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MikeNana Week 17 - 24th January 2016

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Levi sat back in the seat and watched as Mike carried the boxes up the apartment stairs and into the apartment's front door.

"Why did you say she could stay?" Levi asked.

"Why not, she lost her job and her place… I wasn't just going to let her be kicked out on the street" Mike replied with a tone that showed he couldn't believe Levi was bringing this up again.

"She has parents right?" he tried to fish for more reasons to back up his argument.

"Her parents died a few years ago, we were at their funeral" Mike sighed as he looked at Levi with a stare simply stating 'Dont say anything else'

With a gruff, Levi stood up and walked down the hall to their office just as Nanaba entered the door.

"Thanks a lot Mike for letting me stay, I wont be here for long, and I wont get in the way. I'll make sure to clean up around the apartment and other shit like that" She began to ramble on as she tried to show how much she really appreciated being allowed to stay.

"Nanaba…" he put his hand on her shoulder "You are welcome anywhere, I wouldn't let you jsut be kicked out… you and I have a lot of history." Putting down the box in his arm, Mike picked up a small cup and handed her it gently. He was still getting used to her arm, like Mike she had been a soldier in her past and had lost friends, limbs and gained scars.

She took the cup in her prosthetic left arm and chuckled. "You still can't hand me something properly can you?" she teased and knocked his left leg with the hand. "I guess I shouldn't pass you a football huh" The pair laughed a little and relaxed into the sofa. The last few boxes had been taken up and pushed into a nearby cupboard. She'd be taking the living room sofa while Mike and Levi take the bed.

"Remember Germany, during joint training… we all had to share that bunkhouse and there were not enough beds for us all, so there was three of us in a single bed… Me, you and that one who kept biting his tongue… I can't remember his name.." She smiled softly and sipped the drink.

"Yea… and we both ended up head to tail with his feet… I swear, give that guy a bath" he laughed and sighed. "Yea, we really do have a history…" he sighed again.

"How's Levi?" She asked quietly.

"You know… Levi…" he shrugged.

"He doesn't like me does he?" she asked.

"Levi doesn't like anyone"

"He likes you."

"Yea… because I make him squeak like a pig, but he still is a bit of a dick" Mike ran his hand over his face.

"Is it because of me?" she asked nervously.

"No no… he …well… yea… a little… I told him about us, when we were younger and when we were post-military. He knows we used to go out, that we occasionally met up for… well… fun times but I think he's just jealous." Mike explained, trying to speak quietly so Levi didn't hear, he didn't like people talking about him behind his back.

"Well I know I ain't going to be sleeping with you while I'm here, you two are together so I wont get close enough to ruin that" she told him firmly and stood up. "I'll go get you a drink, you look like you need it" she added.

Getting up and going into the kitchen, she searched the cabinates for something strong, failed and instead went into her boxes and came back with a large bottle of Whiskey.

"Remember this?" she asked and put it down on the table with a clank.

"Is that… the same bottle?" Mike asked surprised as he leaned forward.

"Yep… same bottle… Kept it, we never did finish it did we?" she asked as she pulled out two shot glasses.

Mike stared at the bottle. It was an old Whiskey vintage that Mike had gotten her for her 18th birthday and the pair had shared it over the years, it was a special bottle, they only got it out when big things happened.

"To our reuinon" Mike toasted.

"To me scrounging off you" Nanaba added and the pair laughed as they took the shot.

"To you quickly getting a job and paying me rent" Mike retorted.

"To… me quickly getting a job and paying you rent" Nanaba smirked and finished the second shot.