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waverly earp, life ruiner

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Waverly Earp has been ruining Nicole's life since the day Nicole first laid eyes on her.

From the days of their early friendship, where Waverly would flaunt her perfect set of abs in that Shorty's shirt and Nicole would have to settle for admiring from a distance because of the worthless man-child and his gorilla arms possessively draped around Waverly's shoulders, to the present day, where Nicole gets to wake up most mornings to the sight of Waverly's beautiful face on the pillow next to her and wonder when her life became so fortuitous that she earned the right to call such an extraordinary woman hers.

Waverly has been wrecking Nicole in every way imaginable for as long as she can remember, and today is no different.

"Morning, baby!"

Waverly announces her arrival at the Purgatory Sheriff’s Department chirpily, a heavily pregnant Wynonna trudging along behind her mumbling something incoherent about coffee and revenants. Nicole looks up immediately when she hears Waverly - the youngest Earp insisted on spending last night at the homestead alone for some sisterly bonding and though fourteen hours apart is nothing, Nicole found herself missing Waverly terribly - and a grin spreads across her face. Waverly pretty much bounces across the Sheriff's office, greeting Nicole with a lingering kiss, before she pulls back and looks into Nicole's eyes lovingly, like she has missed Nicole just as much as Nicole has missed her.

Waverly's face is the picture of innocence, apparently simply happy to see her girlfriend again after a lonely night apart, and Nicole has no idea what is coming for her. Which is why just seconds later, when Waverly leans in once more until their cheeks are touching so that she can whisper into Nicole's ear, the stream of filth that leaves her mouth hits Nicole like a punch to the gut.

An incredibly arousing punch to the gut.

"When we get home tonight, I'm going to ride your face so hard that you forget your own name."

Waverly prances off after Wynonna and disappears into the Black Badge Division Office, glancing over her shoulder briefly to appreciate the way that Nicole, whose brain is barely capable of processing the fact that those words just left Waverly's lips, gapes after her, and then blows Nicole a kiss as she leaves her to continue her day.

As if it is even possible for Nicole to continue with her day after what Waverly has just promised her for later.

Waverly Earp - queen of ruining both Nicole's life and her panties - has just guaranteed that Nicole's mind won't be concentrating on anything work-related. Indirectly, Waverly is probably responsible for any and all crime that takes place in Purgatory today because the way that Nicole is now incapable of processing anything other than lewd imaginings of Waverly's shapely thighs planting themselves on either side of her head means that Nicole is sure as hell not going to be able to apprehend any criminals or file the relevant paperwork.

Nicole thinks back to the Waverly that she first met in Shorty's bar, the Waverly that had been full of sweetness and smiles and so easy to fluster with a few lines intended to disarm and a couple of flashes of Nicole's own teeth. She thinks of the journey that they've been on together, a journey of self-discovery for Waverly and of career highs and lows for Nicole and of both of them falling ever so desperately in love with each other with each passing moment.

And she thinks of the now that this journey has brought them to -  where it is sweet, innocent Waverly who is flustering Nicole and leaving her sitting in a pool of her own arousal in her place of work.

That isn't to say that Nicole isn't a fan of this new side of Waverly that has started revealing itself over the last few weeks. Nicole has always been a fan of confident women who know what they want and Waverly is proving time and time again that she is both of those things, professionally, socially, and sexually.

Particularly in the bedroom. Nicole has no complaints in that department. Waverly is as eager to explore new things as she is willing to tell Nicole exactly what those things will entail, and while Nicole loves very little more than for Waverly to tell her in very explicit detail exactly what she'd like them to do, she'd really rather that those kind of discussions stayed in the privacy of their own bedroom.

Because the alternative leads to predicaments like Nicole's current situation, where she finds herself with six and a half hours until she gets off work and only one thing on her mind.

"Deputy Haught!"

Nicole isn't sure how long she's been completely spaced out for (long enough for the screen of her computer to have gone into standby mode), and it is with great shame that she snaps out of her definitely not safe for work thoughts to find Deputy Marshal Dolls standing in the door that leads into the Black Badge Division.

She doesn't know how long he's been standing there but the look of amusement that crosses his lips indicate that it has been long enough. Nicole can only hope that Dolls' supernatural abilities don't extend to the power of mind-reading because if they do, she doesn't think she can ever show her face in this police department ever again.

"Dolls," says Nicole, clearing her throat and pretending that she hasn't just been caught daydreaming on the clock. "How can I help you?"

"I was wondering if there have been any reports of suspicious activity taking place north-east of Purgatory within the last five days or so," he asks, returning to full professionalism. "Specifically around a ranch belonging to a Mr Lance Harbottle."

"I can run a search for you right away," Nicole answers brightly, tapping a few random keys on her computer keyboard to give the impression of working while she waits for the monitor to blink back to life.

"Excellent. I hope I'm not taking your mind away from anything important."

It's the way that Dolls looks at her, with that slight trace of something in his eyes, that tells Nicole that he knows exactly how little work she was actually getting done before his interruption.

"Not at all," Nicole answers, hoping desperately that the lighting in the office is poor enough to hide the blush rising to her cheeks, though she suspects that Dolls knows enough already, even without her body betraying her in such a way. "I'm sure Nedley can spare me for long enough to do this."

Due to her wandering mind, it takes a little longer than it should, but now that she has a slightly less mundane task than updating the online catalogue of arrest reports to match the paper copies, Nicole finds it a little easier to focus. She eventually sends a bunch of documents off to the creaky old printer in the corner, relishing in the way that she can finally get up from her stuffy desk and stretch her legs while she waits for it all to print.

Documents in hand, Nicole knocks twice on the door to the Black Badge office and waits for a response.


When Nicole opens the door, what she finds inside is much what she expected. Jeremy and Dolls are hunched over a computer, Wynonna is on her back on the couch in the corner, apparently testing how many donuts she can stack on top of each other on her protruding belly, and Waverly...

Waverly is just being Waverly, perched delicately on the edge of a table with an innocuous file in her hand, but the way that her legs are crossed at the thigh hitches her skirt up higher than usual and there's just so much goddamn skin on show that Nicole is certain that her eyes must be bulging out of her skull.

All the progress she's made in the last forty-five minutes to regain her concentration and rid her mind of dirty thoughts disintegrates in the space of about half a second at the sight of her girlfriend.

Waverly, on the other hand, seems completely unaffected when she notices Nicole standing in the doorway, almost as if she has forgotten her earlier words. (Nicole knows that she hasn't - Waverly never forgets anything, least of all an idea that she's been plotting.)

"Thanks baby!" Waverly says cheerfully, jumping down from where she is perched on the edge of a table and crossing the room to collect the paperwork, rewarding Nicole with a kiss to the cheek. "Always so helpful!"

"You know me," says Nicole, keeping her eyes firmly trained on Waverly's face and not on the expanse of toned stomach on show, nor the legs that shoot out of Waverly's impossibly tiny skirt. "I'm willing to do anything I can to help the Black Badge Division!"

"Anything, huh?" Waverly asks, lowering her voice seductively and reaching up with one hand to straighten the collar of Nicole's uniform shirt, not-so-accidentally letting the back of her fingers brush against the skin of Nicole's neck as she does so. "I can think of one or two other things you can do..."

Nicole is about half a second away from throwing Waverly down on the floor of the Sheriff's Department and having her way with her right then and there, irrespective of their audience, and so she is quite grateful when Wynonna interrupts Waverly's attempts at seduction with a dramatic groan from across the room.

"Okay, we get it," Wynonna says, wrinkling her face up in disgust, just as Waverly seems to remember their surroundings and chooses to put some distance between herself and Nicole. "You guys screw. Message received, loud and clear." Wynonna grimaces once more, then adds, her voice lower than before, "A little too loud and clear, if you ask me."

Nicole retreats from the Black Badge office as fast as she can, closing the door behind her in the hope that having her girlfriend out of sight will also banish her from Nicole's mind, but not before Waverly can shoot her one final sly wink.

Nedley notices that something is the matter just after lunch. It is not the lack of productivity that catches his attention, but the way that Nicole gets up from her seat every ten to fifteen minutes to pace around the office, half because she is hoping that it will alleviate some of the pressure between her thighs and half because she's kind of hoping that the door to the Black Badge office might open and she can catch a glimpse of Waverly in the hope that she is also struggling to go about her day.

"Deputy Haught!" Nedley calls out, taking Nicole by surprise because she had been almost certain that he was taking his post-lunch nap at his desk in his office. "Is there a problem?"

"No sir!" Nicole replies obediently, sparing one final glance at the door beyond which lies the object of her thoughts, before she hurries back to her desk. "Not at all. I'll get right back to work."

"You seem restless," Nedley persists. "Is something the matter?"

Nicole hesitates, knowing that she absolutely cannot tell Nedley the truth - admitting to her boss that she is unable to concentrate because she's unbelievably turned on by a woman in the room next door is a) mortifying, b) a way to get fired, and c) a way to get the Black Badge Division removed from the Sheriff's Department entirely.

"Just woman stuff, sir," Nicole lies, deciding that it is better to invent an excuse than to pretend that everything is normal. Besides, Nedley is progressive enough as a boss to at least be understanding. "Nothing I can't handle."

"Right," Nedley nods curtly. His cheeks pinken slightly in embarrassment but Nicole knows that he won't bring it up again for the rest of the day. "Of course. Well if you need anything ... if you need to leave early, or..."

"No," Nicole interrupts, saving them both the embarrassment of letting him complete the sentence.

She does consider the offer though, much to her own embarrassment. She's always been a model employee - in fact, the last time she took a sick day was in second grade when she was actually incapable of moving beyond her bed without vomiting - but she's ashamed to say that Nedley's offer of letting her leave work early, no matter how deceitful her reasoning, is incredibly tempting.

But Nicole is, and always has been, determined. She isn't going to start giving up now just because of a girl.

(Even if Waverly is so much more than just a girl.)

Three forty-five.

Nicole drags her eyes away from the clock that hangs upon the wall, where the time reads exactly twenty seconds later than the last time she checked it. Time seems to be dragging impossibly slowly this afternoon.

The Black Badge Division office has been empty for a while, the entire squad having left to chase up a lead about an hour ago. Nicole doesn't know whether she feels better or worse now that Waverly is no longer only a single closed door away from her. On one hand, the distance means there's less temptation, and Nicole is pretty certain that she's thought about Waverly in slightly fewer compromising positions since Waverly blew her a kiss from across the room as she made her way out of the building behind the rest of her team, but it's also difficult knowing that Waverly is out there passing the time in much more exciting ways than the stack of paperwork Nicole has been slowly ploughing through this afternoon.

Three forty-six.

It feels like an hour since she last checked the clock but it's been less than a minute. Nicole is half-convinced that Black Badge must be out chasing another demon with the powers to bend time, this one warping each minute to last an eternity.

Nicole startles in her chair as her cell phone vibrates against the desk and she lunges for it instantly, welcoming the distraction. That is, until she sees the message lit up on the screen, the single sentence sending a shiver down her spine and causing her to feel light-headed.

Waverly Earp
Did I forget to tell you that I'm not wearing any underwear today?

Nicole thinks she could probably pass out. Except no, that would be far too easy. Of course she's going to have to face this added torture with full consciousness. She reads the words again, and then again, and then once more because she isn't entirely certain that her delirious mind hasn't invented the message entirely but nope, it's still there. Waverly actually took a moment out from hunting revenants to send those words, probably knowing exactly what they would do to Nicole.

Nicole Haught
Baby I'm at work...

Waverly doesn't reply. That's all part of her game; giving Nicole just enough to torment the living hell out of her and then leaving her to simmer in her own arousal.

Three forty-eight.

Oh why can't Nicole's goddamn shift just end already?

Waverly arrives back at the station with Jeremy at just after four thirty but while Jeremy disappears back into the Black Badge office with nothing more than a polite wave in Nicole's direction, Waverly approaches Nicole's workstation and hoists herself up onto the edge of Nicole's desk. Her skirt rides up high and with the information from Waverly's most recent text at the forefront of Nicole's mind, it takes every ounce of willpower that she can muster to avoid staring at Waverly's legs and wondering what might be waiting for her beyond that tantalising hemline.

"Hey, sweetie," Waverly says cheerily. "How has your day been?"

Waverly asks her question innocently, as if she doesn't know exactly how torturous every last second of Nicole's day has been. But two can play at this game.

"Oh, you know," Nicole shrugs indifferently, gesturing to the stack of paperwork next to where Waverly is perched. "Same old. Loads of paperwork."

Waverly glances down at the paperwork, flicking through the top two or three sheets with her fingertips before deciding that it isn't particularly interesting and returning her attention to Nicole. There's just the barest hint of mischief in her eyes and Nicole swallows thickly.

"Oh," says Waverly, acting disinterested though the expression on her face suggests that she knows exactly what she's doing and what it will do to Nicole, "well I guess I'd better leave you to it then."

Waverly slides off the desk innocuously and makes to follow Jeremy into the next room without so much as glancing back at Nicole. Nicole tries to will herself to let Waverly go - there's only twenty five minutes left until the end of her shift, for god's sake, which is minimal compared to the torture she's endured thus far today - but she can't, and calls after Waverly when the other girl's hand is reaching out for the handle to the door leading to the Black Badge office.

"Waverly," Nicole's voice comes out as barely more than a rasp and she would be embarrassed at how obvious her arousal is if she wasn't so desperate. Waverly turns, eyebrows raised and eyes wide expectantly, and Nicole has to fumble for something to say without revealing her distress. Naturally, she fails. "Your text. You can't send stuff like that while I'm at work."

"Why not?" asks Waverly, feigning innocence.

"You know why not."

"Nope!" Waverly says, her voice bright and oh-so-infuriating. "You'll have to tell me."

Nicole closes her eyes momentarily, letting out a low groan to dispel some of her frustration. When she opens them again, she glances around the office to check that nobody is close enough to eavesdrop, then answers, her voice husky, "Because I've been in agony all day."

A slow grin spreads across Waverly's face in triumph as she finally gets confirmation of what she wants to hear, proof that Nicole has been in a state of anguish since Waverly's promise this morning.

Turning her back on the Black Badge office, Waverly strides towards Nicole with a little too much swing in her hips (Nicole can't help but glance down to watch them move and is once again reminded of the fact that Waverly is bare beneath her skirt) until she reaches Nicole's desk.

"What time do you get off?"

Waverly places emphasis on the last two words and the double entendre is what does it for Nicole. It's four thirty-eight and Nicole only has another twenty-two minutes of her shift to go but it is twenty-two minutes too long. She looks around the office - Nedley has already gone home and his office door is shut, and the only other people around are a couple of Nicole's colleagues, thankfully some of the more competent ones, and she's fairly confident that Purgatory is not going to tumble into a deep crime-filled spiral just because she's leaving work twenty minutes early. Besides, one of the other officers owes Nicole a favour from a couple of weeks ago anyway.

"Jackson?" Nicole calls out, getting his attention. Gesturing to the door and hoping that he doesn't make the connection between Nicole's request and the fact that Waverly is stood beside her desk, she asks, "Do you mind if I knock off early?"

"Not at all, Haught. You have a good evening."

He says it completely innocently but Waverly lets out a little snigger from beside Nicole, muttering so that only Nicole can hear, "Oh, I'll make sure of that."