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Tales of Time Boy and Earth Girl

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‘I said , the fifty fourth floor , Donna , not the twenty fourth !!‘

‘You didn’t tell me that , Doctor !’

‘I’m sure I did , now we have to travel an extra thirty floors , so we can look out the viewing platform of this wonderful planet , just wait until you see the icy blue moon hanging in the inky sky , overlooking the ice caps…‘

‘Looks like I will have to now‘

The Doctor was practically bouncing on his feet in the lift, he smirked at Donna , who was leaning against the lifts wall.

‘Want to get there faster ?’ he asked.

‘How ?’

‘Like this‘ , he soniced the buttons , and the lift sped up , missing floors, him and Donna holding on for dear life, laughing away.

After they viewed the planet below, marvelling at the beauty , they stepped back into the lift. The Doctor , who was still explaining how the planet’s atmosphere could let humans breath , and how in a hundred years , the Earth’s population would settle there, pressed the ground floor button of the sky scraper they were in, then slowly , started pressing all of them.

‘Doctor , what did you do that for !!!’

‘Never let me near a button, I like pressing buttons’ he replied simply, grinning away at Donna’s irritation.