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Unexpected Love

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~*3rd Person’s P.O.V.*~

“Everyone, get down!” Kakashi cried out as he tackled Naruto to the ground, making sure to keep Naruto directly underneath the protection of his body. Everyone watched as the giant sword imbedded into the tree as an unknown Shinobi appeared. “Zabuza Momochi, Missing-nin, High A-Rank to Low S-Rank. Everyone stay back!” “I assume you are Kakashi of the Sharingan? Sorry, but…I’ll have you hand over the old man.” ‘Huh? Huh? Sharingan? What’s that?’

‘What? What is he talking about? Is this guy strong?’ “Get in Manji battle formation, you guys. Protect Tazuna-san…Don’t involve yourselves in the fight. That’s the teamwork in this situation.” Kakashi said, as he revealed his left eye to be that of a Sharingan. ‘W-What’s this eye…?’ Naruto thought, as Zabuza spoke. “Well now…I never expected to see the rumored Sharingan this soon…This is an honor.” “Everyone’s been saying Sharingan…What is it?!” “…Sharingan. Power that the light of the eyes and the pupil emanates. The user of the so-called Visual Jutsu is said to possess the vision to see through all Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu, and is able to deflect them. The Sharingan is a type of eye that is unique to the user of the Visual Art. However, that is not the only power of the Sharingan.”

“Well said. That is not all. What’s more frightening is that such an eye can assess an opponent’s techniques and copy them. When I was the ANBU of the Hidden Mist, search information about you was in the Bingo Book I would carry around with me. There was also something else in the book…About the man who has copied over 1,000 jutsu… Kakashi the Copy Ninja.” ‘What? Kakashi is that incredible of a Shinobi?’ “W-Wow!” ‘What does this mean? The Sharingan…is a special trait that appears in only a select few even among the Uchiha clan.Could it be, that this guy…’ “Let’s end the talking here. I must kill that old man immediately.” As soon as those words left his mouth, the Genin of Team 7 surrounded Tazuna. “But, Kakashi, it seems I have to defeat you first.”

(Battle Scene)

Grabbing his sword, Zabuza momentarily disappeared only to reappear on the water. “Over there.” “And he’s even on the water?” ‘He’s building up quite a bit of Chakra!’ “Suiton: Kirigakure no Jutsu.” After the fog settled in, everyone heard Zabuza’s voice, “8 spots.” “What?” “The larynx, spine, lungs, liver, jugular, subclavian veins, kidneys, and heart. Now then, which vulnerable spot would be good?” Finally having enough, Kakashi flared his Chakra to get rid of the fog; shocking his team and Tazuna. Then KI flooded the area causing Sasuke started moving his kunai to his throat before being stopped by Kakashi.

“Sasuke. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you with my life. I will not allow my comrades to get killed.” “I wonder about that…” Zabuza said as he appeared with Sasuke and Naruto in front of him, while Sakura and Tazuna were behind him. “It’s over.” As he swung, Kakashi stalled him long enough for everyone to get a few feet away. Zabuza disbursed, showing it was a Mizu Bunshin as Zabuza appeared behind Kakashi swinging his sword. The sword cut him in half, also showing that it was a Mizu Bunshin with another behind him. Repeating the process once more; Zabuza appeared behind Kakashi and swung, forcing him to duck before flying away from a strong kick to his chest. Grabbing the sword with both hands now, Zabuza followed before coming upon makibishi spikes.

Turning around, Zabuza backflipped into the water. Kakashi surfaced; speaking, “W-What’s with this water…? It’s awfully heavy.” While Kakashi was distracted, Zabuza got behind him and used Suirō no Jutsu. “My temporary escape into the water…was a huge mistake!” Chuckling at Kakashi’s misfortune; Zabuza spoke to his prisoner, “You’re caught…It’s a special prison that makes it impossible for you to escape! It makes things harder having you able to act. Now…Kakashi. I’ll settle things with you later. First, I will finish those guys off. Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu!” ‘Didn’t expect this level of skill…’