there.”

Tae sighs. “I’m sorry.”

Hoseok shakes his head, not a hint of hurt in his eyes. “No, it’s a step forward. I can’t be upset about progress.”


It’s three days later and Jimin and Yoongi are cuddled on Yoongi’s couch.

Jimin stares at him.

Yoongi sighs. “Stop.”

Jimin wiggles. “I just-”

“No, stop asking.”

Jimin whines. “Are you sure?”

Yoongi drops his head back. “How many times can I say yes, Jimin ah?”

Jimin tries to see hurt in his eyes, but there isn’t any.

Jimin checks his phone. “Tae’s here.”

Yoongi hums. “Does he like Zoolander 2?”

Jimin gets up and throws him a look. “We’re not watching that again.”

Yoongi fake whines. “Aw, c’mon! At least the beginning when Bieber dies!”

Jimin ignores him and moves to open the door for Tae.

It’s odd, for a moment. Tae and Jimin look at each other and they work, but they’re in Yoongi’s apartment.

They’ve been here before but Tae hasn’t been here since… before. Not since the night Jimin helped Yoongi make dinner for the first time.

It definitely feels like Tae’s intruding now and Jimin doesn’t know how to make that feeling go away.

He twines his fingers with Tae’s.

Yoongi sits up on the couch, hesitates, and then stands. “Uh, hi.”

Tae waves. “Hi, how- um, what’s up?” Jimin throws Tae a look as he avoids asking how are you.

Tae ignores him.

Yoongi shrugs, quickly diving into the casual conversation topic he'd been trying to come up with for three days. “Did Jimin show you the pictures we took the other day?”

Jimin turns red as Tae looks at him with wide eyes. “No, he didn’t.”

Jimin shakes his head furiously. “Let’s not look at-”

But Yoongi interrupts him. “If there’s one thing Tae and I can agree on right now, it’s how good you look in these pictures.”

Tae squeezes Jimin’s hand encouragingly as Yoongi pulls up the pictures.

He hands his laptop to Tae who sits beside him on the couch, tugging Jimin down with him.

Jimin blinks.

This was… going well.

He tries not to jinx it.

He watches Tae and Yoongi talk and begs himself not to say something that would fuck it up.

Tae sees the pictures. “Holy shit, Chriscross you look hot.”

Jimin’s still red as Tae scrolls.

“These are very Marilyn Monroe.”

Yoongi snorts and Tae looks at him slyly.

“Yoongi, were you trying to take advantage of my Chriscross?”

Yoongi shrugs. “Maybe a little.”

Tae and Jimin both startle at the honesty.

Yoongi’s looking away, reaching for the xbox remote to navigate through netflix.

Tae squeezes Jimin’s hand so hard, Jimin has to tug his hand away cause it hurts.

Jimin tries to settle the atmosphere. “Yoongi, uh-”

“Honesty is the best policy, right?” Yoongi glances over at the two of them. “This is like… a diplomatic meeting right now. Trying to draw lines through territories. Am I wrong?”

Jimin frowns and Yoongi knows his reaction is due to the insensitivity of the words he chose to use. “I wouldn’t refer to people as territories but-”

“You know what I mean.”

It goes quiet as Jimin stares at Yoongi with Tae between them.

Jimin’s angry and Tae doesn’t know enough about their dynamic right now to jump in.

Yoongi keeps ignoring Jimin.

Jimin gets up and plops himself down in the small space between Yoongi and Tae. “No. This isn’t a fucking diplomatic meeting. I just want to watch a movie with my two-” He cuts himself off from saying boyfriends, but he thinks Yoongi knows that. “-favorite people.”

Yoongi drops it as he cues up some romcom Jimin suggested they watch.

He leans back against the couch, looking at Tae as he slips his hand into Jimin’s hair and presses a kiss to his temple. “Whatever you say, Jimin ah.”

Tae ends up with his head in Jimin’s lap. Jimin reaches over him to hold his hand.

Yoongi’s not exactly cuddled into him, just brushing a hand through his hair like usual.

It takes half of the movie for Jimin to realize this is actually working.

They’re not tense, they’re not passive aggressive. They’re just both here for Jimin.

Maybe Yoongi’s not mad cause he already talked to Tae, even if it didn’t go well.

Maybe Yoongi is mad, but he’s choosing to make tonight peaceful.

Jimin doesn’t know what it is, but he lets himself relax and realizes…

He’s on the couch tangled up with Tae and Yoongi.

He slumps into the couch and lets his shoulders drop.

Right now, this is working. They can talk about details later.


Chapter Text

The movie ends and Jimin’s practically buzzing he’s so happy and alive after an hour and a half cuddled between Tae and Yoongi.

So of course, it all goes to shit.

Yoongi clears his throat. “Can we talk about what happened?”

Jimin slowly reaches forward and turns the movie off. “ the movie?”

Yoongi throws him a look.

Jimin grips Tae’s hand tighter.

Tae sits up. “I’d love that, actually.”

Jimin looks between them. He stays quiet.

Yoongi finally looks Tae in the eye for the first time all night. “I’m sorry about what I did last time you were here.”

Tae knows he means the kiss. “I told Jimin about it.” Yoongi flinches. “I didn’t mean to- I know you-”

Yoongi shakes his head. “No, don’t apologize. You guys share everything.”

Jimin lets out a breath. He’s still so surprised every time Yoongi gets it.

He’s so used to people not getting it, not getting them.

Tae swallows. “I think… I owe you both…” He focuses on Jimin. “I know you don’t understand why I did it.”

Jimin nods hesitantly.

Tae turns to Yoongi. “Hoseok was really mad at himself.” He sees Yoongi brace himself. “Like… seriously… he was… Honestly, I’m glad you didn’t see him like that.” Yoongi feels his eye twitch. He’s never seen Hoseok get mad. He feels their argument stir up in his chest about how they hid from each other. “You guys had argued and… I was new enough to him, yet familiar enough, where he just told me everything. He told me about how he kept waiting for you to open up, how he thought you were scared of his negative emotions.” Yoongi has a headache. Well, it feels like a headache. It just hurts.

Tae takes a breath before he keeps going, his attention on Yoongi even though he can tell Jimin is listening, their fingers still interlaced. “He held so much back from you.”

“He didn’t have to.” Yoongi coughs as the words spill from his lips.

They’re useless here. That’s something he needs to tell Hoseok, not Taehyung.

Tae nods. “Yeah, maybe. He was tearing himself apart. He hated himself for being too much of a coward to tell you how he felt, he took all the blame…” Jimin turns to Yoongi pointedly. Yoongi glances at him, but looks back to Tae. Yoongi knows he did the same thing. “I just… I wanted him to see all the good things about him before he tore himself to shreds. And I’m not good at…”

Jimin sighs lightly, brushing the hair out of Tae’s eyes. “Taetae, you’re so sweet. You’re so good to people.”

Yoongi doesn’t follow.

Jimin looks at Yoongi as Tae curls into Jimin’s chest. “He… Tae has trouble putting thoughts into words. Especially when things are… heated. He usually doesn’t um… speak. Not if he doesn’t have to. Well he talks a lot, don’t get me wrong. But he doesn’t do grand speeches.”

Yoongi tries to grasp it. “He had sex with Hoseok cause he couldn’t speak?”

Tae sighs heavily and interrupts. “You remember when you were really mad and you just leaned forward and kissed me and you didn’t know why? You just did?”

Yoongi goes still, doesn’t nod but he doesn’t have to.

Tae goes on. “It was like that. I didn’t have any words so I kissed him cause I wanted him to feel valuable. I wanted him to feel wanted. I showed him how much I cared about him and… and no, I wasn’t… I mean, I still don’t know if… the ‘L’ word.”

Jimin whispers, “lesbians” and Tae tries not to laugh and ruin the moment.

He reins it in. “I didn’t have feelings like that for him the first time.”

Yoongi listens, almost detached from himself as he does. “And Hoseok? Did he?”

Tae shrugs. “I don’t think so. He freaked out at first because… because he knew that… a fight isn’t an end. He knew it wasn’t really over so we kept stopping and I kept kissing him cause I didn’t know what else to do and… it just…”

Yoongi swallows. “Did… did it help him?”

Jimin keeps an eye on Yoongi, shocked that he hasn’t yelled or cried or… anything.

Tae nods. “It did. Yeah. I could feel him relax about his insecurities a little. He’d say something he was mad about and I’d be able to push it away. Touches are… it’s acceptance, you know? You don’t touch someone unless you want to so it… it says a lot, you know?”

Yoongi lets his hand slide from Jimin’s hair to cup the back of his neck, thumb brushing the corner of his jaw.

Jimin blushes at the intimate contact. Yoongi nods. “Yeah, I know.” Yoongi holds eye contact with Tae. “Thank you. For saying all that.” Tae nods and Yoongi turns to Jimin. “I don’t know if it’s better or worse that it wasn’t emotional cheating. Just… physical… kind of.”

Tae doesn’t correct him. He can tell Yoongi wants Jimin to weigh in.

Jimin reaches for Yoongi’s free hand and holds it between both of his, letting go of Tae’s for a moment. “I don’t know what to tell you, hyung. Whether you can forgive it or not is up to you. We’ll go on from there. I’m here and willing to adjust to however you feel. Do you think you can?”

Tae looks at him sharply and Jimin knows.

Jimin knows that if Yoongi can’t forgive it then… Jimin will end up having to choose between Yoongi and Taehyung.

He doesn’t mention that to Yoongi. He doesn’t mention what it will mean if Yoongi can’t forgive this.

Jimin knows what Tae means to him and he knows this connection he’s found with Yoongi is important… but if he has to choose…

He’s never been able to leave Tae behind. He feels his eyes start to water at the idea of never seeing Yoongi’s face again, never being in this apartment again.

He tries to push that away. He can’t think about that right now.

He focuses on right here, right now. Yoongi’s right here. He’s holding his hand.

Yoongi’s thumb is rubbing circles onto his neck.

Right now, Yoongi’s here.

Yoongi takes his hand out of Jimin’s and Jimin feels his heart break.

But then…

Yoongi reaches his hand out to Tae.

Tae hesitates before reaching out.

Yoongi stares at their hands as they clasp around each other, not intertwining fingers.

Jimin reaches over and twines his fingers with Tae’s.

Yoongi frowns, but squeezes both their hands. “I need to talk to Hoseok.”

Jimin and Tae notice that he hasn’t answered the question.


Jimin: tae is losing his mind

Yoongi: is that news?

Jimin: al;ksfjasf

Jimin: dont play dumb. Just tell us what you meant

Yoongi: meant with what?


Yoongi: wtf i thought tae was the physical contact guru.


Yoongi: whats your point

Jimin: WHY

Jimin: DID

Jimin: YOU

Jimin: HOLD

Jimin: HIS

Jimin: HAND

Yoongi: chill out you know text notifications make me anxious. Stop.

Jimin: i have been chill for two days. I deserve answers.

Yoongi: tae literally said ‘a touch is acceptance’

Jimin: and…?

Yoongi: fuck jimin idk. i dunno if im mad at tae. im thinking about it. i think i get it. it’s’s a new perspective okay. give me like five seconds to process it all.

Yoongi: im sorry it’s taking me so long. i know youve been stressed about… being in the middle of all this. can you be patient a little longer?

Jimin: i know. I know im sorry. Tae just didnt know what to do

Yoongi: you mean he doesnt know what to tell hoseok.  s i g h you can tell tae im at kung fu tea rn.

Jimin: omg you did the letter spacing thing. You got that from me. I got it from tae.

Jimin: wait back up. Did you say. Kung fu tea. like. Kung fu tea like the place you and hoseok go to get drinks and Talk™?

Yoongi: if i dont respond in an hour, you can have my camera

Jimin: youre not gonna die

Jimin: but wow fuck i am honored that youd give me your camera


Knowing that he’d unofficially willed away his camera in case he dies today for some reason actually makes Yoongi feel better.

He very intentionally didn’t bring a thermos this time so the cashier wouldn’t give him a dirty look. He didn’t need anyone else as an enemy today.

He got there early so he didn’t get Hoseok his drink. He wanted him to be able to drink it fresh.

Fuck, he can’t believe he still cares so much about small shit like that.

He’s been thinking a lot the past few days.

Jimin and Taehyung are… they’re not like anyone Yoongi’s ever met before.

They’re not even like any couples he’s seen in movies.

Hell, they’re not even like any couples he’s seen on tumblr or in porn or… just… nowhere.

They see the world differently.

They’re too halves of the same coin. Jimin has a heart that could warm anyone he passes and passes out kind, understanding words to anyone who will take them. Tae, on the other hand, can lay a hand on your forearm and it’s a novel. His touches speak volumes and Yoongi’s trying to figure out if he should accept Tae’s perspective on touch or not.

If this hadn’t happened, Yoongi would already understand. If Tae hadn’t… if he hadn’t slept with Hoseok, Yoongi wouldn’t be struggling.

But Tae used this beautiful skill he had, the art of his touch… he used it on Hoseok.

Yoongi wishes he could be glad. He wishes he had Tae’s perspective so he could be glad that Hoseok was able to talk to Tae like that.

But then he remembers how the rest of the world thinks of this and rage boils in his heart.

He’s at war with two conflicting perspectives and, god. Fuck Jimin for helping him understand both sides of this. Is this what Jimin feels like all the time? Cause it sucks.

Yoongi’s slumped in a chair in the back of the cafe, slurping at the remaining drops of his coffee milk tea. He got it with boba so he could chew on something while he chewed on his thoughts.

A hand waves in front of his zoned out eyes and he chokes on a boba he sucks into his mouth as he focuses on Hoseok’s face.

Hoseok smirks and slides a full coffee milk tea with boba in front of him.

Yoongi stares at it, still choking a little.

Hoseok sits with a short laugh. “Um, sorry. I thought you saw me.”

Yoongi clears his throat again. “Zoned out.”

Hoseok hums, sipping at his drink. Yoongi notices it’s not his usual sunshine pineapple tea. He wonders if that means something or if… if Hoseok’s just enjoying a break in routine. If Hoseok’s enjoying… freedom.

Yoongi tries to stop himself from getting too poetic.

Neither of them say anything for a good five minutes.

They just drink tea and pretend none of this shit ever happened.

Yoongi kicks Hoseok’s foot without looking him in the eye.

Hoseok kicks him back.

Hoseok looks up at Yoongi, waiting.

But Yoongi doesn’t say anything.

Hoseok’s the one who breaks the silence. “You don’t seem mad.”

Yoongi’s expression is neutral. “I am. Kind of.”

Hoseok sips his drink. “Kind of?”

Yoongi nods. “Kind of.” As if that answers all Hoseok’s questions. “I talked to Tae. About what happened.”

It’s Hoseok’s turn to choke. “Oh?”

Yoongi nods thoughtfully, looking out the window. “I… haven’t decided how to…” Hoseok starts to speak, but Yoongi stops him. “Hold on. Um. Before you… before you say anything…” Hoseok sees Yoongi’s hurt slip out through the cracks in his mask. “I just have to ask you something.”

Hoseok nods, but Yoongi takes a long sip from his drink, staring out the window like he’s forgotten what they’re talking about.

Hoseok tries to be patient.

“Tae said… the first time wasn’t emotional. That he didn’t have feelings. Did you? When did you… I mean, do you… now?”

Hoseok’s barely breathing. He knew they’d talk about this but he didn’t realize… Yoongi would dive right in. “Uh.”

Yoongi brushes a hand through his hair harshly. “That was a lot of questions.”

Hoseok’s eyes track the motion of his hand, briefly remembering his own hand following the same path. He blinks it off but he can tell Yoongi caught him staring. “No. I mean… the first time, no. I was really confused, why Tae kept touching me even though I told him I…” He doesn’t say loved you but Yoongi hears it. “Tae was frustrated, cause he kept saying he wasn’t touching me, even though he was. I got really pissed at first, but I started to understand what he meant. He wasn’t touching he was…”

“Talking.” Yoongi nods.

Hoseok raises his eyebrows. “Yeah.”

Yoongi holds his coffee in two hands as he sips it. “So when did you catch feelings?”

Hoseok’s eyes drop to the table. “After that. After the break up.” The words hang heavy in the air. “But… Yoongi you know it wasn’t like… all of a sudden. It was just… a thought. I didn’t mean for it-”

“Are you happy?”

Yoongi’s words cut through Hoseok’s difficult apology.

Hoseok hesitates. “What?”

Yoongi finally looks into Hoseok’s eyes. “Does Tae make you happy? Right now. Are you happy?”

Hoseok’s lips curl down. “No. Right now, I’m not. I’m here looking at how confused and lost you are. How could I be happy right now?”

Yoongi shakes his head. “That’s not what I’m ask-”

“I know that’s not what you’re asking, but that’s my answer.”

Yoongi sees everything he loved about Hoseok in his eyes right then.

He has to look away.

Hoseok’s voice is quieter after that, shy. “Tae didn’t… tell you about my idea, did he?”

Yoongi shrugs. “What idea?”

Hoseok sips his drink nervously. “Nevermind, it doesn’t matter.”

Yoongi glances at Hoseok curiously, but doesn’t push. He’s sick of pushing people to their limits. He’s sick of manipulating emotions cause he’s upset. He’s sick of feeling so goddamn much all the time.

Hoseok lets out a loud sigh. Loud enough, that people glance their way.

Yoongi raises his eyebrow but doesn’t get a chance to ask before Hoseok’s speaking, loudly.

“Why aren’t you mad at me?!”

Yoongi holds eye contact. “Do… you want me to be mad at you?”

Hoseok shrugs with his whole upper body. “Honestly, yeah. I do.”

Yoongi can’t help but feel a spike of pain in his chest at the confusion in Hoseok’s eyes. He sees the guilt Hoseok’s carrying inside of him.

When he sees the guilt his mind flashes to the images he’s been trying to avoid, the thought of Tae ripping off Hoseok’s shirt. The thought of Tae kissing all of the spots that Yoongi knew Hoseok liked.

He feels sick.

But he doesn’t feel mad.

He doesn’t know why. He wishes he did. It would be easier if he were mad.

“I’m not an angry person, Hope ah.”

Hoseok slumps in his chair, mumbling. “I know you’re not.”

Yoongi sips his drink daintily. “I used up all my anger. It’s an exhausting emotion.”

Hoseok laughs bitterly. “I know.”

“Tell me-” Yoongi’s voice cracks. “Tell me about you and Tae.”


“I want to know.”

Hoseok shakes his head. “That’s not a good id-”

“He’s my best friend’s boyfriend.” Yoongi’s voice is flat and serious. He looks Hoseok in the eye sharply and Hoseok can see conviction there. “I’m not an idiot, Hope ah. I have to find a way to get passed all this if I want to keep Jimin in my life. If- If I can’t get along with Tae, with you… then I can’t keep seeing Jimin. He’ll torture himself trying to make us all happy. So I can either figure out a way to be okay with this shit or I can never see him again.”

Hoseok nods slowly. “You and Jimin-”

“It’s not like that.”

Hoseok whistles lowly. “Wow, that’s not what I was going to say.”

Yoongi stares out the window.

“I was just gonna say, you and Jimin are putting a lot of work into this. I didn’t realize… if this is what you want, I’ll make sure me and Tae are working hard too.”

Yoongi nods, staring at his hands. “It might not work but… we gotta try, Hope ah, okay?”

They meet each other’s gaze.

Yoongi can’t believe this is the same man he’d told he loved about a month ago.

Jung Hoseok looks like a stranger to his eyes right now, but maybe that’s good. Maybe all this time they needed a fresh start.

Chapter Text

Yoongi’s being hit by never ending waves of deja vu and nausea.

He’s sitting in that same restaurant where he met Tae and Jimin, except it’s not Hoseok sitting beside him.

Jimin’s hand curls around Yoongi’s forearm. “I can text Tae and tell them not to come.”

Yoongi shakes his head, eyes glued to the door. He flinches every time someone new walks in. “No, I want them to.”

Jimin locks his phone and focuses on Yoongi.

Yoongi feels the weight of the concern in his gaze even though Jimin’s staying quiet.

Yoongi sighs. “This is just freaking me out.” He gestures vaguely around them.

Jimin’s lips twitch. “Should I ask you to call me Christian?”

Yoongi throws him a look of utter disgust and discomfort. “Please don’t.”

Jimin’s smile evaporates. “We can go somewhere else.”

Yoongi shakes his head again.

Jimin prods, hand slipping to Yoongi’s wrist. “Hyung, we don’t have to force this. We can take our time.”

Yoongi sighs, sipping at the hot green tea he ordered. Jimin keeps stealing sips. “Maybe you don’t, but I’m never going to do this if I don’t force myself to.”

Jimin’s phone buzzes and he glances at it, smirking.

Tae: imagine a great dane on a leash that is in the middle of taking a walk and then just sits down. that’s hobi rn.

Jimin: at least he made it to some stairs so hes not in the middle of the road

Tae: nono, he did do that. imade him move.

Jimin glances at Yoongi who’s staring into his tea as if it holds all the answers.

Jimin: this might be a bad time to ask but… what exactly is hobi to you

Tae: right now? an anchor and this cruise ship is trying to take offfffffffff~~~~~

Tae: but i knowwhat you mean

Tae: we havnet talked about it. he doesnt wanna decide anything til we talk to yoongs

Yoongi moves his eyes from his tea to the door as someone walks in. It’s not Tae and Hobi. He looks back down at his tea. “Remember when we met and you thought I was cool.”

Jimin snorts.

Yoongi doesn’t even have the energy to pretend to be offended. “I want everyone to think I’m so cool. But I’m not.”

Jimin sends out one more text before putting his phone away.

Jimin: just make sure you get here. i have a good feeling about today.

Jimin slides his hand all the way into Yoongi’s and Yoongi lets their fingers twine.

They haven’t talked about this.

They walked around k-town the other day holding hands, but neither of them so much as blinked to signal that it was weird even if Jimin had internally panicked about it.

“Yoongi, you’re pretty cool.”

Yoongi throws him a look. “When we met, I talked about being an amateur photographer when in reality all I do is fucking post on instagram and work part time at a grocery store. I just thought… if I exaggerated a little…”

Jimin squeezes his hand. “You’re cool.”

Yoongi sips his tea with his free hand. “You’re the one who’s cool. You’re on a fucking billboard.”

Jimin tsks. “It was a small billboard and they changed it already.”

Yoongi frowns, finally looking at Jimin. “Did they?”

Jimin shrugs.

“Sorry. I didn’t know.”

“It’s not like it was going to be there forever. I’m honestly glad they took it down before anyone tried to graffiti it.”

Yoongi laughs lightly.

The door opens and Yoongi tenses without even looking up.

Jimin smirks at Tae across the room as Hoseok slides in behind him, eyes immediately going to Yoongi who’s gone back to staring at his tea.

They get to the table and Tae smiles widely. “I’m Vincent and this is-”

Jimin shakes his head furiously to cut off Tae’s joke about them all meeting here.

Tae glances at Yoongi who seems to have stopped breathing.

Tae sits in a fast motion, almost knocking over his water. “I mean, hey Yoongs. What’s up?”

Hoseok sits down slowly. He sits between Jimin and Tae so there’s space between him and Yoongi.

Yoongi is about to scream. He can feel everyone’s eyes on him. He doesn’t know if his vocal chords are capable of vibrating enough to get words out.

He grips Jimin’s hand so tightly he worries he’s hurting him.

He hasn’t looked up, so he can’t see the way Hoseok glances at their arms as he realizes they’re clasped under the table.

“How-” Yoongi starts and coughs when his voice comes out rough. He had a game plan for this and it focused on one thing: get Taehyung talking. “How’d you meet.”

Jimin rubs his thumb on the back of Yoongi’s hand. “Me and Tae?”

Yoongi hums as he takes a breath and looks at the menu even though he already knows what he wants.

Jimin looks at Tae, then glances at Hoseok for a moment to check on him. Hoseok is using Yoongi’s lack of eye contact as an excuse to stare at him.

Jimin figures he’ll let it be. “Um, I mean. There’s how we met and how we became friends. We weren’t really friends until high school.”

Tae hums happily. “I hated your guts.”

Yoongi snorts and Hoseok gasps. They both seem to try to ignore each others reactions.

Jimin squeezes Yoongi’s hand. They’re being childish.

Jimin rolls his eyes and carries on. “We were rival theater kids. We like… we pretended to be friends but mostly we just fought all the time.”

Tae waves his hands. “Fought and had sex. But you can’t just skip to high school, we met in 3rd grade.”

Jimin shrugs. “We never talked. I mean, I knew you, but-”

Tae cuts in. “We have been stealing each others parts since we were like 2.”

“Well, that’s not tr-”

“Elementary theater club was war, okay?”

Jimin gives in and lets Tae take over.

Right as he opens his mouth, the waiter comes by to take their order.

Yoongi finally glances up before rattling off three meats to start with. He looks sort of… through Hoseok. No one argues with him as the waiter walks away to get their food.

They go back to the story.

Tae glares at Jimin and Jimin can feel the performance in his eyes. He tries not to laugh to ruin Tae’s theatrics. “The day was March 19th, 1827.” Jimin sighs. “The theater teacher was racist and couldn’t pronounce my name. She also thought Jimin was cuter which is fair cause his cheeks were precious, even a jealous fool like me could see that. He also was still going by Christian so she could say his name easier and he got all my parts.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “This is ridiculous. We’ve talked about this. She wasn’t racist.”

“Chriscross, you would be singing a different tune if she called you Tah-hoong everyday. Actually you wouldn’t be singing any tune. Cause you wouldn’t have a part cause she gave it to cute lil Christian.”

Jimin finally cuts him off. “Okay, to be clear. Tae was the lead in every theater show we did in elementary school except for one. It was some like… farm animal bullshit thing and the lead character was a chicken and they thought Tae was too tall. That’s literally all it was.”

Tae leans in. “But do you deny that she called me Tah-hoong?”

Jimin shrugs. “She definitely couldn’t say your name, but you refused to give her an English name to use.”

Tae narrows his eyes. “Yeah, cause I didn’t have one. My name’s Taehyung. Why should she call me anything else?”

Jimin glances with wide eyes as the plate of meat is set down. He mumbles softly. “I mean, she called you Tah-hoong didn’t she? That wasn’t your name either.”

Tae frowns. “At least she tri- oh my god, what kind of reverse psychology witchcraft is this?!”

Yoongi’s lips press together as he glances up to see Jimin’s eyes light up mischievously.

Jimin catches him staring. For a moment, all Jimin can think about is kissing him.

He pulls his eyes away to look at Tae.

Yoongi turns to stare at the tongs with a frown. They’re across the table in front of Hoseok.

Yoongi looks at him cautiously. “H-hope ah, can you pass the tongs?”

Hoseok’s spine goes straight as he jumps into action, finally feeling like he can speak up. “Yeah! Yeah, can do. Definitely can handle that.”

He grabs the tongs and carefully leaves enough space that Yoongi can take them without brushing their hands.

Tae stares at Jimin as Yoongi starts grilling. He mouths to him, Hope ah?!

Jimin shrugs.

Tae holds up crossed fingers and Jimin nods.

Hoseok glances between them fondly. They both smile widely, unashamed of being caught.

Hoseok takes the silence to cut in. “Okay, wait. But if you guys have known each other since elementary school, why doesn’t Jimin know any Korean?”

Tae scoffs. “That’s racist.”

Jimin glares at Tae. “Stop accusing people of being racist.” He turns to Hoseok. “To answer your question bluntly, Tae’s an idiot.”

Tae smiles as if he’s proud of that. “I literally thought that you could only be Korean with a Korean name so I didn’t actually realize Christian was Korean until like…”

Jimin looks exhausted, but Hoseok’s starting to see that this is all part of an act. This is how Tae and Jimin play. “I swear, it wasn’t until high school.”

Tae goes quiet, thinking. “Actually, you might be right. My middle school rebellious phase, I mean other than being gay, was only being attracted to Korean men and I never looked at you twice.”

Jimin stares at him at that, breaking character. “One, rude. Two, weren’t you dating Jessica in middle school?”

Tae opens his mouth and closes it. “I didn't know you were Korean! I swear, Chriscross I would've been so into you. But with Jessica, it was complicated. She was my co-star. We had chemistry.”

Jimin raises his eyebrows. Tae keeps rambling on about Jessica and their parts in Peter Pan. Jimin knows all this so he takes the opportunity to lean into Yoongi.

“You okay?”

He sees Yoongi swallow.

“If it’s too much, we can-”

Yoongi shakes his head, he turns his head into Jimin as he whispers. “No, it’s good. Sitting here listening is good. It’s easy to… adjust. To think.”

Jimin hums, leaning back in one more time. He squeezes Yoongi’s hand. “You don’t need a second hand to grill?”

Yoongi mumbles, turning back to the grill. “I’ll make it work.”

Jimin laughs and looks up to see Tae staring at him again. “This bitch was Tinkerbell.”

Jimin sighs, leaning back in his chair. “That is also completely false. No one was Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell was a fucking laser pointer.”

Tae squirms in his chair. “Are you telling me the laser pointed itself?! Someone had to be Tinkerbell, Jimin. Someone-”

“I was a lost boy. Tae was Peter. Jessica was Wendy. One of the tech kids was ‘Tinkerbell’ but we were pretentious assholes in middle school so I don’t even know the guy’s name.”

Hoseok snorts. “So when did you guys actually become friends?”

Jimin looks at Tae with a twinkle in his eye. “Can I tell this one?”

Tae smiles, breaking character in a blink. “Yeah, babe.”

Jimin sits up in his chair excitedly. “The day was September 19th, 2009. Freshman year of high school. I was going through my rebellious phase cause I just found out I was gay but I didn’t want to tell anyone so I was just being angsty for what seemed like no reason. What a time to be alive, honestly. So we were doing improv scenes for like the entire first week of theater class and I somehow got paired up with this bitch.”

Jimin smiles at Tae lovingly.

“So I know this ho’s name, cause he stole all my parts.” He cuts Tae off from interrupting. “Taehyung Kim, if you try to fight me on this I will literally dig up old show pamphlets and show them that I was listed as understudy 16 times under you.” Tae goes quiet and Jimin carries on. “So I’m thinking, I’m gonna fuck with him and get some experience points all at once. So I start the improv scene and I just yell How could you?! And I slapped him.”

Hoseok squirms in his chair excitedly. “Stage slap or?”

Tae holds his cheek. “No, he literally slapped me.”

Jimin smiles softly. “Tae was a little stunned at first, but it worked for the scene. So he just-”

Tae dives into a recreation of the scene. “How did you find out?!”

Jimin licks his lips before melting into character. “Vanessa told me!”

Yoongi interrupts. “Can you guys eat this shit before it burns.”

He doesn’t have to ask twice, everyone piles up their plates with meat and Tae and Jimin carry on their scene with their mouths full.

Tae has pork in his mouth as he responds. “She promised she wouldn’t!”

Jimin grabs the piece of meat Tae was going for just to be petty. He pops it in his mouth with a grin. “She told me she wants to try something.”

“Try something?”

Jimin hums, slipping into a more practiced performance than the over dramatic tone they set at the beginning. “Yeah, she thinks you’re into me.”

Tae mumbles softly. “At this point I didn’t know how to respond to him cause I wasn’t sure exactly what he was getting at. I mean, I did… but I was a high school freshmen. I didn’t think we were allowed to do a scene with a threesome so-”

Jimin hums. “Yeah, Tae just went quiet and I stepped forward. The entire room went fucking quiet. Even the teacher was wondering what I’d do.”

“This asshole kissed me. Like not a peck. He grabbed my face in his hands and open mouth kissed me.”

Hoseok’s jaw drops and even Yoongi is looking up at this point. Yoongi watches the shy expression on Jimin’s face even though they’re talking about something bold he did.

Jimin shoves more meat in his mouth. “Tae took my virginity like a week after that.”

Yoongi coughs as he swallows. “Seriously?”

Tae nods, pupils wide even now and Yoongi has to wonder if it’s part of the act or not. “You don’t get it. That’s still the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Hoseok snorts. “The sex or-”

Jimin makes a face as Tae shakes his head. “Oh, no definitely not. The sex was bad. The kiss though… wow I think I still dream about that kiss and I don’t even have to cause I can kiss you whenever I want.”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “If the sex was so bad, why’d you date?”

Jimin shrugs. “We didn’t date for a long time.”

Tae hums. “I still hated his guts. I just really wanted to fuck him.”

Jimin scoffs. “Excuse you.”

Tae relents. “Really wanted him to fuck me.”

Jimin hums. “Thank you.”

Hoseok just keeps looking between them, mouth open. Yoongi notices there’s meat in his open mouth and makes a face. Yoongi just shrugs. “Honestly, none of this surprises me.”

Jimin leans his head on Yoongi’s shoulder. “He gets me.”

Tae looks at Yoongi fondly.

Tae’s already kind of in love with Yoongi just seeing how much he means to Jimin.

Hoseok finds himself staring too.

Yoongi looks back at him, looking him in the eye for the first time all night.

Yoongi pulls his eyes away, squeezing Jimin’s hand. He pauses. “Wait… have you been eating with your left hand?”

Tae looks at Yoongi through his eyelashes. “Jimin’s ambidextrous.”

Hoseok chokes.


They leave the restaurant and walk down the street.

Jimin walks with Yoongi behind Tae and Hoseok.

Jimin starts to wonder if his hand is even capable of doing anything but being intertwined with Yoongi’s. “I can’t believe you said yes to karaoke.”

Hoseok snorts, turning to respond to Jimin. “He just likes sitting in the room making fun of people.”

Yoongi hums. “It’s a good hobby.”

No one points out that it’s the first time Yoongi and Hoseok have managed to trade words with each other all night.


They walk to the place in k-town and get ushered into their private room.

It sounds fancy, but it’s really not. The karaoke machine is probably from 2005, but they update the songs so they can’t really complain.

No one’s surprised when Yoongi claims ownership of the remote.

It starts out with everyone requesting their own stuff but as they order drinks, Yoongi gets bored and takes over.

He queues up songs he wants them to perform.

Hoseok’s eye catches on the song title Yoongi queued.

Hoseok turns to him as Jimin and Tae are out of the room getting drinks. “Really?”

Yoongi shrugs.

Hoseok watches Yoongi carefully. “You can skip it when it comes on, if you need to.”

Yoongi shakes his head, flipping through the book looking for a song for Jimin. “No, I want you to sing it.”


Yoongi flinches. Hoseok calls him August in three situations:

  1. In bed
  2. If Yoongi’s ignoring him and Hoseok’s trying anything to get a reaction
  3. When he wants Yoongi to really focus on what he’s saying

Yoongi looks up.

Hoseok continues. “Tell me what to say.”

Yoongi blinks. “I’m already telling you what to sing. You can decide what to say.”

Hoseok shakes his head. “We both know saying sorry isn’t enough. So tell me what to say.”

Yoongi looks back down, flipping through the song list idly. “I just… want you to make them happy. Both of them. Say whatever makes them happy.”

“What about you? What makes you happy?”

Yoongi shrugs.

Hoseok glances at the window, Tae and Jimin still aren’t back. “Have you told your mom we broke up?”

Yoongi shakes his head. “Not yet.”

Hoseok straightens at that. “Why not?”

“I don’t know.”

“She won’t be mad at you, Yoongs.”

Yoongi tsks. “Bullshit, yes she will.”

“She wants what we all want. We want you to be happy.”

Yoongi sigh heavily. “She thinks you’re special. She thinks I got lucky with you. If I tell her I fucked it up-”

“It wasn’t you-”

“-she’ll be disappointed.”

“This isn’t just on you.”

“I hurt you so bad you had to go to someone else. How is that not on me?”

Tae and Jimin walk back in, giggling.

Tae dances awkwardly. “We did shots!”

Jimin catches on the mood in the room first. “Should we…”

Yoongi reaches out to the small of Jimin’s back, just for a point of contact. “It’s okay. I have a song for you.”

Jimin glances at Hoseok. He looks back at Yoongi. “What song?”

Yoongi points at the screen where the song is queued up and paused.

Tae stands in front of Hoseok hesitantly. “Would anyone be mad if I sat on him right now?”

Yoongi takes a breath. “As long as it makes Hoseok happy.”

Hoseok looks at him, lips curving into a frown.

Yoongi looks right back. “I’m… I’m fucking serious, okay? Don’t look at me like that. It was a joke. It’s fine, Tae.”

Tae looks at Hoseok for confirmation.

Tae slowly curls into Hoseok as he sits on his lap.

Yoongi doesn’t look away for a second as Hoseok’s shoulders visibly relax in Tae’s embrace.

Jimin looks between Tae and Yoongi.

Yoongi can feel the thoughts in Jimin’s head. If everything were comfortable between the four of them, Jimin would want to be part of the cuddle party over there. But as it is, Jimin sits against Yoongi.

Yoongi burns where Jimin touches him since he knows the awkwardness is his fault. Everything is his fault.

He hits play and Two Princes by the Spin Doctors starts playing.

Jimin throws Yoongi a look. “You’re not funny.”

Yoongi smirks as best he can. “I’m a little funny.”

Hoseok concedes. “It’s a little funny.”

Yoongi gestures at Hoseok. “See? He thinks it’s funny.”

Hoseok decides he can talk with the three of them the way he’d talk to any of them privately. “It’s funny because Yoongi’s version of comedy is being an asshole.”

Yoongi hesitates. It feels like an insult, but they used to talk like this when they were dating so he’s not sure which it is.

Jimin started singing along while Yoongi and Hoseok argued. He interupts by leaning into Yoongi and loudly singing, “If you would like to buy me flowers, just go ahead then.”

Tae snorts. “Subtle, Chriscross.”

Yoongi smirks at him, mouthing along to, “If you would like to talk for hours, just go ahead then.”

It’s worth the argument over the song with Hoseok to watch Jimin blush.


Yoongi sips at a beer as the other three get steadily more drunk. The song Yoongi queued for Hoseok finally comes up.

Hoseok has the sense to look at him warily.

Yoongi throws his arms out and leans back, an open invitation to walk all over him.

Jimin and Tae aren’t sure what their silent conversation is about.

Yoongi’s the only one still on the couch. The rest of them have been dancing and yelling into the mics instead of actually singing.

The tone significantly changes when (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams comes on.

During the piano intro, Jimin and Tae look at Yoongi.

Hoseok starts singing and Yoongi doesn’t take his eyes off him.

Hoseok’s sang for him a few times, but Hoseok always says he doesn’t like his voice.

Yoongi loves his voice.

Tae’s eyes go wide as Hoseok sings this song seriously instead of silly like the other ones before it.

Yoongi tells the story while he listens. “Seokseok ah and I were friends with benefits for a long time. The only thing we argued about was our sex playlists. We played rock paper scissors for valentines day playlist dibs and I won. I chose really bad shit, like shit I didn’t even like and… we tried to… it was terrible. But I told him to wait when I realized the joke wasn’t really funny anymore and he was getting upset. Then this song came on and I waited for him to tell me he wasn’t interested in changing our dynamic. But he didn’t. He kissed me, the softest he’s ever kissed me.”

Hoseok uses the instrumental to cut in. “Don’t tell them-”

“He cried while I fucked him.”

Hoseok sighs as he starts singing again.

Yoongi pauses the queue as the song ends.

The room is quiet.

Hoseok and Yoongi look at each other.

Hoseok breaks the silence. “Why’d you choose it?”

Yoongi shrugs. “What’s that saying? At the end you think of the beginning?”

Hoseok shakes his head. “No, that night. Why this song?”

Yoongi quotes the lyrics back to him. “Look into my eyes and you will see what you mean to me.” Yoongi swallows as he looks at the floor. “Someone else figured out how to say what I was trying to so I just borrowed their words.”

Shocking everyone, it’s Tae that moves across the room to curl into Yoongi.

Yoongi tenses as Tae rubs his head against Yoongi’s chest. “I’ve never related to anything more in my entire life than what you just said.”

Yoongi looks up at Jimin, panicked.

Jimin’s smile is soft and Yoongi can practically hear him cooing in his head.

Yoongi hesitantly runs his hand down Tae’s back, petting him.

Yoongi looks back at Hoseok, but his expression is indecipherable. “I need to go home.”

Yoongi nods, hoping he didn’t hurt him yet again. “Okay.”

Hoseok throws a $10 on the table for his portion of the bill for the room.

He’s out of the door before anyone can stop him.

Jimin falls on the couch next to Yoongi. “That could’ve gone worse.”

Yoongi hums, hand still on Tae’s back.

Tae reaches out at Jimin.

Jimin looks at Yoongi.

Yoongi throws his arm around Jimin’s shoulders and pulls him in.

They cuddle quietly for a bit in the dim karaoke room.

Tae breaks the silence. “Doesn’t it feel incomplete?”

Jimin slaps Tae’s arm lightly. “Don’t.”

Yoongi shakes his head, voice low and calm. “No, I… I’ve been ignoring it. I’ve been pretending I haven’t understood all your subtle comments about it, but I know. I know you guys have been thinking about it.”

Jimin tenses. “Oh.”

Yoongi’s voice somehow gets quieter. “I’ve been thinking about it too.”

Tae and Jimin look at each other.

Yoongi’s quiet, like he’s thinking of something important to say.

Jimin can feel the exact moment he decides not to. Yoongi instead says, “We should all get home.” He stands, ruining the cuddling party.

Tae stands up quickly, trying to slow him down, casually suggesting. “If we all uber, it’s cheaper to split three ways.”

Yoongi throws him a look. “Tae, I could walk home from here.”

Tae hums and Jimin’s eyes are burning holes in his head. “Yeah, but what if you don’t go ho-”


Jimin’s voice is firm and suddenly much more sober than it has been for the last two hours.

Tae whines. “I want to talk to him.”

Jimin walks across the room, standing between Tae and Yoongi. “Not tonight.”

Tae looks at Yoongi past Jimin’s head. “He gets it though, he gets the word thing.”

Yoongi steps forward, chest connecting with Jimin’s back.

He feels Jimin gasp quietly. He puts his hand on Jimin’s waist, looking over Jimin’s shoulder to Tae. “I’ll go over, but I’m not taking my clothes off.”

Jimin’s hand falls over Yoongi’s. “Yoongi-”

“No, it’s okay. I think Tae’s right. I think we should talk.”

Chapter Text

Yoongi actually has only been over Jimin and Tae’s twice.

They usually just went out and met somewhere.

So, it’s weird to walk in.

Everyone goes quiet as they step through the door and close it.

Tae’s looking at Yoongi hesitantly. “To be clear, when you said talk, you meant…”

Yoongi nods.

Jimin looks between them, frightened half to death as he thinks of all the ways this could possibly go wrong and backfire.

Tae steps closer to Yoongi, putting a hand on Jimin’s shoulder as he does. He doesn’t look away from Yoongi as he does it. “Don’t worry, Chriscross. Yoongi and I have already kissed once.”

Yoongi snorts. “Doesn’t count.”

Tae takes half a step closer to Yoongi and Jimin’s hand snakes out and grabs Yoongi’s.

Yoongi looks away from Tae to look Jimin in the eye. He squeezes his hand and softly lets go.

Yoongi doesn’t need Jimin’s help right now. He needs to figure this out on his own.

Tae moves to step forward, when Yoongi meets him in the middle.

It’s… weird.

Jimin feels like it’s too intimate to watch.

They’re not even kissing, they’re just standing really close.

There’s some kind of silent conversation going on and Jimin suddenly wonders if they can both speak dog or something. He can practically see their breaths start to mirror each other.

Tae leans his neck forward and Yoongi leans back. Not yet.

Yoongi’s hand raises curiously. He trails a fingertip lightly from Tae’s temple, to his jaw, down his neck. His finger catches on the neckline of Tae’s shirt.

Tae tugs his jacket off, but Yoongi grabs his hands to stop him when he moves to grab his shirt as well.

Jimin can’t help butting in. “It’s too quick, Taetae.”

Yoongi and Tae speak at the same time. “I know.” “He knows.”

Yoongi’s eyes are on Tae’s lips, but Tae can tell it’s not an invitation.

Yoongi’s hand moves again to trace his thumb across Tae’s lips.

He thinks about how Hoseok found comfort in them.

He’s just trying to understand.

They’ve all been friends for a few months now and as much as Yoongi has liked Tae, he had a hard time understanding him sometimes.

Yoongi’s quiet, so he observes a lot which means he tends to know people pretty well. He didn’t have that experience with Tae. He could never predict what Tae would say or do next. It was always a surprise which was good, but also drove his anxiety up the wall.

This is the first time Yoongi has actually felt like Tae made sense; quiet movements without so much as a whisper.

Yoongi understands this.

Tae notices the crinkle in Yoongi’s brow and flicks his tongue out, licking Yoongi’s finger.

Yoongi’s nose scrunches as he laughs softly, letting Tae lighten the mood.

Yoongi takes a few short breaths before he tucks his face into Tae’s neck, wrapping his arms around him.

They stay there for awhile, pressed together.

Jimin’s about to implode as he waits for the other shoe to drop.

But Yoongi just has his finger lightly tracing up and down Tae’s spine as Tae leans his face into Yoongi’s hair.

Jimin accidentally lets out a confused whimper and Tae laughs softly.

Yoongi feels the rumble of it against his chest.

He’s still thinking of… he’s thinking of how Tae must’ve struggled to talk to Hoseok.

He’s thinking of how Tae can say so much just by looking into your eyes.

Yoongi hums, finally breaking the silence. “Okay, but you didn’t have to fuck him.”

Tae laughs just because he doesn’t know how else to react. “Well… it wasn’t calm with him.”

Yoongi blinks for a moment, before he understands what Tae’s trying to say. Yoongi and Tae were able to talk calmly because they eased into it.

Hoseok was an emotional mess when they had their first… conversation.

Yoongi nods into Tae’s neck. “I just don’t get it… not completely. But I…”

He trails off, unsure how to word it.

Tae just hums. “I know what you mean.”

Jimin huffs. “I don’t.”

Tae lifts his head to smile at Jimin. “Baby, I love you and I love that you let me talk to you, but you’ve never known how to listen.”

Jimin frowns. “I try.”

Tae nods with a soft smile on his face. “That’s why I love you.”

Jimin’s too focused on Tae to realize Yoongi’s staring at him.

When Jimin finally does notice, Yoongi’s eyes hold a decision in them.

Before Jimin can ask, Yoongi’s talking. “Hey Tae, I’d love to continue this talk but… it feels wrong to…”

Yoongi pushes away from Tae.

He doesn’t move toward Jimin, but he turns his body towards him.

Yoongi shifts a bit as he looks at Jimin.

He and Jimin are good with words together. “Jimin ah…” Somehow, Jimin gets everything he’s about to say with just that.

He doesn't want to kiss Tae before he's kissed Jimin.

“Finally.” Jimin takes two quick strides and presses his lips against Yoongi’s.

Their bodies meet easily. It’s not like they haven’t been cuddling together for months.

They know each other.

They’re comfortable with each other.

Jimin knows exactly the kind of words Yoongi can weave with his tongue and that’s exactly why Jimin’s opening his mouth to deepen the kiss.

Jimin loves Tae.

He does. Tae is his companion. The love of his life. Half of his soul.

But he never felt passion with Tae like he does with Yoongi right now.

Yoongi may not be half of Jimin’s soul, but it’s like he’s an amplifier.

Jimin’s hands are raking down Yoongi’s body and Yoongi’s just as feverish to explore.

Jimin leans back only to pull off his shirt.

He glances at Tae as he does and Tae just nods that it’s okay.

Tae makes Jimin happy, makes him laugh.

But Yoongi lets Jimin breathe in the silence. Yoongi makes Jimin love himself.

Jimin doesn’t remember moving, but he pushes Yoongi against the wall and then pulls back, panting.

Yoongi’s looking at him and Jimin can see the slight fear of exploring something new, but for the most part Yoongi just looks calm. Yoongi looks like he’s been waiting his whole life for this.

Jimin knows what that feels like. But unfortunately, “Hold on…” Jimin’s breathing heavily. He presses his forehead to Yoongi’s. “Hold…”

He takes a breath and turns around to see Tae smirking. “Don’t stop on my account. You know I love to watch.”

Jimin laughs breathily, but Yoongi stays quiet as he learns the dynamic. “I can’t just… leave you… but-”

Tae shakes his head. “I can um… watch netflix or something… if you guys want to-”

“I’m not having sex tonight.” Yoongi interrupts.

Jimin and Tae look at him.

Yoongi looks between both of them. “I told you guys, I’m here to talk. I’m not taking my clothes off.”

Jimin glances down at Yoongi’s shirt for a second like it personally offended him. “Right.” He clears his throat, trying to push back the lust he built up. “Right.”

Yoongi smiles fondly, brushing his fingers through Jimin’s hair. “You’re cute when you’re turned on.”

Tae laughs as Jimin frowns. “No one wants to be cute when they’re- it’s- why can’t you say I’m sexy.”

Yoongi tsks. “I wouldn’t want to lie.”

Tae meets Yoongi’s eye across the room and they share a knowing smile. Jimin is very sexy right now, but they’re not going to give him the ego boost.

Yoongi’s smiling as he looks between them. “This is weird.”

Jimin and Tae don’t even laugh. They just smile.

Tae nods. “Oh, we know.”

Yoongi's smile flickers and fades.

He runs his hands down Jimin’s back slowly, coming to rest on his bare waist. “We need to talk about Hoseok.”

Jimin’s smile flickers away as well. He pushes away from Yoongi and moves to find his shirt on the floor.

Yoongi grabs Jimin’s hand. “Keep your shirt off.”

Tae nods sagely. “For emotional support.”

Jimin looks between them and sighs exhaustedly, leaving his shirt on the floor as they all fall onto the couch.

Tae’s fidgety as he cuddles into Jimin who ended up in the middle.

Tae looks across him at Yoongi. “Okay, but I gotta know how I’m doing.”

Yoongi snorts, letting his right hand twine with Jimin’s left. It feels weird after using their other hands for most of the night. “I thought you knew.”

Tae hums. “But Jimin doesn’t and I wanna hear you say it outloud.”

Yoongi smiles, meeting Jimin’s eye a moment. “I think… I need to keep getting to know you, but for now I’m really hesitant since I know you’re hooking up with my ex.”

Jimin lets out a heavy sigh. “Let’s just jump right into it then.”

Tae frowns. “Hooking up isn’t-”

Yoongi shakes his head. “No, I know. I’m sorry. I just-”

“Words.” Tae smiles understandingly.

Jimin looks between them like he’s watching a tennis match. “You guys looked like dogs sniffing each other’s butts. Just so you know.”

Tae laughs, loud and bright.

Yoongi smiles at his reaction.

Tae quiets. “Well, you’re not wrong.”

Yoongi hums, closing his eyes as he leans back against the couch, comfortable. “You did smell nice, by the way.”

Tae squirms on the couch, slapping Jimin’s leg excitedly. “I told you the Gucci cologne was worth it.”

Yoongi cracks an eye open. “You’re kidding.”

Tae shrugs. “There was a sample of it in an ad we got in the mail, and I really liked it so I went out and-”

Jimin interjects. “Okay, he sounds all expensive right now, but he didn’t actually go out and buy it. He just rubbed the sample all over himself.”

Yoongi lets his eyes fall shut again with a chuckle, but he sees Tae pose with a peace sign before he does. “Cute.”

Tae scrunches his nose and punches Jimin again.

Jimin flinches and tsks. “Why is your affection so violent?”

Tae shoots back. “Why do you always expose me? I could easily convince people I own Gucci perfume but here you go raining on all my parades.”

Yoongi mumbles, the alcohol buzzing through him softly. “You guys are cute.”

Tae and Jimin go quiet at that.

Yoongi opens his eyes again to see them lean together, kissing softly. Just a peck.

Tae bursts out yelling as he runs his hands down Jimin’s bare chest. “Jimin, I lied. You’re so sexy right now. You’re not cute when you’re turned on, I mean you can be cute but wow I’m gay.”

They all laugh.

Yoongi hums. “From what I hear, you’re bi.”

Tae nods excitedly. “Oh, he knows already?”

Jimin runs his free hand through Tae’s hair softly. “Yeah, I gave him our whole tragic backstory.”

Tae bumps their noses together. “No wonder he hates me. You only tell him all the bad things.”

Jimin pouts. “He doesn’t hate you.”

Yoongi squeezes Jimin’s hand in confirmation of that.

Tae looks past Jimin. “How are you so open to all of this?”

Yoongi blinks as Tae’s eyes focus on him.

Jimin turns to him too.

It’s a fair question.

Yoongi licks his lips and wonders… but he already knows the answer. They’ve shared so much with him. He should be open with them.

He squeezes Jimin’s hand once more. “Remember my ex?”

Jimin nearly growls. “The ho?”

Yoongi laughs lightly. “I’ve barely told you about her.”

Jimin shrugs. “I know enough to know she’s a ho.”

Tae wiggles his eyebrows suggestively. “Her? We have so much in-”

Jimin glares at Tae. “Maybe don’t joke about our ex right now.”

Tae smiles widely and mimes zipping his lips.

Jimin turns and cuddles into Yoongi. “What happened?”

Yoongi laughs awkwardly as the tension settles into him. “Uh, long or short version?”

Jimin and Tae shrug in unison.

Yoongi blinks. “Uh… she cheated on me.” He smiles awkwardly. “It’s… part of the reason… Look, I know Hoseok really well. And Hoseok knows all the gritty details about her. So I know he would never… that’s why it hit me so hard at first, but… I know Hoseok… and he knows that- I know he would never do that to me. So I knew there had to be some sort of rational answer to it.” He squeezes his eyes shut. “I don’t know if that made any sense.”

Tae somehow wiggles himself onto Jimin’s lap to get closer to Yoongi, reaching over to grab Yoongi’s free hand in his.

Yoongi lets his eyes fall open again and look at Tae, tall but somehow curled up onto his boyfriend’s lap. Yoongi doesn’t know what to call himself in relation to them now. Mostly because he doesn’t want to think about what that would make him in relation to Hoseok.

Yoongi knows they’re being quiet so he can think.

He takes a breath. “Um… this isn’t really a non sequitur but… I’ve watched porn?” Jimin and Tae gladly don’t seem phased. Yoongi carries on. “I…” Yoongi frowns at Jimin. “I’m about to lose any cool points I ever had.”

Jimin smiles and squeezes Yoongi’s hand. “Good.”

Yoongi’s frown deepens. “I don’t know, after you see all the bad acting threesome pornos… not that… I haven’t seen all of them. I just mean… I don’t know, it was so dramatic and stupid and completely unwatchable that I would sort of zone out and think about how that would actually work. How three people could be together. So it’s not like… I’ve never done it… I just… I’ve thought about it.”

It’s quiet for a long time before Tae finally disrupts it. “...and what about… four?”

Jimin sighs, but Yoongi squeezes both their hands to show he’s not bothered. “It’s… it sounds like a lot of work.”

Jimin shakes his head. “Wait, back up. We can’t be talking about four right now when we barely know about… two.”

He doesn’t say it, but they all know Jimin’s talking about him and Yoongi.

Yoongi looks at him with the softest smile on the planet. “Jimin ah, I wrote you a fucking poem.”

Jimin tsks, offended. “Half of that poem was about Hoseok.”

Yoongi frowns. “Okay, that’s true, but… Fine, I’ll write you another poem.” He closes his eyes. “Hold on.”



Yoongi keeps his eyes closed for a moment, thinking.

“One and one is two,
A fact through and through
But two plus one is three
A magic number, you plus me.”

Jimin frowns. “Okay, but that’s still not about me.”

Yoongi sighs harshly, but his lips curve and betray him. “How do I love thee? Let me count the-”

Jimin elbows him. “Don’t plagiarize. Tae, who was tha-”

“Elizabeth Barrett Browning.”

Jimin nods sharply. “Yeah.” It goes quiet for a second as Jimin realizes Yoongi said the L word.

It takes another second for Yoongi to realize it.

He backtracks. “Um… I… It was a joke, I-”

Jimin shakes his head, blushing. “No, I know. It’s okay- we don’t want to um, rush-”

Tae falls backward off Jimin’s lap onto the couch as he laughs. Jimin slaps his leg.

Yoongi sighs, blush coloring his cheeks as well. “Can I write you a poem later?”

Jimin nods shyly.

Tae recovers, crawling back onto Jimin’s lap.

Tae reaches out and pokes Yoongi’s nose.

Yoongi frowns at him like you would if you were pretending to scold a puppy. “What do you want?”

Tae smiles sadly. “I don’t know what to tell Hoseok.”

Yoongi looks at Jimin for some sort of answer, but Jimin’s looking at him for the same reason.

Yoongi grabs both their hands. “I’m still freshly single… and this is… a big jump. So, god this already sounds stupid in my head. Nevermind, it’s stupid.”

Jimin tsks. “If it’s the only way you can think to say it, just say it.”

Yoongi frowns. “I… was going to say I can just be like a stray cat.”

Jimin frowns and there’s real hurt in his eyes. “You’re more than a stray cat to me.”

Yoongi lets his hand go to run his fingers through Jimin’s hair. “That’s not what I mean, I just…” Yoongi laughs preemptively at his bad metaphor. “I don’t want a collar quite yet.”

Jimin’s eyes widen as he understands. “Oh.” He swallows. He was ready to accept Yoongi into this, but he knew Yoongi still needed time. He nods. “Yeah. Yeah, of course.” He goes quiet, hesitating. “We’ll, uh… we’ll put out some food for you.” He pauses. “I mean… put out was the wrong- nevermind.”

Tae snorts. “You’re supposed to be the good communicator, Chriscross. That’s what I keep you around for.”

Yoongi grabs Jimin’s chin and presses their lips together lightly. He backs away and smiles apologetically at Tae. “I can’t kiss you yet.”

Tae shakes his head. “No, it’s- I get it.” Tae hesitates. “Do you want to stay?”

Jimin throws Tae a panicked look. “In my bed.”

Tae pales as he realizes his mistake. “Yeah, yeah. In Jimin’s room.”

Yoongi laughs sadly. “You guys need to work on subtlety.”

Tae pats Jimin’s chest. “Ah, that is something we’ll never achieve.”


Hoseok: Hey. You guys make it home okay?

Hoseok: Taetae?

Hoseok feels gradually sicker as his texts go with no response. He can’t help wondering if Tae is still with Yoongi after he left.

Hoseok: Stop banging jimin and reply to me. Lol

He tries not to think about the possibility of Yoongi still being with them.

Hoseok: Tae I’m not gonna be able to sleep if I don’t know where you are


Tae: oh my gOD IM SO SORRY. I was trying not tobe rude and i ended up being rude why am i like this im so sorry

Hoseok: Lmao. Does that mean you’re home?

Tae: yes!!!!!! Im homea nd im in bed and chriscross is all red from drinking and its cute

Hoseok: How’s Yoongi?

Tae doesn’t respond as quickly as he usually does and Hoseok feels the metaphorical knife plunge deeper into his chest.

Tae: hes ok

Hoseok: He went home with you guys?

Tae: we had to talk… but hope!!! We didnt!!!! It wasnt that. It was just. Talking. I mean. Yoongi and jimin went at it for a bit but i didt.


Hoseok: Tae. We had sex like four times since I broke up with Yoongi. I can’t be mad that he’s… you know

Tae: B U L L S H I T. you can totally be mad. Your feelings are VALID. But they didnt bang if that helps. They just like. Vaccuumed each others mouths. It was gross. 0/10 not hot.

Hoseok: Talk about bullshit. It turned you on didn’t it?


Hoseok: You don’t have to sugarcoat, Taetae

Tae: ...i know. I just know it’s… it’s easier for me to yell and stuff about this.

Hoseok: Well if it helps you, I’m not stopping you! :)

Tae: t H a N k Y o U d A r L i N g

Hoseok: ...How long did that take you to type o:

Tae: t O o L o N g

Hoseok: Is he staying over?

Tae: yeah but it’s just… we have to talk, hope-ie. Idk… how all should be there. But theres a lot. You know?

Tae: who****

Hoseok: Yeah… I don’t know either. Yoongi and I half talked at karaoke but… I feel like we keep talking in circles. I cheated on him and he still blames himself.

Tae: he doesn’t see it as cheating. I mean… i guess i should leave it to him to say. But. i feel like you should know that part. Idk he explained it better than i can right now. He was talking about his ex.

Hoseok: What the hell? Did you torture him? He never talks about her.

Tae: lol idk. He didnt say a lot. He just said he knows you wouldnt do that to him.

Hoseok: … do you have a decent sepuku gif i can use

Tae: yes but you cant use it cause it’s not accurate. Hes not mad at you and you shouldnt be mad at you either no one is mad at you.

Hoseok: He’s definitely mad at me

Tae: He’s definitely not


Hoseok: ???

Tae: sorry jimin just hit me in the face with a pillow cause my phone screen is too bright and i type too loud

Hoseok: You type too loud on a touch screen? o_o

Tae: i hav the typing sounds still turned on cause im obnoxious and its so satisfying to hear them click clack

Hoseok: Go to sleep Taetae~

Tae: :) night

Hoseok: night <3


Tae shakes Jimin for a moment.

Jimin groans. “Let me sleep.” Tae shoves his phone in Jimin’s eyes and Jimin whines. “Tae-”

Tae’s voice is a whisper. “He sent a heart.”

Yoongi’s mouth is hanging open as he sleeps, legs tangled with Jimin’s.

Jimin blinks his eyes open, squinting at the phone.

He closes his eyes again and tugs Tae’s arms around him. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow when we’re eating hangover food.”

Tae tsks. “You’re not even drunk anymore.”

Jimin hums. “And how much water did I drink.”

“Oh shit.”

Jimin nods. “So much hangover food.”

Chapter Text

Yoongi can’t say he remembers ever waking up in bed with two men before, so it’s a lot to take in.

He’s mainly curled into Jimin, but that’s made a little complicated seeing as Taehyung has his entire body slung over Jimin.

Yoongi smirks at the two of them, effortlessly comfortable together, and extricates himself to get up.

Neither of them wake so he steps out of the room to breathe.

His eyes naturally find Tae’s door.

He tells himself not to…

He walks over and opens the door to Tae’s room.

He doesn’t cross the threshold, he just looks in.

He looks at the bed.

He can’t bring himself to look away, or walk away, or practically even blink.

He’s not surprised to hear quiet footsteps, Jimin’s door opening.

He already knows it’s Jimin without turning. Tae doesn’t move that quietly.

Jimin walks slowly, a questioning hand resting on Yoongi’s waist.

Yoongi covers Jimin’s hand with his own and Jimin takes it as permission to wrap around him, his chest flush with Yoongi’s back. “Hey.”

Yoongi hums.

Jimin doesn’t move him or try to distract him. “You okay?”

Yoongi plays with Jimin’s fingers on his stomach idly. “I don’t know.”

Jimin presses his lips to Yoongi’s neck and stands there with him so he doesn’t have to be alone.


It’s not surprising to either of them when they don’t hear from Yoongi for a few days after that.

He tends to keep to himself every now and then, needing room to think. They’re not going to intrude.

Tae’s not sure what to tell Hoseok, but that doesn’t keep him from going to see him.

He knocks on Hoseok’s door.

His eyes go wide as the door opens.

Hoseok looks a little sleepy, hair fluffed up on one side, wearing only a pair of boxers.

Tae smirks, “Happy birthday to me.”

Hoseok blushes and tugs Tae in the door so he can close it. “Shut up.”

Tae laughs as he steadies himself after being yanked in and his hand finds Hoseok’s neck. He carefully leans in and presses his lips to Hoseok’s.

It’s a soft, gentle motion. He backs away after and sits on the couch.

Hoseok takes a breath. “I just woke up. You should’ve texted me.”

Tae hums, plopping on the couch and putting some music on through the tv. “That’s no fun. I wanted to surprise you. Did it work?”

Hoseok snorts. “Yeah, definitely surprised.”

“Good surprise?” Tae cranes his head over the couch backwards and Hoseok looks at him, upside down.

He leans down and presses their lips together awkwardly. “Great surprise.” Hoseok shuffles into the kitchen to make coffee. “You driving today?”

Tae shakes his head. “Nah, giving myself the day off.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“Every day is an occasion.”


Tae giggles. “Why are you so sleepy?”

“Drove til 4 last night.”

“You said you weren’t gonna.”

Hoseok shrugs. “Just wanted to drive.”

“But the drunk kids are so obnoxious at night.”

“I ignored them.”

“Brave man.” Tae jokes, but Hoseok seems tense. “Is something wrong?”

Hoseok looks across the room where Tae is looking at him. “You mean other than the obvious?”

“What’s the obvious?”

Hoseok grabs his coffee to sit on the couch with Tae. “You joking?”

Tae blinks. “No?”

Hoseok frowns as he sits beside Tae. “You slept with my ex.”

Tae stammers, “No! We didn’t- I told you-”

“I know you didn’t have sex with him. It’s just… you spent the night with him.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t- I… how can I-”

Hoseok puts his coffee on the table, and grabs Tae’s hands to calm him down, he offers him a sad smile. “I’m not mad at you. It just… hurts. It hurts that it wasn’t me.”

Tae hesitates. “That it wasn’t you… with him? Or with me?”

Hoseok shrugs, grabbing his coffee again to take a long sip. “Does it matter?”

Tae blinks. “Um, well yeah. It does.”

It goes quiet between them for a few seconds, music droning on in the background.

Tae breaks it. “He said he’s thinking about it by the way, all of us.”

Hoseok nearly chokes on his coffee. “What?”

“It’s not like we had a full talk about it, but he said he thought about it.”

“So he doesn’t hate me anymore?”

Tae smiles softly, "Based on what I got from him the other day, he hasn’t spent a second of his life hating you.” Tae takes a breath. “But let’s not talk about him. What are we doing today, hm?”

Hoseok lets Tae change the topic. “Um… you wanna film something?”

Tae perks up, eyes shining. “Oh? Film what?”

Hoseok smiles. “I’ll finish this coffee and then we’ll go to the studio. No one’s around today. It’s a holiday or something. I can’t keep up with holidays since I got out of school.”

“I’ll definitely help you film.”

Hoseok smirks, shaking his head. “No, I’m gonna film you. You need footage for your reel, don’t you?”

Tae could cry. “Fuck you for remembering that.” He punches Hoseok’s arm.

Hoseok frowns, holding his arm. “Why are you always so violent when you’re showing affection?”

Tae pouts. “It’s just something you and Jimin will have to deal with.”

Hoseok laughs, sipping his coffee peacefully. “Okay.”

Tae twines their fingers together.

They sit quietly, just feeling each other’s presence.


Yoongi: will you meet me at the park?

Jimin: ??? what park?

Yoongi: ...idk i was hoping you’d know a park. you seem like the kind of person that would know about parks

Jimin: just because my name? thats racist

Yoongi: okay tae.

Yoongi: and no. you just seem like a park person.

Jimin: lol tae WOULD say that. well i dont know about any small parks unless you wanna go to echo park

Yoongi: oh.

Jimin: did you forget about echo park.

Yoongi: no.

Jimin: ...echo park. Like the area that i live in. with the giant park in it. You forgot about that park?

Yoongi: okay fine yeah i forgot about echo park. Fuck you lets go to echo park.


Yoongi: no

Jimin: you dont even know what i was gonna say

Yoongi: the boats. And no.


Yoongi: no.

Jimin: youre lucky i speak min yoongi and know that that means yes

Yoongi: no means no

Jimin: ill pay for it

Yoongi: wow suddenly i love boats

Yoongi: ...jimin ah?

Jimin: yes.

Yoongi: wow that was an assertive response.

Jimin: im preemptively answering your question

Yoongi: you dont even know what i was gonna ask

Jimin: yes this is a date

Yoongi: … if i dress up nice for this and we fall off the boat and my outfit gets fucked im going home

Jimin: wait. dress up nice????????

Yoongi: i mean im not gonna wear a suit or anything

Jimin: oh my god i thought you always dressed up nice. If that’s your casual what the fuck is your version of dressing up nice????????

Yoongi: i guess you’ll find out

Jimin: im gonna make sure tae has a copy of my will before i see you

Yoongi: jfc jimin chill. it’s not gonna be that crazy

Jimin: i can already feel my soul leaving my body

Yoongi: =_=

Yoongi: hey ill make you a deal

Jimin: ????

Yoongi: ill wear makeup if you do

Jimin: OH

Jimin: MY

Jimin: GOD


Yoongi: wait do you really have a will


Yoongi: im cancelling the date

Jimin: im pretty sure you still want to go to the park. This was your idea. I’ll be there in two hours

Yoongi: no it’s cancelled

Jimin: ill see you there~~~~~

Yoongi: jimin it’s cancelled

Jimin: ~~~~~




Chapter Text

Jimin walks into his apartment and closes the door behind him.

He falls back against it and wonders if gravity is even real anymore because he can’t feel it.

Tae gets up and walks over to look at him, smirk on his face. “Wow. I haven’t seen you look that blissful since I took your virginity.”

Jimin just stupidly answers, “We didn’t fall off the peddleboat.”

Tae laughs as Jimin’s smile somehow gets bigger. “I can see that, babe.”

“He wouldn’t even come upstairs. He like… he insisted that gentlemen don’t go inside on the first date. So he kissed me on the-”

“Was this even your first date really?”

Jimin manages to look annoyed without the smile leaving his face. He continues as if Tae hadn’t interrupted. “He kissed me on the doorstep and turned around and left.”

Tae nods, eating chips out of a bag he’s holding. “Yeah. He texted me. He said he played the game and totally charmed you which seems true.”

Jimin’s smile falters. “Wait, what do you mean played the game? What does that mean?”

Tae shows Jimin his texts with Yoongi.

Yoongi: 10 bucks i can leave jimin on cloud nine by the end of this date

Tae: that sounds like a dumb bet. Youre on

Yoongi: im wearing a white button up with only one button undone and you can just barely see the charm on the choker im wearing

Tae: wait is this a description or a sext

Yoongi: lifes what you make it right

Tae: true. Anyway. He’ll catch you if you text the whole time. So go woo my bf and ill tell you if he faints when he gets home. 

Yoongi: you have venmo?

Tae: im an uber driver

Yoongi: ...that doesnt mean you have vemo

Tae: shut up im making an account rn

Jimin frowns at his phone.

Tae shakes his head. “That’s the story of how I lost ten dollars.”

“Since when are you and Yoongi so friendly?”

Tae shrugs. “I’ve decided not to question it.”


They don’t hear from Yoongi for a few days and this time Jimin worries.

Jimin: hey youve been quiet

Yoongi: i...actually got this weird job on a photography project downtown. Id describe it but honestly it’s so indie im not even sure what it is still

Jimin: lmao thats AWESOME. Im happy for you!!!!!!

Yoongi: <3

Jimin: <3


A week goes by.

Jimin: you still working on that project?

Yoongi: ? oh. No. it was just a day shoot.

Jimin: okay

Yoongi: im not avoiding you

Jimin: well that was convincing


Jimin: yoongi? 


Two days go by.

Jimin: yoongi. Are you really not gonna respond to that?


Jimin sits with Tae on the couch, trying not to be pouty about Yoongi acting oddly.

They’re watching something but Jimin’s so distracted he’s not even sure what it is.

There’s a knock on his door and he reluctantly gets up so Tae doesn’t miss anything on the show.

He calls through the door. “Who is it?”

He hears a voice say. “Me.”

Jimin’s hand hesitates. “Yoongi?”

He hears Tae pause the show.

He opens the door and Yoongi’s attention goes right to Tae.

Tae swallows as Yoongi stares at him like a predator who’s spotted his prey.

Tae tenses. “Uh, I didn’t do it.”

Yoongi looks at him weirdly. “Do what? Where’s your phone?”

Yoongi sits down next to Tae and Jimin’s hand is still on the door, confused as to what’s happening.

Tae has no idea where his phone is so he and Yoongi start searching couch cushions.

Jimin slowly closes the door and talks to himself. “Well, hi Yoongi. How are you?”

Yoongi looks up at him with a frown. “I’m fine.”

Jimin just crosses his arms as Yoongi drops to the floor to check under the table. “I can see that. Why are we looking for Tae’s phone?”

Yoongi hesitates. “Uh, it’s important.”

Jimin glances in the kitchen where he knows Tae’s phone is on the counter charging. “Important for what?”

Yoongi pauses his search, eyes meeting Jimin’s quietly.

Jimin’s not totally sure what he sees there.

Yoongi swallows before gesturing to Jimin, Tae, and himself.

Jimin’s not really sure what that means, but it’s enough for him to surrender. “Tae’s phone is here in the kitchen.

Tae presses the cushion back on the couch. “Right!” Tae runs around Jimin to grab it. “Okay, what am I doing?”

Yoongi clears his throat harshly. “Uh, call Hoseok and put it on speaker.”

They both look at him.

Yoongi blinks. “Please?”

Jimin’s eyes narrow. “Why?”

Yoongi weighs his options. “This seems like a conversation for the four of us.”

There’s a glint in his eyes that Jimin doesn’t trust, but Tae’s been convinced so the phone starts to ring.

Jimin tries to stop him. “I don’t know if this is-”

“Hey Tae.”

Tae smiles. “Hey babe! Um, Yoongi’s here. You’re on speaker. He wants to talk.”

The room goes quiet again.

Yoongi sighs. “Is it like, revolutionary that I want to talk?”

They all say “Yes.” at the same time.

Yoongi rolls his eyes and Jimin’s still watching him carefully, concerned. Jimin can tell there’s something frantic in the way he’s acting. Jimin already knows this isn’t a relationship starting phonecall. This is something else, he just doesn’t know what.

Yoongi clears his throat again. “Uh, two questions. The second question is for Tae and will be obvious once I ask the first question.” They look at him weirdly because this sounds so practiced. “First question is directed to Jimin and Hope ah.” He hesitates, glancing between Tae and Jimin. “Uh, can I fuck your boyfriend?”

Jimin feels his eyes widen in shock. “Uh.”

Yoongi jumps in. “Tae, I think that second question-”

Tae nods. “Yeah, totally get what the second question is.” It’s still quiet. Tae keeps rambling. “Uh, just to clarify. Are you asking to top or just in general have sex and we’ll figure out the logistics later.”

Yoongi’s having some sort of staring competition with Jimin but he’s not sure who’s winning. “The second one. Just general sex.”

It’s still quiet. Tae and Yoongi seem to be the only ones capable of talking. “Uh, well I’m coo-”

Hoseok interrupts, “We all know you’re cool with it, Tae. But this is- where is this coming from?”

Jimin seems to snap out of it then. “Yeah, what the fuck? Just barge into the apartment and- Hoseok, he’s practically shaking right now, just so you know.”

“Are you asking for permission for like… right now??? I think… this is probably something we need to talk about more in dep-”

Yoongi’s eyes filling with more and more fear and confusion. “Please, Tae.”

It must’ve been something in his voice that snaps them all out of it.

“Yoongi, what’s going on? You almost sound like…”

Jimin can tell that Hoseok figured something out. “What? Like what? What happened?”

“Did you see her?”

Yoongi’s hyperventilating. “Please, Tae.”

Jimin crosses the room to him quickly, putting a hand on his back, but not holding him. He doesn't want Yoongi to feel trapped. “Okay, I can tell that this is… fuck, this is a weird question to ask, but why not me? I’m not… jealous. I’m just trying to under-”

“He doesn’t want to talk.” Tae interrupts him. “If anyone wants to veto me taking care of him right now please speak now or forever hold your peace cause he needs my help.”

“Yoongi, I know we used to… I know. I get it.”

Yoongi tries to stay calm. “It’s not just… it’s not just her. It’s a lot. I just need-”

“I know, baby. But just one more question okay? Why not Jimin? Why Tae?”

Yoongi whines. “I don’t know.”

Jimin sees the distress in his eyes. “You don’t want our first time to be like this.” Jimin swallows. “Okay. It’s fine. It’s fine with me.”

Yoongi squeezes his eyes shut. “Hope ah, I get it if you want to say no.”

“I can’t say no to you when you’re like-”

Yoongi cuts him off. “I’m serious, Hope ah. You can say no. I’ll leave right now.”

It’s quiet for a moment while they wait for Hoseok. “Baby, I have one condition okay?”

No one mentions that Yoongi’s letting Hoseok call him baby again. “What is it?”

“Let Jimin stay.”

Jimin’s eyebrows shoot up. “Um, I don’t know if that’s-”

“Tae will help calm his nerves, but Jimin I’ve never seen anyone calm his mind like you do.”

Jimin hesitates. “Hoseok, maybe you should-”

Yoongi and Hoseok answer at the same time. “No.”

“Not yet.”

Yoongi watches Jimin, waiting.

Jimin finally nods ever so slowly. “Okay.”

Tae looks between them. “So… just to be clear. That’s an all clear from all of us? It’s good for me.”

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

Yoongi nods.

Tae tells Hoseok, “Yoongi nodded.”

It’s quiet another moment. “Uh, call me back tomorrow?”

“Okay, babe. Good night.”

“Good luck.”

Tae ends the call.

Silence hangs in the air.

Tae tosses his phone onto the couch. He and Yoongi stare at each other.

Jimin’s not sure what to do. “Um, so should we-”

Tae shushes him. “No more words.”

Jimin snorts despite himself because of Tae’s cheesy line and catches Tae smiling a bit too.

As much as he’s joking, Tae’s serious.

He moves into Yoongi’s space and Jimin backs away a few steps.

Yoongi tilts his head back, leaning up and Tae takes that as the invitation he needs.

He presses their lips together, for real this time.

The kiss is instantly deep, exploratory and hungry.

When they break for a moment, Tae laughs, looking over at Jimin. “You guys are the exact same height, this is freaky.”

Yoongi pushes Tae harshly and steps forward as Tae steps back. “Thought you said no more words.”

Tae hums and takes Yoongi’s hand as he turns toward the hallway and then-

He pauses, turning to Jimin for an answer. Jimin starts to say “Mine.”

But Yoongi interrupts. “Yours.” He’s looking at Tae.

Tae swallows. “Uh, are you su-”

“Yours.” Yoongi’s voice is firm. Tae doesn’t wait for a second confirmation. He leads them to his room.

Jimin’s phone buzzes and he’s relieved to see a text from Hoseok as he follows Tae and Yoongi into Tae’s room.

Hoseok: i know you probably wanna ask yoongi what happened and talk through all this shit, but hes not gonna respond.

Hoseok: theres a lot in his head, when he gets like this, i think… i mean i dont know if he ever really developed a normal coping mechanism. We always just had sex and then talked after he calmed down but… i realize now that that doesnt really work for him anymore because im not...with him. so i feel like shit. Um. so please let tae help him.

Jimin: thank you so much for texting me jfc

Jimin glances up to Tae and Yoongi making out, slowly working their way out of their clothes. It’s calmer than he expected it would be. It’s still odd to see Yoongi and Tae kissing so soon into all this.

Jimin: this might sound intrusive or insensitive but uh… is it better for him to top or bottom right now

Hoseok: he’ll say. Usually he bottoms on days like this. but that was… i mean we were together for awhile. Idk if he’ll want to be vulnerable like that with tae so soon. But then again youre there

Tae presses his lips to Yoongi’s neck lightly, but Yoongi threads his fingers through Tae’s hair and Tae gets the message. He sucks a hickey onto Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi’s eyes flutter shut.

Jimin: whats it matter that im here?

Hoseok: well he trusts you and you trust tae.

Jimin: i feel like a worried parent right now

Jimin starts to feel overdressed as their shirts lie discarded on the floor and their pants slide off.

Hoseok: you mean a worried boyfriend? Once this all settles i think we’ll all realize that this is kind of um… our first… ‘moment’. Team work and all that, right?

Jimin: i wish you were here for this

Hoseok: ha. That’d be crowded

Jimin: im sorry. It sucks that youre alone.

Hoseok: im patient :)

Jimin puts his phone down as Tae and Yoongi climb into the bed.

He’s… conflicted.

Part of him is thrilled. He’s never seen Yoongi this far undressed and he’s everything Jimin’s been hungry for, but that’s not what’s happening right now.

Jimin stays by the door. He knows Tae will say something if he should move or leave.

Tae’s on his back and Yoongi slides on top of him, lips clashing.

Jimin watches Tae’s hand splay across Yoongi’s back and trace his spine.

Tae whispers, but Jimin can hear, “Top or bottom?”

Yoongi hesitates. His answer isn’t really an answer. “I can’t see Jimin ah.”

Jimin tenses as Tae looks over Yoongi’s shoulder to make eye contact. Tae smiles, “C’mere, Chriscross.”

Yoongi suddenly presses his hips into Tae’s and Tae gasps. “His name’s Jimin.”

Jimin laughs lightly as he sits on the edge of the bed toward the top, where Yoongi can see him. “You don’t have to defend me.”

Yoongi glances up at Jimin, a whirl of confusion in his eyes as he falls off Tae onto his back.

Tae gets the message.

Tae quickly slides Yoongi’s underwear off and then his own.

Yoongi reaches blindly for Jimin’s hand and relaxes when their fingers twine together.

Tae reaches into his nightstand.

Yoongi glances up from his back at Jimin who smiles down at him. “I’m here.”

Yoongi squeezes his hand as Tae pushes Yoongi’s legs apart.

Yoongi hisses as Tae’s lubed finger touches him. “Fuck, that’s cold.”

Tae kisses the inside of Yoongi’s thigh. “Sorry.”

Yoongi relaxes as Tae works up a rhythm. Yoongi reaches his free hand down to tangle in Tae’s hair. Yoongi’s eyebrows are knit together, but he looks calmer. “Taehyung ah.”

Tae looks up, but Yoongi’s eyes are closed so he just smiles and glances at Jimin who rolls his eyes as pride fills Tae’s eyes. Jimin likes to brag about Tae’s fingers, but Tae likes hearing it from other people as well.

This is the calm before the storm and everything’s fine for now. Yoongi's panting, “Please. Please, Taehyung ah. I’m ready.”

Tae kisses up his stomach. “Good for you, I don’t know if I am.”

Yoongi whines, arching up against Tae.

Jimin was distracted by Yoongi’s face and hadn’t noticed Tae putting a condom on.

Tae presses his lips to Yoongi’s to get his attention.

Yoongi whines again and Tae seems to respond to that as an answer to a question.

Tae pushes against his legs. “You gotta help me out here, babe.”

Yoongi’s reluctant to let go of Jimin’s hand.

Tae glances at Jimin. “Maybe you can turn-”

“No.” Yoongi’s eyes open. “Like this.”

Tae hums, pressing a kiss to the back of Yoongi’s knee as he lifts his legs. “Okay, okay. I got you.”

Tae presses into him and Yoongi does the opposite of what Jimin expected.

Yoongi totally relaxes.

He’s patient as Tae adjusts and slides all the way in.

He doesn’t let go of Jimin’s hand.

Tae starts to set a pace and Yoongi’s eyes flutter open as he does.

He looks at Tae and then Jimin, a wondrous expression in his eyes.

Jimin smiles down at him. “That good?”

Tae smirks at the teasing.

Yoongi lets himself smile, eyes closing again. “Trust you. Both of you.” Tae and Jimin look at each other. Yoongi squeezes Jimin’s hand. “Never trusted her.”

Tae’s quickening his pace and Yoongi’s losing focus.

Jimin slips one more question in. “Is that what this is about? Trust?”

Yoongi opens his eyes to look into Jimin’s. “Yes.”

Tae’s pace gets faster and harder and the two people Jimin is most attracted to are in the same bed as him and Jimin’s still fully clothed.

Jimin has to keep reminding himself to loosen his grip on Yoongi’s hand after that.

He tries to imagine cold showers, but like hell that’s gonna distract him from what’s right in front of him and the sounds Tae and Yoongi are making.

Jimin’s eyes are closed when he hears Tae’s rough voice, “Babe, are you hard?”

Jimin’s voice is breathier than he wants it to be. “Shut up.”

Yoongi and Tae answer at the same time. “That’s hot.”

Jimin turns red.

Yoongi squeezes Jimin’s hand and Jimin can’t help but watch his face as he comes, a soft whine tumbling from his lips.

Tae chases the feeling, a few more sharp thrusts and Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind the overstimulation at all. Tae shudders apart. He pulls out, ties the condom and drops it in the trash near the bed. He pushes Yoongi’s legs to the side to collapse beside him, sloppily pressing their lips together.

Jimin watches them kiss lazily. “Uh, I’ll be right-”

Yoongi squeezes his hand tighter when he tries to let go.

Yoongi meets Jimin’s eye meaningfully. “Do it here.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “I swear, you guys are-”

Tae seems very interested. “Do it here, Chri- Jimin.” Tae switches the name he uses before Yoongi can glare at him again.

Jimin sighs before he tugs off his shirt and throws it on the ground.

He scoots down on the bed beside them and Tae smirks.

Tae tugs Yoongi against his chest and they lie on their sides to watch. Jimin shakes his head. “Like I’m your tv or something, hm?”

Tae nods shamelessly as he kisses and bites softly along Yoongi’s ear.

Jimin kicks his pants off, glancing over to watch Yoongi’s reaction before he slides his underwear down too.

Yoongi lets out a soft breath and Jimin’s lips quirk at the sound. Yoongi’s voice is steadier than it was earlier, “I was going to say I’m calming down but… I changed my mind.”

Tae snorts.

Jimin wraps a hand around himself after Tae helps him with the lube. He glances at Yoongi for a moment. “Consider this dessert since I outright refuse-” His breath hitches a moment. “-to buy you that mint coffee ice cream disaster.”

Yoongi pouts but his eyes are wide. Tae hums. “That sounds good.”

Yoongi mumbles. “It is.”

Tae watches greedily as Jimin’s head throws back. “Fuck, Jimin. You’re already-”

Jimin nods sharply. “You guys together-” He pants. “-is literally my wet dream.”

Tae tries to put his hand over his heart, but he’s wrapped around Yoongi so he ends up slapping his hand into Yoongi’s chest. “That’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard.”

Yoongi hums. “You guys talk a lot.”

Jimin starts to respond, but quickly aborts his sentence. He grits his teeth together.

Tae whines. “No, Jimin. Don’t do that. You know I like you loud.”

Jimin bites out a quick, “Fuck you.”, his voice shaky, before his mouth falls open and he’s about to-

Yoongi realizes suddenly that he still hasn’t let go of Jimin’s other hand. He tugs Jimin’s hand toward his mouth and presses a wet kiss to the back of his hand.

Jimin’s eye peaks open and Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to suck one of Jimin’s fingers between his lips.

Jimin breathes in sharply. “Oh, fuck.” Jimin shakes apart and then stills, breathing heavily.

By the time Jimin opens his eyes, Tae’s already reached into his nightstand and is leaning over Yoongi to hold a wipe in front of Jimin’s face.

Jimin makes a face at him. “Sometimes you’re too good at after care.”

Tae hums. “No such thing.”

Jimin wipes himself off and drops the wipe in the trash. He turns to Yoongi whose eyelids are drooping. “Talk or sleep?”

Yoongi groans. “Sleeptalk.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Seriously, pick one.”

Yoongi doesn’t open his eyes. “Sleep.”

Jimin hesitates a moment. “With?”

Yoongi opens his eyes only enough so they’re slits. “Don’t be a moron.”

Jimin sighs heavily as Tae giggles. “Why do I put up with either of you?”

Tae reaches down to get the covers. “Cause you love us.” There’s a beat of awkwardness. “Uh, me. You love me. And Yoongi’s alright I guess.”

Jimin shakes his head. “Smooth, Tae.”

They cuddle up, skin again skin and honestly burning up.

But Yoongi’s pressed between two people he’s somehow learned to trust completely, despite all the confusion. He falls asleep quicker than he ever has.

Jimin cranes his neck over Yoongi’s shoulder to kiss Tae languidly and tastes Yoongi on his tongue. “Night, love you.”

Tae presses a kiss to Yoongi’s shoulder as they settle in for the night.

Chapter Text

Yoongi wakes up to everything he’s been missing for almost two months now.

He’s burning hot and surrounded by bare skin.

It’s not the sexual implications of that that has his attention right now.

It’s that it’s Jimin and Tae’s skin and it’s them cuddled up with him, worrying about him, taking care of him.

He immediately feels like shit.

He feels guilty. He wonders if he used them.

He wonders about Hoseok.




Yoongi forces his eyes open and sees Jimin looking at him, concerned.

Yoongi clears his throat. “Hi.”

Jimin takes a small breath, his hand on Yoongi’s hip draws circles in the skin there. “You look stressed.”

Yoongi’s done avoiding all this shit. He’s done pretending it’s not there. “I’m worried about Hoseok.”

Jimin slides his hand up Yoongi’s body, a soft caress. His hand eventually falls against Yoongi’s face and his thumb presses lightly at the wrinkle in Yoongi’s brow. Jimin smiles. “Relax. We’ll talk about everything soon. Worrying is just suffering twice.”

Yoongi’s brow relaxes but his eyes narrow. “That’s from that Harry Potter movie.”

Jimin shushes him. “The world could learn a lot from Newt Scamander.”

Yoongi hums and Jimin’s happy to see him crawling out of his spiraling thoughts. “I don’t know, I read this article about how it was a little prob-”

“Don’t ruin this for me.” Jimin pouts, trying to be cute but landing slightly off the mark.

Yoongi smirks. “I’m just saying, you shouldn’t worship someone without really-”

Tae’s arms suddenly squeeze tightly around Yoongi’s waist, stopping his words in their tracks. “Don’t ruin this for him.”

It’s quiet for a moment as Yoongi realizes everyone’s awake and they have to talk about last night.

Yoongi clears his throat. “Is anyone else starving?”

Jimin sighs roughly and Yoongi feels the air hit his lips. “Fine. We’ll stall. But just so you know, if you expect anything more than cereal, it’s up to either you or me. Tae can barely poor milk in a bowl.”

Tae huffs as he sits up stretching, “Excuse you, I make a damn good chocolate milk.”

Jimin throws him a look over Yoongi’s shoulder. “I’d like to take us back to the time you made me chocolate milk and didn’t realize you’d grabbed the ground coffee container instead of the chocolate powder.”

Tae frowns and manages to make it look like the cutest thing in the world. “But did I try?”

Jimin rolls his eyes, a forgiving grin already on his face. “You did.”

Jimin moves to get up, but Yoongi groans and scoots closer to him, holding him down.

Jimin tugs at his arms lightly. “Stop it, I’m not going back to sleep. If you were gonna try to keep one of us in bed, you chose poorly.”

Yoongi considers his options and wonders if he can drag Tae back into the bed without losing both of them. He decides it’s not worth the risk. He cuddles further into Jimin.

Jimin looks at Tae with a sigh. “Why is no one in my life a morning person?” Tae shrugs and falls back onto the bed, cuddling into Yoongi happily. Jimin tries to appeal to Yoongi’s logic. “The longer you stay in bed, the hungrier you’ll get.”

Yoongi just grumbles softly. “Fuck food. I was treated to an unexpected dessert last night that was strangely satisfying.”

Jimin turns red as Tae laughs. Jimin finally loses his patience and effortfully pries Yoongi’s arms off of him. He pushes him over to Tae. “Here, you guys suffocate each other back to sleep. I’m gonna eat something before my stomach eats itself.”

Jimin sits up and sees Yoongi hesitate just a moment, tense, before he allows his arms to wind around Tae and he relaxes fully.

Jimin watches them and feels something in his heart settle at the sight.

He tries to swallow back the tears that rise in his eyes.

He turns and gets up quickly.

He opens a drawer and throws on a tank top and a pair of boxers.

He sneaks out of the room and lets his boys fall back asleep.


He closes the door behind himself and walks into the kitchen.

He dials Hoseok’s number.

“Everything okay?”

Jimin laughs lightly, keeping his voice quiet. “Good morning.”

Hoseok laughs over the phone. “Sorry, I just… it’s so early. I assumed something was wrong.”

Jimin gasps. “Oh, I’m so sorry. Did I wake you?”

“No, it’s fine. I’m always up early.”

Jimin groans, glancing toward the bedroom. “Man after my own heart. The other two idiots are curled up asleep again.”

Hoseok goes quiet.

“Sorry, is it okay for me to-”

“No, yeah. It’s- it’s just… I’m weirdly emotional about you saying ‘the other two’ like we’re some sort of… set.”

Jimin laughs as he moves around the kitchen grabbing pans and ingredients. “Yeah, well… we haven’t talked yet, go figure.” Jimin goes quiet for a moment, stopping his actions of making breakfast as he focuses. “Hoseok hyung, we’re okay, right?”

Hoseok scoffs. “What do you mean?”

Jimin shrugs. “You and I haven’t really… talked. Not since…”

“The break up? I… I know. I’m really sorry that Yoongi and I-”

“Don’t apologize. You guys did what you had to and me and Tae did what we had to to help both of you.” Jimin realizes he’s including the Incident in that generalization. “I just miss our double dates. I’m- I’m happy to fix everything, no matter how much work it takes. I just don’t want to force anything either.”

Hoseok takes a steadying breath. “It’s really weird knowing so much about how to help him but knowing he doesn’t want it to be me.”

Jimin feels the pain in Hoseok’s words tangibly. “Can I be blunt?”

Hoseok laughs. “Yoongi doesn’t usually ask but yeah.”

“I think he’s… I won’t deny that he’s pushing you away, but I don’t think he wants to. I think that he thinks he’s helping you by keeping himself away from you.” Jimin returns to what he was doing and puts some bacon to fry while he talks.

Hoseok sighs. “When we talked at karaoke, I sort of got that vibe from him. A lot of the fights we have… he thinks Tae’s everything I need.”

Jimin smiles despite himself. “Can you keep a secret?”

Hoseok startles. “Uh-”

Jimin backtracks. “Oh! No, it’s not like- it’s not a serious- fuck.” He pulls his phone away from his ear and sends Hoseok a picture. “I just meant I took a picture of them this morning as I was leaving the room.”

Jimin can hear Hoseok’s phone buzz as he receives the picture.

He stays quiet as he waits for Hoseok’s reaction.

He finally hears a sigh. “Is it weird that it looks like Yoongi’s thanking him?”

“For taking care of you? No, I was thinking the same thing.”

“For someone who appears so selfish, Yoongi really needs to stop putting other people first.”

“I’d invite you over for breakfast, but-”

“No, don’t worry about it. I- Okay, I’ll be honest. Sitting in the living room by myself right now is fucking awful. But… I keep thinking about how you guys are working things out and if I have to wait this out for this for things to go well later, then I’ll wait.”

Jimin watches the bacon sizzle. “This whole thing hasn’t been fair to you.”

Hoseok coughs. “I think I got what I deserved.”

Jimin blinks. “What? What do you mean?”

Hoseok sputters. “Jimin, I cheated on him. I did the one thing that I knew- It’s- how could you disagree?”

Jimin feels his brow furrow. “I thought we talked out the whole cheating thing.”

“Just cause we redefined it doesn’t mean I suddenly don’t feel like shit. Maybe he’s okay with it now, but when he first found out about it he was hurt and I did that to him. We can talk ourselves out of guilt all we want, but I can’t change the fact that I hurt him.” 

Jimin puffs out a little upset breath. “Just let me defend you for a second.”

“You’re cute.”

“I know. But seriously, Hope. You’ve- you really have been so patient with all of this. And I know Tae’s been with you, but- I’ve had Tae and Yoongi and it’s been really hard not to feel like I stole him from you.”

Jimin quickly moves to flip the bacon before it burns. Maybe talking while cooking wasn’t his best idea.

“No one stole anyone. Honestly, we’re just a fateful mess.”

Jimin laughs. “What do you mean, fateful?”

“Doesn’t it feel like we all kind of knew that we…” Hoseok cuts himself off, thinking. “Sometimes I feel like we did this all in the wrong order. Like maybe meeting Tae at H-Mart… maybe- I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder how different this would all be if he had actually flirted with me that day. If he had told me about you guys and- well I guess I didn’t know you, so I would’ve probably freaked. I don’t know. It just seems like… it was always leading to the four of us.”

Jimin’s quiet as he slips the bacon onto a plate and puts some bread in the toaster.

He cracks an egg into the pan of bacon grease. “You were always so sure of that.” Jimin’s voice is tense.

“Does it… should I not be?”

“I don’t know. We still haven’t- Tae and I have never even successfully sustained a third person joining us and you’re talking about four. Yoongi clearly has an issue with trust in relationships and I can’t ask him to suddenly trust three people after his ex cheated on him, how is he supposed to handle the idea that- that two of his boyfriends are sleeping together without him or on a date without him. How can you handle that? I can barely handle that with Tae and we’ve been doing this for years.”

Jimin turns to put the bacon on the table when he comes face to face with Tae.

Tae’s face is carefully blank. “What?”

Jimin’s so tense he doesn’t move.

“Is that Tae?”

“Hope, I have to-”

“Put him on speaker.” Tae’s voice is even, more curious than hurt.

Jimin puts the bacon down and pulls his phone out from between his ear and his shoulder. He puts it on speaker, but first asks, “Is Yoongi still-”

“He’s in the shower. Why didn’t you say anything, Chriscross?”

Jimin hesitates. “I mean… I did. We talked about it-”

“But I thought…” Tae’s head tilts. “Does it still bother you?”

Jimin’s lips quirk slightly. “Have you been seeing anyone other than Hope?”

Tae blinks. “No.”

Jimin smiles softly. “You didn’t realize you settled down, old man?”

Tae’s mouth falls open. “You’re older than me.” He pauses. “When did you notice it?”

Jimin shrugs. “We started going on double dates with them and I know you had a one night stand… I don’t remember when, maybe two since we met them?”

Tae thinks back, nodding.

Jimin puts the phone on the counter and goes back to take the egg out of the pan and add another one. “The times you’d usually go off with someone on a date, you started always saying you were going to hang out with Hope. I guess after the third ‘date’ that you said you were meeting with Hoseok, I sort of realized… you weren’t looking for anyone else. And it got easier for me to know it was just him and me.”

Tae swallows. “Is that about when you started seeing Jin?”

Jimin’s brow furrows. “It’s kind of a blur, but yeah. I guess. Before I realized I lo- uh, liked Yoongi.”

Hoseok snorts and they both flinch, forgetting they were still on the phone. “You don’t have to censor yourself, Jimin.”

Jimin blushes softly. “I don’t want to say it outloud right now.”

Tae wiggles as he steps behind Jimin at the stove, arms wrapping around him, and presses a kiss to his cheek. He rests his head on Jimin’s shoulder. “I guess we found our final compromise, huh?”

Jimin leans his head toward Tae instinctively. “Compromise?”

Tae hums. “You always wanted commitment and I always wanted more people. It seems dumb now, how long it took to figure this out.”

Jimin sighs impatiently. “Just say it bluntly.”

Tae presses his lips into Jimin’s neck. “We should’ve been looking for commitment with more people.”

Jimin shakes his head, smile on his lips. “I don’t know if that’s something you really look for, Taetae. Based on experience, it seems like the right people kind of find you.”

They hear the shower turn off and Jimin tenses. “Hoseok hyung, can we call you back or- I think Yoongi’s-”

“Yeah. I- Can I totally ruin the moment?”

Tae happy shouts, “Yes!”

“I got so emotional about all this I got a boner.”

Tae whines loudly. “BABE, THAT’S SO CUTE.”

Jimin sighs. “If this works out, I’ll be glad to let you take all the soft sexual compliments Tae doles out.”

“I’d be happy to take them. Bye, guys.”

“Bye, Hope.”

Tae stands with Jimin quietly after they hang up.

He just keeps pressing quiet kisses into Jimin’s neck and hair as Jimin finishes cooking.

Jimin mumbles, mostly to himself. “Time to summon Yoongi.”

Tae hums a question, but realizes Jimin’s reaching for the coffee grounds.

Tae snorts and lets him go so Jimin can move to the coffee machine.

Tae sits at the table and steals a piece of bacon before Yoongi can join them.

Jimin tries not to be hopeful. Optimism has failed him so many times in the past and he’s scared to think positively about this.

He’s scared to think this might work.

But then Yoongi walks into the living room, hair wet, short boxer shorts, and one of Jimin’s oversized sweaters on.

Yoongi’s sleep soft and warm from the shower.

He bumps into Jimin as his eyes go straight to the coffee that’s brewing. He hums a good morning.

Jimin’s speechless, but it takes Yoongi a moment to notice.

He finally turns to Jimin. “What?”

Jimin coughs. Tae looks on with a smile. “You’re wearing pink.”

Yoongi’s face scrunches. “Am I not allowed to wear pink?”

Tae steals another piece of bacon and talks with his mouth full. “You look so soft.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, opening cabinets. “Where do you guys keep the mugs?”

Jimin points and Yoongi stares at his options. He glares at Jimin a moment before snatching the pink one.

Jimin catches on suddenly. “Oh, you’re playing games. Min Yoongi. You dangerous creature.”

Yoongi’s lips quirk. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He grabs the coffee as soon as it’s done and pours it for himself.

Tae eats another piece of bacon like it’s popcorn and watches them.

Jimin quietly puts more bacon in the pan, deciding not to scold Tae about it today. “I will not fall victim to this plot.”

Tae tilts his head. “What plot?”

Yoongi has an air of mischief in his eyes as he sits at the table with Tae.

Jimin glares at Yoongi. “I may not know much about Korean culture, but I know what aegyo is. I live with Tae.”

Tae looks at Yoongi again and reassess the short shorts, pale legs, and giant sweater. He suddenly notices Yoongi’s sweater paws as he grabs the coffee mug with the sleeves still slipped over his hands.

Tae feels his heart clench. “I volunteer as tribute to fall victim to the Yoongi aegyo attack.”

Yoongi smiles happily into his coffee.

Jimin pointedly doesn’t look at the table. “If you think for a second that’s gonna get you out of talking about this, you’re severely wrong.”

Yoongi frowns suddenly. “It was worth a try.”

Tae nods. “It would’ve worked on me.”

Yoongi’s eyes are sharp and dangerous as he looks at Tae. “I’ll remember that.”

They all settle in, checking their phones quietly.

Yoongi gets up to refill his coffee before Jimin’s done with the bacon.

He puts the mug down and pauses, snuggling against Jimin’s back for a moment. He whispers a quiet, “Thank you.” in his ear and then sits back down as if nothing happened.

Jimin grabs the rest of the food and pours himself a coffee before he sits down with them.

Tae quickly speaks up, raising his hand. “Petition to not talk about anything serious until we can cuddle on the couch.”

Jimin smirks. “Fine.” He reaches over to slap Tae’s hand away from the bacon. “Don’t think I haven’t seen you this whole time.”

Tae frowns and grabs a slice of toast.

Yoongi grabs a piece of bacon and looks Tae in the eye as he licks it like a child claiming property.

Tae chews on his toast with a frown.

Jimin tries to quell the hope in his heart.


Chapter Text

Jimin and Tae look at each other, shocked, when Yoongi is the first one to get up from the table and sit on the couch.

He tries to act nonchalant as he does it, but Jimin can see the tension in his shoulders.

He holds his freshly filled coffee mug in his stupid, adorable sweater paws.

Jimin starts to wonder if the sweater paws are a distraction of just how much coffee Yoongi’s been drinking. It’s almost like-

“Not that this makes any sense, but does the coffee calm you down?”

Jimin’s head whips to Tae as he says it, smiling fondly as Tae voices his exact thoughts.

Yoongi shrugs. “Um, the first like… three cups. Yeah.”

Jimin stands and tugs the cup away from him to put on the coffee table. “And what happens after the fourth?”

Yoongi raises his eyebrows, “Wouldn’t you like to-”

“Do you get really hyper and twitchy?”

Yoongi frowns slightly as Tae sits on the other side of him. Yoongi turns his attention to Tae to avoid Jimin’s question. “Has Hobi texted?”

Tae looks at Jimin and Yoongi sighs, looking over his shoulder back at Jimin. “He texted you?”

Jimin shrugs, readjusting the blanket he pulled over himself. “I… called him.”

Yoongi swallows. “Oh.” He leans back into the couch. Jimin almost instinctively throws some of his blanket over Yoongi’s lap before settling in as well.

Tae stares at the blanket, but he knows from experience that it only fits two people. They need a bigger blanket. Tae clears his throat. “Maybe we should talk about last night before we talk about Hobi?”

Yoongi uses the attention they give him to be needy. He reaches his arms out lazily and makes grabby hands at the coffee mug.

Tae’s nose scrunches as he looks at Yoongi’s fingertips peaking out from Jimin’s pink hoodie.

Tae suddenly realizes Jimin is glaring at him in warning, but Tae looks back at Yoongi who’s looking at him innocently.

Tae shifts to lean forward and grab the coffee mug off the table. He hands it to Yoongi.

Yoongi grabs the mug and holds it close to his chest, smiling victoriously.

He turns to Jimin to gloat but finds himself face to face with a camera. He hears a soft ‘snap’ of a picture being taken.

Jimin puts his phone away grumpily. “Just cause I’m not falling victim to this shit doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. But that’s enough. Honestly, Yoongi. You know we need to talk this out. You know what it means to the two of us to talk things out.”

Tae whispers quietly. “Oooooh, you made mom mad.”

Jimin frowns. “That made me uncomfortable when we were just friends and it’s even more uncomfortable after we’ve been fucking.”

Tae shrugs. “Are you any less of a mom because we fucked?”

Jimin sighs and catches Yoongi smirking at him. He flicks Yoongi’s nose. “Shut up. But don’t shut up. Unshut up. Change the topic. You’re good at that.”

Yoongi snorts. “If it’s story time, can I just write a strongly worded email instead of improvising some kind of traumatized speech?”

Seeming to get a handle on their dynamic, Tae jumps in, easily saying exactly what Yoongi needs to hear. “We are the last people to judge you for your word choice right now. And I’m not really in a rush.” Tae throws his legs over Yoongi’s lap and leans back against the arm rest comfortably.

Tae’s smiling.

Jimin’s laughing.

And Yoongi, sitting in the middle, starts spiraling again.

He thinks about how he practically forced his way into their bed, how they took care of him without knowing why, how Hoseok had talked him down over the phone.

It’s too much.

Too much.

“Yoongi.” Jimin’s voice is somehow gentle as he speaks assertively.

Yoongi coughs, choosing not to look either of them in the eye right now in case he loses his willpower. “So Joanne.”

Tae and Jimin go quiet and let him speak at his own pace.

“Honestly, I’m a little upset at Lady Gaga for shoving that name in my face everywhere.” Yoongi frowns down at his coffee.

Yoongi’s eyes go out of focus staring at Jimin’s hand on Tae’s ankle.

It’s quiet for a few seconds as Yoongi tries to figure out how to start… if he even wants to- he has to.

God, he hates this.

“Joanne and I actually started dating in high school. Like you two, I guess. She knew I was bi and she didn’t act weird about it.”

Tae raises his hand tentatively and Yoongi blinks, pausing to let Tae interrupt. “For the purpose of better imagining this, is Joanne Korean?”

Yoongi deadpans. “No, she’s white.”

Jimin startles. “Hold up, you got a white girl in high school? How cute were you? Were you like a god or something? White girls don’t go for the asian guy in high school. No one’s that evolved yet.”

Yoongi sighs with a small smile as Jimin and Tae react.

Tae nods fiercely. “The only asian guys with any traction in grade school were the buff guys.”

Yoongi shrugs. “I guess LA is different? I don’t know what to tell you.”

Tae hums thoughtfully. “You snagged a white model in high school. If I didn’t already, I’d want to fuck you so bad right now.”

Yoongi blushes against his will. “Anyway.”

Jimin smiles sheepishly.

Yoongi continues. “She- I mean, just cause she fucked up at the end… we dated for… all of high school and a little while after so… yeah, we broke up right before hitting five years. It’s not like I hate her.” Yoongi mumbles. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to really hate her.”

Tae cuts in. “Did your mom like her?”

Yoongi’s smile is small and fond as he meets Tae’s eyes. “Yeah, my mom liked her a lot. My dad actually did too… um, for… obvious reasons.”

Jimin keeps his voice soft. “When did you come out to your parents?”

Yoongi shrugs. “Middle school. When I started dating Joanne, my dad was convinced the bi thing was a phase. It’s- but that’s a different story.” Yoongi whines. “God, I hate this. I hate trying to… put this shit into words. It just happened and now it’s over. I feel like I’m going so into detail. This is so fucking stupid.”

Tae rests his hand on Yoongi’s arm, trying not to disturb his grip on his coffee. “Hoseok knows all this?”

Yoongi hums. “Yeah… I don’t know how it came up, but yeah. I told him. He- he might be the only one who really knows.”

Tae tries to respond casually. “Would it help if he were here to help you tell the story?”

Yoongi and Jimin both look at Tae.

Tae holds up his hands. “I’m just saying-”

Yoongi cuts him off. “No, you’re right. It would be easier.”

Jimin looks at Yoongi. “Are you su-”

Yoongi’s already nodding. “I’m tired of drama. It’s exhausting.”

Tae has his phone clenched in his hand. “Uh, so. Can- can I…”

Yoongi nods, sipping his coffee. “Yeah, call him.”


Hoseok lies on the couch in the living room and stares at the ceiling. It’s been about an hour since he talked to Jimin and Tae. His anxiety about being alone and not actually being able to help any of them is suffocating him.

His fingers keep clicking through his phone until he ends up on the message screen for him and Yoongi. He rereads their last exchange from a month ago.

Hoseok: Did Jimin tell you about me and Tae

Yoongi: even if he didnt you just did

Hoseok: I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. I don’t know why I did it. I can’t make an excuse. We weren’t officially broken up and it’s bullshit. I can’t forgive myself so I don’t want you to.

Yoongi: whatever. i guess as long as you talked to jimin about it thats what matters. im not relevant anymore

Hoseok: You’re not mad?

Yoongi: idk jimin said you guys are like barely starting to date. we’re not together. why should i be mad if youre crushing on someone else

Hoseok can’t keep his eyes off of one specific sentence.

“im not relevant anymore”

He closes the messaging app.

But his fingers drift and he opens it again, staring at the sentence.

The fifth time that happens, he grabs his keys and heads out to drive for Lyft for a few hours.


On his third trip, he gets a call from Tae.

He glances in his rear view mirror and is fortunately greeted by white faces.

He picks up the call and answers in Korean. <Hey, I’m driving.>

He hears Tae hum a second as his brain shifts into Korean. <We need you whenever you can be here. Yoongi needs help talking about Joanne.>

Hoseok feels the anxiety he was trying to quell rise in his chest. <I’ll turn off the app after this ride.>

Tae laughs lightly. <Answering a call and then not speaking in English? You’re such a sexy, stereotypical uber driver.>

<Excuse you, I’m driving for Lyft right now and if I keep talking I’ll get bad reviews. I’ll talk to you later.>

He hangs up and finishes his short shift.


Hoseok hesitates before texting the group chat.

Hoseok: Are you guys at Yoongi’s or?

Jimin: nah, we’re at our place

Hoseok: Good. It’s so much easier to park by you.

Tae: we know :)))))))))

Yoongi: [middle finger emoji]

Tae: ...did you seriously type that out instead of using the emoji

Yoongi: [middle finger emoji] [middle finger emoji] [middle finger emoji]

Hoseok: Lmao. Okay, I’m on my way.

Jimin: fyi im sitting right by him and his keyboard literally predicts the words ‘middle finger emoji’ in that order cause he uses it so often

Hoseok: His keyboard has some a plus predictive text saved in it at this point.


Tae: babe arent you driving

Yoongi: [heart eyes for my hope ah]



Hoseok parks and stands at the door, hesitating.

His heart may have gone on overdrive after that text from Yoongi.

He knows it was just a joke.

He knows that Yoongi was just proving a point.

It wasn’t even a relevant moment for him to really be saying heart eyes. Unless he was thanking Hobi for coming over.

Hoseok’s heart speeds up again.

He would tell himself not to get his hopes up but that’s literally his namesake so fuck it. His hopes are high.

He knocks on the door.

Tae opens it as if he was standing right there waiting. “Why don’t you ever ring the bell?”

Yoongi answers for him. “I don’t like the bell, it’s obnoxious. Knocking is more mellow.”

Tae throws him a look. “Okay, I wasn’t talking to you.”

Yoongi throws him a look right back. “Okay, but I was answering the question. That’s why he doesn’t use the bell.”

Tae looks at Hoseok who’s smiling fondly. “Yeah, I stopped using the bell when I met Yoongi.”

Jimin’s literally biting his lip next to Yoongi on the couch to keep himself from interrupting anything.

Tae’s hand claws at his heart. “Wow, what the fuck. You guys are soft.”

Yoongi’s eyes meet Hoseok’s for a moment before he looks away.

Tae starts to move back to his seat on the couch and quickly hesitates. “Uh.”

Jimin tugs lightly at Yoongi’s -well, Jimin’s- sweater. “Where do you want everyone to sit?”

Yoongi shrugs. “Why do I have to decide?”

Everyone goes quiet and Yoongi sighs.

Yoongi pushes Jimin to the edge of the couch and cuddles into him. “Hope ah can sit by me.”

Hoseok blinks.

Yoongi fake glares at him. “As long as he doesn’t treat me like I’m made of fucking glass and try to coddle me and keep me safe or some shit. Don’t pity me right now.”

Hoseok holds up his hands as he sits next to Yoongi on the couch, Tae quickly sitting next to him on the other side. “You’re wearing a pink oversized sweater and boxers and I’m not allowed to at least coo over you?”

Yoongi blushes, totally having forgotten what he was wearing. “I should change.”

Tae whines. “Please don’t.”

Yoongi’s breath goes shallow. “Yeah, I’m gonna change.” He’s up and out of the room in a heartbeat.

Jimin made himself tea while they were waiting for Hoseok and sits on the couch and smiles at him. “Hey, Hobi.”

Hoseok smiles. “Hey. You guys um… I don’t really know what small talk to make.”

Jimin shrugs, amusement in his eyes. “You could always just tell me I’m cute again.”

Tae leans into Hoseok as if personal space doesn’t exist. He’s beaming at Jimin. “Chriscross, you are so cute!”

Jimin hums happily as Hoseok agrees.

Yoongi comes back in jeans and a black sweater that doesn’t cover his hands.

Tae pouts. “You looked so cozy earlier.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Black is cozy.”

Hoseok cuts in. “Yoongi’s hair was pink once.”

Yoongi scoffs, offended as Jimin and Tae gasp. “It was red!”

Hoseok laughs. “It faded to pink after the first wash and you didn’t touch it up for a month.”

Jimin sips his tea and mumbles happily. “Wow, I love this.”

His words fall heavier than he means for them to.

He swallows as everyone goes quiet.

Jimin puts his tea down as Yoongi curls farther into him.

It’s not that he’s getting away from Hoseok, he just wants to cuddle and it’s less complicated to lean into Jimin.

Yoongi mumbles, sleepily messing with the blanket tossed over him and Jimin. “Hoseok, you wanna tell the story?”

Hoseok blinks for a moment as the topic shifts. “Uh- About Jo-”

“Joanne, yeah.”

Hoseok takes a breath. “Uh, okay. Well first of all, I hate Joanne.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes before he closes them. He’s not asleep. He just doesn’t want to be scrutinized for his reaction every three seconds.

Tae hums. “Have you met her?”

Hoseok nods. “Before Yoongi gave up portrait photography, he had a shoot scheduled with her after we met and he asked me to go with him. I didn’t know why at the time but it quickly became apparent that they knew each other. Sometime in between her making crude jokes constantly and touching you every chance she got.”

Jimin’s eyes narrow. “Flirting with the photographer is a subtle, intricate act.”

Hoseok snorts. “Joanne is not subtle.”

Jimin feels Yoongi’s hand tighten as he grips Jimin’s shirt, but other than that he doesn’t react. “To be blunt, Joanne is a dom.”

Jimin and Tae look at Hoseok to see him laugh at the joke, but Hoseok isn't laughing.

A pulse of understanding shoots out through the room. That short statement quickly explains why Yoongi’s first instinct after seeing her was sex, why he struggles to trust people.

Tae grits his teeth, looking at Yoongi who still has his eyes closed. “You said you never trusted her.”

Yoongi’s quiet.

Jimin pets Yoongi’s head as it falls onto his chest. “Was it just that she was a dom or did you sub for her?”

His silence answers the question.

Jimin’s voice is soft and calming. Yoongi can feel the vibration of it against his cheek. “Yoongi, if you didn’t trust her, why would you do that?”

Yoongi sighs. “You know how when you’re little you think you know what love is and you grow up and realize how fucking wrong you were? I thought I knew what trust was.”

Tae frowns. “Was this in high school?”

Yoongi squirms, curled up uncomfortably. He’d be more comfortable if he put his legs in Hoseok’s lap instead of draping them off the couch. “Yeah, it started to uh, be like that in senior year. After we graduated, I got some good photography jobs, she got some good modeling jobs, and I gained like an ounce of fucking courage and told her I didn’t want to do it like that anymore. I wanted to love her. But she- well, she fought back a little, but mostly cause she was confused that I changed my mind after so long. But we stopped. We stopped uh… is there like a fucking verb for it? I don’t know, we stopped fucking like that. And then we stopped fucking all together. I… didn’t really realize at first.”

Yoongi coughs, fluttering his eyes open for just a second to see Tae and Hoseok’s faces before he closes them again.

“Whatever. So that’s the story.”

Tae whines. “What?! That’s like… the beginning of the story.”

Hoseok looks at Tae. “It’s kind of… I mean, it’s self explanatory after that, Tae. He found out she was seeing someone else cause she and Yoongi couldn’t give each other what they wanted. They dated for five years and she… she left him for sex.”

Jimin can feel more than see that Yoongi’s knuckles are white where he’s gripping Jimin’s shirt.

Jimin wraps his arms around Yoongi comfortably. Jimin kicks his legs and Yoongi relents, letting his legs fall over Hoseok’s.

Hoseok looks at Jimin for a moment before gently letting his hands rest on Yoongi’s knee.

Tae’s not sure what to say.

It’s a little hard to speak up after that when he had sex with Yoongi less than twelve hours prior.

Jimin keeps his voice soft and low, Tae can barely hear him. “Well that shit will never happen again. Even if all this goes to shit, you’ve got us. Now and forever.”

Tae interrupts. “Sounds like a bible verse.”

Jimin glares at him playfully and continues. “I’m not letting anyone near you until we’re sure-”

Yoongi scoffs, opening his eyes to look up at Jimin. “Tae’s right, you are a mom.”

Jimin deflates. “Fuck both of you.”

Yoongi opens his mouth without opening his eyes and then quickly shuts his mouth again. He coughs, shifting uncomfortably. “So, there’s… a part of this… that I hadn’t actually-” He opens his eyes to look at Hoseok. “-told you about, Hope ah.” He wiggles his back against Jimin’s chest so tightly that Jimin can barely breathe. Yoongi sighs, tugging at his hair nervously. “I’m only saying this now cause it’s like ripping off a bandaid and I don’t want to talk about this shit again for a very long time if ever.” Yoongi hesitates as he grips Jimin’s hand in his. He speaks quickly. “I liked subbing, just wouldn’t wanna do it with her ever again.”

Yoongi pushes away from Jimin and quickly stands up, grabbing his coffee mug and moves to the kitchen to refill it.

The three of them on the couch take a moment to absorb that.

Jimin’s bright red.

Hoseok frowns toward the kitchen. “Yoongs, what are you talking about? I knew that.”

Yoongi doesn’t turn around.

They ran out of coffee so he busies himself making more. “I never told you.”

Hoseok snorts. “You didn’t have to tell me. What do you think last night was? I know how you are when you get like that.”

He sees Yoongi’s hand slip and spill some coffee grounds. “What are you talking about?”

His voice is even, monotone. Like he knows the answer to the question but is asking it anyway. “All those times we’d have sex before talking? That wasn’t how we usually had sex. It was different. You wanted me to treat you differently. So I did, cause it helped you. But I didn’t like treating you like that.”

Tae suddenly bursts out laughing and covers his mouth.

Yoongi and Tae both glare at him for laughing insensitively. Tae shakes his head, apologizing. “No, I’m sorry. I’m not laughing at you. It’s just- oh my god. Jimin, please tell them.”

Jimin’s face is still bright red. He shakes his head. “No, I don’t know if now is the time-”

Tae nods vigorously. “Now is the time, Chriscross.”

Jimin throws a pillow at Tae’s head, looking angry. “No, Tae. It really isn’t. We’ll talk about it later.”

Hoseok looks at him curiously, but lets it go since Jimin’s angry expression is not a joke. “Uh, but everything went… well… last night?”

Tae holds up an okay sign, framing his eye with the circle of his thumb and index finger.

Yoongi leans against the counter with his arms crossed, staring at the coffee dripping. “Yeah, it was fine.”

Tae sighs. “I miss soft-Yoongi. Put the pink sweater back on.”

Yoongi hums noncommittally, his tone blasé. “No. I don’t want anything from you right now.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Stop being so dramatic. So you shared your emotions. You don’t have to act all tough with us now.”

Yoongi sighs shakily. The joke fades from his eyes and all that's left is exhaustion. “It’s not like that, Jimin. It’s a lot. I can’t… it’s just a lot.”

Hoseok watches Yoongi’s back as he speaks. “He sort of has a limit when it comes to big emotions. It- Yoongi, is it okay for me to say this?” He sees Yoongi turn to watch him curiously. Yoongi nods slowly. “It took me awhile to realize, but he’s not trying to be tough. He, uh, he doesn’t look it, but he feels a lot. Like, a lot. Small emotions are big emotions to him. And big emotions are catastrophic.”

Hoseok meets Yoongi’s eyes across the room. Yoongi’s voice is small, surprised. “How do you know that?”

Hoseok shrugs. “I paid attention.”

Yoongi quickly turns around, but Jimin can feel the guilt radiating from him.

Hoseok sighs. “I didn’t mean- I’m not trying to be petty.”

Yoongi shakes his head. “I know you’re not.”

Hoseok’s silent for a moment.

Jimin stares daggers at Tae to keep him quiet.

Hoseok finally speaks up again. “I was actually thinking that… that was part of our problem.”

Jimin raises his eyebrows at Tae and mouths, Don’t say a word.

Tae holds his hands up in surrender.

Hoseok coughs lightly as he continues. “I don’t think I realized that you say stuff sometimes cause- cause saying something deep is too much. Like when you joke or say something sarcastic…”

Yoongi slowly pours himself his fourth cup of coffee.

His eyes focus on the ground as he walks to sit next to Jimin again.

Jimin throws his arm over his shoulders. He knows that’s Yoongi’s fourth cup, but he doesn’t say anything about it.

Yoongi’s voice sounds shy when he speaks up. “Jimin knew. Jimin knew before I knew.”

Hoseok looks at Jimin pointedly and Jimin blushes again. “I told you.”

Tae takes a deep breath in before crawling over to lie in their laps. He looks up at them happily. “That end of the couch was too far away.”

Jimin happily cards his fingers through Tae’s hair in his lap.

Yoongi glances toward the tv. “Can we just sit here and watch something?”

Tae awkwardly reaches for the tv remote and gets a movie playing before anyone else can even answer.

They’re not even really watching, just all kind of settling after that.

Thirty minutes into the movies, Yoongi turns into Hoseok. He presses his lips to Hoseok’s neck lightly and moves his lips to his ear to whisper, “I missed you.”

Hoseok presses his lips to Yoongi’s head, squeezing his eyes closed. “I missed you too.”

Jimin twines his fingers with Yoongi’s as Yoongi lets his head settle onto Hoseok’s shoulder.

Jimin notices when Yoongi finishes his coffee.

His fourth cup.

He braces himself for the caffeine to hit.

Chapter Text

Jimin can practically feel Yoongi’s hand shaking in his.

The movie is nearly over and Yoongi’s squirming to the point where Jimin is annoyed. He tries not to say anything.

“Ow!” Tae nearly falls off the their laps as Yoongi’s knee digs into his back.

Jimin’s lips quirk. “You doin okay, Yoongi?”

Yoongi glances at him, then back at the tv screen. “Hm? Yeah. I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

Hoseok snorts.

Jimin shrugs. “No, nothing. You’re just talking a little fast.”

“Oh.” Yoongi seems to realize finally that he’s nearly bouncing and Tae’s clinging to Jimin’s legs to balance himself. He forces his legs to still. “Sorry.”

Tae gives up and sits in Jimin’s lap in a way that doesn’t look comfortable but seems to be so familiar that the comfort was a learned feeling.

Yoongi stands up and paces. “Fuck.”

Tae notices his fingers twitching as he does.

Yoongi pauses as he glances at them. “What, you’re all just going to stare at me?”

Tae quickly turns his attention to Jimin. “I’m very distracted by my cute boyfriend.”

Yoongi mumbles something, but no one catches it. Hoseok prods. “What?”

Yoongi shakes his head. “Nothing. I was just joking.” Jimin just narrows his eyes at Yoongi and Yoongi swallows. “I- you won’t think it’s funny.”

Jimin’s voice stays level. “Try me.”

Yoongi takes a deep breath as he starts pacing again. “I just said ‘I could be your cute boyfriend’. It was a joke.”

Tae hums happily. “I wouldn’t be against it.”

Yoongi rubs at his face. “Are we seriously- we’re not having this conversation today. I told you you wouldn’t think it’s funny.”

Everyone goes kind of quiet.

Yoongi whines. “Can you guys stop fucking staring at me? Tae, go make out with Hobi.”

Tae blinks from Jimin’s lap. “Is… is this still a joke?”

Yoongi sighs. “No, I’m dead serious.”

Tae looks at Yoongi, then at Hoseok, then at Jimin. He whispers, “Is this a joke?”

Jimin pushes Tae toward Hoseok. “No, go make out with Hoseok.”

Hoseok looks between them all, head snapping back and forth. “Right here?!” His voice squeaks.

Yoongi shrugs.

Tae stares at Yoongi and they watch each other for a moment.

Something in Tae’s expression relaxes. “Ah.” Tae nods, looking like he found the answer to something and moves to straddle Hoseok’s lap. Hoseok moves to glance at Yoongi again, but Tae catches his jaw. “Focus on me.”

Yoongi watches them for a moment as their lips connect.

It doesn’t bother him. He didn’t think it would but it’s somehow surprising still that it doesn’t bother him.

He slowly lets his gaze shift to Jimin.

Jimin’s lips twitch into a soft smile. “Hi.”

Yoongi glances at Hoseok and Tae once more as they make out slowly. Yoongi can tell Hoseok’s attention is totally on Tae.

His shoulders slump from their tense position.

He bounces where he stands and frowns at the window. “Why don’t you guys have a patio?”

Jimin shrugs. “Cause we’re not loaded?”

Yoongi hums. “Everyone else in this complex has a patio.”

“Yeah, we just have shit luck and a corner apartment so. Can’t complain too much. It’s quieter here than in most.”

Yoongi hums, still bouncing lightly.

Jimin watches him. “If you wanted to talk privately, we could’ve just gone to my room.”

Yoongi looks away.

Jimin stands up. “Yoongi, it’s not rude to talk to us one on one. I think everyone in this room is well aware you don’t like a crowd.”

Yoongi tugs at his hair harshly. “It’s fucked up to go to you first. It’s fucked up to like… choose you as my favorite, isn’t it? Do I need to like- prioritize everyone if we do this? If shit goes does do I have like an order that I call each of you in? How the fu-”

Jimin presses his lips to Yoongi’s briefly to get him to stop talking. “I thought you said we weren’t having this conversation today?”

Yoongi shrugs, throwing his arms out to the side. “We’re not! I just- I have so many questions before this can even turn into a conversation.”

Jimin tilts his head. “I thought you said you were thinking about it.”

“I was! That doesn’t make the reality suddenly crystal fucking clear just cause I thought about it in theory.”

Jimin licks his lips. “Okay, let me ask you this, what’s a relationship?”

Yoongi looks at Jimin’s eyes, confused. “What do you mean?”

Jimin’s lips pout out innocently. “Just humor me. In general, romantic or not, what’s a relationship?”

Yoongi opens his mouth and closes it again before he finally answers. “Two people… who spend time together? I don’t know? I guess… you like spending time with someone so much that they’re like… your person. A person. You want to keep them in your life and you make plans together regularly cause you like being together.”

Jimin’s smiling at him, expression a little loopy. He snaps out of it, trying to stay serious. “Right, right. Okay, so based on that…” Jimin gestures around the room at the four of them. “This can be whatever we want it to be. Whatever makes us happy to see each other, that’s what we’ll be.”

Jimin can see Yoongi’s breath go steady as he absorbs that.

Jimin smiles. “Did you prioritize us when we were friends?”

Yoongi blinks. “I mean… yes. Hope ah was my boyfriend so he was first. And then you and I… bonded-”

Jimin interrupts. “We were definitely flirting.”

Yoongi blushes slightly. “You were flirting. I was just- photographi-”

“You were flirting.”

Yoongi sighs. “Whatever. Sure. Fine. I was flirting. But yeah, I prioritized everyone. But if everyone is at boyfriend level priority then… that doesn’t-”



“I really don’t think you can logic your way around this. You’re just gonna have to feel it.” Jimin glances over his shoulder at Tae and Hoseok. “You wanted them to hear?”

Yoongi kicks Jimin’s toe with his own. “Yeah, I just didn’t need three different opinions all at once.” Yoongi watches them again. “Kept their mouths busy.”

Tae finally drags his mouth away from Hoseok’s. “Okay, I take offense to that.”

Jimin smiles fondly as Hoseok pants desperately for air.

Tae doesn’t seem phased. “I could be quiet if you just asked me to.”

Yoongi blinks at him. “I did. And you did. You did good, Taetae.”

Jimin glances at Yoongi as he uses Jimin’s nickname for Tae.

Tae smiles happily. “I kept him quiet and distracted, just how you wanted.”

Yoongi glances at Hoseok. “Thanks, Tae.”

Jimin glances between Yoongi and Tae. “Is that what that staring contest was about? How did you know that’s what he meant?”

Tae shrugs.

Hoseok smiles weakly at Jimin. “We’re never gonna learn that language they’ve got.” Hoseok slowly drags his eyes from Jimin to Yoongi. “So… you really wanna try this?”

Yoongi stares at Hoseok. It’s still hard to recognize him. It’s like when you rewatch your favorite movie from when you were a kid and you remember everything, but it feels so different to see with new eyes.

Yoongi nods slowly.

Hoseok pushes Tae off his lap and Tae falls to the side as Hoseok stands up.

Jimin takes a few steps back as the two make their way toward each other.

Jimin tries not to coo at the sight of Yoongi leaning his head back to look up at Hoseok as they stand toe to toe.

A small noise escapes Yoongi’s lips and even he seems surprised by it.

Hoseok laughs as he drags his fingers through Yoongi’s hair like he’s done a thousand times before and pulls him in for a kiss.

Yoongi’s tentative for the first few seconds but Jimin can pinpoint the moment Yoongi accepts it and their bodies press together.

Jimin walks over to the couch to tug Tae against his side as they watch their almost-not-yet-boyfriends relearn each other. “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Tae scoffs. “Who says that to their bae? Casablanca was some hardcore friendzoning.”

Jimin bursts out laughing and nearly falls off the couch.

Yoongi pulls away from Hoseok with a frown. “The fuck are you guys talking about? He doesn’t say that to the girl.”

Hoseok sighs as he back hugs Yoongi comfortably.

Tae glances at Yoongi curiously. “What?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “He says the beautiful friendship thing to the guy. The girl is the here’s looking at you kid. If you’re gonna be pretentious and quote classic films in LA, at least get your references right.”

Tae narrows his eyes. “Who says I shipped Rick with the girl?”

Jimin falls off the couch in between wheezes.


They wind up talking about stupid things to be pretentious about in LA for about two hours which leads to Yoongi introducing Tae to the @overheardla instagram account.

Tae has tears on his cheeks. “Oh my god, I’m assigning us all catchphrases from this account. No one move. I already have Yoongi’s, ready?” Yoongi rolls his eyes as he sits between Hoseok’s legs, leaning back against his chest. “ I’m having one of those moments where I need coffee in order to find coffee.

Hoseok nods. “Accurate. Do Jimin.”

Tae scrolls for a bit and they wait. “Oh! Got it. Person one: I’m dating a guy that’s 6’7”. Person two: Is he hot? Person one: He’s 6’7”. It doesn’t matter. I don’t think I’ve even seen his face yet.

Jimin sighs. “Okay, that’s rude but true. You know I like my men tall.”

Tae winks as Yoongi makes a high pitched offended noise, but Tae suddenly yelps. “Found mine! He’s good in bed but bad in life.

Jimin and Tae both yell, “EYYYYYY!” as they high five.

Hoseok hums. “Wow, we’ve all had sex with you, Tae.”

Yoongi blushes but Jimin throws them both a look. “No, you haven’t.”

Yoongi looks right back at him. “I’m pretty sure you were there last ni-”

Jimin’s shaking his head. “There’s fucking Tae and there’s having sex with Tae. You guys don’t know the half of it.”

Tae nods sagely. “It’s true. I’ve been holding back with you, Hobi. Speaking of which! Found yours, from a girl dressed as a cat: I’m almost 30. This Halloween is my last chance to fuck a guy dressed as Harry Potter.

Yoongi snorts.

Tae smiles, “Wait, Jimin, I got two more for you.”

Jimin frowns. “Why me?”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “I was born here but you’re still the most LA person in this room.”

Jimin’s mouth opens and closes. “I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult.”

Tae starts reading, “ I asked her for nudes and she sent me a picture of her kale salad. Honestly, not even upset it looked like a bomb ass salad. In which Jimin is both sides of that conversation.”

Everyone laughs as Jimin can’t seem to decide if he’s upset or not.

“Okay, one more. You seem like you’re really loyal. Like you have bad taste in men, but you stick by your shitty choices.

Jimin clutches his heart. “That’s too real.”

Hoseok glances over Yoongi’s shoulder where he’s scrolling through the account as well. <Oh shit, is it really 2pm?>

Yoongi hums. <I was gonna kick you out if you didn’t notice.>

Tae tilts his head. <What happens at 2pm?>

Yoongi and Hoseok both look up like they forgot Jimin and Tae were there. Yoongi blinks and gathers himself. <Uh, Seokseok ah teaches dance at 3 on Wednesdays.>

Jimin’s rubbing his temples. “You guys haven’t spoken Korean to me in like a month. You can’t just switch like that. My brain hurts.”

Tae kisses his forehead. “Sorry, Chrisc- Jiminie. We’ve been having all these serious conversations in English.”

Hoseok hums. “You don’t call him Chriscross anymore?”

Yoongi interrupts. <His name is Jimin.>

Jimin looks at Yoongi, cheeks tinting pink a little. “Hyung, it’s okay. It’s just a nickname.”

Yoongi mumbles. <You said you wanted to go by Jimin. I’m calling you Jimin.>

Jimin frowns. <And Tae has always called me Chriscross and I’m okay with him continuing to call me that.> Jimin takes a breath and lets the edge of aggression in his voice fade. <Sorry, I know you’re just- I know.>

Yoongi hums.

Hoseok and Tae look at each other as the other two go quiet. Hoseok presses his lips to the top of Yoongi’s head. “Babe, I’m gonna head out.”

Yoongi doesn’t say anything but he snuggles further into Hoseok’s chest.

Hoseok sighs and glares at Tae. “This is your fault for asking him to be soft.”

Tae holds his hands up innocently as Yoongi shrugs his sweater down a bit so his hands get covered. He grabs the ends in his fists and does shy-shy aegyo. “No one’s leaving.” His tone of voice doesn’t match his actions.

Jimin kicks Yoongi from across the couch. “You’re the one leaving. Doesn’t your shift at Von’s start at 1pm?”

Yoongi shrugs, pulling his sleeves back up. Hoseok watches Yoongi flick through his phone to his calendar and sees that he did have work at 1pm. “Oh shit, I thought you were fucking with me.” Yoongi scrambles to his feet. And grabs all his stuff. He glances at the three on the couch. His heart is telling him to kiss all of them goodbye. He chokes. “Uh, I’m gonna go not get fired hopefully. See ya.”

He runs out the door.

Hoseok watches the door slam shut as he stands and stretches. “I’m gonna head to the studio. I guess I’ll… see you guys soon?”

Tae had been sitting in Jimin’s lap again so he makes grabby hands at Hoseok who bends down and kisses him softly. He pulls back and makes eye contact with Jimin.

Jimin and Hoseok stare at each other for a few seconds. Jimin swallows nervously. “Uh, bye hyung.”

Tae softly chants, “Kiss, kiss, kiss.”

Jimin pokes Tae in the side and frowns. “Shut up.”

Hoseok scratches at the back of his head. “Uh, we can if you- if you want to try?”

Jimin takes a breath and pushes Tae out of his lap harshly as he stands up. Jimin huffs and speaks under his breath. “God, why does this feel like my first kiss all over again?”

Hoseok’s hand reaches towards him, curling through his hair just like when he kissed Yoongi.

Jimin feels his mouth go dry.

Jimin leans up and presses his lips to Hoseok’s, a brief peck. The separate for a moment and watch each other before they lean back in and move their lips together slowly. Jimin pulls back after a few seconds, bright red and shy.

Hoseok smiles at Tae. “Um… okay. Bye, babe…” He glances at Jimin. “...ssss? Babes?”

Jimin grabs Hoseok and pushes him towards the door. “This is so awkward, just go. I can’t breathe.”

When Jimin has Hoseok shoved out the door, he collapses against it.

Tae looks over the armrest of the couch and laughs. “Chriscross, you are redder than a tomato.”

Jimin covers his cheeks with his hands. “Shut up. I hate all of you.”

Chapter Text

Jimin: i kissed hobi

Jimin: well he kissed me.

Jimin: both. We both kissed each other. We kissed. Me and hobi.

Yoongi: okay

Jimin: okay


Jimin: okay? really?

Yoongi: what do you want me to say?

Jimin: i dont know??????? tbh i dont even know how to feel about it???????

Yoongi: do you uh… do you like him? wow im asking you have a crush on my ex/kind of current boyfriend.

Jimin: oh. yeah i guess this is still new to you. i feel weirder from this side. Like i know hobi doesnt like….. belong to you or anything but. idk. you know?

Yoongi: yeah i know what you mean. idk what to tell you jimin ah.

Jimin: well. do you think we’d work? me and him?

Yoongi: honestly jimin i think you’d work with anyone you could ever want to ‘work’ with.

Jimin: what do you mean?

Yoongi: dont tell tae i looked up all that horoscope shit but uh. youre a libra.

Jimin: okay, firstly: LOL OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE YOU ASFKJASD;FKLDASFSKF. second, i know i am??? so what?

Yoongi: oh my god youre disgusting i cant believe you just said firstly with a colon and then second with a comma. i changed my mind i dont want to ‘work’ with you

Jimin: =_=

Jimin: yoongi just tell me what you meant.

Yoongi: youre like the king of compromise.

Jimin: there more to that or?

Yoongi: idk i thought that summed it up pretty well. arent libras all about balance or something.

Jimin: “or something” dont play dumb i can tell you know way more about this than youre letting on. i saw that thread on your twitter when you couldnt shut up about coffee facts .


Jimin: ...did you get another coffee at work

Yoongi: no.

Jimin: =====______======

Yoongi: okay fuck you you started this. go flirt with my boyfriend.

Jimin: S  I  G  H

Jimin: i feel like hes everyones boyfriend but mine right now.

Yoongi: im sure he feels the same about you.

Jimin: oh shit.

Jimin: holy shit youre so right. it’s. it’s exactly the same for him.

Yoongi: tbh its more intimidating for him. you and tae have been together since like dinosaurs were still having sex.

Jimin: ...what the fuck. stop drinking so much coffee. you sound high.



Yoongi: did you fucking message me in the group chat. jfc jimin. im at work i ddint look at it that closely


Tae: ok but u are we just havnet talkd about it


Tae: do we have to????? how many times can we call each other babe until its redundant????????


Tae: babe will you be my babe


Jimin: i hate you guys


Yoongi: im just gonna say this now: can we establish different pet names for everyone. my head hurts.

Jimin: do you feel fancy for using a colon

Hoseok: ahaha he used a colon

Tae: :) :) :) <<<< 3 colons

Yoongi: i regret so many things

Jimin: a FIFTHHHHHHFDSKLJFSDFSDF coffee should be on that list of regrets

Yoongi: strangely it’s not

Hoseok: ...dont you usually drink 6?

Jimin: WHAT

Yoongi: yeah


Yoongi: i did drink em kinda fast today. might be a seven cups kinda day.

Hoseok: wanna trade that 7th cup for an espresso

Yoongi: wow holy shit is this what it feels like to be won back

Hoseok: ~~~~~<3 yes<3~~~~~~

Tae: this is the cutestshit ive ever seen in my life

Tae: i love my boyfriends

Jimin: you havent even asked yoongi out yet

Tae: shh h’ell come around

Hoseok: not with those typos he wont

Jimin: not if you type like that

Yoongi: wow my two boyfriends know me so well

Tae: !!!!!!! THIS!!!!! IS!!!! RUDE!!!!!!!


Yoongi: uh shit. should i not have


Jimin: that is some classy shit.


Jimin: you dont like coffee??? i have to pour like half a unicorn into a cup of coffee for you to drink it?


Tae: topic change i have a very important question. yoongi if you ever go back in time can you make sure to be recruited into shinee just for the name puns

Yoongi: ill put it on my agenda

Tae: thank you :))))

Jimin: so if this is all chill now, it seems like i finally have wine and dine clearance

Hoseok: ???

Tae: oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Tae: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Tae: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Yoongi: pls stop

Tae: t

Hoseok: ????????

Tae: can i watch or like. can you tape it or.

Hoseok: What are we talking about?

Yoongi: yeah im lost

Tae: jimin usually starts to flirt if i latch onto someone (re: hobi) but he was scared to (re: yoongi) but everythings chill now (re: ot4 solves everything)

Yoongi: im slightly less lost but still lost

Tae: jimins been holding back but hes about to start flirting with you guys and flirty new relationship jimin is noooOOOOOOOO joke. like im still hyperventilating from high school.

Yoongi: jimin you dont have to flirt with me

Tae: no its too late hes in courting mode.

Yoongi: ...courting

Tae: yeah youre fucked.

Tae: possibly literally

Chapter Text

When Hoseok moved to LA he had a Grand Plan™ to go to every cafe.

Now, he had a pretty loose definition of ‘every’ in which he counted it as long as he went to ‘as many as possible’.

So he’s been to a lot of cafes.  Not necessarily for the coffee. He just likes cafes.

And he knows which one he wants to take Yoongi to for their second first date, Bricks and Scones.

Yoongi: youre driving right?

Hoseok: i told you id pick you up after your shift

Yoongi: what the fuck im not going out like this. im going home to change first

Hoseok: yoongi it doesnt matter. Ive seen you in a hoodie when you were sick

Yoongi: i want to

Hoseok: ...fine. we’re lucky we both work weird hours or this would never work.

Yoongi: i mean id meet you there but fuck parking

Hoseok: no its far, dont waste gas. #environment

Yoongi: more like #YouWantToTakeMeHomeAfter


Yoongi: yes

Hoseok: fair.

Hoseok frowns as Yoongi walks out of his apartment.

Yoongi gets in the passenger seat and looks at him. “What?”

Hoseok shakes his head. “How do you make weird shit look so good?”

Yoongi shrugs. “I wore a beanie to make it more casual.”

Hoseok sighs fondly. “Um, can I kiss you?”

Yoongi’s mouth goes dry. “Oh… uh, yeah.” Hoseok leans across the center console for the briefest peck before he leans back and puts the car in drive. Yoongi clears his throat as he grabs the aux cable to connect his phone. “We’re going to Bricks and Scones?”

“WHAT!” Yoongi flinches at Hoseok’s volume. “How did you know?”

Yoongi throws him a look. “You’ve literally told me that’s where you’d go to win someone back if you fucked up. I just didn’t think it’d be me.” He pauses. “Plus you’ve been wanting to go for forever. I would’ve suggested it if you had somewhere else in mind.”

The car goes quiet until Yoongi’s music kicks in.


Hoseok’s grip on the steering wheel tightens. “Is this your Valentine's Day sex playlist?”

Yoongi reclines his chair and folds his arms behind his head. “Yup.”


“It grew on me. It’s so bad it’s cathartic, you know?”

“Yoongi, I know this music physically pains you. And you know it pains me-”

“I think I was too immature before to properly appreciate-”


Yoongi huffs and switches it to his hip hop playlist.

Hoseok can feel Yoongi falling asleep so he stays quiet and lets him nap.


Yoongi cracks his eyes open to a bunch of cutesy sounds and Hoseok’s hand in his hair.

Yoongi grunts.


Yoongi squeezes his eyes tightly. “It’s like 11pm.”

“It’s 6pm, but you were so close.”

“What the fuck. Today is so long.”

Yoongi composes himself and blinks his eyes open.

He raises his seat back to sitting position and gets out of the car to stretch.

Hoseok leans against the car and watches him.

Yoongi looks right back as he shakes the sleep out of his bones. “When are we gonna start the heavy conversation?”

Hoseok shrugs. “At least after we order? So we won’t be interrupted?”


Yoongi really wanted it to take longer to order but there wasn’t a very long line.

They sit down with their coffees at a table in a little nook and keep their voices low.

Hoseok sips his slowly. “So this is a date, right?”

Yoongi nods, a small motion.

Hoseok watches him carefully. “It’s not just me, this feels weird, right? Like… I know you but you feel like a stranger.”

Yoongi lets out a loud sigh. “Yes. Yeah, I feel exactly the same.”

It goes quiet and they sip their coffees.

Hoseok sees the resolve build up in Yoongi’s eyes.

Yoongi puts his coffee down. “I’ve been doing practically nothing but thinking for the last like seven million months. I’ve been thinking about how it was right. Us breaking up. It was the right thing to do. Like I- I loved you. And we were good together. But it wasn’t right. Something was missing. And I hated letting you go, but I had to. I think we both knew we had to walk away. But I wasn’t expecting… this.”

Hoseok takes that in and all those words spoken in Yoongi’s voice feel like warm sunlight after months of not speaking with him. “You mean Jimin.”

Yoongi shrugs, picking up his coffee. “And Tae.”

Hoseok narrows his eyes. “How do you feel about Tae?”

Yoongi stares at his coffee with a frown. “Tae’s a lot.”

Hoseok tilts his head. “What does that mean?”

Yoongi shrugs. “I’m not sure. Tae… honestly? Can I just be completely honest?”

Hoseok snorts. “Please. That is all I want.”

Yoongi nods to himself. “Tae kind of feels like a gatekeeper to get to Jimin right now. Like, I can’t be with Jimin if I can’t be with Tae. And I… I can’t be with Tae if I can’t be with you.”

Hoseok’s mouth eases into a frown. “So what, I’m just a means to an end to get you to Jimin?”

Yoongi looks up at him, deadpan. “Oh come on, you know that’s not what I meant.”

Hoseok scoffs. “What else could that have meant?”

Yoongi pinches the bridge of his nose. “It’s not like I’m defeating you guys to get to Jimin. I’m trying to learn how to- how to share my heart the way you guys do. I can’t multi task like this. I- I’m having a really hard time finding out if I’m capable of loving more than one person and I’m fucking terrified that I can’t. That I can’t be what you guys need me to be and I’ll have to- fuck, I don’t know. Call fucking Joanne cause I can’t- I can’t do this.”

Hoseok reaches his hand across the table to cover Yoongi’s. “Have you talk to Jimin about this?”

Yoongi looks up at him, a harsh expression on his face. “Fuck no.”

It’s quiet again.

Yoongi’s voice goes even softer than before. “What if I can’t, Hope ah? What if… what if I only have enough love for one of you?”

Hoseok hesitates. “That- that sounds like a bridge we have to cross when we get there but… Yoongi, I’m here right now to talk about us.”

Yoongi rubs his hand over his face. “I know. I know, I’m sorry.”

Hoseok toys with his mug carefully. “It’s okay… I guess it’s good practice for sharing. We didn’t do enough of that before.”

Yoongi goes quiet, staring at his coffee.

Hoseok tries to be patient. He knows Yoongi doesn’t like eye contact and while it looks like he’s zoned out, he knows Yoongi is hyperfocused.

Yoongi licks his lips and sighs. “I know… you don’t want me to bring up Jimin right now. But when I try to think about what I want this to be, with you and me, I can’t help considering what I feel for him.”

Hoseok nods, looking into Yoongi’s eyes even though he’s not looking back. “What do you feel for him?”

Yoongi taps on his coffee and Hoseok can practically see the wheels spinning in his mind. “I wish I knew how to answer that.”

Hoseok tsks. “Oh, come on. You like him.”

Yoongi looks up at that, annoyance in his eyes. “Of course I like him, Hope ah. It’s how much that confuses me.”

Hoseok’s voice goes quiet. “Do you love him?”

Yoongi’s head twitches to the side. “I barely know him.”

“Do you love him?”

“I- I don’t know, I think I could.” Yoongi goes quiet, holding his coffee. His voice is softer as he speaks to himself. “I think I could.”

Hoseok tries not to feel the crack on his heart spread. “And me? You don’t… you fell out of love with me?”

Yoongi goes so still Hoseok would think time stopped if it weren’t for the couple talking beside them. Yoongi takes a small breath in. “It hasn’t been a long time but… it feels like we’ve changed, right? Both of us?” Yoongi glances at Hoseok for a quick confirmation before he looks away again. “Past me loved past you. But I… it’s like I feel things differently now and I can’t… access… what I felt for you before.”

Hoseok feels his body go numb. “Oh. Jimin changed you that much so quickly?”

Yoongi groans roughly. “No. I mean, maybe Jimin helped but…” He pauses, looking into Hoseok’s eyes for a long time. He hesitates, something like guilt in his eyes. “I fucked Joanne.” Hoseok’s whole body nearly convulses as he starts to yell, but Yoongi cuts in to stop him. “I know! I know what you’re going to say and just- stop. Okay? It wasn’t like it used to be. I-”

Yoongi glances around the cafe, making sure everyone’s out of hearing range.

He lowers his voice. “We got to talking. Just… it was honestly so normal. It was bizarre. She wasn’t being aggressive or anything. It felt like high school again. Um, anyway. We just sort of… caught up. And I told her I was working at Vons and she laughed, but not a rude laugh, just… like a I get that kind of laugh.”

Hoseok frowns. “Don’t defend her.”

Yoongi tugs at his hair. “I’m not- whatever. She uh… she apologized. For not… realizing what she did to me. And I know that it’s too late. And I don’t forgive her. But I asked her if… she wanted to help me get past something. So we went back to her place and… uh, I asked if she could sub for me.”

The table goes quiet as Hoseok stares at Yoongi.

Yoongi glances up at Hoseok nervously.

His face is red as he waits for Hoseok’s reaction.

Hoseok barely breathes.

Yoongi tugs at his hair again. “Say something.”

Hoseok blinks. “You domed?”

Yoongi shrugs. “If that’s a word, sure.”

Hoseok waves his hands. “Don’t play this off like nothing. That’s- what? Are you- are you okay?”

Yoongi sips his coffee with a frown. “Yeah. It felt like something I had to do.” His frown deepens. “I should’ve told Tae and Jimin… I was scared to go back to them. I haven’t told them. I mean, they didn’t even know about Joanne so I didn’t know what to tell them.”

Hoseok looks at Yoongi with new eyes.

He was truly distressed to ask to sleep with Tae. And it was this morning that Hoseok held him. But… “When did you sleep with her?”

Yoongi shrugs. “Uh, like a week ago.”

Hoseok rubs at his temples. “A- a week ago? Then what happened with… with Tae? Last night?”

Yoongi shrugs and sips at his coffee.

“Come on, you can’t shrug that off.”

“I needed to get her out of my system. I didn’t want her to be the last person I touched.”

Hoseok sees it now. He sees that Yoongi’s sitting straighter. His shoulders are more relaxed than usual. That fear that always hovered around him had dissolved into nothing. It sprang up last night, sure. But now it was gone.

Hoseok breathes that in. “Wow.”

Yoongi nods.

Hoseok finally remembers his coffee and takes a sip. “Why do you solve all your problems with sex? Why can’t it be that easy for everyone?”

Yoongi makes eye contact with Hoseok and holds there for a long time.

Hoseok catches the implication and blushes. “No, we need to talk.”

Yoongi just shrugs, maintaining the eye contact.

Hoseok shakes his head and holds his hand up to cover Yoongi’s eyes. “No.”

Hoseok feels Yoongi’s leg rub against his under the table. Hoseok scoots back while he keeps his arm up to block Yoongi’s gaze.

Some people start to stare at them around the cafe.

Yoongi knocks Hoseok’s hand down and frowns at his coffee. “Calm down, you’re making a scene.”

Hoseok scoffs. “Please! You’re the one making the scene! Suddenly you’re a dom and y-”

“Shut up, Hoseok. No. I’m not. It was just one night.”

Hoseok takes a moment to calm down. “How’d it feel?”

Yoongi’s eyes flicker to Hoseok’s. “W- with her?”

Hoseok nods.

Yoongi blushes. “I mean, I hated every second of it, but I needed to do it.”

Hoseok blinks. “What? You hated it?”

Yoongi rubs at the back of his neck. “I felt really exposed and… I don’t know, there was too much… power. I didn’t like being the one… wielding it. But… I had to know what she felt… I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense, okay! I just… I did it and now it’s over.”

It hits Hoseok like a tidal wave. “So… you’re finally over her and… you went to Jimin.”

“Hope ah, that’s not-”

“No, that’s what happened. I’ve been here for what, how many years have we known each other? And I’ve been here to help you through the fucking mess she left you in-”

“Hope ah!”

“Don’t!” He lowers his voice in the cafe. “Don’t. I was just like… a nurse. Is it cause Jimin’s a model? Do you only date models?”

There’s fury in Yoongi’s eyes. “Don’t fucking joke about that.”

Hoseok shrugs. “You said you’re bi, but you’ve only been with two people. Joanne and me. And now you’re going for Jimin so I don’t know Yoongi. Maybe you’re not bi and you just want a pretty boy so you can keep being rebellious against your dad but what you really want is-”

“What the fuck are you saying? Do you hear what you’re saying?”

Yoongi doesn’t look upset but there are tears streaming down his cheeks like his body is forcing him to cry even though he doesn’t want to.

Hoseok pushes away from the table, stammering apologies. “I- I’m sorry. I didn’t mean- I didn’t-”

He’s out of the cafe before Yoongi can stop crying.


Yoongi doesn’t remember calling Jimin.

He doesn’t remember the drive from the cafe back to Jimin’s place.

He doesn’t remember Tae looking at him in the rear view mirror while Jimin held him in the back seat.

Well he does remember, but it feels like a bad dream. It’s all blurry and distorted.

Yet here he is, on Jimin’s bed.

And he can’t really get a grasp on that fact.

He can’t figure out how he had a fight with his boyfriend but now was cuddled up with his boyfriend.

It didn’t make any sense.

There shouldn’t be someone like this to go to after a fight like that.

It didn’t make any sense.

That’s not how life worked.

You don’t have back up boyfriends lying around to comfort you.

Yet here he is.

With two different types of love in his heart for two different men and no idea how to express any of it.

Tae brings a tea into the room and leaves it on Jimin’s nightstand.

He doesn’t sit down and Yoongi’s not sure why.

Tae turns and closes the door behind him as he leaves.

Then Yoongi’s alone with Jimin and Jimin’s not saying a word.

Then Yoongi realizes he’s crying.

Like ugly crying. That explains the blurriness.

He realizes how tightly Jimin’s holding him, how Jimin’s lips press to his skin to try to bring him an ounce of calm and comfort.

Jimin’s mumbling, but Yoongi can’t even tell what he’s saying cause it’s muffled by the sound of his own sobs.

It’s an hour later that Yoongi finally quiets for long enough to spit out the words. “I told him I didn’t love him. Why did I tell him that?”

Yoongi cries himself to sleep and feels Jimin’s arms around him the entire time.


He wakes up feeling hungover he’s so dehydrated from crying.

Jimin’s quietly petting through his hair and wiping a wet towel over his face to clean away the tears.

Yoongi swallows and Jimin smiles down at him, noticing he’s awake. “Hey.”

Yoongi tries to respond but the word gets stuck in his throat. Jimin reaches over to the nightstand and grabs water with a straw in it and holds the straw to Yoongi’s lips.

Yoongi hesitates a second before closing his lips around it.

Jimin seems to relax as Yoongi drinks. Jimin’s voice is quiet and calm. “You don’t have to say anything. Hoseok hyung called.”

Yoongi spits the straw out. “I shouldn’t have said-” His voice is rough.

Jimin cuts him off. “He told us what he said to you and he says he understands if you don’t-”

“Fuck that. I want to see him.”

Jimin smiles, but there’s a sadness in his eyes. “Hoseok hyung wants some space.”

Yoongi feels the impact of that statement like a punch to his gut. “I shouldn’t hav-”

“I feel like there’s a lot you two shouldn’t have said last night. But maybe let it rest for now?”

Yoongi reluctantly puts the straw back between his lips while Jimin coos quietly to get him to rehydrate himself.

Yoongi looks at Jimin. “Since when do you call him hyung?”

Jimin shrugs. “Since I kissed him I guess. I always tried to call him hyung.”

Yoongi feels it curl in his gu-

“Don’t feel guilty. You’re not keeping him from me or anything. If I want to see him, I’ll go see him. But right now I want to be with you, okay? You’re not forcing me to do anything. I’m doing what I want to do with who I want to do it with.”

Yoongi opens his mouth, but Jimin cuts him off again.

“Tae’s at work. I told you, Hoseok needs space. From all of us. It was too fast.”

Yoongi hears Jimin’s voice lose its strength in that last sentence. “Jimin ah.”

Jimin shakes his head and wipes at Yoongi’s face again with the towel even though nothing’s there anymore. “Hush, drink your water.”

Yoongi looks into Jimin’s eyes while Jimin focuses on Yoongi’s lips.

Yoongi can see the fear Jimin’s trying to hide.

“Jimin ah, I’m sor-”

“Drink your water.” His voice comes out sharper.

He doesn’t want to talk about it. Not right now.

Chapter Text

To say Hoseok regrets his words would be a gross understatement.

But he’s not as upset as he thought he would be for saying them. He wonders if that makes him a despicable human being.

He sits in his room, glad that Jungkook had classes til late tonight.

He lies on the bed and tries not to think of all the times he shared it with Yoongi, all the secrets they whispered to each other, and how Hoseok used all those secrets to lash out.

He knew Yoongi wasn’t trying to hurt him. But that’s always been the problem. Yoongi’s really honest. He’s too honest. He says things and he thinks it’s good, but he doesn’t realize how much the truth can hurt people.

Usually, if a couple were talking about a new shirt it’d go something like

Person A: I got a new shirt! I love it! Isn’t it great???

And maybe Person B doesn’t really like the shirt, but they can see how excited Person A is so-

Person B: Yeah, babe! You look great.

But that’s not really how things go with Yoongi. It was usually-

Hoseok: I got a new shirt! I love it! Isn’t it great???

Yoongi: Don’t you think the pattern is a little loud?

And then Hoseok would get quiet and he’d see the twinge of regret in Yoongi’s eye and he’d laugh it off.

Hoseok: Haha! You’re right, you know me and my patterns.

And Yoongi would wait a second before relaxing and letting it go.

For a long time, Hoseok thought Yoongi was being cruel.

But he realized that’s not what it was at all.

Yoongi didn’t like lying, especially not to people he cared about. If he was blunt about his opinion on a crazy shirt, it’s cause he was honestly trying to help Hoseok look as good as possible. It’s cause he couldn’t look someone in the eye and lie to them.

It was always small things and Hoseok always wished he would just lie.

But Yoongi’s honesty also gave them their best moments because even if Yoongi just tilted his mouth up to Hoseok’s ear and whispered, “You look beautiful” Hoseok knew he meant it. Like really, really, truly meant it.

It was just hard to hear Yoongi say he ‘couldn’t access’ his love for Hoseok.

And Hoseok wants to be glad. He wants to be glad that Yoongi was honest with him. But he’d been waiting for Yoongi to love him for two years and it only took about 3 months for him to fall out of love again.

It just hurt to think of himself as so forgettable.

And he wanted Yoongi to hurt too.

Because through all of this, Yoongi seemed so put together. He seemed so quick to pick himself up and move on.

Sure, Hoseok knows Yoongi keeps a lot of what he feels locked inside, but just for once he wanted Yoongi to feel something really strongly for him. Even if it was hatred.

Hoseok would rather be hated by Yoongi than forgotten by him.

But more than that, he wants to be loved by him.


Hoseok spends the next few days alone.

He drives.

He teaches dance class.

He sleeps.

He thinks about finding Joanne and talking to her, yelling at her. If it weren’t for her, he and Yoongi wouldn’t have had so many obstacles to climb over to reach each other.

Hoseok had never dealt well with negative emotions. He prefered to be bubbly, especially around other people.

He didn’t like looks of pity.

His name is Hope. He doesn’t like being anything less than that.

So he keeps to himself to drown in his misery.

Jungkook stumbles into their shared room a few times and glances at Hoseok, but knows better than to try to talk to him right now.

Hoseok has a tell and Jungkook learned pretty quickly to leave him alone at times like this. Hoseok lashes out a lot when people try to talk to him when he’s like this and he’d spent a week apologizing to Jungkook for what he said when he snapped at him.

It’s the second night after the pity party started and Hoseok hears Jungkook tossing and turning.

Finally, Jungkook gets up and stands near the bed. “Hyung.”

The word sounds odd in Jungkook’s voice.

Hoseok just opens his eyes.

Jungkook kicks the bed lightly. “Let me stay with you.”

Hoseok’s frown deepens. “Go stay with Yoon-”

“I want to stay with you.” Jungkook hesitates before bringing a fist to his cheek and pouting out his lips. “I had a nightmare about a-”

“Do not. You’re not cute.”

Jungkook keeps pouting and wiggling.

Hoseok watches him, resolve crumbling.

Jungkook lowers his hands and looks at Hoseok seriously. “홒개.”

Hoseok blinks. “전개.”

Jungkook smiles and pushes himself under the blankets.

Hoseok curses lightly. “Why are you so hot?”

Jungkook sits up, looking down at him with his eyebrows raised.

Hoseok slaps him. “No, you’re like a space heater. God, you’re egotistical.”

Jungkook cuddles against Hoseok shamelessly. “Everyone thinks I’m hot.”

Hoseok snorts. “If you’re everyone, then yeah.”

Hoseok lets his arms fall around Jungkook.

He remembers when Jimin was here and he told him that he and Yoongi kind of have shared custody over Jungkook.

Hoseok holds Jungkook tightly.

He knows Yoongi used to have a crush on him.

He tries not to think about how Jungkook is just one more person that Yoongi loves more than him.


“Yoongi, you have to sleep.”

Yoongi’s so pale he looks transparent. He clutches a mug of coffee like a lifeline and he’s still wearing the same clothes that Jimin picked him up from the cafe in.

It’s been two days.

Jimin crosses his arms. “You have to go to work. But mostly you have to sleep. And shower.”

Yoongi mumbles but Jimin can hear that it’s some snide comment about calling Jimin his mom.

Jimin knows why Yoongi hasn’t been sleeping.

He knows Yoongi’s been trying but every time he closes his eyes, it hits him all over again and he starts crying uncontrollably.

Jimin tries another tactic. “When’s the last time you called your mom?”

Yoongi shrugs noncommittally as he scrolls through his phone.

Jimin sighs. “Okay, final argument. If you’re not going to let me take care of you, go home. But I know you won’t cause I know you want me to take care of you. So just save me the time and help me do that?”

Yoongi locks his phone, teeth grinding together. “I can’t.” Jimin keeps himself from saying something snide and lets Yoongi continue. “Hoseok’s under the impression that- He thinks that you-”

Jimin’s not following. He wants to, but he’s not sure what Yoongi’s getting at.

“He thinks I love you more than him.”

Jimin feels that from his head to his toes. “Oh.”

It’s quiet for a long time as neither of them speak.

Jimin tries to speak practically even though his heart is beating out of his chest. “Um, do you agree with him?”

Yoongi finally looks up at where Jimin is standing.

Yoongi cuddles further into the couch cushions. “I think that you’re… easier to love.” Yoongi pauses, slapping his hand over his face. “Not that Hoseok is hard to love. Fuck.”

Jimin sputters a laugh. Yoongi scowls at him. Jimin shakes his head. “I don’t think you guys can talk to each other. Like… I think you really need an interpreter.” Jimin’s tone goes serious. “Me and Tae shouldn’t have let you go out alone together. We should’ve been there to help.” Jimin’s eyes go unfocused as he thinks.

Yoongi watches him and feels a spark of hope burn in his chest.

He still hasn’t told Jimin about his fears that he can’t love more than one person at a time, but the thought that Jimin and Tae can help hold him and Hoseok together is a logical connection between the four of them that brings peace to Yoongi’s state of mind.

Jimin suddenly sighs heavily and Yoongi snaps out of his thoughts. “That’s why you won’t kiss me?”

Yoongi rewinds for a moment after getting lost in thought.

Jimin walks over and kicks Yoongi’s foot lightly. “You feel guilty for… feeling for me.”

Yoongi can’t look up. Jimin sits on the couch beside him. “I hadn’t really thought about it like this, but Hoseok was right. He said… Jimin ah, Hoseok was the one who put me back together after Joanne. I was cruel to him and I was complicated and weak and he saw through it and he fought for me. And now I’m done with her and… and I went to you.”

Jimin stares at Yoongi for a long time. Long enough that Yoongi actually looks up to see Jimin looking confused.

Yoongi hesitates. “What?”

Jimin opens his mouth and closes it again. “What do you mean you went to me?”

Yoongi’s eyes waver. “When… when I slept with Tae.”

Jimin narrows his eyes. “Yoongi, you didn’t go to me. Or Tae.”

Yoongi stares back at Jimin like he’s crazy. “What? I- Jimin, I literally slept with Tae. I don’t think you can talk your way out of-”

“Who did you call?”

Yoongi cuts off as Jimin interrupts him. “What?”

Jimin’s eyes are severe. “You walked into our apartment and you pushed past me and what did you do? What was the first thing you did?”

Yoongi stutters. “...say hello?”

Jimin snorts. “Nope. You definitely forgot that part.”

“I don’t know? Breathed?”

Jimin hits Yoongi’s arm lightly. “You told us to call Hoseok.”

Yoongi’s not following. “Yeah, to make sure it was okay to be with you guys.”

Jimin slaps him harder. “That’s not what it was!”

Yoongi hits Jimin back lightly. “I think I know what I was thinking, Jimin ah!”

“Clearly you don’t.”

“What are you getting at?”

“Hoseok was the one that talked us through how to help you. You knew that. You knew Hoseok was the only one who could help and you were scared that if you went to him, you’d hurt him by asking for sex before trying to talk through things. So you went to us. I thought you did all that on purpose.”

Yoongi’s mouth hangs slightly ajar.

Jimin reaches over and pushes his mouth closed, keeping his hand on Yoongi’s face to draw patterns onto Yoongi’s cheek with his thumb. “You’re an idiot.”

Jimin lets Yoongi stare at him.

He smirks. “I think you should go on a date with Tae and Hobi.”

Yoongi reels back. “What?!”

Jimin nods. “I don’t think I should be there.”

Yoongi’s hand snakes out and grabs Jimin’s hand tightly. “I think that sounds like a terrible idea.”

Jimin shakes his head. “No, I think it’d be good. If I go with you and Hobi, it’ll turn into a power struggle. Based on what you said, he might feel competitive for your attention if I’m the one there. So I think you and Tae should go.”

Yoongi stares hard at Jimin. “You’re saying me and Hoseok, who have mastered the art of misunderstanding each other, should be mediated by Taehyung who literally just reaches out to touch people if he can’t find the right words?”

Jimin smiles and nods. “You underestimate Taetae. Why do you think me and him have been together so long? We talk, Yoongi. And we listen to each other. He can help.”


It’s a week after the incident that Jimin finally rounds them all up.

He stands in front of the couch and looks first at Yoongi on the left, Tae in the middle, and Hoseok on the right.

Yoongi and Hoseok have their arms crossed childishly.

Jimin only talks to Tae. “Referee mode?”

Tae pretends to turn a knob on his arm. “Activated.”

Jimin sighs. “Don’t let them hurt each other again.”

Tae puts his hand over his heart. “If they start saying crazy things, I’ll kiss them to shut them up.”

Jimin smiles. “Good.”

He glances at Hoseok and then holds Yoongi’s gaze for a long time, trying to instill some kind of advice that Yoongi thinks he understands as if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all because Jimin made him rewatch Bambi just for that line.

Jimin nods, mostly to himself. “Okay. Well… I’m gonna go hang out with Jin.” A whine escapes Yoongi’s lips and he tries to cover his mouth. “We’re just friends, Yoongi.”

Yoongi can’t help himself. “You’re gonna spend the night with him.”

“Yeah, probably.”

Yoongi can feel everyone’s eyes on him.

He knows everyone can feel how jealous he is. They all know he shouldn’t be. Jimin’s telling the truth. He and Jin are just friends.

But Yoongi also knows that their friendship involves kissing sometimes.

Yoongi looks at Tae and sees that he’s not bothered.

He tries to follow Tae’s example. “Fine. See you later.”

Jimin looks at them all one last time, warmth bursting in his chest. His boys.

Jimin’s voice is low and soft as he makes eye contact with each of them. “Bye, babes.”

Hoseok’s eyes go wide at the affection thrown at him.

Then Jimin’s out the door.

Tae rubs his hands together. “Okay. I’m gonna get my whistle.”


Tae expected yelling.

He expected yelling and crying and lashing out.

He didn’t expect silence.

Tae tosses the whistle in the air while he waits for one of them to say something.

Hoseok glances at him. “I didn’t think you were really going to get a whistle. Why do you have a whistle?”

Tae throws him a look. “Do you expect me to fall off a door and drown after letting go of Jack? Of course I have a whistle.”

Yoongi sputters out a laugh but coughs to hide it.

Tae stares between both of them and gives in.

He tries to start the conversation. “Jimin and I think you both said things you didn’t mean.”

Hoseok mumbles. “Yoongi always says what he means.”

“That’s not true.” Tae and Hoseok spin to look at Yoongi. Yoongi cowers under the weight of their stares. “I- it’s different to say what you’re thinking and to say what you mean. I’m really bad at that.”

Tae glances between them and cuts in. “Yeah, I do that too. I’ll just blurt out whatever’s on my mind and Jimin has to slap me and tell me to shut up.”

Yoongi offers a small smile to Tae. “Yeah.”

Hoseok glances between them. “So… what, you lied?”

Yoongi swallows. “Well… no.”

Hoseok rubs his palms over his eyes.

Yoongi opens his mouth but Tae shakes his head. “Hope-ie, you know how like… like you see one piece of a puzzle and you can’t tell what it is and maybe you think, wow this is ugly. But then the picture comes together and it’s beautiful?”

Hoseok furrows his eyebrows as he looks up. Yoongi’s not sure it’s the best metaphor either, but he lets Tae talk. “So you’re saying Yoongi just talks shit about pieces of me, but loves the whole picture.”

Tae frowns. “No. I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying that Yoongi and I tend to share our thoughts about small details, but we have a harder time expressing our feelings about the big picture.”

Yoongi hums.

Hoseok looks at him. “Why did you use that metaphor?”

Tae shrugs. “I thought it made sense.”

Hoseok doesn’t take his eyes off Yoongi. “So if that day at the cafe was you expressing your opinion about small details, then what… what did you actually mean?”

Tae lets Yoongi take that one.

Yoongi clears his throat. “I’m confused, Hope ah. You- you've been my best friend for two years. You've... been my only friend for two years. And I hurt you. And I'm. Im scared to be around you cause what if I do it again and then every time I am around you, I do! I just keep hurting you and it's like I can't stop myself.” He gestures at his heart. “There’s a lot changing for me right now and you seem to be able to take this all in stride-”

“What?!” Hoseok cuts in and Tae tries to let Yoongi continue, but Hoseok- “You’re the one taking it in stride.”

Yoongi looks up at him, confused. “No, I’m not.”

Tae waves his arms. “Okay, okay, wait. Yoongi, finish what you were saying.”

Yoongi glances at Tae. “Uh, I don’t know.”

Tae prods him on. “About how there’s a lot changing for you right now.”

Yoongi swallows. “Oh.” He holds Hoseok’s gaze and glances at Tae for a moment before looking back.

Hoseok holds his hands up. “I think you should tell him.”

Tae looks between them. “Tell me what.”

Yoongi frowns as Hoseok waits. “I-” Yoongi cuts himself off. “I don’t know if now is the time, Hope ah.”

Hoseok raises his eyebrows. “What, cause Jimin’s not here?”

The words are a knife in Yoongi’s chest.

Tae pushes Hoseok’s shoulder lightly.

Hoseok glances at Tae and takes a breath. “Sorry.”

Yoongi grinds his teeth but manages to stammer out a response. “You’re… not wrong. I do feel weird talking about it… without him here.” Yoongi swallows. “But I also felt weird talking about it without you there.”

Hoseok feels the tension drain from his shoulders.

He’s… he’s such an idiot. He’s been mad about Yoongi ignoring him all this time, but… Yoongi did reach out to him. Yoongi did need him. He just didn’t say it the way Tae or Jimin would.

Tae lets the mood settle. “So… tell me what?”

Hoseok looks down at his hands. “We can wait for Jimin.”

Yoongi waits for Hoseok to look up at him. “Thank you.”

Hoseok nods quietly.

Yoongi sighs lightly. He changes the topic, his voice going soft. “Taetae, I’m scared I can’t love like you do.” He swallows, explaining further before Tae can ask. “I don’t know if I can love more than one person at a time.”

Tae tilts his head. “You don’t have to.”

Yoongi’s head snaps up. Hoseok’s head whips to look at Tae too.

They speak at the same time. “What?”

Tae looks between them, confused that they’re confused. “Did you all forget what Jimin said? About relationships? We’ll be whatever we need to be for each other for it to work. I mean, I think we’re trying to all love each other but… that might never happen.”

The room goes quiet.

Yoongi shakes his head. “But that’s not fair. If we’re all une-”

“It’s fair.” Tae cuts in. “Guys, all we need is patience, compassion, and trust. The rest is details. We don’t need to kiss, we don’t need to have sex, we don’t need any of that. We can be together and not all be deeply in love with each other.” Tae looks at the two of them again. “Have… have you guys been trying to push yourselves to be in love with all of us?”

Yoongi and Hoseok respond too quickly. “No.”

Tae sighs heavily. “There should be a tutorial video for this.” He pauses, thinking. “Okay so… I guess, on that topic. What do you guys want to be for each other then? It… sort of seems like you want to get back together but would you be happy just being friends?”

Yoongi and Hoseok look at each other.

Hoseok shrugs. “I don’t know.”

Tae smiles. “Maybe you guys can try?”

Yoongi stares at Hoseok carefully. “Can I ask a question?”

Tae nods vigorously. “Yes, please do.”

Yoongi looks at Tae. “How are you not upset that Jimin is with Jin right now?”

Tae smiles widely. “Cause he’s not with Jin. He just said that to see how you’d react. He went for a walk.”

Hoseok’s blushing. “Every time I see Jin at home, I feel terrible.”

Yoongi throws him a look. “Why?”

Hoseok squirms. “I’m in the process of trying to steal his boyfriend???”

Tae shakes his head. “Jimin and Jin were never boyfriends. They at most just dated. They were never exclusive or anything.”

Yoongi tsks. “Okay, but they boned.”

Hoseok whines. “They what?!”

Yoongi nods, looking away. “That night we uh, fought at your place. I went downstairs and they had sex hair.”

Hoseok drops his head in his hands. “Oh my god, Jimin, why.”

Tae looks between them. “Does it matter to you guys who we’ve been with?”

Hoseok picks his head up. “If I live with them, yes!”

Tae purses his lips.

Yoongi catches it. “What.”

Tae shakes his head.

Hoseok catches on. “What? Who did you sleep with?”

Tae shrugs. “No one. It’s not important right now.”

Yoongi and Tae have a silent conversation.

Tae sighs heavily. “I… may have gotten really drunk at a USC party once.”

Yoongi wrinkles his nose while Hoseok squirms. “Oh my god, Tae. Jungkook is like my child.”

Yoongi cuts him off. “Okay, firstly, tell Jimin to get his ass back here so we can talk. Secondly, and it's a long story. I'll explain it all some other time, but Kook and I made out like a month ago.”

Hoseok clenches his hand over his heart. “Is nothing sacred?!”


Jimin’s all braced to be upset when he comes back, but he makes note of the relaxed atmosphere and releases the tension he stored up. “Hey.”

Tae smiles widely, Yoongi nods, Hoseok waves.

Jimin walks over and sits on the coffee table in front of them. “So… what’s the status report?”

Tae shrugs. “They were trying too hard.”

Jimin’s voice is pure sarcasm. “Shocking.”

Tae giggles and leans forward to peck Jimin on the lips casually. He settles back against the couch. “Yoongi has some sort of news, I think.”

Jimin raises an eyebrow. “Oh?”

Hoseok blurts out, “I know already.” They all look at him.

Tae smiles. “Yeah, babe. You’re important to him. It makes sense he’d tell you first.”

Hoseok blushes as he makes eye contact with Yoongi.

Yoongi surprises him by not looking away. There’s something fierce in the way Yoongi holds Hoseok’s gaze. Like he’s trying to prove exactly what Tae said is true.

Hoseok lets the intensity of it warm his heart.

Yoongi relays his story about seeing Joanne two weeks ago.

By the time he’s done, Tae is looking at Jimin, waiting.

Jimin’s blushing and trying to ignore him.

Tae kicks Jimin’s foot. “Now’s the time, Chriscross.”

Jimin’s face is red. “No, it’s too much pressure.”

Hoseok looks between them. “What are you two talking about?”

Tae turns to Hoseok. “Remember when we were talking about all this sub dom stuff and I started laughing and Jimin didn’t wanna say… something.” Jimin’s staring Tae down. “Well I think now is the time to say it.”

Yoongi toys with them. “Aren’t you guys the ones pushing us to communicate?”

Tae smirks as Jimin groans. “I just think it’s too soon.”

Tae scoots forward and grabs Jimin’s hands in his, whipping them around. “Tell them.” Tae reads the reluctance in Jimin’s eyes. “Chriscross, listen. You heard everything he said just now, right? He conquered one of his fears. But don’t you think there’s a way you can help him even more?”

Jimin watches Tae, trying to decide if he’s right or not.

Tae keeps talking. “I’m not forcing you to say or do anything. I just really think it would help to give him the option.”

Jimin looks between Hoseok and Yoongi.

He sighs heavily. “One second.”


He drags Tae into his room. With the door closed, he whispers. “Don’t you think it’s a heavy weight to put on Yoongi?”

Tae shakes his head. “If anything I think it’d take the weight off of him.”

Jimin shakes his head. “No, not- Tae, you realize how much I have in common with Joanne, right?”

The excited energy fades from Tae in a heartbeat. “Oh.”

Jimin shrugs, running a hand through his hair. “I’m just… worried it’ll scare him. If he sees too much of her in me.”

Tae shakes his head furiously, hair whipping at the motion. “You’re too gentle for him to think that of you.”

Jimin frowns. “He’s confused, Taetae. I can’t put this on him.”

Tae takes a breath. “I hear you, I do. But also… think about after. Think about how you could help him to see everything differently. Yeah, he might be scared at first. But you’ll be there to keep him calm and to make sure he knows everything is okay and he’ll finally be able to feel safe again. Baby, you’re the only one I can think of you could do that for him.”

Jimin whines softly.

Tae smiles. “He’s not gonna be scared of you. And if he is, we’ll show him there’s nothing to be scared of.”

Jimin looks at Tae for a long time. “Okay. Go back out there and tell Hobi to come here. I wanna ask him first.”

Tae nods. “You’re so smart, baby.”

Jimin rolls his eyes and pushes Tae out of his room. He hears Tae sing song tell Hoseok to go to Jimin’s room.

Jimin waits and then Hoseok walks in.

Hoseok closes the door behind him. “What’s up?”

Jimin just blurts it out. “I’m a dom. Or, well not. I like doing it. Not all the time.”

Hoseok blinks.

He sputters a laugh.

Jimin frowns.

Hoseok clears his throat. “Sorry. I just- it’s really um… ironic. Is ironic the right word?”

Jimin’s frown stays in place. “Yeah, I think ironic is the right word.”

Hoseok reins back his shock. “Uh, so… why are you telling me befo- oh.” Jimin sees Hoseok looks him up and down. “Oh.”

Jimin shuffles nervously. “Please tell me I don’t look like her.”

Hoseok shakes his head. “No, no you look nothing like her.”

Jimin narrows his eyes.

Hoseok holds up one hand. “I swear, you don’t. She has a really long face like mine. And you know, there’s the whole, she’s white thing.”

Jimin lets out a breath. “Do you think I should tell him?”

Hoseok thinks about that for a second and then collapses onto Jimin’s bed. “That’s… a tough call. Yoongi values honestly but… I get that it’s a lot to put on him so close to him trying to put his past behind him.”

Jimin scoffs. “Well it’s not like he doesn’t know I’m keeping something from him.” Jimin gestures vaguely toward the living room.

Hoseok frowns. “True.” Hoseok licks his lips and sits up. “Okay, I say give it another week or two. We’ll see how he is by then.”

Jimin’s expression changes.

Hoseok looks at him nervously. “What?”

Jimin smiles softly. “Optimism comes so naturally to you.”

Hoseok tilts his head. “What do you mean?”

Jimin scoffs. “You’ve been in a fight with Yoongi all week and now you’re talking about how we should keep an eye on him and continue this conversation in two weeks.”

Hoseok turns red. “I- Yoongi’s been in my life so long, it wouldn’t make sense for him to be gone in the span of two weeks.”

Jimin smiles sadly. “Well that’s life, isn’t it? We can’t predict those things.”

Hoseok frowns. “I guess.” Hoseok narrows his eyes at Jimin. “You’re a lot more cynical than you look.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Call it realistic.”

Hoseok sighs heavily. “No wonder Yoongi likes you so much. You speak his dumb logic language.”

Jimin smiles, confused. “What?”

Hoseok shrugs. “Yoongi has to logic everything out and look at all the worst case scenarios. Isn’t that what you just did?”

Jimin laughs softly. “I guess.”

Hoseok looks at Jimin. “This isn’t the first time we’ve teamed up to help Yoongi.”

Jimin nods. “We’re pretty good at it.”

Hoseok nods to himself. “Yeah.”

Jimin holds out his hands. “Come here, let me hug you.”

Hoseok tsks. “What, no kiss?”

Jimin hums a negative. “Not right now.”

Hoseok forgets for a second how much shorter Jimin is.

He stands so tall, it’s easy to forget his stature is smaller than his soul.

They hold there for awhile and Hoseok feels all that dumb anger and jealousy melt away. “Thank you. For being there for him through all of this. Thank you for understanding him in ways I couldn’t.”

Jimin laughs softly. “Right back at you.”


Jimin and Hoseok walk out of the room holding hands and blushing softly as they test out how it feels.

The mood is abruptly ruined as they realize what’s been going on in the living room.

Yoongi’s shirt is on the floor and Tae is straddling him on the couch, holding Yoongi’s arms down over his head as their lips connect.

“Um.” Jimin doesn’t feel the need to look away even though the sight of it brings him back to the other night and his vision might be blurring a little just thinking about it.

Tae hums a response and Jimin frowns.

Hoseok glances at Jimin. “What, you understood that?”

Jimin nods once. “Yeah, he said hold on.” Jimin crosses his arms.

Hoseok looks away awkwardly.

Jimin puts his hand on the small of Hoseok’s back. “They don’t mind if you want to watch.”

Hoseok sputters out an awkward laugh. “It’s just… kind of surprising.”

Tae detaches his lips from Yoongi’s to kiss down his chest. “Jimin, why are you so grumpy lately.”

Jimin rolls his eyes as Yoongi pants. “Maybe cause all my favs are being problematic.”

Tae glares at him a moment. “I hate when you use memes to win arguments.”

Jimin just makes a face at him.

Tae sits up and puts all his weight on Yoongi’s hips.

Yoongi whines as Tae lets go of his wrists.

Tae looks at Jimin pointedly.

Jimin moves across the room to pick up Yoongi’s shirt and throw it at him.

He pushes Tae. “Get off him.”

Hoseok takes half a step forward as Jimin chastises Tae softly.

Hoseok waits for Yoongi to look at him.

He moves over and sits next to him on the couch. Yoongi sits up.

They watch each other, unaware that Tae and Jimin have gone silent.

Yoongi says it first. “I’m sorry.”

Hoseok smiles and shakes his head. “No, I’m sorry. We both-” Hoseok sighs, looking to Tae and Jimin who look like deer in the headlights when Yoongi turns to them too. “We need them.”

The words hang in the air and no one can think of anything to say after that.

Chapter Text

It’s only 2pm and none of them work today.

So they’re all sitting on the couch…  waiting to see if one of them will mess everything up.

Yoongi tries to think of a way to pull his shirt on in a way that no one will notice him do it, cause he knows what’ll happen if they see him.

He sighs to himself and moves to put his shirt on.

Tae whines. “No, don’t!”

Yoongi tugs his shirt over him and scowls at Tae. Tae scowls back. “You’re too thirsty for someone who’s probably getting it every night.”

Hoseok snorts. “Yeah if anyone’s gonna be that thirsty it should be… us.”

He hesitates at grouping himself in with Yoongi.

He quickly changes the topic. “But probably not every night though.”

Tae shrugs, smirking at Jimin. “Maybe not all the way every night but… we do our best.”

Jimin hums, nonplussed. “Every night, every day. Whatever works in our schedules.”

Hoseok narrows his eyes. “You’re joking.”

Yoongi huffs. “I really wouldn’t be surprised if they fucked twice a day or more.”

Jimin laughs at Hoseok’s face. “It’s more fun to rile him up and leave him anxious all day long.”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “We’d fuck multiple times a day sometimes.”

Hoseok tsks. “That doesn’t count. That was only ever after fights cause you wanted to fuck your way and then I wanted to fuck my way and then we’d find some kind of compromise before going back to normal.”

Tae’s eyebrows shoot up. “Four times in one day?!”

Yoongi shakes his head. “Nah, over a couple of days. I think at most twice.”

Hoseok sighs. “I think we might’ve done three once.”

Jimin pets Tae’s hair. “What was our record? I can’t remember. We used to lie so much that I don’t remember what the real number was. I wanna say eight?”

“EIGHT?!” Hoseok practically squeaks.

Tae shrugs. “I’d believe eight.”

Hoseok drops his jaw. “Okay, but you had to have a third for… eight? Both of you? Eight times? Each?”

“Yup.” Tae pops the p. “And no we didn’t have a second. Just a lot of endurance. It was like a marathon.” Tae’s eyes go hooded. “A very sexy marathon.”

Jimin snorts. “Tae’s insatiable.”

Tae scoffs loudly. “Do not try to pawn this off on me. You’re the real trouble.”

Mischief shines in Jimin’s eyes. “What ever do you mean? I am an innocent flower.”

Yoongi laughs at that one.

Hoseok sighs heavily suddenly. “Why is it so much easier to talk about sex?”

Jimin shrugs. “Cause we’re men.”

Yoongi throws a look at him. “Speak for yourself. I’m a fully functional human in no need of gender roles.”

Tae’s voice goes whisper quiet as he “Oooooooooh”s.

Jimin tsks. “And you say I’m the most LA one out here.”

Tae “Oooh”s loudy and Hoseok joins in.

Yoongi just shrugs. “If the face lift fits.”

Tae and Hobi loudly scream “OOOOOOOOOH.”

Jimin puts his hands on his cheeks with a frown. “That was harsh.”

Yoongi tsks. “I can tell you haven’t had work done. You’re too gorgeous to have had human hands reshape you.”

The room goes quiet.

Tae breaks the silence. “Fuck, that was smooth.”

Yoongi shrugs. “And I haven’t even been properly courted yet.”

Jimin pouts. “And who’s fault is that?”

Hoseok cuts in. “Are you guys always like this?”

Tae rolls his eyes. “Half their texts are disses.”

Jimin’s jaw drops. “You said you didn’t read them!”

“I thought you knew I always lied about that. I can’t just know your passcode and not use it for evil.”

Jimin opens his mouth to respond, but stops himself with a sigh. “Anyway. Tae, what are you thinking about all this?”

Tae tilts his head, “About what?”

Jimin points at Yoongi and Hoseok. “These two. What do you want from them?”

Tae hums. “Well I’d like to fuck both of them. Again.” Jimin narrows his eyes. “I dunno, I just want them to be happy. I’ll be whatever makes them happy to be with us.”

Jimin smiles softly as brushes his fingers through Tae’s hair. “Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Tae leans in to capture Jimin’s lips slowly, intimately.

Tae kisses his nose once before sitting back up. “We’ve gotta help them decide what they want, though. They’re disasters.”

Yoongi and Hoseok are the ones who look like deer in the headlights now.

Yoongi stutters. “I- I’m not a disaster.”

Jimin snorts. “Yeah, okay.”

Chapter Text

They spend the rest of the day just trying to be comfortable sharing a space.

Jimin’s holding Yoongi’s hand when he stands up. “Wanna make something?”

Yoongi throws him a look. “I’m gonna need a more specific version of that question. Are we talking poems, babies?”

Jimin’s expression melts into exhaustion. “Food. Do you want to cook with me?”

Yoongi straightens up. “Oh. Yeah. Sure.”

Tae glares at them as they walk to the kitchen. “You two are too soft to be dating me.”

Yoongi holds up his middle finger behind him as he walks with Jimin.

Tae calls out, “Can we have breakfast for dinner???”

Before Jimin or Yoongi can even answer, Hoseok has a suggestion as well, “PANCAKES!!!”

In the kitchen, Jimin smiles softly as Yoongi tries and fails to look annoyed.

Jimin walks toward him so they’re toe to toe, tickling his chin with one finger. “You wanna make them happy?”

Yoongi nods so small that Jimin might not have noticed if he wasn’t touching him.

Jimin swallows. “Can I kiss you?”

Somehow Yoongi’s nod gets smaller.

Their lips move together, but there’s no tongue.

It’s hesitant, Jimin can feel Yoongi’s fear.

Jimin pulls away, knowing that Hoseok and Tae can’t see them right now.

Jimin presses a kiss to Yoongi’s jaw before calling out. “Hobi hyung!”

Yoongi flinches.

Jimin kisses his neck.

They hear Hoseok shout a “Yeah?”

“Can I kiss him?”

Jimin stares into Yoongi’s eyes.

The pause after the question is way longer than is healthy for Yoongi’s heart.

They hear some hushed whispering and the sound of a slap followed by Hoseok saying ow.

Hoseok clears his throat. “Yeah, of course you can.”

Jimin presses his lips together to keep from laughing. He takes a breath. “Thank you!”

Hoseok hesitates. “Y- you’re welcome?”

Jimin giggles lightly, but Yoongi can’t find it in him to laugh. “It’s not that simple.”

Jimin’s smile flickers, his hands clasp behind Yoongi’s neck. “It is.”

Yoongi shakes his head. “I want it to be.” His hands are in fists at his side.

Jimin takes slow breaths. He licks his lips and settles on a decision. “I speak Tae’s language. Maybe not fluently, but I get it. Touch me. Talk to me.”

Yoongi sighs. “That’s just giving you what you want.”

Jimin’s brow twitches as anger flares up. “No, Yoongi. It’s what you want but you won’t let yourself have.” He pushes away for a moment. “Listen to me, okay? Really listen.”

Jimin points towards where the living room is. “I can’t help you with him if you don’t let me help with you first. This is a team sport and you’re trying to play alone. So what if you and I work it out first? That makes it easier. But you’re sitting here guilt tripping yourself about Hobi and you- you’re pushing me away so hard it hurts. But I understand. So I haven’t said anything. But I can’t keep standing in front of you and watch you look at me with guilt in your eyes. That’s not who I want to be to you. If you want this to work with him, with Tae too. Let this part be easy. Let us be easy.”

He pauses, watches Yoongi.

Yoongi seems to calm a little, but he doesn’t move to touch Jimin. He tries one more thing. “Tae and Hobi have been dating for weeks, Yoongi. I’ve been waiting. I’ve been waiting for you to let me l- want you. I’ve been waiting for you to let me want Hoseok. I can’t keep waiting.”

Yoongi’s arm raises so hesitantly it shakes.

His fingers clutch at Jimin’s hip. Yoongi’s voice is weak. “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

Jimin mumbles softly. “I know you don’t, but include yourself in that statement too, okay? We all want you to be happy. Let yourself be happy.”

Yoongi lets his other hand slide through Jimin’s hair.

Jimin can see the war raging behind Yoongi’s eyes.

He lets Yoongi be the one to lean in again.

He lets Yoongi lead.

It’s slow.

It’s only their second time kissing.

Jimin feels Yoongi take a shaky deep breath, feels the air pull from his mouth.

And then go steady.

Then Yoongi’s kissing him. Really kissing him.

Jimin feels Yoongi’s whole body start to relax, but he’s still tense. Jimin has a feeling he knows what would help, but he doesn’t want to be too pushy.

He moves as gently as possible, stepping Yoongi back against the wall and then presses into him, caging him against the wall and holding him steady.

Yoongi relaxes and Jimin pretends it was a coincidence.

They kiss awhile longer, Jimin grabs Yoongi’s wrists. Then Yoongi’s head snaps back and knocks against the wall.

His eyes are wide. “Are you dom-ing me right now?”

Jimin’s mouth goes dry. “Wh- what? No.”

Yoongi’s eyes wander around Jimin’s face. “Oh my god, you are.”

Jimin swallows. “I just… thought it… might help.”

Yoongi’s face is blank. His voice monotone. “It… did.”

Jimin coughs. “Okay.”

Yoongi hesitates, watching Jimin’s face still. “...okay.”

Jimin steps back. “ breakfast. For dinner.”

Yoongi’s face is still blank.

Jimin shuffles nervously. “Yoongi…? Did you still wanna cook?”

Yoongi seems to decide something behind his eyes, but Jimin’s not sure what it was. Yoongi nods, almost to himself. “Yeah.” Yoongi pulls out his phone. “Pancakes. I have Hobi’s favorite recipe saved as a bookmark.” Yoongi moves as he talks, walking back up to Jimin and then turning. He pulls Jimin’s arm around him so Jimin back hugs him while he looks at his phone.

Jimin’s eyes go wide for a moment, before slowly settling his head on Yoongi’s shoulder. “You… have it saved?”

Yoongi hums.

Jimin presses his lips to Yoongi’s neck. “That’s soft.”

“I know.”

Tae peaks his head into the kitchen with a wide grin and then frowns. “I thought you guys would be fucking by now.” Jimin opens his mouth to argue, but Tae keeps talking. “Anyway, I came to suggest kimchi pancakes.”

Yoongi looks up with a frown. “But Hobi wants-”

Hoseok peaks his head in as well. “Both?” His smile is so wide it’s practically blinding.

Hoseok and Tae stand in front of them with smiles.

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “No, we’re only making one.”


An hour later, Yoongi’s serving two plates of breakfast pancakes and kimchi pancakes.

Jimin wouldn’t let Yoongi move more than an inch away from him the whole time and Yoongi has nothing to complain about.

Even sitting down, Jimin has one leg thrown awkwardly and possessively over Yoongi’s lap.

Hoseok and Tae both eye them, but don’t say anything.

Yoongi catches them staring. “Eat your pancakes.”

Tae swallows with an innocent grin. <They’re delicious, hyung.>

Yoongi mumbles down at his food. <I know they are.>

Jimin slaps his arm. “Take a compliment.”

Yoongi shrugs, “That is how I take a compliment.”

Hoseok nods. “Yeah, it’s either sass or nothing.”

Jimin narrows his eyes. “If you don’t have anything nice to say-”

Yoongi narrows his eyes right back, “I said the nice thing to myself.”

Tae hums as he chews with his cheeks as full as a chipmunks. “That’s true, it was a compliment to himself. Self love is important.”

Jimin sighs. “I don’t know why I even try.”

Yoongi’s hand hesitantly falls onto Jimin’s ankle and holds there.

Jimin tries not to blush, but everyone notices.


Three days later, Yoongi throws his keys on the counter while he flips through the mail. He’s about to trash a bunch of ads when one catches his eye.

You’re formally invited…

Yoongi blinks at the envelope. “What the fuck.” He tears it open.

All that’s written inside is a date, a time, and suggested attire.

In really sloppy Korean, it says: I’ll pick you up in more ways than one.

Yoongi sighs heavily. “Park Jimin.”


Chapter Text

Yoongi: oh no i have a work shift on saturday

Jimin: oh please. I have your work schedule more memorized than you do. Dont be late

Yoongi: youre the one picking me up how would i be the late one

Jimin: youd find a way


Yoongi stares at the card again on Saturday morning.

He’s standing in front of his closet and looking at where Jimin had neatly printed “business casual” and then crossed out business to replace it with sexy.

This is stupid.

He and Jimin have technically been on a date and it was fine. And he dressed up a bit.

But it hadn’t officially been a date. Yoongi just… wanted to go to a park? It wasn’t planned?

This on the other hand was… intimidating.

Jimin had been planning this night for at the very least a week if not longer.

Yoongi didn’t want to be the one to fuck it up.

He grabs his favorite jeans and figures anything he wears with those will end up looking sexy by default.


It’s 5pm when his doorbell rings.

Yoongi sighs and opens the door while he’s talking, “I don’t know why you insisted on five, rush hour is going to be hel-”

He cuts himself off as he takes in Jimin’s outfit.

“Are- are those my pants?”

Jimin glances down at Yoongi.

Jimin throws his head back as he laughs and Yoongi has to reach out and catch him so he doesn’t fall over. “Oh my god!”

Yoongi’s mouth slips into a frown. “We are not walking out of here in couple outfits, even if it was an accident.”

Jimin just grabs Yoongi’s hand and tugs him out of the apartment. “Yes we are.”

Yoongi whines and tries to think of excuses. “I- I don’t even have my wallet.”

Jimin throws him a look. “Why would you need your wallet? I’m taking you out.”

Jimin closes the door behind them, locking it as he pulls it shut. Yoongi hesitates. “I don’t have my keys.”

Jimin just counters, “I have a set.”

“I don’t-”

“If you say you don’t have your phone, I will throttle you. You don’t need it.”

Yoongi looks Jimin hard in the eye. “I don’t have my phone.”

Jimin freezes.

The challenge hangs in the air.

He wasn’t expecting Yoongi to call him out on it.

Yoongi doesn't have a chance to blink before his back hits the door, Jimin’s hands on his hips and his mouth hovering millimeters in front of Yoongi’s. “The real throttling will come later.”

Yoongi wants to tease Jimin and say it’s a dumb pick up line, but his mouth is dry and he doesn’t want to risk his voice cracking right now.

Yoongi gently pushes at Jimin’s shoulders and his eyes widen as Jimin responds to the soft motion.

He thinks about when Joanne would get dominant and how she’d cage Yoongi in and not let him go.

Both times Jimin had gotten a little… aggressive with him, all it took was one small action from Yoongi and Jimin backed away.

Jimin seems to catch something in Yoongi’s expression. “You okay?”

Yoongi clears his throat and twines his fingers through Jimin’s. “Yeah. I’m great, Jimin ah.”

Jimin squeezes his hand tightly and leads him downstairs.


Yoongi frowns as Jimin parks in the parking garage. “Remember when I told you I didn’t like the Americana?”

Jimin tsks. “Remember when you were a bitter asshole who didn’t try new things.”

Yoongi goes quiet as they get out of the car and Jimin locks it.

“You’ll like it this time. The Christmas decorations are up.”

Yoongi doesn’t mind being touchy in public, but the Americana is kind of posh. He feels the pressure of all the stares and he’s starting to become resentful of their matching pants. “Jimin ah, I swear to god, I’m going into H&M and buying new pants.”

Jimin sighs heavily. “You’ll forget about it soon.”

“What do you mea-”

They turn the corner.

Frank Sinatra plays softly in the background while the fountains dance.

The sun has already set and the lights are all on.

Yoongi’s staring at the scenery, but Jimin’s staring at Yoongi and the way the lights shine in his eyes.

Jimin smiles softly and mumbles, “Told you.”

Yoongi clears his throat, glancing at Jimin. “The Americana is still tacky.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “The Grove is tacky, the Americana is beautiful.”

Yoongi thinks about defending the Grove, but it’s not like he really ever goes. It’s just closer to Beverly Hills and all the celebs go there for brunch. It’s just one of those cool LA things that Yoongi doesn’t really care about.

The longer he looks around the Americana like this, through Jimin’s eyes, the more he falls in love with him.

Falls in love with it. The Americana.

Yoongi coughs. “So what’s the plan?”

Jimin throws him a look. “Does there have to be a plan?”


“The plan is to enjoy each other's company, make it to our dinner reservation, and then enjoy each other’s company some more. We just happen to have a beautiful backdrop for it.”

Yoongi hums. “So we can’t enjoy each other’s company during the dinner reservation.”

Jimin quickly latches onto the joke. “Right, of course not. You’re only my date until the food gets there. Then I have a very long lasting relationship to tend to and be emotionally and physically satisfied by.”

Yoongi chokes as he laughs. “For someone who eats stupid kinds of food, you really love food.”

Jimin nudges Yoongi with his hip while they walk around the outside mall area. “Healthy food can still be delicious.”

They go quiet and Jimin lets Yoongi breathe in the atmosphere.

He remembers when Hoseok told him that Yoongi doesn’t really like LA.

Jimin was hoping he could show him some of the beauty he still sees in the city.

Yoongi speaks suddenly. “It’s a little cold, don’t you think?”

Jimin blinks. It’s not very cold at all.


Jimin lets go of Yoongi’s hand to wrap his arm around Yoongi’s waist. “Better?”

Yoongi hums.


They don’t talk a lot. Just a soft comment here and there.

It’s very different from his loud dates with Tae, and Jimin’s heart thumps at the thought.

As much as he and Tae have acted romantic and done romantic things, it never felt quite like this.

Yoongi kept looking over at Jimin like he was checking that Jimin was really there.

There was this light in his eyes that came from more than just the Christmas lights.

It was one such moment that they held each other’s eyes and Yoongi’s mouth opened, his voice soft.

Jimin braced himself for emotional turmoil.

Then Yoongi said, “Can I borrow your phone?”

Jimin’s expression hardens immediately. “What?!”

Yoongi flinches, shock filling his expression. “F-for pictures! I’m a photographer, and you look gorgeous. I want to take your picture.”

Jimin clears his throat as he calms himself. “Oh.” He digs his phone out of his pocket. “You really don’t have anything on you?”

Yoongi smirks. “I really don’t. You literally dragged me out of my house.” Yoongi takes the phone and opens the camera.

He sees Yoongi toggle to manual photo mode and laughs to himself.

He holds up the phone, but his eyes glance up from the screen for a moment to look at Jimin. “Remember the first time we did this? And… we were talking about looking through the camera at the viewer?” Jimin nods, hearing something distant in Yoongi’s voice. Yoongi clears his throat. “I want you to look through the camera at me.”

Yoongi’s looking at the camera screen when Jimin’s expression changes. It’s minute, but he feels it from his head to his toes.

He takes a few pictures and notices some people stopping to glance at Jimin.

LA people naturally assume everyone’s a celebrity if they’re in front of a camera of any kind and he can see them trying to think if they know him from somewhere.

He can also tell Jimin feels their attention and he smiles to himself.

Jimin’s gorgeous and he’s good at what he does. They should be staring.

Jimin makes grabby hands at Yoongi and the motion is somehow sultry. “C’mere, take one with me.”

Yoongi tsks. “I can’t share the frame with a model.”

But Yoongi’s walking toward him as he argues. Jimin agrees. “No, you can’t hold your own with a model cause you don’t have training but I’m not asking you to do that. I’m asking you to take a selfie with your boyfriend.”

Yoongi’s right next to Jimin as the word falls from his lips. “Boyfriend?”

Jimin hums happily. “You gonna fight me on that?”

Yoongi shakes his head. “Absolutely not.”

Jimin sighs. “Thank god.”

Jimin grabs the phone from Yoongi’s hand as they lean together, lips meeting in the middle.

Jimin snaps a selfie and Yoongi ignores him, focusing on Jimin’s lips. His boyfriend’s lips.

“Do you want us to take a picture for you?”

Yoongi pulls away and blinks his eyes open to two girls huddled together smiling at them.

Jimin nods excitedly. “Would you?”

They smile warmly. “We had our first date here. Wish we would’ve gotten a picture like this.”

Yoongi’s nervous as the camera points to them and Jimin leans in to capture his lips. “Kissing?”

Jimin laughs. “Yeah, jagi.”

Yoongi’s mouth goes dry at the Korean pet name.

She takes a few pictures for them and they thank her and her girlfriend.

Someone looking on walks over. “Are you two famous?”

Jimin laughs. “Um, I model from time to time, but no not really.”

The guy frowns. “Oh, well you look famous.”

Yoongi’s face is red.

Jimin smiles coyly. “Thank you.”

He walks away.

Jimin kisses Yoongi’s cheek. “Hear that? You look famous.”

Yoongi scoffs. “He was talking about you.”

“He was talking about us.”

Yoongi tugs Jimin down the path awkwardly. “C’mon, we have reservations, right?”

“Jimin ah, this place is expensive.”

Jimin huffs. “Yeah, and this is only happening once. So let’s splurge now, and go to taco bell for our fourth date.”

Yoongi tilts his head as he looks through the menu. “Fourth?”

Jimin hums. “I count the library as our first.”

Yoongi narrows his eyes. “We specifically said it wasn’t.”

“But it was.”

“But I was with-”

“Think about that night and tell me it wasn’t a date.”

“It wasn’t a-”

“Let me have this, Yoongi.”

For a moment, Yoongi feels vertigo hit him.

He’d joke like this with Hoseok, and Hoseok would always let him win.

Jimin was different. Jimin wouldn’t give in so easy. He wouldn’t let Yoongi get away with his jokingly harmful words.

Jimin played along, but he would never allow the jokes to become real.

Jimin’s looking at him as he goes quiet.

Yoongi looks back down at the menu. “Fine, this is our third.”

Jimin smiles happily. “I’m getting wine.”


They talk about when they decided what they wanted to do with their lives, how it felt to pick a passion as a career and fear failure.

They end up mentioning Tae a lot because he was involved in all of Jimin’s high school stories. And everything after that. And before.

Yoongi knew that Tae and Jimin were inseparable, but he never really thought about just how deep that went until now. “You and Tae are kind of the same person.”

Jimin laughs loudly at that, wine glass half empty. “What?”

“No, I’m serious.”

Jimin shakes his head. “Tae and I are nothing alike.”

“I didn’t say that. It’s just… your histories are exactly the same. It’s the whole nature, nurture thing, right? Like you guys were… nurtured in the same memories. It’s your natures that make you different, but you share so much you’re still the same.”

Jimin blinks as that hits him. “I mean… yeah.” He furrows his eyebrows as he shoves some food in his mouth. “I never really tried to put it into words, but yeah, I guess.”

Yoongi hums, thoughtful. “I think… just by the fact that he loves you… even knowing nothing about him, I’d still love him.” Yoongi pauses. “Does that make sense?”

Jimin’s cheeks are pink. “He’s said the same about you.” Yoongi blushes in turn. “You guys are a lot more alike than you seem.”

Yoongi changes the topic, it was getting too deep to talk in public. “Whatever, I’m gonna finish the burrata and then die and go to heaven.”

Jimin smiles with his mouth full.


Once they leave, Yoongi immediately leads them back into the central area with all the decorations. They settle into a table at Laduree and Yoongi gets up and orders himself a coffee. Jimin let him use his card and Yoongi frowns about it, but does it anyway.

He gets them one macaron each.

Jimin frowns at the macarons. “I’m so full, how am I supposed to enjoy that?”

Yoon shrugs, sitting in the chair at the outdoor cafe. “We just sit here for a really long time and talk until after the stores all close and then eat the macarons at like 3am?”

Jimin blinks. “That’s really romantic.”

Yoongi drinks his coffee and tries not to blush again.

Jimin stares at Yoongi.

He thinks of the whirlwind of the last few months and that… no matter how crazy it got, Yoongi was always still and steady in his heart.

He knows things are complicated with all of them. He knows this is only the beginning and they still have a long path ahead.

But there’s one thing shockingly simple in his mind and seeing Yoongi bathed in starlight drinking coffee at a french cafe…

“I love you.”

He expects Yoongi to spit out his coffee or try to play it off.

But Yoongi just holds Jimin’s eyes as he puts his coffee down and reaches across the table to twine his fingers with Jimin’s.

He doesn’t blink as he stares into Jimin’s eyes. “I love you too.”

Jimin looks carefully at Yoongi’s expression, but he doesn’t see any guilt. He doesn’t see any hesitance.

He just sees honesty.

Jimin lets out a small, happy sigh.

Yoongi smiles as he picks up his coffee with his free hand, but it takes him awhile to wipe the grin off his lips before he can drink it.

They listen to the soft music in silence, holding each other’s hands and each other’s hearts.



Jimin sighs as he relays the story to Tae. “Why would I lie about any of that?”

Tae shakes his head. “Go back right now. Go back to his place and fuck him. I can’t believe you actually just dropped him off without even going inside.”

Jimin scoffs. “We didn’t need to! Trust me, he spent the whole night fucking my heart. I’m already overwhelmed as it is.”

Tae sighs heavily. “I can’t believe you two.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “I bet if you can get him back in bed with Hobi, he’ll jump on me the next day.”

Tae raises his eyebrows. “So it was about Hobi? That’s why you didn-”

“No, it wasn’t. We just… weren’t in the mood for-”


Jimin deadpans. “I’m certainly not in the mood now.”


“You are.”

Tae sticks out his tongue to finish the argument. “You really think if he fucks Hobi, he’ll suddenly be all thirsty?”

Jimin nods as he drinks some water. “Honestly, I think he’ll be insatiable.”

Tae raises both his eyebrows. “Wow. What makes you say that?”

Jimin shrugs. “He’s making leeway with all this stuff going on in his life, right? I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose, but Hoseok hyung is kind of like this roadblock for him. Cause he thinks he- well he did. They both hurt each other a lot. And I think he can’t forgive himself. I don’t think either of them can. So I think if we get them to see that… they’re both feeling the same guilt, maybe-”

“It’ll cancel itself out.”


“Interesting. And that’ll lead to sex.”



In true Taehyung fashion, the four of them are rounded up in Jimin and Tae’s apartment the next day.

Yoongi and Hoseok sit on the couch while Tae stands in front of them, pacing as he talks.

Tae finishes his speech. “And neither of you are leaving until you bone.”

Yoongi blinks. “Excuse me?”

Hoseok chokes.

Jimin walks in from the kitchen, precariously carrying four mugs, and hands them all some tea. He slaps Tae’s arm. “Sex is not a requirement but it’s highly encouraged.”

Hoseok’s eyes are wide. “I’m confused.”

Yoongi nods. “Yeah, same.”

Hoseok glances at Yoongi. “Didn’t you two have your big date last night?”

Jimin and Yoongi’s eyes meet and they both turn bright red.

Tae snorts. “That’s a yes.”

Hoseok smiles and fake pouts. “Yoongi got courted before me?”

Jimin hums, and sits down on the table in front of them. “I’m courting you through him.”

Tae, Hoseok, and Yoongi all look at Jimin like he’s an alien.

Hoseok hesitates. “You’re… what?”

Jimin nods. “Yoongi and I were talking last night and I realized there’s different ways to work this all out than what I originally thought. You two were together… or, well… boning for like two years, right? And Tae and I have been together practically our whole lives.”

Jimin hesitates, glancing at Yoongi.

“Um, is it okay for me to tell them what you said about Tae?”

Yoongi looks into his tea as he nods.

“Yoongi and Tae have both said to me that they feel a form of love for each other just because of the love they see each other give to me.” He pauses. “Did that make sense?”

Hoseok nods.

Jimin continues. “Okay, well… maybe it got complicated, but at some point you two loved each other. And maybe you still do, but it just changed a little. But I can see that you both desperately care about each other and I-” Jimin hesitates. He looks into Yoongi’s eyes. His voice goes soft. “I love Yoongi.” The room goes quiet. “I love him, and my heart is so happy when I see Hoseok caring for him too.”

Yoongi sits up to grab Jimin’s hand, suddenly aware of how much space was between them.

Jimin gets up to cuddle into Yoongi on the couch and Yoongi relaxes at the contact.

Hoseok looks at Tae. “Wow, we missed a lot.”

Yoongi mumbles softly. “It’s not like you didn’t know.” He takes a breath. “It makes sense, Jimin ah.” Yoongi takes a small breath. “He’s been… telling me to let this part be easy. Me and him. I’ve been scared to let it since the rest of us are… on different levels. But he talked me into calming the fuck down and I think he’s right. I think it makes the most sense to at least start by loving the love we have for each other…”

Tae smirks. “As dumb as that sounds, it’s smart.”

Yoongi smiles softly as Jimin’s finger draws patterns onto his forearm. “We can’t resent what we feel for each other. What kind of foundation is that?”

Hoseok whistles. “Min Yoongi is lecturing us on bottling up our feelings.”

Yoongi pouts at him but there’s no heat behind it.

Hoseok holds his gaze. “Okay.”

Tae nods. “Okay.”

The room goes quiet.

Tae rubs his hands together. “Okay, so sex.”

Yoongi groans and closes his eyes, pressing his face into Jimin’s hair. “Tae, let me cuddle the love of my life for like three seconds.”

Yoongi legitimately doesn’t realize what he’s said until his ears start to ring from the silence.

Jimin pushes back a little to look into Yoongi’s eyes. “The love of your life?”

Yoongi turns pink. He glances at Hoseok.

Hoseok’s lost in thought, but there’s no pain in his eyes. “This… weirdly all makes sense.”

Jimin laughs. “If it makes sense to you, please take the reins. I’m still lost, to be honest.” He presses soft kisses to Yoongi’s face.

Hoseok nods quietly. “Tae and I have talked about how… you guys, Tae and Jimin, like you love each other but it’s never really been a passionate, love story kind of love. So…”

Jimin smacks a loud kiss onto Yoongi’s cheek. “Found him.”

Yoongi hides his face in Jimin’s neck. “Stop it.”

Hoseok’s eyes swivel to Tae.

Tae blinks for a moment before it hits him. “Oh.”

Jimin looks between Tae and Hoseok. “Oh shit.”

Hoseok smiles awkwardly. “Tae, I think you and I have some work to do.”

Yoongi picks up his head quickly and looks at Hoseok, a silent question screaming behind his eyes.

Hoseok acknowledges it. “I know. I know, but I think… we can’t do this to each other anymore. I’ve been scared to say it, but I still love you, Yoongi. I think you know that. But I think I have to… try to move on.”

Yoongi’s brows furrow so drastically it looks painful. “But how- are we… breaking up again?”

Hoseok rubs his hands over his face. “No? Not really?”

Yoongi whines.

Jimin holds him.

Hoseok tries to continue. “I think we’ve been trying to force ourselves into the kind of love we felt before but I don’t think we ever will. If nothing else, Jimin’s in your heart now. How could you possibly love me the same after that?” He hesitates. “I’m not saying you can’t love me, I’m just saying… we can’t keep trying to force it to be what it used to be. And I still love you. And I’m not going anywhere. But… I’m moving on from what we were to… discover what we should be.”

Jimin and Tae both sigh.

Tae whispers to Jimin. “I feel like I’m watching the Notebook.”

Jimin nods, knowing full well they can both hear him and Tae. “Yoongi’s Rachel.”

“You’re just saying that cause Rachel is hotter than Ryan.”

“You take that back.”

Hoseok clears his throat.

Tae and Jimin smiles innocently. “Sorry.”

Yoongi’s focus isn’t broken by their banter, he’s staring at Hoseok.

Hoseok looks back at him, Jimin curled around him. Yoongi’s serious. “Will you be okay knowing that I don’t feel that way right now?”

“What choice do I have?”

“I can think of a lot of choices. I-” Yoongi cuts himself off, pressing his head against Jimin for a moment. “I’m still scared I can’t love more than one person.” He feels Jimin tense. “So… at least for right now… I think Jimin is it for me.”

Jimin sits up. “What?”

Yoongi feels himself panic. “Just for now. I’m not gonna stop trying. And you know I- I care for both of them. But as far as boyfriend stuff goes, can I just get used to loving you for now?”

Tae reaches out and grabs Jimin’s hand. “Chriscross, it’s okay.”

Jimin shakes his head. “No, I can’t do that to-”

Tae’s voice is firm. “Baby, listen to me.” Jimin turns around. “How did this start?”

Jimin’s confused. “Uh, you met Hoseok at HMart?”

Tae shakes his head with a smile. “No, all of this.”

“At Korean BBQ?”

“Chriscross, it started with us. It was just me and you for years. You loved me and I kept going off without you. All he’s asking is for that same chance.”

Jimin looks back at Yoongi, suddenly understanding everything more clearly.

Tae keeps talking softly. “I was scared for a long time when you told me you didn’t want anyone else, but didn’t mind me seeing other people. I was terrified everything I did was hurting you, and maybe it was. But we made it work. And the only people Yoongi has to worry about are me and Hoseok. I’m not looking for anyone else.”

Jimin’s eyes are on Yoongi.

Yoongi smiles. “I’ll be okay. Honestly. Even if you start really dating Hoseok. I’ll be okay. I have you.”

Tears spring into Jimin’s eyes and he wipes at them with a laugh. “Fuck.”

Yoongi laughs softly, kissing a tear off Jimin’s cheek. “I’m yours and you’re ours. It makes sense.”

Jimin glances at the three of them and nods. “Okay. Okay, we’ll try this.”

Chapter Text

Taehyung Kim has always been something of a shapeshifter.

He melds into any environment, any person, with minimal effort.

Whether it’s for a month, or a night, Taehyung knows how to fit himself into someone’s heart.

Maybe it’s cause he’s so deeply aware that it’s impossible to ever have a hold over someone’s entire heart.

People have passions, they have best friends, they have families.

Even true love can’t take up someone’s entire heart.

All Taehyung ever looks for is a sliver.

Jimin gave him a whole pie.

He’s not sure yet what Hoseok is even able to share with him, especially in the state he’s in after Yoongi.


So Taehyung sits on the floor in the back of Hoseok’s dance studio.

It’s gotten to the point where he’s there so often that the children get mad at him.

He sees one little girl eyeing him curiously and another boy’s soft voice asks Hoseok is Taehyung is replacing Yoongi.

Tae waits to hear how Hoseok explains that away, but Hoseok has been working with kids for awhile so he simply says, “Don’t be silly. No one can replace anyone. We’re each important.”

The kid seems appeased by that, but the little girl is still scowling at him.

He hears Hoseok call her Sam.

Hoseok walks out of the room for a moment and Sam walks up to Tae with her hands on her hips. “Where’s Yoongi oppa?”

The honorific sounds so bizarre coming from a young black girl, but Tae figures Yoongi messed with her a bit and made her use the honorific.

Tae hums, “Yoongi oppa is probably at home working.”

Sam pouts. “He’s not your oppa, he’s your hyung. He’s my oppa.”

Tae catches on quickly at that.

She knows a lot more than he thought she did.

She has a crush, a big one.

He imagines Hoseok probably didn’t make it a point to tell the kids he and Yoongi broke up, or got back together, or were dating two other men. Yeah, that probably didn’t come up during dance practice.

Tae puts his hand over his heart. “I’m one of Yoongi hyung’s best friends. He asked me to come watch over the class while he’s busy. There must be someone here that’s important to him.”

The girl blinks owlishly and tries to disguise her blush with a scowl. “Oh, okay then.”

Hoseok walks in and catches Sam walking away from Tae.

He throws Tae a look and Tae just smirks.

He wraps up the class and they go out for coffee.


Hoseok can’t stop wheezing loudly. “She seriously asked you about Yoongi?”

Tae nods.

Hoseok slaps the table and jumps when it rocks precariously. “Ah, she’s been obsessed with him for years. I really thought she was over it.”

“You should bring him by again.”

Hoseok laughs lightly. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not? Didn’t you guys hang at the studio while you were falling in love?”

Hoseok pouts. “Yeah that’s why it’s not a good idea.”

Tae shrugs. “I think it’d help remind you both what you saw in each other before it got complicated.”

Hoseok shakes his head. “You heard him last week. He only wants to date Jimin.”

Tae looks affronted. “Did I tell you to make it a date?”

Hoseok puts his smoothie down, confused. “What?”

Tae takes a breath. “Before you and Yoongi dated, what were you?”

“Friends with benefits?”

Tae leans his ear forward like he can’t hear. “I’m sorry, what was that first word?”

Hoseok’s mouth curves into a frown.

Tae keeps leaning forward and ends up pushing the table, it squeaks with the motion.

Hoseok gives in. “Friends! We were friends.” Hoseok pouts. “We’re too much alike, you and I.”

Tae nods. “Hey, at least we only have to deal with each other. Yoongi and Jimin have to deal with both of us.”

Hoseok cringes. “Poor souls.”

Tae pauses for effect. “Poor unfortunate souls.”

One of the baristas hears them. “Do not start singing again.”

Hoseok smiles shyly.

One of the cons of being a regular here, they know how obnoxious he can be.


They walk back to Hoseok’s place. His dance studio is walking distance from his apartment in Glendale.

Tae sips his coffee slowly. He’d gotten a big one, so he still had some left.

“Hey, Hobi. About what you said last week, about us”

“Don’t stress about it, I was joking.”

Tae looks at him carefully, studying his expression. “Were you?”

Hoseok sighs. “I don’t know. I don’t know what I want right now.”

Tae nods slowly. “Don’t you think…” He trails off. It’s not often that Tae pauses to think about his words so Hoseok tenses. “Don’t you think I should be in love with Jimin by now?”

Hoseok wasn’t expecting that. His brow furrows. “What do you mean? You do love him.”

“No, like in love with him. But I’m not.”

Hoseok’s not sure what Tae’s point is. “Okay? Is that bad?”

“It’s just strange, isn’t it? I’ve known him my whole life. He knows everything about me but I’ve never been in love with him. I love him more than anything in the world, but it’s still not that kind of love. He’s even incredible, and I mean it he really is, incredible in bed.”

“Doesn’t he feel the same?”

Tae hums. “Yes and no. He used to love me. High school, beginning of college, he was in love with me. Well I guess… through college. He pretended he wasn’t, but I think he still was until that time we broke up at the diner. I think after that we realized what we needed to be for each other and that it wasn’t… love. Not like that.”

Hoseok nods, unsure what to say to that.

Tae sighs. “You don’t get what I’m saying.”

Hoseok smiles, guilty. “Sorry, I don’t.”

Tae swallows and stops walking. “If I couldn’t bring myself to love Jimin, how could I love anyone at all?”

Hoseok screeches to a stop. “What?”

“I don’t think I can.” Tae taps at his heart. “I think it’s broken.” He pauses. “Well, not heartbroken. Just… broken. It doesn’t work.”

Hoseok blinks. “T-tae. You’re not broken.”

Tae shakes his head. “No, I know. I’m not. It’s just-” He taps at his heart again, like he can’t say it outloud. “This.”

Hoseok tilts his head. “You’ve never been in love?”

Tae shakes his head.

“Not even a little bit?”

Shakes his head again.

“Then why do you and Jimin watch the Notebook so much?”

“Cause Rachel and Ryan are really hot and I like it when Jimin cries and clings to me?”

Hoseok sighs with a fond smile. “Fair.”

“But honestly, I love romance movies. I’ve just never felt like that.”

“And you think you never will?”

Tae doesn’t say anything.

“Do… do you want to feel like that one day?”

Tae stares at Hoseok, long and hard. “Jimin and I found the word aromantic online.”

Hoseok blinks and takes a breath. “Oh.” He swallows. “Is… that why you prefer to touch?”


Hoseok starts walking and Tae falls into step with him. “Why didn’t you bring it up before?”

“I didn’t think you were falling for me before.” Tae hesitates and sees through Hoseok right to his deepest insecurity. “You still want to feel that, right? That deep love with someone? Are you worried you won’t get it from Jimin or Yoongi?”

Hoseok’s sigh is so shaky it speaks for him.

Tae throws an arm over his shoulder. “Hope, I wouldn’t worry if I were you. Yoongi loves you. I know it’s complicated, but he does. I can tell. He just needs to settle his heart with Jimin right now. I think he has space for you. I have a pretty good eye for these things.”

Hoseok lets his arm wrap around Tae’s waist. “What about you?”

Tae looks at him quizzically. “What about me?”

“Who will you have?”

Tae laughs carelessly. “All three of you. I’m honestly already happy. I’m just patiently waiting for the rest of you to catch up with me.”

“Patiently.” There’s sarcasm in Hoseok’s voice.

Tae’s arm drops so he can squeeze Hoseok’s ass. “Very patiently.”


Tae: hopieyaaaaAAAAA come havesex with me and jimin

Hoseok: im sorry. What.

Jimin: oh my god please ignore him

Tae: dont ignore me im dead serious

Yoongi: we know you are

Jimin: tae just wanted a third tonight and hes used to one night stands. But we’re NOT READY for that yet

Hoseok: didnt you guys have yoongi over

Jimin: that was a special circumstance

Yoongi: hope ah you can go if you want



Jimin: im just trying to go slow. Hobi and i have barely kissed

Yoongi: are you and tae in the same room. Why are you both texting

Tae: we’re keeping everyone involved and talking very slowly as we type hwat w’ere saying

Yoongi: wow im dating three morons

Hoseok: …?


Yoongi: can i say that

Tae: i dont think moron has been deemed politically uncorrect yet by anyone

Jimin: he meant that hes dating us

Yoongi: politically *incorrect.

Yoongi: but like… if i were walking down the street with one of you and someone hit on you and i would fight them off so i think its fair to say that we’re dating even if theres no better term for it right now

Tae: why would someone hit on ME when im walking with YOU

Jimin: flirting wont make them come over

Tae: what about sexting. Can we text you guys


Jimin: wow awkward silence

Yoongi: i mean. Im home.

Hoseok: same. Kooks downstairs

Tae: SQUINTS LOUDLY is that a yes

Yoongi: its not a no

Jimin: yoongi pls

Tae: what do you want us to do to each other

Hoseok: wait what the fuck seriously???

Jimin: ill throw taes phone across the room if you want him to stop

Hoseok: did i say that. I didnt say that.

Tae: id like to state for the record that this was in fact hobis idea im just the one acting on it.

Yoongi: e x p o s e d

Jimin: why are you two so kinky



Jimin: let me live and ill send you a selfie rn

Yoongi: i didnt say a word

Jimin: true. This gif is dedicated to my favorite boyfriend

Tae: rUDE

Hoseok: OW

Yoongi: wtf you made a gif already




Yoongi: jimin u started this shit

Jimin: excuse me mr “love of my life” who really started this

Tae: E X PO  SE D

Yoongi: why are you guys wearing robes

Hoseok: dating min yoongi pro tip #1: he changes the subject when he admits defeat

Yoongi: shut the fuck up

Jimin: oh we knew that by like the third double date

Hoseok: LMAO iconic

Yoongi: this is really revolting sexting

Tae: im taking off jimins robe

Yoongi: im listening


Yoongi: im listening to tae

Tae: dragged, just like this robe off of jimins body and thrown onto the floor. Theres a naked masterpiece in front of me

Jimin: oh my god

Tae: this is taking too long with texting but im doing this for you guys.

Hoseok: we appreciate you.

Jimin: idk what youre talking about. The texting isnt in the way

Hoseok: says the man on his back

Jimin: true. Tae just took his robe off and he has a sock on his dick

Jimin: tae is upset with me for saying dick instead of rhyming sock with cock

Hoseok: we’re all disappointed

Jimin: yoongi are you ok

Yoongi: what do i do

Jimin: what do you mean??? Is something wrong???

Hoseok: uh. I think hes asking for instructions.

Jimin: o h

Jimin: baby youve been so quiet i thought you were taking care of yourself. Were you waiting for me

Yoongi: yeah i was


Tae: shhhh hobi ur ruining the mood

Hoseok: =_= go blow ur bf

Tae: im working on it. Im kissing his thighs while he talks to yoongi

Jimin: you said youre home alone, right, baby? You in your bed?

Yoongi: yeah

Jimin: taes gonna touch me and ill tell you how he does it. Then i want you to do the same thing to yourself, okay? That way we’ll feel the same.

Yoongi: ok

Hoseok: holy shit jimin ur so much better at this than i was

Tae: its so sexy im dying. He never gets in this deep with me. Yoongi brings out the dom in him im in love

Hoseok: with who

Tae: does it matter

Jimin: tae if youre not gonna touch me, what am i gonna tell yoongi

Tae: fuck okay. Im putting my phone down.

Yoongi: finally

Hoseok: RUDE (typing this for tae’s sake)

Jimin: tae says thank you to hobi

Jimin: yoongi baby are you undressed

Yoongi: yeah

Jimin: hobi are you okay

Hoseok: yeah, doin my own thing. No worries. Very hot. Pls continue.

Jimin: do you want me to call you baby too

Hoseok: hahahahahahha maybe not just now

Yoongi: jimin ah

Jimin: are you being good? Not moving til i tell you to?

Yoongi: i want you here

Jimin: its either there later or like this now

Yoongi: like this

Yoongi: then again later

Jimin: okay baby. Ill just get you warmed up then.

Hoseok: is tae still kissing your thighs?

Jimin: he can and has spent hours there

Hoseok: fuck

Jimin: baby is it okay if me and tae switch. I kind of want to be the one to fuck him right now. He’ll talk you through what im doing, okay?

Yoongi: yeah jagi

Jimin: i want you to get all your supplies out, okay?

Jimin: yoongi i love you. If this is too much we’ll stop

Yoongi: i love you

Tae: okay im back did you miss me

Hoseok: this is some kind of soap opera right now

Tae: theyre so deep

Tae: LOL jimin says he’s about to get deeper jfc i cant. He actually said that with a straight face he thinks hes so suave

Yoongi: tae

Tae: sorry sorry (sorry sorry)

Yoongi: TAE


Hoseok: naega naega naega meonjeo


Tae: youre a loud sub

Yoongi: im usualy loud for other reasons

Tae: holy shit pls come over

Tae: AH OKAY NO WARNING. Jimins mouth is on my dick. Good morning vietnam.

Hoseok: tae ur a terrible sexter

Tae: u love it

Hoseok: i mean i do but for yoongis sake pls

Tae: his hands are on my thighs

Tae: he said “ask my baby if hes touching himself”

Yoongi: yes

Tae: “good”

Tae: ahhHH okay he said hes gonna prep me. Which means you. For later. In case youre not following.

Yoongi: im following

Hoseok: im following intently

Tae: eyyy that pirates quote tho :LSKD:FJSDFLKSFJDSF


Hoseok: WTF WHY

Yoongi: where

Hoseok: o h

Tae: no its cause i was being silly

Yoongi: w h e r e

Tae: “dont worry about it right now baby”

Yoongi: i want to feel what youre doing to him


Tae: my thigh. He slapped my thigh

Tae: okAY his tongue is in me. W’ere just surging ahead. But u cant really do taht yoongs so just. He says use your fingers. And use lube and be gentle. Omg hes so soft. A soft dom

Tae: hes using his fingers now just like you.

Tae: his other hand is on my hip, hes sitting between my legs

Tae: 2

Hoseok: 2?

Hoseok: oh omg nvm

Tae: 3

Hoseok: wtf that was fast

Tae: jimin knows my body real well ok

Tae: “hows my baby”

Yoongi: good

Tae: “you want me to go over there now?”

Yoongi: please

Tae: hes washing his hands so he can text you himself. He wants to know if you want him to go alone

Yoongi: just for this first time.

Tae: i get you but. Damn. but i get u.

Hoseok: tae. babe. Where are you now that i need you

Yoongi: do u guys ever say something that isnt some form of song lyrics


Yoongi: great 80s music now. Im muting both of you until jimin and i are done


Tae: ladies and gentleman the duality of christian park

Yoongi: im good angel, come take care of me

Tae: angel oh my god

Yoongi: you have a key. Im waiting.

Jimin: dont move

Jimin: and i mean that literally

Tae: this is psychological torture

Yoongi: pls walk in here with your robe on

Jimin: im sorry who’s in charge here

Tae: oh shit

Yoongi: wear whatever you want, angel

Hoseok: wtf ive never seen yoongi this whipped

Tae: whipped, bound, gagged

Yoongi: ok im not that kind of sub calm down

Tae: ???????

Hoseok: hes a soft sub, tae. Are you telling me youre surprised




Tae: jungkooks youtube channel :)



Yoongi hears the front door open and lock, but he doesn’t say a word and doesn’t move on the bed.

He hears Jimin drop his keys on the table and take his shoes off.

He hears some rustling and he tries not to think about what that might mean.

Jimin walks into the room holding two glasses of water and wearing his robe.

Yoongi whines, but Jimin appears unphased by Yoongi lying naked on the bed.

Yoongi takes a breath. “You wore the robe.”

Jimin puts his water on the table and sits on the bed with the other in his hand. “Just cause I’m in charge doesn’t mean I can’t still listen to my baby.”

Yoongi closes his eyes as he absorbs that.

Jimin scoots closer. “Sit up, drink this.”

Jimin holds the glass to Yoongi’s lips carefully.

Yoongi expected Jimin to just get right to it but…

Jimin lowers the glass. “Why are you-”

“Cause you don’t drink enough water and if I have to force it on you when you’re soft like this, then I will.”

Yoongi sighs, but Jimin presses the glass to Yoongi’s lips again and Yoongi tries not to feel coddled and cared for with Jimin’s hand on his jaw. He fails.

Jimin’s voice is soft. “She never let you say no, did she?”

Yoongi doesn’t have to answer. Jimin knows already.

Jimin lowers the glass. Yoongi hesitates. “She didn’t mean to be so…”

Jimin tsks. “I know. And you said you dom’d for her, right? So you know. That power can be intoxicating. It’s hard to hold it back when someone makes themselves vulnerable to you.”

Yoongi whines. “I hated it.”

Jimin smiles softly. “I know you did, baby. You don’t have to do it again. That’s my job.” Jimin goes quiet for awhile as he puts the glass down on the table and gently pets Yoongi’s hair. “It’s the anxiety, right? It calms you to give up control. To just be told what to do and relax into the lack of control.”

Yoongi looks at Jimin with wide eyes.

Jimin smirks. “I knew someone like that once. It wasn’t quite so… extreme. But they liked me telling them what to do.”

“I like the weight too.”

Jimin tilts his head.

Yoongi hesitates. “Uh, the… I don’t know.”

Jimin catches on. “Oh, you mean-” Jimin throws his leg over Yoongi and straddles him, settling lightly on his hips before pushing him down and letting his chest weigh heavy on Yoongi’s. “Like this?”

Yoongi gulps quietly. He answers dumbly. “You’re not wearing any underwear.”

Jimin snorts. “Keen observation.” Jimin sits up. Yoongi stays on his back. Jimin tugs on the robe. “You want it off?”

Yoongi nods.

“Okay, baby.”

“Why’d you start calling me baby?”

“Why’d you start calling me angel?”

Yoongi doesn’t respond, just watches Jimin undo the knot and casually slide the robe off his shoulders like it’s nothing.

Jimin smiles at Yoongi’s flushed cheeks. “I should thank you. I usually hate this part, but it’s easier when I’m-” He points to his temple. “Thinking like this.”

Yoongi’s voice is small as his hands fall on Jimin’s bare thighs. “You’re beautiful, angel.”

Jimin smirks. “I know, baby. And I’m all yours.”

“And Tae’s. And maybe Hobi’s.”

Jimin stretches and shakes his head. “No, baby. Tonight I’m only yours. Just like you’re only mine. Hobi and Tae are taking care of each other and I’m here to take care of you.”


Yoongi’s voice is so soft Jimin breaks character. “Yeah?” Jimin can’t read his expression. “Is this okay? This is what you want?”

“Can I just be yours right now? Not your baby. Just yours.”

Jimin lets out a breath. “It’s too much for our first time, right? That’s what I was telling Tae.”

Yoongi smirks. “It’s very sexy, I just want you to be you tonight.”

Jimin leans down to kiss Yoongi softly. “I’m still gonna call you baby.”

Yoongi laughs. “Fine.”

Jimin’s voice is softer, but strong. “Still want you to tell me what you want.”

Yoongi noses at Jimin. “Just told you.”

Jimin bites Yoongi’s lip lightly. “Need more details than that.”

Yoongi’s eyes are wide.

Jimin laughs. “I take it biting is okay.”

Yoongi rocks his hips up into Jimin. “I want to love you tonight.”

Jimin blinks as the words hit him.

Yoongi doesn’t seem to have any regret or apology for his blunt words. “I want you to feel it.”

Jimin’s trying to make sure he understands right. “Do you wanna top?”

Yoongi snorts. “After all that? Hell no.” Yoongi reaches out to twine his fingers with Jimin’s. He holds their hands over his heart, feeling Jimin’s hand against his bare skin. “Just love me.”

Jimin nods and leans down to kiss Yoongi deeply.


Agonizingly slowly.

Yoongi drops Jimin’s hand to dig his fingers into Jimin’s back.

Yoongi tries to wiggle his legs out from under Jimin.

Jimin lets him escape and Yoongi immediately wraps his legs around Jimin’s waist.

Jimin huffs a laugh as he kisses down Yoongi’s neck. “Koala.”

Yoongi just squeezes him tightly and hums happily. “I just like feeling your skin against mine.”

Jimin licks Yoongi’s neck. “Me too, baby.”

“Did you just lick me?”

“Did you like it?”

Yoongi doesn’t say anything.

Jimin licks across Yoongi’s collarbone.

He blows lightly on the wet skin and watches Yoongi shiver. “It’s nice, right?”

Yoongi’s clenched teeth answer his question.

“Can- can you…”

Jimin waits for Yoongi to finish his sentence, but he doesn’t. “Yeah, just tell me. I’ll do it.”

Yoongi looks into Jimin’s eyes, his expression hard. “Jimin ah…”

Jimin kisses his jaw. “What is it? You’re worrying me.”

“What if I don’t want this if it’s not… like that?”

Jimin shrugs. “Then we’ll do it like that.”

Yoongi whines. “I don’t want to.”

“Then we don’t do it at all.”

Yoongi sighs heavily. “How can you say that so nonchalantly?”

Jimin’s expression hardens in turn. “Cause all I’m here for is you. I don’t care how I get you or what I get from you. Just you. You asked me to love you, right? So here I am, loving you. Just tell me how.”

Yoongi doesn’t have a response to that.

Jimin kisses his collarbone. “I’m gonna make love to you. If you want me to stop I will, but I don’t think you’ll have to ask me.”


Tae’s already at Hoseok’s, Jungkook sexiled to the living room.

Jin pours himself some water in the kitchen and sees Jungkook grumpily doing homework on the couch. “Who’s he with?”


Jin hums. “I’ve never gotten to talk to Tae a lot.”

Jungkook’s expression darkens. “I have.”

Jin raises his eyebrows. “I don’t remember you guys talking at the potluck.”

Jungkook snorts. “Well, one, that’s cause you were making eyes at Jimin all night. And two, that’s cause we didn’t talk at the potluck.” Before Jin can ask, “It’s a long story. But I’ll warn you now, Tae’s loud.”

Jin puts the pieces together. “You slept with him?”

As if on cue, Tae screams from upstairs.

Jungkook lets out a heavy sigh. “I was drunk. It was a DKA party.”

Jungkook being in a co ed film fraternity had made Jin hesitant to let him move in, but seeing Jungkook’s resentment of the frat made him tolerable.

Jungkook whines. “Now I’ve kissed two of Hope’s boyfriends.”




Tae’s riding Hoseok like his life depends on it.

Their pace is laughably different than Yoongi and Jimin’s.

They’re both close as Tae circles his hips. “Am I enough?”

At first Hoseok doesn’t hear it, caught up in the screams and moans.

But Tae says it again. “Am I enough?”

Hoseok’s hips snap up into Tae on instinct. “Yeah, babe. It’s good.”

Tae’s panting around his words. “Not asking if it’s good, asking if I’m enough.”

Hoseok pries his eyes open, but Tae’s are still closed.

Hoseok moves to roll them over so he’s snapping his hips into Tae. “Yes. You’re more than enough.”

Tae’s shaking his head. “You need more than this.”

Hoseok’s pace slows as he focuses on applying the right kind of pressure.

Tae whines loudly.

Hoseok pulls out for a second to lean over Tae and kiss him deeply. Then he kisses down his neck and sucks a hickey onto his throat. “I need you.”

He pushes back in slowly and continues his slow and hard pace.

He knows Tae likes it fast.

He’s going slow on purpose.

Tae looks him in the eye and knows everything Hoseok’s saying.

They’re both scared of love for different reasons, but they’re here to figure it out together.

Tae thinks it’s not the kind of love Hoseok’s looking for but, god does he love him.

Tae somehow screams louder as he topples over the edge of his orgasm.

Hoseok follows soon after.


Jimin and Yoongi don’t talk a lot after that.

It’s all soft touches, softer kisses.

Jimin eyes the condom he left on the nightstand with the waters.

Yoongi nods quietly and Jimin grabs it, ripping the package, and rolling it on.

Jimin goes so slowly he feels like it’s his first time.

If Yoongi’s impatient, he doesn’t act like it.

He just looks into Jimin’s eyes and drinks in the deepness of his gaze.

Jimin settles into Yoongi and sighs heavily. “I’ve been waiting so long to be here.”

Yoongi snorts as they totally ruin the mood.

“Just being honest.”

“Thanks, angel.”

Jimin starts to find a rhythm and Yoongi’s eyes flutter closed. “Where’d you get angel from?”

Yoongi has to compose himself a moment before he can respond. “I- I don’t know. It just seemed to fit.”

Jimin thrusts his hips. “This seems to fit.”

Yoongi whines. “Do not. What happened to making love?”

“I just feel like I have to make up for all the dom talk.”

“With bad pu-uns?”

Jimin laughs as Yoongi’s breath catches mid word.

He finds a steady, slow rhythm and then focuses on his hands mapping out Yoongi’s legs, chest, stomach, shoulders, hands.

“You said you’re bi, right?”

Yoongi whines. “Jimin ah, please stop talking.”

“No, this is important.”

“Yes, I’m bi.”

“Are you sure you’re not demi?”

“I’m fairly sure I’m not D-Demi Lovato.”

“Shut up, you’re too liberal to not know what demi is.”

“Yeah, maybe I’m demi. Why?”

<Cause I think it would turn you on if I said some things to you in Korean.>

Jimin sees Yoongi’s eyes go wide but he pretends not to care. He switches too. <What does Korean have to do with being demi?>

<I love you.>

Yoongi’s breathing goes erratic.

Jimin smirks. <You mean a lot to me. I trust you. You make me calm.>

<Did-did you memorize->

<I love you.>


When Yoongi starts to shake apart, Jimin quickens his pace to chase him.

Yoongi grips Jimin’s shoulders as he comes.

Jimin steadies himself, grabbing Yoongi’s hips and is totally wrecked by the sounds that tumble out of Yoongi’s lips.

Jimin lets himself calm and then pulls out and ties off the condom before collapsing next to Yoongi.

Yoongi stares at Jimin with wonder.

Jimin smirks. <What?>

Yoongi frowns. <Please tell me you didn’t memorize anything dirty.>

Jimin winks.

Yoongi whines. <This is Tae’s fault.>


Chapter Text

Yoongi doesn’t really remember falling asleep, but waking up hits him square in the chest.

He can’t remember the last time he ever woke up next to someone he loved, someone who loved him.

He tries to think how many nights he and Hoseok had after their confessions to when they broke up, but it feels like a distant dream.

Jimin’s sleep mussed hair in the soft morning light, his warm body tangled with his own… Yoongi’s never felt this before.

Not quite like this.

Jimin’s breaths come out small and quiet.

Yoongi can’t bring himself to move.

He wonders how many mornings Tae has done the same. If he was awestruck to wake up next to this man, if he cherished it each time.

Somehow he knew Tae did. He’s sure every single morning, Tae treated it like the first time.

It’s the sort of thing Yoongi would’ve been jealous about a year ago.

The thought of sharing someone he loved after being cheated on… he’s not sure what happened to his heart, what happened to him.

He’s not quite sure how he’s where he is right now.

But he’s happy that Jimin has so much love in his life and he’d never want to take that away from him.

And that’s when it all clicks.

It’s not about sharing Jimin, it’s not even about sharing himself.

They’re not breaking each other into pieces like Yoongi thought they would be. No one’s being fractured.

They’re all just going to be receiving that much more love from each other.

Yoongi carefully extricates himself from Jimin’s embrace, just slightly, so he can grab his phone on the nightstand.

He didn’t exactly have time to plug it in, so it’s only on 5%.

He snaps a quick picture of Jimin sleeping, immortalizing this moment in his memory.

Then he opens the group text and types quickly as his phone goes down to 3%.

Yoongi: i love you. all of you.

He sends it and his phone dies.

He knows Hoseok must be frantic at reading that and he wants to explain, but Jimin mumbles in his sleep and his brow furrows. So Yoongi curls back into him, petting his hair, until they both fall asleep again.


When Yoongi wakes up again, it’s not quite as pleasant.

Jimin’s shaking him and he only hears the second half of his sentence, “-e fuck did you do?!”

Yoongi groans as he cracks his eyes open and sees Jimin frowning at him.

He whines. “Go back to sleep, you were so beautiful.”


Yoongi reaches out blindly to pet Jimin’s shoulder. “Are, angel. You are.”

Jimin sighs. “Okay, whatever. Wake up. We’re calling Tae and Hoseok.”


Jimin shoves his phone screen in Yoongi’s face.

Jimin actually had plugged his phone in and he had twelve missed calls from Hoseok and Tae. Yoongi squints at the light. “This is why!”

Yoongi slaps his hand away. “I fucking remember, get that out of my face.”

Jimin’s slapping his arm. “You can’t do this to them, Yoongi.”

Yoongi wakes up a little quicker at that. “Do what?! Tell the fucking truth?”

Jimin goes quiet, and looks at Yoongi carefully. “Wait… really?”

Yoongi shrugs, looking away. “Whatever, just call them. I don’t wanna say it twice.”

Jimin tsks. “If you really do love them, I feel like you’re going to be saying it a lot more than twice in your life.”

Jimin dials Tae and they answer on the first ring.

Hoseok’s voice has an edge of paranoia to it. Yoongi rubs at the bridge of his nose. He expected that. “Hi good morning. Hope you had good sex, we did. Hahaha what a morning. How are you guys. Good morning.”

Tae cuts in. “You said good morning twice.”

“Yeah, well it’s a good morning. I think, would you guys say it’s a good morning?”

Yoongi sighs. “Yeah, I love you so. There’s that. I wasn’t like drunk or anything.”


Jimin pouts at Yoongi as Hoseok screams. “We’re gonna need a little more context, baby. I believe you, it’s just a little unexpected.”

Tae hums, “Yeah, are you feeling well?”

Yoongi reaches for the phone and Jimin lets him hold it. “Okay, first of all. I just woke up. So I’m just mushy enough where this is a little easier.”

He hears Hoseok mumble to Tae. “Post sex morning Yoongi is the puppy you’ve always wanted. Like sun rivalingly bright smiles, soft cuddles-”

Yoongi interrupts him. “I would’ve been softer if Jimin didn’t shake me awake.”

“I wouldn’t have shaken you awake if-”

“Love confession, I know. Let me- Just, let me breathe.” They all go quiet while Yoongi settles himself, waiting for permission until Jimin lets him curl against his chest, head tucked under Jimin’s chin. “I kept saying I was scared I couldn’t love you all… but I don’t think that was ever the problem. I think I’ve loved you all for a long time. I was scared… that loving you all meant that you weren’t getting enough from me, cause I was splitting myself apart. But that’s not it at all.”

Yoongi pauses as Jimin’s arms fall around him, holding him gently. He takes a short breath, glad they’re all keeping quiet. “Hope ah… You- you’ve understood me for longer than I even knew. Maybe from the moment you met me. I was broken and you protected me and I never let myself really see you. You were right there… and I never… I don’t know. I don’t know why I didn’t… even my mom saw you more clearly than I did.”

He clears his throat. “But that’s- that’s not my point. I meant to say that you knew how I was with my feelings. You and Jimin… and Tae too, you guys all understood it in ways I could never put into words. It’s too much. There’s too much and I never know what to do with all of it cause it’s like I’m a fucking time bomb and when I go off, I don’t want there to be any casualties. But… I mean, I think I know what to do with it all now.”

Yoongi reaches for Jimin’s hand to twine their fingers together. “I have three beautiful men in my life that I want to give the world to, if they’ll let me.”

It’s quiet for a long time.

Tae finally speaks up, voice hesitant. “Hyung… even me?”

Yoongi hums, a smile on his lips. “We’ve gone a little backwards, Taetae. But I’ve seen paragraphs of thoughts in your eyes. You- you and Hoseok, you stress me out from time to time. You have so much fucking energy.” Hoseok snorts, but it sounds kind of like he’s crying. “But I want you regardless.”

Jimin’s got a strange expression on his face, but Yoongi can’t see it. “Why are you talking like that?”

Yoongi sits up to look Jimin in the eye. “Like what?”

“All formally like that. You don’t sound like you.”

Yoongi blushes. “I don’t know, that’s how I talk about my feelings.”

Tae sighs, “I like it. It’s poetic. I feel like a princess at the end of a fairytale.”

Jimin snorts, but his eyes are still hesitant.

Hoseok speaks up and his voice gives him away, he’s definitely crying. <Yoongi yah, can we come over?>

<Yeah, Hope ah.> Hoseok hangs up and Yoongi laughs at the phone. “He wants to say it in person, I guess.”

Jimin’s lost in thought, “Should’ve gone over there. Parking’s easier in Glendale. It’s gonna take them forever to find a spot.”

Yoongi looks at Jimin worriedly. “Are you okay?”

Jimin looks right back. “Are you?! I’ve never heard you talk like that and now you’re… what, you’re okay with all of this? You… I’m just… is this whiplash? Is this cause we had sex?”

Yoongi whines, gripping Jimin’s hand tightly. “No, well, yes. But… no. I just… realized that I’m not jealous of you, of them loving you. Well… Tae, or… or even Jin. If you want him to.”

Jimin laughs awkwardly. “Jin doesn’t want me with multiple people and I can’t give up Tae, or you, or… or Hoseok. So Jin and I are done, have been done, for awhile.”

Yoongi shakes his head. “I know, I’m just. Trying to make a point. I’m happy with multiple people loving you. And realizing that made me realize… that I could be happy loving multiple people.”

Jimin sighs, but there’s a twitchy grin on his lips. “Didn’t you just say I was it for you?”

Yoongi smiles fondly. “It’s been a wonderful week of monogamous love.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“The heart wants what the heart wants.”

Jimin’s eyes shine. “You’re telling me.”


They shower (together, and get distracted making out) and then throw on some clothes so they can make breakfast for everyone.

Yoongi smirks when he sees the pile of clothes Jimin must’ve torn off when he got here. The giant pink sweater is in the pile and he tugs it on with just his boxers even though it’s cold out.

He knows Tae will melt when he sees him and Jimin’s less upset today, so Jimin allows himself to fawn over Yoongi’s sweater paws. “Your legs are so thin, baby.”

“You sound like my grandma.”


“I take it back, I hate every influence Tae has over you.”

Jimin giggles as Yoongi smiles at him. They move around the kitchen together easily. Jimin remembers what Jin told him about how particular Yoongi is about sharing a kitchen with someone.

He knew it was significant the first time, but every second Yoongi lets him stay by his side here, he feels more loved.

There’s a knock on the door and Tae yells through it. “I’M HERE TO SEE MY LOVERS.”

Yoongi sighs heavily as he goes to open the door.

Tae has his arms around Yoongi before he can blink. “Oh my god, look at you.”

Yoongi coughs as Tae squeezes the air out of him. He smiles awkwardly at Hoseok over Tae’s shoulder.

Tae grabs Yoongi’s face and stares at him.

Yoongi stares back. “I know.”

Tae mumbles, but it’s gibberish.

Yoongi shrugs. “I could tell from how you looked at him, how you moved with me that night. It doesn’t matter to me, Tae.”

Hoseok smiles at Jimin who’s hair is still wet as he wears one of Yoongi’s shirts with some sweatpants in the kitchen. The shirt fits him a little loosely since Yoongi’s shoulders are broader than his.

Jimin gestures to the two of them with the spatula. “You have any idea what they’re talking about?”

Hoseok nods. “I have an idea.”

Tae whines suddenly. “How can it not matter?”

Yoongi finally tugs Tae’s hands off his face. “You’re a Hamilton fanatic, right? I saw the CD at your place.”

Tae cocks his head. “Yeah? So?”

Yoongi shrugs. “Love is love is love. No one defined how you’re supposed to love someone.”

Tae grabs Yoongi’s shoulders and shakes him. Yoongi’s tired of this shit. “How are you real?”

Yoongi tears himself out of Tae’s grip. “If you morons keep thinking it’s okay to shake me like this, maybe I’m not.”

Tae grabs Yoongi’s face again and he relents, letting Tae process this however he needs. “You’re glue.”

Yoongi makes a face. “Excuse me?”

Tae squeezes his cheeks. “You’re our glue.”

Yoongi looks into Tae’s eyes and sees everything he needs to. “That’s a lot of pressure.”

Tae shakes his head. “It’s not. It’s easy. You’re already doing it. We’re all here.”

Yoongi looks around the room and sees Hoseok nosing around, peeking at the food.

Jimin keeps slapping his hand away when he tries to taste things.

Both of them keep glancing at Yoongi and Tae.

Yoongi blinks. “Yeah, I guess.”

Tae relaxes his grip on Yoongi’s face and brushes his thumb over his lip.

Tae leans in a little. “For real, this time.”

Yoongi takes a moment to brace himself.

He’s known Tae is aromantic for a long time. He could tell in the way Tae and Jimin were inseparable, but there was something slightly off about it. He could see this old pain in Jimin’s eyes and he knew Jimin had loved, that Jimin needed love. But Tae didn’t hold that same pain, if anything he held guilt.

But that didn’t mean that Tae didn’t need love and Yoongi wants him to feel that again.

He knows Jimin used to love Tae more deeply than he does and he knows Tae is hungry for that.

Tae is a shapeshifter, he can mirror people’s emotions.

So Yoongi gives him the one emotion he’s been desperate to mirror: love.

Yoongi’s hand digs into Tae’s hair and tugs just short of painfully.

Their mouths meet hungrily, yet slowly.

They only kiss for half a minute.

When they break apart, Tae’s hyperventilating softly. He clings to Yoongi with his eyes closed.

The room has gone quiet, Hoseok and Jimin scared to even breathe.

It’s not enough for Tae to say thank you, so he doesn’t. It’s not quite right for Tae to say I love you, so he doesn’t.

He just holds Yoongi and breathes.

He relaxes into the knowledge that Yoongi can hear every single thing he wants to say drifting in the silence between them.


To say Hoseok is anxious about Yoongi opening up to him is an understatement. But Yoongi’s a little busy trying to cook with Tae backhugging the hell out of him.

Tae just keeps biting Yoongi’s ear lightly and Yoongi keeps complaining and grumbling but does nothing to push Tae away.

Jimin keeps staring at them, but tries to focus on the food.

Hoseok sits on the couch and bounces his leg nervously.

Jimin quietly moves into Yoongi’s space and grabs the spoon from him, his voice low, “Baby, I’ve got it from here if you wanna go sit?”

Yoongi hears him loud and clear. He should go talk to Hoseok.

Yoongi tugs at Jimin’s (Yoongi’s) shirt and presses a kiss to the corner of his lips.

He finally shakes out of Tae’s arms. Tae whines. “One second, Taehyungie.” Tae bites Yoongi’s ear a little sharper and Yoongi yelps. “The fuck?”

Jimin tugs Tae against him to distract him from getting in Yoongi’s way. “Ignore him, he’s just being needy.”

Tae mumbles, softly. “Stop telling people to ignore me.”

Jimin tsks. “Stop getting in the way of things.”

“What was I getting in the wa- oh.”

Yoongi stands in front of Hoseok and looks at his shoes.

Yoongi coughs. “Hey.”

Hoseok leans into Yoongi’s field of vision. “Hi.”

There’s a lot of things Yoongi could say.

He’s been trying to think of the right words for… well, probably months by now.

But now that he’s standing here, all he can think to do is collapse onto Hoseok’s lap and wrap his arms around him tightly, “I’m sorry.”

Yoongi’s not entirely sure why he’s crying so hard.

Hoseok startles at the weight in his lap, but Yoongi’s tears sliding down his neck take priority.

Hoseok immediately holds him. If there’s one thing he knows how to do, it’s comfort Yoongi.

He mumbles softly into his skin. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here.”

Yoongi shakes his head. “No, don’t do that. I don’t deserve that.”

“What are you talking about, of course you d-”

“No, I don’t.” Hoseok opens his mouth but Yoongi cuts him off. “Don’t you dare say anything about cheating on me cause you didn’t.”

Hoseok huffs. “But I did.”

Yoongi sits up, stubbornness in his eyes. “Seokseok ah, I know the difference.”

Hoseok’s not following. “Between what?”

“Between pushing someone away and being pushed.”


“When Joanne cheated on me, I was giving her everything. I practically dedicated my life to her. She had my heart, my time, everything. I was giving her everything I had and she went looking for something else. That’s cheating.”

Hoseok’s frowning. “If this is supposed to make me feel better, it’s not working.”

“I didn’t give you anything. I kept telling myself it wasn’t. I thought I was better than this, but… you were my rebound. And I’m not- I’m not saying you’re still… I’m just saying, when we were together I was fucking terrified to give someone my heart again. But I still wanted to belong to someone. So I let you love me, but I didn’t give you anything in return. How could I possibly stay mad at you for turning to someone who actually paid attention to you.” Yoongi’s eyes flit across the room. “Especially if that person was Tae.”

Hoseok takes a steadying breath. “So… what are you saying?”

Yoongi sighs with a pout. “That I’m going to spend the rest of my life making up for the time I should’ve been loving you. And that I’m not and could never stay mad at you. And that I’m going to do better this time. I’m… I want to be the one who loves you first this time. And I want to work to earn your trust back cause I don’t deserve it right now.”

“The… rest of your life?”

Yoongi blushes. “Just… being optimistic.”

“How unlike you.”

Yoongi shakes his head. “I’ve never been a pessimistic person.”

Hoseok snorts.

Yoongi tsks. “I’m serious. I was just… awful to you. I kept joking and I didn’t realize that you weren’t getting it.”

Hoseok stares at Yoongi, at a loss.

Tae interrupts. “Yoongi’s always been an optimist. He’s just sarcastic.”

Hoseok narrows his eyes. “Are you fucking telling me all that shit you said-”

“I was joking.” Yoongi blushes. “I thought you knew.”

Jimin puts some plates on the coffee table. “I’m literally never letting you two communicate about anything important without one of us around ever again.”

Hoseok can’t take his eyes off Yoongi long enough to respond to Jimin.

He tugs him in and presses his lips to Yoongi’s forehead, closes his eyes. “I always wondered who you’d be after being broken. I wondered if you’d ever be able to change or if that was it for you. I would’ve loved you either way, but I hoped you’d be able to stand up like this.”

Tae falls against them on the couch and Yoongi grunts at the impact. “Yeah, well… steady tripods have three legs.”

Jimin frowns at him. “That’s a terrible metaphor.”

Tae cuddles into Hoseok’s side and somehow gets his legs in Yoongi’s lap. “I don’t think it’s that bad.”

Hoseok tsks. “No, it’s pretty bad.”

Yoongi would’ve normally tried to move, but he lets himself drown in the weight of Hoseok’s arms and Tae’s legs.

Jimin smiles at them and tugs out his phone in .2 seconds to take a picture.

Yoongi squirms. “Okay, everyone shut up and eat my food.”


Chapter Text

Yoongi gets a new job.

On paper, it’s great.

It’s full time, steady paycheck, even some benefits.

It’s completely unheard of in LA.

And it’s Yoongi’s worst nightmare.


Jimin stares at the door. Yoongi had promised to come over after work, but now it’s almost 7. He’s usually back by 6.

Tae sits on Jimin’s stomach and Jimin doesn’t even flinch.

Tae brushes through Jimin’s hair. “He’s probably on his way.”

Jimin doesn’t say anything. Just drops his head onto the couch and closes his eyes.

Tae shifts to lie beside him. “It’s his first week, they’re probably like hazing him or something.”

Jimin takes a deep breath. “Can you call Hobi?”

Tae blinks. “Yeah… why, what’s up?”

Jimin sighs. “I just… I don’t know.”

Tae grabs Jimin’s hand and kisses his knuckles.

Jimin peaks his eyes open to offer Tae a small grin. “You’re cute.”

Tae licks his hand and runs off to find his phone.


When Jimin hears a knock, he tries not to assume it’s Yoongi.

Tae opens the door and Hobi walks in.

It’s nearly 8.

“Woah, what’s up with you?” Hoseok sits next to Jimin on the couch.

Jimin whines. “I feel like a trophy wife.”

Hoseok snorts. “Is this about Yoongi’s new job?”

Jimin doesn’t say anything.

Tae and Hobi make eye contact, both rolling their eyes. “How can you be this needy with two other boyfriends in your living room.”

Jimin opens his eyes with a pout. “He’s new.”

“And what am I?”

Jimin hesitates. “You’re… whatever comes before new.”



Tae takes a step closer. “I can help you chart him.”

Jimin sighs loudly.

Tae swallows. “Right. We’re not doing the sex first thing again.”

Hoseok glances at Tae, curious.

Tae gestures between himself and Jimin. “We talked about it. He doesn’t wanna fuck you until you guys go on a few dates.”

“Tae!” Jimin’s face is red.

Hoseok’s is too.

Tae holds his hands up. “This is talking, isn’t it? Are you going to yell at me for open communication.”

Jimin frowns childishly. “No.”

Tae looks between Jimin and Hoseok. “I’m gonna go play Overwatch.”

And then he’s gone, room door closed behind him.

Hoseok stares down the hallway.

Jimin takes a breath and sits up on the couch.

They lock eyes.

Hoseok stutters a bit from the nerves. “Wh- um, why did you… Tae said you wanted me here.”

Jimin tries to answer that.

He ends up putting his hand over his heart. “This… I don’t know how to word it. I just felt like this… feeling… it matched you the most. Does that make any sense?”

“Like… it reminds you of me? Feeling abandoned?” Hoseok’s face falls.

Jimin’s eyes go wide. “No! That’s not what I meant at all!” Jimin backtracks. “I meant like… I wanted you.” Jimin coughs at the admission. “I just felt like it had to be you.”

“Cause Yoongi’s not-”

“No, even if Yoongi was free. This fits… you.”

“What does?”

Jimin slouches. “I don’t know what it is exactly.”

“I thought you were better with words than Tae.”

“I usually am.”

There’s a long pause.

Finally, Jimin finds his words, “What if we all succeed?”

There’s a finality in Jimin’s words that Hoseok’s confused about. “Succeed… in getting this relationship to work?”

Jimin shakes his head, hair flopping around. “No, beyond that. Like job wise. What if we all succeed?”

Hoseok blinks. “Why are you scared of success?”

“It’s not the success that scares me. It’s the schedules.”

It clicks. “Oh.”

Jimin stares at the door.

Hoseok follows his gaze. “You’re getting a glimpse of the future, hm?”

Jimin shrugs.

Hoseok hums. “Well, if we’re seriously considering the future… let’s be optimistic, yeah?”

A wry grin spreads on Jimin’s face. “I had a feeling you’d say that.”

Hoseok’s smile is relaxed. “So in this future you’re imagining, are we all there?”

“Of course.”

“So we would probably all have moved in together by then.” Jimin chokes. “It’d make rent easier. And Jungkook’s probably going to be making millions of dollars as a directory by then so I’m not worried about ditching him.” Jimin drags his eyes from the door to watch Hoseok. “So there’s the four of us. And maybe we’d all be busy… but we’d be more likely to have time for each other with four different schedules.”

Jimin shakes his head. “But it’d be even more complicated to find a time where all four of us are free.”

Hoseok considers that. “I mean, that’s true but… at the end of the day, we all need to sleep, right? We’d still all come home to each other. Isn’t that the part that matters?”

Hoseok finally catches Jimin staring at him.

They hold there for a second.

Then Jimin surges forward to capture Hoseok’s lips with his own.

Hoseok hesitates at first, surprised.

But then he matches Jimin’s rhythm. It’s all soft lips and no tongue.

Jimin pulls back just a bit to press a kiss to Hoseok’s cheek. “You’re magic.”

Hoseok blushes. “I’m just a person.”

“A magic person.”

Hoseok snorts.

Jimin giggles and then abruptly stops. “Was that okay? Should I not have kissed you?”

Hoseok hesitates. “It was… a little surprising. But it was okay. I’ve spent enough time with Tae to know you must not be used to holding yourself back from casual kisses.”

Jimin barks out a laugh. “Understatement.” Jimin stares at Hoseok’s face, tracing his cheekbones with his thumb.

Hoseok wants to ask what he sees, what he’s thinking.

Jimin seems to hear the question. “I don’t want to love you for this.” Hoseok’s eyes go wide. Jimin’s do in response. “That came out wrong. I meant… like this is… the whole hurt/comfort thing. That’s how you and Yoongi got together, right?” Hoseok nods, eyes guarded. Jimin nods solemnly. “I don’t want to love you for this, okay?”

Hoseok leans forward and kisses Jimin’s nose. “You think too much. I can hear you covering your tracks and trying to make sure no one’s hurt.”

Jimin scoffs, “Yeah well, someone’s got to do it. Yoongi’s emotions are overwhelming him, Tae wants to solve all our problems with sex, and you’re too optimistic to see how everything could go wrong.”

Hoseok laughs softly. “You’re trying to be our anchor?”

“I prefer captain.”

Hoseok laughs louder. “Navy or pirate?”

Jimin’s eyes go hooded. “Depends on the night.”

Hoseok wants to laugh, but the sound gets caught in his throat as his pupils dilate.

Jimin notices and immediately changes his expression.

The door knob rattles.

Jimin jumps to his feet. “Yoongi?”

Hoseok smirks as Jimin runs to the door like a dog.

The door opens and the first thing Hoseok notices is the bags under Yoongi’s eyes.

Then Yoongi’s bag falls onto the floor as Jimin throws his arms around him and Hoseok watches the tension immediately melt out of him as his arms naturally wrap around Jimin.

Jimin kisses the corner of Yoongi’s jaw. “Where were you?”

“They asked me to run something to the post office after work and shocker, there was like an hour line.” Jimin presses his face into Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi’s voice goes soft. “What’s wrong?”

Jimin shakes his head, a small motion that Yoongi feels.

Yoongi glances up and spots Hoseok.

Hoseok waves and Yoongi smiles shyly, glancing down at Jimin to show he’s kind of stuck.

Hoseok smiles.

“Jimin ah, let’s sit on the couch. Let me close the fucking door.”


Hoseok sits with his back to the arm of the couch and Yoongi sits mirrored on the other side. The only difference is, Yoongi’s got Jimin koalaed around his back.

For the most part, Yoongi totally ignores him as he talks to Hoseok.

Jimin seems content just to have Yoongi in his arms.

Hoseok frowns. “Isn’t it only your third day?”

Yoongi snorts and looks at his watch. “Is it? It feels like it’s been a year.”

Hoseok’s frown gets even more pronounced. “Why did you take the job?”

“Cause I need the money.”

“That’s a shit reas-”

“I didn’t have a lot of options, did I? No one’s hiring freelance right now. Christmas season is over. Everyone got their stupid family photos. It’s a bad time to be freelance.”

“And you-”

“Applied at studios, yeah.”

“Sorry, I’m not trying to mom you or anything.”

“I know you’re worried.”

Hoseok looks into Yoongi’s eyes. “You look like shit, of course I’m worried.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “It sucks, but I get to come home to this-” He leans his head against Jimin’s and squeezes Hoseok’s leg under his hand. “-so I can’t really complain.”

Hoseok shakes his head. “That doesn’t sound like your dream.”

“It pays the bills.”

Hoseok sighs heavily. “Jimin, what do you think?”

Jimin startles, not expecting to be called on. “Uh… I mean, I’ve been freelancing too and… It’s work but it’s shitty. You spend weeks on end with nothing and then you’re really busy for like three days and then there’s nothing for like two months. I’ve honestly been thinking of getting another job waiting tables.”

Hoseok sighs loudly.

Yoongi frowns. “Seok ah, you have a steady job at the dance studio, okay? I know it wasn’t always like that for you, but we’re trying to find the same thing. We just can’t afford to sit around on our asses while we look for it.”

Hoseok chews on his lip. “Why don’t you take picture of Jimin and Tae?”

Yoongi blinks. “I have.”

Hoseok shakes his head. “No, professionally. Post them online. Sell prints. It’s good recognition for both Jimin and Tae, you get to take pictures. And the world gets some gorgeous LGBTQ+ art.”

Yoongi’s still frowning even though Jimin’s eyes have lit up.

Hoseok sighs. “What?”

“I’m not exploiting my boyfriends for money.”

Jimin tsks. “That’s not what he’s suggesting, baby.”

Yoongi closes his eyes.

Hoseok and Jimin look at each other.

Hoseok holds up a finger, asking Jimin to wait.

Yoongi takes a small breath. “What’s the concept?”

Hoseok tsks. “You tell us.”

“I’m not gonna lie, my brain went directly to tasteful nudes.”

Jimin bits Yoongi’s neck. “You’ve technically taken some of me already.”

“You had pants on.”

Hoseok raises his eyebrow.

Jimin giggles. “You haven’t seen them?” Jimin bites Yoongi’s ear. “I thought you were gonna put them on instagram.”

Yoongi grumbles. “No, they’re mine.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Possessive.” Jimin’s voice goes soft. “Is that the day you realized?”

Yoongi’s eyes blink open.

He’s staring at Hoseok.

Jimin lies his hand over Yoongi’s where he’s got a death grip on Hoseok’s ankle.

Hoseok looks between them. “You took them when we were still together, didn’t you?”

“It- it was the week after the break up. I think.”

Jimin buries his face behind Yoongi’s shoulder.

Hoseok shakes his head lightly. “I guess we were both kind of cheating, huh? Don’t apologize. Neither of us can keep doing this if we keep apologizing for it.”

Yoongi nods.

Hoseok smiles.

Yoongi panics, unsure how Hoseok could be smiling right now.

Jimin laughs.

Yoongi leans into him. “What?”

Jimin tries to stifle his laughter. “I literally felt your heartbeat speed up.”

Yoongi whines.

Hoseok glances at Jimin. “Can I steal him?”

Jimin pushes Yoongi toward Hoseok.

Yoongi scoffs as he falls onto Hoseok’s lap.

Jimin watches from across the couch as Yoongi settles into Hoseok’s lap.

Jimin smirks. “You’re a lapdog.”

Yoongi doesn’t even fight that. “So?”

Hoseok presses his lips against Yoongi’s temple and Jimin watches his tough expression fade into uncertainty.

“I’m done feeling guilty. I’m done blaming myself. I’m done blaming you.”

Yoongi’s face goes blank. “We can’t just… forget about-”

“Who’s forgetting anything?”

“I don’t know… I want to move on-”

“Then do it.”


“Yoongi, we were different people. We weren’t the right people for each other and nothing we did could’ve changed that. If anything we were both too loyal to each other to end it and it took pretty dire emotional turmoil for us to realize it wasn’t working.”

Yoongi catches Jimin’s eye.

They both blink at each other.

Hoseok lets out a breath. “Do you agree with me?”

“I-” Yoongi clears his throat. “Yeah. Yes.”

“Okay. Then let this be our second chance and let us start fresh. Don’t keep bringing up the past.”

“I can still see the pain in your eyes, Hope ah. I put that there.”

“You think I don’t see the same in yours?”

Jimin catapults himself at them, arms wrapping tightly around both of them.

He doesn’t say anything, but he doesn’t need to.

He holds them all together.

They stay like that until Jimin starts falling off the couch.

He gets up. “I’m gonna go to Tae, probably stay with him in his room tonight. If you stay, you can use my bed. You guys should get some sleep. Or sleep together. Or both.”

Yoongi glares at him. “Don’t jok-”

“Not joking.” Jimin takes off down the hallway. The door to Tae’s room closes behind him.

It’s quiet for a bit.

Hoseok speaks up first. “I can take you home, if you need me to.”

Yoongi shakes his head. “I- I have a change of clothes in Jimin’s closet.”

Hoseok’s voice goes teasing. “Oh, do you?”


“Did you think you were gonna get lucky?”

“Don’t gotta get lucky if I love him.”

“And me.”

“Yeah, and you.” Yoongi laughs. “You reached for that one.”

“Wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass me by.”

Yoongi smiles where Hoseok can’t see him. “Good. You gotta keep me honest. Promised you I’d work for your trust.”

“You’re doing good so far.”

“Not great. Just good.”

“You’re learning.”

Yoongi goes quiet. “You think Jimin’s right?”

“About what?”

“He keeps telling me you and I need to have sex.”

Hoseok sighs. “Tae keeps telling me the same thing.”

Yoongi hums. “Maybe just… stay.”


“With me. Tonight.”

Hoseok doesn’t respond.

“Just to sleep.”


Yoongi sits up and turns around. “Yeah?”

Hoseok’s smile is small and nervous. “Yeah.” His face goes serious. “Now please take off that goddamn button up. Even I’m itchy just looking at you.”

Yoongi snorts as his fingers go to work. “I guess I was too distracted by two beautiful men to remember I was uncomfortable.”

“Your pick up lines don’t work on me anymore.” Hoseok pushes Yoongi’s hands out of the way and starts unbuttoning Yoongi’s shirt for him.

Yoongi watches him, but Hoseok doesn’t look up. “What are you doing?”

“Taking care of you.”

Yoongi sighs and tries to fight Hoseok’s hands away. “I’m trying to avoid-”

“That’s who I am, Yoongi.” Hoseok’s hands close around Yoongi’s. He locks eyes with him. “I know you’re worried about… and I know you must’ve talked to Jimin about it too. But I’m going to take care of you, both of you. That’s just… that’s me. And I know it scares you. But that’s how it is. That’s how I am. Take me or leave me.”

“Take you.” Yoongi doesn’t hesitate.

Hoseok blushes, not expecting Yoongi to respond.

Yoongi repeats himself firmly. “Take you.”

Hoseok lets go of Yoongi’s hands and Yoongi lets Hoseok undo the rest of his buttons and slide the button up off, only leaving his undershirt.

Yoongi leans forward and presses a chaste kiss against Hoseok’s lips.

Hoseok smiles.

Yoongi suddenly realizes he somehow ended up straddling Hoseok’s lap.

He clears his throat and stands up.

Hoseok looks up at him, then glances down at his crotch.

Yoongi spins. “Stop it.”

“You stood up real fast.”

Yoongi’s ears are red. “Let’s just go to sleep.”

Hoseok stands up, melding his chest against Yoongi’s back. “You sure?”

“Not tonight.”

Hoseok kisses the back of Yoongi’s ear.

For a moment, Yoongi gets lost in thought thinking about how Jimin had been right there, but he pressed kisses to different parts of Yoongi’s ear.

Hoseok lets out a breath and grabs Yoongi’s hand. “Come on.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “It’s not even ten.”

“You could use the sleep.”

Yoongi doesn’t have an argument for that.


Jimin and Tae peak into Jimin’s bedroom the next morning to see Hoseok draped over Yoongi.

Jimin sighs. “I’m not even surprised. Yoongi always wants to be the little spoon.”

Tae pouts. “They didn’t fuck.”

“They’re working on it.”

Tae jumps on the bed as Jimin walks around, grabbing clothes for himself.

Yoongi drags his eyes open and glances around. “Why are you both naked?”

Jimin scoffs. “Excuse you, I put on boxers for you.”

“Is that supposed to be a favor or a punishment.”

Jimin rolls his eyes.

Tae cuddles into Yoongi. “We had morning sex.”

Hoseok grunts with his eyes closed. “I heard you.”

Jimin blushes. “Sorry.”

Yoongi starts falling back asleep as Tae throws an arm over him too.

Hoseok gets up and Yoongi whines, but Tae quickly throws himself over Yoongi and takes Hoseok’s place cuddled against his back.

Jimin and Hoseok frown down at them. Jimin rolls his eyes. “They’re not allowed to wake each other up. Ever. It’s gonna be like this every time.”

Before Jimin even finishes talking, both Tae and Yoongi have fallen back asleep.

Hoseok snorts. “Unbelievable.”

Jimin’s still glaring at the two in bed when he realizes Hoseok’s staring at him. “What?”

Hoseok shrugs. “You look hot.”

Jimin blushes. “Sorry. I should’ve put a shirt on.”

“I mean, I’m not complaining.”

Jimin sighs as he tries to hurry while he picks his outfit, but he’s too picky to rush. “I would say you’re worse than Tae, but you’re not.”

Hoseok laughs. “Fair.”

Jimin talks quietly as he goes through his closet. “I’m trying not to rush this. It feels like it’s all happening in the wrong order.”

“Let me take you to dinner, then.”

Jimin pouts over his shoulder for a moment. “No, I’m the one courting you.”

“There can be mutual courting.”

“I’m taking you to dinner first. End of conversation.”

“Wow, you’re stubborn.”

“You’ll thank me after you have the best date of your life.”


That seems to wake Tae up. “He’s so sexy like this.” Tae’s eyes are barely open as he says it. He throws his leg over Yoongi and cuddles his face into the back of his neck.

Jimin gets distracted staring at them.

Hoseok realizes he’s lost focus. “He always sleeps like that.”

Jimin blinks. “Sorry, what?”

Hoseok nods toward Yoongi. “In a ball. He always sleeps like that.”

Jimin mumbles. “It’s cute.”

“It is.”

Yoongi sighs heavily. “I’m not cute.”

“You are.” Tae shouts it into his ear and Yoongi flinches.

Jimin smirks. His hand clutches at his heart almost instinctively.

Hoseok notices, but doesn’t say anything.

Jimin shakes his head and turns back to Hoseok. “I- I forgot what we were talking about.”

“Date night.”

Jimin’s spine straightens. “Date night! Tomorrow night.”

Hoseok raises his eyebrows. “Tomorrow?”

“I was actually planning this already. I knew you were free. I made Tae look at your calendar at your apartment.” Jimin grabs all his clothes in his arms. “I’m gonna shower.”

Hoseok’s jaw is on the floor as Jimin leaves the room. “He’s like James fucking Bond.”

Tae nods sleepily as he sits up, petting his fingers through Yoongi’s hair. “He’s sexier than James Bond.”


Chapter Text


Yoongi: okay hi

Hoseok: hottie with a body

Tae: yes thats hwat he WANTS YOU TO THINK

Tae: buT

Yoongi: why are you missing a sleeve

Tae: thIS ISNT A SHOOT. Jimin always does that. The sleeve thing. idk its a jimin thing.



Jimin: tae pls

Hoseok: omg!!! Ar eyou okay????

Yoongi: did you fall taking your jacket off or something

Tae: no i told u he always wears his jackets like that. its a jimin thing™

Jimin: whatever. all youre proving is that i make falling downt he stairs look good

Hoseok: seconded

Jimin: omg its been so long since someone aggressively hit on me




Yoongi: i hit on you

Tae: bitch when

Jimin: ^^^^^

Yoongi: ????

Hoseok: staring into his eyes isnt hitting on him

Yoongi: why not

Jimin: oh my god. thanks to HOBI AND ONLY HOBI for actually asking me if im okay. i think i bruised my ass but it wouldnt be the first time. *pauses for high five from tae*


Jimin: we’re still on for dinner tonight, hobi

Yoongi: did you guys coordinate your texts. youre walking together right now arent you

Hoseok: ...are you wearing that outfit to dinner

Jimin: i could

Hoseok: god please

Tae: ur wish is my command. And god tae said let there be blue leather jackets and he saw that it was good.

Yoongi: thats sacreligious. i went to catholic school.

Jimin: omg did you im sorry he didnt mean it

Hoseok: yoongis not fucking catholic anymore

Yoongi: oh, yeah god no.


Yoongi: thats not even how genesis goes

Tae: yeah it is. i reference it so much i googled it last week.

Yoongi: yeah but you left out like 3 sentences from the way its usually written

Hoseok: its a bible verse, you dont really care

Jimin: shhhhh bible boy yoongi is the hottest thing ive seen all day i wanna defile him

Yoongi: ill leave my catechism on my coffee table and you can spank me with it



Hoseok: are you making up all these church words taetae

Tae: yeah lol they sound legit tho right

Hoseok: lmao honestly they do

Tae: fyi jimin and yoongs switched to pm and theyre sexting

Hoseok: WHAT

Tae: its really bad. like. id read you some but i think id go blind just looking at it and i cnat imagine what would happen if i tried to retype it.




Yoongi: call me lucifer cause i have fallen for you

Jimin: thats just tacky. thats not sexy.

Yoongi: being the devil isnt sexy?

Jimin: ...ok go on

Yoongi: tbh idk. the catechism thing wasnt even clever it was just really really sacreligious

Jimin: it was sexy and im expecting more.

Yoongi: im not gonna distract you and hear about you falling down the stairs again

Jimin: what if i fall into your pants

Yoongi: ill catch you with my dick and pound the sin out of you

Jimin: oh my god thats so dumb but its sexy still

Yoongi: youre weird



[End Screenshot]


Hoseok: okay so its not actually that bad

Tae: i mean. it IS bad

Hoseok: but its not like /bad/

Tae: i think we could out bad them

Jimin: Taehyung Kim if you think anyone could out bad me and you, youre gravely wrong

Tae: ok but im not talking about mea nd you am i im talking about you and yoongi

Yoongi: i dont want any part in this


Hoseok: true you did

Tae: ^^^^^^

Hoseok: are we even gonna make it to dinner if we get caught up in this

Jimin: i can multitask, cant i, tae?

Tae: he can

Hoseok: you guys are two sexual deviants im so honored to be a part of this

Yoongi: i hate everything about this conversation

Hoseok: lmao ur so demi

Yoongi: sorry not sorry


Jimin: yoongi is so straight for demi. hes watched her ama performance like 16 times

Yoongi: 16 times *a day. and im not ashamed of my straight side

Jimin: i am

Yoongi: jimin. youre gay. tell me demi isnt fine as fuck.

Jimin: she is

Hoseok: she is

Tae: she is

Yoongi: thank you

Tae: wait hobi what are you

Hoseok: horny

Jimin: lmao no he means orientation

Hoseok: did i stutter

Tae: omg r u pan. say ur pan. be pan.

Hoseok: im a pan. a pancake. a pangea. a, if you will, panda express



Jimin shoves his phone in his pocket.

Tae glances at him. “I still don’t get how you ‘made reservations’ at this place.”

Jimin shrugs. “I’m cute but really stubborn. I usually get people to let me do shit.”

“Okay, that’s true in most situations, but this is beyond even you.”

Jimin throws him a look. “I’ve gotten reservations at much ritzier places than this.”

“Yeah, but-”

“I’m sneaky and I know his co-workers.”

“Didn’t you sleep with him? The guy who let us in?”

Jimin snorts. “Yes, we did.”

Tae straightens up. “Oh, I was there?”

“You watched.”

Tae turns to look back at the guy blushing at the front desk. “Think he’s up for round two?” Tae turns back to Jimin to see him glaring. Tae holds his hands up. “Oh my god, it was a joke.”

Jimin hands Tae a box. “Good, cause we’re committed men now. Help me set up.”


Yoongi hears a knock on his door.

He wasn’t sleep, but he was catnapping on the couch.

He knows Jimin and Tae are off setting up for tonight so he’s not really sure who would be at his door.

Hoseok’s smiling down at him as the door opens. “It’s weird to knock on this door.”

Yoongi blinks. “I can make you another key, Hope ah.”

Hoseok’s smile flickers. “Is that too soon?”

Yoongi laughs. “Everything’s too soon. But no, not really. I want you to…” Yoongi loses track of what he was trying to say. “...I don’t know, feel at home here. I guess.”

Hoseok ruffles his hair and Yoongi pouts. “Give me Jimin advice.”

“I don’t follow.”

“I have to woo Jimin tonight.”

Yoongi sits back down on the couch and Hoseok falls beside him, sides touching comfortably. Yoongi feels nostalgia wash over him. “You don’t have to.”

“I want to.”

Yoongi glances at him. “Really?”

Hoseok raises his eyebrows. “You realize how my type Jimin is, right?”

Yoongi shrugs. “Thought you weren’t superficial enough to care about stuff like that.”

Hoseok tsks. “Jimin’s the full package and you know it.”

Yoongi’s quiet, smirking to himself. “He said he dances, didn’t he? That day you two modeled together?”

Hoseok’s head falls back against the couch. “I have been thinking about that a lot. Like constantly.”

Yoongi laughs, smiling widely. “Yeah, he fits the whole small and cute thing you’ve always looked for.”

Hoseok looks at him sideways. “What do you mean, looked for?”

Yoongi shrugs. “You always said that’s the kind of guy you want. Small, cute, cuddly. That’s Jimin.”

Hoseok stares at Yoongi for a moment until he realizes he’s not kidding. “Yoongi, I was talking about you.”

Yoongi blinks. “What?”

“Oh my god, I hate us.”

“I’m not cuddly.”

“Says the guy literally cuddling into my shoulder right now.”

Yoongi doesn’t have an answer for that.

Hoseok sighs. “Amazing.”

“Whatever. Jimin’s already into you. You have nothing to worry about.”

“How do you know?”

“Has he not been sexting you all day?”


“I thought you guys weren’t gonna fuck on the first date.”

“Oh, we won’t. I’m going to build up that sexual tension for a month. Our first time is going to be wild.”

Yoongi lets out a long breath. “Your self confidence is staggering.”

“It’s all a lie.”

Yoongi goes quiet for a moment, too long for it to be natural. Hoseok glances at him. Yoongi’s voice is soft. “I know.” Yoongi shifts on the couch and Hoseok throws an arm over Yoongi’s shoulders. “I know, Seok ah.”

Hoseok sighs, petting Yoongi’s hair. “Maybe I won’t go to dinner. Maybe I’ll stay here with you.”

Yoongi laughs. “Jimin would kill you if you missed this.”

“Go with me.”

“The date is designed for you two.”

Hoseok sits up suddenly. “You know the date plans?”

Yoongi smirks. “I do.”


“No spoilers.”

Both their phones buzz.

Tae: whats cute, thicc and covered in sweat

Yoongi: ur dick

Tae: true but also

Hoseok: did he change????? :(

Tae: lol no hes sweaty right now but he wont let me take a picture of him cause ‘spoilers’ so i sent you an old selfie he sent me after he went for a run

Hoseok: have i mentioned i hate surprises cause i hate surprises

Yoongi: its a good surprise seok ah

Hoseok glances over at Yoongi beside him.

Yoongi pretends not to notice and watches his phone as he waits for a response.

Tae: are you two together right now

Yoongi: wtf how did you know

Tae: spidey senses. send a selfie




Hoseok: i figured since we were doing old pictures




Yoongi: use this one instead. this halloween was semi normal

Tae: ????? i thought you guys only knew each other for two years

Yoongi: like two and a half

Jimin: you look like babies in the first one and yoongi looks like a fuck boi in the second one


Jimin: wtf why are you so touchy

Hoseok: yoongi doesnt like looking back at his old pictures

Tae: the eyeliner was hot tho


Jimin: send a pic from now tho

Yoongi: why

Yoongi: god fucking dammit seok ah


Jimin: cute

Jimin: i have cute boyfriends and tae

Tae: u probably meant that as an insult but it felt more like i was held a level above boyfriend

Jimin: u r

Tae: im soft

Hoseok: also soft

Yoongi: isnt there supposed to be a sexting marathon going on right now

Jimin: SOFT

Tae: why ar eyou the one complaining

Hoseok: yoongis at war with himself about whether he wants to suffer through sexual messages or emotions

Jimin: i love him

Yoongi: he knows


Yoongi: arent you into him

Jimin: thats not the point

Tae: wait into who. Is yoongi stll in third person or are we talking about han

Tae: actually nvm it doesnt matter

Jimin: both

Jimin: lmao u knew

Hoseok: im thinking of tactics for how to prevent myself from fucking jimin against a wall tonight

Jimin: mirrors

Hoseok: what?

Yoongi: lmao was that a freudian slip

Jimin: what? I didnt. I said nothing. I gave nothing away.

Hoseok: ...wall...mirrors…?

Jimin: NO

Hoseok: oh my god


Hoseok: call me jon snow.

Jimin: call me tonight. Fuck. okay whatever. Im on my way to pick you up. Forget everything you saw here.

Yoongi: hes at my place.

Jimin: i know i saw the pic

Yoongi: lmao right. come up so i can kiss you

Jimin: come down so i dont have to park

Yoongi: fair.


Hoseok: wAHPA

Tae: omg

Hoseok: alk;sdfjasf

Tae: urs was better babe

Hoseok: thank


Hoseok pretends to be surprised when Jimin leads him into his own dance studio.

“You slept with Kyle?”

Jimin laughs awkwardly. “Is that his name?” Hoseok looks at him. “Joking. I knew his name, I had to call him to get in here, didn’t I?”

There’s a picnic blanket set up in the dance studio with a vegetable spread and smoothies.

Hoseok grips his heart. “Is that…”

“Grade A rabbit food. Fruit, veggies, salad, protein shakes. Nothing’s gonna slow us down.”

Hoseok falls to the floor and sips at the protein shake. “Chocolate banana. Man after my own heart.”

“That’s the plan, yeah.”

Jimin steps a little closer than he has to while Hoseok’s on his knees. He runs his hand through Hoseok’s hair.

Hoseok raises an eyebrow at him, “At least do a strip tease first.”

Jimin giggles and sits down across from him as Hoseok crosses his legs under him.

They make their way through pounds of health food as they yell at each other about the best dance genre, best music to dance to, best music to fall in the shower to, etc.

There’s been so much heavy conversation, they keep tonight light.

Jimin starts to put the containers back into a box. He’s biting his lip.

Hoseok prods him. “What?”

Jimin shrugs, not looking up. “I was kind of hoping you’d dance with me tonight.”

Hoseok’s on his feet, holding his hand out. “Pick a song.”

Jimin smiles.

It’s mostly Hoseok dancing while Jimin exclaims excitedly behind him.

Hoseok takes him through some steps so they can dance together a bit.

If Hoseok’s hands linger a little long on Jimin’s hips, neither of them point it out.

They end up sweaty on the floor, chugging water.

Hoseok shakes his head. “I usually expect to end dates lying down and sweaty, but this is not… usually how that ends up happening.”

Jimin snorts. “I can’t imagine Yoongi went on a dancing date with you.”

“He tried once, but he fake fell down about ten minutes in and then refused to get up and just watched me dance for an hour.”

“Sounds like Yoongi.”

Hoseok glances at where Jimin is sprawled on the floor beside him and scoots over so he’s close enough to grab his hand.

Jimin laces their fingers together.

“I don’t know if-”

“Do you think-”

They stop as they talk over each other.

Hoseok nods. “Go ahead.”

Jimin smiles. “I… I feel like I feel three different things for the three of you. I’m not sure what to call this one yet.”

Hoseok snorts. “It’s our first date, Jimin ah.”

Jimin looks at him happily. “You haven’t called me that in awhile.”

Hoseok shrugs.

<Speak Korean to me.>

Hoseok’s eyebrows go up. <Will you understand?>

Jimin lets his eyes fall closed. “Even if I don’t, you love speaking it and you sound sexy when you do.”

Hoseok chokes on his water.

Jimin peaks an eye open to laugh at him.

<What do you want me to talk about?>

<What do you remember about Korea?>

Hoseok lets out a long sigh. <Not a lot, honestly. I’ve only been back once since we moved. I was four. When we moved. We went back once when I was 8. I think I spent most of the time playing video games on my DS. I don’t even know. I feel bad for not appreciating it at the time.>

Jimin’s breathing goes even.

Hoseok narrows his eyes. <Are you sleeping?>


<Imagining what?>

“What it would’ve been like. To not be American.”

<I’m American.>

“You know what I mean.”

<Isn’t Tae from Korea?>

“He remembers even less than you.”

<And you’re second generation. So you can’t ask your parents.>

“I’m what?”

“Second generation.”

“Oh, yeah.”

<Have you thought about talking to Tae’s parents?>

Jimin opens his eyes at that. He looks at Hoseok carefully. “Has Tae not talked to you about his parents?”

<What do you mean?>

Jimin hesitates. “Maybe he should tell you himself.”

It goes quiet for a moment.

Hoseok clears his throat. <I remember the food really well. My grandma’s cooking.>

Jimin smiles as he listens. They talk about a country they’ve both forgotten for two hours before Jimin drops Hoseok off and heads home himself.


Tae: im adopted

Hoseok: ???? is this… a metaphor or?

Tae: jimin told me you asked about my parents. my parents are white. im adopted.

Hoseok: do you want to talk about something like this over text?

Tae: whats there to talk about?

Hoseok: you okay?


Hoseok: tae?

Chapter Text

Tae: lol look at this


Yoongi: man after my own heart

Jimin: lol tae this video is old


Tae: lk;dsjfasfas chriscross it came out like a month ago

Jimin: ur memes are usually fresher

Tae: sigh ur right i should keep to my high meme standard

Yoongi: tae ur a wet blanket

Jimin: tae is a wet water

Jimin: cause hes impossible

Hoseok: l;ksdjfalkdfas

Tae: babe u get me


[Private message]

Hoseok: did you want to talk?

Tae: about what?

Hoseok: you dropped that news on me at like 2am and now youre just sending memes in the group chat

Tae: its not news. Its olds.

Hoseok: thats… really cute. but ur not changing the topic.

Tae: lol idk what you want me to say. I just told you a fact

Hoseok: and then you stopped responding

Tae: i went to sleep

Hoseok: you always say good night before going to sleep


Hoseok: tae please stop ignoring me.


Hoseok: tae its been two hours


[Private message]

Tae: do you work today

Yoongi: you couldve just asked jimin

Tae: lol true

Yoongi: lol i had an early shift. im done. whats up?

Tae: can i take you out~

Yoongi: id prefer it if you took me in~

Tae: ?

Yoongi: i was trying to cleverly joke about how im anti social but it didnt work how i wanted it to

Tae: oh lmao good try

Yoongi: thanks =_=

Tae: tired?

Yoongi: wow what makes you say that

Tae: can i come to your place and make you coffee~

Yoongi: you definitely 100% absolutely can do that

Tae: omw~~~


[Private message]

Hoseok: dumb question…. have you talked to tae today?

Jimin: lol not a dumb question. honestly not really. he was still playing overwatch since last night when i woke up and then i went for a run and he was asleep when i got back. so youve talked to him as much as me in group chat… why???

Hoseok: lol thanks for the play by play. nothing. just worried. he hasnt been responding to me

Jimin: !!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED

Hoseok: ?! is that… a big deal?


Hoseok: yes?


Hoseok: i figured youd know the answer to that?



Yoongi: lol what did he do? hes on his way over.

Hoseok: hes going to your place???

Yoongi: yes??? is that a problem??


[Private message]

Hoseok: that’s weird right?

Jimin: yes its definitely weird

Hoseok: ok just checking


Hoseok: no. it’s just weird.

Yoongi: am i not allowed to see him one on one?

Jimin: stop being sassy. we’re just worried.

Yoongi: about?


[Private message]

Hoseok: dont tell him

Jimin: why not?????

Hoseok: tae doesnt want to talk right? yoongi doesnt know. he chose to go to yoongi for a reason

Jimin: fine. still doesnt excuse him being an asshole to you

Hoseok: it really wasnt that big of a deal

Jimin: it is for him


Yoongi: okay. awkward silence. dont tell me then, i guess

Jimin: tae just didnt respond to me as quickly as usual. he must be on the metro without signal or something.

Yoongi: ...the metro?

Jimin: yes. tae and i started driving to the train station to catch the metro instead of looking for parking in hell

Jimin: im sorry did i say hell. i meant by your place in hell.

Jimin: oh no it happened again

Yoongi: jfc koreatown parking sucks i get it



[Private message]

Hoseok: wow so hes really going to ignore our conversation

Jimin: just let him have time i guess. he doesnt get like this very often.

Hoseok: can we take bets on how long it takes yoongi to figure out somethings wrong

Jimin: did you mean as soon as tae walks in the room

Hoseok: lol


Tae knocks on the door and Yoongi opens it.

Tae barely has the time to walk through the door.

“Is something wrong?”

Tae smiles brightly. “Why would something be wrong?”

Yoongi doesn’t even have to say anything to that. Tae’s face falls. “Fine, yeah. But I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Yoongi stares at Tae a moment longer before nodding and closing the door. “Okay.”

Tae blinks. “Okay?”

Yoongi throws him a look. “Yeah. I’m not gonna force it out of you. You still making me that coffee?”

Tae’s shoulders relax visibly as he moves into the kitchen with a smile.

Yoongi gestures between his eyes and Tae. “Jimin told me you’re a disaster in the kitchen so if you break my coffee machine, I reserve the right to kill you.”

Tae pales. “I… probably won’t.”

Yoongi sighs. “That’s fair.”

Yoongi ends up staying with Tae to talk him through everything bit by bit so nothing can go wrong.

He shows Tae how he’ll sometimes throw in a spoonful of cocoa powder to flavor his coffee. Tae’s eyes light up.

Then Yoongi forces Tae on the couch, both of them with mugs of hot coffee, and situates himself so his back is against Tae’s chest.

He sighs happily.

Tae smirks. “You’re a teddy bear.”

It’s quiet for a bit and Yoongi can feel a thought stuck in Tae’s throat.

“This is our first time hanging out alone like this.”

Yoongi tsks. “I didn’t want to point it out and make it awkward.”

“Awkward is my middle name.”

“It’s better than Vincent.”



[Private message]

Jimin: ...did you wanna come over?

Hoseok: haha. um. so soon after our date?

Jimin: was it not good enough for a part two?

Hoseok: alskf;asdfk it was perfect. I just… idk

Jimin: you feel shitty about tae. come over.

Hoseok: it honestly makes no sense that ur the dom among all of us

Jimin: ...what do you mean

Hoseok: nothing.

Jimin: suspicious

Hoseok: forget i said anything

Jimin: mmmmm no i cant forget. what did you mean?

Hoseok: uhhh i mean…… ur really soft????????

Jimin: that just depends on the lighting

Hoseok: a;laskfjflkfjaaf

Jimin: come over.

Hoseok: omw

Chapter Text

Tae and Yoongi sit together quietly.

Tae mumbles, mostly to himself. “It always freaks me out when there are clouds in LA. It makes me dizzy.”

Yoongi hums. “Dizzy? Why?”

Tae shrugs, jostling Yoongi who clings to his coffee cup. “I dunno. It’s just… the sky is usually blue and empty and it’s weird when there’s stuff up there.”

“Is it cloudy today?”

As if to answer his question, raindrops start to fall against the window.

Tae laughs softly, a low rumble against Yoongi’s chest. “Did you not notice?”

Yoongi hums a no and watches the window.

They both watch the window in silence.

“I don’t like the rain.” Tae sounds like he’s pouting.

Yoongi tsks. “Rain is good. Especially here.”

“It makes me feel trapped.”

“It’s just water.”

Tae whines. “I know we all joke about me being a bad driver, but the actual bad drivers in this city drive so crazy when it rains. And the roads get so slippery. And it’s not like you can walk anywhere in LA.”

Yoongi puts down his empty coffee mug.

Tae copies him as Yoongi sits up and turns to face Tae.

There’s a bit of distance between them as Yoongi sits between Tae’s legs. “I like the rain cause it sets the mood for a cozy day in.”

Tae waits as Yoongi hesitantly crawls beside him and positions his head on Tae’s shoulder.

It’s awkward but they try to pretend it’s not.

Tae scoots over and gently presses Yoongi’s shoulder so he lies on his back.

Tae straddles his hips.

Yoongi just stares up at him.

Tae wets his lips. “Can we?”

Yoongi hesitates. “Do we need to talk to them?”

Tae shakes his head as he positions his hips over Yoongi’s and they both try not to whine at the friction. “They won’t mind.”

Yoongi takes a breath and takes his phone out of his pocket.

Tae frowns.

Yoongi sends off a text. “I don’t wanna start this off wrong.”

Yoongi: dunno how im supposed to ask but is it alright for me and tae to bang

Jimin: general or right now

Hoseok: doesnt seem like the kind of thing you ask in advance

Yoongi: this is tae from yoongis phone. pls lkas;djfas im on his lap alreadyyyyyyyy

Jimin: as long as youre both okay with it

Yoongi: more than okay

Jimin: hobi?

Hoseok: yeah it’s fine~

Tae shoves the phone in Yoongi’s face and then drops it on the floor.

It’s quickly followed by his shirt.

Yoongi sighs. “I didn’t get to enjoy this part last time.”

Tae smirks. “What, you think I’m hot?”

Yoongi throws Tae a look. “Of course I do.”

Tae blushes. “No, I’m just pretty.”

“Pretty hot.”

Tae huffs cutely as he tugs at Yoongi’s shirt and pulls it off him. He lets his hands rest on Yoongi’s bare stomach. “I kind of want to ride you.”

Yoongi nearly chokes.

Tae raises an eyebrow. “What, is that a no?”

Yoongi looks up at Tae, surprised. “I just… you’re really blunt.”

Tae hums in agreement as he stands up and pushes his pants off.

He glances over to see Yoongi look him up and down and then tugs at Yoongi’s pants questioningly.

Yoongi blinks and shakes his head. “We should move to my bed.”

Tae tsks. “I want it to be here.”

Yoongi scoffs. “Why?”

“So when we’re all sitting on this couch you’ll remember the time I rode you.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, but lets Tae unbutton his pants and pull them off. “I don’t have anything casually lying around the living room.”

Tae digs into the pockets of his jacket and pulls out lube and a condom.

Yoongi blinks at him. “I’m not sure why I’m surprised.”

Tae grins widely. He puts the two down on the coffee table near them and straddles Yoongi’s hips again.

Yoongi breathes out harshly, his eyes falling closed as his hands settle on Tae’s hips. “Kiss me.”

Tae bends down easily to press his lips against Yoongi’s.

It’s their first time really doing this.

Yoongi’s made love to Hoseok.

Yoongi’s also made love to Jimin.

Tae’s had a lot of sex, but he’s not sure he can classify any of it as making love.

He pulls away from the kiss and Yoongi looks up at him, surprised. “What’s wrong?”

Tae blinks. “You really love me?”

Yoongi’s cheeks are pink. “Yeah.”


Yoongi frowns at the self doubt in Tae’s voice. “Cause I love the way you hide behind your smile. I do the same with sarcasm, but you do it with happiness.”

Tae blinks. “Why does that make you love me?”

Yoongi sighs. “I don’t know. I relate to it. And you love Jimin.”

Tae snorts. “You relate to that too.”

Yoongi hums but frowns at Tae deflecting his attention.

Yoongi reaches his hand up to Tae’s heart and splays his palm over Tae’s chest.

Tae quiets.

“I don’t know how to word what you need to hear.”

Tae hesitates just a moment before he covers Yoongi’s hand with his own. “I hear you.”

“You look scared.”

Tae nods. “I haven’t been with someone who loves me since Jimin at the beginning of college.”

“Tae.” Yoongi’s voice is soft and calm. “I think this will all make sense after you fuck me.”

Tae giggles abruptly and nods. “Okay.” Tae presses on Yoongi’s shoulders. “Stay here.”

Yoongi nods as Tae slips down on the couch, peppering kisses across Yoongi’s neck, chest, stomach. He gives no warning at all as his mouth closes around Yoongi’s dick.

Yoongi curses quietly.

Tae hums.

Yoongi tangles his hand in Tae’s hair, breath hitching. “You’re way too good at that.”

Tae pops off. “Practice makes perfect.”

Yoongi laughs to himself.

Tae traces patterns onto Yoongi’s thigh. “I’m… a little impatient.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “I didn’t ask you for foreplay, did I?”

Tae smirks as he scoots back up, straddling Yoongi’s hips again.

He reaches for the lube on the table.

He puts some on his hand and bends down over Yoongi. “You just watch.”

Yoongi nods quietly, mouth dry as Tae’s hand slips between them.

Tae’s hand occasionally touches him and Yoongi tries not to react too much other than watching the faces Tae makes and the lewd sounds spilling out of his lips as he fingers himself.

Yoongi whines at having nothing to do and runs his hands across Tae’s back. “And you think you’re not sexy. Jesus, Tae.”

Tae laughs but the motion jostles his fingers and it turns into a moan.

Yoongi’s so entranced he barely notices when Tae is ready. It’s not until Tae’s hand wraps around his dick that he snaps back to attention.

Tae holds up the condom. “We could not use the-”

Yoongi throws him a look.

Tae nods opening the packet. “Okay, fine. Too soon.”

“Do you and Jimin not…?”

Tae shrugs. “We do. Just cause we have other partners but… I guess… now…”  Tae trails off, shaking his head. “We’ll worry about that later.”

He gently rolls the condom onto Yoongi who takes a sharp breath in. The sudden contact after only watching hits him intensely.

Tae smirks. “Ready?”

Yoongi squeezes his hands where they hold Tae’s hips. “Are you?”

Tae sinks down instead of answering the question.

Yoongi’s teeth grind together as he tries not to be too loud.

Tae doesn’t have the same reservations and moans loudly.

Tae finds a pace and rejoices in the way Yoongi’s fingers dance across every inch of his skin.

Sometimes Yoongi thrusts up to meet him, other times Yoongi lets him dictate the pace.

Eventually Tae breathily asks, “Can we switch?”

Yoongi half laughs, half pants. “I don’t ride people.”

Tae huffs a laugh as he rubs the sweat off his forehead. “No, just… can we like… roll?”

Yoongi blinks. “You want me to fuck you?”

Tae shrugs casually.

Yoongi’s mouth hangs open as Tae’s pace slows. “Oh. Um… okay.”

“You don’t have to if-”

“No, it’s okay.”

They awkwardly shift on the couch until Tae is on his back and Yoongi is between his legs.

Tae repeats himself. “I didn’t mean to push you or anything if you don’t want-”

“No, I think this is good.”


Yoongi nods as he bends down to capture Tae’s lips softly. “I think you need this.”

Tae tries to laugh it off, but he’s distracted by Yoongi sliding back into him.

It’s different like this.

Yoongi’s in control, but… Tae doesn’t know how to describe it. It’s like Yoongi’s making art. All his movements are gentle and precise. He can’t stop himself from leaning down and pressing his lips to Tae’s throat, shoulders, chest.

Tae watches as Yoongi… loves him.

Because that’s what this is.

Yoongi loves him.

Tae sees a flicker of confusion pass over Yoongi’s face and then he slows to a stop and pulls out.

Tae blinks.

Yoongi looks upset. “Did I do something wrong?”

Tae doesn’t know why he’s asking that. “What? No, nothing! You’re perfect.”

Yoongi’s eyes flicker to Tae’s hips. “You sure?”

Tae catches on, cheeks turning red. “Oh. It’s- it’s not you.”

They both turn red faced and awkward as they both realize Tae isn’t hard anymore.

Yoongi’s tense. “I don’t know what to…”

Tae shakes his head, sitting up. “It really wasn’t- it used to happen with Jimin. When he’d… get too close. It’s not that- it’s not bad or anything. It’s just… it’s… I can’t love and lust at the same time. I get distracted, I guess.”

Yoongi doesn’t seem appeased. “Was it too much?”

Tae throws his arms around Yoongi. “No. Yoongi, it was amazing.”

Yoongi frowns. “I don’t… what are we supposed to do now?”

Tae smiles awkwardly. “I mean, you can still fuck me.”

Yoongi throws him a look.

Tae holds up his hands. “I’m serious! It’s fine.”

Yoongi drops his head in his hands. “I’m so confused. Is this why you were scared?”

Tae nods. “I wasn’t sure but… yeah. It’s better for me to have three. So Jimin can throw love at someone else and I can just watch.”

Yoongi looks at Tae.

Tae fidgets. “What?”

“Do… you want to call Jimin?”


Hoseok answers Jimin’s phone. “Hey… um. How was the sex?”

Tae barks out a laugh as Yoongi turns a deeper shade of red. “That’s kind of why we’re calling.”

There’s a rustling sound and then Jimin’s voice is loud in the phone. “Tae, what happened?”

Tae smiles to himself even though Jimin can’t see him. “The usual.”

Jimin sighs. “Do you guys need me there?”

Tae fidgets excitedly. “Can Hobi come too?”

The line goes silent.

Yoongi can feel all the eyes on him, even over the phone. He sighs loudly. “It might just be because I’m incredibly hard and horny but yes.”

Jimin scoffs. “That’s a shit answer, Yoongi.”

“I can’t make a decision like that right now, Jimin.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “What if we both come over and talk-”

“Really don’t want to be talking right now.”

Jimin hangs up.

Yoongi gapes at the phone.

Tae laughs. “He’s done with your shit, Yoongs.”

Tae quietly wraps a hand around Yoongi again since he can see the tension in his shoulders from not finishing what they started.

It’s enough to appease his stress level right now, but not enough for him to climax.

Tae hears keys in the lock and quickly throws a blanket over both of them before returning his hand to Yoongi’s dick.

Yoongi throws him a look, but Jimin and Hoseok walk in before Yoongi can voice his opinion on the matter.

Jimin and Hoseok blink at them, clearly naked under the blanket on the couch.

Jimin’s pupils dilate, but Yoongi can see him ignore his attraction.

Hoseok closes the door behind him and tries not to look at the couch.

Tae huffs at the awkward atmosphere. “Everyone in this room has had sex with both of us. No reason to stress about us being naked right now.”

Yoongi turns red as Tae’s hand tightens a bit around him.

Jimin slices right through the bullshit. “Tae, I think both Yoongi and I would appreciate it if you stopped jerking him off under the blanket.”

As soon as Tae releases him, Yoongi feels like he can think at least a little more clearly.

Hoseok’s face is so red he looks like he might burst. “This is weird.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “It’s not that weird.” He proves his point by sitting on the couch with them. He puts a finger under Yoongi’s chin affectionately. “Were you too emotional with my Taetae?”

Yoongi tries really hard not to think about the fact that he’s naked and horny while Jimin sits fully clothed on the couch beside him.

It doesn’t help that Jimin shameless runs his hand down Yoongi’s body and palms his erection through the blanket. “Didn’t even get you off yet?”

Hoseok’s eyes catch on Jimin’s hand and he can’t really talk himself into looking away.

Jimin stands and motions for Yoongi and Tae to do the same. “I think we should move to the bed.”

Hoseok clears his throat.

Jimin responds without turning around. “The ‘we’ includes Hoseok.”

Tae throws the blanket off and stands, completely naked, to walk to the bedroom.

Jimin helps Yoongi wrap the blanket around himself to move.

Hoseok hesitantly follows.

As they all get to the room, Jimin asks, “What do we all want right now?”

Yoongi deadpans at Jimin. “I can’t really think beyond my dick right now. Don’t get serious.”

“How do we balance all this?” Everyone turns to Hoseok whose eyes are unfocused as he stares at Yoongi’s body under the blanket.

Hoseok coughs, turning his eyes away. “Like, even assuming everything is good between us all, how do we… take turns… or…”

Tae shrugs. “Whatever feels good, do it.”

Jimin nods. “It sounds simple, but that’s really all it is. Other than that I guess just… try to keep track of who”

Yoongi raises his hand sarcastically as he scoots under the covers of his bed.

Tae sits over the covers, completely unconcerned about his nakedness.

Jimin holds Yoongi’s eyes. “Who do you want to help you?”

Yoongi’s eyes flicker between Jimin and Hoseok. “Um… that’s not really… something I can dec-”

Hoseok nods. “We’re not ready for this, Jimin.”

Jimin nods to himself.

Tae finally meets Hoseok’s eyes across the room. He was checking to make sure Hoseok was okay with all this, but they hold each other’s gaze for a moment as the morning’s argument comes back to them.

Tae looks away.

Jimin looks at Yoongi slyly. “Can I help you, baby?”

Yoongi tsks, pink cheeks betraying him.

Jimin smirks. “Should anyone leave?”

Yoongi meets Hoseok eyes. “Uh.”

Jimin glances between them. “Okay, nobody move.”

Jimin picks up the bed covers as he stares into Yoongi’s eyes.

“Yoongi, is it okay if Hoseok sits on the bed?”

Yoongi doesn’t have a giant bed or anything, but it’s enough room for Tae to sit beside him and Jimin to have room to crawl under the covers beneath Yoongi.

Yoongi nods dumbly and Hoseok sits on the corner of the bed.

He frowns. “Why do I keep ending up being the center of attention?”

Jimin presses a kiss to Yoongi’s lips gently before he climbs under the covers. “Cause you’re our baby.”

Yoongi frowns deeper but it doesn’t last very long as Jimin’s mouth is on him.

He reaches blindy for Tae’s hand and tries to keep his breathing even, but Jimin was very clearly not taking his time.

Yoongi finds himself locking eyes with Hoseok as he pants.

Jimin’s hands and tongue work quickly and lewedly.

Yoongi gasps, squeezing Tae’s hand as his eyes shut.

Jimin swallows easily and slips out from under the covers as Yoongi pants. “Okay, can we talk now?”

When Yoongi’s eyes fall open into slits, his death glare is directed at Jimin.

Jimin smiles innocently.

Yoongi’s face is red with embarrassment as the other three stare at him. Yoongi shakes his head. “No more of this. I don’t care if I’m, whatever Tae said, the glue or some shit. I don’t like this attention. You should all know that.”

Jimin’s smug smile melts into shame. “I’m sorry.”

Yoongi sighs lightly. “It’s… I don’t know. This is just weird and none of us know what we’re really doing. I just don’t like being… I don’t know. I don’t like it.”

Jimin nods solemnly. “Okay.” He clears his throat. “Um, Tae?”

Tae nods. “I will happily be the center of attention if someone wants to indulge me.”

Jimin’s eyes slowly slide to Hoseok. “Hobi hyung?”

Hoseok turns red. “What?”

Jimin smiles softly. “Just checking on how you’re doing.”

Hoseok clears his throat. “Perfectly fine.”

Jimin nods. “Mmhmm, and how do you really feel?”

Hoseok laughs nervously. “Uh, terrified.”

Yoongi looks at Jimin curiously. “Why do you always take charge like this?”

Jimin deadpans down at him. “Would we get anything done if I didn’t?”

Yoongi’s silence answers his question.

Jimin scoots over across the bed to wrap himself around Hoseok’s back.

Hoseok is tense and Yoongi’s eyes track every movement Jimin makes.

Jimin presses his lips to Hoseok’s neck. “You’re part of this.”

Yoongi watches as Hoseok’s entire body relaxes at the affirmation.

Yoongi blinks. He hadn’t even realized Hoseok was worried about being included. But Jimin noticed.

Hoseok’s eyes accidentally find Yoongi’s.

Yoongi nods intensely to confirm Jimin’s words.

Jimin smiles at it.

He pushes Hoseok out of his arms. “Go sit between them. It suits you.”

Hoseok blushes as he sits against the headboard fully clothed with a blissed out Yoongi on his right and a horny Taehyung on his left.

Hoseok just says it again, “This is weird.”

Jimin hums happily. “And it will never get boring.”

Tae tries to subtly pull Hoseok over his lap and Hoseok lets Tae lead him there.

Hoseok settles over his hips with a fond smile.

His eyes dart out to see Yoongi watching him, expressionless.

Hoseok coughs. “Is this okay?”

Yoongi nods.

Jimin moves slowly, curling against Yoongi’s side comfortingly.

As much as Hoseok and Yoongi have fallen for other people, there’s this strange vein of jealousy when they think about the other sleeping with someone else.

Tae reaches out to grab Jimin’s hand and ties them all together as Hoseok hesitantly tugs his shirt off.

Jimin sighs dreamily almost against his will.

Yoongi smirks at the sound.

Jimin swats his teasing expression away. “Dancers have the best bodies.”

Hoseok blushes and glances at Jimin who stares at him unashamedly.

Tae grabs Hoseok’s face in his hands. “Focus on me, babe. Don’t stress.”

Hoseok nods, leaning in to capture Tae’s lips.

Yoongi watches carefully. He sees how there’s affection there but it’s not love. Not the deep, soul filled kind of love.

He watches Hoseok’s hand slip between them as he helps Tae.

They move together easily, practiced.

Yoongi knows they’ve done this before but it’s… surprisingly… kind of nice to see it for himself. He’s been curious about Jimin and Hoseok’s relationship, and he knows more than enough about Jimin and Tae’s, but he hadn’t really thought about what he wasn’t seeing from Tae and Hoseok’s relationship.

He forced himself not to think about it after all the complications.

But now, seeing two of the men he loves caring for each other, Yoongi feels a sort of peace settle over him.

Hoseok palms Tae sensually and carefully as Tae bucks up into him.

Yoongi can’t take it.

He sits up suddenly and scoots over.

Hoseok’s movements pause, startled.

Then Yoongi’s hand tangles in Hoseok’s hair and he pulls him into a kiss.

It takes Hoseok a moment to come back to himself, but then he remembers to keep moving his hand. And then he lets his tongue dance with Yoongi’s the way they’ve known how to do for years.

Yoongi lets his other hand wander over Tae’s skin.

Jimin just watches, ready to jump in should anything suddenly go wrong.

Yoongi pulls back to look at Hoseok, Hoseok stares right back.

Then Yoongi turns and leans down to press his lips against Tae’s.

Yoongi holds back the affection that he shared with Hoseok. He lets Tae focus on the lust. He knows now what Tae needs.

Hoseok shuffles down the bed until his mouth is on Tae and Tae gasps into Yoongi’s mouth.

Jimin giggles from the other side of the bed.

Yoongi glances down at Hoseok who blushes as Yoongi catches his eye while Tae’s dick is in his mouth.

Yoongi just smiles into the kiss as he pulls back.

Tae whines at Yoongi’s absence, but Yoongi has to turn back to Jimin.

He doesn’t say anything.

He just tugs Jimin toward him and presses his lips into Jimin’s hair.

Jimin laughs softly, fondly and looks up at Yoongi like a man in love.

Jimin kisses him chastely before turning to kiss Tae who pushes Jimin off him.

Jimin looks down at him surprised.

Tae pants with his hand in Hoseok’s hair. “If you want to help, kiss him again.”

Tae glances at Yoongi who snorts and does what he’s been asked.

He presses his lips to Jimin’s, deepening the kiss and ruining Jimin’s hair.

They can hear Tae tumble over the edge beside them and Yoongi feels Jimin smile into the kiss.

Hoseok awkwardly fumbles around the room.

Yoongi breaks the kiss. “Oh, I moved it.”

Hoseok finds the trashcan and spits into it.

Jimin would laugh if he weren’t so mesmerized by Yoongi’s mouth.

Yoongi laughs at Jimin’s gentle aggression.

Jimin kisses down Yoongi’s jaw. “You tasted like Tae.”

Tae laughs. “Kinky.” Tae reaches for Hoseok’s hand as he sits back on the bed. “So, who’s taking care of Hoseok and Jimin?”

They both shake their heads at the same time.

Hoseok laughs awkwardly. “Yeah, we’re not ready for that.”

“Fuck me.”

Their ears buzz the room goes so quiet after Yoongi’s words.

Yoongi stares at Hoseok, not an ounce of laughter in his eyes.

Hoseok gulps. “Yoongi-”

“I’m serious, Hope ah.”

Jimin glances between them. “If you guys think you’re ready.”

Hoseok shakes his head. “I don’t think-”

Yoongi cuts in, gesturing around the room. “This is good right now. We all trust each other right now. I don’t want to lose this… momentum.”

Hoseok frowns. “Momentum isn’t a good reason to have sex.”

Yoongi sighs and looks to Tae and Jimin. “Can one of you translate?”

Tae hums. “Well firstly, he’s so into you right now. He skipped that part.” Hoseok looks back and sees the intensity in Yoongi’s eyes. “Second, he just means that he wants this right now with you and he doesn’t want to have let the opportunity go cause he’s worried it’ll be awkward and forced if you try to do it some other time.”

Jimin blinks as Yoongi nods. “How did you-”

Yoongi scoffs. “We texted about it a week ago. Our mind reading has its limitations.”

Hoseok sputters a laugh. “Well. Okay. Only if Jimin preps you.”

Jimin turns red. “Wh-what?! Why me?”

Tae laughs loudly. “Don’t act shy, you just blew him.”

Jimin waits for Hoseok to answer. Hoseok shrugs. “Cause he loves you.”

Yoongi stares at Hoseok carefully.

Jimin shakes his head. “He loves all of u-”

“It’s different with you.” The room goes quiet. “He loves you.”

Yoongi pushes the covers off, completely undeterred by his nakedness and pushes Hoseok down on the mattress and straddles him, leaning over him on all fours. “I love you.”

Hoseok doesn’t move and Yoongi just stares at him more intensely. “Maybe it’s different, maybe it’s not. I’m not about to grab a fucking thesaurus. I love you. I don’t know what else to say.”

Hoseok’s mouth goes dry. “M-maybe you should fuck me.”

Yoongi sighs harshly and falls back onto the mattress. “I’ve done that enough today.”

Hoseok looks at Tae who holds up a peace sign.

Yoongi seems to realize he’s not wearing clothes but isn’t sure why he’s embarrassed considering who he’s with.

He swallows back the embarrassment and lies on the bed. “You do it, Hope ah.”

It’s almost like a dream.

Hoseok moves over him and they go through the motions.

They’ve done this before. They know each other, but just like they said at the cafe they feel like strangers to each other.

So they move together, knowing each of their sensitive spots and what they like, what they need. But there was something distant about it.

Hoseok’s inside of Yoongi when Jimin inserts himself into the equation.

“You guys are being weird.” Jimin’s voice is soft as he presses a kiss to Hoseok’s shoulder. Then he pushes Yoongi off the mattress a bit so he can slide behind him.

Yoongi winces as he’s bent but then he settles his back against Jimin’s chest.

Yoongi sighs. “When did you strip?”

Jimin snorts. “You didn’t notice?” Jimin’s lips brush the back of Yoongi’s ear. His hands wrap around him, tracing patterns on his stomach. “Remember when you came home from the cafe and you kept saying that you didn’t know why you told him you didn’t love him?”

Hoseok’s eyes go wide. They stare at each other.

Jimin bites Yoongi’s ear lightly. “Tell him now.”

Jimin’s hand wraps around Yoongi and jerks him off gently as Hoseok starts rocking into him again.

Yoongi’s overwhelmed, but he tries to focus on Jimin’s words.

Hoseok must see something in his eyes cause the pace goes erratic.

A lost passion starts to filter back into their hearts.

They haven’t fucked like this in a year.

“Hope ah.”

Hoseok smiles into Yoongi’s skin. “I missed you.”

Yoongi’s legs tighten around him to pull him impossibly closer.

Hoseok presses kisses to any skin he can find and Yoongi whines into the touch.

Occasionally Hoseok will find Jimin’s skin as well and meet his eyes over Yoongi’s shoulder.

Yoongi laughs lowly. “Jimin ah, you doing okay?”

Jimin’s well aware that Yoongi can feel how hard he is. “Focus on you two.”

Yoongi sighs, dropping his head back beside Jimin’s. “Told you I didn’t want the attention.”

Hoseok interrupts. “It suits you.”

Yoongi’s eyes flicker to him.

“The attention suits you.” Hoseok runs a hand down Yoongi’s chest and somehow joins Jimin’s hand around his dick.

Yoongi whines, wanting to complain again about the attention, but being completely unable and unwilling to do so.

Yoongi’s eyes are closed and he’s panting. “Tae?”

He hears Tae’s voice but he’s not quite sure where it’s coming from right now. “I’m all good, babe. Right here.”

Jimin mumbles and Yoongi gets the feeling he’s talking to Tae. “Here I was thinking we’d all have some quickies and calm down.”

Tae laughs as runs a hand from Hoseok’s shoulder to the curve of his ass. “When will we ever be predictable.”

Jimin smiles. “Hopefully never.”

Hoseok and Yoongi have returned to their dream world together again.

They watch each other with new, yet old, eyes.

Yoongi twines his fingers with Hoseok’s. “I love you.”

A couple more thrusts and they follow each other over the edge.

Yoongi only vaguely feels Jimin squirm out from under him.

His eyes stay closed as he tries not to fall asleep, but he can hear voices.

“Tae, please.” Jimin’s voice is calm and direct.

The bed jostles a bit.

Jimin laughs. “Oh, you’re ready to go again, huh?”

“After all that? Um, yes.”

Jimin sighs happily. “Nothing crazy.”

Tae whines. “I knew you’d say that. You’re so boring when you’re taking care of people.”

Jimin’s voice is a little harsher, impatient. “Tae.”

“Should I just jerk us off together then?”

“Just fucking touch me. You’re such a tease.”

“Alright. I’ll do that.”

Jimin gasps. “Fuck, why do I always forget how big your hands are?”

“Should’ve grabbed lube.”

“You saying you can’t handle it feeling rough?”

“You have a strange line between kinky and stupid.”

“So do you.”

“I love us.”

Jimin laughs, breath hitching. “Close.”

“Me too.”

Yoongi falls asleep to Tae and Jimin moaning over each other.


Yoongi wakes up slowly.

His mind remembers all those times after the break up when he woke up thinking Hoseok was beside him.

He cuddles deeper into Hoseok’s arms and decides to fall back asleep.

Chapter Text

Hoseok can feel a tear in the corner of his eye as he wakes up. He tries to remember his dream but it fades quickly as his consciousness kicks in.

He feels a hand petting through his hair, a low voice mumbling in his ear.

He slowly forces himself to relax his vice grip around Yoongi’s ribs.

As he does, Yoongi smiles softly, voice a whisper. “Nightmare?”

Hoseok hums without opening his eyes. He’s not sure if-

“You’re awake, Hope ah. This isn’t a dream.”

Hoseok swallows and finally opens his eyes to look into Yoongi’s.

There’s a sort of fear in his eyes that Hoseok knows is mirrored in his own.

It’s good. It’s good to be back here, but it’s hard to believe it’s not just some intricate dream of what used to be and what could have been.

Yoongi pets his hand through Hoseok’s hair, his smile is sad but the fear trickles out of his eyes the longer he looks into Hoseok’s.

Yoongi lets his fingers dig into Hoseok’s shoulders in all the tight spots he knows about. Hoseok slowly relaxes. Yoongi’s voice stays low and soft, “You only have nightmares like that when you’re really anxious, baby.”

Hoseok lets his head fall onto Yoongi’s chest. “You haven’t called me baby in decades.”

Yoongi snorts at the exaggeration.

Hoseok lets his ear press uncomfortably into Yoongi’s bare chest, but he loves this. He loves hearing Yoongi’s heart beat under him.

Yoongi’s fingers keep working at the tightness in Hoseok’s shoulders. “What are you gonna tell your mom?”

Yoongi laughs suddenly and has to put a hand over his mouth. “Wow, I’m so not thinking about my mom right now. Keep it down, Tae’s still sleeping.”

Hoseok peaks his head up to see Tae on his back, mouth open and drooling next to them. “Where’s Jimin?”

“He’s a morning person. I think he went for a run or something.”

“Or something?”

“I dunno, I was half asleep and he woke me up with his tongue in my mouth. I wasn’t totally paying attention.”

Hoseok goes quiet, but this… this is different. This feels different than anything he’s felt with Yoongi before. This isn’t going back to normal. This is going past a bad version of normal. This feels… safe. “Why do you think he’s so different?”

Yoongi tries to fight off a yawn as he responds. “Jimin? What do you mean? The food he eats is gross, I don’t know how-”

“No, different to you.”

Yoongi goes quiet. His voice changes and Hoseok can hear the artist Yoongi tries to hide away fight its way out. “Love is hard to define.” He goes quiet, but Hoseok waits. “I’ve always tried to define it to figure out if I’ve had it. I think ultimately… I think it’s just luck and timing. The right person at the right time. But if you have the right person at the wrong time… people change, ya know? Like… I’m not who I was in middle school. I’m not who I was a year ago. So if I met Jimin five years ago, we probably wouldn’t have gotten along. But our hearts were singing similar songs when we fell into each other’s lives and I think… I think that’s what it was maybe. Maybe.”

Hoseok hums, “That’s really beautiful. Our hearts were singing similar songs.”

Yoongi laughs softly. “You love my soft talk.”

Hoseok rubs his nose into the skin of Yoongi’s chest. “I like hearing your heart talk on quiet mornings.”

Yoongi chokes out a laugh and presses his lips into Hoseok’s hair. “I don’t think I could love him the way I do without you and Tae in the picture.”

Hoseok flinches. “Why do you say that?”

Yoongi shrugs under him. “We both had loves to fight for and we tried to help each other, so we ended up learning about each other’s hearts and each other’s loves. And I think we somehow ended up solving each other’s problems with ourselves.”


“I think you solved a problem Jimin and Tae were having, well mainly you helped Tae. He needed someone who would listen to him and move with him. Someone who could love him, but not fall for him. If it had been me… I think I might’ve fallen for him and it would’ve made everything worse. But you still loved me, so you couldn’t give that kind of love to him. And Jimin needed love that Tae couldn’t give him and I- I didn’t know how to love you. I forgot how to do it. Joanne took most of my heart with her when she took my trust. And then I learned how to… I don’t want to say fake… But I learned how to give you what I could and I thought it was enough, I thought that was all the love I had left.”

“But then Jimin reached you in a way I couldn’t.”

“Jimin didn’t let me get away with my bullshit.”

Hoseok sputters a laugh.

Yoongi laughs in turn. “I’m serious. You babied me sometimes. You let me get away with selfish, childish shit. Jimin doesn’t tolerate it.”

“And I had been taking care of you and trying so hard to heal you, so I didn’t know how to tell you no.”

Yoongi hums.

Hoseok sighs heavily. “Wow.” He laces his fingers in Yoongi’s. “Got any other crazy insights to lay on me.”

Yoongi chuckles lightly and Hoseok closes his eyes to focus on the feeling of it against his cheek.

Lips press to his arm and Yoongi jumps.

Hoseok’s eyes snap open to see Tae awake, and looking at them both fondly. He leans forward and presses his lips to Hoseok’s.

They wait for him to say something, but he doesn’t. He just smiles at them and finds a way to fit his body against theirs and lets his breathing go even again.

Hoseok smiles up at Yoongi.

Yoongi can’t help catching the contagious smile. “What?”

Hoseok shakes his head. “I love you.”

Yoongi gets goosebumps from his head to his toes.


Jimin peaks his head into Yoongi’s bedroom to see Hoseok and Tae asleep, drapped over Yoongi who’s staring at the ceiling with a dumb grin on his face, that ends up focused on Jimin as his eyes catch the motion of him entering.

Jimin waves and gestures to the shower.

Yoongi nods, noticing the bag Jimin has. He must’ve just ran home and back.

Yoongi appreciates the sight of Jimin sweaty and glistening in the shirt he borrowed from Yoongi’s drawer until he disappears into the bathroom.

Hoseok wakes up when Jimin turns the shower on.

Hoseok opens his mouth to say something, but Yoongi presses their lips together.

Hoseok quickly agrees. They let Tae hold them together as they rejoice in touches they haven’t been able to share, kissing slow and lazily: lovingly.

Jimin takes a quick shower and catches them kissing as he towels off his hair.

They break apart and smile shyly at him.

He holds a finger to his lips as he glances at Tae and they nod.

Jimin slowly sits on the bet to crawl over to Tae and presses his lips to Tae’s ear, and-


Yoongi and Hoseok both flinch and Tae whiles loudly, clinging to them.

Jimin just wraps his arms around Tae and yanks him away from Yoongi and Hoseok who watch, laughter bouncing around the room lightly.

Jimin pushes Tae into the bathroom, shower still running.

Jimin smiles at the bathroom door and then turns back to Yoongi and Hoseok.


Yoongi presses his face into Hoseok’s hair, laughing. “Morning.”

Hoseok lets his eyes speak for him.

Jimin tugs the covers up and sits over them to avoid sitting in any stains.

He sits cross legged and looks down at Hoseok and Yoongi, still curled up together. “I’m not gonna say I told you so, but I told you so.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “It’s not cause we had se-”

Hoseok interrupts him. “It’s absolutely because we had sex.”

Yoongi sighs. “It wasn’t even great sex.”

Jimin tsks. “When is it ever great? Great is rare. I’m perfectly fine with good. But I’m always striving for new highs.”

Yoongi hums. “We’ll learn each other soon. We’ll learn how to be each other’s great.”

Jimin reaches for Yoongi’s hand. “Wow, someone sounds like a poly seasoned professional.”

Yoongi sighs heavily. “I wanna cuddle you but you’re all clean and I’m sweaty.”

Jimin tsks and finds a way to settle against the side of Yoongi Hoseok hasn’t claimed. “Today is too good of a day to worry about things like sweat. And you’re not sweaty anymore, just smelly. But it’s okay. You smell like all the love from last night.”

Hoseok snorts. “I think it was great.” His voice is soft. “Like maybe the sex itself was… I mean, it was the most awkward night of my entire life and I felt like my heart was beating so fast I was gonna die. But… I think it was great.”

Jimin pushes himself up on his elbow and looks Hoseok in the eye. He leans forward and captures his lips. Hoseok’s eyebrows raise but he relaxes into the soft kiss.

Jimin pulls back away and settles his head on the pillow next to Yoongi’s. He presses his lips into Yoongi’s neck. “I’m really excited about fucking you, Hoseok.”

Hoseok barks out a laugh. “You’re fucking me, huh?”

Yoongi nods. “He is. Even I could tell you that.”

Hoseok narrows his eyes. “You’re too cuddly to be as dom as you are.”

There’s a glint in Jimin’s eyes. “It’s sexy, right?”

Hoseok swallows and Yoongi chokes on his laughter.

Yoongi pulls his arm away from Hoseok for a second to give Jimin his attention.

He brushes Jimin’s wet hair out of his eyes and Jimin’s smile turns soft, his voice follows suit. “I’m really proud of you.”

Yoongi laughs. “Thanks, mom.”

Jimin tsks.

Yoongi’s eyes show he understands the seriousness of what Jimin’s saying.

Jimin lets his hand splay over Yoongi’s heart. He taps his index finger. “Guess I had the key, huh?”

Yoongi smirks. “I wouldn’t say that.”


Yoongi shakes his head. “Jimin ah, you are the key. You didn’t just open me. You keep me open.”

Jimin surprised to find himself crying. “What the fuck, you can’t just- you can’t just say shit like that.”

Yoongi laughs and leans forward to kiss him, saltwater tears falling between their lips.

Tae gets out of the shower and finds Hoseok making heart eyes at Yoongi and Jimin kissing.

Tae claps his hands loudly. “So, we all have work today, right?”

Everyone collectively sighs.

Chapter Text

It’s strange that they don’t see each other much after that.

They see each other in groups of two.

Sometimes three.

But just as Jimin feared, it’s hard for them to find time for the four of them.

Tae, after going to hundreds of auditions, booked a small part in a TV series.

He was only guaranteed one episode but he’d heard talk that they sometimes bring back characters if there’s a good reaction from the audience.

Jimin reassures him that everyone will fall in love with him.


Yoongi feels his office job slowly killing him, but he gets to go home to Tae or Jimin or Hoseok and he feels so spoiled by that.

They all have a key to his place and it just sort of goes without saying that his place is where they feel the most at peace.

They all keep complaining that there’s no parking in Koreatown but Yoongi just retorts that they shouldn’t meet at his place then and no one has a response for that.

Yoongi takes up photographing Tae and Jimin like Hoseok had suggested.

More often than not, the pictures are taken in bed.

They start to pick up traction and people buy prints online.

Yoongi nervously hopes it might soon be enough to quit his job.


And then that time comes around.

It happens every few weeks or so.

Yoongi realizes he has to call his mom to catch her up on what he’s been doing and…


He has no fucking clue what to tell her.


It’s two weeks after they all slept together and decided this was really going to work. They really were a team.

His mom answers the phone. <Yoongi ya, you’re a week past due.>

<Come to LA.>

It’s out of his mouth before he realizes he’s said it.

Yoongi paces around his living room, hand gripping his phone too tightly.

His mom finally responds. <You usually like visiting us and getting out of the city. Why would you want me there?>

Yoongi swallows. <I just…> He stops pacing and stares at the kitchen. He moved into the new place after she and his dad moved to Houston. His mom had never actually been here.

She’s never been in his kitchen.

Jimin has though.

But she hasn’t met Jimin.

Yoongi knows he can’t tell her over the phone. <Eomma…> His voice breaks and he hadn’t realized how emotional he was getting.

Her voice goes soft. <What’s wrong?>

Yoongi shakes his head even though he knows she can’t see him.

He starts pacing again.

<I need you here.>

He can feel her nodding. <I’ll have your dad book me a flight for next week.>


Yoongi: my moms coming to LA


Jimin: is everything okay????

Yoongi: yeah i invited her

Hoseok: … does that mean what i think it means

Tae: does your mom know

Yoongi: ha. um. no. she thinks its still just me and hoseok

Jimin: you never told her you guys broke up?

Yoongi: it happened kind of quickly

Hoseok: quickly, weeks, months, who’s counting

Yoongi: i didnt want to tell her. she likes hope ah pretty much more than i do

Tae: hard to believe

Hoseok: alkdjfas;dfasjdkf

Jimin: aw tae that was soft

Tae: so ur mom knows ur gay and shes chill?

Yoongi: yeah

Hoseok: his mom is the mom every mom… well. every son wants his mom as their mom. shes the best.

Jimin: youve met her???

Yoongi: ...yeah he came with me to houston once.



Yoongi: we are hope ah

Tae: this gc is too soft. who wants to pair up and get in a fight for drama

Jimin: NO ONE.

Hoseok: omfg tae

Yoongi: in case it wasnt totally obvious im 100% freaking out

Tae: ?!?!?! u havent even used caps lock?!?! r u ok?

Yoongi: i dont lie to my mom. ever. and yeah. i didnt tell her hope ah and i broke up but we didnt talk about it. if she asked something specific about it i wouldve told her. i cant…

Yoongi: i cant be in love with three people and not tell her that.

Yoongi: she cant just… not know you guys.

Jimin: ...idk yoongi. tae and i never really… did a meet the parents night before.

Hoseok: your mom is cool but this is a lot to put on anyone. we werent even comfortable with it for awhile and we’re the ones in this relationship.

Yoongi: idk. idk if its a good idea. all i know is NOT telling her is a BAD idea. and i couldnt live with that.

Hoseok: and what about… worst case scenarios?

Yoongi: ive already been disowned by one parent. whats another one.


Tae: yoongi at least your parents care. my parents never outright rejected me or anything but it was because they didnt care as long as i looked cute at their dinner parties and made conversation.

Jimin: dont be an ass tae. ur parents care about you they just show it weird

Tae: they dont love me though. not like the park jimin fan club.

Jimin: oh my god tae please. my parents love you so much theyre the tae jimin fanclub and you know it.

Hoseok: how have we never talked about all of this before???

Jimin: we were too busy choking on our hearts in our throats to get to our family histories

Yoongi: you somehow made romance sound disgusting

Jimin: thanks i try

Jimin: hobi what about your parents? do you want to tell them?

Hoseok: hahahHAHAHA hell no.

Tae: thats a hell no from me too


Yoongi: do you wanna tell your parents?

Jimin: ;laksdfja

Jimin: can we talk about this again in like seven years

Yoongi: lmao sure <3

Tae: <3

Hoseok: <3

Jimin: aslkfjasd;f <3 wow wtf how are we real

Tae: yoongi you really wanna tell your mom? like... this early?

Hoseok: yoongis in deep

Yoongi: shut up

Jimin: taetae yoongis litearlly heads over heels for us. he keeps hiding post its in all my pockets

Hoseok: omg same




Jimin: omg did u really ur such a dumb ass

Hoseok: aslkjfsadlf jimin knowing korean pet names is the softest thing ive seen all day

Yoongi: hes gotten really good. we’ve been practicing.

Tae: oh. have you now. in what……. Context.

Hoseok: why do i feel like you already know tae.

Jimin: taes been helping me learn korean pillow talk

Hoseok: how have we still not banged. actually lets not i dont want to die. im still young.

Jimin: ;D

Yoongi: maybe we should learn some less topical phrases, hm? my mom would love if she didnt have to swtich to english

Hoseok: omg look at him grooming his bfs to meet his mom

Yoongi: pls you panicked for a month


Yoongi: i told you just maybe not like. out loud.

Jimin: s     i     g     h

Jimin: min yoongi why do i love you

Tae: cause hes a whole babe

Hoseok: agreed

Yoongi: i didnt ask for this kind of attack

Jimin: wait back up im sorry. was that a meme. did yoongi just meme

Tae: i beleive he most definitely did chriscross

Hoseok: hey jimin ah does anyone still call you christian. and why is it shocking that yoongi uses memes. what do you think he does on his phone all day

Tae: … i always imagined he just like. stared at his phone screen to avoid conversation

Yoongi: amazing

Hoseok: yoongis a tumblr boy. hes that gay tumblr boy that reblogs sad shit and memes and hot boys

Yoongi: and girls but yeah.


Jimin: and lol hobi yes litearlly everyone else i know calls me christian. its just you guys that call me jimin.


Tae: why do memes sound weird when hobi does it

Yoongi: hes a fake tumblr boy. he really only uses twitter

Tae: oh

Jimin: oh that makes sense.


Tae: dont worry about it babe

Hoseok: =_=

Yoongi: not to end the cute meme talk but um. my mom. t minus 7 days

Jimin: do you wanna tell her

Yoongi: idk what to say

Jimin: no i mean like… do you want us to be there

Yoongi: …………….

Yoongi: let me.

Yoongi: let me think about this for like. two years.

Jimin: ok jagi we’re here when you’re ready

Yoongi: i love you so much.

Yoongi: i dont even want to deny it or like. disguise it or be vague about it. i just wanna leave post its everywhere so you litearlly cant forget for a second.

Yoongi: its litearlly overwhelming how much i love you

Tae: to be clear thats a plural you right


Yoongi: ill tell you til the stars turn cold

Tae: SDAL;FKJAS;DLFKAJSD THATS NOT FAIR. YOU CANT SAY THAT SHIT. can we watch it again. its still on netflix. Pls.

Yoongi: lol yeah you can cover over we can watch it again.


Jimin: hoseok pls tell me you know which movie theyre talking about

Hoseok: *panicked ellipses*

Yoongi: let him live hes a dance teacher


Tae: singin in the rain

Hoseok: ohhhhhhhhhhh i dont think ive seen singing in the rain

Jimin: singing in the rain what whos she?

Tae: whats singing in the rain

Hoseok: ?!?!?!?!?!? WHATS HAPPENING

Yoongi: omg guys pls.

Hoseok: ?!?!?!

Yoongi: theres no g its just singin. theyre just being bitches ignore them.

Jimin: if i come over to watch it too can we reinact good mornign with your couch

Tae: YES

Yoongi: no

Jimin: it was worth a shot

Tae: ill be there at 9

Jimin: ……...can i be there at now

Yoongi: lmao ill make popcorn

Tae: ily

Jimin: same

Hoseok: same

Yoongi: fuck u guys wtf <3

Chapter Text

<Last night was amazing.>

Yoongi sighs. “I mean, you said that right, but that’s…”

Jimin giggles as Yoongi flips through a Korean phrasebook with a frown. “I’m just fucking with you, baby.”

Yoongi drops the phrasebook on the coffee table and leans back into Jimin’s arms. “You don’t have to push yourself to learn anything, angel. She’ll speak English with you.”

Tae whines on the floor. “Can you guys stop being cute with the pet names? I’m trying to memorize lines.”

Yoongi blinks. “Wait, when did you get home?”

Jimin laughs. “Did you not notice?’

Yoongi looks at his phone and frowns. “No, I noticed. I just didn’t realize it was nearly 1am.”

Tae’s staring at Yoongi.

Yoongi hesitates. “What?”

Tae swallows. “You said home.”

Yoongi blushes. “Oh. I mean, yeah.”

Jimin smiles and pulls Yoongi in closer to him. “You’re so whipped, baby.”

Tae gives up, dropping his script pages to join them on the couch. “I want a cute pet name.”

Yoongi hums, nearly a purr, into Tae’s neck as he cuddles into them. “Is there a word that captures you well enough?”

Tae smiles into Yoongi’s skin. “You tell me.”

Jimin stays quiet, letting them flirt, smiling fondly.

Yoongi takes a breath. “La-tae.”

Jimin snorts. “That’s dumb.”

Tae gasps. “No, it’s not! It’s sweet.”

Jimin throws him a look. “Tae doesn’t even like coffee.”

Yoongi smiles at Tae’s shining eyes, “You get it, right?”

Tae hums.

Jimin waits quietly, but he should know by now that Tae and Yoongi don’t speak out loud unless forced. “Someone wanna translate?”

Tae’s nose crinkles happily. “Lattes give him energy.”

Jimin groans. “That’s so cheesy but I love you too much to hate it.”

Yoongi scoffs lightly, smile on his face. “Warm, need it every day, keeps me going. Sometimes keeps me up too late. Just like my little La-tae.”

Jimin rolls his eyes as Tae squirms excitedly. “It just sounds like you’re saying La Tae. Like it’s French or Italian or something.”

“Whatever, I like it.” Tae’s finger traces patterns onto Yoongi’s chest.

Yoongi yawns. “Can we move to the bed?” He interrupts before Tae can get any ideas. “To go to sleep.”

Tae pouts. “Fine.”


Jungkook’s studying on the couch with one earbud in.

Jin just finished making himself a cup of tea. He stares at Jungkook as he swirls the drink one more time. “Hey, Justin.”

Jungkook looks up, taking his other earbud out. “What’s up?”

Jin asks curiously, “Why have you never tried to fuck me?”

Jungkook just blinks. “I- I’m sorry, what?”

Jin just waits.

He shrugs. Jungkook puts his earbuds down. “I don’t know how to answer that.”

Jin sips his tea. “I was just curious.”

Jungkook glances around the room like he’s looking for a hidden camera. “Well we live together.”

Jin nods. “I know that.”

Jungkook shrugs, glancing back down at his books. “You’re not supposed to fuck around with people you live with.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“Why does it matter?”

“We’re just both gay and single in Los Angeles and I know you’re on Tinder, I’ve seen you.”

Jungkook frowns. “You superliked me.”

Jin smirks. “I was fucking with you but you never matched with me.”

“Is that what this is about?!”

Jin shakes his head. “No, it just got me thinking why you never flirted with me. Like I know you have eyes and I know my face looks like this.” Jin circles his face with his finger.

Jungkook smiles despite himself. “I don’t know, we’re friends. You were always hanging out with Namjoon. I’m actually not that into one night stands.”

Jin stares at him. “Okay, bullshit.”

Jungkook shakes his head holding his hand up defensively. “No, okay. Hear me out. Everyone thinks I’m a slut.” Jin hums his agreement. “I am very upfront about my hook ups. I like fucking with feelings, I just don’t like fucking with commitment. And everyone I fuck is very well aware of that.”

Jin nods. “And what about the people who fuck you?”

Jungkook blushes. “Yeah, them too.” He pauses for a moment and then turns accusatory. “Why am I defending myself to you?”

Jin smiles behind his mug. “Cause you’re thinking about fucking me now.”

Jungkook struggles to retort as Jin takes his tea to his room.


The next day, Yoongi drives straight to Hoseok’s after work.

He knocks, having already texted Hoseok that he was going over.

He knew Wednesdays were break days at the dance studio.

Hoseok opens the door and frowns.

Yoongi hesitates as he steps in. “What?”

Hoseok looks him up and down. “Do you dress like that at work every day?”

Yoongi shrugs. “More or less.”

Hoseok whines. “Does everyone know you’re gay and hit on you? I can’t have that.”

Yoongi sighs roughly. “Would it make it less gay if I took it off?”

Hoseok goes red.

Yoongi smirks and claims the kitchen to make himself a coffee.

Hoseok closes the door and locks it with a smile. “I missed this.”

He hears Yoongi fumble with something.

When Hoseok looks up at him, Yoongi doesn’t seem to have a response. He’s just focused on the coffee.

But Hoseok’s learned now.

He’s learned from Tae.

He’s just thinking.

It’s not until the coffee is set to brew that Yoongi manages a response. “It’s better this time.”

Hoseok hesitantly walks up to him and wraps his arms around Yoongi’s waist from behind him.

Yoongi’s tense. Things are going well, but there’s still this slight fear in the back of both of their minds that this has been too easy.

Hoseok kisses his ear.

Yoongi relaxes into his embrace. “Have I mentioned I hate my job?”

Hoseok laughs. “Have you?”

Yoongi glares at him with a smile as he pulls out of the embrace to grab a mug. “I got retweeted today.”

Hoseok blinks. “Okay?”

Yoongi smiles. “One of my pictures got retweeted. Or, a link to buy one of my pictures.”

Hoseok catches on. “Oh my god! Who retweeted you?”

Yoongi stays quiet for a bit just to build the tension.

Hoseok pokes him in the side and Yoongi squirms, laughing. “Colton Haynes.”

Hoseok stares silently for a bit.

Yoongi tries to keep his shoulders still from silent laughter as he pours himself a coffee.

Hoseok suddenly lets out a loud yell. “OH MY FUCKING GOD.”

Yoongi turns to look at Hoseok, light shining in his eyes. “If this keeps up, I’ll be able to do it full time. And hire models. Or just… pay Jimin and Tae.”

Hoseok hyperventilates a bit. “Do they know?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Please, they’re the ones who showed me. I wasn’t even paying attention to my twitter today.”

Hoseok sighs dreamily. “This is like… your origin story. When people ask you how you broke in, you’ll tell the story of the beautiful Colton Haynes-”

“Wow I thought you were going to say Jimin and Tae but okay.”

Hoseok shakes his shoulders, fake fighting back. “You know I’ve had a crush on Colton for years. Have you responded to him?”

Yoongi nods to himself. “Just said thanks.”

Hoseok holds back a yell and Yoongi appreciates that about him. “IT’S COLTON HAYNES AND ALL YOU SAID WAS THANKS?!”

Yoongi pats Hoseok’s cheek. “Babe, he’s just a person. A famous gay person who supports my art.”

Hoseok pouts. “What about un-famous gay persons who support your art?”

Yoongi hums thoughtfully. “There’s not a lot to say to people like that.” Hoseok tilts his head. Yoongi scoots in closer and Hoseok holds his breath. “But I tend to love them a lot.”

They hear a slow clap from the living room as Jungkook walks down the stairs. “Smooth.”

Hoseok pulls away, blushing at being caught.

Yoongi sips his coffee. “Thanks, I’ll be here all week.”

Jungkook makes a face. “Please don’t be.”

Hoseok narrows his eyes. “You have a hickey.”

Jungkook’s expression goes from chill to wide eyed in .2 seconds. He slaps his hand over his neck exactly where the hickey is. “What?! No, I don’t.”

They hear Jin’s voice from upstairs yell out, “YES, HE DOES.”

Yoongi sighs in relief. “Did you guys finally fuck?”

Hoseok yelps, “Did they WHAT?!”

Jungkook whines. “Why did everything think we had to fuck?”

Yoongi throws him a look. “You’re both single and gay in Los Angeles.”

Jungkook throws his arms out. “Why does that matter? Why does the Los Angeles part even matter?”

Yoongi shrugs. “There are a lot of selfish, childish assholes in LA. And by that I mean men. Dating in LA sucks. Like it’s the actual worst. And now everyone’s getting sexual harassment claims left and right so that’s fun. If it were me and I knew one decent, single, gay guy in this city, I wouldn’t have fucking hesiated to get on that.”

Hoseok raises his hand. “Was that me?”

Yoongi laughs. “No, you were a lucky find.”

Hoseok blushes at the soft admission.

Jungkook rolls his eyes, but Yoongi can see he’s thinking about what he said. “Whatever. It was just one night.”


Jungkook wakes up in Jin’s bed again the next day.

He turns and shoves his face into Jin’s neck.

Jin wakes up laughing. “I’m honestly so relieved you switch.”

Jungkook sighs loudly. “Can I take you out to dinner?”

Jin snorts. “I thought this was only a one time thing.”

Jungkook pouts. “Oh please.”

Jin sits up, narrowing his eyes. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jungkook sits up, finding his clothes. “Like you don’t know.”

“I don’t.”

Jungkook turns around to look at Jin.

He quickly looks back away. “You’re the reason I got over Yoongi.”

Jin blinks. “You had a crush on Yoongi?”

Jungkook sighs rougly. “We kind of dated online for a bit, but he was with Hoseok when I finally got to LA.”

Jin goes quiet, absorbing that. “Woah.”

Jungkook shrugs. “I’m pretty sure he knows all of that. We don’t really talk about it.”

Jin hums. “I can’t decide if you and Yoongi as a couple would be really cute or if you guys would kill each other.”

Jungkook snorts. “Probably the second one.”

Jin hums. “Probably both.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “I’m not interested anymore, anyway. And he’s a little busy with his teeny tiny not complicated at all relationship.”

Jin doesn’t respond.

Jungkook looks him in the eye. “You know about all that, right?” Jin looks at him expectantly. “Hoseok told me. He didn’t tell you?”

“That he and Yoongi are back together?”

Jungkook laughs loudly. “Wow, okay. Where have you been?”

Jin scoffs. “Succeeding. I got a promotion last month, not that anyone asked. I’m a creative executive.”

Jungkook’s jaw drops. “What the fuc- Okay, we’re gonna talk about this. Over dinner.”

Jin interjects. “Tonight?”

Jungkook tsks, “Why are you always in a rush?”

Jin throws him a look. “This is Hollywood. If you want something done, you do it right now. No one’s got the time or the budget to delay.”

Jungkook whimpers. “Fuck, that’s hot.”


Jimin: im coming over to clean your apartment

Yoongi: wtf you dont have to do that

Jimin: how many times have we had sex in ur apartment lately and your mom is staying with you isnt she


Tae: let him do it. he stress cleans.

Hoseok: omg thats cute

Jimin: fuck you its not cute its compulsive and i didnt ask. im telling. im on my way over.

Yoongi: im not even home yet

Jimin: why would that stop me

Hoseok: she lands tomorrow right?


Tae: omg bb its gonna be okay

Yoongi: hey shes gonna love you, okay. if anything you can just meet her and i wont tell her. but she’ll know you and she’ll know youre important even if she doesnt know why. maybe thats enough for now.

Jimin: ok. but. im still cleanin

Yoongi: do what you need to do angel ill be home in 2 hours if traffic doesnt suck

Hoseok: when does traffic not suck

Yoongi: maybe 3 hours


[Private message]

Yoongi: jimin ah can i talk to you or are you busy cleaning

Jimin: i can multi task wahts up?

Yoongi: if i tell her… i think it would be too much to have everyone there. i think i should tell her and then have her meet people

Jimin: so you want it to be just you and hoseok

Yoongi: well she already knows hoseok.


Yoongi: angel dont freak out

Jimin: you want it to be me?

Yoongi: i feel like she… she wouldnt get it if she saw me with tae.

Jimin: tae told me what you and hoseok talked about that morning. that you love me different

Yoongi: yeah

Jimin: is that why?

Yoongi: maybe. i just think she’ll understand. if she sees us. and then we can introduce her to tae. this whole polyamory thing started making sense to me with you so i just feel like i should try the same for her

Jimin: ok.

Yoongi: i know you said ok, but that doesnt sound like youre okay

Jimin: yeah no, its fine. let me just watch some youtube tutorials on how to tell your boyfriends mom youre in a polyamorous relationship and ill get back to you

Yoongi: i can take hoseok. if its too much to ask you. im not gonna force this on you

Jimin: i want it to be me. or. i mean. since you asked. since you want it to be me, i want it to be me. i get what you mean about us all being there at once. its a lot. let me think about it.

Yoongi: ok we can talk when i get home

Jimin: speaking of which. youve been texting at work a lot lately. i thought your boss gets pissed if she catches you texting

Yoongi: i think i might quit soon


Yoongi: lmao same. dont stress too much. ill be home as soon as i can.

Chapter Text

By the time he gets home, Yoongi’s place looks like a model apartment. Yoongi sputters a laugh as Jimin windexes the windows. “She’s not gonna believe I live here.”

Jimin turns, nose crinkling in embarrassment. “Sorry.”

Yoongi snorts. “Why would you need to apologize for that?”

It’s usually Jimin who holds Yoongi, and it seems like it should be that way tonight too, but when they lie on the couch together Yoongi holds Jimin against his chest.

Even though they’re the only ones around, Yoongi whispers into his ear. “If I’d known you’d be this scared, I wouldn’t have even suggested it.”

Jimin breathes deeply. “I don’t really know why I’m so scared. Like, obviously it’s a big thing… but… I think I’m scared for you. I’m not scared for me.” Yoongi stays quiet, feeling like Jimin’s not quite done. “If she rejects us, that doesn’t really affect me. Like it does, obviously. In the long run. But it’s… I’m worried about you.”

Yoongi tightens his grip on Jimin’s hand. “That’s why I asked you to be here. Hoseok would be really nervous about her, but he’s also not new to her. She would think it was just some experiment if Hoseok were here with me. If Tae were here, she would think I’ve lost my mind. Which, don’t get me wrong, I have. In a good way.” Jimin laughs softly. “But I think she’ll be able to see…” He drifts off. “She’ll be able to feel that I love you. And she knows I love Hoseok.”

Jimin thinks about that for a moment. “What can I do to make this easier?”

Yoongi shrugs. “Just… love me.”

Jimin laughs. “I can do that.” He spins in Yoongi’s arms and kisses him softly.

Yoongi lets out a breath. “Can you stay? I’m picking her up in the morning.”

Jimin hums. “You want me to leave when you do?”

Yoongi nods. “Just so she can get settled. We’ll probably uh, go to HMart. And cook.”

Jimin smirks as he waits. “Was that an invitation?”

Yoongi sighs. “I don’t know. I don’t know if I should wait.”

Jimin thinks about that for a moment. “I think you should spend at least the first day alone with her. Maybe you can get ingredients for two nights of cooking and I can join you on Sunday?”

Yoongi’s smile is soft, “As soon as I let you into my kitchen, she’s gonna know.”

Jimin shrugs. “We want her to know, don’t we?”

Yoongi sighs, eyes flickering around Jimin’s face. “God, yes.”

Jimin’s smile is small, but the love is deep in his eyes.

Yoongi runs a hand through Jimin’s hair. “She might fall for you a bit herself if she sees you cooking traditional Korean food with me. Hoseok never learned. He just made me do it for him.”

Jimin laughs. “Maybe… if everything goes well. We can have dinner all together at the end of the week?”

Yoongi nods, eyes closing off slightly. “Maybe.”

Jimin stands up and holds his hands out. “Okay, c’mon. Get some sleep.”

Yoongi lets Jimin tug him off the couch and they waddle into the bedroom.

The settle against each other under the covers.

Jimin’s voice is soft, eyes closed. “I never knew it was a pull out couch. I’ll set up the bed with the extra sheets when you leave tomorrow.”

Yoongi sighs against Jimin’s lips. “You don’t have to do that.”

Jimin hums an agreement. “I don’t, but I want to.”

Yoongi presses his lips to Jimin’s forehead and holds there for a long time.

Jimin’s eyes flicker open, concerned.

Yoongi pulls back and Jimin sees his eyes are red. “I really want her to love you.”

Jimin says the only thing he can, “You love me and at the end of the day, that’s enough.”

Yoongi scoffs lightly. “And Tae, and Hoseok.”

Jimin tsks. “That’s different. They don’t love me like you do right now.” Jimin pauses. “I don’t know that they ever will.”

Yoongi watches him. “Do you want them to?”

Jimin thinks about that honestly. “I wouldn’t mind if they did, I mean. We know Tae can’t. So we’re really just… talking about Hoseok. If he grows to love me one day, I wouldn’t deny him. But… it’s enough just from you.”

Yoongi sighs. “Well you’re too much.”

Jimin laughs. “Okay, shut up. Go to sleep.”

“Good night, angel.”

“Don’t know why you think I’m an angel.”


“Good night, baby.”


Jimin is surprisingly still asleep when Yoongi wakes up.

He returns the favor for once and wakes Jimin up with soft kisses.

A small smile blooms on Jimin’s lips as his eyes slowly open. “Morning.”

Yoongi hums. “I bet you ten bucks Tae complains when you tell him we didn’t fuck last night.”

Jimin barks a laugh, “I won’t take that bet.” Jimin cuddles into Yoongi, absorbing as much cuddling as he can before Yoongi spends the week with his mom. “He just likes being close to us.”

Yoongi nods. “I know that.”

“You should head out soon.”

“Coffee first.”

Jimin nods solemnly. “C’mon, I’ll make it for you.”

Yoongi tsks as Jimin sits up. “Stop doing shit for me. My mom’s gonna do that enough while she’s here.”

Jimin gasps and Yoongi can already hear the sarcasm coming. “It’s almost like the people who love you want to take care of you and make your life easier.”

Yoongi pouts.

He forces himself out of bed and follows Jimin into the kitchen.

They stay relatively silent.

It’s just Jimin grabbing mugs and coffee grounds as Yoongi clings to his back as much as possible.

They wait for the coffee to brew and Yoongi presses soft kisses into Jimin’s neck. “She’s gonna love you.”

Neither of them are sure who he’s trying to reassure.


No one likes driving to LAX, but Yoongi made the trip with a happy heart, loud music, and windows down.

It may have been an hour in traffic, but he’s here and his mom’s here.

He spots her and watches her expression change from passive to ecstatic.

He gets most of his traits from her.

He parks for a moment to get out and wrap his arms around her. <Eomma.>

<Yoongi, you’re thin again.>

He can hear the smile in her voice. <I need you to cook for me.>

She tsks. < For you.>

Yoongi smiles happily as they get into the car. <With me, eomma.>

The drive home from LAX is a little less calm.

He can’t blast his music and his mom is already concerned because of the phone call from last week. <Is it the new job?>

Yoongi shrugs. <It’s- I hate the job, but you know that I do.>

<So it’s not the job?> Her voice is gentle, concerned.

<No, it’s only partly the job.>

<Are you having trouble with Hope ah?>

Yoongi smiles at the affection in her voice. <We were. We worked it out. It’s been hard.>

She watches him with a smile. <You fought for him?>

Yoongi blushes. <Yes, eomma.>

She nods happily. <Good. I like him.>

Yoongi hesitates a moment too long. <I know you do.>

She watches him closely. <Are you gonna propose to him?>

Yoongi nearly swerves. <Eomma! No! Oh my god.>

She shrugs. <I’m just trying to figure out why you needed me here so badly.>

Yoongi whines the way you only can to your mother. <Can’t we just settle in and make dinner and then we can talk.>

<I’m your mother and I’m worried.>

Yoongi pouts at her. <I->

He tries to start the conversation.

He tried to think of a million ways to start this conversation.

He grits his teeth a moment. <I just want you to meet someone.>

Her eyes swarm with confusion. <You said things were good with Hope ah.>

Yoongi has a headache already. <Eomma, they are. I just need you to trust me, okay? I’m trying to explain everything to you, but it’s hard and I’m scared.>

His words make her sit up straighter. <Yoongi ya, you don’t ever have to be scared to tell me something. I’m your eomma. I love you.>

She means to calm him down, but right now that’s just making it worse. Yoongi’s glad they’ve made it to his apartment.

He carries her bags inside silently.

He unlocks the apartment door and opens it.

He blinks a moment.

His mom wanders inside and laughs. <All this for me?>

There’s a bouquet of flowers on the table and cheap party decorations hung up that have Jimin’s messy korean scrawled across them reading, Welcome, Eomma!

She points at the sign. <That’s not your handwriting.> Yoongi shakes his head. <And it’s not Hope ah’s.> Yoongi shakes his head.

She frowns. <Did you meet a girl? Did she clean your apartment?>

Yoongi sighs loudly. <Stop guessing! You’re driving me crazy, eomma. Please. It’s nothing like that.>

She looks at the signs again with a smile. Then her smile fades. <This handwriting looks like a child’s.>

Yoongi snaps. <STOP! Stop, trying to figure it out. I’ll- Fine. We’ll do it tonight. And it’s not a child’s. He’s just new to Korean and he’s trying to learn and he’s doing his best.>

Yoongi stares at the sign.

His mom sits at the table, an apology written clearly in her posture.

Yoongi sits with her and grabs her hand. <I know I’m being confusing. I’m gonna make a phone call and we’ll talk about this, okay?>

She nods, biting her tongue.

Yoongi smiles at her.

She smiles back.

He lets himself out onto the patio and calls Jimin.

Jimin picks up almost before the first dial tone. “Were the decorations too much? Did she hate them? I’m sorry, I just-”

“Come over.”

The line goes silent for a moment. “What happened to settling and spending the day with her?”

“She won’t stop asking questions and I’m about to lose my mind. I think she seriously- she thought your handwriting looked like a kid’s. I don’t know what situation she was imagining. I just need her to stop guessing.”

Jimin takes a few moments to answer. “Have you told her anything?”

Yoongi glances inside and sees her walking around, checking out the apartment. She doesn’t go in the kitchen. Yoongi smiles, knowing she’s waiting for him. “All she knows is that me and Hope ah are still good, so she’s confused.”

Jimin whines. “How are you planning to introduce me?”

Yoongi shrugs even though Jimin can’t see him. “I’ll figure that out while you’re driving over.”

“Tae would’ve been much better at rolling with the punches with this.”

“Tae will help when we’re having that group dinner we were talking about.” Yoongi turns to look out from the patio so his mom can’t read his lips or anything. “Jimin ah, I love you. We’ll figure this out.”

“Fuck you, I’m in the car. I’ll be there in like 30 minutes.”

Jimin hangs up on him but Yoongi knows it’s just cause he’s nervous.

Yoongi walks back inside and closes the patio door behind him.

His mom nods to the kitchen. <Are we cooking tonight?>

Yoongi nods. <I figured you’d want to go shopping with me, so I haven’t gone out yet.>

She busies herself looking around the cabinets. <You’ve sent me pictures, but it really is a cute apartment. It’s good for you.>

Yoongi hums happily. <I like it a lot.>

She smiles at all the pots he has. <You still cook a lot?>

Yoongi fake pouts. <Hope ah is very needy.>

She laughs. <I love that he makes you cook. You’d never do it if he didn’t force you.>

Yoongi’s voice goes soft. <That’s not true anymore.>

She looks at him, but Yoongi doesn’t know how to explain what he means.

They take a few minutes awkwardly looking at the apartment and her commenting on how clean it is.

There’s a knock on the door and Yoongi immediately knows that Tae must’ve dropped Jimin off so he didn’t have to spend time find parking.

Yoongi stares at the door.

His mom looks at him. <He knows not to ring the bell with you, hm?>

Yoongi nods but doesn’t move.

His mom pushes him.

He startles and moves on auto pilot.

He opens the door just a crack to Jimin in a blazer.

Yoongi can tell Jimin’s trying to look relaxed, but his eyes look like they’re about to pop out of his head. <Hello.>

He speaks formally to Yoongi.

Yoongi mumbles, but his mom can probably hear him. “You just threw that on?”

He runs a hand through his hair nervously. “I may have picked it out a few days ago.” Jimin can see it in Yoongi’s eyes that he wants to hold him or kiss him, but stops himself. “You gonna let me in?”

Yoongi slowly opens the door farther so Jimin can see Yoongi’s mom. He immediately bows to her. <Hello, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m Park Jimin.>

She raises an eyebrow at Yoongi. <He wants to impress me.>

Yoongi blushes.

‘Impress’ wasn’t one of Jimin’s vocab words, so he looks to Yoongi nervously.

Yoongi coughs. “He’s not fluent.” He tries to focus on Jimin for a second just to calm down. “I’ve never heard you use your surname first.”

Jimin shrugs, looking between the two of them. “It sounded… right?”

Yoongi laughs and his mom does too.

His mom gestures to the flowers. “Did you buy those for me?”

Jimin looks to Yoongi and Yoongi nods, so Jimin nods.

Yoongi takes a breath. “Jimin ah, can you… can you make us some tea?”

Jimin finds himself bowing a bit, “Yeah. Yeah, sure.”

Yoongi’s mom raises an eyebrow at Yoongi. <You let him use your kitchen?>

Yoongi nods swallowing as he leads his mom to sit back at the table. <We cook together.>

His mom’s eyes laser focus on Jimin. <Do you?> She looks back at Yoongi. <You never let Joanne or Hope ah into the kitchen with you.>

Yoongi tries to lay the foundation down. <Jimin ah’s special.>

<Do you love him?>

Jimin drops a spoon on the floor and pretends not to understand.

She looks at Yoongi curiously. <He understood that, hm? What else have you been whispering in his ear?>

Jimin tries to keep his hands from shaking as he brings the tea to the table. “Yoongi hyung.” Yoongi blinks. It’s been awhile since Jimin’s used the honorific with him and not a pet name. He looks at Yoongi’s mom and hands it to her the way Yoongi taught him. “Min Gayoung ssi.”

Yoongi smirks. “Jimin ah, it’s okay.”

Jimin grabs a tea for himself from the kitchen and sits with them at the table.

She looks between them. “You’re clearly in love.”

Jimin chokes without even taking a sip of his tea.

Yoongi doesn’t seem as surprised. He only asked Jimin to go make tea to make a point to her.

She sips the tea, bowing her head to Jimin who bows back. “I don’t understand.”

Yoongi tries to laugh it off. “Neither do I.”

It was the wrong thing to say. She looks upset. “When are you going to tell Hope ah?”

Yoongi shrugs. “He already knows.”

She raises her eyebrows. “He’s… okay with…”

Her eyes flit to Jimin.

Jimin stares at his tea.

<Eomma…> He laces his fingers with Jimin’s. <I don’t know how to explain it to you because I barely know how to explain it to myself. I love them both and they both know that and we’re happy. All of us.>

Jimin looks a little hesitant as Yoongi leaves Tae out, but Jimin understands why.

Yoongi sighs. <Maybe Hope ah should’ve been here too. I didn’t want to overwhelm you.>

Yoongi can see the conflict and confusion in her eyes, but she just promised Yoongi this morning that she’d love him no matter what and he loves her so deeply to see how hard she’s trying to understand. <So you’re not cheating on him? Jimin’s not… like a mistress or->

“No! No, that’s-” He clears his throat. <No, we go on dates together. All of us. Eomma, I know it’s weird. I know- I know me being gay was hard enough. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I’m…>

Jimin is only understanding pieces, but he can hear Yoongi’s voice break and he squeezes his hand tighter.

His mom scoots closer to him. <You’re always my darling boy. I may not be able to understand this, but if you’re happy and in love, that’s what matters to me.>

Yoongi gasps deeply and then he’s sobbing.

Jimin lets go of his hand so he can stand up and hug his mother.

Yoongi tries to choke back the sobs, but he’s been pretending to be fine for a week and it’s finally caught up with him. <Eomma, I love him so much.>

She looks at Jimin over Yoongi’s shoulder. “You understood that?”

Jimin nods.

“And you feel the same?”

Jimin tries to speak, he clears his throat. “I love him more than I knew I ever could.”

She can’t help smiling at that. Any mother loves to know her son is loved so deeply. “And Hope ah?”

Jimin tenses. “I like Hope ah a lot. We’re still…”

Jimin trails off, unsure how to finish his sentence.

Yoongi pulls away, wiping at his eyes. “I know it’s odd, but they’re kind of still dating. They’re new to each other.”

His mom seems to not know what to do with that information, so she changes to a different angle. “And you two? You know each other well?”

Yoongi nods, feeling the distance between himself and Jimin. Yoongi’s eyes suddenly light up. “Jimin ah, can I show her the poem book?”

Jimin blushes. “Ah, it’s- they’re so bad.”

Yoongi shakes his head as he moves to the coffee table to grab the book. “He made this for me.”

She takes it and holds it as reverently as she noticed Yoongi did. She turns to the first page and recognizes Yoongi’s photo and Jimin’s messy writing.

Jimin can’t help speaking up. “My Korean has gotten better since then.”

Yoongi laughs. “You’ve been doing well, Jimin ah.”

She smiles as she turns the page. “Do you two want to take a moment to yourselves while I look through this?”

Jimin stares at the book nervously.

Yoongi laughs. “I’ll try to get him to relax.”

Yoongi drags Jimin by the wrist to his room and Jimin almost immediately implodes, his voice a whisper shout, “HOW IS SHE SO CALM ABOUT THIS?!”

Yoongi pets his hand through Jimin’s hair, other hand on his hip. “Are you okay?”


Yoongi presses his lips to Jimin’s forehead. “What do you need, angel?”

Jimin throws his arms around Yoongi and holds him tightly.

Yoongi hums, making calm shushing noises. “You’re shaking.”

Jimin buries his face in Yoongi’s neck. “Just hold me for a second.”

Yoongi nods. “I’ve got you.”

They stand like that, quietly breathing each other in, for a minute or two.

Yoongi feels Jimin slowly stop shaking. “You understood a lot. I could tell.”

Jimin sighs into Yoongi’s neck. “I couldn’t respond.”

Yoongi tsks. “That’s okay. She thinks it’s cute. That you’re trying so hard.”

Jimin whines. “I’m so stressed. How is it cute?”

Yoongi laughs softly, pressing his lips into Jimin’s hair. “You’re beautiful and you love me. You’ve already charmed her without a word.” Yoongi pauses. “And what the fuck kind of formal attire are you wearing?”

Jimin squeezes Yoongi tighter. “I really like this outfit. I needed it for moral support.”

Yoongi giggles. “I really like it too. You look gorgeous, jagi.”

Jimin pulls back to press his lips to Yoongi’s. “I’m gonna fucking forget to breathe.”

Yoongi kisses him back. “I know CPR.”

Jimin laughs.

“I’m not fucking around. I took a CPR class.”

Jimin holds Yoongi’s face in his hands. “I’m not actually surprised at all. You’re such a softy.”

Yoongi nods with a small smile.

Jimin stares at him for a moment. “Okay.”

Yoongi slips his hand back into Jimin’s and leads them out to the living room.

Gayoung has a wariness in her eyes, but a fondness in her smile. She pats the book. “It’s beautiful. You did a wonderful job.”

Jimin stammers out a response. “S-some of the poems are Yoongi’s.”

She rolls her eyes. “I know, he signed them all.”

Yoongi pouts. “Eomma, you know I like bragging.”

She nods. “That’s why you wanted me to meet him?”

Jimin turns bright red instantly.

Yoongi just nods calmly.

She takes a breath. “I wish he weren’t so terrified of me.”

Jimin hides his face in his hand. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do.”

She looks at Yoongi. “Maybe we can all walk to the store?”

Yoongi sighs in relief. “I’ll grab some bags.”


Gayoung walks ahead of them as Yoongi pushes the cart and Jimin clings to his arm awkwardly.

Yoongi tsks as they follow her through the aisles as she quietly crosses things off her list. “You’re much too overdressed for grocery shopping. Everyone’s gonna think you’re an idol.”

Jimin scoffs. “Everyone overdresses in LA. You’re just saying that cause we’re at HMart. And let them think I’m an idol. It’s good publicity.”

Gayoung looks back at them. “So you are the one in his pictures, right?”

Jimin blushes again. “I- Um, yes.”

Yoongi smiles abashedly. “I told you the models were really good and I liked working with them.”

Gayoung rolls her eyes. “The ways you avoid telling me whole truths are staggering. I thought he looked familiar.” She turns back to Jimin. “You take beautiful pictures. I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought you were an idol.”

Yoongi laughs. “Eomma, you should see him in full makeup.”

She grabs something off the shelf and looks at him weird. “I have. You sent me a picture ages ago.”

Yoongi blinks. “Oh my god, I forgot about that.” He turns to Jimin. “I sent her the pictures of you and Hope.”

She sighs. “They’re gorgeous pictures. Hope ah looked like a movie star. He seemed uncomfortable in the early ones, but more relaxed as they went on.”

Yoongi smiles widely. “My eomma is a photo critic now. She’s learned a lot from me. Yeah, he relaxed because Jimin ah talked him through it.”

She smiles as she leads them through the store. “My son is attracted to talent.”

Yoongi blushes. “Eomma.”

She tsks. “It’s true. You were so resistant about Hope ah until you went to his dance studio.”

Yoongi pouts and Jimin giggles. “I still think you fe-” He glances at Yoongi’s mom for a moment and forces himself to tell the story. “Um, I was in a fight with… my friend and I had fallen asleep on Yoongi hyung’s couch.”

“Jimin ah, you don’t have to call me hyung.”

Jimin huffs. “Let me be polite.”

Gayoung raises an eyebrow with a smirk. “Let him be polite, Yoongi.”

Yoongi frowns, but there’s a sparkle in his eyes.

Jimin swallows and carries on. “Uh, I woke up to a camera in my face.” Gayoung laughs loudly and Jimin feels himself calm down a bit as he hears it. “We didn’t even talk the whole time. He just took pictures and I posed. We treated it professionally but there was something about it. I think everything was different after that.”

Gayoung smiles. “So I can calm you down by getting you to talk about modelling and my son.”

Jimin blushes, but has started to relax. “I’ve never actually met someone’s parents like this before.”

Yoongi blinks. As he thinks about it, he realizes what Jimin means, but lets him explain it.

“I had a long term boyfriend in high school, but we grew up together and our parents all knew each other already. I haven’t dated seriously since then.”

Gayoung looks at Yoongi with a serious look in her eye. “Most people are lucky to fall in love once.”

Yoongi nods, choking on the emotional words he’s trying to say. “I’m the luckiest man alive.”


When they get home, Yoongi stands back at first and lets Jimin cook with his mom.

Jimin's taken off the blazer, and he somehow still looks stunning in a loose black t-shirt.

It’s a lot like the first time Yoongi let Jimin cook with him. She gives him instructions and he does his best to follow them, otherwise staying silent and focused.

Yoongi sighs. “You’re cute when you’re cooking.”

Jimin scoffs. “You just noticed?”

Gayoung laughs. Jimin blushes, but is glad she seems to think he’s funny.

Yoongi shrugs. “I’ve always been cooking beside you. I never got the chance to stare.”

Jimin winks at him sensually.

Yoongi takes a sip of water.

Nearly done with the meal, Gayoung turns her attention back to conversation. “Did your parents teach you, Jimin?”

Jimin looks at Yoongi fondly. “No, everything I know I learned from Yoongi.”

Gayoung puts down what she’s doing and turns to look at Yoongi.

Yoongi startles. “What?”

Gayoung nods at Jimin. “You let an unexperienced cook into your kitchen?”

Jimin smiles to himself as Yoongi gets berated.

Yoongi nods helplessly.

Gayoung looks at the back of Jimin’s head. “How much do you love him?”

Yoongi gets goosebumps just trying to think of an answer. “Eomma, don’t tease.”

Her gaze softens. “I’m not teasing, Yoongi.”

Jimin catches Yoongi’s eye. “Can I answer for you?” Yoongi tries to read Jimin’s expression, but nods anyway. He turns to Gayoung. “He called me the love of his life.” Jimin smiles brightly.

Yoongi whimpers and throws himself around Jimin’s back. “Jimin ah, oh my god. You’re so embarrassing, both of you.”

Jimin takes a breath as Gayoung winks at him. He can see her becoming more comfortable with the idea of Jimin and Hoseok both being in Yoongi’s life, even if she doesn’t totally understand how they feel.

Jimin mumbles as he keeps mixing together ingredients, Yoongi’s face buried in his neck. “You think Hope ah should be here?”

Yoongi tsks. “What happened to being polite?”

Jimin giggles, “It’s so fun to watch him get upset about honorifics.”

Yoongi knows his mom can hear them, but he tries to speak normally so she can see them the way they are. He’s sure Jimin’s thinking the same. “It’s up to you, Jimin ah. I don’t know if you want to watch Hope ah flirt with my mom. It’s terrible.”

Gayoung and Jimin both laugh. “If it’s anything like how he flirts with me, I think I’ll enjoy it.”

Yoongi stiffens at how brazen Jimin’s being.

Gayoung’s gone quiet too.

Yoongi tries to borrow Jimin’s courage. “I’ll see if he’s free. The more people I love in the same room, the better.”

Yoongi presses his lips to Jimin’s neck and Jimin covers one of Yoongi’s hands with his own. It’s silent, but they hear each other: we can do this.

Yoongi presses one last kiss to Jimin’s neck and then moves away to grab his phone from the living room.

Gayoung’s staring at Jimin.

He turns around and catches her eye awkwardly.

He must look nervous, because she offers him a small smile, but Jimin can see the wheels in her brain turning.

He can see how Yoongi resembles her and he knows how to read Yoongi, so it’s not too hard to get a read on her.

She’s incredible.

The fact that she hasn’t voiced any of the disgust she must be thinking…

Jimin thinks she’s incredible.

Yoongi: do you want a home cooked meal

Hoseok: is that a trick question lol

Yoongi: it actually is. the home cooked meal involves me jimin and my mom

Hoseok: o. h.

Yoongi: i told her about you and jimin. i dunno how to bring up tae yet but… i think it’d help her to see you jimin and i together

Hoseok: have you told your mom shes a saint for not booking the first flight back to houston

Yoongi: no but i can

Yoongi shouts out from the living room, “Eomma, Seokseok ah says you’re a saint for not booking the first flight back to houston.


Yoongi: too late


Gayoung laughs. “I take it he’s nervous about this too?”

Yoongi hums. “Remember the first time you met him?”

Gayoung sighs deeply. Jimin giggles just imagining it. “It wasn’t the same kind of fear as Jimin.” Jimin goes still, swallowing. “He was nervous, but I’ve never seen someone so terrified of me.”

Jimin turns from the counter to face her. “Min Gayoung ssi.” Jimin blushes at the formality but he’s not too sure what else he’s allowed to call her. “It wasn’t you I was scared of.” Yoongi quickly walks back to the kitchen to be close, but lets Jimin continue. “I was scared for him. I know he… I know his dad couldn’t accept him and I know he depends on your love and acceptance. I was scared what would happen if he lost that.”

Jimin startles as Gayoung crosses the kitchen to him.

Her finger pushes his chin up so he’s looking at her and not the floor. “He’ll never lose that.”

Yoongi’s looking between them both frantically.

Gayoung steps back and lets Yoongi take her place. He pets his fingers through Jimin’s hair.

Jimin huff and pushes him away. “Go hug your mom.”

Gayoung laughs. “He knows you.”

Yoongi turns with a small nod and falls into his mom’s arms.

Gayoung sighs. “I’ve hugged you more today than in two years.”

Yoongi grumbles. “Jimin ah taught me how to emote.”

Jimin snorts louder than he means to.


Chapter Text

They’re putting food on the table when Hoseok knocks.

Jimin glares at the door, jaw tight. “How does he always show up right when the food is ready?”

Gayoung laughs loudly. “Young men have a skill with that.”

Jimin smiles at that, glad to see and hear a more relaxed tone from both himself and Gayoung.

Gayoung opens the door to a grinning Hoseok. <EOMMA!>

Gayoung laughs freely as Hoseok throws his arms around her. <Hoseok ah, it’s so nice to see you!>

<Are you aging backwards? You look practically young enough to date me.>

Yoongi groans from the kitchen. <Why do you always say shit like that?>

Jimin stands next to Yoongi quietly, just enjoying the timbre of their voices in the air.

Hoseok glances at Yoongi and Jimin in the kitchen and the nerves catch up with him as he looks at Gayoung.

Gayoung pats Hoseok’s shoulder as she frowns at her son. <He knows how to flatter a woman. You could stand to learn.>

Hoseok tsks, <Eomma, how do you think he got that one to stay beside him?> Hoseok nods toward Jimin who’s not trying too hard to listen as he brings the food to the table.

Gayoung raises an eyebrow. <My Yoongi was charming?>

Yoongi just helps Jimin with the food and tries to ignore them.

He stands next to Jimin and mumbles, “You’re not understanding them, are you?”

Jimin hums, “Not really paying attention. I figured they’d talk about me when Hoseok got here.”

Yoongi laughs and runs his hand up and down Jimin’s back for a moment. He raises his voice. “My mom’s surprised at the idea that I charmed you.”

Jimin tsks. “She’s right to be. I did most of the charming.”

Hoseok laughs too loudly and Yoongi frowns at him.

Gayoung glances around at the three of them. She can’t help the frown that forces its way onto her face.

The room falls silent.

Hoseok coughs nervously. “Uh, haha. I’m being rude. I haven’t said hi to you two.”

He crosses the room and kisses Yoongi’s cheek.

He hesitates just a moment as he faces Jimin, but Jimin dives into his arms and Hoseok smiles at he hugs him back. “Hi, Jimin ah.”

Jimin’s used to being clingy with Tae, so maintaining so much distance with Hoseok and Yoongi right now is stressing him out. He’ll take what he can get.

Hoseok pats Jimin’s head as he looks up at Gayoung who stares at the three of them standing together.

Yoongi’s barely breathing. <Eo- eomma…>

<Give me a moment, Yoongi.> Her voice is tense.

Gayoung lets herself out into the hallway of the apartment building and Yoongi just stares at the door.

Jimin has his face pressed into Hoseok’s chest, but he’s looking at Yoongi.

Hoseok gulps, “I’m sorry, was that too much? I was just… just trying to-”

Yoongi shakes his head. “No, she needed to see it.” His voice is tense and empty, just like his mother’s. “I think she could wrap her head around two people loving me separately, but I think seeing you and Jimin together was a little harder.”

Jimin squeezes Hoseok tighter, refusing to let go. “How are we gonna introduce Tae?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “We won’t have to do anything. Tae will be happy to introduce himself.”

Jimin and Hoseok try to stay quiet.

Yoongi might not be moving but his mind is moving a mile a minute.

Jimin silently pushes away from Hoseok and slides over to wrap around Yoongi.

Hoseok laughs lightly and Jimin turns his head to pout at Hoseok. He sticks his tongue out a little.

Yoongi tries to tell himself to hug Jimin back, but his arms don’t respond to him.

Hoseok hesitantly reaches out to grab one of Yoongi’s hands. He keeps his voice low. “What are you thinking about?”

Yoongi blinks at the door, gaze unshifting. “I’m worried it’s too much. I- I knew it would take her awhile to get used to it, but I’m worried there’s not enough time in the world for her to get used to it.”


Tae drove around for Lyft for a bit after dropping off Jimin, but now he’s back home starfished on his bed and staring at the ceiling.

He rolls over and opens up his texts.

He and Yoongi talk the most over text and not really in person. Jimin actually went through his phone the other day and was completely shocked at the paragraphs Tae and Yoongi have been silently sending to each other.

Tae scrolls through their last conversation.

Yoongi: hey i wanna text you before i text jimin. im... i mean im totally hyperventilating about my mom. and i know you dont… idk. i know things are complicated with your parents but how have you told people. like you and jimin have been doing this for awhile. do you just not tell people??? or how do you bring it up with people?

Tae: i usually just blurt it out lol

Tae: but yeah its hard with people youve known for awhile. ive never really… told someone like that. everyone ive ever talked about it to is usually a new friend or um. you know someone im tryin to invite.

Tae: i didnt keep too many friends from high school when i moved out here with jimin. i know everyone likes to think of me as a social butterfly but jimins really the only friend i had in high school. no one else really compared >///<

Yoongi: lmao i get that. so me and hope ah are the only ones with experience coming out to our families and friends?

Tae: i mean jimin came out to his parents. as gay. not as… poly. idk. as far as jimins parents know its just me and him dating and we just break up a lot and always get back together. so if they ever saw pictures of me with someone else they just figured it was me and him going through a rough patch.

Yoongi: how do you explain a new kind of love to someone

Tae: its not new its just uncommon. i try different stuff every time. once i got through to someone by comparing it to tv subscriptions lmao

Yoongi: wtf lol what do you mean

Tae: it was a metaphor like. dont get me wrong i love netflix and i could do with just netflix for the rest of my life, but i love netflix more when i can also have hulu.

Yoongi: oh my god.

Tae: haha yeah~

Yoongi: that worked??????

Tae: i mean. kind of. idk i was drunk.

Yoongi: <3 taetae youre so much more clever than you give yourself credit for

Tae: >///< whatever. why did you wanna talk to me before jimin??? we couldve talked about this in group caht

Yoongi: you text different in pm. and i kind of have a conversation part 2.

Tae: lol ok hit me

Yoongi: only if you like that shit.

Yoongi: lol anyway

Tae: omg baby pls

Yoongi: wait dont get distracted this is important lolol

Tae: alskfaf you owe me ok im listening

Yoongi: xD um. i dont want to have five people in a room when i talk to my mom about this.

Tae: oh. yeah. i get what you mean. youre gonna take jimin?

Yoongi: i… i think it makes sense to???? my mom can read me like a book. and things are just. the most solid with jimin right now.

Tae: yeah if it’s you and hobi she might not take you seriously cause she knows hobi

Yoongi: lkasdfasd i feel like im hurting you

Tae: nonono. i mean. of course i wanna be there to help you but if the best place i can be is not there to help you then im happy to be not there :p

Yoongi: i love you so much.

Tae:  >< stop that alksdfjasflasfl

Yoongi: i still want her to meet you. i just dont know how to bring up one more person. i feel like its impossible to bring up two

Tae: well we’ve got time. im not planning on goin anywhere anytime soon~

Yoongi: fuck i wanna kiss you why did i text you

Tae: hahahaha come over tonight? make it up to me?? :* follow thru on that hitting comment

Yoongi: oh my god dont say it like that im gonna get reported for abuse

Tae: ~some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused~

Yoongi: oH MY GOD TAE. ok ill come over tonight. but i have work tomorrow.

Tae: you nkow i can make it quick ;))))))

Yoongi: i know you say youll make it quick and then torture me for hours

Tae: ;)))))))))))

Yoongi: ill see you tonight <3

Tae: <3


Tae drops his phone on the bed and tries to be patient.

He knows Yoongi’s doing the best he can.

After a few moments of staring, he sits back up.

There’s gotta be something he can do that would be productive to help Yoongi with all of this.

He starts googling.


Gayoung finds a corner.

She stands where she can see her son’s door and she stares at it.

Her husband, Doyun, hadn’t responded well when Yoongi first opened up to them.

Joowon, Yoongi’s brother, was very straight and very committed to his long term girlfriend.

When Yoongi came out, it was shocking and new and Doyun couldn’t accept it.

Gayoung took a little longer, but she couldn’t find it in herself to love her sons differently just because of who they wanted to love.

Doyun only ever acknowledges Joowon, so Gayoung tries doubly as hard to be available for Yoongi.

It had been years now, almost a decade.

She’s learned more about it and adapted to it. She can see that her son is still the same man he would’ve been had he been straight. Or… well, she knows he’s still her son. And the love she has for him since she first held him is unchanged. It may have faltered, but she refused to let it go.

She can’t tell if this time is easier or harder.

When Yoongi came out in high school, he was a kid. They couldn’t totally take him seriously, but at the same time, Gayoung knew Yoongi to be a very honest and serious kid. He wouldn’t say something like that with that kind of fear in his eyes without being very, very sure.

It’s different to see him as an adult trying to explain himself to her.

Part of her feels like she doesn’t recognize him.

Yoongi’s always been very gentle and loving even if he hid it away just like she herself does.

She always assumed he would be a great boyfriend and a great husband.

She didn’t care who he shared the aisle with at his wedding, she assumed he’d have a wedding where she could celebrate the love of his life.

It’s hard to let go of that memory she wanted for him.

It’s hard to think that he might never have that.

But he’d had that same look in his eyes as he did in high school: terrified to lose his mom to something he couldn’t change about himself.

So maybe it’s easier this time.

Maybe it’s easier to not worry about what she doesn’t yet understand.

Maybe it’s easier to try to learn from him as much as she can while she can look into his eyes and see such love in them.

Yoongi loved Joanne in high school. And he loved Hoseok when she met him a year ago.

But she’s never seen this fierce love he has in his eyes for Jimin.

Part of her knows that if she can’t accept Jimin, Yoongi will distance himself from her.

She can see a future where she’s not okay with this and Yoongi stops talking to her. Hoseok occasionally will send her updates to let her know they’re doing okay, but that’s it. She’ll see snapshots of his happiness, but when she looks into his eyes, he’ll look cold.

She can’t live with that.

She refuses to see anything but love in her son’s eyes.


She takes a breath and opens the door to Yoongi’s apartment.

She pushes it open just a little so they know she’s walking in.

Then she pushes it all the way open.

She sees Jimin try to let go of Yoongi quickly, and Yoongi’s knuckles turning white where he grips Hoseok’s hand.

They all stand there quietly, watching each other and waiting.

Yoongi’s eyes are empty.

He looks mad, but she recognizes that expression from a mirror.

He’s petrified.

He’s bracing himself for her to grab her bags and walk out of here.

She closes the door behind herself and sees a flicker of hope in Yoongi’s eyes.

She walks over to Jimin.

Jimin’s shaking like a leaf as she pets a hand over his head. “Jimin ah, is it alright for me to hug you?”

She’s smaller than him, so when his arms wrap around her, she can’t see Yoongi’s face.

She mumbles as she tries to hold back tears. “You never stop loving him the way you do, okay?”

Jimin laughs, but she can hear in his voice that she’s crying. “I was gonna say the same to you.”

She squeezes him a little tighter and pushes away.

Hoseok’s wrapped around Yoongi’s back, lips pressing to his neck comfortingly, but Yoongi’s staring at Gayoung and Jimin, tears falling from his eyes even though his expression hasn’t changed.

Gayoung tsks, bringing her hand up to wipe away Yoongi’s tears.

He flinches back from it, but she’s patient with him and he lets her put her hand on his face. <It’s okay, darling.>

He tries to look at her face, but his eyes keep flitting away.

<Yoongi ya, it’s okay. I love you.>

He steps away from Hoseok to hug her yet again, but he can’t bring himself to speak.

She just keeps saying it. <It’s okay. I love you.>

Chapter Text

Tae: hi im researching

Yoongi glances at his phone with a smile.


Yoongi: thanks for that taetae. she knows.

Yoongi: i think… we’re good.

Yoongi: >////< :D


Yoongi’s smiling down at his phone.

Gayoung clears her throat. <Since when do you get on your phone at the table?>

Yoongi locks his phone. “A friend was worried about um... this.”

Gayoung nods as she puts food on her plate. “You tell your friends about this?”

Yoongi nods calmly.

Hoseok and Jimin are still a little hesitant about what to say to her, but Yoongi seems relaxed now. He glances at Jimin. “Tae was checking in.”

Jimin’s eyes bulge. “Oh. Tae. Is he- he’s… good?”

Yoongi laughs softly. “Yeah. He’s happy for us.”

Gayoung hums thoughtfully, staring at her food. “This wouldn’t be the Taehyung that models in your photos and always retweets you with sexual messages, would it?”

Hoseok chokes on his kimchi.

Yoongi blinks steadily. “Yeah, that’s him. Why?”

Gayoung shrugs. “It’s him and Jimin, right? Your two muses?”

Yoongi shrugs nonchalantly as he eats.

Gayoung pushes, “Yoongi.”

Yoongi sighs. “If you’re gonna stalk my twitter, then you don’t have to ask, do you?”

Gayoung frowns. “I thought he was just… a fan or something at first. But then I realized he was in the pictures. I thought he might’ve been harassing you.”

Jimin goes still.

Hoseok waits for the shoe to drop.

Yoongi eats quietly.

Gayoung tilts her head to try to get Yoongi’s attention. “Is he not harassing you?”

Yoongi mumbles. “I mean, he’s a little shit, but he’s not harassing me.”

“So you like his messages?”

He keeps speaking in English, but his accent comes out a bit and slurs his words together. “He knows I don’t, but he’s just playing.”

“So he’s not flirting with you?”

Yoongi hesitates, “, he is.”

Jimin’s heart is beating out of his chest. “Yoongi, I think your mom sees right through you.”

Yoongi puts his chopsticks down carefully. “If that were true, she would know when to stop pushing me to talk about stuff I don’t want to talk about.”

He gets up and walks into his bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

Jimin jumps as the door slams.

Gayoung glances between Jimin and Hoseok. “I’m just trying to understand everything I’ve been missing.”

Jimin pushes some food around his plate. “You… you check Yoongi’s twitter a lot?”

Gayoung nods. “He knows that I do.”

Jimin laughs nervously. “Uh, well he didn’t tell us that.” Jimin looks at Hoseok. “Did you know that?”

Hoseok nods, guilt in his eyes. “We maybe… should’ve mentioned that to you two.”

Gayoung asks, “Two?”

Jimin turns red. “My um… my long term boyfriend I mentioned earlier. It’s Tae.”

Gayoung looks between them again.

Hoseok word vomits. “I met Tae at H-Mart, and the four of started going on double dates and then Yoongi and I got in this huge fight and we kind of broke up and I… I really liked Tae and Yoongi really liked Jimin and then we broke up and Tae and Jimin have an open relationship. Like… um, eomma, I don’t know if you know what that means. But they love each other but they don’t mind the other being with someone else, but Jimin wanted to love someone and he fell for Yoongi, cause I mean, who wouldn’t? But I still loved Yoongi. I still love him. I love him. And Jimin loves him. And he loves us.”

Gayoung’s eyes are wide.

There’s a long moment of silence.

“Um… and… and Tae?”

Jimin cuts in. “He loves Tae.”

Gayoung nods, trying to absorb that. “Based on twitter, Tae seems kind of… unlike him.”

Jimin shakes his head. “We thought that too at first. They’re really similar when they’re both quiet.”

She hums. “And Tae loves him?”

Jimin and Hoseok look at each other.

Jimin takes a breath. “This is a lot of information.”

Gayoung smiles weakly. “I think it’s best for me to hear it all now. I can ask more questions later.”

Jimin licks his lips nervously. “Um, Tae can’t fall in love. He loves us all as much as he can, but it’s not really the same. It’s why Tae and I stayed together for so long even though we weren’t in love. Tae’s happy um… spending time with other people. And I don’t… didn’t mind him doing that. Honestly, I didn’t. I just wanted to fall in love. But every time Tae and I broke up, we couldn’t stay away from each other for longer than a couple of weeks. So we kind of figured out a while ago that we’d need someone else to hold us together.” He glances up at Hoseok. “We didn’t think there’d be two someone’s involved. But I can’t imagine it being any other way.”

“So you and Tae were together. And Yoongi and Hoseok were together. And then… you said you and Yoongi broke up?” Hoseok nods. “Why didn’t he tell me?”

Hoseok laughs nervously. “He thought you’d be mad. He was scared to tell you.”

Gayoung sighs harshly. “So what happened after that?”

Jimin and Hoseok glance at each other, unsure who should tell the story or what they should say. Hoseok swallows. “Um, I… spent… a few nights with Tae. Because I was confused and… hurt. You know about Joanne and I just thought… I don’t know. We weren’t good for each other anymore. I loved him, but he only ever saw me as a rebound. He tried not to, but he couldn’t help it and I needed to get away from him.”

Gayoung flinches as she imagines Yoongi causing such pain.

Hoseok waves his hands. “I… we talked about it. I know he never meant to do any of that to me. But we needed time and space.” Hoseok smiles as he turns. He ruffles Jimin’s hair. “He needed time to fall in love with Jimin.”

Jimin turns red. “Th- that’s not totally true. He didn’t see you as a rebound. He just was trying to figure out how to fall in love and he approached it too clinically with you the first time. He was just going through the motions, thinking he was playing the part right and it would happen.”

“But then you whirlwinded into his heart.” Hoseok interrupts.

Jimin blushes even more. “Stop it.” He smiles despite himself. “I don’t know why he fell for me. He just did.”

Gayoung smiles at the love in Jimin’s eyes. “So is Yoongi only with Jimin then?”

Jimin shakes his head so hard his hair flaps around. “No, not at all. We- there was a lot of stuff after that. It’s kind of hard to explain. We kind of just… realized that we all fit together. And it was really difficult for Hoseok to be with Tae. And for Tae to be with me. And… me to be with Yoongi. When Yoongi and Hoseok were still tense with each other.”

Hoseok continues, “Yoongi was paranoid for a long time. He thought he was going to ruin everything because he didn’t think he could love more than just Jimin.”

Jimin frowns. “I was really scared. He was beating himself up about you and about all of us. We could barely get him to talk to us.”

Gayoung’s trying to listen. She forced out a stunted, “That sounds like Yoongi.”

Hoseok nods. “Um, and then one day he woke up and said he loved us.”

Jimin’s eyes are glazed over as he thinks about it, unaware of the smile on his face. “I think that was the best morning of my life.”

Hoseok scoffs. “Wasn’t that the morning after you guys finally had- a nice conversation about all of this.”

Gayoung looks at Hoseok skeptically. “You know Yoongi tells- well, he used to tell me everything.”

Hoseok goes pale. “Everything?”

Gayoung shrugs.

Hoseok whines. “Everything, like, our first date, everything?”

Gayoung holds up her hands and air quotes, “ ‘Eomma, it was the best sex I’ve ever had.’ ”

Jimin snorts so loudly he almost falls out of his chair. “He did not tell you that.”

Gayoung just nods. “Once Yoongi realized he could trust me about his sexuality, he started over sharing. I figured something was wrong when he started giving me such roundabout answers to things lately. But I’ve learned… or, I thought I learned, not to push him before he’s ready. I’ve just been waiting so long for him to tell me what was wrong that I got a little impatient about hearing the answer.”

Jimin sighs. “You’re so cool.”

Gayoung smiles shyly. “Am I?”

Jimin nods enthusiastically. “I don’t know a lot of parents that would take all of this so well.”

Gayoung’s eyes shift to Hoseok. She reaches out her hand silently to hold his.

Jimin stares at their hands, dreamy look in his eyes.

He suddenly snaps out of it. “Uh, I’ll be right back.”

Gayoung starts to speak to Hoseok in Korean as Jimin walks to the bedroom.

He knocks lightly. “Yoongi?”

Jimin opens the door slowly and sees blankets and pillows thrown across the room, remnants of Yoongi’s hesitant tantrum.

He finds Yoongi sitting curled up under his desk, hyperventilating.

Jimin quietly closes the door behind him and walks over.

He sits on the floor in front of Yoongi, but doesn’t say anything.

Yoongi quietly reaches out and grips Jimin’s shirt.

Jimin smiles and slides into the space under the desk beside Yoongi.

They barely squeeze in together.

Jimin rests his head on Yoongi’s shoulder.

Jimin speaks softly. “We told her about Tae. We went through everything. The whole story, you and Hoseok breaking up. She just wanted to know what she missed.”

Yoongi takes a shaky breath. “I didn’t think it’d be this hard. Well I did, but I didn’t. I thought it’d be hard for her. I didn’t think it’d be this hard for me.”

Jimin haphazardly slips his arm around Yoongi to cuddle into him. “Well they’re out there chatting, so we have all the time in the world to just sit here.”

Yoongi digs his phone out of his pocket and hits call.

He balances the phone on his knee before dropping his head onto Jimin’s and closing his eyes.

“Hey, everything okay?” Tae’s voice is deep and calming.

Yoongi hums. “I’m hiding under my desk.”

Tae snorts. “That bad?”

Yoongi mumbles. “No, it’s just a lot. Jimin’s with me. Hoseok’s talking to my mom.”

Jimin speaks up. “Hey, Taetae.”

“Hey, Chriscross. You feelin’ any better?”

Jimin hums excitedly. “Yoongi’s mom is the best. I can’t wait for you to meet her. She’s seen your tweets by the way.”

“Which tweets?”

Yoongi sighs heavily. “The sexual innuendos you add to all my pictures.”

Tae goes quiet. “Oh. Ha. Those.”

Yoongi huffs. “It’s okay. Honestly, I’m glad she knows everything. I wanted her to know everything. I just wasn’t ready for it to all happen in one night.”

Tae laughs. “Yeah, it’s pretty late already.”

“You wanna come with us to Santa Monica tomorrow?”

Jimin waits for Tae to respond.

Tae waits for Jimin.

Jimin speaks up, “Wait, me or Tae?”

“Both of you.”

“YES! Absolutely, yes.”

Jimin smiles. “She likes Santa Monica?”

Yoongi nods. “It’s her favorite part of LA.”

Jimin smiles. “I like it a lot too.”

Yoongi gestures to the room. “Help me get up.”

Jimin sigh wearily. “Why do you always do this?”

Yoongi pouts until Jimin awkwardly crawls out and drags Yoongi out after him.

Yoongi doesn’t look anyone in the eye. “Can we just go to sleep and start again tomorrow?”

Gayoung laughs quietly. “That sounds nice. The time zones are getting to me anyway.”

“The bathroom’s through my room, eomma.”

She grabs his arm lightly, affectionately as she walks by him.

Yoongi glances at Hoseok and Jimin, but they can tell he’s worn out from talking so much. “Can one of you stay with Tae?”

Hoseok frowns. “Which?”

Yoongi shrugs.

Jimin pulls Yoongi’s hand up to his lips. “I’ll go stay with him. I need to grab a bathing suit anyway.”

Yoongi nods. “Wait, what? It’s still winter.”

Jimin shrugs. “Tae doesn’t have a sense of temperature and I don’t have sense enough to not join him.”

Yoongi laughs fondly. “Okay. I’ll see you in the morning, jagiya.”

Jimin presses their lips together softly.

Jimin grabs his stuff but hesitates in the doorway.

He looks back at Yoongi and Yoongi looks at him.

They share one more fond smile before Jimin forces himself out the door.

Yoongi collapses on the couch bed next to Hoseok. “You’re not going anywhere.”

Hoseok laughs. “Good, I wasn’t planning to.”

Chapter Text

Yoongi’s not sure if he’s happy or sad that it’s suddenly 80 degrees outside the next day.

He’s glad it’ll be a good beach day, but he would’ve been perfectly happy wearing a light sweater and walking along the pier.

Now they have to sit in the sand and possibly… swim.

Hoseok offered to drive so Gayoung sits in the passenger seat with him and Yoongi sits in the back.

They have to go pick up Jimin and Tae before they make the drive to Santa Monica.

Yoongi woke up calm, Hoseok snoring into his neck. In the quiet moments he had to himself, he lost his anxiety about explaining all this to his mom. If anything, he’s excited to have Tae with them today.

He talked to her earlier while they sipped their coffees quietly. His voice low, <I think it’ll help if you just think of them as my friends for now.>

She nodded to herself. <Yoongi ya, this isn’t… this is really about love, isn’t it? This isn’t… it’s not about sex, right? You really love… all of them?>

Yoongi gulped his coffee, knowing she had to ask that at some point. <No, eomma. It has nothing to do with the sex. Well…> He blushed. <I can’t say sex isn’t a part of it. But it’s just a part of how we communicate with each other.> His face turned bright red.

Her eyes were blank, but he knew she didn’t know how to react. <We’ve talked about sex, Yoongi. You know I understand. Sex is part of a relationship.> She smirked to herself. <You wouldn’t exist without sex.>

Yoongi wrinkled his nose. <Eomma, stop. That’s gross.>

She laughed lightly, eyes staring off into the distance. <I’ll make you a deal. You don’t have to think about me and your father having sex and I won’t think too much about… your…>

<Boyfriends.> Yoongi gulped. <We… haven’t really talked about what to call each other. But I think… boyfriends would be okay with them.>

She nodded.

He hesitantly spoke up again, <Eomma, I don’t know if it’s too much. I like telling you everything, but it feels like sometimes it’s too much. It’s stuff you shouldn’t know about your son and his struggles. Stuff that I need to deal with alone.>

<I’m going to stop you there.> Yoongi waited as Gayoung cut in. <It is hard. It’s hard to live so far away and to hear about you making choices I don’t agree with, or suffering in ways I can’t help with. It’s hard to hear the decisions you sometimes make for yourself and know that it’s no longer my job to decide if they’re bad or good. I can’t send you to your room or take away your allowance. Your life is your own and all I have left to do is love you. The rest is up to you. It would take a lot for you to become unlovable in my eyes, darling. I did what I could for you and I trust you as both my son and as a good man to take care of yourself from now on. It’s almost comforting to think that you have more than one love in your life, more than one person taking care of you in a way I no longer can. You didn’t have that growing up. You only had me where most kids had two. Now you have three.>

Yoongi blinked back tears. <I guess the math kind of makes sense, then.>

Gayoung laughed and ruffled Yoongi’s hair.

Yoongi noticed his coffee was empty and moved to rinse it out before they left. <What did you think of him?>

<Jimin ah?>

Yoongi smiled at the affection as he nodded.

Gayoung hummed. <I like that you taught him how to cook.> Yoongi laughed. <And I like that he fights for you, even when you won’t fight for yourself.>

Yoongi paused, turning to his mom curiously.

She raised an eyebrow. <You ran off and Jimin’s first concern was making sure I wasn’t angry with you. He seems pretty used to balancing opinions so no one can be upset with each other.>

Yoongi choked out a laugh. <He’s pretty much the only reason any of this works.>

<I like him a lot.>

Yoongi reached out to grab Gayoung’s empty mug from her. <Me too, eomma.>

The shower turned off in the bathroom which meant Hoseok was ready to head out.


So now they’re parked in front of Tae and Jimin’s place.

As soon as Yoongi sends a text that they’re here, the front door is thrown open.

Yoongi laughs to himself, Jimin hates being late so he was probably waiting right by the door for a text.

Jimin runs to the car and bows to Gayoung through the window as he runs to the trunk to dump a bag. He moves to open the door, but glances back at the apartment when Tae’s not behind him.

His jaw tenses and Yoongi notices his nostrils flare just a bit like they do whenever he’s really frustrated.

He holds up a finger to Yoongi through the window and runs back to the apartment.

Yoongi can hear him yell, “TAEHYUNG!” from here.

Gayoung laughs. <I take it Tae isn’t a morning person?>

Hoseok sighs. <You can say that again.>

Gayoung tsks and looks back at Yoongi. <You should’ve brought him a coffee.>

Yoongi just looks back at her wearily. <He doesn’t like coffee. All that works with him are cuddles.>

Gayoung laughs. <That doesn’t seem very effective.>

Yoongi smiles as Jimin appears again, dragging Tae out of the apartment by his wrist. <It’s not.>

When Tae walks out awake and fully dressed, Yoongi’s surprised.

Tae and Jimin slip into opposite sides of the car as Yoongi pouts, being shoved in between them.

Tae sits behind Hoseok so he can see Gayoung from the back. <Good morning, Min Gayoung ssi.>

She smiles. <It’s nice to put a face to a twitter name.>

Jimin snorts.

Everyone looks at him, surprised.

Jimin rolls his eyes. “I think I know enough Korean to hear ‘twitter name’ and understand the context. Good morning.”

Gayoung smiles comfortably. “You don’t all kiss each other good morning?”

Everyone goes quiet. Tae suddenly laughs. “Chriscross, you were right. She and Yoongi talk exactly the same.”

Yoongi sputters. “W-what?”

Tae settles, clinging to Yoongi comfortably. “She was joking. You do that all the time. The blunt, sarcastic joke. You totally got it from her.”

Yoongi turns and kisses Tae’s head. “Good morning.” He changes the topic, feeling exposed. “We ready?”

Jimin twines his hand with Yoongi’s.

Hoseok puts the car in gear. “Let’s go!” There’s a sort of frantic energy but Yoongi’s calm enough and the rest of them try to center themselves based on that.

Gayoung glances back at Taehyung. “So Yoongi, are any of your boyfriends not models?”

Tae laughs happily at the compliment. “Yoongi hyung has good taste in men.”

Yoongi shoulders Tae. “It doesn’t matter to me that they’re pretty, eomma.”

“I know that, Yoongi. It doesn’t change the facts though, does it?”

Yoongi pouts.

<We can speak in Korean.> Jimin’s voice cuts through. <Tae wants to.>

Yoongi turns his attention to Jimin. <You sure, ang- Jimin? We don’t have to.>

Jimin shrugs. <I can understand.> He pauses. “I’ll just respond in English if I need to.”

Gayoung turns suspiciously. <What was that you stopped yourself from saying?>

Yoongi starts to say, <Nothing.>

As Tae says, <Angel.>

Yoongi’s head whips to Tae.

Tae smiles innocently.

Gayoung laughs to herself. <You two don’t let my son get away with anything, do you?>

Tae hums. <Not one thing.> Tae cuddles into Yoongi’s side more. <I like her.>

Gayoung winks at him. <She likes you too.>

Yoongi whines. <Stop it. Why am I not surprised that you and Hoseok both have to flirt with my mom.>

Hoseok tsks from the driver’s seat as he pulls onto the highway. <Your mom is very easy to flirt with.>

Yoongi rolls his eyes and turns to Jimin. <Can I at least have you as a safe haven.>

Jimin squeezes Yoongi’s hand. He leans in and whispers in Yoongi’s ear. <You can have me however you want.>

Yoongi takes a long deep breath in. <Kim Taehyung, you’re not allowed to teach Jimin any more Korean.>

Jimin and Tae smirk at each other.

Gayoung looks back at Tae. <Are you teaching him dirty phrases?>

Tae nods once, sharply. <Yup.>

Yoongi drops his head against the headrest. <Why is this happening.>


After a 50 minute drive, Yoongi tells Hoseok to park in the lot and he’ll cover parking since Hoseok drove.

Jimin agrees happily. <We bring snacks.>

Yoongi tsks. “You really have to learn more tenses.”

Jimin frowns. <Tenses are hard. Present is easy. You understand me.>

Gayoung nods. <Most Koreans are the same with English. Learning a second language is difficult.>

Hoseok backtracks, <What snacks did you bring?>

As they walk from the parking lot to the water, Jimin talks about what he packed for a picnic.

Tae interrupts. “But we have to get pastries from King’s Head.”

Jimin frowns. “Man, we can’t even go for tea.”

Tae tilts his head. “What, why not?”

Jimin looks at him sullenly. “Sunday.”

Tae grabs his heart dramatically and Jimin snickers.

Hoseok looks between them. “What are you guys talking about?”

Jimin gestures at the restaurant they’re passing on the corner of the street. “Tae and I splurge and get afternoon tea every so often when we wanna be posh and pretend we can afford shit. But they only do tea on Saturdays.”

Tae’s eyes darken dramatically. “We came on a Sunday once, all ready for tea, only to find out…” Tae cuts himself off with a fake sob. “No, I can’t talk about it. It’s still too painful.”

Yoongi explains to his mom. “Tae’s an actor.”

Gayoung smiles happily. “I took a few acting classes when I first moved here.”

Yoongi’s jaw drops, “What? You did?”

She nods. “It helped with pronunciation, making friends, and learning about LA.”

Jimin sighs. “Wow, you’re so cool.”

Gayoung laughs nervously. “I’m only as cool as my stories make me seem.”

Hoseok laughs loudly as they all pause at the edge of the sand to take off their shoes.

Yoongi hesitates.

Jimin shoulders him. “It’s just sand.”

Yoongi pouts at the ground. “Once I touch it, it won’t go away.”

Hoseok scoffs. “We didn’t even take your car, Yoongi.”

Yoongi slowly sits down to take his shoes off. He pointedly looks at Jimin and Tae. “I’m doing this for you.”

Jimin runs his finger under Yoongi’s chin. “And we love you for it.” He goes tense and sideways glances at Gayoung, before laughing awkwardly. “Uh, Tae. Race you to the water.”

They take off running like children.

Yoongi watches them go, a strange faraway look in his eyes.

Gayoung snaps in front of his face and he jumps. <You were drooling.>

Yoongi grabs his shoes and stands up, wiping at his mouth. <No, I wasn’t.>

<Then why’d you check?>

Yoongi whines as Hoseok laughs.

Yoongi guides them through the sand, past other beach goers, to try to find a decent spot. He doesn’t like sitting too close to the pier. It gets so crowded.

His eyes keep flicking to where Jimin and Tae are splashing each other like idiots.

Hoseok bumps Yoongi’s shoulder quietly and Yoongi slips his hand into Hoseok’s.

He mumbles quietly. “Sorry.”

Hoseok looks at him, confused. “For what?”

Yoongi nods to Tae and Jimin. “For prioritizing them.”

Hoseok looks out at the water quietly.

Yoongi sighs. “If you’re keeping yourself from asking right now, or for the last few months then I’m sorry for all of it.”

Hoseok squeezes Yoongi’s hand. “We don’t need to talk about that right now. And I know they’re the ones that are new to your mom. It’s fine, I’m not upset.”

Yoongi sighs shakily. “I just feel like there’s no way to do all this without offending someone.”

Hoseok laughs softly. “You’re doing your best.”

Yoongi frowns. “Am I?”

Hoseok leans over and kisses his temple. Yoongi makes a face jokingly. “You are.”

Yoongi quickly turns and grabs Hoseok’s neck with his free hand to peck him on the lips. “Shut up. Help me with the umbrella.”

Yoongi likes to think of himself as a minimalist when it comes to owning things, but the fact of the matter is he’s paranoid about details and is really picky about sunlight. So he owns things that take up a lot of space. Like, for example, a beach umbrella that has been in Hoseok’s trunk for almost two years now and used approximately three times counting today.

They lay down some towels and Yoongi finds himself the shadiest spot to settle in.

Gayoung sighs. <How are you so averse to sunlight?>

Yoongi shrugs. <It’s a vicious cycle. I’m not used to getting too much sun so it hurts really bad if I get too much.>

Hoseok tsks, <Don’t worry, eomma. I’ll drag him in the water today so he’s nice and burnt and complaining about it all week.>

She frowns. <On second thought, maybe he can stay in the shade.>

Hoseok snickers as Yoongi ignores the constant teasing.

Yoongi hums, distracted as he stares at Jimin and Tae. He has his camera around his neck. <I’m gonna go take some pictures.>

Hoseok laughs as he walks off. <Those’ll be up for sale by tomorrow.>

They see him lift his camera with a smile on his face as Tae catches him and poses.

Gayoung laughs and sits with Hoseok alone.

They’ve spoken on the phone a few times over the past year or so, but they never really sat together one on one before.

Gayoung nods at where Yoongi’s trying and failing to not be caught taking pictures. <He really loves them?>

Hoseok nods, <Trust me. I’m just as surprised as you are.>

Gayoung looks at him closely at that. <I imagine if anyone had a hard time adjusting, it must’ve been you.>

Hoseok blinks. <Why do you say that?>

Gayoung gestures to Tae and Jimin as Yoongi snaps another picture. <Well they were used to this, right? Um… having more people around.>

Hoseok shrugs. <Yeah, well Yoongi and I both had to adjust.>

Gayoung laughs. <Hoseok ah, I’m the first to give my son credit for things. But he acts like this is the first time he’s done this.>

Hoseok throws her a weird look. <What are you talking about?>

Gayoung takes a breath. <He may not remember it the same way I do.>

Hoseok waits patiently.

<When he was dating Joanne, in high school. He was having a really hard time with his father assuming it meant he was straight. So Yoongi would keep bringing boys over or asking to go over to their place for the night. And I know he loved Joanne, but I also know he spent a lot of time experimenting. And I know one of those boys was around longer than the others. His name was Justin.>

Hoseok straightens. <Not like, Justin Justin?>

Gayoung nods, smiling. <Yoongi would brag about him all the time. He’d show me texts between him and Justin, but Yoongi always prefered to call him Jungkook. And I knew the moment he switched to Korean that it was more than a crush.>

Hoseok’s eyes are wide. <He talked to me about dating Kook online but I don’t know why I never realized it was while he was with Joanne.>

She teases him, <When else could it have been?>

He laughs. <You make a good point.>

Gayoung shrugs. <Maybe since he could speak to Jungkook online he didn’t think much of it, but he’s loved two people at the same time before. I think Jungkook’s the reason he started realizing what he deserved from Joanne. I never liked her.>

Hoseok nods. <Good instinct.>

<But I was only explaining to make a point, Seok ah. You had a hard time with this.>

Hoseok hesitates. <I can’t lie to you, eomma.>

<I don’t want you to.>

Hoseok’s lips turn down. <Part of me is still scared to trust him. We had so many ups and downs this year, it was hard to really know what we were to each other at any given moment. I think Jimin and Tae give us stability, but they also give us distance from each other. I know that must sound bad. But we bring out the worst in each other sometimes. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because we met when Yoongi was still vulnerable and healing. Maybe it’s just who we are to each other. But we can hurt each other really easily as much as we can love each other in the same breath.>

Gayoung’s expression is tight. <He would talk to me about you a lot. He was always stressed about the things he was scared to say to you. I could hear the love in his voice even as he was frustrated or scared. He wanted it to work, but he didn’t know what to do.>

Hoseok can’t help smiling. <Yoongi’s always had a team of people loving him behind his back, huh?>

Gayoung laughs. <The secret is not letting him see you unless he wants to.>

Hoseok laughs and it’s a darker sound than he intends. <I learned that too.> Hoseok watches Jimin smile at Yoongi’s camera. <I don’t know what it is about Jimin, but he broke through him.>

Gayoung nods. <I could practically feel it the moment Jimin walked into the room with us.>

Hoseok’s expression is guarded. <Jimin makes him open up. They trust each other so intensely, it’s hard to really explain.>

Tae’s stolen Yoongi’s camera and Yoongi pouts from where he sits. Hoseok can already tell Yoongi will deny posing later even though that’s exactly what he’s doing.

<Seok ah, you shouldn’t be so worried.>

Hoseok pulls his attention away from the other three. <Hm? Worried about what?>

Gayoung tries to speak delicately, <Worried that they don’t need you.>

Hoseok’s eyes lose all their shine. <I don’t know what you’re talking about.>

Gayoung lays her hand over Hoseok’s. <Just because there’s no logical reason for someone to love you, doesn’t mean they don’t. Me and my husband are a perfect example. We have practically nothing in common, we snap at each other and disagree about practically everything. But at the end of the day, I feel safe and loved in his arms and we can forgive each other over and over again. Maybe that’s what Yoongi’s so scared of with you. And that’s not fair to you. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.>

Hoseok turns his hand and holds Gayoung’s loosely. <Maybe. It’s not his fault.>

<It’s not yours either.>

Hoseok smiles. <I’ll talk to him about it.>

Gayoung nods. <That’s new for you two, isn’t it? Talking things out?>

Hoseok laughs without humor. <Yeah, that definitely came from Jimin and Tae.>

She smiles. <I thought this would be hard to understand, but I’m not sure that it is.>


Gayoung shrugs. <It’s impossible not to see how much you all love each other. Maybe, like you said, in different ways. But what’s so hard to understand about love?>

Hoseok squeezes her hand tightly. <There’s a lot of people in the world who don’t understand love, eomma. You’re just a god amongst men.>

Gayoung laughs freely. <Ah, Yoongi’s right. You flirt with me too much.> Her smile tells Hoseok she doesn’t want him to stop. <Go get Jimin for me, would you? I need to talk to my son’s keeper.>

Hoseok snorts too loudly. <You’re catching onto all this a lot quicker than we ourselves did.>

Hoseok kisses her hand as he stands up and moves toward the water.

Yoongi glances over at her a moment as he sees Hoseok approaching them.

He catches Hoseok’s eye and smiles shyly. Hoseok stumbles down the sand and Yoongi quickly snaps a picture. Gayoung can see the hearts in his eyes from here.

Hoseok wraps around Yoongi for a moment, pressing his lips to Yoongi’s neck and holding there.

Yoongi holds him instinctively and murmurs, “Seok ah, what’s wrong?”

Hoseok sighs into Yoongi’s skin. “Your mom always makes me think about deep shit. Like how much I love you.”

Yoongi laughs and then pauses. “Wait. I thought you weren’t using the L word.”

Hoseok scoffs. “I haven’t stopped loving you from the moment I saw you.”

He doesn’t mean for it to be a guilt trip, but he can tell Yoongi frowns. Yoongi’s love faltered since they’ve known each other.

Jimin frowns at them. “What did I say about you two talking without one of us involved? I swear to god, the amount of times you two say stupid shit to each other.”

Jimin walks over and hits them both lightly.

Tae sits on the ground, working on a sand castle diligently, but listening in to the argument.

Jimin holds both their necks. “You idiots love each other. You can’t listen to the actual words you say cause you’re both morons. Just listen to the tone and ignore the rest.” Jimin presses their faces together. “Kiss and make it better.”

Yoongi fights back just to cause a scene but eventually gives in and presses his lips against Hoseok’s.

Jimin smiles and walks away as they get distracted by each other for a moment.

Tae stares at them. “I’m really glad they finally had sex.”

Jimin scoffs, “God, me too. It didn’t change anything. But at least they’re being adults about it again.”

Tae raises an eyebrow. “Are they?”

Jimin pouts and mumbles as he plays with the sand. “Let me pretend for a day.”

Tae laughs.

Hoseok pulls his face off Yoongi’s. “Ah, Jimin ah. Eomma wants to talk to you.”

Tae looks at Yoongi. “You don’t mind him calling her eomma?”

Yoongi shrugs. “I couldn’t stop him if I tried.”

Jimin glances at Gayoung nervously. “About what?”

Hoseok shrugs. “Probably your intentions with her son.”

Jimin’s face goes white.

Yoongi shoulders Hoseok. “Jimin, he’s kidding.”

Jimin frowns. “He’s probably not.”

Jimin stands up slowly, running a hand over Tae’s shoulder to comfort himself as he walks away.

Hoseok immediately dives into help. “What are you building?”

Tae’s eyes shine as Hoseok sits down to help him.

Jimin bows to Gayoung as he sits beside her. “You wanted to talk to me?”

Gayoung shakes her head. “I just wanted to sit with you.”

Jimin’s eyes go wide. “O-oh. Um, okay.”

Gayoung holds a finger to her lips. “I wanted to see if the three of them could survive for a minute without you.”

Jimin barks out a laugh as he blushes. “They’re perfectly fine without me.”

She raises an eyebrow. “Based on what I just saw, they’re not.”

Jimin turns a deeper shade of red. “Yoongi and Hope just misunderstand each other a lot.”

They watch in silence as Yoongi sits around taking pictures and being lazy as Tae and Hoseok put in way more effort than they probably should to this sand castle.

Gayoung hums. “I’m glad Hoseok has people with similar energy around him.”

Jimin blinks but lets her explain herself.

“Yoongi’s always been like this.” She nods at him. “He likes being an observer. He’s happy staying to the side. But Hoseok always wanted Yoongi to be part of things. Now Hoseok has you and Tae and Yoongi’s not hurting anyone by staying to the side.”

Jimin smiles at her observation. “Tae and I can be very persuasive about getting Yoongi to do things he doesn’t want to do.”

Gayoung lifts hand full of sand and lets it filter through her fingers. “Like standing for more than half a second in sand?”

Jimin nods happily.

Gayoung laughs. “It didn’t seem like it took much convincing.”

Jimin blushes. “No, I guess not. He just… knew it would make us happy.”

Gayoung laughs. “He’s outnumbered now. You three seem very energetic.”

Jimin shrugs. “I like being quiet with Yoongi.”

She waits for him to go on, but he doesn’t. She prods. “Like when?”

Jimin laughs awkwardly. “Uh, like this past week. Yoongi spent a lot of time editing pictures and I sat with him and studied Korean.”

Gayoung watches Hoseok and Tae ask to borrow a bucket from a nearby family. “Yoongi doesn’t like people intruding on his quiet time.”

Jimin nods. “No, neither do I.”

Gayoung raises an eyebrow.

Jimin laughs again. “I think… Hoseok, Tae, and I are very different when we’re on our own. I don’t think anyone means to be different, but I think people act differently. You should ask to see Yoongi’s texts with Tae. I’ve known Tae since I was six, and I barely recognized the way he talks to Yoongi.”

“What about Hoseok and Tae?”

Jimin hesitates before admitting, “Tae and Hoseok don’t do a lot of talking.” She gets the innuendo. “Not to say that that’s all they do. They are very close and they have talked. It’s just… they prefer to comfort each other like that. It’s hard to describe.”

Gayoung’s eyes catch the small touches and the way they move together without talking. “I think I can see what you mean.” She pauses. “Can you imagine your life without them?”

Jimin scoffs. “That’s the easiest thing you’ve asked me all day.” Gayoung smiles as Jimin beams. “I can’t imagine a single morning I’d be happy to wake up without them. All of them. If even one of them disappeared from my life, I don’t think I’d be able to patch the hole they’d leave behind.”

Gayoung’s eyebrows raise. “You all speak very… openly about each other.”

Jimin shrugs. “We have to. There’s four of us. If anything goes unsaid, it can escalate out of control. Tae and I have been doing this for awhile and… well Tae and I have shared so much I think I could draw a map of his brain. We definitely overshare. But it’s the reason we could do this. It’s all about trust and communication. It’s honestly easier now than it ever was.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well it’s limited now. Tae and I used to be open to anyone new and it was hard to adjust to new people every so often. But I don’t have to watch Tae’s eyes wander to strangers anymore. I didn’t realize how much it bothered me until it stopped. Now when Tae’s eyes wander it’s to Yoongi’s eyes or Hoseok’s jaw line.”

Gayoung nods. “You’re all also very open with me.”

Jimin snorts and clears his throat, embarrassed. “Uh, Yoongi sort of… braced us for that. He figured you’d either be okay or you wouldn’t. So we were mostly scared of the first day. And… I mean, you do know how alike you and Yoongi are, right? We know Yoongi very well and it’s… you’re just very similar to him so I guess we feel very comfortable with you already.”

Hoseok and Tae start yelling happily as they complete their masterpiece.

Jimin watches them fondly.

Gayoung sighs. “I’m very happy I came to LA. This would’ve been harder to understand without meeting you.”

Jimin smiles happily. “Me and Tae-”

“No, just you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to meet Tae. But you’re the piece that makes everything clink.”

Jimin turns a deep shade of red and his voice goes soft. “Y-yoongi thought you might feel that way.”

“Do you know why?”

“Know why… he thought that?”

Gayoung nods.

Jimin’s eyes go to Yoongi, laser focused. “I don’t think we know how to put it into words.” He hesitates. Then a fond smile spreads across his face. “Tae listened in when Hoseok was talking to Yoongi about it. Yoongi’s very romantic.” Jimin gets distracted watching him for a bit. “He said our hearts were singing the same song when we met. I think he’s right. I don’t know how explain what it means or why it sounds right but…” Jimin thumps his hand against his chest. “I don’t know. We may not be very similar but I feel like his… his soul is similar to mine. It’s easier to breathe when he’s around. None of this makes any sense.”

Gayoung nods knowingly. “You’re in love. It never makes sense.”


After awhile they all settle in to eat.

Yoongi dashes for the spot under the umbrella, already whining about his skin burning.

They compliment Jimin on the food and he gives all the credit to Yoongi teaching him.

Yoongi complains that there’s no recipe for chips and salsa and Jimin smacks him lightly.


They pack up as the sun starts to set. It’s not spring yet, so the sun still sets kind of early, around 4pm. They move to the pier at 3pm so they can watch the sunset over the ocean.

It’s Tae’s favorite thing.

They stand at the end of the pier together talking about nothing in particular.

Yoongi frowns for a moment as he glances around at the crowds and predicts how terrible traffic will be getting back to Koreatown.

Tae whines that he doesn’t want to think about traffic while he’s watching the sunset so Yoongi just drapes himself over Tae’s back as a silent apology.

Gayoung smiles at the way Yoongi’s learned to speak to them without forcing out words. Words have always stressed him out.

Once Tae and Yoongi have coupled up, Gayoung watches and tries not to laugh as Jimin and Hoseok skirt each other awkwardly.

Eventually Jimin finds himself against Hoseok’s side and nervously places his hand on Hoseok’s back.

Hoseok wraps a hand around Jimin’s waist.

The sun starts to set and Tae fidgets excitedly, asking Yoongi for his camera.

Tae crouches down and shoves his head into the camera strap with Yoongi’s.

Yoongi immediately complains loudly that Tae won’t be able to take any nice pictures if he doesn’t have room, but Tae just uses the strap to pull Yoongi closer to him and Yoongi stops complaining.

Gayoung stands quietly beside them, letting them have a moment to themselves as she stands as the silent observer.

It makes sense.

The way they all fit.

It’s a lot to take in, but with time and talking out some details, it makes sense.

Tae snaps a picture then moves the camera away from his face and stares at the horizon. “That’s us.”

Jimin twines his hand with Tae’s. “What is?”

Tae nods out. “The view. That’s us.”

Yoongi sounds like he’s mumbling, but Jimin can hear the sincere curiosity in his words. “What part of it?”

Tae blinks. “All of it.”

Hoseok laughs lightly. “Tae, talk us through it.”

Tae hums. “Well, sunsets are kind of a team effort. You can’t just have a sunset with a sun. Or just a sun and a sky. You need the sun, the sky, the earth, the ocean.”

Jimin smiles. “Which of us is which?”

Yoongi speaks up quickly. “Hoseok’s the sun.”

Hoseok doesn’t speak because he didn’t expect those affectionate words to hit him so hard.

Tae nods to himself. “Yoongi’s the sky. Jimin’s ocean. I’ll be the earth.”

Jimin smiles, leaning his head onto Hoseok’s shoulder. “I’m not gonna bother to ask you why.”

Tae nods confidently. “I don’t have a reason. That’s just what it is.”

Yoongi sighs. “You think they all have to deal with traffic on their daily commutes?”

Hoseok snorts.

Jimin kicks Yoongi’s foot.

Tae takes it seriously. “Even if they do, they get through it together.”

The rest of them go quiet.

Tae doesn’t look away from the horizon as it starts to get dark. “I know it doesn’t mean the same thing when I say it as when you guys do, but… I love you.”

They’re too caught up in each other to notice Gayoung crying happily beside them. She wipes her eyes silently.

Jimin squeezes Tae’s hand and leans over to press his lips to Tae’s, opening his mouth familiarly to kiss him deeply.

Yoongi doesn’t move from around Tae’s waist as they kiss and Hoseok doesn’t let go of Jimin’s hand.

They pay no attention if anyone stares.

All that matters is them and their endless horizon.