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Ugly Girl

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”Get the fuck off me. Fuck off this dick!” Jotaro snapped at the group of girls surrounding him.

“Oh JoJo, you’re so funny” one girl said, giggling.

“Awww he’s so cute when he’s mad” another girl said.

“I’m serious, leave me the hell alone” Jotaro said, turning his back to them.

It was then that he spotted Kira Yoshikage clutching her school bag in hands.

“Hey you. Come here you ugly bitch” Jotaro called out to the blonde girl walking pass.

“H-huh? Are you talking to me?” Kira asked taken aback. She had never once in her life been called ugly. In fact, she was considered the prettiest girl in the school.

“Oh… he’s picking on one of the ugly ones again. But it’s Kira-san, since when did she become ugly? Oh well, I guess JoJo knows what he’s talking about” a girl close by said.

“Hey you can’t call Kira-chan ugly!” a boy called out to Jotaro who had now approached the blonde girl.

“You shut up you fucking nut!” Jotaro said, startling the other student.

“Whoa, calm down JoJo. You can say whatever you want… e-everyone has their own opinions” the boy said, cowering in fear and stepping off.

“Now, as I was saying. You there, you’re so ugly it pisses me off. But ya know what, I’d like to take you out for some ice cream after school” Jotaro said to the confused girl in front of him.

“Umm… Okay” Kira said, not knowing what else to say.

“Good I’m picking you up after last period” Jotaro said, tilting his hat before walking off.

“Did he just ask her out on a date?” a student asked.

“I don’t know I think he did. I wonder why does he always asks out the ones he thinks are ugly though” her friend answered.

The second bell rung and students gathered their things to return to class. Jotaro though, stood there leaning against his locker smoking a cigarette.


Jotaro stepped out of the classroom and headed towards the east wing of the building. A few moments later the final bell rung and the halls were filled with students again.

“Bye JoJo!” a girl called out as she passed by Jotaro.

Jotaro ignored her and walked over to the classroom that Kira had attended for her last period.

Just then, Kira walked out of the class room and bumped directly into Jotaro.

“Watch where you’re going ugly” Jotaro said, staring down at the girl.

“Sorry” Kira said quietly.

“Tch whatever. You still wanna go get ice cream?” Jotaro asked, hoping that she would say yes.

“Sure why not” Kira said. “But before we go could you walk me to my locker please?” she asked.

“Fine” Jotaro said nonchalantly.

Kira and Jotaro walked off to find her locker. Kira also made sure that she walked behind Jotaro because he was so huge which intimidated her.

Once they reached locker, Kira gathered her things while Jotaro leaned against a locker beside it.

“You finished yet?” Jotaro asked after few minutes.

“Hold on a sec” Kira answered.

Jotaro turned around to see what the girl was doing and groaned in annoyance when he saw what it was

“I already told you you’re ugly so what are you doing looking in that mirror?” he asked Kira who was staring at her reflection in the mirror stuck to her locker.

Kira sighed. She never thought of herself as unattractive before but it felt pretty harsh coming from the hottest guy in the school.

“Come on already” Jotaro said, losing his patience.

“Okay” Kira said before closing her locker.

“C’mon” Jotaro said and took her hand into his on before walking off with her.

Kira was thrown off by the unexpected gesture.

‘First he calls me ugly and now he wants to hold my hand? What’s with this guy?’ she thought to herself, confused by Jotaro’s sudden act of kindness.

For some reason though, Kira found herself enjoying the warm comfort of Jotaro’s large hand around her delicate small one.

The two students walked out of the building together and continued holding hands as they walked down the street.


“Are you two ready to order?” the waiter asked, pulling out his notepad.

Jotaro nodded. “We’ll take a double fudge sundae and a double vanilla scoop in one of those waffle bowls” he said.

“Alright I’ll be back with your bill and your sundaes will be ready shortly” the waiter said before collecting their menus and walking off.

While waiting for their ice cream, Jotaro and Kira sat at the table quietly.

Kira smiled inwardly. Jotaro may have called her ugly earlier but as far as she was concerned, he had redeemed himself for being such a gentleman and taking her out for ice cream which she loved just as much as katsu if not even more.

Jotaro on the other hand, was discretely looking at Kira through the corner of his eye, admiring her beauty.

‘Man, I can’t believe how ugly she is’ he thought to himself. ‘Not to mention she’s quiet… I think she may be the one’ he pondered.

Kira placed her elbows on the table and leaned chin on her hands. The sun shined brightly through her long silky blonde locks. Her eyes even appeared a brighter blue which brought emphasis to her thick long eyelashes.

Jotaro could no control himself. He had to get a full look at her beauty up close and personal, so against his better judgment he turned to face her fully and stared into her soul.

“What are you staring at?” Kira raised an eyebrow.

“You ugly, what else would I be looking at” Jotaro said sarcastically.

Kira sighed. She was becoming frustrated but chose not to speak on it. She just wanted her ice cream and wanted to go home and resume her quiet life.

Shortly after, their sundaes arrived along with the bill.

“Here you go. Enjoy your date you two” the waiter said before disappearing again.

“Yare yare” Jotaro blushed and tilted his hat, attempting to hide his face.

Kira just sighed and focused her attention on her ice cream. Her mood brightened as soon as she took the first bite . It was the best ice cream she had ever tasted. It sent her into a state of pure bliss.

“Thank you so much. This is literally the best ice cream I’ve ever had” Kira said happily.

“I’m glad you like it, only the best for you” Jotaro said, surprised by his own words.

Kira gave Jotaro a light smile and his heart skipped a beat. The way her full lips curved was breathtaking. It practically drove Jotaro insane.

Jotaro hadn’t really touched his ice cream because he was so enamored with Kira. His eyes were still fixated on her, he knew it was creepy but he just couldn’t help it.

Kira paused. “Okay seriously you’re really starting to annoy me” she said, pissed off at the fact that Jotaro kept staring her down.

“I’m sorry you’re just so-” Jotaro started.

Kira jumped up from her seat. She was fed up with Jotaro’s behavior and she didn’t want to deal with it anymore. She left her half eaten ice cream behind and stormed off.

“Beautiful…” Jotaro said quietly as he watched Kira leave.

Jotaro was confused. He was confused as to why things seemed happen the same exact way. Every time he fell in love with a girl they would all react in a negative way towards him. No matter how nice he tried to be to them or how many things he got them in the end, he was left alone in the cold.

‘Why does this keep happening to me? I was sure she was the one…’ Jotaro thought to himself as he stared at the melting bowl of chocolate ice cream. ‘Did I fuck up again?… I think I did’ he sighed.

Jotaro eyed the bowl of ice cream really hard before eventually deciding to reach over and grab it. As he did so he thought of Kira and how he messed up yet again. He then descended upon the ice cream like a hungry dog, thinking of the blonde through every bite. He hated the flavor but he loved the girl and that was all that mattered.