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Art for Melagan's Story

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Runaway Groom 

  John Sheppard in black shades and black leathers on a large motorbike, tilted, weight on his right leg, with Rodney McKay on pillion  behind in gray pants and a pink dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, looking worried and holding on for dear life. Behind them is a pretty Minnesotan church on a brush-covered hill.


Honeymoon suite, Hawaii

John Sheppard and Rodney McKay kissing in front right, Rodney's hand is in John's hair, both in t-shirts - Rodney's blue, John's white. Behind is a hotel room in peach tones with a large heart-shaped deep red bed, a heart-shaped heap of red rose petals in the middle and red-gold brocade of hearts on padded (heart-shaped) headrest. French doors at the back show a tropical sunset and palm tree.