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Unexpected Love

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~*3rd Person’s P.O.V.*~

After Tora and her owner left, Team 7 reported to the Hokage. “Now then, for Team 7’s next mission is…An errand to the neighboring town…Baby-sit the chief councilor’s boy…Helping with digging for potatoes, eh?” Hiruzen mummered, reading the missions list. Hearing the last one; Naruto screamed (getting everyone’s attention), “NOO! No! No, thank you! As for me, I want to do a more exciting mission! Give us something else!” ‘He's got a point…’ Sasuke thought. ‘Man…He's a pain!’ Sakura thought. ‘*SIGH* I thought it was about time for him to get fretful…’ Kakashi thought.

Irritated, Iruka stood, slamming his palms down, and shouted, “You fool! You're still a bottom rookie! At the start, everyone moves up the ladder by gaining experience from simple missions!” “B-but it’s been nothing but blah missions so far!” Naruto shouted back before Kakashi punched the top of his head, sending him to the ground, “Knock it off!” “Naruto! Looking at his jiji, he sat up and rubbed his head.

“It’s necessary to explain to you what a mission is…Listen to me! Requests pour into the village everyday. They range from babysitting to assassinations…A wide spectrum requests are recorded on the request list…They are separated into A, B, C, and D ranks in order of difficulty. In the village, everyone below me is divided up by ability in the order of Jōnin, Chūnin, and Genin. We at the highest level distribute the requests as missions to Shinobi who have abilities that suit said mission. And, if the mission is successful, the fee comes in from the client. Nevertheless, you guys have just become Genin…D-Rank missions is about the best you can do…Hm?!”

“Yesterday’s lunch was pork-bone ramen, so today’s will be miso ramen!” “LISTEN!!!” “I-I’m sorry.” Kakashi said, rubbing the back of his head while the others turned back to the 3rd Hokage. “Maaaan! You always me, jiji! But I’m not that little prankster that you you think I am! Humph!” Naruto turned to face the door. ‘*SIGH* I’m going to get scolded later…’ Kakashi thought, rubbing the back of his head while watching Naruto. Iruka and Hiruzen were stunned and smiling.

‘This kid who could only express himself through pranks…’ the Hokage thought. “Okay fine!” “Huh?” “If you insist…I’ll have to give you a C-Ranked mission…You’ll be bodyguards for someone.” Turning around; Naruto asked, “Really? Ah-ah! Who? Who? A feudal Lord? Or a princess?” “Don’t be so hasty. I’ll introduce you now! Could you please come in…?” Looking at the door, Team 7 watched as the door opened to reveal a drunk man. “What’s this? It’s just a bunch of darned squirts?” the client stated before gulping more of his saké.

“Huh?” “Particularly you, the smallest with one the idiot face. Are you really a Shinobi?” “Ha ha. Who’s the smallest one with the idiot face he’s talking about…?” Realizing that the client was talking about him, Naruto got pissed and began to struggle against Kakashi’s hold. “Let me kill him.” “What good will it do to kill the old man you’re suppose to be guarding, you moron?!” I’m Tazuna, veteran bridge builder. You’ll be risking life and limb in guarding me to the max until I return to my land and complete my bridge!”