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Hogwarts Playground

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Lucifer wasn't sure where he was or why he was a snake, well, fine being snake was natural but he usually was able to know why he was in his snake form. He opened his eyes and looked around, the last thing he remembered was that blasted cage and finally being free. Damn Winchesters must have done something, again. Why can't they just leave his plans alone? Crowley, he wondered what the man did this time.


He turned to the voice that spoke to him. He saw a small boy in clothes way too big, covered in dirt and grim, sitting under the tree, trying to stay somewhat dry. ~You can see me?~ No one who didn't know about magic should have been able to see him.

~Yes. I warned the other snakes that they shouldn't come here. You should really leave too, or my nasty relatives will kill you.~

~Nasty are they?~ He didn't sense any snakes in the area, actually, there were very few small animals in the area. So the relatives must have killed them. They might be interesting if they were the right kind of humans.

~Yes. Nasty as you can imagine.~

Lucifer wasn't sure about that, he could imagine a lot of things. ~Well, they would have to see me in order for them to kill me. I am surprised you can.~ Lucifer looked at the boy. ~Ah, wizard.~


~You, you're a wizard, it explains why you can speak to snakes and can see me. Where am I?~ He wasn't sure how he got here. He wondered how Sam and Dean messed up his plans this time.

~Little Whinging, Surrey, the most boring, unoriginal place in England. So that explains the weird books and stuff in the attic.~

~Weird books?~

~Yes, talking about charms, potions, things I only read about in the library when I was reading about Merlin.~

~Merlin was real. These relatives they aren't treating you well, I take it?~ He could see the bruises on the boy. He recognized they weren't normal, oops, I fell down ones.

~Let's say if you were poisonous I would open the door and allow you to have a field day with them.~

Lucifer gave the snake qualitative of a smirk. ~Let's go and meet your relatives. What is your name?~

~Harry, what is yours?~


Harry smirked. ~My relatives are going to love meeting you.~

~I am sure it will be mutual. How about we go and see them? I am a bit hungry.~

Harry stood up and waited as Lucifer slithered his way up against Harry, and settled on his head on Harry's shoulder, wrapping himself around Harry's body. ~So full out kill or just maim?~

~Maim, for now, we do need a place to live.~ Harry answered. ~Unless you have a better idea?~

~I believe terrorizing them for a while will work. I have a lot of places we can live at later, but I want to teach you about magic first.~


A year later:

"What is that racket?" Minerva asked as she and Severus were heading to Dumbledore's office.

"I have no idea."

They were meet by a frantic Dumbledore coming down his stairs. "We need to hurry. The wards, they crashed."

"What? Hogwarts wards have crashed?" Severus wasn't sure why they weren't given a warning before they crashed. Was that what the racket was?

"No, at the Dursleys."

"Harry." Minerva cried out.

"Exactly, we must hurry."


They apparated to an alley behind Ms. Figgs house and quickly made their way to Privat Dr. Dumbledore gasped seeing the house in flames. The neighbors were outside spraying their own houses and yards with water as the fire department was trying to control the blaze at #4.

"Albus, Albus." Mrs. Figg made her way to him. "They said no one got out. The firemen only found bodies, no one was alive."



Lucifer grinned as Death appeared in his study. "How are you, Death?"

"I was better until some of my reapers informed me that a fake Mr. Potter was killed, along with his family earlier today." Death didn't mind that Harry was here with Lucifer, the boy was actually healthy for a change.

"Well, Harry had this great idea, and it was getting very boring living there." Lucifer was surprised at how crafty Harry was, and magically gifted, once he removed the blocks and charms that Dumbledore had put on the boy.

"He is mine." Death warned.

"Yours? He isn't a reaper, and isn't marked as a future one." He had made sure of that. No one liked anyone messing with those they claimed.

"No, but he is mine. Tom Marvolo Riddle did some very serious things to elude me, and it interfered with Harry and his families destiny." He wasn't about to admit that Harry was slated to be his future master, the boy already possessed two of the three hollows, he just didn't know it yet. He had reviewed the memory of Riddle believing he had the Resurrection Stone numerous times. It always made him smile.

"You mean that idiot who thought he was all evil and powerful? The one who turned my Harry into a Horcrux? That Tom Marvolo Riddle?" Lucifer had removed the Horcrux and made sure it was returned to the owner.

"Yes, him. He actually started out on a good path until Dumbledore got his hands on the boy, he is also very interested in Harry." Death couldn't do anything in regards to the lives that Dumbledore had ruined and would continue to ruin, but Harry was his and no one was going to hurt the boy if he could help it.

"Why?" Lucifer knew there was more to this then Death was willing to admit.

"Some fake prophecy concerning Tom. He has this whole plot going. Nothing that would appeal to you, he just wants to rule. Power hungry fool."

"Albus Dumbledore?" Lucifer wondered if it was the same Dumbledore he had seen numerous deals with his lower level demons from. He knew Crowley had made a few deals with him. Wait, one of those was a deal to have him defeat a Dark Lord, and another was one about- "Harry."

"Yes, Albus Dumbledore and yes, he made a deal with your Crowley to defeat the Dark Lord Grindelwald and then again when he wanted to attain the Chief Warlock position. Dumbledore is the reason for the prophecy and why Harry's parents died, and why Harry lived, after being hit by the Killing Curse."

"How did that happen anyway?" Lucifer wondered about that.

"Simple really. Dumbledore didn't plan on Harry living but you see, Severus Snape loved Harry's mother, like a sister, and went to Riddle, asked him to keep Lily Potter safe, it was a reward for giving him the prophecy. Originally, Severus didn't know that the prophecy was about the Potters, and he never took the reward, as he wanted to use it for protection later. So he went to Riddle, Riddle promised not to kill her. Now because it was pure, Magic and Destiny's words not mine, the promise was taken as a Vow, Magic accepted it and Destiny agreed. Here is where it gets interesting. I was there personally for this, so it's no rumor. Riddle entered the house, killed James before the man could even defend himself, after telling Lily to run. Riddle wanted to keep the promise he made and asked Lily to move aside. She, however, voided the promise by transferring it to Harry when she asked him to take her instead of her son."

"Magic recognized the transfer?" Lucifer asked.

"Yes, she did. You know how she is." Death stated. "I swear Destiny, Fate, and Magic are three of the most confusing women."


"Now, when she transferred the promise to her son, Riddle did ask three times for her to move aside. Three is one of the magical powerful numbers and because Lily was standing in front of Harry, none of them noticed the magical transfer of that promise. Riddle killed Lily, and when he went to kill Harry, Magic got pissy and sent him back his Killing Curse."

"That enabled Dumbledore to take control as the Chief Warlock, fulfilling Crowley's end of the deal, because he was able to claim himself as Harry's magical guardian. Dumbledore had to put him with those relatives for his for a reason." Lucifer was getting a bigger, clearer picture of what was going on and didn't like it.

"Exactly. Now if the prophecy didn't happen, he might have become Chief Warlock a number of ways, as Potter and his friend Black didn't want to sit in on Wizenagamot sessions and would have trust Dumbledore to handle everything."

"So, you want me to do what? I know you aren't here because of a fake Harry Potter's death."

"Correct. I am sick of Dumbledore and Riddle. I will make you a deal. You take Harry as your son, take control over his vaults, everything, teach him before he gets to Hogwarts, aid him in cleaning up the magical world. Stop Dumbledore and I will help keep the Winchesters busy."

"Body count?"

"Nothing like Pompeii or Atlantis, I will accept reasonable deaths, but nothing like the Chicago Fire or anything on the mass murder scale."

"So keep it under 1,000 a day?"

"A year."





"Fine, 6." Lucifer agreed.

"If you need to speak to me, you know how to. Also, teach Harry all the branches of magic, you might be surprised." Death popped out before Lucifer could ask any questions.